Pita Ten

August 25, 2007

Do you think that everyone has a guardian angel that helps and protect that person? Well, that depends if you believe in angels or not. But in this anime, we have a guardian angel but to say that angel helps and protect that person… Yeah, it’s kinda ironic. I’m talking about the anime Pita Ten, which is short for Pitari Tenshi. Pitari meaning clinging tightly or closely and tenshi meaning angel.
The first thing that you will notice about this anime is that the drawing and animation is more towards the cute side and thus may seem to appeal to younger audiences at first. Even the storyline I felt it’s targeted for such audiences. But if you’re the kind who has a fetish for cuteness, then I suppose this anime will do too (remember Hello Kitty?).
Based on the manga of the same name, this is another one of the many manga titles to have made the anime cross-over. Therefore, it has been adapted into a 26 episode series of comedy, romance and supernatural stuff. Supernatural? Okay, since it involves angel and demons, I suppose I could say it does have some supernatural events. But since everything here is towards the cute appeal, little kids won’t get frightened but instead will feel how adorable they are. Besides, if they don’t mention that they’re an angel or a demon, I wouldn’t have noticed it either.
So we’ve got our main protagonist guy, a young school goer, Koutarou Higuchi (who looks like a chibi version of Natsume of Gakuen Alice), who lost his mom while he’s still a baby and currently living with his dad in an apartment. A typical father who always has to leave for work and no choice but to leave Koutarou alone. But for his age, Koutarou’s quite independant and has got used to this. All this about to change 1 day when a weird girl (more like klutzy and clumsy) moves next door to him and claims that she is an angel, here to protect him from any trouble.
Yup, this pink haired angel, Misha, though seems very genki, hyper active and have a positive outlook in most things, Misha is actually an apprentice angel in training. She’s in training in order to become a full fledge licensed angel. But as the story progresses, you’ll notice something about Misha. Yeah, and I’ve already mentioned it too. She’s klutzy and clumsy so much so she causes more harm, damage and trouble more than anything else. In other words, you’ll feel that everything would be better off without her in the first place! Plus, Misha ends her sentences with ‘~su’ and has that trademark laugh of hers which goes "Tee hee hee hee hee…". Hehehe. Yeah, sometimes she likes to go "Hoe…" too.
That’s what Koutarou had to go through when he first met her. It’s unbelieveable at first. Who wouldn’t? I mean, some happy happy girl claims she’s an angel here to protect you and make your life easier when it turns out the mostly other way round. It’s worse than saying "I can see dead people…". Just kidding. But the good thing is, Misha’s intention is genuine as she tries to make not only Koutarou, but everybody else around her happy, though it may not turn out as expected.
Of course Koutarou too has a couple of close pals of his own. The intelligent, sporty and good looking Takashi Ayanokoji AKA Ten-chan. Yeah, it seems this guy is popular among the girls and they’re all swooning over him. However, Ten-chan isn’t the arrogant type and doesn’t let his popularity go to his head as he still maintains his humbleness. We should follow this guy as a role model. Then there’s Koboshi Uematsu, who seem to have additional cat ears on her head. At first I thought this high pitched little girl really has those cat ears attached to her head but it seems I read that it’s just a head gear though I’ve never seen her taken it off. Anyway, Koboshi’s your typical girl who has a crush on her childhood friend Koutarou but can’t seem to confess her feelings. On the outside, she may act like that tough and brute gal but on the inside she’s just a little girl. Things get heated up with Misha’s arrival. Yeah, jealousy looms and Koboshi is kinda protective of Koutarou. Since Misha happily clings to Koutarou, this pisses off Koboshi very much as she tries to separate Misha from him and tells her to get away from him.
