Oh boy. Do we all need another anime about somebody being mysteriously thrown and trapped in another world and then trying to adapt and find out what happened? Generally that is the starting premise of Re: Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu. It isn’t any Sword Art Online or Log Horizon because this isn’t a game. Nothing like Overlord too because our main protagonist is powerless and useless. No super almighty cheat code from the start. This might sound a bit close to Hai To Gensou No Grimgar then but lacks all that ‘boring drama’. One big difference about this series compared to the aforementioned rest is that death is real. Yeah so? Those series also had deaths. But here is the catch: Life resets back to a certain point if he really dies. A chance to change the future or doomed to repeat history?

Episode 1
A one hour long episode to kick things off. Subaru Natsuki looks like your typical midnight gamer. On his trip to the convenience store, the moment he blinks, the next he knows he is in a different fantasy world. Obviously he thinks he has become a new hero of this world and tries to use his whatever super powers. Nothing happens. As shock as he is of his new surroundings, he tests around by trying to buy fruits from a fruit seller with his yen but his money is no good here. Besides, he gets shooed away because he has no money. And he learns a few things the hard way. So while bumming out at an alley thinking about his fate yet to come, a group of ruffians try to rob him. Then this thieving girl just zooms by him, leaving to his fate. Luckily Subaru has learnt martial arts and can fight. But there is only so much he can take before getting taken down. Then a girl with silver hair, Satella appears. She thinks they are the ones who stole something from her. No Subaru, she didn’t come to save you. Of course she can’t stand this injustice and demonstrates her magic as well as summoning her cat familiar, Puck to send them running away. She is kind enough to help heal him although she claims it is for her own benefit. Subaru can’t just accept her kindness for free and offers to return it by helping her find the thing she lost. They introduce themselves as Subaru learns a few things about this world like this country he is in is called Lugnica. Continuing their search, they help a lost girl reunite with her mother. Satella is shocked that Subaru is not surprised when he reveals she is half-elf. He doesn’t understand the connotation of it. Subaru then returns to the fruit seller for information. He’s still broke, though. But because that lost girl is his daughter, he gives some information of the thieving girl Subaru describes.

Looks like she might be living in the slums at the outskirts of the town. As night falls, Puck cannot retain his form and has to go ‘sleep’. Subaru knocks on the door of a bar belonging to Rom the giant. However nobody answers and when he enters, he sees corpses! Blood everywhere. Too bad the killer is still around and he gets cut in the gut. Satella walks in to satiate her curiosity over the commotion and instantly gets killed! Subaru is so determined to save her that before he knows it, he suddenly finds himself before the fruit seller. This is weird. Was that all a dream? Déjà vu again as the ruffians want to rob him but this time he takes them out. He heads for the slums and luckily Rom is still alive. He learns the thieving girl is Felt and will be bringing some loot to exchange. Subaru thinks he can negotiate to exchange that for his… Potato chips? Tastes good, right? Subaru waits till night fall for Felt to arrive. Because it is like he knows what she has and is going to do, she is suspicious if he is in cohorts. Rom appraises Felt’s insignia. If Subaru has something that can match its value then it’s a deal. Subaru demonstrates his ‘magical device’. Read: Handphone. It captures moments in time and stores them forever! Rom appraises this ‘metia’ to be higher than the insignia. It is worth 20 holy coins compared to the insignia’s 10 holy coins. Of course Felt will wait for the client to hear her side of the story. Oh, here she is, Elsa Granhiert. She also has 20 holy coins but as Rom values the metia higher, it is Subaru’s win. Elsa would have left quietly had not Subaru answered her question of what he is going to do with it: Return it to its owner. This makes Elsa think he is with them. Felt saves him from Elsa’s strike in the gut. Yeah, she’s the killer. Rom fights her but is no match and is killed. Angry Felt attacks to avenge the old man’s death but dies in vain. So does Subaru have the balls to stand up and fight? He thought he avoided her gut cut but too bad it cut him real deep. Dead again. When he opens his eyes, he is back before the fruit seller. What sh*t dream is this? He is so sick of this that the fruit seller helps him. When Subaru sees Satella passing by, he calls out her name. However she doesn’t know him and doesn’t appreciate calling her by that name.

Episode 2
Satella is not pleased he called her taboo nickname and leaves. As Subaru sits around in the alley, here comes those bozos again. But the ruffians killed him this time! Oh sh*t! Too fast! Back before the fruit seller again. Man, this has got to stop. Noticing his wounds are gone, he realizes his death must be resetting things. He is relieved that he has no more debts and favours in this case but realizes even so, Felt will still Satella’s insignia and Elsa will still kill them. I suppose he needs to fix this because he is the hero, right? While trying to put things together, here comes those ruffians. Oh no. This time Subaru screams like a girl for help. Well, it’s not Satella to his rescue this time but Reinhard Van Astrea. He has this status as a Sword Saint and a knight of the royal guard so you better not mess with him even though he is off duty. Subaru hopes if Reinhard sees Satella, he could help relay the message not to go near the loot house (Rom’s place). On his way to the slums, Subaru bumps into Elsa who has this déjà vu feeling that they’ll meet again. Then he has to escape from Felt trying to kill him as she thinks he is trying to steal something from her house. She is suspicious when he knows her name and even the insignia she stole. He would like to buy her insignia with his metia. Since she is not sure about the price, she would prefer to take it to Rom for evaluation. After getting its value, Felt wonders why he is in a hurry to get it because this insignia is definitely worth more than his metia and can try to get more out of it. He warns her about this dangerous thinking because her client cannot go more than 20 holy coins. It makes Subaru sound he is in cohorts although he claims he just wants to return it to its owner. Rom can tell Subaru is earnest and not lying. When somebody is at the door, Subaru fears Elsa is here. Death comes knocking again? Well thankfully it is Satella.

Episode 3
Satella somehow tracked her here. She demonstrates her magic and warns to return her insignia or else. At this time Elsa attacks but thanks to Puck’s quick reflexes, her gut is safe. I guess negotiations are closed. Puck’s magic keeps Elsa at bay. She gets stuck in his crystals but rips off her sole just to dodge a bigger attack! However time is out for Puck and he has to go sleep. Satella takes on Elsa but is wiped out. Rom joins in and clubs around. Felt thought she can help but the blade she throws, Elsa deflects it and it pierces Rom. Felt feels guilty over this. Subaru moves his feet to save her from death. Because she is the youngest, Subaru makes her run to safety while he takes on Elsa. Satella has recovered to help Subaru. But they are not enough and could have been done for had not Reinhard entered the scene. He was passing by and heard Felt’s cry for help. Reinhart knows Elsa as an infamous Bowel Hunter from the shape of her sword. Satella tries to heal Rom as Reinhart fights Elsa. However she is ‘insulted’ that he is unwilling to draw his sword to fight her because the time doesn’t call for it. He might have destroyed Elsa’s sword but she will continue to fight till her last ounce of life. Once Satella is done healing, she is able to lend some of her magic to Reinhart. Now that he is able to draw his sword, he is going to use his special magic. Man, his magic blows up the entire house! Everything seems pretty back to normal when Elsa rises up from the rubble. She dashes to slash Satella. Knowing she will aim for the guts, he uses Rom’s club to block. Reinhard warns her to stop. She pays heed and escapes. Subaru is posing like a hero after this (Saturday Night Fever pose?). All he wants as reward is to know Satella’s real name. Emilia. You didn’t think it was something dirty, did you? Subaru realizes too late there is a slash on his gut. Don’t worry, it’s not deep but it’s still a cut enough to make him bleed and faint. Emilia will take responsibility of Subaru and bring her back to her home. She learns Felt is alone and only has Rom has her family. When Felt returns the insignia, Reinhart cannot let this slip and arrests her. The gravity of this crime is grave and he cannot overlook it.

