Re: Creators

February 18, 2018

What a great idea. Let’s take a bunch of characters from different stories and then mash them up in the same world and have them fight each other. Only, that has been done before many times in the past like the Marvel and DC comics and the Super Smash Bros series video game. In Re: Creators, a normal modern world of ours is suddenly invaded by fictional characters. A normal high school boy gets caught up in it as they try to find the reason of their existence as well as a nefarious fate awaiting both the real and fictitious worlds if they don’t do something about it. Can we just write another story then? Only, if writing a story was that easy.

Episode 1
Souta Mizushino is an ordinary high school student. He goes home to work on his own manga but I guess he got lazy and decides to take a break and watch the anime, Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier on his iPad. Suddenly something happens. Everyone’s nightmare: BSOD!!! Strange things happen as he gets sucked into this anime’s world. He is now caught in a fight between Selesia Upitria and Gunpuku No Himegimi. He notices what is happening before his eyes is also repeating in his iPad. Selesia saves Souta from Gunpuku’s attack, causing them to return to Souta’s room. Selesia is of course stunned in this alien world as she threatens Souta for an answer. She is further shocked when he explains she came from an anime that is adapted from this manga. Gunpuku visits them. It seems she is not from Selesia’s world neither is she from this reality. She wants her to come with her but Selesia refuses. It begins a wild night chase as Selesia hijacks a car while trying to outrun Gunpuku. Funny, she can drive a car which is a much simpler mechanism than her mecha? When Selesia and Gunpuku finally clash swords, the latter tells of this world which is the land of gods and where dubious creators throng. Selesia gets assistance from Meteora Osterreich from Avalken of Reminisce (RPG game). Gunpuku retreats for now. Selesia thinks Meteora is also in the same circumstances with her. They need to talk about what is happening. Where? In Souta’s room of course. This means Souta has to stretch his allowance and buy snacks for them. Meteora is such a big eater…

Episode 2
Meteora describes a bit of herself and the world she comes from. They then discuss about this world. If they are created by creators of this world, they need to go find them and exert their influence over them so they could return to their world. There’s also that complicated reasoning how they as characters in their respective stories get materializes here, but I’m going to skip all that confusing theory bits. They also talk about Gunpuku who seems to be trying to make the story worlds collide with the land of the gods. They are unsure of what world she comes. Because if Souta can’t identify her from which anime, manga or game, is she some original creation? First they try to contact the creator of Selesia’s story, Takashi Matsubara. This ossan gets a strange email to meet Selesia. He doesn’t jump the chance to meet this perfect cosplayer of his character. You’re looking at the real deal, buddy. Their meeting is interrupted by this magical girl, Mamika Kirameki from the anime Magical Slayer Mamika. She also got word from Gunpuku about this world that has power to help people of their worlds. She will not forgive that kind of creator but since Selesia isn’t on the same viewpoint with her, Mamika gets upset and transforms. Then they start fighting. Only, the damage done is real! There’s going to be a lot of damaged buildings the way Mamika is shooting magical beams at her. Mamika realizes too late the damage she caused since Selesia is injured. Because nobody gets injured in her world! Selesia lectures her about their different worlds. Selesia gets back up, panicking Mamika. Before she could unleash her next magical blast, it is stopped by Yuuya Mirokuji, the main antagonist of Heisaku Underground.

Episode 3
Mamika is taken away by a knight and her horse both in shining armour, Alicetaria February of Alicetaria of the Scarlet. The rest talk to Mirokuji to learn how much he knows. He seems to know a lot as he too was being told and brought here by Gunpuku. But unlike the rest, he is not interested in finding his own creator because he believes he isn’t some god and just an ordinary person. Of course if he does see his creator, he would like to ask some questions but that isn’t his priority. Staying true to his character, he goes off by himself to start fights to entertain himself. Matsubara brings them to his home and calls Marine, the illustrator for Vogelchevalier. Meteora wants to test how much is needed for the creators to affect the created. Matsubara tries to write up a new spell for Selesia but nothing happens. Maybe it needs more info and context. So Marine has to sketch a visual of it. Selesia is shocked to hear spoilers of her own story. Since she came out from the anime, the story has not caught up to the manga. Once Marine is done, Selesia tries to activate it. Nothing happens. Failed. Matsubara and Selesia end up arguing so Meteora notes that if Selesia is able to dispute with her creator, it means Matsubara has created a highly detailed world of Selesia. Even if this experiment failed, Meteora at least knows there is another factor that affects them. In addition to lack of information or seriousness, discovery can be considered progress. Souta thinks as Mirokuji said, he appeared because he made a lasting impression on others. So could it be the revised story or setting needs to be accepted or identified by the mass before any change could occur? Marine suggests she could pull some strings for them to tour the publishing company, Titan Digitalsoft. They published Avalken and she was doing character designs for them before. Marine offers Selesia and Meteora to stay at her place. Yeah, Souta’s room is too small. Gunpuku talks to herself about meeting Souta again and never thought he would be involved. She notes he is a part of the world that banished Setsuna and will always be her ally.

Episode 4
When Marine brings Meteora to the company, they are shocked to learn her creator had recently died in a motor accident. She takes time but returns in no time to explain to the rest of what she thinks is happening. This world has forces trying to make sense of things. Because they are characters popping out from stories that defy the laws of this world, there is only so much it can take. That elasticity will soon give way and the world will be destroyed. Meteora took time off to play Avalken. She cleared it in a night. It is a fun game and she noticed her creator has put in a lot of effort to create such a beautiful world. The game is also about saving the world from destruction. Despite how her creator created her, it doesn’t change it is a fun game and others enjoyed it. Hence she wants to prevent the world from colliding and return everything to where it was. They then discuss about Gunpuku’s goals of bringing them here. Could she be the kind of character who loves to watch the world burn? They have to act fast as the more characters appear, the more the cracks there will be and accelerate the destruction of the world. It is hard for them to track all other characters but they know they are all somehow connected to Gunpuku. It is believed she too has her own creator somewhere in this world. Meanwhile Alicetaria is displeased at Gunpuku that she has did as she was told to force her creator to revise everything but she is still here instead of back in her world where she needs to stop some sort of war. She blames him for creating such a hellish world for entertainment. Gunpuku assures she did not lie to her. This world is sturdier than it seems. Procedures are needed. Cracks will definitely come and wants her to continue disturbing this world’s common sense. Gunpuku relates her own creators who abandoned her and didn’t want to take responsibilities. Her roles it to provide a path and lead the way for people who don’t know this world exists and have no choice but to fight. We see an odd moment with Mamika sharing her meal with Alicetaria as thanks for saving her. Matsubara gets a call from a fellow friend, Masaaki Nakanogane. Since he is nervous, Matsubara can tell he too has a character popped up in this world. However it isn’t just the main character from his latest Monomagia work but his mecha too! While the machine is hiding at the field, Rui Kanoya its rider is eating lunch right now in his place.

