Ping Pong Club

September 8, 2007

Even though this anime is a year 1995 production and is an old-school anime, don’t be fooled by the fact that Ping Pong Club sounds like a sports genre anime. Well, it’s true that if you look at it generally it does fall under the sports category but after I’ve finished watching the series, most of the episodes have really nothing to do with the ping pong sport.
Yeah, it’s about a bunch of members in the male ping pong club of the Inaho Junior High School. To cut things short, they’re all losers. Losers with the capital L. Magnify that a million times. Hahaha. You might have guessed that this is a comedy genre too but be warned, though. The humour and comedy here is sick. Yes, real sick and wacky humour. I don’t think that’s even enough to describe it. How about gross-out, offensive and outrageous?
It is strongly advice that those who can’t stand ecchi, stay far and away from this anime as possible. Though I won’t really go far into classifying it as a hentai genre, but it’s more than just ecchi. In addition to seeing the girl’s bare breasts, at times you can also the guy’s anatomy! It’s true. Of course that’s what partly make the whole series sickly humourous and some may even feel disgusted about it. At times I too feel that but most of the time I’d be laughing my head off. And don’t worry, the producers didn’t go as far as to show the female’s lower anatomy, just the top part only.
There are only 26 episodes in this weird and zany series and each episode is divided into 2 parts. So you could say that there are 52 episodes in total. The parts in a particular episode may or may not relate to each other. But 1 thing is for sure, you’re gonna have to expect the unexpected. Be prepared for sick surprises.
Let’s go through briefly the losers of this ping pong club. First we have the club captain Takeda. Okay, so he may not be a loser but as the series progresses, you’ll find he’s the lesser loser among the rest. In general, Takeda seems to be your average nice guy but is full of angst. Don’t blame him for bursting and blowing from the top of his lungs that’s because he always has to make sure his other loser members keep in line.
Then there’s the ladies’ man and also just like Takeda, the lesser loser, the handsome looking Kinoshita. Though he is a hit with the ladies at school but don’t worry, he isn’t a pervert. Another nice guy. Hey, that’s 2 nice guy already. And you thought the whole ping pong club were losers. Wait, you haven’t heard about the rest just yet. It goes downhill from here.
Which club would be complete without the foreigner student (okay maybe not). That’s the tall and huge Tanabe (I think his full name is Goro Mitchel Tanabe) and he isn’t a 100% foreigner but has some Japanese blood as well. Probably that explains why he could speak fluent Japanese. Besides, his Japanese accent doesn’t sound too foreign. The thing about Tanabe is that he’s got a protruding belly which is quite unsightly. But that’s just the sight, what about the smell? Yup, Tanabe’s got some really stinky body odour in which he himself isn’t aware of. Everybody close your noses tightly because here comes the stink! But I’m not sure when his body odour occurs. Sometimes it occurs sometimes it doesn’t.
Then there’s the short little Tanaka. His head seems proportionately bigger and rounder than his body so much so it reminds me of some cartoon character. In short (no pun intended), Tanaka is a pervert. Yup, he spend most of his time daydreaming about naked girls and loves reading porn magazines. He also easily fantasizes about naked girls and such whenever he sees ‘turned on’ stuffs like condoms. Need I say anything more about this guy?
But Tanaka’s a passive pervert. Which means most of the sick antics are done by the remaining duo of the ping pong club, Maeno and the boxer Izawa (makes you wonder why the latter is in such a club). These 2 are the terrible twins not only in their club but the entire school as well. They’re like partners in crime and would go to great and extreme lengths to do comical one-kind cross-dressing plays, silly dirty gags, fart jokes and other stuffs which could make us go laughing on our stomachs very hard and cringe at the same time. But that’s what make the entire series funny in the first place. In addition, Maeno’s got his trademark serve called protruding pecker. It’s like this. When he serves, Maeno would jump up and then show his little slip protruding out of his shorts (yup! You could really see it. It’s amazing how he does it). And his opponents can’t return it because they’re more shock and disgusted of what they saw! Uh-huh, even I was shocked at first. But Maeno usually ends up getting the receiving end. Other than that, he’s got other serves which doesn’t serve it’s purpose of serving like breaking chopsticks with his butt. Disgusting distractions, I’d say. Though in the earlier episodes, most of the mischieves are caused by Maeno and Izawa, later in the series, Tanaka joins them and they become the terrible trio. As if 2 weren’t bad enough already.
Then there’s the school teacher who’s in charge of the ping pong club, Shibazaki. He’s an old guy who’s like a ‘dog’ and succumbs to whatever wimps and fancies of the other teachers. In other words, gets bullied. Though he tries to be tough and stamp his authority on his ping pong club students, sometimes they turn the tables on him. That’s because sometimes he’s got an ulterior motive and ‘uses’ them for it. So when those ping pong club pals find out about it, they’re not gonna go easy on him. Like in episode 12 where he tells his ping pong club members to pick up trash to improve the club’s image but in actual fact is doing it because another female teacher promises him sex. Men will be men.
