May 10, 2008

Now, I don’t really have chibi fetish or things like that. So mainly why I watched Potemayo was because I read it was a comedy series. The ‘star’ of this series as mentioned are chibis (cute little things). But they’re not human. Okay, I don’t really know what it is either. It’s like a little deformed creature with some humanoid features. Small and round. Wargh! Hard to describe lah! But rest assured that this things don’t really exist in our world.
So let’s leave our reasoning at the doorstep and take a little time to sit back and watch this series. Though this is a 12 episode anime series, it’s actually divided into 24 stories. So if you do the math, you’ll guess that in most of each episodes, which are called Pote, features 2 stories of around 15 minutes each. Why I say most of each episodes is because there is an episode which features 3 stories an the final episode is shown as a whole story by itself. But let’s not get into too much of that detail. To avoid any confusion on my part and for easier referencing, I’ll just refer to each story by their Pote rather than a whole episode.
To start things off, we have this bespectacled junior high school student, Sunao Moriyama (voiced by Eri Kitamura who voiced Akeno of Seto No Hanayome), who has a serious expression and rarely shows any other expression. Why, even his speeches seem monotonous. One day, he spots some strange chibi creature from his fridge while getting something to eat. I don’t know why he decided not to hand over this strange creature to UMA (unidentified mysterious animals) enthusiasts, maybe he’s lonely and decides to keep it as a pet since his widower dad, Koudai, is always away working. So how did Sunao end up calling this chibi creature Potemayo? Well, Sunao was eating potato with mayonnaise and… you figure out the rest.
It seems Potemayo is quite fond and attached to Sunao. This high pitched chibi creature doesn’t really have any proper speech lines and her most frequent line she goes is "Hani, hani…". Later on, she’ll get to say Sunao’s name. But that’s as far as she goes speech wise. Of course Sunao has to bring Potemayo along wherever he goes, even to school. So you’ll see her sitting on his head or in his arms. I guess, either everybody just ignore this chibi creature or love her. Hate her? Too cute for that. Anyway, everybody seems to understand perfectly what that little blob is trying to convey.
I also want to mention that Sunao’s classmate, Mikan Natsu (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi who also did voices as Elie in Rave and Aoi in Ai Yori Aoshi), has a really deep crush on him. Makes you wonder what she sees in this boring guy who’s bloody oblivious to it. Mikan gets all flustered up whenever she thinks or even is near Sunao and goes into spacing out mode with her wild fantasies over him. That’s another way of saying, she has no guts to confess to him face to face. Because of this, Potemayo doesn’t like Mikan very much, 1 of 2 people Potemayo despises. Everytime Mikan comes close to Sunao or talks about him, Potemayo will go into her snaring mode like a cat and showing her teeth. "Hiah… Hiah…". Hehehe.
Other characters who’re Sunao and Mikan’s classmates are Mudou Kirihara (a loser who likes Potemayo so much and wants to cuddle her but can’t. This is the other person Potemayo dislikes. Hiah… Hiah…), Kaoru Hatsushiba (voiced by Takayuki Kondo who did Oishi in Prince Of Tennis. Always seen by Kirihara’s side and feels pity for anything unfortunate that happens towards him while softly saying Mutan in tears. Hmm… Sounds like ‘mutton’. What’s with his ugly lips? Later you’ll find out that this guy may be secretly in love with Kirihara. Gay?!), Nene Kasugano (a super filthy rich kid and her high pitched voice sounds very fitting for a bully and teasing character like her. No, she doesn’t bully everyone, but those who are easy to pick on, she’ll do so. Holy smokes! I can’t believe Rie Kugimiya, the one who voice Shana in Shakugan No Shana, is the voice behind Nene! Can’t recognize her!), Kyou Takamimori (an athletic tomboyish but good hearted girl. Voiced by Yuko Kaida who voiced Riza of Kaibutsu Oujo). Then there are 3 girl classmates whose names I can’t remember. They seem to have their adventure of their own and seldom come into contact with Sunao and co. So let’s just call them the 3 stooges.
Anyway, Pote 1 introduces the characters but it’s mainly about how Potemayo dislikes Mikan because of her likings for Sunao. I like the hilarious part whereby Sunao was asking Mikan which bread she wanted and Mikan’s response is that… she wants Sunao! Potemayo gets into snaring mode and jumps onto Mikan’s face! It was a pretty funny sight which lasted for several seconds as Sunao handed a bread or two to Mikan when her hands were stretched out (trying to reach for Sunao rather than asking for the bread). Other than that, Potemayo’s radar senses of Mikan’s lovey-dovey feelings seems to have wide coverage area. Even if Mikan’s back at her own home. Uh huh. Potemayo is like reacting naturally to it, snaring while she and Sunao takes a hot bath.
Pote 2 introduces another strange chibi creature called Guchuko. Another weird one coming out from Sunao’s fridge. Yeah, no proper speech too. Just some random huff and gruffs. Guchuko seems more ‘scarier’ but because of her chibi look, it lessens that effect. Guchuko wields a scythe and has a habit of slicing things in half and plastering it back with a tape. Sunao’s fridge was the first victim. She also has two weird hairpins with faces on it. Hmm… they look like croissants. But be careful not to mess with this one. It’s because her hairpins can give out some super blast which will fry you in an instant. Though Potemayo and Guchuko don’t cross path quite often, even so, by accident or some ‘act of revenge’, Guchuko always have the upperhand and beats Potemayo. Yeah, shoot and fry her with those super blasts.
Though Guchuko may seem cold, the only person she cares about is Kyou because she feeds her with some tiny round chocolates, which’re called guchus. Another genius in giving names. Thus, Guchuko ‘resides’ on a tree outside Kyou’s house. I think Kyou too takes a liking for her, though there isn’t as much skin contact as Sunao and Potemayo. By the way, this episode also introduces a little yellow bird called Tori. I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny or not, Tori actually pooped on Potemayo’s head and pisses her off! I don’t know what happens after that, Tori is always seen sitting on Potemayo’s head. So basically Pote 2 sees how Kyou gains the trust of Guchuko with her chocolate balls while the class are doing some artwork in the park. After all that, Guchuko leaves a dead bloodied pig on Kyou’s classroom’s table to show her gratitude. Haha. I wonder why Kyou didn’t freak out like the rest. Probably she knows it in her heart.
