Ore Monogatari

April 24, 2016

It is only in fairytales that beautiful people get to meet each other and live happily ever after. Sure, in reality this does happen too but how often? And usually only at celebrity status. Even when you have people who are ‘not beautiful’ ending up with the most ‘gorgeous’ person in the world, one might think that the dollar signs are often behind it. But fear not, people. Blind love do exists in this world and even in the world of storytelling. Particular this anime that I am going to blog. Ore Monogatari has the main male protagonist whom almost every girl in the world wouldn’t want to have. At least from his physical looks. Big, hulking and looking more like a lowland gorilla, you’d wonder how this guy will ever land himself a cute girlfriend. The most is that we will conclude he will end up with an equally big, hulking gorilla girlfriend. But wait. He doesn’t ends up with one like that. Instead, he has got a major cutie girlfriend that qualifies enough to be in almost everyone’s girlfriend’s list! How in the world?! How is this possible?! This anime showcases the trials and tribulation of the uncanny pair in an ordinary and typical love romance that everybody experiences. Hmm… Sometimes I wonder if this anime is to give hope to otaku guys like me…

Episode 1
Takeo Gouda graduates from his junior high. There lots of guys who are crying their heart out of his departure. Those manly tears… But Takeo is more concerned about confessing to his love to his crush. To his dismay, she beats him to it. What does that mean? Takeo sees her confessing to his best friend, Makoto “Suna” Sunakawa instead! Good thing or not, he rejects her outright! As narrated, Takeo and Suna have been best friends ever since. Based on their looks, they are like Beauty and the Beast. Girls just swoon over Suna whom he doesn’t give a f*ck while the big guy Takeo people often keep their distance despite he is a very kind and nice person. Coincidentally, all the girls Takeo had a crush on ultimately confessed to Suna but were met with swift rejection. One day while taking a packed train, they see a molester groping a girl. Instantly he grabs the molester and they get down the next station. At the police station as they take their statement, the molester tries to blame Takeo for hurting him. Despite the girl, Rinko Yamato vouching Takeo helped her, the molester continues to badmouth her and Takeo couldn’t take it anymore and punches him out cold. Naturally Takeo gets suspended from school. But he gets a surprise when Yamato visits him. She hands him her home baked cake as thanks. Later, Takeo realizes Yamato has forgotten her handphone and naturally she calls her own phone via another number. He would gladly meet her somewhere to return it. Takeo brings Suna along, convinced that Yamato is smitten with him. They meet, she gives him more cakes. Takeo then asks her straight if she likes Suna since she is always blushing. He backs off when Suna tells him he is invading her space. Thinking that he can’t make her heartbroken and sad, he thinks of the need to help her out. How do you get her to see him again? He would like to eat her cakes again. Takeo isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when Yamato asks for his number. Maybe she’s just too shy to ask Suna herself? Yeah… I bet she does…

Episode 2
Takeo narrates despite falling in love with Yamato the first time, he knows his history well and thus his mission to support her to get Suna. Like the manly man he is, he confronts Suna and asks him straight what kind of girls he likes. Oddly being together for so long, they’ve never talked on the topic about girls. What are they?! Gay?! Anyway, asking him to pick which general girl he likes only brings forth more confusion. Takeo thinks Yamato must really want to be Suna because she keeps texting him. Yeah, why him and not the handsome guy? On another cake meeting, Takeo tells Yamato the story of his best friend. There was this play they performed during kindergarten, Takeo was so nervous and soiled his pants. So as not to make him feel bad, Suna also wet his own pants. So… Trying to make Suna look good by telling his own embarrassing past? As they part and promise to meet again, a metal beam is going to fall on Yamato. Takeo instantly becomes the Flash and Hulk to hold up the beam so as for Yamato to escape. Takeo is ready to succumb to his fate and really happy to see the duo hook up but to his surprise they return to help him hold the beam. I don’t think they can help out much because eventually Takeo is the one summoning his super strength to toss it aside. He is bleeding a little so Yamato helps put bandage. This makes him confused that he couldn’t think straight. Walking into the pole or manhole. Still thinking that she is into Suna, he calls her later for another meet. However this time she wants it to be just them and without Suna. He thinks she is really serious going for him and asking for relationship advice. After all, he hasn’t asked her about her feelings on Suna yet.

Episode 3
Same time, same place. The cake meeting. Takeo continues to wax lyrical about Suna being a good guy. Though, he feels bad he always gets to eat her cakes and such. At least if he can see them smile and be happy, that’s good enough for him. Just when he thought everything is going nicely, she starts crying! OMG! What did he do wrong?! So Takeo barges into Suna’s place thinking he did something to Yamato. Since this guy is still dense, Yamato tells it straight to him: Yamato is in love with you, big guy. All the pointers that may look like she is interested in Suna, he explains that they were actually towards Takeo. Big guy is confused if he likes her or not. Suna further explains that all the girls he had a crush on and confessed to him, they were badmouthing him behind his back. That is why Suna rejected them when they confessed. He will never go out with a girl who says bad about his friend. The only way to get this guy to be convinced is to hear it from Yamato herself. Oh great. What a convenience, she is here too. Quick, hide under the bed! Uhm… I don’t think it’s working but they’ll go ahead with it. Yamato talks to Suna about what happened earlier in the day. Suna has her say aloud her confession she likes Takeo. Heard that big guy? Now it’s his turn to say he likes her. Surprised, little girl? Now that’s done, another day, another cake meeting, Yamato bakes a special cake just for Suna as thank you. I think he’d be more appreciative if they don’t spread their love. Takeo continues to praise Suna over his manliness of being his best friend. It is nothing to Suna. Isn’t it natural to want to see your friends happy? Takeo’s manly hug almost killed him…

