Onegai Teacher

July 8, 2006

What do you get when you cross aliens with teachers and high school students? Sounds familiar? Yup, it’s Onegai Teacher that I’m talking about. Another one of those romantic comedy-cum-drama type anime with a little bit of sci-fi in it. It’s been quite some time I’ve finished watching this anime, so I’ll try my best to recall what happened.
The basic synopsis is that a high school student marries his homeroom teacher. Why? What? How? Don’t worry, there’s a story to that too. We have a normal 15 year old high school student Kei Kusanagi, who leads a normal live, staying together with his uncle and aunt in an apartment. Yeah, it’s quite a nice quiet town too, and there’s a huge lake in the middle of town.
So one night, Kei witnessed something that he shouldn’t. A whirpool and a sudden appearance of a female in front of him. The next day at school, his usual homeroom teacher resigns and is quickly replaced by the girl Kei saw the previous night. Mizuho Kazami, she’ll be the new homeroom teacher for Kei’s class from now on.
But the coincidence doesn’t stop there. Later that day, Kei found out that she’s moving right next door and will be his new neighbour. As usual, the helpful Kei decides to help Ms Mizuho unpack her stuffs. During the shifting, Kei stumbled upon a secret corridor, which leads to some space ship. Yup, Ms Mizuho is actually an alien! An alien who’s job is to observe and collect data of the human species. Something like that.
Of course, you’d be in a shock if you find such a beautiful person living next to you to be an alien. That’s what Kei felt too. So in a panic, as Ms Mizuho tries to stop him, Kei tries to find a way out and make sense of what’s going on. And there’s that little yellow creature with a float around her body, Marie. Suppose to be the space ship’s operator and controller, for example, able to teleport people or things when commanded. But during Kei’s panicky moment, she was flung by him and is somewhat ‘damaged‘. Yeah, you’ll see what I mean. She’s gone a little ‘coo-coo’ (mad).
But when Kei’s cornered by Ms Mizuho, like anybody would, promised that he’d keep this a secret. Somehow she trusts him. However, the next day, many people and especially Kei’s classmates are talking about the mysterious UFO lights they saw last night. Yeah, that happened during when Kei panicked too. But Kei pretended not to know anything.
Like I said earlier on, since Marie became a little ‘coo-coo’, she teleports Kei and Ms Mizuho to the school sports equipment storeroom. However they’re locked in and can’t get out. So they had a talked about the incident that happened and who Ms Mizuho really is. As night falls, Kei’s uncle and aunt began to worry of his whereabouts and proceeds to find them. Good thing is they and the school’s headmaster manage to find them still at the storeroom. Bad thing is, they found them in a little compromising position.
The next day, as they’re listening to the headmaster’s words, because of the school’s strict policy, their act can’t be tolerated and they both must be expelled. In order to save them, Kei’s uncle told the headmaster that they were both married. And that’s just the beginning of things to come. But it’s illegal to marry at 15 years old, right? Well, Kei’s not actually 15, he’s actually 18 years old. How come? Now you’ll here some story of his condition called taetai or ‘withdrawal’. Some sort of a comatose state where you sleep for a long time and the time you wake up is uncertain. Yup, so Kei spent 3 years in ‘withdrawal’ and lied about his age. After hearing this, the headmaster accepted it. So easy, just like that.
So by the end of episode 2 and beginning of episode 3, as Kei ponders about his future, he accidentily signs (actually official stamps) the marriage papers. Yay! Now they’re both really married as well. Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into, Kei must be thinking. Now he’s gotta live together in Ms Mizuho’s apartment. The age gap thing really bothers Kei when you know, Ms Mizuho requests Kei to sleep closer to her. Oh yeah, Ms Mizuho really likes to eat that Pochy chocolate stick snack. Reminds me of some same snack I had when I was little too. Couldn’t remember.
