It is about time ramen gets an anime dedicated to it. After all, it is one of the most recognizable dishes internationally as well as one of the most favoured back in Japan. But if you’re expecting Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san to be some sort of shonen battle action anime like Shokugeki No Souma or Yakitate! Japan, you’re way off the rail. Instead, it is about our titular character who enjoys eating ramen. That’s it?! What and where is the fun in seeing a cute high school girl slurping down a variety of Japanese noodles?! Oh, okay. I think I can accept that. I wonder if watching this series will make you hungry for ramen or the ‘flesh’. Wink, wink. Oh, this isn’t that kind of sleazy show either. Thank goodness.

Episode 1A
Yuu Oozawa seems to be interested in the new transfer student, Koizumi. However many like her friend Misa Nakamura doesn’t like her because she keeps to herself and is unfriendly. On her way home, Yuu sees a long queue outside a ramen store. Then she spots Koizumi in line and somehow ends up lining up with her. Attempts to talk to her end in vain. She is blatantly ignored. But Yuu being an optimistic person never gives up. But Koizumi being a stubborn person… When the store opens and they take their order, Yuu is shocked to learn Koizumi orders a ramen with extra vegetables and garlic oil. For some panicky reason she orders the same too. Then she sees Koizumi turning into a ramen monster as she chows down every strip of ramen and lovin’ it. Now it’s her turn to eat before it gets soggy. I guess she couldn’t handle the garlic. Yuu would love to hang out with Koizumi and visit more ramen stores with her. Guess what? She refuses. But Yuu gets more motivated to talk to her again tomorrow.

Episode 1B
Koizumi continues to ignore Yuu despite her attempts to be friends. Misa still doesn’t like her and hates anyone more popular than her. Well, Yuu doesn’t hesitate to say she likes Koizumi more than her! Traitor! During lunch, Yuu eats with Koizumi and notices the tonkotsu ramen she is eating. It has black patches of sauce in it and as she remembers, she thinks it is ‘horse oil’. However Koizumi points out it is pronounced as maayu and it is more of chicken broth. Koizumi continues ranting more on the technicalities as Yuu starts fantasizing a beautiful her. She invites Koizumi to go to a ramen store she wants to try. Shot down again. But Yuu is happy she got to talk to her a lot today. Next time Yuu sees a ramen with ‘chicken oil’, she thinks it isn’t made of chicken… Yes it is.

Episode 1C
Yuu has turned into a Koizumi stalker as she follows her to her next ramen place. Telling her to stop stalking her won’t do. Anyway, Yuu notices her eating a ramen with thick soup that is like carbonara. So as Koizumi explains the different broth and sauce combinations as the base (which is becoming too complicating for Yuu and me), Yuu realizes her ramen has gotten soggy. She apologizes for interrupting and running her ramen. However this is how Koizumi intended it to be. She eats half of it and then eats other side dishes before scarfing the soggy noodles down. Next day at school, Yuu wants to visit that ramen store again but as expected, Koizumi isn’t interested. And as expected as well, Yuu thinks today is a good day as she got to speak with Koizumi first thing in the morning.

Episode 2A
Misa can’t go out with Yuu because she’s got a date. Too bad her boyfriend dumps her because she’s too popular?! WTF?! When other guys try to hit on her, they change their mind after seeing a cuter girl pass by. WTF?! Isn’t that Koizumi?! Grrr!!! Hence jealous Misa stalks her eating at the ramen store. To take out her stress, Misa also orders ramen but ends up ordering the spiciest hokkyoku type like Koizumi. Note, Koizumi saw her getting dumped. Good thing Misa loves spicy food so the duo chow down their ramen satisfyingly. Like how alcohol works for drunkards, probably spiciness has the same effect on Misa as she starts crying about her ex-boyfriend. When they leave, Yuu is shocked to see them together. Almost turning into yandere mode, she gets the wrong idea Misa ditched her to be with Koizumi. Even more annoying is how Misa got Koizumi’s contacts first before Yuu! Maybe she should try to be less annoying?