Thus the trio has a hard time trying to believe who Misha really is at first. Mainly because of her incompetance. Though Misha wants to be with Koutarou all the time (really), she can’t and has to go to another school due to their age differences. But she always sneak and appear outside Koutarou’s class, freaking them out, especially Koboshi. And it’s a funny thing to see that whenever Koutarou’s in danger, Misha would in an instant rush over to Koutarou and protect him in a way. Like how Koutarou’s playing football and Misha tries to protect Koutarou from any harm by using herself as a shield and protect Koutarou from the incoming ball. Of course those who play football would know you’re suppose to come into contact with the ball. Apparently Misha doesn’t know football rules, so she’s more of a ‘pain in the ass’ (you could abbreviate that as PITA. Hahaha! Just couldn’t resist doing that one. Sorry. Just kidding) as she takes the blow and ends up knocking herself out in the process. Must be painful but at least she’s doing it to ‘protect’ Koutarou.
I suppose the trio just let weirdo Misha be because I think that they’re convinced that no matter how much persuasion, Misha would still continue to do what she’s doing. But Koutarou soon belives that Misha’s an angel when that night he’s having a dream about his late mom when he wakes up to find Misha, who then proceeds to take him on a night flight around town. It’s quite a beautiful scenary. I guess Koutarou could accept having an angel living next door to him. Unless he has to put up with Misha who comes running, greeting and hugging him every morning each time he heads out of his apartment door to go to school. You know what this means to Koboshi, right?
So over the series, Misha’s identity as an angel is only known to the trio. I guess it’s best that way. Firstly, who would believe that an angel really exists. Secondly, it would jeopardise Misha’s chances of being a full fledge licensed angel. But the entire series isn’t about the (mis)adventures of the trio and Misha as there are other fun and wacky characters thrown into the fray. Making her appearance in episode 4 is Shia, who’s an apprentice demon in training, whom Misha and the gang met when they visit the hotspring inn. At first, Shia may look like a cute innocent magical girl and I couldn’t believe that she’s a demon. Not only that, she’s more reliable, kind-hearted, gentle and soft spoken. In other words, Shia is more competant in terms of household chores and the likes as compared to Misha! It’s so un-demon like and ironic! Yup, we have an angel who causes trouble and a demon who is good natured. It’s really topsy-turvy.
Shia has a black cat, Nya (who in a way reminds me of Utamaru of Da Capo), who is also Shia’s trainer and mentor. Yup, Nya is your typical evil demon (in a cute way) and tries to train and teach Shia in order to become a full fledged demon. But because of Shia’s good natured ways, Nya’s plans always go awry and in a way, it makes him look like a fool. Yeah, it happens not only once but many times. In fact all the time. I wonder how he put up with these. Nya must have lots of hope and patience in Shia. Hmmm… Isn’t those qualities un-demon like too? And sometimes, because of the gang’s ‘incompetance’, Nya just heave a heavy sigh and in a way surrenders for the day. After the hotspring incident whereby Koutarou and Koboshi fainted, Shia lives along with Misha and does the cooking and cleaning as repayment for her gratitude. And Nya just play along and live alongside them, waiting for another chance to pound back.
Then making his appearance in episode 6 is Hiroshi Mitarai, as he is reluctantly given the nickname Dai-chan by the others due to the kanji writing of his first name. Koboshi notices how Ten-chan is popular with other girls always so much so she jokes about soon how guys would start swooning over him. True enough, some bespectacled kid in some limo pulls up at the school gate and approaches Ten-chan. Is his nightmare coming true? Good news it isn’t so. Bad news is, this Dai-chan kid is your typical loud mouth kid who sees Ten-chan as his eternal rival and wants to challenge him to whatever challenges so that he could beat him. Why? Because of some exam called Nationwide Sham Exam (really)whereby Dai-chan thinks he has secured top spot only to be beaten by Ten-chan. Ever since then, Dai-chan has been vowing to take his ‘revenge’ by beating Ten-chan. But as expected, that loser Dai-chan always ended up on the losing side. Plus, Dai-chan always challenges Ten-chan though the latter is always reluctant and tries to avoid ‘useless’ and unnecessary challenges. Real loser. He’ll always be playing second fiddle.
