After all the rumours I heard about the series having a second sequel and all the fake alerts that I have never bothered with, they finally came up with a 3 episode OVA called Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: Futari No Elder back in mid 2012. However this is not a direct continuation from the original TV series that aired in 2006 and in fact I would classify it as a spin-off sequel since all the characters are different but the setting and the main issue of cross-dressing are still present.

So instead of seeing Mizuho, we have Chihaya Mikado. As stated in the synopsis, this OVA takes place 2 years after Mizuho’s graduation. Because Chihaya has been bullied and harassed in school by bullies, he has been skipping school and thus his distrust for men. His mom can’t bear to see him go on like this and thus transfers him to her old school. The catch? Seiou is a school for girls! Yup. Cross-dressing time. It just makes me wonder how he accepted that. Maybe after all that protesting and fallen on deaf ears, might as well suck it up and take the bull by the horns. Hey, it’s better than skipping school, right? So at Seiou, Chihaya undertakes the surname of Kisakinomiya which is his mother’s maiden name and becomes the focus of public attention since he has an attractive face, figure and does well in his studies. He’s like the perfect lady. Throughout the rest of the blog, I’ll refer to Chihaya as a female because, if it looks like a girl, talks like a girl, walks like a girl and acts like a girl, then it must be a girl, right? I don’t want to screw up my own brain having confusing thoughts about a boy cross-dressing as a girl. Yeah. Very confusing indeed.

Episode 1
It is Chihaya Kisakinomiya’s first day at Seiou All-Girls High School. The girls love her elegant and mature posture. Kaoruko Nanahara whom everyone knows as the Knight Princess, greets her and guides her around school as requested by teacher Hisako Kajiura. They also live in the same dorm. Before class begins, Kajiura wonders if Chihaya could get use to life here since her mom entrusted Chihaya into her care. The classmates are amazed over Chihaya’s English abilities and as explained to Kaoruko on their way back, only her mother’s grandma is a westerner and she spent most of her time studying. That’s got to be so boring, right? Chihaya offers to tutor her and Kaoruko happily accepts it only to be teased by Kaori Kamichika not to ‘cheat’. Kaori loves teasing Kaoruko by the way. As it starts raining, they see Yuu Kashiwagi sitting on the bench getting drench in the rain. She wants to stay like this because she likes it. Chihaya easily lifts her and brings her back to the dorm. Kaori notes who she lifted Yuu so easily so Chihaya replies she is very light. Yuu is brought back to the dorm whereby Hatsune Minase brings Yuu back to bed and nurses her fever. The other girls also meet Hinata Kudou. Chihaya makes English dessert for everyone and bring in some smiles. Kaoruko is impressed and praises Chihaya for having such refined skills only to be teased by Kaori. Later as Chihaya takes a bath alone, she remembers how her mom decided to make arrangements to have her enrol in Seiou and will have Kajiura push everything through since she’s also the acting principal. Chihaya pleaded that wasn’t the problem but it fell on deaf ears instead. Chihaya’s personal maid, Fumi Watarai comes in to wash her back. Part of the ‘training’ for her to get used to a girl’s body? I guess Chihaya would fail if she gets ‘excited’ seeing her loli body.

One evening in the library, Chihaya spots Kaori kissing a junior. Kaori knows Chihaya has seen her and prepares to live with the rumours Chihaya will spread. But Chihaya promises she will keep this a secret and this has Kaori note she is just like her. Different from the rest. For Kaori, she is different because she will live true to herself. Later Chihaya asks Kaoruko about Kaori. She admires her and feels is a good person. She also mentions Chihaya is beautiful, good at everything and care for others but she disagrees she is perfect. That night as Chihaya looks out her window, Kaori hugs her from behind and ascertains that Chihaya is a boy. Did the fake boobs give her away? Oh, Kaoruko was eavesdropping too. See her horrified expression? Now it is Chihaya’s turn to be prepared to be expelled since her identity is known. However Kaori wants to hear her story first. She is surprised to hear Chihaya followed such ridiculous order from her parents. Kaori explains the dead giveaways that made her suspect Chihaya is a boy. She was cautious of being touched when they first met. No matter how light Yuu is, it will still be a problem for girls to lift Yuu and Chihaya demonstrated to lift her easily. Through the eyes of a girl, she is too perfect only because it’s the role she was playing. Because Chihaya promised to keep Kaori’s secret, she will do the same for her and thinks it’s okay for her to stay here.

Over the next few scenes, Kaoruko gives Chihaya the cold shoulder. When Chihaya wanted to have a moment with her, she bumps into her friend, Kayleigh Grandselius who is talking about the stars and such. She points out Chihaya pointing under and unfortunate star. Kaoruko suddenly takes Kayleigh and leaves. Chihaya talks to Kaori and wonders if Kaoruko knows her secret. As far as she knows, she is the only one in this school who knows about it. However she cautions Chihaya may be so worried then her less than perfect acting may have given her away. As Chihaya ponders she doesn’t fit here, Kaoruko comes in to challenge her to a kendo duel. The first one to land a clean hit wins. If Kaoruko wins, Chihaya will tell her the whole truth. If Chihaya wins, she can do anything she wants. But I guess even before the match starts, the truth already came out. Kaoruko wants to ascertain she is a boy. Chihaya doesn’t deny that. Chihaya might leave Seiou since her identity is exposed but Kaoruko gets upset at her ‘perfect lying’ and if this is her way of doing things half-heartedly. She isn’t happy Kaori is also involved and wants to know her intentions. The bout ends in Chihaya’s favour as Kaori and Fumi step in. Kaoruko has calmed down and questions Kaori’s act. Something about camouflaging and imaging tactics. Chihaya will be her ally and in return she’ll protect her secrets. Chihaya wonders why Kaoruko won’t accept her. Well, there’s a host of reasons she gave. Yuu might be sad if she leaves. She kinda admires her. She looks like her older sister. Anyhow, it isn’t a bad thing if she stays. Chihaya is so happy that she cried. I guess she’s really gotten good in playing a girl’s role. While Fumi is surprised that her identity is found out by 2 girls in the first few days and everyone can keep going like it’s nothing (which is truly a miracle), Kaoruko gets flustered when Kaori mentions about girls undressing and changing. This means Chihaya has already seen Kaoruko in her pantsu, right? RIGHT?!

Episode 2
Chihaya is equally as popular and because of her unique hair colour, she has been nicknamed Silver Haired Princess. For the upcoming annual concert, Utano Sasou and Eri Nishina hope to join Kaoruko’s ensemble. Looks like Chihaya is in too. I’m not sure why Utano brought them to Awayuki Reizei just to explain about the concert. Anyway the founders believed all students should be able to play a music instrument. They also must join an ensemble to perform in a yearly concert. Kaoruko plays the cello but it seems the concert is stressing her out. Hatsune teases her about her ‘outstanding’ performance last year as Kaoruko feels she is bad in front of crowds. Chihaya plays the piano and demonstrates her elegance and class. When Kaoruko leaves the music room, Kayleigh introduces her to Harumi Kimihara, the violinist who will be part of her ensemble this year. Kaoruko practices with her group and she feels better that she can perform well now. Later there seems to be a dispute in regards to which ensemble shall use the music room for practice. There has been double booking and Kayleigh allows Kaoruko’s group to use the room first since they have a pianist while theirs only consists only of strings. However Harumi doesn’t believe instruments should be a factor to this. Since Chihaya has a personal piano in her dorm, she can use it for her personal practice. Since everybody agrees, the issue is settled. But why does Harumi doesn’t look happy? Later Kaoruko is seen talking off the phone. Something bad must have happened to make her sink into depression.

As Kaoruko practices with her group, Eri points out that she heard Harumi is transferring to another school after the concert. They think her family has issues to move in this time of year. Kaoruko hears rumours about others whispering that lenders aren’t afraid to rough you up. Maybe they should just stop whispering if they’re so afraid that she might hear. Kaoruko goes to see Harumi and the latter confirms her father’s company has gone bankrupt thanks to Kaoruko’s father. Kaoruko hopes she can do something for her. Really? Anything? Harumi chides her if she’s serious about that, then swap places with her. Give her everything you have! Your friends! Your popularity! Your future! Chihaya who was looking for Kaoruko steps in. Harumi runs away in tears. Chihaya wants to know what happened but Kaoruko won’t tell. Back at the dorm, Chihaya learns from Fumi that Kaoruko went out. In this stormy weather? Kaoruko practices her cello as she remembers about others whispering about those rumours. She is so sad and disturbed that she didn’t realize her fingers are bleeding after playing the cello so rough!!! Yikes! It took Chihaya to bring her to her senses. Once more, Kaoruko doesn’t want to say what’s wrong. Is it because Chihaya lied before? Is it because she’s a boy and unable to solve her problem? Kaoruko fears she will hate her as she doesn’t know who to answer the girl who is crying for help. As always, she only sits back and watches. She is mad at herself for being like this. After all that crying, emotional drama and hugging, Kaoruko lets known the truth. Her father is a loan shark and she’s always hate being a daughter of one. Chihaya points out Harumi knows she wasn’t at fault. While that was her form of kindness, it may be that there is no correct answer. They can only pray she tries her best to stand on her own feet again.

