I remember long ago how it was a funny that I used to have some sort of liking towards pony tail hairstyles. Not to the point that I was obsessed with it and turned into some sort of indecent stalker, but let’s say I pretty much prefer this type of hairstyle during my younger days. I don’t know what happened along the way because it doesn’t matter anymore and it is not like I have developed liking for any other hairstyles either. I guess things do change as you grow older. What made me remember of this little peculiar fixation of mine? If not for Ore, Twintails Ni Narimasu, this memory would certainly be long forgotten, sitting somewhere in the deep and dark corners of my brain.

So if you are one of those lucky people like the main character in this series who have a certain preferences for a particular hairstyle, twintails that is, you should be happy to know that this anime is plentiful and abundant to this hairstyle. In a way, it pays tribute and glorifies the pair of symmetrical side bundles. Or in the perspective of others, a cheap excuse for yet another silly season of perverted fetish. Yes, people. This show may split camps of those for twintails and those against. Because with the setting that twintails are the most powerful traits in the world and aliens from another world are trying to conquer it all for themselves, it makes Godzilla looking like a boring old monster.

Episode 1
Souji Mitsuka must really love the new high school he is in because coincidentally there lots of twintails. The most charming of them all is of course the student council president, Erina Shindou. And the not so charming one would be his childhood friend Aika Tsube. This guy loves twintails so much that he wants to form a twintail club and the teacher accidentally read it aloud in class… Oh dear. After school as Souji and Aika hang out at Souji’s mom’s cafe, a suspicious busty lady is watching them. Thouars wants Souji to put on a bracelet as it is an emergency. She makes it sound so lewd. Desperate enough that she will do anything for him! Even twintails? Well, more than that. He can grope her boobs. When she mentions twintails will be eliminated from the world, our concerned boy sits up. She puts the bracelet on him and whisks them away near some convention hall. There is a senior from their school who is unconscious. She lost her twintail and doesn’t even remember having such hairstyle. Oh the horror! Thouars explains aliens named Elemerians attack and stole her twintails trait by taking away her love for it. And here they are attacking all the women with twintails. I don’t know what the deal is for this Lizardgildy but he is infatuated with this twintail loli and wants to give all his dolls to her?! The last straw came when Erina is also abducted and had her twintails stolen. That does it. Thouars explains to him how to use the bracelet, Tail Gear which produces a combat suit to increase his physical abilities. Souji wastes no time in transforming. But wait! Why the heck is he transformed into a twintail loli???!!! Who cares about that trade off crap explanation? Oh what the heck. It’s the twintails look he loves, right? Lizardgildy orders his underlings to take out this loli, Tail Red. She is strong enough to hammer some of the underlings. Impressed by her strength, Lizardgildy wants her to hold a doll?! WTF?! Tail Red then materializes a sword to strike him. Still not down? Don’t worry. There’s more. She shoots some beam to paralyze him and then a flaming sword to cut and finish him once and for all. Lizardgildy knows he is dying and wants to touch her beautiful twintail. Just die! She picks up a strange little pyramid after his death. After she destroys the equipment, all the girls have their twintails returned. Erina is grateful for her bravery and all. She wonders if they will meet again. As long as you love twintails.

Episode 2
The Elemerians’ big boss, Draggildy wants to know which of his henchman is going out next but since they’re too busy arguing over their fetish to go with twintails, they will decide it through a fight. Giant jenga? Souji wakes up in his room and seeks an explanation. Elemerians are part of a race called Ultimegil and after taking over countless parallel worlds, they set their sights on this one. What they seek are trait powers called Elemera which they feed on. When you are obsessed in love with something or fetish, those are trait powers. It seems the most powerful ones are twintails. Thus Tail Gear is an anti-Elemerian weapon based on that trait power and the only thing that could defeat them. As for why he turns into a girl… It is Thouars fetish! Got a problem with that? Besides, he loves twintails, right? So it shouldn’t be that bad if he becomes one. As for the pyramid, it is the crystallization of Lizardgildy’s basic trait power. He likes girls holding dolls. Ugh. However Souji finds it odd because if he steals that trait power, the girl will no longer love dolls and isn’t ironic that there will be no more girls holding dolls? Thouars admits they are paradoxical creatures. Souji wants her to tell about herself. Her world was completely invaded. Although Ultimegil do not loot or kill, the stealing of trait powers that leave you bleak and without hope is most cruel. Souji thinks defeating them will return them to normal like what he did but she points out if it is not done within 24 hours, it will become permanent. Not wanting another world to fall prey to them, she decides to protect this one. And Souji is getting passionate about it too. Don’t want to forever lose his twintail love, eh?

What Thouars now need is a secret base under his house and she can finish it by tonight. All she needs is his mom, Miharu’s permission. Miharu heard everything and gives her approval. She knows that incident reported on TV is them and it is her dream to become a heroine. Well, was. Because she became a mother, she passed that dream to her unborn child who is now getting a chance to realize it. WTF. More depressing, his late father had the same dream too. Aika doesn’t want aunty to accept strangers but it seems Miharu is okay in letting Thouars sleep in the same bed with Souji! All she wants to see is her son get a girlfriend and although she would have preferred it with Aika (you denying it?) she sees Thouars has a good eye and doesn’t mind her getting horny and pushing down her son! This mother… Aika warns Souji to not let his guard down because Thouars certainly has not revealed all of herself. If she said her planet was completely annihilated, how did she acquire the twintail trait to make Tail Gear? Next day in class, Souji’s classmates are abuzz about Tail Red. It’s all over the internet, pictures and videos. Yeah. They love her! Even those who love big boobs have converted to like this loli! Souji tries to stop them but they think he wants to monopolize Tail Red for himself for they know he is the biggest twintail lover. Erina calls everyone to assemble at the gym. She rants about Tail Red and being saved by her. Yeah, she’s fawning over her… As the new heroine of this era, her family will do all they can to support her. Everyone gives their approval! Oh dear. Shortly, Draggildy makes an announcement throughout the world that he is after their trait power so do not resist and harm shall not come to them. This pisses off Souji because if love is taken away, it is not a peaceful world but a bleak and boring one. Thouars contacts Souji that Elemerians are spotted in a neighbourhood school. Time to transform and get into action. Turtlegildy has fetish for bloomers and he is going to get them when Tail Red arrives in a flash and takes him out! Holy cow! That was super fast! But now the big trouble comes. All the girls mob over Tail Red and start taking pictures and selfies! They really love her. A new superstar is born and is continue to make headlines around the world for the second day in a row.

