April 17, 2020

At first I thought it was going to be a normal ecchi romantic comedy series between childhood friends who act like siblings but aren’t blood related. It didn’t even occur to me that instant then that after reading the synopsis how their passion will ‘overflow’ after a weird encounter in the toilet and how this young romantic comedy will not let us say it is over, that this would be one of those mini pseudo hentai of the season. Even the poster of the main characters putting their asses together didn’t make me think so. Probably I wasn’t horny then. Only a while later as I reread it all again just to make sure I’m getting it right, it is then Overflow struck me as those sleazy hentai short. I guess the floodgates are all open wide. Let all the horny stuffs overflow the gutter of the mind!

Episode 1
Must be nice for childhood friends to live together, huh? Oh yeah. The Shirakawa sisters, Ayane and Kotone showing off how great their boobs are. Lucky boy, Kazushi Sudou returns but gets scolded by Ayane for not getting the message of buying the pudding she needs. He then heads in to take a bath but Ayane is also not pleased. She has prepared her expensive salt bath and he just dumped his ass in there like that? He dares them to bath with him. Challenge accepted! Yeah, they come prepared wearing their swimsuits underneath. Since Ayane ‘chickens out’, she lets Kotone dip in first. Kazushi using this weird excuse to grope Kotone and don’t tell me Ayane who is washing herself didn’t notice this going on?! When Ayane dips in together in this already tight tub, Kazushi’s dick enters Kotone’s pussy. For some reason, Ayane thinks this is no fun and lets them bath together first and she’ll come back later. This is the flimsy excuse to get Kazushi horny so he f*cks Kotone hard. Bet it was a good bath. Don’t taint the expensive salt bath with your semen! But just after they finished, impatient Ayane comes in. You guys are taking too long…

Episode 2
Fortunately, she goes away after hearing that they’re not done yet. Phew. That night as they sleep, Kazushi somewhat feels guilty for what he has done to Kotone?! Blame your wrong head for doing the thinking. He wants to apologize and according to porn logic, how do you do that? You f*ck her some more!!! Uh huh. Blame Kotone for having such sexy bootylicious body. Then he realizes this is Ayane! Oh sh*t! He f*cked up this one!!! Normally in this situation, you usually back down and try to give sh*t tons of excuses. But what does porn logic dictate for Kazushi? Go all the way and f*ck her!!! And so with her cute moaning and the way she allows him to play her nipples, I guess she has to keep quiet in order not to wake her sister as this f*cker rapes her in bed. Then full mode penetration until he cums. Hope he doesn’t wet the bed with his semen. I guess she gives him the most annoyed looking face after sex. But it’s all worth it after f*cking her like that. Uh huh. Her punch is also worth it all. And best of all Kotone didn’t find out because she is still deep asleep. Goddamn this guy is so lucky.

Episode 3
Oh dear. Kazushi feeling guilty again? Better stop f*cking girls if you don’t want to feel like this! Naturally it gets awkward when he is with Ayane. Probably it is his fault that she is skipping school and going home at this hour. A guy’s worst fear when she asks him why he did that last night. No more excuses for him. He apologizes but before he could proceed, she forgives him. So calling her cute gave him a free pass? And what do you know? Lesson not learnt. This activates Kazushi’s horniness. Yeah baby, let’s do it one more time. Even more so when Ayane is the one who asks him to continue from last night! You betcha! After kissing her, he goes deep inside her before climaxing. Oh yeah. The best ever. You’d think there is something wrong with Ayane after sex when she is acting all weird. But Kazushi was probably too dense to figure it out then. Because he never saw her again after that. Oh sh*t… Don’t make it sound so dramatic, please…

Episode 4
Ayane won’t even reply or answer his calls. This is serious. Even Kotone thinks he did something to make her mad. But who cares? As long as Kotone is here, still got a pussy to f*ck. And she is here to do some lesson reviews. Probably maths got boring she gets up close to him and starts kissing him. Is this part of the lesson?! Kazushi realizes she ate some chocolates with alcohol. Why is it that girls who get drunk become horny? Porn logic dictates that you go with the flow and f*ck her! So they get naked and start the show with this 69 play. Best maths number for sex! Once they’re done, it’s back to basic multiplication AKA fornication for them. I’m sure they pass this physical education with flying colours. Like how his semen is flying everywhere! HAHAHA!!! So this sex might just be a bait to get him to come to their school this weekend for the sports festival. Because Kotone really wants him to make up with Ayane. Oh well. Can’t say no after she’s given you her body.

