Punch Line

October 30, 2015

Get your little kicks by seeing girls’ panties, do you? Yeah, no harm in that and I suppose you won’t be intimidated even if you are being thrown sexual harassment lawsuits either. But be warned. Don’t go peep at them for too long. Because you know, the moment you have seen too much panties, it will go beyond the maximum threshold and this will bring an end to the world!!!!!! HOLY COW!!! Are you serious???!!! Watching too many panties can cause the world to be destroyed???!!! What kind of sick theory is this???!!! Are they trying to scare us perverts off so bad that they have gone desperate to cook up such an unbelievable lie?! Well, at least this is the storyline for Punch Line. Yes, people. The main character is just like any other healthy teenager, getting the typical nose bleeds when he sees girls’ panties whether intentionally or by accident. But if he sees too much, everybody can kiss goodbye in seeing tomorrow because it is like a flag to say that you screw it this time and then game over. Blam! End of the world. So panty lovers out there and all over the world… Beware… Please use extreme caution and judgment before going in for the second glance. You have been warned…

Episode 1
Yuuta Iridatsu is on a bus that is being hijacked. But do not fear. Our super hero girl, Strange Juice bursts in from riding her bike and beats them up with her giant metal straw. She is being surprise attacked by the bus driver so she tells Rabura Chichibu to take the steering. But the brakes are not working. Strange Juice’s comrade, Pumpkin Chair warns her she will unleash tyre killers after the toll. It spikes the bus’ tyres as it comes crashing to a stop but hanging on the edge of the bridge. One of the passengers is the mastermind as he points his gun at Strange Juice. He is going to shoot her when Yuuta sees Rabura’s red panties. He powers up like a Super Saiyan and pushes that guy out and into the river. Strange Juice saves Yuuta but the wind blows up her skirt. The moment he sees her pink panties, he ‘dies’ of blood loss. Then something strikes into his body and forces his soul out. Back in his apartment, he is shocked to find himself a ghost but Chiranosuke the ghost cat tells him he isn’t exactly dead. His soul is just separated from his body. He shows a live streaming website that he is well alive in his own room downstairs. What does this mean? Somebody else is possessing his body. They try to enter his room but it is filled with talisman to keep ghosts out. Chiranosuke suggests he go find the Nandala Gandala book with a secret ritual that will allow him to return to his body. Well, I suppose he has to go find it himself since Chiranosuke hints it is somewhere in this apartment. So the first suspect he goes to is the room of Ito Hikiotani. However she is in her panties. Although stimulated, he runs to the next room but sees the panties of Mikatan Narugino. That is when he can’t take it anymore and his stimulation is so great that it becomes an atomic bomb and destroys the world???!!! As explained by the cat, it seems he will obtain power by seeing girls’ panties. But seeing them again will cause him to be over excited and reach breaking point. Each time he does that, a comet will hit and destroy Earth! WTF???!!! Therefore the simple theory of avoiding apocalypse is for him to avoid getting turned on. Good luck in that. Yeah, he has to go back in time to redo it again. For the sake of a happy and peaceful future!

Back in Ito’s room again, before he could get a full view of her shima pantsu, he runs to the next room. He barely avoided looking at Mikatan’s panties as she is trying to find a book. He thinks it is Nandala Gandala and tries to look for it under the bed. He didn’t realize she is also searching there now. Flashback reveals when they first met 9 months ago when she first moved in. When they bumped into each other, he had this familiar feeling of seeing her before. It is no surprise. As explained by her friend, Meika Daihatsu, she is from the popular idol group, She’s Mai. Fellow neighbour, Rabura comes in to borrow some salt for some dish and also to return a book. Nope. It’s just some acting book. He goes to Meika’s room and thinks the book underneath the shelf is it. However as a ghost he cannot pick it up. The cat tells him his ghost level will determine how much he can move things and at his rate, he can only move a pencil. He uses his will power to move a ball and level up. Meika picks the ball up and sees the book which is her old photo album. On the news, a terrorist group called Qmay is taking a cinema hostage and believed to be responsible for the earlier bus hijacking. An enka alert song is played. Giving an excuse that Kamenishi has escaped to ‘rid’ of Rabura, it is time for Mikatan to get into her Strange Juice transformation. Unfortunately there is no magic so she has to strip and get naked to change. Are you stimulated, Yuuta boy? In the underground base after Mikatan rides off on her bike, seems Meika’s sweater was caught in it and now bespectacled girl is in her undies. Yuuta has reached his limit… Here we go again… Earth is destroyed!!!

Episode 2
Meika as the landlord comes to seek Rabura the fake exorcist’s late rental payments. But she’s too sad thinking that she has no spiritual powers unlike her ancestors. Besides, she doesn’t believe in ghosts anyway. Meika then points to Yuuta. For real? Nope. She was just faking it. What a coincidence. Meika then goes to see Ito since she hears her scream. However Ito seems to be cooking up strange excuses for just about everything. Meika doesn’t pursue further. Meanwhile Chiranosuke explains why Yuuta can’t go back further back in time thanks to his low ghost level using lots of boobs analogy. Yuuta then goes to check on Rabura who is wallowing in her usual love rejection-cum-depression. He remembers becoming her sister’s ‘substitute’ to vent out those frustrations when she suddenly decided to drop her 24 hour private life live feed and go study overseas. Mikatan comes in to share her pie. They talk about the hijacking incident that Rabura was recently caught in. She and Yuuta were seeing off her sister at the airport and the hijack happened on their way back. Mikatan freaks out seeing Rabura’s pet turtle, Kamenishi since she has fear of turtles. In the aftermath of the chaos, the turtle climbs into Rabura’s skirt… Hold on! Too dangerous! Almost happened. Shortly, Meika shows Rabura some lame necromancy dance wearing a pigeon mask. Seriously, is this really going to work? Rabura scolds her for making a mockery out of it so Meika leaves in a huff. But after that desperate Rabura tries it out herself. Seeing how pity she is, Yuuta assists by trying to move a vase (since Chiranosuke says cinnamon particles should boost his power) but breaks it.

