What is love? Before you start replying this in a jokingly fashion with that 1993 hit song from Haddaway, seriously, can you rationally explain the concept of this emotion? No? Don’t worry. If love is all too complicated for you simpletons to understand but you still need to know how those feelings of affection and tenderness works, be glad to know that you can tune in and watch Rikei Ga Koi Ni Ochita No De Shoumei Shitemita. It’s not your usual kind of romantic comedy of a man and woman just falling in love with each other. As scientists, they’re going all out to scientifically prove that this concept if these feelings they have for each other are real and is truly what is called love. We all once said before that love works in mysterious ways. Now we can definitely also add to that. Love works in complicated ways too! So sit back and pay attention. Get your pens and tons of sheets of notes and papers ready. You don’t know how much you can learn from science!

Episode 1
Shinya Yukimura and Ayame Himuro are doing their respective research when suddenly Himuro drops the bombshell: She’s in love with him. Of course their love story hasn’t really begin yet. Why, it’s not even at the starting point because Yukimura wants proof. What defines love. Hence Himuro comes up with a pie chart and with some info of their dreams and numbers, they come up with a formula that could possibly determine if they are in love with each other. Wow. Sounds easy, right? Not. So when they ask their colleague, Kotonoha Kanade about it, she points to a romance manga as reference. They believe the heart rate is the precondition for love. This has them do several experiments such as chin lifting, sleeve rolling and the wall slam. Yeah, they had to rely on unverified internet info to get started. The activities don’t make them any closer to the results. Himuro then just sits close and hugs him. And then she falls asleep… The experiment chart shows Himuro’s heartbeat fluttering. As Yukimura is still sceptical if the wall slam caused Himuro’s heartbeat to increase (it could be other outside factors influencing), hence we have Rikekuma explain to us about null hypothesis. Whatever… Yukimura continues the wall slamming experiment 100 times! Obviously Himuro’s heartbeat does not increase and decrease instead and remain constantly low after that. Yeah, she got used to it. Then they analyse Himuro’s wall slamming movement. Doesn’t this looks like a sumo wall slap?! No wonder such move didn’t excite Himuro anymore. I’m sure Kanade wants to counter all that but she needs proof. So when she tries to explain her first love with her high school maths teacher, Yukimura makes circles in order to find points of commonality in love. He gets too persistent until Himuro has to put her foot down. Then he wall slams on her for trying to get in the way of his research. Is anybody measuring her heart rate now?

Episode 2
When Kanade enters the lab, she sees Ena Ibarada multi-tasking with her games! I guess there’s some limited event, huh? Today it is Yukimura’s turn to get his heartbeat measured. However he isn’t prepared and runs away. With Himuro telling Kanade to stop him, instinctively she lands a judo throw on him. They tie him up and let him pet Himuro’s head. Ibarada learns of this but points out the flaws in their experiment because there is no scientific control as comparison. So she suggests all the girls enter the fray to see if this is real love or Yukimura is a jerk who just gets excited with any woman. The end results show that he has the same high heartbeat for all of them! He tries to give excuses that his lack of interaction with women makes his heartbeat increase but this leaves Himuro mad. When a woman says she is mad, SHE IS MAD. How can science prove this… Later we see Yukimura and duo cooking. Yukimura trying to be precise with the ingredients, cue for Rikekuma to explain about significant figures. So they are cooking to see if affection can make the food taste better. Himuro gives 2 scenarios whereby a cute girl cooks for you or one whereby macho men does it. The first one, definitely, right???!!! Yukimura thinks of using some hi-tech taste sensor but that would be time consuming. Hence Kanade suggests the simple solution of test tasting 2 cooked dishes. Himuro putting precise supplements into one… When done, she has him taste both. Obviously the second one is better because it has a love note written on it. So this is the system of affection that applies to cooking? A second later, all of them cringe with embarrassment.

