I got this little idea that maybe I should do a little versus between weird animes (at least to me). Namely Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Pani Poni Dash. Both series are made by the company Shaft so viewers who are familiar with their work could easily recognize their trademark style in the series. For instance the numerous overflowing nonsensical notes in the background which change at every turn of the scene or the parody of other stuff popping out from just anywhere from the screen. So it’s like you’ll-miss-it-if-you-blink. But of course the hand is faster than the eye so it is done on purpose and forces you to stop and rewind if you really want to read those scribbles. Don’t forget those endcards illustrated by several authors at the end of each episode. Furthermore, the main cast of characters involve a teacher and their students.

The teacher
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu Itoshiki. The world’s most pessimistic person who has a penchant for killing himself.
Pani Poni Dash: Rebecca Miyamoto. The youngest graduate from MIT but still acts like a little girl her age.

His/her nickname
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Mr Despair.
Pani Poni Dash: Becky.

His/her attire
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Always wear a hakama and kimono with still patterns.
Pani Poni Dash: Though her white lab coat is her trademark, in certain episodes, she undergoes different hairstyles and fashion clothing.

His/her usual catchphrase
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: “I’m in despair!”.
Pani Poni Dash: “Shut up! I’m a teacher, you know! Hauhau!” (Sob, sob!).

His/her old friend
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Ikkyu, which literally means friend for a day.
Pani Poni Dash: The Professor who was Rebecca’s teacher at MIT.

The school he/she teaches in
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Due to the comedy nature of the series, it changes all the time. That is, if you’re fast enough to catch and realize them.
Pani Poni Dash: Momotsuki Gakuen.

The classroom he/she is in charge of
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: 2-He.
Pani Poni Dash: 1-C.

His/her students (main and selected ones)
What would the teacher be without his/her students because only then that both sides make a whole.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Kafuka Fuura, Chiri Kitsu, Abiru Kobushi, Nami Hitou, Harumi Fujiyoshi, Maria Tarou Sekiutsu, Meru Otonashi, Kaere/Kaede Kimura, Kiri Komori, Matoi Tsunetsuki, Ai Kaga, Mayo Mitama, Jun Kudou and Kagerou Usui.
Pani Poni Dash: Ichijou, Himeko Katagiri, Rei Tachibana, Miyako Uehara, Sayaka Suzuki AKA Rokugou and Kurumi Momose.

The plot
Of the series, that is.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu and his students poke fun in this black comedy about daily aspects of life, pop culture and language.
Pani Poni Dash: Rebecca and her students go through adventures-cum-mishaps one after another.

Class rep
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Chiri is believed to be the class rep though the actual one is Usui.
Pani Poni Dash: Ichijou.

The dangerous and mysterious one
That particular girl whose thinking and actions are so twisted that it may be a good idea to think twice about them. Note both characters are voiced by Ai Nanoka.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Fuura, the world’s most positive girl.
Pani Poni Dash: Ichijou. She even does the impossible. Don’t ask.

The bookworm
Seemingly the one who likes to read.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Jun.
Pani Poni Dash: Miyako.

The active one
Slightly wild behaviour.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Maria.
Pani Poni Dash: Himeko.

The sadistic one
Potential to be yandere…
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Chiri – If you don’t do things perfectly… Yeah, she likes to kill people with a spade.
Pani Poni Dash: Rei – With a heart of ice and threatening bodily harm to scaring little girls… Yeah, she likes to scare Rebecca with her eye palm thingy.

The bully
Potential to be delinquents…
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Mayo.
Pani Poni Dash: Yanki and Rei.

The real life manga girl
This is Japan right? Which group will be completed without that otaku? Maybe not.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Harumi, a yaoi doujinshi.
Pani Poni Dash: Behoimi, a healing class magical girl and Akane Serizawa of the drama club who has tons of costumes.

The butler/maid
Yeah, a must have for otakus. Maybe not too.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Tokita AKA Sebastian is Nozomu’s family butler.
Pani Poni Dash: Media dresses as a maid and enrols in school to keep an eye on Rebecca as per the Professor’s request.

Animal lover
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Abiru. She has an extensive collection of animal tails back home.
Pani Poni Dash: Misao Nanjou. She has a zoo of exotic animals in which she also brings to school.

Well, makes them partially moe. Well, sort of.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Ai’s insecurities has her apologize on all trivial matters whether she’s at fault or not.
Pani Poni Dash: Akira Miyata earns the reputation of being clumsy for her frequent trips and falls.

Obvious head
Seems to be the most prominent part that other people lay their eyes on first.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Usui – his baldness.
Pani Poni Dash: Miyako – her shiny forehead.

Fanservice girl
Notice how they seem to give viewers that kind of service?
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Kaere/Kaede and Rin Itoshiki.
Pani Poni Dash: Rei.

The normal girl
Need I say more?
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nami.
Pani Poni Dash: Kurumi.

The half foreigner
Half Japanese and half… non-Japanese:
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Kaere/Kaede.
Pani Poni Dash: Rebecca.

The ignored
Nobody pays attention or gives a damn about this person. Poor soul…
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Usui.
Pani Poni Dash: Mesousa and to a certain extent, Kurumi.

Most pitiful, used and abused character
In addition to that, note how both are prone to bad luck too. All is never well, never ends well.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu – especially from the actions of his students namely Chiri’s killing and Maria’s hyper-activeness.
Pani Poni Dash: Mesousa – especially from everybody who doesn’t give a damn how this rabbit feels.

Other teaching staff
Can’t be the only teacher in the entire school, eh?
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Chie Arai and Jinroku.
Pani Poni Dash: Jijii, Saotome and Miyuki Igarashi.

Multiple voice actors
Notice that this quiet character has been voiced by several voice actors throughout several episodes?
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Meru.
Pani Poni Dash: Oosanshouou.

Family affair
Some of the characters in the series are related to each other by blood.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu is the young brother of Rin, Mikoto and Kei. Majiru is Nozomu’s nephew.
Pani Poni Dash: Kurumi and Shu are siblings while Yuuma and Yuuna Kashiwagi are twins and Ichijou has a little sister that causes as much trouble as her.

The odd pair
Usually seen together most of the time.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Majiru and Komori, Nozomu and Matoi.
Pani Poni Dash: Suzune Shiratori and Otome Akiyama.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Part of Fuura’s career choices include wanting to be a Pororocan Alien. What the heck is that? And a bunch of other aliens attacking the city as part of the comedy nature of the series.
Pani Poni Dash: A group of mushroom-headed aliens observing Rebecca as their subject from their Enterprise-like spaceship but the leader is being a goofball and his fooling around rarely seems to get things done.

