Princess Princess

April 2, 2010

It never occurred to me that Princess Princess was a yaoi genre anime series. Even if it was one, I considered it quite mild. What is all the fuss about being yaoi (loosely means gay) or not? Well you see, besides mecha genre animes, yaoi and yuri animes are also some of the few genres that I prefer to stay away from.
Perhaps after briefly skimming through the synopsis about high school boys cross-dressing and that there are some comedy elements, it didn’t took me long or any further convincing that I should give this series a try. Cross-dressing, you say? You must be thinking this series is about some sick otaku taking out his extreme fetishes. Nope. Nothing near that.
In episode 1, freshman Tooru Kouno is a newly transferred student during the middle of the term at Fujimori High School, which happens to be an all-boys school. On his way into the main gates, a girl in a frilly dress suddenly leaps out right in front of him. They stare at each other before she runs away after hearing calls of "Hime! Hime!" (meaning "Princess! Princess!"). As Tooru is being led by his homeroom teacher to his class, the teacher notes that it is too bad that he missed orientation and that he is quite pretty, leaving Tooru confused. When he enters class, all his classmates start blushing. The teacher introduces class rep Akira Sakamoto and hopes he will take care of Tooru. He is also introduced to Yuujirou Shihoudani, whom Tooru mistakes to be a girl at first. Since Yuujirou and Tooru will be living in the same dorm, the teacher puts him under his care. During recess Akira gives Tooru a tour of the school, Tooru notices how everyone has deep respect for Akira. After school, Yuujirou takes Tooru to the dorm and meet 3rd year student and dorm head, Isao Tsuji. They think of putting Tooru in the P-Room so they decided to go see Mikoto Yutaka. As he opens his door, Tooru and Mikoto are surprised to see each other because Tooru recognizes him as the ‘girl’ he saw this morning.
The quartet discuss things as Tsuji says that wasn’t Mikoto’s hobby but rather his job. Since this is an all-boys school, they need something that can enrich their dull lives. So pretty boys that everyone recognizes as exceptionally beautiful will be dressed like a girl. Currently Yuujirou and Mikoto are chosen and are known as Western Princess and Eastern Princess respectively due to their class rooms in separate buildings. So this cross-dressing thing is to enrich their lives? Why not change this to a co-ed school then? Tooru learns Mikoto was forced to do so because if he doesn’t, he will not earn school credits. Plus, this is an elite school with top grades in this area. Tooru feels awkward for this weird tradition. Don’t blame him. Anybody would. He doesn’t want to get involved so they explain that P-Room stands for Princess Room and is to protect the Princesses’ safety as regular students aren’t allowed inside. If this room is assigned to Tooru, it means that he is likely a Princess candidate. Yuujirou says he’ll know tomorrow in school since news spread fast and that tour with Akira was like advertising. Next day in class, lots of boys are peeking from outside Tooru’s class, 1-D. Tooru still feels weird at all this when Yuujirou comes in dressed as a girl. Then the boys come begging on their knees and plead for him to overcome the darkness in their school life. He gives a service smile, bringing happiness to them. Tooru feeling even weird, asks Akira to save him so the latter will help him in any way he can. Tooru feels relieved and hugs him, causing a slight commotion from the spectators. After school, Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto are being called by the student council president, Shuuya Arisada.
In episode 2, Arisada introduces the other student council members: Vice president Masayuki Koshino, secretary Takahiro Tadasu and treasurer Wataru Harue. Tooru is annoyed that all of them looks good. He thinks they’ve been selected due to that but they deny except for Arisada, surprising them. Plus, he’s an ex-Princess. Arisada explains they choose 1st years as Princesses because their bodies isn’t mature yet and that those chosen have to carry out their job for the entire year. He tells the benefits of being a Princess even if it’s a tough job, one gets to eat for free and everything one needs from books to stationery is take care of, free of charge. If there’s a conflict between a Princess’ job and class, they can have this absentee unrecorded. Plus, they can also do part time modelling and earn lots of cash from the photography club. Tooru upon hearing all this makes a total u-turn from his initial protest and is all for it. Yup, he accepts this Princess job instantly, upsetting Mikoto. It’s all about the money, eh? He chides him about his dignity of a man so Tooru says he has none since money is involved. See, what did I tell you? They learn Mikoto is against all this because he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea. The designer for the Princesses costumes, Kaoru Natashou, comes in and gets excited. He plans to design costumes for the Princesses’ announcement ceremony. Later the 3 Princesses bicker over cute nicknames they plan to call each other but dropped the idea.
