Rosario To Vampire

August 9, 2009

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have a supernatural harem? Instead of pretty human ladies flanking your side, you have female ghouls and monsters instead. Now why would any guy want that sort of harem? Firstly, it isn’t by choice. Secondly, unless you’re talking about Rosario To Vampire, whereby those supernatural spooks look as gorgeous and beautiful than their human counterparts, then it’s a different story.
In this series of 13 episodes filled with so much fanservice to the brim, you’ll wonder if the supernatural setting is actually necessary or not. Well, okay. Maybe it is. But viewers will definitely identify with the tremendous amount of fanservice and ecchiness which makes this series a comedy and fun to watch. And I don’t mean it in the sense that I’m a pervert, okay.
So our (un)lucky male human guy is Tsukune Aono. As seen in episode 1, he just flopped big time in some exam. His future is at stake. Call it a twist in fate that Tsukune somehow boarded a mysterious bus with a mysterious driver (his eyes are like flashlights!) to a creepy place through a creepy tunnel. It’s like he’s entered a whole new world. A new dimension. The Twilight Zone. Not. Of course as the new kid in town, he’s pretty cautious about his surroundings when a pink haired girl, Moka Akashiya. bumps into him on a bicycle. You can tell that it is love at first bite, I mean sight for Moka because she is somehow attracted to Tsukune’s human scent and sinks her teeth without second thought. Yup, she’s a vampire.
Then as Tsukune introduces himself as the new transfer student of the school he’ll be attending, Youkai Academy, his homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome (a catgirl) introduces yet another transfer student. That’s right. It’s Moka. It’s like fate is always bringing them together. Moka is thrilled that Tsukune is in the same class but I guess the other students aren’t so thrilled. Especially, Komiya Saizou, who has set his sights on Moka. So this Saizou guy being the bully and delinquent he is, tries to muscle his way to Moka’s heart by shoving powerless Tsukune away. And when Moka reveals that she isn’t human, Tsukune runs away in fear. It’s natural for a human to be surrounded by supernatural beings but after hearing how Moka too hates humans due to her previous attendance in a human’s school, Tsukune tells her that he is one. He continues to run until he runs into Saizou who isn’t going to let go of him. Saizou reveals his true form, which is an ogre and starts pounding hapless Tsukune. As Moka rushes to his side, she express her wish to have friends and similarly Tsukune too and it doesn’t matter if she’s a monster or what. Tsukune’s hands then accidentally slipped and took off the cross rosary on Moka’s neck. When that happens, Moka will transform into a darker and more powerful self, which I will refer to as Dark Moka. Vampires being the ultimate monster, would send shivers down to any other monsters that confronts them. Though Saizou isn’t going to back down either. Soon, Dark Moka teaches Saizou a painful punishment he will never forget. Once it’s over, Dark Moka puts back her rosary to transform herself back to Moka and collapses. Once she comes to, the tempting scent of Tsukune’s blood has Moka biting it.
If you’re thinking why all the students and teachers of Youkai Academy look so hot or just like a human being most of the times, is because as part of the school’s rule to foster better ties with the human world, they cannot reveal their true form at school. Like that will help. I mean, their education syllabus is so Japanese-like. Well, they’re in Japan alright. Plus, no humans are allowed on this territory and if there is one, they’ll be killed. It amazes me how come Tsukune managed to slip through all that. Because of so, many of the other students will always wonder what kind of monster he is. Tsukune has to be very careful not to reveal his true form. It’s like living a real life nightmare.
Also in each episode, you’ll notice some sort of pattern. As the story goes by, Tsukune will ‘accumulate’ a harem on his own but luckily he isn’t a perverted guy and usually it’s the girls who duke it out over him. Which means, fanservice, panty shots and boob shots in which poor Tsukune will have a tough time handling and controlling them. Then Tsukune gets some sort of trouble whether they’re jealous guys or they just want to pick a fight with him. It’s ‘refreshing’ to see a bunch of girls protecting a guy when in most cases it’s the other way round. Ah, this is sure a useful harem. More fanservice. Then during the battle, Tsukune will accidentally take off Moka’s rosary like tripping or whatsoever to allow her transformation since taking it off purposely would not make the rosary come off. White haired and bustier Dark Moka appears with the typical narration and the entire sky turning blood red. Even more fanservice. Dark Moka proceeds to kick butt with her trademark high kick and "Know your place" motto as she sends her opponents reeling in defeat. In the end, a chibi bat who also appears onscreen from time to time to inform viewers about certain info throughout the show and ends his sentences with "~dechu", will tell viewers how many seconds Dark Moka will take to settle the duel. Much more fanservice. Dark Moka reverts back to slightly air-head Moka and all is well, ends well. Usually with Moka taking another Capuchuu~ neck biting opportunity on poor Tsukune. Oh yes finally, greater fanservice. See the trend here?