Mikatan goes to share her pie with Ito but she seems to be hiding something and acting freaking strange. It gives Mikatan the impression that she might be turning into a Stegosaurus! Yeah, really freaking weird. Is she possessed or something? The cat is out of the bag when the thing she is hiding turns out to be a little bear cub. She found it abandoned and took it in. This apartment has strict rules of no pets allowed but does Meika have double standards allowing Kamenishi since it is isn’t noisy or disturb others? I don’t think cooking up a story that this bear is her brother is going to cut it. Meika is going to call animal control but Ito pleads her not to. Seeing how pitiful Muhi the bear is, Mikatan suggests finding out its predicament first so Meika gives Ito some reprieve. Yuuta eavesdrop Mikatan talking to Meika about why Ito stopped going to school. He remembers he realized she is a great legendary player of some online game. He asked why she doesn’t go to school. She got disowned. Meika expands on Ito’s background. Her dad is a member of the education board. It would look bad on him if his own daughter did not go to school and thus he disowned her. Thus Rabura who is also her cousin brought her to live here. Mikatan suggests throwing a party for her when Rabura wants to show them the necromancer dance! Is she indirectly begging for the ghost to help out? It won’t work this time since Yuuta doesn’t have the power. Must be the cinnamon, eh? Meika reveals this dance was supposed to cheer people up only. Feeling stupid now? Meika and Mikatan put on a mask to do that dance. See? It cheered her up. Ito receives a video link. It contains a list of victims for this year. Her name is on it.

Episode 3
There is a broadcast made by Qmay that the US and Japanese government are hiding the fact that a large asteroid will hit and destroy all life on the last day of the year to save themselves. Their demand is for the truth to be disclosed immediately. Of course many just think they are just some doomsday group. Yuuta sees this and wonders if the governments and experts are hiding the truth because he thought Qmay’s goal is to annihilate humanity and didn’t their leader, Tsubouchi Qmay recently die? Could it be that guy is possessing his body? Mikatan wants to celebrate Christmas in Ito’s room. This is when Ito shows a clip from that bus hijack as she is suspicious about Strange Juice’s identity. Mikatan runs to Meika’s room for help but sees an alien squid. Later we see Strange Juice talking to Ito. Of course we know it is a blatant lie to prove to her that Mikatan and Strange Juice are different people. The alien squid suit is actually an invisible suit that Meika made so Mikatan used it to turn invisible and head to another place so as to make it look like the duo are 2 different people. Suddenly they hear Rabura’s scream. A mercenary, Turtle Man holds her hostage and he wants Muhi. He beats up Strange Juice and puts Meika in the invisible suit out of commission. If not for Rabura throwing cinnamon, Yuuta might not have enhanced his ghost power to tackle him. When he captures Muhi and escapes, there is this hero dude, Kenji Miyazawa here to save the day. He gets beaten up. Weak! But he requests 20 seconds of time out and promises to return with a reward. And what will that be? A super beat down! Muhi is saved although Turtle Man got away. When Strange Juice reunites with them, since she is without her mask, Ito recognizes her as Mikatan. Busted.

Yuuta thinks back of the recent incident. Turtle Man had a Qmay emblem on his wristband. Muhi was stabbed by him but his wounds healed almost immediately. On top of that, the most shocking one was when Kenji carried Meika back to her room for repairs, he was shocked to see that Meika is a robot. While Yuuta goes to check on Ito’s computer and finds out about that victim list, Rabura and Ito eavesdrop next door and misunderstood about Meika’s inability to do handstands as she is pregnant and having morning sickness. When they can’t take it anymore and go confront them, Rabura passes out from the shock of seeing Meika’s robotic body. At least you can say her guts are made out of iron! Meika reveals that she was created by Professor Tenga Daihatsu, a super genius inventor. He died 8 years ago and left Meika this apartment. Although most of his inventions are kept in storage, the only ones left are a fax-refrigerator and Meika herself. She was born in this place as Tenga taught her a lot of things. However she discovered she cannot do handstands or anything athletic. Tenga told her robots are designed for a specific task and role it is assigned. In a few years, a girl will join Meika as a member of a secret force called Justice Punch to save the world. No prizes to guess who that girl is. Meika’s task is to protect and assist her in any way she can. Yuuta thought he won’t get stimulated in looking at young Mikatan in her kiddie panties. I guess that’s just his mind. But his body has different ideas. Yup, he still reacts to it. And his nose bleeding has reached its limit! Warning! Warning! Asteroid is coming sooner than predicted. Not Armageddon again!!!

Episode 4
Guriko and Pine are children playing outside some lab with Chiyoko. Pine wanted to escape instead of being trapped here forever but Guriko wanted to talk to Ishigata first. Rabura has invited some alien guy called Gliese to her room so she leaves her weird stuffs in Ito’s room so as not to let him have the wrong idea. Yuuta sees on TV that one of the victims on the list is dead. Fearing Ito is next, he needs to warn her. Chiranosuke suggests that the quickest way is to possess someone. He has levelled up a bit so he is able to do it but with certain conditions. Based on what the cat says, the area must have cinnamon and the possessed person needs to be in the same spiritual wavelength, say, a spirit medium. Yuuta makes his way to go possess Rabura. After he spreads the cinnamon and barely contains himself from the skirt flipping accident, he manages to enter her but the girls are suspicious she is acting strange and ask a series of questions regarding her favourites. By the time they are done, Yuuta is kicked out because apparently you can only possess a person for 7 minutes. When Rabura is with Gliese, he seems to be giving her lots of weird and smelly products. Is this the way to attract a woman? She becomes fed up with this as he says he only wanted to make her happy with her favourite things. He explains that he got those stuffs because he heard from her friends so I guess they really played on her. This makes Rabura remember something similar when she was young. She was said to have woke up in the middle of the night to do bizarre things like writing equations and then faxing them.