While waiting for Natashou in the home economics room, Yuujirou and Tooru teach Mikoto how to smile via a queen’s smile. Natashou then comes in with the dresses so when the trio starts to undress, the other guys get embarrassed and tells them to change elsewhere because they have their own fantasies even if they’re all men. Just sick. The trio go see preparations of the stage and spot Arisada with Akira. Arisada mentions how Akira is the next student council president candidate, surprising him. They learn why people tend to be nice to Akira because he’s got a popular pretty older brother whom everyone admires and adores. Thus due to this influence, they looked up to him. He graduated when Akira just enrolled in. Akira realizes that all this may have been planned by Arisada. The next day, Arisada introduces the 3 Princesses during the ceremony and the crowd goes wild. The trio wave, sending the crowd into ecstasy and note that they’re all in the same boat now.
In episode 3, Arisada orders the Princesses to cheer for every club in school till the local preliminaries. If they refuse, their Princess benefits will be revoked. Not only that, if the clubs want to continue receiving their cheer, they have to keep winning. That means the Princesses may have to cheer them on till the Nationals! He’s even got a guidebook on how to go about cheering for the clubs. Mikoto is upset because he doesn’t want to go out in public dressed as a girl. The Princesses go see Natashou over their cheering dresses and it seems that guy has even designed costumes for all the rounds. Nurse for local preliminaries, cheerleading outfit for prefectural and bride wedding dress for the Nationals. You got to admit he’s very passionate about it. Very. Mikoto isn’t happy and throws a tantrum so Yuujirou tells him to suck it up so Mikoto thinks he hates him. Yuujirou agrees though later he says it’s a lie and rather he can’t help tease him whenever he sees him. The Princesses go around cheering, boosting everyone’s morale sky high. Mind boggling, eh? So theoretically would a sexy pin-up model do a better job? Back at the dorm, Mikoto wonders how Tooru could accept all this. His reply: "In Rome, do what the Romans do" because rejecting doing something you’re supposed to do won’t make it easier. So it’s best to accept and go along with what other people want.
Reports of the clubs suddenly winning their games come in. Wow. It’s really effective. Arisada has them go cheer for the baseball club’s game this weekend but Mikoto is still upset about the thought of wearing a girl’s dress in public. His argument with Yuujirou could’ve escalated if not for Arisada stopping them with his gentle but eerie tone. Anyway they still have to do it. No way out. Back in the dorm, the Princesses have a different bathroom all for themselves and several bouncers to keep sickos from peeping. After bath, Tooru talks to Yuujirou about why the latter loves teasing Mikoto. On match day, Mikoto is nowhere to be found. The duo search for him, believing he hasn’t left the school grounds. As they’re about to give up, they find him trying to put on a nurse outfit in the home economics room. It seems he was reflecting on Tooru’s words to try and do it on his own free will. The baseball team is losing badly and is giving up hope when the Princesses arrive and give their words of encouragement. A sudden turnaround as the baseball team makes a comeback and wins the match! Totally mind blowing. Back in the dorm as the Princesses are taking a bath, they learn they have to also cheer for several more clubs that have won their matches. That’s a good sign right? Depending on which side you’re looking at. Mikoto again is distraught that he has to go out and dress like that so a ‘friendly quarrel’ erupts.