Kurumu Kurono, the Tsukune’s harem would-be and succubus, makes her appearance in episode 2. A classmate of Moka and Tsukune, Kurumu is upset of Moka’s closeness to Tsukune and soaring popularity because she deems this as a ruin to her so called flawless plan to enslave the entire male population of Youkai Academy (something about turning them into her food source too) which makes the guys fall for Moka instead of Kurumu. You could say a population of reverse harem here. Because of that, Kurumu declares herself as Moka’s rival. Being a succubus means she has busty boobs and tries to seduce Tsukune away from Moka. This includes rubbing her giant melons on Tsukune (which could ‘steam’ any guy watching this) and hypnotizing him under her influence since succubus have the power to influence men under their spell. Of course, Tsukune’s feelings for Moka is stronger and rejects Kurumu’s advances, which clearly upsets the heartbroken gal. Then as expected, the ultimate battle between vampire and succubus reaches its boiling point when Kurumu decides to kill them both and it won’t take long for any viewers to figure out who will come out tops. But since Tsukune stepped in to stop Dark Moka from finishing her off since he doesn’t think Kurumu as a totally bad girl, I guess Kurumu is grateful and hence Tsukune’s hell increases by 1 more as the girls continue to wrestle over him. Regretting?
Another harem member makes her appearance in episode 3. She is Yukari Sendou, the smartest student in the academy (she managed to skip several grades and is the same grade as Tsukune and co) and a witch. Sometimes you can’t help think that she’s either a witch or a magical girl because her wand resembles like the latter and the only magic that she’s capable of pulling off effectively is dropping a basin on someone’s head. Anyway loli Yukari has a crush on senpai Moka and because she’s too close to Tsukune, Yukari pulls off several naughty pranks to separate them, which includes doing a voodoo doll magic on Tsukune to fondle big breasted Kurumu. And you know Moka just happened to walk in… Of course there are a bunch of lizard people who don’t like Yukari being a smart alec and thinks she is boasting. Thinking cornering and outnumbering a loli will do, they didn’t count on Moka and the rest to come to her aid, especially Tsukune who protected Yukari from a blow which was meant for her. After the scaly ones get a taste of their own medicine, Yukari now loves Tsukune in addition to Moka. The numbers just keep adding up, eh?
In episode 4, we learn that there are 3 monster guys who have formed a fanclub dedicated to their beloved Moka, Kurumu and Yukari. Which means Tsukune is public enemy number 1 since he’s hogging all 3 of them. The form a Love-love Alliance to counter this Tsukune threat. I know. Sickos and losers. They even have a life size cut out foam board of the girls! However, Tsukune has been thinking hard about his uselessness and the need for girls to protect him. I’m sure every guy will think like that when in his shoes. In short, Tsukune thinks of leaving school. At least this is what the girls concluded after observing his gloomy behaviour and taking his bag with him. Then at the bus stand which connects this world to the human’s, the loser fanclub members ambush Tsukune but you know, the girls can’t let him leave like that and counters their attack and even defeats them after the loser trio combine themselves into some super (but lame) monster. However in the end, the girls find out that he was just delivering letters to the bus driver so that he could send them to his family on the other side. Looks like he is staying and I think he’s gotten the hang of this place. Maybe not entirely.