Episode 2B
Jun Takahashi scores highly in the overall mid-term exams. However Koizumi fails and must undergo supplementary classes. This is quite shocking considering she scored highly as a transfer student. After the teacher talks to Jun, she as the class rep talks to Koizumi about her failure. It seems she handed in a blank paper. She explains she was on a journey up north. The train service was delayed so she stayed another day. When she returned, it was on the day of the test. She managed to arrive but fell asleep due to tiredness. She continues about her trip to try custom flavoured ramen. Although Jun is curious, she doesn’t particularly like ramen. But on the way home, she gets curious to try out the pineapple flavoured ramen Koizumi was eating earlier on. At the store, she orders one and likes it. Koizumi arrives and sees her enjoying her meal. Didn’t she say she dislike ramen? Well, whenever she eats them, it fogs up her glasses. Everyone used to laugh and tease her about it. She can’t eat without glasses as she is blind as a bat. Jun thanks her for telling about this place. Koizumi later passes her supplementary exam and as thanks, tells Jun other places of ramen that might interest her. Yuu is disheartened the duo has become friends.

Episode 3A
Another day, another rejection. For Yuu, that is. Talking to her friends about this, they wonder if she eats nothing but ramen. The best way is to ask her straight. Has she eaten at McDonald’s before? She did. Two months ago. She ordered ramen from there! Wait. Do they sell ramen? At least in Hawaii they do. With all the name confusion, Yuu is further confused when she tries to look it all up.

Episode 3B
Another day, another rejection. For Yuu. Again. This time she throws a tantrum she is friends with Misa and Jun but Koizumi denies ever being one with them. Yuu suggests they should because they are fellow humans. Correction. Noodles are her only friends! With Yuu acting up even more, Koizumi agrees to her suggestion they could just meet at a restaurant and then part. Yuu is delighted with this first step to close the gap. However this ramen store they are going to dine in, it has individual cubicles! Since it is packed, available seats are far apart! This means Yuu is seated furthest away from Koizumi. Although both girls order and enjoy their ramen, at the end of the meal they part ways and this only makes Yuu sad she didn’t get to talk to her. All as planned… Sneaky Koizumi…

Episode 3C
Yuu finds Koizumi collapsed on the ground! It seems the ramen store she wants to eat at is closed. Don’t worry. Yuu to the rescue. She is going to bring her back to her home and cook her noodles. Well, if she can get past her delusions of touching Koizumi for the first time. Koizumi wakes up in Yuu’s home and she has just finished cooking her ‘instant’ noodles. Koizumi enjoys her cooking but declines to compare homemade and restaurant made ramen as they are both completely different. Yuu offers to make some more. Koizumi agrees to wait and taste all that she dishes out. Man, she can be a glutton when it comes to ramen. Does she have a black hole specifically for ramen? Anyway they are all good. Next day, Koizumi leaves a bunch of ramen coupons in Yuu’s locker as thanks. Yuu’s good mood is even ballooned further since this give her the motivation to bug Koizumi more. Let’s eat together again! No, thank you. She just can’t catch a break, can she?

Episode 4A
A few guys ask Koizumi to hang out with them. Cocky Yuu knows they will be turned down because her first love will always be ramen. True enough she did. Told you. When it is Yuu’s turn to ask to hang out, she too gets turned down. Right back at you. When the guys wonder if Koizumi has a boyfriend, Yuu starts to worry. Sure, ramen is her first love but there is still that possibility… Worried, she tails her and what do you know? Koizumi is waiting in front of a western restaurant?! OMG! With her delusions running wild, her worst fears come true when a guy approaches Koizumi. Make that a bunch of guys! Yuu hits the panic button and jumps out of her hiding. Awkward stares… Then the guys leave. It turns out there is a small ramen corner at the side of this western restaurant. Because of limited places and the guys were here first, Koizumi waited for them to finish. Phew. Now Yuu has some explaining to do… They order and enjoy their ramen. Yuu is relieved that ramen is still her first love.

