Renai Boukun

September 9, 2017

Oh wait. Did they make some sort of parody to Death Note? Because this time instead of writing the names of people and killing them off instantly, the names you write in this notebook will have you fall in love instantly after kissing. Wait. What? Whatever. Apparently this is what it is in Renai Boukun. And apparently this is how angels or cupids pair up couples. Forget your typical bow and arrow. All you need is a pen and a notebook to write down those names and seal their fate together forever. It might seem pretty normal by today’s standards. But imagine having being forced to have a violent killer girl, a lesbian girl and the angel herself become part of your harem. All in the name of love.

Episode 1
Seiji Aino kicks out Guri, thinking she is some sort of scam. He is forced to hear her out as she is throwing a tantrum. Apparently she has this Kiss Note in which couples’ name who are written in it will have to kiss. As his name is written in it but unpaired, Seiji must kiss somebody or else Guri will die! Go ahead and die then. As she pleads, he rethinks his decision and before he knows it, she has his lips. To prove Kiss Note works, she writes the Prime Minister’s name and the House’s speaker. Now live on TV, 2 grown men kissing each other! Oh, Guri loves yaoi. She further explains she wanted to write the name of a seiyuu and see him kiss another fellow seiyuu but misspelt his name. That’s how she ended up bugging Seiji. To make up for it, she’ll help him find his love in which Kiss Note guarantees both couples to be forever. Otherwise he’ll be a virgin forever. So now they’re at school to find his potential kissing mate and it looks like Seiji has his eyes on the busty and beautiful Akane Hiyama. When Akane talks to him, Guri tries to prove she is invisible by pulling her pants down! However she can see her! But when Akane learns Seiji has kissed Guri, she views he has cheated on her and now he must die! But they aren’t dating. For now no. But it might be different in the future and so he must pay! Totally yandere! Guri saves Seiji from her knives, though she got one stuck in her head. Don’t worry, she isn’t dead. You can run but you can’t hide! Akane further reveals she knows Seiji likes her and more than anyone else. That’s why she waited for him to confess. But still, he must die for cheating on her! The next thing they know, their lips locked. Guri has written her name to pair up with Seiji. They’ll forever be a couple! Guri then reveals her true self as an angel. More accurately a cupid. Dressing up like this is her hobby. Then she kisses Seiji. She is interested in this love thingy and writes her name down too. Because the duo are paired with her, they are part angel and cannot die. This means Akane can kill Seiji forever!!! Yandere’s dream come true?!

Apparently Guri now lives with Seiji and has brainwashed his parents to think she is their daughter. Then there is this ugly man faced cat, Coraly. He is Guri’s supervisor and throws a little warning. Now that Seiji and Akane are partly angels, Guri must do her angel job properly (in which she sucks). Otherwise Guri will lose her cupid role and go to hell while the duo’s soul will disappear. After Coraly returns to heaven, Seiji hangs out with Guri seeing the guys in his class are jealousy, about to kill him with his closeness with Akane. Guri steals a kiss from him again. This is witnessed by Yuzu Kichogasaki. She chides him for cheating on Akane and steals Kiss Note. He goes after her and almost gets killed by Akane who believes he is cheating on her again. But when Akane tries to kill Yuzu, there is some barrier protecting her. Yuzu heard about Kiss Note and tried to write her name in it but nothing happens. Guri says only angels can write in it. With Akane infatuated with Seiji, Yuzu blows her top and declares her love with Akane. Oh, so this is yuri now? Let me get this straight. They are also both sisters despite their different surnames?! Yuzu is sad her feelings are tossed aside as Akane blatantly declares her love for Seiji even if there was no Kiss Note. How can we solve this? Guri writes Yuzu’s name in it! Watching yuri and incest will be interesting! Now that she has to kiss one of them, Yuzu is eager to kiss Akane. Oh, so she doesn’t consider this as cheating Seiji? So excited Yuzu going to kiss her that she trips on a stone and accidentally kisses Seiji. More blood is going to spill…

Episode 2
Every morning Yuzu stalks outside Akane’s house just to get the trash she throws out! Seiji’s younger sister, Akua has returned. She doesn’t like her brother much and judo throws him. Akane almost killed her had Seiji didn’t explain about his sister. In school, it seems Guri and Yuzu has teamed up to open a love clinic of their own. What a long queue. When Seiji and Akane bump into their class rep, Mari, they thought she has someone she loves but she points out it is the opposite. Guri and Yuzu read some cheesy love poem that belongs to a teacher, Kusunoki. Turns out this guy is in love with Mari and seeing her freezes him up. Mari has no choice but to straighten him back. And so Guri initiates an operation to get the duo together. Seiji is not so sure about a teacher-student relationship but as Akane points out if Mari doesn’t like him, she should have rejected him outright. So while Guri and Yuzu ‘interrogate’ Kusunoki, Seiji talks directly to Mari to ascertain if she really likes Kusunoki. She dismisses the whole thing as some sort of TV drama and her feelings towards him are like those of a mom. Flashback shows Kusunoki got worried when Mari first read his cheesy poem. But she handled it maturely and encouraged him. That’s when he fell in love with her.