Episode 4
Takeo continues his helpfulness but others just got afraid of his big size. Although Suna helps clear the misunderstanding, they usually thank Suna instead. Yamato gets a call from her friends. She tells them she is with her boyfriend now. Seeing that her pals don’t have boyfriends themselves, she suggests if Takeo and some of his other friends would like to go on an outing. Takeo announces to his classmates he has a girlfriend. All the guys are so happy for him. What a surprise because we always see the jealous reaction. They are interested with the outing but only 4 lucky guys will get to go. Janken-pon! So the both sides meet and you can imagine Yamato’s friends very surprised to learn Takeo is her boyfriend. This bear is hear boyfriend? More conflicting feelings for the girls because the more they look at Suna, the hotter he seems. And they thought he was Yamato’s boyfriend. So if he’s not taken, it makes thing clearer, right? Oddly, the other guys are crowding around Takeo for being the man. Don’t tell me these guys are more into bromance! Later when Takeo and Yamato head to the bathroom, they heard her friends badmouthing the pair as a couple. They realize too late what they said. Yamato feels sad. Maybe she didn’t explain enough how cool he is. Takeo talks to Yamato outside. He doesn’t feel hurt but doesn’t like to see her cry. Just then, a fire breaks out. Although everybody evacuated, 2 of Yamato’s friends are trapped inside. Takeo splashes a bucket of water on himself and rushes in. He brings out one and goes back in for the other. He protects her from the falling debris and tells her to get out. She manages to do so but laments about Takeo’s predicament. Takeo resigns to his fate. He got a girlfriend so this isn’t a bad way to go. Suna then calls him to get back out here quick because life would be pretty boring without him. Hearing Yamato’s cries in the background, Takeo gets his super strength t break out. Wow. It’s like he turned into some cool superhero when he breaks out from the fiery building! Man on fire! Don’t worry, he’s okay. Nobody could be more relieved than Yamato. He vows never to make her cry again. The friends thank and apologize to Takeo. Yamato explains in detail how cool he is but rest assured, they won’t steal him for they know he only has eyes on her. Are they sure they don’t want a bear as their boyfriend?

Episode 5
More heroic deeds from Takeo. He holds the train door open to let Yamato through although he misses the stop himself. Then he saves a drowning child while on his way to his date. Isn’t he the best? Suna’s sister, Ai returns home after a long time. The moment she learns Takeo has a girlfriend, she starts breaking down! OMG… Don’t tell me… She has feelings for Takeo???!!! WTF???!!! It’s true!!! She can’t believe that gorilla has got a girl and has always believed she is the only one who had feelings for him. She thinks he has been deceived and really wants to know his girlfriend. Oh no. I smell a cat fight. Next day when the usual meet, Ai tails them and for the first time sees Yamato in her own eyes. Yamato is being modest. Ai is being polite but continues to observe Yamato. Little girl mixes up salt with sugar in her cookies. Ai of course mentions how horrible it is but Takeo continues munching. Is his taste bud dead? Yamato is embarrassed by this screw up but Takeo doesn’t mind. He likes sweet and super salty things. When Ai asks Takeo what he likes most about Yamato, although he wants to say everything, if he has to pinpoint one, it would be her pure heart. Back home, Ai becomes a master deduce telling Suna that from Yamato’s actions, it looks like she has something to hide and can’t tell Takeo. She has not been entirely honest with him. There must be a big secret she is holding on to because something feels off if she fell in love with him at first sight. Trust her. Call it a woman’s intuition. When Ai is out shopping, she is shocked to see Takeo reading a woman’s magazine! What does this scene look like to the rest? He thinks as long Yamato doesn’t tell him what is wrong, he is too dense to figure it out so he thought of reading up to know how women thinks. Ai mentions about Yamato hiding something like maybe an affair or something. Takeo is fine with it because it’s more important to him that Yamato is troubled about it. Ai offers to help find out by talking to Yamato since they’re both girls. So please stop reading that magazine…

Episode 6
Takeo may be starting to notice too. But he hopes Yamato can laugh at the end of the day like he always. Next day, Ai calls Suna so they can go talk to Yamato alone and find out the problem. She lets her know Takeo knows she is hiding something but because she is not saying, it is making him worried. Yamato starts off that she is not the nice girl everyone knows her. First, Yamato talks about all his nice body parts (Ai couldn’t gleefully agree more) but Takeo said to her that he will not lay a finger on her until she grows up. In other words, she wants to hold hands, hug and do those other (impure) stuffs. Ai tells her to be upfront with him. And if she knows Takeo well enough that he won’t break down easily. Like he said, if she doesn’t tell him, he wouldn’t know. Yamato rushes to his place. But the siblings later find Takeo trying to save a cat stuck up a tree (it’s scared of him by the looks of it). Suna tells him Yamato is going to his place and crying so Takeo rushes all the way (faster than a pro cyclist). Suna wonders why Ai likes Takeo. When she was in middle school, there was an ugly lanky statue in school. Boys often teased her because they looked similar. Only Takeo saw her differently. He pointed she is more of a beautiful flower. Yup, that’s it. Call it love. Ai envies Suna and wished she was a boy because that way they can be friends forever. Lucky Suna… Once Takeo catches up with Yamato, she tells him her troubles. The first time he holds her hands, I’m not sure if they’re dancing or doing tango. Nervous, but they had a great time. Ai then leaves town sooner than expected seeing he is a happy man. Besides, she doesn’t want him to see her like this. Suna thought it was another of Takeo’s usual ranting of his day with Yamato. I guess this guy isn’t interested about his hand holding adventure. But when Takeo mentions he doesn’t mess up his kiss with Yamato and the need to practice… OH SH*T!!!!!!!!!! Try the pillow? It ‘died’. Try somebody else? Nobody keeps a good secret like him. Oh sh*t!!!! Don’t worry, he got wrapping paper. OMFG! Seriously, is it gay time already?! He is so dead… No escape! I am curious to know Suna’s ‘ugly’ face after this…

Episode 7
The judo guys beg Takeo to help them out in a tournament as they will be facing their old rivals. Can Takeo say no? But does this mean he will be spending less time with Yamato? Oh well… Yamato gives her blessing as she wants to see how cool he is too. So while he trains, Yamato texts him words of encouragement (that Rocky parody BGM…). One night, Yamato heads to Suna’s place to give him bags of scones she made for Takeo. Why didn’t she hand to him personally? Apparently he told her not to come (he didn’t make it clear that currently the place is prowling with molesters). Suna knows his buddy well and knows it is just a misunderstanding and over-thinking. Then they talk how impressive Takeo is so much so they can see his face in the constellation. Yeah, they should rename all the stars in his name. On the day of the match, Takeo meets his old rival, Tsuyoshi Iwayama and looks like he is on the other school. At first Tsuyoshi lost HP after seeing Takeo has got a girlfriend but thinks it is a trick to let his guard down. He believes Takeo who has been out of touch with judo couldn’t best his strength. As expected, during the tightly fought match, both teams are neck to neck and it all comes down to the final match between Takeo and Tsuyoshi. In this nail biting match, Takeo lands the winning throw. Yamato has fallen further in love with how cool he is and Takeo thanks her for being by his side and cheering him on. Then she points out his constellations. Takeo can also see Yamato’s face in the stars. Man, the sky is full of stars with their faces!