Summer vacation arrives in episode 4 so the Princesses are holding photo sessions (part of Arisada’s plan) so that those loser boys who are going back for the holidays won’t be lonely as they will have pictures and merchandises to ‘comfort’ them during their absence. Don’t tell me their hometowns are filled with only men? Pure losers. When Mikoto says he’s going home to see his girlfriend, Tooru and Yuujirou tease about their weak relationship. Yuujirou asks if there’s a conflict between a Princess’ job and his girlfriend’s demand, which would he chose. Mikoto is indecisive so Yuujirou says if he doesn’t do his Princess job, he’s going to personally see his girlfriend. This means, Mikoto’s cross-dressing will be exposed. They continue to see tease him so Mikoto just runs off. Yuujirou receives a call from his mom asking him to return for his birthday but he refuses. Tooru wonders why so Yuujirou suggests they go pick up girls in the city. They discuss what kind of girls they like. While Tooru finds comforting ones appealing, Yuujirou likes those with big boobs. Hey, he’s a normal boy, right? At least they’re not gays. While talking at a restaurant, a couple of guys actually try to hit on them! That’s how pretty they are! Yuujirou gets annoyed for mistaking them as girls so Tooru takes him away. They give up and head back to the dorm.
Tooru tells him how his parents died in an accident so his uncle and aunt has been taking care of him. So he wonders if there’s anything that happened between Yuujirou and his parents. He tells his sad and cruel past whereby his dad died of an illness when he was young so he was always thinking how to support his single mum. Then in 4th grade elementary school, he found his homeroom teacher to be nice and kind. He tried hard to be a perfect student and eventually was favoured by him. One day, he was told to stay back in class. When the teacher came in, breathing hard, he patted his shoulders and asked if he could marry his mum. So they did and even got a little brother, Shinnosuke. Erm… So where’s the sad and cruel part? You thought he was shota raped, eh? Tooru is upset that there is no gloominess in his story like he had expected but Yuujirou says his family is happy without him as he feels like an outsider. He felt the teacher took his mother away from him. However Tooru feels Yuujirou created that distance himself. He wants him to try telling his mum what he thinks as nothing is going to change if he keeps avoiding them. Tooru’s words continue to comfort and encourage him so Yuujirou teases those lines are what lovers would say but they can only have platonic love and that pure isn’t that bad, prompting Tooru to tell him to stop his ‘advances’.
The Princesses continue their club cheering job throughout summer vacation in episode 5. After freshening up, Tooru felt someone is watching him. When they go back to the home economics room, they are shocked to see expensive roses strewn all over the place and dress. Akira quickly calls Arisada and the student council members to avert this being blown out of proportion. As the entire home economics room are on vacation, Arisada speculates that there is a stalker. But when Tooru relates that being watched feeling, Arisada orders them to temporary stop their Princess job. Back in the dorm, Tooru learns that personal presents aren’t allowed to be given to a Princess or else their room will be filled with them. Doing so would be a violation of the rule. Mikoto calls his girlfriend Megumi so Tooru and Yuujirou tease him again. However Mikoto can’t go see Megumi because he feels the current stalker situation may put her in danger. Next day, all the loser boys come back to the dorm to be the Princesses’ bodyguards. Like they need them. Tsuji shows them a bouquet of roses left at the doorstep this morning. The trio go see Arisada and their investigation doesn’t reveal anything much. Arisada relates his personal experience when he was a Princess about a guy who kept giving him presents and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So he gave him a firm ‘talk’ and he stopped. Don’t want to know what he told the stalker. So Arisada suggests if the stalker isn’t going to show himself up, the Princesses will be used as baits. Of course with bodyguards. Mikoto is eager to do this as he wants this situation to end.
They continue their support rounds but the stalker is no show. At the end of the day as they’re resting on the bench, they see a guy snapping pics of them. The student council members spring into action and pin him down. The stalker introduces himself from a talent scouting agency and investigated more on them after seeing them by chance at the baseball game. He got confused if they were from this school or not. He wants to make them top idols but the thing is he doesn’t know they’re cross-dressing! However he dismisses that he was the one who sent the roses. Just then, Natashou comes by to hand the Princesses each a bouquet of roses. Something about he didn’t have any image inspiration on their new dress designs. Since now he’s got them, off he goes to his designing. So he was the one who left the roses on their dorm doorsteps too. Yeah, stalker problem solved. As for the scout agency guy, Arisada and co take him away to have a ‘talk’ with him. Next day, Tooru and Yuujirou tail Mikoto so that they can see how Megumi looks like but a couple of guys start hitting on them so they lost him. This confirms it. They are THAT pretty to be mistaken as girls.