As Seiji tries to cheer Kusunoki up, Yuzu comes in with bad news. Mari is being held hostage in town. Apparently this is a ploy to make Kusunoki look good in Mari’s eyes as Guri plays the kidnapper. However they passed by in front of a bank where a real robbery is taking place and got taken hostage for real. So when the rest arrive, the robbers are relegated to unimportant extras as the gang try to sort out what is going on and Yuzu lecturing Kusunoki the courage to take this chance and prove his love to Mari, etc. One of the robbers can’t take this crap and shoots at Yuzu. Luckily Seiji protects her although he gets a flesh wound. Kusunoki mans up to confront the robbers. He is scared but even more afraid if they hurt her. This has Mari judo throw her perpetrator but Kusunoki can only manage a weak punch in his face. When Akane comes by and learns Seiji’s wound is from the robbers, she goes into demon mode to beat the crap out of them! Only she can hurt Seiji! Scary! Even the cops are afraid. Kusunoki sums up his courage to confess what he plans to confess her someday. Cool Mari somewhat agrees with him since it was her intention. She was waiting for their teacher-student relationship to disappear and wait for him to confess. Since he tends to emotionally act on his own and mess up, it made her worry. But after saying all that, Mari still rejects him. She has a goal to graduate and earn a high income job. A teacher’s salary is low, you know. Yuzu thinks they can still write their names in Kiss Note but Mari prefers the old fashion way. She wouldn’t been able to hear Kusunoki’s true feelings then. Sometimes it is better to enjoy the process of love rather than its realization. Yuzu becomes a tsundere thanking Seiji for saving her.

Episode 3
Guri and Akua meet for the first time. She isn’t too happy hearing about her brother’s harem. After Guri tells Yuzu that Akua somewhat hates her brother, the latter instantly takes a liking for Akua and considers her as her comrade. It seems Yuzu wants to dig up dirt on Seiji. Suddenly a black creature whom Yuzu and Akua know as Stolas appears. They run for their lives. Yuzu bumps into Seiji and tells him about the reappearance of Stolas. Akua is stuck up a tree, lamenting nothing on her side has changed. Stolas turns out to be a penguin. But a dangerous penguin. Guri learnt the hard way when she got beaten up by this crazy bird. Stolas turns his attention to Akua when Seiji arrives on scene. He wants her to jump into his arms like last time. She puts her faith in him and does so. This distraction has Stolas bump into the branch. He is arrested by the police team later. As Seiji carries Akua home, Guri believes Akua actually likes her brother. She denies this and almost strangles him.

Guri wants Seiji to go out on a date with her during the weekend. At the park, they see an ideal couple together. Till other women start showing up and accuse him of cheating. When his true colours are revealed, the girl he is dating now slaps him. He is going to hit her back but Seiji intervenes. But he too gets beaten up. Girl power? They unite to beat this guy up and dump him. Guri gives Seiji a kiss as reward. She likes the part of him of helping a girl but ended up getting punched instead. She then discusses about the reason cupids exist is because people who get together like that are happy couples. They realize too late that Kiss Note is burnt! Apparently one of those women had a candle… Without his love tool, even Coraly is unsure what is going to happen. Guri doesn’t seemed fazed as she believes everything will work out just fine. Seiji thinks all the names and effect in Kiss Note will be nullified. Could it be true because the next day Akane is ignoring him. Later Yuzu pops up to taunt him as she heard rumours Akane has dumped him. But if Kiss Note is no more, does this mean her love for Akane is also nullified? Oh no! Tiara, a fellow angel like Guri passes by. She assures them that everything is alright. She goes around to show them all of Guri’s yaoi pairings are still doing fine. Remember, that notebook is just a tool to create a chance for love even if it’s forceful. Even if the notebook is gone, a complete love won’t be easily torn apart. Because Tiara has retired as a cupid and will be playing housewife to a future child, she gives Guri her handphone which was her Kiss Note. Seiji almost gets killed by Akane’s knife. Suddenly she kisses him. She cries about waiting for him but he never turned up. Apparently she read in a magazine on how to attract a boyfriend by acting coldly and was acting like that on purpose. Then she stabs him to death! Oh, he isn’t dead. Guri has written back everything in her new Kiss Note, Love Phone. Time to die again. Yuzu relishes kissing Akane again but Guri doesn’t want her to bother them. So she’ll have to settle for a yuri kiss with her.

Episode 4
Young Yuzu was told by her mom to stay away from Akane as she is a monster. Seiji and Guri are shocked to see Yuzu attending another school. Guri sneaks in to learn she is waiting for somebody. So this manly girl, Keito is her substitute so she can go stalk on Akane?! Guri’s new Love Phone has this app that shows the love compatibility between 2 selected people. Yuzu wants hers and Akane’s read. Very one-sided… As Seiji seeks Yuzu’s explanation about this morning, Akane says Yuzu is from another school. Though she doesn’t care about Yuzu’s stalking, she warns her about causing her family problems. With Guri reading Akane and Seiji’s compatibility as high, Yuzu can’t take this anymore and runs away. More flashback as Yuzu was saved by Akane from bullying. It was the first time she fell in love with her. Although Yuzu blurted out she loved her, Akane brushed it off as silly. Too deep in her thoughts that she fell into a river and almost drowned. Though Seiji saves her, the river is actually shallow. She blames Seiji for stealing Akane’s heart when she worked so hard just to get Akane to notice her. When Seiji says Akane doesn’t really show signs she likes him, Yuzu slaps him. He is in a position that many would envy and yet he is so humble. So please have more pride in yourself. Yuzu is mad at herself for not being able to make Akane look her way. She will never give up on her. Seiji smiles and praises her as strong because she could get back on her feet after learning about her own weaknesses. Akane is here to pick them up. An umbrella for you Yuzu. Happy? Yeah, Akane gets to share hers with Seiji… Yuzu declares to Akane that she loves her and will continue to watch over her even if she hates her. Guri picks up a high compatibility between Seiji and Yuzu.

