Raimuiro Senkitan

September 20, 2008

I’m actually not fond of anime with historical elements. In addition, history isn’t my strongest subject during my schooling years either. So what prompted me to watch Raimuiro Senkitan, or also known as Lime-iro Senkitan? Simple. At first glance those ladies in white sleeveless military uniform looked so gorgeous. That’s it? Yeah, that’s it. Not to say that I have a fetish for such women in uniform, but I guess if you know me, I’ll almost watch any harem animes if I think it’s worth a watch.
Furthermore, in addition to being a historical theme, there are some mecha elements as well. I know that after researching that this anime has 2 most disliked elements in my books, it would be enough to turn me off but my curiosity kept swelling up because of the ladies in uniform. Pfft. And I can’t believe that was the reason which made me sit through 13 episodes of it.
So the setting takes place in the 37th year of the Meiji era. Not that I know or care what important events happened during that time. Besides, when is the Meiji era in the first place? Not that I know, care or decide to do some research but conveniently mentioned in the series’ synopsis that was around 1904. I know there was a war going on between Japan and Russia but what for? Don’t know. Don’t care. Ah, my tidak apa attitude. Also, both sides are fighting for the possession of a fort called Lushun or Port Arthur. I’m not sure why that piece of rocky place is such a hot tussle between the 2 sides, but it was enough to make them go an all out war against each other.
After all that narration of a little history in every beginning of each episode, we are told that there is an untold story (sort of. Or probably it was just made up. Of course lah!) that how a group of 5 young lady defenders and this is their story of their love and inspiration and 1 young man who guided them. Probably this is the only part I understood, in the sense that a harem lover like me look forward to.
In episode 1, we are introduced to that young man, Shintaro Umakai, an ex-Russian diplomat and currently transferred to some rural area to be a teacher at Amanohara Girl’s Academy. Along the way (probably he got lost), he meets 5 young ladies who will in turn be under his guidance. They are the child-like always-trippin’ onii-chan complex panty showing (read: for fanservice) Momen Sanada (urm… her uniform reminds me of Pia Carrot too…), vain and having taste for Western stuff (though they’re all fakes) Sarasa Honda who has a dog called Antoinette Gandhi the 13th which resembles Marmaduke (since its name is quite long, the rest took the liberty to shorten it to Anji), a quiet Kikyo-look-alike dressed like a Hina doll Rinzu Kuroda, petite ‘tough’ tomboy Asa Kato, and her miko priestess dressing ‘slow’ cry-baby pal who is into strawdolls voodoo Kinu Fukushima. Also along the way, Shintaro meets a bearded man named Hyogo Kaji and in the turn of events, he turned out to be the headmaster of the school in which Shintaro will be teaching at. To Shintaro’s surprise he finds that the school is underground. Well, anyone would be shocked to find the ground opening up, right?
As Shintaro familiarizes with his surroundings, he gets to find out that these 5 girls are also part of an army unit called Raimu unit. You see, they aren’t ordinary girls. They have some spiritual power called Konjiki and are able to summon some spiritual mecha called Raimu. Now, these Raimus aren’t the best looking mechas in the mecha genre. They look like some ice hockey clad players or some Bushido/Kendo warriors. Either way, they look horrible! So what does Shintaro has to do with all these? Kaji did mention that the girls wanted to have a ‘normal; life, meaning that they wanted to attend school like other normal girls. Anyway, Shintaro also meets the Lt Commander, Masanosuke Date, who is also the one leading the Raimu unit. Before Shintaro can digest things, an attack occurs. Shintaro is surprised to find that Amanohara is actually a battleship! And Kaji is the general in command of it.