Episode 3
Thouars shows them her underground base. Because there are millions of Ultimegil left, can Tail Red take on everyone by herself? Well, there is one more Tail Gear left although the suitable candidate is a violent person. Tail Red goes into action saving the world from Elemerians. This causes her reputation to become even more popular and there is even a stage play dedicated to her! It goes without saying there are lots of fansites about her. Thouars shows Aika a secret camera hidden in the toilet. Because Souji might have this idea of wondering if he can take off the outfit after transformation. Yeah. Curious about a girl’s body? After he transforms… He only touches and fawns over his twintail… Disappointed? Next day, Tail Red faces off with Foxgildy. However his trait power is ribbons as he ties her up and even materializes a very similar looking doll like her. Tail Red cannot do anything about it since her love for twintails means she cannot destroy those with such hairstyle even if it’s a fake. So this is her doom? Even creepier is this hallucination of Foxgildy playing with this doll in a bathroom scene! No wonder Tail Red is creeping out and paralyzed. Aika wonders if Thouars can do anything about this situation. When she hints about Aika’s power in Tail Gear on par with Souji, it occurred to Aika that the candidate she mentioned was referring to her! Thouars gives lots of fake excuses why she didn’t want to let her have this Tail Gear. From viewing her as a precious friend so as not to put her in danger to wanting to do filthy things with him during maintenance to only those with big busts can wear it as well as not wanting Souji to hate her if she lets Aika fight. Thouars wants Aika to promise to let her have her horny ways with Souji in exchange for the bracelet but Aika won’t give in and beats her up. It is time for Tail Blue to make her debut! She doesn’t care about ribbons or the fake doll and easily destroys them without hesitation. Using Turtlegildy’s pyramid which has gravity powers to pin him down before she destroys him with her spear. Even in that last moment Foxgildy could enjoy his hallucinations of ribbons… Might as well make it as nice death. When the reporters come rushing, Tail Blue takes Tail Red and fly away. But the next time this gets onto the news… Aika isn’t going to be too happy. Because it glorifies Tail Red’s bravery while mocking Tail Blue as a violent girl who may have an ulterior motive of wanting to stand out by imitating Tail Red. And how does Aika vent her anger? On Thouars, of course.

Episode 4
Souji is happy that his twintail club application has been approved. Erina is also glad that Tail Red has got a partner to fight with and someone to support in battles. With so many Ultimegil defeated, Draggildy wants only to bravest to head into battle. Swangildy offers to be next but he must pass a test. I am not sure about Draggildy taking his laptop and examining his nurse eroge of some route. Anyway he lost and this means Draggildy himself will head into battle. Tail Red is given the sneak attack by Draggildy who claims he is the ultimate twintail lover in the universe. As they fight, Tail Red could sense he has this skilled twintail swordsmanship (WTF?!). He also notices Tail Blue and although she reminds him of the last person he fought in the previous world, the only difference is their boob size. He warns them that wearing Tail Gear like this would bring about the end of the world, just like the last. Because everybody becomes infatuated with it and this twintail trait that Ultimegil is looking for took control over the world. It is like the twintails start out as goddess of saviour but without realizing it turn into a goddess of destruction. This makes Tail Blue wonder why Thouars let them continue fighting if she knew the same thing was going to happen. Draggildy is telling them because he could feel Tail Red’s love for twintails and didn’t want to fight with any dirty tricks. This way they won’t fall into despair when they learn everything when their world is in ruin. Just when Tail Red is about to end all the talking and do some butt kicking, here comes the mysterious Masked Twintail (Thouars actually) interrupting and prolonging the talk…

She explains about Ultimegil’s real goal is not looking for the ultimate twintails to steal their trait power but to make the one with the strongest twintail trait their enemy. As this method was done in the previous world, Thouars used this leaked technology to develop Tail Gear to fight them back without realizing she has been used. Thouars was that person who fought against them but since she gave away her twintail trait, the reason they cannot sense her. Because she cannot stand to see people losing the twintail trait till there were none left in her world, she too casted away her own twintail and used them as core to build another Tail Gear. Tail Blue is sorry for doubting her. But this doesn’t change the fact that with double twintails, the effect will spread twice as fast in this world. To Tail Red, as long as you have hair long enough to tie up on both sides, twintails can be made. So enough of the chatter and let’s fight! Tail Blue handles the small fries while Tail Red fights Draggildy. Tail Red is able to wound his back so Draggildy shows his love for twintails by putting it on the line. Yup, this guy has got long beautiful twintails too! In the end, Draggildy who thought he had cornered Tail Red is taken by surprise when she has another sword. They’re not twintails for nothing. He is cut in half and feels honoured to be defeated by the ultimate twintail. He hopes they will meet again one day. As long as you love twintails.

