They say that one of the best ways to get used to something be it the system or the workings of a structure is to experience it itself. There is no better way than to learn it fast when you apply all that you have learnt by doing it hands on. Take this case in point for this anime. With its ridiculously long ass name, even by now I have practised it so much and with my ‘experience’ with other equally ridiculously long titled animes, I have come to pronounce perfectly Ore Ga Oujousama Gakkou Ni Shomin Sample Toshite Gets Sareta Ken. Or Shomin Sample for short if you find that repeating that awful line a pain in the ass to say again. When you have a school filled with girls primed and pruned to be the perfect and ideal ladies of the elite society, this means you do away with things that we commoners normally do, right? Right. Now here is the catch. For some reason, the girls graduate and as they try to integrate into society, they find it so hard to adapt to it that they have a mental breakdown! So how? To soften the shocking impact of society, why not take a commoner sample from such society and put him among the girls so they get to learn more about the outside world? Hey. That’s a great idea! But we’re worried this guy is a pervert and like every pervert’s dream to have his own paradise harem filled with high school girls and maids. Don’t worry. We got that covered too. This guy is gay! Holy sh*t! Or so he says. With the girls’ chastity secure and some commoner knowledge as soft landing cushion, their future seems bright in this foolproof plan, right? Am I right?!

Episode 1
Commoner Kimito Kagurazaka is one day whisked away by macho military men (thank goodness his virginity is still intact) to Seikain Girls School. Miyuki Kujou the head maid takes him to Sayuri Kimachi, the school’s principal as they explain how this elite school raises the country’s most ideal of girls. However recently there is a flaw in that. Girls who graduate find it hard to cope with normal society and the shock for them is unbearable. So it has decided that they take a Shomin Sample (literally, commoner sample) to stay with them so the girls will get to know more about what it is like being a commoner and reduce the shock impact. Why him? Because all his records are pretty normal! But this is the clincher. He is believed to have muscle fetish and hangs out with only guys. In other words, gay! What the heck?! I guess they couldn’t see he is a lonely guy who couldn’t get a girlfriend and it got worse when his childhood friend Eri Hanae testified to them (all lies!). Because of his gay nature, the girls’ modesty will be kept and they can still uphold the traditional values of this school. Kimito denounces all that and it surprises them. Because if he is not gay, they will have TO CASTRATE HIM! Instantly he declares his love for muscles!!! He is brought to see the school’s committee. Reiko Arisugawa is their chairman as the girls politely welcome him. They are awed by the way he talks ‘commonly’ and even his Smartphone! Never seen one before? And when they return it to him, Reiko writes a nice letter, nicely sealed, with a gift, put in a box, nicely wrapped, and hands it over to him! Too considerate? Their hands touch. The shock has her fall and he catches her. How does it feel for a commoner to touch you? Suddenly Aika Tenkubashi runs in and snatches him away.

Outside, she wants to kiss him! She thinks her wish will come true if she kisses a commoner. She even believes his lies to do all the silly acts just so her wish can be granted. When Reiko and co come, Aika runs away. Seems Aika has a reputation of not talking to them. Miyuki brings Kimito to his dorm. Heck, they transported his entire room here and it costs 100 million Yen to build it! I suppose Kimito is forced to tear down all his posters of his thigh fetish and continue claiming he is gay. Miyuki has been assigned to be his maid although she doesn’t seem to please about it. Later Aika comes in to tell him off about the lie. Whose fault was it to believe? She lets him know her wish is to get along with others and be the most popular girl in class. But if she gets along with him this well, shouldn’t she be okay with others? Aika is bad in telling lies and sometimes when you have to be discreet, she couldn’t. She is afraid of being disliked. She really wants to be friends with everyone and hates being alone. He shows her his handheld. She is impressed with everything in his room so much so she decides to form a Commoner Club right now with them in it. Later Kimito is at the assembly hall being introduced to everyone. They ask him ‘dumb’ questions and become freaking awed with his commoner answer. Is commoner technology that advanced? No girls. You’re just being naive.