Not only that, they had to keep their marriage a secret from the others. You couldn’t imagine what would happen if people found out about it. Especially there’re some of Kei’s classmates who have a crush on Ms Mizuho. Tough spot. And in episode 3, Kei’s friends, Ichigo Morino, Koishi Herikawa, Hyosuke Magumo, Kaede Misumi, and Matagu Shido, decides to visit Ms Mizuho. To their suprise that it’s just next to Kei’s apartment. Hmmm… How suspicious, since lately they’ve noticed that Kei has been avoiding them too. In this episode it’s quite funny to see the near misses of Kei being discovered. After all that Kei had to go through, hanging out on the balcony and escaping a dog’s attack, luckily the gang didn’t manage to find out.
In episode 4, because Ms Mizuho’s late for some teacher’s meeting, Kei gets a call from Herikawa and Kyosuke to go see a movie tomorrow. As Ms Mizuho gets back, she’s all drunk and after Kei told her that he’s going out with some of his friends tomorrow, a small quarrel ensues. Oh, their first ever lover’s quarrel. So Kei had to sleep back at his uncle and aunt’s place. The next day when he goes out with his friends, a suspicious Mizuho (more like jealous) follows and spies on them. There she also meets Ichigo and Kaede who’re also spying on them as well. Somehow I notice that at the end of the episode, Ms Mizuho is behaving like a spoilt child. So contrasting of her earlier character. Must be that jealousy thing when she sees Kei and Herikawa together. But their relationship didn’t get better.
The summer’s here. So in episode 5, Kei and Ms Mizuho are on some sort of a honeymoon only to be bumped into their usual classmates. And as usual, they try to hide their relationship from them. Oh, in this episode there’s that little girl with binoculars and a dog. She’s a little genki and would say out loud when she spot some handsome guy (Kei in this instance). But her joy is soon crushed when she found out that Kei has got some other women. So sad. But when she sees Matagu, she like calls him a pervert. So funny lah this part.
In this episode too, we’ll find that Kyosuke and Kaede’s relationship will start to blossom, Herikawa harbours some sort of a crush on Kei but just couldn’t tell him, and Matagu accidentily went to sleep with Ms Mizuho, not realizing he’s got the wrong room. Being scared, Ms Mizuho thought it was a pervert, screamed and ran out. Can’t remember this part. But just when it looked like Kei and Ms Mizuho are finally setting of on a right note once again, comes that little girl with her dog saying how heartbroken she is and her first love being stolen. This causes some misunderstanding between Kei and Ms Mizuho and you know lah, she starts acting like a jealous kid and starts hitting Kei.
Kei and Ms Mizuho had an unexpected surprise in episode 6, when Ms Mizuho’s mom, Hatsuho, and her little sister, Maho, drops by from a visit. Early in the morning as Kei wakes up, he spots Ms Mizuho at the balcony and proceeds to hug her. Only thing is, it’s not her, but her mom! And when Ms Mizuho saw this, you know already, right. By the way, Hatsuho look so young and can be mistaken for Ms Mizuho’s sister. While Hatsuho was all for Kei and Ms Mizuho, Maho was against it, making excuses and reasons why they weren’t meant to be together. Oh, Maho’s got that strange creture with a float around it too, Nacchan. Seems Nacchan and Marie are in love and won’t listen to their commands. Hahaha, must be frustrating for them.
In the meantime, Kei decides to play matchmaker between Kaede and Kyosuke. Although they both eventually decided to become a couple, Herikawa decided to confess to Kei. But Ms Mizuho got another misunderstanding of the situation and ran away crying. Maho, furious at what she saw, teleported Kei to another world and starts shooting him. But Kei gets into one of his ‘withdrawals’ again and so Ms Mizuho came in time just to save him. After when all this is over, Maho realized that Kei and Ms Mizuho are meant for each other. And she even started to like Kei. She gave him a peck on his cheeks as a farewell gift! Oh no! Ms Mizuho saw it too. Another misunderstanding. Another jealous kid act. Haiyah. Why she so like that wan.