Episode 4B
Misa and Yuu check out a newly opened store. However they start ordering ramen. Looks like Koizumi’s ‘poison’ has gotten into them. Because the ramen you can choose between the red or white set, Yuu starts thinking which set Koizumi would have chosen. She goes for red thinking it stands for aggressiveness. They enjoy their ramen and shortly after leaving, Koizumi arrives. She orders the white set instead and other side dishes that are totally the opposite of what Yuu ordered.

Episode 4C
Jun has no appetite seeing she didn’t do well in her mock exam. At the convenience store, she is surprised to see Koizumi buying some ramen. Jun never thought this convenience store has a good ramen selection. This triggers Koizumi to explain the different types of ramen a convenience store sells, how some manufacturers pair up with well-known brands and the pleasure of having customized ramen at a convenience store. Before Jun knows it, she too bought one. The girls look so appetising eating their ramen that all the other customers start buying ramen. Jun feels better and has had her fill but Koizumi is going for another round.

Episode 5A
Koizumi narrates her current favourite ramen is one with tomato. Then she gets technical and philosophical about it. I knew something was wrong when she said she is doing all this to be better friends with Yuu. Yup. Yuu the stalker is adlibbing as Koizumi eats. When Koizumi is done with hers, Yuu’s ramen is just out. This means Koizumi leaves Yuu to eat all by herself.

Episode 5B
After a class about microorganisms, Misa and Yuu mistakenly talk about the beauty properties of euglena. This prompts Jun to do a correction monologue. This leads to Koizumi also remembering how euglena is also used in green ramen and it makes her want to try. Koizumi and Jun are at the ramen store that has euglena in its ramen. Feel the natural goodness flowing through your body! After finishing, Koizumi suggests going to another ramen store that actually puts euglena directly into the ramen. Jun is already full but somehow manages to eat another bowl. Bloated.

Episode 5C
Yuu is shocked when Koizumi says she doesn’t like standing in queue for ramen. This has Yuu deciding to stand in line for her so that she could smoothly switch her spot. Nice friendship delusion she’s got there. While queuing, the guy in front of her calls his friends to join him in line. Yuu is shocked at them cutting the line and tells them off but they don’t care and mock her. Koizumi arrives to admonish Yuu for being rowdy. Yuu explains her intentions, which isn’t any better than queue cutting. Koizumi lectures what it means to be a true ramen lover. She will have none of this nonsense and queue properly at the back. Yuu decides to restart and join her too. The groupies too feel guilty and follow suit. After enjoying their ramen, Yuu asks Koizumi about queuing because she said she didn’t like them. True, but it is that moment of impulse that made her change her mind. Besides, once you start queuing, it isn’t all that bad. Next time, Yuu wants to go queue with her. Go queue yourself. Koizumi has her remember some of the queuing rules. She got it all right. Till Koizumi reminds that stalking her is also against the rules. Checkmate. Yuu panics and feels the need to watch over her so that nobody does something like that to her. I guess some rules don’t apply to certain people.

Episode 6A
Yuu’s brother, Shuu is on the phone with her. It looks like he had a late shift last night but needs to get up early for his college class. His sleepiness is suddenly dispelled when Koizumi passes him. Suddenly he feels the need to eat ramen and there is one nearby (where Koizumi just walked out). Describing how a beautiful girl with sardine smell in her hair prompt him to try out, Yuu thinks Shuu is just really tired.

Episode 6B
It is so damn hot and made even hotter with Koizumi passing by. Or at least for Yuu’s case, everything becomes cool. And yes, Koizumi is going for noodles. But not just any noodles. Cold noodles known as hiyashi. With Yuu following her, Jun and Misa eat on their own. Jun relates her hot summer experience of wanting to get something cool to eat or drink but waiting in line in a restaurant that has the air-cond at full blast eventually made her want to eat something hot. To circumvent that this year, she is wearing a thick sweater. This store also sells hiyashi so they get curious to try some. Meanwhile over to the other duo, Koizumi is explaining some brief points about the different hiyashi ramen as well as the vegetable fat oil used. Anyway all the girls enjoy their cool hiyashi ramen.