Episode cliff-hanger
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu seemingly got hit by a train and is warded into the emergency room whereby all his students wait anxiously outside for any good news. In the end, it isn’t shown how he recovered nor was his injury that bad in the first place.
Pani Poni Dash: Rebecca and her students are lying motionless as their bus is hanging precariously over a cliff (thus the pun cliff-hanger. Geddit?) while they have to anxiously keep at bay outside interferences like a giant crab. In the end, it was all revealed to be candid camera stuff.

Field trip episode
Can’t always be studying indoors, eh?
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu takes his students on a ‘preview’ field trip.
Pani Poni Dash: Momotsuki Gakuen takes an outdoor camping trip in the woods.

Hotspring episode
Fanservice lah…
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: The gang takes a dip at a hotspring believed to remove ‘toxins’ in their body.
Pani Poni Dash: The gang visits the sauna and hot bath to help study for their tests. Did not help at all.

Episode titles
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Each of the titles are reference to a piece of literature.
Pani Poni Dash: Each of the titles are reference to similes and proverbs.

End of episode section
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: In the 3rd season, a section called Zetsubou Sensei Drawing Song features voice actors/actresses from the series drawing their own depiction of Nozomu while singing a song.
Pani Poni Dash: A Hekiru Hikawa theatre whereby it shows the short nonsensical antics of the gang.

Episodes and seasons
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Officially there are 3 seasons with the first one spanning 12 episodes, the second season Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei having 13 more episodes and the recent third season Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei having 13 episodes as well. There are 2 OVA seasons with the first one being Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (3 episodes) and the second one Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bangaichi (2 episodes).
Pani Poni Dash: Though there is only 1 season of 26 episodes, an OVA episode is released much later after the TV series ended.

Music and themes
The opening and ending themes are sung by the main cast of the series.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: The opening themes are usually wild rock music (featuring Kenji Ootsuki in the lead) and though the ending themes lean more towards pop, they still are quirky and weird, especially the lyrics.
Pani Poni Dash: Both opening and ending themes are a variety of pop rock and pop but they still sound quirky and weird in their own ways, especially the lyrics.

Hmm… It is one of those tough decisions on which one is better. Both series have their appeal and unique points so yeah, it’s really tough. While Pani Poni Dash has better art and drawing for the characters and the jokes are better comprehensible as compared to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, in the latter series it makes you think at all the ironic aspects in life. No matter how you think about it they sound so weird but yet so true. So is it better to be a super negative-cum-pessimistic teacher like Nozomu or a super positive-cum-optimistic student like Fuura? Or would you prefer to be a ditzy airhead but seemingly carefree like Himeko or Media or genius prodigy but seemingly childish like Rebecca? Yeah, nobody is perfect. That’s why we’re all so full of despair and hauhau.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Pani Poni Dash