As the concert begins, it is Kaoruko’s group’s turn to take the stage. As they play, Kaoruko remembers her meeting with Harumi soon after. She told her she used to think switching places would solve everything but not anymore. Kaoruko will always be Kaoruko and Harumi will always be Harumi. She must accept that. Harumi knows that and despite wanting to hate her, she can’t help end up admiring her. Kaoruko says she can both hate and admire her but will always remember her. In the aftermath, Hatsune tells everyone the news that after Harumi transfers out, she went to a music school and immediately won a national competition. Kaoruko treasures a present from Harumi which is a handkerchief with a picture of a violin next to a cello.

Episode 3
It’s that time of year again for the school’s annual Elder Sister election. Students pick a senior to serve as a role model for the entire student body and she commands more respect and influence than the student council president although she doesn’t bear any official authority. However she must obtain 75% of the votes. If that is not reached, other candidates may give their votes to her. Chihaya tutors Kaoruko in the library. Did they get distracted admiring the length of each other’s fingers? That is interrupted when Chihaya is called since she has a visitor. Turns out to be her mom and is here to check on how she is doing. The interaction between mother and child seems awkward because mommy addresses her as Chitose. Plus, she is happy to know that her ‘daughter’ has enough stamina to tutor others and now that she’s transformed into a fine lady, she could hardly recognize her. That night, Kaoruko and Kaori discuss what happened today. Kaoruko is suspicious because Chihaya didn’t correct her mother when she called her ‘Chitose’. Also, Chihaya even addressed her as ‘mama’ instead of ‘okaa-san’ like she always used to. When Chihaya is in the flower arrangement club, she remembers presenting to her ill twin sister in hospital, Chitose some flowers. However she started coughing incessantly and that was the last she saw of her. Since Chihaya wasn’t paying attention, she accidentally cuts herself and bleeds. She recuperates in the hospital though her injuries aren’t life threatening. Kaoruko confronts Fumi to ask who Chitose is. She reveals she is Chihaya’s twin sister who died at the age of 10 due to an illness. Kaoruko realizes this must be the reason why Chihaya is protective of Yuu. Chihaya dreams that after Chitose died, her mom was devastated. She had to be strong for her otherwise nobody will. Even though she knows what she’s doing is wrong, she has to endure it. She is her mother after all. Soon Chihaya wakes up and is back on her own feet. Kaoruko talks to Fumi again wondering if she is okay with such decision. Fumi says her duty is to serve Chihaya and if she chooses to live as Chitose, she will abide by that.

Then Kaoruko confronts Chihaya if she really is going to aim for the Elder Sister position. Chihaya doesn’t understand what she meant since the post is decided by votes. What Kaoruko wants to know is what Chihaya truly wants. Does she want to live as Chitose? Although Chihaya says yes, the way she said it doesn’t seem convincing. Kaoruko then starts telling her all the things Chihaya are good at, even better than her. That is the real Chihaya she knows and wants her to be herself because she wants to be with her. Chihaya’s heart is still confused so she runs away. Kaoruko chases her. She catches up. They trip. She falls over her. Since the mood is right, they let their body take over. At least their lips. Kaoruko confesses she likes her and wants her to stay by her side. Chihaya in tears wonders if she can be herself. Of course she can. Then she realizes they are in the flower bed (the flowers she gave the Chitose) and it made her even emotional. On the day of the Elder Sister election, Kajiura announces the election results. The top 4 are Chihaya, Kaoruko, Hatsune and Makio Shingyouji. She offers a chance to those who wants to give their votes. Makio gives hers to Kaoruko since they’ve been through the same thing. Likewise, Hatsune gives hers to Chihaya as gratitude for mending her relationship with Yuu. Since both their total votes are still at a tie, Hatsune steps forward and suggests that they both be given the title as Elder Sister. I guess they are popular enough that everyone in the hall approves of it. So for the first time in history, we have 2 seniors holding the post of Elder Sister. This means Chihaya and Kaoruko get to be together from now and always.

The Thing About Cross-dressing…
Uhm… Well, if you ask me, this OVA isn’t really much. I suppose for those who truly wish to enjoy this drama, the best is that you read the original works (actually it is a visual novel game that this series is based on) or you are a big fan of the series. Otherwise, 3 episodes are not enough to do justice to a random and casual viewer like me who wouldn’t know how to appreciate or understand what is really going on. It felt like it skipped a lot of things and introduces a few characters and some that don’t play any significant role in the OVAs. The first episode was about Chihaya and Kaoruko and about the latter trying to come to terms with the former’s real gender and identity when it is found out. The second episode focuses more on Kaoruko and her issue of dealing with a fellow student whose family got affected because of Kaoruko’s father. Finally the third season sees how Chihaya deal with the ‘presence’ of her late twin sister, an emotional scar that has deeply affected her mom and whether or not she chooses to live in her shadow or as her own.

The cross-dressing part really did not hit me while watching this show because Chihaya is so elegant as a lady, it’s either like she is a natural or has gotten so used to the role. That’s why throughout the duration of watching this series, the thought that Chihaya is a boy never really bugged me even when his identity is on the verge of being exposed and got exposed to a hand few. It also felt that Chihaya’s identity was never in danger of being exposed. Even if it was like to some of her friends, she would just coolly accept fate. Where’s the fun in that when you don’t panic of your real identity being busted? It’s like as though she has no qualms if she gets expelled. Or maybe Chihaya was just putting up a poker face. We can’t tell since she really did a good job acting like a fine lady.

Also, the way Chihaya acts, it never occurred to me that he is a victim bully. Maybe everyone at Seiou are girls so her trauma is stemmed. Because there are a handful of minor characters, their little presence in the OVAs didn’t really do their roles any justice. Yuu was just someone Chihaya saved at first and later and subtly her relationship with others got mended. Kaori is amusing since she likes teasing Kaoruko but that only happens in the first episode. After that you don’t see her do this stuff anymore. And Kayleigh? If you ask me, if she hadn’t appeared at all, the series can go on. Then in the final episode they introduced Makio and her few seconds of overall screen time isn’t really appreciated too. Just somebody there, you know. Even Chihaya’s skyrocketing popularity with the girls felt implied. It’s like you have to accept the fact that Chihaya is already famous. Where are the hard work and the things she do to get her this popular? Like I said, if you really want to know everything and all the characters, it is best to play the game. The OVAs were just ‘desserts’.

Maybe the other reason why Chihaya accepted her mom’s absurd request of enrolling at Seiou is because of Chitose. Like she said, she needed to be strong for her and from the way things were shown, it seems mom hasn’t really gotten over Chitose yet. As for that ultimate scene whereby Kaoruko and Chihaya kissed each other in the flowerbed, it makes me wonder if Kaoruko likes Chihaya as a boy or a girl. I mean, Chihaya has been given the ‘approval’ to be the way she wants, right? So is that a boy or a girl? Of course this means Chihaya still will have to cross-dress till she graduates. Likewise the same can be asked for Chihaya. Does she love Kaoruko as a boy or a girl (for Chihaya lah)? ‘Experience’ tells me that girls who study in all-girls school have this tendency to go yuri so it is not surprising if they fall in love each other as females. Chihaya really looks and acts like a fine lady, right? And in the event if they fall for each other with Chihaya as a boy, then it would be straight but they’ll have to keep his identity a secret or else a scandal so huge that it overshadows the world’s biggest political and sex scandals.

Eri Kitamura as Kaoruko is still identifiable although she doesn’t pull off her trademark bratty voice like Rin in Kodomo No Jikan or Kotone in Softenni. Surprisingly I could recognize Ayana Taketatsu as Kaori. No reprimanding voices here like Azusa from K-ON! Or Eclair from Dog Days. Just like that calm and cool voice of Fuu from Tamayura. Other casts include Yu Shimamura as Chihaya (Hare in Guilty Crown), Sayuri Hara as Fumi (Bokuden in Sengoku Collection), Yuiko Tatsumi as Utano (Riko in KissxSis), Mana Hirata as Yuu (Hazuki in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Yui Sakakibara as Kajiura (Priecia in Prism Ark), Megumi Takamoto as Kayleigh (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Risa Kayama as Hatsune (Kouta in Sakamichi No Apollon) and Yoriko Nagata as Harumi (Jun in K-ON!). The opening theme is a lively pop, Cross X Over Sensation by Natsuko Ako while the ending theme is a slow-moderate ballad, Himitsu and sung by the typical style of CooRie. When I heard the ending piece, I thought it reminded me a little of Da Capo Second Season’s ending theme, Akatsuki Ni Saku Uta, a song that CooRie also sung.