Another weirdo is Dai-chan’s younger sister, Kaoru. Making her appearance in episode 7, this misguided sister with some long ribbons as her head accessory at first wants to help her brother to defeat Ten-chan but mistakenly thinks Koutarou to be the target. Coincidentally, Kaoru bumps into the arms of the real Ten-chan and falls in love with him, still not knowing he is the real thing. Of course she as she tries to take on Koutarou, she flops, but in the end, realizes who the real Ten-chan is and in an instant, changes her goal and objective. Yup, she’s in love with Ten-chan now and would not hesitate to beat up those who would cause her Ten-chan any harm, even if it’s her own brother. Why, she even plans to marry him and isn’t shy of expressing her feelings for him. Well, as for Ten-chan, he doesn’t really give a definite answer. But I’m sure he’s not really interested to a twisted sister of an equally (if not more) twisted and irritating brother. Though Kaoru doesn’t appear that much in the series, only some episodes and on certain occassions, nevertheless, I like the way she laughs when she goes "Ohohohohohoho…". Sound so funny and cute.
So the love triangle is something like this. As we all know that Koboshi likes Koutarou and sees Misha as a ‘competitor’ (though I feel Misha’s love for Koutarou isn’t the boyfriend-girlfriend lovey-dovey type), as the series progresses, we see Ten-chan slowly falling in love with Shia because of her kindness. Of course, at that time, nobody knew Shia is a demon just yet. And when it’s revealed later on that Shia is one, Ten-chan’s feelings didn’t waver at all. Goes to show that it’s the inside that counts. Yeah, don’t judge a book by its cover. Also, Dai-chan fell head over heels when he first land his eyes on Misha and claims her to be his angel. Ironic part is, Dai-chan doesn’t know Misha’s an angel. Because Dai-chan comes from a family line of some demon/ghost exorcist, Dai-chan has the ability to sense the presence of supernatural beings. Oddly enough, he can sense that there’s a demon aura but couldn’t place his finger that it’s Shia. Even so, he thinks Shia is being possessed by some demon and would try to exorcist her, much to the annoyance of the trio, especially Ten-chan. Another irony is that Kaoru seems to think Misha is a demon and is making her brother thinking and feeling differently than usual and tries to get rid of her. She too doesn’t really know that Misha’s an angel nor Shia a demon. Sounds complicated? You’ll get by. Okay, so Dai-chan nearly gets close in finding out that Misha’s an angel in episode 9 because he saw her flying as he’s leaving the apartment where they live (to his surprise that Koutarou lives next to his ‘angel’). And of course, Kaoru tries to get rid of Misha while the trio tries to straighen things out but all that belief that Misha’s an angel is debunked when the next day Misha shows Dai-chan and Kaoru that she’s just wearing an angel suit. And since Ten-chan said so, I guess lovey-dovey Kaoru belives in him straight away.
Thus most of the episodes are somewhat filled with fun and comical antics as Misha tries her best to keep Koutarou and the rest happy while Nya tries to ruin it all (and miserably fails because of his incompetant apprentice), Dai-chan issues another one of his challenges to Ten-chan, some hilarious moments ensue but in the end, it all ends well.
Like in episode 2 how Koboshi tries to make Koutarou’s favourite apple pie so that Koutarou would like her more than Misha but since she’s got no money to buy a book on how to make it, she has to run back and forth from her home to the bookshop just to make a decent apple pie, because she jsut couldn’t remember the next step. Though in the end, Koboshi managed to finish her apple pie and is gonna give it to Koutarou, she finds out that Koutarou’s tired of all the apple dishes because he had too much of them. But Koutarou just ate Koboshi’s because he haven’t eat cooked ones, making Koboshi glad. And leave it to Misha to ruin the moment as she comes running and happily hugs Koutarou and Koboshi. Haih…
Or in episode 3, Koboshi organizes a test of courage so that she could scare the wits out of Misha. But a mishap happened to Koutarou in an old abandoned building. Misha luckily was there in time to save him before he falls to his death and at the same time happily admits that she’s an angel to Ten-chan and Koboshi. Yeah, seeing is believing. Even though Koboshi now knows Misha’s an angel, she’s not gonna give up nor lose to Misha. Also, the gang decides to go help Ten-chan’s uncle who runs a cafe, Tricot, in episode 5 as he has to attend some meeting. Though they’re supposed to only prepare stuffs, another 1 of Koboshi’s fits causes her to accidentally change the door sign to ‘open’. Oh oh. And the customers are streaming in. Shia also helps because the gang thinks she’s good in cooking and is more competant than Misha who as usual is clumsy, but did her best. Of course in the end, the whole gang manages to pull through without causing any major disaster (like burning down the cafe. Just kidding. Touch wood). Then in episode 8 whereby the school is organizing a play and Ten-chan is supposed to play the lead role but he got into an accident and hurt himself. Thus, Koutarou has to take his place, not to mention the heartbreak of the other girls who wants to see Ten-chan perform. Dai-chan sees this opportunity to beat his arch rival. Can he do it? You know lah. Though Koutarou has a hard time practicing his lines and low self-confidence, but in the end, with Misha’s cheer the play goes well and they all got a standing ovation.
