You mean that preview of the future wasn’t just a joke?! Hence, Otona No Bouguya-san (Rimen) turned out to be extra episodes for this series. They are original episodes that was only streamed exclusively on Japan’s online service store. I guess somebody needs to push the sales of those risqué bikini armours. Somebody needs to convince cosplay enthusiasts that it is okay to parade around in this lingerie-like costumes all in the name of cosplay.

Episode 1
Suddenly a huge building that gives off an air of capitalism pops up next to theirs. Kautz tries their instant order and delivery and what do you know? Before him is a so called nude glasses. Putting it on, he sees through Narden’s clothes. Nice abs. With Lilietta calling him, Kautz is tempted to look. When he does, suddenly a demon named Beherin pops up to tell him that he has looked into too much and now the world will be nothing but transparency stuff. In order not to make fans complain again, Kautz is given some semi-transparency. Then he hears the voice of Lilietta (Nao Touyama, rather) who to look into the eye’s mind like how fans visualize the anime in their minds. With that, Kautz is now fully back. Then he sees Lilietta and Flearika engaging in some hot sexy yuri stuff in hot sexy outfits. Yeow! Please bite my ear too! Then it goes downhill because he sees Narden even more muscular and with strange tattoos all over his body. It gets worse. Who the f*ck is this overly macho dude? FFFFUUUUU!!! It’s Mokuku???!!! WARGH!!!!! This shock has Kautz drop the glasses. Thank goodness, back to reality. Nightmare not over because sexy Flearika with a devilish look wants to try them on. Kautz won’t let her in fear there will be no turning back for her.

Episode 2
The store doesn’t have any customers today and the gang believes that capitalistic building has stolen their customers. Time to do recon. Wow. Inside sure looks pretty nice. Everything all in 3D magic. When they enter this Ganma room, suddenly they are locked in. They thought up ahead is a flower picture but it turns out to be some suction fan. Run! Kautz is at risk of being sucked in but Narden saves him and gets, uhm, chopped up? Now he only exists as some purple shadow. Then pops up this monster that probably was copied from that Minecraft monster. It attacks! Narden gives Kautz that very risqué boomerang underwear. I don’t know about this logic to fight nude with nude but whatever. Kautz powers up and… He gets punched in the crotch. Ouch! Somehow they manage to get out thanks to Demon Lord’s magic and even laugh about the fun adventuring time.

Episode 3
When the gang returns, they see this beautiful mysterious lady, Aotsu D Emina. Because she finds their shop fun, she wants to try it out too. Hence she creates another similar shop next door. Time to see who does better business. Yeah, all the customers flock to Emina’s store and none for Narden’s again. Flearika gets this weird idea to do battle with her like an idol because, well, she looks like an idol. So the battle is saying the title’s name? With this going nowhere, Lilietta suggests they join forces. Their practice seems to work and when they do the real deal, they are all over the place and with great cacophony! Yeah, so fail that it’s funny! Kautz does not accept this sloppiness and has them remember how it is done. Hence everyone collaborates and this time it turns out in beautiful unison. In the end, Emina starts glowing. So is she some sort of angel (or anime only character, rather) who came just to tell them that working together like this will make them successful? Just remember that and they’ll be fine on their own. She disappears and hopes one day they will meet again. Then everyone gets philosophical about meetings and partings. As long as you don’t forget about Emina, she’ll one day return. Uh huh. Always remember, ero is romance!

Capitalism Is Romance (Amen)!
Oh well. It was fun. And these extra episodes weren’t even about selling armour. Not even the back story of Narden’s master, Rose that I was hoping for. Heck, they’ve even got the cheek to introduce a new character in the very last episode although to be fair, the final episode was longer than the usual and lasted about 7 minutes. And the lesson learnt from this new character played by Yui Ogura in her trademark cute squeaky voice is that they have to work together in order to survive. Yeah. Not a bad business strategy but I guess that is the basics. Now we know why Narden’s shop is always in the red. Not only he doesn’t know how to do business but all his employees don’t know how to work together! It’s amazing how they survived the first season. Therefore these extra episodes feel like a big product placement to promote d Animate Store service as you can see lots of references and trivia made and appearing throughout the 3 episodes. Perhaps they pumped in some funds to help keep Narden’s shop alive, huh? Heh. No wonder the heavy advertising and promotion of their product placements here. So will Emina come back in the future? If they need another cute employee to push sales or some morale booster, maybe…

I don’t know. Now it seems we have trust issues because the final episode once again trolls us with the preview of the future. Shall we believe them that there is the second season coming? Oh geez. I don’t know. I don’t really know. It’s not like I dislike this series or anything. If there are more future episodes, I would surely like to watch them and see more sexy Lilietta and Flearika moments… Oops, I mean a lot more sexy risqué armours… Oops, I mean some funny stuffs. Yeah. Anything is possible in the realm of anime. All you need to do is remember and never forget! Ero is romance! Well, if business is failing and they need to remind us to buy more of their products, maybe they will pump out more episodes, enough to make another season. Eventually, it all boils down to sex and money. Because sex sells and it brings in the dough. And you can thank capitalism for that!