As Rabura apologizes and wants to start anew, Gliese also wants to come clean. Sure, he is not an alien. However he takes out his badge and he is a member of US Department of Defence’s intelligence bureau, NSA. Remember that Qmay hijacking and broadcasting incident? They claim the governments are covering up and doing nothing. However the US has secretly launched military satellite to destroy the asteroid with missiles. Unfortunately Qmay uploaded some virus to control it. Their objective is to destroy the human race. Eavesdropping Yuuta is more confused because he thought that was just a publicity stunt. So who is telling the truth now? But why is Gliese talking to Rabura? What has this got to do with her? It seems the plan was to get close to her to get Meika, the only one who can hack and break through the virus. Rabura becomes mad that she has been used. Gliese doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea as he is still attracted to her but Kenji pops up to beat him up. Rabura helps Gliese out by throwing the rafflesia pot at him and then beats him up to let Gliese run away. Meika then beats up Rabura and tells her Kenji is somebody they can trust and lets Kenji go after Gliese. The girls end up in a pool wrestling joined by the rest. I’m sure Yuuta wants to peep at this wet event… As the girls settle down and discuss this, Meika seems to blame Ito for bringing Muhi that started all this. Ito then reveals that Muhi was brought here by Rabura’s little brother, Randou. Rabura calls her a liar and in turn Ito calls her a fake. Rabura slaps her. Mikatan hopes Ito can forgive them but she has also something to say to her. Something about she knows Mikatan being a hero. After the girls leave, Mikatan starts to feel pain in her chest and takes some pills. Yuuta recognizes the familiar song she is humming.

Episode 5
Yuuta is shocked to see Ito’s dead body at the shrine. Sad boy. Chiranosuke is being sarcastic that he didn’t care about the world and when someone dies he weeps like hell. Isn’t he selfish? Yeah. So what of it? He thinks of going back in time since he has levelled up to do so. Chiranosuke warns that he needs a strong will for that to happen or else he will bounce off and never return to this world. Yuuta makes a strong wish to protect Ito and returns to earlier on that day. Yuuta sees Ito in her room going through her message of the victim list. She knows them and blames herself. Yuuta needs to stop her from going to the shrine so he possesses Rabura to talk to Mikatan. She confronts Ito who is just on her way but runs back up to the roof. Ito wants to be left alone but Mikatan won’t let her since she is her friend. Once inside and calmed down, Mikatan hums her a song supposedly to cheer her up. She tells she came from one of those Uber research labs that did some genetic thingy. Flashback reveals Chiyoko was about to be mutilated since the researcher wants to know why she couldn’t unleash her ability. This made Pine made and turned him into some Super Saiyan. Ito can tell Mikatan likes that boy. On this same topic, Ito reveals she likes her teacher but one day they were caught red handed together by the students. Because another fellow student girl likes him and she is the ring leader for them, Ito became the object of their torment and every day was a living hell. That is why she didn’t want to go to school anymore. Only her teacher was kind to her but she didn’t tell him so as not to bother him.

Subsequently she put up a prank video and that victim list contains names of all her bullies. But why is her name on it? Somebody must have subsequently edited it. Ito never told anybody this because it would make her look pathetic. Mikatan assures her that she will always protect her. With that, Ito’s death has been averted but Yuuta is still unsatisfied because they know nothing about the killer. When they hear some commotion upstairs, they rush up to see Meika tied up. She reveals Turtle Man was here and he took Muhi. He left a message that this is revenge to Ito for not coming to the shrine. Yuuta now knows the killer and goes to look for Ito but she is nowhere to be found. He wants to use his Rabura-possessing plan again but looks like they’ve run out of cinnamon. He gets an idea to use Ito’s handphone to send a message to the stalker to meet at the rooftop. Remembering that Meika created a mask that will allow you to look exactly like anyone, he sends a text to Meika and Rabura to help out. The plan is to have Meika disguised as Ito and Rabura in that invisible suit to tackle him and then use a stun gun to knock him out. But Turtle Man is no pushover. He knows that is not the real Ito and the snow piling up on Rabura makes her a dead giveaway. As he gets rough with Meika, Rabura dares him to shoot her first. Turtle Man warns this is not a game and fires a few warning shots. This looks like a joke because Kenji was at the spot where he fired those shots! Too bad, no cool entrance this time. As Meika struggles with him, she gets shot. Ito sees Kenji and tries to help him out. Because when he sees her panties, he powers up.

Episode 6
Kenji revives to beat up Turtle Man. Strange Juice joins him but Turtle Man power up himself since he is also Uber like them and beats them up. He reveals his goal in making this world an ideal one and to do so must rid of inferior humans so that the superior W can rule it. Before he can shoot Strange Juice, Ito gets in her way. Suddenly Turtle Man is struggling like as though he is fighting his inner self. Yuuta is shocked that Kenji can see him as he needs his help. Throwing him a cinnamon bottle so he can possess Rabura and pull off fighting combos on Turtle Man. Rabura is most emotional that Meika is still alive. When they unmask Turtle Man, Ito is shocked as she recognizes him. Chihaya Tomoda is her teacher. He claims he is doing this out of love. He knew she was harassed and sent out all those mails and killed her bullies. He had to. If their love was meant to be, he needed to punish them. However he claims the spirit of Tsubouchi was the one who killed them but now his body is useless to him. He made a contract with Tsubouchi’s spirit that if he used his body, he would grant him a wish to get revenge. There is an explanation of using Uber to enhance your power beyond normal limits. But the risk of using too much is that you will die. Just like what Tsubouchi did. Muhi was the key allowing he body to regenerate and avoided death. He wants Ito to live but she beats him up and sick of all this craziness. He is just a perverted teacher. Later Rabura talks to Meika and the latter confirms she has hacked into the missile system but found nothing wrong. Besides, if an asteroid is going to collide, the world should be panicking by now. So time to party to usher the New Year. Mikatan’s singing isn’t up to par so Rabura wonders if she has someone she likes. Maybe Yuuta? Meika then corrects this with this shocking revelation. Yuuta was born biologically a girl! His real name is Yuu and he just named himself as Yuuta.