Episode 5
Mikoto Sakuragawa who is Erina’s personal maid, becomes Souji and Aika’s new homeroom assistant teacher. If that isn’t bad enough, Thouars is a transfer student in their class! Asking about Mikoto’s move as assistant teacher, she finds that with all the strange people and happenings around, she became one to help protect the school. Also, she is the twintail club’s advisor. Erina takes a look around their clubroom and asks Souji’s about his love for twintail. He thinks it’s a test to see how deep his love for it. She also notices his bracelet and touches it although nothing happened. She reminds him that although the nation is griped in Tail Red fever, he shouldn’t wear such fancy accessories to school. Meanwhile those Ultimegil guys are pondering their next move. Sparrowgildy is glad that the ultimate Ultimegil warriors are here, Krakegildy and Leviagildy. But they’re arguing about small and big boobs! They have sent their subordinates to Earth to see who is more worthy. There is also word that Darkgrasper, the subordinate directly under their boss will be coming. Buffalogildy attacks a supermarket where Erina and Mikoto are shopping. Thankfully here come the twintail heroines. Because Buffalogildy has penchant for big boobs, this pisses off Tail Blue as she easily fights and defeats him. He feels sad to be defeated by a flat chest… Because the pyramid Buffalogildy contains some hybrid gear as well as big boobs trait, Aika is begging Thouars to make a new bracelet for her. Thouars teases her to apologize and she actually did! On her knees! Now this is getting creepy. That desperate, huh? Once it is done, happy Aika tests it out but nothing happens. Maybe it is because she lacks boobs so she cannot add them to her trait? How sad… Dashed dreams. She can’t even have big boobs when she transforms. Souji deduces that it isn’t the bracelet but more of her heart that is rejecting other bracelets and preventing her transformation.

Lightning strikes the same place twice. Because yet again at the same supermarket spot, Crabgildy attacks Erina and Mikoto. Crabgildy has penchant for necks. Just like history repeating itself, the twintail heroines arrive. But Tail Blue has a hard time fighting him since he has this great ability to whisk behind your back. How else could he admire those delicious napes? Tail Red takes Erina to safety. Erina knew she would come to rescue her again and knows she is Souji. Tail Red tries to dismiss it but Erina can tell by the genuine bracelet. This is not a replica. With the secret out of the bag, Tail Red reverts back to Souji and he thinks of letting her try the new Tail Gear because she is often targeted by Ultimegil. Souji believes she can transform as her love for twintails is great. And Erina transforms into a busty and curvaceous Tail Yellow! Jealous Aika wants to switch right now! But since Erina is so happy that this has been her dream to become a hero of justice, I guess Aika lets her have it. Meanwhile all the Elemerians gather to meet the mysterious Darkgrasper whom they have never seen. They are shocked to see her as a human girl.

Episode 6
With stronger armour and arsenal, Tail Yellow is going to teach Crabgildy a lesson. However she only fires blanks. It is Tail Blue who finishes him. Krakegildy and Leviagildy are lamenting their subordinates’ defeat. Because Darkgrasper has been staying silent, they fear and believe she will eliminate everyone in a unit that fails. It is time to put away boob size difference and get rid of the twintail menace first. In the clubroom, Erina returns Tail Gear to Souji and feels she has no right to fight alongside him. She reveals she actually hates twintails. Shock! She only wears it because her mother insisted it and this trait is enshrined in the family’s doctrine (WTF?!). But Souji doesn’t think she really hates them. He asks the reason she loves heroes so much. It is perhaps the same as his love for twintails. He isn’t actually fighting to protect the world but just twintails. In a way, that also made him help protect the world. Erina also wants to protect the girl. But how can she do it if she can’t manifest her twintail power? Thouars suggests a special training. A couple of Elemerians are detected so Aika believes she can handle them by herself. Tail Blue encounters Krakegildy and Leviagildy. Krakegildy admires her flat chest (taboo word for her) but since he is fighting for the fate of his subordinates, he will defeat her with his full strength. And the worst nightmare for Tail Blue: Tentacles!!! OMG! Tentacle rape scene?

I’m sure Tail Red is trying to motivate her with lots of words to show her true self but still, you need action as damning proof. Thouars suggests she throw a huge rock at her. When the rock lands, Erina blasts and destroys it to smithereens. Tail Red points out the twintail power she felt in her heart. It dawned to her that everyone may have been looking at Erina as a cute pet because of her role as student council president. Everyone could be probably looking at Tail Red the same way. Erina is happy-cum-embarrassed. Then it is like her inner kinky fetish awakened. Calling Tail Red her master, she wants more of herself to be seen. She starts firing all her arsenal. I’m not sure if she is turning into some exhibitionist since she drops her armour after firing her weapon. They get an emergency call from Tail Blue. But when they arrive on scene, they see her violently and furiously beating the Elemerians up. Ironically Leviagildy the big boobs lover bear the brunt and got destroyed. She has used up too much energy and collapses. Flashback reveals they were gloating about small boobs and this riled her up and broke free of their tentacles. Krakegildy wants revenge and ties up Tail Red. Thus it is Tail Yellow’s debut to show what she’s got. Yeah. She’s going to show everything! Fire and strip! But her dropped armour soon combines into a giant cannon that not only paralyzes Krakegildy but charges Tail Yellows flying kick and creates a giant hole in his chest. How can it be flat when there is none! Tail Red is impressed and believes that this is proof she doesn’t hate twintails. After she collapses from using too much power, Darkgrasper appears before them. She congratulates them on their victory. At first glance, she looks like she might be wearing Tail Gear but it is the tenacious armour, Glass Gear powered by her love for glasses. She made it in admiration for Thouars. She is here to pick up Thouars because she wants her to join their side.