Episode 2
Miyuki wakes Kimito up as part of her duty. Though, she wishes he never wakes up! Due to the commotion a mere commoner would make, he has to leave by the back door but stumbles upon Aika. Kimito would like her to show him around but she misinterprets he would rather choose her than someone suitable like Reiko. She spends the entire day sulking. Because of that, she noticeably ‘loses out’ to Reiko in their daily activities. Kimito covers an average distance during long jump but this of course impresses the girls. Then during lunch at the hall, everyone is shocked to learn about commoners eating cup noodles. Yeah, they’ve never seen this kind of food before. He has them share it and I wonder would it be enough for everyone. Despite being so common to us, they’re praising it like as though it is the food of the Gods. No, seriously. During the ball dance, Kimito dances with Reiko although his clumsy moves are misinterpreted as something awesome by the rest. When Reiko slips, he catches her and they end up in a graceful pose. Super impressive! With Aika waiting in his room, he introduces her to manga. She has to be taught how to read it! But she gets the hang of it in no time and now finds herself hooked. Yeah, she read his entire collection! She even gets influenced by it and believes she too has some sort of superpower. Kimito then helps her train to use her time stopping power. Putting it to the test, did it work? Kimito is not moving. So it must have worked! She does silly things in front of him including showing her slip. Then as she is about to kiss him, he breaks free. It was just all an act? Who could have guessed… When Kimito goes into the bath, he accidentally sees Reiko’s naked body. Like the typical noble she is, now she believes they must get married. Her mind spaces out throughout class thinking about their big day. Even misinterpreting words he said like ‘waiting’ as ‘wedding’. It gets weirder when she tears out a page from the book and makes an Eifel Tower origami. Thinking of honeymoon?

Episode 3
A new maid is being told about the special needs to serve the genius Hakua Shiodome. Like she cannot dress herself and only eat set meals. Kimito is disheartened his family has sold him out as Shomin Sample because in return their house has been fully upgraded into a luxurious one that it includes a natural hotspring! Traitors! When he is in the park, he sees a loli scribbling equations on the ground. Then she starts to undress herself. To avoid being labelled as a pervert, he brings her to his room and it seems she has no recollection she has undressed herself. After introducing herself as Hakua, her stomach grumbles. Kimito makes his special ramen for her and surprisingly she eats it. After that she is hit with an inspiration and is going to scribble again. Yeah, somehow her clothes get undone. When Aika comes in, she misinterprets seeing this scene. What the heck is her undies doing on his hand?! You pervert! When Kimito brings Hakua back to the lab, the maid wants to take pictures of her scribbles. Seems Hakua has a hand in almost every industry in the world who is awaiting her answers. Her patents are what created and funded this school. But the maid is shocked to hear Hakua ate his ramen. It’s like unbelievable to her. Even more so when Hakua wants him to stay but he promises to visit again. The maid talks to the other maids about this shocking event. They’re really excited Hakua did all those stuffs on her own. They think she might be in love because despite her loli appearance, she is 14 years old.

When Karen Jinryo passes by Kimito she got scared by a bug and starts using her sword to slash it. The other girls see it as she is trying to kill the commoner. To live up to that reputation, she starts swinging her sword at him. She uses her ultimate slash that cuts the clothes of other girls! And she blames him a pervert. His clothes ripping apart get delayed reaction. He again gets blamed. There is only one way to stop her and I’m not sure what he did but he ended up sitting on top of her. His underwear now rips. Yeah, the sight of his ‘thing’ makes her faint! Karen’s own clothes got ripped and she thinks it is his invisible move on her. Then she gets the wrong idea despite being the weakest commoner, for her technique to lose out means she must be damn weak, right? Yup. She offers herself to him to do anything he wants till she grows stronger and gets a chance to kill him. And because of that, Kimito’s awesome commoner reputation increases. Aika plans to use her handphone to become popular but since the school doesn’t supply any, Kimito gets Hakua’s advice. That loli loves sitting on his lap like a cushion and won’t budge, irking Aika. Karen visits his room and when she sees Hakua, she can’t stop cuddling her! Hakua slips out and hides behind Kimito. She’s looking like a pervert… Hakua’s maid brings a box of handphones. Everyone chooses one and Aika eagerly wants to take a selfie. As for Karen, she is dying to join in.

Episode 4
Reiko invites Kimito to her tea party after school. However Aika objects and reminds him about their club activity (the plan to make her popular) so he has to turn her down. So as Reiko and her friends talk the usual at their tea party, they discuss about rumours of Aika spending lots of her time in Kimito’s room and that they might be even have a deeper relationship. This irks Reiko as she lashes out at them to stop. She becomes embarrassed upon realizing what she has done. In class, her friends are in tears and Reiko is absent. Kimito knows something is amiss and visits Reiko at her dorm to learn what happened. So when Kimito talks to Aika about this, she decides to sacrifice the commoner party that they have come up with and use it to help Reiko. After school, Kimito introduces his class to Reiko acting and dressing up as a gyaru. It is a little elaborate party plan for Reiko to apologize and make up with her friends. Nothing like a group selfie to fix things, eh? Later Reiko thanks Kimito for this ingenuity and just before what it seems to be a confession from her, Kimito then reveals this idea was actually from Aika. It was supposed to be a secret but he believes it will be okay with her. You think she’ll be okay? You can tell from the looks on her face that she feels heartbroken and in dramatic fashion rushes down all the way to his room (need time to catch your breath?).