Episode 6C
Koizumi is dressed in a lovely yukata that makes head turn. A little German girl, Hannah is lost in the alley. She thinks Koizumi is her mom and although Koizumi denies, Hannah continues to follow and stare at her while at the ramen store. Koizumi tries to ask the staff but they think she needs an extra bowl. With Hannah’s stomach growling, I guess they can go look for her mom after ramen. She shares it with her before starting their search. Eventually Hannah is reunited with her mom who is wearing almost an exact yukata pattern and colour. Grateful, she gives Koizumi a coupon for a German ramen nearby. Yeah, it was worth it. She tries it out and is ‘transported’ to Deutschland. The taste of Germany. After finishing, she passes by another ramen store that offers ramen from New York. From Germany to America now, huh? Is there any ramen that isn’t to her liking?

Episode 7
School’s out. Yuu invites Koizumi to hang out with them and of course she refuses. This time however it is because she is going on a trip. So we see the trio having fun at the amusement park, dressing up in lovely yukata and visit the shrine among other things. I guess it would be so empty had they not make some references to noodles or Koizumi. Yeah, they had some noodles and even joked Koizumi might even be here right now. You don’t say because she just passed by… When the friends leave for their own business, Yuu bumps into Koizumi. So her trip is just starting now? Eager beaver Yuu wants to tag along with her ramen adventure and who is Koizumi to stop her? Hence we see the duo doing a nationwide tour around Japan as they try different ramen in different places. From the humble begins to Asakusa to tonkotsu in Kyushu and then back to Tokyo, the most important is that they enjoy all their ramen meals. A nice and well-timed fireworks display to top it all off. Yuu so captivated by Koizumi’s beauty lit underneath the fireworks. She invites her to go on a real trip next time (because she wants to see her in a swimsuit). Rejected. As expected. When Yuu returns home, she gets scolded by Shuu whose stomach must have been growling for ages. Yeah, it was Yuu’s turn to make dinner and she forgot and went on a trip. I’m surprised Shuu didn’t die of hunger yet. Maybe all that hunger became anger?

Episode 8A
Yuu and Misa are at the beach. I guess it’s no fun when Koizumi isn’t around. It seems she is at the library with Jun. Jun is concerned about her own future. She wants to run a bookstore and read books all day but with the direction she is going, she might end up in publishing. Not that Koizumi cares. When Jun asks her dream, it is a secret of course. Koizumi takes her to a store that displays instant ramen from every prefecture of Japan. Wow, hear her explain into detail each and every one of them! OMG! Your head might explode if we didn’t cut out! As they pick their noodles and enjoy them, Jun believes Koizumi’s vast and wide ramen knowledge means she must want to be doing something in the ramen industry. So when she points this out to her, Koizumi is blank! She has not even thought about it! When she is eating ramen, she can think of nothing else. That’s all. Jun understands the feeling when it comes to books. Asking her dream again, Koizumi repeats it is a secret.

Episode 8B
Shuu and his college mates are talking what to eat next. Since they’re on the topic of ramen, he brings up how ramen should be eaten. For his case, putting rice in ramen soup. One of them vehemently disagrees. This is how war starts. So others have their own opinions too but I guess they settle for having an iekei style ramen. Each has their own ideas on the system of what to eat first. I suppose if you’re tired of seeing cute girl eating, now you can see hot hunks eating ramen. When the question of this out-of-place nori is asked, Shuu uses it to wrap around rice and spinach to eat it like sushi. It’s got its own good taste. Now the nori is not enough. Don’t worry you can order more. Of course this series wouldn’t be complete without the ramen goddess. Koizumi enters and orders similar ramen like them but eats it in a different way, enlightening the guys. In the end, the guy who was opposed to ramen now ends up being a fan boy of it and can’t stop talking and bragging.

