December 19, 2015

“I see dead people…”. Ah, remember that iconic phrase from that Hollywood movie? No, anime did not readapt that movie and turned it into an anime series despite Re-Kan! does mean sixth sense. What happens when you know a person who can see ghosts and spirits? Naturally, I for one would freak out and stay as far as possible! So why a person such as myself who hates horror genres and to be spooked out of my living daylights watch such a series about this theme? Well, I heard it wasn’t a horror genre and more of comedy. Hey. That’s not that bad, right? Could it be something like those horror movie parodies like Scary Movie? Well… Despite our main protagonist having the third eye to see the supernatural, follow the antics of her everyday life with her friends and all those ghostly haunting around her. At least better to go to bed laughing than having sleepless nights.

Episode 1
Narumi Inoue notices Hibiki Amami crossing the street in a funny way. Is she trying to be cute or what? After lecturing her, Amami explains that this little kid was just being playful. What kid? Inoue sees a ghost kid via the mirror… OMFG! TOSHIO???!!! As a week passes, we see Amami interacting to ghosts. To normal people, she may be senile because it’s like she’s talking to herself. But nobody is worried. Because they’ve gotten used to seeing Amami interacting with ghosts! This irks Inoue because it is like nobody cares. Well, look on the bright side. At least Amami becomes the ghosts’ ‘target’. Inoue is scared of ghosts and yet she psychos herself that they do not exist. Each time she goes into trauma mode, covering her ears and playing reverse psychological to herself each time Amami tells a ghost experience. With all the ghostly occurrences before her eyes, she still doesn’t believe? Wow. Greatest denial ever. Or just scared sh*t? More scary experience for Inoue because one creepy evening, she thought she saw a ghost but it turns out to be Amami. She’s playing hide and seek with ghosts! How do you even do that???!!! As they walk to the nearby park, Amami seems to be busy playing with ‘kids’. You can’t see them… But their shadows… Worst timing ever, Amami remembers she forgot something and leaves Inoue all alone at the park. Oh no… It’s getting dark… As she waits, several kids show up and want Inoue to play with them. Eventually she gives in and they had a swell time. Amami then returns and the kids are nowhere in sight. She has bought snack offerings for those ghosts (don’t they look familiar?). Wait a minute. Can they eat? Well… From Amami’s view, they sure can even if the snacks still look untouched in reality. Amami explains this sixth sense thingy is not a one-way street. Thanks to this, she can confirm that the bonds she made are real. It also created a chance for her to talk to Inoue. Amami and Inoue sort of become friends as Amami could see a new bond created between Inoue and those familiar kids. Whom have you been playing with, Inoue?

Episode 2
Amami is dozing off in class so Inoue thought she’d answer on her behalf for roll call. Who knows, a bunch of ghost voices answer for her! Oddly, the ghosts can pop up in handphone cameras and pictures. Kana Uehara uses this to upload to her blog. Amami is tired thanks to the weird dream she had. A pervy ghost cat kept bugging her to show her panties! It stopped only when she relented. Inoue takes her to the infirmary and experiences more ghostly trauma. I suppose those equipment are just flying about themselves, huh? Classmate Kenta Yamada asks the girls if they are more afraid of humans or ghosts. Amami: Cats! Uehara: Humans. She fears their incomparable carnal desire on ghosts! Kyouko Esumi: Ghosts. Simply because she can’t punch them! Makoto Ogawa: In-between. What the hell is that? You’ll learn later that it means zombies. And she is a fanatic for them, having many scary dolls of them! So why is she giving some to Amami? Trying to convert her? If it is bad enough Amami has dreams of that perverted cat fighting off with a ghost samurai, now she has another nightmare of those zombies hounding her. The girls talk about rumours that there is a ghost girl who offers you umbrella but in return she takes your face! Hey, why does Amami look scared? Apparently she dreamt about her yesterday and coincidentally met her and declined her umbrella. As she noticed she doesn’t have a face, she proceeded to ask about it and now she felt it was rude. So she is shocked about that part? Amami then sews a teruterubouzo to give to her. Soon, Amami knits clothes to give to the ghosts she knows as thanks. When her friends tease about Samurai and his mispronunciation, Uehara gets an unknown number calling her to deny it is that! He even sent an email to her! They decrypt the message and it leads them to his grave. His story reveals he was left starving in the cold. Amami spotted him and brought all the food she could carry as well as restored his grave to pristine condition. He is grateful and wants them to give Amami a gift on his behalf. Tell her the food was delicious! Also, he has a few four leaf clovers for her. After Amami gives her knitted clothes to all the ghosts, Samurai emails back with a trendy selfie of himself in the scarf. Is he getting a little full of himself?

