Prison School OVA

June 3, 2016

After the successful and very interesting TV series, it is not surprising that I was really looking forward to Prison School OVA. I thought it would be another one of those episodes taking place somewhere in between the TV series or a random unrelated story but this OVA takes place exactly after the boys have been freed from prison, cleared of their guiltiness and the USC being sent to prison in return for their heinous crime. If you think that there wouldn’t be anything more interesting after the boys are finally free, then you’d be in for a surprise.

Mad Wax
We see the USC getting a taste of their own medicine being ‘abused’ by the real student council. Kate outrages Mari’s modesty. Meiko and Hana come to her defence but Mari doesn’t want them to do anything that will provoke them and prolong their sentence. However Kate fires back that she is the one to say because wasn’t she doing the same kind of treatment to the boys? Therefore she is the lowest person ever and they are the ones recognized as prisoners by the chairman.

Our boys are enjoying their freedom. Kiyoshi can’t help think of the steamy kiss with Hana which is freaking amazing! But remember, he has Chiyo… She wonders if he is okay with the dark truth never revealed to the public. Kiyoshi honestly doesn’t care about it anymore and he is more worried he got Chiyo into this mess especially her sister who is now in prison. Because Kiyoshi’s hands are injured, he can’t feed himself and Chiyo does this on his behalf, sending jealous rage to the other guys. But Shingo can’t stay in the jealous pack because he has got Anzu to do the same. And Andre too. He has got his own ‘mini harem’ as the girls find his fat body amusing and do not hesitate to take a punch! Bliss for the masochist! Gakuto can’t take anymore of this so he leaves for the library to find haven in his Three Kingdoms. That is where he meets this girl, Mitsuko Yokoyama. She shares the same Three Kingdoms interest. Gakuto starts panicking if all this is a trap because why is a girl being so nice to a guy who has infamously soiled his pants? He even has doubts shaking hands with her. But then she whispers she also soiled her pants before and understands his feelings. Though, that was in kindergarten. And so it is a start of a beautiful friendship. Gakuto gets a first taste of how klutzy she is when a chain reaction of accidental events in the library that involves the shelf falling down causes her panties to come off! Nice full view of her ass! OMG! Meanwhile, Joe is the only lonely guy and he has his ants to play with. He realizes one of them is missing and frantically searches for it only to almost get creepy with some other girls. When the ant is found, he realizes it has no freedom when it is free. It made him wish he was back in prison.

The other guys are surprised that Gakuto has now a companion of his own. They can’t believe his incredible hijinks of viewing her ass and think it might be some honey trap. Andre notices Joe has been acting strange and goes to talk to him. Joe seems to feel out of place. He lacks the skills the rest have and wished he could be back in prison. It was hard at first but he got used to it. He felt he could rely on those bars. He is not like them. Gakuto gets more accidental fanservice from Mitsuko when he accidentally drops his books while daydreaming so when she picks it up, her panties got stuck in the plant. You can imagine what happens when she stands up… Joe seriously wants to go back to prison. He is thinking of groping a girl’s ass (why the f*ck is she exposing her butt like that?!) but is swiftly stopped by Andre who wants to know what the heck he is doing. Joe doesn’t answer and walks away. Gakuto predicts another fanservice mishap but this time he hears Mitsuko scream. She thought she saw a flasher. A naked man with only ropes tied in BDSM style. Gakuto vows to protect her. They see a stray dog and when Mitsuko takes the leash, the dog starts chasing a stray cat. Round and round it goes… Yeah, Mitsuko ends up being tied like BDSM style. Seriously, I don’t know how it can turn out like that. We see Joe talking to himself in the bathroom. He is the naked BDSM culprit. Calling himself a coward who is all talk and no action. He is trying to psycho himself to do it. The next time will be for real.

Rumours of the naked BDSM pervert spread. Andre heard it but first he realizes he never thought of doing that kind of act! He goes to check his spare rope and finds it missing. Andre talks to Kiyoshi and Shingo to go help Joe because he is acting strangely lately. But the duo have plans with their respective girlfriends and all they could note is not Joe’s strange character but the BDSM rope that Andre brings around. Andre isn’t pleased that they don’t care about Joe and now understands why he wants to go back to prison. He rushes off to find him and uses his inner masochism to sense Joe’s next move. That hooded guy is going to exhibit himself before a bunch of girls changing at the locker room. Meanwhile, Mitsuko yet again gets into another fanservice hijinks. That pervy stray dog starts licking her, uhm, that part. She loses balance and trips over barrels of water. What the f*ck are the barrels haphazardly parked there for?! Andre realizes he cannot make it in time to reach Joe. That is when Mitsuko and the barrels of water flood the hallway. The slippery floors give Andre the idea to slide like a human bobsled. But how come Mitsuko is faster? He notices her exposed skin did the trick. So Andre strips himself (I wonder how he does it in that position) and only wearing his BDSM ropes. Now he is fast! Joe is about to open the door when a cute girl comes up to him to give him cupcakes they made during home economics. Joe is shocked. Is she talking to him? That’s right. Sure? Who else is there, buddy? This is not a joke. She is really talking to you. Wow. She finds his reaction funny and hilarious. Oh my. Such a sweet girl. You blushing, Joe? Welcome to the club. Andre then crashes into the changing room. In that split second, the guys understood what the other was trying to do. Joe realizes Andre was here to stop his crime. The other guys come by thinking Andre is the rumoured culprit. Joe has no choice but to agree with them. However Andre is fine with things as they are because nobody lost anything. Besides, he is enjoying the beat down by the girls. Yeah, a win-win situation, no?

Prison Of The Heart
This OVA does not disappoint and certainly lived up to my expectations. The only disappointment is that there were no more episodes! I need more of this series! Though, I can’t help feel a bit disappointed that the USC have been primarily ‘forgotten’ for the rest of the series seeing they did the ‘opening gig’. I’m not really a sadist and despite the USC doing bad things on the boys during their tenure, watching them getting their just desserts I just feel a little bad for them. Because the real student council members themselves look like badass freaks and my guess the reason for their harsh punishment is that they have some sort of grudge against USC and thus the reason why they only made their move at the end of the TV series instead of doing their bit to help the boys. But that is another story to explore. So please make another season of this.

This OVA is all about the boys just like the TV series. The biggest question of belonging is perhaps the theme of this OVA. Because now that Gakuto and Andre seemingly have found some sort of happiness in the opposite sex, it all boils down to Joe who feels isolated by this fact. I believe he doesn’t want to go back to prison. It is just that because his friends are too busy thinking about their own girlfriends, he felt neglected. No more bromance? That is why it doesn’t matter where he goes but the prison was the most likely of choices since it was a time where the guys were hardcore close. They were together. Even if he does land in prison all by himself, he has those memories and those familiar walls of all those that happened. And of course, it wouldn’t be nice for Joe who might be the least impactful character to go out on this state as he too finally finds the start of his own romance. Hopefully it will hit off. Yeah, it proves that girls in this school aren’t yuri lesbians.

The original TV series has its fair share of fanservice. This OVA is no different since there are actually bare tits! Well, if you bought the BD versions of the TV series, it will be uncensored. Since I didn’t, this is the first time I’m seeing those delicious uncensored boobs. Though, they are just limited to USC scenes. Is this why they had their appearance? Otherwise the rest of the series’ fanservice relies on Mitsuko’s unfortunate turn of accidental events. It is like she has a knack to turn something ordinary into extraordinary porn-like positions. Heck, which guy doesn’t want to have this kind of girlfriend?! And the more Gakuto sees her, the more he might change his interest from Three Kingdoms to 3 sizes of Mitsuko. Hahaha!!!

