WTF?! WHAT THE F*CK DID I JUST WATCH?! You know, I was interested to take a look at that Accelerator spinoff series and maybe get some cute hearto kyun~ seeing the weird relationship between Accelerator and Last Order. And boy, did I watch the wrong anime???!!! Because Uchi No Ko No Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Moshikashitara Maou Mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai (Uchi No Musume if that’s a f*cking whole lot for you to pronounce – and it is!) feels like an alternate happy fantasy ever after version of To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator! Serious! But nope. It’s not the same anime. Totally different. You’ll notice that subtle similarity but it’s totally different, I guarantee. A lone adventurer guy finds a lost demon girl and decides to care for her. Lots of cute and adorable things happen along the way. Hmmm… SO CUTE!!! I LIKE IT!!! KAWAII SUGIRU!!!! ~KYUN <3!!!!!

Episode 1
After killing some monsters in the forest, Dale Reki rests up but a loli approaches him. He notices she is of a demon clan and is in a feeble state, Latina. He’s not the best communicating in her demon language but I guess he can go about enough for her to understand. As he feeds her his food (there, tamed her like a wild animal), he notices her broken horn. Normally demons with broken horns means they have committed a crime and banished. Latina then brings him to a corpse nearby. It is believed to be of her father’s. After burying her, can’t leave this loli all alone in the woods and invoke the wrath of lolicons so he brings her back to his town, Kreutz. Back in the bar run by his friend, Kenneth, he has Latina take a bath. She can’t wash herself hence an excuse to strip and wash her. Lolicons, you jealous? Some old clothes by Rita and ribbons to hide her horns. Dale and Rita try to find out anything on the news but nothing of this sort. Then Latina’s stomach growls. I guess it’s time to feed her. Dale ponders on his options to send Latina to the orphanage but it might not be a good idea since it is always underfunded. More loli goodness as Dale sleeps with her. But nothing happens thankfully. Until she has to bug him to go to the toilet. With Latina picking up some of their language, I suppose it is also right for Dale to bring her to the market and experience life. Dale continues to ponder. He doesn’t knows what is best for her and fighting monsters is what he is only good at. Sending her to the orphanage is out of the question too. So what’s the conclusion? Why, he is going adopt Latina to take care of her himself! Hooray! Today I got myself a loli!

Episode 2
Oh dear. Dale has to be gone for a job and he doesn’t want to leave Latina alone. Can’t bring her along too. Too dangerous. Damn, Latina is handling this calmer than you are! But in the care of Kenneth and Rita, I hope that calms his mind to get going. During that time, Latina somewhat helps with the bar. Wow. Everyone so impressed and anxious at the loli carrying the tray. Is she going to tip over with the tray? Nope. Phew. Thank goodness. Kawaii… Damn, all the macho men’s hearts are now stolen by Latina! Dale rushes back and is glad to see Latina. But not as glad she is to see him. As Latina spends more time in the bar, you can feel Dale is getting a bit jealous she is closer to others. When Kenneth goes out to do errands, Latina wants to come along. Normally Dale won’t allow her but he can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately during the trip, Latina was so amazed by everything she got lost. Kenneth realizes too late and returns with the bad news. Time to hit the panic button. Yeah, everybody is going to do a massive search. Find our loli! Latina is found by a group of boys, Rudy, Marcel and Antony. They aren’t that rough but to Latina, they’re scary. They try to help her but she thinks they’re being rough. Luckily Chloe beats them up to remind them to be gentler. They are impressed when Latina uses healing magic on Marcel. With Latina’s smattering vocab, they figure out where she came from and escort her back there. Everybody is glad their cutie is back and safe as Latina goes around apologizing. But Dale is not around. Still out looking? Oh, he’ll be back… Speaking of the devil… Latina cries the moment she sees him as she fears he is mad. What?! Who the hell would be mad at such a cute loli?! They both reconcile as Latina never wants to be alone again. Yes, it’s you official confirmation she wants to be with him. Now there is a valid excuse for him to be with her instead of being called a lolicon! We’re going to stay together forever!

