What’s this?! Let me get this straight. The leading male in this series is anti-love? Dead set against love at all cost? The studious kind of guy who only thinks of getting in the best university and further his studies? How can that be possible in a love romance genre and even in a harem series? Who is this guy?! Who came out with this sick idea to put such an anti-love guy as the protagonist anyway? I’m sure many guys out there would be green with envy and would gladly love to switch places with him. What a waste. I guess he doesn’t want to condemn his brains to those mushy feelings of love, eh? Anyway, this series, which is another mouthful to pronounce at least doesn’t have a sister among the pack of girls who are supposedly in love with him. When you have a girlfriend and childhood friend fighting over you, that will be a handful. You don’t want to add a sister to the mix. It will be chaotic. Maybe we’ll even like it…

Anyhow, Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru (or OreShura for short if you are having problems trying to say that entire line) tells about Eita Kidou who is a bookworm and wants to become a doctor and his first aim for that is to get good grades. No time for love, eh? I guess the problem he will be facing isn’t the tough equations or the mind boggling medical terms but girls. Yeah. They are one of the mysterious mysteries of the universe that men can never understand nor explain for eons. Whoops. When he manages to get a very popular and beautiful girl in his class as his girlfriend (the kind that guys will die for to go out with), guess what will be their reaction? But the problem isn’t about jealous guys (I guess we guys know when to give up when we have ‘lost’), but the other girls who have harboured feelings for this lad. They’re not going to give up easily without the fight. So there’s your cat fight. There’s your romance. There’s your harem. What do they see in this bookworm anyway? Hmph. I can study like him and even harder if I wanted to and put my mind to it. (Jealousy talking here).

Episode 1
Eita once had this chuunibyou syndrome too. Burning Fighting Fighter he believed he once was and his destiny to slay the Wyvern. In reality, he looks like an ordinary high school kid and his neighbour-cum-childhood friend, Chiwa Harusaki regularly visits him for meals. He is the one doing the cooking. But unlike many high school boys, he is obsessed with studying and plans to enter a good medical school. He puts studying first and love last. Of course he has no intention to make people think he is gay. The reason a guy his age is anti-love is because of his parents. Already divorced, they abandoned him in the name of love with their new partners and his aunt, Saeko Kiryuu took him in. To repay her kindness, he vowed to study hard. Wow. That’s some big resolve. And he is damn serious about it. So even if he is in a typical anime cliché of having a childhood friend, he doesn’t really see Chiwa more than that. Some may read it as being dense. That’s why Eita cannot fathom why people fall in love. But like his best friend Kaoru Asoi puts it, anti-love people like him are even rarer. Eita’s class has their seating arranged and he is seated next to Masuzu Natsukawa, the school beauty who has just returned after spending 9 years overseas. We can see the number of ‘brave souls’ trying to confess to Masuzu only to have their advances rejected. Of course Masuzu has her eyes on Eita. She seems to be carefully observing him. One day out of the blue, Masuzu shocks the entirely class when she asks Eita to walk home with her. Eita becomes suspicious if she has lost a bet or something. But she tells him earnestly it’s because she likes him! And so all the guys never see this coming. The hottest girl in school going out with the guy who is mostly anti-love. What are the odds? You know what they say about opposites.

Along their way home when they’re alone, Eita confronts Masuzu about her lie. He is still not convinced about her sincerity so she reveals that her confession was truly a lie. She observed he was a little different than the other guys. A gust of wind almost blows up her skirt. Eita is surprised she had gone commando! I don’t know, Eita thinks another World War can break out and lead to the end of the world just because people can start fighting over the panties preference. What the hell? Whatever. Getting down to serious business, Masuzu reveals ever since she returned to school, she has had 52 confessions. That’s almost one per day. She’s getting sick of it. So why not just accept one of them to stop the confessions? You see, Masuzu is also anti-love. She views this love thing as crap! But why Eita? Because they are both the same: Anti-love. She has been observing him since they’re seated together and wants him to become her fake boyfriend. Eita views this as the other boys and girls would be rife with jealousy. Masuzu has already taken precautions for Eita never to betray her. She takes out his notebook, the one whereby he detailed his ‘adventures’ when he was Burning Fighting Fighter! Oh sh*t! Remember the embarrassment?! Seems Eita once got rid of it but must have mixed it up with the books he wanted to donate. And Masuzu picked it up at some bookstore at dirt cheap price. Even if he gets this copy back, Masuzu has already scanned many backup copies of it! So once again, will he be her boyfriend? There’s no choice, right? But Eita knows since rumours of them going out have already spread, he is confident that Chiwa won’t let this slide.

Episode 2
True enough, Chiwa confronts them. But Masuzu plays it cool. Despite being her childhood friend and knowing everything about him (please spare him those embarrassing moments), does he need her permission to get a girlfriend? Masuzu hopes she could give their blessings as they continue their ‘date’. As obvious as it is, Chiwa is jealous and vows to get a really awesome boyfriend herself. She’s been doing cliché stuffs to get a boyfriend but I don’t think it’s working. Eita thought he should at least tell Chiwa the real matter but Masuzu insists he doesn’t because it will no longer be a secret. But talking about Chiwa’s ‘problem’, thinking it is wanting to be with a popular person, Masuzu wants him to bring her to her tea club tomorrow. She invites Chiwa to join the club and is blunt that she is more popular than her and can attract any guy she wants. Then she uses the notebook as her fake past that this is where she derives her trial and error. A notebook filled with memories left behind by her first love! They can use this is their reference to make her popular. Yeah, she’s reading lines from it! So why so eager to let Chiwa join? Because if not, it will just be Masuzu and Eita alone together… Get the hint? And so Chiwa took the bait and joins. Renaming this club as The Club For Young Maidens To Recreate Themselves (or Maiden Club for short), it is a club for young girls to learn appropriate etiquette and manners. So the first lesson has Chiwa needing to pick a boy that she likes. She thinks it would be Sakagami the basketball star whom all the girls in her class are talking about. Chiwa can’t even remember his name right. Is she sure she is interested in him? Reading some lines from the notebook (Eita is so dead), Masuzu recommends playing the guitar to become popular. Even if it’s just carrying an empty guitar case. At least she will look like a rocker.