Episode 9A
Koizumi treks up the mountain and stops halfway to make ramen to eat. Now all the hikers can’t help think of ramen when they hike up. Koizumi continues but she is losing her breath and will she make it to the top at this rate? Well, the summit isn’t her goal. It is of course a ramen store on the mountain. I guess the trek was worth it.

Episode 9B
Kenta was teased by his friends when he couldn’t finished this buta yarou ramen. Now alone in the shop, he is determined to finish one. He sees Koizumi ordering the same but at a mega size. Not knowing her, he thinks she is just showing off and cannot finish. Wait till you see her gulp down the entire thing. She intensely stares at him to finish his before it gets soggy. Kenta manages to do so. Koizumi orders an ice cream after she is done and he follows suit. When he finishes, he realizes Koizumi has left. He goes out to the streets to find her but she is already gone. We learn Kenta is Misa’s brother. He thinks Koizumi’s stares were for him and now he cannot help think about her. Or is it the buta yarou ramen?

Episode 9C
Misa has been training to lose weight. She has the misfortune to bump into Koizumi. Of all people. She then remembers the guys were noting how Koizumi is getting more beautiful lately. This irks her because she is dying her ass with dieting whereas Koizumi’s skin is getting better and better. But she does note there is something about her that is different lately. So Misa bugs her for her secret. It is no surprise that Koizumi takes her to a ramen store and orders a ramen dish filled with back fat! Maximum fat! Yeah, her ‘sin’ is that she has been eating this every day. This grosses out Misa who won’t touch it. Okay, maybe just one bite. And suddenly she is hooked! She can’t stop eating and slurping down the entire bowl! The look of satisfaction when you have your fatty ramen… For the next few days, addicted Misa eats such ramen and puts extra heavy on the fat side. Thank goodness being addicted to fat isn’t a crime. Screw the diet, eh?

Episode 10A
We see Yuu the stalker as she keeps a record of the weird ramen colour Koizumi is eating! Not only that, adding some sauce turns it to another colour. But if she is happy eating her ramen, then all is well. In the end, Yuu is confused what goes into that ramen and she thinks it is alkali! Now we move on to see how creepy and scary she is as a stalker. She has log books detailing her experiences with Koizumi as well as pictures of her all over the wall! OMG! And Shuu thinks she is studying late into the night…

Episode 10B
Yuu and Shuu are at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. Guess who Yuu spots there too? Koizumi?! Is there ramen here? Apparently there is. She watches her order her set ramen meal like a pro and then digging in like usual. But she notices Shuu also staring at Koizumi. She gets this jealousy tendency that he might fall for her. Woah. Evil aura. What’s this she was her friend first? Turns out Shuu is in the mood for some ramen too. So they ditch the sushi and head over to the ramen section. As Koizumi leaves, Yuu once again goes into that jealousy rage when Shuu notes Koizumi looks familiar. Oh, it’s that girl who ate 3 bowls or ramen. Safe.

Episode 10C
Jun gets a distress call from her mom. Looks like she ordered something big from the Chinese restaurant and she cannot cancel it. Don’t worry, just bring her friends and help finish it. She’ll foot whatever bill. So for the first time the 4 of them are eating together. Why Yuu so sad? She persistently tried to invite Koizumi only to be turned down but Jun invites her once and she agrees. Yeah… The big dish is a huge gyoza. So huge that it looks like 100 gyoza pack into one. They have to eat this? Even more boggling, Koizumi orders ramen too! Don’t worry, she will eat her ramen as well as her gyoza portion. Thankfully the gyoza is delicious so they are able to finish it by trying out different sauces. But for Koizumi, for each ramen she finishes, she orders another! OMG! Never ending ramen order? At the end of their meal, they notice there is a jumbo ramen meal for competitive eating. Koizumi knew it was on the list but is not really into competitive eating. Is it because of the time limit? Nope. She doesn’t think she can eat enough to enter such contest with confidence. WTF… And here she has got the guts to order another bowl of ramen. The girls are so sick of gyoza now that they don’t want to even hear about it. Jun’s mom is baffled how many friends she brought because the bill is sky high. You wouldn’t believe it about Koizumi…