Otona No Bouguya-san

February 15, 2019

You know there have been jokes and memes about female armours in video games. Yeah… With such skimpy and sexy ‘armour’ that exposes all the vitals and threatening not to protect them at all, you wonder why the heck females don them into battle. The higher the armour grade, the skimpier it gets! What kind of video game logic is that? Well, now you can blame a store that sells such armour to them! Folks, Otona No Bouguya-san doesn’t sell those typical armour that covers your entire body but questionable skimpy protective gear to any interested female adventurers who can afford to buy them. Uh huh. They’re not cheap either. Fashion, huh? Let’s see if those level 10 monsters care how you look in them when they decide to tear up your guts! Oh, don’t worry if the series is gory or violent. Just about a group of people working in that shop. That’s all.

Episode 1
Kautz is being attacked a group of slimes. Luckily for him, a mysterious beauty saves him. Noticing she dropped a bag of money, hence he decides to find and return it. This armour shop looks like the place and the moment he enters, he sees this ambiguous position of a man trying to insert something into a woman’s vagina! Of course as explained, Narden the owner of this store was trying to fit some armour on his clerk, Lilietta. But isn’t the armour a bit revealing? Heck, Kautz notices the entire place sells weird armour and a lot of them are revealing. Narden admits it is his dream to sale risqué equipment to female adventurers. Think that sounds pervy? Well, it’s not easy for female adventurers to wear good equipment. Yeah, that’s why men made them… Kautz returns the money and they’re happy since their finance is very tight. Kautz takes a look at their bookkeeping and is appalled at how flimsy it is. Before he knows it, he wants to work here and take care of the accounts.

Episode 2
It seems the financial ruin is because Narden sells his armours dirt cheap. Kautz suggests increasing the price but he insists on his dream to sell risqué equipment to women. Then one comes in seeking to increase agility. Yeah, put on this skimpy outfit. I mean, video game logic, right? Less cloths, the faster you go! Of course she rejects but he insists and uses his charm that it is cheap. She agrees but he offers and even skimpier one. Rejected! And since it is so cheap, the shop suffers more ‘damage’. This has Kautz berate him that because he sells them so cheap, it also reflects on the quality of the armour. Force selling cheap armours to customers, he is also insulting the armour. Narden lost his confidence. With Kautz eager to give this store a big makeover, Narden misinterprets he wants to sell more risqué armour and regains his confidence.

Episode 3
Lilietta tries out this very sexy armour. You wonder if this was made for the brothel. However, suddenly Kautz is so charmed he wants to be tortured by this sexy devil woman. Well, the only torture he’ll get is a chop from Narden on his ass. Ouch. Kautz snaps back but doesn’t have memories of being charmed. Though, his butt still hurts. Narden explains that those without mana could easily fall into the influence of many risqué armours that possess special magic. To stem this, he is given some embarrassingly cute items. But Kautz opts for a less cute one and the effects doesn’t last long since he got charmed again. Ass chopping time.

Episode 4
Lilietta finds Kautz’s little pet, Mokuku cute. She breaks open a nut for it with her bare hands! You thought the glove was the gloves that is giving her power but it actually restrains her true power! Kautz becomes disheartened when he learns Lilietta lives with Narden upstairs. But with Narden offering him to stay here, Kautz doesn’t hesitate to take this chance. Narden hopes he won’t hesitate if he ever needs to put on some risqué armour. Don’t think he’ll try that puny bikini armour ever. But with Lilietta treating him so nice, you wonder if Kautz will die from all her cordial acts first.

Episode 5
Kautz is so happy living under Lilietta’s care that he almost causes the end of this series! You know it’s over when the protagonist lives happily ever after, right? But it isn’t over yet because feast your eyes on some Lilietta fanservice as she takes a bath with Mokuku! Thanks a bunch! Narden pays Kautz although the latter refuses to accept. He is then lectured how money works. Payment for services. In that case, shouldn’t Narden accept full payment for his equipment instead of the excitement and arousal? But he assures he can still afford to pay him. Now that he has assistants, he can’t cut on food expenses. They hear a commotion but it is Lilietta collapsing from staying too long in the bath. But Kautz soon collapses from the ‘high quality fanservice’. He lost the most HP. Happy Points, that is. Must be so damn worth it.