Pote 3 sees Kirihara trying to get close to pet Potemayo by trying to be normal. But his normal face looks so scary so much so it freaks out Potemayo and she wet Sunao’s head! Oh dear! See all that water gushing out? Since Sunao’s uniform is wet, Kirihara offers his cheerleading uniform (what the?? This guy likes wearing female cheerleading uniform?) as temporary clothes till his and Potemayo’s are dry. Funny thing is that Potemayo is running around naked! But you won’t see anything eye-catching, if you know what I mean. The funny part is that because the uniform is a little too breezy and Sunao isn’t… well, let’s say he isn’t worried about his modesty, this made the other guys uneasy and tells him about it. So Sunao tries to act like a girl when the wind blows through his skirt, which also disgusts the guys even further! Haha. Another funny moment is when Sunao is taking a leak in the toilet. The guy next to him was shocked to see Sunao in that outfit and another intense water gushing moment. Control and aim properly, man.
In Pote 4, Mikan once again is having fantasies about Sunao and I think it’s because of this rather than being soaked too long in the bathtub which causes her to be taken away in an ambulance. Meanwhile, Potemayo is dancing to an addictive bread song commercial. Yeah, that lyrics of that song mostly goes "Pan, pan, pan, pan, pan, pan…". Other than that, Sunao and Potemayo go do some shopping together a traumatizing event like a young girl, ‘kidnapping’ Potemayo for mistaking her as a cute cat, made Sunao put Potemayo on his head. On their way home, they bump into Mikan, who’s family runs a vegetable store. Hiah… Hiah… I don’t know what that terrible breath releasing thingy Mikan’s dad did to make Potemayo to pass out. Mikan’s mom knows about Mikan’s crush and tries to get them both together. I don’t know what weird fantasies Mikan is having this time, but when she snaps back to reality and hands Sunao the apples, Sunao’s thank you is enough to make that girl spurt blood out from her nose. Too moe? Anyway, it’s the ambulance again. Later as Mikan takes a bath, she dreams of another wild fantasy of Sunao and experiences another nosebleed. This time her mom barges in to tick her off. If it continues this way, it’s gonna be expensive each time they have to call an ambulance. Back at Sunao’s place, as he and Potemayo gets ready for bed, he thinks that it doesn’t matter what creature Potemayo is. But the next morning, Potemayo seems to have wet the bed once more and is apologizing profusely. Haha. First it was Sunao’s head and then the bed. Can such a small creature contain so much water?
It’s snowing in Pote 5 and Potemayo is being wrapped together with Sunao in his scarf. They meet some guy on the street (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto who did Sado in Bleach) who seems to love giving that chibi glutton things to eat. Whenever you see this guy, he’ll always pass some food for Potemayo and goes on ranting on who knows what. But Potemayo and Sunao won’t be around to listen to his boring story. Back in school, it seems Potemayo doesn’t just let out water. One of the 3 stooges grabbed and hugged Potemayo because it was cold and she thinks Potemayo is all warm and fuzzy. However, this causes Potemayo to vomit on her. Eww. Then there’s some showdown between Potemayo and Guchuko over some sweets. Guess who wins? Then Nene decides to bully Guchuko by asking Kyou to feed her. Hehe, Guchuko can’t do anything but look in pain as Kyou does so. While the class is having a Christmas party, Guchuko uses some distraction to steal some food (Potemayo falling out of the window, that is). After the party, Guchuko follows a trail of those tiny chocolates (blasting a yapping dog on her way) to Kyou’s house. Kyou has decorated that tree with lights, puts a pillow, cake and a Merry Christmas card for Guchuko. The next morning, Kyou’s mom to her horror, finds a dead bloodied cow at her doorstep. Yeah, Kyou did mention how Guchuko didn’t have to do this to thank her.
Koudai returns in Pote 6 and whisks Sunao and Potemayo to a public bath. First thing you’ll notice is that Koudai’s behaviour is like a child. So who’s the kid here. Also, Sunao seems to dislike his father for his childish behaviour and doesn’t hesitate to punch him if he steps out of line. Though Koudai is quite energetic and his intentions of bringing Sunao and Potemayo (whom he nicknames Mochi Mochi) to the public bath is to spend some quality time with his only son, Sunao doesn’t seem too amused. It’s also strange for a little creature to have a huge appetite. Yeah, Potemayo ordered lots of things from the menu so much so she stuffed herself and can’t move. Bad move. Why? That’s because Mikan is here too! Haha, can’t snare at her and protect Sunao. Koudai starts telling Sunao’s embarrassing stories as a kid. But as Mikan decide to leave, Sunao doesn’t want to be alone with his dad and grabs Mikan’s hands. Another fantasy mode causing her to faint. Later as Koudai did some karaoke session with another guy, Mikan says how Sunao’s dad is interesting but the latter says he’s just annoying. Koudai gets another slap from Sunao when Koudai asks him to go up on stage to sing with him. In the end as they left, Koudai gave Sunao a jacket and wishes him Happy New Year before heading home.
