First, it was a sister. Now, a brother. What do I mean? Look at the title. How ridiculously long can it be? If OreImo’s full name is mouthful, then Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne should also qualify as one. Literally translated as “I Don’t Like My Brother At All”, contrary to its title, it’s not about sibling rivalry or love-hate relationship. Does the word incest ring a bell? But it’s not going to be like Yosuga No Sora. This one is without all that drama and much more funnier. Unless you don’t sit well with this kind of genre, then even the jokes and the fanservice of this show may leave you in some bad taste.

So our protagonist is Nao Takanashi. Despite that incest taboo, she loves her brother, Shuusuke very much. Obsession is perhaps the right word here. So strong her brother complex for him so much so to the point that she is willing to go all the way and perform incest. The kind who would love to see his perverted brother who has evil intentions for his own little sister. Of course, this is just her deepest darkest intention as Shuusuke doesn’t know of this and he himself naturally as a growing boy, has his own collection of porn. Do you want a kind of sister who goes into your room, check your porn collection and throw away any porn related stuff that isn’t related to incest?!

Episode 1
Nao is giving Shuusuke some service. She purposely pretends to sleep with him in bed while panicky Shuusuke contemplates if he should do something really wicked to his sister. Yeah, she’s really inviting him. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Nao is annoyed by his indecisiveness. Shuusuke finally decides to steal his sister’s lips when mommy comes knocking on his door to remind them their breakfast is getting cold. Nao purposely shows Shuusuke her pantsu to awaken the evil intention in him before service time is over and puts back on her innocent sister act. On the way to school, Nao meets up with her friends Haruka Katou and Hirono Kusuhara and tells them about the stuff she did with her brother. Seems they’re rather disgusted with her onii-chan fetish. Back home, Nao continues to put up more service time for Shuusuke. How does the bath sound? You can tell she’s twisted to the point she wants to smell his briefs! Then she argues with him over a popsicle clad only in a towel. Want to bet it will drop off? It did. Now, what will happen if mommy happens to walk right in? Sister rape? Later Nao offers to clean up his room and boy, she knows where he keeps all his porn mags. How many magazines does he have anyway?! He can run a bookstore at this rate. While ‘cleaning out’, she finds a photo album stashed behind a drawer. She flips through the pages to see Shuusuke’s younger days but oddly there are no photos of her. There is a photo with a girl with twintails next to him. She is going to show mummy this but she whips out the wrong book. S&M Colosseum? Naturally, Shuusuke gets called by his parents and he gets a good pep talk over his extensive porn collection. Yeah, even daddy wants to ‘confiscate’ it. Oh no you won’t. Mummy already saw through his intentions. Oh Shuusuke, don’t you just feel like dying now? Later Nao confronts her parents about the photo album and wants to know the truth. Ten years ago, daddy’s best friend and his wife died in an accident. Only their daughter survived though she lost her memory from the trauma. That girl is Nao. She is devastated that she won’t be able to go into that forbidden incest thingy but rejoice that she is able to fall in love and marry Shuusuke legally. Yeah, that means legal sex too. Though Nao is shock with the news, she is grateful for having parents like them. She doesn’t want them to reveal that she has known the truth to Shuusuke because he treated her like his little sister. Partly, it was Shuusuke who asserted and wanted to be her brother then. She went further by explaining all his perverted habits and fetishes. Wow. She must really have a keen observation. Collecting porn mags since 12 years old? Using more tissues since 14? Attracted to black knee socks? HAS 20GB WORTH OF PORN HIDDEN IN HIS COMPUTER?! It’s not him who is scary, but rather how she knows all this fact! Nao wants to go thank Shuusuke when she sees him playing an eroge. Yeah, Shizuru-chan might be his only salvation after all that hell he has been through today. Nothing beats a girl in swimsuit with black stockings, doesn’t it? Because Shuusuke is so engrossed in the game (like a pervert), Nao unplugs the power point. Oh, oh…

Episode 2
Better do something before he gets sexually frustrated. So Nao comes into the bathroom to tease and scrub Shuusuke’s back in a swimsuit and black stockings. Just like Shizuru, eh? Of course all good things have to come to an end. Service time over. Next morning, Nao once again is over sleeping Shuusuke. He wakes up earlier than expected and this throws her off. As she leaves for school, she notices a twintail girl, just like the one in the photo, stalking from behind a post. That girl turns out to be Iroha Tsuchiura and is the new transfer student in Nao’s class. She quickly becomes Nao’s acquaintance and seems like a pretty nice girl. She also meets Shuusuke when he comes in to Nao’s class to give her the keys to the house she forgot. Then Shuusuke leaves for his AGE Explorers meeting. What’s that? In short, a group of virgin guys who seek out erotic and porn materials. That’s why they’re called All Genre Ero Explorers. They comprise of the captain Keiichirou Kishikawa, Takumi Yamashiro and Daigo Kurosaki. They give Shuusuke a porn mag to cheer him up after learning what happened. Shuusuke is on his way back when he comes into Iroha. At first he didn’t remember her but after tying up her hair twintail style, he recognizes her. Now, when a childhood friend makes a return like that, it has to mean that they made some promise, right? As usual, the girl always remembers but the guy doesn’t. How does she make him remember? She kisses him! She even wants to continue off from the last time the left! However Shuusuke can’t do it and iterates that Nao is his sister. Speaking of which, that sicko girl is in his room doing some erotic stuff with his recorder… Shuusuke comes back depressed and it is clearly written all over his face. He hides underneath his blanket in fear and in the dark room, those ‘horrifying’ memories with Iroha starts to slowly emerge. When he was young, he played doctor with her just because he was curious to see a naked girl’s body. It was a harmless play for him but for a girl like Iroha, it’s a promise, right? A promise to be her lover. Oh sh*t… This causes Shuusuke to become averse to porn! Oh no! He’s not a pervert anymore?! Can it be true?! He throws away all his porn collection. Even Nao’s seduction backfires because he is not interested in seeing his sister’s slip! He went a step further by quitting AGE! This is serious. He is serious. Nao tails him and is annoyed to observe he is trying to go on the right path of studying instead of awakening to his perverted side. She even brings him to the porn section but was told off that a girl shouldn’t do dirty things! Yeah, he’s completely normal now and you don’t like that? Iroha calls Shuusuke to talk at the school’s rooftop. Seems Iroha is also a keen observer on Shuusuke’s perverted habits. Why, she even told him how he didn’t even do it yesterday when his average was 5 times a day! WOAH! She even knows which hand he does it with!!! At this point, Shuusuke has already lost it. He tries to climb over the fence and probably jump himself to death. But Iroha restrains him as she says she is to blame despite being his lover for not being there for him when he needed the most to f*ck!!! F*CK!!! Or even there to have sexual fantasies about a non-blood related sister. After managing to pin him down, she puts his hands over her chest and forcefully exchanges his handphone number. She also gives him a gift so that he doesn’t need to hold back himself: A condom. This girl… Nao’s onii-chan sensor must have led her to the rooftop but it would’ve been chaotic if she actually had caught them in that act. Unfortunately, she didn’t. That night Shuusuke gets that dreaded call from Iroha and he is being blackmailed to listen to her if he doesn’t want Nao to find out that doctor play. This is why Iroha knows all of Shuusuke’s habits. She has a telescope observing him every night! No privacy!