Overall, the OVA didn’t feel it was up to mark though the art and drawing were okay (at least in my opinion it was better than the TV prequel) and the ending could be deemed as happily ever after (because the main protagonist duo got to be together. Holding hands). There were relationships between characters and pasts that weren’t fleshed out properly. I’m sure that even the most minor of the side characters have their own story to tell whether it is tragic or complicated, right? Although I don’t remember about the prequel much, the OVA lacks the comedy parts so it is drama all the way. Bottom line is, cross-dressing and enrolling into a school for one gender only doesn’t really solve the main problem, though it may solve other problems (‘side quests’) along the way. Because if it does, you would have seen a host of guys cross-dressing as girls Yup. That would be ugly. That would be disaster. That would make maidens fall into trauma instead.

I wouldn’t have known that there was actually an additional episode for the anime series Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru. Previously, I’ve always thought that there were only 12 episodes to this series since the final episode seems to have indicate to end it all.
Then when the subs for the 13th episode came out, I was really taken by surprise. Well, this episode isn’t actually shown on the tv and is released as a special episode on the DVD. So you could say that this is an OVA episode. Because the tv series was okay (not that I’m a diehard fan), I decided to check it out.
This particular episode has no relation whatsoever in terms of storyline to the tv series. Yup, it’s a full fledge comedy episode with the characters of the series. Furthermore, the drawing and animation for this OVA is mainly drawn in the characters’ chibi form. You know, big round head which looks like some candy or jawbreaker and their eyes and mouth as small as a dot. Get ready for some outrageous laughs.
The name of this episode’s title too is longer than usual, which is, Ookina Shonen Shoujo No Sekai Meisaku No Mori – Tsunderella. Roughly translated as Woods Of The World’s Masterpiece For Big Boys And Girls – Tsunderella. With the word Tsunderella, you might be thinking that it’s gonna be a Cinderella spoof. You’re right. But it’s a little like Shrek in the sense that it mixes and weave several fairytale characters into this story.
Besides, the term ‘tsundere’ (which I recently found out what it means) is a term use to describe a character who is tough, cold, sharp and sarcastic in the beginning but as time progresses, will soften up once he/she becomes lovestruck. Yup, it’s like a hot-cold personality. Nice play on words. So it’s sharp and sarcastic on the outside (tsuntsun) but deep down inside is a lovestruck and fawning person (deredere). This is true especially in one of the series’ main characters, Takako.
In this OVA, Takako is the main star and that tsundere attitude fits her for the pun word Tsunderella, the young maiden character that she’ll play in this episode. But to avoid any confusion (me especially), I’ll still refer to her as Takako. I’ll also refer to the other characters as their real names in the tv series rather than the character names of the roles that they’re playing. You’ll know things have started off on a funny note when the narrator introduces Takako as she is seen standing high on a rocky mountain on a stormy night, laughing like an idiot, when a lightning strikes her. Hahaha! Does anybody ever told you never to stand on a high altitude during a thunder storm?
Anyway Takako is still full of herself saying how fit she is for her to play the role because of her artistic traits, bla bla bla. She goes on laughing like an idiot again before a metal basin hits her head and she falls off from the cliff. Probably it’s a sign to say don’t laugh like an idiot. On her way falling down, she gets struck by the lightning again. Bad luck or what? I suppose heroines have to endure hardships at the start of the episode.
Takako crashes into that dorm and Mariya along with Ichiko and Yukari went to see that crashing sound. You’ll guess that Mariya’s Takako’s evil and wicked stepsister (Mariya even admits it herself. Can’t believe Ichiko and Yukari admires how Mariya says she herself is evil) and tells Takako not to slack on work. Mariya is thinking of this play as revenge and wants Takako to go fetch some water and then clean the toilet after that. Yukari is so taken in by Mariya’s energeticness that she decides to try and become evil. I don’t think at this cute rate, Yukari can be evil. Of course Takako refuses. Mariya then tells Ichiko to scare her. Ichiko seems more funny than scary. Remember Yukari is afraid of ghosts in the tv series? Yeah, she passes out here. While Takako is taking a little breather as Ichiko and Mariya attends to a fainted Yukari, Takako gets another metal basin thrown at her head as Mariya orders her to bring some water now. She has to. Or else would she want to see that scary-cum-funny face of Ichiko again?
While Takako is drawing water at a well and laments her situation, Kimie appears (dressed as Snow White) which surprises Takako. Because of that, Takako pulled her cheeks and wonders why is there another princess here. Anyway, Kimie heard that Takako is being bullied though Takako refutes. Kimie goes on to say that Takako is a person who can’t be bullied, somebody who stands above the rest, her dreams is world conquest and with an army of robot armies, she’ll destroy anything in her path. Is such a role befitting for a princess? Takako still doesn’t believe all that when Kimie asks if she should marry the prince. Like that will happen. Besides, Takako even thinks what are the chances some prince will be lying around here. Haha. The prince, which is Mizuho, is seen lying unconscious nearby. Kimie snickers to Takako and tells what if she revives him. Though Takako blushes and says she won’t stoop that low, it’s precisely what she’s thinking. Hehe. Kimie leaves but Takako purposely throws a metal basin at her and knocks her out.
Unfortunately before Takako could ahem ahem to revive Mizuho, the latter woke up already and is asking for some water. Should’ve done it faster. Takako gives Mizuho that full metal basin for him to drink. Mizuho thanks her and asks what he should do in return. But Takako is having a nosebleed because she finds that ray of light emitting from Mizuho is too moe. Haha. Mizuho asks Takako’s name but before the latter could reply, Hisako appears looking for Mizuho. With that, Takako abruptly apologizes and leaves. Hisako gives Mizuho that hug on her breasts thingy before she drags him back to the palace. Mizuho thinks how beautiful that girl was (haha, so funny when they show that chibi face of Takako). Poor Kimie, she’s still lying there. Takako meanwhile takes a breather from that heart stopping encounter.
Also you’ll note that there are some little ecchi scenes here and there. Don’t worry, it’s all in the name of comedy! The next day back at the dorm, the 3 stepsisters are having a sumptuous meal but Takako’s one is real miserable. Takako is thinking of going on a diet when Mariya asks why she hasn’t touched her food. But when Takako’s stomach growls, those 3 stepsisters laugh wickedly, pissing off Takako. Then Takako overheard their conversation about the upcoming Royal Ball. Since all the young woman are going to be invited, Mariya thinks she has a chance to dance with the prince. Furthermore, there’s a rumour that the prince is going to choose a partner. While the trio are happily fantasizing about it, they notice Takako eavesdropping and further teases her that she didn’t want to go in the first place. Oh those scary bullying look in their eyes. Poor Takako.
As Takako takes a stroll in the forest, a voice from the sky asks her if she would like to attend the ball. Then a spaceship with a green witch hat is seen coming down and landing right before Takako. Well, it’s actually Shion and she claims to be the magic user of the forest that will make wishes come true. Takako immediately refuses and walks away. Shion is persistent and tells her not to hold back and follows her. I will help you. No I don’t want to. Please stop following me. Ah well, Shion uses her hair to tie Takako up and says she WILL accept her help. No choice for Takako but to accept lah. Talk about being forced against her will.
First, Shion decides to create a wonderful dress for Takako. Shion goes into a wild frenzy tribal dance and swings her magic wand. Takako soon transforms into her bishoujo self… but naked! Shion too! What the? Why did they become naked bishoujo of themselves? I can only think of 1 reason. Fanservice! Gawk all you want, since you only have 1 second to do so. Soon Shion fixes Takako a splendid dress (looks normal to me).
Meanwhile, the Royal Ball is going to start and the 3 mean stepsisters are already there. Mariya says how there’s no contest and that the prince will definitely pick her and nobody is standing in her way except… A vision of Takako comes to mind. Mariya is taken aback a little and thinks she’s thinking a little too far. At the same time, Shion is telling Takako to have fun at the ball must be back here before 12 midnight as the magic will wear off by then. If she doesn’t then something dripping and wet along with totally naughty things will befall on her. Uh… Isn’t that some blurred-out hentai scene? Must be lah. Looks like something hentai will happen to her if she doesn’t come back by then. I’m sure Takako will pretty much heed this rule. Next, Shion decides to provide a transportation to the castle. Don’t think it’s an extravagant pumpkin carriage and some beautiful horses. Why, it’s Kana Mobile. Uh huh. Kana is the lone horse and she’s just attached to a seat of a playground swing. Cheapskate. Kana then uses her ribbons on her head as flapping wings and soon they blast off into the sky.