Then in episode 10, Misha accidentally breaks a mug that Koutarou likes because it reminds him of his late mom. Misha tries to glue it back together but the magic glue ends up gluing other things and people togehter. Yeah, Dai-chan and Ten-chan together, go figure. But in the end, Misha manages to reconcile with Koutarou and no hard feeling anymore. In episode 11, Ten-chan is having one of his days as he’s feeling down and spacing out a lot. Thus this is affecting his grades in a way. Though it’s to Dai-chan’s delight, the rest tries to cheer him up. Even Kaoru throws some lavish party for him but to no avail. I’m not sure what’s causing him to be like that, but after some talk with Shia and Misha, Ten-chan is back to himself and easily outclasses Dai-chan to number 1 spot again. But by the end of this episode, Ten-chan wonders if Shia is a demon because since there’s an angel Misha, there has to be a demon, right? Yin Yang. Of course, Shia innocently admits that she’s a demon. Bummer. But looks like Shia isn’t perturbed by it.
So in episode 12, Ten-chan really does find out that Shia’s a demon he tries to accept the fact that he’s in love with a demon. Okay maybe not that. Imagine if you marry a demon, the devil will automatically become your in-law and you’ll be next in line for the throne of hell. Hahaha. Just kidding. Meanwhile the rest tries to collect garbage, trash and stuff people don’t want for charity but 1 of Misha’s magical contraptions which causes people’s ‘useless and cluttering’ stuffs in their memory to appear in the real world, making a real mess of the place. Dai-chan thinks it’s Shia who’s causing all this until Misha herself admits she’s the one who’s doing all this, shocking Dai-chan. Soon all the clutter and mess is cleared as they disappeared leaving the streets spick and span clean. The gang visits Dai-chan’s enormous mansion when they receive an assignment about the workings of the government in episode 13. Yeah, they’re invited by him in the first place. Since the place is bloody huge, you can expect them to get lost, with lots of traps and why there’s even a jungle in there. But the thing is, Koutarou finds out that Dai-chan’s forefathers (who all look the same in a way. Just different moustache, bear, hairstyle and uniform) are quite respectable in their field of knowledge thus the reason why Dai-chan is under pressure to do equally well and succeed like them.
Not only Koutarou is facing an exam in episode 14, Misha is too. But the latter’s exam is to make someone happy and Misha haven’t the slightest idea what it means. So instead of making Koutarou happy, she is more like annoying him. As expected isn’t it? Koutarou finally understands and tries to cheer up Misha after some talk. Though Koutarou manages to do well in his exams (getting 3rd place), Misha is still lost about what makes Koutarou happy. Yeah, lots and lots of nikuman. Oh be patient Koutarou. Koutarou’s little cousin Shino comes to visit in episode 15. Apparently, Shino’s father gives an excuse that he’s gonna be working away for some time and would leave it to Koutarou to take care of her for awhile. But the real fact is that Shino’s dad is getting some diagnostic test at some hospital as he doesn’t want to worry little Shino. So Koutarou and the gang brings her to the amusement park but Shino soons find out about her dad and cries inconsoleably because she doesn’t want to be left all alone. In the end, luckily Shino’s dad is okay, Misha brought Shino to the hospital by flying her there. I suppose she’s just a kid and couldn’t really be bothered whether Misha’s a real angel or not because she loves the flight and wants Misha to do it again.