Episode 3
Because they’re still lacking lots of data on love, they ask fellow colleague, Kosuke Inukai. Yup, the self-proclaimed man who lives on love! He proceeds to tell them about the lovey-dovey things he has done with his girl, Aika. Himuro agrees with all that till she realizes he spends more on his girl and has even held her many times over! So I guess numerically, this means Himuro’s love for Yukimura isn’t enough, right? Then turns out Aika is a video game character from a dating sim that he is playing. Yup, the amount spent on her is the amount he bought the game. Say, doesn’t Aika looks a lot like Ibarada? Well, they’re childhood friends… He feels embarrassed with this until Yukimura comes up with a very logic argument how this kind of love is normal and that there is nothing strange. I should try using this reasoning! Until Himuro points out that she might not be in love with him! Then Yukimura changes his stance and calls Kosuke’s love as weird and excessive! So Himuro talks to Kanade about this nameless boy in her elementary class who changed her. She was often bullied for being a nerdy girl. That guy too. But because he used scientific reasoning never to let it get to him, she vowed to be like him. Hence she became a scientist in hopes of meeting him one day. But Yukimura dismisses it and calls it rubbish because they are from the same school and he has never once met that guy. As the argument begins, Kanade had to spell it out to them that the nameless kid was in fact Yukimura! Since they cannot settle this, she points out they have to go on a date. Of course they pester her on that definition. Kanade gives her example (using her maths teacher, of course). Kosuke also helps out but obviously it is from his video game experience. Ibarada adds some tragic drama spice… As Kanade tries to push this to move along, a new set of problems occur: As the amusement park has many entrance, hence the travelling salesman problem. This is necessary as they need to cover more grounds to do more experiments. While both come up with the same distance, Ibarada changes some angle to come up with a more efficient route. Next step is for Yukimura to invite Himuro. Like a shy kid asking for a date the first time, he does so. And like a shy girl being invited the first time, she agrees.

Episode 4
The date begins but because they’re starting off sounding like they’re going through an experiment, Kanade and Kosuke who are tasked to observe them have to stop them and get them do the proper stuffs first. Yes, change your outfits! Himuro is looking super cute in her new outfit and Yukimura can’t stop tapping his counter. You see, throughout the date if they feel something, they’ll tap their whatever counter to increase or decrease that feeling counter. Oh dear, they’re even getting detailed with the kind of shoes they’re wearing. At this rate, will the data recording ever end? Now to get started with their optimized date plan. At the diner, it seems Yukimura panicked and ends this without holding her hand. Irked Himuro then leaves. A sleazy guy tries to pick her up and after his constant bugging, she takes out her laptop to explain why she can’t date him! What a nerdy way of being rejected. He still won’t give up and claims he fell in love with her at first sight. That is when a visibly annoyed Yukimura warns him not to touch this woman. He takes her hand and could feel her hand shaking. It’s about time. The jerk still won’t give up and wonders why he is so persistent if he claims he is not her boyfriend. Yukimura argues back about the definition of love. Yup, he takes out all his thesis on love and if he can’t even find the definition to fall in love, what makes a simpleton like him able to declare his love? Well, technically he has got a point from a scientific point of view, that is. Safe to say, better give up on this science nerd now. The amusement park date begins. But we see the scientist duo calculating scientific stuffs like the revolution of the merry-go-round, etc. Even in the haunted house, can scientists be afraid of ghosts even if they are not scientifically proven?! We see them do lots of stuffs but is it me or is Yukimura the one flustering the most from the rides. Finally, it’s the Ferris Wheel. You thought it is a success since they are holding each other. But that is not romantically. Rather, they’re scared of sitting in this vulnerable carriage at this height! Yukimura gives her a present. He tries to inject some formula into some index but whatever the results, he doesn’t think it is sufficient data. Himuro then shows the chart of her exponential increase in her happiness. Numbers they can believe in, right? But because they have no other samples to base on, I guess they need more data. The experiment-cum-date ends but it leaves the duo quite satisfied.