Episode 4
Subaru wakes up in a nice bedroom of a big mansion. Wounds healed. Thank goodness it isn’t a reset. He walks the long hallways and noticing it will not end, he opens the nearest door. Who is this Beatrice loli? Not fond of his intrusion, she zaps his guts (not again). Don’t worry, just taking a little mana. He wakes up back in bed again. Reset? But this time he notices 2 cute lovely maids berating him. Folks, meet sisters Ram and Rem. I’m sure nobody can resist having fantasies on maids, right?! Emilia is glad he is okay. So they talk about things and do morning exercise before the lord of the mansion calls them. So this gay clown, Roswaal L. Mathers is the lord? Believe it. With Subaru’s mysterious appearance in Lugnica, it makes it all suspicious because the king just died and the officials are in the process of selecting the next king. Noticed why Roswaal addresses Emilia as higher status than him? The insignia is a touchstone that signifies she is a candidate for the throne. Now you get it? Roswaal is connected to her as he is her sponsor. Because Subaru saved the insignia, he has a request: He wants to work in this mansion. So the maids guide him around the different rooms and it seems Subaru has a knack to find rooms where Beatrice is in. She isn’t Roswaal’s daughter but contracted to protect his library that contains forbidden magic. Roswaal is the greatest magician in the kingdom. Real hard work begins for Subaru. Didn’t know you have to do all those chores in a day, huh? Well, those cuts on the fingers prove he is working hard. At night, Roswaal has Ram report about Subaru’s potential as a spy. No matter how she sees it, the possibility is very slim. He is just so bad in everything. Could it be just an act? Subaru talks to Emilia about things and he is excited she agrees to go out on a ‘date’ with him. So excited that he can’t sleep. When he finally does and wakes up in the morning, are the maids going to do something naughty to him this early? They don’t understand what he is talking about. Then he realizes and fears the worst: The cuts on his fingers are gone. Oh sh*t. He didn’t die but the day reset?!

Episode 5
Obviously Subaru is upset because this means his promised date with Emilia is also reset. Accidentally he barges into Beatrice’s room but seeing her unchanging attitude, it makes him feel better. Making his day better is seeing Emilia who was worried when he ‘disappeared’ after waking up. Subaru decides to retrace and redo all his steps to end up in the same path as last time. However it didn’t go accordingly because instead of taking measurements for his suit, he straight away gets to work and then soaks in the bath with Roswaal. That night, Ram teaches him how to read and write their language so it will be easier to do errands. This means she and her sister will have less work to do! So the rest of the scenes we see Subaru helping the maids with Ram having lots of sarcasm. Subaru also helps out Rem with her errands and they talk about her sister. Since the maids are unavailable, Emilia helps Subaru study. I’m sure he is having trouble keeping his heart still. I suppose he can’t stand it anymore so he straight up asks her out on a date. At first she is reluctant but eventually finds it hard to decline him. Well, if it gives him motivation to work hard as reward, so be it. Naturally he is so excited that he can’t sleep. Or at least he doesn’t want to fall asleep thinking he might get reset again. But as he dozes off, he suddenly gets a rude awakening when he realizes something is poisoning or choking him. As he tries to get help, he is hit by a blast that costs his arm and bloodied the hallway. Looks like he is done for…

Episode 6
You know the drill. Rinse and repeat. But this time we see Subaru bugging Beatrice so she throws him out in annoyance, he lands on garden manure, Puck uses his whirlpool magic to wash him and Emilia laughs at the funny act Puck and Subaru did. With Roswaal home, Subaru decides to dedicate his time to find out his assailant. So he becomes a freeloader in the mansions. Oh, guest is a much more appropriate word. No such like in finding clues. He asks Beatrice about if there is any magic that weakens and kills someone like as though putting them to sleep. He learns it is a rare spell that a few can only do. Then there is the mana sucking spell which Subaru already experienced and that Beatrice has more powerful healing powers than Emilia as she can heal fatal wounds. Later Subaru talks with Ram about his world’s fairytale regarding the blue and red demon. Subaru notes the local legend regarding about a dragon and the witch. It is believed the dragon will protect the nation from far away beyond a great waterfall until its contract with the royalty is fulfilled. But didn’t the king just died? Well, nobody knows what the dragon wants. Subaru ends his stay and leaves. However he is just camping on a higher ground at a distance to keep watch on Emilia’s room. No, he is not a peeping tom. He also anticipates his assailant will target him in which came true. He almost got killed by the huge mace and had took precautions tying a rope to himself or else he would have fallen to his death. As he runs, he is cornered when he reaches a cliff and realizes he played into the assailant’s hands. Not sure if he is joking as he uses his jersey as a shield from the incoming mace! Didn’t work. But he grabbed onto the mace’s chain and calls out to the assailant. To his horror… Rem! Why must it be the cute maid?!

Episode 7
It seems Rem suspects Subaru and still distrusts him. He gets upset and tries to run only to have his leg cut off. However Rem won’t kill him easily as she wants to interrogate him. Although he declares his true love for Emilia, she thinks he is fooling around. She thinks he is from the Witch Cult. From what she is saying, it’s like she is jealous of him being with Ram and being associated with a cult that has cost Ram pain. Subaru starts crying and throwing a tantrum of how things turned out. He is about to say he loves the maids too, Rem slashes his throat. Of course he wakes up the next day with everything restarted like usual but this time he is fearful. When Emilia comes to check on him, he wants to tell her the truth about his reset but it seems some scary thing is squeezing his heart. Although in the end this is an illusion, the fear was too real so he chickens out and tells her to not have anything to do with him. For the next few days, he continues to have nightmares. Beatrice sees him and she could smell some witch stench on him. Subaru wants her to protect him till tomorrow morning. At first she is reluctant but after assuring he has no intentions of doing anything, she agrees and makes a contract. He spends his supposedly final day in her library. He leaves when the day is about to end and Emilia looks like she is worried. When she takes him along, he hears the screams of Ram. Rem is dead in her bed! He tries to touch her but Ram smacks him not to. Roswaal believes Rem died of a weakness of a curse. Because Subaru is acting like he is hiding something, Ram gets mad and threatens to kill him to spill what he knows. Beatrice comes to his protection and this doesn’t sit well with Roswaal. Master and loli face off. Worse, Subaru runs away as he could hear Ram screaming she’ll kill the hell out of him! He runs off to a cliff but being chicken, he can’t jump. He is surprised Beatrice is still here protecting him as she doesn’t recall a time duration for this protection. When Subaru remembers the maids holding his hands while he is having nightmares, that’s when he decides to use his life the way he wants. Ram has found him and is going to kill him. Subaru won’t let Beatrice protect him. He apologizes for all the grief he caused. He wants to learn more about the things he doesn’t know. He screams he loves both the maids and then jumps off the cliff. He swears he will save them.

Episode 8
Restart again. This time Subaru is happy and at least grateful to the maids although they think he is a creep. After he offers to work in the mansion, he learns from Puck the difference between magic users and those who use spiritual arts like Emilia. Puck detects Subaru to have magic potential. Guess what his attribute is? Nothing elemental. Shadow. Is that even cool? Puck demonstrates it on him and he panics when engulfed in total darkness and silence. He tries it out himself but because he cannot control his magic properly, his shadow attribute gush out like black smoke. Next he learns how curses are caused from Beatrice. It cannot be undone once activated. He also finds out about the only witch this world refers to known as the Jealous Witch: Satella. Sounds familiar? Legend says she cannot die and is sealed by a dragon, hero and sage. What if someone takes after that name? It could mean that person is just insane. Subaru deduces that by doing so, people would see this person as a mad person and wouldn’t be dragged into this royal selection mess. Subaru needs to earn the trust of the maids so he works hard. I mean, really hard. Also, in a very lively and idiotic way that it is painful to watch. At this rate he won’t last. Even he himself knows this and is tearing up inside. Emilia can’t bear to watch this and talks to him. Giving a free lap pillow service. Once he talks, he breaks down from the desperation of trying to make everything right. Sometimes it is good to just let it all out. While he feels embarrassed about bawling out before his beloved the next day, he finds out more from Beatrice how to detect curses. There is a pre-requisite rule that must be done if curses are placed. You must be in physical contact with your target. This leads Subaru to remember the time Rem died, they didn’t go to the village and the attacker targeted her. This means the one who placed the curse was from the village where he and Rem went shopping. Subaru gets back to work and isn’t desperate anymore. Must be the lap pillow that did the trick, huh? Even the maids know… At least they suspect him lesser. He hopes to go shopping with them today.