Episode 3
Inoue wonders what the big commotion everyone is buzzing about. Amami has bought… A new handphone! You can’t blame her father for always being worried about her because ghosts are always around her. But how a handphone can keep her safe is still a wonder. Inoue is tired not because of the ghost trauma. Her cousin, Yuuki is currently living at her place and he is being a dick. She made omelettes for him but rejects her hard work. Amami agrees to come over to help out. Yuuki continues to be a naughty boy by flipping up Amami’s skirt! After the girls cook, Yuuki still rejects them. Later Inoue reveals that Yuuki’s dad recently passed away in an accident and his mom is about to have a baby. Inoue is touched and wants to really help but Inoue refuses her, saying this has nothing to do with her. Next day when Uehara asks how the omelettes went, Inoue mentions what happened despite Amami was a good cook. Uehara could sense something is off when Inoue mentions Amami must have had her mother taught her cooking since young. Because Amami lost her mom when she was born. Therefore Amami must been doing the cooking all by herself and for her dad. This makes Inoue realize what Amami is going through is the same as Yuuki. She felt guilty for lashing out at her. Inoue visits her aunt at hospital. She hopes Inoue could forgive Yuuki because he misses the omelettes his dad always makes. Meanwhile Amami gets all the help she can get (yes, this means from ghosts too) in how to make omelettes. Inoue calls Amami to apologize and to have another go. With Inoue doing the cooking and Inoue relaying instructions on how to make them (from Inoue’s departed grandma), Inoue feels regret she should have let grandma taught her how to cook instead of rejecting her. Yuuki thought the girls made too much. But when he pops one into his mouth, he couldn’t stop eating the rest! The nostalgic taste of dad’s omelettes! He couldn’t stop crying either. Inoue remembers aunty told her that if this happens, let him cry all his heart out because he can’t cry anymore once he becomes a big brother. After her aunty delivers a healthy baby, they thank Inoue for her hospitality before leaving. Inoue and Amami exchange numbers. Amami is glad so many bonds were created and more will be formed. She could see Yuuki’s dad walking with them although all we can see is an extra shadow.

Episode 4
Beach episode! Thank Yamada for this fantastic beach. But there’s a catch: It’s haunted! I wonder how Inoue is going to handle all those ghost hands trying to grab her feet… Yamada has also brought his big brother along. As he is a cop, Esumi starts putting some distance with him. Remember, she was a street gang. Yamada’s brother is fascinated with Amami’s sixth sense because it makes her look like a hero with superpower. He reveals he always wanted to be a hero but laments he never had any power. That is why he became a cop to use the power of the law! He asks Amami if she can predict the future. Although she can’t, she’ll ask some ‘locals’. Creepy… They told her to catch the 7.18 train and to watch the cliff then. Inoue freaks out when Amami asks for souvenir suggestions from the ghosts. See how it leaves those messages in the sand? Scary indeed. The gang get on the 7.18 train and thought the fireworks was the surprise event. Till they see a shadowy figure jumping off the cliff and doing a kanji figure for ‘life’. Lame and unconvincing! Esumi is enraged that Uehara brings up Esumi’s old nickname as Flame Hair Messiah. Esumi is further distraught that Yamada’s brother only pretended not to know her then but after he got all the addresses of the girls, he couldn’t stop texting her. Flashback shows Esumi saved a girl being harassed by delinquents. Thanks to her hair lighting up like flames under the moonlight, that is how she got her nickname. Amami tells her embarrassing story how she couldn’t sleep one night because she was lonely. The ghosts accompanied her and held her hand till she fell asleep. That is embarrassing? At least to her. This reminds Esumi of something similar. After another usual beating up of delinquents, she takes a girl’s hand to run but soon realize it is a ghost hand! That is when she stumbled upon Yamada’s brother. In fact he was so infatuated of meeting with the legend and wanting to take a selfie, she got annoyed and beat him up. Thank goodness humans can be punched, eh? For some reason, Esumi still replies to Yamada’s brother’s emails. Ogawa thinks the ghost hand brought them together. In actual fact, the ghost hand wanted revenge over her death by turning Esumi in to the police but the dumb cop didn’t do his job…