In episode 5, the gang have to join a club at school and Tsukune seems to be attracted by the lure of the swimming club. Girls in swimsuits. That says it all. Moka however is against it and I found out that normal water is also a vampire’s weakness. I know holy water but normal water too drains their power? Because of that Moka-Tsukune relationship strains a little. As Tsukune gives the swimming club a tryout and the usual Kurumu-Yukari quarrel/competition over Tsukune, we learn that the swimming club members are actually mermaids who suck the life out of others. The club president is attracted to Tsukune because he smells like human (it’s right under her nose) and goes in for the kill when Moka without thinking twice jumps into the pool to save Tsukune. After Dark Moka kicks the club president’s fins, she lectures Tsukune for not understanding Moka’s feelings, in which he apologized. In the end, as the gang are still without a club, Nekonome takes the opportunity to recruit them all into her newspaper club, in which she is the club’s advisor. But too bad that mermaid chic won’t be part of Tsukune’s harem. You’ll notice that kiasu Kurumu and Yukari will be at each other’s throat over Tsukune like one calling the other flat-chest and the other monstrous boobs among such. Also, Moka doesn’t really know her other self and as the series progresses, at times the duo will somehow communicate albeit a short while.
Tsukune and co are introduced to the head of the newspaper club, Ginei Morioka (a werewolf) or Gin for short in episode 6. He may look like a reliable guy but he’s actually a big time pervert! I guess that’s why he’s a wolf. How perverted? As first assignment for the club, they are to investigate some peeping tom lurking around the school grounds. Tsukune notices Gin is staring at the girl’s undies as they put up notices but Gin makes it as though Tsukune is the pervert and pins all the blame on him while making himself look cool! Of course the Tsukune-Moka relationship gets strain again when vampire girl says she hates perverts. Though it’s not his fault but you know lah. Gin proceeds to frame Tsukune by making him peep into a room of girls changing as he snaps a shot of him doing so. His reasons for doing so is because he loves Moka and wants Tsukune out of the way. Gin later goes to show Moka those pics, but detective Kurumu and Yukari questions the validity of the photos and since there are many holes in his story, Gin is so busted. Just like his ass soon. Even if it’s a full moon, Dark Moka is no match for him. It’s revealed that the peeping tom of the school is Gin himself as the other girls try to get their justice and Tsukune’s name is cleared.
After a couple of episode breaks, episode 7 resumes with adding 1 more girl to Tsukune’s harem. She is Mizore Shirayuki and is a snow woman. She isn’t like the snowman people with stick hands and carrot nose, mind you. She can create blizzards and turn hot water into ice. Mizore is a typical stalker and is always seen with a lollipop in her mouth. Furthermore, Mizore though is in the same class with Tsukune, is always absent due to some personal problem. Something about being alone and always ostracized by the rest. So she takes a liking for Tsukune because she too thinks that he is loner like her and decides to rid of Moka whom she sees as in the way. But after hearing from Tsukune himself, heartbroken ice girl runs away and this caught the attention of one of the teachers, who eventually got injured and hospitalized. Mizore is then on suspension and possibly will be expelled but the gang (thanks to Gin for once he put his camera skills to good use, albeit by accident as he was at the right place at the right time) finds out the true perpetrator was that teacher himself. He tried to rape Mizore and in her self defence, attacked him. With that over, they try to find Mizore who is still sad that nobody understands her and is thinking suicide. At this time, she unleashes several ice clones which went out of control. Let Dark Moka to handle the job and even Mizore herself gets one and a lecture to live first before dying. With that, Mizore joins the newspaper club and her stalking ways mean she can pop out anywhere and anytime.
Since Tsukune is falling behind his maths in episode 8, a teacher of Youkai Academy, Ririko Kagome, takes an interest in him and decides to help him in his studies. Though Tsukune’s girls offer to help him, Ririko convinces him to attend a special class of hers. You can say that she’s pretty seductive and since it’s a 1-on-1 class, you’ll wonder if Tsukune is really getting the correct attention he needs. So okay, Ririko too is attracted to Tsukune’s human smell and it’s like she’s some sort of S&M maniac trying to put all those formulas into his head and turning him into a zombie-like state. Yeah, he’s been hypnotized again. We find out that Ririko is a lamia (head and torso of a woman while the bottom end of the body is a snake) and is exchanging knowledge with her student’s emotions, in this case Tsukune’s. We know how strong a bond Tsukune shares with Moka when he is snapped out of his hypnotism when he sees a study note left by Moka for him. Cue for Dark Moka to take action and this shows that not only students get their asses kicked, but teachers as well. In the end, Tsukune forgot all those knowledge he obtained from Ririko but still manages to pass with flying colours.