Reiko sees Aika hanging out in his room like she always been. Reiko fires the first salvo by exclaiming she hates her! I’m not sure what her problem is but she is blaming Aika for almost everything that happened for it to turn out this way. Aika too starts blaming her and the girls get into a girl wrestling. If you’re wondering why Kimito isn’t helping is because he is tantalized by their thighs… Oh yeah… It ends when they accidentally throw a pillow at him. Now it’s everybody’s fault. Reiko and Aika still continue to ‘hate’ each other. Next day, Hakua and Karen come in to hand in their application to join the Commoner Club. It’s more straightforward for Hakua since she wants to be him but Karen is being a total tsundere. Oh look, Reiko is here to join too. Aika would sure protest to this. You know the joke about women complimenting each other and they don’t mean it, right? Yeah, it is something like that between Aika and Reiko. Lots of sarcasm. Because if Aika doesn’t like it, she can leave the club, right? All hell breaks loose when Hakua turns naked when she begins writing her equations, Karen admiring the cute loli and the other two continue to girly fight each other. Wow. He’s got his hands full. Miyuki sees this and brings out a giant scissors! Holy crap! Better take out that gay video you love! Too bad the other girls now think he is that kind of pervert.

Episode 5
Eri might look like a nice girl on the outside. But behind everybody’s back, she’s got a nasty personality. Even more aggravating when it involves Kimito… We see how Kimito spends his morning when Hakua sleeps over. Looks pretty normal that she learns cooking with him. Then it gets out of control when her inspiration spark hits because it’s naked time. Kimito tells her riddles but she seems to be over-thinking and using the scientific approach as her answers when it is just simple ones. When he sees her off to her room, he thinks he sees a plushie that looks just like him. Meanwhile the other girls discuss the dangers of Hakua being left alone in Kimito’s hands. Imagination running wild? They need to put a stop to this so they call Hakua alone to Kimito’s room. Since that guy is not around, she just sat there reading her book. All attempts to communicate with her fail. She is not tempted with their food and even Karen went to extreme lengths to impersonate Kimito. Not working. And then it begins. Hakua’s naked inspiration. They realize Kimito must have it tough each time Hakua is like this. It doesn’t help when Karen is just being a pervert trying to take out her fantasies with Hakua. When Hakua leaves, she tells them the same riddle Kimito told her. To her shock, Aika could easily answer them. Has she become a pro as a commoner? Kimito is playing an interactive dating game. He has to say “I love you” to the character and Aika catches him in this gross act. He explains the reason he is playing this game because his friend Eri voices the character. He has her try out interacting as she becomes a bundle of nerves. It’s just polygons… I guess she got so engrossed that she didn’t realize Kimito went out and Reiko came in. Because Reiko keep commenting about Aika’s shameless position when she reads manga (like as though she is influenced by it), Aika is about to leave when Reiko says she’ll wait for Kimito to return. This changes her mind so she picks another manga to read. The duo discuss about this YuruYuri manga. Then they share a cola and because they’ve never tasted this commoner drink before, they spit it out on each other. With all their clothes wet, they strip to dry. But their difference in boobs size becomes the source of yet another girly wrestling match. They realize too late when Kimito is watching. He gets the wrong idea that they are resorting to yuri after reading YuruYuri. Carry on, girls…

Episode 6
Shominland has been completed. It is a theme park whereby the girls will get to experience everyday commoner stuffs and this is where Kimito comes into relay his advice and demonstrate his commoner abilities. And when they say it is a theme park, it is actually a giant replica of a typical Japanese city! Everything is there, just void of (ordinary) people. So we see the girls walking around and experiencing the normal life like crossing at the crosswalk and even learning how to order from a fast food restaurant! Yeah, sounds pretty daunting, right? A place where you have to queue and take the food to your seat. Why look so shock? The girls become stiff when they try to make an order. Kimito has taught Aika how to order and thought this would be her chance to shine and make friends but she too has cold feet. So Kimito has to step in and guide them how it’s done. Then I guess they have to learn from him how to eat a burger. Despite the perfect taste of it, he becomes upset this is a mockery of the fast food chain because it would have cost a bomb. The girls visit the arcade centre. Kimito has also previously trained Aika how to dance so she could score points but looks like the girls are more interested in the crane game. Aika sulks further when the girls want Kimito to help guide them to play. Kimito guides Reiko’s hands and they make their conversation sound so sexually charged. When they get to the dance game, Aika is nowhere to be seen. But when the girls have difficulty doing the dance moves, Aika pops up and shows them how natural she does it. Impressed, Aika becomes their teacher. Now in her groove, she becomes their teacher in these commoner things like how to say those ‘incantations’ while ordering coffee. In the end, Aika made lots of friends as they exchange email addresses. Meanwhile Karen is happily playing and chasing with a stray dog… Hakua tries to pack her stuffs when she learns Kimito is away on an excursion…