Episode 5
Inoue becomes a test subject as she runs through the haunted house the class made for the cultural festival. They think if she can run through the entire stretch without thinking, it must not be that scary. Oh, you don’t know how traumatized she is… And if they don’t finish everything by today, they have to sleep over tonight and you know what this means especially when Amami is around, right? Inoue becomes a one (wo)man show in completing everything! On the way back, they heard a guy scream. Turns out to be Amami’s dad, Asahi who is here to pick up his daughter. Oddly, he is also afraid of ghosts (notice the same reaction he puts up with Inoue?) and screamed because he saw his daughter speaking to a ghost (he couldn’t see the ghost, though). He explains Amami got this power from her late mom, Yuuhi who is believed to be more powerful in her sixth sense. In fact, this intersection is where Asahi and Yuuhi first met. He wanted to save a dead pigeon but it spoke to him via Yuuhi not to or else a car would run into him. It was love at first sight although it took a week for his hair to turn white! I’m still surprised he still has hair. The friends invite him to visit their festival tomorrow and he would love to. Later they realize they forgot to tell him the haunted house they are doing… Next day, the festival is in full swing and every person who entered the haunted house leaves screaming scared! It’s hardly surprising… Because real ghosts are doing the scaring! OMG! When Asahi is here, he bumps into Inoue (dressed as a ghost lady to hand out flyers) and they start screaming at each other. Asahi talks about his daughter and despite knowing he will be going into a haunted house, he wants to see the effort his daughter put in since it has been a long time Amami had been part of something at school with her friends. The doors automatically start opening for them. Inoue realizes that the ghosts might have mistaken her as Amami and even more with Asahi around. They run through the corridors as the ghosts give good scaring service to them. When they finally reunite with their friends, they think Inoue has been so scared that her hair turned white! Actually she crashed into the flour of a food stall. Because Yamada laughs at her, Inoue becomes mad and she is much scarier than any ghost in this mode! Run for your lives! Yamada becomes the first victim of Inoue’s death beat down. Their haunted house became a legend despite Inoue is so freaking sick of ghosts now.

Episode 6
Something shocking has happened! Has Amami turned into a delinquent?! Her change in dressing and acting… Because she shortly reverts back to her old self, they realize she is being possessed by a female ghost (for easier reference, I shall call her Gal). Because Inoue told Amami to act like a normal school girl, she was thinking a lot of it and stumbled upon Gal who thinks she can offer a solution but in exchange wants to possess her body for a while to do something. They think Gal wants to go see her boyfriend! When Uehara puts up a never seen before shy face after reading some post, Esumi explains both her parents are journalists. This has Gal starting to badmouth about parents. Uehara and Inoue stumble upon Gal acting suspiciously. Inoue jumps to conclusion that she is going to do something nasty and intercepts her. But all she is doing is to put a summoning letter in a post box. Suddenly a group of old ladies drift them away for some sales. Herd mentality… They ended up buying cheap stuffs too. One of the old ladies gives Amami a recipe. She apologizes it is for 3 people despite her family is just her and her husband. When Gal continues to talk bad about parents, Uehara reveals her parents are never at home thanks to their busy work. Uehara teases Gal for trying to cheer her up. Later the friends watch Gal meet up with someone she posted the letter for. Turns out to be that old lady who is actually her mom. Gal starts scolding her and then runs away. Seems Gal died 10 years ago and mom still keeps making extra food portions for her. Once mother catches up to her, they have a tearful reunion. After that she is able to pass on peacefully. For once, Inoue is crying not because she is scared but touched by this story. But as the friends hang out, Gal returns to possess Amami again. Something still bugging her? She is here to hint to Uehara that it is her turn. So Uehara rushes home and is glad to find her parents waiting for her.