Pani Poni Dash

January 2, 2010

I love slapstick comedies. Even if they don’t make sense or filled with otaku and cultural references and parodies which I will never understand due to my limited and shallow knowledge. Pani Poni Dash is one of those crazy animes and those of you who intend to watch this series, make sure to have read up on a lot of stuff whether or not they are anime, manga, game or even worldwide facts if you want to enjoy this anime to the fullest. Me, I’m okay being in the blur because ignorance is another form of bliss.
Basically one of the main protagonist of the show is the 11 year old Rebecca Miyamoto of mixed heritage (daddy’s an American while mommy is a Japanese). Why is she so special? She’s a child prodigy, a genius if you may call at her age. At just 9 years old, she has graduated from the highly reputable Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). And 2 years on, she will be a teacher at Momotsuki High School. Hmm… What do you think about having a teacher younger than you? Sounds like Negima, eh? Don’t forget, she’s a genius. Well, sort of.
As seen in episode 1, she got lost on her way to school with her pet rabbit Mesousa. Hey, nobody is perfect, right? If not for the school authorities to bring her back, who knows where they’ll end up. I don’t know how a vending machine is supposed to be there right smack in the middle of the forest but remember, this series isn’t supposed to make any sense. Rebecca is to be in charge of Class 1-C since the previous teacher suddenly resigned due to reasons that can only be purposely censored. So meet the wacky bunch of Class 1-C. First up you’ll notice the dumb but energetic one, Himeko Katagiri. With her trademark ahoge and words like "Omega" and "Maho", you can tell that she is the loose cannon responsible for many silly and mindless antics. Then there is the mature one, the bespectacled Rei Tachibana. Though she may look cold on the outside, she has a heart and because of that is sometimes is dubbed the witch. Next is the bookworm Miyako Uehara. She has a large forehead area as many of her pals won’t hesitate to poke fun with it. It’s also so shiny that you can see reflected things on it. Then there’s the nice girl Sayaka Suzuki AKA Rokugou who has "~ of the year" in most of her lines. Then there is the plain girl Kurumi Momose. Need I say more? Finally, the class rep, the mysterious and unpredictable Ichijou. Just like Himeko, Ichijou is also responsible for lots of unnecessary troubles but because of her enigmatic, erratic and questionable behaviour and thinking, I guess nobody dares make a move.
So the girls of 1-C are thrilled to have a cute little girl as their homeroom teacher and you can’t blame them for wanting to have fun with Becky, whom the girls fondly call her. But as I said, being a genius doesn’t mean being perfect. Since the girls bombard her with many questions, she gets so scared and like a little girl starts crying and sobbing her trademark "Hauhau" lines and hide behind the curtains. This won’t happen once but many times over the series. Her little girl attitude doesn’t confine to this but sometimes Rebecca acts lazy among others, what teachers should not do so the girls will have to persuade or even put their foot down, which includes scaring her. Poor Rebecca will go into that crying mode and hide behind whatever there is while saying "Hey, I’m a teacher!" so much so she has to be pacified to come back out. So in this episode, Rebecca on her first day is being traumatized by the teasing and bullying of her students. In the end, the class apologize for their behaviour, she manages to sum up her courage and after putting her foot down by telling them not to treat her like a kid and she takes their attendance.
In many of the episodes, there is basically no particular plot except the so called random adventures that Rebecca will have with her students. Aside that, there will be many other colourful characters to add to the list and complications. Let me briefly introduce them here. For instance the old fart and homeroom teacher of Class 1-D, Jijii, and his students Misao Nanjou (an obsessed animal lover sometimes bringing her entire zoo to school), Behoimi (some Healing Type Magical Girl), Akane Serizawa (a drama club costume freak), Tsurugi Inugami (a conservative and serious guy who unfortunately Nanjou seems to put the blame on for whatever unrelated reasons) and Akira Miyata (world’s clumsiest girl). Then there is drunkard homeroom teacher of Class 1-A Miyuki Igarashi and her students Shu Momose (Kurumi’s twin brother who excels in cooking), the Kashiwagi twins Yuuma and Yuuna (reminds me of Kyou and Ryou of Clannad), Yuzuko Kurusu (a movie club member with a penchant for wearing weird movie costumes).
Then there is class 1-B with the nice P.E. teacher Saotome and his students Suzune Shiratori (a tall girl), Otome Akiyama (a short girl but always being bullied by Shiratori), Hibiki Watanuki (an intelligence club member), Zula (is this transfer student a he or a she?) and Yanki (a typical looking delinquent. Before I forget, I also want to mention about Mesousa. Viewers will find that poor rabbit to be used, abused and ignored for just about everything. Whether to be substituted to take another person’s place or as a guinea pig in some dangerous experiment, Mesousa sure comes in ‘handy’. It’s like nobody cares about this rabbit ever. And if you think Kurumi is being ignored is bad enough, you should see Mesousa’s case. Plus, Mesousa don’t have fingers so anything he grabs will slip off from his hands, sending that rabbit into further depression. As the series goes by more side characters will appear such as Neko Kamisama (some freaky cat from the vending machine who always want to give Mesousa his body warmth can drink and ends his sentences with "~Nya". Yeah, he appears just about anywhere too), some weird looking salamander that proclaims itself to be some endangered species Oosanshouou (ends his sentences with "Kero") and a raccoon dog named Tanuki (ends his sentences with "Yansu").
Other things you will notice in each episode is that besides the usual Rebecca and her students, there will be short ‘filler’ clips about the other characters mentioned though it won’t really be related to the storyline of that particular episode. Then there are those mushroom headed aliens who decide to observe Earthlings from their parody USS Enterprise using Rebecca as their subject. Note how the leader is always goofing around doing random and useless things. Makes you wonder if they’ll ever succeed in their mission. Remember Keroro Gunsou? Plus, there’s some rule that they can’t intervene or help out as they can only watch. If you notice if all the other unimportant extra students in class resemble the same like some mannequin, that’s because they are! Talk about saving budget. Furthermore, at certain points, the episode will show it an angle that they are filming this whole series like showing the backdrops, props and staff filming the show. So are you still with me? I know I’m already lost but I got used to all the craziness after a while.
Just like in episode 2, Rebecca shows her lazy self as she doesn’t make an effort to remember her student’s names, upsetting them. I guess it’s better to call them by their nicknames, eh? So much so this hurts Kurumi a lot because well, she’s a plain girl. No girl would like to be called that (even though purposely that’s her role). Kurumi confines herself in the rabbit coup. Rebecca goes to sooth her but ends up making matters worse because she still can’t remember her name. Ichijou’s solution? Use Mesousa as Kurumi’s replacement! No, not as replacement in Rebecca’s class, but to accompany her so that she won’t be lonely! Can you understand how this girl thinks? Later, a robot has replaced one of Rebecca’s students but they realized the robot is a fake and knows she is Serizawa and won’t let her leave. Then she needs to go to the toilet but can’t hold much longer and explodes. In the end, Serizawa escapes and Rebecca manages to remember the name of her students. However Igarashi notes there is one she can’t remember and that is Kurumi, she falls into despair once more. Welcome to Mesousa’s world.
