Robot Girls Z Plus

December 18, 2015

I didn’t think it would happen but it did. However Robot Girls Z Plus despite being the sequel didn’t developed into a full-fledged TV series and instead remained released as ONA. Another boggling fact was that although there are only 6 episodes, each lasting about 8 minutes, they only released an episode per month! I don’t know what kind of strategy they are pulling here but I suppose if you like girls, you like robots, you like action, you like fanservice and you like all of them mashed up together, then you’ll probably enjoy this short sequel. Hey, I mean, even heroines and protectors of a city sometimes need to get violent to take out their stress, right? Right?! Oh what the heck. At least it isn’t my town they’re protecting ;p.

Episode 1
Right off the start, Z-chan is already fighting Boss in the middle of the Nerima Ward streets, causing irreparable damage. All because Boss wants to join Team Z but Z-chan won’t allow her. I mean, what’s with this lame excuse the team is full? Gre-chan and Grenda-san think how they are so alike. Of course Z-chan disagrees although Boss continues to view them as each other’s best friends and greatest rivals. Suddenly a missile almost hits them. Courtesy from Combined Girl Bong. She shoots more missiles for more destruction so Team Z transforms into their usual Mazinger or Grendaizer form to fight back. Although they shoot and dismantle her, Bong can quickly assemble herself back. Fear those card box pieces… Reinforcements arrive when Liger blocks Bong’s missile with her spear. Pon-chan then bats away another one like a perfect baseball hit. Then they steal her card box pieces before she can assemble and let Gecchan finish her off. The trio are the new Team G as they boast how powerful they are now. Boss teases to join their side since they are stronger but they don’t need her and throw her back to Team Z! It’s not like Z-chan wants her too and the duo continue fighting. See how alike they are? But Grenda-san can’t help think where Bong came from.

Episode 2
Sky Magical Girl Grangen thought she could harass some girls and make them wet and sticky but today as it turns out, the pool has become a cheap fishing spot for old guys! She spots Boss and decides to do her in although she is less of her type. That is when Team G arrives to save the day. You know it will happen. When you have a villainess with tentacles and sexy robot girls, this screams tentacle rape scene! Jeeg then pops up with her new partner, Pan-san whom she just found at a cosplay convention. Time to get serious and save the day. But how can this lame combination move do them any good? Well, it makes them look cool, right? So Jeeg thinks. Yeah. Tentacle rape punishment for them too. Jeeg’s servants, Ryouma Nagare and Musashi Tomoe drive into the scene to save them. Boss’ bait seems to have caught the plug at the bottom of the pool. When unplugged, it causes a massive turbulence that disturbs Grangen. Pon-chan then throws Grangen into Musashi. A fiery explosive finish. Everyone is sad over Musashi’s death but Jeeg has hired another guy as replacement so it is all smiles and laughter for everyone. Nobody gives a damn Musashi is still alive.

Episode 3
There is a contest to determine which new Robot Girl team is the strongest. Naturally, Z-chan is pissed and is just going to kick all of their asses but Team G interrupts. They also brag about being the strongest when Hayato pops up to announce their time is over. Time to move over and give the stage to newer teams. Like Team Gou made up of Gou, Shou and Lady Gai. They’re stealing everyone’s hearts. Then Team LOD usurps them. They comprise of Raicchi, Baru-chan and Triple Gai-chan. Not to be outdone, Team Z and Team G head on their stage to do their stuff. Then Boss comes swinging in to join them but she destroys the entire stage with her screw up. It is then decided instead of choosing a strongest team, all of them will become one strongest team called NRM 12. The girls seem to like this idea and start getting along with each other.

Episode 4
Continuing from last episode, Lightwave Girl Picudron isn’t amused with that and attacks them with her light wave. When hit, it allows her to see all you embarrassing weaknesses. So embarrassing that your armour will burst and leave you in your undies! When Picudron zaps Team Z, it seems Grenda-san has something so horrifying that it scares the sh*t out of her and this allows Team Z to escape the fanservice. Triple Gai-chan wants her team to do that embarrassing move. That’s because it involves her teammates stripping so she can wear her armour and blast volts at her enemy. However Picudron absorbs everything. Then Triple Gai-chan flashes something even more horrible. Picudron’s true form is revealed. She is some fat robot powered by peddle power by some folks in some van. Picudron laments they are victims of Robot Girls and planned this revenge. But Team J is still not amused with the trouble they have caused and finishes them. Then everyone starts teasing and taunting Gecchan’s embarrassing secrets.