Episode 7
The friends see Amami tired from her errands. It would have been pretty normal had it not for each time she stops to help a ghost in need. Yup, she helped every single one who sought her help! With Inoue chiding her to take better care of her health, they go see Asahi if he has any solutions for this. There is a pair of glasses that Yuuhi used to wear that prevents those with sixth sense to completely not see or hear ghosts. Because it works, Inoue tells Amami not to take it off for 3 days or else she won’t friend her anymore! And so Gal thought Amami is mad ignoring her but she gets the idea after Samurai tells her what happened. Gal takes this opportunity to tease him that he likes Amami and should start practising how to confess to her since she can’t hear him. When Amami stops to play with a human kid, the mom starts worrying because her other daughter is missing. And it’s getting dark. They try finding her but to no avail. That is when Amami gets ‘desperate’. First she calls Inoue for permission to take off her glasses! She’s even crying about it! Please don’t un-friend me! Well, what choice does Inoue have? With the glasses off, Amami is able to communicate with the ghosts and they all cooperate till they find the girl safe and sound. The friends spend the New Year at the shrine. Esumi gets lots of stalking calls from Yamada’s brother while Uehara’s bad luck means she gets a call from a ghost girl! Inoue gets drunk on sweet sake so the girls try to make her confess who she likes but no matter how they rephrase, Inoue’s answer is always the same. She loves her grandma! Amami even takes a vote from the ghosts whether to seek Inoue’s forgiveness and continue to be friends. WTF. They all take a group photo but it seems Gal and Samurai are also caught in it. After Amami puts her mochi offering for the murderer slasher ghost at the park, because the perverted cat wants to peek on her panties, the ghosts start fighting among each other. I think the people will find it creepy that stuffs and snow are flying about…

Episode 8
Teachers Moriya and Kimura are getting married. It is no surprise their students are bugging them with questions not related to the syllabus. The girls play bride as Amami notices a little ghost girl doing the same too. Because she is a little retarded, Samurai explains she must have some sort of lingering attachment in this world that makes her unable to pass on. He cautions she is also starting to lose her memories at this rate. As suggested to make new memories with them, they start off with teaching her how to talk. She can string simple sentences eventually but when she sees Moriya, she starts acting like she knows him. So we have all sorts of theories who this loli and Moriya are linked. Including the absurd secret love child. They need to find out how they are related before it affects the wedding. So the best way is Amami accompanying Moriya to play with ghost girl? He’s not freaked out? A loli this cute? More cute than scary! He has a familiar feeling of seeing her before. The rest asks Kimura and after describing her, she remembers Moriya told her he was once hospitalized for a weak body. During that time, there was a girl in hospital he befriended. I guess you can put the puzzle pieces together now. So the gang are sad knowing that this loli has passed on a long time ago but is still left behind due to a promise they made. What else to end the day by playing kick the can with her? That night, Amami dreams of Moriya and ghost loli, a time when Moriya was discharged from hospital and they made a promise. And with this, the loli is ready to pass on. I thought it was freaking weird for a ghost to visit you during the wedding. Yup. Wedding bells for Moriya and Kimura and here she pops out. It would be really even freaking odd to here you scream for a ghost on your wedding day so it is best for the loli to say a quick goodbye and head over to the next world. Luckily the wife is a very understanding person. Thank God. Oh by the way. The promise was for them to see each other when they’ve grown up. Loli didn’t but at least they met for one last time. So it is doom and gloom for Amami and friends. Ghost loli is gone and they’re sad about it? The most ironic is Inoue. Yeah, she spent some decent time playing with her and she is so hard hit by her departure. Really. So sad that she needs Amami’s consoling. Wasn’t she scared of ghosts? What did I tell you about the loli being more cute than scary?