Episode 5
Typical cliché of a girl running with a bread in her mouth, late for school. She bumps into Yukimura but the jam dropped on her shirt. Yukimura then explains scientifically why it is so before leaving. Girl not amused with this nerd. The end. WTF was that all about?! Back at the lab, it seems everyone gathers for their weekly meeting with Professor Ikeda. They are to present their findings. Because Kosuke didn’t even do his assignment, Ikeda gets mad. You can tell he is so when he becomes the Hulk! Oh sh*t!!! Bulging muscles?! How can science explain this?! Anyway, Yukimura goes first and presents his findings on love. Yukimura and Himuro repeat each other’s cheesy lines to get back at each other but everyone just feels like dying from this cringe. Ikeda seems like he is going to get mad because Yukimura didn’t conduct some polynomial time reduction experiment but this love thingy looks more interesting! Because of their sample limitation, Ikeda suggests all of them in this room participate and from the possible permutations, 15 different possibilities may emerge. Yukimura is trying to force Kanade to participate since she is the closest to being normal. She refuses so this has Himuro whack him for lacking tact. Before it starts getting violent, here comes Ikeda in Hulk mode to warn them to solve things via intelligence and not violence! The irony… So we see the first pairing of Yukimura x Kosuke. So gay… Ibarada laughing her ass off! Then we see Yukimura x Kanade. As she is about to feed him, Himuro gets pissed and eats the food! Kosuke and Ibarada challenge each other in which the loser is the one whose heart readings spike. And that loser must buy a week’s worth of dango. Kosuke is in trouble since Ibarada is saying and acting lines exactly like Aika. He loses but since he calls it cheating, they redo it again but without the Aika act. This time Kosuke is in Buddha meditating mode. She talks to him about their past. All his embarrassing moments. Including the moment he came in his pants when she was playing his first dating sim with her!!! Safe to say, Kosuke lost in all aspects. Yeah, nobody can beat Ibarada… When Ibarada takes another look at the data, she gets this idea. Yukimura and Himuro should try kissing.

Episode 6
They’re trying to measure the right angle to kiss… OMG… That is when Kanade interrupts to talk about the right mood for kissing. And this leads to them coming up with a formula for the right mood! Oh, damn. So many values! So you’ve got dimness to sound to other parties around… Ikeda then gives his input if one of the factors interrupt, it will definite affect the rest. Yes, an infinite negative value mood. And now it is up to the rest of them to conduct the experiment.

1) Yukimura x Kanade: Nothing happening. Kanade doesn’t want to kiss him because he’s not her boyfriend. So he kisses her hand instead.
2) Himuro x Ibarada: Because Ibarada says kissing is very normal in western countries, she proceeds to give one on Himuro, shocking everyone. She notes that girls kissing doesn’t count as a kiss. Really?
3) Himuro x Kosuke: Himuro would prefer to let him kiss her feet but settles to let him kiss her hand. And she felt nothing…
4) Kanade x Himuro: Sorry, no yuri moment. They feel awkward just the thought of kissing each other. But after Himuro pats her head, Kanade would really want a kiss from her as a big sister. Wow. So cool. Then they both flinch from the cringe.
5) Yukimura x Kosuke: Sorry fujoshi fans. No yaoi moment here. The guys are in a rage that they’ll get over this by doing the manly thing. Butting heads?
6) Yukimura x Ibarada: Ibarada is flirting and trying to force Yukimura to kiss. Stubborn guy refuses and the chase begins…
7) Ibarada x Kosuke: They just both play their handheld games…
8) Kosuke x Kanade: Nothing happening. Just complaining how they ended up in this weird lab group.
9) Yukimura x Himuro: Finally, the moment of truth has come…

Seems everything and all the factors are right to set up the perfect mood for them to kiss. And as they’re about to do so… Damn helicopter passes by! This diminishes the mood and although it still can be regained after it is gone, it is already night and there is no light! Yukimura thought of this and tries to light his romantic candle only to be interrupted by others checking on them and the personnel needing to lock the place up. I guess this really diminishes the mood beyond repair. But it’s still not over. Himuro screws it all and just wants him to kiss her. Shut up and do it! Or is this impossible for him? Yukimura then kisses her hair. Don’t go and assume the impossible on him. Because one day he will give her a kiss with the highest theoretical value! So cool! Only Kanade is stumped over this wasted drama and experiment… In the aftermath, it seems the pair with the greatest vital value is Yukimura x Ibarada! But that’s only because the sly vixen made him run around!!! Again, Kanade stumped over this wasted experiment.