Episode 3
Nao gets ready for her morning teasing upon Shuusuke in her maid outfit in. But it seems he has given her the slip. Oh, what has happened to her brother lately? Nao follows Shuusuke who is out on a reluctant date with Iroha. She’s more like a stalker. Haruka and Hirono also see this and tail Nao. The AGE guys are disheartened to see Shuusuke having a girlfriend and already crossed the line into adulthood. So the date literally has the pair go watch a movie, the video arcade, shopping for a swimsuit and buying matching rings. At the end of the day, Iroha can feel that he still isn’t accepting her. She shed crocodile tears about how he forgot about her and is all over her non-blood related sister. She wants him to kiss her but he couldn’t since there is no reason for him to do so. Iroha went on to reveal ambiguous details of how he has seen her naked body. Haruka and Hirono receive an SMS. Seems Nao has noticed they were tailing them and let them follow her! Now they’re in sh*t. Unless they want something really bad to happen, they better quickly snap a pic of Shuusuke and Iroha together. Iroha doesn’t listen to Shuusuke and continues to act like his lover. Haruka and Hirono meet with Nao and it seems Nao is enjoying everything that has happened. Nao calls Shuusuke to say that mommy has finished making dinner so Shuusuke uses this excuse to leave Iroha. Nao wants her pals to send her the picture later but upon looking at it, they notice Nao was in the picture and looking real happy facing their way. Nao manages to convince mummy to say that she was home all day as alibi. So of course confused Shuusuke is damn puzzled how the things he did during the date got found out. Yeah, Nao left little hints of things they did in his face. This doesn’t help when Iroha calls him and knows everything he has done. This guy really has no privacy. He starts going crazy and accidentally caught glimpse of Nao’s panties. She got embarrassed and beat him up in her panic. Deep that night, Nao notices her brother sneaking out of the house. She tails him to find him nervous in a convenience store. He manages to sum up his courage to buy a porn magazine and Nao is proud of him. Some sister… Shuusuke went home and had a ‘feast’ with the mag. He looks totally satisfied. In school, Haruka and Hirono panic upon meeting Nao. Even more panic when Iroha comes into the picture. They’re talking so friendly but you know in the background, a cat fight can spark any moment. Shuusuke begs his AGE guys to rejoin them again but they’re not going to exactly let the traitor back easily after all that he has said. But Shuusuke shows proof of the expensive porn mag he bought yesterday. Everyone welcomes him back and vow to embark on a journey to look for leaked idol porn with bad video quality so much so you can identify the porn actress. This is what AGE is all about, right?

Episode 4
The beach episode has Nao going to cukup-cukup rape her brother. Just kidding. But we all know what her intentions are. It all happened when she pesters lethargic Shuusuke to take her there. She threatens him he got money to spend on some girlfriend but non on his sister. I guess her dark aura must have made him scared and ran to mummy to beg for some spending money. Haruka and Hirono are also at the beach. But Iroha too? Yeah, look at their dumbfounded faces each time Nao and Iroha ‘clash’. Even with their friendly facade, the rivalry over Shuusuke is heating up. Poor guy ends up caught between the duo and it’s like some sort of punishment. Whether it’s eating shaved ice or splashing water. Iroha is getting too close to Shuusuke so Nao rams him with an inflatable boat. Unfortunately he got knocked out and starts dreaming about his Shizuru-chan from that lovely beach confession to a nurse play and that horrendous tentacle thingy. In reality, Nao and Iroha are facing off with each other to save and resuscitate Shuusuke. At this rate, he’s going to die. Well, at least he can die happily with Shizuru. Then the much awaited mouth to mouth CPR. Who is going to do it? Yeah, another face off. Hurry, or Shuusuke won’t live another day. Shuusuke dreams that he is to kiss Shizuru’s soft lips. But in reality, everyone is shocked at what has happened. Somebody performed mouth resuscitation on him. Who? It’s Kishikawa! OMG! His first lips stolen by a guy! And Shuusuke is crying not because he is happy that they offer him to go to the bathroom and enjoy some erotic mag. Poor guy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream no matter how much he hoped for. As they take the train home, Shuusuke notes how he couldn’t take his eyes off everyone’s cute swimsuits. But Nao’s one is the cutest even though she is his sister. She notes how it was all worthwhile coming here. But when he elaborates she was so cute in her school swimsuit and black stockings… Oh Shuusuke, I’m sure you’ve never tried dying once, right?