Umm… Why is the mid-intermission so ecchi? I mean we see a naked Mizuho and Takako standing up front in their chibi forms and the dresses next to them are supposed to be like paper cut-outs. Since they’re in their chibi forms, you won’t see any of those parts even though they’re not obstructed by anything.
Anyway, Takako’s scream must be loud enough to wake up Kimie. She ons her super vision screen in her specs to find that Takako is in trouble. She decides to throw that metal basin at Kana. Right on target. With that, the duo fall straight down into the forest below. Meanwhile, we see Kei as that evil queen from Snow White asking her magic mirror who is the most evil of them all. The mirror, which is Michiko, replies Kei. She wonders what’s so good about being evil since she doesn’t look happy. Kei refutes but Michiko reminds her about their role in interfering with Takako since they’re the bad guys. At the same time, Takako is walking her way to the palace when Kana says that she’ll carry her again. Takako gives her that evil stare which frightens Kana as she flies away in fear. Kimie comes along and is relieved that Takako is alright. Soon Takako finds out that Kei was the one who knocked her out of the sky and soon does a submission move on Kimie and punching her. Poor Kimie. She gets another beating.
So the duo are trudging along in the forest when Kimie wonders if she knows where she’s going. Takako confidently says yes but nearly falls into a ravine when she steps out from the long grass. You know, Takako should listen to Kimie and ask for directions. Kimie is worried what if they ran into some monsters… Yup, they did ran into some. Several giant cats, many vicious man-eating plants, hordes of Kana-like pixies, and the duo got the receiving end of it all. Good thing they’re still alive. While resting and thinking they should ask someone for directions, Takako thinks who would be walking in the forest at this time. Well, there is someone who crossed their path. It’s Little Red Riding Hood! Michiko in disguise actually. I suppose Takako’s pride is a problem even though Michiko offers them some help. But since she’s walking away, Takako ‘threatens’ her that she wouldn’t mind it if she wanted to show them the way.
As Michiko is leading the duo, she relays back to Kei about her progress. Soon the trio arrived at the gingerbread house. Michiko is taking her leave when Takako stops her and wants an explanation why she took them to a gingerbread house when she said to take them to the palace. The gingerbread house door then opens and we see Kei in a disguise of an old cloaked woman. Kei is saying how she’s got beautiful visitors and though Takako says she’ll accept her compliments of her being beautiful (perasan!) she’s not her visitor. Kei then takes out a purple apple on a stick and decides to give it to Takako but the latter knows it’s a poison apple. Kei counter this by saying that Takako’s a chicken and if it wasn’t a poisoned apple, her cowardice will be on the front page of every major newspaper as she’ll be a laughing stock. Not wanting to lose, Takako agrees to eat the apple. Well, not herself of course. She gives it to Kimie, who herself too thinks it’s poisoned. However Takako just stuff the whole apple in Kimie’s mouth and soon she experiences some spasm before passing out with green foams coming out from her mouth. So Kei and Takako had a little egoistic argument there when Michiko notes how they’re both on the same level.
Kei then decides to show her true form but Takako isn’t interested. Kei summons her magic mirror Michiko (who notes how tiring all this is) and orders her to do some Flamethrower Lightning attack. What in the world is that? Before that could happen, that spaceship of Shion comes landing before Takako to help her. Funny to see Takako in her surprise calling that mahou tsukai oba-sama (magical grandma) when Shion hits her with her wand and says she didn’t hear that clearly. Takako corrects herself by saying mahou tsukai onee-sama (magical sister). Thus, ensued the greatest magical battle with Kei and Michiko unleashing their Rolling Thunderbolt against Shion’s Lightning Breaker. Zap! Zap! Zap! Poor Kimie. She got caught in between and got fried. The battle is so great that it causes some atomic-like explosion throughout the forest. Let’s just leave it there.
Meanwhile Takako is fortunate to have gotten away from that unrelated duel. What luck! She arrived just in time outside the palace. Takako walks into the palace and into a room filled with ladies. But the first lady she had to meet was Mariya and Mariya starts teasing her how she eventually came. She went on to say if she wants to dance with the prince, she’ll have to queue up. Yeah, it’s a pretty loooooong line. By that time, it’ll be morning. Takako remembers that hentai consequence warning Shion told her earlier on. Though Takako is determined not to lose, it’s already 11pm and she’s sitting dejectedly somewhere in the ballroom. Mizuho is taking a rest on his throne as Hisoka decides to give him a ‘massage’. Mizuho spots Takako, who is being further mocked by her 3 stepsisters. Quite funny to see how Mizuho’s saying about Takako’s perfect combination and good looks while we see that angry and frustrated chibi Takako’s look.
While Takako is waiting outside the balcony, Mizuho comes by her and asks her for her hand to dance. This is the weird part. As soon as their hands meet, we see those 2 dancing in their chibi naked form and in their fantasy world of their own. Naked?! Like I said, since they’re in chibi form, there’s nothing really much to see. Uh huh. We also hear them in some weird conversation and laughter. However, the clock strikes midnight and Takako soon realizes it’s time as she rushes off. Takako is running down the stairs when she heard Mizuho telling her to wait. Takako soon runs back up the stairs and takes off both her glass slippers and purposely leave it at Mizuho’s feet before she tumble down the stairs. Hahaha. Didn’t see that one coming. You’d expect for her slipper to accidentally come off, didn’t you?
We see Kana Mobile waiting for Takako as the former is asking her to hurry since there isn’t enough time. Soon the 2 take off into the night sky. The narrator then mentions how the prince had fallen in love with her and that he could see nobody else but her. The next day, the prince organizes a search throughout town to find her. Finally they arrive at the dorm and as usual, whosever feet fit into that slipper will be the one Mizuho is looking for. First up is Ichiko. Well, since she’s a ghost, she has no feet. Hisako says how it’s a technical issue, which freaks out Ichiko. Next we see Mariya’s feet too big to fit in whereas Yukari’s feet is too small for size. Rejected! That statement send both girls running away and crying in tears. Serve them right for being such a big mouth and a bully.
Finally it’s Takako’s turn and her feet fits like a glove. With that, Mizuho comes up to her and asks her name. She says Tsunderella and as he take her hand, they both kissed. What a funny sight (and sound). The narrator then narrates how they married and soon lived happily ever after. Or did they? We see back at the dorm, the 3 stepsisters ordering them to clean the toilet afterwards. What the? I thought Mizuho and Takako are supposed to live in the palace but instead why is Mizuho cleaning the place with her as well? The stepsister’s revenge for not being able to be the one? Whatever the reasons, I’m sure they’re happy together. Therefore, they lived happily ever after.
Overall, because of how funny this entire episode is, I could say that this is my favourite episode among the rest for this series. At times I caught myself laughing my heart out with all those absurdness and hilariousness. Perhaps they should’ve make more episodes like this. I’d really look forward to it. The chibi drawings did play a big part to make it all funny especially when they mention about being beautiful and all that, then pops out that chibi head shot. Haha. Doesn’t seem to fit but it’s so funny lah!
I like Takako’s voice acting as she really sound funny and comical and at other times prideful. It’s so like her back in the tv series (at least that b*tchiness of hers). Of course the other character voice actresses still remain the same and I could still remember how each of them sound like. At least Mizuho plays the part of a guy even though in the tv series he’s supposed to be a guy dressed as a girl. He still looks girly though.
I still don’t understand that chibi naked part. I mean, yeah, it’s supposed to be funny but it kinda made me raised my eyebrow. Can you consider it to be a full frontal nudity? Maybe not. Perhaps the producers want to have a little fanservice since the tv series itself does have some. Hmm… I wonder what happened to the battle between Kei and Shion. Maybe that’s not important. But since it’s a fairytale, good must’ve triumphed over evil.
I’m sure everyone knows Cinderella’s moral of the story like beauty is a treasure and that graciousness is priceless. But here, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (taking into account those chibi drawings!) and sometimes one good intentions may end up having far worse off consequences. Well, at least it’s the thought that counts. Then again. Ah, all’s well, ends well. Who says you have to marry a royal family, live wealthily in a big spacious castle with a hundred servants, to be happy?

