Second Flight

March 9, 2007

  Kitto meguriawaseta, Tenshi no hon no kimagure da yo,
  Megurikado de atta mitai ni, Futto hajimatteta
Funny thing was, when I was watching the series Onegai Twins, I didn’t quite like the opening theme song, Second Flight, which is sung by KOTOKO and Hiromi Satou. Then well after I’ve finished watching it, suddenly I had that ‘craving’ for this song. Yeah, I became infatuated with that song at that particular time and soon after I’ve got the full length version, I’ve already obtained the karaoke version of it as well.
  Dou ni nannai kimoci, Taisetsu sugiru kara moteamasu,
  Sanpomichi de fuita suna kaze, Kokoro ga hayatteku
The song starts off with a slow piano solo before that electronic sound beat and then followed by the actual song intro. The tune of the song resembles a lot like dance track, which made it quite a lively and energetic piece. Uh-huh, I got that little urge to get up and move my feet.
  Setsuna sa hagurakasu no ni wa nareteru no ni,
  Konna toki dake namida ga tomerarenai no wa, Naze darou?
To me, this song is generally simple for me to sing. At least for the verses. At first I sounded like taking short periods (read: like stammering lamely) even if it’s in the same verse line because I was still unsure of the timing. But now I’m okay and it sounds continuous.
  Aimai na kisetsu dakara koso,
  Kasuka na tezawari kokoro de kanjite
So as usual, there’s a short line in the chorus where you have to go a little high pitch. You know what that means when I reach that part. Sometimes I sound okay but most of the times, I’m out. Furthermore, I notice that I need to raise my voice level in order to get that tune right (hopefully).
  Kagirareta toki wo ikiru kara,
  Tatanda tsubasa wo ima sugu hirogete,
And true to being a karaoke version, there’s one part in the song which is spoken, which is also included in the karaoke version. Yeah, so you really just need to sing here. And it’s quite funny (or lame, depends how you view it) when I do a lip-synch on it. Does it seem real or fake? Also it’s a good thing the karaoke version retain the backup vocals. So it does make me feel enjoyable when I sing.
  Tatoe niji ga koweretemo,
  Sora ga matte iru
Though the entire song is a little lengthy, over 5 minutes that is, but nevertheless it doesn’t get tedious nor dull. Even if the lyrics doesn’t repeat itself like most chorus in other song does, but that’s manageable. So care to hear me for another second round of Second Flight? Or maybe you’re having second thoughts about it. Hehehe.
  Sore ga chiisana hane demo,
  Kaze wo dakishimete…