Episode 9
Subaru does radio exercise with the villagers and has everyone touch him even if it makes him look like some sort of pervert… He has also become close with the kids who let him play with their stray pet dog. When Subaru and the maids return, Roswaal has to leave for an appointment and won’t be back for the night. As this never happened before, this cements Subaru’s theory that acting as a decoy worked. Then he goes to see Beatrice to detect if there is any curse on him. Luckily he had the villagers touch on him on different body parts so he could identify who placed the curse. Hmm… Does it mean that dog is the one? Using Puck’s wellbeing as blackmail, he has Beatrice cure the curse (possible if not activated yet). Subaru wants to go back to the village to find the culprit but since Roswaal has orders for the maid to safeguard the mansion and Emilia, Ram has Rem accompany Subaru. When they arrive, they see the villagers looking for their missing children. They notice a barrier has been broken and the kids dragged into the forest by witchfiends (creatures created by the witch). Rem doesn’t see why Subaru wants to help the kids so he mentions how they told him about their dreams and promise to do radio exercise again. They find the children unconscious. As Rem heals them to alleviate their discomfort, Subaru notices one of them missing and decides to go find her. Rem is worried to lose him so he assures her she can track him down with his scent. After all, he has the scent of the witch. Rem is shocked he knows a lot so Subaru makes a promise they’ll talk a lot after this is done. Subaru finds the last girl and saves her despite an obvious trap. The hellhound pounces on him but he is able to fight and kill it. Now what do you do with hundreds of them? Thankfully Rem is here to help as she smashes them with her mace. As they run back to the village, Rem is injured and then saves him from a mudslide. Technically she didn’t die but it activated some demon in her as she goes crazy to kill all the witchfiends. To save her, Subaru pushes her away from the hellhounds and gets devoured himself. Rem returns to normal and is distraught to see him on the verge of dying.

Episode 10
Subaru wakes up in bed mostly healed. Puck explains Rem took the brunt of the damage but thanks to her demon side, she healed quickly. Emilia has stayed up all night to heal him so better let her sleep. Later Subaru returns to the village to see the villagers fine and Ram has fixed the barrier. Later Beatrice talks to Subaru and knows he will die soon. Apparently he has another curse deep inside of him due to the many attacks. The reason the witchfiends curse people is to find a source of food. Emilia is not told about this or else she would have done something unreasonable. When Subaru realizes Rem is not around, it is deduced she went back to the forest to kill every witchfiend. Ram heard this and wants to go rescue Rem. Subaru also wants to go but if he thinks Ram can fight like Rem, he is mistaking. Although twins, their power varies because Ram is a hornless demon. Before they leave for the forest, the villagers give Subaru a sword as thanks. As they trek, Subaru finds out more about hornless demons. As demons are born with 2 horns, it is split between twins. Customarily as such they are supposed to be disposed at birth but were somehow spared. The horns enhance their abilities. When Subaru wants to confess about his reset, he experiences that pain again. This is where the witchfiends attack. This is part of Subaru’s plan to become the bait. As he possesses the scent of a witch that draws witchfiends, and since Rem is hunting them, they will reunite with her. Too bad Ram was just talking big since she can’t fight and runs out of stamina. Subaru is forced to run away while carrying her. Cornered, luckily Rem enters the picture. However she has no control over demon form and attacks Subaru. Words do not reach her. Ram mentions to make a solid hit on her horn to return her to normal. Subaru has an idea and makes her promise she won’t get mad at this method. This involves throwing Ram at Rem and use this distracting to slice her horn. But he misses! With all the chaos, Subaru is sent flying in the air. He has another last chance to get this right.

Episode 11
Flashback reveals the village chief wanted to kill the twins to protect their demon clan. But when they display strong power just for a single horn, they decide to keep them alive. Ram is the one doing all the competent work while Rem is advised to follow her example. One day the village is under attack by some cult. Ram fights them off and in her bid to protect Rem, her horn was cut off. They were taken in by Roswaal as Rem vowed to work hard in Ram’s place. She views herself as her replacement. Now Rem feels guilty for being hesitant and that almost killed Subaru. He head butts her for being an idiot trying to settle things by herself. He allows himself to be bait for the witchfiends while the sisters escape. He uses his shadow element to fight the witchfiend boss and stab his sword. But that isn’t enough and could have been doomed had not Roswaal intervene. The maids apologize for all the trouble but he is impressed they have done well. He will reward Subaru for his actions. Rem becomes emotional as she hugs Subaru till he passes out. He wakes up back in his room with Rem by his side. He is told Roswaal destroyed all the witchfiends so there is no worry about his curse activating. She is still calling herself incompetent, inferior and a good for nothing. As expected, Subaru had to assure and cheer her up that she is kind, hardworking and always trying her best. Whether or not Ram was better off with a horn, he doesn’t know that kind of Ram. Rem might call herself as Ram’s replacement but there is no replacement for Rem. Subaru’s positive talk about the future has Rem giving off her most beautiful smile amidst the tears. Roswaal talks to Ram about the one controlling the witchfiends but it seems the tracks have been erased. He thinks there is another rival for the throne. He believes he must work harder now to win the throne at all cause to achieve his goal to kill the dragon. Emilia talks to Subaru that she was worried about him constantly getting hurt. She still thanks him for saving her and would like to reward him. Instantly he suggests to date him and she agrees. Everything up till now was indeed worth this moment.

Break Time

Break Time 1
Subaru argues with Emilia about how similar some of the names in this world to his. Just a slight difference in pronunciation. Like apples are called appas here. Emilia seems to dislike peppirs (green peppers) and he finds her expression cute although he himself doesn’t like a bunch of vegetables.

Break Time 2
Felt explains to Subaru how time works in this world. Each day is divided into daylight and daydark (morning and night in our world). As for telling the time, daylight is divided into wind time (green) and fire time (red) while day dark is divided into water time (blue) and earth time (yellow). Each division is worth 6 hours. Of course Subaru has to stop her explanation since this itself is already too much for him to absorb.

Break Time 3
Emilia and Puck discuss about Reinhard and his powers. One of them being the ability to separate salt and sugar? Or are you just a bad cook, Emilia? She also praises Subaru for his skill and how nice of him to ask her name as his only reward. Although they know he isn’t a bad guy, they still can’t help feel suspicious about him since his clothes are rather funny. Puck vows to protect Emilia from him if Subaru ever tries anything funny. Is getting rid of him going too far?

Break Time 4
Subaru is trying to learn the meaning behind the hand gestures the maids make. I guess that fox gesture means you’re happy. So what about this frog gesture Subaru made? That kind of reaction would tell us it could be offensive. However they were just trolling us because it means nothing. As Ram continues to call Subaru as Balse, Subaru wants to call her Ram-chan. They claim he is slowing them down in their work so he vows to work super hard. He high fives them as motivation but they sense sexual indecency from his touch.

Break Time 5
Subaru is in the bath with Roswaal. He notes his original face without all that makeup. Yeah, he is pretty good looking without it too. He tries to ask him a few questions include the bath water that is changed every time somebody dips in. This means one can expect clean and fresh water in the bath. Some perversion thoughts about drinking the bath water of a certain girl who just got out of a bath… Subaru asks more questions but Roswaal seems to be fooling around.

Break Time 6
Emilia feels she still hasn’t thank him properly and she acts like she is eager to give him what he wants… He just touches her hair. That’s it? That’s more than enough? She thinks touching her hair is the same as petting Puck’s fur. Surely head hair isn’t body hair. This has Puck mocking him for infidelity because he would rather touch somebody’s hair other than his fur. Puck revokes his petting rights and with Subaru still wanting both, the duo go on to act a silly infidelity act.

Break Time 7
Mostly Subaru talking to Beatrice and infuriating her in every way possible. From Roswaal to his forbidden library to her being a loli and giving her some cute nicknames. Regret forming a contract with him?

