Prism Ark

July 15, 2011

After a long while, I thought it would be nice to go watch another fantasy RPG-like anime series. I don’t really remember how I chose Prism Ark. Probably it was the mindless web surfing or the eenie-meenie-mini-moe thingy for which series of this genre I should watch. Or maybe it’s the fanservice. Ah, what was I thinking. Anyway this series is based on the adult game of the same name. Ah, I see that’s where the fanservice comes in. I have not played the game before but I vaguely read somewhere that the adult contents of the game are quite explicit in nature. However, don’t get your hopes up in seeing explicit stuff in the adapted version. Or else you’d be sorely disappointed and be better off playing the game if you are really in for the horny stuff.

Just like in any fantasy RPG games or series, it takes time (at least for me) to learn and remember the names of the characters and places since they aren’t your typical John Smith and Mary Sue. What more their special weapons, techniques and other terms. Hah. I don’t think I’d ever manage to remember them when the anime ended. So in this world according to the anime, the first thing that strikes me was how similar the world map is to Europe. In fact, it is Europe! Just that the names of the countries have been changed. The country in focus is Windland. Say what? At first I thought it was Holland since you know, that place is famous for its windmills, like how they are abundant in this show. But why does it seem like occupying the spot for Germany? Oh, as for the other countries, I’m sure they’ll bring in some good laughter. Spain is Speen?! France is Frenchel?! Oh, they’re really making me laugh. What about this one: Italy = Victaly! Guess which country is Poleland? That’s no typo error! And how about United Kingdom? Untied Kingdom?! WTF?! Then there are rearrangements of some of the countries. For instance, Hungary is located above Speen while Denmark sits between Speen and Frenchel. This is one messed up world if you’re a purist in geography.

I couldn’t care less about the history and the war because you know, what good is an RPG anime without having long wars and everlasting conflict that brings pain, misery and suffering to the people. So the antagonist kingdom here is Sablum, which happens to be the Ottoman Empire if you know your history. They are attempting to take over Windland for who knows how long and with their huge deadly battle mechas known as Angels, if Windland doesn’t buck up, they’ll be another occupied territory under Sablum. That’s a no-no. So is there any hope for Windland to counter this threat from impending invasion? There is. The Rozenburg Knight Academy is established to train those future knights not only in swords but sorcery as well and protect the country they love. What were you expecting? A school on diplomacy? Who wants to see enemies talk it out when we all should know better this saying: Action speaks louder than words.

Episode 1
The series starts off a little confusing at first because it intertwines 2 different stories of different time line though they are connected. Unless you are familiar with the game (which I am not), you’d be scratching your head wondering what the hell is happening. So on one hand, we have the good guys, the knights, resting the night as they make their way against the final battle against Sablum. You can tell the hero, Hyaweh and the heroine, Priecia are lovers because they are spending quality time together and perhaps treating this as their last if they’d never see each other after the war ends. Of course not. Just kidding about the last bit. Suddenly their romantic moment is interrupted when they are being ambushed by the Sablum army, led by Sister Hell. Wow. What kind of cool baddie has this sort of cool name and a cool over-sized cross as her weapon? Hyaweh and Priecia aren’t just going to fight the entire army alone. Herald the other party members. Urm… Why aren’t they your typical RPG character class? Because they aren’t. Let’s see. We have the double sword wielding samurai girl, Karin Mibu who is also their instructor; the magical girl Fel who has very large awkward elven ears so much so you may mistake them for being bicycle handles; the miko priestess Kagura who is an expert bowmanship. Maybe they should have added a nekomimi girl too. Haha, just kidding. Yeah, we all know that the power battle of swords clashing and magic blasting isn’t going to end anytime soon so let’s go to the other part of the narration. Long ago, the future king and queen of Windland met when they were visiting some kingdom. Princea and her weak brother with an illness, Hans met Meister and they become good friends during their stay. Of course Princea and Meister soon take a liking for each other. Ah, the age of innocence. Till that damn war came. They had to leave. Hans and Meister promise to each other to become knights but soon that wish won’t be fulfilled because Hans’ weak body gave in and he died. Princea vowed to become a knight to fulfil her brother’s wish as she faces all sort of uphill challenges to successfully become a top knight and reunited with Meister again.