Episode 6
As Kautz clean, suddenly a bloodied lady enters the shop! Kautz in shock but he soon learns that Flearika is a regular customer and the blood belonged to the monsters she slew. I think Kautz is starting to take some damage from seeing her busty boobs. She wants to buy new armour but Kautz just can’t recommend all the skimpy ones in the store. So when he thinks this see through armour is decent enough, she teases him he has this kind of fetish. Kautz takes more damage when she tries it out and wants his opinion. I guess that says everything. When Kautz wakes up and sees Flearika and Lilietta before him, he gets knocked out by their holy beauty. Back to slumber. This process repeats itself a few times! OMG! Will Kautz die of happiness at this rate?! Will he ever get out of this everlasting combo of happiness? I guess most guys would want to swap places with him and die happy.

Episode 7
20 years ago when Narden was learning magic, he was dubbed the Genius Wizard. Until one day this sexy lady, Rose Lohe could dispel any form of magic he threw at her just with her sexiness! Narden is interested to become her apprentice as Rose teaches him the way of the sexiness! He learns that she is looking for the best and legendary equipment called Genuine Armour. Everyone gets charmed by its beauty when you wear it. I don’t know, isn’t Rose sexy enough with this skimpy armour? Anyway, Narden decided to go look for that armour and hence he left the village and they parted ways. This led him to explore sexiness from different angle as he opened a shop. Now, he has finished what is supposed to be the prototype for the Genuine Armour. Kautz is touched with this story until Narden says it is all a lie with a straight face. WTF?!

Episode 8
Flearika seems to be hanging out at the store and giving excuses. So when Kautz asks why she isn’t doing this at home, she also hints that she needs some money. Cue for Narden to offer her to work here! And hence Kautz becomes her senior but from the sound of it, Flearika prefers to flirt and tease him. Suddenly 3 slimes enter the shop to attack. Narden throws Kautz a super risqué underwear for him to fight and of course Kautz will not put it on. Flearika has time to even tease how slimes are soft enough to feel like boobs. After Kautz takes some damage, Flearika destroys one of them. Lilietta just walked in and if you think she’s easy meat, you’re wrong. Because she crushes them with her bare hands! Because of that, those slimy substances all over the girls look like… Uhm… Well, let’s use our vivid imagination, shall we? Also, Kautz takes more HP damage and falls into that everlasting combo of happiness loop again. It’s a miracle he isn’t dead yet.

Episode 9
Sexy bath time with Lilietta and Flearika. We would love to see them praise each other’s body but all we are left for visual satisfaction is Mokuku cleaning itself! Curses! After bath, Narden gives Flearika her pay as gratitude. Because thanks to her, he has found something he has been looking for a long time. Kautz realizes there is a little girl in the shop. She claims she is the Demon Lord. Don’t believe her? ZAP! There goes your HP. She believes she has found Narden since he carelessly appeared in the front page of a magazine. She will have him return the Angelic Wings that he stole from her but he’ll protect it with his life.

Episode 10
So everybody is taking turns and asking how cute this little girl is? Because Lilietta baked some cookies, the Demon Lord now finds herself enjoying them with their company. Did you forget what you came here for? Asking Narden again about her wings, once more he rejects her. No can do. He cannot leave this place. She then starts sizing up everybody. Probably she got jealous with those huge ‘lumps’ over the women’s chest. And since Narden looked so different than the last time, she decides to turn this world into a demon world. Everywhere is dark now.

Episode 11
Demon Lord attacks Lilietta first. Something to do with having the biggest bust. Luckily Flearika saves her and Narden uses his skill to temporarily hide them from her. The only option is to return Angelic Wings but it seems Narden admits he has already used it up as components for some armour. Then he goes on talking about why he cannot leave his store as it is his duty to protect their home and memories. Enough motivation for them to rally and do as he says. As part of the plan, Narden confronts the Demon Lord to admit he used up Angelic Wings to created something but promises to give it to her. The catch is she has to wait until next year. Of course she can’t. Meanwhile the rest are creeping up behind her but Lilietta tripped and the Demon Lord spots them.

