I am not a drinker, not even beer. Therefore anime series that involve with alcoholic content as its main concept I will certainly pass. Like that Wakakozake short that I didn’t see because of partly this element and also the character design looks creepy. But what made Osake Wa Fuufu Ni Natte Kara the exception? I sure did read and know it was alcoholic content (plot wise, that is) and was going to skip it but why did I see it? Because of the synopsis that states a wife who makes the cutest face when she gets happily drunk! Oh man, I want to see this! Oh sh*t… Damn those male fantasies…

Episode 1
Chisato Mizusawa helps her colleague, Koharu Sakurai to finish her pile of work. As thanks, she wants to treat her to some cocktail but Chisato declines and would rather have lunch tomorrow instead. Chisato returns home to her husband, Sora. He treats her to Plum Splet. Because it has alcohol content, she starts hanging loose. Okawari! She then tells him her colleague asked her to go drinking but she had to decline despite loving alcohol. She has this tendency to act weird when she gets drunk. Weird in this sense means she becomes oh so cute that would make any guy’s heart go kyun~. She doesn’t want others to see her in that way. Maybe except Sora. Perks of being her husband, I suppose. She thought he teased her about being her real character when drunk then her mood swings to the I-love-you kind. Sora you lucky bastard! Next morning she’s got a hangover.

Episode 2
Chisato has been out drinking on her day off. Sora suggests resting at home. He is going out to do some errands but she doesn’t want to be left alone and forces him to rest with her. Because it is raining outside, the more the reason she needs him to stay. The pantry is almost empty and all that is left is aged sake, something Chisato doesn’t like. So he makes her Orange Breeze instead. Though it has sake content, it is not heavy so those who aren’t fans of sake can still enjoy this. As it continues raining, this reminds them the first time they met on that rainy day. The rain has stopped and now they are totally out of alcohol.

Episode 3
Chisato injures her feet during work. Koharu feels guilty for partly causing that injury and panics. For now, they call Sora to come get her. He carries her home to rest as she requests for a drink. He thinks she shouldn’t but since she keeps insisting, he makes Cinderella for her. She goes into her usual drunk love as she cuddles him and proclaims her love for him. Sora then reveals that cocktail actually have no alcohol content. It is just a mix of various fruit juices. So that means that was Chisato acting as her true self. Poor Chisato felt so embarrassed she starts hiding under the sheets.

Episode 4
While sleeping, Sora hears Chisato’s stomach growl. So he makes her some light cabbage snack and to wash it all down with Spritzer. But that’s not the end. There’s more. To best way to end all that is with a curry rice meal. No Chisato, you’re not dreaming. Such a wonderful meal, such a wonderful husband. Such a cute embarrassed reaction too. And as a reward for all that, she is going to squeeze him tight back in bed. Whoops. Looks like it is past our bedtime.

Episode 5
Chisato wants to lay off drinking for a while since she has a big presentation and report coming up. She works hard and nonstop that it is obvious she is going to burn herself out. Sora makes her a special Banana Cocktail which has no alcohol content and is good for exhaustion. It makes her feel better as she thanks him for everything. Later that night Sora sees her sleeping at the desk. He carries her back to bed and pecks her on her forehead. Thanks for everything too.

Episode 6
The chief decides to go with Chisato’s plan for the next project instead of Yui Shiraishi. So when Yui later calls out to Chisato, everyone else thinks sparks are going to fly between the women. Actually she called her out to treat her to a drink as congratulations. This is what she calls being gracious in defeat? But Yui got depressed and drunk instead. Her husband had to pick her up. Chisato goes home and requests a celebratory drink from Sora. He makes Bellini. She tells him what happened but also credits Yui for helping her get this far. She dozes off while talking. Sora’s reward is getting to see her cute sleeping face.

Episode 7
While watching a horror movie, it is obviously Chisato is scared despite saying she isn’t. Sora then makes her Irish Coffee. It supposedly ‘calms’ her nerves. Well, it contains alcohol. Now Chisato is being the ‘scary’ one! So she takes anything as any form of excuse to be ‘scared’ just so she could flirt with him. Looks like she’s enjoying it. Yup. It’s real ‘scary’ at how cute she is when drunk.