Episode 7
Darkgrasper mistakes Tail Red to be Thouars because she is wearing her armour. Through a communicator, Thouars has Tail Red repeat after her so as not to raise suspicions. I doubt it… Because Darkgrasper is puzzled about her missing boobs and is being told they disappeared in between dimensions while fighting Ultimegil! Darkgrasper’s ranting about small boobs feel like insults. I wonder how long Tail Blue can hold it in. Darkgrasper wants her email address but Thouars won’t give it to her. Darkgrasper says she didn’t become the Ultimegil’s general to become enemies but to bring her back. Therefore she’ll never give up. Oh, her address is the same as it used to be. While the Elemerians are watching videos of the Twintails, Darkgrasper appears to announce they are now under her command. Some do not believe a human girl is fit to be their commander. One attacks but is swiftly cut up by her dark scythe, Darkness Glaive. Se forces everyone to take her address. Once she retires to her room, she starts curling up and shivering about everyone’s weird fetishes. Mega Neptune Mk II AKA Megane made some QR scan codes to help her out and even advises her to be nice since those guys aren’t used to girls. At the clubroom, Souji is infatuated to see a twintail idol in glasses debuting, Anko Iisuna. Looks familiar? But an Elemerian is detected on the south island so as our gang heads there, they are greeted by Darkgrasper’s lips loving subordinate, Papilongildy. As usual they fight and Tail Yellow goes berserk with her fire and strip method till he is destroyed. Too bad they can’t interrogate a dead bug now as they realize that this might be just a setup by Darkgrasper to measure Tail Yellow’s powers.

Of course you would have guessed Anko is Darkgrasper (who is also the top idol in 20 different worlds) and after another recording session, she remembers her producer Kerberosgildy who is a braid lover wanted her to wear it even if it means treason. He fears that twintails are spreading so much that there won’t be anywhere left for braids. However Darkgrasper told him her goal is to spread glasses and twintails and since it has come down to this, they fight. No prizes to guess who won. When Erina sees Aika beating up Thouars, she thinks they are very close and wants to be hit too! Am I thinking what her awakening is coming to? Since she won’t, she turns to Souji for it. He touches her face but she wants to be hit harder! Thouars has an idea what is going on and whispers to the girls about Souji being shy about touching women. Even Miharu approves of whatever they’re doing! Thouars suggestion to cure Souji is to find him the finest porn magazines! And it is just too damn weird to see the student council president asking everyone in school if they know anything about porn!!!!!!!! OMG!!! WTF???!!! Odd at first but soon the guys let up in their kinky fetishes… She’s really taking those notes down. Thouars reasoning: It will help increase the twintails team spirit. That’s why she is working hard despite her shame. Meanwhile Erina’s mother, Emu (no, she’s not a bird) feels her daughter has been neglecting her practice lately. It is time to arrange a boy for her to meet.

Episode 8
Owlgildy finds a piece of old ‘literature’ from Anko about glasses and breasts. It really tears him up. Erina is having sleepless nights after trying to research porn. Those bags under her eyes may just give the wrong idea… Mikoto wants Souji to tail Erina from a distance and keep watch since Erina intends to buy a porn magazine together. Why not her? She has a marriage proposal to sabotage. She makes him sign a contract. After Souji sees Erina entering the adult section of a bookstore, he sees Owlgildy distributing literature. Upon seeing Erina in the bookstore, he becomes impressed. Of course this means it is time for Tail Red to get into action and beat the crap out of him. Owlgildy mentions he is an old soldier and ones who hold a rare trait. He loves literature. It is one of the many traits dying out in this world. He is sad that books today have become so manga-like and nothing but girls in skimpy clothes. But Tail Red isn’t swayed. Just like her love for twintails, she chides him off as he isn’t the one who will decide what literature is and what’s not. Twintails are her literature! Before Owlgildy succumbs to his fate, he is appalled to learn that Erina is buying a porn magazine. He cannot believe such a knowledgeable girl is doing so. His last dying words: It is not him who is dead. Literature is! Once Erina is out, it seems she did not buy any. Why? Simple. You can’t buy them until you are 18 years old! Erina feels sad she cannot do anything to repay them but Souji says they have already accepted her as their comrade and in the event if she still feels there is a gap between them, always remember that twintails are what will always bring them together. To commemorate this friendship, Thouars gives each one a handphone. That night, Emu calls Erina for a talk. The next day, Souji becomes so devastated to see the ‘new’ Erina that he fell on his knees proclaiming that he had failed to protect her twintails!!! WTF???!!! Seems Erina has let loose her twintails hairstyle.

As Mikoto explains, this is Erina’s way to show her defiance to her mom who is also this school’s chairwoman. Although the marriage proposal is resolved, it is more about Emu finding out about her porn search. In fact, she actually approved it! So what’s the deal? As Erina is busy with several activities, she believes her life is in disorder and has arranged a new marriage proposal. Mikoto brings Souji to the office where mother and daughter and discussing this. At first Souji is stunned by the awesome twintails of Emu. Then he barges in to argue and stand on Erina’s behalf. He claims he knows her twintails better than her! He believes despite their disagreement, Erina shouldn’t take it out on her twintails. He also has seen how much Erina has grown and doing important things right now. As the way things are going right now, she might neglect her work and such. He believes she will find these experiences irreplaceable in her future. Emu is impressed that such a gentleman still exists. He wants Erina to marry him! Either him or her earlier marriage proposal. With Erina having nothing against it. The case is solved. Outside, Mitsuka has successfully kept Thouars from intervening because the latter is furious claiming Souji’s virginity belongs to her! What about Aika? Is she okay with this? Well, she thinks Erina is a nice person and the first one to praise Tail Blue. So it’s okay. Really? So why run away like a tsundere? I’m not sure what Darkgrasper is having withdrawal symptoms over Thouars so Megane lets her see an album filled with her pictures. Darkgrasper is appalled that even in all her photos, her twintails are missing. Is this the power when one losses the twintail trait? Then it hit her. Tail Red is not Thouars but that suspicious masked person behind. Now why didn’t she think about it before? Souji notices glasses are gaining popularity. He also notices Anko emphasising it more than herself. Then it hit him. Anko is Darkgrasper! Now why didn’t he think about it before? By spreading the glasses trait as an idol, she is helping Ultimegil’s world conquest move forward.