With the exams over, the newspaper club head to the human world for their summer vacation in episode 9. Except for Gin who has to stay back because he flopped. Kurumu too bombed but I don’t remember how she got to tag along. Can’t be complete without them all girls, eh? So more fun in the sun with the babes in swimsuits. As Tsukune is glad to be back in his human world, he and the girls stumble upon a field on a hill covered with sunflowers. Yukari to her surprise finds another witch, Ruby Toujou, who has been living in the human world for a long time and in a mansion on this sunflower field. Ruby wants Yukari to join her and her master against human developers who are planning to cut down this place for development. That night, Yukari encounters Ruby again and she’s still in a dilemma. Until Tsukune shows up and Ruby is visibly upset to see him and thinks he’s here to take over the place. Remember, everyone except Moka doesn’t know that Tsukune is a human. Ruby unleashes carnivorous plants to attack. Yukari steals the limelight here as she powers up her magic into some card spell and defeat those plants. As everyone heads back, Ruby still isn’t pleased, she pierces a plant vine through Tsukune right before he and Moka can get a Capuchuu~. OMG! The main guy dead?! We can see how mad the girls are as even Dark Moka appear without the rosary being taken off while Kurumu and Mizore go into pissed off ready-to-kill mode. Never seen them all so mad before. Hey, nobody is going to take away their guy because who’re they all going to fight over, right? Wow. That must be some power blast alright.
In episode 10, Ruby opens her eyes to find herself with Tsukune and the rest in their tent. Thankfully Tsukune isn’t dead because it was just a scratch back then. Phew. Can’t have this series without him that’s for sure. The gang learns of Ruby’s situation and Ruby herself realizes that these people aren’t so bad as she perceived them. That night she sneaks out to go back to see her master. When she gets back, she finds herself suddenly wrapped in vines and begs for forgiveness from her master for another chance. Upon realizing that Ruby is gone, Tsukune and co go in search of her. Ruby launches more vicious carnivorous plants to attack them. If you substitute tentacles with plant vines, I guess they can also serve some fanservice. Anyway a huge battle occurs and even Dark Moka has her hands full. Tsukune then heads for the run-down mansion to find that Ruby’s master has been dead for a long time. Tsukune tries to tell Ruby is in denial and created another self of hers but she doesn’t believe it and goes berserk, unleashing a powerful magic which may cause her never to return to her true form again. After hearing Yukari’s plea, Dark Moka gives out-of-control Ruby some super kick. The next day, everyone prepares to head home and feeling gloomy. The bus arrives and everyone is surprised to see Ruby unconscious but smiling in the arms of Gin. How did she ended up there? But too bad Gin is too late to enjoy his summer.
With the new semester in episode 11, the newspaper club is having competition from another rival newspaper club called Super Newspaper Club, led by Keito. Super? And 2 newspaper clubs? Anyway the rival one is pulling in the crowd because they have girls posing in swimsuits. Makes you wonder if it’s the news content in which the readers are after. Kurumu and Yukari tried maid outfits but that too isn’t enough. Plus, Gin is telling them to back off since they have the backing of the Public Safety Commission (PSC). Let’s just say they are a bunch of students trying to keep the peace within school with their so called interpretation of what is illegal or not. Just remember what the Gestapo is like. Uh huh. They’ve become corrupted over time and are no different than thugs. The gang decides to use this material to investigate the PSC further. But Gin is not getting involved and tells them to burn all their newspapers. As Tsukune and Kurumu are burning the newspapers, they are being attacked by Keito, a spider monster, and also part of the PSC. Fight fight fight with Dark Moka securing the win and Tsukune decides to carry on with their investigation and show them their worth. Meanwhile the head of PSC, Kuyou, has taken note of this little newspaper club and its members and wonders if Gin has forgotten what happened last year.