Date and the girls are geared up for the fight as Shintaro witness first hand of them in action. Even the enemy Raimus are totally horrible in design. One thing I would like to mention is that I kinda notice that when the girls summon their Raimus, it’s like they need to say a standard systematic line as they unleash their Konjiki. Then when they are using their controlling their Raimu to counter attack the enemy, they have to stand at their designated spots on top of the Amanohara ship and do some action which will translate into what their Raimus will do. Reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution, if you know what I mean. Are they dancing or what? Then Date is like giving commands to the girls like as though he is a conductor of an orchestra. I wonder why they need to hear his orders even if the counter attack is straightforward and simple. Not only that, the girls will have to be in their white uniforms to do so. This consolidates my theory that a uniform gives superhero characters super power. That’s why they have to change into it, no matter how out of place it looks. Also there’s this redundant part which made me go "What are they here for anyway?". Yup, those are the other foot soldiers trying to shoot down the enemy Raimus. Their bullets are like doing no damage to the enemy and their presence are more of a hindrance then anything. Is it so that the girls won’t feel lonely that they are fighting themselves. Anyhow, I find that these soldiers are weak…
Thus in episode 2 we see the girls manage to make the enemy retreat. So Shintaro has to continue his duties as a teacher while he tries to understand that these girls are being young soldiers. Shintaro decides to give them a test to gauge their level. Of course Momen seems the kind to lack brains and makes a paper crane out of it. I know Shintaro resembles Momen’s beloved brother very much but calling him onii-chan instead of sensei like the rest. I also kinda noticed that cry-baby Kinu is so weak that whenever Asa scolds her a little bit, she starts crying out loud. We are also introduced to the physician and ‘school nurse’, Sumi Ichijouji, who seems to like to flirt with Shintaro. Other developments in this episode sees Shintaro having a chat with Date about the girls at night on top of Amanohara. The next day as Shintaro is giving his usual lessons, the enemy returns and starts attacking. The usual ensemble. As the Raimu units is taking on the enemy, 3 little Shikigamis decide to bring Shintaro to where the supposedly ‘power source of Amanohara’ is sleeping, Kuki. Over the series, I find that this 3 little Shikigamis are kinda annoying. Probably it’s because they are little kids but since they’re so klutzy and forgetful, you’ll wonder what good they will contribute and are more comical of nature. Anyway the trio brings him there and tells him to awake her. How? I’m not sure if Shintaro understands what is happening all this while or is his body just taking over and moving by himself. Shintaro goes on top of Kuki and kisses her. Just like Sleeping Beauty waking up from her deep slumber. With that, Amanohara powers up and starts flying! Woah! A flying battleship! Now this didn’t really happen in history, right? Once again, they manage to fend off their attackers but one of the enemy’s Raimu attacks an off-guard Sarasa. Date dashes to save her by pushing the evil Raimu away. However, Date fell off the ship and to his death. Before he dies, he tells Shintaro to take care of the girls. Everyone can only watch in horror. At first, based on my experience that anime characters like Date don’t actually die and will come back alive later, I was wrong. Date did die and will make his appearance only through dreams.
So in episode 3, due to Date’s demise, Kaji decides to make Shintaro the leader of the Raimu unit. First practice with them turn out to be disastrous. Can’t be an orchestra conductor, can’t he? Oh great, now this teacher has to carry a burden as soldier now. But I guess Shintaro has no choice since he is partly responsible for his students. The girls too aren’t over Date’s death though some of them are more welcome to have Shintaro as their new Raimu leader and some like Asa don’t really accept and agree to it. You can see this Asa girl has a crush on Date from the flashbacks she has. Because she thinks Shintaro isn’t up to mark, she decides to train him up. This causes Sumi to mistake that Shintaro is having some affair with Asa. Rumour spreads and the other girls start giving Shintaro that stare and thinks he’s a pervert. Even cheeky Kuki told him that if he was so active, he should share some with her. Hahaha. Anyway, Kinu becomes desperate and tells Shintaro to ‘take her body’ instead because she fears that if Asa were to leave her, she’d be alone because nobody wants to be friends with a slow girl like her. Of course Asa comes in, sees Kinu on top of Shintaro, another misunderstanding arises. She thinks Shintaro can’t live up to Date’s expectations. Before anything can happen, the enemy once again attacks and the girls go into their usual gear. But this time, Shintaro leads them. As expected, they emerge victorious and because of Shintaro’s guidance, Asa has a more favourable view of him now.
In each episode, it will follow this sort of pattern. Shintaro and the girls will do something which will make them bond closer, and there are some episodes which will be focused more on a particular girl. Then the enemy attacks, the girls change and summon their Raimu and fight back. Though as the series progresses, you’ll find that they don’t have to stand at the same position on the ship and can summon their Raimus anywhere. Furthermore, the girls’ Raimu will have a chance to power up, thus changing their Raimu into a more powerful and better looking one, but still look horrible nevertheless. After a short fight, the girls will emerge victorious and all ends well. As time goes by, you’ll find that the girls love their sensei so much that they even have horny fantasies of doing it with him… Ah well, what more could you expect from an ecchi anime genre as well. Each episode too has that panty showing fanservice though most of them comes from Momen’s tripping. That girl can trip even if there’s nothing at her feet. It’s like as though she’s doing it on purpose.
Episode 4 focuses more on Sarasa. When her expensive (but fake) watch goes missing, she decides to play detective. I don’t know where she got the idea of dressing in a traditional Scottish kilt as a detective outfit. Scotland Yard, perhaps? Anyway as she goes along with her investigations with Anji, she suspects Rinzu because she was the person seen leaving the bathroom where Sarasa was taking her bath and left her precious watch. Since Rinzu is too quiet, Sarasa suspects her even more. A tussle between the 2 which eventually breaks Rinzu’s precious mirror. Sarasa thinks it’s not her fault as Shintaro tries to mediate the situation. Then, one of the enemies, Raxa, comes out with a scheme to draw the Raimu unit out. Sarasa spots a light flicker across the land and notices it is the enemy’s Raimu and decides to chase it with Shintaro. They fell right into Raxa’s trap as she starts attacking them. With some comforting words from Shintaro, Sarasa realize and soon the other girls come to their aid. In the end, it is revealed that the culprit who stole Sarasa’s watch was Anji. Yeah, that dog seems to love collecting ‘junk’ and bury it somewhere. Something Sarasa would least expect and right under her nose. After this, Sarasa and Rinzu become close friends. Okay, sometimes best of rivals, when it comes to Shintaro that is.