I keep telling myself that Otome Wa Boku Ni Koi Shiteru isn’t a yuri anime. This isn’t a yuri anime. It can’t be a yuri anime. Oh what the heck. It seems so much like a yuri anime. Since I’m not too fond of such animes, I try my best to avoid it. But then if I knew it in the first place, I would’ve skipped it, right? At first I thought it was plain ol’ harmless comedy-romance anime genre. As the series progress, I noticed that viewers tend to mention the yuri-ness of the series, which started me thinking "Yeah, they may be right in a way… But then…".
So what do I mean about being yuri in this 12 episode series? For those of you who don’t understand, the term yuri can be loosely translated as ‘girl on girl relationship’ or ‘lesbian relationship’. Uh-huh. For the record, if I’m ever to watch such ‘morally controversial’ series, not to say I’m a pervert, but I’d rather be better off watching hentai and ecchi ones as compared to yuri or even yaoi (I don’t want to even think about it).
The main protagonist of the series is Mizuho Miyanokouji. He’s a guy. A boy. A male species. An XY. You get. Nothing wrong, right? Now here’s the catch. Mizuho’s recently departed grandfather has left a will saying that he wants his grandson to attend the same school that his daughter/Mizuho’s mom, Sachiho did. Only thing is, Seiou Academy is an all-girls high school! What the? What kind of twisted logic is that? I mean, what’s the reason for him doing so. But since he’s gone, you’ll never find out the real reason why.
Though Mizuho objected it at first, luckily his cousin Mariya Mikado has an idea. That is, to dress and make him up as a girl. Well, since Japanese anime drawings and even voices of certain characters can fall either as a boy or a girl (and sometimes indistinguishable between the 2 genders), so I suppose it’s not that difficult in Mizuho’s case. Yeah, he looks and sounds like an authentic girl. How convenient. Another cross-dressing case.
Anyway, we see all that in episode 1 and a third year student Mizuho receiving some words in the principals office. Because Mizuho’s the only guy in an all-girls school, he has to keep his identity a secret or else you know the havoc and terror that will be caused. Luckily, Mizuho’s a nice and decent guy as compared to those really perverted guys you see in other animes. So girls, even if you don’t know his real identity, your safety is much assured. So the only ones that know Mizuho’s real identity are Mariya, the principal and Mizuho’s homeroom teacher, Hisako Kajiura.
So where’s the yuri part if you’re asking. Well, when Mizuho first step into the classroom, every girl who laid her eyes on him (yeah, I’ll still refer to Mizuho as a boy) fell in love with him because of her complexion, stature, looks. Name it and Mizuho’s got it. At least that’s what those girls think. Are they ‘deprived’ so much so that they swoon over a good looking cross-dresser? Can’t blame them. It’s an all-girls school. Talk about getting popular in an instant. Soon word of Mizuho’s debut spread throughout the school. Yeah, everybody loves her! Even the sight of him passing by is enough to make those girls paralyze in awe and admiration.
Mizuho tries his best to adjust to an all-girls school like trying to use the term watashi instead of boku (a masculine term for ‘I’). He still even had qualms of going into a girl’s toilet to do his business. Luckily, Mariya’s there to guide him such as always leaving the toilet seat down when finish doing one’s business. Also, Mizuho has to live in a dorm since it’s Seiou Academy is quite a huge place. There Mizuho meets Yukari Kamioka and Kana Suouin. Both Yukari and Kana are underclassmen of Mariya and Mizuho respectively and I think it’s the policy of this school that elder girls take on younger ones and treat them as their little sister. And as expected, Yukari and Kana are your typical squeaky voice very genki little girls. They’re eager and quite enthusiastic to meet Mizuho and is ecstatic when they do. Eager beaver.
Besides discovering his room to be all pink (what do you expect), Mizuho’s lying on his bed wondering his grandpa’s weird will when Mariya comes in. She notices him staring at her breasts and soon goes into flirtatious mode and on top of him. She even took off her top revealing her bra! Mizuho’s surprised but later Mariya revealed that she’s actually here to give him a welcome pyjama party and rips his clothes to put some pyjamas on him! This girl’s really daring. Don’t worry, Mizuho’s pyjamas isn’t revealling. Soon Yukari and Kana too came in to join in the party (no, I don’t find little girls in ‘sexy’ pyjama outfits to be appealing). Yeah, they even had a go by rubbing their faces on Mizuho’s fake breasts. Can’t they really tell it’s real or not. Maybe they don’t have one (or two ;p) to tell the difference. Just kidding. So those it look like yuri to you? At first glance maybe. And note to myself: Mizuho is still a guy, so it isn’t yuri still.
As Mizuho’s popularity soars in episode 2, his secret identity is known by a dark-haired girl, Shion Jyuujou sitting next to him in class. Well, Shion’s kinda observant when Mizuho do stuffs which is unlady-like. And at the toilet after Mizuho finished doing his business, Shion tells him that his zipper is open. Mizuho’s initial reaction is of course to check it. Oops. Busted. Secondly, when Shion later talks to Mizuho, because of the latter’s hesitance to answer whether he’s a guy or a girl, Shion’s suspiscions are confirmed. Mariya soon arrives and figures out that Shion knows about Mizuho’s secret. Good thing is, Shion’s a good person and won’t expose his identity because she thinks Mizuho’s a good person. Before you know it, Shion becomes best friends with Mizuho and Mariya and part of their ‘circle’.
I guess Mizuho’s still a guy deep down because he can’t help it but to look at girls changing into their P.E. uniforms. Not that he really wants to. I mean, he himself has to get into one. And because of that, Mariya and Shion notices this and proceeds to him some breast squeezing punishment. This isn’t really yuri, this isn’t really yuri. And it seems Mizuho’s popularity starts soaring again when he pulled off some cool manouevres while playing basketball. Kya!!! All the girls must be falling head over heels.
Because of that, this prompts Kana to ask Mizuho if he’s gonna become and Elder. In Seiou Academy, an Elder is some sort of a role model sister, someone which everybody loves, respects and looks up to. Plus, an Elder is selected through an election made by the students of the academy every year. And an Elder candidate needs to get at least 75% of the votes to secure her place as one. And when she does, everybody will call her ‘onee-sama’. Mizuho thinks that he’s not qualified and says that Shion’s more appropriate. However, Mizuho soon finds out that Shion’s actually an Elder last year, but due to an illness, she has been hospitalized as soon as she was elected and for the rest of the year and she’s actually repeating her term this year. In a way, Shion feels that she’s unqualified to serve her fellow students again because she was unable to do so back then. Mizuho felt bad and apologize as he didn’t know but Shion didn’t mind and says she’s happy to have those feelings.
Later as Mizuho and Mariya are walking in the hallway, they’re being stopped by the student council president, Takako Itsukushima, and her bespectacled assistant, Kimie Sugawara. At first glance, Takako looks like your typical arrogant, snobbish, b*tchy kinda girl. Yeah, she is. In addition, Takako and Mariya don’t seem to like each other, though they’ve known each other since young, and is always at each other’s throat. So Takako is arguing the fact that since Mizuho’s a newly transferred student, it wouldn’t be in line with the school’s traditions to elect somebody new and who isn’t familiar with the ways of the school. In short, she’s against Mizuho being a candidate as an Elder. Of course, Mariya isn’t gonna stay silent on it and reminds her that it’s the students who decide who becomes an Elder. Soon Takako and Kimie just walk away with that piercing look and poor Mizuho wondering’s what he’s gotten into.
Therefore Mariya is all excited to get Mizuho nominated as an Elder candidate in episode 3. She along with Kana and Yukari help spread the word throughout school. I wonder what Mariya and Shion’s really up to. I mean they know Mizuho’s a guy and they really want him to hold such position. Hmmm… Perhaps it’s not whether you’re a boy or a girl. It’s the heart that counts. Meanwhile, Mizuho finds out that Takako is in the same history lesson class with him. So some chat and by the end of the period, Takako with her usual obnoxious stand tells Mizuho that she won’t allow him to stand as an Elder candidate.
Later in the auditorium, it seems that the Elder position is a straight fight between Mizuho and Takako. And after the votes are tallied, Kajiura announces that the winner is Mizuho with a whooping 82% vote. As Mizuho’s gonna give his speech, Takako then suddenly comes on stage and grabs the microphone and blabs about how she doesn’t object to Mizuho about being an Elder but the process on how they all voted him and that this isn’t a popularity contest bla bla bla. Yeah, I think she’s just a sore loser. Just then, Shion stood up and giver her counter-attacking speech like hope and aspirations bla bla bla. Everybody loves Shion’s passionate speech too.
And when Shion has finished her speech and gave the microphone back to Takako, Shion collapses. Like as though like a reflex action, Mizuho immediately carries Shion in his arms and leaps out of the auditorium to the infirmary. The girls there must be watching this in awe and amazement. Wah. Just like a fairytale before their eyes. When Shion opened her eyes, she finds Mizuho by her side but Shion told him to go back to the auditorium because she feels that Mizuho’s the right one to become and Elder. Upon re-entering the auditorium, Mizuho is surrounded and greeted by all the girls who’re amazed at Mizuho’s earlier action. Even Yukari and Kana are fantasazing Mizuho as their own Prince Charming. With that, Takako has no choice but to accept Mizuho as an Elder but still remain her suspiscions about him. Sore loser. The next morning, Mizuho gets his first taste of ‘royal’ treatment as every girl he walks pass, bows and greets him as he makes his way to school. Thus, as Mizuho says, his days of an Elder has just begun.
