Once upon a time, there was an anime with a long title that was about a sister. More precisely, a brother who didn’t really like his sister (so do us viewers). Then came another anime with an equally long title that has a sister who loves her brother so much to the point she would consider doing adult stuffs with him. Subsequently another mouthful to pronounce anime series that has a mysterious sister suddenly popping up out of nowhere and wanting to marry her brother. Now recently we have another one of those sister animes too. Yeah, with yet another mouthful to utter, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne is another one of those animes about a sister who loves her brother very much. So much her love that she sees way past their relationship as siblings and views him as a man.

You know what happens when young teenage girls overflowing with too much love do, right? I guess in such cases, the fun is always whereby one is willing and the other resisting. Would you rather see a show whereby both siblings consent to each other’s love and… The rest is up to your imagination. Too easy. No fun. Basically, all you need to know about this anime is that the sister loves her brother. A lot. To a point it’s annoyingly creepy. Wants to convert him and shower him with her love. Thankfully he doesn’t easily give in. He is not a pervert. He has his own ways of dealing with her twisted perversion. Add in other colourful characters in this harem-cum-comedy-cum-romance genre and here you have one big havoc and a disaster waiting to happen. Can it even be contained?

Episode 1
Akiko Himenokouji makes her way to the dorm her brother Akito is living. It has been 6 years since they were last together so it’s understandable that she is glad to be with him again. I guess 6 years must be a long time because all her pent up libido is going to burst out. First, she waits in the bath hoping Akito would come to peek at her. He didn’t. So she barges out in a towel to chide him what the heck he is doing. What the hell is he doing more important than coming to peep on his sister? Oh God. He had no intention. She is his sister for Christ’s sake. She tries to give that man and woman before brother and sister crap but I suppose he’s not convinced. Not giving up yet, she gives him another chance to peep. Or else. He never turned up. And Akiko had already counted up to 7,000! Can she soak for that long without getting wrinkles? Later, Akiko sulks and if Akito wants to show his sincerity, he should sleep with her in the same futon. That got shot down too. If you’re wondering why Akiko is such a good girl accepting that, after all that ranting, she thinks they’re supposed to do it outside the futon in the cold. I think what Akito meant was that he is sleeping alone. Before Akiko could continue with her sexually charged crap (something about creeping up to his bed in the deep of the night), Akito leaves her hanging. Next morning, we hear Akiko admitting she has this brother complex but Akito distracts her by changing the topic or praising her cooking. Later outside, Akito turns down yet another advance from Akito she wants to sleep on his lap. Yeah, she could die happy. However she notes as long she can be with him, she will be happy. She is grateful since the day he took her in from the Arisugawa family. When Akiko confess she loves him, Akito did the same. It almost knocked her out. Never thought he would really say those words, eh? Ah, it’s like a dream. And perhaps it still is because she won’t be having a peaceful life alone with her brother because there are other equally odd women living in this dorm too.

All of them including the siblings are part of the school’s student council. They are Arashi Nikaidou (president), Anastasia Nasuhara (vice president) and Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari (treasurer). Oh, Akiko is the secretary while Akito the secretarial sub-assistant fill in. But the one doing the real (donkey) work is of course Akito. I guess this is what happens being the only guy in the student council. But back at the dorm, it’s a battlefield. You though dinner would be nice and lovely, right? Wrong! Anastasia notes that this is the time to determine who would sit next to Akito and feed him. He has no say. Enough said. Akiko argues it is her rightful place as her sister and that he is her possession (so this guy is a thing?). Anastasia’s foul mouth has all the virgins shut up (including herself) but Akiko won’t give up her right to be next to Akito. Bringing in that he has been her brother since birth and even bought him a long time ago (WTF?!), the rest tells her to ask Akito directly. So what will be his answer? She is a good girl and he loves her. Hooray! It’s her victory! He loves her as a sister. Oh… What a letdown. Despite that, Akiko feels that even if they’re siblings, as long as they got love it doesn’t matter!

Episode 2
Akiko loves reading a forbidden sibling love novel by Kouichirou Shindou. Hoping one day she’ll end up like that with Akito, eh? Of course Akito comes in not because he wants to do her in but he has been hearing her weird “gu-heh-heh” laugh. He gets disappointed upon knowing what she’s reading and also a fan of this author. Though he allows her to keep this hobby (notice the creepy part of how her walls are filled with pictures of Akito?), he has several conditions. She must promise to keep that book out of his sight (at least do it when he’s not around), don’t make that funny sound (I know, it sounded very perverted) and never to bring up anything about that author or any books related to him. Akiko thought now they can get down and dirty but he already went back to his side and locked the door! You can never be too careful. Later Akito meets her editor, Kaoruko Jinno and she is impressed with his work. It hints that Akito is Kouichirou Shindou. In school, Akiko visits Akito in his class and probably wants to convert him into a siscon. She demonstrates being a tsundere (she’s a pro at it). As she leaves, she notices that since he hasn’t made any friends yet, she can’t leave him alone during the break. Soon Anastasia visits Akito and asks him out (tsundere style) for a picnic next weekend. It’s a good thing he said okay or else she would have switched his boxers with her used panties. Later Ginbei gives him taste her cookies. She knows his taste as they’ve been friends for 6 years. As they talk about his school life, the conversation gets serious when Ginbei suspects he is hiding something from her. Moving from Kyoto to Tokyo, transferring to St Lillian Academy and having a sister living with him. All these were done without her knowledge. How do you think she felt when he left to go to his sister suddenly? She doesn’t want to feel that again. Akito assures he isn’t hiding anything and thought they had settled the matter of him transferring away in secret. They stop arguing when they realize the other students are staring at them.