So Chiwa actually follows Masuzu’s plan of carrying the guitar case around. Her friends are excited she plays one and wants her to demonstrate. This also attracts the attention of Sakagami and he joins in the conversation. Then Chiwa pulls off some swinging moves with the case before running away. Masuzu couldn’t contain her laughter. She’s enjoying this, right? But back at the classroom, Chiwa doesn’t seem embarrassed and in fact thinks her friends really got a kick out of it. Chiwa then asks how Masuzu started dating Eita. He saw her panties (and exaggerates it with lies!). Safe to say, he got punched. Masuzu continues to tease Eita by almost lifting her skirt for him to see and sending wrong signals to Chiwa. After Chiwa leaves, Eita confronts Masuzu about the lies she is pulling. So she asks him back why he is always with Chiwa. They’re childhood friends, right? And they live next door to each other too. Masuzu was sure she would have quit the club after that embarrassing stunt but Eita assures her she won’t. Flashback reveals Chiwa was supposed to be the star of her kendo team but met with an accident. Her lower back was severely damaged. She underwent lots of surgery and rehabilitation therapies although she cannot participate in major sports anymore. She lost a ‘goal’. Now she has found something she can put her heart into again and that’s why she won’t quit. Masuzu understands his friendship with Chiwa but reminds him that they are still a couple. Even though they are fake, he is still hers. She doesn’t want him to pay any attention to other girls when she is around. How far is she going to take this lie? All the way. Because it’s all a complete lie.

Episode 3
Masuzu thinks they should fight. The reason? Quoting lines from the notebook… I wonder how many times Eita has ‘died’ ever since she started reading those embarrassing words. He might be even going crazy when he unwittingly tries to correct them! They won’t really need to fight but just put on a show. Masuzu will do the script and they will execute it 3 days from now. So when Chiwa steps into Eita’s class, the duo put up some dramatic past-life-save-the-world-power-fight. Unless you have a vivid imagination to imagine the effects, it just looks plain weird. Plain embarrassing. At the end of the drama, the class greatly applause them! They love it! However Masuzu is disappointed because everyone is calling it the greatest comedy! You mean, that wasn’t supposed to be funny?! Masuzu wants to put together another script but Chiwa says she will confess directly to Sakagami. But how come she doesn’t sound enthusiastic about it? Chiwa puts her love letter in Sakagami’s shoe locker and he turns up to meet her at the rooftop. She confesses she likes him and surprisingly he accepts! She thought she would be turned down, eh? But why doesn’t she look happy about it? I mean, she’s already got her first date this Sunday. We all know why.

Eita cooks her favourite dishes to celebrate her success but she wonders if Eita is okay with this. I mean, is he really OKAY with this? You see, she worked so hard and it didn’t pay off. What didn’t pay off? That’s why Eita is such a dense guy. She had known him for so long and if it turns out to be like this, she wished they were just normal classmates. He argues that she is like a sister to him. He still doesn’t see the point. This causes emotional Chiwa to dart out of the house. Flashback reveals Chiwa walked all the way back to Eita’s house when she should be sitting in hospital for recovery. Chiwa told him that the doctor said she had to give up her kendo due to her condition. Eita explains about his parents and how his other relatives didn’t want to take him in. He is barely holding out with Saeko trying her best to support him. He assured her he won’t go away since he had nowhere to go in the first place. That’s when he decided to ditch his fantasies (which brought nothing) and become serious in his studies. He vowed to become a good doctor to heal Chiwa. She became so overwhelmed with his determination even though his grades at that time were just average. He is confident that medical science advances a lot and by the time he is an adult, it would have advanced more. Otherwise he will advance it himself. And so that is how Eita became top of his grade but he might regret how foolish his words were since he has not made an inch of any progress.

Episode 4
Eita and Masuzu go spy on Chiwa on her date. They need to check on the progress of their club member, right? However Chiwa has been waiting for an hour but Sakagami has not showed up. Could it be he has dumped her? Right at the stroke of the hour mark, suddenly Sakagami and his friends pop up. Oh gosh. Are they delinquents? The side of Sakagami you never see? It seems they made a bet if Chiwa would actually wait there for an hour. Sakagami lost. He tells her to scram because everything was just a prank. Although they continue to mock her, she stayed there very well composed. You can’t help worry she might break down in any second. Eita wants to go save her but was stopped by Masuzu. If this event plays out right, Chiwa would become anti-love too, right? Eita chides her about the club she formed. Was everything a lie? Because she was having so much fun. Masuzu didn’t bat an eyelid to admit everything was a lie. Everything created without a shred of truth. Like he said, she is evil. He tells her off not to act evil. Even though they are the same, this doesn’t give them the right to force others to feel hopeless like them. Eita is going to save the day but Masuzu doesn’t want her boyfriend to leave her. She doesn’t want to be alone. Don’t worry. He’ll be back. Eita jumps into the scene as Burning Fighting Fighter. He spouts his delusional crap. Everyone watching must think he is crazy. The delinquents plan to leave but Eita attacks Sakagami and wants him to apologize to Chiwa. Of course he is no match for them when the guys team up and beat him up. I guess the crowd doesn’t care seeing this looks like a quarrel between kids. Eita stands back up despite taking a beating. When he says his ‘girlfriend’ is watching, we are left to ponder which of the girls he is referring to. A traffic pole is thrown Chiwa’s way. She picks it up and starts hitting the delinquents with her kendo moves. Then she apologizes to Sakagami that she doesn’t like him one bit and she did this just to get even with her childhood friend whom she got into a fight with and just picked someone random. So they’re even. They’ll forget this and won’t want to see each other again.

Eita may have lots of band aids on his face but because of his heroic acts, everyone in school knows about Sakagami’s real identity. Masuzu is absent from school and as Kaoru puts it, he abandoned his ‘girlfriend’ for another girl. When Eita walks home, he realizes Masuzu’s house is in the opposite direction of his. Could it be she really took the trouble to walk home with him every day? Masuzu suddenly hugs him from behind. Why did she skip school? She wanted to feel what it’s like to call in sick. Eita knows she was the one who threw the pole to Chiwa. Masuzu will still keep her club going while Eita will do the same and stop Chiwa from getting into more trouble. After all, she still got rejected in the end. Noting that he knows a lot about Chiwa, Masuzu suddenly kisses Eita on his lips. This is a reminder that his first kiss is with her and not Chiwa. He wonders if she is okay with this since he is her fake boyfriend. She hints that he is the only one she will want to kiss. Then it turns out she is just re-enacting a scene from her favourite manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now she wants him to wash his mouth with the dirty puddle water! Next morning, Eita gets his morning shock when Chiwa is using his bathroom. She texted him her bath was broken and will be using his shower. Didn’t he get that? She wants to walk with him to school every morning and won’t let Masuzu hog him. But this is only half of the problem. Eita hears Masuzu in the kitchen. What is she doing here? Trying to make breakfast for her boyfriend of course. She texted him last night. Didn’t he get it? Because Eita doesn’t want both ladies to meet, he has to rush to both sides when they start making requests. He is going to tire out at this rate. And then the inevitable happens… Both girls see each other. “What are YOU doing here?!”. The fight had only just begun…