Break Time 8
With Subaru back to work looking more respectable, the maids tease the lap pillow did the job. Then they proceed to mock him and he goes on his knees seeking apology. But still more insults about him being a pervert. Emilia thought the maids said nice things to him so Subaru starts praising her with embarrassing words that make her run away. The maids discuss among themselves more about him as a sad individual. When he returns, more stinging comments he is back to make himself look dumb again. And this is them being nice?

Break Time 9
The maids mock Subaru for looking pathetic trying to carry heavy things. Rem easily gets the job done so Subaru complains about being bullied and the need for him being around. Ram explains wouldn’t it look bad on him if Emilia sees Rem lifting the heavy stuffs and Subaru just the light ones? Subaru couldn’t be more grateful than ever. Rem is suspicious that he is close to Ram. He is forced to apologize his ‘wrongdoing’. But Ram sarcastically jokes talking to him cures his disease that will kill him if he doesn’t talk to girls, Rem immediately notes how kind her sister is. They lead on him to do the rest of the work but ultimately mock him for not being able to do anything eventually.

Break Time 10
Subaru is having a hard time keeping up with Ram trekking in the forest. So she asks him why he came in the first place. It’s his promise to Rem that they’ll talk things out. Also, Rem also promised to cut his hair. He thought Rem hasn’t trust him yet because she is always watching him but it was rather she couldn’t stand his messy hair. Subaru feels pathetic for being the weakest compared with the maids. He thought he could be useful by finding Rem faster but trips.

Break Time 11
Emilia is talking about Subaru’s simple date reward so he tries to warn her not estimate his libido. That strange talk almost makes Emilia mad. She says she isn’t mad but her body language says otherwise. He apologizes anyway and she accepts it. Emilia couldn’t believe Puck didn’t tell her anything and he could have died. But since it is over, he thinks she should forgive him. She hopes on their date they get to take some flowers. They manage to watch the morning sunrise together.

Episode 12
An emissary, Felix “Ferris” Argyle visits Roswaal. It could be about the selection. So Subaru tries to butter up her butler, Wilhem Van Astrea for details but he is careful to what he has to say. In other words, nothing. Subaru begs Emilia to let him follow her to the capital. Sure, he wants to be there if it’s related to the royal selection but he would like to go round thanking some people too. With Rem supporting Subaru and Roswaal even arranging a healer in the capital for Subaru’s wounds, Emilia relents. But they’re holding hands not like lovers but like a mother holding on to a child’s hand instead. Because Subaru was so excited and acting like a monkey that she needs to keep her eyes on him. Embarrassing. Emilia meets Julius Euclius of the Imperial Knights. Because he kisses her hand, this sends jealous Subaru into rage. As Emilia enters the palace to attend business, Subaru sees a lady nearby being harassed by those ruffians. He goes to help but Priscilla Barielle doesn’t appreciate his help and thinks she can handle this herself. Subaru scares the ruffians away by mentioning Reinhard’s name and luckily Rom was passing by. Apparently Rom is looking for Felt and he hasn’t a clue what happened to her since. Subaru is further jealous that when Emilia returns, another man by her side?! Actually he is Pricilla’s knight, Al. Emilia was helping him finding Priscilla. Seems Emilia isn’t fond of Priscilla and when Subaru can’t answer when she asks how he met her and such, she drops the subject.

The next day, she doesn’t want Subaru to come along because she thinks he’ll do something that might endanger himself. As frustrated he is, he is forced to stay back to earn her trust. Of course that won’t last long. With Rem turning a blind eye, he makes his way to the capital. He hitchhikes but is picked up by Priscilla’s carriage. As they make their way inside the hall, Emilia is shocked to see him. Priscilla flirts with Subaru to further make her feel uneasy. The candidates take their place in the centre of the hall. Subaru stands with the other knights. He is glad to see Reinhard. He is shocked to learn Ferris is a guy!!! You ruined my image of cat girls!!! Oh, there’s Julius too. Time to make faces at him. After the old weird men committee arrives, the process begins with the leader of the Imperial Knights, Marcos initiating the proceedings. Because he is going to start off with some long history, some of the candidates cut him off about this boring subject and get straight to the point. They’re busy, you know. Anyway Marcos continues about today’s gathering of the qualified candidates. As per prophecy, out of the 5 candidates, one will be selected as priestess to enter a contract with the dragon to become the new ruler. But there are only 4 candidates. This is where Marcos calls out to Reinhard about the completion of his mission. He has found the final and fifth candidate. He ushers her into the hall. She is Felt.

Episode 13
Felt tries to beat up Reinhard. When that fails, she notices Subaru and kicks him! Reinhard shows the dragon gem as proof Felt is a chosen one but the nobles are displeased since she is from the slums. The selection begins with the candidates and their attendants stepping forward. We have Priscilla and Al, Crusch Karsten and Ferris, Anastasia Hoshin and Julius, Emilia and Roswaal, Felt and Reinhard. Because Felt doesn’t want to be part of this, the nobles make noise they have put up with this shenanigans far enough. They badmouth the slum rat and even Emilia as a half-elf. This is when Subaru angrily steps out to object to all that. Although Emilia nicely tells him to step down, Subaru continues to introduce himself as Emilia’s knight. Julius warns him about taking knightship so lightly and wonder if he has to resolve to see this through. Subaru becomes cocky and hell bent in making Emilia as the next ruler. It is obvious Subaru is only making a mockery of himself. The more he speaks, the more shameful he gets so Emilia has to throw him out of the hall. Subsequently, Rom barges in to kidnap Felt but the knights pin him down. Normally he is to be put to death and since Felt is no longer a candidate, her orders means nothing. Thus she reverses her decision and decides to become a candidate to save Rom. She makes everyone knows if she becomes ruler, she will destroy everything and bring fresh air to this kingdom. Later Julius challenges Subaru to a mock duel for mocking the knights. It becomes apparently one-sided with Julius beating the crap out of him. Was it so bad that a knight had to interrupt the selection process and tell what’s happening? This has Emilia running to stop the duel but stubborn Subaru unleashes his shadow magic only to be dealt the knockout blow. When he wakes up in bed, he is still alive and Emilia next to him. He explains himself about wanting to get back at Julius for trying to distance him with her. But Subaru is disheartened when she tells him he will continue to stay here to seek treatment while she returns to the mansion. When Subaru says he has been doing everything for her, she blows her top. He is doing it for himself. He has done nothing but break his promises. She wants to believe him but he didn’t give her a reason to. Subaru wants to tell the truth but that pain prevents him. In his desperation, he blurts out how he has saved her so many times that without him, things would have been different. She owes him a lot! Of course she doesn’t understand it and will end and repay all his debts right now. She is disappointed and had hopes for him that he wouldn’t give her any special treatment but he is like everyone else.

Episode 14
Subaru trains with Wilhem but it is obvious with what happened, he can’t concentrate. He is more bitter remembering Reinhard apologized on Julius’ behalf because that meaningless duel somewhat ruined Julius’ career too (it is believed he played the villain). His only comfort is Rem by his side but that isn’t much. In town, Subaru becomes agitated when he hears people calling it insanity when a half-elf became a candidate. He tries to tell them off not to discriminate Emilia just because the witch was one. He is told off it is because so that the people are scared. As long as the people see her that way, she is doomed to fail. Subaru is called by Crusch to talk. He learns all the candidates received numerous marriage proposals. She advises him to look positive and ahead instead of sulking. Subaru thought he would be getting back on his feet but soon Rem comes in relating some sort of trouble. She could feel some sort of troubling sense from Ram. It is believed some disturbance might have occurred back home. Subaru realizes everyone around Emilia is an enemy ever since Roswaal declared his support for her. Subaru wants to return home but Crusch warns him leaving this place would make him and Emilia her enemy as they are under contract to heal him. He must realize after the events that happened, he is powerless. Unfortunately Subaru remains very stubborn and this ‘advice’ only serves to go his own way. But the ride home will need to take a detour as a white fog is blocking its path and they could be killed entering it. Staying for the night at an inn, Subaru and Rem can’t sleep so they talk. Also, to show some Subaru x Rem and to hint that Rem has feelings for him by holding his back. Or maybe it’s just to heal him. But could it be a ploy to put him to bed? Because when morning comes, Subaru realizes Rem has ‘betrayed’ him when she leaves him behind. A note was left telling him to stay put and she will return to get him once she settles things. This only makes him madder as he thinks she also thinks he is useless. Subaru manages to get a ride back home but once they enter the vicinity, the driver Otto refuses to go further because his dragon is scared. Since he is nearby the village, Subaru makes his way via foot. He experiences several creepy cultists surrounding him before disappearing. Spooky. When he arrives at the village, he sees everyone massacred. Blood everywhere. To his dismay, there is Rem’s body.