Episode 7
The field trip continues and Aika continues to show off her expertise on commoner culture. Because Karen continues to be a tsundere and acting up, Kimito had to remind the authority he had on her and order her around (I think he likes it too). This mean she has to suck up and dress up as she is ordered (she was pretty annoying on whether to try out the dress she likes). Kimito is stunned by her beauty, especially her thighs… He wants her to wear these clothes so she gets the wrong idea and will have him take responsibility. Aika is writing an apology text to others and lets Reiko proof read. It feels heavy and nowhere near what she wants to say so Aika has to retype everything again. Although still long but at least she nails in her point. Aika is glad that she is improving in making friends but why doesn’t Reiko seem happy about it? Does it have to do with affecting her status as the most popular girl in class? Kimito is soaking in the hotspring when Aika comes in. Because her other friends are coming in, he has to hide. I wonder how long he could hold his breath. I believe Aika’s hips and butt aren’t wide enough to cover him but thankfully those girls are dumb enough to think the steam is making them hallucinate. When Kimito accidentally gropes one of their butts, Aika knee kicks him out. After they leave, Aika panics as he has passed out. Need to do CPR. That won’t count as kissing, right? She administers it and her friends return to see this shocking revelation. It gets worse when she claims how soft his lips are. He wakes up in his room having no recollection. When he gathers with the rest to depart, the girls are keeping their distance and acting strange. He learns from Aika that rumours have spread that they are dating. Karen slaps him and calls him a liar! Back in Kimito’s room, Aika explains the misunderstanding. Hakua is so glad Kimito is back that she just couldn’t let go of him. How many days worth of Kimito has she missed? As usual, Aika and Reiko’s argument has them ‘hate’ each other again. But Kimito thinks they’re getting along pretty well. Meanwhile a lady who knows Miyuki wonders why she is doing this maid job despite she is the daughter of the family head. Miyuki doesn’t answer and takes her leave. She goes to Kimito’s room to see him sleeping. Then she steals a kiss! That’s why when he wakes up, I suppose now we understand why she always says she hopes he never wakes up.

Episode 8
Kimito shows Aika a fortune telling app that is voiced by Eri. She is taken with it and because she believes its prediction, she starts wearing all green. I guess Kimito can’t help toy with her by making her do a silly bean dance for luck. And then the rest of the girls see this… So they too are interested to have their fortunes read. Amazingly it is quite accurate in predicting their character. Of course the tsundere disagrees with all that is said and thinks it is because of Kimito’s factor that is predicting things so. Karen tries to do it herself when she stumbles upon a love compatibility app. Now the girls are interested. Each take turn to have their compatibility with Kimito read. Aika goes first and she gets 80%. She cannot contain her happiness and starts bragging about her unbeatable score. Next is Reiko and she gets 90% plus highly suited for marriage! Now it’s her turn to get on her high horse. Hakua? Only 50%? Because she is easily misunderstood, it will take longer for them to understand each other. All that is left is Karen. 0%! OMG! It even says Kimito will die with her! It’s coming true when she tries to kill him! Realizing he input her birthday wrong, the next result comes out as 100%! Now Aika and Reiko are arguing you can’t believe this fortune telling crap! They both try to find sites that say they are compatible with Kimito as well as degrade the other. So while the trio argue, Hakua is the real winner as she gets to spend more time with Kimito as they go out to get food.

Kimito thinks he must be in a loop when yet again he wakes up with Miyuki staring at him. Does he hate her? However she argues back she is no obliged to answer him as well as the head maid she is only forced to do it because she is assigned to him, etc. Unless he prefers he doing a triple axel in her ice skating boots on him, expect to be awakened in the same way. When Karen attacks and almost hits Kimito, she is actually testing out her fortune that told her to attack more aggressively. Noticing she ripped his shirt, she takes him to her room to sew. After a few nice hospitality, she has him look back and he fears she might be stripping. She puts on those cute clothes for him and sews his shirt. He is surprised she could be this nice. His comment she could be a nice bride has her fluster and almost rip his shirt again. His inner t-shirt is also ripped so she forces him to take it off. She gets close to examine his arms and body although she is worried about her strength as all she ever wielded is her sword. His words of encouragement amaze her. When things are about to get steamy, the other girls enter. Nobody around. They’re hiding in her very cramped closet. Such close proximity that it’s hard for Kimito to keep his fantasies in check. But as he struggles, they fall out. Hmm… Topless Kimito on top of sexily dressed Karen… Must be a big understanding, right? Aika picks up a video that Kimito was watching prior. Macho men wrestling! She thinks it is a new form of fortune telling so he is forced to act the part while the rest keep waiting for the fortune to be told. “You got me mad now”