Episode 5
Our Robot Girls are heading to the mayor’s office to receive a medal. For all they’ve done? I know, it is mind boggling. Even Boss is getting it. Inside her office, Z-chan blushes when the mayor praises her simply because she’s never been praised before. The girls feel something strange when the mayor tells them to pick up their medal. Hmm… Feels heavy. Turns out it is a giant trap set for them. Other Robot Girl teams have also fallen into this trap. The mayor called them here to beat the crap out of them. Her policy is to protect the city and this means Robot Girls who have constantly destroyed the city will be kicked out. She reveals her true form, an alien from outer space going by the name, Super Space Beast Gigilgan Gilgil Ganko. She then makes an announcement to the citizens that she will get rid of these violent little insects for their sake. Here is one serving of screwball coming up right at them. Boom!

Episode 6
Although Jeeg’s servants protect her, the rest somehow survive but under heaps of rubble. Our mad Robot Girls revive in time to take out their anger but Ganko is too strong for them as one by one they fall. This is the power of politics? Conveniently she pins the blame of this city’s destruction on them although her real intention is to redevelop it into a bigger city. Definitely politics power play here. Just as Z-chan is about to give up, Dr Yumi gives her some power accessory. They power up into Robot Girls Team Z EX. With even cooler powers and sexy outfits. Ganko is given a run for her money. The trio combine all their power to blast Photonic Beam Dynamic at her. However she easily dodges since it is too slow. Boss sees the beam coming her way and frantically uses her mirror to reflect it. Before Ganko can fry our heroines, the beam comes back to zap and defeat her for good. In the aftermath, a ceremony to unveil the hero who saved the city takes place. A gold statue of Boss???!!! Well, it is thanks to her that they won, right? Z-chan is furious and won’t allow her to hog the glory. Back to beating each other up, I guess.


These are actually the special extra episodes from the first season that I missed out. Better late than never, eh?

Episode 3.5
In the flying space base of Navarone, the Unwanted Robot piloted by Imaichi Moenai Ko (literally meaning girl lacking in moe) sets off to defeat Team Z and if she wins, Ashura promised her to become her mascot. So our Team Z has the ability to fly up to space for this battle. The fight begins and because Unwanted Robot is made out of cardboard, Imaichi has to quickly patch things up. But Imaichi has a trick under her sleeve. She fires her un-moe beam to turn Z-chan and Gre-chan into un-moe looking characters! Thinking victory is hers, she goes in for the kill. But Grenda-san is not affected and strikes the beam back at her. Ashura and her team got caught in the blast and turn un-moe. But for Imaichi, she now looks moe and kawaii!!! Even her robot looks cool! However Imaichi doesn’t like it because it ruins her identity! WTF?! I like you this cute!!! Team Z then gives the final super punch that sends her crashing into the rest of the baddies for ultimate victory. Don’t worry if their looks will stay like that forever because it soon reverts back.

Episode 6.5
While chasing down Ashura and co, Team Z stumble upon a mascot grand prix. Z-chan wants to get violent as usual but a huge mascot appears before them (Wooser?). He seems to try and persuade them to join him to make lots of cash. But Grenda-san shows her cleavage full of money and doesn’t need it! She then becomes some sort of sadist and beats up this yellow fellow to turn him into some livestock she makes at her secret ranch. You don’t want to know… Suddenly they are attacked by a fairy mascot that shoots acid that will melt anything. Although the barrier protects the girls, the fairy continues spinning its acid everywhere. Too bad for the other mascots. Gre-chan is furious that her computer is melted and she blows the acid back in the fairy’s face! Finally a mascot that resembles like a certain assassinated Austrian archduke who was the responsible for the start of World War 1. He is cocky that Japanese cannot best Europeans and is playing psychology that it will become an international diplomatic incident if so. Z-chan doesn’t give a damn and just blasts everything! The grand prix is falling apart! Ashura and co are hiding in a mascot but Team Z discovers them. Z-chan blames them for ruining the grand prix! If that is not bad enough, they got zapped anyway. So sad…