A girl named Shikimi Shiramine approaches Guri and Seiji as she wants some love advice for a guy she likes. Guri would love to write their names down but the thing is, she doesn’t know his name! It is love at first sight. They agree to help her find out more about this guy. Guri and Shikimi instantly click since they are into the same yaoi fetish. Shikimi waits for them to go search together but only Seiji turns up. That damn angel must have overslept again. So the duo just go off looking by themselves as Seiji explains his troubles with his harem and also explains more than he should about his immortality. It seems the place where Shikimi first saw her crush is an abandoned house. Is she in love with a ghost?! As Shikimi describes her crush that closely resembles Seiji, he suddenly gets trapped in some web. Shikimi reveals that crush of hers is Seiji and takes off her disguise to reveal her true sexy evil form. She proceeds torturing him (it turns her on) and it seems she wants to become an immortal too and steal him from his girls. Guri arrives late at the meeting place. She was packing her BL material? She tells this to Akane and Yuzu. Obviously Akane gets furious learning Seiji is ‘dating’ another girl. Well, what better way to quickly find Seiji than to tell a yandere, right? But when Guri mentions Shikimi’s name, the duo are surprised because they know who she is.

Episode 5
Shikimi is Akane and Yuzu’s cousin. Akane arrives in time and tries to kill her but Shikimi playfully dodges every strike. Shikimi reveals her special skill is to steal anything and topping that is to break the things others love in front of them. Since she is also a masochist, she is the ultimate pervert. Yuzu tries to protect Akane. Her barrier keeps Shikimi away. Shikimi notes she has gotten stronger unlike Akane who has disappointingly gotten weaker. She quips the irony of a weapon girl needed to be protected by a shield. Shikimi laughs in delirium that Seiji doesn’t know what is going on. But when Akane doesn’t want her to tell the reason because she doesn’t want Seiji to hate her, she throws a tantrum. She doesn’t like this normal girl expression and wants the old Akane back. Maybe if she kills Seiji she’ll go back to normal. All the heavy atmosphere is diffused when dumb Guri comes in wearing a prawn mascot outfit. With Shikimi being the smooth operator, dumb Guri converses with her like a happy girl as Shikimi uses her web to keep the others shut. Seiji fears Guri might add Shikimi’s name to the Love Phone and into their equation as she wanted. However Guri declines her. Wait. Does she have common sense? Why not? Guri can feel Shikimi doesn’t have love (despite Guri doesn’t even know what love is) and is empty. Shikimi retreats for now since she got a call from Akane’s mom. She hopes the next time she comes back, Akane will become stronger. She is her favourite toy after all. In the aftermath, Seiji doesn’t blame Akane for whatever despite she hasn’t begin explaining anything. What might seem like Seiji sleeping, Guri realizes he is dead! For real! Akane wanted to kill herself to join him but Guri reminds her like in the fairytale whereby the prince kisses the princes to wake up. After 15 minutes… Nothing happens…

Seiji is of course in heaven as he meets Coraly. He is ushered to see Kami who is obviously God. No surprise he is Coraly’s father (and father to all angels too) but he looks and acts like a hippie old man?! So where is his wife? She ran away when she cheated on him. It’s complicated… Anyway, Kami is here to ask Seiji’s opinion of Guri taking over his place. Not a chance. Too bad. It has already been decided. But before she becomes that, she must know what love is. And this is what Kami wants Seiji to teach her. She was always playing all day but something changed when she met him. Wow. God begging before a human for the job?! Then herald in this slick guy, Maou. Yeah, he is the demon king. He wants Guri to fail and fall to hell so that he could groom her to be the best devil prankster. The big bosses argue that could start Armageddon but Seiji cuts in and believes Guri won’t be interested in both. Her attention span won’t last that long. Kami agrees knowing Guri’s free spirit. But it’s time for Seiji to go back or else staying too long he won’t be able to go back. Akane is trying to kill Guri for trying to kiss Seiji awake. Now his body is left alone. Yuzu having the same kissing thoughts… But Seiji pops back to life, freaking her out. Akane is so relieved that her hug could crush him back to death. Guri is nonchalant and knows he went to heaven. Where could he go after dying, right? With Guri so carefree, Seiji wonders if it is possible to teach her about love.

Episode 6
Akua seems happy when Seiji asks her to join him to go to the beach. All that turn into disappointment when he brought along his harem too. What a bummer. Despite Akane trying to get friendly with her future sister, Akua keeps her distance. Seiji tries to go get food when he stumbles upon Shikimi working in a beach house. She wants to get nasty with him but he advises her not to use her body so easily. Unamused with his virgin pride, she decides to tell him what is happening with their families. Akane never showed emotions as a child and she loved those cold eyes. At least that was how Akane’s mom raised her. Akane’s family is the spear and Yuzu’s family is the shield. This means they are both rivals. Shikimi’s family is a branch and does stuffs for the main family. Both Akane and Yuzu’s mom are now on bad terms. Seiji stops her from continuing. He doesn’t want to know more behind their back and would prefer them to tell him when they’re ready. Shikimi hopes it doesn’t take too long because it might be over by then. She wanted to play with Akane, that’s why she wanted her to be stronger. Otherwise her family is going to destroy her. Meanwhile Akua is being attacked by Stolas! Luckily Akane saves her but devil woman and demon penguin face off. But what’s this? Akane losing?! OMG! Is this true?! Because Stolas keeps b*tching about her being weak, she is sick of hearing it and summons her hidden strength to defeat him. Seiji returns and they’re not too happy he wasn’t around in their time of need. Was he trying to hit on girls? Akane wanted to kill him but Akua whispers Seiji likes strong girls so at least she’s got that going for her.