Episode 8
Chisato comes home only to find Sora sick. She shows her dark side and forces him to rest while she goes to cook dinner. Well, she can’t. Sora is worried but she insists she can do it. I hope that Google on how to make the easiest porridge is helpful. Why is it when you go check on someone for a little while, the food suddenly gets burnt?! Too cliché! With many ingredients out, she uses what is left to make Egg Sake. Tastes good. Of course. He lets her try it. Wait. Drinking from the same cup? Would she catch his flu? Too bad it’s got alcohol content and now she is acting up her usual cuteness. I suppose Sora is going to heal faster seeing her this way. Even more so when she feeds him. Yeah, he is going to need all that loving he can get. Because the kitchen is in a mess…

Episode 9
Chisato seems to be feeling lethargic and down. Before she goes to work, Sora hugs her for 30 seconds. Apparently it supposed to replenish you. She asks for an ‘extension’. This miracle works as she is now productive at work. I wonder how much more had she hugged longer. Chisato notices Yui feeling the same way and also gives her a hug. Weird out at first, she plays along and what do you know? She is also revitalized. She goes home and seeing her husband having less than stellar day, she hugs him. Man, this is effective and infectious. Chisato feels good and has this Zoom drink that represents embrace. Now she is a hugging addict and wants Sora to hug her more. And longer. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the alcohol talking.

Episode 10
Chisato receives a message from Sora he needs help because he turned into a teddy bear! Obviously a troll and Chisato is laughing about it until she realizes she cannot find the real Sora. Could he have really turned into one? Of course not! The real Sora pops out for an April fool’s joke. Chisato pouts so in conjunction of this day, he serves her a fake beer known as Shandygaff. Chisato still pouts. She was really scared he turned into a teddy bear. He apologizes and wonders if she hates him. She gets worried and denies that. She was just lying about it. He assures he still loves her and notes she can lie. Then she starts trolling him in her drunken state that she hates him. In that cute voice and face? Nah.

Episode 11
Chisato’s colleagues bring her out for drinking. But it seems this bar looks familiar and Chisato definitely knows it well. But she didn’t count on Sora being the bar master! Looks like the original master got sick and he had to suddenly cover for him. Yup, flashback on how they met. Chisato tripped on an empty bottle when she passed here. She picked herself up and left. Sora saw her and noticed she dropped her lemon plushie but was too busy doing stuffs for the master. Chisato had a bad day at work and everything went wrong. On the way home, she realizes her plushie is missing. And it’s starting to rain. She took shelter outside that bar. Sora recognized her and returned the plushie. So happy that she started crying.

Episode 12
Continuing from last episode, Sora treats her to a frozen mango cocktail since it is pouring heavily outside and the atmosphere inside is equally as heavy. This is Chisato’s first time drinking alcohol and she really likes it. Yeah, she gets happily drunk immediately. She soon falls asleep but when she wakes up, is embarrassed to realize what she has done. She leaves in a hurry but Sora asks if she will come back again. She nods she will. Now, Chisato’s colleagues are drunk and teasing how lucky she has Sora as a husband who could make her drinks. After the bar closes, the happy husband and wife walk home together slowly, hand in hand.

Episode 13
Chisato returns from another hard day from work. Know-it-all Sora makes her something light on the stomach first. A yogurt smoothie followed by curry rice. Not satisfied yet? But the one that hits the spot is the frozen mango pudding. Of course it brings back memories of the first time they met and the first drink he served her. Sora should be every wife’s dream husband because he still remembers vividly that day. Flashback with montage clips of all the nice romantic times they had together. So she toasts to alcohol and Sora. Oh yeah. The night is still young and things are just starting to pick up. Looks like happy hours is early tonight.

Happy Hours! Bottoms Up!
Frankly, thanks to this series I will now never go into drinking at all! Not that I was ever curious to even try in the first place but this series sure reinforces my stance that I should stay away from alcohol as far as possible. Never going to touch it even if it is going to kill me. Okay, maybe I might reconsider that in a life threatening situation but generally speaking, if this is the producer’s idea of trying to introduce alcohol to newbies, they’re doing it the wrong way. Heh. Veterans wouldn’t even be watching this crap and would rather start drinking all night! If you’re drinking and watching this disappointment, it will just enhance your sadness. So stay away from it if you can’t handle alcohol and bad anime altogether. Really. Even if it is that bad, I’m not going so far as to drink and forget this anime. Yeah, to me drinking is still much worse than watching bad anime.

Firstly, despite the ‘draw’ of this series is Chisato’s cute face and voice when she enjoys a good drink, it somehow feels as a poor cover up for the non-existent plot. There isn’t any. Really. The ending was like, and so the happy couple (or rather Chisato alone in this context) goes on to live a happy drinking marriage life. After a while you can deduce some sort of pattern. Chisato has a bad day at work or she did something good or something that is non-life threatening happens to her, she comes home and it always ends up with Sora serving her some cocktail to make her feel better. That is it. Seeing her cute face is nice at first but after a while, it gets tiring. Don’t get the wrong idea. Chisato is as cute as any 2D anime girl that any 2D lovers would love to see. But if I ever wanted to always see a girl’s cute face whenever she is drunk, I might as well print out a photo of her in that pose and keep it in my wallet. It lasts longer and ‘crystallized’ for eternity that way. So yeah, Chisato’s cute face is the draw of the series but it wasn’t enough to save the series.

