Onee-chan Ga Kita

July 18, 2014

Oh no. Here we go again. Another one of this sister animes. Yeah. Can’t get enough of sisters, can’t we? But at least we don’t have to worry about if this sister theme anime has a very long title. Thankfully it is just descent. Onee-chan Ga Kita is a short anime with a dozen episodes lasting no longer than 3 minutes each. It chronicles about Tomoya Mizuhara, a middle school student whose father just remarried. Now he has got a step sister, Ichika who fawns and dotes over him like the cutest thing ever in the world. I know having a loving sister is good but when your affection is so overwhelming and behaviour so weird that it is creepy and making you feel scary, sometimes you’d wish you are back being an only child.

Episode 1
Here is a peek of what Tomoya’s ‘hellish’ life is going to be. Ichika changing in his room! Can’t blame him if he is having a hard time trying to accept this new family. Ichika continues to creep him out by taking photos of him. Uh huh. She is so familiar with him because she has done research prior to this. What research?! She wants to live in his room but gets kicked out. Any kind of emotion he shows, she finds him cute. Definitely something wrong in the head. When she decides to migrate to his room, Tomoya puts a sign on his door that prohibits her from entering because he’ll stop talking to her. So? How does she go around it? She comes in by the window! Why is she so desperate? Because she loves him! Hmm… The only other girl who ever said that to him was his late mother. But anyway he still kicks her out. And no, she can’t migrate to his room.

Episode 2
Tomoya goes to school with his neighbour and fellow classmate, Mitsuru Hanazono. Tomoya notices Ichika taking down notes and observing him like a stalker! In his class, Mina Fujisaki is the pure angel whom every guy including Tomoya adores. However deep down, her heart is black like a devil. She revels in having the boys under her control when Ichika shows up to give Tomoya his lunch. Suddenly all the boys flock to this high school girl. High school girls are the best! Of course this causes Ichika to dislike Ichika while big sister is left wondering if Fujisaki is his girlfriend. Then his friends blurt out Tomoya has a crush on Fujisaki so Tomoya has to disagree he doesn’t like her and is not cute just to hide that fact. Back home, Tomoya thinks Fujisaki hates him now and blames Ichika for showing up at his school just like that. However he realizes she brought him his lunch and feels bad for blaming her. The step siblings apologize.

Episode 3
Ichika has her friends over, Ruri Hayasaka and Marina Mochizuki. Tomoya is relieved that they are normal. Really? Because Tomoya is staring at Marina’s big breasts, Ichika slaps the boobs! Her friends mention about Ichika’s weirdness and Tomoya is so glad that somebody understands his suffering and even cries about it! Tomoya heads over to Mitsuru’s house and the friends joke that he is heading to his girlfriend’s house instead. Don’t make jokes like this to Ichika or she’ll go insane! She’ll be too if she doesn’t hug him for a day. Tomoya wants to take refuge here but Mitsuru is jealous he has those beautiful ladies over. He wants to quit being his friend but makes a quick u-turn when Tomoya will introduce them to him. Best friends forever! So he is introduced but they think he is such a loser. Oh, Ichika continues to chase frightened Tomoya around town.

Episode 4
Tomoya bumps into Kouki Hayasaka, the school’s most intelligent student. Kouki doesn’t like people who dye their hair (what about his?) and before he could admonish him, Mitsuru comes to his defence. Mitsuru claims that although he is smart, he has no girlfriend. On the contrary, we see lots of girls admiring this bespectacled dude from afar. Even so, he doesn’t think highly of those girls. Still, he is going to punish them for their dyed hair. However Ruri is his big sister and she doesn’t like him bullying Tomoya and punches him in the face! Violent sister… In the end when they note Ruri’s future husband will have it tough and that Kouki won’t let any guy near his sister, it just sounded like he is some sort of siscon. Tomoya thinks he used to be lonely waiting for dad to come home but now with a step sister, he doesn’t have to feel that way. He is thankful that they are doing fine unlike Kouki-Ruri. Big sister is just beating up little brother… Thank goodness…

Episode 5
It is so hot that Ichika passes out. But when mommy suggests going to the pool, she revives! She even has matching sets of swimsuits for them! And so the usual gang are there. Including Fujisaki who is showing off her swimsuit to the guys. It doesn’t take long before the guys are attracted to Ichika. Short flashback reveals Fujisaki was bullied despite having a cute face. Though she fought back, the teacher told her to have a gentle heart too. When Tomoya invites Fujisaki to swim together, Ichika pushes them away. She won’t let that b*tch near her Tomoya on her watch! Fujisaki lashes out at Tomoya but he remains cool. Also, he apologizes on Ichika’s behalf (although that sister is still showing her fangs at her). Fujisaki reflects that Tomoya didn’t run when she snapped at him and she feels she should treat him nicer from now on.