It’s Valentine’s Day in Pote 7 and Kirihara is fantasizing he’s getting chocolates from Potemayo and even a kiss. But that was enough to make him nosebleed and flood his entire desk. Yeah, he even went to ask a salesgirl selling chocolates for some advice on how to seduce. There’s a funny part in which Koudai misunderstood something Potemayo said which causes that chibi creature to bite his butt. And she’s biting it all the way. But a part I don’t get is when a junior girl gives Kyou her chocolates and Nene proceeds to tell some feudal princess warrior kind of story, which I think is supposed to be similar to Kyou’s case. Then later another similar story like this but this time Kyou’s a ninja while Nene’s a princess. What the? Yuri? When Valentine’s Day approaches, Mikan hides her chocolates for Sunao in his desk but Tori ate it all. But this episode is the turning point for Kirihara. He’s going all out to give Potemayo his chocolates and passionately expresses himself. Only thing, he did so in front of Nene. Nene agrees to accept and in return (and from now on), Kirihara becomes Nene’s slave. Yeah, we’ll see her carrying big heavy bags loaded with who knows what and Nene will be sitting on top of it all. Plus, Kirihara gets a dog collar around his neck. Kaoru can only pity him from afar…
Potemayo catches a cold in Pote 8 and well, if you’re trying to save the environment, be sure not to follow Potemayo’s way of using up pieces and pieces of tissue paper. Yeah, her running nose is hilariously long and disgusting. Potemayo uses too much and soon runs out of it and uses Tori to block her nose. Potemayo’s dreaming of some peach and rushes to eat it but in reality it’s just Tori. Hmm… Seems Potemayo and Tori are connected by double running nose lines. Good thing it isn’t a red string. Anyway, the scene of Potemayo having her nose dripping and oozing is just funny and disgusting. Meanwhile, everyone in school notices Potemayo isn’t around and Sunao tells them about her illness. Sunao arrives home and Potemayo is happy to see him and jumps into his arms, where it’s all warm and fuzzy. Later, Sunao’s classmates come over with some food. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if Sunao did it on purpose or not, because he let the Mikan, Nene and Kyou in and just when Kirihara and Kaoru is gonna step in, the door shuts. So while the gang have a nice warm party inside, those 2 poor guys are pretending to be having fun with part of the gang from outside the window.
Pote 9 starts off with Sunao and Potemayo enjoying the day watching the sakura petals when a butterfly lands on Potemayo. I guess there must be something attractive about Potemayo because soon a swarm of butterflies covers her! But this episode is mainly on Guchuko and her stand-off with a cuckoo bird of a clock in Kyou’s living room. Yeah, Guchuko is waiting for the enemy to pound. Because she doesn’t know that the cuckoo bird comes out at the stroke of every new hour, at that time, she’ll let her guard down and miss the chance to slice it to pieces. After several near misses, Guchuko just slash the damn clock with her scythe. And then plaster it back up (just like how she did to their house door). Though Kyou’s mom is quite fascinated about Guchuko she and Kyou starts quarrelling about keeping that chibi creature as a pet. But Kyou mentions that Guchuko is more of a friend. Their noisy argument leads Guchuko’s hairpins to hiss at them. Better keep it down. But I guess Guchuko still prefers to nap on that tree branch outside their house. Oh yes. In this episode, the 3 stooges have a random adventure getting lost somewhere while taking a bus trip. Not that I understand.
Pote 10 introduces Mikan’s giant younger brother Yasumi. Now this guy has a grudge on Sunao because of Mikan’s fantasies writing Sunao’s name all over his underwear. I suppose it’s enough to make him mad. Because of Yasumi’s bigger size, he tends to pick on Mikan and tries to break her up with Sunao. And I think it’s because of this too that Potemayo likes him. Yeah, I suppose that’s the only thing they both have in common. However Yasumi isn’t a total ruffian because I think he too in a way has a liking for Potemayo’s chibiness, though he doesn’t show it nor pound it everytime Potemayo jumps on him. Since it’s the new school term, Yasumi is only a year younger than Mikan and has entered the same school as them. Yasumi also declares war on Sunao but the latter doesn’t seem to hate Yasumi and rationalizes his attitude and doings with some reasoning of his like he and Mikan gets along very well even though he’s bullying her. Is Sunao that nice a boy or is he just blur? Other than that, Guchuko is seen trying to figure out the cuckoo bird when she drops it from the tree and breaks it. Yeah, she makes a makeshift grave for it. Later Kyou’s mom decides to catch Guchuko by laying a trap but I think Guchuko is too smart for it. Uh huh, we see Kyou lecturing her mom about it and the entire house is covered with tape and mommy herself in bandages. A random event for the 3 stooges sees them trying to figure out the right word when taking a photo. "Cheese" sounds better anyhow, right?
A funny scene in Pote 11 sees Sunao bumping into Yasumi on their way to school. Due to that, Sunao drops his specs and Yasumi accidentally steps on it. Sunao is as blind as a bat and starts groping on the ground for his specs. Sunao’s search leads his hands to reach Yasumi’s legs and then… his crotch! OMG! Once Sunao gets his specs, Mikan gets close to him since he can’t see clearly but Yasumi takes her away. Then another fantasizing scene on what Heaven is like if they’re to repay Sunao. Mikan’s is like some housewife of Sunao, Yasumi imagines being his dog slave, and Potemayo… I don’t know what it means when she’s dancing around and riding a rocket into space. We still see Kirihara carrying Nene’s luggage and Kaoru having pity for him. Everyone in class notices Sunao isn’t here yet. Why, he’s lost at some sushi restaurant. The owner thinks he’s playing truant. I think he really needs to have an eye check. Meanwhile Kyou’s mom tries to use the same trap to catch Guchuko again. It failed as expected. Then at school while Guchuko is enjoying a donut from Kyou, Potemayo’s hyper activeness causes her to drop the donut. This made Guchuko blast her chibi rival with her hairpins.
Everyone gets invited to Nene’s large pool in her mansion in Pote 12. Now we really get to see how filthy rich she is. Though she has several butlers and maids, you’d wonder why she still wants to keep Kirihara as his slave as she still forces him to serve her. Later Nene did mention it’s more fun to order someone like that against his will. Sadist. Since Yasumi isn’t invited, he fears that Sunao may be hitting on Mikan and tries to enter Nene’s place. Since he’s too scared to ring the doorbell, he sneaks in but Nene’s security system is overwhelming and soon catches Yasumi whose escaping attempts were futile. As everybody have fun in the pool and soon gets something to eat, we still see Sunao without his specs as hopeless as ever. He can’t even see what he’s eating. Nene’s young mom then introduces herself but it seems she and Nene don’t have a good relation and this daughter doesn’t hesitate to give her mom a punch in the face! Nene has 3 older brothers with little sister fetish. They’re always annoyingly trying to want Nene to order them to do things but ever since Kirihara has become her slave, the trio are watching over him with full of jealousy. I guess it’ll be boring for Nene to order around people who’re willing to do so. Anyway the trio’s annoyance causes Nene to punch them all away. So Kirihara tries to act like he really wants to do stuff for Nene with his puppy eyes but Nene just tells him that he’s an idiot. After another round of swim, later in the evening the gang played some sparklers outside the mansion. As usual Nene’s brothers are being annoying as she punches them away. At the same time, Sunao and Mikan played some sparklers together. As for the 3 stooges, another random event as they have a hard time deciding which movie to watch.