Episode 3
You know you’ve regressed into worse than a child when you think Latina is so cute that you don’t want to go to work that involves meeting with other old men! But Rita manages to ‘encourage’ him to go since he’ll get to buy souvenirs for her. Hence his deep thinking face that scares off his dragon chauffeur. Upon arriving, he meets up with his friend, Gregor and can’t shut up spamming how cute his Latina is. It’s a good thing Gregor has some high discipline not to cut down this cringe. On to business, with the rise of the Demon Lord’s presence, a plan is to ambush them in small units. Oh Dale, can you not think about Latina for like 5 minutes? That too long for you to concentrate on the mission? Meanwhile Latina makes shepherd’s pie. When the customers know about it, they realize how good it is and damn they become big fans of her cooking! Yeah, they don’t mind waiting long for it. That’s what they come here for! Chloe visits and talks to Latina about school. Since they are about the same age, she suggests going to the same school with them. We see Dale and Gregor’s team ambushing the Demon Lord’s minions. Uhm, this anime got blood and death?! Damn those minions got sliced and killed! When the mission is over, Dale can’t wait to get home and bring back all the presents rather than attending tonight’s banquet. Loli is more important than official state feast! And of course everybody knows when Dale is back because he literally lets the whole world know with his loud screaming of Latina’s name. Lolicon and loli reunite. Happiest reunion ever. Latina then brings out her shepherd’s pie for him to eat. He is so touched that he can’t eat it. WTF… Can we just get over this long day already?

Episode 4
So now you can’t praise Latina without going through Dale?! How jealous can this guy get?! Latina now attends school and apart from Chloe and co, she makes a new friend, Sylvia. However their teacher looks crazy… Indeed. Because one day she spots Latina’s horns and that’s when she snapped! OMFG! She mistreats her like a ragdoll?! WTF ranting about demons trying to infiltrate them, blah, blah, blah?! Sylvia stands up against her and despite the threat of being excommunicated, she dares the teacher. The students gang up against her. By banging against the table? Okay. Whatever. But clearly this affected Latina. Oh dear. Look at those traumatic eyes… So when she goes home, something is clearly wrong. So much so she breaks off her horn (thanks to some offensive magic Dale taught her earlier)! OMFG! She trying to be Hellboy?! Luckily Kenneth brings her in time to the nearby temple to heal. You bet Dale is going to rush all the way back. When she wakes up, she starts crying about never wanting to be alone again because since demons live longer than humans, eventually everyone will die first. Time for Dale’s special assurance and special thanks of meeting her. Even if Latina is human, Dale will still die first as he is older and the job he does is dangerous. With Latina feeling better, what a way for them to make up with a hug. Aww… So cute! Now Dale gets on to serious business as he meets the principal of the school. He gives her warning to hand down the maximum punishment on her. He has talked to the other students and also his connections allow him to demand the kind of info on that person. Despite having trauma of her family being killed by demons, that is still not a valid excuse to take it out on an innocent life. If they continue to cover for her, he will take this to the higher authority whereby the god of war, Ahmar reigns all over arbitration and judgment mercilessly. The principal agrees to fire and expel her. Chloe visits Latina and slaps her for endangering her own life. More heart strings to tug with lolis giving each other an emotional hug. Everyone celebrates Latina’s return with Dale buying everyone a drink. So don’t complain when they order the most expensive one! Latina’s cute apology will make up for it. Latina is so perfect in everything she does, is there nothing she can’t do? Oh damn, she’s tone deaf… But being imperfect also has its charm? Dale you lolicon…

Episode 5
Latina thinks of getting Dale a present so as she consult her friends, they are unsure what to get that guy. Dale feels he is left in the dark since Latina doesn’t want to tell him. And he can’t force it out of a loli’s mouth either. Yeah, this guy is sinking into depression thinking Latina doesn’t need him as she stops by Chloe’s house (brainstorming for present ideas) and even doing some work behind his back (nothing shady, mind you). Eventually his blues are blown away when Latina gives him a handmade bag for his birthday. Surprise! Flashback shows Latina consulted Kenneth that she needed money to buy something for Dale. So to earn her keep, she learns things under his apprenticeship. Now Dale is bragging to everyone in the bar how Latina made this bag for him. The next morning it snows and Latina gets her first experience. So was she living under the cave all this time? When a usual customer, Jilvester AKA Jil leaves the bar, Latina notices he forgot his wallet. She goes to return it to him. On her way back, a couple of shady guys try to ask her for directions. Smart Latina can tell they are bad guys because of that typical trademark bad guy face. She tries to run for it but the slippery ice made her slip. The baddies try to kidnap her but luckily Jil is here. They try to give excuses but nobody messes with Dale’s loli. Fortunately no blood will be spilt today as the lieutenant of the police is here. He seems to comprehend the situation and has those baddies arrested. Damn, it must be so bad luck to have that kind of face, huh? He warns about the recent black market in selling other races. He knows a lot about Latina because he is Sylvia’s father and heard a lot from his daughter. Dale thought he could replenish himself with Latina’s smile after another tough mission. He gets jealous seeing Latina with Jil. WTF is this?! But for today, Jil is Latina’s hero, okay?