Episode 12
Narden says the only way to defeat her is to use the Genuine Armour he made using Angelic Wings. But it is at the basement of his shop. WTF logic that using its softness like boobs to obtain infinite hardness?! You mean hardness like a penis?! Haha! As they rush to the shop, Demon Lord defeats Flearika and now sets her sights on Lilietta. Kautz protects her and vows to be her armour. However Kautz is charmed since he is intolerant to mana. So he’s a masochist? Lilietta returns quickly in her armour. Yeah, you know why she managed to put it on so fast? Because there’s nothing much to put on in the first place! Demon Lord is sweating in her loli pants of the impregnable defence of this armour. She can penetrate it no matter what tricks she throws at her. It ends when Lilietta pats her head and she is reduced to a crying little kid. So all this is also because she wants to join in the fun? She also wants to wear cute clothes? And hence Narden gives her this school armour. Now she looks more like an elementary kid with protective gear. Should have given her this in the first place…

Naked Armour: Less Is (A)More
They say that as long as girls wishes to dress up cutely even when in the battlefield, such armour shops will continue to exist. But I am thinking more along the lines of because as long as there are horny otaku gamer guys out there who want to see girls in skimpy bikini armour that such shops will continue to exist! Wait till you girls get out there in the real battlefield and after seeing all the blood and gore, you might change your mind of wanting a full body armour. Yeah, just decorate it with some pastel and flowers will do to make it cute.

There isn’t anything much to the storyline. Seeing that each episode is only 3 over minutes and they try to cram in about 3 skits per episode, how much of a plot can you tell if you just focus the interactions of the characters inside a shop? In a way it makes me think that when we play all those RPG adventure games, some shops we go into and some shops we pass, it makes me wonder if those NPCs in those shops never leave or have their own life. Yup, Narden telling us why he cannot even step out of his shop for a second makes me think that their fate is truly similar like NPCs.

It would have been boring and utterly meaningless if every episode was to feature some sort of skimpy and sexy armour just to satisfy our horny lust so I guess we have this running joke of Kautz trying to help Narden out in keeping down his expenses. Money is like easy come and easy go for this dude. Conflicted with the dreams of making the best legendary armour, it seems that there are female customers who have no qualms in actually making such purchases. Not sure if they use it to fight monsters or just for some other private naughty reasons, mind you *wink, wink*. After all these years, it has been a miracle for Narden to survive with the expenses flowing freely and more often than the income. But thank goodness for Kautz’s arrival, right? Maybe it will take some time before it gets out of the red.

The only interesting story is Narden’s background with his master. I would love to see an expanded story about this but then again, the charm of this series is keeping it short so I wonder if it would lose its charm. Then they have this cute little Demon Lord loli popping up in the final arc for some dramatic effect but I expected as much of how it will turn out.

It is hard to feel the impact of the characters when the running time is so short. Kautz looks like the main character but he feels so normal and ordinary that he might as well be the nameless NPC. Thus I think it has become his running joke that when he is flanked by the beautiful ladies, the endless loop of losing his HP and passing out. Yeah, that’s what I feel Lilietta and Flearika are for too. Too bad their usual uniform isn’t some skimpy armour. Oh, Kautz would have died every day. Somehow this builds up in the end to his favour since this logic allows him to take in Demon Lord’s attacks. And do we even need this Mokuku as a cute animal mascot of the series? I guess so.

The art and animation are pretty standard and sometimes the scenes take this top-down look like those retro RPG games like The Legend Of Zelda. It’s a nice mix of pixelated and modern 2D animation. This series is animated by Imagica Lab and this is their debut works. Maybe that is why in the opening credits, you can hear the characters introducing a bunch of ‘perverts’ when their names pop up on screen. Heh. Are they?! Well, if they make this kind of anime…

For the voice acting, I’m surprised there are a few recognizable seiyuus lending their talents. Takahiro Sakurai as Naden, Nao Touyama as Lilietta and Mikako Komatsu as Flearika. Heck, even Mokuku with so limited appearance and no proper dialogue has her own seiyuu, Nichika Oomori (Yurine in Jashin-chan Dropkick). Easiest role ever, huh? The rest are Mark Ishii as Kautz, Chiaki Takahashi as Rose and Enako as Demon Lord. The opening and ending themes are short instrumentals. They’re both nice jingles to hear with the opener having this retro midi feel while the ending feels more like a cute sleepy lullaby.

This anime seems to be making fun of this particular joke but I guess it is still enjoyable thanks to its very short duration. Then you forget about it when the next season rolls in and you go back to your RPG grinding. Though, this isn’t the first anime to tackle this issue as I remember a few years ago, Bikini Warriors also had this theme. Although that series was focused on the female adventurers and hence had more fanservice appeal. As long as the player base have enough males, looks like this sort of armour for RPGs will continue. And hence the eternal debate if such skimpy armour is just a tougher version of bikinis. So ladies, don’t regret your decision if you ever decide to buy such armour. Because you can still be stark naked while fighting the enemies. Just don’t get hit! So if the logic of the skimpier the armour, the less accurate the enemies can hit you, one would wonder if you are completely naked. 100% ‘armoured’! If Narden ever sells this ultimate ‘invisible armour’, you’ve probably been scammed.

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