HAPPY NEW YEAR! And as usual what a way to start the brand new year with an anime blog. Hopefully there will be more ‘interesting’ animes for me to watch and discover during the next 365 days.
The fascination with pink haired anime girls continues… This time those girls whom I feel do not fit into one of my earlier categories as airhead, menace or kick ass. That’s right. This time these are the girls which I find and considered to be moe. What does moe mean? For those anime otakus out there, you should at least know this term. For those who don’t moe (pronounced mou-eh) is a slang which refers to the attraction or appealing factor of a particular character (especially girls) in animes, mangas or video games. That’s generally how I would put it. Well even so, the moe-ness level of a particular character very much depends on the taste of a particular person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Before this gets out of hand, here is the list of pink haired moe anime girls. In no particular order.
Miyuki Takara (Lucky Star)
Miyuki Takara
Many otaku viewers would classify her moe points as a typical meganekko (bespectacled girl). What’s not to like about her? She is from a wealthy family, intelligent, well mannered, beautiful (erm… the drawing of the series in my opinion says otherwise) and friendly. Better still, for a girl of her age, she is quite well endowed. Because of this she is often the object of ‘sexual harassment’ of Konata. Miyuki is also quite knowledgeable, pays attention to details and helps out her friends with their studies. Though she isn’t totally perfect and has fears of visiting the dentist but even so this does not overshadow her other good qualities.
Riko Fukamine (Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~)
 Riko Fukamine
Seeing that this is a character from a drama-harem-comedy-romance series, it is no surprise that even if she is the younger sister of Haruhiko, they are not blood related. She returned to her hometown after spending many years away. I guess in this aspect viewers could consider to be moe seeing that her best pal Kirino takes the role of Haruhiko’s childhood friend and next door neighbour. She felt guilty when she broke her promise made with Kirino not to use her Gift towards Haruhiko. In the end, both girls reconcile and Riko ends up as Haruhiko’s girl.
Makie Sasaki (Mahou Sensei Negima)
Makie Sasaki
A hardworking and energetic girl from the rhythm gymnastics club. Even if she is hardworking, she still isn’t good in her studies as she is one of the Baka Rangers (the pink one). Perhaps she is always daydreaming about gymnastics. Because of that, it is no surprise that she carries her her gymnastics ribbon along with her everywhere she goes. And her moe part is that even if she is an expert in gymnast, she is still clumsy at times. See the connection? Clumsiness + strings = super kawaii!
Tenko Kamiyama (Kamisama Kazoku)
I suppose that if God had a son and have to groom him to be the next God but is too busy to do so himself, might as well assign an angel to be his guardian. Tenko was born on the same day as would-be God Samatarou and her fate sealed to be his guardian ever since until he is ready to move on with his own feet. She acts as Samatarou’s conscious and guide through life while being conflicted with her own emotions and feelings for him. Ironically, she initially lacks general knowledge of human customs and traditions. Whenever she gets embarrassed a little puff of cloud explosion appears over her head.
Nao Morisaki (Soul Link)
Nao Morisaki
As a medical and paramedic student of the military academy, she is kind, warm and passionate. Does not have much of a fighting ability as compared to the rest of her comrades. Has a crush on the academy’s prodigy, Shuhei. During the terrorist hijack of the Aries space station, she got infected by the deadly and mysterious Sukurya cells too. In the aftermath, she lives happily after and secretly with Shuhei along with their ‘daughter’ Nanami.
Ermin (Tears To Tiara)
One of the House Elves who guarded and took care of the Avalon castle while Arawn was in his long slumber. She later becomes his third wife because she wanted to. She also drew a picture book about Arawn and Pwyll.
Misora Ayukawa (Lamune)
Misora Ayukawa
Biker girl with a Honda CB400 SUPER BOL D’OR model. Which guy wouldn’t find her moe if you’re the kind that is into big bikes too? She is from the city and was visiting the countryside when her motorbike broke down. She had to stay longer because unauthorized mechanic Kenji don’t know how to fix it and made it worse. During her stay, she temporarily works at Nanami’s family shop.