Episode 5
Eita discovers a love letter in his shoe box claiming she wants to restore their connection like before. Talking to Kaoru about this, he thinks the letter is from Chiwa. In the clubroom, his suspicion is a little confirmed when Chiwa sits too close to him under the pretence of club activity if she got really popular and a boyfriend. Till Masuzu smacks down her head on the bread!!! OMG! So the argument continues before Masuzu realizes today’s important club discussion: To take down hall monitors because recently they’ve been harassing them as they’re not officially a club yet. Chiwa suggests getting more club members. Masuzu starts off with creating a theme song for the club. Since Chiwa’s song sucks, Masuzu is going to use the real reference: Eita’s notebook. NOOOOOOO!!! Eita gets another love letter in his shoebox. Masuzu notices him acting strange but he is not saying no matter what. Not even if she threatens to read aloud his notebook in front of the entire school. Suddenly a bratty little blonde girl, Mana pops up before them. She is Masuzu’s little sister and dropped by to see her boyfriend. She can tell Eita isn’t really in love with Masuzu. Mana tells her sister how the people back home have known about this boyfriend thing and are upset they sent her back to Japan not to do stuff like this. Eita notices Masuzu shivering in fear. There are people she’s afraid of? Mana agrees to say report good things of her but in exchange will have Eita as her boyfriend and kisses him! She hopes to do more than that next time. After she leaves, Eita has lots to ask but Masuzu tells him nothing. There are things just like him that she doesn’t want others to know. Masuzu subsequently becomes gloomy. During the pool class, she sits out at a corner but the other girls snicker this is her way to purposely attract attention. So when she finally dips in (with all the boys blowing wolf whistle), she sinks like a hammer! Eita pulls her out and is in a dilemma whether to do CPR. The other students are just watching and egging him to get lovey-dovey with her. They are thrilled when Eita does mouth to mouth. As Masuzu recuperates in hospital, she admits that she didn’t like seeing Mana kissing him. That was what she is angry about not because he asked about her secrets. Eita assures her that kiss from Mana didn’t mean a thing and not to worry about it.

Chiwa becomes sick after she dashed home in the rain after hearing rumours that Eita got lovey-dovey with Masuzu. Eita looks after her and learns she still keeps the chopsticks from their first meal together alone and is her most cherished memories. She will cherish them even if Eita loves another girl. Eita realizes she isn’t the one who wrote the letter since there is no need to restore their connection. It will always be here. When Chiwa is back to health, as usual a morning spat with Masuzu at school. Eita notices another love letter in his shoebox and this one tells him to meet her at the rooftop. Himeka Akishino shows him the “I love you” words from a handheld console game. Eita doesn’t remember a thing or meeting her whatsoever. Himeka claims they knew each other in their previous life. In Hebrew, that line means to restore a connection with someone and her true name is Himeka Sei Heavensrain. Her name she used in her past life was Burning Pudding Princess and knows him as Burning Fighting Fighter. In fact, she knows a lot about him! Including their destiny to kill Wyverns. Oh God. Another kid with chuunibyou? How did she know about him? No, not the previous life. After all this time, why suddenly pop up? It seems Himeka witnessed Eita’s heroic attempts warding off the bullies when Chiwa was in a pinch. Seeing that made her remember everything in her previous life. She hugs him. We see this cliché scene coming up. Masuzu and Chiwa aren’t too happy seeing Eita hugging another girl. Quite a healthy libido he’s got there, eh? Himeka continues embracing him. No letting go…

Episode 6
So who is this Himeka girl they’re wondering? Eita’s ex-girlfriend. But when Himeka learns of Masuzu and Chiwa’s relation to Eita, she throws a tantrum and asserts she is the only one Eita belongs to. Surprisingly Himeka is invited by Masuzu to join the club. Because as Eita’s current girlfriend, she thought of swapping notes with his ex. She also knows all about Burning Pudding Princess and the events that led her ‘seal to be broken’. Chiwa is against this since her goal is not to be popular but to get close to Eita. Isn’t hers the same? Himeka has no desire to be popular and views it as an uncultured concept. Till Masuzu rants about being the ultimate warrior stuff, Himeka notes she has a point. Masuzu then reads aloud from the notebook Burning Fighting Fighter’s 4 angels! Describing their traits and even their voice actresses! This guy sure got them picked out. In the end, all of them couldn’t love him more if she wanted to. Eita is dying in embarrassment and has to put up with them since Himeka and Chiwa hold him back, interested in hearing everything. Masuzu wants Himeka write a poem as test if she wants to join the club but Chiwa wants to do something more practical. That bread-in-the-mouth cliché… Too bad the hall monitors stop them and Himeka swallowed the entire bread! She wakes up with Eita by her side. Eita thinks they not necessarily become couples in this life even though they were in their previous. Himeka explains about having hope for this world but nothing changed till she saw Eita. She believes he is a warrior more valorous than any other. On Sunday, Eita, Masuzu and Chiwa end up cleaning the pool as punishment. Then here comes Mana. She tried talking to father but he became angry. So much about that. Now he wants Masuzu to return this instant or he will come here himself to drag her back. Masuzu knows once she leaves for Sweden, she won’t come back. So she tells Eita she doesn’t like him anymore and doesn’t want to see his face. Chiwa should be happy she’s going away but why she isn’t? Is it because Masuzu is giving up so easily?

Himeka comes in to show Eita the poem she finished but Mana snatches it and reads it aloud. Furthermore, she mocks the silliness of her princess poem. Eita fights back but Mana’s bodyguard keeps him restrained. Eita tells Mana off that everyone has embarrassing fantasies and the thousands he had. None of those came true and he hates himself. If you stop fantasizing them, you’ll be crushed by the weight of reality. Plus, he hopes that at least one of them might come true. Mana pours cold water on it since Eita is living proof a loser he turned out. Eita is adamant her prince will come and wants Mana to apologize to Himeka. He then asserts he is Masuzu’s boyfriend, Chiwa’s childhood friend and Himeka’s ex-girlfriend. Eita then praises Himeka’s poem but there are some things she needs to express in words to show who she really is. Because Mana becomes persistent, Himeka screams at the top of her voice for her to go away and not hurt Eita when she has already found him and about to join a club. Masuzu heard everything and u-turns her decision to go back with her. She doesn’t think it is worth it to help Mana’s cheap pride. Masuzu uses her position as her older sister to make Mana apologize to Himeka and tell father she will not be going back. She will be waiting in that room for her mother whom father casted away to return. Mana is not optimistic mother will come back and feels Masuzu will end up hurt like before. She is forced to leave when their commotion starts attracting others. Back in the clubroom, Himeka officially becomes a club member. Masuzu then has plans for the club to go on a summer trip but Ai Fuyuumi from the hall monitors barge in to put a halt in their plans. In her quest to prevent them from becoming popular, she is going to shut down this club. Does she have the right to do this?

