Here we go again. This season like the previous two has done it once more. Inserting a short hentai title among the list of animes of the season. We had a monk and a college student and then a cross-dresser and a college student. This time we have a teacher and a high school student. Actually, the teacher is the hot stunning babe who is going to get f*cked. Omiai Aite Wa Oshiego Tsuyoki Na Mondaiji looks set to be an illicit love affair between a teacher and her student. Though, this isn’t the first time we had an anime with such a theme because long ago we had a high school girl secretly married to her teacher (Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei). And that popular one way back then whereby a student had to marry his alien teacher and keep it a secret (remember Onegai Teacher?). But those had no sex scenes whatsoever and were more of romantic comedies. Now this one… I hope if you’re still in high school and have a very hot teacher, don’t get funny ideas using this as inspiration. Damn they should have just labelled this as porn. More importantly… Why the heck am I still watching such genres???!!!

Episode 1
Nano Saikawa is a school teacher but there is a student, Souji Kuga who is always truant from her class. She tries to talk to him but he brushes her off. She notices his bruises and thinks he hates her. As her parents are bugging her to go for a marriage interview, she attends one and finds Souichirou Takamiya attractive. As they spend the day together, he asks about her teaching job as she tells him about this particular troubled student. She starts feeling a little tipsy as Souichirou kisses her and wants her to be his fiancée. Chance for him to make out with her. She finds it odd he starts addressing her as sensei and then a sense of familiarity of seeing him somewhere before. Then she notices those bruises. Kuga?!

Episode 2
It seems Kuga switched the picture with his brother. The different surname is because their parents are divorced and he is living with his mother. He wants to continue sex as she tries to stop him. He only stops when she starts crying. Sly guy starts playing psychology with her. He says his father was very happy to see them engaged. Because Nano’s father and his got along very well and since uncle took care of her many times… You know where this is going. You’d bet how upset he would be if this engagement fails. In school, Nano recalls calling uncle about it and he really did sound happy despite realizing the mistake. Nano didn’t have time to explain since he hung up. Even when she tried to tell this to her own parents, they are okay with her getting engaged with her own student! Such a free world! Kuga suddenly pulls Nano in and starts to make out with her. Still worried about that student-teacher relationship? Well, she has already given her body to him and if she has forgotten, time to ‘remind’ her again…

Episode 3
Wow. Kuga fingers her until she cums. Too bad the bell rings. Time’s up. Nano you don’t look happy. Can’t let this go on, you say? In class, she realizes he is somewhat popular with the girls too but he often brushes them off. Remembering he always hangs out on the roof, she goes there to talk to him. No she isn’t going to make out with you. She wants him to stop. Age difference? Doesn’t matter. About college? Not going. He’ll take over his dad’s job. Doing this just to please his father? Kuga claims she should have figured it out as she responded to his feelings. There was this time she told him he could talk to her if he wants since she too is a lonely person. Kuga hugs and confesses he has liked her all these years.

Episode 4
Nano meets the real Souichirou and talks to him about Kuga not wanting to go to college. Don’t worry. He’ll talk to him. Souichirou quips he felt frustrated Kuga stole her away from him. Kuga has now filled up his college survey form simply because Souichirou told him if he doesn’t go to college, he can’t make Nano happier. Kuga wants assurance she loves him but she thinks it is just a passing feeling. To prove it is not, he will study hard and get into the top 10. When he does, please consider. Kuga puts in the effort and you can see him turning into a zombie! Wait. Nano feels bad now? She blames herself for taking this lightly? The results are out and Kuga scores third overall. While she can’t seriously answer him now but promises she will seriously consider his proposal. Of course Kuga wants his other reward now and he starts making out with her. Time to try penetrative sex…

Episode 5
Kuga realizes this is not the right place to do it. So he guides her to masturbate him!!! WTF?! In the end he cums all over her tummy!!! He teases her that he is turned on seeing semen on her and wants to f*ck her again. That priceless shock look on her face when it is all just a joke. This is somewhat porn so I won’t be surprised if he can f*ck her again and cum. When Nano hears Kuga has fallen ill, Souichirou brings her to see him. She feels guilty that he studied too hard and ended up like this. As Souichirou has to leave on a business trip, he has her stay with him for the night. He teases her to kiss him to get better. She actually is going to do it and he freaks out! Actually he doesn’t want to spread his illness. She assures him she is stronger than she looks. So a French kiss can heal him faster? Kuga wonders if her assertiveness today means she is serious to marry him. She isn’t sure but doesn’t dislike it when he touches her. So to say he will heal faster if she makes love to him? Or does this mean they can do more if he gets better? Yeah, he’ll heal in no time. Meanwhile Souichirou holds a picture of Nano and him holding hands as kids.