Guri has the gang gather at school at night to play kimodameshi. This is also because a pair of high school lovers wants to become a couple tonight and has Guri as their mediator. But via kimodameshi? As they walk around, they start getting chased by ghosts and even some famous horror characters. Sorry Chucky, you’re no match for Akane. In a room, Akane and Guri get absorbed by a mirror and when they come to, they realize they’re on the rooftop. Akane takes this chance to ask Guri if she likes Seiji. Yes. But Akane believes she isn’t sure. Because if she truly loves him, why does she constantly saves her rival and keep him at his mercy? If she just wants to prolong this friendship game then stay away from him because she’s just being a nuisance. Seiji carries Yuzu on her back upon realizing she has trying to act brave but is at her limits. They look like a couple but the tsundere denies. When they finally reach the rooftop which is the goal, they see Akane and Guri beating up those ghosts! Guri then reveals the pair are ghosts. Their relationship was not accepted and the ghosts who are jealous of them made a bet that they would only pass on if they reached the rooftop. After Guri marks them in her Love Phone, they pass on. Guri observes Akane interacting with Seiji and remembers what she also told her. Being in love means that whether you are happy or sad, your heart aches. Guri is left confused. Oh, Akane is going to kill Seiji for having Yuzu on his back. Is this part of love too?

Episode 7
Seiji and Coraly are shocked to see Guri trying to stab herself?! Actually she’s trying to find out what it means from Akane’s words about your heart hurting from loving someone. She’s taking it too literally… Guri wants to go to the festivals with him but he can’t. Apparently he is already ‘booked’ by Akane to go to the aquarium. She throws a tantrum and runs off. That is when she bumps into a handsome guy who tries to hit on her. She allows him to date her as she complains how her ‘boyfriend’ won’t go to places she wants. So he takes her to the festivals and they do look like a real couple. The guy tries to persuade her he is a better boyfriend that Seiji and that she doesn’t like him. But as he tries to kiss her, Seiji’s image flashes through her mind. She pokes his eyes and tells him despite all she said, she would still rather hold hands and kiss Seiji. As she runs back, her sandal straps break but she falls into Seiji’s arms. He starts whining about her wanting to do all this and how do you shut him up? With a kiss! Akane not amused… But Guri tells her she might not understand what she said but she still prefers Seiji anytime. Akane tries to kill her… It seems that handsome guy was under the spell of Maou. Coraly warns him about meddling denies he did so directly and promises he won’t. He doesn’t want Guri to hate him. Meanwhile Akane’s mom, Suo confronts Shikimi and knows she has met with her daughter. She wants to know what kind of relationship Akane has with Seiji. Akane is then captured, tied up and beaten up. Suo wants her to break up with him now. She has no choice but to comply.

Guri is having coffee with Yuzu as the latter explains how her natural barrier powers made others stay away from her. Her servant, Tarou Tsuruoka then rushes in to tell of a bad news. Akane remembers her mom telling her to give her heart to others because it will be a weakness and no knife sharp enough will save her. That is why she rejected boys who confessed to her. Till she met Seiji in an alley. He is ‘blinded’ by his cat as he was taking it to the vet for treatment. Seeing he called her a kind person, she was moved and had this notion of always wanting to see him. Meanwhile Seiji is being targeted by the mafia?! Of course he can’t die. Luckily Akua is here to beat them all up. As he thinks if this is Shikimi’s ploy, that girl pops up to reveal it is Suo’s plan to hurt him once she learnt that Akane is dating him. Now she is held captive and they might not see her again. The family has this rule of not falling in love and Akane broke that rule. Shikimi suggests going to rescue her but since Seiji is unsure if he’ll be a nuisance, Akua beats him up and tells him off Akane is her girlfriend and that should be enough to get him moving. Yuzu and Guri are also making their move to rescue Akane.

Episode 8
Guri and Yuzu think they can get past the agents with their cosplay? Well… Guri uses her Love Phone to make them gays! When they find Akane, she immediately attacks them. Guri doesn’t believe Akane’s words that she is dumping Seiji out of her own choice since she was always talking about him. Suo steps in. She is not amused Guri is trying to lure her daughter down the wrong path. Guri says she is Akane’s friend. Shikimi then brings Seiji into the picture. She starts torturing him since Akane doesn’t need him anymore. Seiji doesn’t mind it because he is used to it and Akane’s torture is worse. Suo then slaps Akane. She gives her a sword to show her loyalty. Akane draws the sword to Seiji’s neck. She says she doesn’t love him anymore. Really? With that crying face? Akane goes into complete breakdown as she hugs him. She was fully prepared to give up on him but realizes that she loves him. Guri is happy Akane is back to normal. She starts teasing her and kisses Seiji! Akane would want to kill her now but she has mom to deal with first. Suo is going to deal her punishment when Yuzu’s mom, Ameisha steps in. Seeing a wound on her daughter’s face, she becomes enraged and faces off Suo in an epic power battle! Woah! These hot mamas are really more powerful than a certain cupid! They’re wrecking the place up! Seiji wants to know what is going on so the girls explain. Akane’s family does shady business by disposing anything at any request. Yuzu’s family is the opposite as they protect anybody as per requests. Knowing better about their family structure, Seiji says it is not enough for him to hate them. In addition, Suo and Ameisha fell in love with the same man who would later become their father. Ever since father left Suo, she devoted herself to the family as if in hopes to forget everything. She also tried to raise Akane this way.