Episode 9
Darkgrasper thinks Tail Red stole Thouars’ twintail traits because she is obsessed with her. She’ll pay… Souji and the girls are looking over Anko’s goods. Erina discovers a hidden message in the weird lyrics of one of her songs. It reads out as “I love you, Thouars”. They deduce this is a declaration of war and that her concert that she will be holding means taking her fans hostage and putting glasses on them. As they head down to the hall, they are surprised Darkgrasper is waiting for them. So who is that performing on stage? It’s just hologram. Their concerns are unfounded when it is learnt Darkgrasper is just holding her concert for her dear fans she loves so much. Nothing sinister behind it. But Darkgrasper blames Tail Red for stealing Thouars from her. The telltale sign was Tail Red pretending to be Thouars then. Although the trio cooperate to fight her, they are still no match. Darkgrasper is going to put on special glasses on Tail Red that she can never take off. It will blur her love for twintails. That’s like living hell! Before she could, here comes Thouars. She tells the truth that she willingly gave them her powers and thus her twintails. However Darkgrasper sees it as they have brainwashed her. No choice, Thouars will have to fight her. How? By hugging her. At least this got her defence down. Darkgrasper may have twisted love but who’d expect Thouars to have something this twisted too as she invites her to grope he boobs! Then again, we know she is that twisted. Seeing that Thouars doesn’t need any more rescuing, Darkgrasper will push forward her plan of putting glasses on all human beings. She explains her love for glasses and how it is disappearing in this world (because everyone is wearing contacts). She joined Ultimegil under a condition that glasses trait will not be taken away. So in all the worlds, other traits are stolen and glasses are the only ones left. This is how she protects them. Her ultimate goal is to make Thouars wear these specially made glasses. Giving you the creeps, eh?

Tail Red’s love for twintails is what she needs to protect this world. Darkgrasper still isn’t convinced and sends the trio into another dimension where they can live out their fantasies. Thouars orders her to bring them back and threatens she will start to hate her. She is not swayed because she will make her love her no matter what. Souji is in a dream. A dream come true because Aika and Erina love him! And he got his harem of twintails! However when Thouars is seen willing to tie a twintail for him, that is when he realizes all this is fake. Thouars can never put on twintails no matter how much she wants to. With great determination, Souji bursts out from the dream and back into reality. Tail Red is furious. In a world with darkness and fake twintails, her twintails are the light! The trio combine their armour into one big weapon to blast away Darkgrasper before she could even react. Wait a minute. Only her clothes get blown away? Her hair and glasses still intact? Truly behold the power of twintails and glasses. Megane comes to pick her up and the girls are surprised this robot is very polite. Before it’s time to go, Darkgrasper kisses Tail Red! Gasp! First kiss stolen by the most unlikely person! She gives her email address and says her goodbye to Thouars. Looks like Tail Red stole her heart. Heh. The worst part is that she makes it look like Thouars is the one who got dumped.

Episode 10
Spidergildy returns from some battle and wants to put his skills to the test by fighting the twintail trio. Darkgrasper asks if he has ever kissed before. She causes a racket when she reveals she has kissed Tail Red. You should see her room filled with Tail Red merchandise! It’s like she turned into a whole new level as a stalker. Aika must be wondering about Souji’s first kiss. He doesn’t think that yuri kiss counts because they’re girls and it’s some form of greeting. Really? The trio are called into action when Spidergildy seems like terrorizing an all-girls’ school. Actually he has trap fetish and is watching a pair of traps taking out their romance! Because of this trait, Tail Blue wants to handle this alone. Unfortunately Spidergildy thinks Tail Blue is a trap! That flatness… Beast mode unleashed! Although with the combined might, in the end, Tail Red is defeated, Spidergildy didn’t finish them off and retreats. Is everything okay? The start of strange things… Firstly, Souji wakes up finding himself transformed as Tail Red. Could it be he unconsciously transformed during his sleep? And then Erina has a dog collar and leash on her neck! She wants Souji to take her for a walk! Oddly, she could take dog orders from anybody so Thouars is having fun ordering her around. And the strangest of them all is Souji complimenting Aika’s lips instead of her twintail! Oh my! Could it be that he has finally started to show interest in her as a girl? Yeah. Crazy, right? Spidergildy heard that his subordinate, Fleagildy has gone down alone to defeat the twintail trio because there are rumours circulating that Spidergildy ran away when he didn’t finish them. This is to clear his name.