Episode 5 is more on Momen and her ‘other homeland’. Momen gets that nostalgic feeling when she was doing some waitress job back in some little town but is always clumsy and breaking things. However, her onii-chan was always by her side. I guess she was sleep walking and talking so much so she ended up on top of Shintaro in her undies. Yeah, Sumi even thinks of putting herself on top for a change… Since Amanohara is undergoing some repairs and is docked near Momen’s homeland, Shintaro takes this opportunity to trek the mountains with the girls. Momen takes the opportunity to lead the girls but the journey seems to be like walking through caves and riding the swift rivers with a raft. Though Momen is enjoying the moment, can’t say the same for the others. Meanwhile, Raxa and her other 2 accomplices, taciturn Veludo and childish Satin are watching the girls. Finally the girls reached the top of the mountain and Momen’s homeland is just below. When Momen went to gather some mushrooms, the other girls tell Shintaro about their frustrations about Momen. Since she overheard their conversation, she is heartbroken, though Shintaro tries to reason with them that Momen’s intentions aren’t bad. Momen runs away and spots her real onii-chan playing with a bunch of kids. He’s still having positive thoughts on Momen. Shintaro then finds Momen and with his comforting words of guidance, Momen is back to her happy self. Just then, Raxa and co launches another Raimu attack. But we all know how it will all end right? Momen is even more determined, powers up, and with the other girls’ help, notches up another victory. In the end, everyone is fine with Momen as the latter acknowledges that Amanohara is her other homeland.
Episode 6 is a peaceful day off. Meaning everybody takes a break from fighting and make peace. WTF?! Then what in the world is the fighting for? It’s like they be friends for 1 day and then the next day the rivalry continues. It’s making a mockery out of this day and yet redundant. So more fanservice here as we get to see the girls in their swimsuits. Shintaro having numerous nosebleeds… Meanwhile, we see a shadowy figure telling Raxa, Veludo and Satin to have their day off. Even baddies can have their day off. Okay, let me just get to the spoilers here. This guy is the leader of the Russian Spiritual Corps, Grigory Rasputin (not sure if he has any relation to that mad monk of Russia or the real person himself). As far as I remember, he’s that typical take-over-the-world maniac who wants to make Russia eternal. Furthermore, he doesn’t make upfront appearances till the last few episodes of the series. Now that’s a long time for a main villain to make his appearance. We also see how Raxa and Satin are indebted to Rasputin because he saved them from impending doom. Plus, he seems cool because he can fly! What more do you want to believe in girls? At least the flashbacks are short rather than lasting for 1 whole episode. Back to our heroes. They spend the whole day trekking through the woods, had some wholesome dinner, soak themselves in a hotspring and discuss how they love their sensei so shamelessly (physically of course). I guess it’s a mixed bath area. Shintaro also tells them that when he was a diplomat at Russia, he had a fiancee named Sophia (actually he didn’t tell them her name but I thought it would be easier if I blog it an episode earlier…). But due to their different country background and current political situation, Shintaro chose his country and decides to go back. And I thought love knows no barriers… But I suppose there’s a good reason why he did so, though he wishes he could go back there again once all this is over as he still loves her.
Speaking of which, Amanohara unexpectedly picks up an unconscious Sophia in episode 7. Meanwhile at class, Sarasa and Asa are arguing with each other to see who could be class president. I’m not sure if there’s any differences but Shintaro makes Sarasa the head of class while Asa the class president and tells them to take turns giving orders. Soon Shintaro visits Sophia still unconscious lying on her bed. Momen gets news that this woman is Shintaro’s friend and the rest wonders if she’s a spy. Sarasa is jealous because she heard Sophia is a beautiful person. But when Sophia finally wakes up, she’s so happy to see Shintaro but it really bugs me that she’s acting like a little child! It’s so different from the Sophia in Shintaro’s flashbacks. She even wants Shintaro to come play with her (nothing hentai or dirty though). Maybe she’s in some sort of trauma. So the gang decides to make paper cranes for her so that Sophia could recover. Except for Sarasa who is still jealous but decides to make them in secrecy. Meanwhile Kuki detects some evil presence on Amanohara but is unable to pinpoint its exact source. My guess it will be Sophia but who would suspect a playful child-like mentality lady. Furthermore, Kuki analyzes Sophia and concludes that she is sick for real. As Amanohara is entering a storm, Kaji has the girls on standby since he’s predicting the enemy will use this to their advantage to launch an attack. Sophia then dangerously got on top of Amanohara (what happened to her supervision?) and thinks it’s all fun and games when the enemy Raimu attacks her. Of course the girls manage to summon theirs in time to fend off the menace. In the end, Sarasa realized that she was jealous of Sophia but after seeing how Shintaro protected her with his life, Sarasa even confessed straight to his face that she’s more in love with him ever. Well, Shintaro doesn’t seem that all surprised. Probably he thinks it’s one of those teacher-student kinda love. Back in Sophia’s room, she is having fun and laughing by tearing up the paper cranes.