Episode 7
Eita suddenly wakes up due to the incessant banging on the infirmary door by Masuzu and Chiwa. More surprisingly, why the heck is Himeka sleeping naked beside him?! Oh sh*t! He’s so screwed. Yup. It was her first time… Himeka would gladly go and distract the duo while Eita hides behind the curtains. Of course Himeka starts panicking when there are holes in her story. Masuzu clearly smells a rat and knows Eita is around. And soon, Himeka ‘abandons’ Eita and starts squirming in her fantasies. But Eita is saved when Ai barges in. Yeah, she’s going to shut down their club thingy again. Chiwa points out she is jealous of them as she isn’t popular with no boyfriend. But Ai rebuts all that and says she has a boyfriend. She even tells his name. Some half-American half-Japanese, Daigorou Michel Murata. Who? Something fishy in her stories… Like as though they’re made up… Look at how suspicious she is acting? And so despite the club shutting down, Eita revels in it because there will be no summer trip and he can dedicate his entire summer to cram classes. He is surprised to see Ai there too. See how she reacts loudly when she finds out Eita goes to the same cram class with her. Yeah, the whole world probably knows how happy she is. Kaoru drops by and Eita learns he and Ai know each other since elementary school. Back home, Eita eats dinner with Chiwa. He seems to note that Chiwa and Ai don’t get along. Obviously. Chiwa asks if Eita asked anyone out before Masuzu. He did once during kindergarten. Before Eita could get into his studying groove, he is being called by Masuzu to meet now or else she will reveal his notebook. Yeah, he totally forgot how he still has to deal with her. Seems Masuzu knows Ai is in the same cram class with him. She has asked Ai’s classmates and apparently they have never heard of this Michel guy. So why would she tell her rivals something that instead to her classmates? This means Michel doesn’t exist. She made him up on the spot. Thus, Eita’s job is to find evidence of Ai’s fabrication.

In cram class, since Kaoru is singing praises of Ai, Eita thinks he likes her. As the dense kid doesn’t get it, Kaoru brings Ai (conveniently eavesdropping at the door) to introduce her. Kaoru warns if she keeps this up he will not help her. Ai sums up her courage to let Eita taste her bento. Since it tastes good, Ai decides to do a happy run. When Eita mentions about that Michel boyfriend of hers, Kaoru gives that shocking expression. Never heard of him. Later, Kaoru makes Ai go together with Eita for dinner. Chiwa spots them and drops in. Chiwa is distrustful but Eita believes she has not told a lie. Either he is really that dense or the very trusting kind of guy. That’s when Ai ramps up the story of her and Michel totally in love. Himeka pops up and wants to know more about their love (Masuzu must have planted weird ideas in her head). And so, Ai starts bragging all the lovely things they did and all the previous boyfriends she dated. Himeka is so impressed that she wants to call Ai her Love Master! I can’t help feel there are so many holes in her story… At the end of it, Ai may look like she has been under the weight of too many made up lies. But she is still happy because Eita treats her the same as before. She looks forward to seeing him tomorrow. I’m sure we viewers would have guessed it right at the beginning of this episode her problem, right? And for veterans, looking at the opening and ending credits have already given us the obvious.

Episode 8
Eita tells Masuzu that he believes Ai has a boyfriend. The trusting type, is he? So why can’t Masuzu trust her? Well, she’s been living the fake life for so long that she lost that trusting ability. When Eita tells her to have more faith in herself, Masuzu pecks him on the cheek for saying something nice! Anyway he is to continue investigating her. After class, Eita once more bumps into Ai and Kaoru and accompanies them to the dessert parlour. Back home, Eita finds Chiwa reading a magazine about a popular charm ritual to get someone to fall in love with you. Sounds ridiculous. Would anybody want to do that? Don’t say… Next day, Eita is being called by Kaoru and Ai again. Kaoru shows him the flyer for this year’s fireworks festival. Is he going with anyone this year? Since Eita turned down all the girls, Ai didn’t hesitate to show how happy she is. The charm works? Her victory? And she blames Eita for acting like a kid? But I guess she was counting her chickens because Eita isn’t planning of going with ANYONE. He plans to study. Ai can go with her boyfriend. What boyfriend? Oh dear. You know, that Michel guy. Ai makes up reasons that she is bloody free on that day. Before this gets any out of hand, Kaoru shows them tickets to movies in which all of them can go. Later Eita meets up with Masuzu, Chiwa and Himeka. Yup. Another one of Masuzu’s plan to expose Ai’s weakness and turn her into their servant that will do their every bidding. For this plan, she wants Eita to go on a date with Ai and make her fall in love with him. Why him? More precisely, he has no choice because Masuzu starts reading out his notebook! Eita could have just grabbed it since Masuzu is holding it the closest to him but I guess he was squirming in embarrassment and being noisy while Masuzu reads it aloud. Yeah, there’s even a visual drama of that story. Eita thought that angel of his wanted to confess to him but it turns out to be a rejection and she confessed to some other guy. Poor Eita ran away in tears. WTF. To make it less suspicious, Chiwa will also be there for the double date while Masuzu will tail them and snap a picture when Ai shows her weakness.

When the quartet meet, Chiwa’s wooden acting makes it seem like their plan is doomed to fail. But easy going Kaoru accepts it since I figure it’s part of his plan to let the other 2 get close together. As they walk to the cinema, Ai wonders if Eita remembers something during kindergarten. Not a bit. Then she asks his opinion of her clothes. Since he finds her cute, her embarrassment goes into full force. She wants to run outside. Aren’t they outside? Then she tries to make him remember how they ran holding hands like that. The moment is interrupted with Chiwa trying to strike Eita. Ai becomes disheartened to learn she is Eita’s childhood friend. When the movie starts, Ai hold on to Eita’s hand while declaring she isn’t scared. Chiwa meanwhile doesn’t want to lose out and grips his hand tightly. Pain… Somehow the storyline seems similar to their real lives. A childhood friend fighting against a future fiancée over the guy. Their names suspiciously similar too… As the fight gets intense, Ai and Chiwa start standing up and cheer for their respective characters. They’re really into it! And the poor guy, both in reel and real life gets caught in between. Even Masuzu who is in the cinema starts joining in and insults the garbage Eita is! I think Eita heard that! I don’t know how it ended but Ai looks emotionally distraught. After the movie ends, Masuzu apologizes she can’t get any pictures since it was too dark. Kaoru is about to walk Ai home when Eita wanted to point out about what happened. She brushes it off as nothing.