Mikan and Yasumi visit their grandma in Pote 13 at the countryside. Yasumi can’t help butting in whenever their conversation is about Sunao. We also find out Mikan instantly fell in love with Sunao when she heads back to her classroom after a failed race (I think she got lost) and finds Sunao lying on his desk covered with blood. Actually Sunao fell asleep on some tomato sauce. When Sunao heaves out a weak hi, that’s when it made Mikan blushed and well, it started off from there. At the same time, Sunao, Koudai and Potemayo are visiting their mom’s grave and because Koudai is acting like a child, Sunao gives him another good bashing. Something funny happened while Sunao and Koudai are praying at the grave. Tori spots a worm in the ground and proceeds to eat it. My, it’s a really looooooooooong worm. This freaks out Potemayo as she wets her pants. As they head home, Sunao thinks of buying a souvenir for Mikan but Potemayo thinks otherwise. Meanwhile Guchuko is resting on her tree when the cicada is too noisy. She lets lose some supersonic wave, killing the cicada. I see she’s got a new skill. Yasumi and Mikan too have come home and bumps into Sunao and Potemayo in town. Since Potemayo is quite happy to see Yasumi, she jumps on his face so that giant doesn’t have time to take Mikan away from Sunao. Sunao says welcome back to her. Then a disgusting hilarious end scene which sees Koudai at home when Tori hops onto his legs. Tori then poops out that incredibly loooooooooong worm which freaks out Koudai very much. WARGH! I wonder why it isn’t digested yet. As for the 3 stooges, they tried studying but since it’s too hot, they gave up.
Potemayo tries to figure out her origins while staring at the fridge in Pote 14 but passes out due to hunger. This episode has more of that traditional night festival scene. But first, we see Kirihara doing some cheerleading in his female cheerleading outfit. If you think that’s weird, wait till you see him wearing female panties! Sad case. I know how you feel Kaoru. So Sunao along with Mikan, Nene and Kyou had their fun outing at the festival. Then when Potemayo wins some bouncy yoyo ball, she herself gets bounced away when she plays with it. Meanwhile Guchuko is stealing food of other people at the festival in stealth mode. She really does have a habit of slicing everything in half. In the meantime, the 3 stooges are playing some cutting-out-some-design game, but they failed because the design broke. After the festival, Sunao and Potemayo heads back to sleep. Potemayo decides to sleep next to the fridge. Sunao comes down and is gonna bring her back up but decides to just sleep with her next to it.
I guess Potemayo doesn’t know the meaning of saving when she gets her first 300 Yen allowance in Pote 15. Yeah, she’s dreaming about buying an expensive car and house. Sunao thinks Potemayo is ready to do some shopping on her home and after several preparation and reminders, we see Potemayo chasing after a sweet potato truck. Haih… But this episode introduces yet another new character, Tomari Seki (now this is what Rie Kugimiya normally sounds like. Hey, she voices a 2nd character here!). Tomari is seen chasing Guchuko because the latter stole some chestnuts. During the chase they bumped into Potemayo. So Tomari and Potemayo formed a somewhat alliance as they chase after Guchuko. Yeah, she’s slippery as an eel. Of all the random events the 3 stooges had, this is the best one. The trio are doing some difficult jigsaw puzzle in the park. Each time they finish, Guchuko and the trailing pack will step over it, destroying their hard work. So they have to start from scratch. After a few more such attempts, the trio are now wary and look at their surroundings for any more dangers. Then they spot it. Guchuko is heading straight for them with Tomari and Potemayo hot on their trail. Before they could stomp all over their jigsaw, one of them swiftly flips the jigsaw puzzle first. But it seems Guchuko and the rest made a turn into the bushes before they even reached the 3 stooges. Hahaha! Even though they thought ahead but they can’t blame it entirely on them, can’t they? The chase ends when Tomari and Potemayo spots Guchuko giving the chestnuts to Kyou who is looking forward to her ‘gift’. They don’t have the heart to take it back now. Later Tomari spots Guchuko on top of a roof and Tomari yells at her some advice. Guchuko then tosses a fruit she stole back at her. With that, Tomari thanks her and they part ways. Meanwhile, Sunao wonders why Potemayo is taking so long when a delivery man delivers Potemayo back at her doorstep. Good thing she has an address tag around her. Yeah, but the delivery still cost him. But the next morning, he finds that Potemayo’s purse still has some change in it because that delivery guy was doing some special service that day and had given him a discount. Meanwhile, Guchuko decides to show her gratitude to Tomari by leaving dead snakes and frogs at her doorstep. Argh!
Yasumi continues to bully Mikan by poking her back while brushing their teeth in Pote 16. But when Mikan turns around, he accidentally poke her breasts, earning a deserved slap across the face. I’m not really sure but Nene orders her brothers to drive and send Kirihara somewhere. Anyway Kirihara later tells Kaoru that she has to do Nene’s every bidding or else she’ll tell the whole world his embarrassing secret. That he loves Potemayo. Since it’s snowing, everybody in class watches the rest play in the snow, and not pay attention to the lesson in front. When class ends, Potemayo leaps out of the window in her happiness. She forgot that she’s on the 3rd floor and ends up in the infirmary (blood oozing out in the snow tells it all. No, it doesn’t look like a Japanese flag). Everybody gathers outside and Kyou starts a snowball fight by throwing one at Kirihara. Kirihara returns the favour and this causes Guchuko to eliminate everyone. Yeah, she took it too seriously. Everyone is covered with their blood on the snow. Kyou calms Guchuko down by saying that they’re just playing. Nene then throws 1 at Guchuko. Guchuko chases after her but Nene escapes. As Kirihara and Kaoru are cleaning up after themselves, Kirihara notices how Nene looks pretty cute while she dries her hair. Kirihara then offers his towel but Nene says she wants their warm clothes. Uh huh. The teacher spots Nene covered warmly in oversized clothes while Kirihara and Kaoru are freezing their butts out in the snow. Sunao heads back to the infirmary to check on Potemayo. Since that chibi creature is still cold, Sunao offers his chest to warm her up. But Potemayo freaks out and wets the bed. Must be having her own fantasies. Winter is really colder this season.