Akane wants to be with Seiji so she pleads to mom she wants to love him even if it makes her pathetic or betraying the family. Guri rubbishes the thought that Suo would hate her daughter because she can sense she loves her instead. Ameisha starts laughing at this side of hers. Then she tells her there is no reason to go so far to protect her daughter just because she was hurt once. Ameisha won’t deny that part in herself because it shows she is proud of herself for loving him. After Seiji assures he won’t make Akane sad, Suo lets them do whatever they want. But since she still won’t forgive, she will kill Seiji whenever she gets the chance. Now that things are back to normal, Akane tries to kill Guri for kissing Seiji. Guri claims she was just trying to support her friend. Friend? They’re rivals! Akane pecks Yuzu’s forehead as reward for saving her. She melts into a slime. Ameisha is shocked to learn Yuzu is in love with Akane but at the same time dating Seiji. She starts hounding Tsuruoka for details since he never reported any of it. Shikimi seems to be the only one who isn’t too happy about the outcome. She notices each time Guri is involved, things get boring. Akane once thought of a future without Seiji. Now she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. She is glad to have fallen in love with him. Guri starts to worry when she sees Akane and Seiji’s genuine smile together.

Episode 9
It’s back to the usual fighting between Akane and Guri. But Guri starts to notice the closer she gets to love, the more like an outsider she feels. Here is some news for you: Shikimi is a new transfer student in their class! She assures she is only here to watch them as per requested by Suo and Ameisha. She won’t do anything as long as there are no problems. Well, Akane is already in a bad mood… Later Yuzu confronts Shikimi about her whatever schemes. However Shikimi turns the tables by messing with her head if Yuzu doesn’t want her interfering is it because for Akane or Seiji. She can tell Yuzu looks lost. Yuzu remembers mom said something similar. Yuzu was praising Akane while vilifying Seiji. Ameisha could order Seiji to be taken out then but Yuzu doesn’t want that. Instead she’ll solve this herself. Seiji thinks that Shikimi enjoys seeing them in trouble. Maybe if they could get along well in front of everybody. Akane is quick to suggest he just needs to kiss her in public. Guess what? If she can get along with Guri, he’ll do so. A small price to pay for his kiss. Try to control yourself from killing her, okay? The class will be doing a play for the cultural festival. They have decided to make Shikimi the princess, Akane the knight and Guri the love rival. Later Yuzu who is still confused about her feelings, bumps into Seiji. She kisses him! OMG! She claims this is to ascertain her feelings because if she doesn’t feel anything about that kiss it proves… Oh wait. She’s getting so emotional and running away?

Ever since, Yuzu has not snuck into Akane’s class but she is going crazy thinking about everything in her own real class. Banging her head on the desk? Is she alright? Apparently not. After school, she is shocked Seiji is waiting for her at the gates. He is worried she didn’t show up and is here to tell her she too has a part in the play. That’s all? Is he here just to tell her that? When he tries to understand her feelings, she whacks him and leaves. During the play, Shikimi is natural (obvious), Akane sucks and Guri is like her usual idiotic self. Akane is blaming Shikimi for making Yuzu ‘missing’. When Yuzu finally shows up, the drama now shifts to this adlib script. Yuzu admits that she kissed Seiji on her own volition. Akane not looking happy. She was doing it to be sure of her unwavering feelings for her. Akane not impressed. Even if those tears are real. So did she get her answer? She doesn’t know. But she knows her love for her will never change. Akane smiles and says she loves her too much that she goes out of her mind with worry. She hugs her and adds there is no harm coming to love someone else other than her. Just relax and face your own feelings. It’ll make things easier. With all the emotional outburst, Akane thinks this is time to show how well she gets along with Guri. OMG! She kissed her! Passionately! Now she is hounding Seiji for a kiss. I’m sure the crowd is confused but they look entertained. After the play, Yuzu continues to be a tsundere to Seiji. She detests him but doesn’t hate him. Say what? Akane regrets her passionate public kiss with Guri. She then warns Shikimi about trying to break them up. It’s useless. Shikimi then goes to mess with Guri that it is obvious Yuzu is attracted to Seiji. But is she okay with that? If Akane and Yuzu keep getting closer to him, will she really feel nothing about it? Think carefully…

Episode 10
After Akua leaves to stay overnight at a friend’s house, here comes Akane knocking on Seiji’s door. Still remember that kiss promise? Yeah… She is really looking forward to it and prepares herself when Guri just came out from the bath. Mood ruined… Since Akane wants to stay, Yuzu is also here to stay. Even if it’s for a night, she brought heaps of luggage. Are we missing somebody? Oh, Shikimi is at the door. Akane threatens her to leave but she threatens to report to their moms. I guess she is staying then. Yeah, the whole gang’s here. So we have some moments like Yuzu cutting her finger while cooking and Seiji treating it. Akane made super amazing dinner for Seiji and Yuzu but only salad for Guri and Shikimi so the latter duo steal and eat the sumptuous portion. Then it is roles reversal when the girls accidentally enter the bath and violated Seiji’s modesty. What’s this about him not becoming a groom anymore? When Akane shares a moment with Seiji, she doesn’t want to force him into kissing as that wouldn’t make her happy. But surprise! He kisses her. He made that promise so it is only right he followed up on it. It made her day. All the girls will sleep in his room while he sleeps on the couch. Nothing eventful seems to happen that night. Or is it? Because the next morning when he wakes up, all the girls are sleeping around him! Shikimi naked?! Then Akua comes home early and sees this farce. Guess who is going to bear the brunt of her punishment?