Overall, the crazy and bits of this OVA is still interesting despite the no-brainer moments that make no sense. Like what the f*ck was a stray dog doing in school anyway? Or how can a few barrels of water flood the entire hallway so fast? Screw logic! It is for the sake of entertainment! Oh yeah. I’m not complaining. Hopefully there would be another season and maybe it would be about the boys-starved girls trying to get their hands on the limited resources known as guys. Because. It will be hell. I would like to see how they break out of this harem paradise prison.

Prison School

February 14, 2016

Attention all feminists! Gather up! Because it is time to teach those men and let them realize their place. Even at sacred places like school which is supposed to be a place for education and learning, there is no end to the illicit fantasies and delusions of those dogs. Why, if there is only a prison in school to jail all those pigs. Well people, I hope you don’t get the wrong idea that this is a feminist anime. Heh. I don’t even know the definition of it by today’s standards. But as far as the anime Prison School is concerned, it might look like some sort of thing that extreme ‘feminists’ would like to cheer on. Because a group of boys is jailed and tortured by the hands of the female prison wardens all because they did one small tiny minute silly petty crime against the girls. Don’t worry. This series isn’t meant to stoke or fan the gender divide. But it has got lots of great stuffs that I guarantee that will keep you interested. Violence, blood, sweat, tears, poop jokes, fart jokes, fanservice, comedy, drama, friendship and feminism. Okay, maybe they didn’t have the last one.

Episode 1
Hachimitsu Private Academy was once an all-girls high school but recently opened up to boys. It is no wonder the male to female ration is 1:200! But only 5 boys enrolled?! Therefore it is no surprise that this is mainly the reason our perverted guys enrol here. Ask Taketo Morokuzu AKA Gakuto, Shingo Wakamoto, Kiyoshi Fujino, Jouji Nezu AKA Joe and Reiji Andou AKA Andre about it. Kiyoshi tries to talk to a girl but… What to talk about?! Mind went blank… But other girls keep their distance so his record streak of never talking to a girl before continues… In class, Kiyoshi is the only guy and he had the bad luck to drop his sumo wrestler themed eraser next to the class’ prettiest girl, Chiyo Kurihashi. He thought he is busted but turns out Chiyo is a sumo fan too! His pals are wondering why Kiyoshi didn’t turn up in their usual guys’ meeting. That’s because he is busy talking to Chiyo about sumo! Even he isn’t so infatuated in it, I guess he’ll go with the flow talking to Chiyo who is so passionate about it. She hopes he could take part in a sumo tournament in 2 weeks. That night, the guys begin their devious plan: To peep at girls. I mean, it would be a waste not to, right? However when Kiyoshi realizes they are going to peep at his class, he starts fearing Chiyo will hate him. Gakuto’s plan is to hang Kiyoshi’s handphone from the rooftop down to the window to peep. In Kiyoshi’s panic, he accidentally drops the phone. He has to go pick it when Chiyo comes in! Is he doomed?! Luckily Chiyo is near sighted without her contacts and thinks Kiyoshi is her friend Mayumi Tanaka! His escape is made impossible when Chiyo brings him into the bath. Full of naked girls! The other guys also prepare to barge in but are attacked by crows. Kiyoshi cannot understand what Chiyo is talking about the Underground Student Council (USC) and their warning for the girls to stay away from the guys or face punishment of jail time up to a month. When the real Mayumi comes by, could this be the end of Kiyoshi? A girl barges in to warn the guys are peeping. They scramble and this gives Kiyoshi the chance to escape.

However he sees his buddies captured and being publicly interrogated-cum-tortured. That is when a girl hands him an official guide book of the USC to introduce those whipping girls as Hana Midorikawa the secretary and Meiko Shiraki the vice president. So who is the president? You’re looking at her. Mari the Crow Master! Oh sh*t! Kiyoshi is beaten up and dragged to the other guys. He fears the worst when Chiyo sees this. The quintet are now placed in a prison school where they will serve their one month sentence. The guys argue human rights violation and will take it to the higher authorities. Sure, they can do so. But just remember to mention the peeping and they’ll get expelled. It’s their choice. They are also forced into hard labour to erect a barrier around their prison. Meiko continues her dominatrix abuse on the guys but Kiyoshi views she went too far as she wants Andre to lick her boots. However later the guys are not appreciative of Kiyoshi’s defence because they really wanted to lick her boots and they’ve never got up this close to peek at her panties!!! Besides, her spit was delicious???!!! These guys are goners! Noticing Meiko’s tactic backfired, Mari sends in Hana to do the job. She may look like a cute and nice girl but the slightest wrong makes her chop you up into pieces. Oh, did I mention she is a karate master? Oh sh*t… And she’s wearing pants underneath. Sorry, no pantsu. The guys are forced to find 4 leaf clovers. Good luck… Kiyoshi returns a baby crow to its nest. Chiyo sees this and believes he is not a bad guy. After all, grandma said those who love sumo can’t be evil. Now it makes him harder for him to confess his peeping deed. Worse, he makes a promise to be at the sumo tournament. After Chiyo leaves, Hana is seen trying to take a dump near the tree. Kiyoshi must keep quiet or doom he will be. But the mother crow pecks him thinking he was trying to steal her baby. And down he falls…

Episode 2
Hana screams and although this attracted everyone, she won’t make Kiyoshi say what happened. Yeah, too embarrassing. Amazingly his life was spared too. Mari’s father is also the chairman of this school. He learns that the boys are in prison. Although he considers their peeping action as normal for boys their age, he won’t stand up for them but wants Mari to at least give them the weekends off as stated in the rule. But later when Mari returns and sees the porn sites her father was looking at, she gets more pissed off and has decided to enforce stricter rules on the boys. They are now clearing the wasteland to create a vegetation garden. They get motivated to work hard and earn their weekends but when Mari only allows them 3 hours because she views they are behind schedule, this makes Kiyoshi think his date with Chiyo is under threat and there is no choice but to break out. Slowly and patiently, he digs a hole behind the garbage shed with only a fork. Can he bust out at this rate? Chiyo then throws him a message about the tournament and it gives him hope. Kiyoshi notices Gakuto acting different towards him. And when he hints about that message, Kiyoshi fears his secret is out. However Gakuto didn’t rat on him. Hana returns and calls for Kiyoshi. She doesn’t believe that he has not told the others about that peeing incident. She wants him to pee right in front of her! This very ambiguous scene is cut short when Gakuto comes looking for him. It seems Gakuto was trying to hint that he will help him break free. Meanwhile the chairman knows Mari has seen his porn website and I think he purposely drop his porn pictures before her. But this only serves to make her hate it all even more and will enforce even harsher rules.

Meanwhile Gakuto and Kiyoshi discuss about their escape plan. You thought Gakuto is being a real friend trying to let him escape for free, eh? In exchange, he wants him to buy some Three Kingdoms figurine since he is a history freak. Next day as usual they are clearing the shrubs, Kiyoshi and Gakuto start fighting. This makes Hana do a karate kick that accidentally destroys the shed. After Meiko does some S&M punishment on them, Hana forces them to rebuild it. Of course this is part of their plan that they can dig a way out without being supervised. Only one problem: Hana returns to supervise them. Hana fears Kiyoshi is whispering to Gakuto about that peeing incident so she calls him to do it now in front of her. Since he can’t, she makes him drink some tea. Gakuto comes up with a lame idea to turn Hana his bride. He thinks from her personality she is a history freak like him but when he starts blabbing, she beats him up not understanding a word he says. Kiyoshi needs to take a leak and surprisingly Hana gives permission but follows him. He runs and locks himself in the toilet but she jumps over and into the cubicle. Now your dick is mine! She is forcing him to undress and pee! During the struggle, let’s say Hana got herself all wet. Hana calls in sick although Meiko can’t understand why she is covered with ‘golden showers’. With Hana out of the picture, Gakuto thinks they can proceed with their breakout plan but gets beaten up by Meiko as usual.