And because his ping pong club is a bunch of weirdos having nothing better to do, Shibazaki decides to bring in a manager for the club in episode 3, Kyoko Iwashita. Kyoko is your typical tough girl and her presence didn’t actually improve the ping pong club. Yup, she just sits around all day long doing nothing like reading a book or enjoying a glass of cool drink. Kyoko is also Takeda’s childhood friend and you’ll see some love-romance between them, though they’ll be quarreling most of the time and won’t admit their feelings at first. Another thing I want to mention is that sometimes Kyoko tough girl personality is inconsistent. I mean, at times, she won’t hesitate to pound Maeno and Izawa for their pervertness or when they do anything funny on her. And at other times, she’s the helpless-can’t-do-anything-damsel-in-distress girl letting those terrible duo get the better of her. Weird.
The club too has an unofficial member. Well, not really a member of the ping pong club. Appearing in episode 10, she’s Chiyoko Kamiya and is actually an admirer of Kinoshita at first but too shy to confess her feelings. Though this girl may seem a little huge in size, Izawa gets an idea to ‘train’ her so that she could become Kinoshita’s type of girl but of course Izawa has his perverted motive. In the end, Kinoshita ‘rejected’ her confessions because he and the others thought Kamiya belongs to Izawa. Bummer. So since then, not only Kamiya calls Izawa her instructor, she also hangs out at the ping pong club from time to time and as the series progresses, you’ll notice she’ll have some feelings for Izawa, though it’s not confirmed. Wonder why she doesn’t join the ping pong club. Firstly, this is a boy’s ping pong club. So she could join a girl’s one, right? Well, I figure that if she does that, then she’ll have no time to hang out with the gang. Yeah, even she herself said that one day she’ll consider joining the ping pong club. Consider only.
So you’re wondering why the ping pong club has only 6 members (not counting Kyoko)? That’s because in this school, that’s the minimum requirement members in order for a club to exist. Anything less than that, the club will be disbanded. So we can see that the ping pong club is just merely existing on the edge. And there’s a teacher by the name of Tachikawa who’s in charge of the girl’s ping pong club, wants to really get rid of the boy’s team. He looks like your typical evil scheming guy and the reason why he wants to do so is that the guys have quite a nice room for their ping pong club and Tachikawa wants to take it away from them so that his girls can do their training there.
As seen in episodes 1-2, because Shibazaki is the ‘dog’ as he is mentioned earlier, Shibazaki accidentally gives the okay sign to handover the club room to him. With that, our loser boys have to move out. Of course the ping pong club girls are a little sympathetic and pleads for at least Takeda and Kinoshita to train with them, which Tachikawa reluctantly agrees to do so. As for the rest, they’ve been ‘dumped’ and felt betrayed. No choice for Takeda and Kinoshita though they still ‘love’ their old members but had to do it as the quartet decides to challenge Tachikawa to a ping pong duel whereby if they win, they’ll get back their room or else.
It’s do or die. Can the outcast losers do it? In short, Izawa lost the first match because he’s too pumped up saying how he’s gonna win with his boxing ways. Before he knows it, the girl team scores. Then it’s the doubles pair Tanabe-Tanaka and they won by default because of Tanabe’s foul body odour. Isn’t that a foul? So the score is tied 1-1. Finally it’s Maeno’s turn. Can he do it? As expected he did his protruding pecker specialty and because the girls were disgusted by it, he got disqualified. Uh-huh, they lost. But it’s not over yet, the quartet is thinking of a way to win back their club room as they set out to find Tachikawa’s weakness.
They notice that Tachikawa seems to have a crush on another teacher Tachibana. They found out while they’re at the storeroom and when Tachikawa’s ‘lecturing’ the losers, Tachibana came by and asks them what they’re doing. Yeah, Maeno gets cheeky and says they’re finding ‘worms’ and shows her his ‘worm’ and says that if she nurtures it by putting it in her mouth with love, it’ll grow big. Is your imagination running wild? Of course this embarrasses Tachikawa and pisses him off at the same time. But in the end, Tachikawa’s the same pervert as those losers because Maeno struck a deal with him. In exchange for the club room, Maeno gives him a porn video of Tachibana, which Maeno forces Tanaka to video tape her while she strips herself and gets wild and violent when she’s drunk. Scary. But Tachikawa soon realizes he’s being duped when he starts rolling the tape only to see a sexy back of…. Maeno! Hahaha. Bamboozled. But at least those losers got their club back. Don’t think you’ve heard the last of Tachikawa just yet.
That’s because in episode 17, Tachikawa’s back into scheming how to take the boy’s ping pong club room. Tachikawa caught a former student, Rika, shoplifting and makes a deal with her. In exchange not to tell on her, she has to date with Maeno and make him leave the club. With that, the club has less than the minimum requirements and will be disbanded. Rika’s acting is good and also partly because of Maeno’s pervertness which caused him to decide and leave the club. But unknown to Maeno, the ping pong club has got another member, Minamida, some zombie looking guy. They don’t mind Maeno leaving because he’s always playing a fool and Minamida seems to have more talent. So in a way, the club still have 6 members. Tachikawa’s pissed off that his plans didn’t work. Because of that, Maeno feels down and Rika felt pity for him and allows him to do anything on. Maeno then tells her to forget about him. Suddenly Izawa, who’s been spying from the bush behind pops out and says how cool Maeno was. Maeno does think the same too. So that was all an act? But Rika didn’t feel surprise as she walks away happy. I’m not sure if Maeno knew Rika’s act all along but it seems Maeno is back with the club because Minamida has decided to drop out after 2 days joining the club. Back to square 1 again.