Akiko waltzes into Akito’s classroom hoping to get back their lost time. To her horror, he is not in his place. In fact, he has been called by Arashi to the student council room. She locks the door. Oh no. She asks him will he be her man. She’s kidding, right? Of course. The part about being her man. She wants to know if he would like to be her lover. That’s no difference either. Is she joking too? How about be her sex slave then? Akito’s status just keeps going lower and lower, no? If not, she can be his sex slave. Akito is taken that aback and one of the reasons Arashi loves teasing him is to see his reactions. She was about to demonstrate that when Akiko unlocks the door (she has the keys as she’s part of the student council) before her brother loses his chastity. She reminds her recess is her quality time with Akito since he has no friends. But the rest disagree because he doesn’t seem lonely during the break. Ginbei says he was enjoying her cookies and chatting. Anastasia was pushing it saying he was fantasizing about raping her! Arashi points out Akito is lonely because Akiko hogs him so he hasn’t been able to make any friends after transferring. Akito also knows this but doesn’t have the heart to say it to her. Akiko confirms this and feels bad. She promises to limit herself to visit one or two times and will watch from afar. Back in class, a group of boys invite him to join their Buddha statue appreciation club. He declines he is busy. However Akiko is giving her unsolicited encouragement from outside the door. This freaks the guys out and they back out. Maybe she should watch from a little farther. Later Akiko wants to reduce the awkwardness in their relationship and distance by calling his first name. It sounded so perverted…

Episode 3
Akiko wants Akito to help replace her fluorescent light. It’s one of her ploys, right? Right. In that case, she’ll change it in hopes he’ll come look up her skirt. Fix it yourself. If Akito has to put up with one weirdo, here’s another one. Anastasia can’t seem to enter her room because her door isn’t automatic! Will he help to open it for her? Open it yourself. As Akito is also the dorm manager, he has to help fix the pipes. Ginbei accidentally bumps her head when she finds his face too close to hers. When Akito takes in the laundry, Akiko comes rushing to tell him to hands off her panties. What the hell? This is the girl who wants her brother to peek at her panties but won’t let her touch it? So she prefers him touching them when she’s wearing it? This argument attracts Anastasia and thinking Akito prefers freshly worn ones, she is going to strip hers. Akiko won’t lose out and will strip too. Nobody is stopping her… Ginbei notices Arashi’s underwear isn’t in the laundry. She says she lost them. Anastasia thought she’s at a disadvantage because you can’t arouse a certain pervert without an underwear. On the contrary, she’s not wearing any! If you get what that means. She teases them by trying to show it. But when the wind blows, Akiko quickly covers his eyes, causing him to knock his head on the rock. Oh, what have you done? So is it a good thing or bad when Akito can’t remember the events that led to this? Later Anastasia calls Akito to his room. I guess he took his time so she ended up sleeping (and snoring). When she wakes up, she thinks of writing a letter of introduction to a manzai association as it’s her dream to be a comedian. Is that a joke? Akito notices her unpacked boxes. Since it has come this far, Anastasia has no choice but to reveal the dark truth. It is a point of no return once he hears this. Oh no. Are you prepared for this? She is… Anastasia… Can’t clean or do any housework. Eh? At home she had her butlers and maids and at school her groupies to suck up and do everything for her. So in short, she wants him to help her unpack. Or would he rather have her reveal her ‘secret flower garden’?

Akito agrees to help her but suggests he could teach her how to clean and do housework. I’m sure he would be glad to not receive any compensation. Because she would compensate her body for his work. Anastasia notes that trying to seduce him isn’t effective and has learnt something. So Anastasia learns from Akito in doing the clean up that includes how to fold her clothes. Akito praises her pretty smile and hopes she could smile more often because she looks more attractive this way. This causes Anastasia to fluster. All that’s left is a big box. Anastasia panics and doesn’t want him to open. In her haste, she accidentally bumps open its contents: A bunch of cute stuffed dolls. Akito is willing to consider this his hallucination. It’s not like he would tell anyone either. He sends her flustering again when he comments on her cute side. Later in school during recess, Akiko tries to feed Akito but that perfect chance is ruined when Anastasia joins in. She sits between them. I guess telling her straight to go away and eat lunch alone won’t do, no? She has something important to ask of him: Please be her girlfriend. Shock! Akiko almost dropped her lunch. The reason for this confession? What else? She loves him! Double shock! Now Akiko drops her lunch. She’s screaming like a retard too! While she’s at it, the duo are ignoring her. Then Akiko drops her entire lunch when Anastasia places Akito’s hands on her breasts! Because the retard is so noisy, she shuts her up by putting her hand on her breast. Total knockout. In the end, it was all a joke as she was interested to see their reactions. She notes she thought she could win him over by letting him touch her breasts but wonders if her method is wrong.

Episode 4
Ginbei flusters when Akito comes back and praises her cooking since it makes the scene look like they’re newlyweds. Then he wants to eat cake in her room. She changes into a girly outfit while he commends her excellent tea. Ginbei is glad she could see him again. Akito thanks her for always worrying about him and even transferred out of Kyoto to come here. He will treasure their friendship. I guess that word just ruined it. Disappointed he doesn’t see her more than a woman? She got distracted by the good cake he bought. Then she realized he bought this cake just for her. I guess there’s still hope. When Akito commends how cute she is in those clothes, she couldn’t believe what she heard and spills her tea over her dress. Quickly, Akito took a cloth and tries to dry it. I suppose she was so flat that he didn’t feel anything and continued rubbing. Oops. SLAP! Later Akito finishes cleaning up Anastasia’s room. As usual, she tries to twist his words and make him sound like a pervert. Noticing the lack of her stuffed animals, she feigns ignorance till it points out she should put out the things she loves. Yeah. She opens her closet and all her stuffed animals just came flowing out. Did they multiply? Anastasia continues to tease Akito with her sexual innuendoes. This guy is having it tough. Not many guys can hold it in. Especially when she introduces a ‘hole’ doll. It really has a hole. To put your hand in because it’s a puppet. But guess where the ‘hole’ is? He tries to leave but she stops him and accuses him of being a virgin (like as though virgins are an extinct species). Wanting to get revenge for her humiliation, she takes out a banana. If she’s not going to eat it in an erotic way, then she’s going to purposely slip on it to fall over him. Akito feels she is much stranger than usual and wonders if she’s sick. He touches her forehead for temperature and this catches her off-guard. So much so she panics and slips on the banana peel for real, crashing into her closet. Then she hides under her blanket and laments this humiliation.