Miwako Sakurada (Paradise Kiss)
 Miwako Sakurada
An art student working along with her group of classmates to create their fashion line brand called Paradise Kiss. A sweet and cute girl, Miwako loves dressing up in Lolita styled dress and tends to act a little child-like but because of that, she is liked by many people including the group’s model and newcomer Yukari. She has a crush on both her childhood friends Arashi and Tokumori. In the end she chose to be with Arashi as she loves him dearly though she felt guilty for hurting Tokumori.
Tamao Tamamura (Shaman King)
 Tamao Tamamura
A relatively shy girl who holds a secret crush on Yoh even if she knows too well that he is engaged with Anna. Always seen carrying a sketchbook with her because of her shy personality, she uses it to communicate with other people. I know some people may find shy girls to be a moe point but over shy like this? Tamao’s special ability is to perform divinations using her kokkuri board and has 2 spirits Ponchi and Conchi which comically resembles Ren and Stimpy.
Miu (DearS)
She is supposed to be the official transfer student representing the DearS at Koharu High School. However the supposedly imperfect DearS, Ren, somehow took her place due to mixed up circumstances. Obviously Miu is upset because everyone believes her to be the fake and impersonator! Though she tries to challenge Ren whom she considers her rival, eventually she takes it upon herself to train Ren to be a better DearS. Along the way, this tutoring with backfiring side effects has her realizing her love for Takeya but eventually realizes that he is in love with Ren.
Komaki Asagiri (Kujibiku Unbalance OVA)
 Komaki Asagiri
In addition to being a quiet and thoughtful girl who is to be Rikkyouin High School’s next student council treasurer, she is also quite an intelligent person. She also takes on a motherly role and responsibilities for her siblings and does the household chores. The reason for her wearing the scarf over her neck 24/7 on all occassions is unknown but I guess that factor makes her moe, doesn’t it?
Nodoka Haramura (Saki)
 Nodoka Haramura
She is one of the new recruits for her Kiyosumi High School mahjong club. Besides her notably obvious bust size (probably her moe point), she is revered and respected by many as a genius seeing that she is the reigning champion for the national middle school division. Whenever she plays mahjong, she carries her stuffed doll penguin named Etopen. It gives her a sense of calmness while doing so. Initially not too fond of her team mate Saki, eventually she becomes her close friend.
I know, I know. The list here isn’t really complete. I know there are many more missing and famous pink haired moe ladies which should be included in this or the previous list such as Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED Destiny), Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara!), Kurumi (Steel Angel Kurumi), Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew), Himeno Awayuki (Pretear), Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Tsubomi Okuwaka (Strawberry Panic), Sumomo (Chobits), Lucy (Elfen Lied), Akiha Shishido (Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo), Rini Chibiusa (Sailormoon), Megumi Minami (Detective School Q), Michi (Weiss Survive), Mio (Needless) and Kuniko Houjou (Shangri La). One major reason is because I haven’t watched those animes so I can’t really say or comment much about them.
Also there are some which I feel that their hair colour isn’t really pink. Some are too light and lean towards light red (Risa of Lovely Complex) while there are those that are too dark (Minori of Toradora and Nene of Hyakko). Then there are those which fall towards purplish colour like Rabien Rose from Di Gi Charat. So in my opinion that is why they aren’t really included too. I know that some of the hair colour of anime girls in my lists are debatable but hey, they seem pink to me. You can argue if you want too. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I’m sure that there are many more pink haired anime girls out there whether they are main, supporting, side or extra and non-significant characters. And they certainly come in a wide variety characters and personalities and not confined to the ones I have blogged. And the colour pink is certainly not only restricted to hair but others like eyes and clothing. Now I better close this topic before I get pink fever and hazard. Thank goodness I’m still in pink of health. Pink, Pink Floyd, Pink Panther, Pink Slip, Pink Films, Pink Ribbon, Pinky and the Brain… Argh! Don’t worry, I’m still alright. I pink. I mean, I think.

