As if the end of the TV series wasn’t bad enough to kill us with its cliff-hanger tension, then the damn Corona virus had to delay Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo OVA for a few months! Oh yeah. Aren’t we just dying to see the conclusion of the TV series already? Although I’m pretty much confident of how things will end up, we’d love to see how the main character who claims himself as not the main character makes a comeback, right? We all love underdog stories. That’s why they had to split the OVA into 3 long episodes. However I saw it as one long movie and broke my own curse of not watching anime movies! OMG. This is such a milestone! Yeah, the tension really literally made me do it!

Oretachi No Game Set
Time for a little flashback and elaboration when Joro was waiting outside the stadium for Sun. It was then Pansy came to talk to him and wanted to be friends. No matter how sexy and beautiful she is, thankfully power of friendship > power of boners so he has to put off their conversation to some other time. Now we delve further into Sun’s past. Being a reserved guy, he found it hard to make friends and was a loner. The only person, Shiba whom he thought was his only friend betrayed him. Eventually he found out he was talking behind his back all the time and was like the rest who hoped he was never around. Instead of being angry, he was scared since his fear was being hated by others. Ever since, Sun decided to adopt his nickname and new sunshiny persona. On the outside he is a cheery and popular guy but on the inside he is still the same gloomy guy. Now we return to reality as we resume where we left off. As we all know, each girl received a hairclip and will give it to the guy they love. The one with the most hairclip at the end wins. But as we have seen, Cosmos, Himawari and Asunaro already gave theirs to Hose. Making it even worse, the girls make clear rules that all seem to go against Joro’s favour! On the day of the game, Himawari calls Joro to go to the game together. But he can clearly hear a conspiracy behind this because with Cosmos and Asunaro, they’re going to call the rest of the girls and get them to give their hairclips to Hose (part of the rules state when a girl hands her hairclip, both guys must be present). Hence Joro for pretty much of the day tries to avoid these girls. Yeah, the rules are so damn complicated that we need another round of explanation! Hey. At least this time they’re better presented.

Joro spots Pansy at the stands and tries to secretly go talk to her to convince her to give her hairclip to him. But first she asks what she thinks of him. He can’t answer right now. He also has to leave since Hose is seen nearby. After Joro helps a lost girl find her sister, he hopes this magnanimous act would convince Cherry who is watching him to give her hairclip. He even tries convincing her that he’ll help to get her and Hose together. Nope. She’d rather play the supporting role. As she is about to call Hose, Joro then gropes her boobs! Cherry beats him up but makes a mess out of the place. While she is forced to clean up, this enables Joro to escape. Later Joro stumbles into Hose. The former pointing out he saw him talking to Pansy. But Hose notes that one hairclip isn’t that important since he is just 1 hairclip away from clinching victory. He tries to call the other girls but this place has no reception. Joro then helps a girl finds her keys but luckily he has help from Sasanqua. I guess he has to promise to reward her afterwards. Of course this is part of the act to convince Tsukimi who is watching him. Instantly she shoots down his proposal to give her hairclip. Nothing can convince her not to support Hose. Before Joro can run away, Himawari and Asunaro grab hold of him! Time to call Hose. But first, more Sun flashbacks. After he made friends with Joro, he thought he was the same kind of person. The kind of guy who has something to hide and put on a façade. But one day he realized his mistake. As usual, Shiba was badmouthing Sun behind his back. That was when Joro came up to him to defend Sun. He will not forgive anyone who tries to sabotage his friend with lies. After the confrontation, Joro reverted to his timid ways. It was then Sun realized the kind of person Joro is. Unlike him who did things to be liked, Joro did things to protect others.

A private meeting between Joro and Hose reveals the latter wants to amend the rules. The loser now cannot associate himself with Pansy’s friends too. Uhm, can they just amend the rules like that without consent from other girls? Oh well, if Joro agrees, he must be pretty confident, right? Joro knows Hose is a totally different person and true enough, he shows his true colours. Hose’s intention is to rid every last atom of Joro’s existence from Pansy’s life so as to claim her for his. He also knows the different layers of masks he puts on for others as well those he hides. Before the big final game, looks like more Sun flashback. To sum up this flashback, we see Pansy talking to Sun as she confided in him about the person she likes. Turns out to be Joro. During the game, Shiba tries to apologize to Sun for all that he has done but Sun doesn’t think he should because he himself is no better. Relating about a certain someone he wanted to beat so badly that he resorted to underhanded ways, no matter how much he tried, he could never beat him or be at his level. In the end, he realized he can just be himself.

Before Cherry and Tsukimi could give their hairclip to Hose, Cosmos and Himawari stop them and try to convince them not to give up their own love and use Pansy as an excuse. Both relate their own feelings and experience because they know they’re lying about their own feelings and acting so the person they love wouldn’t hate them. They admit so but they still blame Pansy for it. But with more words of motivation and how their bonds were there, Cherry and Tsukimi confess their feelings to Hose but of course he apologizes. As expected, right? Cherry gives her hairclip to Joro but Tsukimi give hers to Hose. Now, you would think that Hose with 4 clips out of 6, he is the winner, right? But Joro is not scared. This is where his real tactic comes to play. Remember those girls he helped? Along with Tsubaki and Sasanqua, he has now 10 hairclips! I mean, the rules did not state he can only receive from the 6 girls, right? Oh yeah. Joro winning. But guess what? Hose also had the same idea! He has tons of his fan girls to come give him their hairclips! OMG! He has amassed 98 hairclips!!! Hose figured out his plan as he observed Joro sneaking about in the stadium and knew something was up. The other girls get desperate and want to change but looks like it is obvious some rules they want to change, they can’t because it was clearly stated down already. Can’t change your vote or give multiple hairclips from the same girl. Hose brags on his win and reveals the rule adjustment of those friends with Pansy will also have to stop talking to Joro. But of course there is a way out of this: Stop being friends with Pansy. Immediately they shoot down this idea since they will not stop being friends with her.

Before Hose could claim ultimate victory by asking Pansy’s hairclip, here comes Sun and Tanpopo. Looks like Sun has gathered his ton of fan girls to give their hairclips to Joro! Hose is shocked because he didn’t see Joro talk to Sun at all. Joro hints this plan was initiated from the very start and because of their deep bonds, I guess they understood each other. Also, as the rules state, the game ends when all the original 6 girls hand over their hairclips. It is the same reason why Joro somewhat had Pansy delayed giving hers. So as long as the game doesn’t end, he can still get hairclips from other girls. With the Joro’s new tally, he now has caught up to the same total as Hose. Hose is now desperate. What about the outcome of the baseball game? To ramp up the drama, we see Sun losing faith and about to give up. But seeing Joro’s written motivation underneath his cap, yeah, that should do to trick. In other words, Sun’s team wins! Sun then confronts Pansy about their promise to become his girlfriend if his team wins. He wants to call that promise off. Hose is now freaking desperate. He tries resorting to stealing and the likes but remember, the rules. Not even Cherry and Tsukimi are willing to obey his command to convince Pansy to give her hairclip. While Hose wants Pansy to give it to him, Joro tells her to do what she wants. And with that, she hands the hairclip to Joro because she is in love with him. With that, Joro wins 100-98! Hose resorts to name calling like Joro being a nobody. He admits it but at the same time he is nobody’s pawn. Because he is an ordinary guy, he knows he can’t fight alone and has friends. Hose faints from the shock as his girls take him away. I suppose that’s his cue to exit the stage. Bye. Forever. And Joro revels in his victory. Correction. Make that their victory!