I see dead people. Well, Kinu has that ability. It all started in episode 8 when Momen cooked up some curry by blindly following its recipe: bats, stewed newts, spider webs, worms, boiled nail dirt… You get the idea. Poor Anji. He became the 1st victim (though Kinu barged in to warn them not to eat the curry) but saved the other girls from suffering the same fate. So how did Kinu know about not eating the curry. Well, there are voices which tells her. Getting creepy here. So over the next few scenes, we’ll see this spiritual voice guiding Kinu and the rest to each of their room and pointing out several stuff like Momen’s closet overstuffed with onigiri, and bones which Anji collected in Sarasa’s real vase (I guess it’s the only thing which isn’t fake). Shintaro then has an idea and wants Kinu to help talk to the spirits to see what is wrong with Sophia. Kinu reluctantly does but eventually screams in horror before collapsing. Shintaro feels regret that he pushed Kinu but when the latter awakens she tells him about her past how she became friends with Asa. Then the enemy attacks Amanohara. This time a renewed Kinu powers up and gives their enemies another round of consecutive defeat. I don’t know, using giant-sized strawdolls to defeat the enemy? Rasputin must be real tired of this trend of failure, huh? Ah well, there’re nobody else to do the job. Once it’s over, Kinu collapses as her power is unstable. Kuki then suggests Shintaro to lend her his powers to stop and control her Konjiki. The weird part is, Shintaro went on top of her and it’s like a mild hentai scene. How does this help in stabilizing her Konjiki? I don’t know, it all seems ambiguous and far fetched. I’m not sure if they did it, though ;P. Kinu is healed (meaning she can’t hear spirit voices anymore) and they both find themselves in bed together. But you know what is going to happen when the other girls come in and see what they are doing, right? Pervert!
In episode 9, Asa tries to find Shintaro for some training but finds Kuki on top of him instead. Wow! Is this for real? Kuki even asks Asa if she wants to join in but the latter is disgusted and leaves. Shintaro tries to go after her which prompts Kuki to ask him is that flat chest tomboy is more important than her. Since Shintaro is concerned about Asa, Kuki isn’t too please. Because of that, Kuki went missing and the gang are quite worried, especially those 3 little Shikigamis. Shintaro must be thinking about that incident. Sarasa then comes up with an idea to organize a ball so that this will attract Kuki’s attraction. More fanservice as we’ll see the girls changing into a ball gown. There’s a funny part in which the girls are fighting over each other who will dance with Shintaro. Looks like Kinu has become slyer and hammers a nail into their voodoo doll, paralyzing them. Such dirty trick. In the mean time, Asa still has uncertain feelings about comparing Shintaro with Date. But leave it to that teacher to say the right words to her. As expected, the mood is ruined when Satin gives them her warm welcome with their usual Raimu attack. I felt that all those ball preparations are for nothing. All destroyed within seconds. Shintaro dives to push Asa out of harm’s way, just like what Date did long time ago. Due to that, Shintaro fainted and this made Asa mad. With the help of the other girls, they send Satin flying away into the stars. When the gang goes back onboard Amanohara, they are surprised to find Kuki there. She explains that she went to the hotspring and had left a note to the 3 Shikigamis. The trio had a hard time recalling but manages to remember that paper with hard to read squiggly snake-like marks which they made into a paper plane and threw it to Sophia. Kuki then decides to punish them and also tell them that her writing is good handwriting. In the end, Asa thought she finally had another chance alone with Shintaro when the other girls jumped on him. Asa is pissed off and pushes them all away with her instant superhuman strength of love and declares that she loves him. I guess now it’s her timely turn to do so. I can safely say Asa is tsundere.
If you’re wondering why Rinzu is dressed like a Hina doll, episode 10’s flashback may provide some insights. We learn that Rinzu’s dad was a well known writer who put much emphasis on traditional values. They weren’t rich, though. Back then, her mom and elder sister died in an accident which led to Rinzu’s dad acting all weird. So he took extra care of Rinzu for fear of losing her. It’s like being overprotective akin to a trapped bird in a cage. Because of that, Rinzu felt she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere and when their house was engulfed in flames, she felt her late father had left her all alone. Till this day, Rinzu is traumatized by being left alone and due to this emotional instability, she decides to quit the Raimu unit. All in good timing, the enemy attacks Amanohara again but this time one of their attacks causes Rinzu’s room to be set aflame. While the other girls are fending off the enemy, tragic memories came flowing back into Rinzu’s mind and she thinks it’s all too painful to bear and decides to slit her throat. Luckily Shintaro manages to prevent him from doing so. Though Rinzu still wants to die, during the tussle she dropped a poem written by her dad. When Shintaro read it out loud, then it dawned to Rinzu that her dad didn’t abandoned her and that all this while she was in denial and wanted to forget such pain, that she started thinking he left her. Rinzu rejoins her Raimu unit and your guess is as good as mine of what happens next. In the aftermath, Rinzu has been freed from her past and soon casts away her birdcage she has always been holding into the ocean below.