Continuing with my theme of pink haired anime girls, this time round my blog will focus of pink haired anime girls whom in my opinion can kick ass. What do I generally mean? In a nutshell, those who possess fighting abilities and skill and are not your usual damsel in distress type which needs some prince on a white steed to come to their rescue. These girls can take care of themselves and moreover, don’t mess with them because they may return the favour and twice the pain. Now that’s what I call packing a punch. That’s why they kick ass, literally. So here are some of them:
Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate No Gotoku)
Hinagiku Katsura
The student council president of Hakuou Academy and very skilled at kendo. A responsible girl (well, at least much better than her one-kind elder sister Yukiji) but the ironic part is that she is afraid of heights though her student council room is situated high on top of the school’s clock tower. Has a secret crush on Hayate but afraid to admit her feelings to him as she fears that if he does so, he will abandon her.
Kujira Etorofu (Penguin Girl)
Kujira Etorofu
A very skilled martial artist only by the fact that her father raised her as a boy because he wanted one so much. You can partly attribute her crude and violent behaviour because of that. Other than that, she’s basically a nice girl until Penguin comes along and mistaken her to be a favourite anime character of hers. I guess those chops do come in handy to keep some perverted otaku in line.
Simca (Air Gear)
A high ranking Storm Rider also known as Simca the Swallow or Migratory Bird. When she first met Ikki, she takes a great sudden interest in him, seeing that he has the potential to be the next Sky King. Initially she had a carefree personality (including several teasing for that kid) but eventually resolves to be more serious and focus in order to strengthen him.
Sakura Ushikubo (Special A)
Sakura Ushikubo
The daughter of her family’s large medical company. Initially a marriage candidate for Kei but he isn’t her type and she was considering her family’s business advantage if they were both to get hitched. Does not like liars and dishonest people very much so for those of you who frequently like to tell lies, get ready to receive her passionate punishment.
Nadeshiko (Inukami)
One of the 10 Inukamis serving under Kaoru. Initially she has been ostracised by the rest of the pack for her unwillingness to join and take part in battles. However of all the Inukamis under Kaoru, Nadeshiko seems to be the most powerful one of them all even as arch rival Yoko quoted that she is the only one with merit, in the sense that she is much keener than the rest. However Yoko still despises her seeing that her own perverted master Keita has an eye for her. In addition, Nadeshiko and Kaoru share a close bond and thus making the rest of the other Inukamis under Kaoru jealous.
Kim Diehl (Soul Eater)
Kim Diehl
A student of Shibusen Academy. She is a lamp meister and her partner-cum-weapon, Jacqueline, whom in weapon form will transform into a fire breathing broom, thus allowing Kim to fly. Her team-mate Ox likes her and tries to win her affection but she just ignores him and constantly turns him down.
Momoko Kuzuryuu (Sumomomo Momomo)
Momoko Kuzuryuu
Another young girl who is a very skilled martial artist. However in her dad’s eyes she is weak since she is a girl and is unable to master martial arts effectively (what discrimination is this?) and needs to marry someone and will bear a strong offspring. This hyper active girl from the Dragon Clan may seem annoying and naive at times but that’s because she is adamant in pleasing her future husband Koushi and respects him very much. In contrast, she possesses a stronger will and determination than bookworm Koushi himself.
Franca Dochley (Coyote Ragtime Show)
Franca Dochley
The cute daughter of the late legendary Pirate King Bruce. Though she is still very young, she runs a Coyote bar belonging to her late dad and even if the customers are crude and rowdy, they still respect her. Even if there is a fight, she breaks it up quickly and effectively. Yeah, she has no qualms punching our hero Mister in the face! Most viewers would classify her as tsundere mainly because she is sceptical of Mister and thinks he is only after Bruce’s treasure in which its location is inside the pendant she posses. Eventually she accepts Mister as part of her family because he kept his promise.