Episode 5
Shuusuke continues his midnight rendezvous of buying his usual porn. He bumps into another hooded fella and their packages got mixed up. He goes home and is dismayed that his erotic porn has been switched to BL! Total gay! Next day in school, he thinks he receives a love letter in his shoe locker but is a threatening letter from Mr X to return the goods or else he will tear his porn mag in front of his parents! But you know what? He already trashed it to pieces! Oh no. He confides with AGE but from the discussion, Shuusuke’s on his own. Yeah, their existence must never be known. But Kishikawa is kind enough to lend him some yaoi magazines (his treasured secret? Does he swing that way too?) for the exchange. That night he meets Mr X. Nao and Iroha (complete with night vision goggles!) spy on him since he is acting weird in school. Shuusuke makes the exchange but Mr X isn’t happy this isn’t the magazine he bought. He goes berserk and promises head will roll if he doesn’t get his hands on that rare and much awaited copy! During that, Mr X’s hood accidentally come off and he is not a guy, but a girl! She is Mayuka Kondou, Shuusuke’s class rep. Is this the kind and polite girl he knows? Well, everyone has a dark side. Kondou threatens Shuusuke into making a choice. Either he risks watching his precious porn mag get destroyed right before his eyes or reveal it to her sister back home (Shuusuke thinks Nao is innocent and has no resistance to this kind of porn). Since he can’t do either, she gives him another option: Be her pet. He must listen to every word she says or else say bye-bye to this magazine. I guess the only other reason Shuusuke accepts this is that Kondou is wearing black stockings. Must be deluding himself with some sick perverted fantasy to do that, eh? While Iroha is upset that Shuusuke is able to prostrate himself before some other woman, Nao seems happy over everything that has happened. Shuusuke’s first task is to get Kondou a drink. All in the name to protect Nao! Next morning, Kondou shows up at Shuusuke’s doorstep with the excuse to pick him up from school every day since he is always late. Every day? Well, mommy doesn’t mind seeing that his cherry boy may have gotten himself a girlfriend. In school, Kondou continues to call Shuusuke for things so he starts thinking how the event like giving him her lunch would trigger some erotic event. Spying Iroha is irritated that he got fed by some woman or even accidentally showing her slip and as usual Nao is totally digging into it. That night Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Kondou. This time she wants him to buy a hardcore BL magazine that she’s too embarrassed to buy. He has too. Or else his porn mag… Yeah, it’s still her hostage. Nao is shocked to find a BL mag underneath Shuusuke’s bed and dreads he might be swinging the other way. However that was just an act as she is interested to see his face when he goes buy one. Speaking of which, it’s one of those embarrassing moments Shuusuke would like to forget or kill himself. He returns to Kondou and she is happy that he is able purchase it. She thought when her secret was exposed, she had no choice but to kill him but now finds this rather fun. Oh no. Looks like he won’t be getting out of this mess soon.

Episode 6
Nao rummages Shuusuke’s room to find all his porn has one thing in common: Black stockings. She has Iroha do a special investigation. Shuusuke continues to buy BL mags for Kondou and each time she leaps with joy, Shuusuke takes this chance to peep at her black stockings. And Iroha has a counter to count how many times Shuusuke did that! For each success, Kondou pets Shuusuke’s head for a good job done. Isn’t she just treating him like a pet? Both Iroha and Nao note the other as a good stalker leaving Shuusuke no privacy. It’s the case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nao is going to interrupt this flow before he falls for Kondou’s libido. Putting on her black stockings, she teases sleeping Shuusuke, who is dreaming of Shizuru. Time is out when Iroha comes knocking. She introduces herself to Nao’s mom and says she recently moved back. Though mommy recognizes her, she is puzzled why Iroha knows about Nao (they’re classmates, remember?). Iroha is annoyed to see Nao sleeping with Shuusuke. Not to lose out, she also goes to sleep next to him. Shuusuke’s dream is filled with a harem of black stocking girls. He really looks so happy. Then Kondou comes by. Mommy is worried if Shuusuke is two-timing. Kondou sees the reason why Shuusuke can’t get up. Iroha and Nao pretend to wake up and even if Iroha introduces herself as Shuusuke’s childhood friend and lover who would do any kind of play with him, Kondou remains cool and polite. You can’t easily break her. Kondou went on with her smooth questioning of what is so likeable about that pervert who likes looking under a girl’s skirt and is part of a suspicious organization exchanging indecent materials in school. Can’t answer back, no? Well, if you take away all that, he have lots of good points too, right? Instead of denying, Kondou actually went and agree, even saying she likes him too! However she notes her affection for him is different from them. Just then Shuusuke wakes up and panics upon knowing the conference in his room. Can’t believe he slept through all that talk like a log! Then they all argue to undress him. Uh… Shuusuke continues buying BL books for Kondou at midnight. She asks his opinion about gay sex. Of course he’s not into it unlike her. She decides to lend him one book so that he could give it some thought. Serious? Serious. He actually started reading it but his happy face is not because he turned into a homo, but rather his mind wandered into fantasizing something indecent with Kondou. And the real BL stuff, he can’t really handle it. Next day he pours his troubles to Kishikawa but suddenly the latter unleashes his inner gay onto Shuusuke!!! No way! Indeed, it was just a bad nightmare. Oh, the trauma. But for Nao, she is relishing of seeing Shuusuke’s painful expression and the wild beast he has turned into. While Iroha thinks of a need to rescue him from that BL-loving pervert, Nao is looking forward to the kind of trials Kondou will be giving her onii-chan.