Later the dorm girls bath together. I’m sure they have invited Akito to join but he turned them down instantly. He knows very well what they’re going to do, eh? Anastasia teases Akiko that her body physiques and 3 sizes are inferior to hers. So as the duo challenge each other, Ginbei is getting low on confidence about hers. Anastasia disagrees and notes her smooth baby-like skin. Soon everybody starts molesting Ginbei. It’s time to wash each other’s backs and Anastasia and Akiko didn’t like being paired up with each other. It’s part of Arashi’s plan to have them improve their relationship. Or maybe she just wants to hog Ginbei’s skin all for her own. When they start rubbing, they notice there is no foam and realize it is Arashi’s lotion prank. Arashi calls Akito to deliver the body soap. Of course he is not coming in despite their temptation. With everybody playing the waiting game, Ginbei decides to go get it from Akito. I wonder why he just can’t leave it on the floor and leave. As Ginbei is about to take it from him, the slipperiness of the lotion causes her to slip and fall on Akito. Now he has a full view of her naked body! What happens next is up to your imagination.

Episode 5
Arashi wants to give nicknames. Especially Akito. She wants to call him “Target” because she is the predator who always gets her prey! Rejected! But she isn’t in favour of calling him his full name because of fear she may bite her tongue in emergency situations. As for Anastasia, how would “Darling” sound? Rejected! And how different would it make for Akiko since she calls him onii-chan? She brags that because of this absolute bond, it gives her a special place with him and they all should be jealous! The trio didn’t like it. Akiko blames them for their intrusion to the dorm and ever since she hasn’t had any quality time with Akito. Suddenly they become gentler. They agree to let her do what she wants with Akito under the impression that she is sick. Akiko thinks they’re pulling a fast one but they seem serious. Even when confronted if she’s sick or not, they try to ignore the subject (albeit very badly). Their reverse psychology on Akiko worked since it made her go crazy and runs away crying. Even if it was just to tease her, they know she’ll be back to normal once they return to the dorm.

Later, Akito calls Jinno to meet up for their next meeting when Akiko comes by. Jinno is surprised he has a sister because he always thought his sibling was a brother. After the call ends, Jinno has this terrible thought that Kouichirou Shindou may be a real siscon lover! If that is true, she must put a stop to it at all cost. So when Akito meets her, he is baffled at her strange act. Yeah, she’s trying to seduce him! Fanservice cue! Well, I guess she doesn’t make her appearance often so feast your eyes on her sexy poses! Are you turned on yet! Each time, getting bolder and bolder but Akito is just trying to stay calm. Jinno wonders her plan is not working since he is into sisters. Then Akito realizes what she is doing. She must have read a recent magazine that was targeted for female audiences. Coincidentally, all her lines were the same as in this magazine. Once Jinno explains her intention and her worries if his work as Kouichirou Shindou were manifestations of his true desire, Akito clears it by stating he knows how to differentiate reality and fiction. Even that clause is stated in the book that everything depicted doesn’t relate to anybody real or dead. He swears he has no romantic feelings for Akiko. However Jinno’s suspicions didn’t subside because Akiko’s name is closely similar to the name of the character in the fiction and that Akito still keeps a picture of her in his wallet.

While Akito is checking the box in the storeroom, Arashi comes in and closes the door. Oh no. Akito knows where she is getting at and tries to get out but Akiko accidentally locks it! No one can hear him shout in the storeroom and besides, dinner time is in 2 hours and they’ll start looking for them if they don’t turn up. She’ll make this quick. Oh sh*t! Akito thinks of using the ladder to scream for help at the high window but Arashi dismantles it! Arashi corners Akito and mentions that she intends to make everyone in the dorm her target and will start with Akito. He distracts her to set himself free and jump for the window but he can’t reach. Arashi goes wild and jumps on him. Unknown to her, a jar is threatening to fall over her. Akito sees this and pushes her away and ends up on top of her. Arashi is grateful. Suddenly Akiko opens the door, thinking she has heard some loud crash. In that instant, Arashi takes full advantage by hugging Akito and mentions they were in the middle of something intense. I guess Akiko nearly went into retard mode again upon seeing this misunderstanding scene. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, the other girls fault Akiko since she was the one who locked the door. But she says she also saved Akito from Arashi’s clutches. They suggest in that case she should be Arashi’s lover or sex toy. Arashi agrees to it since she is still turned on despite being interrupted with Akito. She orders Akiko to strip to take responsibility as his sister!

Episode 6
Jinno reads Kouichirou Shindou’s new work and is impressed by the forbidden love. However she can’t help think Akito really has sister complex and must find out. The first thing she sees when she visits the dorm is a giant hug pillow with Akiko on it! Actually it belongs to Akiko. Jinno is introduced to the other girls and Arashi knows she is not here to give Akito some work encouragement. It’s written all over her face. Before Jinno can explain, Arashi jumps the gun. She indicates she wants to ‘eat’ Jinno! New target! Thankfully if Akito wasn’t there, this ‘joke’ would’ve turned into a real sexual harassment. Jinno wants to confirm if Akito has siscon. The girls did not hesitate to reply he has! Along with all their mumbo-jumbo and universal truths, laws, etc that goes with it. Akito coolly dismisses it despite everybody accusing him of having a massive sister complex. He will have Jinno ask Akiko herself. By the way, conveniently she just came back from shopping. Akiko denies her brother has siscon otherwise she would’ve been the happiest sister in the world. In fact, she goes on to brag about her brother complex, which is a gift from God (puhlease…). This only serves to worsen Jinno’s perception. Akiko tries to persuade Akito build his siscon to a point he crosses deep into that danger zone. Akito coolly disagrees with all her suggestions but he did mention he loves her but only as her sister and shoots down all her suggestions of marrying or hugging her. She wants him to sleep with her as penance. He surprisingly agrees. She is shocked at first but soon her face becomes perverted the more she fantasizes about it. Turns out Akito was just teasing her. The other girls are like so duh watching this stupid couple act out in front of them. So the girls assure Jinno that they’re going to stop this. As explained, the trio moved into this dorm to prevent the unthinkable act of happening between a man and woman, especially when it involves a brother and his sister.

