Platonic Tsuranuite

October 24, 2008

  Dare mo inai umibe ni anata to futari,
  Hashagi sugita toki ga shizumaru
As usual, for an anime series like Ranma 1/2 to be long running, it must have several opening and ending themes as well. Most probably it is to renew or refresh viewers’ anticipation and hopes about the series. You know, some viewers literally sit through watching the entire series right up from the opening credits till the next episode preview. But for me, if I have the time to do so, then I would. Or else, I’d just skip to the episode proper.
  Mukuchi ni natta hitomi wa naze ka kowai ka,
  Sora mo umi mo nami mo too no ku no
Out of all the opening and ending songs of this series, Platonic Tsuranuite (Let’s Be Platonic) is my second favourite one, after Present. Because this series is an old one, this song too sounds old school. Like as though it was from that era when this anime was first shown. This is the first ending song of the series and is sung by Kaori Sakogami.
  Ah koyubi ga furete mo SHOUTO shisou yo,
  Ai ga sodatsu made sukoshi matte
Unfortunately, this song too doesn’t have any karaoke versions like many of the other songs in the series. But somehow, I didn’t have the crave to really go look for one. Not to say I didn’t like this song (hey, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have blog it), but unlike other more current animes, I didn’t went crazy or go ballistic searching for one. I’m just happy doing a duet with the singer herself. Besides, since she hasn’t got a high-pitched voice, this piece is like a piece of cake to me. Okay, that doesn’t mean I sound exactly like the singer. What I meant was, it’s easy to sing.
  PURATONIKKU wo tsuranuite ne,
  Ima wa mada,
  PURATONIKKU de tsuranuite ne,
  Itai kurai
But one thing that I liked about this song is the funky and fast playing bass lines. Just after the verses and before the start of the chorus, you can hear the bass sliding down the riff. Other than that, this pop piece has a moderate pace with some synthesizers and background vocals in an otherwise simple song. Even the lyrics doesn’t amount to much and the words are like your typical simple love song. Yeah, it does sound like old school songs from that era.
  PURATONIKKU wo tsuranuite ne,
  Yakusoku yo,
  PURATONIKKU de tsuranuite ne,
  Anata ga suki
By the way, the tv series animation of this ending theme has 2 versions. The first one being the characters drawn manga style, as it slowly scrolls up or down the screen. The second one has Ranma and his dad, Genma in panda form, relaxing and overlooking a beautiful beach. Only thing is, as the screen slowly zooms out, that was just a huge poster and they’re just in the middle of the city. Ah well, even if they can’t afford a trip there, it’s better to make use of their surroundings. Like they say, it’s all in one’s mind.
Ranma 1/2


July 7, 2006

  Ukettote my song,
  Boku no sasayaka na PUREZENTO,
  Ukettote my song,
  Boku no chippoke na PUREZENTO sa
Long ago, this was one of my favourite Ranma 1/2 songs. Yup, Present is one of the many ending themes of the series. Though I rarely listen to it nowadays, sometimes when I listen to it, brings back memories of nostalgia during my early days of anime.
  Mezamashi ga naru yo,
  Asa no hikari ga sashikonde kuru yo,
  Suzume-tachi PII PII,
  Hashaide utau yo
Like most of the songs from this series, it has no karaoke version of it (so sad). Therefore, I’m forced to sing along with the singer herself, Tokyo Shonen. Some sort of like a duet, I’d say. Only thing is the song would sound much better without my contribution, if you know what I mean.
  Nante kibun utagoe kasanaru,
  Ima koko de kono basho de,
  Suteki da na
This song isn’t relatively tough to sing. That’s because the singer herself too isn’t one of those with squeaky high pitch voice. Yeah, the one which sound more hoarse-like (no insults meant here). Even if she’d tried to go a higher pitch, which some of the lines in the song have, it isn’t really that bad. Of course, I also can lah but doesn’t sound so good like hers.
  Ukettote my song,

  Boku no sasayaka na PUREZENTO,
  Ukettote my song,
  Boku no chippoke na PUREZENTO sa
Lyrics wise, there aren’t many words to remember (although I forgot them by now) and the chorus is mainly that one and only chorus. Ah well, since I’m currently singing other songs, maybe the next time I sing this one would be… Aiyah, don’t know when lah. But it sure brings back memories.
  Okuru yo! I love you…

Ranma 1/2

December 9, 2005

This was the anime that get me started to go crazy about Japanese animes. Somehow, I was magically attracted to watching Ranma 1/2 when I first watched it and ever since then I’ve wanted to watch more of it. Perhaps the thing was they mixed some martial arts action in it with adventure and love. Speaking of love, that’s what this whole anime mainly revolves around. Yeah, the love triangle, confusing and er… let’s just say it involves many parties. Of course, fans of the series would also know that our main guy Ranma has a curse that transforms himself into a girl whenever being poured by cold water and back to a boy with warm/hot water. There’re other characters with these curse as well, like Ranma’s dad, his arch-rival-sometimes-pal Ryoga and Mousse. What makes it more interesting is that Ranma has 4 girls vying very hard to be his ‘future wife’. Actually, make that 3. Although he’s match-maked to marry Akane by their parents, they still hate each other but gradually learns to accept each other. Though, they may have feelings for each other by then, but they ceratinly don’t show it. Ah well, ganbatte yo Shampoo, Ukyo and Kodachi-san. But that’s just Ranma’s side, there are other character love triangles as well so you might get really confused and messed up in the helter-skelter of who’s trying to love who. But you’ll manage to do so in time. However, some later episodes at the series’ end may be a little draggy and boring and may deviate a little to provide some variety. But of course, episodes dealing with love is the one I love best, especially when those ladies fight over Ranma’s attention and love! (sounds like I like to see cat-fight, meow, maybe). Sigh… Will Ranma and Akane walk down the aisle together one day? Will Kuno and Kodachi ever find out that Ranma and Osage-No-Onna are the same person? Will… nah, too many open ended questions. Best left to my imagination. Oh oh… Feeling some jealousy somewhere…

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