Episode 7
Shuusuke seems very happy. No, it’s not that he masturbated as Iroha noted. Something is odd since he is on his way somewhere. Well, he is meeting up with AGE and they are going shopping at Akihabara. Keep your eyes peeled for trivia of posters of other animes like Yosuga No Sora, KissxSis and Chu-Bra! As usual, Nao and Iroha follow them. The AGE guys can’t wait to fulfil their desires once they get there. Even if they are perverted, they have this clause that they must not act evil (engaging in criminal adult activities). The AGE guys browse the store individually based on their fetish. Iroha is overwhelmed by the culture shock but Nao is just cool. She’s seen a lot of this stuff with her brother around, right? The AGE members start arguing among themselves why their fetish is better. Kurosaki loves older married woman, Yamashiro has step-sister fetish and Kishikawa is into childhood friends. I guess reality sucks for them (because they don’t have it) to even fall in love into this kind of category. Shuusuke gets caught in between and labelled a sukatoro (a type of porn genre about eating or drinking faeces…). As punishment, they make him buy a sukatoro DVD. The AGE guys take a break at the maid cafe and their atmosphere is tense. They’re still arguing over their fetishes so in the end they all split up and go their own ways. Shuusuke remembers the first time he was embarrassed to buy porn but Kishikawa helped him through it and that’s when he joined AGE and underwent many erotic frontiers. Eventually everyone realize that they are much happier together and reunite. Yeah, everybody is a pervert in their own way. They bury the hatchet and patron the maid cafe. The cafe has a special event today and they are dressing up as little sisters. At the end of the day, everybody goes home feeling satisfied of getting what they wanted. As for Iroha, I’m sure she has learned lots of stuffs and needs to restudy and increase her scope to suit Shuusuke’s expanded tastes. As for Nao, she’ll still throw anything that is not little sister related. That itself sends a cold shiver down Shuusuke’s spine. Be careful, you’re being watched. Always.

Episode 8
Because Shuusuke continues to be Kondou’s midnight pet, he failed every subject! At this rate, he is going to have summer classes. Kondou helps out by giving him a personal tutoring in his home. But can he study with all the sexy distraction? Oh, did I mention Iroha and Nao are also there? This is going to be tough. Yeah, Iroha hinted that he wanted to be in the medical profession because of ahem, ahem. Shuusuke excuses himself for some private time but things are going to get even more heated up. Iroha and Nao are in some competition to give Shuusuke some panty shots. But Nao has better experience and we see Shuusuke’s record-breaking 16 panty shots per second!!! Nao gives him a nutrition drink but is intercepted by Iroha. The argument ends up with the drink being spilled over Kondou’s stockings. Need more private time, Shuusuke? Then Iroha invites Shuusuke to an indoor amusement pool. However a ticket is valid up to 3 people. Yeah, so everybody’s coming too. Including Haruka and Hirono. I guess Shuusuke must be hoping for some erotic event with Kondou so much so he’d rather teach her to swim than be with the rest. Kondou is rather uncomfortable since she hasn’t been up close with a naked guy in real life. Then Kondou gets a new sensation each time she touches Shuusuke’s nipples. Yes, she can’t even take her eyes off it! Nao suspects something amiss and questions Kondou which body part of her brother she likes best. She probably hit bulls-eye Kondou gets embarrassed in talking about it. At this point, Iroha has ‘stole’ Shuusuke for her own and they’re going to ride down the tube. Since Shuusuke isn’t ready, the slide ends up with him submerge underwater and unconscious. Now he dreams of Shizuru and Kishikawa tickling his nipples with a brush! In reality, Shuusuke comes back to life not because of CPR, but rather because Kondou is pushing his nipples. Stimulating, isn’t it? Who needs CPR when you can have that. As for Nao and Iroha, they’re still arguing who needs to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. It’s already over… Back home, Kondou says she’ll be leaving the country for a while and leaves him a note. Is this the moment he has been waiting for? Well, not exactly. It’s a list of BL magazines he has to get for her while she’s away. He can’t miss a single one. Boo hoo!

Episode 9
Though Shuusuke continues to buy those books in hope of getting some erotic reward from Kondou, Nao flashes a little naughty pose in her yukata so Shuusuke has to beg mommy for some money to spend at the festival. With Kondou temporarily out of the picture, I guess this is the perfect chance for Iroha and Nao to duke it out for Shuusuke’s attention. Yeah, each has their own fantasy that eventually has Shuusuke doing them in. Meanwhile the other AGE guys are at the festival trying to find a shrine with a legendary adultery treasure. Based on the different stalls they go, they undergo subtle tests to see if they’re worthy before moving on to the next trial. Shuusuke is experiencing heaven and hell with Iroha and Nao competing with some fanservice and skinship through goldfish scooping, shooting range and even how to eat a chocolate banana or frankfurter in such an ooh so stimulating way. Then at the water balloon section, Shuusuke got a pair of golden balloons. The AGE guys see this and think he has passed the test. They drag him away so naturally Shuusuke goes into trauma mode that something gay is going to happen to him. But as explained it is to some legendary porn material. With all the ‘keys’ in their hands, they unlock the shrine and a bright light emits from it. What’s this disco ball doing inside there? Some of the stall owners show up and tell them that’s just decoration. The real treasure lies behind it, which turns out to be a book called “Onii-chan becomes an eel”. I guess they can’t handle this type of porn so they scream and run away. And the owners were ready to hand it over to them. Nao is searching for Shuusuke and trips, lamenting the wasted chance she should have been with him. Suddenly he comes by and carries Nao on his back in his bid to escape the owners. They spend some quality time together as they watch the fireworks (oh Shuusuke, you can’t carry a girl on your back without caressing her bottom, can’t you?). When Shuusuke goes back, he realizes he forgot to bring his handphone (the reason why Nao and Iroha couldn’t contact him when they were searching for him). Then with all the miscalls from Iroha, the latest one shocks Shuusuke. It’s from Kondou. He rushes to meet her at the park and give her all the BL books she requested. He is taken by her stunning yukata and wonders what kind of reward she will give. A kiss? Nope. Just a pat on the head. Disappointed? Kondou notices his loose clothes and gives an excuse to fix it because all she wants is just to touch his nipples. Maybe they should get a room.