Attempts to explain himself ended in vain as she won’t listen. Guri talks to Akua and wonders if she just wanted Seiji’s attention. She has noticed Akua used to be girly but discarded all that. She wants to make her girly again but Akua resists. Guri wonders if she is doing it on purpose because she looks like she isn’t honest to herself. Guri notes she could have become part of Seiji’s harem had he not stopped her. Akua also wonders if Guri likes Seiji because she is always messing around with him. Akua accidentally stumbles into what seemed like a terrorist incident. Actually it’s Stolas! He’s back and more aggressive than before to claim Akua! You can’t run away from this mad penguin who wants to mate with you! Lucky Coraly is here to save her. His cat form won’t be enough so he transforms into his true angel form. Uhm, isn’t this form creepier and funnier? But Stolas won’t be defeated. He is going to get Akua no matter what. That is when Akua sums up her courage to give him a roundhouse kick to send him flying away and broken hearted. When she realizes this is the first time she beat him, Coraly praises her for conquering her weakness and that she has grown. Seiji arrives too late. He is still worried about her and Akua realizes he has never changed. Seeing the siblings like this bothers Guri. Shikimi moves in, assuring Guri can talk to her about anything. Did she take the bait?

Episode 11
Akua likes Coraly in his angel form but is afraid in his cat form? Guri has been missing for a week and Seiji thinks she’ll be back. She never did. Even Yuzu is worried for her. Seiji has to go look for her when Coraly reminds if they cannot to their jobs, their souls will disappear. Shikimi is trying to flirt with Kusunoki. Seiji manages to stop her and lecture her about stealing what is not hers. Not that Shikimi is listening anyway. When he asks for Guri, she doesn’t like how condescending he sounds. She is going to make him submit as she kisses him. Again. And again. Actually Guri is hiding up a tree nearby, deep in her thoughts. She talked to Shikimi about the matters of the heart she doesn’t understand. Now she is depressed and confused as ever. At first she was hiding in hopes Seiji would find her and in turn she will prank him but it has been a week. Does Seiji really care about her? Seiji kissing somebody so long, in no time Akane is going to tear the place apart and find them. She scolds Shikimi for never changing that is why she will always be alone. Shikimi isn’t moved one bit. It’s not like she envies them. She calls Guri out of hiding. First thing, Seiji scolds her how everyone was worried and searched for her and if she was hiding and having fun watching all that, that’s just mean. Seiji might sound mean at this point that Yuzu is just concerned that he is blaming her. When Guri asks Seiji what he thinks of her, his reply he always found her a pain has her exploding inside and suddenly she covers herself in black feathers. Maou then pops up and thanks Shikimi for doing her part. Technically Maou didn’t do anything so he didn’t break the rules. Guri now turns into a devil with horns and dark wings. Nope, it’s not one of her cosplays. Seiji doesn’t believe it his fault that Guri turned out like that but they have to go stop Guri doing her job as a demon by taking people’s hearts and making them fight. Since Seiji still refuses to accept the blame, Yuzu tells him off how he neglected Guri that this sh*t happened in the first place. Akane finally opens her mouth. She couldn’t care less about Guri. She is not her friend and hopes she disappears forever. Yuzu reminds to return the favour when they went to rescue her. Still don’t care. She doesn’t want Seiji involved for her sake. For the first time, Yuzu hates her onee-sama. Seiji goes after Yuzu, leaving Akane behind. Everyone is so miserable.

Episode 12
Yuzu regrets what she did. Coraly suggests they should all die now and go to heaven! Say what?! His third true form is enough to kill them?! When they meet Kami, they learn Guri’s mother is a demon. Because of her half breed, the reason she is unsure about love compared to other angels. So the plan is to send to hell to persuade Guri to come back. Kami is sure these guys can do it. You mean God can’t do it? Shikimi is bored in hell. Her plan for helping turn Guri into a demon is so that she could also become a demon. Maou tells her not to rush it. All will be due in time. She is already acting like a demon. Of course she’s not going to sit around and listen. Flashback how Shikimi always do pranks on others. Guri can tell all she wants is attention. Seiji, Yuzu and Coraly are in hell. This place is like an office district? They hear the demons talk that they don’t like Maou as the head because he makes them work hard. They prefer if Mavro became the head but they also heard they found her daughter Guri. If she becomes the new head, they’ll be free to do whatever they want. Meanwhile Guri rejects Maou’s proposal to become to new head. All she wants is to do normal work. She tells him don’t seek her mom’s shadow in her. Maou realizes he has been rejected again. Mavro told him she was engaged to Kami and left him with the job. But soon she divorced Kami for cheating and her whereabouts unknown. When Maou saw Guri for the first time, it was as though something he had lost had come back. Hell is in panic because Shikimi is walking around like a normal human. Then she had to mess around with Seiji and co and now the hell police is on their tail. However they are easily disposed by Akane! How did she come here? Tiara told her to die. So she imagined Seiji having an affair with another woman and she died of shock! So she’s here to help Guri too as she owes her a favour.