Episode 2
We see some leader of the Sablum Empire called Gerot talking to his subjects. He is revelling in his army hailing him when his mercenaries Sister Hell and Darkness Knight mock him he will never conquer Windland due to Meister and Princea’s legacy. He becomes infuriated about his failed spies in acquiring information about the Windland royalty. He summons Bridget to do the job once and for all. Back at Rozenburg, Priecia is being made to do some promo filming to recruit knights to the school. Yeah, sex sells. Just that, Kisarov, the headmaster of the academy and the current Duke of Windland is recording all that. I can tell what kind of amusing pervy character this Kisarov will be. Bridget disguises herself as a transfer student at Rozenburg. I can see why Gerot’s spies all fail him. Even Bridget is a goofball. After hearing rumours about the lost princess of Windland making her appearance at Rozenburg, Bridget starts thinking too much how this princess will look like and scares herself. In the hall as Karin gives her opening speech to the aspiring knights, Fel mistakes Bridget to be princess Priecia. Everybody starts getting hyped up to get to know her but Bridget starts freaking out. Hey, if she can’t even handle this, she isn’t cut out for bigger stuff. Just when she thought she is saved by the teacher’s intervention, the teacher too thinks she’s Priecia! She invites ‘Priecia’ up to the stage to do demonstrate some of her skills. Now she is in sh*t. The real Priecia meets Hyaweh outside the hall (she isn’t amused of Kisarov’s exaggerated ‘advertising’ on her). Hyaweh gets friendly with her and takes her hand as he drags her into the hall. Bridget is being such a wuss that everybody starts doubting if she’s the real deal. Everybody gets shocked when Bridget finally comes clean that she isn’t the princess they think she is. Karin has to intervene to fight off the wooden dolls onstage but Kisarov notices Bridget’s swift knife attack to take out a wooden doll when it threatened Karin from the back. But there are too many wooden dolls for them to handle so Priecia can’t stand it all and finish it all. Priecia points her sword at poor Bridget and is prepared to slash her for insulting her. But Hyaweh stops Priecia’s sword with just his mere fingers. She can’t even move or budge her sword. He insists that they become friends but Priecia is too emo to think rationally so she pulls back and continues attacking him.

Episode 3
The fight continues. Priecia’s attack is all over the place (not to mention damaging everything), but Hyaweh is able to dodge them all like a cool cat. Hyaweh persists that they get along and even praises her beauty. Well, that annoyed her even more. Shouldn’t every girl feel honoured to be praised by a guy even if she hates him? Priecia trips on a wooden doll and refuses Hyaweh’s help. She wants to attack again but is stopped by Kisarov, telling her that she lost. Hyaweh is made to give an opening speech and since he doesn’t know what to say, he accidentally rips Karin’s samurai skirt. Now it’s Karin’s turn to go berserk and rip the place apart. Why is she more bothered to slash that guy rather than putting some pants on? Doesn’t she feel embarrassed swinging her sword in her undies? Of course, till he points that out. Did Hyaweh survive that blast? Well, he was fast enough to dodge any sort of attacks, right? Later as Bridget is walking through the corridors, her mind is wondering if Hyaweh is the missing ‘princess’ of Windland. She bumps into Fel and learns that she is her roommates. Fel teases Bridget that she is interested in Hyaweh. Hyaweh experiences traps that could kill him wherever he goes in school. He tries to join Priecia during recess but she splashes her drink on his face after he compliments her fighting (took that as an insult?). After Priecia leaves, a group of 3 stooges (that’s what I like to call them), Aira, Massie and Orthy, pledge their loyalty to protect Priecia (because they really suck up to her – except for Orthy who thinks Hyaweh is cool too) but the princess tells them to bug off or she’ll kill them. Hyaweh thinks of skipping class when he sees a little girl in trouble with her book load. Turns out she is no little girl. She is Litte Ratus and is his homeroom teacher! Gosh. Another loli teacher. Hyaweh ends up getting her severe punishment: Holding water buckets. That is supposed to be severe? Later he gets a message from Priecia to meet her at the woods. But it was a trap by those 3 stooges to finish him off as they see him as a threat to their beloved Priecia. Yup, all those traps for him were set by them. They use their combo attack to finish him off. He manages to dodge the first two but he can’t for the last one. Priecia arrives in time to save his ass. She gives a stern warning to the stooges and sends them scurrying away. Don’t take it the wrong way that she’s grateful. Just that she doesn’t want anybody else fighting for her. Suddenly they are being swamped by knives. They are surrounded by ninjas. Oh boy. It’s rare to see this kind of character class. They fight the ninjas but the ninja boss, Chizakura takes on Priecia one to one. The ninjas retreat when they are greeted by a flurry of arrows from Kagura. Once the ninjas are gone, Kagura goes up to Priecia and hugs her.