I’d like to also mention one of Mizuho’s classmates, Kei Takanashi, who reminds me a bit of Yue of Mahou Sensei Negima. Uh-huh, she’s that typical creepy quiet voice monotonous sounding character with no expresssion kinda face and sometimes scheming up things. Being the drama’s club director, Kei has a close friend, Michiko Takane, who’s the opposite of her (on the outside looks, that is) and this 2 are always seen together. Michiko smiles more compared to Kei and is more sociable. Such an odd pair. Like they say, opposites do attract.
I somehow find episode 4 to be a filler episode. Or rather to introduce a new character to the gang. It starts off with Mariya telling ghost stories on a stormy night and Yukari seems quite scared of it. Then something about why is Mizuho’s room the only room facing the north side of the dorm. Not too sure about that one. But it sounded like a prelude to something scarier. The next night, Yukari’s still afraid of the previous night ghost stories so much so that she wants to sleep with Mizuho. Well, seeing no harm, Mizuho accepts. Then this is the funny part. The next morning when Mariya comes into Mizuho’s room only to find Yukari’s arms aroung Mizuho and the former saying "More… more…", Mariya misinterprets the situation and went crazy. Is the roof shaking and walls vibrating enough to tell you how berserk Mariya went?
Anyway, Mizuho finds out that his room is a forbidden one. Meaning, there’s a tragic story behind this room 22 years ago. During that time, an Elder was staying in this room too with an underclassman who has a weak body. Since the latter found out that her sempai’s gonna graduate and get married soon, she snuck out of hospital and hid in her closet and wait for her to return. And since it was summer vacation, she didn’t. Eventually, she waited and waited until death becomes her. Since then, the room is closed off. So why is Mizuho staying in this room? Because of his late’s grandpa will. Yeah, that old bugger also mentions this in his will. Haih…
Later when Mizuho and Kana are together in the room, the room shakes violently and Mizuho wonders if it’s a ghost. Kana says of something similar happening before and mentions something about a charm in some closet made by a priest to seal some ghost. Upon examining the closet, they find that the charm is all torn up. Suddenly a girl floating in the air with some glowing aura around her. She saw Mizuho and recognizes as her Elder and proceeds to hug her. Yeah, she speaks real slow. After some talk and introducing herself as Ichiko Takashima, she realizes that she’s dead and a ghost now and mentions how Mizuho resembles so closely to her Elder. Don’t worry. Ichiko doesn’t look like your typical scary horribly disfigured ghost but rather a cute bishoujo. Good thing about dying young is that you don’t have to worry about looking old. Just kidding. So don’t kill yourself!!!
Since Ichiko has no where to go, Mizuho allows her to sleep with him in his room. Yeah, talk about sleeping with a ghost. As Ichiko snuggles up close to him, Mizuho can’t stop wondering what kind of Elder Ichiko’s is. The next morning, you guessed it when Mariya came into the room. Uh-huh. Another girl this time, but same thing. Ichiko’s arm all over Mizuho’s and saying "More… more…" before Mariya blowing her top once more. At this rate, the house is gonna need some serious repairs. Or maybe that’s just metaphorical. Can’t help it if Mizuho’s that popular, right?
As a continuation from the previous episode, episode 5 starts off with Yukari freaking out when she sees Ichiko floating and passing through things, though Mariya seems pretty calm and accept the fact that Ichiko’s a ghost. And when Mariya reveals that Mizuho’s a guy, Ichiko instead of being shocked, gets even more excited and delighted by the fact that she’s a he because Ichiko wants to ber Mizuho’s bride. Still dreaming isn’t she. Anyway, we find out that there’s some invisible barrier that’s preventing Ichiko from stepping outside the dorm. Yup, she’s confined to the dorm area.
It’s quite funny to see how Yukari gets freaked out everytime she sees Ichiko so much so Ichiko starts crying. And before you know it, they calmed down, had a little chat and became friends. Wow. Just like that. Meanwhile, Mizuho’s doing some research when Takako comes up to him and thinks he’s studying about the school’s past Elders. I think Takako is afraid of ghosts. When Mizuho just mentions a little about it, Takako gets all nervous and scared. Yeah, it happened in the previous episode too. Just a slight mention and she’s shivering.
To cut things short, Ichiko’s Elder is Mizuho’s mom. I guessed that from those flashbacks Ichiko had and it made me go "Hey, doesn’t that resemble so closely to Mizuho. I think it’s gotta be his mom". And I’m right. Then this is the part I don’t get. Because Mizuho felt how lonely Ichiko might be all these years, he decides to take her out that night. And it seems if Ichiko’s touching Mizuho, she can actually go out of the dorm’s perimeter! So as they walk thorugh the tree-lined pathways and talk, find out about each other and stuffs, then at the church, a crying Ichiko starts glowing and floating above the altar. Ichiko thinks her wish has been fulfilled because of what Mizuho did. Probably why she didn’t went to the other world because of her unfulfilled dreams. Soon she tearfully wishes him goodbye and disappears.
As Mizuho makes his way out and back to the dorm, he spots Mariya who guessed that Ichiko may be gone. But Mariya cheers him up and says that there’s a big surprise waiting for him back at the dorm. Why, it’s Ichiko! What the? I thought she’s gone for good. Maybe the producers felt that making such a short appearance for this character won’t justify anything (like not fulfulling her wish ;p) and decides to extend her stay. Yup, that’s the part I didn’t get. Why has Ichiko returned. Whatever the reasons, she’s part of the gang now.
I guess you can’t have a series without that usual summer and swimsuit episode. That’s what episode 6 is, though you won’t see girls in their swimsuits throughout the entire episode. For obvious reasons, Mizuho can’t change into a swimsuit (maybe he should learn it from Hibiki in I My Me Strawberry Eggs) and Mariya gives the excuse of feminine problems. By the 3rd day, rumours are spreading that Mizuho may be boycotting swimming classes. This is very un-Elder like. So Takako confronts Mizuho about this and the thought of his identity being exposed is playing in his mind. But luckily, Takako just thinks that Mizuho’s a bad swimmer. Phew.
But mainly this episode is about Mariya vs Takako in a swimming competition. Something about inevitable fate to fight each other bla bla bla. So some flashbacks here and there why the 2 hate each other like how naughty Mariya put frogs in Takako’s desk, and how the 2 did some training for the upcoming competition. Because Mizuho notices how tired Takako is during class, he invites her to have lunch with her. There they both chat and we find out that Takako was invited to be part of the track and field team. Because she can’t handle both club and student body activities, Takako decides to withdraw from the track and field invitation since the student council election is drawing near. Ever since then, Mariya hasn’t forgiven her and has branded her a traitor.
Because of the heat of the sun, Takako soon faints, freaking out Kimie nearby. But it seems Mizuho knew what to do as he takes charge of the situation like asking Kimie to bring a wet towel as he uses his lap as a cushion for Takako’s head. At least Mizuho knows a little bit more about her and wants to be her friend. Matchday arrives with Mariya and Takako a little surprised because their competition has turned out to be an explosive affair with the other girls coming to watch their duel. Yeah, it’s like watching a national event. And it’s not gonna be just some plain swimming competition. Why, there’re obstacles in the swimming pool to traverse as well. Maybe it’s to make it more interesting. Of course lah. Though I don’t really know who won the match, but it seems that in the end, everybody had lots of fun. And because of that, later on Takako receives a letter and a photo from Mizuho and the other girls at the beach saying how Takako inspired Mizuho to be less afraid of the water. Hey, I think I’m noticing something here. Why does Mizuho’s body proportions look like those of a girl? Didn’t know he had a sex change. Just kidding. What I mean is that, even if a guy looks girly, he still has his male physique, right? Or maybe I need to check my eyes and see if I’m seeing things.
It’s autumn in episode 7 and looks like black is Seiou Academy’s uniform colours instead of the usual white. In this episode, it’s more on Kana. That’s because Takako’s inspecting the students and she finds Kana’s head ribbon too big. What the? And she orders Kana to take it off but to Kana she can’t because it’s something precious to her. So you’ll also see Mizuho trying to reason and hear both sides of the party. And you’ll notice that the answers he give are like ‘on the fence’ where both are right and at the same time makes them realize things. Wow. I wish I had that kind of analytical and persuasive skills. Anyway, to file an objection and challenge the student council’s opinion, Mariya and co went through some process which I don’t really remember in which the entire student council body will be notified and must reach a consensus. In other words, some sort of a debate.