Sakura Haruno (Naruto)
Sakura Haruno
A ninja of Konoha and though her skills aren’t that polished during the beginning of the series even if she is skilled in the basics but lack any unique techniques of her own, as time progresses she undergoes intensive training under the current Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade, to user her skills and specialize as a medical ninja such as healing wounds.
Tsubasa Tsubame (Asu No Yoichi)
Tsubasa Tsubame
She may look like a shy and clumsy girl on the outside. Erm… Well, yeah. She is one by the way. Though she dreams of leading a normal life, still don’t let that exterior fool you. She turns into a very deadly assassin when she is naked in public and embarrassed. What is the logic behind this? After too many embarrassing ‘trainings’ from her subordinate-cum-guardian Angela, Tsubasa will cut off all emotions when her embarrassment reaches its limits. Don’t play-play.
This list is not meant to be definitive as there are many more other pink haired anime girls that kick ass. That’s because I haven’t seen every damn anime available at this point. Would that be possible? Furthermore, this list of mine is based on m opinion and some of you may disagree with my choices but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So next time if you see a pink head lovely lass, think twice before making an illicit move. You may get your butt kicked till it is pink. Maybe reddish. Or even worse, blue black.

Soon after my pink haired anime girl airheads, I decided to do one which seems to pose a threat and danger to those around them. Since pink was used in my previous blog on airheads, the same colour will also be used for menaces. Yeah, I kinda noticed too that girls with this hair colour too may look cute, kawaii and moe but their character show otherwise. Beware and take precaution everyone! So here is the list of pink haired anime girl menaces. In my opinion, of course.
Louise Francoise De La Blanc De La Valliere (Zero No Tsukaima)
Now if her name isn’t a mouthful to remember to begin with, how about her zero talent in magic. Every time she tries to cast a magic spell, in ends up in disaster, thus her fellow mages nicknamed her Zero. Till she summons a human familiar from another world, Saito, it is then her tsundere character begins to show. Yeah, Saito can be blamed on his part for being a pervert but calling him a dog or water flea and subjecting him to cruel and painful ‘lesson-teaching’ tortures is too much.
Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)
Haruko Haruhara
What is your first opinion when a girl comes riding a Vespa and whacks your head with an electric guitar? Not good. Too bad that happened to Naota. Because of that, his life is in a mess as she becomes his live-in maid. Not to mention Naota has to transform and fight huge and weird dengerous mechas and the sort ever since. She may be some outer space alien investigator but her energetic and spontaneous attitude itself can be quite annoying.
Megumi Momono (Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~)
Megumi Momono
A university student taking a year off? Can she afford that? Wait a minute? She’s taking a vacation because she can’t afford to continue her studies! What’s more, she bumps around Narutakisou and the worse part is that she likes to hang out and party in newcomer Shiratori’s place. Better to mess up someone’s room and privacy instead of your own, eh? She is also a heavy drinker which means she has a tendency to get drunk.
Michiru Mamiya (Magikano)
Michiru Mamiya
Ayumi’s younger sister who is hell bent on preventing her from breaking her curse which would allow her to become the next head of the family. She is extremely powerful and wicked. She will stop at nothing in order to attain her goal of ruling the world. If not for the Demon Lord awakening inside Haruo and defeating her, the other girls may have been done for.
Runa Edomae (Seto No Hanayome)
Runa Edomae
As San’s eternal rival, this popular mermaid idol seems to have superior complex and would use any means to best and outdo San at any cost. She also treats San’s fiancee Nagasumi like her slave. She also has her own bodyguard-cum-fans whom she does not hesitate to ‘use’ for her own ends. Plus, her maniacal trademark laughter adds another reason why she is such a menace.