Episode 8
Takeo’s birthday is on January 1st. Easy to remember, eh? So when is Yamato’s? June 15th. Say, isn’t today June 5th? Holy crap! Yamato doesn’t want anything but just for him to spend the entire day with her. So Takeo tells this to Suna and they’re going to brainstorm for ideas? Another good news for Takeo is that he is going to be a big brother next January. Mom is already 40 years old… But Takeo notices has been acting strange lately. Come to think of it, isn’t this how he always acts? Takeo and Suna continue to brainstorm for ideas. Since the plan is flawed, Takeo makes lots of changes and suggestions. Each suggestion reminds him of a past funny episode. Now the big question: Has Takeo thought of a present for her? Oh no! And no money too! Since he won’t borrow, he will take up a part time job. A macho café? Those gay guys are loving Takeo… Later they go check out a present to get. Suna’s charisma has the clerk allow to hold the brooch till Takeo’s payday. Then one day Takeo’s mom tells her son that she has seen Suna coming in and out from hospital as his dad is hospitalized. Then it hit Takeo hard. He runs next door to ask about his family’s whereabouts. Mom and Ai are overseas. Can’t reach them. Dad is in hospital. He is trying to get his uncle to accompany him for dad’s surgery. When is that? June 15th. Takeo wants to tell Yamato believing she will understand but Suna doesn’t want so. Takeo is even willing to abandon his date plan to be with him but Suna tells him off even if he does so, it will not make him happy. Besides, wasn’t Takeo looking forward to this? Takeo does a lot of thinking. Although he knows a lot about Suna, there are a lot more things he doesn’t. Therefore he is going to respect his wish. He will continue his date so he doesn’t need to worry about him. It made Suna feel a little better.

Episode 9
Takeo and Yamato’s date goes on smoothly. They played bowling and at the café, the staff had a surprise birthday gig for her. She’s so happy that she said aloud about her wish to spend every birthday with him. And then of course the surgery starts getting to Takeo. He hands over the schedule to Yamato after explaining how the guys brainstormed it. He doesn’t want the tickets to the aquarium to go to waste and wants her to bring a friend there. He then reveals about Suna’s father’s surgery. She tells him to go to his side because he is the person Suna needs most right now. After handing the present, he makes a mad dash. Suna had a feeling Takeo would come. He starts talking about his dad who always has a weak heart condition. He blames himself he should have taken some action earlier but Takeo believes he is the only one who thinks that way. Nobody else did. Certainly not him. When the surgery is over, the doctor is spewing all the incomprehensible terms so Takeo shakes him to get to the point. Is it a success or not! Yes it is. Phew! Big relief. Ai and mother just came back from their trip. They’ll take it over from here. It’s their turn to shake up the doctor… When the guys leave, they are surprised to see Yamato waiting at the lobby. She has made some paper cranes and is relieved to hear the surgery’s success. So happy that she cried. Then they had to talk about Suna and wonder if he will be happy if he has a girlfriend. Yamato is willing to introduce some friends but Suna doesn’t really want it. I don’t even know how they even got the idea he might be happy with a girlfriend who looks like Takeo! Well, you can’t blame them. He rejected all the pretty girls so he must like big gorilla girls since he is stuck with Takeo for life, right?

Episode 10
To make up for that birthday outing, Takeo takes Yamato to the mountains for a picnic. But when an eagle steals her brooch, it has her fall off the cliff! Don’t worry. Manly Takeo is here to break her fall. But now they are lost. They have to find their way out and maybe spend the night together in the woods. The thought of being alone with him has Yamato’s inner heart screaming mad. He is so manly in protecting her from a boar and mosquitoes that it is hard for her to contain all her excitement. But night falls and looks like they have to camp here. Hold still your beating heart… When Yamato’s mom calls her friends as she has not returned, they think the couple are being adventurous and lie that she is staying overnight with them. They call Yamato about the alibi they made up but it seems there is no signal in the woods. And isn’t Takeo’s family worried? Nah. He’ll be back when he needs to. Yamato doesn’t mind living the caveman life with him. But she starts feeling bad that he has tire out from protecting her while she has her head in cloud nine all day. Next morning, they are still in one piece. Man, Takeo is such a safe guy that all the cute critters have even gathered around him! Too bad I think this means the mosquitoes have a field day sucking his blood. Finally they reach the road and take a bus back. Yamato receives a message from her friends, excited to tell her what has happened if she comes over. After spending the entire day and night with him, Yamato feels lonely to part. Yamato’s friends bug her for the juicy parts and Yamato is being ambiguous with her words (“I thought I was going to die!”), it sends her friends squealing in excitement. Then they realize something amiss. Disappointed about her mountain outing? Takeo returns home and they act like pretty normal. Manly normal. Takeo wakes Suna up from his sleep just to have him teach him how to use emoticons. I don’t there is any regarding his grunts and groans.

Episode 11
Yamato invites Takeo to the beach. Oh, bring Suna too. Because her friends really want him. Takeo scoffs the guys for looking forward to see girls in swimsuits. Oh, so Takeo won’t be swayed? Just clothes for swimming, eh? Speaking of which, why is Yamato picking risqué ones? So the guys and girls are at the beach. Takeo is still trying to convince about that swimming clothes thing. Then he sees Yamato. Although she has her shirt on, he is still blown away. He is staring too long… When Takeo takes off his shirt, Yamato can’t help be in awe with his muscles! He is swimming so greatly that he looks like a whale! So awe with his muscles, she stood in his path as he is about to split the watermelon. Luckily Suna calls him out so he stops. But now he sees Yamato’s swimsuit and becomes stunned. Then Suna psycho him that it is just clothes from swimming and he is back to normal. More awe from Takeo as he manages to keep the volleyball in the air for over 350 times and this even attracts the crowd. He even plays with other kids and their moms start liking this dude’s muscles! You worried, Yamato? While eating, her friends encourage her to be with Takeo. But since she is too shy, he misinterprets she wants to catch crabs. What? Yamato has been spacing out that she almost steps on the sand castle some kids are making. She feels bad of being selfish and runs away. Takeo accidentally steps on it. Now he has to make up for it. But Suna is here to cover him (heck, even little girls fall for this dude) so Takeo runs after Yamato and at the rocky area, they sit down and watch the sunset together. Takeo remembers this is his goal. She writes a love umbrella in the sand and he protects it by making a sand barrier! The mood is right for them to seemingly kiss. Then the guys ruined it as they call them to play fireworks. Damn. Yamato’s friends feel bad she tried her best to attract Takeo but to no avail. But she hasn’t given up yet and thinks the upcoming fireworks festival, she can do so with her yukata. So she invites him and he’ll gladly come since he loves them. Suna notes they aren’t on the same page but as long as they’re happy, it’s okay.