Episode 6
While out shopping, they meet a blonde foreigner who is speaking in English. Ichika can speak well but it turns out Souichirou Fuji was just fooling around with them. He is Marina’s cousin who is half Russian (Marina is a quarter Russian). Souichirou takes a liking for Ichika because she looks exactly like his idol princess, Minori. Uh huh. He’s got everything there is about her. Super deluded fan. He wonders if Ichika would cosplay as Minori for him. Worse, he asks her to be his girlfriend! Absolutely not! Rejected! Ichika will always be Tomoya’s boyfriend and possibly future husband! Besides, he doesn’t look like Tomoya. WTF. This of course flusters Marina but Souichirou pats her head and hasn’t forgotten how cute she is too. The step siblings note Marina may have bad taste.

Episode 7
Christmas is around the corner and Ichika is so happy that she thinks of dressing up like Santa and deliver presents to her beloved. Please… Don’t… Kouki is fresh from getting beaten up by his sister. From his expression, he likes it… Masochist siscon… Ichika sees Tomoya buying his Christmas present. But thoughts that he may give it to Fujisaki freaks her out. On his way home, somebody accidentally bumps into him and he drops the present. A bicycle runs over it. Ichika immediately dives to save it. Despite knowing how much she hates it that this present is for Fujisaki, she tries to act calm and cool (but sucks badly). Tomoya says that the present is for her and wanted to wait for Christmas to give her. I guess it makes no difference now. Ichika gives him a big hug. She happily puts on the pink socks back home.

Episode 8
Ichika is in her kimono for New Year but she’s snapping pictures of plain Tomoya like mad. The usual gang are at the shrine. Kouki seems extremely nice to Tomoya. Because Ruri makes him be friendlier with Tomoya this year. Fujisaki is also here, probably to get her revenge on Ichika. Then Mitsuru had to claim all the high school girls are maturely sexy and there are none in his class. What does that make Fujisaki? A pretty mad girl, haha. Ichika says aloud her wish to devote her life chasing Tomoya!!! Ruri hopes Kouki can be like that but since he refuses, she swings him! Kouki and Tomoya see a boy’s wooden plaque stuck on a tree so Kouki goes to get it down. But now he’s stuck up there. Once he is down, Tomoya always thought he is the kind who laughs at the misfortune of others. Of course they get into an argument and the girls think they are getting along so well already.

Episode 9
Ichika is so relieved that Tomoya has never gotten Valentine chocolates before. She thinks of covering herself in chocolate for him but as her friends advise, it’ll just make it scarier. So she goes to Ruri’s house to make chocolates. But I guess being her first time, everything just got messy. Eventually she finishes her first handmade chocolate. Ruri also made some for Kouki. Will he accept it? Of course. The last time, she threw it at his face! Ruri wonders what if someone else confesses to Tomoya first. Ichika pulls some air punches and won’t allow that girl to be his girlfriend and must defeat her first! Ruri teaches her how to punch better! Ruri is nervous before Tomoya. But she can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and stuffs the chocolate box in his face! The chocolate is mixed with udon that he loves so much. Yeah, he’s going to get food poisoning if he eats that.

Episode 10
It’s Valentine’s Day. Our guys do not receive any chocolate in their shoe locker or desk. But some other girls do give them out of obligation. Fujisaki wonders about giving hers to Kouki so she takes the opportunity to walk home with the guys. Kouki’s shoe locker is stuffed with chocolates! To the max! But what does he think of it? Stuffing so much like that is unhygienic! Fujisaki can’t find the right time to give Kouki until Mitsuru asks her if she has any for them. The perfect chance to give it to Kouki. Noticing around a corner is a suspicious pervert no other than Ichika! She’s all dressed up to go peep on Marina? Anyway Fujisaki boasts that she gave Tomoya her chocolate. Uh huh. They end up fighting, pulling each other’s hair. They get along so well… Back home, Tomoya tastes the chocolates as stalker Ichika observes him from outside his window.

Episode 11
It’s White Day. Ichika is very anticipating… Tomoya has a chocolate for her. Yay! She pounces on him and also gives him a return gift. Fujisaki sees a random chocolate in her shoe locker and has devilish thoughts. When Kouki gives her chocolate, her hearts just melts away. She wants to confess she loves him but eventually couldn’t. Tomoya also gives Fujisaki his chocolates. Kouki mentions that Ruri gets large amounts of chocolates at this time and Tomoya realizes that there are many who take White Day as a chance to confess. Hoping it will be him? Don’t count on it. When Ichika shows Tomoya about the cookies she received from some classmates, Tomoya can’t help feel sorry for them.

Episode 12
Their parents are away on a trip. You know what this means. But Tomoya is down with a cold and Ichika tries to nurse him. Yeah, she tries to sleep with him to increase his body warmth. Get out! Ichika calls Ruri for help since she is the ‘best sister’ in the world. Maybe it’s not so much about Tomoya she needs to worry about. Uh huh. Probably Ichika is the one that needs help. Ruri admonishes Marina for bringing so many apples. Like it will help. Tomoya could hear voices downstairs but it is better than total silence. It makes him feel he is not alone when he is sick. At the corner of his bed, he sees Ichika praying like mad. Next day when Tomoya is better, Ichika has caught his cold and now it’s his turn to take care of her.