Episode 5
Nakanogane experienced what Souta went through when the anime character came through the screen. Only this time a giant mecha came out from the TV! As they sit around to discuss things, suddenly the military surround them. Kanoya is ready to get into his mecha action but Meteora pleads that they will cooperate and go with them. They are taken to a special council headed by Aki Kikuchihara. First she apologizes for the violent manner they handled this situation but there’s a reason for it. When strange radio interferences were detected, they started noticing strange characters with strange powers popping up. There is a CCTV footage of Mirokuji fighting a guy with a gun (Blitz Talker) at the park and the damage is extensive. After confirming Mirokuji’s creator, Kikuchihara has her men find and arrange to take him into custody. Why? There is this author named Gai Takarada who went to the police to seek protection as he felt his life is under threat. However Alicetaria barged into the place and kidnapped him. He is Alicetaria’s creator. His whereabouts are unknown. So that’s why when a large mecha popped up, they are forced to take extreme measures in fear of this. Also there are footages of Meteora stealing tax payer funded military equipment when she first popped up in this world to fight Gunpuku. Whoops. As nobody knows about Gunpuku, Meteora tells them about their theory of world destruction. Her suggestions are to reduce damage and the impact of this world and to find her creator. In order for the ‘fictional’ characters to move about freely, they will be granted necessary documents. The creators and their creations will all be under special protection. That includes Souta. As everyone return home, Souta kept thinking about Gunpuku. There is something familiar about her that he can’t put his finger on. Then he remembers a memo from someone he knew. Setsuna Shimazaki. She posted it would be her last new story before her goodbye. As he searches around the internet, he finally shockingly stumbles upon something related to Gunpuku.

Episode 6
Selesia drops in to report they haven’t made any progress in finding Gunpuku’s creator. Souta can’t find the courage to tell her what he’s found. Alicetaria and Mamika are tasked to find a new ally believed to have appeared in the area. They talk what kind of person that new character would be. Speaking of which, Magane Chikujouin takes a book without paying and claims it belongs to her. The shopkeeper stops her of course but after a series of lies, it allows her to summon a monster that kills him. Kikuchihara and Meteora are investigating this bloody site. Based on the description of eyewitnesses, they conclude she is a creation and of the villain type. Magane bumps into Alicetaria and Mamika on her way back. Although Mamika tries to get her on their side, Alicetaria can sense she is not a good person Mamika hoped to be. They descend into an argument about killing others. Because Magane points out that despite all the justice Alicetaria spouts, she is no different and could be worse. Whether one kills for fun or justice, killing is still killing. Alicetaria has had enough of her insults and charges at her despite Mamika’s objection. Luckily Selesia and Meteora come between them. Meteora argues fighting among themselves is what Gunpuku wants. She also corrects Alicetaria’s flawed logic that this world is the gods and miracles do happen (at least compared to her hellish world). With the conversation breaking down, Alicetaria attacks. Time for another epic power battle decimating the land. While Selesia has her hands full with Alicetaria, Blitz joins in and shoots down Meteora. Unconscious, he could have finished her had not Mamika intervened. She continues to block all his shots and feels the need to stop this madness. Otherwise she will be too ashamed to face her friends when she returns to her world.

Episode 7
Mamika is going to attack Alicetaria if she continues to resort to violence. More complications as Mirokuji drops in to continue his fight with Blitz. Mamika also tries to stop this but gets her ass handed by Mirokuji. By the time Kanoya drops down in his mecha, Alicetaria takes Mamika to escape. Mirokuji hangs out with Selesia and co as he believes doing so will allow him to face Blitz again. Selesia has done some research on Magane. Created by Tenkyu Kurakuma and from the novel, Yasoukiroku, her power stems from words via deception and lies. They fear a person like her walking around killing others. Mirokuji makes an interesting hypothesis that the characters who came here have changed like as though they’re finding a new purpose. Speaking of Magane, she is at her author’s home and has killed him. On Souta’s side, he has discovered Blitz’s creator and other info pertaining to him. So far no other characters have appeared but they are worried about Gunpuku as they still know nothing about her. Still not saying anything, Souta? They theorize maybe she is not from manga but anime or game but still none of the Googled descriptions closely match her. Soon news spread that Kurakuma is dead. Next morning, Nakanogane has stumbled upon something important and calls everyone to meet. Except Souta. Because he stumbled upon Mamika and she wants to talk to him. Something about believing and doing stupid things (because in her world, believing is enough to give you magic). She is greatly hinting if he knows anything about Gunpuku, please say. Nakanogane has found a site where doujin and amateurs post their works. Some go on to make it big. There is one that fits Gunpuku perfectly. Her name is Altair. Mamika believes she isn’t gathering them to change the world and is planning something very bad. Souta reveals that she is one who hates this world a lot.