It is suggested that they will sleep in separate rooms. Akiko argues she is the dorm manager and has the right to sleep in that room but they point out Akito is the one who is doing all the work. They think of finding a proper dorm manager to avoid having Akito shouldering all the responsibilities. Akiko’s argument went so far as a flashback that creepily has her keeping count to the exact minute of how long she has not seen her brother! But not as creepy when she puts that perverted face thinking she and her onii-chan will become one. The rest won’t force her but has Akito decided. Although he loves her, it is all the reason why they should sleep in separate rooms. Disappointing, huh? So the girls gladly help shift his things out and nobody gives a damn about Akiko complaining. They just ignore. Did they hear the wind talking? Akito goes through all the siscon stuffs she bought for him and each one has siscon memories for him to make him dote on her. He sees her asleep and thinks she has cried herself to sleep. When he is about to pat her head, suddenly she has that perverted expression. So she’s not asleep. She waited for this moment. Doesn’t she have anything better to do than to turn him into a siscon? Guess not. Her life revolves around him. Akito gently strokes her face and puts her out for good. Sure he loves her. As a sister. Next morning, Akiko understands his decision. However she misinterprets that it is more exciting to obtain something harder. Arashi gathers everyone to introduce their new dorm manager. The girls have their picky preference what they expect in her. Just in luck, Arashi notes she has all those features. Plus, she comes from a famous family and is a genius. Akito has a feeling he knows this person. And here she comes. Arisa Takanomiya the 12 year old genius was Akito’s previous adoptive family. Anastasia asks her relationship with him. Guess what? She’s his fiancée. She’s glad to be back living with him. Ooohhh…

Episode 7
I guess another rival is not needed. So Akiko complains. Complains and complains about her disapproval. It’s already been a week. For God’s sakes. Isn’t she going to shut up? However the rest approves of Arisa since she is also doing a fine job. They’re not even worried a single bit. On the topic of Lolita complex, Ginbei asks if Akito likes child-like bodies (hint, hint). Too bad, he isn’t. But Anastasia is (hint, hint). Nobody asked her… Akiko will still not change her opinion so Arashi says the best she can aim for is to be his sister-in-law. That’ll be worst! So back at the dorm Akito and his sisters talk. Each time Akito praises Arisa, what he ends up saying is that he views her as his little sister. Heartbreaking, no? Akiko asserts her position as his real blood related sister. He doesn’t need 2 sisters (says who?) and should in fact pity her as much as he does for Arisa who is trying to rob her position as his sister. I suppose Akito can tell she’s faking it because of those crocodile tears. Arisa wants to be friends but Akiko still won’t accept someone who pops up and claims to be his fiancée. Arisa’s agony is cute and a turn on to lolicons and probably it would have somewhat a same effect on Akiko so she puts on her blindfold to avoid seeing her and not get infected by her cuteness. She admits she wants to give her the cold shoulder. Later Arisa is in Anastasia’s room dressed up as a bunny girl. The blonde likes it every bit… Oh no. Everyone is out picnic and except for a certain jealous sister, everyone praises her cooking. Anastasia wants to learn every bit of her. Including her favourite underwear and also want to take pictures of her in the bath. I think she can land in court for sexual harassment. Akiko tries to find fault in Arisa’s cooking by bringing up her childhood past that nobody bothers to remember. She even admits she’s trying to make a mountain out of a molehill! As we know, the problem is her, not Akito because he likes Arisa’s cooking. Arashi decides the sisters shall hold a challenge. Akiko will decide on the contest but if Arisa wins, she must stop complaining.

First up, they are to ride a swing. Seriously? I guess it’s a play of words for swing (buranko) and brother complex (burankon). While Akiko is busy remembering another useless flashback how Akito helped overcome her fear of swings, Akito joins Arisa swinging and realizes how much fun this is. You lose. Not giving up yet, the next contest sees what they should do with a kitten. Arisa is kind and gentle but when it’s Akiko’s turn, the cat bites her! I guess this says a lot. For the athletic challenge (to be able to play with Akito, I guess), Akiko challenges her to badminton but the shuttlecock bounces back and hits her face. I don’t think it’s possible. The only way I can think of is divine retribution. Sore loser Akiko only acknowledges Arisa’s ‘tiny’ victory. She will only acknowledge her as the dorm manager because she will still be Akito’ sister and wife. Then Arisa asks something that stuns everyone. Isn’t it wrong for siblings to be romantically attracted to each other? I guess everybody has been putting up with Akiko’s brother complex boasting every day that it becomes normal. So what does Akiko think? She’s pretending not to listen! Arisa talks to her that such love is legally and morally wrong but she won’t have it. Total defeat comes when Arisa points out the more she continues, it will end up troubling all those around her, including Akito. Akiko isn’t going to throw in the towel yet. She is adamant her love for Akito will persevere and insults Arisa to give up. That’s when Arisa couldn’t take it being a nice girl anymore and argues back. They both argue that they love Akito more than the other. Better than Energizer bunnies, they argue and argue and argue right till their way back to the dorm. Don’t they get tired? I guess to settle this, they ask Akito who he loves more. In the end that guy still has to be involved. How will he solve this? First, he praises the good points each sister has. That is the reason why he cannot choose either one. Love for little sisters must be equally divided without discrimination! I guess this settles it. Arashi teases them in the end Akito doesn’t see either of them as women too. For once, Akiko becomes friendly with Arisa. She notes she is not a dangerous rival. Because they love their brother a lot, their advantage is meaningless. They should help each other overcome their differences. And so the sisters become friends in love. Later Akito wonders why Arisa wanted to make friends with Akiko since she treated her as an enemy from the beginning. She was the only one who recognized her as an equal and didn’t look at her as a child because she acknowledged her claim as his fiancée. Soon, Akiko teaches Arisa how to shout out her love for Akito and even gives a lovely big brother t-shirt. Oh no. As though one wasn’t bad enough. Now here comes another one.