Summer vacation is almost over in episode 6 which means the cheering job is almost over. Though many clubs managed to get to the prefectural finals, the ‘good news’ is that they didn’t qualify for the Nationals. Phew. Arisada wants Akira to listen to details of activities for the new semester and looks up highly to the former legendary Sakamoto. But the student council members disagree and think Arisada too is comparable to that legend himself. Tooru and Shihoudani decide to pay a visit to Akira’s home in hopes of getting to see the legendary Sakamoto themselves and also possibly to ask help for their homework. When they arrive, they’re greeted by his polite and pretty sister. Tooru and Yuujirou argue if she is Akira’s younger or older sister but to their surprise he tells them she is his mother! Damn! In his room, a boy named Fuyuki comes in so Tooru and Shihoudani discuss who could this be based on their recent experience with his mom. Remember, can’t judge everything by their looks. So it’s down to either his brother or father. Actually, that is his little sister! Hah! Tomboy! The next person comes in so the duo have another round of in-depth analysis on this gorgeous person. Either that person is the legendary Sakamoto or his mother’s side grandma (WTF?! That’s going too far! But what the heck, it’s worth a shot). Answer: His older sister! Three wrongs in a row now. After the duo learn Sakamoto family consists of 6 people, this means the next person who come in may be his father or the legendary Sakamoto. A gorgeous bespectacled guy comes in so the duo need more time to think who this guy is. Since they’re taking too long, that person says he is Akira’s father. Then daddy and mommy proceed to get a little lovey-dovey in front of them. Why is everyone in this family isn’t the way they seem?! Strange, weird or normal?
Later when everyone gathers for BBQ, Tooru and Yuujirou are ‘upset’ that they didn’t get to see the legendary Sakamoto. Akira tells because he felt he is the normal one out of his family of pretty people, he got depressed. But after realizing that he was the one thinking strangely since nobody in his family rejected him and just needed to have more self confidence. Akira feels grateful that his pals came so they say they want to be friends with him too and has got nothing to do with his brother. As they practice calling each other their first names, suddenly the legendary Sakamoto, Haru, appears and seems a little uneasy. He suddenly goes over to Akira, gets emotional and hugs him in tears asking why he didn’t tell him that they’re having BBQ today. Akira says he left an SMS so he checks and finds it there. Tooru and Yuujirou can’t believe this person is the legendary Sakamoto and don’t feel that majestic kind of aura. Yeah, I wonder too. Then they conclude that because Akira is surrounded by amazing people, he may not stand out. They think he isn’t normal like his family members and he too is beautiful in his own way. Though he disagrees as compared to his brother, they feel that it’s because he picked the wrong person to compare. This episode is my favourite one in terms of Tooru and Yuujirou trying to guess Akira’s family members. I too tried to guess but got them all wrong.
The new semester begins in episode 7 and this means the loser boys coming back are happy to see their Princesses. Didn’t they see any girls back home? Maybe not. Yeah, they need that service smile to comfort their poor loser souls. The trio are being called by Arisada as their Princess job is to get even tougher this new semester starting with an opening performance by them for the chorus concert to work up the crowd. From Princesses to idols? Mikoto as usual is against it because he can’t sing. To find out how terrible he is, they go to the karaoke to test him out. Seems Arisada and co are there to have their own fun. Anyway Mikoto sucks big time that no amount of training could help. Thankfully we viewers have been spared what Tooru and Yuujirou have heard. So Arisada’s advice? Do your best. Yeah, they’re here just to have fun and the trio are all on their own. Back at the dorm, Tooru gets a call from his younger sister but doesn’t answer. Tooru and Yuujirou seek advice from Akira on how to improve Mikoto’s singing and I don’t know his idea of putting a bucket over his head would help. Not that I can see how but it’s sure embarrassing to Mikoto at least.