Episode 15
Subaru is getting sick at this point. More corpses everywhere. Oh, there’s Ram’s body too. He follows the blood trail supposedly from Emilia’s flower into some frozen room. His body gets frozen and falls apart. First restart in a while, eh? Because now he is back in town. The moment he sees Rem, immediately he hugs her like as though he has never seen her in ages. But soon he falls into a vegetable state. Because of his emotional scar, not even Ferris can do anything about it. Rem takes Subaru home but when they enter the vicinity, she is attacked by the cultists. She goes berserk in attacking them while Subaru still in a vegetable state is kidnapped. He is taken to some cave whereby the Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, Betelgeuse Romanee Conti who is also the Archbishop of Sloth thinks Subaru is of Pride. We see this crazy guy talking and screaming about the Gospel and Ordeal, contorting in crazy ways while vegetable Subaru remains unresponsive. But Betelgeuse wonders if Subaru is just playing dumb and acting crazy because if so, it is like insult to real madness. Subaru did react although he is just crying and screaming like crazy. When Rem has found the hideout and attacks in full rage, Betelgeuse kills her off by contorting her limbs in unimaginable ways! At this point Subaru manages to eke out some reaction. Though, it is mostly screaming he’ll kill Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse blames Subaru as Rem’s killer because of his sloth ways, he let her die. Then he blames Rem’s unrequited love on sloth because she died without delivering her feelings. After the cultists have gone, Rem is barely alive as she crawls her way to Subaru to free him. She tells him to live and confesses she loves him before she dies. Subaru carries her back to the village where everyone is slaughtered. In the mansion’s garden, Ram’s body is found. A large monster emerges from the mansion and tells Subaru to sleep before decapitating him. Of course this resets back in town. This time there is more life to Subaru. Yeah, he wasted a life being a vegetable. Rem is concerned about his unpleasant scent growing stronger but he just holds her hand to ease that uneasiness. Rem is happy this looks like a date but Subaru is still teeming with anger within.

Episode 16
On their way to Crusch’s place, they see Russel Fellow, a shrewd treasurer of the kingdom just leaving. Subaru’s plan is to get Crusch to help them destroy the Witch Cult. What’s in it for them? Subaru is willing to be in her debt but is he willing to eliminate Emilia as a candidate? Apparently he is because it means nothing if she is dead. Even so, Crusch will not help him because that is a sign of desperation. This makes her question how he knows when the Witch Cult will attack. Does he has ties to them? With Subaru getting desperate and seething with anger that he will kill them all, Crusch now believes he is only using Emilia to get his revenge on the Witch Cult he hates so much. There is nothing more he can do. He leaves angrily. Just leave. Subaru and Rem discuss that they can’t go back to their mansion because he knows they can’t do anything. They’ll have to look for other help. This means Subaru going to seek Priscilla’s help. She wants him to lick her feet. He is willing to do that but she kicks him and becomes very upset. For him to throw away his pride and do this, it is neither loyalty nor devotion but just desires of a greedy pig. No help. An angry b*tch and an angrier Subaru. While walking in town, he bumps into a little cat girl, Mimi. Despite her looks, she is the second in command of Anastasia’s army! Could Anastasia be the one to help him? Talking at the bar as they talk, Subaru realizes too late that she was just using him to extract information. Of course he is pissed but there is nothing he can do. I guess a little advice about preparing beforehand for a negotiation isn’t going to help him calm down either. And that completes all the girls screwing over him. With Rem failing to evoke any action from the knight stations, they return to the mansion immediately in hopes they have time to evacuate everyone. Along the way they bump into Otto and his merchants camping. He wants to buy all their merchandise and transport (for evacuation purpose, not human trafficking). Look at the power of money because they’re going at full speed! Rem explains about the tall legendary Flugel Tree they will pass as a sign of entering Roswaal’s territory. When a merchant by his side goes missing, Otto denies anyone riding next to him. Subaru uses his handphone light to get a clearer picture. Yikes! A giant eye of a monster! Panic in 3… 2… 1…

Episode 17
They’re being chased by the White Whale. Rem’s only solution is to intercept it and let Subaru escape. Of course he won’t allow it so she knocks him out. When he comes to, he is not happy Otto abandoned her. Subaru wants to go back and rescue her but Otto is definitely not going to as he describes how terrifying it is. When Otto doesn’t remember who Rem is, this pisses Subaru off. Noticing the White Whale is only targeting them, Subaru thinks it is a witchfiend and that he is the source of why it is following him. Otto becomes selfish. To save his own ass, he pushes Subaru off. With broken bones and all, Subaru fears death but suddenly everything becomes calm. He sees Otto’s carriage but he isn’t around. He rides it to the village and to his relief sees everyone alive. He collapses and when he wakes up, he is in bed. He thought Rem was by his side and hugs her but it is Ram. She is not impressed. To make things worse, Ram doesn’t know who Rem is! Subaru is super mad as he tries to prove it. Too bad Rem’s room is empty. No such person ever lived in this mansion. Was it all a dream? Subaru refuses to believe it. He summons his courage to talk to Emilia. He wants her to leave this place but of course since he cannot explain well and what just happened, it is hard for her to believe him. Subaru is getting crazier and desperate by the second. Despite all he says, she can tell he is crying in pain. Subaru is going to reveal everything even if that pain kills him. When he does so, he feels something strange. It wasn’t so bad. However… Emilia is dead! OMG! NO!!! Beatrice comes to see him in total shock. He requests to be killed but she won’t do something so vulgar and throws him into a portal that leads to the woods. Want to die now? He’ll get his wish as the Witch Cult surrounds him. Betelgeuse is spouting his usual crazy stuff. Subaru dodges his shadowy hands. This makes Betelgeuse mad because nobody is supposed to see his Unseen Hands except himself. He attacks Subaru and is about to defile Emilia’s corps since he has been holding on to it so dearly. Luckily he is interrupted by mad Puck.

Episode 18
Puck kills all the cult members and when Betelgeuse tries to kill him with his Unseen Hands, Puck transforms into a giant monster to freeze him till his body breaks. Now Puck turns his attention to Subaru and tells him the 3 sins he has committed. 1) He broke his promise to Emilia; 2) He defied her wishes and return here; 3) He let her die. Because of that, Puck will destroy the world as per contract because she is the reason for his existence. Subaru’s body freezes up and breaks apart. Of course his life resets back in town with Rem. He takes her to run to some place and talk. Yes, this is what the rest of the entire episode is. He wants Rem to run away with him to another place. He realizes he can’t stay here because whatever he does, nothing will turn out right. It has been spelled out to him many times over about his uselessness but he refused to believe it. Rem might be confused about this but she can’t. They promised to laugh together instead of doing this sad thing. Rem has even thought ahead by suggesting he should go study first, then find a better place to live, start their own business and even family planning! But the thing that makes her not want to run away with him is because the Subaru she loves will be gone. This only serves to make Subaru mad as he blows his top. He has chosen to give up. He screams it wasn’t easy to give up after all that he has been through. He realizes he did nothing. Even before coming to this world. His rotten character is the result of what has happened. His life is a big lazy waste and a coward. He talks big, dreams big and hates himself. He can’t change anything and nothing has changed in him. With Subaru beating himself, Rem says some good things about him like how she likes his soft hands and the cute looks on his face when he sleeps. Still, Subaru is not impressed. This time Rem yells back all he talks about is his perception of himself. What about her perception of him? She likes him because he is her hero. Explaining the events of that witchfiend incident in that forest, Subaru did and said what she wanted to hear for a long time. He unfroze the time that her heart stopped and let it flow again. Oh Subaru. You’re still going on with this negative talk? Even after Rem hugs you and pecks you forehead? No one believes you? Nothing’s changed no matter how hard you try? Rem vows that this time it is her turn to make his time move again. They will start from zero. Thank goodness Subaru has gotten out of the dumps. He reveals he loves Emilia and wants to see her smile again. He needs Rem’s help for that. She agrees and he will show her the awesome man she has fallen for. His life now starts here from zero.