Episode 8
The girls are out at the store to choose a swimsuit. You know what they say about the early bird and the worm. Arashi wants Akiko’s help to tighten the tiny bikini she’s trying. Pull! The commotion has Ginbei coming in. That’s when the string snaps and her boobs smack over her face! OMFG! Arisa wants to try a bikini but Anastasia stops her because she has her own ulterior motive and fetish to have her in a one piece. She convinces Arisa to ditch that idea by saying her body will mature in time and thus to shape that future body, she must wear a one piece. Everyone reveals their swimsuit except for Ginbei who decides to stay out of this. She laments her body is appealing enough. Akiko steps up and reveals several tactics to enhance one’s body and has Ginbei try out. Arashi and Anastasia lament that they should have been more knowledgeable about swimsuits otherwise they could’ve been the ones in there caressing Ginbei. No harm imagining, right? Arisa also wants Akiko’s help but Anastasia puts down her foot and reminds them of the ultimate swimsuit: School swimsuit. Your objections are invalid! Or else, it’s that piece of tiny string Arashi suggested. That’s illegal! So when they go back, their mission is of course to show off their newly bought swimsuit and have Akito pick who is the best one. Initially Ginbei decides to stay out of this but after hearing the prize for the winner, she’s in. I can pretty much guess what it is. Akito has to go to their rooms to look at them in their swimsuit.

First stop is Arisa. Not only in a school swimsuit with knee stockings, she has angel wings and halo to boot! Including special effects of flying! Thank Anastasia’s father’s company for such useless stuff. He goes to Anastasia’s room to complain but she is in a cat swimsuit. She even has a doll to match her outfit. Next is Ginbei. She’s trying to prop up her boobs but to her dismay it’s not working. Then her pads fall out! Four of them! No they’re not pads! They are… Coasters! But do cups spill when you put on them ‘coasters’? Akito has a bad feeling even before entering Arashi’s room. When he does, she seems normally dressed. For now. She takes off her robe and she’s buck naked!!! OMFG!!! She insists she is wearing one. Only siscon people can’t see them! Run out away from this crazy woman! Finally he makes his way to Akiko’s room. For once, he sees a normal swimsuit and praises it. But that’s just about it. After seeing the rest went overboard, hers seem plain. Akiko will gladly do some adjustments but somehow it’s been-there-done-that. Akito’s already seen them. Even the naked one. I’m sure Akiko is about to blow her top or enter retard mode once she learns about that. There is one room he thought it was vacant and heard sounds coming from it. He opens the door to see Jinno changing! She took up Arashi’s invitation for this contest too?! So in the end, was it a right decision he can’t decide? He reasons that had he picked a winner, the losers won’t want to go to the beach in that loser outfit. Arashi takes this that everybody has won. So? This means everybody is entitled to the prize of deciding Akito’s swimsuit! Odd choices… And horny ones. Literally. Arashi only has a horn! What? Too small? What’s his decision now? RUN! Later we see the gang frolicking at the beach. But it turns out to be their imagination. They’re still back at the dorm. Why are they wearing swimsuits around? Because summer is still a long way and it’ll be a waste to put it back in their closet. Yeah. The early bird… Later Akito heads to Jinno’s office to discuss his work. Once more she praises his forbidden love tail. But why the heck is she in her swimsuit?!

Episode 9
Akito follows Ginbei to a secluded spot in school to see her taking care of a kitten. She’s talking to it. Seriously. What’s more disturbing is that she is acting tsundere towards it. His cover is almost blown but he manages to get away by purring as a cat. However Ginbei wants to meet this ‘cat’ too and goes over. Man. This is one big cat. Embarrassing moment in three, two, one… Suddenly Akiko shows up. Seems her friends, Reika Ryuuzaki and Ayumi Himekawa are bringing her here to let her glimpse of that cute kitten. As they introduce each other, Akito notices Ginbei is gone. Faster than the wind (Arisa didn’t even know what zoomed past her), a very embarrassed Ginbei hides in her room. Later Akito falls ill after getting out from the bath and falling asleep while writing his manuscript and calls Jinno in hopes he could extend his deadline. Akiko is adamant to be the only one who will nurse him back to health to show her unwavering devotion. It’s her ploy to get sick and let him nurse her too. The other girls argue why they should be the ones who should look after him so Arashi puts her foot down that this isn’t the time to be quarrelling. They should be helping Akito recover instead. Shame on them. She suggests they take shifts to nurse him the way they want. Nobody will complain or is allowed to get in your way. The rest misunderstood that and thinks this is a no-holds-barred competition to see who can take care of Akito the best. Ah well… Arisa comes in first and almost drops her huge tray of uhm, nutritional food. I don’t know, the more Akito hears about them, the more panicky he gets. Doesn’t sound so appetizing. She even has other foods not for eating but to speed up his recovery like smashing picked plums on his forehead or sticking green onions in his butt!

By the time it’s Anastasia’s turn, perhaps it turned out worse. Smashed plums on his foreheads and an onion sticking out not from his butt, but his ‘front’. It’s like something growing out from his pants. Akito doubts her nursing skills but she assures him she is only useless in housework. She relates her nursing experience. With her stuffed animal. Oh dear. Akito can’t sleep since her words seemed like cursing him to hell. Then on and off, she asks the same question if she can help with anything or wipe the sweat off below his waist. She wanted to show him a family technique (I think she’s making this up) and wants him to close his eyes and mouth and not open them. Oh. She’s trying to kiss him! However Akito broke his promise and opened his eyes. In his surprise, this breaks her ‘concentration’ as she chides him about erasing all the good luck mumbo-jumbo. Somewhat upset, she turns into a tsundere and leaves. Next is Akiko but surprisingly she didn’t have ulterior motives and shows her calm and mature side in nursing him! I can’t believe this! Is this really her?! Sure she is not sick?! Meanwhile, Jinno develops fever at work. She thinks she sacrificed herself and got Akito’s sickness from the phone to cure him. WTF. I think she should just go home and rest. The workload may be stressing her out. Finally it’s Ginbei’s turn. Akito’s sleep talking and motion has him pull her over him. From the way he says things, she thinks he is dreaming of that incident whereby they first met. He was treating her back and some incident after that has him stopped seeing her as a girl. Thinking back, she feels it was the worst possible way for them to meet.