Once they find Guri, Akane attacks her first but Guri just dodges and doesn’t go on the offensive. Akane chides her as her rival but Guri reminds her she is no longer the Guri she knows. If that’s the case, Guri should destroy their love first. She is actually going to do it but Seiji protests and wants her to be the annoying brat she has always been. Because Guri retorted, Seiji believes the old Guri is still somewhere inside. So he argues she should continue to do whatever she wants, etc. However Shikimi is trying to destroy all that and wants her to tell Seiji she hates him. It is then Guri starts thinking. She doesn’t hate him. But she doesn’t really love him either. Something is missing. When Seiji asks what she wants to do, she says she wants to love him. She jumps down and Seiji jumps down along with her. She then transforms back into her angel form and kisses him. She finally understands what love is. The thing that Akane and Yuzu wanted. The thing she is lacking. Shikimi is unhappy with the turn of events. There goes her chance of being a demon. Guri gives her some encouragement that she can get others to acknowledge her by earning love through her own efforts instead of stealing it. If she can do it, she’ll add her to Seiji’s harem. Shikimi is mulling it since it looks interesting. Oh no. More women for Akane to kill. Seiji’s response to all of this? Guri may be idiotic, troublesome and irresponsible but he will continue to rebuke her as the straight man. She can keep doing fun things. Guri wants to kiss him but can’t. She’ll wait for him to kiss her like he did the first time. And so they return to their normal lives as all the girls want a piece of Seiji. Happy ever after?

Literally A Love To Die For
Too bad for Seiji but thank goodness for me. Seiji will now have to live the rest of his ‘exciting’ life with his harem who will always be causing him trouble and killing him. But for me, a dozen episodes of annoyance was really enough. I had enough. Seiji has completed his cycle of rescuing his harem girls from Akane and Yuzu’s mom’s feud to going to hell to rescue Guri and bring her character back. All that is left is to incorporate Shikimi but I don’t think I want to be around when that happens. It’ll be more or less the same. You know, Akane wants to fawn over Seiji. She wants to kill other girls who gets close to him. Yuzu wants to fawn over Akane. She also wants to fawn over Seiji. Secretly. Guri has the permission to do whatever she thinks it is fun. A free pass to be an idiot. Shikimi wants to see everything fail and break apart. Seiji gets screwed by it all. Rinse and repeat. I’m outta here.

Unfortunately as much as I want to try and like the series, I can’t help feel like going back to feel annoyed about it all. The first episode starts off interestingly but as the series progresses, the more I started to feel annoyed by the story and the characters. Not so much about the plot (because it is as paper thin as it can get since this is after all going to be some romantic comedy anyway – what else is there to tell?) but rather the characters themselves feel irritating to me. Even for the main character himself who is supposed to be plain and me not feeling anything for him even if I’m not rooting for him, he too gets on my nerves subsequently.

Okay, let’s start out with Guri. I feel that she is being a troublemaker and a typical idiot so that the series could have its funny moments. Otherwise it would be as bland and boring as hell without Guri bringing up her antics. However Guri being a prankster feels so annoying because it is like she is trying so hard to be the idiot and be funny. Maybe her character is really like that. Either way, it makes her an annoying character. Annoyingly painful to watch. At times she feels confused when it comes to the topic of love. Then she puts on her confused and serious thinking cap but that hardly changes anything because she’ll soon be back to her idiotic foolish ways. So when Guri turned evil in the penultimate episode, there was no love lost. Heck, I think Guri turning into a demon makes her a better character! And then she had to go back being that annoying angel… Ah well, this is whom they all are familiar with. Someone who causes trouble, does whatever she wants. Better know the devil than the angel. Oh wait. Isn’t that reversed? Argh! So confusing!

Then there is Seiji. This guy gets more than he bargained for and bit more than he can chew. Like any typical main guy in a harem series, he is usually portrayed of trying to be fair and reasonable. Well, he sort of is. Because of that, I feel that towards the end when Guri starts getting neglected, they are trying to force Seiji to become some dick. You can sense that when he scolded Guri thinking she was playing tricks on them all, he should know better and could tell from one look that something was wrong with her. I mean, he has been with her for quite some time and I don’t blame him for thinking this might be one of her usual tricks. But he should be smart enough to see that clearly there was something wrong with her. I mean, how often has he seen this depressed and confused side of hers? And so with Seiji trying to look like he cared (because spare the rod, spoil the child), now it makes him look like an ass even more. After all, the girls around him might cause him trouble especially Guri who is an idiot. But hey, they are HIS idiots! Birds of the same feather flock together…

Akane started off as amusing since there aren’t many yandere girls I have seen in my life. Especially one who takes the main character role. Then it gets old when all her character does is either fawn over Seiji or start killing others. In other words, annoying. Yup, it has become the series’ running joke to start killing Guri or Shikimi when they get close to Seiji on purpose or not. Either way, Seiji is still screwed. Turning them immortal is an excuse Akane can stab Seiji as many times as she wants without the risk of Seiji dying. Like a true yandere route. Even Yuzu starts to have this annoying impression since she is trying too hard to get Akane’s approval while playing tsundere to Seiji. What happens when you try to appease everyone? The same thing when you try to catch both rabbits but end up with none. And it feels like she tries to virtue signal to Seiji and Akane when Guri has gone bad. At this point, even Akua feels annoying although she has been one personally throughout the series. She tries to act tough thinking she doesn’t need her brother. It could be that she really loves him and is embarrassed to show her love, hence your rebellious sister character.