Episode 9
That young girl in the flashback spending time with Eita must be Ai, right? After cram class, Eita finds a notebook filled with delusions! OMG?! Worse, there are pages written with only repetitive words of “I love Takkun”! Sicko! Want to guess who the owner of this notebook is? Ai turns back to get that book but soon realizes she has taken the wrong one. By this time, Eita already has scanned through many of the pages. She chases him down the hallways giving lame excuses the book is not hers (it is obviously) and when she corners him at the stairs, she breaks down that her life is over. He can laugh at her all he wants. He won’t. Still not convinced? He even puts up his Burning Fighting Fighter act! How embarrassing. Yeah, she’s laughing so hard. But it made her feel better so she buries her face in his chest. He gives her back the book but since it is crumpled, he feels the need to make it up to her. There is one thing he can do… Back home, Chiwa bugs Eita to go to the fireworks with her and Himeka. He refuses giving that excuse study. In actual fact, he meets up with Ai at school as promised to bring her to the festival. She brings him to an old part of town where he used to live. His memories of this place gradually come back. At the hilltop, they watch the fireworks. All this was Ai’s effort to jog his memory. Who was the only person who called him Takkun? Yeah. A-chan. That’s Ai, right? So now do you remember? Apparently she colluded with Kaoru to bring back his memories but that didn’t work since Kaoru somewhat felt ‘loyal’ to Chiwa and was reluctant to help out. Ai explains how she moved away when she was in kindergarten and when she heard he enrolled in the same high school as her, she was happy but couldn’t get close to him because Chiwa was always around. It hurt her heart when Chiwa is known as his childhood friend and Ai the evil hall monitor. Things get worse when Masuzu became his girlfriend and Himeka also became interested in him. But she’ll forgive him since he remembers.

And there is one thing left… Put his stamp on their marriage registration form she made when they’re kids… Since when did they? Apparently whenever Ai asked him about something, he just agreed… And so when she asked to get married… Eita can’t stamp this because what about her Michel? She didn’t bat an eyelid saying it was a lie. Eita has only himself to blame for fully believing in that. He wants to tell this to the others but she won’t allow him. But she agrees to dump Michel if he marries her. Michel doesn’t even exist… She even quotes there is no girl in this world who doesn’t lie! Eita makes a run for it and bumping into Chiwa and Himeka I wouldn’t say he was really saved. More like out of the pan and into the fire. They take him away and luckily didn’t see Ai who was hiding behind the bushes. Imagine the havoc if they knew about the marriage registration form… Next day in the clubroom, Masuzu is furious to know he had a secret rendezvous with another girl. She saw them meeting at school. She wants a kiss as an apology. He really pecks her cheek and this makes her feel fuzzy all inside, screwing up her lines. It’s embarrassing. Then she has him close his eyes because she wants to poke it! Fortunately he ‘saw’ this coming and blocked it! Ouch, her fingers. Soon, Ai makes a stunning announcement she won’t shut down the club and will join it as their ‘master’ to guide them to the right path of love. We know what her ulterior motives are. Chiwa protests but Masuzu allows it. Himeka is in favour too. Looks like Ai is going to continue her lie on Michel…

Episode 10
Ai seems to be acting like the leader, much to Chiwa’s annoyance. Because everyone else thinks she has a rich handsome boyfriend, Masuzu wants her to demonstrate her feminine appeal to make the guy ask her out. Guess who that guy is for this demonstration? Ai is so looking forward to it. Eita is uninterested in this demonstration so Masuzu threatens to read out his notebook. Eita is forced to use his pick up lines from Burning Fighting Fighter to seduce her. Yeah, she’s willing to go out with him! Chiwa and Himeka aren’t happy that she’s hogging Eita and declaring the couple they are. Even getting married after graduation. Ai continues to be smothered by Eita so Chiwa tears them apart. Since the topic of childhood friend is being brought up, Ai proudly announces she knows Eita longer than her. Chiwa becomes depressed when Eita confirms this. Himeka joins in too. Apparently they knew each other in their past lives. Does that even count? Masuzu brings back the club to reality by announcing they’ll have a summer camp. Himeka wants to go to the beach (since she has never been to one) so this means they’ll have to go get swimsuits, right? Eita knows Chiwa long enough so he tells her that it is not which childhood friend came first but how long they know each other. After all, he has been around her the longest. This lifts her from her gloom. Happy Chiwa wants Eita to accompany her shopping tomorrow. But why does he need to seek Masuzu’s approval? I know, she’s her ‘boyfriend’. Anyway, she approves it. When Eita and Chiwa meet, looks like it will be a threesome since Masuzu is tagging along too. She did approve of this but she didn’t say anything about not coming, right? Himeka and Ai watch from afar. The latter punching poles to release her frustration.

Masuzu and Chiwa could turn the swimsuit shop into a battleground just to get Eita be the first one to judge their swimsuit. So he agrees to take a look at them and while they go change, Eita is being pulled into the changing room. It is Himeka in her swimsuit! She wants him to see her. Or hold her. I think she prefers the latter. He escapes and realizes the one in the next cubicle is… Oh God. Ai didn’t like him flirting around and wants him to see him to come along with her too. I think she is desperate to beat them all. Instead of parading her swimsuit, she is in a bridal gown! Imagine what the rest will say when they see this. In the end, Eita will see their swimsuit in order of their name (according to the seasons in which their surname is based on). No ‘winter’ because Ai just screwed up herself that she can show it to Michel. Eventually Ai gets her fair share of time when Eita suggested the kind of swimsuit that will look good on her. So happy, she hugs him. The girls threaten to tell on Michel. If they only knew he never existed… Masuzu observes how the other girls are having a swell time with each other. She views herself as the only one without any memories with him. No problem. Let’s make lots of them now. Even though they are just fake. On the way back, they bump into Saeko. She is interested which of the girls is Eita’s girlfriend. Masuzu introduces herself but she brushes her off and knows their relationship is fake! Surprised? She wants to know which of these girls he really likes.

Episode 11
Despite Eita covering up and telling all the things they’ve been doing, Saeko notes they’ve only been meeting up and drinking. Just like a normal office worker, right? She notes he is overlooking something important. I guess it’s cooking for her since her stomach is growling. What a tension killer. After devouring Eita’s cooking, she instantly falls asleep. This is normal. The rest of the girls want to know what did Saeko meant by fake. Masuzu also acts how she wants to know and doesn’t like to be accused. They revert to their original discussion of getting funds for the trip. A beach trip is expensive, right? Eita has to help them out. How? How much do human organs cost? He’s not going to sell himself… Saeko revives and provides a solution. Since she is part of game creation company, they are in the midst of promoting a new game called OreDere. There will be a publicity event at a beach resort which involves a contest. The requirement is that you need to be a girl in love. Chiwa, Himeka and Ai get excited as Saeko explains to them further. If they agree to participate, she will allow them to use the facilities. Masuzu didn’t like how she was sidelined. Saeko explains her job is to create various characters in games and to come up how they will fall in love so she exactly knows how much they like somebody. It is because they are creations these fakes look real, even more real than the real thing. That’s why she is good at telling when people are really in love. Since Masuzu insists she is Eita’s girlfriend, Saeko has them take a love app test. Everyone gives their answer to the question if this ‘boy’ gives them a manga to read. Coming in at first place is Ai. Surprised? Well, her tsundere kicks in. She doesn’t like him but she likes him. Confused? So embarrassed so goes out running. Next is Chiwa. Why is she not in first place? Because they’ve known each other for so long and so close, there’s this danger they’ll be in the friends-forever zone. Himeka is third and is the opposite since she puts her feelings first. It doesn’t take a genius to guess who is dead last. She got that spot because her answer is too perfect. Saeko might have believed her if she has dated for a year but it has not been 4 months and she gave such a perfect answer. Suspicious, isn’t it? So does it mean Masuzu can’t be in love? In that case, Saeko allows her to join the competition. Masuzu will win it and have everyone recognize her as Eita’s girlfriend. Saeko ups the ante because the winner will get to be his wife and as his guardian, she will duly stamp the marriage registration form. Oh, Ai. You must very happy to hear that.