Because of that, I feel that the cocktails that are introduced in almost every episode are being relegated to just ‘side characters’. Sure, Sora will narrate the very simple and few ingredients that you need to mix and blend to make that cocktail but unless you are a beginner and are curious to try, this part merely feels so-so. In fact, there are no bad cocktails that Sora has ever made for Chisato. Every damn cocktail is so good. Because it will feel so wasted that we are here for Chisato’s cute face but then this one lousy drink didn’t manage to orgasm her and hence or rage will dramatically increase for not having our ahegao in our 3 minute episode.

I wonder if this show is giving the wrong idea about alcohol on so many levels. Because they are showing how a happy couple stays happy together because of alcohol. Uh huh. And I thought alcohol is one of the very big factors that lead to the breaking up of a union. Just like how porn give guys unrealistic expectations about sex, this series gives clueless alcohol beginners and amateurs the wrong idea that if you make the right cocktail, you can definitely make your wife happy. Okay, that sounds legit in a way but if alcohol really solves all your problems, shouldn’t we be drinking all the time? Oh wait. We already do that!!! And heck, there are so many jokes about how alcohol is a SOLUTION!!! If you’re talking about science, you know what I mean ;p. Do I see a pattern here too? Chisato comes back from work almost tired and not in the mood and all it takes is for Sora to whip up some alcoholic drink to make her feel good again. Rinse and repeat almost every weekday. Oh yeah. It’s like saying alcohol is ALWAYS the solution. Better than sex. Get out of here!

Because of that, I keep thinking of this conspiracy from a very dark perspective about Sora’s character. What if Sora isn’t actually the nice and kind husband he seems to be? What if Sora is actually a sociopath and sick maniac who has brainwashed Chisato! OMG! You see, as much as we enjoy seeing Chisato’s cute face, Sora always manages to keep his calm and composure. He never gets angry and you’ll never see his dark side. Maybe he has none but that is because we don’t know. What if his real purpose to intoxicate Chisato not only to see her happy drunk face but when she is in this happy state, she is defenceless. This means he will rape her and to all sorts of hentai things to her!!! You don’t see it because how long is this series’ duration again? OMFG!!! SORA YOU MONSTER!!!! F*ck my demonic male fantasies are running so wild. Now you know why guys spike their girls’ drink… And I blame it on how bad this series is. Yeah, see what alcohol content can do to your brain even if you don’t consume it?! Besides, what is Sora’s real job anyway? Is he a house husband? Yeah, I know, more women power but this looks pretty suspicious that Sora stays home and does the chores with a happy face. Who wears the pants around the house then assuming my conspiracy theory is true?

Art and drawing seem okay. Chisato looking cute because duh. 2D anime girls are always better than 3D ones, right???!!! Also oddly, we have that chibi lemon mascot appearing at times (as well as other assortment of fruits or ingredients for variety) especially when Sora narrates the makings of the cocktail of the week. I don’t know, they’re supposed to be cute but I find them annoying. Most probably because of that haughty air they give off each time they appear. Like as though they’re ‘insulting’ you with that smug expression that feels like “Don’t you know it, pal?”.

One of the other draw that led me to watch this series is because of Eri Kitamura as Chisato. Well, as one who is familiar with her voice, she certainly does her part well here and she definitely sounds cute in her character role. The other casts are Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Sora (Kazuya in Freezing), Ayaka Asai as Yui (Hazuki in Hibike! Euphonium) and Arisa Nakada as Koharu (Suzu in Kiitarou Shounen No Youkai Enikki). One of the most ironic things and perhaps my other favourite part of this series is the ending theme, Don’t Let Me Down by Cellchrome. No, it is not a cover of The Beatles’ hit. Hearing this title which is sung at the start of this rock piece makes me feel like this is what the series has done to me. But on the other hand, this song isn’t too bad so I guess I enjoyed listening more than drinking here. However I feel there is something weird instead of badass seeing a lemon riding a chopper…

It seems the subsequent season has another drinking themed anime, Takunomi. This time a group of women living and drinking together. Even if they look averagely cute (at least not as horrible as Wakakozake), I don’t think a bunch of women having happy hours in their private time is going to make me want to watch them. Even if assuming they make that cute orgasm face. I’m through with drinking related anime. If I wanted to see a show that a man can pleasure greatly a woman, I might as well go watch porn that is so abundant over the internet!!! Oh sh*t!!! Damn those raging libido and male fantasies! But at least I know clearly what to pick in the event of making the hardest choice between drinking and f*cking.

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