Episode 8
More revelations about Altair that she is based off another character of another game. However their looks and personality all differ. Because Altair had better defined stories and traits, it diverged into another separate entity despite originating from the same base. However trying to find Altair’s creator yielded no results. Kikuchihara has brought other creators to help them, Shunma Suruga (Blitz’s creator) and Ryo Yatoji (Mirokuji’s creator). Yatoji doesn’t believe all this crap so nothing a bit of Mirokuji’s display of real power to shake things up. Meteora meets up with Souta to explain what they have discovered so far. She can tell Souta is troubled. The more Souta tries to hide it, to more obvious his burden is. So he tries to explain it in a third person perspective about jealousy and envy. Meteora says those feelings shouldn’t be denied and should work on them. Pretend they do not exist and they will slowly build up into filth. That made him feel better. Another weird moment between Mamika and Alicetaria that could be turning into mild yuri. They have differing opinions about the gods of their world. While Alicetaria isn’t grateful for her hellish world, Mamika is because she is able to meet so many different people. They hope to believe in each other no matter what. Later Magane pulls aside Souta and mocks his ‘date’ with Mamika and then Meteora over what she eavesdropped. Then she hints about the very thing that he wants to hide. A certain someone who probably doesn’t exist anymore. This is enough to cause extreme asphyxiation for Souta. That bad, huh? Magane doesn’t intend to spread it but in exchange he has to ‘date’ her. Mamika confronts Altair about lying to them. She feels her intention to destroy this world via revenge is wrong. Despite all that, she still considers her as her friend wants to save her. Altair admits she hates everything in this world. The characters, the stories. Because this world rejected her ally. All she wanted was a place to belong but they humiliated her. That is why she will destroy everything. Mamika believes everything can change like herself when she came here. Altair still will not forgive them. Mamika will show her that she can accept her sadness. She will save her soul and Setsuna’s. The mere mention of her name sends Altair into raging madness. She summons her swords to stab Mamika. But Mamika isn’t going to stand there and get killed. Magical explosion!

Episode 9
Mamika seems to have survived that blast. But not for long. Man, she’s bleeding like hell! Of all places she had to collapse, it’s where Magane is nearby. She’s eking out Altair’s plan to destroy the world when Alicetaria drops in and is about to clobber Magane. Luckily Mamika has enough strength to pinpoint Magane isn’t the culprit and leaves it up to liar girl to tell the rest. So what happens to characters like her when they die? They just disappear. For real? Mamika is dead?! Forcing Mamika’s dying wish out from Mamika, technically she isn’t lying but ambiguously rearranging her words. So she made it sound like Meteora was the one who killed Mamika and Alicetaria believes her and goes off to find her. Now Magane calls out Souta to meet. After all that teasing and harassing about the person he ‘killed’ to make him feel even more guilty, she gets to the real deal. She wants him to tell Selesia that Meteora is working for the enemy to deceive them. Souta won’t believe a liar so Magane shows proof of a bloodied Mamika’s cloth. Don’t believe Meteora killed her? Ask Alicetaria who is out for her blood. He is in shock over Mamika’s death but still refuses to believe her. So Magane hints a few more stuffs and Souta finally realizes it is Altair who killed her. This sends him into despair, which is what Magane wants. Then she makes it sound like he is responsible and the source for Mamika’s death in which he really believes so. Before she could cloud his mind further, Mirokuji shows up to fight her. Meteora picks him up but he goes hysterical revealing he was responsible for Setsuna’s death. And now Mamika is dead too because of him. Meteora offers some words to help him get back on his feet. Mirokuji’s attack falls under Magane’s spell. She is able to negate it and that rewritten law forever sticks until she dies. His attack is now useless against her. Magane offers to team up to stop Altair but they’re not buying. Realizing they don’t want to deal with her anymore, Magane warns Meteora that somebody else has a bone to pick with her. Speak of the devil, here comes furious Alicetaria. She’s been looking all over for you.

Episode 10
With Mirokuji covering for Meteora. Magane offers to help Alicetaria in which she declines. But they agree Magane takes care off Mirokuji while Alicetaria settles her score with Meteora. Magane tries to rile up Mirokuji by talking about his female spirit, Hangaku. Since he calls it a curse, she proposes to give it to her if she finds a way to free him. As Meteora gets owned, Souta calls for backup and feels useless he can’t do anything. He sums up his courage to stop Alicetaria who in turn believes he is the kind of people who views her world as entertainment. He denies all that as watching her people getting killed pains him. That is why seeing her fight brings hope to others and they look up to her virtue. Alicetaria views herself differently. Still considering herself a failure for failing to save Mamika. When Meteora wants to settle this via talking, Alicetaria isn’t open to any conversation and attacks. Meteora pushes Souta away and bears the heavy brunt of her lance. Selesia drops in. Kikuchihara and the other special forces too. But I doubt they can do anything despite surrounding the place. Mad Selesia fights Alicetaria but her sword suddenly turns into petals and she gets stabbed. This is Altair’s doing to further her plan. She wants Alicetaria to behead her but since she is in shock (you mean she wasn’t expecting to kill her?), she has Blitz do finish the job but has to settle things with Mirokuji first. Kanoya who is on standby in the sky can’t stand this anymore and drops in to fight, only for Altair to unleash a clone mecha to keep him company. With Meteora telling the humans to save themselves, Matsubara blows his top for saying such cheap lines. He will never allow his character to die like this. So he whips out his laptop and uploads a new story and Marine’s new illustrations of her. In no time it accumulates followers, likes and is trending! It’s really viral. Selesia then transforms into a powerful version that you would think twice in taking her on. With Altair’s powers weakening, she feels the stars aren’t aligned yet and tells her comrades to withdraw. Once over, Selesia reverts to her injured circumstances and needs immediate medical attention. Magane is now in possession of Hangaku.