Another character is introduced in episode 16. She is Sasha, Misha’s elder sister and is a full fledged angel herself. With the appearance of Sasha, Nya isn’t too fond of her and everytime they see each other, they try to shoot each other with some projections. Yeah, they really hate each other and the feeling’s mutual. This is a pretty normal scene since those 2 are like cats and dogs. Shouldn’t it be this way? Sasha can’t belive that Misha, an angel is living alongside a devil. Both Nya and Sasha are criticizing each other of their ways of bringing up their apprentices. Uh-huh, it’s like right back at ‘cha. Though it may seem odd and unfitting, but isn’t it better this way. If angels and demons can leave together in peace, then there’s hope for mankind! I like the part whereby Sasha and Nya were zapping each other but since they missed each other and hit the gang, it’s so funny to see them one minute all friendly with each other (Sasha’s goodiness zap) and then all violent and unkind the next (Nya’s evil zap). But in the end, it’s a draw because they used up too much power and Sasha had to leave because her Super Heaven Pretty Boys Choir Concert is just about to begin. Okay, so angels aren’t perfect too.
In episode 17, Ten-chan perhaps is thinking this outing with Shia as a date. Likewise, Misha with Koutarou but since Koboshi doesn’t allow Misha to be alone with him, she has to tag along with those 2 just to be safe. Meanwhile, Nya decides to use his evil powers to cause havoc by zapping Kaoru with some beam so much so she becomes possessed. Uh-huh, she has cat ears and tail. So watching a movie at the cinema, Ten-chan and Shia suddenly comes under attack from a jealous possessed Kaoru. She’s really destroying the place. Though it’s a little too much than Nya’s expectation, he’s enjoying like the devil he is. The gang tries to flee from Kaoru as they hide at the playground. Shia tries to use her magic but is too weak at it. But in the end, Dai-chan confronts her sister and manages to exorcise her. Kaoru soon apologizes for her actions and to make it up to them, Dai-chan allows the gang to watch movies to their hearts content at their mansion’s movie theater with food and drinks all thrown in. Yipee.
A beach episode in episode 18 as the gang heads there to have some fun and relaxation. We find out that Dai-chan is afraid of the ocean and so he confined himself to a swimming pool while the rest head for a swim in the ocean. Of course he joins them later when Misha teaches him how to swim. So Koutarou teaches Misha to swim and Koboshi who doesn’t want to lose out either gets a lesson from him too. Kaoru has a private moment with Ten-chan. If only this could last forever. Shia sits out because of her skin which is quite sensitive to sunlight (she’s from the underworld remember. All this while, she’s been sufficiently clothed) but when it’s evening, she finally manages to take a dip. When Ten-chan comes back, he’s devastated to find out that Shia had already swam a little. Why is that? That’s because Ten-chan is hoping to see Shia in her swimsuit. And he’s the only one who didn’t get to see it. Too bad. Maybe next time.
Misha’s gonna have her angel exam in episode 19 and Sasha is gonna be her examiner. Yup, the topic is still to make people happy. So our genki Misha makes herself invisible and tries to make other people in the park happy as Sasha watches on from a distance. You’ve guessed it, Misha isn’t doing too well and doesn’t look like she has any hope of passing. And with Nya trying to foil her moves, it makes it even tougher. Yup, it’s Sasha vs Nya round 2. You’d expect such thing with these 2 around. Soon because of their zapping, they caused a havoc to the people below and a large tomato food fight occurs. Now that’s painting the town red! Koutarou can’t stand to see what’s happening as he screams on the top of his voice for everyone to stop. Misha heard his pleas and went to hug him and some large aura coming out from Misha restored things back to normal. Sasha seems pleased with the results and will tell Misha the results soon as she gets back to Heaven with her observations.