Episode 4
Looks like Priecia has another annoying person to add to her list. Kagura becomes a stalker to her and watches her every move. Yeah, she is also a transfer student in her class to keep a good watch on her. Then during recess, she’s got Kagura on one side and Hyaweh on the other. Life is sure getting hard. We are also introduced to another 3 stooges, guys this time but are less goofy than their female counterparts. They are Acty Axel, Ein and Jung Von Ferdinand. Even if emo girl is quick to leave, Kagura follows her everywhere she goes and even inspects the toilet she is about to use! Priecia complains to Kisarov but the latter insists she came from afar to protect her. Yeah, it’s like everybody is going against her with Hyaweh telling her that Kagura saved her life. Hyaweh’s little sister, Filia comes looking for him so that guy has to abandon his talk with Priecia and ‘discuss’ with his little one. Filia has got this onii-chan complex so I guess it’s no surprise she is taking up a job as a maid in this academy in order to look after him too. With Filia temporary staying in Hyaweh’s room, Hyaweh has to sleep in the tower that Kagura is stalking Priecia. Next day, I guess he must have woke up due to Priecia’s b*tching over Kagura that the only way she’s going to accept her as her bodyguard is over a duel with their primary weapons and no magic allowed. Soon everybody gets to know about this match (the fanclub girls are real concern about it) as Filia thinks of making a welcoming party. Her cooking may seem horrible and unappetizing but after tasting it, it’s delicious! Never judge a book by its cover. Match day arrives and both ladies impressively start their attack while the other students watch and cheer them on. Bridget is waiting outside the battle hall and hoping to take advantage of the situation in good timing. But unfortunately, her bad luck causes her to misfire a spell and the building catching fire. Everybody evacuates except for Priecia and Kagura, still intending to finish their duel. When Hyaweh realizes both ladies are still inside, he rushes back in. Priecia accidentally injures Hyaweh’s shoulder when he tries to stop their fight. Karin arrives to put out the flames with her fire spell. That’s what you call fighting fire with fire. Everyone is relieved to see the trio emerging out from the building. Karin slaps him for being reckless and will have everyone punished. Including the spectators. Later as everyone is cleaning the academy, Kagura admits that she lost but Priecia says the match wasn’t finished. Kagura will continue to watch Priecia but from a distance and give her some space. Priecia thanks Hyaweh for saving them.

Episode 5
We begin with a little history lesson. 16 years ago, the king and queen of Windland, Meister and Princea were travelling with their baby daughter when they were ambushed by Angels and went missing. Currently the throne is empty but Kisarov is temporarily heading it as the Duke. Later Kisarov announces a Prism Exam dubbed Puriken whereby the aspiring knights will take an exam to advance to the next level. Priecia trains with Karin but gets a sound beating due to her weakened heart. She gets chided for trying to protect her silly pride and as long as her head isn’t clear, she’ll never master her sword. After all that emo talk, it’s good once in a while she gets a taste of her own medicine. Later the 3 stooges discuss with Fel and wonders if Hyaweh is at fault for losing her concentration. They think she may be in… Love? Nah… Well, up to you to think because that night, Priecia’s thoughts are filled with Hyaweh and can’t concentrate on her training. Hyaweh is taking a midnight stroll and meets Fel. She teaches him how to use the Prism power. That is, you have to feel it from the bottom of your heart. He also learns the reason why she is making a giant snowflake magic due to a promise to visit her friend’s country and watch the snow together once she masters it. Soon he remembers his initial promise he had. He goes to Priecia who is still having troubles with her practice. He tells her how to use the Prism like what Fel told him and also about the promise he made. Flashback reveals young Hyaweh and Filia were happy playing together when an Angel started attacking them. He asserted his will to protect Filia but was hopelessly thrown back by the Angel’s force. That’s when Darkness Knight swiftly steps in to destroy the Angel and left Hyaweh his dagger. That’s when Hyaweh resolved to become someone who has the power to protect. Priecia notes how similar he is to Kagura as they both laugh. She proclaims from today, he will be her rival. She resumes her training and is able to pull off a superb move. Woah! She blasted a hole through the waterfall! Next day Priecia and Karin have their rematch. Priecia wins after pulling off her Mirage Rush move. Karin is satisfied with her progress. Soon the Puriken come and go. Everyone passes except for the 3 stooges. Remedial classes!