Episode 9
Shocking news! Amami is trying to make handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day!!! Don’t blame them for having time to sink this in. Who is that lucky guy anyway?! Well, we all know it isn’t Yamada. Haha! And why is Inoue so bothered about this? Think she is going to get some too? When the friends see her looking up recipes and going to the supermarket to buy ingredients, they are very sure she has somebody she loves. But the ingredients she bought are red bean. This means the guy she likes has a sweet tooth for traditional sweets. Could it be Samurai? Don’t bet on it. As they tail her to the park, they see this grumpy old man recently gaining notoriety for scaring away young couples who passed him. Wait a minute. This is the person Amami wants to give her chocolates?! Yamada not accepting this sh*t! Since when you her father? But this old dude has a wife whom Amami is speaking to get the finer points on how to make his favourite mochi. When Amami spots her friends, they try to support her on her choice. But Yamada still won’t accept. Give it a rest. Come the real day, Amami is looking for the old guy but he has left the park early. She manages to catch up and then give him the chocolates. If you haven’t realized it by now, you would have known that Amami is Amami and that the guy’s wife is a ghost. I saw this coming by a zillion miles. She apologizes for intruding but she notes his wife wanted to give it to him this year too. Old geezer becomes the ultimate tsundere because he takes it claiming he doesn’t like to waste food and then he starts eating them but calls them horrible. When the friends catch up, they thought Amami’s gloomy expression means she has been rejected. They try to cheer her up but dummy Yamada continues to put up a tantrum about reality crap, blah, blah, blah. All he wanted was her chocolates, right? Don’t worry. Amami didn’t forget and made some for him. Now you happy? Lastly, grumpy old guy finishes the chocolates, licking his finger clean and comments how good it was. Just so tsundere…

Episode 10
The gang are now in their second year. Yamada has come up with a list of nicknames for his juniors to call him. What? Doofus Yamada is the one that stuck on… Amami thought she could be helpful to the juniors but with the ghosts helping out too, they freak out. Soon, the juniors become scared of Amami. Yamada suggests an image change but imitating her friends just wouldn’t do. How about changing the ghosts’ image then? Well, they’re still creepy no matter what other personality they take on. Even if that famous toilet ghost girl Hanako has a total makeover, the juniors are still scared. Samurai possesses Amami’s teddy bear to help her with the roll call. This has Ogawa bringing out her life size zombie doll and showing the friends a manga her father drew when he attended this high school. A manga about a zombie dude? Subsequently, her zombie doll comes to life, begging her to take him to the bridge to heaven. Wherever that is. Ogawa is delighted and starts running. To wherever she is going. While her friends start chasing her in hopes of stopping her, fearing the possessed doll might lead Ogawa to her death. After a short shower and a rainbow appearing in the sky, the zombie achieves enlightenment and passes on. Sure, it’s an emotional moment for Ogawa and Amami but the rest are not so amused because you know… HOW CAN ZOMBIES DIE???!!! It seems that pervy ghost cat was the one possessing the zombie to make his dreams come true (he had a cameo in that manga). He soon gets run over by a ghost car as retribution. Back in class, some of the juniors are not afraid of Amami anymore after learning her predicament and are excited to see her. Seems she is their hope of getting a ghost photo out. Everyone takes a group photo but a bunch of scary ghosts photo bomb it. Scared ‘ya?