MM AKA Mei Mishima (Kemeko Deluxe)
Sanpeita’s life has never been worse ever since a girl which resembles closely to his childhood friend comes crashing into his life. Literally. Though she uses some fat stubby robot named Kemeko to do her battles, MM’s personality while piloting Kemeko definitely raises much anxiety and misunderstandings as she tries to protect Sanpeita from the clutches of the mysterious Mishima Corporation.
Guu (Hare+Guu)
If you think the jungle is a dangerous place, then you’ve obviously haven’t met Guu like how Hare did. Yeah, his life has turned upside down and you can say because of the pranks and unnecessary stress this bizarre sadistic girl does, Hare has a potential to have a future psycho. Total meltdown! The things she does defies logic and science and those she swallows into her stomach would definitely find it a totally strange place to be.
Miku (Akikan)
The mixed juice Akikan despises other Akikans who have Owners because she was abandoned by her own Owner from the start. Well, oddly her Owner was a cat so I guess you can’t blame her for that. But causing grief by separating other Akikans from their Owners and absorbing their powers makes her a character to be wary and on one’s toes. Though she is defeated and becomes a docile character in the end, it could be a different story again if her cat Owner really doesn’t want to accept her.
Perona (One Piece)
Serving under the Shichibukai Gecko Moria and with the powers of the Horo Horo Fruit, she has the ability to create ghosts which could either send her victims into depression or explode. You could say that you can never be happy with this woman around. She has a penchant for cute things and dreams of having her own kingdom where all her cute zombie animals would serve only her.
Escartin Mutsumune (Getsumen To Heiki Miina)
Escartin Mutsumune
A sports announcer wannabe but her role has been always overshadowed by newcomer Mina Tsukuda. Because of that, she feels jealous and tries to sabotage her but her plans often backfires and she ends up reaping what she sows. Though Mina may not know of her true motives, Mutsumune is still considered a menace, also to her own self too since she ends up in bandages after all that hurting.
Raichou Hiratsuka (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki)
Raichou Hiratsuka
Does being labelled the "Empire’s Terrorist", "The Bureau’s Biggest Mistake" and "not even a death sentence is enough" sufficient to label her as a menace. I don’t really know what she has done to be called those but even if she is being reinstated as the Bureau’s head, she does have an ulterior motive even if she does talk innocently and in a cryptic way. Besides giving real life danger tests to the Midarezaki family, she also threatens to remove Ouka from the operation if Kyouka does not accept some mission.
Natsumi Hinata (Keroro Gunsou)
Natsumi Hinata
A violent and fiery tempered girl who abuses frogs even if they are incompetent invaders trying to take over Earth? Well it’s good to keep them in line but with all the physical abuse, "boke kaeru" name calling and mistreatment, this warrants an investigation from the SPCA! Frogs have feelings too, you know! Ironically she ‘gets along’ well with the other platoon members. Some sort of a love-hate relationship, eh?
Christine Hanakomachi (Daa! Daa! Daa!)
Christine Hanakomachi
The very wealthy half-French half-Japanese classmate of Miyu and Kanata. Of course being rich doesn’t mean that money can buy you everything. She harbours a very deep crush for Kanata but every time she sees Miyu being close to him, she will go into a fit of rage, often uprooting stuffs that even make the Incredible Hulk seem mild. But after she snaps out of her rampage, she’ll fix it back and apologize. Hey, the damage is done, girl.
Elda Maaka (Karin)
Elda Maaka
What is worse than a vampire who looks as young as her granddaughter? Why, a vampire who was once fallen in love with a human and got betrayed by them due to uncontrollable circumstances. Doesn’t get along with her daughter-in-law (Elda was sealed away in a coffin for a very long time by her), she is the only person in the whole wide world her grandson fears and when she meets her other granddaughter (Anju) for the first time, she’s already in the latter’s bad books. Furthermore, whenever she sinks her teeth into humans, she takes away their love, since she is attracted to this kind of blood taste. Need I say more?