So you’d probably guess that in almost every episode there’s gonna be some weird hanky-panky being pulled off by Maeno and Izawa. However, there are some episodes which don’t really make sense and are inconsistent in the sense that after the episode has ended, the aftermath of what happened in that episode seems to bear no consequences or results on the next. Makes you go "What happened to that…".
Like in episode 8 whereby Takeda secretly ditches the ping pong club just to go on a date with Kyoko. Of course Maeno and Izawa are suspicious and trails Takeda. The duo eventually finds out about this and gets ‘annoyed’ because they don’t want this anime to be some love-comedy kinda show and tries to ‘capture them’ as Takeda and Kyoko tries to flee. I love the funny part whereby they’re watching some movie and it’s so hilarious to see the wolves ‘doing it’ and that Maeno shouting and howling from his seat how this is Oscar material. Anyway, this episode also sees how Maeno and Izawa stole some panda car from the shopping centre and this panda car will be part of their future pranks if they ever need to pull one. And what’s with that white cat suit as well. Yeah, they’ll go ‘Pepo pepo pepo pepo’ everytime. But the weird part is at the end, whereby Maeno and Izawa does another one of their usual sick play. Then they tied up Kyoko and brought her with them on their panda car as Takeda just stood there. What the? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because of their stupidity that Takeda and Kyoko are too shocked to do anything.
Or in episode 4 whereby Maeno has been chosen to buy some new ping pong balls for the club. After pooling their money and passing to Maeno, Izawa made the rest realized that Maeno may have ran off with the money. So they had no choice but to follow him. Of course when they confronted Maeno, he tells them some that some gangsters were threatening him and that he tried his best to fend them off by being a stand-up comedian. Relief that Maeno still has the money, they all then decided to go buy the balls together. In the end, Maeno just commented to himself how they’re on to them. So looks like he indeed has plans to steal the money. But it just ended there. Huh? Just like that?
Shibazaki plans a survival camp in episode 12 and with the help of the fierce swimming instructor Ms Kito, she dumped the motley crew into the wilderness and they have to fend for themselves for 3 days and survive by eating wild mushrooms. The weird part is everybody ate the wild mushrooms and suddenly got paralysed except for Maeno and Izawa. With that, they decided to use this opportunity to do something hentai on Kyoko. Before they could make their move, Ms Kito arrived since the 3 day period is up. Kyoko is saved in a way but the reason why Maeno and Izawa wasn’t poisoned like the rest still remains a mystery.
Then in episode 13 whereby Maeno and Izawa accidentally decapitated an old ventriloquist’s puppet, Tsutomu. Maeno has to reluctantly become Tsutomu because the old man’s doing some puppet show for some kindergarten kids and if they don’t that old man’s gonna do some eenie-meenie-miney-moe on how to die. So during the show, of course Maeno gets pissed off and then he suddenly transforms into some monster spider and attacks everyone. What the? Then before he could land the final blow he turned back to normal. So was it all a dream or hallucination? But in the end, they gave that old man some sexy female puppet and that old guy started off some new form of ventriloquism from there.
Also in episode 13 whereby Tanabe found out that Tanaka had been stealing the club’s funds and was in a dilemma to tell on him or not. Then Tanabe found out that the reason why Tanaka stole the money was because he saw him buying some food for some poor puppies. With that, he decided to take the blame. When Tanabe tells everyone that he stole the money, everyone beats him up, even Tanaka himself. Poor Tanabe. Then it’s revealed that Tanaka actually bought those food so that he could put it on himself. In other words, Tanaka gets a sick kick from the puppies licking him here and there. Sick. But I’m not sure if Tanabe has been forgiven or not because the next episode don’t really continue off from here.
So besides all that inconsistent stuff, the first few episodes has a little plot. That is, the Inaho ping pong club is up against Kishige in an upcoming ping pong tournament. Speaking of which, this is the first of only 2 ping pong tournaments you’ll ever see for this series. The rest are just practising among themselves which don’t amount to anything much. It’s gonna be a tough battle not only because Kishige is favoured to advance to the next round, with Inaho’s incompetant losers, they don’t even stand a chance. So as motivation, Kyoko decides to give them a sukebe pass (translated as sex licence) to the winner, whereby the winner gets to do anything with her anywhere to their wild imaginations for 1 week. Now who wouldn’t get all fired up. Except for Takeda of course. Since she’s his childhood friend, I guess he has to do it so that nobody else can touch his gal, especially if it’s Maeno or Izawa. But even so, with the practice they’ve been doing, Maeno and Izawa gets distracted with some other things and don’t usually practice with the gang.
Also to boost their training, Shibazaki then decides to bring the gang to some inn in the mountains in episode 5. Yeah, Shibazaki’s got a monkey friend who runs that inn. So once again do you think Maeno and Izawa are being serious? Besides Takeda getting temporarily possessed by some jilted love ghost, to up the challenge, Shibazaki tells the gang that they’ll be playing a friendly match against ‘grown up girls’. They guys are rejoicing at first but to their disappointment when they finds out that they’re just elderly old horribly ugly ladies. The ‘highlight’ match was the one between Maeno and Kishimoto. This is the disgusting and weird part about Kishimoto, during the match, she decided to play some stand-up comedian thing and used her sagging long breasts as a telephone receiver and puts it next to her ears! ARGH!!! Disgusting! Of course the rest of the guys laughed like mad (didn’t they find it disgusting?) and causes Maeno to lose. At the end of the day when the gang leaves the place, Maeno still isn’t satisfied since his pride is hurt and rushes back into the inn to find Kishimoto for a rematch, only to find her long sagging breasts stuck in some drainage hole. Disgusting! With that, he laughs back at her real hard. What the? End of episode. What the?