In episode 11, Shintaro once again manages to make a decision which is acceptable to the girls when they are divided about having a fun-filled class or a serious one. In order to show their appreciation, the girls decided to hold a party for him (WTF? Naked apron?) and declare this day as his day-off. So the rest of the day sees Shintaro paying a visit to each of the girl’s room as they specially prepared him some entertainment. First, Shintaro attends Kinu’s voodoo strawdoll theatrical play. The play seems to suspiciously resemble some love story between Shintaro and Kinu. Because Kinu was a little rough, the voodoo strawdoll causes some pain for Shintaro. Yeah, "Hold me till I break!". Then he visited Asa. But the massage was more painful that soothing. Then he got pain in his ears when he heard Sarasa’s horrible out-of-tune violin rendition. Next, he took some traditional dance lessons from Rinzu but since she was too strict, it didn’t turn out too well. His day off seems to be more stressful than relaxing. Later Shintaro spots Momen taking care of Sophia. Soon he and Momen had a little chat but during the conversation, Shintaro felt something taking over his body and he felt horny… Uh huh. The same kind of feeling when Sophia went all over him at the beginning of this episode. Momen then decides to offer her body and we learn that where Momen comes from, she was some sort of a child prostitute too. Oh dear. Shintaro is trying to restrain himself when an attack occurs. Good timing for him to tell Momen to leave before he does something horny or worse on her. After the fight, we see a weird dream whereby Momen is being strangled by her onii-chan but Shintaro wakes up to an apologizing Momen. Since Momen was jealous that Shintaro loves Sophia more, Shintaro comforts her by saying that he loves them both equally as well as the other girls. I wonder will this line work if one has multiple girlfriend/boyfriend. The other girls who are eavesdropping outside, are touched by his words and we see a scheming look on Sophia’s face as she walks away.
Amanohara is approaching Lushun in episode 12 and we see that Sophia indeed is putting some mind control on Shintaro. Yeah, she’s doing some horny stuff on him. Furthermore, Shintaro has been possessed so much so he tries to kill Momen! He’s saying how in order to prevent her and the other girls from dying in the war, he will have to kill them first. Kaji, Sumi and the other girls tries to stop Shintaro but that guy is on a rampage and wounds Kaji. In order to stop him, an army commander decides to search and take Shintaro out but the Raimu unit opposes. They want some time to deal with him in which they agree. A short clip shows Rasputin from the smokes picking up Sophia. On top of Amanohara, everyone has got Shintaro surrounded. Sophia then appears and admits that she is the culprit by saying once the Raimu unit is eliminated, Shintaro will be all hers. Somehow Shintaro manages to snap out of it and doesn’t obey Sophia’s commands when she ordered him to kill the girls. Finally, the evil boss Rasputin makes his full body appearance. Yeah, a main villain only appearing at the end of the series? Kuki recognizes him and realized that he was the one who stole Sophia’s soul and infiltrated this ship. I guess Kuki’s power’s isn’t that great, huh? In addition, Sophia is Veludo. But I shall refer her as the former because it’s easier. Rasputin and Sophia flees not before blasting and damaging the Amanohara. As the Amanohara falls from the sky, Kaji and the other soldiers request Shintaro do give 1 last class for the girls. So the final class as Shintaro gives his thanks and conveys how the girls how grown and matured throughout this short time. Meanwhile Kaji is making a last ditch attempt by steering and crashing the Amanohara into the enemy’s cannons while Raxa and Satin attempts to stop his futile act. Brace for impact!