So Misha flopped her exams at the start of episode 20 and she cooly tells Koutarou about it before going missing. Of course everyone is shocked by it. No matter how irritating that person is and causing more trouble than good, I suppose if you’ve been together with that person for a long time, I’m sure you’d feel something missing. Yup, that’s what Koutarou’s feeling. This must be real devastating news to Dai-chan. Oh Misha, where oh where can you be. So lots of spacing out, flashbacks and thinking before Misha finally appears. Yup, she’s happy to see Koutarou and misses him too as she comes hugging him. So where did she go? Misha went back to Heaven to request another angel exam. Yeah, it’s been a week since she’s missing and Misha thought it’s only been 1 day. Is there a time difference between Heaven and Earth? Must be. Though everyone is glad Misha’s finally back, Koutarou can’t help think that if Misha were to pass the next angel exam, she wouldn’t be hanging around the gang any longer. Oh the dilemma.
Episode 21 is Koboshi’s episode. Yup, that little girl is gonna try her best and do things so that Koutarou would notice and like her. Of course Koboshi has a hard time keeping up like going on a diet and studying lots and lots of books. So much so 1 day during P.E. she collapsed. So as Koboshi rests in the infirmary with Koutarou sitting next to her, we see some flashback a young Koboshi being the tough girl protecting Koutarou from some bullies. Yeah, don’t mess with her. But in the end, Koboshi thinks that she’s just fine being herself since Koutarou likes the real her that way and that she don’t have to rush it. Unless if you consider that Misha threat. Hehehe.
Due to the many washing of plates and cups by Shia, in episode 22 Shia accidentally broke Misha’s bowl. The gang then thinks that if they had a dishwasher, Shia’s job would’ve been easier (yeah, why don’t you all chip in and help in the first place) and that she could avoid breaking any more bowls. As luck would have it, they saw a poster about a local running competition with the dishwasher as its main prize and the gang, including Dai-chan, Kaoru and their butler decides to join in to win the main prize. Since it’s a relay race, the gang of 8 needs to split into teams of 2. It’s so funny to see them trying to see which group they want to go as they kept shuffling back and forth. That’s because Dai-chan doesn’t want to be in Ten-chan’s team but wants to be in Misha’s team and since Koboshi can’t let Misha be with Koutarou, she has to be on Koutarou’s team. Hahaha. So it ended up Koutarou, Misha, Koboshi and Dai-chan on 1 team and the other team includes, Ten-chan, Shia, Kaoru and the old butler.
During race day, they had a tough competition from some old veteran runners and the ‘enemy’ within themselves. What do I mean? Well, since Kaoru’s so thrilled that she’s on Ten-chan’s group, she can’t really concentrate and Shia’s body is too weak to run while that old butler ‘ignores’ Dai-chan’s pleas to go easy for him, because he can’t resist ‘showing off’. In the end, the old veterans won but Shia isn’t disappointed because the gang finds out that it’s not the dishwasher that she wanted, but the consolation prize of the bowl which looks like Misha’s one. Misha is touched by Shia’s words and all and proceeds to hug her happily. Nya, who’s watching from afar quipped "A friendship between an angel and a demon, this could be the end of the world". Yeah how true. So now we know what to expect and the cause for Armageddon. But isn’t good to get along like this? Such a peace isn’t it welcomed? Uh-huh, keep your enemies closer, they say.
Koutarou and Ten-chan’s relationship took a little strain in episode 23. That’s because the gang are supposed to go hiking and during their playful mode, Koutarou accidentally spills Ten-chan’s bento, which is specially made from the hard work of his beloved Shia. Naturally, Ten-chan wanted to taste the bento so bad and now it’s ruined. Thus, those 2 decide not to speak with each other. As fate would have it, the 2 boys got stranded together when a little storm wrecked a little havoc on their trip and they have to put aside their differences and help each other out. In the end, with Misha and Dai-chan’s help, they manage to rescue them especially Koutarou, before he gets washed away by the river’s strong current. Back home, the 2 boys felt sorry for their actions and once again become friends. To their delight, Shia actually has prepared her bento too much so much so that there’re lots of leftovers as our fellow friends start digging in and taste Shia’s excellent culinary skills. Itadakimasu!