Rebecca is pissed off with Himeko’s constant hyper active behaviour in episode 3 so much so she rips off her ahoge. Okay, that’s one way of stopping her because now she is like a lifeless zombie. During PE, Rebecca pities seeing Himeko in such a state and decides to return her ahoge but to her dismay it is missing. Then during recess, Himeko’s ahoge is replaced with a chopstick and she is back to her energetic self. But when she takes off her chopstick to eat, she returns to her lifeless state. Rebecca decides to conduct experiments to recreate the ahoge. Guess what? She uses Mesousa as her test subject. Dangerous results including the ahoge exploding and weird stuff growing out from Mesousa’s head. Then they found out the reason their experiment didn’t work was because they were using Ichijou’s hair all along. In the end, with Himeko getting her ahoge back, she is back to her super energetic ways, continuing to hound Rebecca.
In episode 4, Rebecca announces a sudden quiz and has her students alarmed. The gang decide to go to an inn to do some study and since they are having so much fun like soaking in baths and taking a sauna, hardly any studying is done. Yeah, how did a study session turn into a slumber party? Yeah, they also treat Shu as some sort of servant, wanting him to do this and do that. Understandably Miyako is pissed. So they decide to cheat even though Rebecca is in the same room and has overheard their plans, they continue to ignore her! So morning comes and it’s test day, how will day face it? Ichijou suggests wearing specs like Miyako and I think they’re letting Miyako taking the test since she was the only one who tried to study. Should have had fun with them.
The entire school takes a camping trip in episode 5. Furthermore, it turned rainy season. Thanks to Ichijou. They are divided into groups of 4 and though Kurumi came up with this idea, she forgot to put her name on the list and becomes depressed once more. Rebecca cheers her up and offers to be in her group along with Mesousa (as Kurumi number 2!) but this further depresses her. So who is the 4th person in her group? Ichijou introduces Oosanshouou. While there are rumours that there is a kappa in the woods, Miyako is searching for firewood when she spots a missile being fired into the air. Then it gets weirder when the group sees several kappas polishing a missile. As usual, Rebecca becomes lazy and doesn’t want to put in effort as she tries to intercept Rei’s group to get a free meal. Not until she hears Rei offering mouth watering delicious Chinese cuisines did she instantly starts working. In the end, everyone has a delicious meal and that’s when Mesousa realized that Oosanshouou has become part of the meal. Yeah, everyone has a taste of that salamander. Don’t worry. This is not the end of it as it will make more appearances in future episodes. Finally as everyone gets ready to do a bonfire dance, Ichijou prays for rain…
Rebecca manages to convince the principal to have a research lab of her own in episode 6. Because of that, her students are interested in checking out her lab rather than studying in her class. It seems her new lab is located in some old section of the school. And rumours have it that old school buildings are haunted. Upon reaching the place, they also find it in a mess. Then they spot a door on the ceiling and as usual, Ichijou causes the trouble when the door opens, some horrible menacing creature starts to attack them and barely manages to hardly contain the threat. Later, Rei puts a sign on Rebecca’s lab door making it look like Rebecca is doing some counselling. A few students come in to talk about their problems such as Yuuna and Miyata. In the end, her 1-C students come in to have fun with her as they share their snacks and can drinks.
Because Rebecca lost a scissors-rock-paper game among the teachers, she has to clean to school pool and makes her class stay back to do so in episode 7. Some teacher. To make things worse, Rebecca refuses to lend a hand. Of course there is a solution. Herald Mesousa as Rebecca’s replacement. This rabbit is sure useful. Not. He can’t hold anything, remember? The girls punish Rebecca via some pinball parody for lazing around. Elsewhere Ichijou’s little sister (whom I’ll refer to as Imouto) appears and causes her brand of mischief. Yeah, birds of the same feathers… As Rebecca helps out with her students (I’m not sure how the pool monster came about but they manage to defeat it with Behoimi’s help), they see Inugami with Imouto but this time the little sister has grown to be giant size. How did it happen? Well, the mushroom aliens briefly kidnapped her and did something accidental on her before sending her back down. Everyone sends Mesousa to attack Imouto but she jumps off the building! The aliens also did some film editing to undo their blooper and return Imouto back to her original size. So Imouto soft lands on Mesousa. As Ichijou introduces Imouto, the brat drew pictures of her interpretation for some of the people she sees. Like Rebecca, a bag of cross bones and skull (dangerous!) while nothing for Kurumi (that plain, huh?). Everyone finishes cleaning up the pool and takes a dip. Imouto causes her mischief by releasing the air from Rebecca’s inflatable bed and sends her sinking to the bottom. She is saved by Nanjou’s pet crocodile but got scared out of her wits (she was carried out in its mouth) as she is soon sent to hospital.
Behoimi takes the spotlight in episode 8. It all started when she saved a boy from a tofu seller bicycle and that kid wanted to see her magic very much. But she notes she hasn’t mastered her magic yet. In school, Behoimi encounters lots of annoyance from her fellow friends and classmate. Then Yuuna and Yuuma proceed to dress up Behoimi in several outfits for a new look. But all that attention came to a crashing halt when they figure Rebecca is cuter in her lab coat and ignores Behoimi. Behoimi tries to help her fellow students with their problems but it didn’t turn out well in the end. She gets depressed so Rebecca cheers her up and learns she is using her magic secretly because if other people finds out, she will have to return to her magical kingdom. Seriously? The girls of 1-C decide to help her out and I’m not sure that the ritual they did resembled like some black magic thingy. It went awry and summoned some monster and blamed it on Mesousa. How convenient. Then the rabbit coop catches fire. Saotome manages to save the rabbits but Oosanshouou is still trapped inside. What is it doing in there anyway? Have to save it because it’s an endangered species, you know. Behoimi rushes in without giving thought for her own safety. As she clings on to Oosanshouou, it started to rain and the fire doused. Everyone thinks it is her magic. They then wish farewell to her because they think she has to return to the magic kingdom. Now she to go back. Later, Behoimi rescues that boy from a tofu seller bicycle but he doesn’t recognize her because Behoimi now looks like a normal plain boring bespectacled girl. In future episodes, Behoimi will don this appearance but at times will transform to her magical girl for a short period when necessary.
In episode 9, Rebecca is being invited by her MIT professor for an archaeology expedition on some island during. The Professor’s assistant, Media, comes crashing into Rebecca’s boat to greet and pick her up. When they reached the island, Rebecca is shocked to see her 1-C students there. As they continue their journey to Professor’s place, they encounter lots of weird animals (reminds me from the Hare+Guu series). Then they encounter a tree with lots of Mesousa hanging and they need to pick the real one. Too bad Rebecca picked one which doesn’t look like Mesousa. Purposely or does she not know how he looks like. Oh yeah, that rabbit is forgettable. Eventually they fell into a pit and arrived to where Professor is. Professor starts taking out a photo album and tell Rebecca’s students about her stint at MIT. Embarrassed Rebecca is against it so they tie her up (and fake Mesousa too) and carry on. When she was studying at MIT, lots of people would gather around her. But because of her cold nature, she eventually got isolated as everyone left her alone. Professor wanted to see Rebecca smile and told her some lame story in which Rebecca showed an evil grin. Hey, it’s still a smile. As everyone helps out with the expedition work, Professor is glad that Rebecca didn’t turned into a criminal as he has always thought she wanted to be a teacher to destroy Japan’s education system. Haha. Rebecca and her students resume class once vacation is over and looks like Media has become a new transfer student in Jijii’s class.