Because of Kana’s refusal to take off her ribbon, she’s being badmouthed by other b*tchy girls but luckily Mizuho’s there to stand up for her and put those girls to shame. The tongue is sharper than the sword. Mizuho finds out that Kana’s an orphan and because she doesn’t know how her parents looks like and she got the ribbon from the orphanage’s director. That ribbon is her source of strength and motivation after that director passed away. Ever since then, Kana has been wearing that ribbon.
So the day comes where the debate to have Kana take off her ribbon or not takes place in the auditorium. I find this part amusing. Mizuho’s showing the audience that because everyone has different impressions, you can’t judge a person based on that 1 impression. Mizuho than proceeds to wear Kana’s ribbon and shows the crowd that the ribbon now looks smaller on Mizuho’s head. Yeah, she’s got a big head. Hahaha. Just kidding. See, it’s the perception. With that, everybody as usual is very awed by Mizuho’s speech and votes in favour of Kana to keep her ribbon. I guess those girls never looked at it this way before. Kana’s happy and grateful for what Mizuho has done for her. But this only arouses Takako’s suspicions even more. She’s thinking is Mizuho her ally or foe. Sore loser!
Now it’s Yukari’s turn in episode 8. Yukari is having some serious self confidence problems about her running competition and own abilities. Yeah, lots of spacing out, depressing feeling and not acting liker herself. Speaking of acting, it seems that Kei has cast Kana to play a leading role. Though not confident at first, after a few words of encouragement from Mizuho, Kana’s more confident and will do her best.
We find out that Yukari once had a sister-in-law whom she looked up too very much, just like Mizuho. Pretty, elegant, and all those nice things you could ever think of. It’s also the reason why Yukari came to Seiou Academy. Sadly, Yukari’s sister-in-law passed away. In a way, you could say that Yukari’s just chasing the shadow of her sister-in-law. So for the rest of this episode, we see Mariya, Mizuho and even Ichiko trying to give some advice and words of encouragement to Yukari. But is Yukari listening? I mean, when she sees Kana getting more successful in her play practice, Yukari gets even more depressed.
That is, until Mizuho gives her another one of his eloquent and realizing speeches. Like how before Mizuho’s mom died, she asked Mizuho’s dad not to allow him to cut his hair. Though Mizuho tolerated it, throughout the years he began to understand that by keeping long hair, he’s able to choose which kind of different hairstyles he wanted. So what’s this gotta do with it all? The different hairstyles represent different paths in life to choose from. I see. But you also can have different hairstyles with short hair too, right? Anyway, the important thing is Mizuho and the rest wants Yukari to be happy. And after Yukari saw how Ichiko tries her best to leave the dorm on her own because she feels Yukari shouldn’t stop running (ironically she’s running away, wasn’t she?), Yukari then apologizes and hugs her. The next day, Yukari has her confidence back and is ready to continue running.
The upcoming shool festival is nearing. But in episode 9, Mariya notices how mature Mizuho has become so much so, she starts to become jealous. Well of all people. In the past, Mariya has always been there for Mizuho and taught him everything but now it seems that Mariya has fallen under Mizuho’s shadow. Something like Mariya’s who’s walking in front has been overtaken and surpassed by Mizuho. You get the point. Meanwhile, Mizuho’s surpised to find that he’s to star in a Romeo And Juliet play alongside Takako. Later when Mariya encounters Takako, Mariya thinks it’s revenge for that Kana’s ribbon incident but Takako says that everything that has been done all Mizuho’s doing. This pisses off Mariya because originally she was the one who came up with all those plans and stuffs. Something like somebody else’s getting the credit for one’s work. I mean, isn’t this Mariya’s intention initially when she decides to let Mizuho be an Elder? Because of this, Mariya starts to avoid Mizuho.
So while Mizuho and Takako rehearsing their lines as Romeo and Juliet respectively with the other players who’ll be taking part in the play, they’re shock to find out from Kei that there’s not only several kissing scenes but a bed scene as well! So funny to see Takako so unnatural (because she’s embarrassed) rehearsing her lines while Mizuho’s just cool. So the practice reaches the kissing part. Kei says it’s okay since they’re both girls. Mizuho knows this better himself. Since it’s just practice, Kei allows a peck on the cheek, in which Mizuho does. However, this still causes Takako to be all red and soon faints.
Though Mizuho notices Mariya acting strangely towards him, he still can’t figure out why. Like how Mizuho tries to return Mariya’s planetarium book (because Mariya’s class is doing a planetarium for the festival) but Mariya acted as though they weren’t friends anymore and when Mizuho grabs her arm because Mariya tried to run away, the latter screams and ordered him to let go her hand. That serious ah. Later in the evening as Mariya runs alone at the track, some deep thinking about how lonely she feels and such when Takako appears and meet her since the play practice is finished. It seems Takako wants to know from Mariya whether Mizuho’s a friend or enemy, whether he’s helping her or looking down or her. In short, I think Takako’s falling for Mizuho! Uh-huh, Takako also said something like how she can’t get a hold on her feelings and wants to know Mizuho’s true form. Maybe she’s suspecting something amiss or perhaps blinded by love. Wait! Is Takako okay being a yuri even if she doesn’t know Mizuho’s true identity? Remember, Mizuho’s a guy, Mizuho’s a guy, this isn’t yuri, this isn’t yuri.
Preparations are nearly completed in episode 10. So we see Takako and Mizuho having some chat here and there when Mariya drags them both into her planetarium. There they saw how beautiful the stars were and prayed for the play to be a success. Even Shion seems to notice and tells Mizuho that probably the reason why Takako has changed was because maybe she likes him. Back at the dorm, Mizuho’s really into his practising so much so he didn’t see where he’s going a falls down the stairs. Luckily Mariya’s there before he starts tumbling down. Later, Mariya even got Mizuho to practice that kissing scene with her. I’m not sure whether Mariya’s pulling a prank or not but Mizuho’s really serious about it and when his face nears hers, Mariya pushes him away and runs out of the room.
The day of the festival begins with Mariya trying to attract customers to come into her class’s planetarium. At the auditorium, after Kana’s play, it’s time for the moment that everyone has been waiting for, Romeo And Juliet starring Mizuho and Takako. The play seems to be going on smoothly and during the kiss scene, Mizuho just pecks Takako on her cheek. But during the bedroom scene, Takako’s unaware that her costume’s stuck in one of the props, causing it to be ripped and exposing her sexy (oops. sorry) underwear. I wonder why is Takako getting all embarrassed. I mean, there are only girls in the hall. Not even a single boy. That is if you don’t count the fact that Mizuho’s one. But nobody there knew he was one at that time, right?
Mizuho upon seeing this, swiftly uses his cape to shield a semi-naked Takako and covers her up with a bedspread. Before you know it, the 2 locked lips! The crowd is going wild! And for my own information, this isn’t yuri! It’s still a guy kissing a girl in the back of my head. Mariya who had just arrived, saw this and is shocked. Perhaps she’s thinking now this guy is going that far now. Mariya’s gone by the time that scene ends. Later back in the dressing room, Mizuho apologizes to Takako but the latter says she isn’t mad and just walks away. Yup, it seems that she’s really in love with him now. She gets all flustered up and breathless everytime she just thinks about it. And from now on, Takako’s no more that arrogant b*tch. Yeah, she sounds more like an indecisive unsure emotional teenager in love. What a change. Meanwhile Mariya’s sitting all alone in the auditorium and is wondering if she herself is in love with Mizuho because she doesn’t like the Mizuho who’s surpassing her and being kind to everyone. She just wants Mizuho to be kind to only her. Now not only she’s jealous, she’s now selfish as well. I guess Takako and Mariya really did swap roles.
Perhaps because of so much jealousy and hatred, Mariya came down with a cold in episode 11, after waking up from some dream whereby Mizuho extends his hand to save Takako instead of her and that kissing scene. So Mariya wears a face mask to school and everyone is concerned about her. Maybe they’re more concerned if they’re gonna catch her cold. Everytime Mariya sees Mizuho, she gets embarrassed and runs away.
Later Mizuho and Shion finds Takako and Kimie putting up some posters for some upcoming dance party. Now it seems that everytime Takako sees Mizuho she gets all flustered. But Takako manage to regain her composure and tells her that the dance party is a party where most girls will come in pairs but some who come by themselves. Since this is an all-girls school, the role of the Elder here is to escort and dance with that single lady, as a male role. You know what this means for Mizuho. Mizuho immediately accepts it and asks Takako to do her best, causing her to fluster all over again as she quickly stumbles out of the library. She’s wondering why her heart’s throbbing everytime she’s near Mizuho. You’re in love girl, and you don’t even know it.
Back at the dorm, Mizuho informs Kana, Yukari and Ichiko of this and the trio are excited and all of them wants Mizuho to be their dance partner. Mariya comes down for tea when the trio asks her to get well or else she’ll miss the dance but Mariya just quickly went back up. Mizuho suspects something amiss and tries to talk with her but Mariya didn’t say anything and walks away. So much so Mariya skipped school the next day. Since Mizuho’s had enough of Mariya avoiding him and thinks this has got to be more than just a cold, he decides to confront her that night.