Nagomi Shiraishi (Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka)
Nagomi Shiraishi
Hah! You thought that this quiet girl won’t amount to anything or hurt a fly. Erm… Well so far she hasn’t but the reason why I find her a menace is because of the air of mystery surrounding her. She mysteriously pops up anywhere and anytime and I think she is some sort of an alien spying on Junichi. Whatever observation she has in mind, her subtle and enigmatic ways is enough for me to consider a threat because simply not much is known of her.
As usual, this list is not meant to be definitive as there are many other pink haired anime girl menaces out there. If you think that they should belong in this list, be my guest to add them. Certainly being pink haired isn’t the only factor which makes the character menacing. There are many more other aspects varying in all shapes and sizes. Heck, this pink thing is just some random blog that I’ve chosen. Besides, red should be the international colour code for danger. But you know, being pink and mean certainly does make a peculiar combo. Now, if only Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants was an anime character… All beware the pink menaces!

Pink. I don’t know what prompted me to do a blog on this and in this particular as such. Perhaps pink could be considered a girl’s favourite colour because it seems sweet. Well, at least that’s from a guy’s perspective like me. One of the colourful aspects of anime characters besides their colourful personalities is of course their colourful hairstyle.
Recently my mind was just wandering and it hit me that it seems I noticed that some anime girls who have pink hair are somewhat airheads. Not all of them but the ones which suddenly came to mind during my thoughts meandering. They may look cute, kawaii and moe but they are in some ways seem goofy too. Before this ‘hot’ topic cools down or wan, here is the list of pink haired anime girl airheads. In my opinion, of course.
Lala Satalin Deviluke (To Love-Ru)
Lala Satalin Deviluke 
She may be a princess of the Deviluke Empire which rules many parts of the galaxy, but I guess even alien princesses like her have weird love tastes because she is engaged to a normal plain Earthling, Rito. She may have invented lots of inventions but has any of them ever worked? Besides causing poor Rito and those around her trouble many times. Even if that guy is in a pinch, it’s like she’s having fun and oblivious of the dangers that she is posing. Heaven knows what will happen if she actually ascended the Deviluke throne.

Miharu Sena Kanaka (Girls Bravo)
Miharu Sena Kanaka
Sure Seiren is a planet which lacks lots of males and yeah, they are a hot item. Although glutton Miharu does not really display desperate attempts like her fellow Seiren citizens, her naivety about Earth’s culture and customs increases her misunderstandings. Though her feelings are sincere, she is not afraid to display her open affection towards Yukinari. Even if they are public display of affection.
Yuna Miyama (Maburaho)
Yuna Miyama
The self proclaimed wife of Kazuki and though she cares for him, she is possessive and becomes jealous when other girls show a particular interest in him. Hey girl. You have got to know that life is like that when you are in a harem anime. It’s all about give and take. I remember she did throw a tantrum once and poor Kazuki had to pacify her by using his limited magic powers, in which if he uses them all up, he’ll be turned to dust. Does she even know what the implication of this is? Maybe. But too late.
Akari Mizunashi (Aria The Animation)
 Akari Mizunashi
An optimistic and cheerful girl who becomes a trainee undine (some sort of a gondola rower-cum-tour guide) on planet Aqua (formerly known as Mars). Perhaps it’s because of this nature of hers coupled in with her amateur skills which make her seem like an airhead otherwise she is quite the nice girl she is as she gains valuable lessons from life via her friends and job.
Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach)
Yachiru Kusajishi
A petite and carefree girl who enjoys sweets and snacks. Her behaviour is very child-like not to mention her bad sense of direction. But even with his airhead exterior, there has got to be something about her which makes her powerful. After all, she is the vice captain of the 11th division of the 13 Gotei. But until that is revealed, she is still considered a moe airhead.