Episode 5
So Kazushi did meet Ayane at the festival. But of course she ignores him and when he wants to talk, she goes away doing something else. After her cheerleading stint, Kazushi really needs to talk to her so he forces her to talk alone at the girls’ changing room. Of all places… So about that cold shoulder you’re giving me… Actually, Ayane was just too embarrassed to face him after their f*cking. Yup. She’s not mad at him. What a relief! He pats her head and hopes she could come by sometimes. It’s lonely without her. That really turned on the mood. Fast. The quickest make up would have turned into a make out had not the other girls return to change. So naturally they hide in the locker. Instead of silently waiting for the storm to pass, Kazushi starts molesting her! You trying to give us away?! That’s all up to you! Thank goodness the girls left in time before Ayane let out her passionate scream. Because the locker is too cramped for sex, it’s a good idea to lock the doors before having real sex. And so they can f*ck all they want before the next event. The sports festival, that is. Not whatever their next sex act! And do clean up the floor and not let your semen stain it, okay?

Episode 6
The sports day continues with Kotone in the scavenger hunt. Well, looks like she’s in luck. She needs to find an onii-chan. And with that, she wins the race! Probably this gives her the courage to go talk to him alone in the classroom. Uh oh. I can see where this is going. She wants to let him know how she really feels. I knew it. Ayane’s face flashes through Kazushi’s face. Before he has got time for some guilt trip, Kotone says she wants to be by his side. She doesn’t mind if Ayane is his number one because she can settle for second place. That’s why she wants him to look at her just for this moment. Ah, damn porn logic. There’s your cue for them to f*ck. Holy sh*t, after that foreplaying, Kazushi cums and I thought it was over. Because now is the penetration part as he f*cks he deep and she is lovin’ it. Yeah, he cums again. No wonder she’s so happy. Don’t take too long because Ayane is waiting for you both and it’s getting hot. Well, not passionately hot. The sun’s freaking hot… Can’t she just wait in the shade? PS: How many times can Kazushi cum?! Last episode was the same day, you know…

Episode 7
Ayane wants to make breakfast for him. Sure. Why not? Kazushi probably didn’t expect early in the morning as he wakes up to see Ayane in a naked apron. Is this the breakfast? Bon appetite! So apparently Ayane got this idea because her nosy friend suggested it would be good in wooing men. You damn right it is. At least for this genre. And hungry Kazushi is even asking permission to eat, uhm, I mean f*ck her. Go ahead. And here’s your sex act today. Then he bites a love mark on her tits so as to leave a proof that she belongs to him. Weird and creepy if you ask me. Both eventually orgasm and they’re so satisfied. I hope they have space for lunch. And dessert. When Kotone returns, no luck in catching them in the act. They’re back in their clothes but acting all embarrassed. But does Kotone know what happened? Anyhow, she’s glad. Please don’t tell me she’s the dessert…

Episode 8
Pool episode! This means swimsuits! Oh Kazushi. You’re ogling at how hot the sisters are, right? Oh Ayane, don’t get mad when he stares at you like that but at the same time you scorn him for his fashion sense when he says it is too revealing? Can we save this for later and go have some fun in the pool. Lots of fun indeed until the god of naughtiness decides to do some nipslip on Kotone. Yeah. Her top came off. I don’t know why Ayane has to go look for a new one for her. Wasn’t her top just floating there? Or it got disintegrated when no breasts fill it for a few seconds?! There’s literally nobody in this unpopular pool park! So anyway, Kazushi takes Kotone to hide at some storeroom. Bet your hands must be tired covering those boobs like that. Here. Let me hold them for you. And in the meantime, let’s make out. Oh yeah! Best pool episode ever? Everyone is happy on the way back. I’m sure we know who had the most fun. And as always, Kazushi being the ‘smart’ guy he is, knows that his depraved days with the sisters will not end soon. Sure, but I think we already had our fill.

My Cock Runneth Over…
I guess it is really over then. At least as far as this anime is concerned. Nothing much. Just your usual life goes on for them. Or rather, the f*cking goes on for this weird family unit. If I should call it that. Imagine it all started in the toilet and then it just blossomed like that. They’ve upgraded from doing weird sex stuff in the toilet in just about doing anywhere else, huh? Oh well, got to keep the passionate flame of horniness going and overflowing. Also, got to keep 2 tit monster b*tches satisfied. Kazushi is one really busy man.