But before the day of the tournament, Maeno decides to enlist the help of Kishimoto as he steps into her house after Kyoko chides him for his laziness and his attitude is bringing the whole team down. Yeah, even the sukebe pass has been extended to a whole month after those losers lost interest because of the rigourous training. So when the day of the tournament arrives in episode 7, Maeno seems like a different person. The Inaho ping pong members pesters Kyoko to give them some motivation before the match and that is to show them her tits, which she reveals just a little. I suppose that’s enough for the guys to go on. So it’s a best out of 5 match with the usual Tanabe-Tanaka as the doubles pair and the rest as singles. It seems Izawa has turned into some coward and is prancing nonsensically in some silly animal outfit, hoping that he doesn’t have to play. Surprisingly, Maeno did perfectly well, winning his match and surprising everyone. It’s like he’s been totally transformed. But Tanabe-Tanaka lost because Tanaka’s just standing there daydreaming about Kyoko’s tits. Dumb pervert. Because of that, they’re out of the running for the sukebe pass. In the end, Inaho wins 3-1 and Izawa’s relieved that he doesn’t have to play.
So our Inaho boys managed to reach the finals and are up against Dokubana Junior High School (literally translated as Poison Flower Junior High School). But before that, Izawa and Kinoshita are also out of the running for the sukebe pass because of their carelessness. So it’s down to Maeno and Takeda. Kyoko is a little worried because even though she doesn’t mind if Takeda wins but if it’s with Maeno… Oh the horror. So in the end, Takeda lost! But because Maeno won, Inaho wins the championship! Yes, they actually won. But that’s about much the glory they’ll get. After this, it’s like nothing as though as they’ve put their win behind them or like as though it has never happened before. Since Maeno won, Kyoko has no choice but to give hand him the sukebe pass. But Izawa and the gang smell something fishy. They eventually found out that it’s Kishimoto who’s disguising as Maeno and the latter’s enjoying himself in some hotspring. When the real Maeno returns the next day to claim his sukebe pass, he’s been greeted with some punches and rues the fact that Kishimoto may have spilled the beans. So I guess Kyoko’s relieved that nobody gets the sukebe pass. And that’s it too for that pass. You’ll never hear of it again.
The other ping pong tournament takes place in episodes 18-19 whereby it’s a doubles ping pong tournament and to qualify, a team has to be a couple, lovers or such. Why would those Inaho losers enter it? That’s because the grand prize is 500,000 Yen and a 6 day trip to Guam. Wow! Better start practising. Yeah, everybody including Takeda is fantasizing about ‘doing their first time’ there. So Takeda pairs up with Kyoko, Izawa with Kamiya (yeah, Izawa ditched his partner Maeno), Kinoshita and a girl from the girl’s ping pong club. What about Tanabe and Tanaka? Since they’re unable to find a partner with a ‘killer body’, they ended up pairing up with themselves. Yup, Tanabe’s dressed as a woman and he looks horrible with all those body hair. What about Maeno? Initially he paired up with a ladybug but when the ladybug flew away, he later decides to tie up Kinoshita and hid him in some rubbish bin and takes his place. I can’t believe Kinoshita’s partner believed Maeno who bluffs her that Kinoshita’s gone away for some chance in a lifetime thingy. Yeah, and I like that imagining part where they imagine Kinoshita doing a Michael Jackson dance on a girl lying spread out over a ravine like a bridge. Hahaha.
Since there are too many applicants, the organizer decides to have a preliminary round by asking a true or false question! So good thing is our Inaho gang got the right answer. And when it’s Tanabe and Tanaka’s turn to play, they got disqualified because Tanabe’s so obvious. During the game, Maeno stumbles upon a poor brother-sister pair (so poor that they’re just wearing an underwear wearing bodypaint as clothes) who claims that they have to win the money or else they’ll commit suicide. I didn’t know Maeno had a conscious because he decides to help them win the money. Well, Maeno and the rest aren’t really interested in the money but the trip because of that ‘first time’ thingy. In the end, though those siblings lost to Takeda-Kyoko in the finals, Maeda then has an idea. He teams up with the siblings and tries to take the winnings from Takeda and Kyoko by force. They succeeded in tying them up but the siblings only took the money to show their gratitude. And off they go wherever there is. We’ll never hear of them after this. And I was hoping to see that they’re fakes. Didn’t turn out that way. As for the Guam trip, Maeno stole it from Takeda after the latter fails some ‘erection’ test as Izawa instructed Kamiya to do some molestation on him. Can anybody not get ‘steamed’? So in the end, Maeno and Izawa themselves head for Guam and when they got back, the rest are pretty pissed off to find out that they’ve been relaxing in the sun instead of a cold. What gave them away? Their sunburn of course. Pay back time.