Episode 10
While Shuusuke is out for another midnight rendezvous, he sees a scantily clad lady on a vending machine. She disappears like the wind while confirming the scum he is. Next day he tells this to his AGE members when that mysterious lady shows up and throws them a message for them to meet. Kishikawa remembers seeing her from a cosplay magazine and specializes putting on very extreme costumes. She is known as Princess Leila in the underground world of cosplay. Say, isn’t that outfit too from Star Wars’ Princess Leila? They think this is an invitation to the underworld. Can’t let this rare chance pass up, can’t you? They meet her as she reveals that this world is being targeted by the ruler of destruction. Her mission is to find a saviour who lives like a scum on this planet and give him guidance. Yes, they are all possible scum candidates to be this planet’s saviour. But she needs to test if they have what it takes. That night, the AGE guys meet Leila at the park (Nao and Iroha spying of course). She has them strip their clothes! Then she starts some flashy belly dance but is interrupted when a person whom she calls Clone whacks her head. She is annoyed that she has to go though lots of hardships and put up with her weird acts. As they argue, Leila gives her the slip by blowing into her ear. But Clone knows Nao and Iroha spying so she confiscates Nao’s handphone filled with pictures of Shuusuke. She’s rather appalled that they’re chasing after such a scum like you-know-who. Clone wants them to help her out seeing at this rate, Shuusuke will be in danger as Leila is looking for a partner. In school, AGE guys dig more information about them. Leila’s real name is Ran Yatagai and her older twin sister is Rin (Clone) who despises her. Apparently Leila doesn’t have a boyfriend and they have no way to communicate with her. They are bothered how Clone knows of the place. Nao and Iroha meet up with Clone as she tells about the ceremony since her sister has completely vanished by concealing her presence. Shuusuke is spying (now it’s his turn) but he can’t make up a word they say. The AGE guys meet up with Leila in a secret base. But she notes that it’s only a matter of time before Clone finds out. Seems they have passed the approval test and must rush to the next step: The awakening ceremony. Here, when many eyes go through the darkness, the soul of the saviour shall awaken. But what if he doesn’t? That means she has drawn the wrong straw and will have to restart her search again. The guys think that they are this close into joining the underworld when Clone appears to tell them something like that doesn’t exist. She threatens if they go to the ceremony, all the girls will wear jerseys underneath their skirts. They think she’s bluffing but she has that confident look in her face. They realize she may be the student council president who has the powers to do such a thing. The AGE guys in fear of that decides to listen to her but Shuusuke says he’ll go to the ceremony alone on his own free will. That night as Shuusuke meets Leila at the park, she starts doing an erotic belly dance over him. Nao and Iroha are recording this as proof. Well, at least Iroha wants to master this and seduce Shuusuke. Leila tells him to embrace her and leave this place. However he is reluctant seeing that means into the crowd. Nao spots Kondou passing by. She panics if she sees Shuusuke like this, there is no way he can withstand it and that pain of hurting her feelings will cause him to revert back to a pervert. Shuusuke thinks he has heard Nao’s scream so his mind goes crazy that if she was to see this unexplainable situation, she will know of his pervertness. In his panic, he takes Leila and runs out of the park and into the crowded street, oblivious to all the stares the public is giving. Leila is happy that she has found her saviour, her partner. Clone then comes up to Nao and Iroha. She claims that her sister won’t be bothering them anymore. She caresses Nao’s lips and notes how wonderful it is. Oh sh*t! Don’t tell me she is…?! How does it feel for once the tables turned on her?