In episode 12, Tsukune and his girls go uncovering the PSC bullying ways and succeed in capturing several shots of them in action. One day the PSC decides to take action and we see how powerful they are because they could just walk in right into Nekonome’s class (partly she’s a weakling) and arrests Tsukune on suspicion of being a human. Then they round up the other girls and have them interrogated as well. Not only that, the other students too are being questioned but they are giving answers which are against the newspaper club members. While trying to force Tsukune to admit that he is human, Tsukune sees how they are torturing Moka by threatening to spill ordinary water on her. Because of that, Tsukune makes a deal that he’ll admit he’s human in exchange for Moka’s safety. To his horror, he learns that the other girl members too have heard first hand that he’s so and are having doubts about him. Is his harem crumbling? No time for jokes because Kurumu slapped Moka for keeping it a secret from her. While Kuyou lets the rest walk free (due to their shocking discovery, so I guess he doesn’t consider them to be a threat anymore), Moka is imprisoned while Tsukune is to be given a public execution tomorrow. As Tsukune is being crucified on a tree, he learns that Kuyou isn’t going to let the other girls live and will swiftly kill them soon after his execution. This brings up a question. If the PSC doesn’t believe on the coexistence between humans and youkais, then what the heck is this school formed for in the first place or why are they attending it?
In episode 13, Ruby returns to help free Moka and the rest to save Tsukune. I wonder how she got back and in the nick of time too? Before Kuyou can burn Tsukune, the girls arrive and they find out how the same fate befell the newspaper club last year when Gin said the same thing like what the girls said about not caring what the PSC think and such and thus went ahead and published it. Kuyou decides to execute their betrayal. During the fight, the girls manage to save and whisk Tsukune away to the rooftop. However Kuyou is hot on their trails and burns Tsukune, leaving his life hanging by a thread. By that time Dark Moka has been summoned as she decides to inject some of her blood to keep him alive. Kuyou has shown his true form, which is a demon fox which is believed to have a status similar to the Gods. Kuyou unleashes a powerful attack but Gin appears to block it from harming them. For once he did something noble because he doesn’t want to lose more club members and passes out.
Everyone teams up against Kuyou but he’s too hot to handle. After Dark Moka gives some of her blood to Tsukune, it’s like nothing happened because he’s just lying there. But no time to worry because it’s Dark Moka’s turn against Kuyou. Looks like Dark Moka too has met her match but when she is dealt with a blow, Tsukune catches her in his arms. Yay! He’s alright thanks to the vampire’s blood. Kuyou continues to attack when Gin restrains him to allow Dark Moka to deliver a super kick to send Kuyou (and poor Gin too) crashing down below. As everyone gathers to see what has happened, Nekonome says how Tsukune singlehandedly defeated Kuyou. With that, everyone starts to believe that Tsukune is not human and some monster because no human could possibly defeat Kuyou alone. Plus, they realized that they’ve been bullied by the PSC, that’s why they’re so gullible in believing them in the first place. Hooray! Now Tsukune’s identity is kept a secret (only his harem girls truly knows he is human) and is clear of all suspicions. As Moka recuperates in the infirmary, Tsukune notices his heart racing and wonders if he has fallen for the other Moka. Before the duo can land a proper kiss, the other girls barge in and wants a Capuchuu~ from him. Can he handle all 5? Ah, that’s what being in a harem is all about. Moka dear, you too have got to learn to share Tsukune.
But it isn’t over yet as there is a second season, Rosario To Vampire Capu2 (pronounced Capuchuu as in that kiss) with an additional 13 more episodes. So viewers can expect a continuation from the previous season with the introduction of new characters and developments but the same ol’ plot that we all love. That’s right. Fanservice harem. By now Tsukune should be able to deal and cope with his harem girls. Or has he?
So Tsukune and co are now in his second year in episode 1 and just like deja vu, he bumps into a orange hair twintail girl who takes a liking for his human scent. Another vampire, eh? However, that rude girl, Kokoa Shuzen doesn’t like him in person and hits him before going away. Tsukune meets up with his usual gang at school and this time Moka has garnered lots more admirers. Even the rest too as they received several love letters and fanmail. Except for Moka, which turns out to be a death threat. Moka receives lots of those similar death threat letters in the form of that chibi bat wherever she goes (accumulating a mass of them in her room!) and we see Kokoa quite the stalker she is, probably even surpassing Mizore. Also, we see Ruby now works in Youkai Academy during various odd jobs. The next morning before the entrance ceremony starts, they notice a ruckus of Kokoa being chased by 2 youkais. Tsukune decides to get away put accidentally trips and summons Dark Moka, who eventually has to settle everything with her trademark kick while Kokoa escapes. And after a short lecture, everyone in the hall loves her. Later as Tsukune and the rest gathers outside, Kokoa appears in front of them and it seems she is Moka’s little sister.