Episode 3
The breakout plan is moving along smoothly as they make the hole bigger. Now that Kiyoshi can fit through, he slips through to do some reconnaissance. However there is the chairman burying all his porn. It’s amazing he can identify which women by their butt. With him around, Kiyoshi cannot get back and Meiko is suspicious. Gakuto stalls long enough and even putting up some trap for Kiyoshi to come back. Later, Meiko puts up next week’s work schedule and it seems they will be doing something different and split into teams for the track club’s regional meet which falls on the day of the breakout. As Shingo is paired with the duo, they wonder if they should let him in on their secret because he too is getting suspicious of them getting too close. However Shingo misinterprets their words as being gay and even in this hilarious bath scene where he mistakenly sees the duo in ambiguous gay position!!! Then they spot him and he gets the wrong idea they want a threesome! He switches out to go work with the rest. As the building the duo will be working in is far from the garbage shed, Kiyoshi discovers he can travel undetected via crawling under the drain that leads there. He overheard Shingo telling the rest about their gay time. Meiko whips them back to work and then starts doing her squat exercise over the drain. I’m sure Kiyoshi is mesmerized by this butt view but as he moves along, Meiko slips and her high heel stabs his butt! When the guys are lined up, Meiko is suspicious about Kiyoshi taking too long in the toilet. Shingo covers for him by saying he has haemorrhoids. There is blood coming out from his ass! Thanks to that stabbing, it saved him.

The guys get to attend computer class with girls although they are given that vile stare. If you’re wondering why Gakuto ordered some sound device, it’s not to learn English. To cover up while Kiyoshi is away, he will play poop sounds in the toilet to avoid suspicion. That is why this computer class is for him to download poop sounds! But do you believe it? NO POOP SOUNDS OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!!! There is only one way… Record his own poop… Kiyoshi doesn’t want him to sacrifice himself like that but Gakuto is willing to help his friend more. Here comes the sh*t!!! OH SH*T!!! He soiled his pants… Record success. Now with everything laid out and even their detailed timing of the plan is absolutely flawless, nothing can stop Kiyoshi’s breakout, right? But when he goes to check the hole, it is covered with cement! OMG! Why?! It seems the chairman dug up his porn. Then he realizes he still needs to get rid of it and buries them back at the same place but with cement. He spotted the hole in the wall and covered it up. Gakuto falls into depression knowing their hard work is all gone. It couldn’t be the USC because they would have been punished so it must be a school staff. He starts blaming Kiyoshi he should have checked the hole (gay joke?) to see if the cement was wet and could have destroyed it had it not hardened. He starts screaming to give his sh*t back!!! Their other friends I suppose make some sniggering gay jokes but ultimately they will support them all the way. Yeah, they totally got the wrong idea. But Kiyoshi believes there is only one way left. He is going to cross-dress as a girl and breakout through to front gate. As a laundry service always comes by weekly and park near the dorm’s rear entrance, they can steal a dress and put it back after everything is done because nobody is going to pick up the uniform during the weekend, right? But next day, Gakuto seems to be getting pervy with Meiko to get beaten up more. What’s gotten into him? With Mari in the picture, he then makes this ultimate move by pulling down her skirt!!! Don’t worry. She’s wearing leggings underneath.

Episode 4
In addition to Meiko beating him up, so do the crows. Gakuto later stays late at the student council office to seek Meiko’s forgiveness. But how is she shaving his long hair will help in the plan? You see, Kiyoshi walking out in a girl’s uniform would draw suspicion because of his male looks. So what better way for a wig to cover that up! Genius! Now they have to steal a uniform. When the cleaner guy is here to collect the uniforms, Kiyoshi is waiting underneath the drain covers for the right moment. But since every moment is too dangerous for him to be spotted, Gakuto calls out to the baldy to pick a fight with him. This gives Kiyoshi enough time to get out and start searching. If it only wasn’t filled with panties… When the guy has had enough with Gakuto’s taunts, he heads back. Kiyoshi must get out or risked being spotted. He hides under a laundry basket but he gets locked inside the van. When it drives off, the van seems to have crushed the laundry basket that Kiyoshi put there beforehand. The guy gets down to inspect and this gives Kiyoshi the chance to escape via driver’s seat. Brilliant. Meanwhile Mari talks to Meiko and notes the guys have become more defiant. It only proves that Meiko is slacking in her supervision and not because they have gotten used to their environment. She warns something will happen to her if anything scandalous happens again.

Here comes the big day. After Kiyoshi puts the sound device in the toilet cubicle, he crawls underneath the drain and then puts on the girl’s uniform. Meiko gets suspicious when a familiar strand of hair flies by her. Kiyoshi needs to hurry putting on the uniform as Meiko is coming around. But the blazer is too tight! Ripped! Ingeniously, he covers it by carrying the bag on his back. Meiko is fooled as she thinks ‘she’ is a fellow student and walks away. Kiyoshi is just metres away from freedom but he had to be caught by no other than… MARI!!! Of all people! But luckily she doesn’t realize his identity and calls out to ‘her’ because she thinks it is not wise for a girl to be carrying a bag like that. As she tries to correct her bag, she spots the rip and believes ‘she’ was trying to cover it up and apologizes for the embarrassment. Kiyoshi is now in seventh heaven as he meets up with Chiyo on this sumo date. He couldn’t care less about the sumo but he is so freaking happy to be with a girl. Even happier when she gets close to him to take selfies. When Meiko is suspicious that Kiyoshi is nowhere to be seen, Gakuto mentions about his worsening piles. She goes to check it out herself and because he didn’t answer, Gakuto plays the poop recorder. She gets turned off and walks away. As Kiyoshi relieves himself at the toilet, Chiyo accidentally spills her tea on his bag. Then she sees a uniform inside… When Kiyoshi returns, he couldn’t understand why Chiyo looked so upset. Then she calls him disgusting and walks away. Realizing his bag has been peeped into, the real reason why Chiyo is mad… The uniform he stole belonged to her! OMG!!! Shingo hasn’t seen Kiyoshi for so long and thinks he is slacking. Meiko is also getting more suspicious and goes to the toilet to order Kiyoshi out. The poop sound is not working anymore. Meiko breaks down the door.

Episode 5
Well, Kiyoshi is back but he is crying. And I don’t think it is because his piles are that painful. At first Gakuto thought he failed to acquire his figurine but when Kiyoshi hands it over to him, he is so happy that he couldn’t listen to the real reason behind Kiyoshi’s tears. The moment they stepped out of the toilet, Mari confronts them. She knows Kiyoshi is the one who cross-dressed as a girl and escaped. Kiyoshi feigns ignorance but she shows the selfie Chiyo uploaded on the social media! Oh sh*t! Furthermore, Chiyo is Mari’s little sister! Double sh*t! Kiyoshi is forced to admit. If that was not bad enough, Shingo punches him for escaping to go dating while the rest bust their ass at work. Kiyoshi is kept isolated and interrogated although he mentions he is only working alone and no other boys were involved. It is decided that based on the rules, everyone will get collective punishment. Although the rest gets a month extension in prison, Kiyoshi will get expelled. Gakuto wants to protest but it seems Shingo doesn’t care. He is mad not because Kiyoshi went out dating. It is because he never told the rest about this and thought they would rat him out. It’s like he doesn’t trust them. Meiko talks to Mari that in reality they have no power to expel Kiyoshi. On the contrary, there is a way. Chiyo decides not to further mope in her room and return to her normal school life. But she hears rumours about a boy breaking out cross-dressed and is getting expelled. Kiyoshi is brought to see Mari and she wants him to sign this voluntary withdrawal from school form. Mari coaxes him to do so or risk living the next 3 years of his school life branded as a pervert. Kiyoshi believes this is for the best but he only regrets not clearing up the understanding with Chiyo.