Episode 7
We have a drinking party to mark the end of the first semester. Kanade thought she could hook up with some hot guys but all that expectation comes crushing down because it’s just a local party inside their lab. Then we have some prime number and its theorem explanation thingy. After a few wine glasses, we see how some of them already fall under the influence. Like Himuro boldly declaring her love for Yukimura while Kosuke turning into a child and declaring his love for Ibarada. Ikeda is fast asleep. Kanade is also not spared because 20 minutes later, she becomes the grumpy type who complains about wanting to experience love. In the end, only Yukimura didn’t get drunk and he is glad not to do so because the next day everyone has a massive hangover. We now see a ‘scientific’ version of Cinderella with Himuro as the titular character. Yeah, she’s ignoring her evil stepmom while continue to type in her laptop. Ibarada the fairy godmother turns her into a princess for the ball. Of course the dance with Yukimura the prince only lasts until midnight (GMT) before she has to leave and drop her glass slippers. So how does Yukimura find her? Send it to the forensic lab to extract her DNA! With her found, they marry and lived happily ever after. Sighs. Not another guy who can’t remember a woman he loves by her face! So this story is because Yukimura wanted to gather more evidence after their kissing experiment. Ibarada suggests fairytales and this popped up. Of course they also discuss how it is full of plot holes. Next fairytale discussed is that Kaguya-hime folklore. The scientific twists include Himuro as the titular character leaving a tough maths problem for her suitors to solve. And when it’s time to return to the moon, she returns via NASA space rocket! And another folklore, that Tsuru No Ongaeshi. Himuro as that crane woman who seems to be weaving high quality fabric. So curious Yukimura takes a peek behind her room only to find she does so via a high-tech air jet looming machine! They marry and revolutionize the textile industry while become rich in the aftermath. The end. No wonder fairytales leave out sciences…

Episode 8
Ikeda is going to be in Hulk mode if Kosuke doesn’t hurry up and make some progress with his research. Of course he offers to help if he is stuck somewhere. Kosuke complains that the research he is doing doesn’t seem to be applicable to things in life and that’s why he can’t understand. When Ibarada says that he might have to transfer to another lab, this gets on Kosuke’s nerve. Luckily Ikeda comes up with an idea about the possible paths and endings for dating sims as a topic. With so many different combinations, is there an effective method of exploration? This motivates Kosuke to start on it right away. Yukimura and Kanade just enter the lab. He is chastising her for some difficult slide presentation. Suddenly he asks for her saliva. Of course he gets beaten up. When Himuro comes in, she also asks the same thing. Of course the idea is to measure oxytocin, the hormone secretion that is involved when one is in love. It is basically mostly found in the saliva. Yukimura starts his presentation but Himuro quickly disagrees. It seems he has a video of her being in close contact with him while in a drunken state. She wants the video deleted but he won’t. Too precious a data! Then they reconduct the experiment by being close with each other. They get hyped thinking their body is filled with oxytocin. Kanade as usual is stumped seeing their overreaction and believes any normal person would be turned off seeing this. Oh wait. Somebody is watching! Hope she doesn’t freak out. Arika Yamamoto is an ex-student of this lab and has already graduated. After learning from Ikeda about the experiment, she is interested to know more. Yukimura and Himuro present their research and of course they also embarrass themselves in the midst of it. Yamamoto is struck with inspiration. Turns out she is a mangaka and her series is not doing well or often got rejected. She wants to use this experiment as her basis for her new manga. While the duo seem pretty interested in this idea because if her manga reaches worldwide audiences, it could give them more data, however Yamamoto will do anything to make her series a hit. This means she is going to draw erotic sex scenes of them! And yes, she will be joining them in their upcoming summer camp.