Episode 6
Rita is pregnant?! Man, that escalated quickly. Hence thoughtful Dale thinks of moving out with Latina. But what’s this? They say Dale can leave but let Latina stay?! She has been an irreplaceable employee and has been saving up. She might have enough for her own dowry. I guess that joke has gone too far so it triggers Dale he won’t have any of that! Back to the serious side of this episode, Dale prepares to head to his hometown and he gave Latina the option to stay or follow. No prize to guess which she picked. Because she wants to bring a cooking knife along, Kenneth opines a multi-purpose knife should be better. Hence he takes her to Rudy’s father’s shop as he is a blacksmith. I guess pops has a hard time thinking this little girl is looking for a real knife than a toy knife. Rudy is surprised to see Latina here. Even more so that he learns she is going on a trip. Wow. This guy is panicking and he could be Dale number 2. It seems Latina didn’t tell her friends of this trip so Kenneth advises her to do so because it would be just as bad if her friends disappear without saying anything. Meanwhile Dale is shopping for a magic robe for his precious. He has the misfortune to stumble into a mage, Helmine. Despite knowing she is trouble, he has nobody to seek for help from this hot babe to help him pick out the right magic robe. In return, she hopes to one day meet Latina as a fellow spell caster. Dale and Latina soon begin their journey but before that, Latina wants to pass by her father’s grave to pay her respects. They encounter a few magic beasts but it is thanks to Latina’s intuition and ability to sense danger that gives Dale enough time to prepare. Latina tries to explain this providence or foresight ability she has but from what I understand, probably it’s just guts feeling. I could be wrong… Latina manages to go up to her father’s grave and it’s going to take a while since she has a lot of things to tell him. I didn’t know demons’ ritual for the dead is so like humans’.

Episode 7
Stopping by a town for the night, Latina keeps a diary of her journeys. No peeking, Dale! Then they put their beds together to sleep. Funny, I thought a bed is big enough for them both and they still have room. They reach the port town of Qualle. While dining in a fine restaurant, Latina notices the performer wearing the same armlet as hers. A few days later they arrange to talk to her, Glaros. Latina wastes no time to tell she is a demon with broken horns so Glaros also reveals she is also a demon and comes from the demon country of the first Demon Lord, Vassilios. Though it is a custom for demon mothers to raise their child, armlets are passed down by fathers to their offspring to celebrate the birth of their child because it is hard for demons to conceive. Glaros is certain Latina is born in Vassilios as it’s the only demon country to practice this as this is not a tradition in the third and sixth Demon Lord’s domain. Then there’s something about the first Demon Lord being killed by the second and perhaps currently there is no Demon Lord ruling over Vassilios right now. Also, unlike Vassilios that closes off its borders to the outside world, there are other calamitous Demon Lords who love to fight and kill like the second, fourth and seventh. Latina then asks the hardest question about Glaros meeting her human husband. Well, he had a good long life. They had no children because if it’s already hard for demons to conceive a child, what more with a human. A little lift from the gloom because Glaros has always been happy since she met her husband. Continuing their journey, Dale and Latina hold hands and then Dale feel the need to carry her. But of course.