Episode 9.5
Pixiv is hosting a convention where fans can upload their drawings of encouragement of Team Z live. You can tell Pixiv hates them very much when she puts up that look after Z-chan punches off from the centre stage just to hog the limelight. The first few uploads illustrate the Robot Girls as oppressive and vile evil doers! How is this possible? Pixiv tells us that they aren’t actually sent by fans but by Ashura and her Underground Empire. They’re secretly drawing and uploading them to tarnish their image. Once that happens, Pixiv will get to own them as her property called Robot Girls P. Z-chan tries to add hers but it looks horrible. Grenda-san helps in but it is so questionably porn that it needs mosaic censors. Gre-chan uploads hers and wow, they look pretty good. She drew a few themes like idols, witches, Alice in Wonderland and samurai. This has everyone else motivated as they send in their inspiring art. Pixiv falls into despair and accidentally blurts out her plan’s failure. Care to repeat that? Even dumber, she denies this plan to own them out loud word for word. Time to get owned. Pixiv is beaten up and crashes into Ashura’s little workshop. Looks like they can’t post anymore pictures. Pixiv is not satisfied with this outcome and cancels her agreement with Ashura. She is going to align herself with stronger people. Better make it quick because Team Z will be continuing to kick your ass while everything else gets destroyed. Gre-chan is probably the happiest of the lot seeing one of her drawings (the idol one) won first place for the day.

Protection Via Destruction
Although this sequel is still enjoyable, somehow I feel it still falls short of being completely satisfying. I mean, there are your favourite robot girls based on past mecha series, wantons of destruction and even a little fanservice thrown in so what is it that I’m not feeling satisfied about? I am not sure if it is the slightly shorter duration of the series (the first season had 9 episodes). The episodes of the series itself already feels like fillers, so adding more filler-like episodes of destruction will not make a difference. Could it be something to do with the characters, new and old? More on this in a little while. Or maybe it is just that kind of ending that feels it hasn’t really ended yet and there could be more episodes or sequels in the future. But whatever the reason, there is something inside me that is bugging myself. Something that is telling me that this sequel could have done better but falls short of it. Maybe I’m unconsciously not a mecha fan but I even myself know that it’s crap because the cute ladies here are enough to take away thinking about that mecha factor.

As for the characters, the old ones like Team Z remain identifiable if you remember them from the first season. Especially with Z-chan being haughty and easily resorting to her punches and violence to save the day, thus the unnecessary destruction of the city from time to time. Grenda-san might have that eternal sweet smile of hers but she is some sort of secret sadist and sometimes has something bad enough that you have to censor them out. Lastly, Gre-chan the shy girl who doesn’t talk much. As for the other Robot Girls, I suppose with a handful of them, they’re rather okay but it feels like not enough screen time for all of them although some like Team G and Team LOD do take the limelight and thus Team Z wasn’t always in the fore front in every episode. I think there are some jokes pertaining to them that fans of the original mecha series would only get. Therefore I am quite blur here.

Boss as the new character debuting this season feels more like a nuisance than anything. Of course her character role feels like for comedic roles as you can see the troubles that tag along just for appearing. Maybe that is why Z-chan doesn’t want to let her in the group? Because one destructive girl is already bad enough to hog the limelight, what more two, right? Yeah. Boss’ character design somehow reminds me of that character in Mirai Nikki… Hmm… Doesn’t that lady with the oddly and proportionately bigger head feel similar? Some of the Robot Girl teams, Ashura and a host of Robot Girl enemies that the heroines faced in the first season are completely absent here. But if you are sharp enough, you can spot them making cameos in the background as unimportant background characters. Well, I guess this is an even sadder fate for them. After being chased around, beaten up and blamed, it only goes from bad to worse when you character role is tossed away just like that. And I don’t think they have turned over a new leaf either. Thus the villains of this series also shares a similar fate of only appearing for a single episode or arc and then never to be seen ever again. Yeah, who cares about the bad guys anyway? Remember Dr Hell or that little girl in fake giant robot, Darkness? No? Neither do I. So who the heck is Dr Yumi here anyway?