Episode 13 sees the Amanohara under constant heavy bombardment as it crashes into the cannons. They all survive thanks to Kuki’s powers. Funny part was the girls got their mouths in each other’s butt and when they started talking… Let’s just leave our wild imaginations there. Shintaro and the girls head out of the ship but Asa knocked Shintaro out for his safety, seeing that he can’t summon any Raimu they thought it might be better for him to stay put. Shintaro then had a dream whereby he meets Date who is giving him some advice. When he regains his consciousness, he rushes off to find the girls but encounters Sophia. Some dramatic talking like love, country and such. Not that I care. Sophia is still upset that Shintaro can be thinking of the girls at this time. She still thinks Shintaro belongs to her. Well, Momen show up in time to give their own ideas what she thinks of Shintaro. Yeah, he belongs to no one. So why was she ‘fighting’ over him then? As the other girls easily defeat Raxa and Satin, before Momen and Sophia could square off, the underground starts to cave in. As Sophia lay there injured, Rasputin appears. More rantings that I couldn’t really care of but it’s ironic that Shintaro lectures back to that megalomaniac about love. Yeah, Rasputin was using Sophia who was blinded by her love for Shintaro. Rasputin summons his Raimu and attacks Shintaro but Sophia uses her body to protect him. As Sophia breathes her last breath in Shintaro’s arms, she realized her wrongdoings as she passes away. The other girls soon show up and with their determination not to let their sensei be killed, the combined powers of their Raimus allowed them to defeat Rasputin. Rasputin still can’t believe his defeat when Shintaro tells him how a lonely man he is and that he did not know true love and only knows how to use it to his advantage. The funny part is when the cave starts to crumble, a piece of huge rock dropped so fast on Rasputin while he’s ranting, it reminded me of one of those American cartoons. In the aftermath of the war, Japan won the Lushun fort and everyone onboard Amanohara is glad that everyone is safe. Just as Kaji mentioned, peace is the best medicine even if it’s only a temporary one. Hey, I thought laughter is the best medicine. Lastly, the girls take this opportunity to confess aloud that they love Shintaro.
But it’s not over yet. Well, apart from the end narration saying how the war isn’t over, there are 2 OVA episodes entitled Raimuiro Senkitan: Nankoku Yume Roman (The South Island Dream Romance). It’s a continuation from the tv series and those who want to watch, it is best to watch the tv series first before continuing here. Or else, you won’t understand what is happening. Not to say that this OVA episode has lots of deep development, but I kinda feel it’s necessary as it answers several little questions after the end of the tv series.
OVA 1 is more light-hearted, ecchi and comical as we see the Amanohara docked on a nearby island which at the same time is preparing for some festival. So you’ll get to see the girls in their yukata and also their usual daydreaming fantasy of marrying Shintaro. Some of them are real horny… Like Rinzu’s… That must be some intensive all-night continuous marathon. Still waters run deep. After another wholesome meal, viewers are treated to more fanservice with the girls soaking in the hotspring (Sarasa is so unashamed of herself…) and later we see the girl sleeping in ‘unshameful’ positions. Hey, Kinu has a life-size strawdoll as her bolster. The next day the girls along with Sumi, Kuki and the 3 Shikigamis are dipping at a nearby swim in their swimsuits. Funny part is Kuki mention how useless Sumi’s boobs are and the latter thinks she’s jealous. In retaliation, Kuki pulled it… You’ll notice in this episode that when the 3 Shikigamis bear the brunt of unfortunate circumstances, in the aftermath, they’ll be seen floating face down in the river. At the river, Sumi decides to make things more interesting by telling the girls that there is a legend which says that if a boy and a girl confesses to each other in a certain temple, they’ll be together forever. Obviously that’s a lie but the young ‘uns took it too literally. As Shintaro is strolling along the beach, he finds a disturbing scene. Kinu is acting out her horny love scene with Shintaro with her strawdolls! Meanwhile Sarasa decides to prepare herself by choosing her winning ‘fight’ panties. Night falls and the girls are waiting at the temple when something fast zooms pass by them. As they chase after what they supposedly think is Shintaro, they are surprised to see each other. Kinu once again uses her dirty trick strawdoll paralyzing move on Asa. No more best friends, huh? And then later puts the strawdolls of the other girls like as though it’s like a barbeque stick! But soon they find out that it wasn’t Shintaro but Anji. Relieved or disappointed? When the gust of wind blows, Sarasa is horrified and disgusted to see the other girls cheating. Why? They’re not wearing any panties at all! Woah!!!
Back at the inn, Shintaro is being called by Sumi and Kuki into a room. When the Raimu girls return, they found out that the message that they left to the 3 Shikigamis to tell Shintaro to meet them at the temple, has been forgotten. Useless kids. Furthermore, they heard ambiguous sounds coming from the room and thinks the worse. "Oh boy, it’s so hard…". The girls bust in and yelled if he preferred old hags to them. But to their relief, they only see Sumi giving Kuki a back massage. Sumi mentions that they invited Shintaro for this but he refused and went somewhere else. Though the girls are relieved and prepares to leave, Sumi and Kuki couldn’t forgive them for calling them old hags and proceeds to give them their due punishment. Meanwhile Shintaro is seen standing on the beach thinking about his earlier conversation with Kaji about the girls being needed in the war. He’s in a dilemma because he doesn’t want the girls to fight. Shintaro is being watched from a travelling monk from afar. You’ll notice his presence and another girl who looks so much like Kinu, Tsumugi, who is also spying the Raimu girls from afar but too afraid to approach and join them.
