We Are The Stars

August 3, 2007

  Mezameru mae ni mita yume wa,
  Kitto kanau kara keshite wasurenaide
Even though this song has been around in my collection for several years now, I still find We Are The Stars, which is the opening theme song from the anime Ragnarok The Animation, to be quite satisfying to sing. Uh-huh, one of those few songs which I kind sing with confidence and don’t have to worry if there are any ‘tough’ parts to go over.
  Sugiteku toki no kirehashi ni,
  Watashi no ibasho sagasu,
  Hibi wa mou hitsuyou nai
Sung by Yamazaki Maimi, probably this singer doesn’t have that high pitched level voice, which is the reason why it makes this song easier to sing. I could be wrong. I mean, I kinda notice when I hear other songs sung by her not to be in any high pitched. Not to say that her voice is dry or hoarse, but it’s kinda in between.
  Kumo no katachi no utsusu SHIRUETTO,
  EDEN no chi e no chizu no you,
  Tooku tooku sagashi tsudzuketai no,
  Yume ni mita promised land
This song is quite fitting for all those RPG group kinda games as the song is about hope and such. So lyrics wise, it won’t be hard to remember the lines as the words are simple enough even for beginners. Well, having said that, I myself is having trouble remembering some of the lines. I must be getting old. ;p
  We are the stars, Hikaru ya no you ni,
  You are my star, Taeru koto no nai chikara,
  Yami wo nuketa saki ni hirogaru PANORAMA,
  We are journeying to the stars
Other than that, this sounds like your usual J-pop song with your usual electric guitars, background vocals and a little sound effect in it. Though this song doesn’t have that long voice sustaining lines, there’s one part after the solo and just before the final chorus whereby the music softens, the singer did go a little tinsy-insy-weensy bit high but that’s manageable. Though when I’m not at my peak, I may have some problems there.
  We are the stars, Sora wo kaketeku,
  You are my star, Kagegae no nai ai,
  Sunabokori ni ukabi agaru ERUDORADO,
  We are journeying to the stars
So I don’t really mind spending another 5 minutes singing this song again because it makes me feel satisfied after finish singing it. Probably I could consider myself to sound just like the singer herself. Yeah, right. And what a perfect karaoke version this is. Now if only more of the other karaoke/instrumental versions of other songs can be like this. Singing would be a bliss. But I guess it goes to show that I’m not that talented after all. Hehehe.
  We are journeying to the stars…

Ragnarok The Animation

March 10, 2006

Woah… After missing too many episodes of Ragnarok The Animation, I’ve decided to tape the anime (why didn’t I think of this in the first place). Boy was I lucky to catch the last 2 episodes of the series. And there’s been a few changes since I’ve watched it.
The kawaii Yuufa has now turned to the dark side, Roan spots a new outfit, Takius has her blindfold off, and Maya into potions?. Okay, maybe some things really still haven’t changed. Like Iruga is still that cool assassin dude, Maya and her Poi Poi still as cute as ever, and Judia is still madly in love over Iruga.
Anyway, here’s what the last 2 episodes were like. It looks like the Dark Lord has 5 out of the 7 crystals (crystals that represent the core human characteristics), and needs only 2 more in order to be revived and bring eternal darkness to the world. Just as our heroes are setting out their journey to end this, they got caught in Yuufa’s spell and are teleported to Glast Heim, the place where it all started (and thus where it all shall end!).
So Takius got separated from the group but got to get a rematch with her master Zapper. You know, fight fight fight plus a little talk talk talk about truth and all that, in the end, Zapper realized he had been used by the Dark Lord and was ‘sacrificed’ as the 6th crystal. The sad thing too is that Takius also died along with her master. *sniff sniff*
As fate has it, Iruga will battle against his ex-friend Keough. And you know what. They both died too (Judia must be really sad). So sad too that such a cool guy had to die. With Keough’s death, that completed all 7 crystals the Dark Lord needs to return. But just enough for Keough to realize his mistake and break Yuufa out of the evil spell. I guess you really do see the ‘light’ when you’re gonna die.
With that, Roan and Yuufa tried their best to defeat the Dark Lord. Couldn’t believe they were gonna give up after a few Holy Cross and Holy Light attacks. But the weird part is, Maya traded all her gold to summon some terror heavenly being to shatter the 7 crystals, which then rendered the Dark Lord vulnerable. I guess that’s what her role is anyway, since she fell down into that ravine only to find the location of the crystals.
As you have predicted, the Dark Lord’s freedom is short lived as he is sent packing with the combined powers of Roan, Yuufa, Judia, Maya and… Takius’ staff? How come her staff just dropped out of the sky? Convenience, maybe. But the Dark Lord is silenced for good when that minotaur Baphomet smashed that portal he was imprisoned after that defeat. Sounds like a disgruntled ex-henchmen from the way he said things.
So, everything when back to normal as you can see the dark clouds slowly fade away and rays of sunlight filling every air particle it could reach. Maya looked happy as she got to avenged the deaths of her friends Zeltish and Alice (didn’t know they died).
The end part also saw Roan and Yuufa being married. I mean, we didn’t see any wedding ceremony. It was the ring on their fingers that gave me that impression as they’re visiting Iruga and Keough’s grave. Plus, they both have a baby that Judia is babysitting. I guess she decided to become the nanny since now that her beloved Iruga is gone. But the strange part was that they looked too young to be married and have a child. It seemed like only yesterday that they were trying to save the world. Also, Maya and Judia didn’t really aged that much too. Then, there’re 2 new comers who wants to join the group. They suspiciously look very closely like Roan and Yuufa, don’t you think. Ah well, end of story. Overall, this anime isn’t too bad actually, the fact that it’s over and I’ve missed many of the episodes in between.
Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to that 3 goons as they’re running away from the zombies and monsters. They just dropped a coin as a prelude to Maya for that gold-trading-summoning move. I guess that’s not important isn’t it.

Ragnarok The Animation

October 10, 2005

Seems pretty interesting when I watched Ragnarok The Animation yesterday. Though I don’t know whether the anime follows closely to the game itself or just a spinoff of it. From first looks, it has many of the anime elements. Cute charatacters, anime style comedy & drama. Looks like I’ll need to watch it a few times just to grasp the entire story and to see whether I’ll become addicted to it.
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