Rebecca wants her class to write what they did for summer in episode 10. Elsewhere, Behoimi confronts Media and it looks like the 2 know each other and once fought in the past. Media says she is here to look after Rebecca upon Professor’s request. They then notice a suspicious looking box and find out it is a bomb. There are several of them planted around school. They think that somebody is out to assassinate Rebecca. While the students are presenting their weird projects in class, Media and Behoimi are going around disarming the bombs with the former’s large tool box. Then on the final bomb, Rebecca comes in and unwittingly holds it. They have to be careful since this one has a motion sensor and any slight movement will cause it to explode. However Rebecca can’t hold it much longer as she needs to go to the toilet. Just before Media and Behoimi could cut the wire, Rebecca swiftly substitutes Mesousa in her place and rushes off to the toilet. Everybody is happy that Rebecca has escaped and since she is in no danger, everyone leaves that poor rabbit still holding the bomb right till the episode ends. Heartless girls…
In episode 11, Rebecca chides her students for using Rokugou as their errand girl. Later, Rokugou is seen riding with someone in a green convertible car. Media sees this and informs her friends so they misinterpret that the driver must be Rokugou’s boyfriend. Though she denies, in her embarrassment she runs away. The girls decide to find out who is Rokugou’s boyfriend and even convinces Rebecca to help them. To their surprise, Rokugou’s boyfriend is Jijii! Does she like older men? Soon Jijii takes Rebecca out on a wild spin and she has a hell ride of her life. I wonder if this guy really does have a driving licence. While Jijii and Rebecca are on their ‘world tour’, the girls find out the true owner of the car: Igarashi. She was just lending Jijii her car. The girls misinterpret that Rokugou and Igarashi are in some yuri relationship but Rokugou says she merely looked up and admire her. What does she see in that drunkard? They also learn that Rokugou was offered a ride home by Igarashi and she liked it very much. By that time, Jijii has returned and words couldn’t describe how pale Rebecca has become. Because of that, she develops a phobia of cars and finds it frightening to cross roads and even shiver when one zooms pass her. Hope she isn’t scarred for life.
Rebecca teaches her class on the topic of dreams in episode 12. Meanwhile the aliens have invented a device which reads people minds and they turn on each other when they reveal undesirable thoughts about the other. So much so they pointed the device at Rebecca but it accidentally hit Himeko. An explosion occurs. What is worse than having to find yourself stuck in a dream? To find yourself stuck in Himeko’s dream of course. Her dream is just as weird as her. Everything here has an ahoge. The weirdness experienced includes challenging some fat guardian (in which they lost) and eating crabs which are of low quality. They need to find Himeko in order to get out of this dream. They open a door to see a young version of Himeko. However that guardian isn’t happy that the door has been opened and once again challenges them to a duel. They use Mesousa first and you know the outcome lah. Seeing that this is Himeko’s dream, anything is possible so the girls unleash their own versions of super powers to defeat the guardian. Now that’s left is to wake from this dream. How? Everyone pinches Himeko’s face and in no time they get up in the real world, though nobody really remembers what happened. It ends with Rebecca giving an advice to her students "If you live life to the fullest every day, you don’t need to dream". Very true.
In episode 13, some intergalactic Banchou League comes looking for Rebecca to challenge her to a duel. Ichijou talks to the League which consists of a red bull, a ninja babe and a giant, that they have misunderstood, however their joy turns into despair when the League isn’t leaving. That’s because Ichijou told them that since they’ve come all the way here, would it be alright just to leave just like that empty handed and ruin their reputation? Yeah, the problem worsens. So they have no choice but to regroup and think of a plan to defeat them. They try using Serizawa dressed in a cow outfit to convince the red bull to fall in love with her but it didn’t work out. So the red bull and ninja babe enter the school to find Rebecca. The class learns that red bull has a crush on Shiratori and sends in a fake one. However he blasts her away so when the real one appears, she chops him down. Yeah, defeated just like that. Mysteriously, Ichijou manages to tie up the ninja babe. Then the giant starts smashing the school so the principal sends Rebecca to pilot a mecha called Pani Poni X and beats the crap out of him but stops short of chopping the giant with her mecha axe. She slaps his nose instead. The next day everything goes back to normal. Well almost. That ninja babe somehow becomes Ichijou’s servant. And yeah, poor Mesousa has been pinned down with a table ever since the start of the episode and nobody bothers to go help him. Still there…
Rebecca doesn’t like her lunch in episode 14 so she devises ways to get someone to cook for her seeing that she herself can’t cook. Rebecca manages to get Shu to cook for her when she notices a Tanuki as an ingredient. Tanuki is let down as the rest ponder what to do with him. Eventually they all decide to eat him because he is rich in collagen (some growth protein). One of Tanuki’s ability is to change into other people. However one can still recognizes Tanuki because his face still remains the same. Tanuki turns into Kurumi and I’m not sure if everyone is that dumb or just purposely wanting to piss her off because they believe it is her when his face is obviously not. Tanuki also turns into Igarashi and substitutes her class. Next day, Rebecca is horrified to find Shu absent due to illness. This means, nobody to cook for her. She pesters Rei to do so but the latter refuses. After throwing tantrums, Rebecca decides to cook herself. She is such a disaster. Nobody let her on cooking programmes ever. She turns good ingredients into some messy inedible stuff. I think she can match Bianchi’s poison cooking. Seeing how hard Rebecca is trying, Rei and the rest decide to help out. By the time they finish, recess is over. Took too long, eh? Yeah, find the Tanuki!
Class 1-C and Rebecca are hanging on for their lives in episode 15. Literally. A school trip somehow has their bus ended up on the edge of the clip and any tip in the scales of balance will send them plunging down below. Everybody sit still and don’t move. Even if some of them are in awfully weird positions. A flashback of how it all happened. Some hijacker enters the bus, Rebecca gets mad and tells him to stop waving his gun and they got chased by some truck till it ended up to where they are now. Of course things have to happen like a fire breaking out and Himeko feeling hungry. Every time Ichijou throws a snack, someone else intercepts, leaving Himeko who is at the end of the bus all hungry. Everyone for herself! Then a giant crab lifts the bus with its claws. Imouto appears to save the day by showing the crab with some peace drawing. The crab leaves but puts back the bus in its original position. Yeah, nothing changed. In the end, it is announced that they were all just on candid camera so everyone gets up and leaves like as though they were just acting out this danger scene. At this rate, one should try laughing mindlessly rather than trying to comprehend what is happening rationally.
The gang notices Ichijou is acting strange in episode 16 and based on Watanuki’s information, she saw her shed a tear outside a bridal shop. Rebecca and the rest try to ask Ichijou but she thinks they are targeting her and goes on the run. They split into groups to go in search for Ichijou but she is so sly that she manages to give everyone the slip. Meanwhile Mesousa joins the courage club run by Oosanshouou to increase his well, courage. After all that abuse, I think this rabbit really needs it. The alien henchman realizes that his captain has been communicating with Ichijou, which is against the rules (it seems that Ichijou and Imouto are the only ones who know that the aliens are watching them). Finally when Rebecca meets Ichijou, a car pulls up alongside as Ichijou steps in. The MIB in the car (looking a lot like Tommy Lee Jones) is trying to escape for Rebecca’s helicopter. They are going to fire Mesousa at the car (is this how being in the courage club pays off?) when an alien ship hits the car, sending it off the cliff. Thankfully Mesousa isn’t launched. We learn that the MIB guy is actually the alien’s captain as they beam him back to their ship. There are hints that Ichijou and the captain are in some relationship. The rest wonder if she is okay so Ichijou puts up a magic show to indicate that things are back to normal. Lastly as Watanuki, Miyata and Kurusu decide to join the courage club, they are confronted with Ichijou. Now they can never escape…