Miharu knows what is happening and urges Aika to push forward with her determination on the line. She suggests making a bet with Souji during their next fight. And so we see Tail Blue furiously stepping on Fleagildy because as usual, that taboo word of flat… Even better for Fleagildy who loves legs and to be stepped on. Harder, please! It is not so surprising that she finished him off without even using a single ounce of her power. News of his defeat reaches Spidergildy and he feels sad and wrong about his decision. He fled that time was because he saw the true power of twintails and needed time to make special preparations. Now he regrets that and is thinking of using that. Footage of Aika’s monstrous beating of Fleagildy is all over TV and as usual they mock if she is human or beast. Riles you up, eh? Except for Thouars who is laughing her ass off like as though this is Comedy Central. Even Mikoto doesn’t want Erina to be close to her for fear she might get influenced! Another strange dream for Souji. Darkgrasper is about to kiss him. He stops her in time when he notices Tail Red watching him. She runs away as he desperately tries to explain himself. Wait a minute. Doesn’t it feel like he is running away from himself? When Aika goes to wake him up, she thinks he unconsciously transformed again. But who the heck is this girl?! Souji claims to be him but it looks like Tail Red but all grown up and busty!

Episode 11
Nobody is panicking now that Souji is a girl. It’s like they’re already accepting him to stay as one. Thouars gets her usual punishment when she teases Aika that Souji has bigger boobs even in girl form. Now there is the problem of going to toilet. Souji doesn’t know how to! Erina wants to go with him and drinks Thouars’ laxative. Too late. Aika brings Souji along. Watching another video on Anko’s performance, they think she is planning on another operation to take Souji’s lips again. Time to get into action with another Elemerian detected. Wormgildy who is Spidergildy’s disciple also has a trap trait. While his master is in training to obtain a special power, he is here to show how powerful he is. Since Aika doesn’t like slimy tentacle stuffs, she has to sit this one out while Tail Red fights him alone (Tail Yellow is evacuating others). However as Darkgrasper watches, she feels Tail Red isn’t fighting like her usual. In fact, she is struggling a lot. It took Tail Blue to finish off Wormgildy. Later as Tail Red is brooding by herself, Darkgrasper visits her and conveys her disappointment. Back home, Aika helps Souji bath. Souji acts like it is the end of the world when Aika releases her twintails. You need to properly care for your hair, right? Don’t want those twintails to just pop off. It is that feeling of losing something when Souji unties her hair for the first time. Aika dries her hair as she reminds her that Tail Gear doesn’t protect their twintails in normal form. Souji laments he doesn’t know much about twintails since she conveniently gets it only when transformed. Thouars gives Souji her pair of hair clips that she used to wear when she had twintails. The Elemerians are sad Wormgildy is no more (are they all trap fetish?!) so Snailgildy goes down to challenge Tail Red and avenge Wormgildy whom he loves more than anyone else. Tail Red is still weak and in fact weaker than before. It took Tail Blue and Tail Yellow to defeat him. Although Snailgildy’s shell saved him from the devastating attack, it is only a matter of time it will crack. Before he dies, he warns them about Spidergildy undergoing some training to obtain a special power and the next fight will be their last. Tail Red is depressed that she is weaker than before. She feels she has been paying more attention to girls than twintails. She screams out loud she has betrayed twintails. Just sad… Spidergildy has finished his training. He sheds his skin for a slicker look. A new look means a new name, Arachnegildy. He takes his trap blade (WTF?!) and prepares for battle.

Episode 12
Gloomy Souji girl… Can’t even tie a decent twintail. She really thinks twintails have abandoned her but of course Aika gives her a reality check that this is her first time doing it and thus not perfect. No matter how deep his love for twintails is, he still needs experience. The girls help teach Souji how to tie her hair. Arachnegildy sees Darkgrasper to state his intention to fight Tail Red. Darkgrasper gives the green light to even kill her since she is no longer fit to be her future wife. And so Arachnegildy descends on our world using some tornado to turn men into twintail girls! The horror! Aika and Erina head into action and don’t want to bother Souji (who is trying hard tying his twintail). They think they are good enough to handle this spider dude but they’re wrong. When Souji realizes the girls nowhere around, it dawned to her what is happening. She quickly rushes down to the scene. Thouars wanted to stop her but Miharu allows Souji to go into battle because she believes in her. Just before Tail Blue and Tail Yellow lose, here comes Tail Red to save the day. However Arachnegildy could not sense any love within her and can easily strike her down. True enough that happens. In that split second, Souji experiences some out-of-body experience and in some plain, he meets his inner twintail god! He is told that twintails didn’t abandon him but rather he has abandoned himself. He has merely lost sight of his own love and felt guilty about accepting the warmth of the girls. It made his true love for twintails waver. Then there’s some talk about true love and looking for false absolutes isn’t true strength. It banishes all hesitation in Souji. Now he is ready to fight.

Back in reality, Arachnegildy could feel the sudden change in Tail Red. It’s like she changed in that split second. Those hair clips from Thouars start to shine and power her up. This allows her to wield 2 swords and be even more agile than the enemy. She can even transform into different types of twintail mode that gives him a different set of powers, although it is only for a limited time. But that is enough for him to slash Arachnegildy who in his last words has seen the true meaning of twintails and that Tail Red’s is the ultimate! Yeah, whatever. The world is saved and even happier ending as Souji returns to a normal guy. As for Darkgrasper, she has to temporary say goodbye to her love for now because as the big boss instructed, they have to go quell some rebels. This means, Ultimegil will leave Earth to another dimension. And so, normal and peaceful days lie ahead for Souji and his girls so much so his mom supports him either way (picking someone or harem route). But why is Thouars still hanging around now that the Elemerian threat is gone? Well, she had something to do. Her soul is connected to Souji and now she wants to connect their bodies! Oh no you don’t. Even with the threat over, our twintail heroes still want to keep Tail Gear on as proof of their love.