Suddenly Chiyo barges in to protest what Mari is doing. She explains she invited him out. Kiyoshi gets his chance to clear up the misunderstanding. Mari argues Chiyo is not the guilty party but the victim. If Mari is still persistent in expelling him, she will also quit school. And here she signs on it. Chiyo adds that she saw Kiyoshi rescued a crow’s nest and like Mari said, anybody who doesn’t hate crows is a good person. However Mari doesn’t believe so and wants Kiyoshi to sign but he refuses, citing he will do his best to reform. Mari dismisses them for today. But Chiyo threatens if she makes Kiyoshi drop out, she will also be submitting this form. Now that Kiyoshi’s misunderstanding with Chiyo is cleared up, he has nothing left to fear. Why not? After Chiyo smothered his face in her nice gentle boobs, yeah, that guy is pretty motivated. The big encouragement to remain. But now he faces another challenge. Shingo leads the guys in isolating Kiyoshi whether they are in the cell or at work. Gakuto is forced to side with Shingo. He accepts this fate but at least he has Chiyo’s boobs to carry on. Meiko knows Mari won’t let this go and true enough she won’t. This time she will have all the boys expelled under the codename DTO (Dog Transferral Operation). Meiko is tasked in observing the habits and hobbies of the guys in order to find their weakness. Like Gakuto’s Three Kingdoms, Joe’s ant farm, Andre’s diary and Shingo… He looks like the most upset having the sentence extended. As Kiyoshi is cleaning the toilet alone, guess who is back? Hana! So she’s taking a dump there? As usual, she intimidates him and has not forgotten what he did to her the last time. She makes him say that she isn’t the dirty girl. And maybe next time she’ll have him prove it in front of her. I hope Kiyoshi has enough fantasies of Chiyo’s boobs to get him through this. He is going to need it. A lot.

Episode 6
The USC are discussing about DTO. Knowing the guys are not that dumb to do anything to get them expelled, they need to make the public know that they pose some sort of danger and turn all the girls in school against them. Then not even the chairman can defend them anymore. Noticing that Shingo is leading the shutting out of Kiyoshi, Mari has the perfect plan. Meiko calls Shingo privately and treats him with goodies aside from not beating him up like the rest. He can have all this if he does what she says. This means ratting out information about the guys’ behaviours and the likes. Tempted by the great food, he mentions about Joe’s love for his ants that when Andre accidentally spilled them, he went into rage and wanted to kill the big masochist guy. Using this piece of information, the USC put forth their plan. As the guys are relaxing outside, Kiyoshi spots Meiko talking to Shingo. Joe is walking his ants (I guess that means letting them out of their farm) when Shingo calls him. Joe then notices one of the crows is eating his ants. He rushes to save them but Meiko stops him. He gets violent enough to push her down. Hana lands him a kick. Mari views this violence as violation. He would injure the vice president over some insignificant ants. He is ordered to be placed in isolation but Joe’s anger doesn’t stop there. Blaming Mari for her f*cking crows, he takes up a sharpened wood and aims to stab her! That is when Kiyoshi jumps at him. Although Kiyoshi gets stabbed, but it is right in his asshole! OMG!!! Is this some sort of running joke?! It’s bleeding like hell! He calls it haemorrhoids to cover Joe’s violence although it is clear that he tried to attack the USC. After being placed in solitary confinement, Mari has Andre return his ants that he was ordered to collect back. They are still alive because of anting. Crows try to bath themselves in ants to cover themselves with secretion used as insecticides. She mocks him for being an ant lover but yet doesn’t know a lot about them. So who is he calling an ant murderer for this misunderstanding?

Kiyoshi knows he has a bad feeling when Hana escorts him to the infirmary. You bet. After putting cream on his ass, she returns with a pot. Time for him to pee in it. Gosh. She’s not over that yet? While he is at it, she’ll take a commemoration picture. This guy is really screwed. He puts up a struggle for that but since they’re short of time, she is going to pee on him! WTF?! She has him lie on his belly while she prepares to pee on top of him. Suddenly Chiyo comes in! Oh sh*t! It would be bad if she sees them like this. They hide underneath the bed as Chiyo looks for Kiyoshi. They are so close and can’t make a sound till Chiyo leaves. Hana felt something touching her from the bottom. And it’s growing bigger… Oh sh*t! After Chiyo leaves, Kiyoshi instantly apologizes but Hana has already passed out. Meanwhile Mari sees the chairman to report Joe’s violence. I guess he is trying hard to hide his porn he ordered via courier but after forcing to get up to answer the phone, Mari spots his porn mouse pad. That’s it. DTO must be intensified. Joe confronts Meiko and didn’t expect what happened to Joe because it looked like he set him up. However she shuts him up to continue doing as he is told or she could just rat out the good food he is exclusively getting. Shingo continues to bully Kiyoshi. However Joe tells him off to stop acting like a brat. Joe warms up to Kiyoshi and thanks him for saving him or he could have been in a real prison. Kiyoshi tells him about the odd thing that day because he saw Shingo talking to Meiko and it was weird to have all the USC gathered at the yard at the same time. While Hana doesn’t remember much of that dick touching incident, Meiko gives Shingo 2 hours of free time outside school.

Episode 7
Enjoying his new freedom at the arcade, Shingo meets this senior girl, Anzu Yokoyama and looks like he’s quite smitten with her. Back at school while Shingo cleans the toilet, he finds a little sword toy accessory (Gakuto accidentally dropped it while he was agonizing over his conducts). As Shingo is troubled he might not get goodies, he shows the toy to Meiko but she slaps it away upon learning he picked it up from the toilet. Unfortunately it bounced into the snack she is making and to be served to Mari. She accidentally bites it and Meiko is filled with guilt but can’t tell her the truth. Meiko then does more research on this toy and it leads to some information on this Guan Yu figure. Speaking of Gakuto, he is in depression for losing that precious toy. On another free day, Shingo goes to the arcade and again chances upon Anzu. Seems she has him accompany her. She wants to invite him out to a movie (b-grade horror movie of giant grapes killing humans?) but he isn’t sure his next time off. She gives him her scrunchie. On the day he gets to go out, hang it on the prison barricade and she’ll be at the arcade. Meiko lines up the guys minus Shingo and hands them a snack each. When it is Gakuto’s turn, she hands him that piece of toy. Remember this? In fact, she takes out the entire figurine he has been hiding in the toilet. Meiko has done some research to know that this is a very limited edition that only comes out on the day in which Kiyoshi broke out of prison. This means Gakuto aided in Kiyoshi’s breakout. Gakuto pretends he doesn’t own it although we can see his body reaction at its limits. Meiko goes further in testing him by riding on the figurine. Any more force, she will break it. If he admits abetting Kiyoshi with the breakout, she’ll return the figurine. Gakuto dives to grab it and this is a sign to show he admits the truth. However to everyone’s shock, Gakuto smashes it on the ground!