A bit of destructive action as the Robot Girls unleash their so called trademark attacks on the single enemy they are facing per episode or arc so that you get your trademark city destruction and send the villain flying away and turning into a shining star. Somehow the city always gets rebuild again (I am assuming so because you do not see those destructive patches they leave behind in the next episode), but we don’t care for all that, really. After all, nobody even really dies too, right? Heh. The big irony about the destruction is that buildings get destroyed but no casualties at all. I think everybody has activated some sort of God cheat mode here. Whatever it is, things will always work out with Z-chan’s justice punch, right? Fanservice aren’t aplenty and feels a bit mild just enough to tease your unfulfilled horny libido and nothing worth any fapping material. Really.

Overall, like what I have said a few paragraphs before, still an enjoyable watch but can’t be considered as anything greater. Perfect to watch if you like your characters based on past mecha series and symbolized as cute girls. A good addition if you watched the first season and somewhat like it enough for a little more. The episodes are short enough so they don’t bore you with the same cheap destructive violence and fanservice thrill. Otherwise, go back and take out your VHS tapes or CDs to watch the original retro mecha series for some big time nostalgia. Don’t tell me you’d rather put up with these girls’ shenanigans, no? And once again the day is saved, erm, I mean destroyed. Thanks to the destructive girls. Why take out your stress playing violent video games when you can do it for real in real life?

Robot Girls Z

July 11, 2014

Let me assert this again. I know I have said this before many times, I just need to remind (or rather deceive if you would like to put it) myself that I am not a mecha fan. No, no, no. So I was going to give Robot Girls Z the skip since this is an anime special about those mecha series robots from Toei Animation. Not even having those robots like Great Mazinger and Grendizer personified as cute girls would make me want to watch this. So what got me to watch this? As the plot goes, our main protagonists work to promote some sort of energy that the baddies want to steal. That is where the girls will also have to battle them to prevent this. And here is the clincher: “… though sometimes they beat up ‘bad girls’ to relieve stress”! OMG! This has got to be a funny show, right? It’s like Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt. Supposedly good girls try to save the city but end up destroying it instead. Yeah. This I got to see. Heh. Even good girls sometimes need to take out a little stress once in a while.

Episode 1A
At Nerima ward, Team Z consisting of Z-chan, Grenda-san and Gre-chan are handing out flyers about Photonic Energy awareness. They don’t seem too enthusiastic about their job and lament the no-show of their part timers. Speaking of which, they arrive but they look pretty suspicious. Baron Ashura looks like she has both gender halves , Garada K7 is confident she can shoot beams out of her eyes and Doublas M2 has hand puppets. Odd indeed. After much of Team Z’s harassment, the baddies reveal themselves as Mechanical Beast Girls created by Dr Hell and are out to rule the world by stealing Photonic Energy. I guess our heroines need to take out some stress so they transform into their ‘robot’ form and start beating the hell out of the Mechanical Beasts Girls. Yes. The city is going to get destroyed at this rate. Garada fears Grenda-san’s sadistic ways and gets pulverized into the sky. Gre-chan bullies Doublas by stealing her hand puppets before punching her back with it. Finally Z-chan finishes off Ashura but since she keeps missing, she just shoots everywhere!!! There goes the city… Thank goodness that with their bad shots, Mechanical Beast Girls manage to escape via train and they’re crying and sobbing all the way from the oppression! Scary, huh? People are staring…

Episode 1B
Back in the Underground Empire’s hidden base, morale is low especially Doublas who has turned into a shut-in. Dr Hell calls Ashura to inform her of the new Mechanical Beast Girls he has created but our girls are just being distracted by food. When they stop messing around, Dr Hell introduces Gromazen R9 whose ion beams can destroy anything. Anything? She is sent out immediately but lost as fast to Z-chan’s Photonic Barrier. Next is Gaia Q5 who has some sort of super magnetic power. Too bad she got blown away by Gre-chan’s Great Typhoon and her super magnetic powers means everything magnetic gets stuck on her. Now she’s a giant iron ball… Finally here is Kingdan X10. Erm… She is so shy and nervous that she is shrinking. Thinking she can’t do it herself, Ashura and Garada decide to go with her. Unfortunately Kingdan uses them as human shield when Grenda-san fires her Space Thunder. With failure so high (100% to be exact), morale is at all time low because Gromazen tries to hang herself while Gaia is just rolling around with low self confidence! So bad that Dr Hell just cuts communications for today. Have fun by yourselves, girls. Ashura tries to regain everyone’s confidence so that they can start anew tomorrow. Yeah. Let’s have a nice nabe meal first! Yay! That did the trick.