Now the toughest part is here. Joro is going to confess to which girl he likes. He faces Pansy and confesses to her. So that makes Pansy the winner, right? Well, then he also does the same for the rest of the girls. He’s going for a harem? Yeah, one girl a day. Apparently the girls don’t like this harem idea and leave this jerk alone. So as Joro has only Tsubaki to confide in, she knows that Joro made such decision so as not to ruin their friendship. Had he chose one, this would fracture their relationship and the ultimate goal was to give Pansy best friends. Of course Joro denies this since he is not one to choose and just reports. Joro then gets all the skewers to go to his best friend, the other person he loves. Gosh. So he’s gay?! Nah. Just kidding. So the guys have their time together as they reminisce things. Sun especially realizing that the girls eventually reject him. So is Joro the only one who is in love with him? We can only take that as a (gay) joke. Of course we can’t end this with a seemingly gay scene so we have a very beautiful Pansy in her true form accompanying Joro for a walk as she thanks him for keeping his promise. It makes her very happy and yeah, once more another confession she loves him.

We Will Always Love You!
That was a nice conclusion to it all. Everything ends beautifully and whatever the friends protected from the start to finish, they did it with perseverance thanks to the power of bonds. That bond is put to the ultimate test in revealing Hose as the series’ antagonist. Well, if you look it from that perspective. So I guess it’s bittersweet memories, that is all he’s taking with him, so goodbye, please don’t cry, we all know that’s what he needed. Heh. I just somewhat butchered Whitney’s Houston’s hit… So Hose is just like everybody else having his own façade for others and the hidden side. Now I understand perhaps why Pansy wanted to get away from him. But I hope he honours the deal since being the guy he is, he might not want to give up on Pansy after losing in such a sore manner. But that’s another possible story for another time. In the meantime, you can count on Joro will forever be Joro. After all, he is eventually the chosen main character. The question now is how to get his harem dream come true if he is to take his main character role to the next cliché step… Hmmm… I wonder if masking it under the guise of friendship will count. But I believe Joro wanting to truly be friends with everyone, that’s no mask. That’s his real side.

The game to outwit each other and get more hairclips looks quite interesting and clever. Though, I did predict this in my previous blog, I didn’t go further like these guys. So I guess I wasn’t as smart at them if I were to be put in the same challenge :’(. It isn’t the case of rules exist to be broken, but how one interprets them. This is how the law works. But I’m not going there. Many of the main girls didn’t get much an important role here because of the seemingly mind game between Joro and Hose as well as the flashbacks of Sun trying to reconcile with himself about his own worth and what’s important to him. Just a little bit displeased that Tsubaki feels more like an extra here. Like she didn’t matter except when the plot commands her to show up. And Sasanqua the eternal tsundere. It’s not that she wants to do this, you know! Although they seem minimal, but for a ‘normal’ guy like Joro, these little sum of its parts prove the greatest. The bench didn’t get played as a running joke here but the harbinger of doom seems to have its roots way back to Sun’s confession for Pansy. Thankfully, the final scene of Joro and Sun together on the bench, no break ups were initiated. I guess it only works between a boy and girl, huh?

Overall, this OVA is an enjoyable conclusion to those who have been waiting for one since the TV series ended even if it is still filled with its typical anime clichés. You know, main guy somewhat gets the girl in the end and the main villain is forever vanquished?! Not sure if there would be another season since I just found out the manga ended a month before this OVA was released! Only time will tell if Joro will add more ‘flower girls’ to his harem. In a huge garden filled with a variety of flowers, a watering can can continue to keep this floral garden beautiful because it allows you to be up personal with the flower you’re watering rather than the superior hose that can spray and reach a wide area. That’s why this series bloomed so beautifully. But it won’t be the only series that I’ll always love :-).

Taking a quick glance at the title, I thought Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo was something similar to that horrible sister series, Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai. Still get somewhat confused with the title even till this day. But thankfully, no little sister fetish here. Romcom harem anime series. Phew. Better. My style, my taste. Heh. And as you would expect from a romcom harem series, love polygons and dramas ensuing left, right, up, down, centre and everywhere. Who loves who? Better keep a flowchart if you want to keep tabs on everybody’s relationship to each other. Just in case. It’s more complicated than falling in love with your own sister!

Episode 1
Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi is a normal high school kid. I guess it is pretty normal for him to have a genki childhood friend too, Aoi “Himawari” Hinata. Must be pretty normal for him to be best friends with the school’s famous baseball ace, Taiyou “Sun” Oga. Oh yeah. There’s that hot cool beauty, Sakura “Cosmos” Akino who is also the student council president. Yup. Pretty normal life. Cosmos asks Joro out on a date this Saturday. Could he say no? At the end of the day, she wants to confess something. There is somebody she likes… That person is Sun!!! Shock! It all happened at some baseball game in which she saw him banging his head on the wall after a dejected loss. Uh, what? She wants his help to bring them together. Can’t refuse those puppy dog eyes, no? Next day, it is Himawari’s turn to date him. At the end of the day, she wants to confess something. There is somebody she likes… You’ve guessed it. Sun!!! Déjà vu! Damn it, same reason how she fell for him? And double drats, she wants him to help her get close to Sun?! Can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes too. It’s no wonder back home, Joro is so frustrated and f*ck this sh*t mentality! But he thinks he still has a hope. By helping them both, Sun will eventually choose one and he’ll be happy with whoever he rejects. And so Joro returns to his normal life. This time lots of sarcasm added to his thoughts. Yeah, that b*tch and minx. He does help Himawari and Cosmos get their chance to talk to Sun but with them blowing their chances, he just wishes they shut their trap and not ruin the effort he put in. Because the duo keep looking for him, Joro wants peace and quiet during recess. The only place he could find solace is the library. However he has to put up with Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin. Despite being a quiet girl, she has a sharp tongue. His nightmare comes true when Pansy reveals he knows all about him trying to help his friends get along with Sun. She knows all about him too because she is his stalker! She threatens to reveal his other secrets if he doesn’t listen to her. Oh dear. Is this déjà vu again? Yup. Somebody she likes whom she wants to confess…. Sun, right? Nope. It’s you, Joro!!! Surprise! However Joro must continue to talk to her in this badass jerk way as she loves him in this mode instead of his normal gentle version. She wants them to continue talking here like this every day.