It’s the school festival in episode 17 but Rebecca isn’t happy because it involves lots of paperwork. Class 1-C decides to do a cafe. Money minded Rei comes up with several plans to overcome the budget problem they face. Like selling coloured chicks (?!). Then they have their cafe theme as Civil War Maid Cafe with the girls wearing colourful maid outfits. Elsewhere, Class 1-B does a haunted house while Class 1-D has some nature walk-cum-mahjong tournament. Whatever that is. In the end, Class 1-C’s cafe is a huge success and they reap huge profits. They’re going to have a major celebration when Saotome announces that all proceeds are to be donated to charity. Oh Rei… Surprisingly Rebecca seems to be enjoying herself at the festival and since she is happy, the rest feels that everything is okay and head down to the field for post-festival activities.
Mesousa is having a bad day in episode 18. Oh wait. Every episode is a bad day for him. This one is even worse because a loli bad luck goddess trainee attaches a time bomb on Mesousa’s head. Oh the misery. I guess the goddess is doing a fine job in this context. The bomb is supposed to go off in 3 days but Media messes with it so Mesousa has only 3 hours to live. Because the rabbit is being too noisy, Media throws him away so that she could find a solution. With that, Mesousa undergoes more misery and pain while trying to find the goddess and get the bomb of his head. Along the way he tried to ask for help to remove the bomb but either he got ignored or misinterpreted him. So bad luck. Meanwhile Behoimi, Media and Rebecca forcefully ties up Serizawa dressed up as Mesousa and put real time bombs on her to find a solution. Hey, it’s for realism effect and purposes. I don’t know how many times she exploded. Finally Mesousa enters a cafe where Kurumi is working part time and sees the goddess there. At the same time, Rebecca, Behoimi and Media has successfully found the answer and rushes over to the cafe. Everyone rejoices and celebrates that they have found the answer so much so they forgot to disarm the bomb and it goes off. Counting your chickens before they hatch, eh? Then we see Neko Kamisama talking to the goddess saying how she overdid it. Yeah, at the expense of other’s misery on a huge scale.
A mysterious Peach Moon Virus has infected the students of Class 1-C in episode 19 so much so they are quarantined. Jijii is also infected with the virus and has the word ‘peach’ on his forehead and is quarantined along with the girls (who also have words appearing on their forehead). Himeko tries to get out but when she touches the bar, she gets electrocuted. Rebecca is sent as Class 1-D’s replacement. Media wants Behoimi to transform into a magical girl and do her healing but she says she has already lost her powers. Media persuades her via teasing by taking her specs but it didn’t work. Soon everyone in Class 1-D starts accusing each other that they may be infected with the virus or the carrier. Especially Nanjou because of her pet animals. Finally the students turn against Rebecca and wants her to go see a doctor (Rebecca hates them by the way, fuelling their speculation). Chaos is going to break loose when Neko Kamisama and Oosanshouou tell tied up Mesousa to scream out loud. He does so in order to get everyone’s attention. For once, everyone gives Mesousa the deserved attention because he suggested the cure. It seems the virus’ weakness is for them to think differently and behaving totally opposite like a life form with no reason to live. As everyone returns to school, we learn the origin of the virus is from Ichijou. Well if you think Mesousa is going to get more attention, that’s about it. What happened to him in the end anyway? Ah, all forgotten as usual.
Episode 20 begins with eternal rivals between the movie and drama club facing off. Because they’re always under some costume, they don’t know the enemy’s real identity. Furthermore, Kurusu and Serizawa happen to be best of friends without their gears on. Oh, the enemy sleeping close by. Right under their noses. Other than that, Himeko is acting weird like snuggling up close to Rei and her ahoge being replaced by a mushroom. Ichijou takes her hand and Himeko gets electrocuted. When she comes to, everyone is surprised that Himeko is afraid of kids, especially Rebecca. This causes Rebecca to be upset. The girls later find Himeko enjoying basking in the sun. Later as they go talk to her, they find out that Himeko has been taken over by an alien mushroom whose real intention is to dominate Earth. Can’t believe it told them its plan. Furthermore, it explains its strange habits like why it hates children because back on its own planet, kids are violent. They tie up Himeko but the spores are about to explode and spread. The aliens can’t do anything because it will hurt the Earthling. Rebecca comes in and somehow Ichijou’s electrocuting arm zaps Himeko once more causing the mushroom off her top. In that exact moment, the aliens fire their beam to destroy it. Himeko is back to her usual self but Mesousa’s back is sprouting lots of those suspicious mushrooms… Also, since Himeko’s ahoge has shrunk, she wears a wig to make it look like her initial appearance didn’t change. Just like her ahoge, whenever her wig is pulled off, she loses her energy till it is bput back in place.
The drama and movie club once again in a stand-off in episode 21. However Serizawa is knocked unconscious and the next thing she knows that she is being dressed up as Rebecca by the students of Class 1-C. Why? It seems that the PTA is coming and Rebecca is nowhere to be found. They aren’t fond of having a kid as a teacher and will be here to observe and try to find fault to expel Rebecca. Since the girls of 1-C tried to dress up like Rebecca and failed miserably, I guess what better way than to shove it to a costume freak. Not even Mesousa. Surprisingly, Serizawa looks just like her! Even if she is reluctant, Serizawa is forced to act as Rebecca’s replacement. Yeah, Rei’s smooth talking of how Serizawa’s talent will go to waste made her changed her mind. So Serizawa underwent some sort of hell on-the-spot training in order to replicate Rebecca when the masked PTAs come in. Of course lots of near misses as nervous Serizawa tries to cope with the class even if they are trying to help out by using signboards on what to do (they’re facing the teacher, right?). To make things worse, Class 1-D are watching her! Including Jijii! Eventually the PTAs aren’t amused and think of her as a failure and are prepared to fire her. At that point, Serizawa has had it and gives them a piece of mind. She’s saying all they do is yap yap yap and they don’t know the hell that she’s been through (referring to this morning’s hell training as Rebecca rather than the MIT stint). Class 1-C applause and tells her to carry on. The PTAs are shocked, backs down and leave. So where is the real Rebecca? It seems when Rokugou comes in, everyone sees 2 of them. No, their eyes aren’t deceiving them. The fake Rokugou (the one who attended class) eventually turns out to be the real Rebecca and the reason why she did that was she didn’t like being observed and such. Serizawa goes ballistic. Yeah, the hell she went through today, it’s understandable.
Himeko tells Rebecca the reason she is late for school in episode 22. She was dreaming about romantic parting with some handsome guy. Not going to buy that story… This episode has a reporter and her crew doing a surprise interview on the classes of Momotsuki. However Rebecca doesn’t like the idea and locks herself in the lab while her students try to coax her out. Meanwhile the reporter goes around doing her surprise interview but eventually thinks she isn’t cut out for this kind of job because like Class 1-A Igarashi is trying to hog the limelight but her students badmouth her instead, or Class 1-D whereby Jijii tries to fix their class image but flops, and Class 1-B whereby she just closes the door after witnessing something terrible. Just when Rebecca is ready to be filmed, Oosanshouou lowers a head of a late ancestor, causing everyone to flee in fear. Next day, Himeko continues with her romantic dream as reason for coming to school late but as usual Rebecca doesn’t buy it.