In Pote 17, Potemayo has floral prints for her shorts and is embarrassed by it. Sunao and Potemayo bumps into Mikan and as usual Potemayo goes into her snaring mode. But Potemayo is calmed down when Mikan gives her a sweater she made. Erm… arms too long. Mikan then gives Sunao a scarf. Yasumi comes by and whacks his little sister, thinking she’s seducing Sunao. Then Tomari comes by and somehow Yasumi’s hat got onto Tomari’s head. Since they’re running late for school, Mikan quickly apologizes and tells Tomari she can keep the hat before rushing off. You’ll start to notice Tomari will have a crush on Yasumi. At school, Sunao is surprised to see his dad there. Okay, another whacking when he starts fooling around. I’m not sure but Koudai mentions something about it’s mating season for Mochi Mochi and wants her to wear a chastity belt, freaking everyone out. Because of that, back home when it’s bed time, Sunao tells that since Potemayo has reached puberty, she can no longer sleep with him. Thus a saddened Potemayo has to sleep with Koudai but that father is also annoying in his sleep, rolling here and there over Potemayo, so much so she bites him. Ouch! Next morning as Mikan and Yasumi took a walk, they bump into Tomari, who’s still wearing that hat. It then dawned to them that Tomari is a girl (didn’t they know it from the start?) and looks super cute. Even her cuteness is too much for Potemayo as she once again wets herself on Sunao’s head. Sometimes leaking…
Kyou’s dad returns in Pote 18 and notices Guchuko. This episode mainly sees how Kyou’s dad tries to fix a tiny house for Guchuko to live in. A dog kennel? Even after completion, Guchuko still refuses to live inside and remains suspicious. Since they can’t force her, Kyou’s dad tries several ways to allay her suspicions like putting a pillow there and temporarily living in it! Other than that, the rest of the gang once again head over to Nene’s mansion for some party. This time Yasumi and Tomari are invited as well. Nene’s loser brothers are still jealous that Kirihara is still the ‘star slave’ and when they spot Yasumi, they’re horrified to think that he may be Kirihara’s next replacement. So they abuse Kirihara while Kaoru can only watch in horror. Then Nene comes up to Kaoru and says how she’ll let him take her place as Kirihara’s bride, sending that gay boy into ecstasy.
Tomari and her dad visits the newly opened public bath in Pote 19. Tomari mistakenly enters the men’s changing room and sees Yasumi with his shirt off. Okay, fantasies running wild. But Tomari soon snaps out in embarrassment and lands a kick in Yasumi’s face. Since Sunao can’t see without his specs, he’s groping the wrong people and bumping into walls. An annoyed Yasumi decides to just toss him into the bath. While Sunao and Yasumi are soaking in the bath, they overhead from the girl’s section how busty, smooth and silky their skin is. Actually, Tomari and Mikan are referring to Potemayo and Yasumi thinks it’s Mikan and slams his own head on the rocks. Then when Sunao and Yasumi are in the sauna together, Yasumi tells Sunao not to have any dirty thoughts of Mikan. Sunao wonders what Yasumi meant and the latter imagines a naked Mikan, causing him to suffer massive nose bleeds. Then there’s a part whereby Tomari, Mikan and Potemayo takes a dip in an electric bath. When Tomari just puts her toe in it, Tori, who is sitting on her head starts to charge and puff up. When the girls are done and decide to go buy some juice, to their horror they see Yasumi fainted outside and resting on Sunao’s lap. Remember that massive nose bleed? Tomari tries to wake Yasumi up but Yasumi accidentally falls on her and it seems it’s like he’s hugging her. Tomari once again is embarrassed and gives Yasumi another kick in the face before running back home. Meanwhile Kyou and Nene are at the bath and spots Tomari’s dad who’s looking for his daughter. The duo mistaken him for a peeping pervert.
Rainy season is here in Pote 20. Kyou and family thinks Guchuko will finally take shelter in her new home but are confused when she did some weird rain dance on top of it or scratching her butt on it. Meanwhile Kirihara and Kaoru are taking shelter outside a shop and Kaoru wants to stay a little longer like this. Why? Since Kirihara’s shirt is soaked, Kaoru spots Kirihara’s nipples and is ‘excitedly stunned’. Gay! Gay! Gay! So I suppose because of that, Kaoru got sick and we his family being introduced. Yeah, it runs in the family, those big ugly lips. Even the dog. But Kaoru has a sister who’s quite pretty and all but they think she’s odd. As for Potemayo, she loves the rain and strips naked to go play outside but is restrained by Sunao. Unfortunately, Koudai is bathing naked in the rain. Meanwhile Nene makes a little dog kennel (or is it a bird house) for her slave. Kirihara’s rage is once again on the rise but when he sees Nene in different clothes and her hair all tied up, his heart softens and thinks she may be cute. Yeah, you’ll see his room filled with nothing but posters of Potemayo. Too bad, Kaoru is breathing very hard and screaming Kirihara’s name in his sickbed. Can’t believe another girl to be at Kirihara’s side? At the same time, Yasumi is bringing in the laundry and accidentally touches Mikan’s bra. Because of that shock, he refrains from using his right hand, and his family notices his lameness. Back to Potemayo, Sunao eventually lets her go play in the rain after all that pestering.
Sunao wakes up to find a 2 leaf clover on Potemayo’s head in Pote 21. Sunao tries to pull it out but it hurts like hell, earning her wrath. Better to let it be. As the duo walk to school, they spot Guchuko too has a 3 leaf clover on her head. One better than Potemayo? Yeah, enough to make that competitive little chibi jealous. So at school, the girls are figuring out with their theories what it could be and mean. I don’t know why, they then showered Potemayo with a hose and gives her milk to drink. But that made her sick and her clover shrivel up. Another visit to the infirmary. Sunao leaves but he lands himself in the infirmary when he gets hit by a football. I’m sure it’s all part of Nene’s sick plan to embarrass and traumatise Kirihara with her sick fantasy-love narration of Kirihara and Potemayo. Later as everybody gathers for lunch, they heard talks about a better clover. Potemayo flies there in her jealousy rage to find they’re talking about Guchuko. Though Potemayo wants to challenge her, but it seems she coldly ignores Potemayo. Poor chibi. Later Potemayo brings a book and shows the gang the kind of flower that she wants to blossom into. On their way home, Mikan once again gets lost in her daydream fantasies about it becoming beautiful each day. Back home, Sunao’s thinking about the possibility of Potemayo growing up and maturing but decides to sleep over it. Next morning, Sunao finds that Potemayo now has a 3 leaf clover on her head, much to her delight. On the way to school, they spot Guchuko who has a flower blossomed on her head. Haha. Potemayo can never beat Guchuko. By the way, I kinda noticed that Potemayo’s animosity towards Mikan has lessened. Though she still snares at her, but it’s not like everytime like before.