Anyway by episode 8, Ichigo encourages Herikawa to pursue Kei, in which finally she manage to confess to him. Sadly, Kei rejected her (ouch!). The reason, he has someone that they already love (Ms Mizuho lah. Who else). At the same time, Matagu decides to confess his feelings to Ms Mizuho too, but he chickened out. In the end of the day, Kei and Ms Mizuho’s relationship seems to be better now. But I see that eventhough Herikawa’s quite disappointed, she manages to handle it well. Of course after some inspiring words from her dad, Yamada (seems like an airplane freak), who’s also a teacher at her school.
After wathcing what happened between Kei and Herikawa, Ichigo decides to confront Kei in episode 9. Here we also learn that Ichigo also has the same ‘withdrawal’ condition as Kei. But she’s more serious and spend 6 years in it. So actually she’s 21 years old! But Ichigo suddenly falls into ‘withdrawal’. But just for a short while. Feeling bad, Kei decides to break up with Ms Mizuho. What lah. How could he do that!
Anyway, by episode 10, Kei and Ms Mizuho realized that they can’t stand without being with each other. And Herikawa also learns about Kei’s condition. Before anything could happen, Kei went into withdrawal again. And in episode 11, as Ms Mizuho tries to revive Kei, we see Kei in a dream-like world talking with some girl who’s given up on life. I think it’s his sister who committed suicide many years ago. But I didn’t understand this part. But she tried too hard went to far. As a result, some high superior organization she worked with had to punish her. Now she’s being banished from Earth and all those in the town including Kei will have their memories erased since the day Ms Mizuho arrived. Too bad. As they go on living their normal lives, Kei couldn’t help thinking of something whenever he looked at that Pochy box?! Huh? Something there but can’t seem to get it.
In episode 12, Ms Mizuho managed to sneak back to Earth with the help of her mom and Maho. And it’s just exactly like in episode 1. Kei’s homeroom teacher suddenly resigned and Ms Mizuho is their new homeroom teacher. She’d wonder if Kei still remembers her. Oops… No reaction. Doesn’t look like it. And as usual, she moves in next to Kei, asks him for his help. All of the sudden, while moving stuffs, Kei said to Ms Mizuho that we’ll always be together. What the? He remembered. But when? The time when he saw Ms Mizuho first appeared (the 2nd time, that is) and that Pochy box he always have. Huh? How does these 2 things connect? Anyway, in the end, they’re both together and really happy and would start everything all over again. So is Hatsuho and Maho as they flew away in their space ship. But so sad for Marie and Nacchan. Can’t be together. But that’s not important.
There’s an OAV episode, some like to refer it as episode 13. Nothing much except Hatsuho and Maho are back again. This time, Hatsuho is a little scheming and decides to ‘steal’ Kei for a date, much to Ms Mizuho’s chagrin. And of course, Maho. Seems like that little girl wants to date Kei too. As they try to search for them both, Kei’s friends are also curious about their whereabouts. It seems Hatsuho took Kei to some hotel where lovers usually have their ‘first experience’. You know what I mean.
As Ms Mizuho and gang finally found the place they’re in, Kaede and Kyosuke also took their relationship a step further. But I see what Hatsuho did as a prelude and preparation for Kei and Ms Mizuho to be together. Although, didn’t show, but from certain clips, I think Kei and Ms Mizuho ‘did it’. Yup, I really think so lah. But I’m glad that they’re happy together and Ichigo and Herikawa manage to really move on.
Overall, besides Ms Mizuho’s sometimes fickle childish character when jealous, I think I like this romantic comedy anime. I mean, not really number 1 in my books, but I quite enjoy it. And the sceneries of the lake is quite awesome and beautiful. The characters do play some role in the development of the story even though some of them are just supporting and side roles. Just to end things, let me wish for Kei and Ms Mizuho’s eternal happiness. Hehehe.

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