Ito wants to hear more of Meika’s past with Mikatan. That was 8 years ago when Meika came to her. When Mikatan escaped the facility with Ishigata’s help, it was not long before they are discovered so Ishigata sacrificed himself by burning everything down. Meika then trained Mikatan to be a hero of justice till her powers are unleashed. She didn’t like people calling her Pantyhose Girl so Meika drilled into her head of their role to keep the world safe and gives her a new outfit as well as a new hero name, Strange Juice. But now Meika thinks it is time to end this hero game as Mikatan has gone Uber too many times. After playing fireworks, Rabura and Ito follow Meika to see some special fireworks robot she prepared. Mikatan collapses and does not have time to eat her medicine (Yuuta sees a familiar mark on Mikatan’s neck). That is when Kenji appears to give her some. She is surprised he knows that song but is made to go watch the fireworks with the other girls. Now Kenji talks to Yuuta and points out the asteroid is going to collide with Earth. Yuuta is shocked because Meika said everything was okay and Qmay hasn’t finished preparations with that W sh*t thing. Kenji says he’ll know the answer once he has his body back and throws him Nandala Gandala. Yuuta is appalled to see blank pages and only a word, “U-turn”. Is this a joke? Then it hits him. Is he saying to go back in time? Yes. But that alone isn’t enough as he must have a very strong desire to save someone. Kenji unmasks himself. OMG! It is Yuuta himself! He claims history is about to make a huge mistake, a future that cannot be allowed to happen. He has failed in his mission and so have the many others who attempted and made the same mistakes. He leaves humanity’s hopes in him. Yuuta vows to protect everyone and jumps back in time. It is the moment when Strange Juice saved him from that bus incident and pulled him out from the river. Now we know what forced his soul out then.

Episode 7
Yuuta is glad to be back and in his room, he makes a list of the important things that have happened during his ghost time. He thinks of going to find Gliese or Tomoda for answers when Chiranosuke kicks him back in! It seems Yuuta retained his ghost level skills. Chiranosuke tells him 2 things: He must not change history without his permission and he cannot tell anyone the truth. That Kenji guy was him from an alternate future and it won’t do everyone any good if he ends up like him. The cat continues explaining about the Human Preservation Project’s goal, which is to avoid the asteroid hitting Earth. When Yuuta was a ghost, he is being susceptible to stimuli since a spirit is walking around without a solid body. That is why seeing panties cause the world to end. The first step to prevent Armageddon is to write in Nandala Gandala. But Yuuta won’t write that “U-turn” word again since it is like admitting his failure. Mikatan then comes into his room to check on him as Chiranosuke hints she knows everything about that bus hijack incident. As similar events seem to be occurring, Yuuta remembers what happened during the rest of the day (rewatch episode 1 if you have forgotten). Remembering all those panty shots caused Earth to be destroyed, Yuuta tries to go stop his ghost. In Ito’s room while his ghost self is looking around, Yuuta tries to hold back the toilet door when Ito is coming out. When she barges through and sees him, she fires her bazooka! Yuuta runs to the next room to see the ghost in danger of looking at Mikatan’s panties. Yuuta dives at Mikatan but since he got his hands on her breast, she beats him up and he runs back to his room. His ghost gives chase but cannot further enter the room since it is laced with talisman. When it all ends, Yuuta is glad to have changed history a little.

Next day when Yuuta sees Rabura returning, he asks her for Gliese’s contacts. She is shocked he knows about this guy when Tomoda just walks out from the apartment. Yuuta goes to chase after that bewildered guy before getting a kick from Chiranosuke. Don’t change history without his permission. The cat explains the bond and friendship created by the girls, the discovery of identities, the fights that led up to all that. This is important because if they are to succeed in the mission, they must recreate a history close to that. Otherwise… he will add to the statistic of 6,737,153,740 times he ignored him and history remained the same! Holy cow! 6 billion times???!!! And you thought Endless Eight was bad enough… But Chiranosuke warns, fail this time and there is no next time. Yuuta learns how his return to the timeline pushed out his soul. But this didn’t happen to Rabura when he possessed her because he is in Uber mode that made his spirit to be easily detached. Chiranosuke has him remember the incident 9 years ago. When Ishigata took the kids and fled, his van went off the cliff and lightning struck before it sank into the river. A girl who lived in a cabin by the river, Akina Iridatsu took Pine in but he is shocked to see Chiyoko’s body in the mirror. During the accident, their Uber activated and the lightning strike made them switch bodies. Guriko’s spirit entered Pine’s body (which is Yuuta’s body), Chiyoko entered Guriko and now Pine is in Chiyoko. Confused? I am. Soon Yuuta receives a package from Akina. It is that Kenji hero suit! You got to be kidding him!

Episode 8
Yuuta is convinced he won’t wear this crap but since tonight is the incident where Turtle Man came to steal Muhi, he is forced to don it and introduce himself as Kenji for the first time. Remember he got beaten up and asked for 20 seconds? He ran back into the apartment to find something but since he saw Meika stuck in the squid outfit and tried to help her out, he saw her panties and powered up. Kenji then chases Turtle Man into the woods whereby he asks Tsubouchi who is possessing Tomoda a series of questions about Qmay letting the asteroid hit Earth. He admits they have no intention to bring down the asteroid as W is not completed yet. That bear is needed for W’s completion. Plus, Muhi is made in Uber labs that belonged to Qmay. Tsubouchi goes on to rant about true world peace by evolving humans into their perfect form. This is the reason he created Qmay to attract people who want to get superpowers to follow him. Tsubouchi wants him to return to them and he’ll understand that when that happens. Tsubouchi’s spirit leaves the body. When Kenji returns to the girls, he takes Meika to her room and knows that she is a robot and lets her repair herself. He wonders why she trusts him easily so she reveals before Tenga died, he told her to fulfil his 3 request. 1) Find Chiyoko; 2) Turn her into a hero of justice; 3) If a hero in creepy outfit appears, he is your ally and not a bad person. Apparently he will also become part of Justice Punch. Further revelation explains that ‘punch’ in Hindi sounds like ‘five’, therefore Justice Punch is a group of 5 heroes. Only 2 more to go. Kenji wonders how Tenga knows the future. Well, one day he got a message from the fax-refrigerator predicting the future. Sounds familiar? Something to do with Rabura?