Episode 1C
Team Z thinks it is fun in the sandy beaches. However it was a trick from their superior to work on a tuna catching fish to pay for the city’s repair bills. Lots of macho man clones… When one of them catches a giant seahorse and sea urchin, they turn out to be Mechanical Beast Girls, Poses O II and Baranga M2. A huge whale ship surfaces and bratty Glossam X2 acts like the leader of the team and determined to take Team Z down. Yeah, she’s arguing with Ashura that she’s on a roll talking like the boss. But they are dumbfounded when Gre-chan mentions they should have attacked their lab while they’re gone. Never thought of that, eh? No matter. Now that they have come all the way out of here, they’re going to send Team Z to their watery grave. The whale ship bumps the tuna ship so Team Z falls into the ocean. This is the sea Mechanical Beast Girls’ domain as they move and attack fast. Especially Baranga who is some sort of pervert and molesting-cum-harassing Grenda-san. Glossam cuts their clothes and is going to cut their swimsuits too but the tuna ship’s captain throws a net and pulls them up. Now that they can’t move freely, it is Team Z’s turn for payback. They are thrown back into the whale ship. Team Z takes a commemorative photo with the ship crew’s right before the whale ship explodes. Our poor Mechanical Beast Girls have to paddle back on a little boat as Ashura purposely shuts off communications with Dr Hell who knows very well they have failed. She knows she’s going to get it… Meanwhile Team Z continues catching tuna into the night and everyone seems to have forgotten about Poses who has been hung up on the hook ever since… Cold… Hungry…

Episode 2A
Team Z are doing well and hogging all the attention at a local sports festival. Till Team T consisting of Gai-chan, Gacky, Bala-tan and Dandan crash in to challenge them and take over their starring roles. After all that mocking, it is decided that they are to enter a marathon. Mechanical Beast Girls want to enter too but it seems the places are filled up. So as the marathon gets underway, we see both sides trying to outdo each other. Well, Team T started it by cheating. They ride their machines and even fire missiles. Won’t the city be destroyed? Meanwhile another battle is going on somewhere. Bala-tan isn’t interested in the race and is eating her desserts. Gre-chan wants some so Bala-tan teases her by swallowing them all. Gre-chan can’t contain her anger and a girly fist fight starts. By the time Mechanical Beast Girls manage to participate and prepare at the start line, Z-chan and Gai-chan are fast approaching the finish line and still at each other’s throat. Their missiles wipe out the entire area. Team Z and Team T are disqualified. With all the other contestants knocked out midway due to accidents, the only one left standing is Ashura and she is the winner of the marathon! She didn’t even do a thing… At the end of the day as Team Z and Team T reconcile, it soon turns into another escalating war as the mocking gets serious… Here we go again?

Episode 2B
While eating some takoyaki, a beautiful girl is ecstatic she has found Z-chan. She is Minerva X and is supposedly her little sister. The rest are glad they have another sister to the team but Minerva quickly becomes a cocky devil to the duo, only being nice and goody to her Z-chan. Of course this is a ploy from Mechanical Beast Girls to mess Team Z. When Z-chan is at her part time job at a petrol station, Minerva doesn’t want her onee-sama to do this kind of job and to let that shrimp Gre-chan do it. Of course Gre-chan is pissed off but Minerva sheds crocodile tears that Gre-chan is being mean. This causes Z-chan to dislike Gre-chan. In the break room when the duo are alone, Ashura gives the sign to get her. But Minerva misinterprets and starts stripping to engage in some underage yuri sex! Embarrassed Z-chan notices how ‘flat’ she is. That’s because Minerva is a boy!!! Luckily Gre-chan slams open the door. Z-chan runs to her. Gre-chan will protect Z-chan and they end up in a face pinching battle, each claiming Z-chan is theirs. When Minerva fires her missile. Z-chan jumps in and takes the shot in her face. Z-chan then cuddles Gre-chan and is glad she is alright (despite her own face is pretty messed up). Minerva feels the heartbreak and leaves. Meanwhile Grenda-san finds Mechanical Beast Girls and beat them up. Next day, as Gre-chan is going to share her dessert with Z-chan, Minerva comes back. Didn’t she give up? Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. And there will be lots of tomorrows to come. So she’s going to come every day? What a pain. And so the battle for Z-chan resumes…