Episode 11
Nao gets a stinking rotten squid in her shoe locker. Someone is trying to harass her but it’s not Clone but a bunch of fans of Mirei (that’s Clone’s nickname given by them. It means beauty). They are upset that Nao is monopolizing their idol all to herself though she denies and is the one being stalked. But with Clone’s ‘warning’, those b*tches back down and obey her words never to pull of such a prank again. Shuusuke meets Leila on the school’s rooftop and she needs to teach him on how to be a proper saviour with manners and grace. First with vocal training. Eh? Well, his perverted delusion is his motivation to do such embarrassing things. Nao tries to get away from Clone but the latter points out that Nao is a typical M. If not, mentally one because of her fetish for her brother. Clone has lots of fans, right? She could easily amass her own harem but she states that she isn’t into ephemeral pleasures and prefers to obtain things which are hard to obtain. Like Nao’s lips. Looks like Nao can’t escape her. Yeah, even Iroha takes this chance to take care of Shuusuke during her absence. Nao is forced to have a sumptuous lunch alone with Clone. She gets more excited to see how wonderful Nao’s lips are and wants to preserve it in formalin and kiss it! Guard those lips tightly! Iroha spies on Shuusuke who is giving an excuse that he is sick, the reason why he can’t do her errands for the past few nights. Then Leila comes in and telepathically communicates to meet after school. Is that possible? She assures him that the saviour she seeks isn’t a boyfriend or a sex-mate. Shuusuke-Leila and Nao-Clone see each other across the road. They start misinterpreting the other’s situation. Back home when they cross paths, Nao thinks Shuusuke must be thinking she’s becoming a lesbian while Shuusuke thinks she has heard from Clone that he intends to join a secret underworld membership. The atmosphere is awkward and tense. They need to do something to resolve this fast. Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Leila. She notes he has improved in some sword skill and wants him to open a bag. He finds a sword in it and she is confident he can do it since he had no qualms running through the crowd that night. Nao can’t shake off Clone so she has Iroha see herself the intensity of her problem. Clone has a song filled with lyrics nothing on Nao’s lips. So the plan is that they need to break up Shuusuke and Leila. This will cause her to go on a journey to look for a new saviour and thus Clone will set off her journey to capture her. Shuusuke gives his AGE guys the location and time of the meet. They’re looking forward to it. Nao and Iroha try to bluff Leila by using some fake prophet voice via their handphone. So that night at the park as she tries to communicate with the prophets, she doesn’t easily believe the words of the ‘prophets’. Clone can’t let their plans go on any longer and swiftly takes Nao’s lips. But the thing is, she kissed the wrong person. It’s Iroha! But she finds her lips wonderful too! Leila knows Nao is spying and warns her that her friend is in danger of being sucked dry. When they confront her, Clone is happy to have Iroha and takes her away. Nao is happy she is free from her. Oh Iroha, don’t you just feel betrayed! Leila notes that she did this to escape from Clone and that she knew that the prophet thingy they made up is fake because the prophet only exists in her mind. Since Nao and Clone have accomplished their mission, Leila thinks it’s her turn to connect fiction with reality via Shuusuke. Next day, as it is revealed, this whole saviour thing is just a cosplay event in which Shuusuke was ‘trained’ to play out for. Leila didn’t tell him about the original story since to be true to the saviour’s role, he has to be bewildered like his destiny. Oh, everyone sure has been given the run-around. Speaking of which, Shuusuke isn’t here yet. Then she realizes she has given him the wrong meeting place. That’s where the AGE guys are now. A place without a single soul. Is this really the underworld? As for Shuusuke, he has been caught by the police for wearing something so dangerously revealing and was bailed by his mom. No wonder that was what that embarrassing trial was for.

Episode 12
Since Shuusuke and Nao’s parents will be gone for a day to attend a funeral, the siblings are left home alone. Oh, you know what this means for Nao. Even that Shuusuke pervert is dreaming of making some tough ecchi decision in his ero-simulation with Nao. To take his mind of this evil thought, he decides to go cook. But Nao starts her teasing by dressing up as a maid and giving him a little slip-showing service. That guy is sure fun to tease. Then Shuusuke blunders, spilling oil and the food all over themselves. Crawling to the bathroom to wash off the mess (I hope by standing in the shower, it won’t ruin the maid dress), Nao wants his help to unzip her clothes. Because he is taking too long, she kicks him out. Then it’s his turn to soak but Nao barges in as she is afraid after hearing sounds of heavy breathing. Shuusuke searches around the house drabbed in only a face towel. Meanwhile Iroha is spying on Shuusuke and realizes that his parents are out and thus alone with his sister. Say, what happened to her ‘rendezvous’ with Clone? How the heck did she escape? The way I see it, there’s no traumatic effect on her. Shuusuke doesn’t find anybody suspicious but Nao gets disheartened upon seeing him wearing her favourite face towel. With a certain part touching it, now she can’t use it anymore. In the struggle, the towel came off. Then the doorbell rings. Oh… Timing just couldn’t get worse. Fortunately, Shuusuke got enough time to put on some clothes and it seems Nao is hearing those same perverted heavy breathing. Shuusuke is going to face and teach them a lesson but it’s just those AGE guys. They’re here to pick him up from their monthly morning jog. Have they turned over a new leaf and living the healthy life? Well, it’s that time of the month whereby unused books are put out for recycling. This means, there will be lots of porn mags ‘waiting to be rescued’. As much as Shuusuke wants to go, he can’t since he has to take care of the house. But Nao allows him to go since the guys came all the way to pick him up. Well, there’s an ulterior motive to Nao’s actions. Unbeknown to the guys, the pick-up date has changed to next week so she relishes the chance to see his disappointed face when he gets back. Oh, Nao. You’re the devil in disguise. The AGE guys run around town but to their dismay couldn’t salvage or even find any ‘literature’. Iroha thinks of coming to Shuusuke’s house when she spots the guys running around and tails them. Then the guys see the notice board and realize their efforts have been in vain.

Partly because of that (and earlier on in only a face towel), Shuusuke is burning up. As he lies in bed, he feels guilty this is God’s divine punishment leaving Nao at home to go hunt for porn. Nao also feels the same as she nurses him. But that won’t last because she is thinking of stealing her weak brother’s lips when she is interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be? Iroha. First thing she asks is if they have crossed the sibling relationship border (since she saw him running around naked earlier on). Since Nao denies it, Iroha invites herself into Shuusuke’s room and sees him sick. She even thought they were playing doctor! Then the doorbell rings. Now it’s Kondou’s turn to turn up. Upon realizing Shuusuke is sick, she feels guilty that it may have been her fault for calling him out every midnight. As Nao goes to get porridge, Iroha thinks of replenishing his fluids. She unbuttons his top and goes over him while holding water in her mouth. But Nao returns so Iroha spits out all the water on his poor face. Kondou has also returned as she has bought pudding for Shuusuke. Because Nao and Iroha are fighting over who should feed the sick kid porridge, Kondou manages to feed him her pudding. Yeah, she also goes crazy over his unbuttoned top. The ruckus continues till they spilled the hot porridge over him. Realizing he won’t heal at this rate, Kondou takes Iroha out so as not to bother them. So Nao finally has some personal time to spend with Shuusuke but she falls asleep by the side of his bed all night. Morning comes as Nao prepares to head to school while Shuusuke continues to stay in bed. He didn’t hear everything she had told him about resting so she leaves in a huff. Outside, Shuusuke thanks her for taking care of him. This catches her by surprise and the gust of wind blows up Nao’s skirt to provide Shuusuke some much needed fanservice. Her comment? “I don’t like onii-chan at all!”.