Episode 6
The gang head to the town to relax since they earned a day off. In town, Hyaweh and Priecia got separated together but that didn’t stop the rest from having fun. A funny part was how the girls heard ambiguous lines from the duo in a tent. They think they’re doing something immoral when the tent inside itself is pretty cramp (use your imagination). It gets worse when they stumble out in a compromising position. Kagura fires her arrows so the duo flee. They come into contact with Acty who is acting like some pimp and the big customer turns out to be Kisarov. Priecia isn’t happy when they think they’re on a date so after arguing, she storms off with Hyaweh. After getting ice cream from a suspicious looking vendor, they spend more time together. Priecia’s face turns very red when Hyaweh licks ice cream off her face. Then they talk about their country and protecting it. Priecia mentions about wanting to go to the beach next time because she has never seen the ocean before (seriously?). Hyaweh promises to take her there and notices a clock around her neck as she explains it is from her parents and considers it to be very important. Their nice time is interrupted when they are surrounded by ninjas. With the watch, they are pretty confident she is the missing princess of Windland. Hyaweh fights the ninjas but Chizakura has got Priecia hostage. He throws a poison knife at Hyaweh. I’m wondering why he didn’t dodge that. He passes out and Chizakura escapes with Priecia in his clutches. Hyaweh wakes up to the sound of his sister calling him. The other girls have found him and are being told what happened to Priecia. Filia rushes back to the academy to alert Karin (in the midst of training those stooges). Kagura pulls out some charm that allows them to track where Priecia is. Hyaweh catches up to Chizakura and they fight. Hyaweh’s determination to save Priecia has him unleashing a powerful energy ball which turns into his angelic sword, Ala-Gladius. Chizakura couldn’t understand the attributes of Hyaweh’s sword and I guess he took too long so the backup Karin arrives to rescue Priecia and do a little skirmish. Chizakura escapes seeing he can’t win this. Bridget goes after the ninja as she recognizes him as one of her allies. She sees Chizakura reporting to Darkness Knight. The latter kills him for his failure. Bridget is confused and shocked at what she saw but quickly escapes when Darkness Knight senses her presence. In the carriage, Priecia looks forward to Hyaweh’s date in bringing her to the beach. But as soon as he mentions about bringing everyone else along, she gets upset and slaps him. He is so dense and oblivious, she is so tsundere and emo.

Episode 7
The knights will undergo their first real mission. A seemingly dangerous one too because it is to defend a fort at a border between Windland and Sablum. What are the chances of a newbie knocking on death’s door? However Hyaweh’s mind is confused, his heart wavering. Why? Yesterday when Priecia offered to walk him back under her umbrella, after he apologized for the other day (that beach date thingy lah) she asked him if he liked her. He said yes. Her reply was: She hates him! WTF?! Then she storms off. WTH?! Something bugs me. When Priecia popped that Hyaweh seemed very shocked like as though he didn’t see this coming. And I thought he was all the while praising her so it must have occurred to me that deep down in his heart he must’ve liked her. And Priecia’s dishonest attitude makes it even worse and gives more fuel for guys to say “Women. Can’t understand them”. So back in reality as everyone boards the vehicles to their deaths, oops I mean, first mission, Hyaweh is so troubled that he didn’t even notice Fel’s greeting. And why is Filia joining the troop? I thought she was just a school maid? On the way, Bridget feigns sickness because she can’t bear the thought to fight her own comrades. Upon arriving at the fort, Karin is reporting back when a fallen soldier comes knocking on her door. She realizes they have been ambushed and that the fort has fallen into Sablum’s hands. The Sablum army charges ahead as the rookie knights try to fend for themselves. Karin gives orders to retreat but Priecia refuses to obey and wants to go rescue soldiers she thinks are hurt and trapped inside the fort. Both ladies have their ideals clashed as a knight. Their debate is interrupted when a giant Angel descends from the sky. Furthermore, its cannon blaster is damn powerful and could probably blow up the whole mountain. This doesn’t stop Priecia to charge at the Angel. At this point, I think she’s just being stubborn. Not heeding Hyaweh’s call to retreat for now. What is there not to understand? Want to make her last stand and show off being a heroine? The Angel recharges and is about to fire another shot. Priecia unleashes her Glow Rush move. However it wasn’t effective as the blast disperse into several smaller shots and rain down on her comrades below, injuring some of them. See, whose fault is it? Hyaweh rushes over to pick up Priecia who has been hit by the Angel’s cannon. The Angel aims point blank at them. At that point, Hyaweh uses his Ala-Gladius and easily destroys the Angel via beam of bright light. Woah. He should’ve used this from the start. Soon he collapses. Litte recognizes the sword as it is also known as The Angel Slayer.