Episode 10
Flashback time. Akito was a transfer student at Kyoto into Ginbei’s class. Ginbei was an extraordinary person hard to approach and was respected by both students and teachers. So when Akito casually approached her, she didn’t like it. He wants to be her friend. She doesn’t want to. But he is still persistent. From the minute he saw her, he knew she would be someone who’d stick with him through thick and thin. Unperturbed, if friends are what he is looking for, the next day, all the boys in his class tried to be his friend. Akito confronted her and knew she was behind this. However, Akito wanted to be not just anybody’s friend. He wanted to be Ginbei’s friend. Sorry. She’s not interested. Next day, all the girls tried to fight over his attention! Yeah, Ginbei even put up this harem for him. But that didn’t stop Akito as he continued to bug Ginbei to a point she got fed up and skipped school. Though feeling peace at home, that didn’t last. Akito snuck into her home (despite all that security) to confront her. He is here to pick a fight with her. Had she stated her intentions clearer, he would’ve given up. However she went the roundabout way and used others to attack him. He apologizes for his way of approaching her so he is giving her a chance to vent out her frustration by punching him in the face. The kids fight. I didn’t think it would last the entire day. Ginbei finally punches him in the face. Though it’s her victory, Akito laughs because no matter what everyone says, they are friends now. This isn’t about whether she wants to be friends or not. They are one already. He apologizes for lying previously because he wanted to make her give it all during the fight. Now after fighting that much, there is nothing left but for them to be friends. But Ginbei has told him many times she doesn’t need a friend. She doesn’t need one who follows her around and pretends to listen. What she needs is a best friend. Of course at that time it was the closest thing Ginbei thought was closer than a friend. As the kids go wash up, Akito wanted to bath together and pulls down Ginbei’s pants! Oops. He never realized she was a girl… Ginbei admits though her name is boyish and sometimes act like one, she hated herself for not approaching him as a girl. That is the cause of all their misunderstandings and hopes to clear it up one day.

Arashi takes the last shift and in the dead of the night, Akito caught glimpse of her walking out. Next morning he has recovered. But it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. Akiko wants him to decide which of them was best at nursing him. Each is trying to lead him to pick her. They’re making a recovered person decide on something heavy, aren’t they? I guess it wouldn’t be fair to us if we hear that all of them won, right? I suppose he learnt his lesson too. So he picks the winner… Arashi! Why? She didn’t do anything, right? Precisely that. Not doing anything is best when nursing someone back to health. Akiko is close to turning into retard mode but her problem is not because he picked Arashi. Guess what? The winner of this competition gets to spend the entire day with him alone in the winner’s room with no interference! OH SH*T!!! He just screwed up big time! So the dorm is sealed off and the rest are kicked out. Akito braces himself for the worst but is surprised to see Arashi, gentle and polite like a traditional Japanese woman. Is this really her? He thought he saw her right eye flashed and notes she didn’t wear her eye-patch today. She says it is to hide a secret power it holds. This eye can rewrite people’s memories. But each time she uses it, she loses part of her eyesight. She assures she used it too much unconsciously during her younger days and her eyesight is somewhat affected. Then the story turns out to be a joke… But Arashi continues her elegant ways. At the end of the day, Akiko is suspicious that nothing really happened. Yup, that’s what happened. Surprised? The rest accepted the fact. Akiko wonders what Arashi was trying to pull. She reveals she was going for gap moe (acting the opposite sometimes of one usually is). Akito admits he did find her attractive that way. Oh no. Warning. Akiko in full blown retard mode now! Though Arashi’s shoulders are stiff from that acting, she warns next time she will devour him as a whole as her usual self. Meanwhile Jinno is sleeping in office (it’s already after office hours). Everybody has forgotten about this sick woman…

Episode 11
Anastasia just came out of the bath, admiring her own body clad in only a towel. But she notices she has no panties to wear. Her room is in a messy. Akito has given up cleaning for her. Obviously. It will be a pain to search them. Then she hears Arisa’s scream. She sacrifices wearing any panties to go protect her precious. Seems Arisa heard something from the gate. However it can’t be a pervert because she saw several green lights! Night vision goggles? Akito teases the girls that it might be ghosts. I think all of them are afraid despite denying its existence. Arashi wants him to go check it out alone. Yeah, she’s scared too. He gives them another chance to tag along. No thanks. Suddenly Akiko gets this wonderful idea to get romantic with him in the dark and joins in. Soon, the other girls also have their ulterior motives and join him. So everybody is going in the end. As they trek along in the dark path, the wind kept blowing up Anastasia’s skirt or the grass tickled her ‘down there’ causing her to scream a funny voice that scares the rest. And she did give crappy excuses why it wasn’t her. They decide to climb over a wall to take a shortcut back to the dorm. That means they will have to sit on Akito’s shoulders, right? Oh. Everybody seems to have their fun riding on his shoulders and finally reluctant Anastasia gives in. Did he notice? Did she feel good? Well, nothing much happens. Along the way, a raven flying away scares the sh*t out of them. They run helter skelter and end up separated in pairs. Ginbei and Arisa are initially scared, hugging each other. But then they turned yuri as they start molesting each other’s boobs to certify what they other have for their age is true. Anastasia is walking so close behind Akiko that it’s giving her the creep. Akiko knows something is wrong because she has been acting weird. Anastasia coolly denies and even manages to piss off Akiko her usual style. As Akiko rants about marrying her brother (even if it means becoming Prime Minister and changing the laws to allow blood related marriages), she thought Anastasia has been making fun of her. But Anastasia notes she never made fun of her ever since the day she first met her 6 years ago.

Flashback reveals when Akiko transferred into her class then, Anastasia was somewhat interested because of her beautiful skin and hair. She got close to her to even know about her dream and love for her brother. Over the years they became rivals but that was just because she wanted to be her friend. So when Akiko told everyone the good news that she’ll soon be reunited with Akito, Anastasia was interested in a way to see what kind of man could make her fall deeply in love with him. One day she sees Akiko guiding Akito around school on his first day. After that, Anastasia approaches him in her usual deadpan sarcastic fashion, calling him a scumbag to check out girls in broad daylight. I guess that’s how it all started and got stuck. We have a sudden change in scene whereby Akito is on the verge of marrying all the girls! Including Jinno! He accepts them all! Did he bed them all too?! Soon we see each of the girls having a baby in their arms. OMG! I can’t believe Akito is the father to them all?! Even Reika and Ayumi are pregnant too! Then it turns out to be Jinno’s sick dream. She’s still sick and holed up in office. Doesn’t she have a home to go back to?