Later Chiranosuke chides Yuuta for changing the future without his permission. Because he broke Tomoda’s limbs to avoid him killing the bullies. Now he is in hospital. The cat says a few sacrifices are necessary if he wants to save the world but Yuuta isn’t listening. He decides to go find Randou and wonders if Ito knows anything about him. In her room, he sees Muhi stuck under the kotatsu and goes to unhook him. But Ito returns and sits down, allowing him a full view of her panties. Power up time! She beats the pervert up as he tries to clear this misunderstanding. As for Randou, she tells him he is coming here this afternoon to check on Muhi. So he meets the guy and Randou realizes he knows all about Qmay. Randou used to be a fervent follower and was Tsubouchi’s close aide. Therefore he was tasked to handle Muhi and transport him to a facility deep in the woods. However he realized their teachings weren’t so fun when sh*t started to get real so he decided to betray them by not letting them have Muhi to complete W. After dropping Muhi in this apartment, he crashed his car to look like Muhi escaped into the woods. His injuries are not from the crash but the Qmay members beating him up for losing Muhi. He quit the group after Rabura paid the very expensive quit fee. After the gang have their little Christmas party-cum-karaoke, the girls wonder what to do for New Year’s Eve so Yuuta suggests fireworks in which Mikatan totally loves the idea. Later she thanks him for helping her out during the bus hijack. She feels something nostalgic about him the first time they met. Suddenly she collapses.

Episode 9
Luckily Yuuta knows where the medicine is. He wants her to stop becoming Strange Juice since her body is at its limit but she believes there are people who still need her. Mikatan is shocked to hear Yuuta knows Ishigata’s name and humming that song. Yuuta reveals he is Pine in her body. Mikatan/Chiyoko is overcome with emotion and hugs him. She reveals that during that accident, Ishigata only managed to save her. For a year they’ve been lying low living in some house. So when the lab guys come looking for them, Ishigata let her escape and lied he will follow her. He blew the place up with himself. The reason Mikatan has lots of cinnamon around is because it is Ishigata’s favourite. Later Yuuta sees a TV programme about the experts debating about the US using nuclear warheads to destroy the asteroid. Many call it crap because how can nuclear be effective when there is no atmosphere in space? This has Yuuta think that Gliese must have lied. Yuuta goes to visit the universities to get testimonies about the miniscule chance of an asteroid hitting Earth. He is now sure Gliese was lying. Now he understands why Kenji attacked him then. Meika comes to see him as requested to talk about Mikatan’s condition. He believes it is rapidly getting worse and hopes she can do some physical check-up on her. Yuuta checks the social media and one of the bullies that was killed by Turtle Man is still alive (she’s supposed to be dead by now) thanks to him being in hospital. But Chiranosuke warns him not to change history any further. This means when Gliese meets with Rabura, he is to go through with that plan to intercept him. Because the girls must fight and then make up and bond. An important ingredient to preserve the future of humanity.

Yuuta waits at the spot and right after Rabura chides Gliese for betraying her feelings, that is when he comes in. Immediately he runs and Yuuta chases him. However he is in a dilemma to attack him and cause a chain reaction of the girls fighting among themselves. Gliese has now run into the woods so Yuuta can’t let him get away and uses a picture of Mikatan’s panties that Meika sent to him as source of power up. He pushes him down the cliff and into the river. Although Gliese has broken a few bones, Yuuta threatens to break his fingers if he does not tell the truth. Gliese claims he is the leader of Qmay and admits the missiles won’t destroy the asteroid. But it will be enough to change its trajectory and slam into Earth. The problem is to hack into the system and that is why he was trying to get Rabura to get through Meika whose hacking skill is beyond anything human. Yuuta is sure Meika won’t give in to his threats but Gliese says they are not threatening her. She will not turn down a request when her friend asks for it. And when Meika checks into the system, that little moment is all he needs to tap into the system. Yuuta feels weak because Gliese had injected him with anaesthetic when they fell into the river. Yuuta still has energy to fight him. He is surprised to find Gliese is only wearing a mask. Who is the real person behind it? OMG! Isn’t that Pine?! Or at least his body?! Yes, this is Guriko in Pine’s body. With this shocking discovery, you can’t blame Yuuta for passing out now.

Episode 10
Rabura is so heartbroken that she goes to see Meika for consolation. Next day Yuuta rushes to Meika and wonders if she did something earlier this morning. She explains Rabura was ranting about some military stuff and although at first she didn’t believe her, she figured she would calm down if she checked it out. Nothing unusual. No virus or anomalies whatsoever. I guess that’s it. Yuuta falls to his knees defeated. Later Chiranosuke relays to Yuuta that Qmay has hacked into the system and released the missiles. In a few more days the asteroid will hit Earth. Game over. Yuuta is mad he never told him about this. It is because humanity must decide the future themselves. Oh? I thought the cat was just being a sadist? So while Yuuta lies in his bed in total gloominess thinking back 9 years ago (a little fight between Guriko and Chiyoko), he cannot understand why Chiranosuke is being so nonchalant about it all. Because there is a next time for him but not for Yuuta. The cat reveals he really had high hopes for him but is now disappointed. Time to pass on the baton to the next Yuuta. After he writes “U-turn” in Nandala Gandala, Rabura and Ito invite him to join the nabe dinner but he is showing his tantrum and not joining them. Then he remembers tonight is where Ito died so he asks her if she has received and strange mail. None. During the nabe party, they notice Ito is taking too long to get some stuffs. Yuuta and Mikatan go to check on her but see the window open. Mikatan suddenly gets a mail to bring Yuuta to the shrine. They rush there to see Ito unconscious and in the hands of Guriko. Mikatan is shocked to see him as she recognizes him as the hijacker on the bus. He wants them to become W or Ito will die. Mikatan goes into Uber mode to tell off Guriko to hand over her friend. He does.