Episode 12
So unfair! Takeo as the goalkeeper, you can’t even see the goal post! And he can even score with a throw! Flawless victory! Then hanging out with Yamato at a skating rink, although it’s his first time, he can skate like a pro and do all those acrobatic manoeuvres! As Yamato plans to go to Murasakifuji University, Takeo vows to study hard to catch up with her so he can also follow her there. You know his grades are real bad so he has Suna help him out. Yamato doesn’t want to pressure him and would gladly change another university but Takeo vows not to give up. When Yamato comes over to help study and Takeo’s mom learns she is her son’s girlfriend, ordinary tea won’t do and she rushes out to buy high quality tea! Man, she even buys a new tea set! Because Yamato will be coming over a few times to help Takeo study, the parents are really eager to greet her. Mom even gets up 4am in the morning to clean the house! Wow. Their house looks so different by the time Yamato is here. But their study time is always interrupted as the parents can’t help enter to speak to her. Therefore they head to Suna’s place to do some real studying. Takeo is really focused in passing the entrance exam. Maybe a little too focused because when he bumps into a pillar, he thinks he has lost 10 things he learnt and tries to pick them up! WTF?! The test seems pretty easy since he has done them before during his study stint with Suna and Yamato. Then he realizes he put answers in the wrong question so he needs to retrace his steps and redo the answers again. Think he will make it? Thankfully this is just a mock exam. But when the real results come out, Takeo’s results are X. A denotation for indeterminate. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Can you have that kind of result? He calls Yamato about it and she too failed. At least they can try for Hakutou University. By the way, Murasakifuji was impossible for Takeo anyway. Why? Because it is only for females! Yamato got so caught up that she thought he might be able to go there anyway. Guess not. And Takeo realizes Suna tricked him because he knew it all the while!

Episode 13
If you’re wondering why Takeo and Yamato are doing all their lovely things together and Suna tagging along, no, it is not because it is one of their usual threesome outing. It is all part of the plan to surprise Suna on his birthday. Takeo brings them to his part time job place when suddenly this cool looking dude, Hayato Oda (I thought he was Suna’s twin!) starts sizing up Suna. However he realizes his mistake that Suna is not Takeo, the person whom he is looking for. This gorilla is Takeo? He shows his ID and he is a student from the same university as Ai. Speaking of her, here she comes to take him away. We are told Oda likes Ai and the reason he came to see who this Takeo guy she loves is all about. Surprised, right? So how did Ai reveal to him that she liked this big guy? Ah, hypnosis… When Takeo wants to bring Yamato to MM Land, she doesn’t sound too happy. So he goes over for Suna’s help to decipher what that means but since Ai is here, he tells her the problem. Don’t worry. Big sister will ask her directly. And that is precisely what she did. Yamato admits she doesn’t want to go there. At least not with Takeo. Then Oda interjects. This guy still around? Oda then reveals he likes Ai but his love is unrequited because that guy already has a girlfriend. Oh, Takeo wants to beat up that guy? After Ai threatens him in revealing more, Oda explains MM Land is a place considered as a jinx for lovers. Rumours say you’ll break up. This is exactly why Yamato doesn’t want to go. Oda suggests if they all go, it won’t look like a date and thus the jinx won’t happen. Yeah, the lovey-dovey couple are now oh so excited. Because Oda has no place to crash for the night, Takeo is so kind to let him sleep in his place. Oda explains the reason why he likes Ai. Next morning, Ai is shocked to see Oda at Takeo’s place. Don’t worry, he didn’t say anything funny. Then Oda reveals the plan to separate Takeo and Yamato. He wants Ai to take this chance to confess her feelings to Takeo. He knows she is lying when she said she is over him. She can’t move on because she never told him her feelings. So confess and find closure in this case.

Episode 14
Ai has no intention of doing that and that’s final. Oda doesn’t think so. If she doesn’t get over this, how is he going to have a chance? So the gang are at the amusement park. Oda is trying his best to separate the couple but eventually he gives up. He tells Ai it has become too bothersome and would rather make some memories with her. But that was just a plot to let her guard down and before she knows it, she is alone with Takeo. Knowing they would come and look for them, Oda leads them on a wild goose chase about their whereabouts. Oda and Ai communicate via handphone. Ai tells him she is not going to confess even if they are alone so he replies it is because Takeo treats her like a sister. Would it be different if he realizes her feelings? Are you curious to know? As Ai spends more time with him, she realizes he has changed but yet remains the same. He even said he doesn’t remember what he told her back then about that flower but coincidentally he now says that same line. I guess it is getting late so Oda is really getting worried and starts to look for them for real. He remembers Ai’s hypnosis when she revealed her crush. Oda didn’t like his friends prying into it and stopped them. He saw her crying face as she said Takeo’s name. It took all day for Ai to summon her courage and when she is about to confess, the damn announcer reminds the public about the parade. Bummer. He tells Takeo to look for Yamato so they can watch together. Oda is disappointed in that so Ai tells him she will never confess for the rest of her life because she likes the way Takeo thinks of her as his sister. Yamato is worried about the jinx so Ai tells her off to have faith in Takeo. A big guy like Takeo, I suppose it’s not hard to find him in the sea of crowd, right? The mood is right for Takeo and Yamato to get romantic. Somehow they realize Suna is watching. The parade, that is. Wrong place, wrong time? Bummer. Back in Takeo’s room, Oda bugs him to tell more stories of Ai when she was young. Next day when Oda tells her about it, Ai looks so impressed that Takeo still remembered and cared and Oda realizes he just made a mistake.

Episode 15
After Takeo does another good deed, Yamato is worried he might become popular with other girls although he clearly denies he would be. For the sports festival, Takeo is drafted into a relay race as the anchor. One of the members sprained her ankle and thus petite Mariya Saijou became her replacement. Man, she’s a very slow runner… And so Takeo becomes her trainer. Because he looks like a mad guy chasing after her, she becomes scared and runs faster! OMG! That did the trick! But his intention was to return her dropped handkerchief. During the race, Saijou makes a bad start and even trips. But seeing Takeo before him, she gets up and passes the baton. Now he becomes a running machine zooming past everyone and taking the win by storm! Seeing how cool Takeo is, something inside Saijou’s heart activates. Say it isn’t so… When Saijou gives Takeo a towel as thanks, this is the first time she and Yamato met. It’s that worried face Yamato has… She talks to her friends about this and they are pretty well worried too. I mean, she’s cute, she’s nice, she’s got bigger boobs (what?!) and Yamato is losing confidence that she could lose to her! She tries to be positive that they can be friends as they like the same guy but her friends know better it is very well the opposite. They tell her to fight on and show her who Takeo’s real girlfriend is. Next day, Saijou twists her ankle while trying to talk to Takeo. Since he is too tall to lean on his shoulder, she wants him to give her a piggy back ride home. Oh gosh, she even turns down Suna’s offer! Yamato sees this while waiting outside the gates. Takeo acts normal. Says hi. Sends her home and returns. Next day, Saijou wants to meet him at the chicken coop. Suna tells this Yamato. The worse thing for a girlfriend to hear is for another girl confessing she likes her boyfriend. But Saijou says she likes him as a human. Although Takeo doesn’t understand, he feels he can’t let her down and allows her to call him her master. In a way, this doesn’t impact Yamato much because she only liked him as a human and it isn’t like she has feelings for him, right? I don’t know if this is positivism or denial. Takeo reminds her he doesn’t need to be popular with girls. He only needs to be popular with her. Saijou leaves with a big happy smile on her face. Spring time for her?