Episode 12
Going back to Anastasia’s flashback, after she approaches him, she is surprised that this is the only guy who could answer her back calmly. Teasing him about being a virgin and purposely making him saying aloud (so that the other girls could hear), Akito reveals his touring of this school is because he might transfer here. In that case, to keep this pervert under surveillance and not let him wander around, she offers to guide him. Along the way, Akito is confused with her talk. Despite admitting she is nervous right now, she has the guts to ask him to go back and fetch her panties. Something that every guy would die for. As Anastasia notes, she might seem calm but deep down she is very anxious when in front of him and everything she says comes out wrong. Though Akito won’t go so far to call them friends, he accepts that part of her. That’s when she introduces herself and they shake hands. Soon he transferred in and Anastasia was living her happy life because she was able to get close to Akiko and at the same time be friends with Akito. Back in reality, Akiko is still suspicious that Anastasia is acting weird. However from the way she said things, Anastasia knows she isn’t the brightest and asks her a hypothetical question. If one day you don’t have any underwear to wear, what would you do? Akiko gives several honest opinions like running to the nearest convenience store to get them, wash and dry one that you haven’t wear for a long time or wear something else like bloomers or swimsuit. Anastasia is astounded by her answers and praises her. Of course Akiko doesn’t know if she’s fooling around. Anastasia assures her that because of her, her life now has meaning since she changed everything for her. As a token of appreciation, she pecks her cheek! Then the wind blows up her skirt. Akiko saw her commando style.

Eventually everyone returns to the dorm not finding anything. Then they hear somebody coming from the dorm. An intruder? Turns out to be Jinno. What about the green lights? Oh. Here comes a bunch of them now from the bushes! All the girls got scared and grab Akito. Each a limb I suppose. Those green lights turn out to be eyes of those cats. While everyone heaves a sigh of relief, they suddenly realize that there are really green ghost-like lights floating around!!! FREAKY! Because of that, everybody wants to sleep with Akito. It’s going to be very cramp up. Next morning, Akito realizes Arisa is sleeping naked next to him! The girls are even surprised. Don’t worry. He has an explanation. Arisa has this habit of stripping when they used to sleep together. Not good… Anastasia wants to switch, Jinno thinks in addition to his siscon, being a lolicon is bad. Arashi starts stripping and forces everyone to do the same. Till she reaches Anastasia that she realizes she is no-pan. Later as Akito writes another forbidden love story, Akiko comes in wearing a kimono. She’s here to apologize for doubting him. She remembers his words 6 years ago to trust in him and be a good girl. She feels sad there are days she didn’t think about him and hated herself for thinking like that. She got insecure and worried if he would wait for her but remained steadfast that he would come. It allowed her to try her best in many difficult areas as she wanted him to see the results of her efforts one day. So did she followed his instructions and be a good girl? You bet she did. Noting she has turned into a splendid woman, she is now prettier than before. Akiko thanks him from the bottom of her heart not only as a sister but a human being. Then it all comes to nought when Akiko returns to her horny self, wanting him to pull her obi and spin her around. He did that. But that was just to kick her out. Lock the door and continue finishing his work in peace. Akito narrates he won’t be having a peaceful life with his sister any time soon. Even with all the other girls around him. That still won’t change his way of protecting Akiko and would even remove himself if he becomes a danger to her. That is because the truth is that they are not really blood related. He has no intention of telling her these confusing family circumstances thingy yet. Making her believe that they are blood related puts the brakes on her. Imagine what will happen if that was taken away. Or maybe the brakes will fail after excessive usage. Akiko lies in wait underneath Akito’s futon to pounce on him. As long as there is love, it doesn’t matter, eh?

Love Is Thicker Than Blood
I guess like Akito said, about his complicated family history, that will be another story. Interesting or not, that will have to wait for another time. If they make a sequel, that is. Well, just don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Overall I suppose that for someone who ‘enjoys’ watching this kind of genre, everything is pretty okay. Hah. What a vague answer. Want me to elaborate on that? There’s the harem factor. There’s the fanservice factor. There’s the comedy factor. There’s the romance factor. There. Enough? Incest did not happen, though.

If you look at Akito, he is a pretty cool guy considering the havoc the girls around him are causing. Everyone wants a piece of him. Had he been a pervert, he might have not earned their respect because like I said, if one gives in to his instincts it’s no more fun. Had he not the patience, he would have moved somewhere else far away since the girls are driving up the wall almost every day. It’s like some sort of a ritual. He might not know some of them that deep but he knows how to deal with them when they start acting up. Some of his answers regarding life-or-death questions in harem genres (about picking which girl has the best so and so) don’t sound cheesy but fair and decent. Might not be perfect but at least he couldn’t choose them due to pressure or just because he couldn’t. So the lesson of it all is to not lose your cool and perhaps play along a little with their game and in the end know where you stand. That’s how Akito survived every day at the dorm. Hats off to him on how he manages to stave off their perverted sexual advances and get by every day without going crazy or turning into a pervert. About his job as a writer, it might seem ironic that for a person who has every chance to get horny with his sister but yet refuses, writes one of the best forbidden romances between siblings. I don’t know. Each clip of the forbidden tale seems to transcend time and setting. We have one from the feudal ages to one whereby it is in Paris right up to a futuristic theme. But it is basically the same. Brother has to go somewhere to get something done but assures his love for her and she does the same. Imagine if Akiko finds out who the real author is. All hell will break loose.

Out of all the girls, Akiko is presented as the most annoying (from my perspective) because of her incessant ramblings about her brother complex. And she’s proud of it. Sure, that’s her identity but it shows that she is desperate trying to win his affections. It’s funny when she goes into retard mode because sometimes she sounds like a broken tape recorder. Looks like it will be a long time (or never) till she realizes her brotherly dream. I have a feeling that even if she comes to know the truth, she will still continue to love him as he is. Only difference is that her pervertness would be accelerated further. Another creepy aspect is her ability to remember the exact second from her last activity with her brother. Is she some Swiss clock? That’s not dedication. It’s desperation! Anastasia is the most amusing girl because of the way she has with words. Usually insults. And the way she coolly and monotonously says them without batting an eyelid makes her cool in her own way. She has a way of coming up with excuses no matter how absurd it sounds. She loves teasing Akito and especially the one about calling her name as Ana because it also means hole. One second she wants him to call him that, the next she criticizes him for calling a girl a hole. It’s not that he doesn’t learn. Maybe he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Despite putting a cold exterior and unapproachable front, at times when she has her guard down, she does display a sliver of emotions. At least at points when she least expects them. I’m not sure if I should believe her that despite her sarcasm, she is actually anxious inside, her words all turn out the wrong way. I know she only has one ‘sleepy’ expression but she puts on so many masks that if you tell me her real personality is a nice and shy girl, I am more inclined to believe her as an ice queen instead. I might be wrong but I think her favourite word is ‘virgin’. I feel she uses it a lot. Whether it’s calling Akito that or in some ridiculous excuse.