Episode 11
Selesia and Meteora are hospitalized but recovering well. Mirokuji is sore in both aspects since he lost to Magane. Matsubara has a little private moment with Selesia. Even if her story he wrote is entertainment to others, it isn’t for him because it is proof he lived. Meanwhile Souta continues to sulk about not saying it all sooner so Kanoya takes him on a flight on his mecha. A bit of positivism to help cheer Souta up. Kanoya was once like him. Even if the fate in characters in stories have been decided, in a way it makes things easier. People aren’t forced to do things they don’t want to do. However heroes like them might be able to save the world but they do not have the freedom to save anything else. In this world, people can write stories for themselves. In a way, it is somewhat symbiotic relationship because if people who save the world exist, it is be there are worlds that must be saved and who else are there to create it? A call from Kikuchihara comes in. Meteora has woke up and is calling everyone to meet. It is about Altair’s creator who is essential to the development of their strategy. This is when Souta reveals that Setsuna is his friend and is already dead. He knew it all along but did nothing. He blames himself for killing her. Flashback time. Souta was a loner who didn’t have many friends. He used to post his drawings online and Setsuna is the only one who likes his ‘amazing’ art. She also posts her own art so they started communicating and complimenting each other’s works. Then one day there is an event in town and they decide to meet up. For the first time they see each other and their friendship took flight. As Setsuna kept posting new drawings, soon she became even more famous and collaborated with a famous producer to make a music video. But soon a scandal hit and she was accused of plagiarism. The internet being the internet, many quickly accuse her without proof. Souta cannot stand all the toxic comments and insults. He wanted to do something but feared it would make things worse. So he didn’t do nothing. In spite of all this, deep down inside his heart, he felt a sense of relief. In some ways he enjoyed watching Setsuna getting put down like that because it made him feel less lonely of being left behind.

Episode 12
Souta continues that Setsuna left a last message on his handphone that she is confused and not sure what to do anymore as she is unsure if drawing is good or bad. Souta replied (in a rude way) he doesn’t know but Setsuna never replied after that. After that he stopped contacting her until he got a final message in his email about her ‘goodbye’ and the final story she left. One morning he was awakened by a call from her. Actually it is Setsuna’s mom. Setsuna killed herself by jumping onto the tracks. It only dawned to him what happened. He erased any records of her. He didn’t want to remember. He ran away. Believing what he did to Setsuna was horrible, Altair was probably created out of her despair to make her wish come true. Souta regrets what he did but is willing to take responsibility and stop Altair at all cost. Takarada is still confined in his cell when Alicetaria releases him. She asks him several questions like if he loves the world he creates and the hero role that he created for her. He gives his honest answer he can’t do anything about it. This is something only she can solve. As for why he created her world so, I suppose it is worth it he wrote it that way. Otherwise how else would he have written it? Meteora and co discuss a plan to defeat Altair. They notice her various powers so Nakanogane shows a few videos of Altair. The varied videos show her displaying different powers. Thing is, they are all created by other people after Setsuna’s death. This means as long Altair has a steady stream of stories, her powers are continuously updated. But Meteora knows she cannot use her powers freely or she’ll be thrown out of this world. They will need to use this weakness to defeat her. Long story short, what I understand is that they are going to create a story that mashes all their characters together to fight Altair. A huge death match if I should say. If this crossover story is accepted by fans, it will be a cage that could confine her. Of course there is this problem of copyrights, etc. So they’ll need to make a big event in which they can make a killing with the viewers’ approval. But time if of essence and depending on factors like new characters showing up, their time limit will change. Meteora gives 6 months for the creators to create a stronger plot and story progression in the form of spinoffs. This is the cage that will linked their unrelated stories together and when the final battle begins, everything from there on will be adlib. Blitz reports to Altair about Alicetaria releasing Takarada. But it seems Altair has gotten a new ally who shares the same goal as her. She notes that with the impeding destruction, only 2 or 3 more characters will appear. That is when they will begin their attack.

Episode 13
Damn recap episode. Or highlights. Or records. Whatever they want to call it. But it’s not just cut and paste because there are a few new scenes like Meteora’s first battle with Altair that ended with the former achieving victory but decided to redo it and lose or else the series would be over and like it got cancelled. Say what?! Oh yeah, Meteora narrates the entire recap and sometimes make deadpan sarcastic jokes. I guess this recap isn’t so boring. But a big portion of this recap is the more detailed background and story the other characters in the play. Finally she breaks the fourth wall telling us that this recap is planned from the start otherwise the staffs making this series would go crazy due to the large number of frames and characters. So be grateful they’re responding to our high expectations!

Episode 14
Kikuchihara has gathered many authors as she explains this huge government sponsored project. There will be a schedule of events featuring characters from participating stories and the first off the list is a 90 minute special anime called Border World Coliseum. Later a special promotion video will decide its outcome. Creators will create spinoffs of their stories before the TV broadcasts. Many are sceptical because they think they cannot finish it on time. Kikuchihara will hear no excuses from them. There are questions of making Altair weak or Meteora and co strong. For the former, she exists independently without an author so they cannot tweak her stats. For the latter, suddenly increasing a power of a character might not go down well with fans and hence not accepted. Everyone also has to be careful of the stories they write so its setting of the characters do not oppose world views. She officially sounds the start of this project called Elimination Chamber Festival. The announcement is made to the public and everyone is hyped up. The first spinoff story will go to Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier followed by an anime by Monomagia. As the authors crack their brains together, some tensions naturally arise. Especially Yatoji who don’t share the same views as Matsubara and Nakanogane. Then there is Marine getting a bit down as she compares her own drawing to Suruga. When all heads cool down, eventually they find some good in each other’s ideas and start working on that. Souta seeks Matsubara’s permission that he too wants to participate in this. He is refused at first but after hearing out his crazy idea, there is no harm in trying. Meanwhile Meteora and the rest are trying to find the source of some magnetic field fluctuation. Don’t look now because there is a new character before them and she looks lost.