And as you can see, there is actually no real plot here whatsoever. Heh. Which porn setting has a real plot anyway? But if you take a look at this one in particular, it really is very lacking. Nothing at all. So much so you can say the story is about childhood friends awakening to their sexual romp with each other. That’s basically it. No wonder there were only 8 episodes. I suppose it is a new trend now for pseudo hentai anime. It could have been literally anything. Current colleagues, former colleagues, long lost friends, etc. But I suppose the childhood friend trope is easier to deal with because you already have that shared bond. Hence easier to twist it and use it as a plot to f*ck. Otherwise the story is so general that the only ‘drama’ is the quarrel between Kazushi and Ayane. Therefore the twisted reasoning how they will f*ck to reconcile. I know. Porn logic. Don’t ask.

Characters… So meh. So generic. So boring. Kazushi is a college kid. Makes him a bit older so it looks legit if he starts f*cking his childhood friends who are a year or two his junior. Because of porn logic, this guy is so generic and thinks with his penis. Can’t blame him. He is at that age where it is natural to think about all those kinds of stuffs with the opposite gender. And with the sisters being so busty and sexy, this ‘aggravates’ his horny side. Yeah, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of them seeing that they also have their ‘permission’. How nice it is to have 2 girls by your side whom you can take turns and f*ck. Variety is the spice of life, they say. Good for him. F*cking a different girl a different day makes his dick stay healthy always! HAHAHA! Ayane the tsundere and Kotone the meeker one who doesn’t mind being number 2. There is always that girl in a harem who prefers to stay as the role of a concubine. Because of that, the moral dilemma being posed to Kazushi whom he should prefer. He likes Ayane but with Kotone so willingly like that, is there anywhere in the rulebook that says he can’t have both as his main? And… WHAT MORAL DILEMMA?! Just f*ck everything! F*ck, f*ck and f*ck them all!!! Oh yeah. Keep spilling those love juices of yours, Kazushi.

Is it me or did I notice that the mosaic censors for the porn scenes are somewhat lesser compared to previous pseudo porn animes? Yes, there is still the mosaic censor but this time the dick and pussies can be seen ‘clearer’. Or is my imagination that sharp that I am starting to see things?! After a couple of years censoring these parts out, they might have brainwashed us to think that this is pretty normal. The mosaic censors bit by bit lessen out as each season passes. By next season, the mosaic censors may not be even there. And we’ll get a full view of dick and vaginas. I don’t think it will happen otherwise the show itself can’t be shown outright and have to be aired via underground hentai channels.

On a trivial note, I think old veteran anime fans will notice this. Doesn’t the voice of Kotone sound a lot like Ilya of the Fate series?! Oh my God! Yes it is her!!! YES IT IS!!! That’s the voice of Mai Kadowaki! But wait. The credits listed Anzu Mitsu as the voice of Kotone. True. But that is Mai Kadowaki’s moniker when she is voicing shady adult stuffs. Because of her distinct voice and role as Ilya, every time I hear Kotone talk, I can’t help envision that it is Ilya. Even more so when she gets f*cked. OMFG!!! I can’t take my mind off this! I’m not really an Ilya fan or a lolicon but each time I hear her voice moan and groan like that, I just cannot shake off the vision that this is Ilya being f*cked!!! Oh sh*t!!! It will probably be worse if I close my eyes because I fear I might see clearly Ilya in my head then. It really feels weird after all the sex act is dusted and done. The thought that it was Ilya and not Kotone getting defiled really messes up with my mind. It goes to show how distinctive her voice is and that it could really ruin and shock you if you are not really strong enough and prepare to steel your heart to hear a decent seiyuu doing such indecent voice acting work. It’s like as though she doesn’t really want to try and hide that Ilya voice and wants to make us feel guilty and weird. The ‘punishment’ for all you perverts out there because it is our own minds now that is the biggest culprit that has sullied Ilya’s innocence. Damn. This is going to take a while for me to get over Ilya being f*cked…

Overall, this is not the worst pseudo anime porn out there and is definitely below average. Nothing really special. I thought they would put a uniformed man as the feature for this season like how a fireman and prison warden got its spotlight but I guess they might want to save other professions for future seasons. Worse, it isn’t as funny (in terms of porn logic) as I thought it would be compared to all the previous mini hentai like this that I’ve watched. Even worse, still can’t shake off that feeling that Ilya’s voice was behind Kotone’s character. This is what happens if the German loli aristocrat won the Holy Grail war and wished herself to be grown up and busty and Shirou getting all horny with her. Yikes. I like it how all my horny creative juice is overflowing and having me spew out crappy and cheesy nonsense at this point. Don’t expect all this to stop any time soon because porn and horniness flow forever eternally like an endless stream, never ever drying up. I guess they’re right when they say they won’t let us say “It’s over!”.

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