Episode 8
Everyone returns to Rozenburg. Karin apologizes over the failed mission but Kisarov is interested in Hyaweh and Ala-Gladius. Though Hyaweh is injured and recuperating in the infirmary, he is sleeping soundly (that’s a good sign, right?). Priecia is about to visit him when she overheard Karin and Litte talking about how that move could seriously endanger his life. If it isn’t enough trouble already, Priecia felt guilty over her actions and ran away from the academy. In town, she gets into more trouble when a couple of thugs try to hit on her and she didn’t fight back. Pimping Acty tries to save her by turning into some masked crusader but his own blunder took himself out. Fortunately, a passing nun, Theresa saves her from being raped (they weren’t out to rob a cutie, right?). Priecia wakes up in a Theresa’s church. She goes outside to see her tending her tomato garden. Priecia wants to thank her but Theresa ignores her, thus pissing her off and returning her b*tchy emo attitude. Apparently Priecia has never eaten a tomato before so it was quite funny when she asked how to eat it. Step 1: Put tomato in your mouth. Step 2: Bite and swallow. Simple! Duh! She finds it delicious and over the next few days, Priecia helps Theresa plant tomatoes as gratitude. However the tomatoes she plant aren’t growing well so Priecia is a little frustrated. Theresa advices her about several factors for the tomato to grow well, in which can be applied to life as well. Too bad Priecia had to squash the poor tomato in the end (wasted). Theresa’s words echo in her mind and sound somewhat similar to Karin’s about her foolish pride. Theresa walks away so Priecia now becomes emotional and starts wondering what the hell she’s been doing all the while. I can think a lot of bad moves. Meanwhile her friends at Rozenburg are worried of her disappearance and goes all out to search for her. Later, Priecia follows Theresa to town. Theresa pays a visit to several orphanage kids and gives them her harvested tomatoes. The kids are fascinated with this ‘weird’ woman Theresa is and proceeded to play knight with her. Seems fine, only thing is Priecia is the monster. I think it fits her personality. As the ladies are to part come evening, the little orphan girl hands a prism cross as thanks. However Theresa remembers some traumatic memories and hits it away, hurting the girl’s feelings. Now it’s Priecia’s turn to give some lecturing but Theresa can’t accept it still and runs away. Priecia promises the girl that she will give the cross to her on her behalf. Back in the church, Theresa relives those horrifying memories (capsules filled with hideous life experiment?). Priecia interrupts and wants her to take the cross and continues her lecture. Who is being the hypocrite now? So Theresa tells her back she’s just being naive. Back at Rozenburg, Hyaweh wakes up and the first thing he said was Priecia’s name. I guess he can’t really stop thinking about her.

Episode 9
The gang are making headway in their search for Priecia. Kisarov gets a visitor: Echo. She has been spying in the Sablum Empire as Gerot’s harem. Yeah, that guy is so sloppy, she could’ve chopped his head any moment. Now is it really a wonder why his spies and security fail him. How can that guy ever best Windland? Kisarov and Echo’s talk reveal several details like when the king and queen of Windland disappeared 16 years ago, Hyaweh and Ala-Gladius mysteriously appeared (did they came crashing down from a comet?) so Kisarov raised him and thinks the events of his appearance is to slay the Angels. They also talk about Tempelritter (a powerful army unit commanded by Judas in which Karin was part of) to rid of heretics against their God. Sablum then were kidnapping and housing children and Theresa was the head of the conspiracy. Theresa abandoned her faith when she saw children being used as experiments and even killed them. Tempelritter attacked her church though she was believed to be dead, she actually had fled. No further details are known as Tempelritter holds information on that night tightly. In present time, Hyaweh finds Priecia outside the church garden as they talk (I thought she hated him) while Karin enters the church to find Priecia. She recognizes Theresa’s voice and is surprised she is alive. She won’t forgive her for what she has done but Theresa remains calm and cool. Karin wants to fight her but Theresa doesn’t wish to. So I guess Karin was being persistent that made Theresa transformed into… Sister Hell. Hey, she has her own henshin sequence! They both fight but Karin is no match. She could’ve been killed if Priecia and Hyaweh decide to finally stop listen and campur tangan. Since Hyaweh still hasn’t recuperated, Priecia takes her on. Priecia is having a hard time too but after some encouragement from Karin, she uses her Mirage Rush to turn the tables. If Sister Hell was caught in that blast, how come her outer clothes were only ripped? Priecia refuses to kill Sister Hell and is about to hand over the cross when an explosion rocks the church. It’s Darkness Knight and he wants to see Ala-Gladius’ power. He is disappointed when Hyaweh can’t seem to make it work like he did previously. Priecia charges but gets slammed away. He spots her time memento and experiences flashes of memories of Meister and Princea (I think I know who this guy is now). Hyaweh pulls out a dagger and stabs it in Darkness Knight’s head. Morning comes, Darkness Knight and Theresa are gone. Hyaweh hands Priecia the cross and says Theresa told him for her to hold on the cross for now and will accept it from her someday. Their friends arrive to pick them up.