Episode 15
Folks, Meet Hikayu Hoshikawa. She is from Hoshizora Milky Way, a dating sim game. With adult contents… She is crying because everyone knows everything about her. Oh, she’s crying even louder when Nakanogane mentions her ‘fighting ability’ is to flash her panties and seduce men… Poor girl… A report came in that Takarada is now in their custody. Meanwhile, Blitz meets the acquaintance of Sho Hakua. He is also from Heisaku Underground and was once Mirokuji’s ally. He now views Mirokuji as a traitor and needs to settle things. Magane is hiding out is some luxurious apartment when Alicetaria approaches her for help. As she will only participate in things that are fun, Alicetaria knows a girl who has the same abilities as Magane but without constraints. You know what to do to make it more interesting, right? Magane doesn’t like to do bidding of others but since Alicetaria is so much interesting today, she’ll abide by that. Takarada joins the creators for this Festival. He believes Alicetaria is planning to start a revolt but as a chivalrous character, can she stab Altair from the back? Given the circumstances now, she can. The writer for Hoshizora Milky Way, Nisho Oonishi who is also Nakanogane’s old friend drops by to see Hikayu. He is like one of those typical perverted otakus who wants to marry his idol/creation. And with the other babes here, he wants to marry this heavenly harem too! After Kikuchihara puts her foot down, they carry on discussing on how to increase Hikayu’s powers. But as a normal high school girl, can she have abnormal powers? Oonishi says she can. It’s easy. Fan disk. Altair knows Blitz already knows what she is planning so why is he still following her? He views her as weak but in a way strong. She couldn’t save anyone and doesn’t want to like as though she created something to be destroyed. This only makes him want to protect her more. She tells him this is why he shouldn’t participate in the final battle. Her powers are infinite and growing every day. Now she has this clairvoyance power and knows what the enemy is doing. But she is still going to let them go through with their plan so they can see how foolish their strategy is. However if the enemy succeeds, they will lose the chance to interfere in this world. This isn’t in Blitz’s storyline and he should do it for himself and not for the plot. As he has answered to her call, she knows about his secret wish and is obliged to answer to his. Blitz wonders if he can see her again after all this. If everything goes according to plan, they won’t.

Episode 16
Wait a minute. Selesia bought a car and she can drive? Oh, she has a valid driver’s licence. Everyone attends a hotspring party as a send-off party for the Festival. Kikuchihara accidentally gets drunk and she is much scarier than before. Basically none of the men can go against her in this mode. And the rest of the party is Meteora giving her thank you speech for participating in this as well as some sort of a reminder-cum-summary of why they’re doing this and its effects if they fail. Yeah, there’s even a team hand stack. Is this the finals of some game? The Festival final is here and the stadium is full to the brim. While a concert is performed to entertain the fans, Meteora and the rest make their preparations. Soldiers and police forces are stationed at certain points around the area as Meteora prepares to lay the bait. This includes summoning Selesia’s mecha. Mirokuji has powered a lot and everyone is feeling pretty good about doing this. As Altair prepares to move, she is not surprised or anything and expects Meteora’s plans to play out as it is.

Episode 17
Altair and Alicetaria are spotted. Everyone watches in excitement as both sides clash. Souta too but looks like Magane pays him a visit. Selesia takes on Altair while Alicetaria messes around with Kanoya. Giant robot trying to swap a fly? Alicetaria hints for him to wait for the right time. Mirokuji and Sho reunite for the first time in this world and duke it out. When the timer reaches zero, Meteora chants and completes the cage. But is shocked when Altair reveals she knows what she is doing. There are also military tanks and jets firing at Altair and although she destroys them, they are just unmanned replicas created by her. Selesia then uses her new power to open gates and trap Altair in other many worlds. It didn’t work. Because where there is a gate, there is an exit. If she is able to pinpoint that in infinite spaces, why has she not escaped this cage yet? She does not have the power. Yet. Meteora can easily kill her or even get her to surrender but that would need acceptance and it would not be fun to cut short this battle. So let’s continue fighting. Meanwhile Blitz confronts Suruga. He threatens to kill her but she isn’t panicking because if he shoots her, she will take all the answers to her grave. So he asks about why she killed his daughter in the manga. Simple. To make the story interesting. Blitz shoots and wounds her. Suruga is unrepentant and stands her ground she will do anything to make her stories more interesting to her readers even if it means killing people and turning the world upside down. Even though Altair is similar to her in the sense she wants to destroy the world, he views her creator is someone worth standing up for unlike Suruga who is already famous. Suruga disagrees because nobody starts out famous and the many nights she spent slogging and crying over her work. She is here today because she faced all that. Blitz tells his plans to kill her and then all her friends. Then he will cause a big trouble and help his friends fighting elsewhere. She calls that a boring plot and would have written it for him to kill Altair instead. The military arrives late to surround Blitz. Making a surprise entrance is Blitz’s daughter, Erina. Suruga has the last laugh and reminds him he is her god.

Episode 18
Blitz cannot believe Erina is still alive because he killed her before his eyes. Sure he did. Suruga explains because of the crossover, Erina was taken to Meteora’s world whereby her magic resurrected her. The fans accepted it and that’s why she is now here. Father and daughter emotionally reunite. Magane is trying to rile Souta about the things they are doing. Whatever they are doing is a lie and even though it is real, it is all made up. Of course there is no need for approval from the audience. They can lie from the start as long as they make it look real. This makes Souta mad about looking down on others and how something superficial would move the hearts of others. However this allows Magane to release some spell that puts Souta’s side in favour. Souta is shocked that she is helping them. She reminds him that she is doing things that entertain and interest her. She doesn’t care the outcome as long as she can see Altair’s face when she realizes their plan is succeeding. She is also done with Hangaku and decides to give it back. While Mirokuji is having a tough time with Sho, Hikayu comes to the rescue. She is now a super sexy Chinese martial artist?! Fans love it, so what does it matter? Sho thought Blitz is here to help him but he turns against him. He decided to jump ship. The trio take on him. Sho lies defeated and vows to drag Mirokuji to hell with him for killing his sister and best friend. That is when Mirokuji reveals he did not kill them and instead some fortune teller he contacted with is the true mastermind as he also painted Mirokuji in a bad light. This shocking spoiler shocks everyone! Yatoji can’t write the next volume now. But it soon gains acceptance because fans think it would be so cool to have Mirokuji and Sho teaming up. Once Kanoya and Alicetaria got some booster, they start teaming up to help Selesia. After Selesia traps Altair in a barrier, the duo are supposed to finish her off. However a dark mecha knocks him off and Selesia is in disbelief to see Charon.