Episode 9
The Okinawa trip has begun. Well… Yukimura and Himuro bring lots of excess baggage and they really want to get that saliva experiment going right on the plane! So they have to be on their best behaviour. But as Himuro tries to distract herself by explaining Bernoulli’s Principle of lifting air currents, she still can’t help feel she wants to hug Yukimura. Upon arrival, the gang stays at a nice hotel courtesy of Yamamoto. Wait. Does she have the money? Why, she spent it all on this gamble in hopes this will bring her future profits!!! So she’s broke as hell now?! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the swimsuits! Yukimura can’t comment directly on how cute Himuro is. 2.34 times to be exact. Because Yukimura is so fair, he is shining like a reflector board!!! Damn, is he a vampire?! Time for the watermelon hitting game. Ibarada gives equations that confuses Kosuke. But Ikeda seems to get it all and destroys it with his, uhm, hadouken?! Meanwhile Yukimura and Himuro try to get it on at a secluded spot. Of course their embarrassment got in the way so they give excuse for a time out. At this point everyone is spying on them. Then they talk about the problem of a couple’s greatest close contact whereby 2 people seek the greatest area of contact. Yukimura comes up with really weird positions that you wonder if this is acrobat kama sutra or just basically twisted porn. Then Ibarada notes a problem she had before. As she hugged someone with huge boobs, it caused a gap when they hugged. So is she implying that hugging flat chests have the greatest contact area? In fact, the best would be 2 men hugging each other! Oh sh*t!!! Is this some yaoi BL awakening here?! Because they want Yukimura to hug Kosuke!!! OH SH*T!!! We don’t see how that turned out but later, remember those jerks who tried to flirt with Yukimura but failed because of science? Yup. They’re here too. They never learn their lesson. Or at least they see Yukimura and remember her. Don’t mess with her. But then they see Ibarada and think she’s their type too. Then Kosuke returns from buying food and see those jerks ganging up on Ibarada. He thinks she will turn the tables but when one of them seemingly gets rough, Kosuke jumps in and punches the dude! Plus some manly warning not to touch this girl of his. Turns out that they were just playing some Pokemon spoof. While the misunderstanding is cleared up, Kosuke is super embarrassed as Ibarada can’t help laugh at how cool he was. Sorry dude. Can’t forget all that! This one’s for the album too. Later Ikeda tells them that several professors will be at the summit and they’ll have to give their presentations to them. So are they Nobel Prize worthy?!

Episode 10
Himuro is nervous as she hopes Yukimura would come into her room and do something romantic. Speaking of the devil, here he comes! Oh wait. Don’t tell me you’re not prepared now?! Then turns out he is here to help Kanade with her presentation. Are you relieved or disappointed? Later Himuro examines her recorded data on her feelings for Yukimura and believes it is psychological reactance. When a person is told not to do something, he/she is more inclined to do the opposite. Hence her feelings for Yukimura isn’t actually love! I don’t know, that just felt like an excuse… The presentation starts off with Naoya Shikijou with his Nash equilibrium. Just like Kanade, what the heck is he talking about?! A few professors ask some questions. Because he cannot answer, Professor Kanou berates him for not doing enough research! Oh sh*t. This is scary! This is making Kanade worried. Next up is Kosuke as he presents his dating sim routes. Professor Kaku dismisses this as he doesn’t find it all relevant. They’re in the engineering division, you know. Kosuke argues back how this is ever more relevant in today’s world, silencing that baldy! Wow. Don’t you badmouth his Aika. There is a break before Kanade’s turn. As Yukimura helps setup for her at the backstage, it is clear that Kanade is shaking in fear. To a point where she just cannot do it. No choice, Yukimura hugs her! What are the odds Himuro sees this?! Yukimura’s reasoning is that this experiment is to help calm a nervous person down. Only catch is that the hugging person is their mother! Kanade beats him up and they argue. But at least it blows away her nervousness. She is up next as she presents her travelling salesman problem. The professors ask a few questions, she is able to answer them honestly. They are impressed with her. This boosts Kanade’s morale as she thanks a nagging senpai for helping her. At the end of the presentation, Ikeda forces Kosuke to apologize to Kaku for the insults. But Kaku is glad he could engage in a lively discussion. Himuro then confronts Yukimura. What was he doing with Kanade earlier on?! Oh dear, sh*t hits the fan…