Episode 11A
Yuu is trying to recreate a ramen from Osaka she ate when she was young. Of course this is to lure Koizumi and bait her to become her friend. As she can’t quite remember the ingredient, she calls Shuu for help. He remembers it as tasty ramen and gets scolded. The smell of ramen has attracted Koizumi so she eats what Yuu makes and tells her about the Osaka ramen she was trying to recreate. She knows there is a branch here in Tokyo and brings her there the next day. Yup, that ramen is called tasty ramen. Better apologize to big brother later. After having a good meal, this gives Koizumi the motivation to visit Osaka. It’s been some time since she has gone there.

Episode 11B
We see Koizumi going on a ramen spree at Osaka. This is interrupted when several local guys try to hit on her. She is saved by a local, Ayane and she can tell Koizumi isn’t local by the way she eats her stuff. Ayane is further surprised that she is here only for the ramen because Osaka doesn’t pride itself in that. Koizumi argues otherwise. As Koizumi has trouble navigating though the guys who want to date her, Ayane becomes her ‘bodyguard’. So they visit several ramen shops and enjoy their meal. Yeah, these girls really have a black hole stomach. Koizumi learns that Ayane just quit her job. Hence today is technically her last day in Osaka as she will go to Tokyo for a job that her relatives got for her. So the only way to fight all that depression is to have more ramen! In the end when they part, Ayane hands Koizumi her contacts. Guess what? Ayane is Yuu’s cousin! Oh no. At the train station, Yuu ignores Ayane just to greet Koizumi. But imagine the shock when she learns Koizumi was spending the entire day with her. Jealous? Koizumi ignores her and takes her train home.

Episode 12A
Jun gets a distressed call from Yuu. She is lost at Nagoya with no money! It seems she was on a train with Shuu and Ayane when her super zooming vision has her spot Koizumi! Seriously?! As the train stops at the next stop shortly, she dashes out. No Koizumi in sight. Her friends assure they will get help by contacting Koizumi. Wait a minute. They have her contacts but Yuu doesn’t???!!! With only 500 Yen in her pocket, she finds a ramen shop that could get her a decent meal. She is baffled she is given chopsticks and what it seems to be a fork-cum-spoon utensil. As she ponders which to use, Koizumi sits down next to her and tells her to use the one she feels like using. In Yuu’s relief, it’s the real Koizumi! Not imagining. I’m sure she is trying to hold in her fan girl squealing as Koizumi explains that utensil is designed specifically to eat ramen and egg together. With Yuu feeling ‘safe’ with her, they go explore other ramen shops in Nagoya. Apparently Koizumi was on her way home when she thought about Nagoya and stopped by here. They try out some super spicy ramen using a spoon filled with small holes. When it is time to go back to the train station, Yuu once again tries to ask Koizumi to be friends and at least have her contacts. It looks like she is being ignored but Koizumi sends her a text containing her address rejecting so. Passive aggressive? Anyhow, Yuu is so on top of the world. But now he has to face Shuu’s wrath after a missed million calls. Yuu never got any more text from Koizumi after that…