Onegai Twins

July 22, 2006

At first glance, Onegai Twins may look like a love triangle type of story. Okay, maybe not exactly. Perhaps there’s love but without the triangle. When I first watched the series, it reminded me a little of Onegai Teacher. That’s because there’re cameo appearances of characters from Onegai Teacher in this series. Plus, since I watched nd finished both these animes at approximately the same time, it was like, "hey… isn’t that the character from Onegai Teacher?"
Well, Onegai Twins is actually a sequel to Onegai Teacher, as it takes place several years after the latter. Yup, also the scene is that same ol’ sleepy town with that huge lake in the middle. This time round, we have this boy called Maiku Kamishiro, who wants to know more about his past and family (yeah, he can’t remember it clearly). The only clue he has is a photo of 2 young children playing outside a house in some inflatable pool. Of course, he’s one of those kids in the photo, but the other kid, a girl, not really sure.
So in order to search for his other half of his family, he rents this house next to this giant lake and works as some sort of a programmer. All seems smooth sailing until one day 2 girls showed up at his house claiming to be his twin. Okay, not arrived simutaneously.
The first girl, Miina Miyafuji, arrived first. Actually, she already met Maiku earlier on when her bike broke down, but didn’t realize it was him. What makes her say she’s his twin? Well, she has that exact same photo too. Plus, they have the same blue eyes. Then the second girl, Karen Onodera, arrived by train. Also she has that same photo and set of blue eyes that of Maiku and Miina.
Another coincidence is that, those 2 girls also don’t have a clear memory of their past and real family except that they had a twin brother. Haih… Memory deficient characters. That’s what the first 3 episodes try to tell, mainly about these 3 characters and how they try to figure out their past and putting the pieces together, especially about the photo. A lot of theories. So you’ll here the words "we could be related" and "we could be strangers" quite often. Quote of the series.
Of course, they’ll still face some problems and obstacles at first. Like Miina who’s contemplating to leave the house after a few days of arriving because she felt that she was a burden to Maiku. But Maiku didn’t want her to leave because I guess that he really really yearns for a family too. So until then, he’ll allow them both to stay at his place.
By episode 3, you’ll get to see Ichigo Morino, who’s now the president of the student council. Now looking more sly and scheming. Plus, you’ll find out too that there’s this girl, Tsubaki Oribe, who seems to have a liking for Maiku. Anyway, since now that there’re 3 people living in Maiku’s house, Maiku suggests that those 2 girls would do house work and he continue with his programming.
With Tsubaki coming for a visit to Maiku’s house to see things, you’ll know there’s going to be a storm with those jealousy kind of atmosphere, especially between Tsubaki and Miina. Some hillarious misunderstanding took place by the end of this episode. As Karen was telling Maiku her reason why she ran away from home, she cries and puts her face on Maiku’s lap. Then Tsubaki and Miina came in and was shocked to see what was happening, they dropped the trays they were carrying. Yeah, looked like a little hentai scene there. Yeah, Maiku was unaware of it too until those 2 point out to him. Too late, what a big misunderstanding.
In episode 4, in order to be even close to Maiku, those 2 try to look for a job at school even though they’re underage and don’t qualify. So by dressing up older they went for an interview. Guess who’s the interviewer. It’s Ms Mizuho! Surprise? No. In the middle of the interview Ms Mizuho had to leave and attend to something. At the same time the 2 girls spot Maiku and Tsubaki alone together just outside of the room they were in. Of course, they both felt jealous when they see Tsubaki ‘closing in’ on Maiku and screamed something like "you shouldn’t be doing things like this at your age".
Of course, as Maiku and Tsubaki went to check, both Miina and Karen need to run and hide or their identity will be blown. Before you know it, the whole school’s on alert on these 2 ‘intruders’. I didn’t remember much this part, except that it ended with some misunderstanding again. Maiku tripped and accidently did some ‘compromising move’ with Tsubaki and Ichigo watching in disbelief. Oh dear. But in the end, Maiku told them that they’ll be attending school too and Ichigo got them some job at Herikawa’s store.
In episode 5, Miina and Karen came to a conclusion that Maiku may not be interested in girls at all. Plus, there’s a rumour that Maiku and Kousei Shimazaki, are like some no. 1 ‘couple’ always seen together kinda thing. So they made some friends in their class and asked them about Maiku and Kousei’s relationship. So are they gay? Well, Kousei seems to be the one wanting to hang around Maiku, and Maiku doesn’t really approve it and keeps trying to punch him. As usual, those 2 girls decide to put this to a test with a little element of sexual teasing to see if this is true. So a lot of blushing and a little hentai imagination. Hmm… But good thing is, Maiku isn’t gay. Phew…
Because of the constant tension in which of the 2 is the relative and the stranger, Miina and Karen came out with a love alliance code to avoid tearing them apart until the truth is revealed. So here’s what the code is all about:-
Love Alliance Code #1:
Until the truth is revealed, neither should confess her love to Maiku
Love Alliance Code #2:
If the twin is known, inform the other immediately
Love Alliance Code #3:
Must support the other’s love for Maiku if the other is the stranger
Love Alliance Code #4:
Must stop any advances from other girls towards Maiku
Love Alliance Code #5:
We will always be with Maiku
Seems pretty straight forward, huh? Well, they’ll have a hard time trying to stay faithful to the love alliance, except maybe number 5. It really seems all too familiar in episode 7. Those 3 won some contest and decide to take a trip to that same beach hotel we’ve seen in Onegai Teacher. Hey, nearly the whole gang from Onegai Teacher is there. This time round joining the cast is Matagu’s little genki and blur sister, Haruka.
Also, remember that little girl with binoculars and dog? Yeah, she’s back again with a little cameo appearance. She’s got her few seconds of love again when she spot Maiku. And again heartbroken once she found that that he already had 2 beautiful ‘girlfriends’. Oh, the heartache. So funny. But this episode sees how the girls worry that Maiku wanted to spend more time with his classmates rather than the 2 of them. So insecure lah those 2.