Later Kiyoshi feels sorry for Gakuto for wasting his effort. But Gakuto has no regrets. Although anguished over the broken figurine, his conscience is not clear because this is nothing compared to feigning ignorance when Kiyoshi was bullied. He vows never to do such a thing again. When Shingo arrives late, he picks up the toy and accidentally mentions where he found it. Mari realizes the truth and faints! Meiko is ready to accept her punishment in any way but is totally ignored! Her punishment is not to receive punishment? Gakuto apologizes to the guys for hiding the truth for so long. Shingo wants payback for his double crossing but it seems Joe doesn’t mind. The USC didn’t find out about the assisted breakout and if not for Kiyoshi saving him that day, it could have been even much worse for everybody. He is in no position to criticize Gakuto. Andre also forgives Gakuto because he was trying not to create more trouble for them. Shingo is so mad that he accidentally reveals where he found the toy. How did he know Gakuto hid it there? Uhm, the USC told him? Did they? Well, they did notice Meiko and Shingo have been pretty close recently… Meiko thinks Mari having her wear a smaller uniform size smaller is the punishment. Yeah, no revealing cleavage or pantsu but it looks like her boobs are about to burst out any moment. Andre has gone long without punishment and would like to receive her whipping. However she never hit him. This continues until he falls into depression. As Meiko is weakened from not being used to wearing the smaller size uniform, Chiyo helps her rest at the USC office. Then she spots the DTO manual… When Meiko recovers, she reports about Andre writing his embattled feelings of not being punished in his diary. With this, Mari will initiate DTO tomorrow. Chiyo is eavesdropping outside and heard this horrifying news.

Episode 8
While Shingo is happily out with his Anzu date, Andre is suffering from punishment withdrawal. Yeah, it’s getting real bad. As Meiko leads the guys for another labour job, they pass by Chiyo playing go with Mayumi. Shingo spots a hidden message on the board. However he cannot decipher the meaning (that is, the plan to kick them out). Andre is already at the stage of hallucination and hearing Meiko’s voice. It leads him to the correction office whereby he spots his diary. Strangely, it has recently written events. Thinking it might predict the future (because it was written he will get his punishment), he starts hearing Meiko’s voice. He sees her in the distance as she tempts him to come get his punishment. Andre becomes desperate and lunges at Meiko but the barb wire fence is holding him back. When Kiyoshi tells Gakuto and Joe about the hidden message, Gakuto deduces it and they realize Andre is in danger. By the time they find him, he has broken through the barb wire. This has been a setup because it looked like Andre broke out. A second escape will extend their sentence by another 3 months and a third will have them expelled. All they need is for the snitch to return. The lovebirds are probably having the time of their life pinching each other’s cheeks (?!). Shingo spots a couple of boys bullying his friends for ‘betraying’ them to go hang out with a girl. When he tells them off, surprisingly the victim throws sand at his eyes and says not to bully his friends. This makes Shingo feel guilty as he spills all to Anzu. However Anzu is also hiding a secret and she too feels guilty about it. Flashback reveals Anzu is the captain of the guard for USC. Mari made a deal with her to give her an executive post next year if she is successful in this plan. That plan is to delay Shingo’s return on his date as he was told if he was a second late, it would be counted as tardiness and thus a breakout attempt. Anzu tells him to hurry back as there is not much time. He adjusted his watch while they were at the movies so he is 30 minutes behind time.

The guys continue to believe in Shingo as they yell out his name amidst getting beaten up by Meiko. Shingo dashes home and almost gets hit by a truck. Just when all hope is lost, Shingo is seen returning via that truck. Courtesy of that cleaner guy! Is he going to make it? 10 more seconds left! But the door is lock! OMG! Time ticking down! Hurry! Time’s up! He’s late. Expulsion is on the cards and Mari couldn’t be happier. The door wasn’t locked but just opened in a different way. This was the labour job Meiko had the guys did earlier on. Back in the cell, Shingo admits everything and feels guilty for being a hypocrite. He doesn’t mind the guys beat him up. Kiyoshi softly touches him and calls it even because all of them are as guilty. But when Shingo explains all the flirtatious things they did, he gets beaten up for real! You just made them jealous, eh? The guys are brought to the chairman’s office to be told of their expulsion once he affixes his signature. Of course he plans to hold on the signing as long as possible. Chiyo argues they were set up and she saw that DTO plan. However Mari denies of such scheme and the physical evidence has been taken care of by Hana. The USC celebrate their victory. Mari calls Anzu for explanation and she admits she was smitten by Shingo and thus told him the truth. But since DTO was a success, it doesn’t matter. Kiyoshi rallies the guys to fight back and not sit about waiting for a miracle. Because the school’s seaside camp during summertime has got that wet t-shirt contest! Who wouldn’t want to set some wet tits?! They need evidence about DTO. Shingo believes he has seen it somewhere.

Episode 9
Shingo remembers seeing it in the computer of the correction office. But if they have disposed of the paper, surely they can’t be that dumb to keep the email. Gakuto who is also a computer expert has a solution. A recovery software. The problem is only breaking into the office. With the school committee unanimously resolved to expel the guys, all that is left is for the chairman’s signature. This means they have no more labour and their times spent are only either in their cell or outside. Either way, they will not be near that room and Meiko will be on her guard. But Gakuto has another idea. Although all of them cannot take on Meiko and her strength, they can use that strength against her. Now we see the guys playing arm wrestling and Andre seems to be the strongest. They even think he is stronger than all the girls. Including Meiko. She heard this and cannot let this slide. She is going to arm wrestle them. Of course this is part of the plan to steal the keys from her jacket and use the time to download the software and recover that email. Gakuto claims Meiko can’t arm wrestle Andre the big boss and must go through all of them. So when he goes first, it was no challenge to Meiko. He got his arm contorted…

Next is Kiyoshi. Although he puts up a little fight, he got distracted by her tits and is about to lose. That is when Gakuto kicks the table for it to crumble and disrupt the match. This is when he steals the key and heads off. Now the rest must stall her for at least 10 minutes. Kiyoshi requests a rematch and this time loses. He is so distracted with her tits that he didn’t realize his arm was twisted! Shingo goes next and he is about to rant about his made up story of him being the king of arm wrestling in his heydays. But Meiko doesn’t give a sh*t and wants to start. His plan of stalling her with his story failed. Instant lost. Next is Joe. Can this sick guy do it? Not only instant lost, he is thrown to the wall! And now it all boils down to Andre. 7 minutes left… However Meiko spots a single strand of hair on his nipple. This greatly distracts her! This is the reason why Andre is able to hold his ground. The swaying of that strand annoys her and makes her lose strength! Then she realizes all she needs to do is not see it. With all her strength, she downs Andre. As she puts back her jacket, she realizes her keys are missing. Then she notices Gakuto is not around. Right behind you. Dropped these keys, boss? After Meiko leaves, the rest wonders if he has been successful. Unfortunately, the slow connection means he got as far as installing the software. When he heard Andre crying out, he hastened back. Sorry, no evidence. All the guys can do now is only wait for the day of their expulsion and weep in their sleep. Even men cry…

Episode 10
Gakuto is completely broken. He belongs in the mental institution. When Chiyo slips a message in the food, Gakuto thinks he has an escape plan. They’ll escape by disguising themselves as food leftovers! There’s no hope left… Like prisoners on death row, they get their last meal. Gakuto orders grasshopper rice and Meiko actually goes to catch and fry them! But after eating too much of those disgusting bugs, it looks like he got his sanity back. Meanwhile Mari sees the chairman and can’t wait till he signs those papers. Too bad he is doing his ‘miscellaneous work’. Watching butt pics on his PC. When Meiko hands the papers for their expulsion, she sounds like as though she’ll be missing them. She then sees the wasted grasshopper food. Angered that her effort was wasted, she beats up Gakuto. So much for those sentiments. However with the hope of seeing nipples and wet t-shirt contest, they can’t give up. Kiyoshi has written an appeal to the chairman for extension and hopes Meiko would deliver it. But the next day as they are brought out, they see the torn appeal letter. It was never delivered. But surprisingly the chairman wants to speak to the boys privately back in prison. Meanwhile Hana is in cooking class and she is on the verge of remembering that infirmary incident. When she drops her mushroom underneath the table and tries to reach it, another mushroom drops between her legs. Now she totally remembers the humiliation… Enraged, she goes to the prison looking for Kiyoshi with a knife in hand! Does cutting the mushroom signify anything? We guys are clutching our legs tightly, aren’t we? Meiko cannot allow this fuss and let others view badly of the USC so she does a submission move on her till she passes out.