Episode 16
Saijou wants to call Takeo her master. Okay. It seems Yamato and her friends are pretty okay about Saijou liking Takeo as a person. I mean, who wouldn’t? At least those who know him. Saijou heard Takeo is going to Hakutou University’s cultural festival. To her surprise, he invites her. He also asks Yamato’s permission. Given the green light! This feels awkward. Even more surprising is how the girls get along very well. I guess when they’re talking about all the good points of Takeo, they just can’t stop. Next day, Suna asks Saijou how it feels to like someone as a person. I think she’s trying to look for the right words so she asks him back about his friendship with Takeo. Pretty much like that. But Suna knows her feelings are different than his. She threatens him not to tell Takeo that or else. Saijou continues to hang out with Takeo as her disciple (whatever that means). She thinks Suna has that disgusted look and reveals she knows she is taking advantage of the situation since Takeo and Yamato are nice people. She starts feeling guilty about it. He replies unless she tells them, they’ll never doubt her. But if she keeps this up, she will be the one who is getting hurt. He is just worried how she is doing. Then after class, alone with Takeo, that is when Saijou confess she likes him not as a person but a man. She wants him to be her boyfriend. Takeo realizes the situation and quickly turns her down and apologizes. It’s because he already loves Yamato. Later Suna brings a box of tissues to Saijou. I don’t think that is going to be enough. Poor girl is crying her heart out. She wonders if she can love again. Takeo runs to meet Yamato and tells her about Saijou’s confession. He turned her down not because he has her, unpopular with girls or won’t go out with others. He did so because he loves her. So happy that Yamato cries. She realizes she really loves him too. Takeo seeks Suna’s help since he hurt another girl. He tells her to just accept it since that is what everyone likes about him. Takeo’s worries if she would stay friends with him are unfounded because the next day, she still wants to call him master. He is happy. She is happy. Thanks for liking me. If she ever falls in love with someone next time, he wants to help in her any way he can.

Episode 17
Christmas is here. Takeo and Yamato organize a party for their friends. Osamu Kurihara asks Takeo permission if he could use the event to confess to one of Yamato’s friends, Nanako. Similarly, Nanako asks Yamato advice about Kurihara’s actions because he asked her out to a movie and held her hands. What does this mean? It means you’re in love! When Takeo and Yamato learn of this, they agree to help out the duo as much as they can. At the party, Kurihara is being his typical lively self while Nanako is just uncomfortable at everything. During the gift exchange, Takeo and Yamato rigged the ribbons so the duo can get each other’s gift. Nanako doesn’t seem amused with this exercise gift of his. Then during the karaoke session, Nanako just walked out. She couldn’t take it anymore. Yamato goes after her but unfortunately several punks try to hit on them. Nanako sees Kurihara coming by but she thought he chickened out. Actually he went to call Takeo and the sight of this big bear has the punks running for their lives! But still, Nanako is not happy. She is upset that Kurihara didn’t help her himself as she storms out. Yamato tries to salvage what is left but is told off that they just can’t be lovey-dovey just like them. Takeo and Yamato feel bad that they have erred. They thought they were helping but were just thinking they were based on their own feelings. They should have kept quiet and watch over them like what Suna for them. Because Kurihara continues to be dejected, this pisses off Takeo as he tells him to shut his trap. Takeo might not be able to do anything about this but he still can. When Nanako gets a call from Yamato, she runs back to see Kurihara trying to climb the tall Christmas tree to get a special star. It is believed the one who does so, when you confess to the other person to go out, she will say yes. After many tries and perseverance, he gets it. He gives it to her and asks her out and we hear a public confession from them. In the end, the duo become an item. Kurihara is waxing lyrical about his girl but Yamato and friends are just pretty shocked the very changed character in Nanako because she is acting so lovey-dovey now that she has got a boyfriend. Even more shocking, they already kissed!

Episode 18
So Takeo learns Kurihara has kissed Nanako during Christmas. Is this appropriate? When is it appropriate for your first time? To Takeo, it is during his autumn of third year high school. Don’t ask… Ai visits Suna and Ai to discuss on what to give to Takeo for his birthday which also falls on New Year’s Day. Then she asks about the appropriate time for a first kiss so Suna reveals about that autumn plan. Can’t wait that long? Heck, why did she even ask Suna if he ever kissed anybody? Don’t remind him of that training kiss with Takeo… Just don’t! Yamato calls Takeo right at midnight to wish him happy birthday. Next day, they visit the shrine. Whether it is big luck or small luck, it’s still good luck. Heading back to his place, Takeo’s old pals visit before they can have their own private time. She gives him a little teddy bear as present and baked cheesecake. When she starts singing the birthday song and he is so deep in his thoughts about his thankfulness to her, she kisses him on his lips. Unfortunately… I guess she was so faint that he didn’t notice it! Bummer! The rest of the day has been a happy one for him. Takeo visits Suna to tell him all that happened. Especially a certain bug that landed on his lips when he was thinking. You don’t say. When Suna tells him it could have been a kiss, Takeo realizes it wasn’t a bug and rushes down to Yamato’s place just to request to redo it properly! You know, it is pretty funny to see a big guy crouching to kiss this petite girl. Such a meaningful kiss that they both cried. Best gift ever. Takeo then goes back to thank Suna. Let’s hope he won’t thank him with a kiss! No way! Now Takeo asks when the second kiss comes and he would like to practice reading people’s mood. Better turn him down now to be his practice model. He suggests during an anniversary and looks like the next big event is Valentine’s Day.