OVA 2 concludes the adventures for our Raimu girls and sets the tone for its sequel. A sequel? But let’s not get that far yet. The gang continue their relaxation on the island with the girls drawing horrible impressions of Shintaro on the sand, only to be washed away by the waves. Meanwhile a ship is seen having the life force of its crew being sucked out by some mysterious woman. Back on shore, Tsumugi is still too shy on approaching the girls as she watches them have fun. Tsumugi even have thoughts that they might do something nasty to her if she joins them. Sumi cheekily thinks Shintaro should have enough little girls time and it’s time for him to spend time with an adult. The girls are jealous and soon strips themselves naked in order not to lose to her! Desperate case! Even Tsumugi is thinking of stripping but that travelling monk hits her head and drags her away. If you’re wondering what happened to Raxa and Satin, they’re now under the observation of Amanohara. Shintaro has been instructed to talk to them and get some answers of how Rasputin was able to create so many Raimus. So we see a little more flashback of Raxa and Satin who are still loyal to the recently departed Rasputin. As the girls shop in town what presents to get for Shintaro (eventually all had the same thinking of offering themselves. Horny girls!), the sky suddenly turns dark and several enemy Raimus appear and attack Amanohara. But they soon leave. Kuki thinks that what they’re searching for isn’t on board the ship. Eventually the enemy Raimus found Shintaro, Raxa and Satin. Raxa thinks it is Rasputin and is ready to go to it. However as the Raimu is preparing to blast her, Shintaro protects Raxa from it. Is Shintaro seriously trying to take on that enemy Raimu all by himself? But he has been knocked out by that mysterious woman, who seems to have Rasputin’s Egg. Well, that sceptre is the power source of how Rasputin created his many Raimus. So how did it ended up in this lady’s hand? Don’t know. Anyway, she continues to drain Shintaro’s life force with it. But when the other girls show up, she flees. Shintaro is in critical condition.
Back on Amanohara, Raxa explains the Egg which is a cursed item which sucks the souls out of others and makes it own powers. But back then Rasputin was sucking his own soul for his own ideals rather than taking souls from others. So there is only 1 way to save Shintaro. The girls combined their Konjiki powers to heal him. At the same time, enemy Raimus are attacking the ship so Raxa and Satin decides to buy time for the girls by putting up a temporary protective barrier. Because that mysterious lady used too much power from the Egg, her Raimus soon disappear and she decides to retreat for now. Partly we see Tsumugi helping out with the barrier too. Finally, Shintaro manages to wake up from his dream world (probably nearly crossing over to the after life). But because of that, the girls lose their Konjiki powers, which may never return. In the aftermath, Amanohara returns to some port after being repaired and Shintaro was transferred. Raxa and Satin are happily living together in some cottage. Shintaro narrates that the girls have been discharged from Amanohara since they can no longer summon their Raimus, he isn’t allowed to know what is going to happen to them. Shintaro then arrives at a building called Amanohara Jogakuin and he hears a familiar voice. Why, it’s Momen and the rest calling out to him. The gang are overjoyed as they hugged each other. I guess you could say that this was a blessing in disguise. Now they can go on with their normal lives with their favourite teacher. The travelling monk and Tsumugi watches them from behind as he tells Tsumugi that now it’s her turn to fight. Tsumugi agrees wholeheartedly.
Those who can’t get enough of this series will be happy to know that there is another 13 episode sequel called Raimuiro Ryuukitan X. New characters, new enemies, but same ol’ plot. Yeah, this time the war continued into the 38th year of the Meiji era. There are some retaining characters like Kuki, Kaji and Sumi, who are still on board the Amanohara. New characters include Major Gamou (who is that travelling priest), and a new bunch of villains called Fahren Knights led by a mysterious masked lady named Princess Fahren, in some Russian palace. She too has 3 new loyal underlings, which include that mysterious lady who appeared in the OVA (she seems more talkative and lively compared to the OVA).
At the start of this episode, we hear Kaji, Sumi, Kuki and Gamou, waiting for the arrival of a guy named Kyoushiro Inukai (looks like Kenichi from History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi), the new guy to lead the new Raimu unit. So now they’ve got a dog (inu) as previously a horse (uma), huh? Hehe, just kidding. Anyway this Kyoushiro guy is such a passionate guy and we see him running from who knows where, crossing streams, across the desert and jungle to Amanohara. It’s a long way so why didn’t he just take a plane, there? Working out the sweat? But whatever the reasons, this guy seems not to let anything stand between him and just ‘runs straight through’ everything. So while waiting for Kyoushiro to arrive, the 3 underlings of Fahren Knights attacks Amanohara.