Episode 10
Suddenly after all that potential build-up, we are returned to some school cultural festival thingy at Rozenburg called PNP (Prism Night Party). Apparently Kisarov wants to have fun too. Work hard, play hard. Hyaweh’s guy buddies are pestering him about details if he might do anything ‘adventurous’ with Priecia but he denies doing anything or even kissing. Priecia overheard this and is very annoyed and gives him the cold shoulder. Yeah, she even has thoughts about kissing him. Trying to practice kissing herself via mirror in the toilet? Everyone discusses about PPP (Prism Prince and Princess). Think of it something similar as your prom king and queen. Since the attributes to become PPP differ every year, this makes everyone have a chance to get the coveted crown. Filia makes a giant banner as preparation for the festival. She really is looking forward to be the princess and her brother the prince. Why is he staring at her ass? Is he developing into a lolicon? That night, Hyaweh practices with Ala-Gladius but totally fails. He encounters Priecia and that girl wants to settle their fight in another duel. Can’t she just talk things out? Apparently not. Must be one of her emo pride swings taking effect at this moment. Kisarov interrupts their petty moment and mentions that this year’s PPP theme is acting. Hiring Fel as the director, Kisarov and Fel proceed to put up some lame acting ‘preview’ of a play which is a twisted combination of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Furthermore, there must be some sort of ‘action’ in it as they demonstrate of getting beaten up whenever the prince and princess meet. Annoyed Priecia is obviously uninterested in such a stupid play and no matter how much Fel tries to explain and make it juicer, she isn’t moved. Till she mentions about the last part whereby the prince and princess will kiss. Priecia makes a total u-turn and forces Hyaweh into joining the competition as part of their duel. Priecia will have to face competition too as their other pals also crave to have the PPP title (some wanting to kiss Hyaweh like Filia and Orthy and some wanting a year’s worth of meal vouchers like Kagura and Bridget).

Episode 11
The festival begins and the battle to obtain PPP is explained. It is some sort of free-for-all and battle royale for the guys and girls to obtain a breastplate each, put them on and then rush to the love stage in order to become PPP and the lead protagonists for the play. The rush for the breastplate begins and it is every guy and girl for themselves. Aira and Massie cling onto Priecia’s leg in an attempt to hold her back because they reason she is a real princess and want her to give them a chance to be one. Like she cares when kissing is the ultimate prize on the line. Everybody turns on each other and even the teachers like unscrupulous Karin and Litte are also in the race desperate to obtain the breastplate. The breastplate keeps flying into different hands (like Priecia pulling off her Mirage Rush on everybody). Filia is excited and tells Hyaweh that she will be the first person to have his kiss. Staying true to the ‘prophecy’, the male breastplate lands in Hyaweh’s hands like as though it fell from Heaven. Now all the ‘zombie’ guys are targeting him. The female breastplate falls into Priecia’s hands and it seems her ideal plan is going in the right way. Now Hyaweh has to carry her to the stage but they are swamped by other desperate students. In the confusion, it is Hyaweh and Filia that ends up wearing the armour on the stage! How disappointing for Priecia. That night everybody prepares for the play. The other friends are given other minor roles. Filia notices Priecia’s feelings so just before the play starts, Filia swaps her role with Priecia. Can she learn her lines fast? Don’t worry, Filia is nearby to feed them to her. The play starts and you wonder if it’s part of the script or just fumbling (like how Hyaweh tripped and exposed Priecia’s breastplate and thus her bra). Then comes the much anticipated final scene in which Hyaweh must kiss Priecia to wake her up. To everyone’s disappointment, he kissed her forehead. It was enough to wake her up but Priecia too is pretty irritated, asking him if he really loves her or not. Hyaweh confesses that he loves her and they both kiss, much to the crowd’s delight. And you know, that love speech isn’t in the script. This means they aren’t acting, right? Kisarov must be damn proud of this masterpiece. As everyone onstage takes a bow, Bridget realizes that she has been caught up in the party and fooling around too much and decides to resume her snooping. Outside Hyaweh’s room, she spots Litte inside and reporting to Judas that Hyaweh is no doubt the one.