Episode 2C
While soaking in the hotspring, suddenly Team Z hears an awful singing voice. Turns out to be Youko Lorelei, a legendary idol formerly from Rhine X1. Apparently Grenda-san is a big fan and knows a lot about her. Including her air this and air that. In short, she has nothing? Seems she couldn’t get a job in a city and feels she can do better here. The moment she opens her mouth, it’s ultimate destruction! Oh, the cacophony! Only Grenda-san is unaffected and loves it! Youko is even going to sing to entertain the guests at the dinner hall! Quick! Close your ears! Suddenly Belgas V5 pops up and isn’t going to let a washed up idol take her stage. Belgas is a robot created by Mechanical Beast Girls. But here is the thing. Belgas’ singing is damn good and it brings everyone happiness! Only Grenda-san is reeling in pain! So good that everybody starts feeling horny and unrobe themselves! Are we going to see some yuri sex again? Mechanical Beast Girls also get caught up in her harmonic voice and start undressing. Youko’s self confidence takes a dive since she views herself as not even close. That’s when Grenda-san beats her up to bring her senses back. Her songs can only bring people back! Are you sure? The moment she starts singing, it becomes hell. Belgas thought she can also sing a destructive tune but Youko and Grenda-san form a duet and out-sing her!!! Double destruction! Blown away! Literally they give a new meaning of bringing the house down. Yeah, even the volcanoes erupted. In the aftermath, the duo became a singing pop idol sensation called Steel Memories. Their ‘unique’ voice has garnered legion of fans. Plus, they have the most popular video on a video sharing site and have made hundreds of millions in business. True, you’ll never know what will become popular. I say everybody is tone deaf…

Episode 3A
Dr Hell probably realized this too late. Asking his girls to conquer the world was a big mistake. With the world conquest industry in slump and his investors bugging him, he is laying them off. Think of it as a long vacation. Ciao! Ashura sinks into depression so Garada and Doublas try to cheer her up. I guess they were desperate enough to buy something from a suspicious salesman. Before Ashura knows it, she is being sucked into a giant robot, Jetfire P1. Her underlings although assigned to other bosses, they insist they only want to be her underlings. Touching. With Ashura back up, first they send a challenge letter to Team Z. But they turn up late. Team Z sees P1 as a giant replica of Ashura. But P1 is no pushover as it strips Team Z to their undies to humiliate them and pound them back for some major pain! Justice is served? But best fanservice ever! Ashura is to deliver the final blow but seems hesitant. Thinking about the times they spent together? Those never existed! When she finally gets her chance to best Team Z, suddenly P1 stops functioning. This is only a demo version! Can they wait 5 minutes to download the full version? Nay. Enough time for Z-chan to use her Rocket Punch to blast them into space. As Team Z picks themselves up, another group of villains are watching them. The suspicious salesman turns out to be Archduke Gorgon. Alongside Juuma, they are underlings for the Great General of Darkness! She is going to kill them all!

Episode 3B
Team Z is so bored. So when they hear an explosion nearby, they quickly rush there to get a piece of the action. To their surprised, it isn’t Underground Empire but a giant Darkness and her underlings. Team Z whose suits are now upgraded to prevent another humiliating fanservice (aww, shucks), fights her underlings first. But Darkness doesn’t want to waste time anymore and blows everyone away. Then she destroys the barrier for the Photonic Energy building the old fashion way. Just break it with her sword! She absorbs all the power. After destroying the vicinity, Team Z is crucified. She is going to kill them when Team G arrives. Herald Jeeg (motorcycle girl doing embarrassing poses) and Get (rich oujo-sama with her own butlers – she even came in a limo!). So after freeing Team Z, they go into action. Get becomes mad when her pretty clothes are stained. Feel the wrath!!! The underlings are defeated and Team Z is worried of their reduced spotlight. Will they still be the heroines in the next episode?