Kiyoshi explains the appeal letter was fake and just bait. He wrote the real appeal on the form knowing that Meiko will let her guard down when told so. The chairman isn’t amused of Kiyoshi’s blackmail. He wrote he knew about those ‘treasures’ he buried outside. Kiyoshi mentions the need of more time to gather evidence of DTO. That is when the chairman asks if they prefer boobs or butts. Kiyoshi instantly knows this is a trick question that will determine if they live or die. Remembering he likes butts, he answers so. The chairman is impressed because no man who loves butts is evil. WTF?! But why butts? Oh no. The question that will determine your fate so think careful. The chairman won’t allow them to discuss since if they like butts, their answer must come from the heart. Plus, if they answered the boring ‘because they are there’ or ‘there is no reason or basis to like something’ answer, an answer he is disappointed to hear so many times, it’s the end of the road. Kiyoshi’s mind goes blank because he is after all a boobs person. Think, man! Think! When he sees Meiko’s boobs peeking through the window (she’s trying to eavesdrop on their talk), that is when he starts ranting about some evolution crap about boobs being from butts and all that nonsense. Say no more. The chairman hugs him and believes him to be a true ass lover. Even though he can postpone their expulsion, it can only be for the most a day. This is not enough time for whatever Gakuto’s plan. However he says a true man can achieve the impossible in a day. Mari is not pleased over this extension but the chairman replies he has decided there is room to question whether or not heir expulsion is justified. Besides, what could go wrong in a day? While Mari is still angered by this decision, Hana offers to handle the boys’ final day. Oh no. Those dead evil looks…

Episode 11
Part of the plan seems to involve Chiyo. They might not like the idea of dragging an outsider in but she’s their only hope. Next, they have to tempt Meiko to do butt wrestling with Andre. However it is not Meiko who is watching them today. It’s Hana. They make a gamble trying to get her to do butt wrestling but Gakuto got his butt kicked! Ouch! I hope his butt didn’t crack… Hana whispers to Kiyoshi that she remembers what happened at the infirmary and to watch out his eryngii. It’s a mushroom, by the way. Meiko thinks Mari has lost confidence in her but as the latter explains, she never doubted her loyalty. She deduces the guys pulled a fast one over her because they must have deduced her behavioural patterns after being posted there for so long. With Hana, they cannot predict her. So the guys are contemplating how to get back into the correction office with Hana around. Kiyoshi reveals Hana has a grudge against him and he can enter it easily. Chiyo receives the message that the boys will move tonight after supper. She is spotted by Anzu who assures her that she is by her side and will cooperate with her. Mari feels something is wrong as the boys have not made their move. Having a hunch they will do so tonight to prevent their expulsion, Meiko goes to patrol the area. Kiyoshi and Gakuto pretend to fight till the latter bleeds but Hana doesn’t care. But when Gakuto screams out something going on between Kiyoshi and Hana, did that girl start to bring Kiyoshi away and alone into the correction office. Oh my… What is she going to do with that scissors?! Goodbye his eryngii? Actually it is just to cut a bottle for him to pee in it. Phew. Oh, she’s not over that yet?

The psychology game begins. Kiyoshi takes off his pants and is butt naked. He wants Hana to help hold the bottle for him. Seeing how flustered she is, this means she is not used to this and can use this to stay in control. However the tables are turned when Hana also takes off hers! For what? To pee on him. They’re going to do it simultaneously? Kiyoshi regains control when he corners her at the door and becomes assertive (his plan is to unlock the door). She knee kicks his gut and ‘horror’ came when he sees her crotch that he terms as Medusa! Well, even if he isn’t turned into solid rock, let’s say his eryngii became hard. Now it makes him harder to pee. Guys know the struggle… Hana is about to pee on him when Meiko’s voice is heard after she catches an intruder. The boys fear if Chiyo is caught, the plan is dead over. But it isn’t Chiyo’s voice they hear. It is Anzu’s. This is part of the girls’ plan for Anzu to sacrifice herself so Chiyo can move freely. With Hana being a bit panicky and assuring Meiko nothing suspicious is going on here (locking back the door too), now Kiyoshi has a another full view of Medusa! When Hana realizes this, she starts crying that it always had to be him. Being seen peeing, getting peed on, getting his eryngii pressed on her and now this. She’s crying so hard that he feels sorry. But surprise! She kisses him!!!!!!!!! Is this her love confession? Well, she claims that she is stealing and ruining his precious first kiss. This is her revenge against him. The kissing resumes…

Episode 12
While Anzu gets her face full of Meiko’s crotch as interrogation, the other boys believe Anzu was trying to help them because if she was working for the USC, Meiko wouldn’t have caught her. Hana continues to kiss Kiyoshi and she won’t let him go. He notices her kissing is stiff. It is not a real kiss. A kiss of the child. He hates to do this but for the sake of their plan, he turns the tables by giving her a passionate French kiss! Here comes the tongue! She is utmost shock until she passes out! Kiyoshi then unlocks the door. Chiyo, who was only told to enter the room when the lights are out, thinks of heading in early. If she does so, the plan would be in jeopardy. Kiyoshi then yells out it is not over yet (signalling a hint to Chiyo) but Hana has had it. Time to return to his cell. Once she does, the guys want to go to the toilet so they make a quick one before returning quietly. Meiko’s interrogation yields no results. Could it be Anzu was just strolling there? However Meiko and Mari could still feel uneasiness because they know better the boys are planning something. Could it be Anzu is just a distraction? They head down to the prison to check but everything seems to be in order. The guys are in bed. No hanky panky. Next day, the boys are brought to the chairman’s office. He reads out their crimes and oddly enough, they didn’t even make a sound for a plea to object. Before the chairman hands in the forms to sign, Meiko realizes something strange about Gakuto. This is not him! He is shorter than usual. It is Joe disguised as him! Then who is Joe? Who is underneath that hood? It’s Chiyo! Then where is Gakuto? The school brings him in while beating up this pervert only in his underwear. Something about not wanting to sully Chiyo’s clothes.

This is how they did it. After Chiyo snuck in, she hid in the toilet. So when all the guys where there to pee, that is when Gakuto, Joe and Chiyo exchange clothes. Chiyo took Gakuto’s place and stayed in the cell while he went on to continue recovering the data. So after he has downloaded it, he escaped and hid outside. By that time, Meiko and Mari came and did their rounds and found nothing. They didn’t think he could have done it so fast so they explain how this plan started since that arm wrestling gig. So where is the proof of the USC’s DTO scheme? It is all in the USB. Right in Gakuto’s ass… Eww! Well, I knew the chairman like butts and asses but… He takes a look at the data and confirms the USC’s underhanded tactics in expelling the boys. Hana then realizes that Kiyoshi had tricked her. She gets mad when he admits that kissing was just a distraction to unlock the door. She is so mad that she starts beating up. However Mari protects Kiyoshi and bears the brunt of her punch. She doesn’t blame her underlings for they were just carrying out her orders. She is to take the blame for everything. With their plot exposed, the chairman will decide their punishment later. But for now, he declares the boys free for they have served their time for the only crime of peeping at girls. Feels good to be free, eh? In the aftermath, we see Kiyoshi getting along fine with Anzu as well as Shingo with Anzu. And there might be another romance brewing with Gakuto and a new girl. Andre gets his much needed punishment because all his classmate girls use him as a punching bag, impressed by his sumo like build. Joe? He’s happy with his ants… The real student council president, Kate Takenomiya confronts the chairman about the sentence he is supposed to carry out on the USC. Just because one of them is his daughter doesn’t mean she can get away with it. He agrees. And so it is decided the USC will be sentenced to prison. They tear Mari’s clothes as mockery to put on the prison uniform. There is nothing she can do but to accept her fate and shame. And off the trio go while the guys uneasily watch them. You do the crime, you do the time.

