Plastic Nee-san (cont.)

August 23, 2013

Apparently Plastic Nee-san wasn’t just released as an ONA back in 2012 but also released as a DVD episode containing all 12 episodes, each lasting about 2 minutes. I remember the wild antics of 3 plastic model club girls with some sort of odd plastic on their heads in their very silly antics and doing anything except making plastic models. It was one of those very random, silly and nonsensical animes that will make you go WTF at every moment. And so, I continued my ‘journey’ with +tic Nee-san or Chikku Nee-san as it is also known for more wild and hysterical laughs. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you are not the kind who likes all this silliness.

Episode 5
Nee-san causes her usual ruckus and demands their completed models to be taken photos. Just as Okappa is going to take them with her expensive dad’s camera, Nee-san changes her mind and wants pictures of her taken instead. Yoga pose? Okappa refuses so Nee-san sulks and wants to get back at her via arm wrestling. Is she sure? Not going to regret this? Despite Nee-san playing cheat using her body strength and both her hands, she still can’t best Okappa. Too great Okappa’s strength that they fists swing into Makimaki’s face! The tank on Makimaki’s head got pissed off and fires at them both. So everyone’s knocked out? At the same time, the baseball team accidentally hit the ball breaking their window. The guy goes to get it and thinks he knocked everyone out. But he is never going to get a chance like this anymore and starts rubbing his face on Okappa’s thigh!

Episode 6
Nee-san hears the incessant banging from the club above their floor. She goes tell off the twins Uno and Sano that their mochi banging is pissing her off. The twins are in a hurry to complete the mochi or else Cindy will be mad. Cindy turns out to be a giant woman and she wants her mochi now! Nee-san tries to tell Cindy off but I don’t think that beast understands. Cindy calms down when the twins give her the mochi. Suddenly she chokes and collapses. The twins revel in happiness as they put sleeping pills in the mochi. Now they take it out by punching her face in her sleep. At least it has gotten a little quieter…

Episode 7
Nee-san enters the club room to see Makimaki sprawled on the floor like as though she’s been raped. Okappa says that the boy she likes has a girlfriend. Nee-san couldn’t contain her laughter! Cruel girl! She finds it funny that her ass is showing!!! She promises not to laugh and goes in. Unfortunately she further mocks Makimaki! However she gets upset since Makimaki is ignoring her and tells her off she was trying to cheer her up. That was cheering her up? Makimaki admits it’s her fault and will look to the future. Then Nee-san lands her a flying kick. WTF?!

Episode 8
The girls see a couple of delinquents cornering the student council members at the alley. Nee-san wants to take on them? Can she? Makimaki thinks of calling the police when baseball guy Kuniki says he will handles this. Have a bad feeling about this? Confronting the delinquents, he tells them to let them go. You think they listen? Then he uses his muscles to rip his shirt! OMG! He’s wearing a black bra underneath!!! Using those muscles once more to rip the bra into one of the delinquents face!!! They see how muscular he is and are thinking twice about messing with him. Kuniki knows they don’t want to resort to violence and so he is willing to give them his love free of charge! Putting both his hands behind his head, he violently shakes his hips as he makes their way towards them! PERVERTED SICKO!!! RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! Feel the love!!! Of course the police arrests this flasher soon after.

Episode 9
Sanada sees Nee-san stuck high up in the basketball net. Seems she was playing with Okappa and slam dunked on her head. In her fury, she got dunked up here. She deserves it? Well, Okappa has returned with a pole ready to let Nee-san slide down. Well, Nee-san doesn’t sound like she has reflected on her actions but she is eager to get down. Accidentally her shoe falls off and hits Okappa’s face. Oh no… Okappa turns into a demon and violently pokes into Nee-san repetitively. It looks like she’s trying to pluck a fruit from a tree… I wonder if Nee-san will be fine on her wedding day… That’s her delicate zone, you know…

Episode 10
Nee-san and the twins march down to the school nurse’s infirmary. They are acting like delinquents and in a bad mood. They are calling her a liar and show her the poster she made. Is it about dieting? Rather, they are upset that they did not obtain the breasts evolution as stated in the poster since they have passed that age. Yeah, they are so flat… Nurse thinks without them, they will weigh less but they would be happy to have such supporting weight. Nurse then explains how she had those perfect breasts and body but was dumped by her first boyfriend due to her back. The girls are touched by her story but start laughing their ass off when they get to know her back is hairy. They try to strip her and see those hairs!!!

Episode 11
Nee-san and Okappa are playing tennis. So bored the former that she breaks her racquet! Utsukushisa No Hito sees their ‘bad playing’ and decides to teach them. They’re not interested and leave. But she mentions the taboo word of ‘chicken’ and this riles up Nee-san. Utsukushisa No Hito serves but misses! Twice! Double fault! Nee-san serves next and though she is able to hit it, it bounces back on her head. The more Nee-san continues to serve, it gets stuck between Utsukushisa No Hito’s chin! So who is the weak one? She then decides to coach Nee-san to improve her beauty of the game instead of using brute force, blah, blah, blah. Get out of here!