Episode 13
This is a series of chronicles of Nao’s observation diary on Shuusuke’s turn on habits. Yeah, that guy really has no privacy. First we have Nao purposely taking a bath so that Shuusuke can peek at her body but he feel for the bait of black stockings in the washing machine instead; After another porn swap with AGE, Shuusuke helps a lost girl find her mom. Mommy is grateful till his porn mags dropped out. Nao’s conclusion? He does good deeds but they always turn out badly; On a train Shuusuke have to wait till the end of the line so that everybody is off so he can get his hands on some abandoned porn the rack. However the train official took it before he had a chance; The next time he waits for such opportunity, he learns that the sex article turns out to be an economic review instead. Frustrated, isn’t he?; The AGE members walk onboard a train to snap pictures with their handphones. Turns out they snap porn articles and stories in preparation for a porn famine that might befall on Shuusuke; The AGE guys are going to attend the yukata festival after realizing girls don’t wear any pantsu underneath. However the festival is cancelled as it’s raining. Not wanting to give up, they waited the entire time for at least a single girl to show up. None did; Shuusuke is forced to forgo watching his porn DVD and go out with Iroha on a weekend to watch a 5- hour Director’s Cut of Zombie League The Final Act! In the end he couldn’t take it and ran out from the cinema; Nao purposely dresses as a maid so that Shuusuke could order her around with tasks and peep her pantsu. He wastes no time in doing so and it makes him look so pitiful; Shuusuke loves black stockings so much that he is using a black marker to colour out women’s legs and make it look like black stockings! Then he begs mommy for money to buy a new edition of Shizuru but she gets suspicious of the exact price he is asking for; On a night he sneaks out to buy porn at a vending machine, the machine spits out his money and then ate his 1,000 Yen bill and thus he can’t enjoy his moment with policewoman Sayaka. Shuusuke goes to beg mommy for money to ‘save’ Sayaka; In class, Shuusuke is suddenly turned on in Geography class when he hears the word “SEX” in the place of Essex. Because of that, he begs mommy to buy a very detailed atlas as he searches for places around the world with erotic sounding names. Hmm… Maybe that’s how we should get boys to be interested in this topic; The AGE guys are discussing the “Onii-chan becomes an eel” porn book as Kishikawa assigns Shuusuke to become the Key Master. Back home, Shuusuke hides the book but you know, you can’t hide it from Nao. She is shocked to see this kind of porn but since it involves little sisters, she allows it; Kondou calls Shuusuke out one night to wait in line to obtain limited special edition BL copybook volume that is for free distribution. Shuusuke is like the odd one out in the line of girls as they return him with odd stares. Shuusuke is so conscious with this that once he realized, the copy is already out of stock. He gets an earful from Kondou so he pleads he will make it up for her and do anything. Anything? Yeah, she gives him a list of free BL copybooks he needs to wait in line! ARGH!!! Because of that, Shuusuke has nightmares each time reading the BL as Nao observes him. She has a go at one of the BL copy and almost got absorbed into it! Finally Shuusuke hands Nao an unexpected birthday present which is supposed to be a book she likes. Later Shuusuke and Kishikawa swap porn books. But when Nao opens her present, she is aghast to see a porn book featuring a childhood friend complete with twin tails! Shuusuke steps in to ask how she finds the book so she throws it at his face! But she’ll let this one pass since he was thinking about him. And I guess Nao’s penguin book got swapped with Kishikawa as he is confused with the kind of turn on he’s supposed to receive from this.

Hentai No Onii-chan Totemo Daisuki Dakara Ne…
Well, I can’t believe the TV series ended with a whimper just like that. I have to admit that it was a fun and entertaining ride throughout the series seeing the ‘trials’ of Shuusuke even if this kind of genre employs over-used fanservice and sex jokes that offers nothing relatively new or refreshing. It got a little interesting when the odd bunch of twin sisters came into the picture. However they decided to end it with an episode that showcases some quality time of Nao and Shuusuke. I felt the link between the penultimate and final episode was missing. It is as though like everything that happened during that frantic ritual did not happen at all. Especially Clone and Iroha. She’s got her hands on Iroha’s lips so how in the end did she let her go? Unless she has got her filled and tossed her away as she has outlived her usefulness. Iroha didn’t seem bothered that her first kiss was stolen by a lesbian because she didn’t seem pretty effected or shaken up in the final episode. But I’m thinking why did Clone initially wanted to thwart her sister’s plans? I mean, she could have go straight to her goal and get Nao instead of just running around the bush. Unless that was a distraction to serve getting closer to Nao? So did Shuusuke ever made it to the convention? What about the AGE guys who happened to be at the wrong place? Did they get disappointed? Did they join the wrong group? Did anything happen to them?

The fact that Nao learns of her true relationship with Shuusuke didn’t change anything but instead ‘worsens’ her appetite for her onii-chan fetish. Shuusuke didn’t find this fact out but I’m sure that even if he does, he won’t treat her any differently than before as Nao noted. I thought there would be an episode to explore about their past and one about Shuusuke and Iroha’s childhood. I’m not sure why all of a sudden she returned. Did she feel ready to fulfil their promise? And as usual, it is always the guy that forgets about the promises he made when he was young. But the girl never forgets. Can you now see how this is very close in real life? So maybe no past exploring thingy because we’re pretty much preoccupied with the antics the gang are up to. That’s why we watch this show, right?