Episode 19
Selesia is torn to fight him. Altair teases the viewers of the friends fighting each other. She reminds him she has the power to change the world and whether or not he obtains the key is up to him. Selesia tries to persuade Charon but he isn’t listening. He is siding with Altair even if it is a miniscule chance of saving their world. After all the fighting, he has gotten tired of it. Kanoya fights in Selesia’s place while Alicetaria moves in to kill Altair. Although she stabs her, Altair chants a spell that reverses all the injuries back to her. Alicetaria dies in vain as Altair mocks she is not the main character of this story and only a supporting one. Hikayu talks to Selesia about life choices based on her own experience. Is she going to abandon everyone who believed in her up till now? This gives Selesia confidence and the determination to face Charon. Everybody else combines their effort to fight Altair but she is still many steps ahead of them. Charon gets a pep talk from Kanoya about what it means to be a hero. The way he was deceived by Altair’s words makes him less of a hero and that Selesia is one who is more. If he is a hero, fulfil his responsibilities to the end. Kanoya’s mecha takes heavy damage. Just in time for Selesia to move in. When characters start talking about the good ol’ days and even confesses they like someone, it usually means a death flag. Selesia grips Charon as hard and close to her and plans to sacrifice herself. All she needs is Kanoya to fire all he’s got at them. This is what she has decided. She knows she cannot defeat Altair herself and neither could Kanoya if he lets this chance slip. They need to destroy Altair’s final shield. More feels when she thanks Meteora and Matsubara before the big explosion.

Episode 20
When Hikayu attacks Altair, the former uses her power to return her to her original powerless state. Killing her isn’t part of her plan so she plans to make Hikayu a helpless audience who can only watch the world get destroyed. She isn’t going to do the same to the rest because all of them are characters in a story that Altair created. She is using this system against them and the cage to boost her acceptance. The creators decide to resort to this trump card that they have been working on. After Meteora casts a spell, a new character appears, Sirius. Altair is shock and mad at this character because she is supposed to be a perfect mirror image of her. She is more powerful than Altair herself. In the end, Sirius tries to absorb Altair to become her and succeeds. With the battle over, Sirius turns into some wandering doll since she has no personality and a character just to defeat Altair. But when Sirius picks up and wears Altair’s hat, Altair returns! Catching Mirokuji off guard, her swords stab him. The creators realize that Sirius did not have enough personality compared to Altair despite covering every detail they could and this backfired on them. Altair took advantage of a loophole and took over Sirius. Since Altair doesn’t have a fixed background, that’s why it worked. Sho tries to fight her but gets taken down. With Kanoya’s mecha out of commission, looks like Blitz is the last one left standing to fight her. Altair claims the finale is near. This isn’t about her showing off how strong she is but the audience wants to see the heroes struggle and lose. That is what makes a story. Souta rushes back to the main base to suggest using that final trump card. Even if it would disrupt the flow or cannot get acceptance as fast from the audience, at least the creators accepted it and they will not know if they do not try. I mean, the worst that would come is the end of the world. They just failed. Meteora uses her activation spell but just when it looks like it isn’t working, Souta uses Magane’s power to turn the lie into truth. The scene then changes into a train station. Altair is shocked to see Setsuna before her.

Episode 21
This is not the real Setsuna. It is a story that Souta created based on and around her from his memories. Call it dirty or cheating all you want, Altair. But this is allowed inside stories. So we’ve got a long sappy emotional drama as Setsuna and Altair try to reconcile with each other. Something about hope, wishes, strength, weaknesses, hatred, curse and everything else that supposedly tried to define the existence of the duo. Even if Altair is the villain, she is the champion of the weak. This is not about good or evil, right or wrong. Everyone accepted her for who she is as a story and sympathized with her. Setsuna might be the original creator but her infinite power was created by everyone. Time for the miracle to end so Setsuna jumps off the platform. Altair tries to save her but each time she destroys the train, it regenerates. Setsuna believes her death is necessary otherwise she will bend the most crucial rule of this world. Well, since Altair has infinite powers, this means she can create worlds too. So now they are in another peaceful world spending quality time together, vowing to write and create more worlds for each other. Altair returns her glasses but it isn’t hers. Setsuna notes they belong to an important person who wore them. That is why she drew her. Time for Souta’s turn to have his emotional say. Some regrets over what he did and could have done, so many things he wanted to tell her. He should have moved forward instead of standing still because he really wanted to see the same world as her. That’s why he drew and created her. He wonders if he has caught up to her. With that, this marks the end of the Festival.

Episode 22
As many credit Souta for his idea, Matsubara is now reeling from sadness of Selesia’s fate. They give him hope that Selesia and others who perish can still exist. As long as this world remains and they continue to create stories. The crossover Festival was a big hit and had many criticisms and speculation about the future but they don’t mind since the world was saved. Meteora reminds them they have not much time left before they have to go back to their own world. So the creations spend some time with their creators. Souta and Meteora visit Setsuna’s grave. She credits him for successfully creating a version of Setsuna that Altair accepted. That is why the world was able to reach the end of the story as everyone accepted it. Otherwise their entire plan would have failed. Meteora opens up a portal to send everyone back. However it seems from whatever logic, she cannot send herself back. Looks like she will be staying here. Kikuchihara has made the necessary arrangements and after that will resign from her job. Resign from a stable government job? To do what? She is now into the otaku industry! Got some useful connections during all that, eh? Some good news for Takarada as he won a young adult’s award. All the creations that have appeared here will get a sequel or some sort of extended story or spin-off. The important thing is all of them won’t stop creating. Meteora is trying as a novelist and regularly keeps in touch with Souta who is still giving his shot with his artwork. He just uploaded his latest work that includes all the characters. Hey, isn’t Altair missing? Mamika and Erina are there but not Altair?

Creations Don’t Die, They Just Get Forgotten
Hmm… Something feels off. Something feels missing. The world has returned to its rightful order and a big positive happy ending for everyone in general. So what could be it… Aha! What the hell happened to Magane?! She was totally missing in the final episode and only reduced to a mere mention in her name. Did I miss anything because I certainly didn’t see her going back into the portal. Heck, she didn’t even turn up to participate in the Festival at all. So I am assuming that she is staying in this world just like Meteora but I am wondering if this has been an oversight from the producers since they did not even show a second of a clip from her living her new comfortable life. After all, if she goes back to her own world, she is an antagonist and would have been hunted down by the hero. Why go back to all that crap when you can have the life here? I guess that little missing piece is what is bugging me till the end even if it is just something very miniscule and unimportant.