Episode 11
Though Kanade explains her best, Himuro although accepts this explanation and that it is not her fault, what she cannot accept is how Yukimura is able to do it easily with other women. She starts lashing out at him despite in her heart this is not what she wants to say. Yukimura argues back about the experiments they’ve done. It’s not like they’re dating, right? That was it. A slap across the face. The rest of the trip that is supposed to be fun and relaxation is now ruined with the tension between them high. What can the rest do? Probably what Ibarada says is correct. They’re always fighting. Technically. So it’s best to leave them alone. More tension when Himuro asks Yukimura the reason she is angry. Oh dear. Trap question! Answering with scientific logic earns him a slap with her handbag. I guess that’s not it. Later Himuro confides in Kanade. She actually didn’t want to say all that and is regretting all that she did. Back in their room, Kanade tries to explain about jealousy and love but this leads to Himuro typing a thesis on some psychology topic of romantic emotions. Kanade suggests they reconcile because she was having a lot of fun watching them conduct experiments together. And so with Yamamoto, they discuss a reconciliation plan. Himuro’s flashback tells us she never had any friends nor was she interested in love. Girls bullied her because of her intellect and there was a guy who confessed to her but she rejected him. Then of course she met Yukimura. Things started to get different for her. It got her hopes up that something wonderful would happen. The girls go shop for a present and a glass case would make a lovely gift. Himuro is done with her apology thesis (?!) and has her present ready. She goes out to find Yukimura. She meets him and the moment she hands her present, it is broken in pieces! Disheartened, Himuro runs away as her thoughts in disarray, wondering if anything in life will ever go right for her. Yukimura picks up her dropped thesis. He goes back to his room. His dead serious looks on his face. He is going to commence reconciliation with Himuro now. Meticulously and completely.

Episode 12
Yukimura can’t find Himuro anywhere. Kanade and Kosuke help search but to no avail. Yukimura notices the present really broken into pieces so Ibarada says she saw what happened. She saw Himuro trip on the last flight of stairs and also she saw Yamamoto secretly going back into her room prior. Yukimura then confronts Yamamoto and knows she is the one who broke the present. He explains according to Himuro’s height and the casing of the present, that kind of drop cannot shatter it so. Hence somebody must have smashed it with a hammer. Only Yamamoto could do such a thing as Kanade who helped picked the present isn’t that kind of person. Yamamoto admits to it and explains about the psychological study of Romeo and Juliet effect. Something about interference around will cause feelings of love to increase. In short, Yukimura and Himuro’s relationship must hit rock bottom in order for it to dramatically make a comeback. Yamamoto would do anything for her manga and has achieved it. It is the same for Yukimura. So he warns her to not Himuro any further or else. Yamamoto points the direction of where Himuro went. We see her walking on a bridge. Her high heels just broke. Sitting there dejectedly and reminiscing all those regrets. Until Yukimura shows up to lecture her not to base all those thoughts on assumption. Yes, he is here to berate her on her poorly written presentation!!! Himuro claims she cannot think straight as her head and heart are in a mess. Showing evidence of spiking body readings and rates, she can’t take this anymore. She wants to hold him. Embrace her! As they hug, it seems all the elements and factors for a kiss are appropriate. Yup, at maximum point value. Then they kiss! Finally! Something that we can understand! The proof we all can wholesomely accept! Of course they back off and realize this unscientific act they were doing. Yukimura has to carry Himuro all the way back as they talk more about that scientific stuffs… Back to confusing territory… Meanwhile Ibarada gets back at Yamamoto by ordering lots of food. She’s covering for this trip, right? That manga better be a hit… Back at the lab, Yukimura and Himuro deny their kiss to Kanade and give all sorts of (scientific) excuses. They are not amused with each other and start arguing. So is another kiss going to prove it again?

Love Actually: Kagakusha Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii
First thing, I want to apologize… I didn’t really get it at all! OMG. Am I such a dumb person?! Oh well. It is no big deal. On and off I do admit myself that I’m such a simpleton and that such complicated stuffs do not register in my mind. Enter into one ear, out the other. Sad… And just like they say in the end, the research on love will continue to go on. But my guts tell me that nobody will eventually understand what love is… So is this research doomed from the start? Well, never try, never know.

Hence this show is a hit or miss depending on your state of intellect. Uh huh. I have this feeling that this series isn’t for the ordinary people even if it is meant to be. In other words, this show is the anime equivalent to that American series, The Big Bang Theory: An intelligent show for stupid people! Somewhat! Maybe some will go so far as to say this show is too nerdy because of all the theories and such but I guess that’s what happens when you’re not ‘smart’ enough. Heh.