Other than that, the rest of the episodes as mentioned have nothing to do with the sport of ping pong, or so to speak. Like in episode 1 whereby Takeda manages to regain ‘control’ over his ping pong club members when Maeno and Izawa are wrecking havoc through the school hallways. How? Maeno thinks Takeda is so big and decides to pull down his pants to see if that ‘thing’ is as big as he is. Though we won’t get to see it, but the gang’s initial reaction made them have renewed respect for him. By the way, I happen to notice that why these guys don’t wear underwear. Sometimes they do but most of the episodes they don’t because when their pants come down, you can already see ahem ahem.
Then a hilarious episode 3 whereby a girl comes looking for Maeno and confesses that she likes him. What the? A loser and troublemaker like him also has an admirer? What makes me then? Anyway, Izawa isn’t too fond of it because he thinks that the girl will snatch Maeno away from him and so Izawa cross-dresses as a female and ‘seduces’ him back. Of course Maeno could see through Izawa’s act but that poor girl believed it ‘bulat-bulat’. Since Maeno’s pissed off, he’s vowing revenge. And he nearly got his when another girl comes in the next time asking for Izawa this time. So Maeno does the same thing and tries to ‘seduce’ Izawa. It’s so funny when Maeno’s saying "Stuck it in me, baby". You know what that means. But in the end, it’s revealed that that girl actually likes Maeno and since she doesn’t know how to confront him, she decides to ask his pal Izawa. With that, the girl gets disgusted by Maeno and changes her mind about him. Hahaha. Back right where he started. And the narrator said something about how this became known as The Maeno Germ.
In episode 9, Maeno and Izawa thinks Kinoshita is so pretty that they decided to dress him up as a girl. Kinoshita’s against it at first but I think he got attracted to his own beauty and doesn’t mind it as he goes round showing off his new found beauty in disguise. So much so, Tanaka falls in love with him and wants to marry him! Even though Kinoshita tries to reveal his true self, Tanaka though disappointed at first, eventually boy or not, he wants to marry him! That pervert. I wonder why Kinoshita didn’t mind Maeno and Izawa rubbing his fake breasts? Also in this episode, Maeno and Tanaka are the fearsome duo in their class because they have a set of rules that everyone has to follow and become part of the ‘Loser’s Community’. So when some big headed high spirited teacher comes in and changes things and liven things up, Maeno and Tanaka feels threatened and is gonna teach him a lesson.
Don’t ever tell Tanabe that he stinks. That’s because in episode 10, those who did (especially some of the ping pong club members) felt the pain of his wrath. Yup, Tanabe turned into that green Incredible Hulk and goes on a rampage. Tanabe smash! Maeno was the most unfortunate one because he was stripped naked and was crucified in front of the school building. Yeah, even Tanabe’s best pal and doubles partner Tanaka eventually gets a piece of him. In episode 11, because Maeno accidentally saved 2 of a rich man Ichijou’s daughters from being sexually assaulted, he has taken a liking for him and even adopts him as his own son! Of course Izawa feels jealous and tries to ruin Maeno by sabotaging and making Ichijou see Maeno’s bad habits. But it seems he took likes Maeno’s weird and sick way of thinking. Yeah, Izawa tries to put up a goody-two-shoes act in front of him, but it’s all futile. Then Ichijou asks Maeno to construct some sculpture and the latter did a giant poop sculpture and it was unveiled during the party among Ichijou’s elites. Though Ichijou says how he likes it at first, but I’m not sure why later he changes his mind because we see Maeno been send back naked to the ping pong club room in a sack. Izawa thinks it’s his chance to be Ichijou’s son but he just scoffs him off and tells him that he has had enough of all this nonsense that will ruin the family. So was he putting up an act all this while? At least now he knows how sh*tty this kid can be. Better not get involve anymore.
It’s pretty normal for a guy to have a crush on a girl. It seems in episode 14, Izawa has a crush on a cute girl at school, Rie Hojo. But he gets a little pissed off when he finds out that Kinoshita too likes her when the gang asks Kinoshita if there is any girl he likes. Because of that, Maeno decides to train Izawa so that he could confess his feelings to her before Kinoshita. Of course due to Izawa’s nervousness, he flops. And that Hojo girl has an ugly looking friend who’s always beside her. In the end, we see that some rugby guy confesses his love to her first and probably her feelings are mutual. Oh the heartbreak. Also in this episode, Takeda and Kyoko gets into a quarrel but in the end, Takeda is his usual wimp self and succumbs to Kyoko’s orders.
In episode 15, Maeno thinks the rest of the gang are planning a surprise birthday party for him as they’re acting pretty suspicious. But it turns out that a group of 5 ping pong girls had invited them to play ping pong with them at an amusement park. Maeno wasn’t there when the rest made the arrangement, so they thought he’d be pretty mad. However, the girls called the game off last minute, in a way making Maeno happy. Also, Shibazaki brings his best pal’s son, Kota Takenaka, to live with him. Since he’s as short as Tanaka, their personalities are quite contrasting because Kota is more innocent and kind. At first Tanaka despises him but soon they become friends and they do things together. Yeah, that’s dangerous because Tanaka teaches him the pleasures of being a pervert! So when Kota goes back to his dad, his dad is bloody shocked to see his son looking and getting excited at porn mags. Oh oh. Another sicko in the making. The end of the innocence.