Episode 9
Sakimori sees Hakua making a picture of Kimito’s face from food and believes she really likes him. She and the other maids devise a plan to bring him here so he could learn more about her. Meanwhile Kimito is explaining what a commoner expects in a maid cafe. I’m sure they are a bit confused so what better way to increase the understanding than to dress up and act as one. For the first time, these oujo-samas are going to play maid and serve Kimito? Because they do not understand about putting love in their food, he is forced to demonstrate this embarrassing and lame technique. Now we know why its magic only works on maid cafes, right? Havoc of course ensues when Hakua gets naked to write her equations and Reiko singing a horrible rendition of Ave Maria that the entire place is going to crumble! In the end, the other maids clean up the mess and they ask if he really likes commoner maids. His answer: He doesn’t dislike them. Sakimori invites Kimito to see Hakua at work. He sees her working her magic in the lab as all the maids subsequently take pictures of her work once she is done. As Hakua spends time with Kimito, coincidentally all the maids are watching them with glee claiming they are on a break. During lunch time, all of them conspire to force them to eat from the same plate sharing the same spoon. Don’t they have extras? Oh look. The clumsy maid just wrecked them all. They are even maid to drink from the same lover’s straw. I’m sure the maids are pretty excited to see the duo interact. It’s like watching porn for them, eh? The fun ends when Miyuki steps in. There were no maids in the lab when she called for an inquiry. Okay girls, back to work. Not after getting a big lecture from the head maid. As for Kimito, it is a good experience for him as he gets to see the side of Hakua’s face he normally doesn’t see. Later Sakimori and the other maids discuss about Kimito and they are grateful to Miyuki for bringing him here. They make a toast for more dramatic things to happen.

Episode 10
Kimito has serious business with Aika alone. It is making her nervous. He gives her a present that contains a yellow suit. He is serious in wanting her to become popular and this suit is worn by a famous comedian, Dandy Sakano who popularized the greeting of Gets that is getting popular among commoners. At first she has her reservations but after showing the numbers of hits he got after this, well, you can’t argue with those figures, right? So Kimito trains her to do all the pretty lame Gets move. In the end, it is supposed to be one big joke. He is prepared to reveal and get punched but Aika has already left to show it to others. He tries to go after her but bumps into Miyuki and ends up inside her skirt! Mmm… Nice thighs! Oh sh*t! He just remembers he is gay… Aika bumps into Reiko first as she shows her Gets move. Lame. But Reiko feels envious upon learning Aika got this suit from Kimito and also wants to learn Gets. By the time Kimito finds Aika, the entire class has already learnt Gets and they are ready to show off their hard work of labour to him. Ready? Gets. No comment… As Reiko is about to enter Kimito’s room, she overhears him talking to a friend that he is sick of this school since there are all girls. Why does he have to put it in an ambiguous way that he misses the way guys smell and their well built physique?! Because of that, Reiko reports to the other club members that Kimito might be leaving school as the all-girls environment is stifling him. How to keep him here? Aika’s brilliant idea: They will become his men! So they practice on doing manly stuffs including shouting their love for muscles as well as “You got me mad” line that pretty much has nothing to do with anything. They even ordered a macho muscle suit and proceed to put on other manly modifications like topknot hairstyle and moustache. But something feels missing. They do not smell like masculinity. They think putting this BBQ sauce of meaty meat makes them manlier. So when everything is set, they barge into his room. Kimito has no words to describe this absolutely weird manly cosplay. When they reveal the issue bugging them, he assures them he is staying. Just like that everybody is back to happy? Wait. What? I don’t get it. You got me mad!

Episode 11
Kimito and Reiko have a nice private time chatting together. She wants him to address her by her first name but he’ll think about it. So during the next club meeting, Reiko hints this promise to Kimito and it got the other girls curious. Reiko’s maid comes in with an urgent message that her mom, Hoko and brother, Masaomi are here to see her and waiting in the principal’s room. Oh, Kimito is also ordered to come. Seems Hoko wants to take a look for herself this Shomin Sample whereas Masaomi has been objecting from the start about having this Shomin Sample. From the looks of it, he is definitely a siscon! However Reiko holds more authority over him because if he is bad towards Kimito, she’ll not speak to him! Miyuki then assures and hints Kimito is gay. That poor guy has to play the part and hit on Masaomi! Creepy! Hoko then puts her foot down. Then she gets to the point. Reiko’s marriage into the Konoe family has been decided. She will come home now and they will go pay their respects to the family. Yeah, something to do about increasing the family’s prestige. Reiko clearly is shocked and against this but she can’t say. Kimito can tell from her eyes. When Kimito tells this to the other girls, they inform him this school was once a place for rich guys to pick their brides. Now, Kimito doesn’t want to break up their engagement but he just feels Reiko was reluctant about it. Without Reiko around, the club members aren’t sure what to do since she is always the one who suggested their programme. The girls know they need to do something so Hakua modifies their handphones and that night Aika calls Reiko. I’m sure they can talk pleasantries but Aika gets to the point that if Reiko leaves, nobody will pair up with her. She doesn’t want her to go. This has Reiko blurt out what she truly wants. She still wants to stay in this school with them and especially with Kimito. Telling this to Kimito, the only thing they can do to reverse the decision is make a direct plea. He is certain that lolicon brother is against the engagement too. Hakua has got his number somehow and as they communicate, he agrees to help out to break up this engagement. I don’t know about commoners sneaking out of the school grounds crawling like the military but they are caught by Miyuki. What are you doing? But with the loophole that this is part of their club activities, she lets it slide. She just wants to know the reason they are going. They are going to save Reiko because she is part of the Commoner Club. They are picked up in Masaomi’s car driven by macho military men! Nice seeing you again, boy.