Like I’ve said, you can find this series to be highly entertaining and enlightening or you can find this as one big bore and snore fest. Its content is somewhat a double edge sword as its brand of humour as well as the ‘plot’ relies on the scientific theories and explanations. Therefore Yukimura and Himuro getting really serious (and sometimes exaggerated) in their efforts to explain their experiments, this is supposed to be the main source of comedy. It looks funny on the superficial level but if you try to understand their justifications deeply, you might start to get lost. So it is unique compared to most other romcom animes that rely on the typical clichés of its trope. What we get are bits and pieces of scientific theories that also touch the psychological aspects. See if you can try to make sense and apply it in your life!

Unless you’re the kind of person who denies science outright (then there is nothing more to be said), the experiments and hypotheses justifying the experiments on love cannot be easily brushed off as hogwash nor could it be easily accepted as a critical model to work with. Science is merely but a mode, a systematic structure and study of the physical world based on observation and experimentation. Love is just like everything else and it cannot be simply justified by one brand of theory or experiment. Even as seen using various methodologies to try and prove one ‘simple’ topic, it seemingly does not get anywhere close to the desired results. So keep on trying till you get the results you want? Persistence is key! Hence the interesting parts in this series are some of the small scientific theories and concepts explained (sometimes expanded a little via Rikekuma) and although they are just touching the tip of the iceberg, those who are further interested can look up on your own. Personally, it is enlightening and educational but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of inquisitive scientific mind so once the episode is done, I usually forget the whole thing. Because it is irrelevant in my life! Sad…

Safe to say the characters aren’t anything much but Yukimura and Himuro conducting experiments to prove their feelings for each other sometimes feels like the biggest roundabout way to express their love. The irony that they’re just like any other human beings when confronted with the crazy little thing called love. In certain ways, they are no different than a shy guy trying to express his love to his equally shy crushed. Using science just make it all seemingly look intellectual. Instead of getting it over in a few minutes, their romance thingy is dragged out to a dozen episodes (like how many other romance dramas too but less scientific). The theories they come up with feel like an excuse to ‘hide’ their feelings because once the results they want show up, they would probably use this answer (AKA excuse) to finally confess to each other. So yeah, we know they both love each other from the start. They’re just being shy and stubborn in not wanting to admit it. But you can’t entirely blame them because as they of a science background, many things must literally make sense and be shown sufficient proof before being accepted. Show me the money in this case would be show me the evidence!

Because of this, their brains and heart conflict and this causes some sort of confusion. If not, more confusion. This is especially so in Himuro’s case. We hear her monologues of how she just really wants to be with Yukimura, hold his hand, be embraced by him, etc. Then she tries to rationalize it with some sort of scientific excuse just to get over this conflicting emotion. Because that is apparently easier for her to accept and understand. Sort of. There are similar cases too for Yukimura but it is less frequent possibly because women are usually more prone to emotions, right? Hey, that’s not sexism. It’s just natural science! We are tempted to just scream out loud that it is simply just love and to have them accept it at face value but it you are an atheist while needing answers about the creation of life and some religious nut shouts to you the same to just accept God, would you? Case in point. Hence the final episode feels like one drawn out justification to justify if they are in love or not. We all believe they are. Unfortunately the scientifically intellects won’t. Just how much damn evidence do you need???!!! No wonder we are all tempted to say screw science and just go with our natural instincts!

The other supporting characters are just, well, supporting. Like Kanade being the most normal among the pack feels like your benchmark of this is what happens when you put a normal person within a group of nerds. Probably most of us would know what it would feel like to be in her shoes, having to tolerate the ‘nonsense’ of the scientific nerds when it could be just as simple as what it looks but just lacking solid evidence. So in some ways, Kanade is like playing the straight man retort role if the nerdy duo overstep their boundaries in science in the name of love. Then there is Kosuke who feels like every group there is this one person who is some slacker. I wonder how he got into this faculty in the first place. It’s not impossible for a gamer dude to be scientific intellect but I feel he would do better as the former. Just saying… Just like Yukimura and Himuro, this guy shows his love in a different from and that is via his dating sim and 2D love of his life, Aika. Just another weirdo with a roundabout way to express his love for Ibarada. You do know that this guy likes the smartest person in the group, right? Big spoiler hint: Aika is a mirror image of Ibarada. So the only way to win over Ibarada is via this 2D clone, right? It’s the only way he gets her love. For now. Isn’t it why he is in the same faculty with her?