The basic premise of this story started out quite interestingly. Taking a few fictitious characters and putting them in the same world and then fight against each other and then together against the final boss. However that soon quickly turned lacklustre. Because the first half is mainly about introducing the characters as they figure whose side they belong to. Once they’ve figured out who is who as well as Altair and her goal, the second half revolves around preparing their final battle against her. Personally it got a little messy for me as I was trying to piece together what was happening. After all, different characters from different stories have different goals. But I will point out one thing that makes this series a little unique than most ‘other worldly’ genres. Instead of a protagonist or a group of them being transported to another dimension or universe, this one has those characters from other worlds coming to ours. So technically they are the protagonists of their own worlds but are now in ours.

The characters play a very important role in driving the story. It is both a double edged sword for me. For Souta, he might look like the protagonist but I feel that he is very hardly involved in the show. You know, like Hollywood’s Mad Max: Fury Road in which the titular character was hardly in the movie itself and the limelight belonged to some other strong character. In Souta’s case, he was like hardly doing any significant contribution and felt like some sort of excess baggage. He exists because so as not to make this series feel like as though this is another world. I mean, when you focus too much on those fictitious characters, it might look like this world is another despite all the current modern day familiarities. So with this kid tagging along most of the time (was getting involved with Selesia the first time gave him enough right to be part of this?) and mostly reduced to a spectator, it doesn’t feel out of place in that sense. Of course Souta has a role to play in the final part of somewhat subjugating Altair. Like as though he is the final dormant secret weapon they pulled out against her when they have exhausted all avenues. At least he finally did something good for Setsuna. So stop being an emo blaming yourself already.

As for the other fictitious characters, there is this dilemma that they could have been more interesting had their personal stories being fleshed out more. However with the limited episodes as well as not to stray from the main overall plot, all we get are just the tip of the surface of their stories. There are like as many as 8 different stories in here so if you really want to know them all, maybe the producers will ‘exploit’ that via OVA. But let’s not talk about that. In a way not knowing their history is also good because you won’t get too attached to them. Because during the course of this series, these characters did notice they have somewhat changed themselves. Not very drastic but noticeably. Like Mirokuji who was supposed to be the antagonist of his series but he acts more like the anti-hero. Of course that revelation twist that was somewhat of a spoiler and shocker to everyone but hey, maybe that’s part of the story? Alicetaria is supposed to be a chivalrous knight but she is mostly acting like some hard-headed prideful snob. These characters have to change if they are to adapt to this world and hope to get back to their own. Because no point spouting your world’s ideals and logic if it doesn’t work here.

Having this much of different characters in a series is already daunting but sometimes the greedy part deep inside of me felt that wasn’t sufficient. It needs more! More characters! If you are going to do some massive crossover, might as well have more characters into the fray. After all, we’ve already almost got every character and genre inside here. From mechas to knights to magical girls, bad boys, dating simulation girls and military character, yeah, I think they’re short of having a maid… But then again, you might argue it dilutes the value of the characters as well as the overall plot because like the say, too many cook spoil the broth. Therefore having these few characters I suppose is sufficient for the sake of keeping the flow and pacing interesting. After all, it will be really daunting to come up and create 100 more ‘original’ characters for this series. Imagine the quality of what may come of that. I would fear any sort of rejected characters that are not up to par would be featured anyway.

So of all the millions of stories in this world, so how come this tiny bunch only materialized? Not really sure but maybe Meteora has explained but I wasn’t listening. Because you see, I find her the strangest of the bunch. She talks in a cryptic manner that makes it hard for me to understand. Maybe that is her character but can you blame her after her own creator is dead? It’s like she decided to play this game differently after that. Sometimes she breaks the fourth wall and tries to make deadpan jokes but they felt lame. Not sure if it is intentional and part of her character but it makes her really weird.

Back to my initial question, perhaps these characters materialized is because they are currently the popular ones? Not necessarily a hero can be popular as antagonists and side characters too as seen here popped up. If popularity isn’t the answer, could it be that they are all somewhat related to Altair? Because we did see her at the beginning having a hand in bringing all of them to this world. Even so, I fail to see why they are connected in some manner. My last ‘disappointment’ with the multitude of characters is that even though I expected them to introduce a handful of new characters in the second half, I didn’t expect them to be from the same series. Two of them. In a way I felt ‘cheated’. Sho and Charon came from Mirokuji and Selesia’s world respectively and we’ve got a seemingly out of place Hikayu who just really doesn’t fit anywhere except we need some cute girl turned into some hot kung fu chick. I guess at this point it is pointless to take characters from new series because they wouldn’t have that back story like we know of the other characters and that would really be a waste. Poor Charon. Got only 1 episode of proper appearance before he bows out despite he did appear earlier before but that was like for 1 second and for foreshadowing purposes.

Even if these fictitious characters are not real but turned real into this world, many of the dramatization and the bonding of the characters between their creators is necessary despite how cheesy it may look. It is to show that as creators, they have put great time and effort into creating their characters. It might sound like some sort of ploy to get us viewers to like them as well because if the creators don’t even care about their own creations, who else is going to care, am I right? While we don’t see an unhealthy obsession of Matsubara with Selesia, as his creation he sees her more than just a work of art or figments of his story. She is just Selesia.

Altair is one of those overpowered characters but her story was done nicely so it is hard to despise her character. For example of other anime characters like this, we all love One Punch Man’s Saitama but absolutely detest Touya of Isekai Wa Smartphone No Tomo Ni. Her powers were not instantly a given but ‘developed’ over time by various people. Therefore we have come to accept that her character was not created with the intention of being overpowered in the first place and given her tragic story behind her creator, I guess the sympathetic side inside us sometimes want to cheer for her even if it means destroying our own world. Yeah, we can be that irrational sometimes. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

If I had to point out the most interesting character, it would be Magane because she is on neither side and she has this very dangerous feel to it. You don’t know what she is thinking and it keeps you on your toes because like as though if you say or do the wrong thing, a snap of her finger would mean the end of you. Too bad she isn’t highly directly involved in the final battle against Altair because it would have been amazing to see one with the power to bend reality via lie paradox against one who has infinite abilities. It would have been epic. Oh well, guess I have to reimagine that scene and story in my head. It is just too bad her whereabouts were ‘missing’ in the final episode. Like as though her entire role throughout the series was for that one little bit to give Souta that power and then that’s it. Magane-chan is out of here.