In episode 2, we learn that Kokoa is Moka’s half sister (same dad different mom) and they have a total of 4 sisters altogether. To cut short a long story, Moka’s true self is her white haired self and when she was young, they always fight but Moka always wins. If you don’t succeed at first… Ah well, sometimes it’s better to give up but nope. Kokoa pestered on and when Moka left for Youkai Academy, she was devastated. In conclusion, Kokoa is here to settle the score. Like that would make any difference. Okay, perhaps now Kokoa is like an insane stalker and trying to whack anyone who gets in the way of her Moka. Plus, the shocking development of this series is that the chibi bat now takes on a more dialogue role as compared to his onscreen narrations. He is called Ko-chan, Kokoa’s tiny servant and his special skill is to transform into any weapon Kokoa wants by squeezing him. Even Kurumu is shocked by this development. So I guess the right move for the gang is to get away from this violent maniac. A funny part is that when they’re cornered by Kokoa (can’t believe the other girls couldn’t handle a little brat and lost to her!), Tsukune and Moka saw hope in the passionate advent of Gin and Ruby. It’s revealed that Gin was just taking pictures of model Ruby. Haha. So much for help. As the gang continue to hide in a cramp space in the gym, Moka decides to fight because she doesn’t want to get anyone involved. Moka lost but Kokoa isn’t happy because she isn’t fighting like her usual Dark Moka. Tsukune thinks that this is some sisterly squabble and tries to get them to make up but only makes Kokoa give them a hammer pound. At this time, Dark Moka is out but Kokoa turns all lovey-dovey having found her true sister and gets trashed. Is she loving it? Even Dark Moka thinks it’s a bother but better start getting used to it.
So things that you’ll notice in this season besides Ko-chan, as mentioned Ruby has taken various jobs within the academy and everytime when asked so, she’ll start her ranting off with "A lot has happened…", blabbing which nobody cares to listen. Ko-chan still does narrate how many seconds it takes for Dark Moka’s opponent to be defeat albeit much lesser and I kinda feel the summoning of Dark Moka to be trivial and short in the sense it is not in dangerous situations as before (not to mention her transformation scene cut real short). Kokoa on the other hand tries to get her beloved Dark Moka because she despises this sissy pink haired one and everytime the white haired one appears, she’s fawning like a love-struck admirer. Is she tsundere or what? Also there’s something about the mild censorship for this season. At certain times you’ll see Ko-chan or a bear face blocking the panty shots. This isn’t so for every fanservice and because of its randomness, it’s like the producers are teasing viewers and in a way annoying. One moment you have full view of the panties and the next, it is purposely blocked. Yeah I know. Buy the DVD if you want to see it all uncut.
It’s Parents Day at Youkai Academy in episode 3 and we are introduced to the respective moms of Kurumu and Mizore, Ageha and Tsurara. It seems they both hate each other and are trying to outdo each other by using their daughters to get to Tsukune’s heart. Of course it all ended up in draws as they pester and push their daughters to make Tsukune theirs. Why, even Kurumu and Mizore did mention how they prefer to steal Tsukune’s heart with their own powers and not use some magic charms. But with their mummy’s egos on the line, will they listen? In the end it is revealed that there is a long standing feud between the duo and it all started because they were in competition of trying to woo a guy named Saizou and that they were once students of this academy. He found another girl and I guess they’re trying to settle that score until today. Another one of their feuds has Dark Moka being accidentally summoned as she kicks Tsukune to both moms. Uh huh. Now he’s in a compromising position with them. This kid has really got the girls coming at him, even mothers. Thankfully they won’t be part of his harem. Lastly, they learn that Saizou guy (yes, the parents of that ogre kid) is some fat ugly monster now. Better count their blessings.