Episode 19
Subaru goes to negotiate with Crusch again to form an alliance. This time he is putting up mining rights in Roswaal’s domain as well as the information of the White Whale’s appearance as his trump card. He knows when it will appear because he saw the time on his handphone. Seems he also has Anastasia and Russell in on this deal and they wouldn’t very much want to miss it. Although Crusch still has her doubts and questions but can tell he is not lying and agrees to his deal. Wilhem then thanks Subaru from the bottom of his heart. He wants revenge against the White Whale as it took his wife’s life. Subaru sees the entire army of men looking forward to this hunt. He meets a few of them including Ricardo the mercenary leader of Anastasia’s Iron Fang, Hetaro who is Mimi’s sister who gives commands on behalf of his sister when she is too rash as well as a group of old retired knights under Crusch. Crusch rallies everyone by giving a little history speech about how the White Whale tormented everyone’s lives ever since the Jealous Witch created it 400 years ago and this time they shall crush it with their own hands. Subaru also picks his own land dragon and since it takes a liking for Subaru, could it be a start of a love rivalry between it and Rem?! As they make their journey, Subaru notices Ricardo’s own team logistics with their luggage. In addition to prepare for hunting the White Whale, they have to take precaution from other enemies that might show up. Subaru realizes he didn’t make provisions for Betelgeuse and his Witch Cult. The convoy camp at Flugel Tree as Subaru learns more about Wilhem’s wife. She was the previous Sword Saint and accepted her fate as one since the sword loved her. He married her and tried to take the title away from her but to no avail. So in this battle he hopes to find answers in his own sword and perhaps visit his wife’s grave again. The appointed time is near as everyone waits for the White Whale to show up. Subaru’s handphone rings as a signal but still nothing happens. And then they see it. Right up in the sky. As it hovers close to them, Rem unleashes her attack on it. Subaru speeds ahead using his witch scent as bait while the others hunt it down.

Episode 20
The full assault on the White Whale begins. Wilhem goes on a cutting spree. Hey, it can’t be that easy to defeat it, right? They realize this is one tough mother as all their powerful magic attacks didn’t ground it. Something about its hair can repel magic attacks. More attacks and Wilhem on another carving spree till he cuts out an eyeball! That is when things go downhill because the White Whale now unleashes a giant fog to hide its presence. In the confusion, screams are heard and when the troops reconvene, some platoons have lost members. It is then Subaru realizes the fog makes people vanish from existence along with any memories of them. A high scream pitch from the White Whale sends several men crazy trying to kill themselves. It is a mind attack although Subaru doesn’t feel anything. With Ferris’ healing power, she gets to calm them down. Subaru uses his witch scent to lure the White Whale. But it is like they’re going about blindly in the fog since the White Whale can just attack out from anywhere. Moments before Wilhem gets devoured, his life flashes back to his young self how he met his wife, she saved him from certain death and his vow to take away the Sword Saint role from her. More casualties when Ricardo saves Subaru’s ass from being devoured and he himself got eaten. Don’t go into shock now because the nightmare is about to get worse. Subaru sees numerous White Whales in the sky! Holy sh*t!

Episode 21
Everyone is in despair seeing additional White Whales. But Subaru continues to fight on and Rem in her demon mode to go all-out dealing more damage. After learning that Ricardo is still alive and cutting Wilhem out of the White Whale’s belly (though unconscious), Subaru has an idea what is going on. The White Whale cloned itself as he noticed the wounds are in similar places for all of them. They don’t need to take out all 3 of them but just the real one which is hovering in the sky. The clones do the attacking and the real one avoids getting killed. Subaru has a plan but it is a huge gamble. First, Crusch heads back to her team to rally them to continue fighting instead of wallowing in despair by using Subaru as an example. The weakest among them is fighting and would it not be shameful for them? With Crusch and her team fighting the clones, Rem throws Subaru up to the real one. He then drops down to bait it to attack. In right timing, Rem attacks it to incur its wrath. The big chase is on. And at the exact moment, the other teams blast the base of Flugel Tree to pin down the White Whale. Wilhem finishes it off. Finally. Now they can celebrate. In the aftermath, Subaru is worried that the success of this operation means Crusch’s reputation has gone up and thus jeopardizing Emilia’s chances for the throne. Crusch however has no intention to take all the glory herself. She reminds him in the future if they ever come to conflict, she will always still be friendly to him. She will respect and show him favour till the end. Subaru still has another mission and needs assistance. But with the toll on the injured greater than expected, there isn’t much option. Wilhem is greatly in Subaru’s debt and wants to be of assistance to fight the Witch Cult. Crusch will send Ferris and half her uninjured troops to aid Subaru. But Rem is not pleased since she is injured and has to return to the capital. She wants to be with Subaru in his time of need. Subaru assures her it is his turn to return his debt to her after she saved him many times. He is going to take his first step to be her hero. Subaru waits along with Ricardo and Mimi for some of their troops who were blocking off path to this area while the rest fought the White Whale. They will be joining them to fight the Witch Cult. Subaru is not pleased to see Julius is in this troop.

Episode 22
They both still hate each other, though. Subaru discuss their plan to attack the Witch Cult hiding in the forest before they could read their movements. He has also arranged for Anastasia and Russell to negotiate for transportation to evacuate the villagers and a messenger of Crusch will be sending a message to Emilia to inform her of their alliance. Subaru walks into the Witch Cult’s hideout and they let him in. He sees Betelgeuse who as usual goes into his twisted ranting about love. Subaru doesn’t recognize the Gospel he is holding so Betelgeuse gets suspicious. When Subaru lies that his own Gospel was accidentally thrown away, Betelgeuse attacks with his Unseen Hands but Subaru is able to dodge it. As he has bought enough time, Subaru’s side attack the hideout and Wilhem cutting Betelgeuse in half from behind. That easy? Betelgeuse is confirmed dead and it seems the rest are quite fearful of the Gospel, not wanting to touch or even see it. Subaru keeps it in hopes of translating it to find out more about the Witch Cult’s goal. Since Subaru is still sceptical about Betelgeuse’s death, they blow up his body just in case. Reuniting with the other troops, it seems they have route many of the other cult members. Suddenly Unseen Hands attack and kill a few of them. Subaru is dragged into the forest by it. A crazy Betelgeuse disciple rants about twisted love and Subaru as Pride. He goes crazy thinking a spirit is attacking him. Wilhem cuts him down. It is believed this dude is the real Sloth and Betelgeuse might be just a replica. In fact, all the disciples could be the Archbishop of Sloth. Subaru feels guilty that had he foreseen this, some deaths would have been prevented. Wilhem advises him to fight on and become stronger. The next plan is to head to the village to evacuate the villagers before the Witch Cult notices the irregularities. Upon Ferris advice to make up with Julius, Subaru sheepishly does so but before he could start, suddenly he finds himself alone. Another dimension? Work of Ram?