Episode 2
So Joro has to tell Pansy how he planned to help Himawari and Cosmos. Yeah, setting up Himawari to watch a movie with Sun as well as setting up Cosmos to have lunch with Sun is no easy feat. If only the girls would just shut up and play along! Thank goodness so far so good. But Pansy throws in the biggest question: What if Sun likes a girl. Damn! Hence Joro asks Sun directly if he likes a girl. Because he is his best friend, he will tell him. Yes, there is a girl he likes. Guess who? Pansy!!! Oh sh*t! Of all people! WTF is that baseball game scenario how he met her after his dejected loss?! Oh, Sun wants Joro’s help to get closer to Pansy? No can’t do. But Joro gives him some baseball metaphor advice. Joro meets with Pansy wan the moment he asks her about Sun, she catches on. Whatever he is thinking, no. She only loves him. As he tries to bug her, she tells him off, giving others the wrong idea he is trying to ask her out. Then Sun comes by and gets the wrong idea they are being close (because Joro said they aren’t). Thankfully, Pansy covers for Joro and says that he was just telling him about the student council spot check. While Sun is relieved, Pansy is apparently upset so Joro is freed from coming to the library for a few days. During that time, he helps plan for Himawari and Cosmos. One day, Cosmos calls Joro to meet. Oh no. Something wrongs. Look at that deadly aura! Apparently Sun told her he loves Pansy and wanted her help to get them close together! No sh*t! Also, Sun took Joro’s baseball metaphor the wrong way, hence Cosmos thinks Joro is a liar. Goodbye jerk. Don’t need your help now. Gotta go help my crush win the girl he likes. And then a call from Himawari to meet. Oh no. Damn right it’s déjà vu! Same thing. Joro told her about his love for Pansy and wants her help to get them together. Also, misinterpreted baseball metaphor. Joro, you liar! Don’t need your help anymore. Gotta go help my crush win the girl he likes. Joro then confronts Pansy. He is about to tell her off he has had enough of all this seeing that she hints she knows the situation with Sun. But she notes it is going to get more interesting now because Sun, Himawari and Cosmos walk in to see them together. Sh*t just hit the fan.

Episode 3
As the girls rip him apart, this is when Joro snaps. He tells them off that they used him for their own convenience. This makes them feel guilty. All that is left is to explain the truth. However Pansy turns up and says even if what Joro said is true, why was he encouraging a romantic relationship with her and Sun? Liar? Now that the tables are turned on him again, Sun punches him and forbids him to come near any of these girls. Just like that, Joro lost everything. Rumours spread and he becomes a bully subject. One day Pansy tells Joro to come to the library. On pretence to tell him to get her a book, shortly after Sun comes in. He looks happy talking to Pansy. That is when Pansy asks why he tricked Joro and trapped him. After talking to him for a week, she finds it strange that he should have noticed Himawari and Cosmos’ feelings due to the effort Joro put in to help them. It’s like he wanted to have bad blood with him and have his trust lost among the girls. Because Joro refused to help him when he asked for romantic help, that’s when he switched to find a way to trick him. As Joro’s contact with her wasn’t part of his plan, the reason he ‘enlisted’ Himawari and Cosmos to help out. Pansy pretended to be against Joro otherwise Sun would suspect she was on his side. She asks him again why he tricked and trapped Joro. Because he lost to him. Back in middle school, a girl asked Sun for a favour to help her get closer to Joro. He felt jealous and even told her about Joro’s true nature. Even so, she was okay with that. And of course that made him mad. Even knowing that Pansy likes Joro, Sun feels he has lost to him again. Normally it would be best for Sun if he shut up and left but he continues to brag how he wants to bring Joro down and badmouths Himawari and Cosmos trusting every word he said.

As for why Pansy likes Joro, I guess Sun hasn’t realized it. Joro’s true personality. Despite helping Himawari and Cosmos, everything he did was for Sun. Also, he wouldn’t have betrayed them just to ask Pansy to go out with Sun. And yet Sun betrayed him. So when did she first like him? Oh, that baseball thingy again. Before she went to see Sun, she saw Joro standing there at the gates waiting for him with his favourite food. Everyone who passed laughed at him. Because Joro is selfless and acts without jealousy for the sake of his friends, that is the reason she loves him. Normally it would be right for Sun to just leave. But this jerk threatens to do something to Pansy since nobody is around! I guess cue for Joro to pop out after hearing all that. Joro tells Sun off that he can say bad or laugh at them. But do not belittle their feelings because they were hopelessly desperately in love with him. Sun agrees to apologize to them but what now of Joro? He brought this upon himself so he is fine. Sun realizes he lost again to him. After the guys left, Pansy calls Himawari and Cosmos out of their hiding. In the aftermath, the bullying stopped after Sun reveals the truth to clear Joro’s name. The girls also apologize to him. At the library, Pansy reveals that Sun fell for her only because she told him her name. So the consoling was just a lie or exaggeration? Pansy will also reveal her true feelings to Joro. By stripping? Damn, without the glasses and braids, this plain girl is hot as f*ck!!!! Also she got boobs!!! Joro remembers her as that beautiful chick who talked to him while waiting for Sun after the baseball game. I guess this is more than enough reason for Joro to continue hanging out at the library. And to thank him for all his kindness, she pecks him on his cheek. That’s for being selfless. At this point, Joro must be sceptical for what he has gone through. She does look perfect on the outside, but what about the inside? Hey, why don’t you give her a chance?

Episode 4
Joro wants to be pampered too so Pansy seemingly is going to lift her skirt but actually it’s to allow him to lick her feet! Joro had to blurt out he wants her boobs but she mentions about needing to wear this ‘disguise’ for some demon is after her. Then she changes the topic and isn’t pleased why he hangs out with her too. Does he not want to reconcile with his friends? Is that why he comes here? She advises to just talk to them as he is and she is sure they will understand. Joro thinks she is speaking from experience, something she doesn’t deny outright. Back in class, he is approached by ‘journalist’, Hina “Asunaro” Hanetachi about the Flower Festival. Legend has it that if a male dances with 3 female partners one after another, he will certainly marry one of them. Joro trolls her by picking her name. Then he turns his attention to help Himawari having studying problems. But she runs away. He catches up and their silly argument eventually has them becoming friends again. They hatch a plan to challenge Sun. It is a studying challenge. Sun refuses them seeing everything that has happened. As this didn’t work, Joro just blurts out he just wants them to become friends again. Just like that, they’re back. Joro seeks Pansy’s help to join their study group but she claims there is one more… Yeah, Joro didn’t think who that final person is until he detects Cosmos’ deadly aura. Uh huh. She is sad she thought she would be next in his reconciliation spree but he never came. And she was eagerly waiting for him. Does he not care?! She practised hard with an anatomy model on how to make up with him! So Joro has to play along with her and before you know it, they’re back as good friends. Now the study group is in session, Cosmos has created 5000 maths questions for them to complete. By today! Pansy weasels her way out by teaching Himawari Japanese. I don’t know if the guys managed to finish it all but they manage to retain their sanity as they all walk home together. Joro lets us know he isn’t giving up on the girls. Yeah, he wants to make them his harem! Keep chasing your dream. It’ll come true… Eventually… Or not. And something sinister has started to move and crumble that dream because Asunaro is printing a hit piece of Joro making his move on 3 women.