Maeno and Izawa impersonate themselves as some famous chinese doctor so that they could peep and record their physical check-up on the girls at Inaho in episode 16. This is quite an ecchi episode as you’ll see the girls strip naked in front of that bogus doctor. I’m wondering why the girls would gladly do so without questioning him as Maeno and Izawa had their fill of different breast shapes and sizes. If it’s in today’s world, they’ll be getting lawsuits after lawsuits. So when it’s Kyoko’s turn, they decide to play a prank to get back at her. Yeah, I’m wondering why she didn’t suspect anything amiss about their weird methodology. Only Takeda knew of their plans but had a hard time stopping them because nobody believed him. Eventually Takeda manages to steal the video tape and with all their hard work on the line, Maeno and Izawa chased after him. However, at the zoo, the tape fell out from Takeda’s hands and the walrus crushed it. Yeah, luckily the anime is set in a time whereby CDs are uncommon and expensive or else they could’ve made copies of it and sell or even post it on a video sharing website.
Tanabe saves a boy from drowning in episode 20. Due to that, Tanabe’s knocked out cold and it’s up to Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka to give a mouth to mouth CPR. Not only that, Tanabe had previously ate some super bun, which means Tanabe really stinks. Oh who’s gonna do it? Maeno and Izawa teams up to get Tanaka to do it but some slip up caused Tanaka to get injured and faints. So now it’s down to Maeno and Izawa. Before anything could happen, Kyoko arrives and hears from them what happened. She then says just to call an ambulance. Now why didn’t they think of that. Dumb. Also in this episode, Izawa gets to talk with Hojo for the first time (Kamiya a little jealous there) but her ugly friend made some comments about Izawa’s hair, which Hojo agrees. Because of that, Izawa decides to shave away his hair. Yup, Izawa has a new hairstyle now and over the remaining episodes, you’ll see Izawa’s hair gradually growing back to its normal state. I find it weird for Izawa to have that new hairstyle since I’m so used to his old style.
The ping pong club fund has been stolen once again in episode 21. Well, actually it’s Kyoko who did it to buy some new high heel shoes. When Maeno and Izawa found out about it, they decide to make her pay back. I wonder why Kyoko didn’t fight back. Must ber her guilty conscience. Yeah, anyway they’ve got some sick silly idea by forcing passing male students to come in and watch some ‘live porn’ like ‘watch me shower’ (Tanaka posing as a girl while showering in the locker), ‘a tall lady with exposed pubes’ (Tanabe posing as a foreign girl in the locker taking on/off his undies) and ‘a babe after a bath’ (Kyoko sitting in the locker her bath robe). So that unlucky customer has to choose which of the 3 lockers he wants to watch and then pay. But each time, all the clients either chose Tanaka’s or Tanabe’s and ran away in horror and disgust. Though Maeno and Izawa managed to rake in 16,000 Yen, Kyoko sat and slept there the whole time with no client peeping at her. But the next day, Kyoko has divine retribution as her high heels made her feet sore.
Also in episode 21, Maeno and Izawa got some love making pills from their fatty bespectacled mad scientist pal. In exchange for this, they lend him their panda car. Maeno decides to test it out on Kyoko while Izawa on Kamiya. Though Maeno and Izawa seems to enjoy the fact that they’re gonna ‘do it’ on them, in the end, it seems the tables are turned when the girls turned violent, naughty and nasty on them. Hey, I thought this is what they wanted. So in the end, though the girls aren’t sure what really happen and felt quite refreshed afterwards, Maeno and Izawa claims that they’ve been raped by them. Nobody’s gonna believe them even though they’re naked and are a little bruised. Looks like that pills work after all. But that fatty crashed that panda car, causing him to forget the formula of the pill he has slugged on for many years. I think it’s better that such formula is forever lost.
Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka decides to sleepover at Kinoshita’s house in episode 22, much to the latter’s chagrin. Kinoshita has to be on the watch 24/7 because those 3 stooges can pull off anything undesirable. Yup, the trio found out that Kinoshita has a pretty elder sister and decides to peep on her while she’s bathing. But not if Kinoshita could help it as he tries to keep them at bay. When Kinoshita couldn’t hold them off much longer, the trio are gonna take a peep when his sis just came out finished from the bathroom. I guess they took too long. Then deep in the night, the trio decides to go sneak and peek at Kinoshita’s sister’s undies in her room. And we hear some sick flashback on how Tanaka’s ancestor was some great panty thief and has a super skill of taking off a ladies’ undies while they’re sleeping without interrupting their beauty sleep and at the same time admire the ‘beautiful scenary’. So Maeno and Izawa are putting their hopes on Tanaka. Yeah, Tanaka’s taking an awfully long time. But the narrator said something about the sleeping rhythm and timing not to wake the victim up. Tanaka finally manages to do so but it’s dawn already. Then as the trio are gonna peek, they saw a male’s anatomy and freaked out. It’s Kinoshita! And he already knows those blokes are gonna do something like this and switched places with his sis. So a disappointing sleepover for the trio. But 1 thing still bugs me, that is, how come Tanaka didn’t notice the ‘bulging thing’ (you know what I mean) when he’s pulling off the undies. Maybe he’s too focused. What about Kinoshita’s sis? Where did she sleep? Maybe that’s not important. Yeah, the trio could’ve save all the trouble if they had just take a look at the face of their victim first.