Have The World By The (Twin)Tail!
Is this really the end? Till the next time. Like we care. Whoever that menacing rebel Darkgrasper is supposed to face off sounds interesting but if has got nothing to do with the twintail story, then I suppose it isn’t relevant anyhow. Even other stuffs like the supposed engagement between Souji and Erina remains a mystery because it is not like we hear Souji really accepting or refusing it. Notwithstanding all that, for the time being, Earth is safe from the danger of fetish feeding Elemerians and more importantly the twintails of the world have been protected! I suppose this season itself is enough of all the twintails to last a lifetime. Either you get sick of it (those who aren’t into twintails) or you will crave for more. Well, it is a good thing that I didn’t convert into one. Phew.

When you watch this show, you shouldn’t be taking things seriously. In fact, you shouldn’t at all. So if you are watching this with anticipation that this series will be some funny comedy (may not be the best but it still is) and without any high expectations, then you are safe from the pangs of disappointment. I mean, we should already get the hint from the start that the power of twintails is the most powerful trait of all and the only one that can be used to fight against Ultimegil. Ridiculous as it sounds, right? Even more preposterous that every Elemerian encountered, they have some sort of fetish only peculiar to humans. Just funny…

And speaking of fetish, there are quite a number of them here in addition to the twintail mania. It feels like there is some sort of hidden meaning to tell us that such fetishes are personal. I know they want to worship twintails but at the same time they don’t want to leave out other twisted fetishes like common ones such as boobs and not so common ones like ribbons. It goes to show that humans are really the most twisted creatures when it comes to this department and they subtly illustrate this via different Elemerians. It is even funnier to think that such perverted and horny aliens exist throughout the galaxy and parallel worlds! Now do you understand why old Hollywood monster movies always have aliens, creatures and other beasts coveting our women?

The silliest fact is about just how the simple twintail hairstyle can be the difference in giving you power or the most desired thing. Take for example Elemerians. They love twintails so much. I know there is a perfect way without resorting to Tail Gear to defeat those menace: Untie your twintails and let your hair down! Or at least try put on a different hairstyle. It’s so easy, right? Heck, even if you untie one side and leave the other alone, the hairstyle is no longer considered twintail and thus no twintail power, right? And besides, why can’t Thouars just tie her hair for the twintail effect? Silly isn’t it if you consider how easy it is to tie it up (aside from tying it up neatly and beautifully). So why can’t she not get her twintails back again? I don’t understand. Yeah. Twintails. Such a deep and profound subject not to be taken lightly and only those who care enough will understand the mystery behind it. And I always thought that twintails = tsundere. Typical stereotype on twintails…

Heck, I guess they’re trying to go all out in this being a funny show so much so that the next episode preview feels like the funniest segments. In some previews, we hear sexual innuendoes and subtexts (from you know who) and even breaking the fourth wall about not even enough time to do the real preview and later on, rebuking other random characters to be in this segment and narrating it. Yeah. Even Elemerians get a chance. All is fair, no?

Don’t expect much from the character development because they’re typically the same from day one. Souji’s unwavering love for twintails can either be considered amazing obsession or just plain ridiculous. Well, someone’s fetish isn’t to be taken lightly off. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Then there is brute Aika who is only remembered for 2 things: Her violent manner and her desperation for boobs. Feels like a running joke, huh? No matter what she does, the public will always view Tail Blue with scorn but shower Tail Red with lots of love. Even though they both have twintails… I guess this shows the world isn’t such a twintail mania after all. And you can’t mention how flat she is or else she becomes scarier than the devil. Erina feels like still waters run deep because ever since she became Tail Yellow, it’s like another fetish deep inside her awakens. It is just strange to see a model student council president going around interviewing about porn and then wanted to be treated like a dog. Blame the strict family upbringing? And what kind of screwed up family would have twintails as a must in their family creed?! All Mikoto can do is to watch over her… Mind boggling fact that Emu accepts her daughter’s porn fascination but not her seemingly ‘disorderly’ life (which hasn’t exactly happened)? How screwed up is that?

Thouars feel like the joker of the group despite being the scientist and inventor of the pack. Her attitude is already one kind. Always having horny thoughts for Souji and the fact that she loves teasing Aika and bearing the brunt of her raw power have some sort become a running joke of the series. Almost in every episode, Aika takes out her frustrations on this busty lady by giving her some sort of submission or noogie. Whether it is Thouars’ fault in instigating or fanning the fire (which is the cases in many instances), she always gets it. I guess she never learns. Even there was one time she created a robot for Aika to whack but it was broken so easily that I guess it feels it is better to get herself whacked than making multiple of those punching bags. There are things that technology cannot even solve. Darkgrasper feels like she has a hidden personality. Before her Ultimegil subordinates and our heroines, she puts up this commanding presence that is truly worthy of a villainess. However in her own room, she becomes like some sort of nervous breakdown girl wearing her jersey and only Megane as her comfort. And she has this odd request to get email addresses. It’s like she is desperate to have friends. I think she is. Yeah well, nobody is perfect. Come to think of it, now that is gone, what will the fans of Anko do? Won’t they find her ‘disappearance’ mind boggling? Oh, who cares?

This series almost became a harem. In fact, is it a closet harem? Because we can see many of the main girls in the series taking a liking for Souji. We already have Aika as the typical childhood friend and tsundere. Then we have the perverted Thouars who is gunning for his virginity. But this might be just lust instead of true love. Then there is the suspicious case of Erina who seems to have her masochistic side awakening and thus it might be because nobody ‘hits’ her like Souji/Tail Red does. Finally I am not sure if this counts but what the heck anyway since Darkgrasper is now infatuated with Tail Red. Even though it just signals yuri but they’re the same person, right? Oh yeah. What kind of anime where you can get hints of romance of harem, trap and yuri all in one? And since Souji can turn into a twintail loli, does this count as a girl of his harem? Because I am sure that he will pick Tail Red first since who can provide first class twintail caressing to himself by himself? I don’t want to rule out Mikoto as well because there are a couple of scenes that hints to us that she is desperately trying to hook up with someone. When she first became the assistant teacher, she was handing out marriage forms to those with older brothers or a single father! Then there was this one time she tried to slip a marriage form to Souji while he was signing a contract or when she was teaching him to tie her hair.