Episode 5
Things are looking up for Joro and his women. Not content with his harem? Want to add more? Well, good news. Asunaro wants to speak to him privately and confess something. Oh yeah. But wait! That accursed bench! Zawa, zawa! Oh sh*t. Asunaro starts confessing… That he is a womanizer for stringing along 3 women! Oh, it’s that baseball game again that had her looking at his face. She thought it was the face of a pervert. She has printed the article but kept the 3 girls’ identity a secret. Yeah, some photo proof he is ‘flirting’ with the girls. But she is going to cut him a deal. She will follow him around until the Flower Festival and if nothing happens, she will not publish it. Otherwise on that day itself she will hand out to everybody including parents. Then fate starts testing him because Cosmos looks like she is flirting with him as she is happy Joro is the selected guy for the Flower Dance. Cosmos and Himawari are one of the 3 girls selected too. Normally Joro wanted to decline but seeing how much Cosmos is looking forward to it, oh well… Later Joro talks to his groupie about this problem. They are okay even if nasty reviews of him come about, they will not care and continue to believe in him. Because Cosmos wants Joro to accompany her so they could meet the other girl of for the Flower Festival, Kimie “Tanpopo” Kamata, Joro requests her to be strict. Yeah, this lame samurai act isn’t cutting it. The moment Tanpopo sees Joro, she freaks out. Looks like the rumours of him being a pervert isn’t totally gone yet. Thanks to this, Tanpopo opts out of the Flower Festival. Don’t worry, they just pick a new one. Uhm… Sun?! Oh sh*t. Are they trying to open up a new possibility here?! So all of them start practising for the dance but one day, a bunch of girls confront Joro for being a sleazebag. Oh my, that article is published! Cosmos tries to explain but this only makes them suspicious. How does she know unless she is one of the girls he is having an affair with? Luckily Asunaro manages to calm and rectify the situation, claiming she mixed up her article with the ones she was supposed to publish. The girls back down for now but warn Joro if it really turns true. Thanks to this, Joro is shocked that his friends want to keep their distance for the time being. Because their dance is cancelled, Asunaro feels guilty and offers to help Joro practice with the dance.

Episode 6
It has been a week. Joro feels the irony that despite reconciling with his friends, their situation is worse than before all the conflicts. Even some of the girls continue to suspect him. Only because of Asunaro by his side that this didn’t blow up further. More woes when a call from Sun saying that the PTA are arguing about this Flower Festival that it is a blasphemy to have 2 boys at the dance. It’s not tradition. Wait. Today is already the Flower Festival and they’re bringing this up now?! Sun will back down and find a replacement. With Joro asking Asunaro’s help, you bet she is more than happy to do so. Just in time because Cosmos wants to speak to her personally and not let Joro hear any of this. Eh? Something wrong? But they insist if this is in regards to the Flower Festival, he has all the right to hear about it. Okay. It’s your call. In the student council room, after Cosmos confirms Asunaro’s participation again, she then rejects her involvement and wants her to put all her effort in correcting the lies. In short, Asunaro has been deceiving Joro from the start. She had the ulterior motive to separate Joro from his friends during recess, an important time when they gather. She was also the one who spread the rumours to the first years, the reason why Tanpopo refused to further participate. Although Asunaro claims she was in her room working on the newspaper, Cosmos had further proof that despite she did not print that damning article that got accidentally circulated on that day, she actually printed it the day before. Show proof of the record? See, Asunaro’s name is not there. But that is a fake! Cosmos had the real one! It shows her name. On the day that fake article came out, Cosmos already suspected her. She went to the printing room to print out the log. Then she took a gamble. Knowing the girls will suspect her if she entered Joro’s class, this is to get Asunaro to return to the printing room and do her forgery. She hid a camera there and here’s the proof. Asunaro’s plan would have worked had she just completed her first objective to isolate Joro from his friends and be with him alone but then she got greedy and wanted to participate in the Flower Festival too. She wanted that bond with him. That’s why she was the only one who danced with him alone for the entire week.

Asunaro then admits she really loves Joro. Ever since that baseball game. He saved him from a stray baseball. More like he was just passing by and got hit. Yeah, he wanted to get a closer look at that beautiful babe’s boobs! All Asunaro wants is Joro and that she thinks he doesn’t need any other friends. After Cosmos advises her about the harsh facts of love, Asunaro tries to convince Joro she loves him. However he turns on his dark mode and tells her off. He has no romantic interests in her. Forget about him, what she did to others was unforgiveable. Do you know how much trouble she gave to Sun? Especially he had to cancel his baseball practice just for this dance. So as far as he is concerned, she can never be by his side and can f*ck off! Wow. Asunaro apologizes for all the troubles she has caused and gets out. Time to go correct those lies. But what about the Flower Festival? Cosmos knew that 2 boys wouldn’t fly from the start. That’s why she and Sun spent the last week trying to convince that girl to join. Make an intelligent guess who? After Joro dances with Himawari, next is Cosmos. She assures Asunaro will be alright since Sun is the only person who knows this awful secret. As a reward, she pecks him on his cheek. Good thing it wasn’t visible to the audience. Finally the last person to dance with him… Pansy! OMG! This hot babe so freaking stunning that the audience is scratching their heads who this hot busty chick!!! Never seen her before!!! Pansy asks Joro why he helped her to make friends and break the ice with them. That was the real reason why he had the study session in the library. It’s thanks for her help when he was in a bind. Pansy enjoys the dance and she hopes to continue being friends with all of them.