Mizuho’s trying to talk to her in Mariya’s room while Mariya’s hiding under her blanket. Then this is the shocking part. Mizuho then rips away her blanket and strips her!!! Oh my goodness! Did he forget that he’s a guy?! Though Mizuho’s intention is good and is to wipe and cool her back, but I can’t believe he stripped her like that! I can’t get that scene out of my head. So some talk and flashbacks which made Mariya realized things and soon she asks Mizuho to date her this coming Sunday. So Sunday comes and Mariya’s cured from her cold. The 2 went out and had their fun in the city. Then in the evening while talking things, several flashbacks and making up at the park’s bench, the ironic part is when Mariya jokingly hugs Mizuho’s hand and her breasts are touching it, causing Mizuho to be embarrassed. It seems Mizuho interpreted that night’s incident differently when he daringly stripped her! How many times have I said strip already? Mariya also said to herself how she likes Mizuho but this has been a natural distance for them both since a long time ago.
Meanwhile, Takako can’t seem to concentrate on work because of her feelings towards Mizuho as she’s walking back when 2 guys appeared and decides to kidnap her for a ransom. Luckily Mizuho and Mariya are coming back in the same direction and heard the screams of Takako. Naturally Mizuho took action as he rushes there and lands one of the baddies a kick in the stomach. The other baddie upon seeing this then took out a knife and slashes across Mizuho’s t-shirt, ripping his bra padding. Mizuho then gives him a judo throw and flings him over. I can’t believe those bad guys gave up so easily and ran away. Yeah, they’re not fit for the job. Anyway, a worried Takako (like an emotional teenage girlfriend who’s really in love with her boyfriend) rushes over into Mizuho’s arms and sees whether he’s okay. However upon seeing Mizuho’s bra padding and male chest, in her state of shock and speechless-ness, she steps away fearing the worse, that Mizuho’s a guy. Oh oh. Identity busted. But finding out Mizuho being a guy isn’t that bad, isn’t it? Unless Takako really did fell in love with a girl. Or maybe it’s because Mizuho lied to her about his secret identity. Either way, the truth is out. Yeah, the truth hurts too. Just like love.
Just like anybody who has made a shocking discovery, naturally he/she would run away in shock, unable to look at his/her new found identity in the face. That’s what Takako did at the beginning of the final episode 12. Word spread throughout the school on how Takako nearly got kidnapped and how Mizuho saved her. Takako can’t seem to concentrate on things because of what has recently happened. Even when Takako on her way back (heavily guarded by other student council members) met Mizuho face to face, the former just manage to thank Mizuho.
Back at the dorm Mizuho’s just staring at the night sky when Mariya comes in and tells him not to worry because she thinks Takako won’t tell on him. Just then we find out that Ichiko is able to go to the dance after all because now she’s able to leave the dorm’s perimeter through Kana and/or Yukari. More like convenience. Later at night, Mizuho can’t sleep because he’s thinking of his graduation and what he’s gonna do next.
The next day, Mizuho’s talking to Takako outside the student council office (I think he can’t face her as well) and says that he doesn’t expect her to forgive him because he has deceived her in the first place but Mizuho wants to participate in the dance as his last duties as an Elder. With Takako surprised, she rushed towards the door but somehow can’t summon the courage to open it and starts crying.
The night of the dance came and Mizuho looks as elegant as ever (in the eyes of those girls of course). I suppose the main girls will have their share of the dance with Mizuho, starting with Kana. So some chat about how they’ll do their best and ponder about the future after Mizuho’s gone. Things like that. Then it’s Yukari, followed by Ichiko and then Shion. The other girls must be watching in envy. Meanwhile, Mariya meets up with Takako outside the hall and has some char with her. In a way, you could say those 2 reconciled. Mariya also mentions something about Mizuho’s honest intentions to save her without thinking of the consequences of being exposed. Therefore the question isn’t whether Mizuho’s a guy or a girl, but rather Mizuho is Mizuho. Err… Well, if you want to look at it that way then I suppose it’s okay. Therefore Mariya is Mariya and Takako is Takako. I see. After hearing all this, the 2 realized how they both had changed and soon laughs.
The time for the final dance whereby the Elder chooses someone to dance with and the spotlight is now on Mizuho. As he’s searching through the sea of crowd (I guess the other girls must be really keeping their fingers crossed), Mizuho spots Takako and invites her for the final dance with him (too bad for the rest, but either way, they felt ecstatic that Takako was chosen). While the 2 dance under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Mizuho thanks Takako for everything and with that he has no regrets. But Takako says not to decide things on his own because she was initially shock to find that he’s a boy but ironically was the one who rescued her. In addition, he saw her semi-naked and even kissed her. Thus she wants him to take some responsibility.
Just then the spotlight on the 2 goes out, leaving the hall in total darkness. Power cut? But in the darkness it seems that Takako felt Mizuho taking her hand. Takako decides to confess her feelings then but before she could finish her sentence, the spotlight comes back on when Takako realize that she’s holding Mariya’s hands and nearly kissed her! Close shave. How ironic to fall in love with someone whom she didn’t like very much in the beginning. Though Mariya says how unfortunate her dance ends here, the 2 eventually started arguing. Things are back to normal. Soon every other girl wants to have their dance with Mizuho and rushes towards him, especially Mariya who hasn’t had her dance with him yet. This is gonna be a long last dance.
Now this is the strange part. When the end credits are rolling, we see Mizuho having fun with the rest of the girls throughout the remaining days of his school life and vacation spells. What’s so strange with that? Thing is, Mizuho seems to decide to do it all as a girl! I mean, has he decided to become one? Has he relinquished the fact that he’s a boy? Maybe she doesn’t want to ‘scare’ the rest who doesn’t know about his true identity. Yeah, as mentioned, Mizuho is Mizuho, regardless of whether he’s a guy or a girl. Finally, we see Mizuho has already graduated as he leaves his diploma scroll on the desk that his mom once used.
Overall, I think this whole anime is pretty decent with the whole series having Mizuho passing off as a girl and trying to keep his identity a secret to the majority. But as the series progresses, I felt that Mizuho has become more and more of a girl and the series to be a little boring until the penultimate episode. But that’s not the important thing. With everybody eventually loving Mizuho, I guess it’s not a bad ending after all. Though it seems a little rush in the last episode when they tie things up.
One thing I happen to notice is the part where the characters become chibi. Of course we know things get comical when they turn into that form. Somehow I find the chibi-ness to be odd and weirdly cute. I mean, their heads become big and round, then their eyes become so small like a dot and their mouths too become small and short and close to their little eyes, which reminds you like a jawbreaker or a lollipop. Hey, don’t they look like Lego toys too? You should see it to know what I mean.
This chibi thing is also evident in the mid-intermission. Though the first half of the mid-intermission shows the normal and pretty girls in a certain pose, the second part of the mid-intermission half sees them in their chibi form and it’s like some prank has been pulled on one of the characters. Whether it’s Mizuho freaking out that he’s got a little beard/moustache protruding out or getting trip on some banana skin. Funny. Even the music for the mid-intermission sounds ‘chibi’ for the second part to match the chibiness of it all.
Even the ending credits has signs of chibi-ness (what’s this?! The gang flying in the sky thingy?!). And the next episode preview sees the chibi girls walking in a row as they narrate about the next episodes. Yeah, sometimes they’re walking upside down too. Weird. The opening theme song, Love Power, by Aice5, sounds like a girl’s choir, which seems pretty fitting for this series.
When I first watch this series, I can’t happen to notice that some of the characters remind me of those from Da Capo. I mean, Kana looks so much like Sakura, Yukari resembles very closely to Miharu, Takako has that uncanny appearance as of Aisia’s, Mizuho certainly has Kudou’s looksKajiura may be Koyomi’s twin sister and Mariya reminds me of Kotori if you put some long hair on the former. Okay, maybe Mariya and Kotori don’t really look alike but it must be the red hair thingy which they both have in common.
You might notice a little ecchi element in the show. That’s because this series was originally an adult visual novel and then a pc game with adult content. You know what this means. But at least the anime is more toned down. So if you think that this is still yuri, then I suppose if you look at it in a way it’s alright. If not, you can consider this to be a harem anime as well, because it fits the criteria as one, don’t you think? If you like this kind of short teenage girly kinda series, then I guess this one is okay. And remember, the main lesson of this series is not to judge a book by its cover. It’s the inside that counts the most. Okay, so don’t go try cross-dressing and do the same thing. It may not turn out too well.

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