Later Saeko talks to Eita if he wants to turn this into a harem or battlefield. For the latter, prepare to learn self defence. For the former, make sure he has a good plan for all 5 of them. Five? Saeko wants in too? Otherwise, stick to just one. Eita asserts Masuzu is his girlfriend but she brushes off that girl hasn’t said anything about her true feelings once. Conveniently Eita gets a message to meet Masuzu so he goes off to this ‘date’. She hopes he won’t get stung. At the park they meet, Masuzu wonders why everyone likes a preachy bookworm like him. Plus, he stole the hearts of the other girls, that makes him guilty. Masuzu learns more about Saeko that she’s a kid in an adult’s body. She is in shock that she could tell her acting. She must be losing her edge. All this while she had been perfectly acting out to fool adults and this time it really shocked her it didn’t work like before. Eita too was pretty confident he could pull it off. Since they are already this far, they can’t back out now. If the rest finds out they’ve been lying, there’s no telling how they’ll react. Masuzu is confident she’ll win the contest and force everyone to acknowledge her as his girlfriend. Of course he must help out. Eita hangs out with Kaoru and Ai after cram class. Kaoru puts his head on Eita’s shoulder when the latter invites him to the trip. Don’t tell me this guy has feelings too?! It will be complicated if so! Eita notes Ai is good friends with Himeka. She’s her master, right? After all her job is to turn her into a normal girl so she will give up on Eita. She hopes he could stamp the form before the rest gives up. No chance. That night as he is packing, Eita receives mail from Himeka on what to bring. Contraceptives?! She doesn’t even know what that is. Across the window is Chiwa and she is very excited and looking forward to tomorrow. But one thing bugs her. She has always felt Eita’s relationship with Masuzu is weird. She can’t put it in the right words and feels like as though they are acting. When she gets a call from Ai, Eita notes they too have become friends. Looks like Masuzu is the one alone. When everyone meets up the next day, Masuzu makes a bold start by grabbing on to Eita’s arm.

Episode 12
Eita and Masuzu try to act like lovers on the train but it seems the other girls aren’t buying their fake performance. Himeka revels in seeing the beach for the first time while Masuzu attracts the stares of the guys. But she notes how the other girls aren’t even looking at them. They might be having so much fun themselves. For the watermelon splitting game, Eita is to split it. No stick, so use his head. Yes, his head to smash it! All the girls give him directions but they seem to be teaming up against Masuzu. Eita decides to believe in Masuzu and follow her words. It leads him to the world’s softest ‘watermelon’! How does it feel to grope her boobs?! He got punished with the words “Shameless” sunburnt on his back. When Chiwa and Himeka go out to buy ingredients, Ai talks to Masuzu in the kitchen. She has seen Masuzu being asked out by guys behind the gym only to see them crying and yelling later. She too doesn’t like to be asked out and understands this is her way to fend off those persistent guys. But if this is her plan and why she started dating Eita, then she won’t forgive her. Masuzu avoids answering the question when she purposely peels the onions too small to send Ai into frenzy. Later Masuzu tells Eita they need definitive evidence to prove they are lovers. Buying items won’t do. They need to kiss each other casually. She doesn’t think it will be a problem for them anti-lovers since a kiss won’t mean anything. But she does realize the implications of this. It will turn into a battlefield. That’s why she is giving him the chance to back out on this and won’t use his notebook against him. It is his decision to kiss her or not.

As part of the plan, Eita is to feign tiredness and retire to his room. Before that, he will give Masuzu a good night kiss. Eita initiates the plan but Masuzu seems hesitant. Chiwa interjects and gives Eita and Masuzu a present each. Seems all of them have this Z logo handphone strap. Actually it’s a kanji word for otome (maiden). It was Himeka’s idea and Ai found a store to do this. Chiwa thought they should have something in common now that they’re an official club. She couldn’t tell Eita since Masuzu will find out. It will be hard to give after the contest, that’s why she wants to do it now. Eita realizes they were not trying to break them up. Masuzu is touched by their act and admits they really got her. Masuzu talks to Eita that she couldn’t kiss him then in that situation. She might have hated him if he forced her. When she was touched by the girls’ gesture, it reminded her of an ugly creature she is. Even though they are rivals, they can still give presents. She knows he can’t win tomorrows contest but won’t back out as she has thought how they would feel and should participate and accept whatever decision that comes. She realizes the pain Chiwa must have felt when she took him away from her. Masuzu shows the note Eita wrote that he vows to become a doctor and heal Chiwa. Once this trip ends, she will free him. Next day, the girls leave for the event early. Except for Masuzu who wants to be alone in her room for the time being. Eita walks around and I don’t know how Mana crashes her bicycle into his butt! I don’t know how, he got his hands on her butt. After insulting each other, Eita tells what is happening. Mana explains Masuzu was the jewel of the family. An accessory. A tool for her father to show off to his high society. So he took her away from her mother. Masuzu behaved exactly like he expected and was perfect. Daddy never expected much from Mana the way she is since Masuzu could pull it off flawlessly. Masuzu kept up with this till she finally went crazy. As she continued to trick herself, she forgot who she really was. She thanks him for getting to like her sister. Eita asks if there is a person who could stand Masuzu, who would it be. The answer is obvious. Someone who could stand being with a liar is her accomplice. The crowd builds up in front at the OreDere event and Saeko officially begins the contest.