Yuuta doesn’t want Mikatan to believe his lies but Guriko shows his healed finger. Didn’t they need Muhi’s regenerative ability to complete W? Guriko reveals they only heard it all from Tsubouchi. W is already completed and ready to go. Guriko fed him false information and is glad that old dude died. Can’t have a vile perverted old man at the top of the organization forever, right? He continues about the long awaited moment for revolution and the destiny of meeting with his friends again especially during the bus hijacking incident. But Mikatan is sad. What happened to Guriko? She missed her very much and wanted to do things with her. Please revert back to the Guriko she knew and loved! Unfortunately Guriko gives them the ultimatum. Turn into W and he will let them on his ark. They have a couple of more days to think it over. Back at the apartment, Mikatan continues to be sad especially about this saving humanity crap. This affects Yuuta a lot because now he is taking out his frustrations trashing all the stuffs in his room. Yeah, it’s over, right? Feeling useless? What else has he got to do than to remember his times with the other girls? Then he changes his mind. He hugs Mikatan and promises he is going to protect everyone and create a new future where everyone can live in peace and be happy. He dons his Kenji outfit and then confronts Meika. He unmasks himself before her and wants her help to save mankind.

Episode 11
Meika checks and confirms the asteroid indeed is going to hit Earth. Now she blames herself. But she isn’t going to mope forever. She has come up with a plan to hack all the ballistic missiles in the world to destroy the asteroid. However she can only launch when the asteroid is closing in on Earth and not now because the missiles cannot escape Earth’s gravity. However the problem is during the hacking she will be left vulnerable and the police will trace and interrupt her. This is where Yuuta comes in. He must prevent them from getting close to the apartment for an hour. Yuuta agrees to the plan and will need to look at her panties to power up. But she beats him up instead. Aren’t they girls? His soul is a of a guy. What better than to bide their time by having New Year’s Eve party and fireworks? As they go test the fireworks robot, the other girls who have eavesdropped on their operation (the apartment’s walls are so thin…) want in on this mission. Meika disagrees and will not let Mikatan join especially. Because one more time is all she has left. Mikatan tells her off the training they did all these years. If it is not for moments like this, then when will it be? All she needs is just not to go into Uber mode, right? Ito and Rabura although don’t know what they can do, they want to help out because they are friends. And so this completes the Justice Punch members that Meika is looking for. As Mikatan is the leader, she is made to say a few words. Let’s see… I love you all… I want all of us to be together… And let’s do this sh*t! Okay, I exaggerated the last bit.

Yuuta is seen kicking the police’s ass and he wants the commander to back down for an hour. However he won’t and even knows about the impending doom. There is a Qmay emblem on his wrist. I guess this says everything. It seems the entire police force is Qmay members. Strange Juice also kicks ass thanks to some martial arts suit Meika made for her so she doesn’t have to go Uber. The police are seen retreating. That is because the full US army is here complete with helicopters and tanks! Guriko wonders if the duo have made their decision. They sure did. They won’t turn into W and hell are they going to abandon their friends. Guriko leaves them occupied with his W fighters while he heads to the apartment. Ito wants to use the robot to fight the army since the controls are modelled after the game she plays. Meika warns her she cannot respawn and the danger is real. Even so, Ito wants to protect her friends. Now we see her like a pro handling the robot, smashing and pummelling the army like as though this is one big game. Yuuta and Strange Juice get help from Rabura so they can go after Guriko. Actually this is the disembodied soul of Yuuta possessing her and going Uber. But will all their effort be in vain because the army releases a flurry of missiles towards the apartment.

Episode 12
Luckily Meika has a final defence barrier to keep the missiles at bay. However Guriko is already inside the apartment. By the time Yuuta and Mikatan reach Meika, she is already offline. Guriko now understands why her hacking skills are super. Now that she is gone, Guriko wants them to become W. But Yuuta becomes mad and thus begin an Uber fight between the guys (at least technically). Yuuta could have won had not Guriko reveal the pain and suffering that she went through to explain her change in character. Snippets of the past shows after the accident, Guriko was captured by the lab guys and brought back and being conducted more experiments. It was painful. It was lonely. That is why he plan all this to wipe out the guys who did this to him. Meanwhile the US army colonel enters the apartment to find Muhi. Thankfully Rabura uses her exorcising skills to good use this time to kick out a familiar bad spirit possessing him. Meika’s backup power activates and she wants Ito’s help to initiate the last step to activate the missiles. Before Guriko could kill Yuuta, Mikatan comes between them. Then she did the unthinkable by going Uber and gives Guriko a freaking good punch in the face. That is for all the despair and trouble you’ve brought them. As dying Mikatan lies in Yuuta’s arms, all the missiles have already been launched and successfully destroyed the asteroid. Guriko hints that they can return to each other’s body but need for all of them to go Uber like last time. Flashback reveals Guriko created promise rings made out of simple wire as they made an oath to stay together forever. However Yuuta doesn’t agree to swap back to his body. Because he cannot forgive Guriko, he must live and atone his sins. Too bad he can’t have it his way. Yuuta shares his last moment with Mikatan. He is going to give her original body back. She protests to this but he tells her that he promised to protect of her. Once Chiyoko is back in her original body, she cries of Pine. Or is it her Mikatan body. A bit confused, isn’t it? The fragments of the asteroid fall down to Earth like shooting stars.