Episode 8
Dale stops by at Joseph’s village. He is his relative and a furry. Joseph’s mom is Dale’s dad’s second cousin. Damn, sounds confusing… Joseph has his own family too, wife Ute and baby Maya. When you have a kid who looks like an animal, you wonder if the kid doubles as a pet too. Cute Latina + Cute Maya = Too much cuteness in this household! Dale notices Latina gets worried when they were talking about some prophecy thingy. He wonders if this is the reason why she was chased out from her village. When Maya starts crying uncontrollably, it is because she detected Latina’s sad feelings. Trying to put up a tough front? So with Ute telling her to let the tears flow, Latina starts crying. Damn, this house is noisy with 2 crying kids. Later Latina talks to Dale about the prophecy. She thinks it says she is a bad girl and the reason why her dad died. Dale gives his perspective on this prophecy thingy. Because it didn’t describe her in any specific way, she shouldn’t worry too much. When Dale and Latina leave, Maya puts up a tantrum. She doesn’t want Latina to go. Poor Joseph got a few baby kicks in the face just to hold her back. Better go now. We see Dale trying to outrun his pursuers as well as evading lots of traps. Turns out they are his family. Is this their sick way of greeting their son? We finally arrive at Dale’s hometown, Teathrow. Oddly this is not the village’s name but a reference to all those who live here. Huh? Nobody here has surnames and Dale’s surname is actually his job description in some language. Latina stamps her authority because I guess she doesn’t understand family sarcasm so she has Dale and granny be nice to each other. Wow. Latina so cute when she’s ‘mad’… Meeting the parents, Latina gets worried when hearing about the wedding. Turns out Dale’s brother, Yorck will be marrying the nearby village head’s daughter. Phew. So relieved. That night, Dale thought he heard Latina’s voice. He enters her room only to see her cowering at a corner. Once again, it’s that insecurity of not wanting to be alone. Of course he accompanies her to bed so you bet this is going to be some touchy topic when mom finds them sleeping together. Nothing naughty happened but I guess they’ve got something new to tease their son. It’s like as though they really want to make him out as a lolicon. Oh Latina, you’re the only one who can heal Dale’s hurt feelings now…

Episode 9
Latina writes home to update what is happening. Since her stay at Teathrow is long, she also takes some magic and cooking studies. Big bonus is that she gets to play with lots of pups too. And of course more of Dale and Latina sweet screen time and assurance that they’re happy with each other. One day, grandma decides to take Latina to the mountains to show a secret. When Dale notices this, he becomes suspicious and tails Latina. What’s this? Latina feeding some white winged wolf? Dale scolds her for trying to feed wild animals as this would make them depend on the food and it might carry some disease. However the wolf can speak and snarls at Dale! It is then Dale realizes this is a phantasmic beast. He is surprised because such intelligent creatures don’t live near human settlements. Latina then brings Dale to its entire family just nearby. As explained, these beasts have made a pact with the ancestors of Teathrow that they will co-exist together as neighbours without stepping into each other’s territory. Dale is surprised that Latina has become so friendly with them that she even gives their leader a belly rub! For your information, Latina is not human… At night, everyone prepares for Yorck’s wedding. Seeing this, Dale thinks he is definitely not going to let anyone marry his Latina and will break all his bones! OMFG! However the thought that Latina might hate him for rejecting her boyfriend is too much to bear! Oh dear! While the celebration goes on, why is Latina putting on a sad face? Ah, kids her age wants to grow up fast. Dale then rethinks back had he not take up this Reki job, he wouldn’t have left the village. Because Teathrow doesn’t belong to any nation, there are other lords that might want to take over this dominion. Hence they make some political pacts to stay safe. But to avoid outsiders from meddling, this Reki job is supposedly viewed as a divine gift and a hero. Dale took up this job in hopes of protecting Teathrow from outside. He was at a lost and not sure if he was doing anything to protect his village until he met Latina. Someone to protect. In a way, she saved him. Back to the party, I guess Dale got drunk announcing Latina belongs to him. Because everybody is family, I guess they didn’t see him hugging Latina as some sort of rape potential. Grandma is ever so nice to offer some advice if Latina ever wants to get married and beat up this idiotic grandson. Oh yeah. That’s what family is for. Uh huh. Let’s all laugh over it!