Episode 12
There are lots of guards stationed outside the place. Hoko must have foreseen this. For once, Karen uses her sword skill to blow a hole through the wall. She uses that same skill to blow away the guards. And their clothes. If you don’t mind seeing naked macho men… Masaomi faces off in a macho punching contest with his butler to let the rest move on. Now what? Drones? Dumb drones because Aika breaks a vase and throws its broken pieces to destroy them. I can’t believe they are that fragile! I wonder the irony for a rich family if the label says made in Taiwan! Now they have to face closing doors. Thanks to those macho men, the kids manage to slide through and Hakua uses her hacking to overwrite them. Just when you think it doesn’t get any worse, they have to face off with a giant mecha. Hey, at least not a giant tentacle monster. Thanks to Karen again, her swords skills are put to another good use to disable it. This time her own clothes get ripped. Kimito has barged into the meeting room and states his disagreement over Reiko’s marriage. Why? Because she is reluctant to. However Hoko believes her daughter is not and spews all that aristocracy elite noble tradition crap about her job as the family’s daughter. If Kimito doesn’t understand and like hell he does, it’s because he is a commoner. He too relates he can’t understand those elite girls after a month at Seikain. But the important he got is that he made friends especially those in the Commoner Club.

It’s time for Aika to lend her vocal support too. Complete with tears. And that Gets pose. Mother is not convinced with their friendship play and has them taken away. That is when touched Reiko stands up and voices her stand that she will leave home. Hoko warns her this means losing her status and even her eligibility to study at Seikain and she’ll be tossed out living in the streets. Is she willing to face all that? Kimito invites her to come live in his place and will assure he will make her happy somehow. Why does he make it sound like a proposal? It is then Hoko allows. I guess it must be embarrassing for the Konoe family to sit through all this so they just cancel the deal. After that, Hoko just laughs out loud and allows Reiko to marry anyone. What do you mean Kimito and Reiko are getting married? What did I tell you his conviction sounded like a proposal? And just like any typical guy, he reflects on his words and begins to realize the deep sh*t he is in. If he can’t, then Hoko will be so glad to take him into their family and torture him as her son-in-law. He is screwed either way. The girls have their objections and definitely the lolicon brother has his. Now he is going to kill Kimito with his manly fists! Back at the clubroom, Kimito tries to clears the misunderstanding with Reiko. Then the other girls come in and interrupt them and the usual argument and lusting continue. Ah, home sweet home. Such a common occurrence these days. Later, Kimito is apologizing to Sayuri that the Gets greeting has spread and become popular among the girls. Is 5 years a long time for this trend to naturally die out?

Common Sense Gets Desu Wa
I have to blame myself for setting some sort of expectations first. You see, I thought I was hoping to see sexual innuendoes and hijinks in every episode that would land our poor chap in trouble due to the ambiguity of everything. I must be starving for such ecchi harem comedies lately. Therefore when it turns out like that… I am so sad that I had to classify it as mediocre because it falls far from what I was expecting for. Yeah, it got me mad. But otherwise had I not set such expectations, I believe this series would also be hovering around the mediocre line because there isn’t much that makes it stands out and it doesn’t seem close to a harem trope. Almost but nothing close especially if you consider Kimito’s Commoner Club harem girls who feel more like club members rather than rivals over him although there are a few times they do display that harem cat fight.

One thing I didn’t like about this series is the poor pacing. In the sense that many of the episodes generally feel like standalone or filler episodes and it just doesn’t connect. If that isn’t bad enough, some of the plots do leave you hanging with questions and hungering for more answers. For instance, Miyuki’s true background. Had it not been mentioned that she isn’t really of maid pedigree and actually from a noble family, we would have let it slide. But they teased us with this bit and now I can’t seem to get that question out of my head of who she really is and more importantly why. Maybe that is why she has that emotionless poker face to fool us all. Other stuffs may seem minor but it just irks you like when Kimito is misheard that he wants to go home. There was no explanation given of what that conversation was actually about or why he said so. Maybe it is one of his pranks because he does love to play them. But that is mostly confined to Aika who in turn blows it out of proportion. So I don’t really get about that gay talk then. It makes you wonder if he is really gay. What about Reiko’s dream of marrying Kimito as early as the second episode? Because in subsequent episodes, they act like this never happened especially Reiko who can’t get thoughts of him out of her head. Like as though she has got a short memory of something. Then they bring this back up with the final arc by turning it into a mini rescue Reiko plot. And we are still left hanging if it is definitely going to be Kimito x Reiko.