Episode 24 is the start of the turning point of the series. It all started when Ten-chan has some pain in his stomach and was hospitalized. So as the gang visits Ten-chan resting in hospital, the pediatric kids there seems to be quite fond of Shia as she keeps them company with her amazing stories. But later, those kids and even Ten-chan got a little sick and Dai-chan thinks it’s that ‘demon’ Shia who’s causing all the trouble as he tries to exorcise her. But it’s revealed that it’s Misha’s magical cookies which is causing their discomfort. By the way, this is the last episode you’ll ever see Kaoru when she visits her beloved Ten-chan in hospital. She went to decorate the room to make Ten-chan feel at home but those kids are having their fun and ruining the decorations, pissing Kaoru off. Because she’s noisy, the nurse comes in and asks her what she’s doing. Of course at first it looks like Kaoru’s the one causing the ruckus as she replies that she didn’t do anything before she tells Ten-chan to take care and quickly leaves. After that, I’m not too sure what happened to her, even in the final episode, she didn’t make an appearance. But unknown to Shia, a group of demon cats are watching from outside the hospital. When Shia comes home late that night, Nya informs her that she has been fired as a demon apprentice. Oh can this be true? I wonder if Shia really understood that.
Shia did indeed vanish in episode 25. Yeah, I suppose those other demon cats had enough of Shia’s gentle ways and Nya even mentioned that he’s been the butt of jokes back at the council. The thing is when a demon apprentice is fired, he/she will disappear the next full moon, which is the next night. But Shia doesn’t mind to vanish if it meant making people happy. Oh, that girl she’s still her kind self right to the end. However, it’s not only Shia’s physical body that has vansihed. Memories of her from the gang also vanished, Misha is initially shocked that nobody remembers Shia like as though she has never existed or touched their lives in the first place. No doubt, Nya is sad too even though his apprentice is incompetant. But Shia is HIS incompetant apprentice. At the same time, Misha receives a letter saying that this is her final chance to pass the exam or else she cannot take another exam again. So lots of spacing out and flashbacks as Misha tries to get Koutarou to remember Shia and all the times they had been together. In a way, Koutarou doesn’t want to remember because of the painful memories it may bring back like his late mom. First time seeing Misha crying and emotionally breaking down. It’s quite disheartening. Because of that, Koutarou remembers Shia and we can see up in the sky some round purple aura and red petals coming out of it. Could it be Shia’s returning? But whatever it is, Sasha doesn’t seem to fond of it because she thinks Misha is screwing up her last chance of being a full fledged angel by making a demon come back.
Shia did came back again but not as a whole yet in the final episode 26 because Koutarou managed to remember her. Though Nya is happy but Sasha isn’t because when Shia disappeared, Misha passed the exams but with her return, it could mean Misha would be dismissed. But Misha couldn’t care less about that as she feels that it would be too lonely and sad without having Shia around. Sasha decides to erase Koutarou’s memories again but was intercepted by Nya who wouldn’t allow it. Soon another duel between the 2 as they exchange firepower and insults. Uh-huh. One saying stupid dirty-mouthed cat and the other one saying poorly made paper doll. Misha decides to make the rest of the gang remember Shia by using some magic to make a person remember. After that tiring duel, Sasha tries to knock some senses to Misha saying that if she does that, then she herself would vanish too! Meanwhile Nya is concucting some potion to bring Shia back.
The next day Koutarou bumps into his buddies at school, though they don’t remember Shia yet, Koutarou is surprised that they don’t know who Misha is too! Koutarou fears the worse as he rushes home. Luckily he finds Misha there but she’s a little transparent. Which means she’s gonna disappear is she goes ahead with her plan. So after some words from the heart from Misha to Koutarou like how memories aren’t painful and such. Even Sasha tried her last ditch attempt to persuade her not to do so because she thinks the world would be better off without demons. However, Misha replied that isn’t it wrong to make a demon happy? Yeah, look at it this way. Misha didn’t see Shia as a demon but a friend. *Sob sob*. And isn’t it an angel’s job to make sure everyone’s happy even though that person’s a demon? Pretty ironic, huh?