Episode 19
Yuriko, Takeo’s mom is already having a baby bump and Takeo is certainly not happy that she continues to do heavy work like as though it is nothing. So while Takeo tries to help out, Yuriko and Yamato had a nice chat together. Yamato gives her a safe birth charm. Father talks to Takeo why he married Yuriko. They were working in the same company and as she was the new employee, she was selfless and always helpful. Everyone admired her. When he asked her out, the rest is history. Of course with Yuriko being such a strong woman, dad never really had a chance to prove his worth to protect her. One day as she is taking a walk, a fellow pregnant woman slipped. Yuriko catches her but she felt something. Then later when Yuriko starts feeling pain in her stomach, Takeo starts panicking. Call the taxi to the hospital. If not for Suna, it would have been chaotic. Despite Takeo telling himself to calm down, he is the one most frantic. Keep calm and carry on, dude… Ironically, Yuriko is still the one who is telling him what to do and Takeo turns into Sonic, faster than the speed of light to get stuffs or things done. Yuriko will be hospitalized for a while. Yamato heard about this from Suna and offers to cook and help out in any way. Takeo continues to worry and space out. Thanks to Yamato, he calms down. One day, Yuriko cannot hold on her contraction anymore and is going into labour. Takeo still frantic as usual. Yeah, he is talking to his unborn sibling to hang in there. But the lady in the next bed is also going into labour. Yuriko want the nurse to take that lady first since it is her first born. Takeo then carries Yuriko to the labour room and continues to tell his unborn sibling everything is going to be okay. The anxious wait is over when they hear a baby’s cry. Congratulations to the birth of a healthy baby girl! Well, a big baby girl. The doctor thinks Takeo is the father and congratulates him. Not sure if this is even a joke when Takeo agrees to let Suna date his sister. Doesn’t that make him look like a lolicon? Yamato is thrilled in carrying his sister for the first time and wants to become a kindergarten teacher or midwife. Takeo? A job that helps somebody. How vague is that?

Episode 20
Maki is the name of Takeo’s sister. So why is he talking to her about Valentine’s Day? Does she understand a thing? So this big guy is really happy to expect a homemade chocolate from Yamato. Never in his life has he received any chocolate from girls unlike Suna. Even if he does, they’re from old ladies and obligatory ones. Takeo’s pals are losers too so they bug him to hook them up for another outing with Yamato’s friends on Valentine’s Day. And like the good people they are, the date and place is set. Nanako has Yamato teach her how to make chocolates so the other friends also converge at her place to make them. On Valentine’s Day, Suna as usual receives piles of gifts like as though his locker is a magical portal to another world. The groupies meet, Yamato gives everyone baked cookies. Takeo’s friends are happy to just receive their part. After having fun and as they part (Takeo and Yamato’s friends trading contact details to meet next time without having going through the middle man next time), Yamato excuses herself early. Then it hit Takeo, did Yamato forget to give him chocolates? Then he falls into depression thinking it is his fault of not making his intention clear. Or maybe the chocolate was in the cookies? Further agony when he realized he ate it all without savouring the taste. Trying to bring back memories of its taste now? Feeling the need to go buy a thank you chocolate for her, as he rushes out, Yamato is standing before him with a big gift. This is her special Valentine’s chocolate to him. She needed some time to do it since she made some mistakes. With Takeo happy as a jay bird, he gives her flying kiss! She caught it! He savours every delicious bit of it. The next day, Saijou gives Takeo and Suna obligatory chocolates out of courtesy. When Suna notes every girl who falls for him is a nice person, this has Takeo think that Suna rejects all the girls who asked him out because they talk bad about him behind his back. He wonders if there is just one among the chocolate givers who wasn’t doing that. Maybe…

Episode 21
Takeo bakes cookies for Yamato for the first time. Tastes good! One day while walking back with Suna, Takeo senses somebody stalking them. He confronts the person but turns out to be a girl. Frightened by his size, she accidentally drops her letter meant for Suna. Takeo dives into the river to save it and since the letter is soaked, he could read from the contents that she likes Suna. Yukika Amami was from the same kindergarten as Takeo but of course he is having a hard time trying to remember it. He hears her out how she came to fell in love with Suna. It was during a dodgeball game. He was considerate enough to block a shot that would otherwise ruin her glasses. Love worked its magic then. But that was the last time she spoke to him. Yeah, that was 10 years ago in kindergarten! What has she been doing since? Watching him living his life… OMG… Like a stalker! That is why she somewhat also knows Takeo and Yamato’s romance and feels envious. She mentions she did not idealize him but rather Suna became her ideal. When Suna comes by, Yukika becomes the master of hiding like always. Back home, Takeo checks the photo albums and in every photo, Yukika is always there. Next day, Yukika talks to Takeo about wanting to setup a scene not for her to confess (since she has no guts yet) but for Suna to acknowledge her. On pretence that Yukika guided lost Takeo, instantly Suna could recognize her. That is when she blurts out how much she loves him. Once she realizes it, she runs away. Takeo goes after her. She was shocked that he still remembered her and probably in that moment it made her unwittingly confessed. She is so embarrassed that she wants to wipe out his memories?! Sorry girl. Can’t do that. Takeo brings her back to talk to him. Suna could guess she was the one who sent him Valentine’s chocolates every year but left them unsigned. Had he written her name, he could have at least replied. Again Yukika’s reflex kicks up. Because she thinks he doesn’t know enough about her yet, she doesn’t want his answer whether he likes her or not. As a start, they exchange contact details. Over the next few days, Takeo can sense Yukika has been hiding nearby. It got irritating enough that he had to bring her out and make her walk home with Suna. After they part, Takeo gets a call from Yamato. As he is not the kind to keep secrets, he is asking Yukika’s permission to tell all! Yamato understands Yukika’s case after she explains. They plan how to bring them closer to each other but with Yukika being so shy and all, it could be a challenge. It is decided to go somewhere together and her first email to Suna sounds really formal. Takeo talks to Suna that if he doesn’t want to go then he shouldn’t because his feelings are important. But since he says that if he didn’t want to go, he wouldn’t, I guess that means a yes.

Episode 22
Yamato accompanies Yukika to buy a dress for their outing. They are visiting the zoo but Yukika mostly freezes up before Suna and she talks more to Takeo and Yamato rather than him. There is a moment they did hold hands for a while but that is to enter some zoo quiz in which Yukika aces all the questions with her animal knowledge. Overall, I think it was a rather a good time even if it wasn’t the most ideal. In school, Takeo thought it was just another one of Yukika and Suna’s talk but he is shocked to see her crying after that. When he hears her out, she explains about Suna liking her and doing things for her because he is kind. Because he doesn’t hate her doesn’t necessarily mean he likes her. She feels Suna doesn’t like her the way she does for him and this relationship won’t last. She regrets telling him how she felt. So when Yamato senses something wrong when Yukika doesn’t reply her mails, Takeo mentions about the heartbroken story. What can Suna do about this? He just goes to the bookstore to buy his book. Just like that. Takeo and Yamato are left unsure what to do but Yamato is certain disagreeing with Yukika’s regret statement because it means she is denying the fun time she had with him too. One day Takeo senses Yukika ‘stalking’ so he chases her but she ends up hiding in the women’s toilet. They talk about things especially Takeo accidentally saw her letter she wrote to Suna during kindergarten. He was and still is impressed. It is probably that reason why Suna still remembers it. Yukika comes out of hiding when the policeman suspects Takeo to be a peeper. When Yukika wishes to speak to Suna one more time, speaking of the devil, here he calls to want to see her. After giving her gifts for the chocolates and thanking her, then he apologizes. I guess it had to come to this. Yukika instead thanks him and hopes they can still talk like normal as friends. Yukika returns to tell the rest what happened and is glad her world with Suna did overlap. She wishes to be like Takeo whom Suna likes and laughs with. So when Takeo asks Suna if he likes him, that guy feels really awkward with that question. Takeo hopes he finds someone he likes but Suna like always is fine with the way things are now.