Episode 13
By the time Eita reaches the event, it has already begun and Chiwa is the first contestant up. She introduces herself and also explains the guy-cum-childhood-friend whom she is grateful and in love with. At the end of her speech, she confesses she loves him. Next is Himeka but she is too scared to go on stage and is cowering behind Eita. Ai tells her to get her ass on stage because she is the one who is trying the hardest. In order for Himeka to stop being scared, Eita tells her to use anything. Can she use him? He suggests to say “I love you” 10 times. She didn’t understand it at first but when he puts it in a fantasy-like way that it’s some sort black magic incantation, she takes up his offer and for everything she says or does, she loves him. Even if he hates her, she will love him. Their intimate moment has been captured on film so the crowd is cheering on them. Apparently this doesn’t sit well with the other girls. We won’t get to see Ai since she got disqualified for her ‘preaching’ attitude. Disappointing, eh? After several other girls, the last contestant is Masuzu. At least she is here. But the first thing she says is to apologize and have no right to participate because she just broke up with her boyfriend last night. She is on the verge of tears when Eita walks up to the stage and reminds her she is the president of the Maiden Club and to continue acting till the very end. He is here to play as her boyfriend. But Masuzu feels he has real girls around him so why waste time on a fake like her? Because the answer is simple. Eita yells out he loves her. So loud that it’s just deafening. He admits when he first met her, he really hated her stinking attitude despite having good looks. He couldn’t help laugh he knew someone so horrible and therefore a horrible girl like her can only have a horrible guy like him as her boyfriend. Because she is the only one he’s got. Masuzu tells him off she hated him the entire time. She hated him for having better grades. She hated him for sitting next to her. She hated him for being childhood friends with Chiwa. She wanted to make sure he got what he had coming. She was happy when she got her hands on it but felt sad. The more he got to know her, the nicer he was. Masuzu couldn’t tell if her tears are real or fake so Eita decides. She is his girlfriend and wants her to stay that way. The ultimate scene: He kisses her on the lips. Sealed with a kiss. Heartbreaking scene for you-know-who, eh? In the end, some other loli girl won the contest. The best result among the gang is Chiwa as she just got an honourable mention. That night, none of the girls came down for dinner with Eita.

Next morning, Eita finds Masuzu lying on top of him. She is here to make sure last evening’s confession was all fake. All part of the plan? He sheepishly admits so and hates her. He would’ve broken up with her a long time ago had she not hold his notebook hostage. Masuzu describes the vile person she is but at the same time loves him very much. Then she gets intimate with him. Is she broken? But girl got interrupted when Saeko wants to speak to Eita. She fears he has walked down the battlefield route and is worried. She suggests doing the opposite. Make the other girls hate him. First he enters Himeka’s room to tell her she is not the Burning Fighting Fighter she knows but some Villager A implanted with false memories. Guess what? Himeka got so impressed with this development and hugs him even more (she’s now calling past life as back story?!). First mission failed. Next, he heads to Ai’s room. She’s still sore. He has her show him her marriage registration form. He knows ripping it will end his woes but remains hesitant. He spots her teddy bear but since he couldn’t remember it, Ai scolds him for not remembering and breaks down. In his panic, his finger accidentally got paper cut and his blood acted like a seal for the form. Ai becomes the happiest woman on the planet thinking he has agreed to their marriage. I guess he failed her. So can this guy get it right with Chiwa next? She’s trying to be calm and reasonable. Especially mentioning about her petite size. Then she surprises him with a kiss on his lips. What does this mean? She has grown a little taller, right? Then she confesses she loves him. Then was in public. Now it’s private. He could have gotten along with the flow had not Masuzu stepped in. She saw everything and wants to join in. Confronting each other face to face (with Eita caught in the middle), Chiwa tells her to read the atmosphere and come back here only in 9 years. They have this smirk on their face… So has the battle begun? Sparks are going to fly…

A Harem Is Always A Battlefield!
Somehow I don’t seem to feel satisfied with how it all ended. It’s like back to square one. The girls will always hang around Eita. That’s not a bad thing if you’re aiming for a harem, right? Then prepare for a battlefield! From the way Chiwa and Masuzu confront each other at the end, I smell that the cat fight is going to get much more uglier. But that is just my expectations. I’m such a sadist in seeing girls fight over a guy… Yeah, I’m the worst. After all the beans had been spilled and the cats out of the bag at the OreDere event, I am sure that the girls will not hold back and pull back their punches. It just got worse when Eita tried to dissuade them from loving him but got more than he bargained for. Seriously, he really took up Saeko’s advice to make them hate him? Is that truly what he wants?

It makes me wonder if Eita really did fall in love. Was that confession to Masuzu really fake? He doesn’t sound convincing when he said so. So the question is, did he really fall in love with Masuzu? Likewise, did Masuzu really fall in love with him despite her usual cool aloof exterior? Were they just lying to each other to assure that they are still on track on their fake mission? I don’t know. It seems pretty confusing. But if you ask me, personally deep down inside I would say that Eita and Masuzu indeed like each other. Maybe not to the point where they’ll rush and do lovey-dovey stuffs together. Yet. For both of them who are anti-love, they must be very good fakers and actors because they can manage to pull off a lovely kiss on stage in front of everybody. Faking such a kiss would be even hard unless you are a pro actor or you are truly in love with the other person. That’s why the last bit when they tell us viewers that it was some sort of fake scheme, I wasn’t really convinced. It was just to throw us off a little and make us wonder if they are truly in love or still planning to continue with this fake game. The more that they play this game, I feel the more they will find their feelings for each other to be genuine. Don’t you feel that over the entire series? The things they do for and to each other even though they gave some excuse or pretence, it feels like the real motive behind it was because they care about the other, don’t you think? So at the end of the day, I don’t think we need Saeko or everyone else to approve that they are a real couple. Maybe that public display of affection did the ultimate trick to fool others. Otherwise, in my books they are already a couple whether they know it or not. And when Masuzu says she’ll free him at the end of the event, did she really free him? Or is it just her way of saying she is freeing him from the fake stuff and be her true lover.

It shows that humans do change. Eita was so bent on being anti-love that he was the one who experienced the ultimate love that all harem lovers would envy. He has got 4 beautiful babes with different ‘status’ going after him. A girlfriend, a childhood friend, a fiancee and an ex-lover. What more could a guy ask for? They should have thrown a secret admirer into the mix. Sticking around to get his notebook seems like a lame excuse. I’m sure a smart guy like Eita would have figured out a way to snatch his notebook from Masuzu’s grasp. If he was that desperate, he might have taken much more extreme action instead of the ‘soft’ approach of playing her fake boyfriend. I know. I wouldn’t want it to happen that way too. I am here to see a harem romance comedy not some bloody serious cat and mouse game. Besides, even if hearing his delusional words were embarrassing, it wasn’t that embarrassing enough to make him take drastic action, right? You can say that he is paralyzed upon hearing those words but wouldn’t that indicate he can live with it? In the end, can I say that Eita isn’t an anti-love person? Even though it might be irritating to see this guy is quite dense about the girls’ affection for him when it is so bloody obvious and written all over their face. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to look at it. It is the same for Masuzu claiming herself to be anti-love. Once you understand her position, it is easy to sympathize why she would go through all. She was so perfect that she lost touch of herself. She became her father’s tool that she forgot what is like to be a normal human. Can I say Eita is her knight in shining armour then? Did you notice Masuzu came to rely lesser on using his notebook as a threat? Maybe she wants to keep it as a keepsake? The pretending game could have gone on without suspicion had not for Saeko’s keen observation. I think she is a very good character analysis person due to the nature of her job. But even she can’t tell which girl Eita would end up with.