Episode 10
It is time to leave Teathrow and return to Kreutz. Time to say goodbye to everyone too. The winged wolves give them their magic feathers. It will help scare off lesser intelligent beasts when they travel home. Grandma gives Latina a gift. It’s not going to take up any space as that gift is a name. This signifies that she can come back here whenever she wants. Later Dale realizes why grandma put up Latina to meet the winged wolves. Because she helps brushed their feathers, they managed to get a whole bunch of their magic feathers that they will use to make protective clothes when they tend to the fields. Normally they would have to wait till they shed them but looks like Latina did a pretty good job. And so grandma also gives Latina a couple of ribbons made from those feathers. After leaving Teathrow, they stop by at Joseph’s place. Oh dear. We can see this coming. Maya throwing herself at Latina. Yeah, daddy so sad that Maya doesn’t want him anymore. Hence the plan is to leave early tomorrow morning while they’re asleep to avoid that ruckus. However somehow Maya crawled in to sleep next to Latina. Plan failed. And so it’s that déjà vu scene again with Maya giving off her legendary wailing and this time Dale and Latina have to leave fast. No long goodbyes now. Gotta go. Resting at Qualle, Latina wants to buy souvenirs for her friends. Then there is this bright coloured hair person known as Rose Princess passing by. Dale is amazed Latina knows that the glow is due to magical traits of her person. Although she was born in a place with people with high magical traits, Latina herself has low magical traits and is hereditary since her father too doesn’t have such high magic qualities. And now they’ve finally arrived back at Kreutz. Latina greets Kenneth and Rita. With Latina back, I guess it is double celebration for all the patrons. Their favourite server is back! So good to have her back, right?

Episode 11
Latina’s back and you bet her friends are happy to listen to her tales. Chloe has been keeping Latina’s broken horn as a charm. But wait. Why does Rudy have one too? We all know why but Latina believes his reason to keep it because it’s rare. But what’s this? Latina sighing? The customers think she is having romance issues but it turns out she wants to go to a cat’s gathering like her friends did. Phew, right? Dale has this sneaky plan to take her there as long as he accompanies her but Jil usurps him because he’ll go ask his neighbour, Shihesu Gojo a bachelor who lives with his cats. That name rings a bell for Dale because he was grandpa’s partner during his adventuring days. Dale and Latina visit Shihesu’s place. Poor Latina, the cats don’t like her? Except for one! Good enough. Meanwhile the adults talk about things. This includes Shihesu’s original homeland on a faraway island that has a high child mortality rate. So when a child reaches a certain age, they put some extravagant costume on them to celebrate. Sounds familiar… And of course we want to let Latina try that outfit. Yup, it’s a kimono. Looking over the top kawaii. Shihesu thinks this land should adopt this tradition. I can see the kind of influence Latina is going to have if this is accepted. Latina will become God! So I guess for that kind of investment, Dale willingly splurges on this kimono. Any money he spends on Latina is not a waste! Never an upper limit! And of course her attraction power increases dramatically back at the bar. Meanwhile a baby winged wolf wants to go see Latina but papa doesn’t allow it because it is too young. Offspring throws tantrum and threatens to tell mama… WTF.

Episode 12
Helmine visits the bar. Uh oh. Latina’s womanly guts are ringing like hell! Who this woman?! And to show that Latina ‘owns’ Dale, she hugs him and never lets go. Unfortunately Helmine will be staying here for a while. That’s because she and Dale will be paired up on some away mission. Damn. I think this situation is more dangerous! And when a woman says she is not mad, SHE IS MAD! Wow. Latina so young, already so like that. With Helmine hanging around the bar, you bet the other patrons are going to be confused with Latina’s ‘less than satisfying service’. But Helmine isn’t going to play the nice lady. She teases Latina about her small stature since Latina herself has been harbouring hopes of growing up fast. It doesn’t help at all since her classmates especially Rudy talking about her being compared to as a baby. Hence Latina talks to Kenneth about small. Not her stature, but her boobs! Erm, why not talk to Rita? No way. She’s flat! WTF?! And so the rumoured solution is to drink milk… One night, Helmine talks to Dale to advise him about how certain creatures live longer than humans. That’s why they don’t attach themselves to someone special. Otherwise you have to live with that pain. So if he cares about her, live as long as you can! As Latina’s grade will be graduating, her friends are going to walk different paths. Is this to shoehorn in some last moments with Rudy because he is going to join the reserved army? Don’t worry. Many visit Kenneth’s bar so you can still see her, right? Before Dale departs on his mission, he has Latina visit her father’s grave. He narrates he might not live as long as her but as long as he is alive, he will protect her. Dale’s goodbye to Latina could have been longer had not Helmine just tell him to get going. One more Latina hug for the road, please? And as Latina narrate about her being blessed and being grateful to those around her, Rita finally gives birth. Not sure if Kenneth’s bar is now a nursery because you have the baby, loli Latina and even Maya and the winged wolf pup coming to visit! Oh dear. I smell another rivalry coming up… And as expected, Dale returns from his mission safely and gets a big Latina hug.