Episode 11
The Tanabata festival is near so the friends discuss what they want to wish for. You know how weird it could get, right? Then on the real day, the silly wishes continue. Amami is most embarrassed by hers. She wants to be friends. With humans. Yeah, considering all the ghost friends she made. But there is one wish she really wants to make but too shy to even take it out. Back into the box again. When will she ever see her mom? Gal and Samurai being the busybodies they are, can’t let this slide as they want to help Amami for all that he has done. So they dive into her mind, pass through her memories till they reach a room where Yuuhi sits and watches her daughter alone. Seems the reason she cannot leave this room is to protect her daughter. Because if she does, some morning glory with powers will wilt. Gal is not convinced with that answer. Does she not want to see Amami badly? Not even once? Of course Yuuhi is the most who wants to do that as she never had a chance to hold her, not even once. Samurai suggests they hold the fort temporarily while she goes to see Amami. Yuuhi notes that will not be enough. Pervy cat brings all the other ghosts to help. Will this be enough? I guess all of them have got some thanks to repay her. Amami wakes up at night, surprised to see her mom. I don’t know how this is possible for a ghost but I figure it’s called the motherly love because they hug each other. Will Asahi freak out when he sees this? Nope. Shhh… Be quiet. Your little girl is sleeping. Next morning Amami wakes up and she knows last night was not a dream. But she becomes startled that she cannot hear or talk to ghosts anymore. Yeah. She’s running all over town pleading just for any one of them to speak to her.

Episode 12
Amami falls into depression. Her friends can tell something is wrong with her and they can pretty guess what it is when ghosts do not appear in their handphone cameras anymore. So depressed Amami is that she passed out and needs to rest at the infirmary. This is serious. Her friends pity her that she can’t even see the ghosts in her dreams. When they try to visit her after school when the next day she called in sick, Asahi won’t let them see her because of Amami’s wish. After all that she has done, she can’t face her friends. This doesn’t sit well with Inoue because she cared about everything else and now when it’s their turn, she’s like this. So the friends wonder how to get Amami’s sixth sense back. When Uehara suggests something like how Amami cooked for Yuuki, this gives Inoue an idea. So while the friends tend to Amami’s ghost tending chores on her behalf, Inoue goes back to Amami’s house (she is still blaming herself for that selfish wish that caused her to lose her power). Inoue gets strict with her by making her eat but Amami is still gloomy, missing all those happy faces when she gave her offerings. She tells her the omelettes taste nice because she is alive and is sure everyone felt the same way. But still, Amami feels nothing without her power. Inoue takes her out to meet someone. Along the way they bump into Moriya, Kimura, Gal’s mom and even that grumpy old man. Each has their thanks to her for helping them out with the ‘reconnection’. But those aren’t the people Inoue wanted Amami to meet. It is Yuuki. He is happy that thanks to Amami, he gets to be a good big brother to his new baby sister, Kyouka who is partially named after Amami. Oh, Kyouka’s first word is Amami’s name! Well, close enough. Since Amami is still not back to 100% happy (why is she so stubborn?), this causes Inoue to get all emotional to the point that she wants to be friends with her forever despite everything. And then all return back to normal when the ghosts come back and gather around her. Yeah, thank you this thank you that. With friends like them, Yuuhi notes her daughter will be fine with or without her sixth sense. And Amami is glad to know everybody has been here and stayed connected to her.

Episode 13
When Amami was young and lost at an amusement park, a young kimono girl helped her return to her father. Now Amami and her friends are visiting this amusement park and I suppose Amami had an extra ticket so Yamada’s brother is brought along. Somebody stop him before he does something stupid and embarrassing! I wonder how long Esumi can hold in her anger. It seems the other friends have also taken the liberty to call the other ghosts to join them. What? Then there is the obligatory haunted house visit. Still up for it Inoue? The most surprising fact is how Amami is being scared of fake ghosts!!! When a kid is lost, the friends help stay with him till the park’s staff take over. Amami also sees that kimono girl but couldn’t recognize her till she thanks her for coming back. Then she remembers she is the poster girl for the haunted house. The gang takes a group photo and the photographer is wondering why Amami is ushering ‘extra people’ into the shot. The friends get to stay over at Amami’s place. The Yamada brothers are okay sleeping in the yard. You mean they’re not going home? I wonder if Inoue will be okay. You know Amami’s house is worse than a haunted house, right? Yet, why isn’t she going home? What friendship thingy is she talking about? She’s shaking in her pants! Anyway, the friends did the usual fun together. Playing shiritori (the ghosts joining in too) and sparklers. The guys should have gone home because their stupidity could just ruin everything. Inoue finds it hard to sleep so Amami is willing to hold her hand. Her dad did this too when she was young. But Amami is nervous so her hand is shaking like mad. The others also can’t sleep and they started talking. However Inoue had already fallen asleep by then. Next morning when Inoue wakes up, she sees Amami still holding her hand. Amami is embarrassed by this but pervy cat is okay with this yuri thing.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!
Good news: This show isn’t scary enough to scare me. Bad news: This show isn’t funny enough to make me laugh! And so sadly with this ‘revelation’, it is unfortunate that this series is one of those mediocre and boring shows of the season and thank goodness it was only limited to a dozen plus one episodes. I don’t know what I was hoping for to see in this show (aside trying to get some laughs) but perhaps in all that ‘waiting’, I got a little paranoid thinking there might be some sort of twist along the way or at the end. You know, maybe they would just freak me out with some sort of jump scare or they could really end it all with something so funny that I would be rolling on the floor laughing my guts out. Okay, maybe not that funny but you get the picture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come close. Not even the ‘drama’ of Amami temporarily losing her sixth sense was any sort of wakeup call. It was just boring. It was just mediocre.