While doing a full dress rehearsal, Tooru’s sister, Sayaka (his cousin to be exact) comes by and is shocked to see him in such an outfit. She wants him to come back with her and won’t take no for an answer. Tooru says they can only see each other as brother-sister relationship but Sayaka says it’s her dream to be Tooru’s bride. Extreme case of onii-chan complex. Yuujirou butts in and lies that Tooru isn’t interested in girls and that he is going out with him. Sayaka isn’t convinced so Yuujirou proves it by kissing Tooru! The most yaoi part in this show! Everyone is in shock especially Sayaka who runs away when Yuujirou says he’ll continue if that proof wasn’t enough. Though shocked Mikoto misinterprets that they’re into that kind of relationship, Yuujirou’s intention was to get Sayaka temporarily off their back but warns Tooru he’d better be prepared when she returns once she has calmed down. Suggesting doing even that? Hint: A three letter word that begins with ‘S’. Tooru not too happy… Yeah, his first kiss stolen by a guy. On the day of the concert, I find the Princesses’ singing to sound odd but it doesn’t matter because the crowd goes wild and loves them even more. I don’t understand why after their act, Tooru and Yuujirou are reprimanding Mikoto for his reluctant-look poker-face but he replies it was too embarrassing and that he already played along. Something to do with the bucket? He wasn’t wearing it during the performance. Doesn’t matter since the crowd got worked up.
Tooru has lots on his mind after the recent event that has happened in episode 8. Yuujirou and Mikoto go talk to Akira so he thinks it’s best to be on Tooru’s side for now. The trio go do their Princess job and they notice how this job takes Tooru’s mind off what happened. The new director of Fujimori, Ryuuzaki, arrives at school since his father recently resigned. He is greeted by Arisada and co. Ryuuzaki spots the ‘girls’ and is taken aback so Arisada introduces them to him. He is shocked to hear of this since he never heard this from his dad and he only hinted them as ‘precious treasures’. Because of that, Ryuuzaki isn’t amused and plans to scrap this Princess system during the board meeting, much to Mikoto’s delight. But Arisada disagrees and thinks he is too hasty in making his decision and that he needs time to observe and learn this system which has become this school’s tradition. Ryuuzaki is being shown around by the Princesses. He asks them about how they feel about their job so Tooru and Yuujirou have no qualms about it. However he knows Mikoto doesn’t agree and tries to get him to disagree like saying how his grades have fallen ever since he became a Princess. Though Mikoto sheepishly says he’s fine with it. Later as the Princesses gather with Akira, they learn that Mikoto’s bad grades were due to calling his girlfriend every night so Yuujirou blames him if the system is scraped. Just then, the student council members decide to have Mikoto undergo intensive studying (since Arisada asked them to) and whisk poor Mikoto away. Hell begins now.
Tooru and Yuujirou (in their girly dress) gives Ryuuzaki another tour round school with Arisada. He observes how the other students accepted them naturally. Then a fight nearly broke out between the football and baseball club over the use of the field so the Princesses spring into action by settling the dispute with their warm smile and rational advice. Damn effective, I tell you. The guys actually start thinking about their actions and became friendly with each other. I think disputes all over the world should adopt this system. Arisada tells Ryuuzaki that the Princesses’ smile give everyone courage and that they’re the best medicine to cure the school’s tension. Before Ryuuzaki leaves, he asks Tooru and Yuujirou if they love their school and their reply is a resounding yes. Ryuuzaki meets the other board directors at a meeting and he is surprised that they have favourable views on the Princess system as they praise them that thanks to their existence, the school is peaceful and their reputation has risen. Furthermore, some of the board of directors were former Princesses, including the chairman! Pretty old guys… The 3 Princesses learn from Arisada that the board has decided to increase the Princess budget thanks to their efforts. He continues that after Ryuuzaki’s observation, he realized the necessity and importance of this system and negotiated with the board. The trio realized that this has been Arisada’s plan right from the start. Yeah, more money to spend on big events.