The alien captain is distressed in episode 23. That’s because this series has only 4 episodes left! Umm… Yeah, it’s like the end of the world. Speaking of which, there are some strange events going on back down on Earth. Like it is freezing cold lately and Kurumi has gotten a cold. So the girls dream of doing things to warm up such as soaking in a hotspring among others. Then there are signs of misfortune befalling on the world as some of them are experiencing bad luck. Like Rebecca’s string of bad luck has her being chased by a dog after stepping on its tail and then a bucket of paint comes falling down on her head. Hmm… Maybe it’s divine retribution. Oddly Himeko isn’t happy she’s the only one that doesn’t have bad luck (WTF?!). Want so much to be with them, eh? Maybe because of that in a way, that’s her bad luck. Suddenly it starts snowing outside so the principal appears and with Oosanshouou as his translator, he tells of the legendary large comet that will destroy Earth and wants Rebecca and the girls to go save the Earth. They are being dressed up in sentai-like outfits (probably to suit the occasion) and have 31 days left to save the world from Armageddon.
But that save the world feat takes a backseat as in episode 24, we are travelled back in time to feudal Japan whereby Rebecca is a genius ruler but a cruel one. She imposes a Hauhau tax on the land. What is that? If anybody cries, they will be taxed mercilessly! This means, you can’t shed tears after some clumsy move, see a tear jerking movie or eat spicy food because her taxmen in the form of Yanki and Zula will instantly show up and impose the tax on the poor citizen. Unable to stand this tyranny anymore, some of them decide to stand up and rise against the tax. They are actually Rebecca’s Class 1-C students and in this episode they are commoners such as Rei, Kurumi and Rokugou are restaurant workers, Ichijou an instrument player while Miyako some chiropractic. I’m not sure about the reward which ended up being as cheap as 50 Yen but I guess we’ll have no other group doing it. One night, the rebellion heads over to Rebecca’s palace (they forgot Kurumi because she was waiting at the wrong place) and try intercepting her. However Rebecca shows that she is a genius and not a mere brat as every time the girls pull off a trap, Rebecca substitutes Mesousa in her place and taking the pain. Rabbits are so useful way back then too. Rebecca knows she’s being on to and tries to escape till she meets Rei. Cornered, Rei unleashes a scare tactic which brings Rebecca to her trademark "Hauhau" crying. Got a taste of her own medicine, eh? And since everything went well, they all gather and have a good laugh. Yeah, so is the tax abolished or what? But the ending is a blast. Literally. When the girls are having a hotspring bath together, Himeko spots a button at the back of Ichijou and presses it. The next thing you know, the whole office in which this series is produced, blows up! No more Pani Poni Dash? Not if they can help it.
Back to the world saving feat in episode 25. Since it’s so cold, the girls aren’t bothered to do such a heroic act even if it means they will die too. So principal has no choice but to announce free ticket meals for the entire school term in order to get them going. Yeah, they’re so up to it now. Cheapskate. Now they’re talking about peace and humanity. As the world is besieged with alien invasion, our heroines fly up to space and find out that the comet is in fact Ichijou Festival (some weird box which made its appearance back in the school festival episode). Ichijou goes up to it and manages to convince it to go back, much to the delight of the gang. But why is it returning and turning hostile? Ichijou did mention that would it be okay just to go back empty handed and ruin its reputation. Deja vu? Never learn, eh? Back to square one. Or worst off rather. Attacks on the comet remains futile till Ichijou says of its weakness. That is to get inside its core and destroy the shrine God is feasting on. Should’ve said that earlier. Well, it’s Ichijou we’re talking about. When everybody gets sucked into it, the girls find themselves succumbing to their dreams and desires and in their own dream world. Rebecca snaps them out of it by announcing a surprise quiz. Since everyone detests it, she asks do they hate school then. But everyone give their own reasons why they love school and will protect it. With that, they snap out of their dream and blast the shrine (which is inhabited by Neko Kamisama) to save the world. As everything goes back to normal, in class the girls wonder why Rebecca isn’t affected by the illusion and wonders if she doesn’t have any dreams but she says that she is happy with the way she is now. They all get their picture taken under the Earth Defence Memorial. Who says saving the world could be such a pain in the ass? By the way, Mesousa now has to deal with 2 Neko Kamisama. Double the pain.
It’s back to school in episode 26 but since the weather now takes a total u-turn and it is bloody hot! Too hot and lazy to study? No problem. The principal unleashes a giant pool resort right smack in the middle of school and cancel all classes while asking everyone to freely do as they wish. I want to enrol in this school too! Like they’ve done some real studying ever. Seeing that this is the final episode of the TV series, this episode is mainly random skits by the characters of the series as much as the producers can cramp in. They include Himeko dressing up in a yukata, Media and Behoimi swap dresses, Jijii putting on a magic show, some students go see Rebecca for counselling, the Kashiwagi twins drawing a funny face on Shu’s face while he is sleeping (but he isn’t sleeping), Himeko putting a lame doll play in front of Rebecca, Jijii selling some invisible stuff, Shiratori displaying a twisted Red Riding Hood puppet theatre, poor Mesousa getting launch into space as punishment for not being able to say things out loudly and finally the aliens get disturbing news that their mother planet is going to annihilate Earth tomorrow! Why? They think Earthlings are dangerous organisms even if the data the aliens sent back are just Rebecca’s. Yeah, I guess they’re afraid of a genius. Just then, Rebecca appears because she thinks somebody has called her. WTF?! Don’t think too much because the whole prop stage then breaks down for the end credits. Rebecca takes her class attendance and tells those foolish people to be in high spirits. Not liking what she calls them, they scare her again and send her to her usual crying state. Finally as Mesousa thanks the aliens for saving him, he gets disheartened to know that he is going back to their home planet with them! The long ride of his life! Will he return? Misery right to the end. But I think he’s better off on the new planet because he won’t get bullied anymore. Unless those aliens… Oh yeah, the alien captain mentioned how plans to annihilate Earth has been scrapped. Phew.
There is an OVA episode released in April 2009 for those who can’t get enough of the weird randomness. This time, Himeko, Rei, Miyako, Kurumi, Yuuna, Serizawa and Akiyama failed some test and will have to resit them. However they can bypass that if they win the kick-the-can game. Why go through all that trouble? Who cares. Anyway Rebecca who is in charge of the game doesn’t know what it is so her students mock her. She gets pissed and vows to make the resit the test. The game starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm. If anyone from the Team Fail kicks the can, they will not resit the test. However if they fail to do so or get captured by Rebecca’s team (include students who did not fail the test), then it’s game over. The game starts as Kurumi, Akiyama and Miyako slowly get captured due to their handphone ringing which gave away their location (plus the selfishness to save themselves from the rest). Rebecca enjoys the praises she gets from her team like as though she’s a genius. The balance of Team Fail manages to cause a slight diversion and chaos for the pursuers before Himeko and Yuuna got captured. Time is nearly up when Inugami realizes Rebecca to Serizawa in disguise (too tall, remember?). She heads towards the can but Ichijou is in the way. Rei appears and says to attack at the same time. However, Rei tackles Serizawa and brings her down. It seems this fake Rei is Rebecca in disguise as the real one has just been captured. Seconds before the pursuers could claim victory, Ichijou betrays the team and kicks the can, letting Team Fail win. Yeah, she just wanted to kick it.