Yukari is concern of her body size in episode 4 since she has a hard time getting Tsukune’s attention with everyone else treating her like a kid. One day a school nurse, Mako Yakamaru, decides to grant Yukari her wish by injecting some fluid into her. The next thing Yukari knows is that she has a body of a grown up. Nobody recognizes her till she drops her trademark basin on Kurumu’s head. Then she goes out bra shopping with Moka and when she comes back to school, she’s a new idol (except that loser fanclub guy who loves Yukari with small boobs). The physical examination day arrives and Yukari goes to Mako to increase her boob size but finds out that this is a trap by Mako who feed on negative emotions and that Yukari is still a kid inside. Mako injects more fluid as Yukari passes out and during that time she has a self reflection (note the background voice of how Dark Moka is kicking Mako’s butt) and realizes everything. When Yukari opens her eyes, her body is back to her normal self. While Kurumu proudly brags about her boobs, Yukari isn’t fazed and tells Tsukune to wait for her to grow up while giving him a Capuchuu~. Hehe. At least Moka doesn’t steal the kiss everytime.
In episode 5, Mizore tries to cook curry to win Tsukune’s heart but you know snow woman’s cold hands don’t make good hot curry. Everyone except Mizore is attending a cooking class by curry maniac Apusara sensei. After Mizore is done with her curry training with Ruby, she notices how everyone has turned into a possessed curry zombie. Including Kokoa, Moka and Tsukune. Their skin is so yellow that they remind you of The Simpsons! And they all end their sentences with "~curry". Apusara tries to have her zombies make Mizore eat her curry and corners her at the rooftop. Mizore then decides to feed Tsukune her special cool ice-blended curry dish and it seems it is so delicious that Tsukune is freed from her spell and manages to summon Dark Moka who too is very yellow but not under Apusara’s control. She gives Apusara her special main course (high kick lah, what else) and in the end, the entire Youkai Academy is covered with curry because the giant container which she keeps her curry cracked thus spilling it all over the place. Ruby has lots of cleaning up to do.
Youkai Academy makes a field trip to the human world in episode 6. You know the kind where they visit temples, shrines and yes, the mandatory hotspring inn. Moka plans to spend more time with Tsukune but the other girls are trying to get a piece of his attention. Thus Moka and Tsukune promise to meet together alone at the inn when everyone is asleep. But a group of 4 youkai delinquents kidnap Tsukune in order to lure his harem out. They have to go save him and after Ruby gave them some delinquent-like outfits, the girls face-off with the youkai baddies and I’m not sure about their plan about defeating them to take over the world. Not that I care. Of course they are beaten and they decide to summon their leader, supposedly their trump card. So who is their leader? Why, it’s Kokoa! Kokoa could’ve taken care of the girls easily if not for the summoning of Dark Moka, in which she turned into her ‘weak’ self and gets another taste of her kick. The baddies retreat and when the gang resume their field trip, the delinquents are begging Moka now to be their leader.
Episode 7 is the best episode of the entire series and this is what a harem anime should be like. Tsukune takes the opportunity to visit his mom Kasumi back home. Though she is glad, Kasumi gets the shock of her life not only to find Tsukune bring home a girl, but 4 of them! Yeah, they all came uninvited. Trying to win mother-in-law’s heart? Kasumi starts to panic though Tsukune keeps reminding her that they’re just his classmates. A very hilarious part ensues when Kurumu tries to seduce Tsukune taking a bath and Mizore intercepted, causing that human to have a full naked view of the succubus. Kurumu then chased Mizore around the house, both semi-naked. Kasumi is damn horrified to learn these developments and thinks her son needs sex education! Enter Tsukune’s cousin, Kyouko, who too is surprised of what she sees and decides to see which one who gets to impress her will get to be Tsukune’s girlfriend. Thus Kurumu and Mizore starts duelling each other while Yukari tries to stop them and inadvertently gets involved. I don’t know but the duo are causing a lot of wreckage to the surroundings outside. I mean, what if a human sees them. Oh wait. Kyouko can’t believe her eyes what kind of girls they are.
Meanwhile Moka and Kasumi has a little chat and gets to know each other better and I think Kasumi in a way approves of Moka by asking her to take care of her son. Meanwhile the battle has Kyouko been knocked out so before the other girls realized it, they see Moka and Tsukune together and think she has been plotting this all along. As expected, Dark Moka appears and in a long time, the 3 of them gets a reminder of what it’s like to get their butt kick. Lolis not even spared. Dark Moka even tells Tsukune to make his choice clearly or else everyone will suffer. The next day, everyone has to return to Youkai Academy due to Kurumu and Mizore’s ruckus. Once everyone leaves, Kokoa finally arrives at the doorstep but to her horror finds out that everyone is gone. Throughout this episode, you’ll see Kokoa with Ko-chan peddling real fast on her bicycle trying to track her sister, going through all the cities in Japan. The funny part is that everytime she overtakes a vehicle, the driver or passenger will be surprised that they’ve been overtaken by a strawberry (referring to her panties)! Finally when Kyouko comes to, she is suspicious about Tsukune’s school and plans to investigate.