I guess Potemayo too is quite fond of Tomari too. In Pote 22, the duo are at Tomari’s grandma’s corn field and I don’t know how or why, Guchuko is there too. But notice the bloomed flower on Potemayo’s head? Anyway I think Guchuko is stealing corns too and this is enough to earn the wrath of the duo. Though they try to teach her a lesson, but history tells that Guchuko always have the upper hand. Yeah, Guchuko whacked Tomari on her knee with her scythe. Ouch. I also don’t know why, the duo did some Chinese kungfu stance, probably to scare Guchuko, but she just ignored them and went off. But Guchuko remembers Kyou’s words to behave nicely. This made her to unload all her corns from her… I don’t know how much storage she has but it reminded me of Doraemon’s unlimited magic pocket. She then pulled out a snake which freaks the duo out. Among other weird things she pulled out, the snake accidentally dropped and chases a very afraid Tomari and Potemayo. Haha. Can using a twig shoo it away? But the snake crawls onto the stick. Another horror to behold. Because of the ruckus, Guchuko uses her supersonic wave to knock all of them out. Even a passing eagle. When they come to, they gave Guchuko some corns and soon the snake continues to harass the duo. Sunao soon arrives to pick up Potemayo and had a little chat with Tomari. Tomari notices Potemayo’s flower growing a little bigger. Guchuko is back at Kyou’s house and Kyou is thanking her for the corns, making the little blob blush. Her flower too grows a little bigger. Tomari on the other hand is daydreaming about Yasumi and decides to go give him some corn. But that guy upon receiving the corn, puts it up for sale, pissing her off. Yasumi didn’t get to sell it and instead eat it with Mikan for dinner.
Pote 23 is mainly about Sunao’s flashback when he was young and his late mom, Miku (voiced by Kikuko Inoue who is famous as her Belldandy role in Aa! Megamisama. In this anime she’s also the voice as the narrator), was still around. Up till now I still don’t know what Koudai’s real job is except he’s travelling all over the world. Even Sunao isn’t sure. But it was sure funny when Miku was pointing to a cliff where Koudai was climbing. Koudai then falls off. Several vultures then quickly swarm to where he had fallen. Hehe. Miku must be real freaked out. Back to the present, Sunao and Potemayo are praying to Miku at their home’s shrine. After school as the gang heads out, they spot Koudai waiting outside the gates. Koudai is holding a doll thingy and when Mikan gets hold of it, she freaks out upon finding out that it’s a penis cover. Hahaha! Sunao isn’t amused and walks away but Koudai is persistent in annoying him as he tries to talk to his son. Sunao continues to be cold towards him. This causes Mikan to get a little mad and scolds him about being rude to his dad! Everybody is shocked to see Mikan to that. Including the 3 stooges. When Mikan realized what she had done and runs away. Yasumi went up to Sunao and slaps him before going after Mikan. Sunao also realized things. Back at home, he apologized to his dad and the duo chatted away. Meanwhile, Mikan is sitting dejectedly in the bathtub and wonders how she’ll face Sunao tomorrow. Urm… Why is Yasumi stacking things on her head? Has he got no shame that he’s in the same bathroom with a naked girl?! Because there’s no response, Yasumi angrily eats a candy and his mom comes in mad and tells him to be either angry, sad or whatever. As long as he don’t do it all at a time. That night, Koudai slept with Sunao and Potemayo. But since he’s back to his irritating ways, Sunao punches him but remembers Mikan’s words and soon apologizes a bloodied Koudai.
Pote 24 is yet another flashback on Sunao’s childhood. We see him living on some island in the Pacific and he has befriended a native called Morio, who is learning Japanese as well. I like the funny part when Morio suggested playing sumo with him and to only use half his power. But I guess he’s still too powerful and knocks Sunao over the cliff and into the ocean. We also learn that Miku is having some sort of illness and spends most of her time in bed. Miku tries to be positive for her son and she did mention that the best place for her is Japan. Morio and Sunao together learn how to write Japanese and Sunao manages to write a letter for his mom which warms her heart. Soon, Sunao and Miku are transferred off the island as Koudai and Morio stayed back for work. In time, Miku’s illness worsened and she passed away as a result. Though not mentioned, but I think the main reason why Sunao hates his dad is because he turned up late (or didn’t at all and even so, when it’s over) for Miku’s funeral. We see Sunao just walking away from Koudai coldly without saying a word. Back in the present, it seems both father and son had the same dream of the past but Sunao gives Koudai his usual beating when the latter mentions what embarrassing dream his son might have. Also Potemayo’s flower has blossomed even further. At Mikan’s place, she’s still pondering what to say to Sunao and I don’t know why Yasumi is wearing a school girl’s uniform.