Episode 13 (OVA)
In this extra episode that lasts an extra minute, we see how Ichika came to know Tomoya. Ichika was always alone and wanted a sibling. So desperate she is that at the park when she sees a pair of sisters playing, she goes over and wants to be their big sister! Needless to say, they were scared off. Then she sees crying Tomoya who lost his mom. This is her chance to play the cool big sister. But mommy found him and they go away. Not before Ichika and Tomoya’s eyes meet. Thinking how cute he is, she hopes a boy like him would be her brother. Years passed and Ichika’s mom tells her she is getting remarried. She is shown a picture of Tomoya who will be her brother. With great enthusiasm, she starts researching on him and shows all the details to her friends. It’s scary that she knows so much about him even when they have not met! Meanwhile Tomoya narrates because his mom passed away early due to a disease, he has vague memories of how she looked like. When his father mentions he is getting remarried, he tells Tomoya that he hasn’t forgotten about his mom and he will always be their son. And so both sides look their best and eventually meet.

Onee-chan Ga Stalker!
Hmm… Okay. It was fun while it lasted. Ichika is the one that makes this short series funny and interesting because she herself is a weirdo. So weird the way she acts and talks that it might even scare away normal people. Really. Look at her agape triangle mouth which seems like a permanent feature on her face. Is she always that amazed? Then something about her eyes that make her look droopy although they seem wide open. Combined with her super loving nature for anything Tomoya, we have got ourselves a big stalker, no? As for Tomoya, he is having it hard to live with this kind of sister that leaves him with no privacy. But like everyone and everything else, give it a little time and he’ll get used to it. She might be weird but at least she loves him. Heck, it’s better than siblings who hate each other and don’t talk, right? Better than like strangers living in the same house, no? Just that Ichika may just be going overboard with her ways of showing Tomoya her affection but I guess this is her way of showing her love. Sometimes you just want to say it to her that she’s doing it wrong.

The other characters are also pretty amusing, each with their own weird behaviour. Ruri is the violent sister who doesn’t hesitate to unleash her brand of violence on Kouki whom speaking of which has this habit of calling almost everyone a hair-dyer. He sounds like an aloof guy till you learn that he might be some sort of siscon masochist. Probably the ‘sanest’ among the ‘sisters’ is Marina but her humungous boobs are the first thing that most people would take notice. Yeah, it makes her stand out. Mitsuru feels like the loudmouth of the bunch and it hints that he might like older girls especially those in high school because he doesn’t have eyes even on the prettiest girl in his class. Speaking of Fujisaki, it is fun to see her dual persona and amusing to see her get into a conflict with Ichika. It makes me sound like a sadist since I wished more episodes had this spat of theirs. I thought she had a crush on Tomoya but maybe she’s just being close to Tomoya just to spite Ichika. I was a little confused when later it is shown she likes Kouki but I guess it could have been worse if she had liked Tomoya. Then we can have a real catfight… But I have a feeling that Fujisaki can never beat Ichika as long as those guys prefer high school girls.

The art and drawing sometimes might not be sharp especially the backgrounds if you take a close look at them feels like water colour or crayons. Of course some of the characters like Ichika look strange but since this is a funny anime, you can’t complain about it and in a way, it complements and fits the anime like it should. This series is produced by C2C. Although they have worked with many other anime studio houses, the series that they are mainly in charge are all short series. Besides this series, so far they have got Yurumates3Dei and Go! Go! 575 under their belt.

The voice acting part is all okay. I am unfamiliar with all the seiyuus except for Yu Kobayashi as Mitsuru. It’s nice to hear that trademark crazy voice of her again but it feels odd that she is voicing a young boy because I’m quite used to hearing her in such crazy tone in female roles, though she did voice boys’ role like Clain in Fractale. I didn’t recognize Marina Inoue as Marina probably I was focusing too much on the comedy and the weirdness of Ichika. I wonder if they named the character after her. Nah. Other casts include Aimi Terakawa as Tomoya (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Juri Nagatsuma as Ichika (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren), Misuzu Togashi as Kouki (Origami in Date A Live), Ibuki Kido as Fujisaki (Chinami in Golden Time), Omi Minami as Ruri (Hyatt in Excel Saga) and Kouji Takahashi as Souichirou (Ash Blake in Seikoku No Dragonar). The ending theme is Piece by Misuzu Togashi and sounds cute.

Thankfully this series didn’t turn into one whereby incest is hinted. So sorry for those expecting such things to happen. But really, can you call it an incest because Tomoya and Ichika are from different families who do not share the same DNA whatsoever. They are just legally married and staying together. Perhaps it might be in the legal sense. For now, Tomoya’s chastity is safe till she hits puberty… That’ll be a different story entirely. So if you’re looking for a big loving sister anime that is crazy and funny to watch in your short spare time, give this one a try and it could either make you feel thankful that you don’t have such a crazy obsessed sister who knows more about you than yourself or feel great envy that you didn’t get a ‘devoted’ sister like this. If it is the latter, then I am afraid you’re a big siscon…

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