Episode 12
Kisarov announces a special graduation duel between student representatives of Hyaweh and Priecia that will be attended by Judas in episode 12. Filia pecks Hyaweh on the cheek before the match, shocking everyone. Hyaweh and Priecia face each other in the ring and will settle their long outstanding dues. Though we won’t see how the match proceeds, in the aftermath, seems Priecia has won the match since she has been given the ultimate prize as a Royal Guard. Their other friends too graduate and are being assigned to other divisions like Bridget a spy in Sablum (how ironic) and Hyaweh personally has been asked by Judas to join his Tempelritter. That night as Priecia gets ready for the dance party, Kisarov wonders about her feelings for Hyaweh. She gets flustered and brushes it off but he says it’s nothing to be shy about because he knows about it and this may be her last chance to see him. Obviously why not since her tsundere character is very obvious. At the party, Hyaweh accidentally spills a drink over Judas’ clothes. Karin wants him to apologize but Judas is okay with it. Hyaweh is ‘saved’ when Priecia decides to take him along with her. Outside in the woods, it must have become some sort of trend that every time these 2 talk, it wouldn’t be complete with you-know-who trying to start arguing. Hyaweh compliments her beautiful dress but she thinks he is into more of artificial beauty (just shut up and listen to him, will you!). Continuing her accusation that he is the same like everyone else, he’s into her because she’s a princess, bla bla bla, they ended up struggling, fall off a cliff into the water below. Perfect chance to kiss. Oh why not? She can’t talk with water in her mouth. It’s the perfect chance to ‘shut her up’. After they surface and dry themselves, Priecia still isn’t going to believe it but Hyaweh plays it cool and even so will always be by her side. This is when Priecia trusts him enough to tell him her biggest secret. No, she’s not pregnant. She is the daughter of Kisarov and has been raised as a princess as a substitute princess ever since the royal couple went missing. The real princess is still missing. So her reason for putting up this tsundere attitude and not being able to love anyone is to prepare for the day to become the ‘real’ queen and lead and give hope to the people of Windland. Yeah, it’s a big responsibility. Thus the reason she came here to say farewell to him. Hyaweh thanks her for sharing this as she hugs him after finishing her teary story. He asserts that he loves her and enjoys doing everything with her (including the arguments?) but will always be with her as her knight. They kiss again. That is number 3.

Meanwhile Litte is seen talking to Judas (Bridget so good in eavesdropping as usual – but this time she gets caught). She is against his plan to attack the academy tonight since he already has obtained Hyaweh under his wing. Judas says that he isn’t interested in taking over Windland but rather wants to see Hyaweh unleash the true powers of the Ark. An Angel comes crashing into that castle that sends everyone into alert and evacuation mode. Kisarov tells Karin to take care of the students as he has a score to settle. Part of this invading army is Darkness Knight. He is searching for Hyaweh wanting to settle a score with him but is faced with Kisarov instead. Kisarov knows Darkness Knight is Meister and the latter is having difficulties trying to remember his memories. Both sides lunge forward to each other. Meanwhile we see Gerot in panic as he is unaware of this unauthorized attack as he is facing some interrogation of bald sages. They are worried that this will threaten their goal of becoming Gods. Princea is seen to be unconscious in a capsule. Hyaweh and Priecia fight their way through as Kagura covers for them. Hyaweh and Priecia hold and use Ala-Gladius together as a bright light is emitted from the sword. I’m not sure if its power is kept in the satellite hovering over the planet. They transform into some legendary being called Megido (I thought it was some sort of blue Ultraman) and easily beats the crap out of the enemy. Judas is happy to see the legendary power unfolding before his eyes while the rest watches the blinding light. Kisarov has defeated Darkness Knight and feels that there is still hope. Priecia’s feelings for Hyaweh completely changes as she believes they will always be together. In the aftermath as Hyaweh and Priecia lie unconscious on the ground but hand in hand, Sister Hell stands close by noting how the next battle will start and will one day fulfil her promise and thus should sleep for now with her loved one.

Finland Is Not On The Map. Otherwise This Series Will Be Finish!!!
If this is how it ends, then it is extremely disappointing. It felt like the whole series wasn’t about trying to prepare for the war against the Sablum Empire, it felt more like a high school life only with a fantasy twist. I mean, we see a big chunk of the story of the knights in the academy like training and the last few episodes having some sort of fun school cultural festival. We have the first episode which seems promising enough but at the end as we all have seen, it doesn’t even come close to that scene. Which means, that a lot of fight scenes have been cut out. The ones shown here are just average, some close to ridiculous (yeah, that satellite one) and could have been better though some are worth the part like Hyaweh’s short bout with Darkness Knight. The flow of the story isn’t smooth in the sense of the pacing and the characters like Sister Hell and Darkness Knight’s appearance were somewhat staggering, appearing here and there. The way it ended on a hanging note probably means that if the producers ever wanted to continue the series, they could pick up from there. But you know, it’s been several years already since this series came out back in 2007 and I don’t hear any sequels about it. After some interesting build-up at the end, it leaves much to be desired especially some of the characters and the plot. If I didn’t go do a little brief reading up of them, I wouldn’t have understood the implications of it all in the end. Like how those bald sages and Judas intend on becoming God by obtaining the power of the Ark and that Meister became Darkness Knight when he somewhat lost his memories and his cursed helmet is partly to blame for his altered personality.