On the way to school, Mikan’s Zoom is activated (yes, that’s what it’s called when she spots Sunao from afar). Mikan apologizes profusely but Yasumi just take her hand and walk away. Suddenly Potemayo is in some sort of trance. Meanwhile Kyou has just woken up to find Guchuko in her house. But Guchuko too goes in some trance. Both blobs start grunting uncomfortably and float in the air as their flower opens up. Their flowers burst and petals are seen floating everywhere. As they fall, Sunao catches Potemayo while Kyou gets hold of Guchuko and hugs them close. They are saddened and don’t like what’s happening. Mikan then hugs Sunao even though Yasumi is against it but he just let this one off the hook. Sunao thanks Mikan for always looking out for him. But their gloominess is lifted when Potemayo opened her eyes. The next scene shows the whole gang at Sunao’s house and for once Kirihara gets close to Potemayo without her snaring at him. Yeah, Potemayo, Kirihara and Kaoru are singing and dancing to that bread ad song. Everyone else parties on while Sunao and Mikan chats together in the kitchen. When it’s done, Sunao spots a seed on the floor but throws it into the garbage. The next morning, Sunao wakes up to find a strange new chibi (and uglier) creature on him. He asks Potemayo what is it and go talk to it. When Potemayo approaches it, it bites her head. New rivalry? In school, everyone is fawning over the new blob when Kyou comes in with a new chibi creature in her arms too! Looks more shy and gentle (reminds me of Mint from Galaxy Angel). Even with 2 new chibi creatures in the end, Potemayo still loses to them. And yeah. Potemayo is still snaring at Mikan when she got to close to Sunao and they both smiled back at each other. So I’m thinking if that trance-like event was some sort of a mating season, do such creatures that come out from the fridge originates from a seed. Well, better than from an egg. If it’s not a chicken, is it a potato?
But it’s not totally over yet. There are 6 special episodes lasting only around 10 minutes for those who can’t get enough of those chibi cuteness. Each episode is more random than the tv series and I think can stand alone by itself with no relevance to what has happened there. However, I find that Guchuko, Kyou, Nene, Tomari, Kirihara and Kaoru aren’t featured prominently and even so, just for a short while. Potemayo Special 1 is about Sunao one morning, finds a giant sized Potemayo sleeping on him. How did she get that big? Dunno. Yeah, she’s totally naked too. Because Potemayo is too big, Sunao can’t bring her anywhere or else other people will freak out and tells her to stay home. But that sad Potemayo wants to follow him around but literally got stuck at the front door. Sunao passes Mikan’s store and Mikan is flustered when Sunao looks at her ‘that way’. But what Sunao actually wanted to ask is "How do you turn something big back to normal?". Yasumi thinks Sunao is meaning something ecchi and tells him to ‘ejaculate’. Have we seen that elephant censor from Inukami before? Back home, Sunao thinks that Potemayo this big has its advantages too like able to sleep on her lap as a pillow. But the next morning, Sunao wakes up to find Potemayo back to normal. How? Dunno also. But we see that there are multiple clones of naked Potemayo in their house.
Potemayo Special 2 sees Sunao in a depressed mood. Because so, Mikan gets gloomy as well. So Mikan tries to talk to Sunao on the way home but Yasumi is watching them from behind and whacks Mikan head for getting too close. In class, everyone ponders what’s wrong with him. Not even Potemayo knows what’s going on. Then Mikan decides to hand him a bread for lunch. When Sunao takes a bite, he felt a sharp pain in his mouth. This knocks him off balance and he falls into Mikan’s arms. Mikan in flustering mode again. Okay, we soon see a tiny bug who dresses like a pirate. She tries to eat Sunao’s sandwich but Tori gulped down the whole thing. We learn that Sunao’s depression was due to the pain in his mouth and he didn’t say a word so as not to go to the dentist. How did it all happen? That morning while drinking milk, he spots a black tiny thing in it (supposedly that bug) but shrugs it off without thinking much and downs it all. Yeah, that isn’t normal. While Sunao’s back to his normal self and apologizes to Potemayo for being cold. And Mikan hasn’t recovered from her shock yet. She’s got lots of blood, you know… Back home, Koudai teases Sunao for being a kid and not admit his tooth hurt but Sunao says that he shouldn’t be saying that because Koudai’s mouth is real swollen. Meanwhile Tori poops out the food it just ate, we see that pirate bug emerging from the poop (why isn’t she digested?) proclaiming revenge and world domination bla bla bla. Is this a start of a new revolution? A dog walks by stepping and crushing her in an instant. There goes a short-lived ambition.
Potemayo Special 3 sees an office worker woman, Inuyama, shopping at a convenience store to find Potemayo gesturing her. Of course she freaks out at first sight as she wonders what kind of animal is that. Furthermore, Inuyama has a history of not being good with animals, like being chased by dogs and other creatures. So this is kinda traumatic, isn’t it? But Potemayo is too short and wants Inuyama to help pick a chocolate bar for her. Inuyama does so and Potemayo is happy, waves goodbye and leaves. Once Inuyama leaves the store, she finds Potemayo being confronted with a cat and that cat steals her chocolate. Do cats eat chocolate? This soon becomes a nightly routine for them. Yeah, the cat steals Potemayo’s underwear in addition to her chocolate. Soon Inuyama has a reason to come to the store, to buy food for Potemayo and keep it company. Looks like she’s growing fond of Potemayo. But 1 night, Potemayo didn’t turn up even though Inuyama waited. She couldn’t wait no more and started to go home. Even the next night, Potemayo isn’t around. She wonders what could’ve happened to her. At the counter, to her surprise, the cashier starts to ask her if they could have dinner together. She agrees. Soon the 2 start dating. Later we find out that Potemayo was actually sneaking out at night to snack at the convenience store. Since she’s gotten a little too heavy, Sunao doesn’t allow her to sit on his head and forbids her to go to the store. Potemayo’s feeling sad that she’ll miss all those tasty treats. But in a way, don’t you think Potemayo’s midnight rendezvous is like a setting up for Inuyama and that store’s cashier? Yeah, a cupid in disguise, I’d say.
Potemayo Special 4 has Potemayo going her solo shopping again. Not to mention chasing that sweet potato truck again. On the way, she enters a PomPom Burger restaurant and meets a low self-esteem waitress. The shy waitress offers set by set in which Potemayo seems to agree to everything. Heck, there’s even a potemayo salad on the menu! Soon this attracts everyone’s attention as they start ordering. Because of that the waitress gets her self confidence and more people come to the store. Potemayo another saviour in disguise? Next day at school, Mikan notices Sunao eating PomPom burgers. Yeah, he had them last night too and will be having them for quite a while. As Mikan fantasizes about Sunao eating her bento, Guchuko comes by and snatches it away.