Episode 12
Nee-san is going to teach Okappa and Makimaki on how to get a boyfriend. She uses the example of a zoo gorilla, Hana-chan in doing some butt shaking dance. So they’re gorillas? Anyway Makimaki reluctantly tries it out but was instantly placed a bucket over her head. Okappa asks when they should show this dance and Nee-san replies it to be before the confession. But Okappa thinks it is weird so they try imagining it. Okappa calls out a boy to the roof and strips while doing her butt shaking fanservice dance to him to ask him out. Then Makimaki comes in to challenge her, equally stripping herself to her undies and shakes her butt at him. The boy views the dancing idea as very good but since that they’re both so ugly, it’s not happening. Nee-san thinks there is no meaning to it so Makimaki retorts that she keeps calling them ugly but she herself is not cute.

Ticked Off Nee-san
Haha! Wasn’t it hilarious? Yeah, I did enjoy it and in some cases laughing till my stomach hurts. The jokes were spontaneous since you have only a couple of minutes for it. Maybe some of the jokes were really sick like how Kuniki wears women underwear beneath his clothes and starts acting like an erotic dancer. That was so disgusting but at the same time so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing. Talking about fanservice, I guess there are quite a number of them here but not in every episode. In addition to having your laughs, you’ll have some pleasant ‘visual candy’ to go with.

Nee-san is a very erratic person and if I would describe her in a word, she is an idiot. Troublemaker may sound dark, though. She is the source of many of the funny bits especially when she blows her top ranting like squeaking mouse. This vulgar girl has no qualms giving you the middle finger. I don’t think she will learn from her lesson unless she gets a very good and sound warning. You know Okappa is dangerous when her eyes turn into demon-like. It’s a sign to say that you’ve been screwed. No second chance of making amends because you had wished you were being run over by a bus or dropped off a cliff. Although Utsukushisa No Hito only appears in a couple of episodes, I kinda noticed that Okappa frequently laughs at her no matter what. She’s finding it hard to contain her laughter like as though her presence is one big joke. But that fatty blonde herself is also a joker. Despite being the butt of her own jokes sometimes, she puts on a cool face always. Maybe that’s what makes it funny to Okappa. I feel Makimaki is like the bullied victim. She usually gets tormented by Nee-san. Due to the very short nature of this series, many other side characters only appear once and do not really make a significant impact on the overall series. Some are funny in their own ways and some are just sick. Kuniki…

The opening theme, Plastic Shikou by Ultra-Prism is a very, very, very wacky and wild one. You will see lots of craziness, vulgarness and silliness in every frame. It makes you go WTF. I mean, among others there’s Nee-san doing her stooooopid face, some grandma firing her machine gun and oh, Kuniki ripping off his clothes to unveil… Well, you guessed it. A sign of what to expect and what this series is about? Just see it and you’ll know what I mean. The ending theme, Watashi To Watashi Ga Shitai Koto by Yuka Saotome doesn’t have such craziness. After watching all that gags, I’m sure we need to wind down a bit. I think I will need a lot more time to wind down after seeing the antics of these girls. So are you interested in the plastic models are these girls? Better take the plastic models. They are much a safer bet anytime.

Plastic Nee-san

January 6, 2012

WTF?! What the hell is this super short ONA with only 4 episodes lasting around 2 minutes each?! I don’t know, but when I heard the word ‘comedy’ in Plastic Nee-san, I thought it would be a good idea to just go and see some short random silliness. Silly, yes. Did I enjoy it? Well, I’m still in the midst of trying to recover from the ‘shock’ of what all this is about. From the short synopsis, +tic Nee-san or Chikku Nee-san as it is also known as, it’s about a group of high school girls who are part of the plastic model club talking nonsense and wacky conversations. How can you have that in such short animations? Well, they did it here.

Episode 1
As Nee-san is walking through the corridor, Okappa comes up from behind her and plays a “Guess who?”. She guesses correctly but is violently slammed into the wall!!! Nee-san plays ignorant but Okappa puts up the scariest face that would send a chilly shiver down anyone’s spines. Seems somebody has broken her plastic ship model in half. As explained, Makimaki found this broken in the locker. They both suspect is Nee-san and promise they won’t get mad if she confesses. But what is that devil look in Okappa’s eyes?! Is she sure she won’t get mad?! Because Okappa continues to give her that scary stare, Nee-san spills everything and admits she was the one who broke it.