Episode 8 takes a breather from Miina and Karen’s overprotectiveness over Maiku. Since Tsubaki has a crush on Maiku but doesn’t know what to do, she enlists the help of Ichigo. So Ichigo planned some sports festival but only Maiku and Tsubaki are the only members in the student council. You know what that means. In addition to prevent Miina and Karen’s intervention, Ichigo resorted to some intel connection threats to keep them at bay.
So as Maiku and Tsubaki are working together, another unintentional and accidental move by Maiku (he touched Tsubaki’s breats) made Tsubaki slapped Maiku. Upset, she left in a hurry. But Kousei seems to be serious and demanded what Maiku had done to her. Then we have all this flashbacks and come to know that previously Kousei and Tsubaki were once a couple. But since Kousei’s a pervert and can’t seem to keep his hands off Tsubaki at ‘certain places’, they broke up. Bla bla bla. In the end, Tsubaki and Kousei manage to reconcile, but Kousei’s still the same ol’ perverted guy but Tsubaki’s more tolerable this time (although still punching him for that). So does this mean, that Tsubaki won’t be all over Maiku anymore. Yup, that’s how it seems. Must be good news for Miina and Karen.
After all those planning and hard work, the rain spoils it all and Ichigo calls the school festival off. Too bad, Maiku. Life’s like that. So in episode 9, Maiku along with Miina and Karen decided to go downtown shopping. But during their time there, they got separated and Maiku ends up being with either one of them at one time, trying to look for the other. So you could say that it was some sort of a date. Plus, both girls had an indirect kiss with Maiku. But couldn’t confess directly as thoughts of the love alliance came into mind.
By the end of the day, the girls ended up together and became frantic when couldn’t find him. And when they do, it’s like a burst of happiness as they rush to hug him. Oops… another blunder they slipped, with their panties showing (that’s what Haruko said). Oh, how they vowed never to leave Maiku’s side again. And how Maiku vowed never to go outside with these 2 again.
Episode 10 introduces a character from Miina’s past, Yuka. I thought it would bring a clearer perspective or shed some light on which is the twin or the stranger, unfortunately it didn’t. It’s mainly about why Miina likes to run away. Literally. See, Miina was once a runner and has a prospective of receiving a scholarship. At that time she lived under the same roof as Yuka. But an accident shattered her dreams. So that’s why she decided to leave and went in search of her real family.
Now this is the part where it’s really disappointing. In episode 11, Karen made a huge discovery. Something’s not right in the photo. Yeah, it’s the position of the house in the photo and the one they’re currently living. So Karen decided to go and investigate. At this point I had a hunch that Karen was going to be Maiku’s real twin but this episode manage to keep that a mystery until the end. Because of this, Karen asked Maiku out on a date just for 1 day.
In the end, Karen is Maiku’s actual twin! That means Miina’s the stranger. Because now that Miina felt she was not related, she decided to leave again. It’s really really really disappointing how they try to reveal who the real twin is. It was just some old notebook belonging to the twins’ mom, she found at the abandon house nearby. No backstory, no closer look at what the notes say. What the?! Is it because the series is gonna end and there’s no time to explain it? Haih… So disappointing.
And in the final episode 12, Maiku and Karen try in vain to locate Miina. They found out she was residing at Haruko’s place. And even the next day in school, Miina refused to speak directly to Maiku. But Maiku feels that they’re being abandoned about the separation since now that the truth is out. But Maiku’s classmates including Ms Mizuho and Haruko manage to plan and trick Maiku and Miina into meeting at the train station. And before you know it, both of them are on good terms again, of course not before finding out that this whole thing was a ploy.
And with that, a happy ending, all 3 of them have their photo taken and will be living together as a family. Then there’s something Maiku said. About Miina being in the photo? Huh? In the photo but not related, then where’s Karen? I didn’t get this part.
And just like Onegai Teacher, the 13th episode is also and OVA. This time time, in order for Maiku to finish his work, he camps outside. But the others seem to follow him and camp near him too. We see how Miina now try to advance their relationship as lovers since now that she’s the stranger. But Karen seems to be wanting to keep Maiku all for herself and doesn’t want any other girls to have him.
What happened to the love alliance? Well, the now sly and cunning Karen said it’s dissolved, much to Miina’s ire. Yeah, for a girl who has a habit of fainting and saying ‘nyuu…’, she has pretty much changed, don’t you think. Anyway, we get to see Kei and Ms Mizuho ‘making love’. I wonder if the rest knows about their relationship? And Matagu’s still a loser, and is the only one that ended up alone in that camping outing. But he manage to find solace in some beautiful ghost rumoured to take on losers only. Hahaha.
So the ghost rumour must be true, huh? I mean we see Ichigo in an interview with some video proof (she seems to be secretly videotaping what other people does too during that camping). And she always sinisterly say ‘huu… huu… huu…’. Must be her new trademark. Before this OVA ends, Miina and Karen spot Maiku with a girl bashfully trying to hand Maiku something. And with mere convenience, they decided to put back up the love alliance and kick into action rule number 4. Still so insecure after all.
Overall, I kinda like Onegai Twins plot except for how the twin is revealed. I though that there’s gonna be some twist somewhere. That maybe none of them are twins or they’re actually are triplets. Nope. Just straight forward, that one of them is really the twin and the stranger. *Sighs* Also, the scenery of the lake is still gorgeous.
Finally, I’d like to ponder on earlier one way Maiku said to decide which of them is the twin is to take a blood test, but couldn’t because it’s costly. Then, why do they have different sets of surnames? I mean, if they’re twins, they should have the same surnames right? Wait a minute. Maybe that’s their adopted family’s name. Darn.
Then there’s a little bit of nudity here. You see, the funny thing is that Miina and Karen usually have their girl time talk or discussion during bath time in the bathroom. What an unusual way and place to do so. But don’t worry, the nudity isn’t that extreme as the necessary parts are ‘strategically covered’.
Plus, Miina, looked a bit like Mai Tokiha of Mai-HiME. But Mai Tokiha is still much more prettier than her! Definitely! Kitto! No doubts about that!

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