Episode 7
WTF, Joro’s mom looks middle aged but she sounds so squeaky?! Anyway, she knows her son’s plans to hang out with his friends today. How? Pansy is here! Right in his living room! Apparently she was stalking on him when mom invited her in. Oh, they’re best friends too since she recommended some favourite book. It’s a swimsuit episode with Joro’s groupie all at the indoor amusement pool. Joro is tasked to get drinks for everyone and as he queues, before him is Asaka “Sasanqua” Mayama. She is his classmate and one of the girls who mistakenly hates him due to that fake news. However he doesn’t recognize her. Then she asks him hypothetically for advice. It’s this close friend of hers who wronged a guy and wants to get back on his good side without apologizing. I think just an apology wasn’t the answer she’s looking for. Besides, isn’t she talking about herself? But with Joro still believing a sincere apology is the best because everyone makes mistakes, she’d think about it and even asks if apologizing in dyed hair is okay. Well, Joro likes neat and black hair… So Joro returns to his (unofficial) harem and now the girls are fighting over him. Woah, take it easy. One at a time. They decide to challenge each other over him. Hey, either way, Joro’s the winner, right? Himawari goes first with him on the water slide. Joro is expecting a nip slip but at the end, he is the one who loses his trunks! How the f*ck it ended on Himawari’s head?! Sun to the rescue by jumping in and protecting his modesty! So gay… Next is Cosmos riding a dolphin float. Joro expects those boobs will be touching his back but she got so deep in thinking about their future that Joro floats away alone. Don’t worry. Sun will ride with him! So gay… Finally he sits in the hotspring with Pansy. They talk about things but it seems she knows his dark secrets! Before she can even reveal the kind of porn he reads, Sun steps in! Thanks buddy. So gay… At the end of the day, which of the girl he enjoys the most? Why… It’s Sun! Because he is always there for him! Can’t deny that. Best friend > hot chicks. I’m so done with this gay sh*t… Don’t ruin this ecchi romcom, please!!! Back in school, with Asunaro publishing the truth, the group of girls who hate him now sincerely apologize to him. Yeah, he’s a good guy now. Even more shocking, Sasanqua has died her hair black and looks lovely! A sincere apology to boot! Can this get any better? Oh, doesn’t that trigger some death flag? Because soon a new student transfers in. Immediately Chiharu “Tsubaki” Youki recognizes Joro, goes up to him, gets on her knees and kisses his hand! Does he not remember her vow that she would do everything for him with all her heart without any conditions?

Episode 8
A year ago at that baseball game (here we go again), Joro was lost on how to support Sun. So happen he was at a skewer stand run by Tsubaki. She gave him some advice but she too thanked him for helping to encourage her. So now Joro freaks out at this hand kissing act and when Tsubaki finishes her introduction, only did he remember who she is. Of course this means experiencing being ostracized again but you know, he isn’t stranger to such controversies. Yup, here we go again. Because of his experience, he thinks Tsubaki is hiding her true intention. After all, such kind and convenient woman doesn’t actually exist. Hence he vows to expose her true nature. It’s hard to be devilish on the inside but putting up a nice act on the outside. In a few instances, Tsubaki seems genuine in helping him (including saving him from stepping on a banana peel) but is this all an act? She gets permission to join him with his groupie at the library. Now that Tsubaki is sharing her lunch with him, this crushes Cosmos’ plan to share hers. Eventually he still eats hers. After recess, Pansy wants to talk to Joro for a while. However it is not about Tsubaki as he thought. She points out a certain coward who wants to maintain status quo. He might think it is kindness but that is just running away. But this works fine for Pansy too. She lends him her favourite book to read. He leaves school and in town Himawari bumps into him just to bug him about her upcoming birthday. When he gets home, he realizes the borrowed book is missing. Realizing it could be during Himawari’s collision, he goes back to the spot to find. Strangely, a couple of girls offer their help to find (how they know what book?). When they do, it is all messed up. Joro is sad but the least they could do is tell him a friend of theirs sell this book but it is costly. Because of that, Joro becomes obsessed in finding a job, so much so he ignores Cosmos’ lunch once more. Tsubaki offers him to work at her family skewer restaurant since it pays well hourly and instantly Joro praises this saviour angel of his. Later Joro apologizes to Pansy and tells the truth what happened. She doesn’t mind it and prefers him to spend his lunch time with them instead of working. However he insists he needs to take responsibility and get her a new one. This old one? He’ll be holding on to it for now. Joro prepares his first day working at Tsubaki’s place.

Episode 9
Joro is getting used to his part time job but he still lacks confidence. Still thinking he is a background character? But Pansy has been sulking ever since he started working, though the rest assure things will go back to normal once Joro achieves his target. Not surprisingly, Sasanqua and her friends patron Tsubaki’s place. I think they’re hoping something would come of this but sorry girls, nothing. Things take a bad turn when Joro accidentally spills beer over a customer. Damn, he so mad but thanks to Tsubaki stepping in, nothing untoward happened. So as Joro walks home depressed, Pansy comes to talk to him. She heard from Tsubaki as she knows he is only doing this to prove himself he is worth something. He wanted to solve this by himself but it is more of self-satisfaction disguised as kindness. That is the worst kind of emotion she hates. This makes Joro even madder. What else does she want him to do? I don’t think he can just accept having her by his side is okay. And it ends with him telling her to get lost. Okay. Gee, really? So Joro puts up a fake happy face when with his friends. Otherwise, it is just so freaking obvious. So much so this guy, Yasuo “Hose” Hazuki could tell and talks to him. So just do what you do when you don’t know what to do? Yeah, great advice. And also if you really care about that person, you should also focus more on that person. Joro gets his groove back and apologizes to Pansy for taking it out on her then.

When Joro gets paid, he goes to buy the book but to his dismay, somebody bought the last copy. And then surprisingly Himawari shows up. She is that person who bought that book just for him. Despite all the excuses she gave, Joro can tell that she is lying. She has been skipping her tennis practice to find this book and used her money to buy it. She thinks he will become happy again but Joro doesn’t share the same sentiments. Eventually an argument as Joro thinks her tennis > this book. Himawari is in tears as she too mentions he lied to her and that both tennis and Joro are equally important to her. Thanks to them being childhood friends, they apologize quickly. The friends watch and support Himawari at her tennis match. She asks Joro if he has someone he likes but he maintains the same answer of none. But for Himawari, she has and to show her gratitude, she pecks him on his cheek. I guess that’s the power she needs for her to win the game. The friends celebrate at a private party at Tsubaki’s place. Pansy asks if Joro has read the book. Apparently there was a bookmark in it that has a hidden message asking if he would help her in her times of need. Well, if he is free. Good enough answer. Tsubaki believes Joro thought of himself as a background supporter role and that is why he put himself down and turned away from what’s important like the feelings of others and those who care for him. But thanks to him, everyone is together. And so Joro changes his mind set that he isn’t just a background character. Which background character is surrounded by a bevy of hot chicks (and a good friend)? So he’ll just settle to be a normal main character. That’s what they all say. He is confident he can solve any problem. And then this troublesome problem… Tanpopo asking Joro to help make Sun and Pansy a pair… Not this sh*t again!