Breaking Out In Laughter
Hey, wait! It’s already over?! I thought I was just getting started here?! I must say that this could be easily one of the best animes not only for the season but for the year. I can easily vouch for that because there was never a dull moment, not even a blink of a second. Every nano-second had me glued and intrigued in wanting to know what will come next. What moves will the boys make? What schemes will they come up with? Will they be alright? Will they succeed? Will they falter? What obstacles will they face to throw the spanner in the works? How will they use their resources and wits to overcome them? And how will the ladies react and counter to all that to make sure the guys stay in place? So you see, if you think very much about it, regardless of all the violence, fanservice and poop jokes, this entire series is like a battle of wits as both sides try to stay ahead and outwit the other to achieve their goal. And oh, this series made me laugh so hard and I don’t think I have laughed so for a long time for many episodes. Seriously, this anime is funny too! Oh, the oxymoron.

Therefore the execution and the flow of the plot of the story are seemingly flawless despite all the other ‘revolting’ distraction of boobs and blood. Some may find it distasteful but personally I find them funny and add ‘spice’ to the overall. It enhances greatly just about everything. It is just a tad sad that this series only had a season of a dozen episodes because seriously, I was so immersed and ‘lost’ in this world, that when it reaches the end, you can say I was somewhat surprised it is already over. After all, at least the end of the current season as the boys finally achieve victory by killing two birds with a stone. Their freedom and right to continue to stay at school. But with the constant scheming of both parties, there is never a wasteful moment. Every precious second counts. And that is what makes the watch very exhilarating and exciting. Man, I never thought seeing a bunch of guys breaking out of prison (legally for their freedom, that is) would be this fun. Great job everybody. On a side note, the last prison themed series I watched was perhaps Deadman Wonderland. This one is more violent, depressing and just unsatisfying (especially the so called ending).

In addition to that, this series has also some ‘great’ comedy value. Whether it is all part of the plan or accident, most of the funny moments will guarantee to make you laugh out loud. I know I did. Whether it is paranoid Gakuto screaming his head off about something or over nothing or that poop jokes and fart jokes that would make you chuckle and at the same time feel repulsed, if you can’t nonchalantly laugh at this kind of things without thinking too much, you need to go see some sort of specialist or therapy. Even in dangerous situations like Hana’s close up with Kiyoshi in the correction office, despite the perilous state that anything wrong could happen anytime, they can still make it look genuinely funny. If these guys weren’t against each other so much, they would be great jokers. Or rather, it is because they are against each other and being put up in such situations that these funny moments could come about. Kudos to everyone for making me laugh so hard. Really.

Making this series even more interesting is the bunch of unique and odd characters. It is safe to say that most of them, if not all of them, have some sort of weird fetish or hobby that ‘normal’ people would find revolting. Andre’s masochism might be a very common one and Gakuto’s Three Kingdom may fall under the rare category of history buffs and geeks. He is also like the whipping boy of the series. It feels like a running joke and sometimes he might be a masochist because if there is a guy who often gets beaten up for something or nothing, this Three Kingdoms fanatic is the one who takes all the beating. But I have never known a character who actually loves ants so much! Can you even think of a person in fiction of real life that loves ants as much as Joe? Of course if you’re talking about scientists and researchers studying on these little bugs then it is a different story. I’m talking about ordinary Joes (no pun intended) who has a strong and weird obsession with ants while most of us wouldn’t hesitate to stomp them. Uh huh. He will even kill you for that so don’t go stomping them in front of his eyes. Yeah, he even got names for them. Good luck telling the difference.

Meiko seems to love doing weird exercises that makes her sweat profusely (and also give us good fanservice views) and I think this is a long shot but I think Hana has got a little fetish for omorashi (something to do with pee). Sure, it seems like an excuse to get her revenge but noticed her perverted face each time she anticipates and forces him to pee right in front of her? She might be no girly girl, but don’t you think it is kinda disgusting for her even wanting to watch a guy pee? I mean, even if it is too much as a girl, isn’t that just sickening? Unless of course she has a fetish for that. And don’t get me started on the chairman’s fetish for butts…

For the guys, perhaps Kiyoshi is only the ‘normal’ one. Because looking at the rest, sometimes you think they are a bunch of weirdoes and misfits. Heck, aren’t they? We’ve got a big Buddha guy with a small face, a sick hoodie guy, a geek who looks like a psychopath (even scarier when he had long hair) and a blonde yankee. They look so odd and that’s why Kiyoshi seems so ‘normal’ and out of place. But they are all perverts either way. Boys will be boys. I don’t even know how the school only managed to enrol 5 of them but perhaps they are in experimental phase for a co-ed schooling system. It would be interesting to see if this prison system works when the male to female ratio are almost even. So while it is great to see some bromance cultivating closely among the guys, not all females are ‘bad’ as seen by Chiyo and Anzu. Despite the rest of the girls having negative perception of the guys, it goes to show that sometimes it isn’t the outlooks but the character of the heart that steals their heart.

Meiko might seem like a serious character (aside providing fanservice). Someone whom you do not want to mess with. But there are times when she reveals herself as a joke character especially when she starts sweating that is outside her usual training exercise. For instance, when Mari accidentally made an error in her speech, Meiko became so troubled in her mind in noticing that error and wonder if she should correct her or not. Then you see her sweating profusely. Then there is this time she wants Mari to punish her but was totally ignored, it made her look like a fool. In a way, could it be that Meiko is also a masochist for Mari like how Andre is for her? She is only a masochist for the president but a dominatrix for the boys. The chairman too feels like a joker character. Looks intimidating, sounds intimidating but that is all to it till you hear what he sometimes has to say or the perverted things he tries to cover up in the midst of doing. Hana is equally, if not more dangerous than Meiko because her punches and kicks really pack a punch. She doesn’t hesitate to get violent and own you if she doesn’t like what you’re saying. One minute she can put up an angelic face the next minute, she looks like she could give yandere queens a run for their money.

Something about Mari that makes her seemingly hates boys. Could it be because too much of catching her father watching porn? She seems to be pretty cool in handling such situations. I am sure that Mari who is always calm and never really losing her cool, is not really a bad person but it is just a little sad that with the lack of her back story, we are unable to see or understand why she hates them enough to go to great lengths to get them expelled. And perhaps a reason why she is the crow master. I guess with the real student council’s appearance in the very last scene, perhaps it answers why the USC is named so. Illegal or not, personally I think the real student council look more dangerous and psychopath as compared to the USC. From the looks of it too, looks like they have a grudge or rivalry against the USC. So where were they the entire time? Maybe just plotting. Or just watching from the shadows (the irony?) the downfall of Mari and co.