Always Forever Daddy’s Girl!
Heh. I guess we’re not going to play along with Dale-Helmine being a pair. Because it would have really sucked and be a big time shocker if Latina were to actually blow her head off and go into some full blown jealousy rage. That would be so unthinkable! Hey. Even if she is just a young girl, she still has the guts and genes of a woman! Don’t underestimate woman! But thankfully, Dale has already clearly made his choice and Helmine is just like a cock teaser or something. I guess she is old mature enough to not be a family wrecker. Phew. Good for them. Good for us. Good for everybody. Now we can continue fawning over Dale x Latina’s relationship.

I’m in a dilemma whether to call this series ultimately boring or pleasantly calming. Because this is sure no Aria The Animation or its spiritual successor, Amanchu. But with all the violent and nonsensical slapstick comedies seasons in and seasons out, such calming and cute series is very much welcomed. So if you aren’t feeling nauseated by the time you finished watching this series, then congratulations! This series is for you! So feel free to continue fawning over the cuteness of Latina as she serves us in her trademark cutie smiles. Oh yeah. Definitely would bright up anyone’s day or cheer up anyone who has had a long day!

Due to the very calming nature of this series, it isn’t just peace and tranquillity of the cuteness factor all the way. Why, there are some ‘heart wrenching’ moments where Latina was tormented! Gasp! Latina being tormented?! WHO WOULD DARE???!!! Well, remember that crazy scene whereby that crazy fascist teacher pulled Latina by her horns? Oh man, that was harrowing! The most traumatic scene ever! I don’t know if I’m ever going to get over that! And then there is also the danger of shady people wanting to kidnap and sell Latina in the black market. Thankfully that never happened. But you see, all this could have made the series more interesting because it at least gives some story to tell. Maybe elevating Dale’s status to be Latina’s true hero each time he comes to rescue her. But I guess we don’t want Latina to turn into a loli in distress and are already going for that cute calmness and since that itself is already too much to take, we’re just going to sweep all those threats under the carpet like as though they never happened. Don’t want to watch Latina go through all that, do we? WE MUST PROTECT LATINA’S SMILE AT ALL COSTS!!!

It would have been slightly interesting if the lore and setting of this world is further explored. For instance the several Demon Lords mentioned here as well as the different types of beasts and races. And the Rose Princess thingy whom Dale knows? Yeah. So what of it? It felt redundant to have all this mentioned because it didn’t even matter at all. Like as though in case there is another season, maybe they could use this setting. Because as I’ve said previously, the black market thingy was just short-lived and never even came close to materializing. Hence Latina was never close to true danger. All so as not to take away the spotlight from Latina’s ever glowing cuteness. I guess we’re not ready to sacrifice all that for the sake of TV drama and suspense.

And having said all that, I guess all the characters are… Uhm… Boring… I mean, okay. We can’t keep fawning over whatever Latina does so I guess it doesn’t matter what others do, right? There are lots of conspiracy theories about Dale and Latina’s relationship once Latina reaches a certain age. Yup. Once she is legal of age, can Dale finally sexualize her? I mean she eventually has to grow up? But I am making this assumption that since demons live longer than humans, it would take a lot more years for Latina to become a teen and by the time she reaches that, Dale would have been an old man! So too bad, no f*cking a loli for the moment! Unless you tell me that demons grow up at the same normal rate like humans and only they stagnate when they reach adulthood? I don’t know. As long as Latina remains a loli, happiness is spread everywhere! Banzai Latina-chan! I don’t know whether to feel annoyed each time Dale fawns over Latina because you got to admit, she’s the cutest thing ever! And would it not be an insult if you do not fawn over something cute! Hey, look at all the grown men in Kenneth’s bar being mesmerized over Latina’s charms! We can certainly see why Kenneth’s bar is experiencing brisk business. But if you think about it, it is also a den filled with grown men… Potential loli rape… NOOO!!!! DON’T EVEN THINK OF THAT!!!!!!! I guess it is also not child exploitation as long as Latina is happy with her waitressing job and everybody loves her, huh?