49 days later, the girls don the pigeon mask and do that silly dance as part of the ritual to summon Yuuta’s spirit to possess Rabura so he can talk to them. First, Yuuta is not happy that his Yuuta body is now looking so girly. Hey, isn’t that Chiyoko’s body in the first place? Yuuta says he has things to do and that is by going back 25 years to possess young Rabura to send that cryptic message to future Meika’s fax-refrigerator. And then he will head back to the future shortly after the bus hijacking incident to go back into his unconscious body by the river to start everything again. He assures they do not need to worry about the details and all they need to do is to continue living into the bright future. Later the girls pay their respects to an altar of boy Yuuta and Strange Juice’s Mikatan (for Pine – confused?). They each put their panties as offering. Even in death, Yuuta you are one heck of a lucky bastard! The girls hear a sound from Ito’s room. It is a white kitten that resembles closely to Chiranosuke. Ito reveals her friend in technical school wanted her to take him in and so she did. Chiyoko calls it Chiranosuke. Now that they’ve got another pet in the apartment, Muhi sure knows what it means to be jealous as the cub chases it around, causing havoc and cue for the girls to trip over and such to show us their pantsu. Yeah. Isn’t that what this show was supposed to be about? In the aftermath, there is a montage seeing how the quartet spend their time together. Chiyoko continues to play hero of justice when she can and Guriko goes on a solo journey of repentance.

Pantsu Mine Field
Interesting… This series may start out confusing (especially in the first half) with a lot of unexplained stuffs but as you go along, you’ll find the pieces of the puzzle to slowly fit in nicely like a glove. The hints to everything that has been seen or done here have been scattered throughout the series so if you have a keen eye or memory, you could have perhaps piece them together or come up with a logical explanation of the event (especially in the second half where Yuuta goes back and repeat stuffs again, thus refreshing our memory). There are many perhaps absurd and silly stuffs that don’t make sense but the charm of this show is in the execution in which they manage to pull it off without looking cheap especially about the concept of time travelling and time paradox. It is nicely done if I should say. It may not be perfect but at least you won’t be very much confused in the end as you were at the start. If you pay attention, that is. But I thought some of them were trolls like Mikatan being part of She’s Mai or Kamenishi the pet turtle. Maybe I’m just thinking too much and assumed everything and I mean everything would come together in the end as you know, such minute details are the ones usually that catches you off.

Oddly, come to think of it now, sometimes I feel ‘cheated’ in expecting to see ecchi panty shots and would be the staple of this series. Although there are a handful of panty flashes in every episode, it is not like they spam it every 5 seconds. It is both a good and bad thing. Good because it doesn’t dilute the value of the series and otherwise turn it into some tasteless and mindless fanservice anime whose sole purpose is to satisfy perverted otaku guys and rake in the money when DVDs are released. It is a bad thing only because if you really expected this show to be turned into some sleazy and crappy skirt flipping, panties exposing comedy. But with the interesting twist and turns and plot revelations, the ecchi stuffs will be quickly be put right at the back of your mind and you won’t notice or go “Where is my panchira shot?!” every now and then.

Speaking of the fanservice, there are a handful laced (pun perhaps intended) throughout the series with of course pantsu shots being the main feature here. The ‘lack’ of spamming those panty shots as I have said, in a way saved the series from being a mindless fanservice crap but with those shots sparingly being shown, somehow it feels like a ‘surprise reward’ while watching the series. The thought of seeing panties may be obvious during the initial episodes but as the mystery unravels further, the pantsu shots would seem less (only because we aren’t paying attention or hoping for it) and would be engrossed in the revelation of things. Therefore in a way, the panty shots fanservice and for Yuuta to nose bleed to signal the end of the world feels like a side distraction to the bigger things and revelation in the series.

As part of the trivia of making viewers guess and come up with all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories (well, at least there was a site that did that but now it’s gone), there are also a handful of puns in the names of the characters and certain items. For example, all of the main characters are named based on their personality like Meika whose name means great inventor and out-of-body-experience for Yuuta. Guess who is named after ‘swaying boobs’? Many of Meika’s inventions are also puns. Like the invisible squid suit called Tou-Maker which actually means ‘invisible squid’ (toumei ika) and the robot named Kaku-Maker which is definitely a pun of kakumei (revolution). Nice and cleverly done if I should say.

The characters themselves especially the main ones do not really stand out so much. Some feel cliché enough like the busty drunkard, a shut-in, an exceptional inventor-cum-hacker and an ordinary high school girl leading a double life as a hero of justice. They don’t get along very well at first but eventually with all that drama and the weird stuffs they go through, they’re like family in the end. Then you have Yuuta who spends half of the series in ghost form as well as having the unfortunate role of putting Earth in danger whenever he gets stimulated too much in seeing panties. Thanks to the time travel theme, I suppose they have to sacrifice character development and focus on the plot. Not to say that the character themselves suck but in a way I don’t feel they are properly fleshed out. Even the flashback of Pine, Chiyoko and Guriko just feels thin and just enough to cover the pace and development of the story. This includes other secondary characters like Akina, Randou, Tomoda and Gliese whose roles are minimal although their character just like the main ones do play an important part in the turning of the events as well as the progression of the story.

It was confusing at first when they reveal the body swap because I really did stop and think for a long time who is who. After a while, you’ll pretty much get it after knowing the characters a little better. It was sad that Yuuta/Pine had to die in the end but technically he isn’t dead because you know how his spirit is still around and goes back in time to redo all that crap again. Which brings me to another confusing case of time paradox. Because if that is what truly happened, then what of the 6 billion times he failed? Because this means on the 6,737,153,741st time it is only destined to be successful, am I right? Oh great. That parallel world conundrum again. I don’t want to think so much about it and give myself unnecessary headache and just accept it as it is. But another minor thing bugs me: How do they switch back bodies so easily? I thought there should be lightning striking them for them to do that? Unless this part slip the minds of the producers in the end.