Basically there is already no story or plot when you are told from the synopsis about Amami’s daily life and antics. But at least make it interesting. As said, it wasn’t scary nor was it funny so it wasn’t that enjoyable sitting through the series watching Amami trying to help the ghost-of-the-episode with their whatever problem, the usual antics from her friends to remind us all that they’re still around hanging out with her and at the end of the day, things get solved and everybody is happy. Boring. Mediocre.

Because so, all the characters feel one kind and boring. It feels like they had no depth or anything. Like Amami who is so used to seeing ghost and helping them out, it is pretty cool that she uses her kindness to help the departed when most of us would have freaked out on sight. In doing so, she made less human friends. Oh wait. Let me correct that. Because ghosts were once humans too. So rather, Amami made less friends of the living. As the main character, she is hardly anything exciting despite her sixth sense but that is just being limited to seeing and interacting with ghosts. Otherwise, she is one boring girl especially with her shy, soft spoken and monotonous personality.

The rest of the supporting characters especially her friends, fare as worse. They just lack anything and just feel so one dimensional. Like the big irony who is Inoue, supposedly a tsundere character when it comes to being friends with Amami. It was fun and funny at first to see her freak out Amami interacting with the supernatural. Then it becomes the staple of the series. She never got used to it. She puts up the same freaking out reaction but not enough to turn her into a crazy mental patient. The repetition of this ‘running joke’ has made it painful to watch each time Inoue starts this. The biggest irony is how she still sticks around Amami despite knowing about her power. That is why I said she’s being tsundere. She really wants to be her friend but the “I see dead people” part is truly stopping her from interacting with her normally. Eventually no matter how absurd it sounds, the power of friendship conquers the power of phobia/fear. Yeah… And I thought being around with the gang and experiencing so many ‘friendly’ ghostly encounters would have made her a little braver. Nope…

Yamada is set to become the series’ joker/clown/comic relief because he really acts like an idiot thanks to his cheery disposition. He is only usurped when his brother takes over. I guess it runs in the family. Yamada is also the punching bag for the girls whenever he says or does something stupid but I doubt that would change anything because he is still the same ol’ doofus Yamada. Oddly enough, I don’t see how this guy gets to become friends with this group of girls seeing there is this urge and ‘potential’ for him to be turned into the king of his little harem. Too bad and in a good way it didn’t. There is a character called Yoshida and appears from time to time. A classmate of Amami and friends, I suppose he is supposed to be another joker and comic relief. He acts like he is smart and about to solve or explain things to us but the girls would already solve it and thus ruining his chance. It’s odd he isn’t part of the group. Otherwise how would Yamada have his ‘harem’? I guess Yoshida is the real loser here seeing he has no friends. Not even humans or ghosts.