Potemayo Special 5 has more screen time for the other casts. It seems the school festival is near and Sunao’s class is all-fired up. Kirihara in his usual cheerleading outfit goes next class to spy on the class rep’s orders with Kaoru happily with a camera in hand. Kyou is doing some cooking when the 3 stooges and the class rep assistant, Yoshino, comes by to taste. Seems good but is Kyou hiding the fact that she used grasshoppers as ingredients? Guchuko steals and eats some hot dogs which prompts Yoshino to say Kyou owe them 630 Yen. Meanwhile Potemayo is horribly designing their class billboard (won 1st place as said by narrator?) and Sunao also did a similarly horrible job (won 2nd place too?). Yasumi is practising some lines from his play. Then Yoshino finds dead snakes and rats in her shoe locker. Typical Guchuko repayment, but this won’t cut it as she says Kyou still owe that amount. Later in the evening, their teacher offers to take them to the bath house as reward but you know Nene’s busybody brothers, right? So they have to go to Nene’s place instead. There, we see a boy who is fantasizing about Kyou but Nene’s brothers think he’s thinking something perverted on Nene. When he says that it’s another girl, they can’t believe he could think about any other girl besides Nene. Haih… After a relaxing bath, the gang heads back to school at night to finish the preparations.
The school festival starts in Potemayo Special 6. Sunao’s class is doing a cafe called Cafe Potechu. Their class rival is totally upset that it was just a normal cafe. But class rep tells him that they have a secret weapon. Why, it’s Potemayo in a maid outfit! Kawaii! She keeps tripping, though. But everybody loves it. Not only that. They have a second weapon too. Guchuko in a maid outfit! Kawaii! Since Guchuko is tasting the food she serves, Yoshino charges her 10 Yen while Potemayo is penalized 240 Yen for her tripping. As Guchuko cuts a customer’s straw, the rival class rep has said his umpteenth time how unfair all this is when Nene’s irritating 3 brothers knocks him away and makes their unruly entrance for Nene. As usual they’re being noisy and showing their unwavering support for Nene in a butler outfit. The last straw came when Nene is serving a customer only to be interrupted by the trio saying how cruel the customer to let Nene carry such stuff and dumps the order on the table. Nene gives them a good knock out punch. Meanwhile Tomari is on her way to the school festival and is hoping to catch Yasumi’s play. But when she reaches there, 2 guys mistaken her to be a boy so to make it up, they let her play a game. Tomari hits the target and wins tickets which allows her to enjoy free things at the festival. She’s really having a blast and enjoying herself.
A group of girls who are fans of Kyou are in estacy when Kyou allows them to take a photo of her in her butler outfit. I think Nene tries to poke fire with Guchuko when she tells her how she’s popular with the girls. But I don’t see Guchuko getting jealous or upset. Later as Potemayo and Guchuko are serving, they bumped into each other. Guchuko’s hairpin steals some food from Potemayo’s and in retaliation, Tori steals some from Guchuko. So they challenged each other by eating as much as they could. Yoshino charges them 840 Yen. Then a couple of boys wanted to visit the cafe because they think there are cute girls there but to their horror are being greeted by Kaoru in a lady outfit! Horrible! He grabs them in and they think this is all a scam. Since it’s the girls turn to take a break, the guys are now doing a cross-dressing cafe. Yasumi then passes by and gets snatched in too. Thing is, all the girl customers are crazy over Kaoru and taking pics with their handphones! Those boys must be thinking how they don’t understand girls. Then Sunao comes by in a maid outfit, trips and spills food on Yasumi’s table because he is without his specs. Then those guys think how cute he is and starts taking pics of it with their handphones. Now they’re just as weird. Potemayo is happy to see Yasumi and jumps on Sunao’s head, resulting him to fall over Yasumi. I think all the girls are yaoi crazy fans as they go wild over it, taking more pics. So when Mikan and the girls come back, Mikan gets a shock of her life to see Sunao on top of Yasumi! Kirihara (in his usual cheerleading outfit) then yells what the hell is he doing and decides to put an underskirt. With that, the girls go even wilder and take even more pics. I think Kaoru is taking pics of Kirihara… By the end of the day, Tomari goes home to show her family a goldfish she won but realizes she missed Yasumi’s play. The school is announcing the general popularity poll and it seems Sunao’s class won 1st place. Everybody rejoices. But that rival class rep is a total sore loser. Give it up, pal. In order to celebrate, Kyou tells the 3 stooges to prepare the ingredients but they told her that there is nothing left. It seems Potemayo and Guchuko has ate them all and are really bloated. Yoshino charges them the final bill, it has bloated up to 4000 Yen. Don’t ever organize and all-you-can-eat-buffet for these 2. It’ll be a losing business.
Overall, I think that this anime is just okay. I mean, the jokes and comedies are quite silly and enough to me laugh, but I feel that there are some elements which aren’t suitable for younger audiences. Like from those urinal jokes, bloody and slashing violence to little ecchi stuffs. The drawing, animation and art seems simple and the colouring feels ‘light’. So don’t watch this anime with high hopes for the art. Not that it’s horrible but I suppose it’s just suffice for a no-brainer anime. Just like the characters themselves. ‘Crazy and unique’ in a way. Poor Kirihara. Still Nene’s slave till the end. And even if Mikan didn’t get to say her true feelings, I think it’s better for them to stay this way. I kinda notice that the boy’s school uniform is quite close to a girl’s. So at first I thought all the characters were girls!
Both the opening and ending theme songs don’t really appeal to me. Katamichi Catchball by MOSAIC.WAV (yes, it’s the name of the band and not a filename) sounds fitting enough as an opener for a crazy show and the animation starts off with Potemayo doing some weird butt shaking dance. The end theme, Utatene by Chata is slower and more relaxed. There are several background music for this anime. Some of them are slow and easy acoustics while others have that fun feel. Yeah, I saw that the series’ album contains over 50 soundtracks!
In the end, I myself isn’t really sure what those chibi creatures are. The things they do and effects seem to defy logic and science. Perhaps I shouldn’t think so much. And I don’t particularly go swooning over them because I just think that they’re annoyingly cute. Fullstop. Nothing more than that. That’s not a compliment. But I guess without them, life wouldn’t be fun, won’t it? Or would it? I definitely don’t want to have one. Not even a Pokemon or a Digimon.

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