Episode 12B
Koizumi is sick? Even her friends are surprised. So sick that she has to be absent. It wasn’t just for a day and since it is dragging out too long, Yuu becomes so worried she is asking the teacher for her address! She needs to be by her side now! As the days passed and Koizumi not turning up, Yuu turns into a serial worrywart and wonders if she is eating right. What is she?! Her mother?! I guess she was sick of Yuu. Haha! Oops… 2 weeks later, Koizumi returns. Jun and Misa wonder why Yuu doesn’t look happy. Yuu had thought to ask her out to celebrate her recovery with ramen but realized that she has barely eaten anything during her sick period, this means she has had no ramen during that period. This will be the first time in 2 weeks she will be having ramen. Oh, is Yuu being considerate?! So when Koizumi tastes her first ramen in a fortnight, she cries and gets so emotional! Tastes so freaking good! Man, I don’t think if her parents died, she would ever cry like that. Oops. Sorry. And I take back what I said about Yuu being considerate because she is spying outside on her and is glad she is alright. Now she goes to bug her. Oh, I think Yuu as a disease is real… Jun and Misa also feel like joining them for ramen. Koizumi gives ‘permission’ to do as they please. But she has to draw the line when Yuu wants to eat ramen with her every day. Okotowari shimasu. Please don’t spoil the taste of ramen…

Oodles Of Noodles, Ramen Amen
And so our friends continue to seek out every nook and corner enjoying their simple and unique ramen meals while Yuu continues to desperately seek Koizumi’s friendship. I bet and guarantee that Koizumi would have eaten all the different types of ramen in the world before Yuu could ever be her friend. There is a difference between being persistent and being an idiot not knowing when to give up. So I guess I have had my fair share of visually eating ramen so looks like I’m done and good for now.

The real stars of the show are the variety and different types of ramen. I read that the ramen stores and places the character visits are real. So is this like some sort of big advertising and promotion? Who cares as long as we can enjoy quality ramen? With so many types of ramen and its variation, you can literally open a ramen museum. Oh wait. Wasn’t there one already? Anyway, I believe ramen lovers and those who are not so into ramen could find this anime useful because in a way it serves as a guide to some of the ramen stores in town. So if there is one ramen place you missed out, maybe it was shown here and now satisfy your curiosity by visiting it and satisfy your stomach by indulging the ramen.

Therefore if you are hoping to find some sort of plot, you would be sorely disappointed because there is literally none except Koizumi and other characters going around finding a ramen store and enjoying their ramen order. In other words, if you do not enjoying seeing Koizumi’s orgasmic face slurping clean her ramen bowl, this is one hell of a boring series for the season. Like I said, this series is one big advertisement for Japan’s ramen. Hmm… I wonder if they’re trying to indirectly compete with sushi? It’s the other internationally well-known Japan dish and more likely foreigners would associate with Japan because ramen still has Chinese connotations. As in ‘la mien’ (hand pulled noodles) so to speak.

While the character designs and animation style are totally generic and standard anime style, they put all the effort and detail into the ramen itself. So for every ramen dish featured in every episode, you can see the intricate details they put into it. It makes it delicious enough to make me hungry. Heck, you don’t even need to make super exaggerated food as seen in other exaggerated cooking shows like Shokugeki No Souma or Chuuka Ichiban to even make you hungry. Thankfully I didn’t bite my computer screen. If I were to easily give in to my hunger pangs, I would have bought so many monitors in my life… So yeah, good job in really promoting the ramen presented here. I’m sure the real deal would look even better and tastier.

The characters take a secondary role although they are still lovable in their own rights. Enigmatic Koizumi (do we even know her first name?) is one who gets to live her dream by doing the thing she loves most. In some ways I can relate to Koizumi because despite being an expert in anything ramen (I assume her knowledge would even put some ramen experts, professionals, masters and historians to shame), it has never crossed her mind that she would want to pursue a career in the ramen industry. Just like me. I love anime but never have I actually sat down and thought deeply I want to be part of this industry. So just like her, we just want to appreciate and enjoy what we like presents to us. Because I am sure her thinking is like mine. If we were to go work in that industry, would we be able to enjoy as much as we did right now? Do you know all the strenuous effort that it takes to make and prepare ramen? Do you know all the tight schedules and deadlines in the anime industry? Oh, better be the consumer and just enjoy it. Less stress, more fun. She will always have stomach space for ramen and even if she has a stomach for dessert, it will run out or she will use it for only ramen. Just like me, having an infinite love for anime and will never grow out of it ;p.