In view of all that, I guess the only one who is not so annoying obviously is Shikimi since she has this devilish scheme in her tone and act. She has this mysterious sense of aura that makes it hard for us to guess what she is thinking at times because she is so manipulative. It’s like her role to bring torment to all those around her and revels in tearing happiness apart. Despite her casual expression, could she be jealous she lacks something to love and thus tries to break it apart? Is this why she is always on Akane’s nerves? To test her and ultimately break her because despite Akane’s past and upbringing, she still has something that Shikimi doesn’t: Love. It might seem all she wants is attention but at this point, why just settle for mere attention when she can get love! Don’t waste a single moment! Enter Seiji’s harem now and make his life more complicated!

Kami and Maou as the supposed heads of heaven and hell respectively feel useless and powerless. Of course this is for comedic effect as you can see Kami is some sort of hippie guy who just returned from a Hawaiian vacation. Maou is sneakier but not as badass and evil as you might think. Looks like he’ll be continuing his demon head job. Just the thought that they are holding a mere post, it shows that there is no one true God or Satan, the immortal one that rules over everything. It’s just mind boggling. Even in the afterlife it feels like the living world. No wonder Shikimi is so bored. Being an angel or demon is so boring that it is more fun being human! It is nice to finally know who Guri’s mom is but it would have been better to know what really happened to her after that. Did she reincarnate or really died?! Yikes.

You thought the animal mascots could save some cuteness for the series but I’m so sorry they aren’t. They are either as weird as f*ck or just plain hideous. I mean, take a look at Coraly possessing Seiji’s pet cat itself. It is creepy itself to think that some sick human crawled inside a cat’s body to become a cat. Yikes. And not forgetting Stolas whose character feels so out of place in the entire series. Because penguins don’t normally speak, we are always and I mean always reminded that whatever thoughts you hear from this evil penguin, they are just actually assumption based on his eyes. Whatever. The reason Stolas even exists is to give Akua some sort of screen time since for some odd reason a penguin wants to forcefully mate with this particular girl. This isn’t the first I’ve seen that another species want to mate a human (Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou anyone?) but it is certainly the first for me for a penguin.

Art and animation feel decent. Bright and colourful hues along with your conventional Japanese anime character type. Of course this means that some of the characters look like I have seen from somewhere such as Guri somehow kept reminding me of Disgaea, Steins;Gate’s Kurisu somehow comes to mind when I see Akane and for some reasons Yuno Gasai of Mirai Nikki in Shikimi. Akua certainly have this uncanny resemblance to the titular character in Fuuka. I have not seen Kuroko No Basket and yet looking at Seiji always compels me to think about that blue haired basketballer. I’m not entirely sure but is Maou designed after Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal? My complaint is that sometimes when the scene gets comical (or to show its comical effect), the chibi form of the characters especially Guri would look odd. For example, her head is just one round circle with simple eyes and mouth. It’s like drawing part of a stick person. For extra content, at the end of each episode, illustrations from various people prove to be amusing.

Once more, it never tires me to hear Sayaka Ohara voicing characters like Suo. That kind of authoritative and commanding voice that portrays a strong and strict independent no nonsense woman that borderlines just evil. Also recognizable are Takehito Koyasu as Maou, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Coraly, Rina Satou as Ameisha, Yukari Tamura as Mavro and Eri Kitamura as Tiara. I got this thought that it was Aki Toyosaki behind Shikimi’s voice but of course something sounded different. Shikimi is voiced by Yumi Hara (Albedo in Overlord). The other casts are Kensho Ono as Seiji (Slaine in Aldnoah.Zero), Manami Numakura as Akane (Retoree in Show By Rock), Yoshino Aoyama as Guri (Yura in Shakunetsu No Takkyuu Musume), Rie Takahashi as Akua (Megumin in Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo), Kenyuu Horiuchi as Stolas (Kinemon in One Piece), Hochu Ohtsuka as Kami (Jiraiya in Naruto), Yuka Ootsubo as Mari (Kyouko in YuruYuri) and Shinnosuke Tachibana as Kusunoki (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita). Yuki Nagano makes her debut as Yuzu.

The opening theme, Koi? De Ai? De Boukun Desu by Wake Up Girls just feels weird. Worse, this song doesn’t sound like it has any tune in it. It just feels flat. As though somebody just mashed up some lines and quickly put it out for release. Although the ending theme by SmileY Inc, Suki Wo Oshiete fares much better, the song still doesn’t resonate with me.

Overall, everything in this anime is so annoying to me that it is hard for me to keep an unbiased assessment. The plot of bringing couples together via a notebook quickly becomes old and forgotten as the characters annoyingly play out what is supposed to be harem comedy antics. It is not that bad but even if it is not that impressive, it left me feeling irritated by it all when the series ended. It should be teaching me about love but instead I got vexed! Grrr! Am I doomed to turn into a demon? Sometimes I wish that this immortality thing would be undone so that Akane can kill off everybody and stay dead forever. Sheesh… But all I can say for Seiji is that if he ever asks the concept of what is love, wait for it, “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”!

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