Episode 9.5
Man, if you find it hard to follow all that has happened so far, maybe you should stop watching anime! But no fear! Don’t give up at this point! We have this saviour in the form of a recap episode to refresh your failing memories! Everything that has happened so far narrated by the one and only Joro and Tanpopo as his partner in crime. Yeah, it’s like they’re doing a director’s cut commentary with some sarcasm and jokes while they recycled the scenes of those previous episodes. Just the calm before the storm. Because next week, we will resume Joro’s disaster… Hope that little breather helps, Joro. You’ll be needing it…

Episode 10
It’s that bench again. It’s Tanpopo doing that dramatic confession troll. And as we know it, Tanpopo is seeking his help to make Sun and Pansy a pair. Oh no. That baseball game setting again, huh? Apparently she saw Sun and Pansy at the exit and was moved. Thinking they should become an item but nothing has progressed since then, that is why she needs his help to make this dream into a reality. Of course her goal is so when Sun is motivated by love, he will perform better in his games. The school will win the championship and she will become a famous manage which will lead to her becoming a famous idol. Wow. So complicated… Normally Joro isn’t interested but seeing Tanpopo leaves a sexy picture of herself and he will have more if the job is completed, you bet he is in! Also, Asunaro is in as she eavesdropped on them. She can help increase Tanpopo’s fame. Of course she too has an ulterior motive. With Pansy pairing up with Sun, Joro is all hers for the take. So the plan is to have Joro become Sun’s love rival by confessing to Pansy? Since that’s not going to work, Plan B is Tanpopo giving orders to him via earpiece and he regurgitates what she says to Pansy? Acting so bad that Pansy can even tell. Eventually the plan fails because the other girls join in and there are other guys admiring them in which they mispronounced Tanpopo’s name as some penis. Dick move?

Later, Joro makes it clear to Tanpopo that he will not confess to Pansy and that he only pretended to help her as he never had that intention to bring them together. She can’t say he lied to her because Tanpopo herself lied from the start. It seems Asunaro was also in cohorts with Joro to expose Tanpopo’s misdeeds. From what I understand, Joro sensed something wrong when she told her story from that baseball game. From her stand, she was cheering for the opposing team and not their team. She only came to this school because she fell ill and failed the entrance exam. Joro realizes her true goal is not to find Sun a girlfriend but to find Pansy a boyfriend. Another dead giveaway was how Tanpopo knew Pansy’s hidden beauty. Like as though she knew her before. With Pansy now joining the conversation, Tanpopo comes clean. She realized this was the Pansy she knew in middle school during the Flower Dance since Pansy didn’t disguise herself as a plain Jane then. Pansy dismisses she is in love with Sun. It is Joro. As for why she did all this, before the truth can be revealed, Tanpopo runs away with guilt. Since Pansy also refuses to say because she has unpleasant memories of people saying things to her, I guess it’s a mystery for now. Pansy then confiscates that sexy Tanpopo picture. In exchange, she trades it with a hot picture of herself. I think this upgrade is so much better. Meanwhile Cosmos is pleading to the teacher but he shoots her down that the decision made is final: The school library will close.

Episode 11
Pansy trolling Joro (and us) that she wants to give herself to him. Actually, it’s just a dance. Joro gets disappointed but spots an earpiece. He realizes she is in cohorts with Tanpopo who still hasn’t given up in hooking her up. When spotted, panicky Tanpopo runs away. But now for something serious. Cosmos tells her groupie about the closure of the library due to the lack of people using it. The friends decide to bring their other friends to use it to help prevent its shutdown. Of course, only Joro who has no friends can’t help much. On the way home, he bumps into Hose. After telling him his problem, Hose agrees to help because he also faced this situation before. Next day when they meet up at school, it seems Hose has also brought a couple of girls along to help. Joro recognizes them as they are the ones who helped find that borrowed book. And when brought to the library, instantly you can see the panic in Pansy’s face. From the looks of it, they could be ex-lovers. Hose introduces himself and his girls, Momo “Cherry” Sakuraba and Runa “Tsukimi” Kusami. Joro is worried because Hose reeks of everything main character and he is very reliable! You bet he is worried about his own status in this anime! With Pansy huddling close to Joro, Cherry and Tsukimi can tell so later they ask Joro if he likes Pansy. He denies he is. When the day is over, Cherry and Tsukimi try to set Hose to walk home with Pansy, something she is not so keen about. Asunaro could also read the situation and hence usurps the request and would walk her home.

Subsequently, Cherry and Tsukimi talk to Joro, Cosmos and Himawari. They admit they are both in love with Hose but he is in love with Pansy. As both love Hose and feel that something bad would happen if they both love him at the same time, that’s why they decided to stay as friends. This leads to them prioritizing Hose’s feelings. That’s why they seek their help to make Hose and Pansy an item. But how does Pansy feel about this? That’s why they asked Joro if he likes Pansy. Because Pansy likes him but he doesn’t reciprocate her love. Joro feels something is off and apologizes he can’t help them. Cosmos and Himawari too. Next day at school, Joro confronts Pansy as he wants to know the whole truth. You see, she views Hose as a demon. Part of that reason she adopted this plain looks and transferred to this school. Back in middle school, she was a very popular person. Many had evil intentions on her. Only Hose was indifferent and helped her. While she is grateful, she didn’t want to be with him. She views Hose having a major flaw: He doesn’t understand the other side of people’s feelings. His good intentions harm others. While everything works out well for him, his righteousness stifles others (like how Cherry and Tsukimi suppress their feelings for him). Pansy felt trapped in his world when he fell for her. Even more so he isn’t aware of what he was doing to those girls who lied to themselves just to be with him. Something she couldn’t forgive. When Hose confessed to her and she declined, he continued to protect her and resisted his own feelings. Now that Joro has put all the puzzle pieces together, he gets final confirmation from Pansy that she doesn’t want to be with Hose. He promises to do something about it.

Episode 12
The library is saved from being closed down. Though, the problem of Cherry and Tsukimi still trying to set up Hose with Pansy still persists. Nobody has the chance to intervene until Sun… Joro confronts Tanpopo and learns the truth why she wanted to set up Pansy with a guy. She is in love with Hose. So now you see the bigger picture? Since she isn’t giving up on him, she is counting on him to be Pansy’s boyfriend. Next time he meets Pansy, it seems she drops a shocker: She has agreed to date Sun! This is of course if his baseball team wins the Nationals. Pansy sounds harsh when she calls Joro for being useless and not doing anything and banishes him from the library for the time being. Later he confronts Sun and thinks this is all part of his act and plan. But Sun reveals his true nature that this is for real. The reason he remained his best friend and acted like one after his first rejection was to continue to get on Pansy’s good side. Now the time has come and it is Joro’s turn to play his best friend. He has done what he can, now it is his turn. Joro sinks into depression but thanks to Tsubaki overhearing all that, she hints to him to think deeper into what Sun and Pansy’s words meant. You don’t think Hose is going to back down without a fight, right? At first Joro understood the hidden meaning but has no confidence in seeing it through but realizes he still needs to do what he needs to do. If that’s not enough motivation, Sasanqua for the first time sums up her courage to talk to him and even tells him to act like his usual self. Those tears in her eyes must be the clincher. You bet Joro can do what he wants to do. So first, he confronts Sun and tells him he can’t support him for his game. There is something more important than a best friend. Sun is relieved with his answer.