To sum up about everyone here: EVERYBODY IS A PERVERT! Each in their own peculiar ways. Shuusuke and the AGE guys are perverts because of their own fetishes. Nao is a pervert because she likes giving a little service and suggestive poses to her brother and thus see his reactions when he does perverted stuff. Iroha is a pervert because she is willing to get down and dirty with Shuusuke. Kondou is a pervert because of her love for BL and recently acquired fetish for nipples. Shizuru is a pervert even if she’s not real because she is part of Shuusuke’s fantasies. Leila is a pervert because of her skimpy dress and unusual way to recruit somebody just to play a role at a cosplay event. Clone is a pervert because she’s a lesbian. I wonder if Nao is some kind of sadist seeing she loves seeing her brother in distress. Each time he puts on that expression, she is all too loving it while Iroha can only frust in silence. Looks like Iroha has got lots to learn and catch up if she wants to make Shuusuke hers. That’s why all those observations should come in handy. Speaking of  which, Nao and Iroha are the master stalkers they are. It’s scary having these ladies tailing you and knowing what you do every second of the day (even right down to the very details of your fantasies!). They can easily work as government spy agencies, if you know what I mean. Poor Shuusuke will never have his own private time. Always under the watchful eyes of the duo. It’s ironic and odd to see Nao and Iroha calling the other the stalker that they themselves are. Just like the pot and kettle case, eh? But oddly I’m not too sure if I should consider Nao a tsundere. If her plan to give Shuusuke service backfires and they end up too close, she gets really embarrassed and beats him up unconsciously. I also wonder if Shuusuke is sexually frustrated (probably he is conscious about this fact himself) because of all the troubles he went through.

Initially when Iroha came into the picture, she seemed rather aggressive in making Shuusuke hers and even getting bold (the condom?). But when Kondou came into the picture, she somewhat is relegated into a stalker position. I’m not sure if Kondou’s feelings for Shuusuke can be constituted as the same level as lovers even though she is treating like her personal pet to buy those BL books she is so embarrassed to get herself. Well, nobody knows you’re reading these kind of books, right? So why doesn’t she just go in to the shop and buy the book with her face fully covered? I mean, nobody would recognize her, right? Till that unfortunate encounter with Shuusuke of course. Then when she starts to get her new kicks by pressing his nipples, isn’t that just her obsession over a tiny part of his (no pun intended) instead of any real love? But as compared to Nao and Iroha, she is the calmest and level-headed one when it involves matter with that guy. Unless if his nipples are showing… I was wondering what happened to Haruka and Hirono towards the end of the series. It felt as though they have been forgotten. Man, those two certainly start shivering when ultimate rivals Nao and Iroha start talking ‘friendly’. So far so good. No explosive fireworks let loose yet. Ironically, Hirono loves watching the love drama-cum-tension unfold between the protagonists so each time she starts drooling over that thought, Haruka has to remind her how she won’t die a peaceful death. See, didn’t I tell you that everybody here is some kind of a pervert? Even the people in the streets are perverts. How? I concluded this after that recycling thingy. Makes you think what kind of neighbourhood this is if people decided to throw away so much porn stuff, right? Case in point: Shuusuke’s huge porn collection. That says it all. How can he stuff so much of ero magazines in his small room?! No wonder the porn industry is thriving. And those are just books. I don’t know about the other porn items if there are any…

Now with everyone being labelled as a pervert, this means this series has its fair share of fanservice, right? That is only true and you will enjoy the most of it if you buy the DVDs. Boo hoo. So what else is new? Though not every panty shots are censored (enough to tease viewers and wanting more), but the majority of such scenes are censored out using penguins and cats. Yeah, animal mascots for the series? Sometimes those bird and feline can really get to you. It’s quite annoying. It’s not like I’m a pervert wanting to see the colour and shapes of their panties. Ooohh… I think I just contradict myself there. I guess the penguins must be Nao’s favourite animal that’s why it’s reserved for her and everyone else’s the cat (especially Iroha). So don’t be surprised if you see a deadly penguin and cat aura between these 2 ladies. At the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Onii-chan’s Sexual Habit Observation Diary. As its name suggests, it is Nao’s personal diary about Shuusuke’s perverted habits for that episode. In short, a short recap and her thoughts about her onii-chan’s fetish. Something about the drawing and art of this series that bugs me. The way the characters are drawn, my first impression of them was that they are somewhat anorexic! Yes, the characters are thin and lanky but oddly that thinness made them look boney like as though they don’t have enough to eat.

Nao’s voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it where I heard her from. Then I found out she was voiced by Eri Kitamura, images of that horny loli, Rin from Kodomo No Jikan came flushing in. Ah, it definitely suits her. Surprisingly I could recognize Marina Inoue as Iroha. Well, she wasn’t trying to sound like tough girls role like Tsukiumi in Sekirei or Kyoko in Skip Beat. She sounded more girly here, like the female Natsuru in Kampfer and Kana in Minami-ke. Other casts include Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shuusuke (Mikado in Durarara!!), newbie Kazusa Aranami as Kondou, Mako as Shizuru (Yurie in Kamichu), Minori Chihara as Leila/Ran (Nagato of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu) and Rina Satou as Clone/Rin (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Taste Of Paradise by Eri Kitamura while the ending theme is Ari Ari Mirai by the trio seiyuus of Nao, Iroha and Kondou.

It’s okay. It’s alright to have your own weird fantasies and fetishes so long as they don’t hurt anybody. That usually is a very hard line to draw in reality. But if you’re going to be as pure as snow, might as well be a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if Nao is the root of the problem that caused Shuusuke’s horniness to grow as it is now. Maybe. Maybe not. But looks like his siscon libido isn’t going to be awakened any time soon. Although his fetish is black stockings, notice all the kinds of ero genres in his porn mags collection? Yikes! He even had a short spell with BL! Like they say, variety is the spice of life. After all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because everybody in this morally declining society is a pervert, one way or another.

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