Episode 6
Nano goes to the beach with Kuga. Yeah, their families come along too. So no horny stuffs until later. When several beach ruffians try to hit on Nano, the brothers come in time to stop them. Kuga wants to fight them but Souichirou tells him to stop and the most important thing now is Nano. Later Kuga apologizes to Nano for still being a kid and unable to protect her. He thinks Souichirou is better for her. Nano dismisses it as he did come to save her and getting mad on her behalf makes her happy. Time for shower make out. Then it moves on to the bed. Remember to wear your condom. The first time it hurts. Kuga covers her eyes as he doesn’t want to see his funny orgasmic face. But she wants to. She finds it cute and gets turned on. Yeah, now they’re really getting into it. What a satisfying first time. While Kuga hopes she will love him one day, Nano can’t tell him yet but she is already in love with him. Thanks to his great sexual prowess maybe?

Episode 7
Nano wonders if he would like to participate in any of the class activities. Of course not. She quips too bad because he is quite good looking. I guess this prompts him to get sexual on her. She promises to let him come to her home this weekend instead of doing it right now. That ‘blackmail’ was easy. In her room, they go through her photo album. He gets jealous seeing all the high school guys with her in the picture. She claims she never talks much to boys. Still, Kuga laments he should have been the same age as her and be in the same class. She argues had that been the case, they would not have met (and hence no great sex). Cue for the sex starved couple to make out. The highlight is him kissing her pussy before f*cking deep her pussy. Strangely but not, it doesn’t hurt for Nano because ultimately she feels good. In school, Nano passes by a class when she sees a girl hugging him.

Episode 8
Nano looks depressed so Souichirou talks to her and learns about that hugging incident. However Nano knows it just a misunderstood situation as that girl was taking his measurements for a costume. Yet it made her anxious. She feels bad he has so many things to do at his age and doesn’t want him to feel obliged to her. Souichirou asks a hypothetical question if he was the one to pop up at the marriage interview. Would she be free of doubts? Showing her that picture, it is true that they met before and she was his first love. Because Kuga loves her, he will have to give up. But if this is not what Nano wants, he will be happy to take her. So does she love Kuga? Yes. Nano had a little too much drink so in his car when she is acting a bit horny, Souichirou tests waters by making out with her! She thinks he is Kuga and likes it! Luckily he stops before it gets worse. In school, Nano thinks that make out was a dream. She hears the good news that Kuga would participate in the cultural festival since she said she wanted to see him in a waiter uniform.

Episode 9
Kuga looks hot in a waiter outfit. Souichirou visits and the girls also view him as hot. They think Souichirou and Nano are dating as they look like the perfect couple. Also, this has many to think that Nano who has been seen hanging out with Kuga lately, to misinterpret it was actually his brother instead. Kuga overheard this and doesn’t like it. He talks to Nano later and although he knows she isn’t dating Souichirou, he still doesn’t like it she went to see him behind his back even if it is for advice. Kuga claims his brother is the perfect guy and probably has someone on his mind. Hence he will never love her. Are you sure? Thinking she would fall in love with the ultimate guy, he wants her to stay away from him. Now that’s just jealousy talking. As they cuddle, she tells him about the rumour of 2 people dancing as a pair at the night dance will be together forever. If he wants to go with her, then wait for her in the classroom. Apparently his libido cannot wait as he starts to make out with her. Yeah, he wants to f*ck her every day (although he at least does that every episode). The delicious fingering stops when the bell rings. And to think he wanted to put his ‘hot and hard thing’ inside her… Later, Nano’s student, Kayama seeks a favour from her. There is someone she wants to go to the dance with. That shock look on Nano’s face… Oh dear. Later Nano tells Kuga to meet her at the stairways instead.

Episode 10
Souichirou finds Nano crying. She feels guilty that she set up Kuga to meet another girl and wasted Souichirou’s support. It’s like the more she likes Kuga, the more doubtful and guilty she feels. He tries to comfort by hugging her but then Kuga enters. Souichirou must love his brother so much that he just leaves. However Kuga gets the wrong idea Nano set him up so she could be with Souichirou. Because of that he rapes her!!!! WTF????!!! I guess the penetration hurts. He shuts her up by kissing her so she can’t explain herself. Kuga gets this sick idea of opening the curtains of the window to let everyone see them just to know she is his. Or maybe cum inside of her. But he can’t. So he cum outside. Damn her clothes are all messy. WTF?! Man, orgasms are supposed to be wonderful but it made him even sadder. In another twist, Nano hugs him and apologizes for hurting him. Kuga begs it is okay if she doesn’t love him. Just don’t love his brother or anybody else. WTF???!!! It’s like saying either you love me or you cannot love at all! WTF?! Well, he throws her the ultimatum no matter how much she feels about Souichirou, she is going to marry him anyway. His worries are unfounded because we see Nano thinking so much about Kuga and likes the way he touches her. She wants to see him so much.