Hose now blurts out he still loves Pansy and wants to date her. Even if she had agreed to date Sun, that is only if his team wins. If he doesn’t, please consider him, okay? Cherry and Tsukimi try to pressure Pansy for an answer but thank goodness our main character steps in at the right time. He is now in his b*tch mode as he talks about the women’s privilege that Pansy has: Selfishly indulging herself in manipulating him. Then he throws Hose a challenge. As his friend, he agrees to it. But this challenge also comes with a penalty. The loser must stay away from Pansy and cannot talk to her anymore! Cherry and Tsukimi try to intervene but with Pansy wanting to hear out more on Joro, he gets to stay dominant. This is his chance to crush Hose once and for all. Hose tries to back out and do some diplomacy but Joro won’t let him. Hence Joro lets his true intentions out that he can’t let him have Pansy. Is that his declaration of love? Joro continues to explain the rules of the challenge. Each girl will receive a hairclip. They will give it to the guy whom they think Pansy is worth being with. It will take place at the baseball finals and because there are 6 of them, there is a possibility of a tie. Hence another rule is that if Sun’s team wins, Joro gets an additional vote. Otherwise, Hose gets it. What do you say? Cherry and Tsukimi cry foul because the odds are stacked against them. Because definitely, Pansy, Cosmos, Himawari and Asunaro are going to vote for Joro, right? Damn right Joro has manipulated this! Heh. His win is surely in the bag. So much so he thinks he is going to win right now when Cosmos, Himawari and Asunaro want to give their votes now. Alright, here it is… Eh… THEY GIVE THEM TO HOSE!!! WTF???!!! Because they view Pansy as their love rival, hence they are doing this so they have a better chance to end up with Joro! Yup, their love declaration to him. OMG! THIS BACKFIRED!!! JORO IS IN SH*T!!! But Joro isn’t going to give up yet. And so is Hose. And hence spewing crappy and cheesy main character lines… Screw this romcom!!!

Love’s For Fools Wise Enough To Take A Chance
OMG! Why the f*ck it just ended on a cliff-hanger???!!! They sure trolled us good. Because it was announced that there is going to be an additional episode released in summer of 2020 and this episode will finally give a closure to what happened for this season. You mean we have to be patient and wait a couple of seasons just to find out who ends up with Pansy? Well, I think we already know the answer but since the chances aren’t zero, they still can surprise us and f*ck us in the back. Don’t laugh. Joro is your typical main character who already got that kind of treatment. This means the same will be done to us as typical romcom anime viewers. We’re all in the same boat, damn it!

The storyline is pretty much okay and standard. How far can you go when you story is of the romcom harem genre? The plot of having characters loving this character and that feels cliché and tried and tested throughout the history of this genre. It brings nothing new to the plate and it all boils down to how well the story and the characters are presented. For this series, it is a mixed baggage. I don’t find any of the mini arcs to be that boring and in fact that I enjoyed most of what I watched (like the twists in the plot especially the final episode scene that Joro’s fool proof plan eventually screwed him in the ass – he didn’t really think that one out thoroughly, huh?), although this doesn’t mean I love the series so much that it would be in the top tier of my all-time favourite romcom harem genre list.

I mean, it was pretty fun and funny at first seeing Joro’s character being played around until he literally snaps. Then once the drama of main harem is literally over, we have the rest of the lesser girls in the unofficial harem that plays out to somewhat a similar formula. You know, trying to get his attention or make him help out help somebody get together. The most mind boggling one which I find it hard to follow (perhaps because of my puny brain) is the final arc when Hose finally gets some decent screen time. So let me get this straight, Hose isn’t actually a bad guy. I mean, a real demonic character whose personality makes him sound like he is Hitler reborn, right? So he’s just a good guy but Pansy just can’t find herself to return his love. While this kind of complication isn’t anything new in relationships, at this point you’ve got to realize that there is no 100% fool proof solution to any kind of relationship. As such, there will always be winners, there will always be losers. You can’t have everything. No happy endings for everybody. If you try to satisfy everybody, it ends up nobody is happy. So I don’t get why Pansy who doesn’t like Hose, can’t she just say no and move on? I mean, she’s fine doing all sorts of cool stuffs and lessons towards Joro but not for Hose? Yeah, she says he is a demon but she also paints him like a saint. So which is which? I’m so confused. Because his good intentions are bad for others? I think something is off here. And there is something that I’m not seeing clearly either. It’s all about perspective on how you frame it so there might be more to this than meets the eye. Hence this love rivalry over Pansy has been blown out of proportion if you think about it. Oh well, for once it feels different to have guys fighting over a girl. Bring out all your best steps. May the best (main) character win.

The characters, I guess you can say they’re pretty okay but Joro as the main character, you either love him or hate him. He is one of those main characters who is weak and gets walked over by everybody else. Sure, there are times when he snapped but eventually, Joro is just being Joro. Many of the jokes come from him and sometimes breaking the fourth wall, especially about him becoming the main character. He ramps up all that funny drama with his over-exaggerating expressions. Cue to laugh. This is why all these bad stuffs happen to him. We just love to see his exaggerated reaction and sarcasm, right? Oh yeah, you bet that bench is going to be the benchmark and running joke, the harbinger of something ominous that will lead Joro into the next mess. You wonder if God put it there because it has this penchant to just pop up anywhere! Scary! Don’t even get me started with that baseball match! Yeah, that running joke has been done to death! Still funny, though. It’s like saying everyone involved with this mess went to watch that baseball match. Fate? Coincidence? Nah, just your twisted running joke. With the series already breaking the fourth wall at times, if you are sharp enough and have tons and years of anime viewing experience, you can spot some of the trivia littered across the series. Like when Joro’s facial expression becomes of that of the Kaiji character. Or that mini TV show that pays homage to Kikuko Inoue’s eternally 17 age. And of course, Joro has not many friends, hence Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. Geddit?

You might have also guessed that all the characters’ nicknames are based on flowers. The girls, that is. I didn’t really realize this only after halfway because I thought that some like Cosmos and Asunaro aren’t flowers. Heck, I didn’t know they were types of flowers until I decided to Google them. Wow. Those really exist? Amazing how you can just learn a little more with the power of the internet. With the girls named after flowers, the guys are the ‘tools’ that nurture them. I didn’t think much of Joro’s name at first because I thought it was some reference to being a gigolo (that’s just me making that up) but eventually I found out his nickname meant water can. I only realized this when Hose came into the picture because like that metaphor, a water hose is definitely more superior to a water can, right? And you have the sun, yes, Sun to give out its light radiation and providing them with energy to grow.