Ogawa is a zombie fanatic airhead, Uehara who could become a good future paranormal reporter and Esumi’s crude personality and ex-delinquent status means she is prone to getting hot head most of the time. I think it was meant to be a running joke too that Esumi gets stalked by multiple calls by Yamada’s brother (and if he does something stupid, the running joke has it that she’ll beat him up and reduce Yamada to screaming “Aniki!!!!!!!!!!”). Yawn… Boring characters… Even the usual ghosts that hang around them just don’t quite cut it. Gal and Samurai feel like sparring partners whenever the focus is not on our human friends while pervy cat always want to peek at panties and always ends up getting divine retribution. Yeah, I supposed another ‘running joke’.

With the characters already bothering me like this, it made me even think about the plausibility of the interaction and existence of the ghosts in this anime. I know if you want to classify this as fiction, go ahead. But I still find it a bit absurd. Like how you can take easy photos of ghosts with your handphone. All hail modern technology! Whether it is intentional or not, all your handphones are equipped with some sort of app that makes it possible for you to look at the ghost! So does this mean for every photo or selfie you take, you’re going to get ghosts inside it because they’re like practically everywhere, no? If it was that easy, we can solve so many mysteries and we don’t need special paranormal hunters or even Ghostbusters.

Then there is the part where Amami buys food and offers them to the ghosts. In many Asian cultures, it is a tradition and practice to offer food to the deceased. But what boggles me is how we see the ghosts eat the food without touching the real one. It is as though they are eating the ‘ghost’ of that food. Get what I’m saying? So if those ghosts are just hungry, why not just go to a convenience store and grab a piece of that ‘ghost’ food? Maybe there is some rule about they can only touch food offered but I’m not really too sure about this. Besides, do ghost really need to eat? Have you ever heard of a ghost dying from starvation? Also, with ghosts being able to interact with real objects like opening doors and banging tables (and scare the hell out of unsuspecting people), why the need for the phantom food and just eat the real thing? Who cares about seeing foodstuffs flying in mid-air?

Something about the art quality that bothers me. It is already okay that the characters look simple and have this one kind look but the thing that bugged me most is the one where it is obvious you can see the characters’ eyes despite their hair covering over them. Like as though their hair is a transparent colour paper or something. While this feature is not new and many animes employ such style, somehow this one just bothers me because it feels like as though they did a sloppy job in not ‘cleaning up’ the artwork and just let it be. Because many of the characters will have their bangs cover an eye (their hairstyle I guess) for many of the scenes, it is just annoying to see this. Otherwise, everything else looks pretty okay and decent. Even the scariest of the scariest ghost doesn’t look that scary. Good news for me, eh? Maybe except for that slasher ghost at the park. Because he is invisible and you don’t see his true form. Mind starts running wild… Oh, I almost forgot about Toshio’s appearance. TWICE!!!

Although not the best, I suppose the opening and ending themes are better to hear as compared to watching the episode. Colorful Story as the opener is your typical anime pop rock while the ending theme, Kesaran Pasaran sounds cutely amusing. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s heavily loaded with the synthesizers to make it sound like a dance beat. Both are sung by every♥ing (how the heck do you pronounce this? Every loving?) who are actually Ibuki Kido and Erii Yamazaki, the voices of Amami and Ogawa respectively. Interestingly, I found out that the seiyuus employed for the main characters are mostly newbies but for the drama CD, veterans like Haruka Tomatsu, Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu, Eri Kitamura and Norio Wakamoto were employed. It could have been interesting had those seiyuus been used for the anime too and perhaps make my viewing more ‘enjoyable’. Yeah…

Overall, this series was just disappointing. If it had a good point, at least it didn’t make me have sleepless nights. Because the ghosts here feel like good humans instead of being something threatening and malicious. Just that they take on a slightly different form. I can see why these ghosts continue to hang around instead of passing on because of Amami’s kindness. Man, if you’ve got this kind of nice and very considerate girl, I don’t think I would ever want to leave her. Even if I can’t get her to be my wife, at least hanging around next to her is good enough. So… Will she become the queen of the ghosts when she kicks the bucket? Yeah well, I hope she will help tell all the other real scary and evil ghosts to stop scaring the sh*t out of us. Or it could all be just a figment of my imagination? I’m glad I don’t have the third eye to see dead people. But I certainly do hope I won’t see them in my handphone camera at all!

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