So everybody has got somebody to love in the end? It seems very unlikely for this anime but it feels like some sort of ‘happy ending’ for the guys. The best reward for a guy is to get the girl in the end, right? We have straightforward cases like Kiyoshi and Chiyo, Shingo and Anzu, and now a potential for Gakuto. I also briefly read that in future, Andre too got one of his own, a sadistic girl who can provide his masochistic needs. You know what they say about opposite attracts, right? What about Joe? Is he going to be left out? As long as he has got his ants… Obviously Hana has a thing for Kiyoshi and after seeing so many animes, my guts tell me that the only reason she picks on him and is persistent with her revenge thingy is because she likes him. Want to bet? And I think Meiko too has some soft spot for the boys because she is the one who spends most of the time with them guarding their cell. Because you tend to notice that she notes that the boys will soon be expelled, so and so. How come she doesn’t sound happy saying that? Like as though she dreads when it happens? Hmm… I wonder if the guys will be keen in looking forward to the wet t-shirt contest after finding romance.

I don’t think this is intentional in anyway but I am sure that people these days somehow can ‘see’ it. Because this series seems to be painting boys as the ‘good people’ while a big majority of the girls are just being the b*tches and villains. If you can look past the fact that the victims are boys and the real perpetrators are girls, I think there would be no problem. Because the fact is that the boys despite having done some wrong, they were framed by the very people who were supposed to uphold the law. That is why not to say that I wished for the downfall of the USC (it is with mixed feelings of sadness and relief that they head off to prison), because of this setup, you can’t help root for the boys to have their plan a success. Each time when something comes in the way of their plan or it doesn’t go as intended, you feel their pain and frustration. Like how your favourite football team closely misses scoring the goal. And then you’d be filled with hope when they come up with the next plan. All because they simply never gave up. At times they might be on the verge of defeat and hopelessness. Their despair is too tempting for them to give in but they persevered. That is why in this context the main reason why we root for the boys not because of their gender or anything else.

I would be lying if I say fanservice is not the biggest attracting factor here. Either you will be disgusted or you will be delighted. Well, this is also classified as an ecchi anime so be warned. If you are open minded, you would see all those glorious fanservice scenes and jokes about butts and poops to be funny. We are human after all. We smile when sexy scenes prop up and giggle at fart jokes. It is no shame. Unless it happens to you. Meiko as you can obviously see is the big offender in this category, contributing to a big majority of deliciously sexy and tantalizing fanservice scenes. Her boobs are so humongous that not only it looks freaking fake but as though she just jumped out from a hentai series. So much so almost every scene of her, your mind goes wild thinking if the scene might suddenly change into a hentai one. Even more so the way she dresses and that sexy trademark little purple pantsu she always wears. Yeow! Boobs shot, crotch shots, butt shots, panty shots and whatever angles you can think of, Meiko has done it all. Can we get more? Prepared to be whipped then!

Don’t forget the violence too. There will be blood spilled either way in every episode. Whether it is from the harsh beat down from the wardens or that sick butt jokes (I thought Kiyoshi’s ass bleeding would somewhat become a running joke of the series but I guess after a couple of times it could be quite distasteful and hurts even if you’re watching it) or even Joe’s sickness that has him cough out little pints of blood, there is no shortage of them. Well, it is a good thing that they aren’t anaemic. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. After all that smack downs and hammering, I am sure the guys would have build up some sort of immunity. They must have, right? Unless you’re the kind like Andre…

I want to also point out the water or rather liquid in this anime. Firstly, we have them mainly from Meiko’s sweating. Sometimes I feel that she sweats is some sort of ambiguous sexual subtexts. The rate she sweats out, she can probably fill an Olympic size pool by the end of the day. The other liquid is the pee. Although not much, I thought they look just like plain water. Not to say that I am a pee expert but when I look at them as portrayed here (for example when Kiyoshi accidentally first caught Hana peeing), I thought it was just normal water flowing.

At first I thought there was something very similar to the animation and visual style. This includes the colouring and the shading as well. Somehow I perceived it very similar to Shingeki No Kyojin and thought both animes to be produced by the same production studio. It turns out not. This series is produced by J.C. Staff and perhaps some of the visual similarities of their other productions like Bakuman can be seen here. Maybe it is the same dark brown colour of the girls’ uniform which closely resembles the same colour of the soldiers in Shingeki No Kyojin that made me thought so. Another reason is perhaps the nearly realism look on some of the character’s face. In a way I thought the animation for them was done via rotoscope. Especially when you take a look at Hana’s scary face. Sometimes it looks ‘scary’ enough to be almost real. Some of the other visuals are also creative like when the situation gets dramatic for the guys and they are drawn in a different light which makes them look a whole lot different yet funny. There is also the creative and ingenious use of Lego bricks to depict Kiyoshi and Gakuto’s escape plot to help the former see Chiyo. Delightful!

Voice acting, I particularly love Kana Hanazawa as Hana. She did a very good job in portraying both the angelic side and the brutal version. Her ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between both forms is what makes her character stand out despite having very much less screen time compared to Meiko and the lack of any need for her character to resort to fanservice to be memorable. Sayaka Ohara’s devilishly calm but scheming voice makes her suitable to play the role of the cool headed villainess. She helmed similar roles before such as Bel-Peol in Shakugan No Shana series, Karen in Blade & Soul, Indicus in Log Horizon, Chuu in Etotama and more recently Koukaku in Chaos Dragon. Shizuka Itou as Meiko is also no stranger in voicing odd character roles. She was the voice of that blonde b*tch in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu as well as a certain arrogant rich blonde in the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prsima Ilya series.

For the rest of the voice acting casts, they include Hiroshi Kamiya as Kiyoshi (Yato in Noragami), Katsuyuki Konishi as Gakuto (Oga in Beelzebub), Kenichi Suzumura as Shingo (Sougou in Gintama), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Andre (Midori in Aoharu x Kikanjuu), Daisuke Namikawa as Joe (Rock in Black Lagoon), Chinami Hahsimoto as Chiyo (Yuyu in Hidan No Aria AA), You Taichi as Anzu (Sayo in Love Lab), Keiji Fujiwara as the chairman (Sven in Black Cat) and Ami Koshimizu as Kate (Ryuuko in Kill La Kill). Since the prison boys are stealing the limelight in this series, it is no doubt that they also sing both the opening and ending theme under the name of Kangoku Danshi. Ai No Prison is the opening theme. The super cool hard rock beat feels like the guys are singing and fighting their way to freedom and it feels like they’re having fun doing so. Tsumibukaki Oretachi No Sanka as the ending theme is more fun and relaxed rock-and-roll-like piece. If you love the series and love rooting for the guys, you’re going to love both songs too.

Overall, this series is a very enjoyable and interesting affair to watch. If you can get pass the violence, blood, fanservice, poop jokes, fart jokes and all the other ‘disgusting’ stuffs that were used in making this series wonderfully entertaining and funny. Seriously. One of the guilty pleasures you must have. Seriously. After all, those who love ecchi stuffs cannot be bad guys, right? Wait… That doesn’t sound right… I hope they have another season of this because it is fun to see the prison break and all the funny stuffs (intentional or not) that goes with it. Uh huh. It is bad of me to want them to go back to prison but I guess there is where the fun is. Maybe next time is the USC’s turn to make their prison break from the real student council? Yes, second season please. If prisons in real life were like that, it couldn’t have blurred the line between pain and pleasure further. Heck, everything is like a grey area. Because if this Meiko character is the kind of prison warden as we see here, I won’t be surprised to suddenly find the prison population experiencing a boom in bad boys and probably converting mild and herbivore guys into perverted masochists. Then they wouldn’t mind breaking out and getting caught again all over again. Till they change the warden to a fat ugly mistress or some gay macho uncle! Breakout for real and never coming back, haha!

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