Episode 23
Subaru knows he is in an illusion. He manages to snap out of it. It seems everyone else also experienced the same and only he and Julius broke free. When Julius is trying to use his spell to bring everyone back, Ram kidnaps Subaru. However she is stopped by Wilhem. Ram explains herself and thinks Subaru is being ungrateful to Roswaal. He mentions this are reinforcements and that Emilia should have received a letter. Well, she received a blank letter (a metaphor of this world that means one has no intention of speaking to the recipient and a potential declaration of war). Subaru then goes to evacuate the village but the villagers are not pleased. They don’t believe him. Then they start blaming they are only targeted because Roswaal got involved with a half-elf. With Ram commanding them under the name of Roswaal, the villagers reluctantly obey. One of the kids tell Subaru that Emilia was here earlier to warn them but fell on deaf ears. Ferris seemingly flirts with Subaru and an elderly villager didn’t like it. A trap by Ferris to paralyze him. Ferris can tell he is a spy for the Witch Cult. As she tries to interrogate him, he self-destructs. By the time Subaru opens his eyes, the village is under attack by the Witch Cult members. It is utter chaos. Seems there was a spy in one of the merchants and the rest stowed away in the carriages. Subaru and Julius go around to destroy the disciples. When Wilhem is taken down, Subaru irks one of the disciples by showing the Gospel. He lures her to the woods to be eaten by witchfiends. Subaru is safe since he has Emilia’s barrier. With 1 remaining disciple left, it is time for Emilia to return from her long absence and remind us how kickass she is when she kills off the mad guy. With true victory finally in their hands, Subaru would love to reunite with Emilia but he feels something wrong with his body and runs away deep into the woods. When Ferris and Julius catch up, they realize he has been possessed by Betelgeuse. Subaru tries to fight him off from the inside but it is only a matter of time before he succumbs. Subaru wants Julius to kill him or else they have no chance to win. Since he won’t do it, it is all up to Ferris. Reluctantly she does so and Julius is forced to finish the job.

Episode 24
Subaru returns to the point where everyone just defeated the White Whale and are discussing about fighting the Witch Cult. He first asks about if the Sin Archbishop possessing others. Julius mentions about the possibility as he uses the disciples as spare bodies. If they kill all the disciples, his original soul will have no body left to possess. Subaru then asks the question if he himself could be possessed. I guess it sounded like a silly question because everyone is so dumbfounded. Emilia is still reeling from her failed warning to the villagers. That is when Wilhem comes in to confirm about the letter. She still has her reservations and worries (because Beatrice won’t leave the library) so Puck assures her to do what she wants. The villagers now listen to her to evacuate (because Subaru previously begged on his knees and this moved them to tears). But Emilia thinks the kids hate her not to ride with her. Subaru guised in a robe refutes all that and has the kids earnestly admit they don’t hate her because they know she is with Subaru. This eases Emilia a lot. Subaru then goes to catch the villager spy off guard. He realizes he has a communicator to relay everything back to base. He will use it to throw the Witch Cult off their plans by delaying their attack, enough time for the villagers to evacuate and the rest to prepare and crush them. Ricardo’s team has just come back from ambushing the Witch Cult’s secret base to shut down their communication network. Then Subaru goes to meet Betelgeuse and proclaims he is a devout fan. He is so happy he starts punishing himself. This makes Betelgeuse reveal his plans to test Emilia as a correct vessel for the witch to be reborn in this world. When Betelgeuse wants to see his Gospel, Subaru shows the communicator. A cue for him to start the surprise attack. He leads him to a place where Julius can fight him. Julius is able to see his Unseen Hands because he instilled a spirit in Subaru to share the same senses.

Episode 25
Betelgeuse gets madder each time. When Julius strikes him, Subaru tells him to disable the senses. Because Betelgeuse now possesses Subaru. He then tries to invoke that painful feeling as he tries to mention his ability to reset. However it is Betelgeuse who finds himself before the witch. He is happy and tries to touch her but couldn’t. The witch believes he is not the one and kicks him out. Betelgeuse is back in his own body, angry that he has done everything for her. Julius kills him off. It’s not over yet because they get an emergency call from Ferris. He noticed some magic stones are missing and detected to be on board Emilia’s carriage. Those stones are enough to blow away a small village. A land dragon isn’t enough to catch up with them at this point so Otto knows a way for a price. Subaru agrees with his deal and has the ride of his life. Because Otto is taking shortcuts through the forests and cliffs and breakneck speeds! Subaru then sees Betelgeuse in monster form trying to catch him. He is still demanding for the witch’s love so Subaru throws the Gospel as distraction to punch him in the face. Then he writes in his blood in the Gospel that it is over for him to vanquish Betelgeuse once and for all. By the time they catch up to the carriages, it is under attack by Witch Cult members, though Wilhem and the other guards are cutting them down. Emilia learns from the kids that Subaru was the one who planned all this. Emilia is confused why Subaru would go this far for her after all the pain she made him go through. Subaru manages to cut ahead of the pack and once they stop dead in their tracks, he jumps on board to break open the bottom. He steals the stones, confesses to Emilia he loves her and rides as fast as he could to throw it into the carcass of the White Whale. Then he runs as far as his land dragon could take him before the big explosion occurs. Did he die? Will it reset? Thankfully it didn’t. Because he wakes up lying on Emilia’s lap. They talk. Everything seems okay. Emilia asks why he always saves her. Because he loves her. He wants to be her strength. Despite describing her status as a half-witch that others detest, he doesn’t care for all that. He really loves her and wants to hold her hand. If she has 10 things to say bad about herself, he has 2000 things to say good about her. For the first time Emilia feels happy receiving such special treatment. Subaru will not rush her for an answer though he is confident of the outcome. She can take all the time in the world to slowly fall in love with him. She thanks him for saving her.

ReLIFE: Save Point Kara Tsudzukete Epic Adventure
That kind of ending… Why do I have a feeling it feels like DLC that is so prevalent in video games these days. The most annoying kind of DLC is whereby an entire story is supposed to be part of the game but for greedy reasons, the developers decide to cut it out and sell it as a different extra content. Yup. This is what I feel when the season ended. Because don’t you see, there are so much more interesting stories to tell and develop and yet we have this final episode which is trying to rush and cram in Subaru x Emilia romance which has been eluded the whole time in the series. As though as their finally blooming romance is the reward we get as the season ender. It’s definitely not going to cut it! While I am happy with how things worked out for Subaru at least as to where the season ended, I believe we could have got more out of this. Oh right. I’m not really an Emilia fan maybe because I was hoping Subaru x Rem and Ram ending… Whatever.

There are a few interesting plots and some potential ones including flashbacks and back stories. Each arc takes its time to craft out a proper story or should I rather say a proper and correct path. Therefore having more than 2 dozen episodes doesn’t feel fulfilling because it only tells just a small fraction of the overall tale. But I figure it is better than skipping lots of stuffs and condense it into an abridged version. After all, this world has so many stories and own unique lore to tell like the Jealous Witch, how Subaru got the witchfiend scent on himself and such. An epic tale cannot be confined to just a handful of episodes. Yeah, that’s why shows like One Piece and Naruto run forever… And they better not troll us that all this was just a big dream or Subaru playing a video game. It better not!

Somehow I feel that Subaru’s resetting from a certain point feels like a reminder that this is all a game. What I meant is that in games usually of the old usually have a linear path to follow. If you stray for it or get killed by the enemy, you have to restart from the beginning or where you last saved. In games with multiple endings, there are some bad endings if you take a certain path. Therefore with Subaru getting killed and restarting again, this reinforces this belief that Subaru must only take a certain path if a desired outcome is wanted. Yeah, it sounds like a big hint and spoiler because Subaru would know this isn’t the right way but at the expense of getting killed.

Maybe there are other multiple ways for him to achieve other good outcomes but given the limited number of episodes, it doesn’t feel plausible. And yes, despite Subaru didn’t hit any save button, it is good he restarts back at certain points instead of the whole thing again because we would be screaming and pulling our hair out if we have to sit through and watch him redo everything from scratch again. Remember that Endless Eight arc from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu? Yeah… And it also feels that with Subaru dying and restarting again is like as series given a reboot because the first ending was crap…

I want to classify this series an epic adventure but in order to achieve that, one of the main ingredients in making a series great are the characters. Especially if the setting is a fantasy world. With quirky laws and quirky surroundings, there must be quirky if not interesting characters. Therefore the character development department for this anime is of a hit and miss to me. As Subaru is the main star of this series, it is obvious that he gets the lion’s share of the limelight. But for the rest of the characters, it is like some take their turn to share the spotlight with him as well as develop alongside. That is the thing when you have too many characters. I’m not saying this show has so many characters to keep count but there are enough to make decent stories for everyone. And of course the limited number of episodes make it hard to do justice to them.