There are a few moments of fanservice too but it isn’t that great so as to take your attention away from the twintail. I mean, it would do this series a great disservice if the fanservice element is more attractive than the twintail. From the way the design of the power suits to a handful of bath scenes as well as Tail Yellow’s odd power up manner of stripping her armour like as though she could be getting orgasmic anytime and not to mention Thouars huge boobs too. What a great satisfying dish with twintails as the main course and fanservice as toppings and desserts.

Action wise, because we have cute girls in power suits that look nearly as skimpy, I suppose this is a side distraction for us in addition to the twintails. I mean, it would be a waste not to see the girls go in action when you have power suits that give you awesome powers. The moves seem okay at first but they are not very varied and you’ll be noticing the trio using the same finishing moves over and over again to finish off the Elemerians. Like Tail Red’s flaming sword, Tail Blue’s water spear and the ultimate flying kick charged up by her armour from Tail Yellow. I suppose why change when this sure-win tactic works. Always. Even funnier how some Elemerians only get a handful of seconds of screen time before being easily destroyed. No justice. Heck, should there be for them? Especially when they are out to get our twintails?! Better meet your doom quick. Otherwise, how will there be enough time to showcase so many Gildy family monsters and make them the ‘monster of the week’?

Drawing and art style of course have our girls cute in twintails. Heck, everyone in twintails must be cute and beautiful! Although some of the characters sometimes have this silly look on their face especially Erina (because she is innocent and all, right?) and Thouars (because she is a big pervert, right?). But sometimes I can’t help feel that the twintail girls resemble other twintail characters like Erina have this uncanny resemblance to Seitokai Yakuindomo’s Suzu. Initially, I thought when Aika first transformed into Tail Blue, she looked like Hatsune Miku! Then there is Tail Red looking like a cross between Hidan No Aria’s Aria and Date A Live’s Kotori. I don’t know, looking at Anko somehow reminds me of Date A Live’s Kurumi. Also, the power suits that the twintail trio wear somewhat reminds me of the ones in Vividred Operation. Colourful and powerful. Senki Zesshou Symphogear also comes to mind but I am more inclined to think of Vividred Operation. They could have added more twintail characters and to the colour group. Tail Green, Tail Brown, Tail Orange, Tail Purple, Tail White and yeah, Tail Black. I also noticed that in the later episodes, animation quality drops a bit. If you look closer, you can see the character designs having less details and a bit simpler. They thought we would be fixated on the twintails on won’t notice?

As for the Elemerians, I suppose their designs are enough for me to consider that they are worthy to be ‘monster of the week’ for sentai programmes. I suppose that every sentai show past and present, when you design monsters, you will end up designing one that looks like a certain animal. So why not have the aliens, the Gildy family in particular here to follow traits of certain animals and named it after them? Some of the leader type Elemerians like Draggildy, Spidergildy, Krakegildy and Leviagildy have designs that make them look ferocious and thus cool in this sense. Some are just comical like Wormgildy. Other low level Elemerians in the background feels like free for all. Because you can’t make head or tail on what kind of animal or monster they are and could be mash ups of something. Heck, I though one of them looked like Jar Jar Binks! Serious! What kind of animal is he based on anyway? Speaking of which, what kind of animal is Draggildy? Hmm… A drag… That means… Oh God…

Voice acting feels pretty decent with some I recognized like Cho as Sparrowgildy, Yukari Tamura as Megane (although something feels like a mismatch for her squeaky cute voice as an armoured robot) and Rie Kugimiya making a small cameo as one of the twintail girls. If there is this hint of familiarity behind Wormgildy’s ‘squeaky gay’ voice, like I have heard it somewhere before, it took me a while to remember this was Galaxy Angel’s Normad (Mika Kanai). Unfortunately I did not for Youko Hikasa who was behind Darkgrasper/Anko and Kikuko Inoue as Emu. The rest of the casts include Nobunaga Shimazaki as Souji (Kaito in Ano Natsu De Matteru), Sumire Uesaka as Tail Red (Tamaki in GJ-Bu), Yuka Aisaka as Aika/Tail Blue (Muse in Amagi Brilliant Park), Chinatsu Akasaki as Erina/Tail Yellow (Maki in Love Lab), Maaya Uchida as Thouars (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Mao as Mikoto (Kazumi in Gokukoku No Brynhilder), Hiromi Igarashi as Miharu (Hina in Papa No Iu Koto Wo Kikinasai), Shou Hayami as Spidergildy/Arachnegildy (Tokiomi in Fate/Zero) and Tetsu Inada as Draggildy (Ioryogi in Kobato). The opening theme is Gimme Revolution by Maaya Uchida while the ending theme is Tail On Twin Tails by the twintail trio. Both are lively and rock based to give you that mood to get into the twintail action.

I don’t know in the future if there are any more animes that will be produced based on certain fetish. I am sure this isn’t the first one as there are many animes in the past having their themes on a certain fetish but weren’t as ‘profound’ as this one. Really. So you watch this anime only for the laughs or you are one of those deviants who really love the twintails. Because saving and protecting the world from evil aliens with similar strange fetishes is something we can be proud of even though it is just a sick delusion. Now if only they made an anime for those with fetish for maids… SOMEBODY MAKE THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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