Of course this episode also introduces the whole new Raimu unit. A new bunch of girls but somehow reminds me of the old Raimu unit. As we know Tsumugi Shima looks closely to Kinu and I think she’s going to play the ‘stand-out’ role just like Momen. The rest include clumsy ninja Kasuri Hattori, studious Nishiki Ii, some sort of magical nurse Aya Nabeshima, and a girl who speaks her lines from theatres and plays Shuro Naoe. This bunch of girls are similar to the old bunch in the sense that they have their own horny fantasies of the would-be new leader of the Raimu unit. Some things don’t change. But instead of Momen’s onii-chan complex, Tsumugi has goshuujin-sama (master) complex. Kasuri now takes over the role of tripping even if there’s nothing while Aya now concocts potion as oppose to Kinu’s voodoo strawdolls. Furthermore, the tomboyish-ness of Asa is now on Shuro and the smart intellect which was Rinzu is now Nishiki. Hey, the 3 little Shikigamis now has a giant amateur helper too. Thinking of flexing their authority?
As the Amanohara takes a beating, the girls are adamant that the new leader will come. And true enough he appears. With a new standard systematic line, they summon better looking Raimus now (even the enemy’s). Not only that, this passionate Kyoushiro combines himself with the girl’s Konjiki to became a new mecha, which he calls Lime! His Lime unleashes lots of those usual firepower you usually see in mecha series as he finally does his ultimate attack called Manly Attack (?!) to finish off their adversaries. Isn’t the outcome predictable too? As the girls rejoice of their victory, Kyoushiro passionate yells out how he’s going to crush the enemies. Now that’s a way to start things off.
I’m not sure about the time line of episode 2 whether it is before Kyoushiro knows he is the leader of the Raimu unit or after because this episode focuses more on him and Tsumugi. We see him getting real excited at the start after learning that he is the new leader of the Raimu unit so much so an army officer has to order his men to jump on him. But that didn’t deter him. Yeah, he gets out with his brute passionate strength. Because of this, that army officer wonders if he is really reliable. Meanwhile Gamou is seen in his travelling priest outfit along with Tsumugi. The former is going ahead first and tells her not to use her powers because she’s an apprentice. Along the way, Tsumugi fell off a cliff but luckily Kyoushiro is there to grab her, though they both fell into the shallow stream below. It seems the 2 knew each other when they were young. Kyoushiro left to be a soldier. Back in present time, Tsumugi gets some horny idea to strip herself by using that getting a cold for being soak excuse. Unfortunately (or thankfully), Kyoushiro isn’t a pervert so her attempts were futile. Soon 1 of the Fahren Knights, Rinen (the one from the OVA and I finally know her name) attacks them. Tsumugi remembers Gamou’s words not to use her powers as Kyoushiro fights back, standing up after each blow taken. He’s pretty determined. Or stubborn, if you look at it. More dramatic talk till Tsumugi can’t hold back any longer and summons her Raimu. Kyoushiro is surprised that she is a Raimu user. Soon the other Raimu girls arrive to lend a helping hand which made Rinen retreat for the moment. Gamou then comes by and congratulates Kyoushiro for passing a test to see whether he had the sense and judgement required for a commander. He then introduces himself as the Lt Commander and the other Raimu unit. But Kyoushiro is having the shock of his life because he didn’t expect the Raimu unit to be an all-girl unit.
Unfortunately, this is as far as I go. One main reason why I stopped watching this continuation is because this is where the subs end too. Furthermore, I feel that the new Raimu unit girls are not as pretty as the original ones ;P. Though I’m sure the sequel will turn out to be something predictable like the first season. Want to bet that the new Raimu unit will triumph in the end?
So back to the first season anyway. In the end, it didn’t make me feel interested to find out even further about the Japan-Russian war, so you could say that the only thing that I enjoyed most was having eye candy moments of the Raimu girls in their white uniform and those little ecchi jokes. Speaking of which, I find that the mid-intermission for the OVA to be more ecchi as compared to the 1st season tv series. I recently found out why this series drives on ecchi elements is because it was based on an H-game. Ah, now this explains everything.
The opening theme song is Rinka and is sung by the 5 girls of the Raimu unit. Sounds quite generic. Whereas the ending theme is Sora No Mukou, and it sounds very tropical-like. You can catch the girls and even the 3 little Shikigamis (in a military outfit) doing a little cute dance of their own during the end animation. Not to mention the Raimu girls doing some butt shaking dance too. Other than that the drawing, animation and art are pretty standard. Though I’m not a mecha fan, I feel that this isn’t one of the best mecha series out there. In addition, I find the mecha fights here to be somewhat mediocre. As for the character development, mainly we see how the girls changed, especially Kinu who is no longer a cry-baby (and of course some did not), as their love for Shintaro grows. They’ll stick with him through thick and thin. I guess it’s suffice for a short series.
However, after watching this series, it is not to be mistaken that young girls in the military are actually horny. No no. Nothing like that at all. Probably the girls here were too cooked up inside the ship and well, some young handsome guy comes along and made them feel like young girls again. Sort of. There you have it, his harem. Besides, if you think a little harder, this series also explores the subject of child soldiers. Young little kids lost their entire sweet childhood to some mindless war just because some grown ups didn’t like each other. So remember people, war is bad. So make peace, not war. Unless that kind of war turns out to be of love, then I guess that’s a different story.
Raimuiro Senkitan

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