The most amusing character I find is Chiranosuke. The ghost cat who is supposedly Yuuta’s guide in saving the world can be funny and a big mystery at the same time. For who truly is we will never know. That last scene there hinted he might have reincarnated or something. Oddly, a cat is the one to help guide save humanity but yet at the same point he leaves out a lot of details, leaving Yuuta in the dark to discover the truth and make the errors himself all because of the excuse that humanity should save themselves. In that case, shouldn’t Chiranosuke not be appearing at all? Well, after over 6 billion times going through the same failed crap, maybe it has got to that cat because he sure does sound funny talking although it sounds monotonous. Whether it is a big deal or not, you hear him speak in that same funny nonchalant tone. I thought they were going to make this a running joke of the series because when Chiranosuke shows Yuuta the live video feed of his room, he accidentally opens a video of cats having sex! Fornicating felines! Like as though he is doing it on purpose.

Drawing and art style wise, I don’t think there is anything to complain. They look pretty decent especially the girls still do look decently cute. But sometimes I thought I find the characters’ hair to look a little bit like, erm, how do I put it… Plastic? Well, they look ‘shiny’ enough to give off that kind of look. And sometimes I feel they put in more effort in designing the panties… Yeah well, they’re nice to look at even if most are them are just split seconds… Hey, isn’t that what this anime is supposed to be?! Just like the mid-intermission eye-catch whereby most of them you can see very fancy and intricate bra and panty designs. Are you turned on now? Oh, when the characters power up and go into Uber mode, the way their hair glows feels like they are turning Super Saiyan… Really. Especially when Yuuta gets his panty view power up, then it’s like a cue for lightning to strike him and give him extra strength. Just saying…

Probably it has been a long time since I have heard Rie Kugimiya’s tsundere loli voice so it is very much welcome to hear her voicing a main character role as Meika. Just minus the tsundere part and add kansai-ben (I think it’s that accent she’s speaking and she sounds quite natural in it). Although Rie Kugimiya is still active in the voice acting industry, most of the series (at least for those that I have watched) she is being casted in non-major roles and some just making cameo appearances. So it is nice once again to hear her voice a role that doesn’t last for just a minute or two and you can expect her to say something in every episode.

There was something familiar about Rabura’s voice but I couldn’t place my finger on it till the end. I don’t know why I kept thinking it was perhaps Youko Hikasa’s voice or even Marina Inoue but I knew it wasn’t them and yet was hoping it would be so. Turns out that Rabura is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. Ah, now it does sound familiar. Yeah well, blame me for not hearing her voice lately enough. Yeah well, blame her for not sounding unique enough like Rie Kugimiya. Or Mamiko Noto… And Marina Inoue did have a role in this anime: As Yuuta. Damn, why didn’t I recognize her in the first place? The rest of the casts are Sora Amamiya as Mikatan (Asseylum in Aldnoah.Zero), Minako Kotobuki as Ito (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Yuri Yoshida as Chiranosuke (Mashiro in Mikakunin De Shinkoukei – no wonder she sounds bloody familiar. Besides, this is so far her only other voice acting role), Kenji Akabane as Guriko (Arashi in Triage X), Tadashi Mutou as Gliese (Ichiro Hanazono in Tokko), Jin Urayama as Tsubouchi (Clark in Francesca) and Takehiro Hasu as Tenga (Sanezu in Plastic Memories). I suppose Mari Yamada (Miyo Masuko on Yes! Precure 5) has got the easiest role as she plays Muhi. Little bear cub has no talking role and only make cute little squeaking sounds…

The opening theme which bears the same name as the anime is sung by the all-female idol group, Shokotan Dempagumi. I recently learnt that there is another kind of music genre that isn’t really just pop. Songs like this one fall under the denpa song category, in which the tunes are over the top, lyrics quite nonsensical and lots of moe. From what I read, this subculture is gaining ground in Japan especially among the otaku circles thanks to its catchy and intentionally off-key vocals. This is exactly what sums up this song. Silly but catchy tune with crazy visuals to go with it. Therefore don’t be surprised to see all the craziness in the opening credits animation especially with the opening lyrics spamming the panchira word as well as panty shots. Ah, I see this is the place where you can get your fix of overflowing panty shots. Hope you can hold in your nose bleed till the song finishes. The ending theme is Mitsu Mitsu Mitsu by Ayumikurikamaki and sounds like a generic anime rock pop. Sounds rather okay if you ask me. The insert song in the final episode, Yakusoku No Kanata by Sora Amamiya is a lovely and heartbreaking piece especially when played during Pine’s death scene. So sad…

It looks like they are painting to us at first that looking at pantsu brings forth world destruction. They’re saying that those little skin covering cloth piece that are attractive and libido-stimulating but at the same lethal and deadlier than an atomic bomb a thousand times. Oh yeah. Panties. Truly fearsome! Please don’t tell me the solution to fix this: Just get rid of panties to avoid the end of the world! I think that will lead to an even bigger problem with everybody going commando. Besides, don’t you think having lingerie is more fun than going in your birthday suit? No? You’re sicker than I thought then…

Overall, this anime is great or flop depending on your tastes in time travelling and panties. And how well you enjoy connecting the dots together. Yeah, somehow I feel both are the essential ingredients needed to save the world or destroy it. At least for where this anime is concerned. I don’t think it will scare any of us that looking at panties twice will cause the world to go boom. We’ll just laugh it off. Seriously. Because if that is the case, the world would have been destroyed over and over again with no chance of changing history. Sad, huh? At least it is good to know that being a peeping tom won’t lead to Armageddon and the most a lawsuit. That’s better, right? Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But seriously, please don’t go peek at panties or even steal them. The world won’t end but it will be the death of a civilized mankind. Oh yeah. Panties. Truly fearsome…

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