Episode 23
As advised by Takeo, Yamato takes up a part time job at a cake shop. So why is Takeo suspiciously spying on her outside? The baker, Kouki Ichinose seems to be the cocky kind and telling Yamato how to ‘work properly’. Although she gets disheartened, she won’t let that stop her and continues trying her best. As you can see, the more time Yamato spends working there and commenting all the good stuffs on Ichinose’s original cakes he makes (because she is eager to increase her baking skills), you can tell that this guy is going to have the wrong idea about her. Yup, he thinks Yamato likes him! The more she compliments his cakes, the more he thinks so. On another day of ‘spying’, when Takeo hears Ichinose calling Yamato by her first name, this is where all that stuffs start running through his mind. Heck, why not just call her by her first name too? He tries it on Suna. Not used to it, right? So there is this thought that he might even regret telling her to take up this job and the thought that there might be someone else she likes more. Of course with Suna giving his timely advice, Takeo is back to normal. When they go buy a cake from the shop, Suna notices Ichinose has not taken his eyes off Yamato. Once Ichinose learns the big guy is her boyfriend, immediately he rushes out to catch hold of him and tells him to break off with Yamato! OMFG! Can he do that?! He believes Yamato is much suited for him and that he needs her. He is fast in making up excuses why Yamato’s love for him isn’t real before Takeo could even finish his sentence. Of course Takeo can’t give her up that easily and Ichinose believes he was abrupt in this. But will he break up if Yamato said it herself? Therefore he will show him he is better in every way for Yamato. When Suna hints about Takeo’s complexity, Ai could guess something is wrong. Talking about some lost dog story, Ai explains that Takeo loves to see others happy and put their feelings before his. This is both his greatest strength and weakness. On a rainy day as Takeo rushes to give Yamato an umbrella, it seems Ichinose has already given Yamato a ride. As he is joining a competition, he wants her to help him. She agrees. Takeo then sees Ichinose’s car pass by with happy Yamato inside.

Episode 24
While Takeo is feeling down, he gets a surprise call from Yamato who invites him out on her next day off. However, Ichinose is really working hard for the competition and really needs her help. Unfortunately she has to call Takeo again to cancel their outing. There are lots of doubts going through Takeo’s head if Yamato is suited for him. But when his friends talk to him, he realizes he might not have other qualities Ichinose has but he still doesn’t want to lose her. Yamato may choose somebody else in the future but right now he wants her to smile by his side. Ichinose catches Takeo spying outside as the latter thinks the duo might be doing something funny behind his back. Ichinose assures he is doing things the proper way. After he wins gold from the competition, he will confess to Yamato. Surprisingly, Takeo wishes him good luck. Ichinose talks to Yamato about how he was alone before he met her. After the competition, he has something to say. Although she can’t help him on that day, he hopes she’ll be at the competition. On the day of the competition, Yamato visits Takeo early. She tells him what Ichinose said and thinks he is going to tell her about making her a full time employee! I know Takeo’s dense but I didn’t know she is this too. All Takeo can do is hug her and although he hopes Ichinose win the gold, he still wants Yamato by his side.

At the competition hall, everything seems to be going fine till Ichinose realizes he forgot his tools! He is doomed! He can go back and get it but won’t make it in time. He doesn’t want to call the owner because he would have left the shop unattended. Yamato then calls Takeo for express delivery. Wow. That guy runs faster than the cyclist! Ichinose is stumped that there is no way his rival is going to help him and even if he does, this would make him lose points with Yamato. Takeo delivers his tools and though Ichinose is grateful, he is still carrying out his confession. In the end, Ichinose wins gold. Before Takeo, he dedicates the gold to her and confesses his love. He needs her and wants to go out with her. Takeo thinks that if she chooses Ichinose, he will respect and support her to be happy. Although Yamato praises Ichinose’s cakes, she rejects him because she has fallen in love with Takeo since the day they met. She also disagrees she is his muse or whatever. He won because of his hard work and ability. Well, I guess it’s goodbye then. Later Yamato hears everything from Takeo and feels bad she didn’t realize Ichinose and Takeo’s feelings. But he hugs her and thanks her for liking him. He calls her by her first name and she puts on the cutest shock face ever. Takeo and Suna are in the same class in the next grade. The girls love Suna. The guys love Takeo. Saijou rues for not being in the same class with Takeo while Yukika is just happy to be in the next class. Ichinose names his new cake after Yamato and advertises it to others as a cake that will bring happiness to those who eat it. Oda still bugging Ai to be his. A surprising scene shows Yamato’s molester now a kind hearted soul. As always, Takeo and Yamato continue to be together. With Suna too.

Beauty And The Beast
Just like in fairytales, another happy ending for our main couple. For now. Well, let’s just hope that they will continue to have such a happy life from now on. I guess the story is pretty cliché as you could have guessed all the plots and ‘suspense’ there needs to be in a romantic comedy. From our main lovers trying their best together, the potential love rival for Takeo, a short distraction of their friends hooking up and even a little detour to prove that Suna too isn’t just some deadweight furniture that follows Takeo around and that he too has his own genuine love. And to prove he isn’t gay. But then… And lastly when you have love polygon issues for the guys, it is Yamato’s turn to have her own admirer as the final arc. I mean, a girl this cute doesn’t have any guys falling for her? It’s unrealistic considering a handful of girls took interest in Takeo. The only ‘ingredient’ that this romantic comedy genre did not feature is Takeo and Yamato having their first lover’s quarrel. Yeah. I mean, that is one of the staples in such genres, right? Thus the little dilemma of confused feelings may be there but eventually it doesn’t put even a dent in their relationship and therefore a somewhat happy fairytale-like ending.

Their difference in size and physique is this anime’s theme of proving that love is blind. I’m sure it also tries to prove a lot of other proverbs like not judging a book by its cover, etc. But I’m not going too deep into that. You know what it means. It is definitely odd and unusual to see a lowland gorilla and a petite fairy muse as a couple. It goes to show that anything can happen when you are in love. And when you are truly in love, the outside looks doesn’t matter because when the inside is good, naturally you would also see how good the outside looks and come to accept it as a whole. As proven, a couple of other girls like Ai and Saijou prove that they fell in love with his good heart and for the latter’s case, not even Suna’s good looks could sway her. Heck, she was even disgusted!