And the rest of the other characters… Oh yeah, everybody loves Latina so much because she is such a cute and nice girl. What else to say? Humans like her, other creatures also like her. What else to say some more? We see she has a bunch of friends at school so that she is not alone for a little girl her age. Potential love interest with a certain boy but that is another story. Could be an interesting one… Dale or Rudy… Latina is now like family now that she has met Dale’s family and she certainly she has lots of godfathers, Jil and those rowdy guys at the bar. Don’t forget those winged wolves whom she ‘tamed’ by giving them a good belly rub. And nobody has turned into a fanatic BFF like Maya. Latina’s like her security blanket… Oh wow. Latina, you are so loved by everybody! No other demon clan character is this loved so much as her!!! Oh Latina, you are ironically truly blessed! Let’s just hope that when Latina grows up, everyone will still continue to love her like their little girl always. That’s when we see the true test if you’re just a lolicon or not…

One thing that boggles my mind is some of the chants that Dale said, it seems to be in some weird language. I thought it was German since you know, the town of Kreutz… Such a German name… Heh… But the more I listen to the gibberish he says, the more I wonder if it is some lesser known language. Google Translate didn’t help so I am confused if this is just made up language. Because you see, when he says the gibberish, they also translated this gibberish in the subtitles to let us know what he actually says. So I thought it must be an actual language. Maybe it isn’t any real one in the first place and they’re just making it up as they go along.

Art and animation are okay. Animated by Maho Film and this is their debut anime and so far their only series they have animated. Everything here looks bright and colourful, like as though this is a series aimed at younger audience. It could have totally been one had not for that few dark parts. Yeah, never do I want to see Latina break her horn again! Heck, there are a few parts in the earlier episodes where there are blood and death! This is more of when Dale goes adventuring and has to fight evil creatures and bad people. The cuteness of Latina seems to remind me that she looks like other cute lolis in other anime series. Namely, Asahi from Shichisei No Subaru. More Latina bonus because every episode’s mid-intermission eyecatch, you get to see Latina in different outfits. SO FREAKING KAWAII!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO COSPLAY AND DRESS UP THIS LOLI!!!!

One reason why I said in my opening paragraph that this might be some weird spinoff of To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator is because Dale is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto. Yup, that guy with the crazy voice. Now pair him with a loli, doesn’t this make this pair look like Accelerator x Last Order? Hmm… Dale-ccelerator x Last-ina Order!!! Oh sh*t! Can’t unsee this now!!! Latina is voiced by Kanon Takao (Yuu in Anitore! EX) and well… As cute as she tries to sound, sometimes I feel like you can’t hide the fact that this is a grown woman trying to fake the sound of a loli. But since she sounds cute, I guess I’ll let that slide. The rest of the other casts are Tsuyoshi Koyama as Kenneth (Youhei in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Manami Numakura as Rita (Paula in Nisekoi), Tomomichi Nishimura as Jil (Anzai in Slam Dunk), Yuuki Kuwahara as Chloe (Tooru in Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon), Marika Kouno as Sylvia (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby), Mutsumi Tamura as Rudy (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Mai Nakahara as Helmine (Mai in Mai-HiME) and Yui Fukuo as Maya (Linze in Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni – on a personal note, I kinda hate her character Maya in constant crying mode. My ears can’t stop ringing…).

If you want more Latina goodness and cuteness, be glad to know that she sings the opening theme, I’m With You. Despite this rock outfit, I guess she still does make it sound cute. But the one that takes the cake is the ending theme. Nope, not Latina singing it but Dale! OMFG! It is with both cuteness and cringe when hearing this song. Because of the hip hop nature of this song, the ‘funny’ part is how Dale’s seiyuu sings it and like I said, it is both cute and cringe worthy. One moment you are fawning at how cute he sings it but the next your hairs could stand on ends at how cringe it is. Especially the final lines that has him go. “Chu chu chu chu chu chu chu”. Yeah… I don’t want to hear this song again but something is compelling me to listen to it again… OMG. I’m… Addicted… To it…

Overall, this isn’t a cute girls doing cute things genre but rather, CUTE LATINA DOING CUTE THINGS!!! Yes, all the colourful and sparkly cuteness from this demon loli steals the show at every turn and moment and possibly some of our hearts. The only real danger is turning some of us into lolicons. Good thing I’m still not! Really! So if you are looking for some good wholesome anime with decent characters (but a very cute main one) and a decent storyline (although everything revolves around everything Latina does oh so cutely), then this is definitely a must see. A good show to also tell us that even though you’re not related by blood, love all around still makes you family. Just make sure the cuteness doesn’t run out. Ever. Latina-chan hontou ni kawaii sugiru ~kyun…

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