Wow. I don’t even know where to begin my summary for this series. All I can say that it has been really a fun and enjoyable ride from start to finish even if many of the jokes and parodies I didn’t fully comprehend. But it is presented in such a way that I can’t help but automatically laugh. Maybe it’s just me. The good thing about a series like this without a plot is that you don’t have to crack your head thinking how everything ends up. Just sit back and watch the hilarious unfold mindlessly and anarchy in front of you. Unless you consider all that cluttering parody a headache. Therefore, I don’t want to question what Ichijou and Imouto’s relation is with the aliens seeing that they are the only humans who know that they are being observed, at times waving back at the surprised observers. I also don’t see how Media is keeping an eye on Rebecca seeing that she is always with Behoimi and trying to return the latter to her magical girl ways.
If the series resembles a lot like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, then it is because it is produced from the same company, Shaft. For instance, the nonsensical writings on the blackboard or notice board cluttering the background which seems to change at every turn of the scene. Yeah, purposely want you to make you pause and read all that. Also there are lots of things floating across or popping up from the side of the screen whether it is the head of that fast food mascot Ronald McDonald to in-series characters like Imouto or some other weird things in which I feel if your knowledge on anime and cultural is sky-high, you can definitely identify them. You need to have a sharp and quick eye to spot all these at almost every second. Hats off to the fansubbers who did an amazing job of putting up translator notes so much so I got tired of pause and reading them. Heck, I think in the later episodes they just put up a pdf file for viewers to go refer the reference so as not to clutter the screen.
Though the drawing and art of the series has the characters looking kawaii and moe, they also adopt various other art and designs whether they are short cameo trademark drawings of popular known series or video game screen displays (like those RPG or dating simulations). Another interesting aspect is the angle and perspective of how it is shown. For example, characters would turn into chibi form doing their antics onscreen or the screen would turn into like one you see in news channels (complete with scrolling information and weather forecast). Speaking of data, in the earlier episodes I remember when they introduced a character, they will display their name and certain points of to some of their personalities. Then in the final episode, they also did the same thing but this time they include hobbies and the character’s seiyuu. They also use various arts for scene changers and mid-intermission like in the initial episodes Behoimi was the ‘official’ scene changer and later that sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. Another thing that I noticed in almost every episode, Rebecca will appear in different fashion or hairstyle. Something ‘refreshing’ in the sense that you don’t expect to see the same mundane designs for a main character episode in and episode out.
Each of the characters are very likeable in their own way, which makes them all unique in the first place. The most pitiful one is of course Mesousa. You have to agree with me on this, no? Right up till the end that rabbit is nothing but to be used for someone else’s plans. But think about it, that’s his role, right? Something is funny only at the expense of others. Even Kurumi and that emergency food supply Oosanshouou do not have it that bad. While Rebecca may be a genius, but she is still a child and I wonder if being a teacher would take away her childhood. Who cares but looks like she’s having fun with her class. I don’t think Rebecca would change her attitude any time soon or any of her students would too. It won’t be fun anymore if Himeko isn’t the dumb one or if Ichijou loses her enigmatic erratic troublemaking thinking. The other side and minor characters from the other class may not make much appearance as Class 1-C but still they add to the overall fun of the series. Maybe they should’ve let Jijii make more appearances. Or just let that old geezer die of…
The voice acting is excellent. I was surprised to learn that Chiwa Saito was the voice behind Rebecca. After hearing her voice brute tough girls like Kirie from Girls Bravo, Natsumi of Keroro Gunsou and Aika of Aria The Animation, I would never suspect her to perfectly voice such a bratty little girl. Good job. Initially I thought Yui Horie was the one behind Himeko due to her energetic and dumbness but once again to my surprise Himeko is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa, who also did Miu in Ichigo Mashimaro and Torako in Hyakko. Come to think of it, she does sound like her. Yui Horie instead voices Miyako. Yeah, the voice of Kotori in Da Capo and Eri of School Rumble. I also though Tomoko Kaneda was the voice behind Mesousa but instead a relative unknown seiyuu Vanilla Yamazaki. Boy, she sure did a nice job making Mesousa sound shaky, among other pitiful states that poor rabbit has to go through. Other casts include Ai Nanoka as Ichijou (Fuura of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Satsuki Yukino as Rei (Kagome in Inu Yasha), Kana Ueda as Kurumi (Mikan of Gakuen Alice), Kayo Sakata as Rokugou, Miyuki Sawashiro as Serizawa (Shinku of Rozen Maiden), Miyu Matsuki as Media (Yoshinoya in Hidamari Sketch), Mai Kadokawa as Behoimi (Mimi in Kodomo No Jikan), Ryoko Shintani as Miyata (Milfeulle of Galaxy Angel), Hitomi Nabatame as Nanjou (Akira in Special A), Hiroshi Kamiya as Inugami and Neko Kamisama (Nozomu in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Sawa Ishige as Yuuna and Yuuma (Benika in Kurenai), Hiroshi Ootake as Jijii, Mugihito as the alien captain (Zenjurou in Kamen No Maid Guy) and Tomokazu Sugita as the alien subordinate (Gintoki in Gintama). I later found out that Oosanshouou’s voice changes in most of the episodes as different seiyuus voice it in different episodes. Not that I can tell the difference anyway since its voice always sound like it is speaking through underwater.
All of the opening and ending themes have the fun feeling in them. Furthermore, the animation of the opening and ending credits of some are filled with craziness and parodies like opening theme 1 Kiiroi Vacancies, ending theme 1 Girlppi and the lively mambo-like opening theme 2 Roulette Roulette. Ending theme 3 Moon Light Love has its animation with characters of the series on tarot cards while opening theme 3 Shoujo Q has the characters like split in half revealing their insides. Erm… Yeah… Each of the animation differs for each episode (for instance, random characters appearing) albeit not much so you really have to sit and watch through all of them if you’re really particular about this. I mean, it beats your typical standard recycled opening and ending animation, same animation after every episode. Thus in a way it’s like extra eye candy for viewers. There are other special ending themes for certain single episodes like Healing Type Magical Girl Behoimi for episode 8, the olden Japanese-like song Haruka Na Yume (episode 13) and Setsugetsuka (episode 24).
On a trivial note, the next episode preview is called Hekiru Hikawa Theatre (the creator of the series). While a random character rant about stuff which don’t relate to what is in store for the next episode, the ‘theatre’ is displayed in yonkoma comic style such as Ichijou or Himeko in some head chopping antic and Rebecca facing off with some tanned clone of herself. Each of the episode titles are named after Japanese adages like "An 8 Year Old Sage Beats A 100 Year Old Brain" and "A Wise Man Will Know When To Approach Danger". So I guess this is the only part where you can learn something educational. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of them ;p. Just after the ending credits and before the Hekiru Hikawa Theatre, there are little more short clips of randomness which isn’t related to the flow of that episode. Much of it is left hanging or end in certain ways which made me go "What was that all about?". And just like how Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode ends, each episode has random illustrations and sketches of the series’ characters from different people.
If everybody in this world was as smart as Rebecca, graduating from famous institutes at tender young ages, heck, why do we need schools in the first place? So do you think it would be fun to have a teacher half your age? Can’t resist playing or bullying? Just remember it is not what the outside that counts. Hmm… Maybe it’s not a good idea to have kids with attitudes like Rebecca teaching a class of oddballs. It’s like a recipe for disaster. Me, I think I need to get myself a Mesousa. I need a multi-purpose standby rabbit too, you know! Maho!

Pani Poni Dash
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