For the school festival in episode 9, Mikoto requests of not wearing his Princess outfit for 2-3 hours since he doesn’t want visitors like Megumi to see him in that dress. Surprisingly Arisada approves but will have them perform on stage even if they’re sick. After the opening ceremony, Arisada announces a special game programme and a special guest, Haru. Tooru and Yuujirou are shocked that he isn’t the childish guy but this time exuding lots of majestic aura wowing the crowd. Arisada announces the game’s rules whereby it’s like a stamp-collecting game and they have to obtain a total of 7 stamps from the 3 Princesses, 3 student council members and Haru. But it isn’t going to be easy as they have to ‘defeat’ the student council members and the Princesses can only refuse them twice. The winner with all 7 stamps will get 100,000 Yen prize. Before the game starts, Yuujirou’s parents and Shinnosuke pay him a visit, mistaking today as open to visitors. Yuujirou is surprised that they came and they said since he didn’t come home for summer break, they decided to go see him. Though they’re surprised in his Princess outfit, they accepted it. However Shinnosuke seems afraid of Yuujirou and cowers behind mummy. Soon the game starts and the loser boys are having a hard time getting stamps from the student council members because their challenges are too tough to beat like arm wrestling or arithmetic calculations. So in order to get the stamp, they have to make a donation and don’t need to beat them. Later as Arisada reveals that this is part of his plan to keep the prize money and donations since the winning rate is zero. Sly devil. As for Haru, nobody could get his stamp even if he’s willing because his majestic aura is too much for them to handle. Tooru peeps from afar and wonders about Haru’s change in personality. Then as Akira comes in, Haru suddenly changes to his emotional self. That’s why…
Later Tooru confronts Yuujirou and knows he hasn’t talked to his parents like he advised since the last time. Yuujirou doesn’t seem to want to talk with them because he thinks Shinnosuke hates him though Tooru thinks he’s just scared of his outfit and a very shy kid. Just then his parents rush over and say Shinnosuke is missing. Tooru tells Yuujirou to go look for him while he and Mikoto handle the rampaging losers. Though Yuujirou manages to find Shinnosuke, he starts crying at first. But he soon laughs when Yuujirou consoles and plays with him. At the end of the day before his family leaves, Yuujirou tells them that he’ll come back during the next vacation. Daddy starts crying because Yuujirou called him father. Shinnosuke seems to like him too and wants him to come home. In addition of wanting to be with him all times, Shinnosuke also says he wants to marry his ‘sister’! Though his family problem is solved, a new one cropped up. Does that kid even know what he is saying? I hope Shinnosuke doesn’t turn out like how Sayaka did.
Mikoto begs to Tooru and Shihoudani not to bump into him and Megumi during his break at the festival but promises will be back for the Princesses’ afternoon performance in episode 10. Initially they agree but after Mikoto says he doesn’t want Megumi to see them in their ‘strange outfits’, the duo get upset and are determined to bump into them. Mikoto greets Megumi at the school gates as she came with his elder sister, Makoto. Makoto leaves the duo together while exploring the festival on her own. While Tooru and Yuujirou are on their rounds, even outsiders are taken in by their beauty and follow them! So Akira disperses them by announcing the several activities in school. This prompts them to really think he is indeed the best candidate for the student council president. Megumi gets suspicious when she notices boys staring at Mikoto and calling him a princess so he gives those boys a warning look not to talk to him and takes Megumi away. Tooru and Yuujirou see Makoto getting hit on by boys but she is self sufficient and tells them off. They recognize how similar she looks to Mikoto and concludes she is his sister. She too notices their girly outfits and guesses closely Mikoto too wears them. Then the inevitable happens. Mikoto comes by with Megumi and to his horror sees his buddies with her. They greet her and think how attractive she is so Mikoto pulls them away to have a word. But Makoto is suspicious and wonders the kind of relationship they have so Tooru says they’re in the student council. Mikoto wants them to leave immediately as he doesn’t want them to see him in a girl outfit so they lied that they’re worried about bad boys would make a move on them. Mikoto then says a romantic parting line which is interrupted by Tooru and Yuujirou’s snickering.