Comedy wise, I don’t think it would be considered as anything that funny that you would just drop down on the floor rolling till your tummy hurts. In fact, sometimes I caught myself smirking just because the supposed funny bits are forced. So I had to smile. It’s supposed to be funny, isn’t it? Now, at first I wanted to say that the girls in this so called elite school are just retards due to their naivety to the real world. In short, lacking common sense. But saying that would be the same as calling the kettle black. Just think about this. There was one point in life where you did not know how something works. Be it the TV, the radio or even the proper procedures to go about a conversation. Nobody told you about it and you never looked it up because simply, there was no reason to. So when the girls here display their very naive reaction to the so called commoner things that all have been taking for granted over the years, it looks funny at first and it is supposed to be one of the sources of why this series is should be funny. But after a while, it just doesn’t feel so. So remember when you see all the ‘stupid people’ posting ‘stupid questions’ on Yahoo! Answers, just think about this logic and reasoning first before you fire back your salvo of sarcasm. After all, there is always the first time in experiencing something and our reactions are based on our past bias and prejudices.

Then there is your decent fanservice of pantsu shots and naked female bodies from time to time so that it could earn itself under the ecchi category. I mean, that is partly why the reason you watch this show, right? Then there is that macho men and gay-ness that just brings all that horniness down to zero. But thankfully the macho men subtext aren’t as much, which is also a bad thing because I thought they were going to use this as a running joke seeing the reason Kimito cannot flirt easily is because of this gay setting. The other being his personality as a nice guy with the exception of sexy thighs… But I don’t really think that the other girls really think he is gay. It is just the fear that Miyuki imposed on him to keep him in check. Otherwise, the girls would be thinking that being gay is normal (which is the case in today’s world). However if you think of the irony that with only girls and their naivety of the outside world, why didn’t they turn lesbian? I know we can say the strict upbringing and all that. But not even a shred of yuri?

As for the characters, a lot is left to be desired. I feel the character development is poor thanks to the pacing of the series as said a few paragraphs before. Miyuki’s secret past life was bad enough but the worst of the lot goes to Eri. Kimito’s childhood friend seems to be a potential to be part of this ‘harem’ but her very minimal cameo appearance has mostly been relegated to a stressed out girl trying to find where the heck Kimito went. She even made this cameo in the last scene of the final episode just to remind us. Not too sure if she has a bone to pick with Kimito or she really misses him but isn’t she the one responsible for sending him away? Regretting that now? Even more puzzling is that in the ending credits animation where Kimito is climbing a flower stalk passing all the other girls, Eri is at the top of the blooming flower. Such wasted potential or just a big teaser.

At first Miyuki was really fast becoming into a spiteful character. Gosh. A maid character that I loathe?! How could it be?! It’s hard for me to believe so because even if it is Miyuki’s character to be such a b*tch, I really didn’t like the way she spews ice cold words at Kimito who didn’t do anything wrong. It was like as though if he makes a wrong move, she might kill him. I love my maids lovely and despite I know there are many maids out there who are more sh*t personality compared to Miyuki such as Roberta from Black Lagoon (it can’t be helped considering that genre that anime is in and her circumstances) and recently Lance N’ Masques’ Yoriko, if they’re going to have a maid character, at least make her a bit friendly for this harem comedy!

I knew there was something wrong about Miyuki’s character being a spiteful maid and I knew it wasn’t right just to jump to conclusions to call her a b*tch based on what I see so I kept believing and hoping that underneath all that, there would be something to more than meets the eye. And true enough, there is an explanation to her harsh treatments. Phew. Thank goodness I believed in my maids! Ahem… Anyway, if you listen again carefully to the words that Miyuki says to Kimito, they are actually more of ambiguous. You only think it sounds bad just because of the tone of her voice and her serious face. Take for example that “I wish you never wake up” line. Now, did it say for him to go die? Certainly not, right? It is because of our prejudices and judgmental thinking that made us think that it is so based on our perceptions formed over her character. So when she says she is irritated at him (for not continuing his sleep so she could kiss him) or watching over him is her job (in the literal sense) or preferring to let incidents slide instead of stamping he foot in frustration (because she would love to do it otherwise), you really have to read between the lines now that you know about her character.