Yuu is a character that stands out mainly because of her comic relief position. All of us come to know her as a girl who became infatuated with Koizumi and wants to become friends with her. Uh huh. She looks like she is turning into an annoying friendship bugging harassing monster. But the more eager and desperate she becomes, the more she is pushed down the pecking order of becoming friends with Koizumi because do you not notice that everybody else can be said to have become friends naturally with Koizumi? Even if they don’t admit it, Koizumi is less hostile and is more naturally inclined to hang out with them than Yuu. That’s right. They don’t bug her. I don’t think the mere-exposure effect of Yuu being around Koizumi for long periods of time is working for her. Or she’s doing it the wrong way.

Well, Koizumi isn’t normal to begin with. Could she be an alien in disguise? So by the time we assume Yuu finally becomes her decent ‘friend’, Koizumi would have made 1000 more ‘friends’. Is ramen buddy the correct term for her? I wonder what jealousy meter Yuu would be at that point. The jealousy power is over 9000! Yeah, Yuu is yandere potential. Don’t you even dare date or marry Koizumi (of course she would never) because Yuu will stalk and kill you! Thus there is no love lost seeing Yuu failing in her bid to become Koizumi’s friend. In fact, that feels like the running joke of the series. After all, so infatuated in trying to become her friend that her friends surpassed in her having her contact details, etc. So keep up with this bugging and you’ll find yourself not knowing anything more about her or be the last to know.

The other side characters are okay as well. Misa being the popular girl who wanted to usurp Koizumi in popularity but ends up being an indirect fan girl of her. At least this doesn’t make her a total b*tch. At least she is not as annoying as Yuu whom you want to strangle to death each time she goes into her Koizumi-please-be-my-friend tirade or Koizumi-is-my-friend-damn-it! charade. Jun as the brainy one isn’t so much of a ramen fan but gets pulled into Koizumi’s pace and finding enjoyment in some of the ramen she is exposed to.

When I first hear Koizumi, I thought it was Yukari Tamura behind her voice. However something felt a bit off behind that ambiguously soft spoken voice. Luckily I managed to realize it was Ayana Taketatsu behind the titular character. I think in recent times I must be failing to recognize Ayane Sakura. On so many accounts recently I failed to notice with her. I should have spotted her this instant when I heard her as the lively eager beaver Yuu but that never crossed my mind. I’m so ashamed of myself. But thankfully I still recognize Yuuichi Nakamura as Shuu and Kana Ueda as Ayane. But not so thankfully for the rest I didn’t recognize like Akari Kitou as Misa (Kaho in Blend S), Yumi Hara as Jun (Albedo in Overlord) and Ai Kakuma as Hannah (Est in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance).

The opening theme, Feeling Around by Minori Suzuki starts off in a weird sense. It feels like a short trippy acid drug trip perhaps because of the music special effects. But overall this song has a bit of a Chinese feel in it. Somehow the ending theme, Love Men Holic by Shiena Nishizawa is a song that seems very much fitting to appear as one on Shokugeki No Souma. This rock piece has quite catchy electric guitar riffs and having recently watched the recent season of Shokugeki No Souma, maybe that is why. Also to note, the short jingle that sings the series’ name is quite catchy.

Overall, this series is like the food porn ramen version. Just a big advertising for the ramen industry and it would be much better if you visit one instead. Because ramen is best eaten, not seen. Duh. So yeah, generally this series is boring and it puts other ‘boring’ series of the season like Yuru Camp to look like it has much more substance, which is particularly true. Sometimes it feels this series may be purposely made as boring as it is so it forces you to go out and have ramen. Have your soul and tummy filled with real one, that’s what they’re telling you. Of all the different types of ramen around, which is the best seasoning and spice? Hunger. I think this is also particularly true for most of any other food. Note to self: Never watch a food anime on an empty stomach no matter how boring it is…

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