I’m sure everyone would agree with me that the most annoying character in the series isn’t the 3 stooges but Priecia. It’s like she has a problem with love. Oh wait, maybe she does. One minute, she is hot, the next she is emotional. Typical tsundere. It feels like her attitude is even more overwhelming than the threat of the Sablum Empire. And why take it out on Hyaweh? Thank goodness he is a patient, friendly and understanding guy. If he is one of those hot-headed people, the argument could’ve been worse. Over the series, I was hoping to see the change in Priecia from her moody emotional swings and even her cold and unfriendly attitude to one that we first see at the start of the series. I nearly gave up and thought that she is born like that till the final scenes. Each time she goes into her irrational fit, I felt like strangling her. Maybe I shouldn’t blame her entirely. After all she is a teenager at that age whereby she’s experiencing raging hormones and rebellious nature. She knows she has to shoulder a huge responsibility for her Windland people when she ascends the throne. But I’m glad she gradually accepts her friends (like Kagura) and love though it is too late by the time the series has already ended. Hey, it’s better than never, right? This series is too short to see Hyaweh’s character grow. We just know that he can use his Ala-Gladius and ultimately that Megido power but whether or not he can fully control and master it is still a mystery.

Kisarov is another amusing character because of his dramatic speech (going high and low like as though he’s practising for an opera) and sometimes his weird poses while talking. He may be goofy and pervy but he proves he is still a force to be reckoned with when the time calls for it. Bridget’s role as a dojikko brings somewhat the comical factor to the series. It makes you wonder how she ended up becoming a spy when she spends more time goofing and flopping her spying missions. The information that she sends and reports back to Gerot isn’t that useful either. In short, she’s a complete idiot. Other characters like Filia, Fel, Kagura and Karin became just secondary and I feel they don’t play major roles that made an impact in the series. Minor characters like the 3 stooges (both the guys and girls) become even more minor as they only provide comic relief, which is probably the only thing I would look forward to considering the way this series is going. And as said because of the short length of the series, other casts aren’t flesh out enough like Judas’ late appearance and his probable potential role as an antagonist. Though we have some past events like Hyaweh’s advent and will to protect, Theresa’s haunting memories and clash with the Tempelritter explained, it isn’t enough to do much justice. So in the end, Windland is still with war with Sablum and that useless Gerot is still heading his throne.

If you’re wondering about the fanservice, it’s really nothing that impressive. Sure we have panty shots, cleavage close-ups and bouncy boobs but I think you can be easily distracted by the other stuff like the comical antics and oh God… Priecia’s tsundere. And if the mid-intermission is their idea of adding extra fanservice, then it would be such a disappointment either. Except for Sister Hell’s one that comes close to just passable, it doesn’t feel anything near to satisfying and felt just like mugshots of the characters. Maybe the ending credits animation with the female characters in their swimsuits at the beach should be enough? I guess if you want something more hardcore, just play the game. The drawing and art are just okay and nothing ground breaking. I notice and found out that some of the seiyuus take on several voice roles in the show. But since they don’t do any differentiation with their voice and their other role, it sometimes confuses me and makes me wonder if those characters are the same. For instance, Yu Kobayashi did Aira and Jung and since I’m familiar with her voice (after hearing all those ‘crazy’ roles, I think I should know how she sounds like even if she doesn’t even start screaming her head off), I started wondering if they were siblings or even the same character but putting on a different appearance.

I read some viewer comments that this series isn’t really being faithful to the game version and the adaption was just terrible. But who am I to complain since I haven’t got the slightest interest to go check out the game or even bother to play a demo of it (if there is even one). In the real world, if there is such a b*tchy woman like Priecia around in the defence unit, I’m sure there’ll be lots of other problems that will come with it. Do you want to have somebody like her in your troop? Well if she changes for the better quickly then it is okay but after seeing how long it took her, I’m having second thoughts. It’s very important and a great morale booster to have a head of a country leading his/her army into war. And sometimes it isn’t how big your army and all it takes is just the right person. Even so, to borrow a line from somebody who said this: “You can have the best army in the world but still lose the war”.

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