Episode 11
Kuga must be feeling guilty so he talks to Souichirou. Even more so as he learns Souichirou has loved Nano even before he was born. Wow. How old are they? And so long ago that does he mean he loved her when they were babies who cannot walk and talk? Kuga regrets raping her and thinks Souichirou should be the one to marry and make Nano happy. Souichirou calls Nano out. She has been listening. So you’ve heard it from the man himself that he should be the one to marry her. However Nano says the person she loves is Kuga. She is happiest when with him. They reconcile as Souichirou couldn’t be happier because both the people he loves are happy together. Don’t feel bad about it. It was him who loved her first as an adult (and the first to f*ck her, that is! Haha!). Of course if he makes Nano cry again, he won’t forgive. And what a way to celebrate their getting back together again with sex! Oh, glorious sex scene. You know it is so amazingly porn when they both enjoy and cum at the same time. F*ck you, Kuga! Don’t you dare say you’re dreaming! He’d do anything for her, he says, huh? Yeah, as long as the sex keeps coming in. Haha! My life sucks… :’(.

Episode 12
Hmm… They’re waking up together. Naked. They’re cooking together. Clothed. Kuga’s resistance must be strong. They talk about worrying about others who aren’t familiar with them know about their odd relationship. Kuga wants to bath with her. She declines at first but after realizing they can’t do many stuffs together outside, might as well. This is your this week’s hentai scene as Kuga plays around with her genitalia until she cums! Did he wash or mess up those parts? It ends with them sharing a non-sexual tender moment. He is happy she is looking at him as her fiancé. As long as he f*cks treats her well, right? After all, only half a year till he graduates.

Hi, I’m Your Teacher… F*ck Me, Right?
And once again we have the predictable ending of the female finally falls for the male because of how good he makes her feel. Screw that marriage thingy. That feels like an excuse to cover up their sex act. I don’t know who is more adult here. Getting married means a lot of responsibilities and sex can’t be the only big motivation, right? Well, perhaps in this porn universe, it is the only logic that is needed. As long as they keep f*cking, things will work out just fine.

Looks like this season of borderline hentai has just gotten slightly bolder. Because this time we see a little more screen time of a man’s penis (though still censored out and mosaic) as well as a few semen drops. I don’t want to sound like I am a hentai watcher expert but the sex scenes here are just pretty normal. Nothing really that outrageous if you compare to the more hardcore hentai series. Again to note, I don’t watch hentai. But I do check short clips just for comparison and ‘educational’ purposes. It’s fine if you can’t believe me. Nobody does especially if you mention you watch porn. Here, we have a few fingering, molesting and of course some real penetration scenes but nothing that would shock you out of the ordinary unless you are a total newbie. Wow. Why do I sound as though I am bored? What am I expecting to see anyway?

I don’t know if this should be a dilemma because the plot is getting worse compared to that monk and cross-dresser series. Heck, you don’t even need a plot in porn but this one is just your average high school student f*cking his own teacher. A few decades ago this might turn heads and scream tabloid headlines but by today’s standard, pretty meh. So again, porn logic dictates that if you f*ck your woman long enough, young or old they are going to eventually fall in love with you. Because all women love to be screwed by their man. Which women don’t want to feel good after all? Therefore screw your moral code whatever. As long as you can make me feel good, I love you. Remember, porn logic.

This series has Nano quick to be falling head over heels for Kuga unlike in previous instalments where it took the female up till the last episode to finally officially declare her twisted love. This is because it is established early in the ‘plot’ that both are supposed to marry. That means it is a green light to f*ck each other, right? Plus, parents don’t care so less one obstacle to worry. Therefore Nano is one of those generic porn girls who looks pretty enough so that she can be screwed all over while Kuga is your typical grumpy and moody guy because he is a teen and going through that rebellious phase. That is mainly because he is such an insecure character and the only way he thinks he could get what he wants is via sex. The only way to make Nano his is to screw over her many times. Enforcement through repetition. Sex is power. From time to time he needs some sort of assurance Nano loves him because he still has that inferiority complex to Souichirou even right till the end.

I suppose if there is anything ‘better’ than the previous series is the side character, in this case, Souichirou. Compared to irrelevant and useless side characters of those other series, Souichirou here at least plays a decent manly man. Though, his childhood days with Nano may seem irrelevant. He loves his brother and Nano so much that he is willing to forgo his own feelings for them. Though it might seem he still falls under that category of irrelevant supporting character gets rejected and fading into obscurity, at least Souichirou fares better as he has more screen time and plays a better supporting role compared to others in those other series. Better than that Kayama girl who was like a stepping stone for a plot device. I wonder if she is crying uncontrollably in her room, thinking why Kuga rejected her. Maybe a plot to kill him… Nah! But after Nano chose, Souichirou too has fallen into oblivion. No longer part of the equation and would be a third wheel if he still pops up.

Overall, this series may not be as warped as that monk and cross-dresser series but that is what makes it a little bland. The same ridiculous porn logic always applies that if you sex up your girl long and frequent enough, she’ll come to love you. Even faster if she has some added guilt. After all, Kuga is already at legal age of marriage so there isn’t going to be anything that is going against the law except for the cultural and traditional stereotypes and taboos. Still, it is best to remember that to deal with a problem child at school is anything but sex. Because sex is one subject that you should learn at school but not bring home as homework. Is society to blame if we get our sex education from the internet? Porn education, more like it… No degree, no certificate and no graduation ceremony even if you ace this one.

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