In episode 23, Izawa learns that he must have guts to join the club of Maeno and Tanaka. So they decided to do some gutsy hentai thing on Kyoko but Tanaka and Izawa got wallop real badly. And when they ask it’s Maeno’s turn, he became a coward. This prompts Izawa to make a bet that he’s got no guts even to ‘do it’ with Kishimoto. I donno but it’s really disgusting as Maeno, hesistant at first (under the watchful eye of Izawa and Tanaka) but in the end goes wild and… Okay, let your imagination run wild here. So much so Izawa and Tanaka had to butt in and stop him. It ends with a cliffhanger as the narrator said how Maeno has light up Kishimoto’s life. What will happen to him? Dunno. The second part tells of how Maeno and Izawa took nasty and embarrassing photos of an unlucky kid named Junpei. Not only that, they did it in the eyes of the public. Because of that, Junpei decides to practice his photo skills and get his revenge. But he accidentally took a shot of Kyoko’s ahem ahem while she was walking and she slipped on a banana peel and she’s not wearing any panties that day! Actually Junpei saw how pretty Kyoko was and decides to snap a pic of her when the inevitable happened. So it’s a 1 in a lifetime view for Junpei as he makes a run for it but in the end Kyoko’s rage managed to catch up to him and Kyoko in turn took an embarrassing photo of him. Yeah, she even showed it to those ping pong club guys as they wonder why Junpei has bruises all over him too.
Maeno gets cocky in episode 24 when he tells the gang that he can drink hard liquour. So they take him to task and as expected he can’t do it and we hear some sick flashback whereby a young Maeno accidentally ate some pickles with alcohol and he started ‘doing it’ with a cow. So Izawa forgives him and they all go back to be fans of some cola drink. And Kyoko’s dangerous once she’s drunk as she’s all over Takeda. What happens when you’re the first person to arrive in the club room? Maeno had some sick ideas of his in this second part. Thinking he’s the earliest and has time before the rest arrives, he strips naked and does the unthinkable on the ping pong table. Sick. Maeno then heard footsteps of someone approaching as he hid in the locker. No time to put on his clothes. It’s Izawa. He’s thinking the same thing too as he strips naked and happily rubs himself with Kamiya’s jumpsuit. Same thing. Izawa hid in the same locker when he heard someone coming. It’s Tanaka this time and he’s got the same sick idea too. But he just stripped naked and put his crotch on the ping pong table.
Finally Takeda and Kyoko comes in. They find nobody there. Yeah, Tanaka too is hiding in the same locker. It’s getting real crowded in there. After a little practice, and since nobody’s around, they decided to confess what they want to do with each other. Though Kyoko says kissing, Takeda’s thinking of touching her boobs (remember that drunk incident?). I suppose there’s a pervert in everyone, even normal guys. So some lovey-dovey moments before Kyoko allows him to do so. Wah! The trio who’re watching decides to stop them and Maeno took the initiative by coming out of the locker naked, doing some silly antic before heading back into the locker. Maeno comments how Takeda has become a man but I suppose the 2 just sat there in shock, wondering what happened. And Takeda… he’s happy that he got to touch Kyoko’s boobs. Pervert. But don’t worry, he won’t turn into 1 even after this.
It’s that time in school again in episode 25 whereby the school clubs are trying to get newcomers to join their club. Of course Tachikawa thinks that their club is doomed and couldn’t even get 1 new member. Takeda and the rest tried their utmost best to recruit but those newbies had second thoughts when they saw Maeno and Izawa’s revolting ideas and antics. Better not join this club and stay far far away from it. Yeah, poor thing all their efforts are in vain. Then some girl, Yuki, got serious in joining the club but Maeno instructs her to undergo some training test to pass the screening test. While she’s at it, some short funny looking guy, Toshihiko, comes by and wants to join the club but Maeno and co laughed so hard because of his funny face. When Yuki saw Toshihiko, they both then embraced and those losers look in shock. Yeah, they’re wondering how such a funny looking guy got such a hot babe. Because Yuki found out that the club won’t take him, they decided to try at some other places. Then Toshihiko told them off how their faces are funny enough without other hanky-panky stuffs before leaving. This pissed Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka as they’re gonna beat him up. But they saw him sucking Yuki’s tits and froze in shock. What the? So it must be true that those trio are real losers then. Kyoko then told Takeda that she could pull off the same thing too but Takeda gets embarrassed and says not to do it because they’re in public. Because of that, Takeda trips and Kyoko laughs at his clumsiness.
The final episode 26 sees the principal of Inaho retiring and is replaced by another called Hoshino. Though all the students love him, rumours have it that once you’ve been marked by him, there’ll be trouble for him/her. Even though Maeno has been forewarned about it, he still caused some trouble for Hoshino by crashing his panda car while he’s talking with his students. Because of the ruckus, Hoshino losses his fake toupee. Not only that, Maeno mocks him and doodles his bald head in front of everyone. What’s the repercussion? The next day, there’s a big notice (more like threat) saying how the ping pong club has been terminated! Even Shibazaki was called into Hoshino’s office and got slapped and abused. The gang finds out when Maeno confessed what he has done and beats him up. Not only that. Tachikawa is extremely happy now that the boy’s ping pong club is going. With that, the rugby players decide to whisk Takeda and Kinoshita into their club. Erm… They don’t really have the body for it but I guess it must be their looks and character. Yeah, they left those quartet losers all alone. Takeda and Kinoshita has no choice but to oblige.