One of the oddest things I find is the government’s response to all this. I don’t know how high ranking Kikuchihara is but it looks like she could make some calls and immobilize the entire army to her beck and call. She might have been given this authority but for the Japanese government to really find this a threat and put it their top most priority? They sure fooled the fans and kept it a secret. Because imagine the mass panic when word gets out the world is going to be destroyed! No time for manga, anime and games. Oh wait. Better indulge in more of them because the world is going to end! Now that she has decided to venture into this industry, will we see her bringing some government style protocols around? Only time will tell. I bet it will be hell to whoever she becomes the editor for. Yeah… I don’t know if the government has some sort of high-tech facility because we see Meteora using it to cast her spells over the city. Not sure if that facility belongs to her but I find it weird that she has to stand inside it to use it. Couldn’t she just cast the power herself? Maybe it helps magnify the power. Not really clear on it. And from the looks of it, they have really good cameras everywhere to cover all angles because otherwise how those fans in the stadium are going to enjoy those final action bits?

Other weird moments I find include that short lesbian friendship between Alicetaria and Mamika because it sounds like a death flag for one of them, as well as how Erina could be easily brought to this world. Sure, creators are like gods but how could she have been easily materialized and brought back to life if a condition is the need for the public’s acceptance? Oh right. Plot twist and advancement. Need a reason to get Blitz on their side. Magane’s temporal possession of Hangaku was also pointless. She didn’t really do anything with it and gave it back to Mirokuji. Like, WTF in the first place?

The fight scenes are rather okay. There is a decent balance so that they do not overwhelm and overshadow the characters and plot. Of course the ‘sad’ part is that they mostly do not finish it or end in a draw because it would just be sad if a character just untimely dies. RIP Mamika… So the battles give some much needed variety to the drama and explanation. After all, it would be a waste not to test and pit each character against each other seeing each have their own unique (but limited) abilities. That is what we are here for, right? It is interesting to see their different abilities hold up to each other but sometimes thinking about it, sometimes it could be unfair because one character looks so overpowered than the other and if their attacks that worked in their world could have worked on another character from an entirely different world. Well, it’s not impossible seeing this is anime. The impossible is always possible.

Art and animation are pretty okay and decent. The designs of the fictitious characters are in line of how we expect anime characters to look. They are well detailed and are designed uniquely that makes them stand out from the other from a visual point of view (I wonder if Mamika is taken after Madoka because she sure hell reminds me of her). Too bad their creators look like typical bland otaku guys. They have this nerdy and ‘loser’ look. Why does Oonishi have this typical pervert look? I thought he was related to that guy from the retro Leisure Suit Larry video games. For some reason, Suruga reminded me of Kouda from an old anime, Girls’ High. No wonder their created characters look so much better. Yeah, real life sucks. Now you know why some of us love 2D so much more than 3D. Animation feels fine. Didn’t notice any drop in quality and even the use of CGI on the mechas, they look nicely blended into the 2D art rather than sticking out like a poorly used CGI effect.

Voice acting also feels okay with me recognizing Mikako Komatsu as Selesia, Kenichi Suzumura as Mirokuji and Youko Hikasa as Alicetaria. I thought Yui Horie was behind Marine’s voice but it turned out to be Hisako Kanemoto (Ika in Shinrayku! Ika Musume). It was also hard to notice Aki Toyosaki as Altair because of her low brooding voice and it took a while for me to notice it was her. Plus, haven’t been hearing her as often as before. The rest of the other casts are Daiki Yamashita as Souta (Yuzu in Fukumenkei Noise), Inori Minase as Meteora (Noel in Sora No Method), Maaya Sakamoto as Magane (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Sora Amamiya as Kanoya (Aqua in KonoSuba), Atsushi Ono as Blitz (Giriko in Bleach), Shiina Natsukawa as Hikayu (Yuki in Demi-chan Wa Kataritai), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Sho (Accelerator in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Rie Murakawa as Mamika (Ageha in Kyoukai No Rinne), Ayumi Tsunematsu as Kikuchihara (Mori in GJ-Bu), Ayaka Ohashi as Setsuna (Momoka in Sabagebu), Katsuyuki Konishi as Matsubara (Oga in Beelzebub), Ryou Sugisaki as Nakanogane (Hoshikage in Gyakuten Saiban), Daiki Hamano as Yatoji (Hirokuni Kasuga in All Out), Junichi Yanigata as Takarada (Yoshino in Rewrite), Jun Fukushima as Oonishi (Kazuma in KonoSuba) and Minako Kotobuki as Suruga (Tsumugi in K-ON!).

I like the first opening theme, GravityWall by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: Tielle & Gemie. It has this very dark edgy techno feel to it hence making the piece a suitable opener for this series. The same singer also sings the second opening theme, Shout. Though still have that techno feel to it but somehow this one feels less dark and edgy and hence not as attractive as the first one. A total different feel for the ending themes as the first one, New Look by Mashiro Ayano is like a spunky rock beat while the second ending theme, Rubicon by Sangatsu No Phantasia is a boring generic anime pop. A special ending theme, World Etude is sung by Aki Toyosaki (you mean that’s her singing?) and its dark rock feels like a suitable piece for Altair’s character.

Overall, this series had some potential but ultimately my expectations of it brought some disappointment instead. It’s just average to me. Not to say this series is totally that bad as I did enjoy some of the moments (like the fights) and despite the cliché of crossover characters story, this take is still interesting itself because in a way you get to see from different viewpoints of others instead of your own. Good stories, bad stories, long stories, short stories, exciting stories, boring stories, no matter what kind of stories they are, they are still stories nevertheless. Everything has its own story to tell if somebody cares to listen. It is always easy to criticize stories and works of others until you try doing it yourself. I’m sure most of us as a kid we have created some half-baked stories and characters and then mostly grew out of it. I’m glad they can’t come true in this universe because I’ll be dead of embarrassment above anything else! Some creations are not meant to be seen by the rest of the world… As of why I don’t create new characters and stories today, sorry, having a writer’s block for years now…

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