The laughing duo go back to the student council room to change for their performance. Still laughing. They even tell Akira about what Mikoto said and even try to react that scene! Still can’t stop laughing! Even when Mikoto comes in, they continue to laugh like crazy! Megumi feels bothered if Mikoto and his pals are just mere friends since they’re pretty and he looked comfortable with them. But Makoto assures he has eyes only for her. Thinking that Mikoto is hiding something, Makoto thinks of staying to find out. At the hall, they see the Princesses doing a stage play. During the break when the Princesses go backstage, Mikoto gets the shock of his life to see Makoto and Megumi there. Since his secret is out, he freezes in shock. Makoto finds an empty room for them to talk while the rest waits outside. Megumi says how she won’t hate him if he dresses as a girl and loves him. When Mikoto comes out, he puts on the happiest expression that we’ve never seen before, even shocking Tooru and Yuujirou. It’s like he’s being reborn and his natural smile is shinning more beautiful than ever! Wow! What happened? At the end of the festival, Tooru and Yuujirou bugs Mikoto for details since they notice him so happy in a world of his own. That’s because he’s thinking back how Megumi passionately kissed him back then and told him to do his best. Yeah, like every guy needs that to recharge when they’re down. If Tooru and Yuujirou ever found this out, I bet they won’t stop teasing Mikoto ever.
The festival is over in episode 11. Back in P-Room, Yuujirou receives a mysterious letter but when he opens it, a blade cuts his fingers. Then he gets a call but the caller hangs up. Tsuji says it was a girl named Suzuki proclaiming to be Yuujirou’s cousin. Then he receives a heap of mail order packages though Yuujirou says Suzuki sent them for him. Mikoto gets suspicious and knows it isn’t what it seems so Yuujirou warns him no to tell Tooru about this. Instead, Mikoto tells this to Akira. Come Sunday when the quartet hang out in town, a couple of men starts harassing Yuujirou in a bad way. Luckily Arisada and co are there to step in to tell them to back off and follow them quietly or else (can crushing with a single hand enough to convince?). Back in the student council room, Yuujirou learns Mikoto and Akira told this to Arisada. Interrogation by the student council members reveal that those guys were being told to do so by an aggressive high school girl. Plus, investigations reveal that girl is seen wandering around the school grounds asking for info about Yuujirou. Tooru concludes that this must be Sayaka’s doing so Arisada has him to spill the beans. A flashback reveals when Tooru’s parents died when he was young, his uncle took him in so he and Sayaka were raised as siblings. As time passed, Sayaka became possessive of him and even got upset if he talked to his friends. The last straw came when Sayaka followed Tooru while talking to a girl classmate of his. After scorning her that Tooru belongs to only her, she pushes that innocent girl down the overhead bridge steps. Luckily she didn’t die but Sayaka and his uncle had an argument though Sayaka still insists it wasn’t her fault. That’s when Tooru began to think he can’t live with them anymore and decided to transfer school without telling Sayaka. Thus he became a Princess not because of financial difficulties but not to be a burden to be his uncle. Noting that leaving things like this will leave Yuujirou in danger as he’s being targeted, Tooru thinks of going to talk to her but the rest feels getting emotional won’t solve it.
The quartet further discuss things at the rooftop. Tooru mentions how he always treated her as his sister but Yuujirou notes that he may be playing the perfect brother but to Sayaka, he looks like the ideal man and thus had fallen in love with him. Furthermore it’s partly Tooru’s fault for not telling her properly his true feelings and yet he doesn’t really want to reject her. Tooru says they’ve been living together for so long that his uncle hoped they would both live together. Something which Sayaka is hoping for too. Thus the reason he doesn’t want to reject her directly is that he’s afraid of their relationship will collapse and doesn’t want to be alone again. The rest cheer him up by saying communication within family is vital and even if they’re always fighting doesn’t mean they hate each other. It’s ironic that Tooru could give advice to Yuujirou and Mikoto but couldn’t apply the same for his own. When they are about to leave school, they spot Sayaka at the entrance. She runs away when she sees them. They give chase till she is cornered at a cliff. She threatens to jump if they come any closer. I know many viewers would prefer to see that b*tch jump for all they care but remember, Sayaka is blinded by her emotions to see clearly.