Yayoi Asuka (Koi Koi 7)
Yayoi Asuka
Among her pals, she seems to be the only one who doesn’t physically take on the enemy and instead cheers them on. Maybe it’s for moral support but at other times she is just as ditzy and having fun even in troubled times. Though she made a promise to protect Tetsurou, her penchant for crab bread makes her drop just about anything for that little piece of dough.
Milfeulle Sakuraba (Galaxy Angel)
Milfeulle Sakuraba
The good news about this happy-go-lucky girl is that she has a tremendous amount of good luck. The bad news is because of that, a tremendous amount of bad luck follows her. And due to this both good luck and bad luck counter each other off. Not without all the hilarious troubles and antics ensuing in the process which gives everyone the usual headache and nuisance.
Mayu Tsukimura (Goshuushou-sama Nimoniya-kun)
Mayu Tsukimura
She is a succubus who feeds on the life force on others. She has fear of men because of her special powers to attract them, though she can’t control them. She is clumsy and klutzy what more not good in cooking or cleaning. Every time she slips and trips, she ends up in an embarrassing or bad situation. Shungo is going to have a tough time trying to get this girl getting over her fear.
Moka Akashiya (Rosario To Vampire)
Moka Akashiya
A vampire who is sweet, cheerful and positive? But because of her naivety she gets into problematic situations. Especially now that she has taken quite a liking for her fellow human classmate, Tsukune. This Moka is supposed to be a total opposite of her other inner self which is more cold and reserved.
Yuuna Konnyaku (Kage Kara Mamoru)
Yuuna Konyaku
Probably the most airheaded girl in this list. Not only clumsy, klutzy and ditzy, this banana loving girl is so prone of attracting trouble like as though she is some sort of trouble magnet, her family’s protector Mamoru has a hard time saving her from every mess she’s gotten into. Of course she still doesn’t know of Mamoru’s true identity but deep down in her heart she has a crush on him. Ah, something even which Mamoru who is supposed to know everything about her, doesn’t.
Misha (Pita Ten)
A perky ever-smiling and over-happy angel sent down to Earth to spread joy and happiness as part of her mission. However even if her true intentions of doing so, somehow she makes many mistakes and turns good situations into bad ones. In short, making matters worse off than before. heard of the saying "If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it". Can’t help to lend a hand, eh?
Yume Kuonji (Kimi Ga Aruji De Shitsuji Ga Ore De)
Yume Kuonji
The youngest of the Kuonji sisters, Yume’s existence is often ignored and because of that I guess you can’t blame her for suffering from an identity crisis. Attempts to get her eldest sister Shinra’s attention end up all in vain. Yeah, she’s got some book called Yume Note whereby she is some mahou shoujo heroine taking on baddies and saving her sisters. A self-centred delusion, like Ren says. Definitely lacking in personality.
Lucy Maria Misora AKA Ruuko Kireinasora (ToHeart2)
Lucy Maria Misora
An alien who greets people in a silly way by raising both her hands high up in the air and say "Ruu~". Thing is, everyone tags along and follows her greeting, thinking it would be fun. I’m not sure if being in her original alien form means having not to eat because she was ‘saved’ by Takaaki from hunger when she’s weakly squirming on the ground. Though she is a good natured alien, but using matchsticks as currency? What about drawing the entire crop circles on the school compound? Some may find her cute but I think otherwise…
This list of pink haired anime girl airheads isn’t meant to be definitive or exhaustive. I am sure there are other pink haired airheads out there but just that at that time this is all I could think off. And if you don’t take into consideration the hair colour, there are even more airheads out there from all walks of lives. Young and old, humans and non-humans, boys and girls, the list just keep adding up. Not to say that these pink haired airheads are the new dumb blondes in anime nor are they totally silly, I’m sure that deep down in their heart they are the kind and nice girls they are. Just that they seem to annoy the rest with such an exterior behaviour. Pink may be the new moe colour… Now everyone, sing with me to Aerosmith’s song: "Pink it’s my new obsession…".

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