I feel Karen is the dumb blonde of the series and the dumbest character of all so that it fulfils her role as a comic relief character. Despite calling herself a servant to Kimito, she must have a short memory to it as there are numerous times she threatens to kill him. Then everything she does with Kimito seems to be borderline silly and possibly worse than Aika because at least the latter looks cute doing it whereas this one comes off as more threatening and worse than a tsundere (possible a yandere). Hakua seems like the main reason she sticks around the club although there are times that Kimito is the reason. It is a good thing that Hakua never gives her a chance to hug/squeeze/cuddle or whatever her dark perverted mind desires. Intentionally or not.

Rest of the main casts aren’t that impressive. Aika looks like the closest one among the girls to be a potential commoner thanks to her naivety to fall for Kimito’s pranks but at least she learns from it. With Reiko being the oujo-sama of the group, the contrasting personalities between Aika and Reiko are set to be the group’s eternal squabbling duo. Because Karen is busy trying to get Hakua’s ass… And Kimito is just freaking lost at what to do. Speaking of Hakua, it just boggles my mind how she takes off her clothes each time she gets her inspiration. So easy to come off but so hard to put back. Like as though her body turns into a ghost and thus her clothes fall through each time this happens. Yeah, I think this is the only logic explanation. By this point they should have learnt that since Hakua is prone to get her inspirations anywhere and anytime, they should have just let her carry a backpack with a stack of papers instead of letting her deface the environment. Imagine if she is at world famous heritage sites…

So there you have it. The Commoner Club supposedly to do commoner things but filled by uniquely characterised weirdoes that at first glance passes off as a harem club and a club to pass time doing nothing. In short, a club filled with a bunch of misfits. Kimito the misunderstood gay homo mistaken for his love for biceps and triceps of the arms instead of the thighs, Aika the desperate I-wanna-be-popular-and-have-friends girl, Reiko the overly popular girl that is too popular for her own good, Karen the sword carrying girl that scares the sh*t out of others who walk past her, and Hakua the lonely loli genius who yearns for companionship. Add an unpleasant maid to it and there you have a club of misfits more than anything. Is it no wonder why no other girls join considering that they are quite interested to learn what commoners do? Or do they not know this club exists?

The drawing and art of feel rather okay. It is acceptable in today’s standards for a harem comedy. If the art style does really feel familiar to a certain anime, it is because it is animated by Silver Link who has produced lots of harem comedy animes as well like Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry, Strike The Blood and Rokujouma No Shinryakusha. So if you’re thinking why this series looks so freaking familiar to Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne, it’s because they’re from the same studio. Say, doesn’t Hakua look a bit like Ginbei from OniAi? Just take away the emotions and you have another ‘different’ character. Oh, plus point for this series art and animation: LOTS OF MAIDS OF COURSE!!!

The voice acting is pretty decent and none of the seiyuus that I recognized as most are newcomers to the industry. They are Atsushi Tamaru as Kimito (Mochizou in Tamako Market), Yuu Serizawa as Aika (Youko in Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa), Rika Tachibana as Reiko (Sae in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls), Yuuki Kuwahara as hakua (Hime in Himegoto), Chitose Morinaga as Karen (Fumie in Owari No Seraph), Saori Oonishi as Miyuki (La Folia in Strike The Blood), Ayumi Fujimura as Sakimori (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Kousuke Toriumi as Masaomi (Kiba in Naruto) and Yumi Hara as Eri (Marielle in Log Horizon).

The opening theme sounds almost like a typical idol song. It isn’t surprising that Ichizu Recipe sounds so because idol College is another one of those idol units ‘big’ enough to split into several teams. Now, when I said sound almost, that is because the song itself is close to being weird especially when you hear the background music instrument of what I think is an accordion that sounds close to a French tune. Aside that with the animation of girls doing weird opening dances and naked macho men at the end of it (that’s the closest and gayest thing you’ll ever find in this anime – anything to do with these group of macho guys despite their very short cameo), it might just give you a little goosebumps. The ending theme is more like anime rock, Twilight Ni Kienaide by Yumi Hara. Personally, it sounds a bit better than the opener.

Overall, this anime shows 2 possibilities. One, you can actually brainwash and condition isolated people into thinking what is good and what is not and even how they should think. High school girls or even religiously lost wretches, all they want is something to believe in. It is obvious that the girls here are like monkey-see and monkey-do when it comes to learning commoner things so much so if you wonder if their parents raised them properly or just as breeding machines. Even as nobles and elites of the world, they can’t escape in dealing with interacting with at least some layers of commoners, right? Unless they get their servants and assistants to do all that. Two, that there are indeed very stupid people in this world… Enough said! With so many harem comedy series out there, it is sad that this one doesn’t try to stand out from the rest. Not even with the numerous maids could help. In that sense, this series has got me sad now.

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