Despite the name of this anime, you don’t really see the girls engaging in ‘battles’ in every scene. Sparks didn’t really fly nor did any all-out war come to be in the final episode so in a way it was one reason why it was a little downer. But they do ‘fight’ often when they get the chance. Besides, don’t expect it to get physical because that wouldn’t be funny anymore. Many are confined to their catty conversation especially Masuzu has her way with words around a situation and with Chiwa her ‘sparring partner’. Her ‘training’ of being perfect must have paid off in a way since she doesn’t push the panic button in such situations and is very cool. Chiwa may be her rival but don’t put down this petite girl as she has a genki and upbeat attitude that makes her not afraid to stand back up. Ai is the most emotionally unstable girl. I feel she is that way. Her sudden mood swings make her funny. Really. One moment she is tsundere and the next she can be so happy over the moon that she can run halfway around the world. I think she is the most ‘noisiest’ girl among the pack due to her delusions. I feel Himeka being the weakest challenger since she is very soft spoken and not as assertive as the rest. She is the quietest and doesn’t talk much so if you size up the girls on who has a better chance, my opinion is that she’ll be in dead last in the overall aspect. I get a feeling that everyone besides Chiwa has her own delusions. Eita and Himeka have their obvious chuunibyou, Ai and her sick ones and Masuzu is in her own delusion that she is a perfect fake and can fool everybody every time. I feel Mana’s arrogance over Masuzu was her way of wanting to protect her sister. It shows she still cares for her. If she did not, she wouldn’t have come all the way to Japan just to tell her what is going on, right? She wouldn’t have even cared and would have taken Masuzu’s place to be her father’s next jewel. Speaking of him, I’m sure this is not the end of Masuzu’s problems yet. I have a feeling her father won’t let her go so easily. After having shown her off in his high society and now she turns her back on him, I am certain he wants to salvage his face value.

It’s nice to see that the girls have their fair share of screen time to be with Eita so all have been given their fair dues in their ‘fight’ for him. It is rare for a harem romance comedy to do so without the element of fanservice. I don’t remember having seeing any panty flashing or bouncy boobs zooming in just to get our attention. There are scenes that would get very close to that (when the wind blow Masuzu’s skirt or she almost lifts them to let Eita see) but you won’t get to see anything further even if you are inclined to tilt your head and hope to see something. It never worked, silly. Such fanservice would have made it funnier and attracted ecchi fans or it could have ruined it. I’m glad that this series is still enjoyable without relying on fanservice. Just wish to see more ‘battles’ among the girls. I know I already admitted I’m the worst. What do you expect from an otaku like me? At least Chiwa, Ai and Himeka didn’t really gang up against Masuzu. Even though they are rivals in love, they are still friends since they are of the same club. If it was only that simple in real life. Any girl would have wanted to kill off the competition in its early stages instead of dragging on like this. Such indecisiveness would never have dragged on so long in real life.

The drawing and art are rather okay although I won’t really go so far to classify the girls in the bishoujo category as they lean towards more of cute. That’s because their facial details are simple. But I do find the colouring to be somewhat light. Like it is a little bleached. A bit like Senjou No Valkyria. A-1 Pictures produce both these animes and others like Shin Sekai Yori, Sora No Woto, Fractale, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens and even the popular Fairy Tail. Notice how these animes have their character designs slightly different than your standard bishonen or bishoujo look? Although they also do produce animes with hot looking characters like Kuroshitsuji and Ao No Exorcist. During scenes when Masuzu reads out Eita’s embarrassing notes, we can see the sketchy scribbling animation of his past delusions spread out across the scene. Some vivid imaginations he got there.

On a trivial note, the next episode preview is amusing because it tells us what the next super popular item is. That so called popular item will be featured in the next episode although I can’t say it will be a prominent one. Besides, I don’t think it will make you popular too despite the way they narrate how it can make you well-liked. At least not that I can see it work here, right? A guitar case? A homemade steak? Hebrew language? A notebook? A traffic cone? A movie ticket? A bento? A yukata? A swimsuit? A psychological test? A handphone strap? Well yeah. Maybe some of them may sound tempting like a popular item but it boils down to how well you use them. So it’s fun to spot them popping up somewhere in the next episode or how they are being used. And the way I see it here, they’re using it wrong! At least not in the context of getting popular the way they wanted. I wonder if she has developed some feelings for Eita. It doesn’t look like it now but you’ll never know. Imagine if Mana starts calling Eita her onii-chan. Yeah, he can add an imouto to his harem. You’ll never know. Even Kaoru too. That ambiguous leaning-his-head-on-his-shoulder thingy seems to give us an impression that he might. Who knows? Still water runs deep.

It has been a long time since I have heard Yukari Tamura in a leading role. So as Masuzu, she brings out that perfect and high class feel with some pride to her character (sounds like the elder Kyou she voiced in Ben-To). Though she didn’t put on her trademark high pitch or deadpan voice, she is still recognizable. Ai Kayano is a riot with Ai especially when she goes into her tsundere mode. Too many emotions, girl… It is just different from her other anime roles usually those who do not expend such emotional outburst like Inori in Guilty Crown, Mei in Sukitte Iinayo, Mashiro in Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo, Shiraume of Ben-To and Kikaijima in Medaka Box. I couldn’t guess it was Hisako Kanemoto as Himeka since she sounded so deadpan and lacking her lively “~de geso” trademark in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Other casts include Ryota Ohsaka as Eita (Yuki in Tsuritama), Chinatsu Akasaki as Chiwa (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Kaori Nazuka as Saeko (Nunally in Code Geass), Nao Touyama as Mana (Kanon in The World God Only Knows) and Risa Taneda as Kaoru (Saki in Shin Sekai Yori). The opening theme, Girlish Lover by the quartet of Maiden Club sounds like your typical all-girl group pop while the pop-ish ending theme is Wonder Tale, a solo by Yukari Tamura. I guess this is where she showcases the cuteness of her voice but not overdoing it too much.

Just because of one traumatizing event of being abandoned in the name of love, doesn’t mean you have to be anti-love for the rest of your life, right? It’s regrettable that Eita couldn’t grow up with the warmth and love of his parents but can he solely blame love for that? So the bottom line of this anime shows that even love comes knocking on the door who has shunned the idea of love. Perhaps Eita hasn’t really shut the door tight yet that’s why he is able to do what he has done as seen. It tells us to give us a second chance at love. Though having a harem may be a headache and inviting a potential perilous battlefield. Oh, what the heck. Just grab the chance you can. It’s nice to have lots of people loving you, right? We are after all only human. It is perfectly normal for humans to fall in love and have a little harem of their own. Oops. Maybe not the last bit. So if that opportunity arises where I suddenly find myself popular among a group of girls who really love me for who I am, I certainly would like to give it a shot. I’ll sort out the decisions later. I’m still waiting for that chance, though… Still waiting… Any time now… Won’t it come? Sighs… Some people like Eita have all the luck in the world.

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