But the foursome seem to have a ‘saviour’. At first, they’re suspicious of the principal’s daughter, Junko, when she came up to them. She tells them that her daddy will do anything she says and will help reinstate their club back on 1 condition. That is, if they work for her. Well, she does seem nicer and gentler as compared to the violent Kyoko. Why not give it a try. Plus, all she wants them to do is to come to her class every reccess and entertain her. That’s gotta be an easy job seeing that Maeno and Izawa are good ‘entertainers’. Yeah, the foursome snubbed Kyoko and called her the Demon Of Darkness. Meanwhile Tachikawa is temporarily occupying the boy’s ping pong club room when Takeda and Kinoshita decides to go to the principal’s office and beg for him to return their room. But Hoshino shows them the doodle Maeno drew on his head and the 2 shrivels in shock and fear. Hahaha.
If you’re wondering what’s the connection of the quartet losers wearing some weird dresses and doing weird stuffs in the first opening theme song, then here it is. The 4 guys come into Junko’s class in that outfit doing those gags. Why, they even played that theme song too. Junko isn’t too amused and told them off. All she wanted was regular friends as she shed a tear and walked away. The next day, the quartet comes to Junko class in their normal way. Note that, normal means in their school uniform attire and they lose their one-kind attitude. Yeah, this may seem abnormal but I guess these guys are serious. Soon Junko invites them to play some games like kick the can and skipping ropes and they all have a great fun time. Takeda and Kinoshita can only watch from afar in their rugby club. Then 1 day, Junko didn’t turn up and Shibazaki came running to tell the guys some news. It seems that Hoshino has resigned and decided to move to another district. Then a letter from Junko addressing the 4 guys saying how whenever word of his fake toupee gets out, he’ll resign and transfer to another school which is not in the same district immediately and will never set foot in that place again. Junko thanked the guys for everything. With that, the ping pong club escape nullification and is revived once again. For the first time, those 4 losers are heroes and they did something good for once. So in the end, everything’s back to normal in the ping pong club room. Everyone (almost) is doing their practice, Tanaka still reading his porn mags and Takeda-Kyoko… will their love for each other take a step further? Not if Maeno and Izawa can help it as they ram them with their panda car and say "Down with love comedies". Things don’t change, do they.
Overall, I couldn’t say that I’m not disgusted at some of the antics but on the other hand, I quite like some of those funny moments. They really made me laugh, even though it’s absolutely disgusting and ecchi. I really never thought it was possible. It’s really daring for an anime at that time and some viewers even said that it’s comparable to the American cartoons such as South Park or Beavis And Butthead. However even so, I didn’t turn into a perverted troublemaker. So those of you who want to watch this series, be strongly warned again. Watch this with an open mind and heart. And please do not ever imitate any of their acts. Especially putting ping pong balls in places where it should not be :O. I think the manga in which the series is based on is just as perverted.
As mentioned before, some parts may seem far fetched and illogical like the part whereby Maeno farts in his hand and releases his stink bomb in his palms right on his victims face. I mean, is that possible? Of course not. Logic doesn’t really work here. Then when they spit in disgust, it’s like there’s lots of saliva coming out. Yucks. Since the anime is from that era, the drawing, art and animation too looks old. Uh-huh, even the colouring looks ‘worn out’. But I guess those were the days when anime is still at an infant age. Thus the character designs are just average and at certain point, they may seem simple.
The voice acting of the characters fit their personalities well like the loud mouth and nonsensical Maeno played by Kousuke Okano. His voice can be brash and vulgar one minute and then soft and innocent the next. And Takeda’s voice is really full of angst at times whenever he yells from the top of his lungs. Though Tanaka may sound like a sissy most of the time, whenever he gets angry or pissed off, his voice really changes into something mean. Tanabe’s voice actor is totally a Japanese guy, Masato Amada. I thought that it’s a foreigner trying to speak Japanese but probably it’s just his accent or the way he speaks. And since this is quite an old anime, some of the voice actors don’t have a long list of animes that they voiced to their resumes. In other words, they’re like nobody. Sorry if it sounds offensive, just like the anime.
Also, the music of the opening and ending credits too sound like they’re from that era. The first opening theme song, Shanimuni Shake! Shake! by Switch is catchy enough to make anyone get up and do a little jiggle. Yeah, as mentioned earlier, it’s filled with weird act and stuffs from the ping pong club members and is a little wild. Not to mention that dance of theirs. The second opening song, Man-in Densha Hitomebore, also sung by Switch, sounds more rock and this time it’s filled with more ecchi animation. But I like the second ending theme song, Booing, by Sakura Uehara (who is also the voice for Kyoko), which is quite a nice pop ballad and mostly the animation is on Takeda and Kyoko. There are several insert songs too, just to note.
So next time if you see a bunch of misfits or weirdos, don’t be too fast to jump into a conclusion that they’re from the ping pong club. I think every club in the world has their own bunch of weirdos. That’s what makes life interesting, or so to speak. I wonder if Maeno’s got a new serve style. Yeah, he may beat the world champs at their own game. Not. Dream on guys. But I’m sure you’ll never see a ping pong club the same way again.

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