The characters are pretty likeable although a big portion of the series focuses on Takeo x Yamato and the rest just mainly as second fiddlers. Takeo as the main guy is a pretty nice person whom everybody in the world would love to have as a best friend. That is, if you know him. Otherwise like any other people, you’d scorn him off as some criminal. He has got a nice personality and a big heart but he just lacks that physical good looks. Oh well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. That is why in a way it is a pity for those who jumped to conclusions about this big guy and a big bonus for those who know him and are his friends. Takeo overall is just a simpleton. He might look like a retard considering his gruffy voice and sometimes his limited vocabulary. With his habit of putting his face close to you as he waits for an answer and coupled in the fact that when Yamato does something cute that thugs his heart, he’ll be going “Suki da…” and you wonder if he could say anything more than this. Also that fact he is such a simple guy, why need complicated words to express what he says? Even his expressions are simple. But towards the end with the appearance of Ichinose, it seems that Takeo has transformed into a slightly better boyfriend. Look at the way he gives his big hug. It seems so filled with love.

Yamato is a girl whom every guy would love to have as a realistic girlfriend. Sweet, caring and understanding. Why can’t every girl in the world be like this?! Yeah, I’m just dreaming… Anyway, it is a good thing and a blessing our main couple met because after what we have seen they have both gone through, they are the right person for each other. We can have what if thoughts had they not get together and the different people they will end up with but by the end of the anime, it is hard to think that they are better suited to other people. Their romance might not be the most excited in the world and by today’s standard, it could even be labelled as boring. It’s your usual hanging out with each other and getting to know more of each other. Perhaps their romance and relationship are so safe that you could fall asleep if not for the funny quirks they both have due to the fact that they are amateurs in love. So if you are hoping to see some sort of risky and risque-cum-sexy romance, you’d be in for a disappointment. The most we’ll get out of this is just big hugs and awkward kisses or two. So yeah, normal romance for a normal couple (if you don’t mind the difference in size, that is).

Suna is the odd and quirky one. Always following Takeo around and despite his lack of emotion, he actually departs good advice from time to time. Making it even more ironic is that this guy has never got into a serious relationship, he is such an expert in giving lots of advice. I guess all that reading as his hobby must have helped by remember, Takeo is a simple person so it doesn’t take much to convince this guy. This kind of person, every guy wants to have as his best buddy. Isn’t Takeo the most fortunate guy in the world? He might not have great looks but he has a great friend and a great girlfriend. Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, eh? But sometimes I feel there is more than meets the eye on why Suna doesn’t want to get into a relationship. Yes, it feels respectable that he doesn’t want to date b*tches who badmouths his best friend just because of his looks. Yes, he finds it amusing to hang out with Takeo because he laughs the most whenever he is with this guy (you mean, his life is so boring that a gorilla is the greatest source of amusement?). But when he rejects Yukika, it just makes it even suspicious that he might just be gay. Heh. Aren’t all good looking guys these days are? But if you think about it, perhaps Suna isn’t ready to commit himself and thus the rejection. Might as well disappoint now rather than regret it later. Sometimes I feel it’s like trying to ‘kill off her character’.

The other characters are rather okay too with Yuriko could be the world’s strongest mom. She does almost everything singlehandedly even when she is pregnant. Nothing keeps this lady down. She’d probably be strong enough to take down all the bank robbers herself and leave everyone speechless. Then there is Ai the big sister who will always remain the big sister. There will always be lots of unrequited love as long Takeo x Yamato continues. Looks like the only other couple would be Kurihara x Nanako but they’re so minor that we don’t really think about them, do we?

There was something strikingly familiar with the animation style and drawing. It looked so much like Chihayafuru. I mean, take a look at some of the characters. They look quite similar. For instance, when I first saw Suna, I was wondering what the heck is Taichi doing in this love story! Did he give up on Chihaya and decided to find solace in another anime? And looking at Yamato herself, I thought she was the mini version of Chihaya. Even the animating style of kanji comments popping up on screen to indicate the character’s thoughts is uncannily familiar to Chihayafuru. Well, it is no surprise that both animes are animated by Madhouse, the same studio that brought to you One Punch Man, Highschool Of The Dead, Chobits, Black Lagoon, Nana and many, many, many more of your popular and obscure animes out there. It is just funny that I find that the art style in both the mentioned animes are so similar like as though they used back the entire team to work on this one.

But other than that, the simple artwork of this mainly romance and drama filled anime is satisfying enough. But some characters do look a bit odd like Yuriko whom I thought popped out from old kiddie animes like Doraemon, Perman and Kiteretsu Daihyakka. Worse, Yuriko might look a bit like that mom from Atashinchi! Minus the afro. And yes, I thought Takeo looks like that gorilla dude in Slam Dunk too…

Voice acting is pretty decent for this genre although I don’t particularly recognize any seiyuus in the main or supporting roles. Learning that Takuya Eguchi behind Takeo is surprising. Not because I recognized his voice but hearing him voice characters like Hikigaya of Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru and Kon in Ixion Saga DT, it feels hard to visualize him voicing this gorilla character. Oh wait. Doesn’t Mushibugyou’s Koikawa sound a bit similar? And oh, is that Kikuko Inoue’s voice behind Ai? I should have recognized her voice for the umpteenth time by now… The other casts include Megumi Han as Yamato (titular character in Mushibugyou), Nobunaga Shimazaki as Suna (Shido in Date A Live), Rena Maeda as Saijou (Ayaka in Jinsei), Daisuke Namikawa as Oda (Mystogan in Fairy Tail), Ai Kayano as Yukika (Inori in Guilty Crown) and Jun Fukuyama as Ichinose. Taking a look the full list, I am quite surprised that there are lots of people being casted in this anime. Though, they are mainly as background characters for one or two episodes but seriously, can’t they just recycle them for other episodes because we won’t really notice them, right?

The opening theme, Miraikei Answer by Trustrick sounds pretty okay as a generic anime pop. For some reason, I thought the singer was Miyuki Sawashiro singing this song. Perhaps it is just that close similarity of their voice. The ending theme might be a slow ballad but Shiawase No Ari Ka by Local Connect isn’t too bad at all.

Overall, this is a nice romantic comedy despite some of the typical and stereotypical clichés, it is still a good watch if you are into this genre. Even though it is very rare in real life, it is not impossible and who wouldn’t love to watch a good love story? I know this is a long shot that it is trying to give us ‘ugly’ otaku loners hope that even us as ‘useless creatures of society’ can still find true love if we make the effort. So any takers out there? I might not good looking and I might not have any money but I’m certainly… Oh wait, no. I don’t think I can even match Takeo’s big heart by a fraction. Ah geez. 0 out of 3 is definitely the worse. Sighs. Back to more 2D girls for me.

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