I think Arashi is the most mysterious one among the girls because she is one who doesn’t have her past explored in this season. Especially her eye-patch and I have a feeling that it is more than just being fashionable or her fetish. She is the wild type and I guess if you interest her enough, she’ll set her eyes on you. Despite her untamed personality, at times she is able to show some sort of maturity. Ginbei is the most normal among the crazy girls but too bad Akito sees her more as a boyish than feminine. Then there is Arisa who is the new addition to the ‘family’. Although being labelled a genius, I don’t really see her displaying that talent of hers. Sure, she’s commendable for being a dorm manager for her age but maybe it is because she is still a young girl. Thus sometimes displaying her naivety and providing the moe factor among the girls. Her past with Akito is also not given much focus like how we have seen at least with Anastasia and Ginbei. We all would love to see how all these women come into contact with Akito and why they love him. They may not look the part like serious lovers but would Akito have taken them seriously if so? When Anastasia wanted him to be her boyfriend, I don’t think she’s joking. If they were really serious, then he rejects them, the pain would be even greater, right? So while everybody frolics around, they don’t take him seriously, he doesn’t take them seriously, in the end everybody still has that chance. It’s good to dream…

So the harem part is obvious. All the girls love Akito. No doubt about it. Albeit some of them in their twisted ways. In fact, most of them are perverts. We know Akiko and her burankon, Arashi is bisexual as any man or woman will do for her and for Anastasia, I am beginning to think that she is also a lolicon the way she dotes on Arisa. I might not want to discount Jinno too. The editor may think she is doing her moral duty in bringing Akito back to the right path, but notice the method she does them? Trying to seduce him and all, she might not realize it but I have a feeling that deep down all that, she loves him too. So what if she manages to bring him to like mature woman instead of sisters and lolitas? That would mean liking older women, right? Her role feels like a joker at times too especially when she got sick, it felt like a running joke because it lasted for several episodes despite just making unimportant cameo appearances. So for our straight thinking straight male protagonist, it is good that he values the girls and sees them as friends rather than just women. So it is going to take a lot more effort (especially you, Ginbei) if you want to make this guy see you as a woman. One way is to perhaps act the total opposite of their wild behaviour. We saw that was possible when Arashi did her gap moe.

You can’t have this genre and do without the fanservice. I won’t say that it is filled to the brim and at every 2 seconds you get your panty shots of boob shots right in your face. But there are some scenes that are darkened out and of course the more dangerous scenes that are censored with a tiny mug of that. Maybe some will be visible when you buy the DVD but I doubt all will come off because there are some parts which act as censor for the lower anatomy region. This is not hentai so there is a limit to how much fanservice they can show. Tits, yes. Full frontal nudity, no. And oh, the opening credits animation is filled with lots of sexual innuendos. Make that lots of naughty sexual innuendos. Lots of sexy shots and poses that would most likely turn you on. See the way how Akiko ‘rocks’ on Akito as she sits on his lap? See how Anastasia blows the flute? And then the girls get naked with him while putting on a stimulated horny facial expression. So are you turned on yet? Hmm… I’m thinking that after so many sexual harassments and yet Akito doesn’t get turned on the slightest, I think HE IS GAY!!! Maybe? Just kidding! Better control your libido before you end up in court one day. Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

Ibuki Kido debuts as Akiko and I guess she did quite well in making Akiko a passionate girl with extreme brother complex. I wonder if the word delusional is sufficient to describe it all. For the umpteenth time, whenever I hear a certain deadpan voice and especially characters that show no emotions, it brings to mind Minori Chihara. True enough, she is the voice behind Anastasia and this is so much like her other similar characters like Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Chiaki in Minami-ke, Horizon in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon and Minami in Lucky Star. Other casts include Ryota Ohsaka as Akito (Sasayan in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun, Yuki in Tsuritama), Eri Kitamura as Arashi (Lilliana in Campione), Asami Shimoda as Ginbei (Chika in B Gata H Kei, Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Sumire Morohoshi as Arisa (Himiko in Oda Nobuna No Yabou) and Megumi Takamoto as Jinno (Himea in Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi). Despite I said Minori Chihara usually voices deadpan characters, she doesn’t necessarily voice all of them. She has a good lively voice too. That’s because she also sings the lively anime pop opening theme, Self Producer. For the ending theme, Life-ru Is Love-ru is done by Liliana Sisters, which is actually the seiyuus of the main dorm girls (excluding Arisa’s). The tune of this piece plays to a cheeky and mischievous tune although it has a little of that dance beat feel. Even the way they sing the chorus sounds cute. One thing about the opening credits is that in many of the episodes, it only starts somewhere in the middle of the episode. Many animes would have their opening credits start right away or at least a minute or two after some introduction, prologue or short recap. But for this one, it is like they finish one story first and then they play the opening theme. At points I was beginning to think that this episode won’t even have one to begin with. As for the ending animation, I thought I find it odd that the girls are doing somewhat of an air snooker action. See it for yourself to know what I mean.

With a bunch of sister themed animes, maybe there is a trend these days that having sisters are the in-thing now, whether they are related by blood or not. But this isn’t as serious as more serious incest themed animes so if you want to watch for some laughs and let off a little steam (fanservice, what else?), no harm in trying this one out. I know I didn’t convert into a siscon so there shouldn’t be any problems with other people of managing to stay sane and keeping their chastity intact at the end of the series. Unless of course you are one of those easily influenced kind or the self righteous morally right holier-than-thou sage. I suppose this is a guy’s anime because you have a sister that totally loves you coupled in with the harem factor. Where can you find such a sister in real life? More importantly, would you really want such a sister in real life? There is such a fine line between love and lust…

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