Let’s start off with Subaru as the main character. They cut the crap by suddenly teleporting him to an unknown world for some unknown reasons. Yeah, of all the unlucky gamers in the world, why him? Subaru is both a likeable and unlikeable character at the same time. As we have seen, he has come a long way since he got stuck in this world. You will love him for how he grows into somewhat a strong character who becomes cool in the eyes of others (I want to be him for making a maid naturally fall in love with him!!!). On the other hand you will loathe him for being arrogant and haughty that led to his downfall (shaming Emilia under the false pretence of trying to stand up for her). But only being in the bad personality category could Subaru learn and make up for his shameful acts. Literally this is as story of him from zero to hero. Sometimes I also pity this guy because from all that he has gone through, I worry he might have some sort of psychological trauma. Which isn’t far from the truth seeing we have seen numerous times his contorting crazy face whenever things go awry. So the price to pay for being a better person is that he is able to redo the wrongs but he can’t make it spoilers for everyone. I don’t know. Maybe he could try writing it down in a letter for others to read?

Rem has become a popular character of the series thanks to the attention the series gave her. I hope this got the maid fetish to be more popular in real life too ;p. And it only makes loser otaku guys like me really wishing I had one like her by my side… Ahem. Anyway she gets her own past revealed, we get to know her better and a prelude for Subaru to save the day to become her hero. When Emilia wasn’t around, she stayed by his side, cementing their strong bond and relationship after all they have gone through together. But too bad they feel she had too much time with Subaru and ‘tossed her aside’ in the final arc against the Witch Cult.

Some of the characters that feel like a miss include Felt. She was a good supporting character in the first arc but when that ended, she disappeared only to make her sudden appearance (plot twist?) in the middle since she is one of the candidates. Then she disappears again. This goes the same for Rom and Reinhard. Yeah, it’s like people associated with her don’t really get their deserved screen time for now. The same I feel for Roswaal, Beatrice, Puck, Elsa and the other candidates for the throne whom each have their own distinctive reason for wanting to ascend the throne. They become close to forgotten as though the final arc was a big build-up to allow Subaru to become cool again in the eyes of Emilia since she already has a long absence in the middle of the series. While Rem gets her due moment, Ram becomes side-lined. Too bad I would love to have Subaru to get both maids as his harem but I guess one is a good start.

Emilia also starts off as a strong character as she is trying to fight the prejudice against her. I thought she would be a main character who would be developed beside Subaru but after Subaru’s shame during the ceremony in the hall, she temporarily disappears too. She wants to understand Subaru and give him a chance but with circumstances surrounding them (it was really heart breaking to see the disappointment on her face when Subaru fell from grace), I feel this would be their biggest obstacle that would stand in their way of wedding bells. Oops, I mean friendship. Okay, romance. Like Subaru said, take your time to fall in love with him. If things don’t go well, then hopefully Subaru can just reset it to the last save point, am I right?

The action sequences are also decent and satisfying. I particularly like the White Whale hunting since it showcases the group going up against something that is considered as God-like status in the sense that it is deadly as well as it cannot be easily defeated. Also the fight with Elsa was exhilarating. Subaru himself might lack fighting abilities (his own martial arts background might not get him far in this world) so he relies on the magic and fighting abilities of others. Nice special effects and all make the action scenes an entertaining watch. Sometimes I feel the final long fight against the Witch Cult members is for the sake of cutting them down for the numbers. Because there are so many of them so you see Wilhem and other fighters slicing them down like as though they are enemy grunts from video games meant to be taken down by the easiest way.

Voice acting… Time to once again praise my favourite Mamiko Noto!!! OH YEAH!!! I really love her taking on a very devilish villainess as Elsa. She can cut my guts anytime! Although it is sad that her appearance is very limited and her character ‘disappeared’ never again to appear after that, at least I can take heart that they didn’t kill her off. Yeah, I was worried that silly trauma of mine would be activated again. If that ever happened, I would really prayed hard for Subaru to die and restart the whole damn thing. I can also take heart that despite a few restarts on Subaru’s side, Elsa’s character didn’t even die once although she did come close to it. Phew. Mamiko Noto banzai!!!

With a big number of characters, there are also quite a number of famous seiyuus lending their voice. A whole lot of them that I recognize are Takehito Koyasu as Roswaal, Yui Horie as Ferris, Yuuichi Nakamura as Reinhard, Yuka Iguchi as Crusch, Yukari Tamura as Priscilla, Kana Ueda as Anastasia, Keiji Fujiwara as Al, Satomi Arai as Beatrice and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Betelgeuse (kudos to him for really making the character sound so eerily crazy). The rest of the other casts are Yuusuke Kobayashi as Subaru (Tanukichi in Shimoneta), Rie Takahashi as Emilia (Megumin in Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo), Inori Minase as Rem (Noel in Sora No Method), Rie Murakawa as Ram (Hotaru in Non Non Biyori), Takuya Eguchi as Julius (Hikigaya in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru), Kenyuu Horiuchi as Wilhem (Kinemon in One Piece), Yumi Uchiyama as Puck (Ruri in Nisekoi), Mugihito as Rom (Wombat in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love) and Chinatsu Akasaki as Felt (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby).

Not sure if this series has a little bit more story to tell or it doesn’t really like to animate its credits animation. Because they are quite far and few in between. So instead like a majority of anime series out there that obligatory show their opening and ending credits animation (of course to showcase their songs in which some are awesome), this series start off or continue its episode as the credits pop up on screen. Sometimes they do play the songs but it is just in the background and not its dedicated animation so as not to interrupt the flow of the episode. Not that it is anything serious but I also keep wondering why I myself is b*tching about it since I don’t often watch this segment.

Maybe that is because I really love the first ending theme, Styx Helix by Myth & Roid. I instantly took a liking for this very catchy techno-like music and don’t mind hearing it over and over again despite I can’t hear a damn thing they say (yeah, despite many of the words are in English – please pronounce your words clearer!). So when I was looking forward to hear and watch the song and find that they decided to skip this time, and then again and more often in the future, this suspicion of mine was raised. Because of this piece, no other songs could match it. Be it the rock based first opening theme, Redo by Konomi Suzuki, the weird cult-like second opening theme, Paradisus-Paradoxum by Myth & Rod or the slow rock second ending theme, Stay Alive by Rie Takahashi.

Art and animation are quite satisfying. As I love fantasy world settings so I give it a lot of points to see archetype fantasy world buildings like the medieval European structures in the main town. Character designs are also good and of course Subaru standing out like a sore thumb because of his boring jersey wear. And of course Rem and Ram as maids are the main draw for me. Thanks to them the internet now is flooded with maid pictures of them whenever I try to Google for more maid pictures to be added to my collection. I know it is good but too much of Rem (especially) and Ram can be detrimental in seeking for more variety of other maids. Anyway, back to the topic. Also be warned that there are some scenes too dark to see (maybe it is intentional) and things might get gory and bloody. At this point during the action scenes I do notice a dip in quality. This series is animated by White Fox who did Akame Ga Kill, Steins; Gate, Katanagatari, Tears To Tiara and Hataraku Maou-sama.

Overall, this series is interesting and enjoyable but limitations of its own prevent it to being some sort of a masterpiece like Fate/Zero or Shingeki No Kyojin. Lots of people will still remember this series for a lot of good stuffs (including a certain blue haired maid) despite the overused cliché of normal human boy becoming a hero in another world which could have been done to death at this point. From zero to hero so to speak. It’s just more tolerable because of maids ;p. Personally if I was in Subaru’s shoes, I would probably have died a million times doing the same thing over and over again with little improvements since I’m kind of a slow learner and blur head. Or maybe I’m just insane. You know, the definition of insanity as being doing the same things hoping for a different outcome. No amount of infinite lives could lead me down the correct path and God would probably give up and left me dead for good. Yup. Really returning to zero then.

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