Okappa returns to her normal self and forgives her since she came clean. However she must pay back for the model. Nee-san gets cocky and in addition to dig her own nose, she molests Okappa’s boobs and tells her off that it is her who will have to pay it with her own body! Okappa suddenly becomes a rampaging unstoppable perverted demon as she rips the sleeves off Nee-san’s uniform! Not even Makimaki is spared! Then she proceeds to tear off their skirts till they are only left in their undies! With Makimaki pleading for everyone to get along, Okappa starts pinching Nee-san’s loose belly so the cowering semi-naked girl apologizes and will compensate her model. Should’ve said that from the start, eh?

Episode 2
All of a sudden, Nee-san pesters Okappa for the person she likes, that special one whom she wants to kiss. Of course she’s more surprised of her sudden question rather than wanting to answer her. I’m not sure if Nee-san is drunk because she starts unbuttoning and undressing Okappa’s blazer while trying to squeeze information out if her lover is from the same school or class. So what’s it to her if she knows? Well, she wants to mess it up! WTF?! Of course she’s not going to tell! Nee-san gets mad and threatens she is going to put her bag between her thighs and rub it against her butt till she gives in! Go ahead. Be my guest. The harassment begins as Nee-san violently shakes her butt with Okappa’s bag in between but Okappa isn’t panicking. Not even shocked by her behaviour display. Just bengang sahaja… I wonder how long Nee-san can last. But more accurately, Okappa and Makimaki watching her shaking for hours! Since Nee-san is no Super Woman, she tires out at the end of the day but the bag is covered in her sweat! Yucks! Is she alright? Well, apparently yes and no. Nee-san forces Okappa for money so that she can buy drinks since she is thirsty so I guess she has no choice but to oblige.

Episode 3
Okappa tells Makimaki to wait in the club room first. As Makimaki continues to wait, I guess she got so bored that she starts acting a dramatic one-woman show of a love confession. Yeah, she’s acting it all out herself that! For realism, she forms her elbow like the shape of the lips and starts kissing it as ‘proof of her love’! Hilarious and disgusting! When she realizes it, Nee-san is watching from outside the door. Makimaki wonders if she has seen her embarrassing stint so Onee-san wonders what she’s talking about. Onee-san is further puzzled who Makimaki is and then yells at the top of her voice that the real Makimaki will never practice kissing and thus not a pervert. Of course that was just an act so Makimaki tries to poke Onee-san’s eyeballs and make her forget what she saw! Impossible. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Worse, Onee-san has already recorded that kiss on her handheld and shows it to Okappa who is laughing like mad. Makimaki ignores the duo and plays with her plastic models.

Episode 4
As the trio sunbath outside the class, Onee-san wonders if she looks cute doing so. But a fat chubby blonde (nicknamed Utsukushisa No Hito which literally means Beautiful Person) notes otherwise. Onee-san gets back at her by commenting on her small eyebrows. Utsukushisa takes out a hand mirror and examines them and notes she won ten to zero. This sends Okappa into a laughing frenzy while Utsukushisa continues to pinch and comment on Onee-san’s chubby face and lifting up of her eye bags. She then tells off Okappa for laughing at others and also about her own superb voice. Then noting Okappa’s hair has been ‘crying’ all the time and has been ‘shouting’ it wants to shine more, this serves to make Okappa laugh even harder. Utsukushisa unravels her beautiful hair and advises Okappa to take proper care of hers so they can aim for a higher rank. Now Okappa is foaming in the mouth from laughing too much and too hard. Turning her attention to Makimaki, she suddenly slaps her! This is for staring at her beauty with jealousy! WTF?! She goes on lecturing Makimaki as Onee-san thinks of trying to make that b*tch understand but I guess Okappa is so amused by everything that she prefers to let it be.

Spastic Nee-san
Uhh… What… The… Hell…?! I have to admit that even though the series is bloody short, but the spontaneous gag action and wacky talk was funny enough to keep me occupy for the few couple of minutes. It might not be anything much and I’m not sure if there are going to be more releases but if there are, I’ll just watch it to pass my time for some short fun if I have nothing else better to do.

So we don’t really see any relation between them and their plastic obsession. Just some nonsensical fast talking and humour that will either send you laughing or cringing. Oh yeah. The fanservice too. You can’t leave that out. If you want to leave some impression in people’s mind to remember something so short for a little longer, why not put in mindless fanservice. Besides like I’ve said, what has this got to do with plastic models anyway? I noticed that the girls wear funny caps on top of their heads. I don’t know if it’s an indication of their obsession or part of the plastic model club. See the little gnome cone (or is it a Pagoda?) on Nee-san’s head? That small box-like bus on Okappa and mini tank on Makimaki? Just plain weird.

So far the only other plastic model club in anime I know is Genshiken. With characters like these in the club, is it a wonder why nobody else joins in considering if these trio are the only members? A pervy talkative one, a scary one (if not laughs too much) and the other… Erm.. Uhn… Normal one? And if you are getting into plastic models because of these girls, then you are definitely getting in for all the wrong reasons…

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