Episode 3C
The quintet face off with Darkness but are no match. So weak. Before Darkness can kill them, she is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva! Lover girl/boy heard Z-chan was in trouble and came to help. But now she’s clinging all over her onee-sama… Now can Darkness kill them? Not yet. Here comes Youko and her horrible singing. Oh, by the way, Steel Memories disbanded. Anybody else want to drop by? Of course! Don’t forget Team T! With Darkness’ underlings defeated for good, all the Robot Girls team combine their beam attack (with equally ferocious names) and fire at Darkness. However Darkness is not fazed and deflects it with her nose shit! Thanks to that, the entire city is decimated! Z-chan is trembling in fear! She cannot believe their combined attacks didn’t work. She’s desperate for somebody to save her! Is this her doom? Not yet. Who is it this time? Mechanical Beast Girls arrive from the sky in P2! They manage to make this little ship using Ashura’s wedding funds. Don’t ask. Although P2 easily gets destroyed, the trio hang on her cape until it rips. Z-chan sees a zipper and uses Rocket Punch to unzip it. Darkness’ true form is a little girl piloting this big robot. She is Mycenae, the CEO of Mycenae Empire Inc and is dubbed the young genius who will take over the year. Yeah. She’s acquiring small companies… Mycenae is trying to play the cute brat but the girls are not amused. They want to teach her a lesson but she distracts them with some voice actress over there. Oldest trick in the book. She escapes via P2 but the engine is damaged and she is blasted away into the sky. You reap what you sew. At the end of a hard day’s work, the girls decide to get something to eat but Mechanical Beast Girls hijack the food van before Z-chan Rocket Punch and defeat them. The power of justice exists only for her! You don’t say… She almost died, didn’t she?

Destructive Girls
Well, it was a fun ride because from the way I see it, Team Z or any other team and villains are just about the same. Because each time their power fight ends up with the city being destroyed! It is like the trademark of each episode. I wonder how much money has been spent to rebuild it every time. And oddly, no casualties either. At that impact with the missiles slamming into the buildings still packed with people, it is amazing that nobody dies. That is why this is more of a comedy action series than anything serious. So have our Team Z girls relieved their stress? Be thankful Mechanical Beast Girls are around for you to take your stress out. I guess that is why they exist solely for this role and always lose.

The action is fine and entertaining with lots of big explosions and over the top craziness that if given to Hollywood, they might exaggerate it with bigger special effects like how explosions are a trademark in Michael Bay’s movies. The characters feel generic although they have their own quirky behaviours. Even worse for some of the robot girls are introduced and appear in only one episode. But do you care about the deep stuffs of each character’s likes and dislikes since we are here just for the action, explosions and nonsense? You probably wouldn’t care what happened to this character or that character since we are happy that the day ends well. At least for our girls. I personally think the character designs look good only for Team Z. The rest looks like weirdoes. It’s like a magical girl cosplaying as a mecha but didn’t quite make the cut.

As this anime supposedly pay tribute to all the mecha series made by Toei Animation, I suppose each girl represents some robot and I guess there are lots of them since in every episode we are introduced to at least one. Except for the last one of course. As said, I wasn’t even a mecha fan and although I remember did watching certain clips of Grendizer or Mazinger on TV, that was before my anime craze and was watching them as ‘children’s cartoon’. I figure that the moves they pull off are also in tribute to the actual moves in the original show but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t bother to do my research.

Due to the many robot girls introduced, the cast is also quite large with popular and not so popular seiyuus lending their voice. Some of the popular ones that I noticed include Yukari Tamura, Ai Nonaka, Saori Goto and Satomi Satou. As for our regular characters, they are Mariko Honda as Z-chan (Kurimu in Seitokai No Ichizon), Kazusa Aranami as Grenda-san (Tomoe in Da Capo III), Inori Minase as Gre-chan (Suzu in Love Lab), Aya Hisakawa as Ashura (Unohana in Bleach), Yukiko Morishita as Garada and Nao Touyama as Doublas (Kanon in The World God Only Knows). The opening theme is the same name of this series and sung by Kikai Shoujotai, which is basically the seiyuus of Team Z and Team G. Filled with all that power and excitement to get you into the feel of what this series is about. The ending theme is Team Z No Chikara and by the seiyuus of Team Z. Sounds like a typical anime pop.

Overall, I find this series decent despite being a fun and entertaining ride. Although I would think old mecha fans may appreciate this better but even so, watch this only if you want some laughs and not something to be taken seriously. I mean, if you have violent girls who are supposedly tasked to protect something but end up destroying everything else, who cares about justice when you can just beat them up to relieve your stress. And you can call that justice if you win. Only winners write history, right? Yeah. Pity the enemy. Pity the people. Pity the city. Pity this didn’t get more episodes.

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