I’m sure that Ibarada also shares the same feelings for Kosuke. I mean, they are childhood friends and that says a lot in Japanese culture, right? Because of her status of being the smartest among the group, it would definitely be demeaning if she would to reciprocate Kosuke’s love. It’s like she would have to lower her standards. Doing so also shatters our illusion of her of being the smartest so better not go down that road. Therefore putting on a poker face and being taciturn is best for her character (better remain silent and be thought of a fool than to speak and remove all doubt – but in her case, remain silent and be thought of as wise!) and until Kosuke levels up enough to deserve her love, then only their true romance can start. Geez, love is so complicating! In the meantime, she enjoys teasing him and working him up.

Last but not least, Ikeda being the head professor of this group, he gives a new meaning to having both brawns and brains. He could be a distant relative of Hulk because don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. I wonder what kind of science has his muscles bulge out only when he is angry… And Yamamoto, I believe she isn’t all that bad a person to provoke Yukimura and Himuro to this dramatic point. She’s like playing the villain and it is a good thing the duo worked out for the better. See how close they got in the end? Well, sort of. Otherwise she’d be in real sh*t. It won’t be science that ruined her mangaka future…

Art and animation are okay but the overall tone of the series can be a bit dull. It isn’t all that colourful and the series being mostly scientific explanations, the animation can be a little bland to look at sometimes. After all, the only kind of ‘violence’ is when Himuro and Kanade knock on Yukimura’s head or Kanade giving him a judo throw whenever this guy steps over the line and not being considerate enough (carrying on any further would’ve outraged the modesty). This anime is done by Zero-G who did Tsugumomo, Dive, Dorei-ku The Animation and One Room.

Voice acting is also rather okay. Sora Amamiya as Himuro trying to sound like the scientist type but when she gets love stricken, she starts showing signs in her voice like KonoSuba’s Aqua and Hangyakusei Million Arthur’s Danchou. Almost. Then there is Yui Ogura as Yamamoto. In short, it’s really hard to picture her voicing characters that are not loli type. The other casts are Yuuma Uchida as Yukimura (Ash in Banana Fish), Natsuko Hara as Kanade (Mei in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Nichika Omori as Ibarada (Yurine in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Jun Fukushima as Kosuke (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Ryotaro Okiayu as Ikeda (Byakuya in Bleach) and Momo Asakura as Rikekuma (Nagisa in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai). The opening, Paradox by Sora Amamiya sounds cute but it still sounds like a generic manufactured anime pop. At least it sounds better than the ending theme, Turing Love by Akari Nanawo featuring Sou. I don’t know, this piece sounds like a cacophony with everything all over the place. Especially the rap singing that makes it sound more of noise than music. Seriously. But there is an insert song (usually played in some experiments) that I like most because it’s cute and somewhat romantic, although it is a spoof of Unchained Melody! Makes me want to sing along to it sometimes!

Overall, this series like I’ve said isn’t for everybody. We probably saw and predicted the outcome right from the start and despite the scientific results didn’t really produce something of our expectations or answered and questions, in a way we were entertained and enlightened by it all. Somewhat. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to appreciate this show. Hey, at least they’re trying to prove whether or not love is real! Instead of just believing in blind faith! Love is amusing. Science is amusing. Yeah. What a weird chemistry the both are. It just goes to show that when it comes down to the most complicated and basic and natural of things, it is just best to go with your guts. Like how we all have been doing it ever since throughout history. So much simpler to understand this way. Get what I mean? Love is already complicated itself. Don’t need science to add to that misery. Because some things are better left unexplained in detail and that some things just can’t be explained by science. Love is just, uhm, love. Oh, now I’m starting to hear Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It…

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