As for the other characters, I think Pansy is the only girl who is interesting. Being quite an observant character, I like how she has a way in giving Joro advice. Mostly in a subtle, cool and calm manner and not obvious in-your-face. It took me a while to understand what she is saying since she is quite the intellect. Everything she said is not red herring and there is some meaning to all those words. You just need the right thinking to connect the dots. Of course, she is not perfect and has her own troubled past. It is indeed strange sometimes that you can help others a lot but can’t for your own predicament. Maybe it just goes to show that you need somebody to lean on? No man is an island. It takes two to tango. You get the picture. So it’s like this cool and capable beauty suddenly becomes incapable in the presence of Hose. It’s like he is her Kryptonite or something.

The other girls in the harem, they don’t really stand out well. Especially lively spunky Himawari and cool beauty Cosmos who are part of the main harem trio, I don’t see them doing anything impactful after their dramas and parts were played out and solved early in the series. It’s like they’ve become a bit like secondary characters and down the pecking order since well, they’ve changed the person they like. Obviously the main character, no? Sometimes you wonder why a harem has only a few girls. Adding more for the sake of numbers doesn’t mean making it more exciting. Because you know, screen time. You wonder why Tsubaki is even relevant. She claims to be somebody who would do anything for Joro. Joro claims to expose her. What happened to that? It all died down. She somehow becomes part of the groupie. The end. Sasanqua is forever relegated to be the tsundere that would never be officially part of the group as long as she doesn’t muster her courage to even do the minimum. Thanks to her ‘encouraging’ friends, I guess it finally paid off. May not be much but at least, it’s a start. Asunaro trying to clean up her act and rebuild her reputation again so she’s just playing the supporting role. Bratty Tanpopo just wants to hook up Pansy. Adding more to this already ‘bloated’ harem might be detrimental to everything in the series. Hence I am predicting that these extra girls won’t be as redundant as I said they are and will be the extra votes that will overturn Hose’s lead. Uh huh. You’re wondering why the initial 6 only has the rights to vote. Don’t forget, Joro’s harem stretches way beyond that! Hah! I’m already doing spoilers here!

Don’t forget about Sun. The irony how a plain normal looking guy like Joro is the main character while his good looking friend who excels in baseball plays the supporting role. Even when he threatens to become the main character and usurp Joro, I feel all that is just acting because it wouldn’t be so convincing had he not played the part. Sun will always be the main character’s best friend and reversing the role is more for the plot twist. Heh. Sometimes I feel that there is this twisted running joke that Sun is the person whom Joro would most likely end up with! Considering how the girls are somewhat ‘demanding’ and the ones who mainly screw Joro and give him trouble, the only person whom he can only always rely on is his best friend. Yup, I fear that there may be a secret hidden ending whereby Joro gives up on his female harem and goes with the gay route ending. That would be the ultimate shocker. Sometimes true happiness is found in places where you least expected. Hopefully not for this one… Please…

When Hose first appeared, something tells me he would become Joro’s rival. Yeah, he could really well usurp Joro’s role as the main character! It could happen. If they really want to shock us with some plot twist! Well, this guy got his own mini harem if you look at it in another light, whether he realizes it or not. This guy is so nice that it sends my sceptical senses ringing that if it is all just an act. You know, like what Joro quoted from a famous saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If he is truly the nice guy he is, then it’s like what a said a few paragraphs above, then good for him. If not, well, you can predict that true love will save the day. Goes to show that in every story, you can’t have more than one main character. Even if there is a group of main characters, there is one who would be that chosen one main character.

Art and animation feel pretty standard. Nothing to complain about. But I keep thinking that because of the hair colour tone of Cherry and Tsukimi, it feels like they are this series’ Rem and Ram of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu! Also, ever since Sasanqua dyed her hair black, I don’t know, I just somehow find her to be looking fake. Like as though she feels more original with her initial pink twintail style. There are also a few fanservice scenes considering what kind of target audience this genre is aiming for. Now you know why the girls are so cute and hot. And why Pansy’s main form is her plain braided spectacle disguise so that we don’t get a boner each time she pops up. This anime is done by Connect who did Senryuu Shoujo and Strike The Blood III. It’s one of those few series they went solo instead of pairing up with Silver Link to do series like Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie, Strike The Blood I & II and Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukokyu.

While I have no qualms with the voice acting overall, however there is one that bugged me. It is Yukari Tamura as Joro’s mom! While it is good to hear he trademark squeaky voice after a long time, the problem is that I find her voice to be not suitable to her character. It’s just so weird. A typical mom character having this high pitched squeaky voice? I’m not saying that Yukari Tamura is bad. I still love her voice and even more so these days since she is as rare as other veteran seiyuus I recognized who aren’t making much appearances in animes recently. But to match her voice to Joro’s mom… Something really feels off… It just doesn’t fit her character. That’s all. The other recognizable seiyuus are Jun Fukuyama as Hose and Haruka Tomatsu as Pansy. The latter whom I almost barely didn’t recognize since she was so soft spoken, even more so than Sword Art Online’s Asuna.

For the rest of the other casts, they include Daiki Yamashita as Joro (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia), Haruka Shiraishi as Himawari (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy), Sachika Misawa as Cosmos (Sakuyo in Mahou Shoujo Ore), Nao Touyama as Tsubaki (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Shiori Mikami as Asunaro (Historia in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yuuma Uchida as Sun (Ash in Banana Fish), Iori Saeki as Tanpopo (Maiko in Hachigatsu No Cinderella Nine), Shuka Saitou as Sasanqua (You in Love Live! Sunshine), Risa Taneda as Cherry (Yukina in Strike The Blood) and Konomi Kohara as Tsukimi (Chika in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai). The opening is Papapa by Shuka Saitou. Pretty catchy as the opener sounds a bit like scatting with a funky bass line. The ending theme is sung by the trio of Pansy, Himawari and Cosmos, Hanakotoba. Plays to a slower pace than the opener. Not that bad but not that catchy either.

Overall, even though with all the clichés and similar formulas that have been done to death in many others past titles, I still enjoyed this series. It’s funny and entertaining in its own right. Shows you how love is like a double edged sword, it can make your life better as well as screw it up. Not the most memorable series in the long run and most likely would be forgotten after a few seasons down (until I decide to look back at the year and do some nostalgic reviewing). But you know me. This kind of genre has been through a lot throughout the years. For better or worse, I will still continue to watch shows in this category for many years to come, as long as I live. Because eventually this kind of romcom harem genre is the one I will always love :-).

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