November 5, 2005

I noticed something after watching Pokemon several times. That each episode is generally the same plot, just that each time they present it differently and in another way. It’s like this, Ash and his friends journey from town to town, and in each town they encounter some young Pokemon-trainer-in-training and makes friends with him or her. Then Team Rocket comes along (with that poetic introduction!) whether to steal Pokemons or other things like cash and food using that particular episode’s Pokemon that they focus on. Eventually they both battle and at the end as usual, the young heroes win while Team Rocket losses and gets blown away and disappear into the sky. I’m not actually a fan of Pokemon. It’s just that, this anime is one where it’s shown at the ‘right’ time. Meaning, not too early, not too late, and not when I’m out. So what the heck, I just watch it just for some laughs. Pika… Pika… Pika… That’s what the yellow thing always and can only say, right?

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