The confrontation continues in episode 12. Sayaka as usual blames it on Tooru, still insisting he is hers and everyone else trying to steal him away. Yuujirou can’t take this and tells her off that she never thought of Tooru’s feelings. So when Tooru says he only sees her as a little sister, Sayaka replies she’d rather die. That’s when Tooru slaps her for saying that too casually. If she’s dead, they won’t be able to see each other, right? Then the inevitable. They both fell off the cliff. Thankfully they landed on soft cushion, in time and courtesy of Arisada and co. Sayaka tells her reason of how she became obsessed with Tooru but now understands his position. Tooru says he doesn’t hate her so Sayaka apologizes. Even if that’s over, Sayaka tells Yuujirou to take care of Tooru. Yeah, better dispel that before she really believes that they are into that. The next day in school, Tooru is in a dilemma because last night his uncle called him wanting him to return home to start again as a family now that Sayaka has reflected on her actions and calmed down. To stay or not to stay? Soon word that Tooru is leaving school spread throughout school. Mikoto of course doesn’t want him to leave because he’ll be subjected to abuse from Yuujirou. So that’s why. Just like Cinderella and her stepmom? While Tooru is still thinking and his pals trying to convince him to stay, the entire school gathers and pleads to Tooru not to leave or else they won’t be able to do this or do that. I was initially thinking how useless the guys were at first because they can’t do anything if they don’t have their Princess with them (like Natashou who won’t be able to design new dresses) but I’d settle for that it’s their way of showing that they care. Even if they are losers. Seeing everyone’s concern, Tooru decides to stay put, delighting everyone. With that, the Princesses continue with their job as with Akira with his student council work.
A happy solution for everyone, isn’t it? Well, even if Tooru decided to stay put and not go back to his uncle and Sayaka, it would be at least till he finishes his first year. Hey, only first years are to be made Princesses, right? Maybe after that, they’ll get new freshies to be replace the 3 Princess and those loser boys could restart swooning all over the new ‘girls’ once more. Then maybe Tooru would at least decide if he should go home. For now, things seem to be better the way they are. No need to rush about it.
Thankfully Tooru and Yuujirou’s relationship doesn’t constitute to anything yaoi fan girls would go gaga over. Not sure about Yuujirou, though. There may be little hints here and there but nothing conclusive. Otherwise they are just close friends. And since those 2 click pretty well together, it’s fun to see them tease Mikoto. I guess no matter how much he hates his job and complains, he still has to get over it. And Arisada, he sure looks cool and calm but every action he does definitely has an ulterior motive especially towards the budget. It’s no wonder he is the student council president. Natashou’s passion for designing dresses may be mistaken for being a pervert if he’s in the real world. Viewers may hate Sayaka for her selfish attitude but I’d say she was rather misguided after all the years she and Tooru spent growing up together. As expected with pretty looking boys, the drawing and art is more towards bishonen style (maybe except for those other loser unimportant school boys). But the drawing turns chibi-like during comical situations, turning handsome and pretty guys into cute and adorable boys. I noticed some of the background music especially the piano and strings give off that little ostentatious feel like for instance in a ballroom or an orchestra piece. A little pleasing to the ear, I must say.
Although Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto cross-dress as girls, somehow I find that they don’t really look like girls, in an androgynous-look sense. Perhaps it is the thought that they are boys in the first place (well, duh!). Even so, the trio look good in either gender if you look at it in a way. As for the other loser boys, it still bugs me to wonder if they are really homo or hetero people. I mean, they know the Princesses are boys underneath all those frilly dresses and it’s not like they have never met the opposite gender before. So when they all go cheering for the Princesses, is it as girls or boys? Don’t tell me they are bisexual? Are they in need of real girls that bad? Go see some real girls for a change. It still amazes me that a smile is all it takes to get them going and their spirits high. The point isn’t in the odd method employed but rather in its effective results. But nevertheless, see the importance of a smile?
So if you think that guys cross-dressing as girls are still gross, remember that back during those Shakespearean eras, female roles are all played by men. Well like they say, it’s not the outside that counts, but the inside (okay, maybe people like Haru one should think twice). Acceptance for a person for who they are is vital to build good and lasting relationship (like Megumi and eventually Sayaka). But heck, if you can look pretty and gorgeous on the outside too, why not? If I was good looking myself (you can stop laughing now), maybe I’d try out cross-dressing for the sake of world peace. Wait a minute, won’t that be just cosplaying? No matter how one looks, remember to put on your nicest smile.

Princess Princess
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