Misha leaves as she soars through the sky sprinkling her whatever magic to make everyone’s memories of Shia return. Koutarou tries to chase and stop her but to no avail. The next day it seems Shia is really back as she comes to chat with Koutarou who’s prepareing to leave for school. Uh-huh, Misha’s gone but Shia says it doesn’t really feel that Misha’s disappeared at all. As the 2 head for school, they bumped into Koboshi, Ten-chan and Dai-chan who all remembered Shia and to Koutarou’s surprise, remember who Misha is too. How could this be? Sasha who’s watching from afar, narrates how Misha had done an angelic thing. Because of that, with Sasha’s ‘service’ to the gang, Misha has to start from the very beginning again as an apprentice. Yup, Misha’s back as she came flying down from the sky and crashes into Koutarou and hugs him. But he doesn’t mind that because Misha’s back and everybody’s glad. Yeah, in the end everybody gets to be together once again and more fun-filled days (depends on how you view it) awaits them. I suppose Koutarou and co don’t mind about Misha’s clumsiness and klutziness anymore because it comes in a package bundled with super happiness and genkiness. They learn to accept that it’s what makes Misha, Misha.
Overall, I guess I could say I really did enjoy this anime though I felt like a little kid while watching the series. Everything here looks cute as mentioned and there isn’t anything gory or that scary. From the characters to their costumes to even the opening and ending credits and the mid-intermission, cute is the in-thing. Reminds you of Ichigo Mashimaro, huh? But this one has got angels and magic.
I like the voice acting of the characters as it really suits their personality. Speaking of which, the series has got several famous voice actresses like the voice actress for Misha is Yukari Tamura (who also voiced Sakura in Da Capo, Ranpha in Galaxy Angel, Nanoha in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and Ichigo in Onegai Teacher), Koboshi is Rie Kugimiya (who happens to voice characters like Shana of Shakugan No Shana, Louise of Zero No Tsukaima, Al of Fullmetal Alchemist, Hotaru of Gakuen Alice, Miyabi of 2×2=Shinobuden and Rizel of Rizelmine), Shia is Yukana Nogami (also the voice for Honoka in Pretty Cure), Motoko Kumai for Dai-chan (also played Chocolove in Shaman King), Koutarou is Miyuki Sawashiro (voiced Puchiko of Di Gi Charat, Hotarubi of Basilisk, Shinku of Rozen Maiden and Mint of Galaxy Angel) anf finally Ten-chan is Mitsuki Saiga (done as Robert in The Law Of Ueki). Impressive casts, done you think, no?
The soundtrack and background music too sounds cute and fun. Especially the one where the violin solo is being played. Though the soundtrack isn’t my usual cup of tea, but it does suit the mood and atmosphere of the series with its variety of music. I happen to notice that there are quite a number of fanart works of the series over the internet. Must have got a huge fanbase. Yeah, cuteness sells. Oops, said that word too many times. Am I trying to be cute?
Another unique thing about this series is that all of the episode titles have the ‘~no kata’ meaning ‘How to~’ words in it. For example, ‘How to bake an apple pie’, ‘How to find something that is lost’ and ‘How to enjoy a vacation’. Though the episode titles are named like that, I doubt that it shouldn’t be used as a guideline to do those stuffs. Yeah, you know Misha, right? But at least it gives a hilarious insight on how to do it.
But the important thing here is the power of friendship and that one should not judge and prejudice another because of a different background or whatsoever details which allows us to segregate another by category. If only people could see angels and demons living together peacefully, perhaps they could use it as a role model to live in harmony. But you know, what are the chances?
So next time you have a guardian angel, don’t be too happy about it first. Okay, forgive me for being bias after watching this series. But hey, maybe a clumsy and klutzy angel may just be a blessing in disguise. Likewise, if you see a demon, don’t rebuke it just yet. If angels and demons do get along, I suppose there’s no need for Heaven and Hell anymore. So where do dead people go after they die? And where would angels and demons live? It all comes back down to Earth. Whatever it is, I hope we could all just live in peace and be happy. Yeah, happily watching my animes in peace. Tee hee hee hee hee…
Oh yeah, there’s 1 thing that I can’t resist from mentioning. If PITA could stand for Pain In The Ass, what about TEN? How about That’s Enough Nonsense! Hahaha. Just kidding. The End Now.

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