Episode 8 is a series of short random clips which include Nekonome trying out different clothes, Gin spotting a new hairstyle because he thinks that is what Tsukune has to attract the girls but is a flop, Kurumu terrorizing her other love rivals, Ririko trying to get her revenge on Moka but is stopped by Nekonome in a catwoman outfit, the continuation of Kokoa missing out on seeing her sister during the field trip and is in a bloody bad mood, Moka notices Tsukune’s blood taste different each time because he’s been drinking different stuff like chilli, Yukari finds a little pet dog but is unable to keep it because Gin is a wolf and doesn’t allow it, and finally Ruby’s strict rule of implementing long skirts after noticing short ones are too flashy. But it all backfires when a gust of wind blows them up and reveals their panties. Shocked Ruby then tripped and reveals a more flashy, naughty and sexy lingerie that she’s wearing. Hehe, she can others cannot lah. So I guess she has to revoke that rule. But the end clip sees Ruby talking with the headmaster of the academy that doing all those odd jobs is partly to cover her duty to guard the barrier which protects the youkai and human world from colliding.
Episode 9 has the gang take a skiing trip to the snowy mountains at an inn run by Tsurara. Kokoa on the other hand discovers how her true sister will appear after studying the series’ replays. During the trip, Kokoa tries to take off Moka’s rosary but it wouldn’t budge. Her frustration yell causes an avalanche but only Moka emerges from the snow. She goes back to request help from the other girls to find Kokoa and Tsukune, who are taking refuge in a cave. See some tsundere moments from Kokoa before she collapses due to the cold. Plus, they have to get out after hearing yeti roars. So Big Foot isn’t just a legend as it appears in front of the duo. Luckily the girls arrive and saves the day through Dark Moka. Then it is revealed that the yeti is Mizore’s dad! He was just trying to give directions to a safer place. If he could only speak English… Soon everyone heads home and if you’re wondering how a shaggy beast and a hot mama could produce a lovely young snow woman, that’s because Mizore’s dad was just in a yeti’s outfit and he looks cool and handsome himself.
In episode 10, a new hot handsome guy, Koutarou Ijuuin, is the new transfer student and seems to be the new heartthrob of Youkai Academy. Actually, he is hypnotizing the girls under his spell by just smiling and saying "Je t’aime". This causes the girls’ body to move totally different from what their sane mind is thinking. Even all of Tsukune’s harem is under his spell, no matter how reluctant they are. Though Gin tried to take action when Tsukune brought up the matter to him, that werewolf too fell under Koutarou’s charm and turned gay. Hah. Finally Koutarou puts up a concert in front of his ‘fans’ and as Tsukune tries to stop him, mind controlled Ruby does an S&M whip on him. Meanwhile Kokoa who has been looking all over for Ko-chan, stumbles upon the concert and realizes that Koutarou is Ko-chan! Koutarou tries to hypnotize Kokoa but notes how vampires are harder to control. As expected, Tsukune manages to accidentally unleash Dark Moka, who isn’t under Koutarou’s spell and doing a combo with Kokoa, kick that batty’s butt before he turned back to his chibi self. Haha, finally the narrator himself got his ass kicked. So how did Ko-chan turned into a hot human? Why is he doing this? Dunno. With everyone free from the spell, Kokoa still refuses to acknowledge sissy Moka as her sister although the Dark Moka says that it’s the pink haired one she should be thankful.
I don’t know how but Kyouko manages to sneak into Youkai Academy to investigate her suspicions in episode 11. She bumps into Kokoa and switch parcels. Kokoa in her perpetual quest to win her real sister is shocked to see her parcel as onigiris while Kyouko is stumped by the mirror and a fairy named Lilith in her package. You know that seeing is believing line? Yeah, Kyouko is having a hard time trying to accept all the youkai stuff that she sees and thinks it’s pretty good CG! Since Kyouko wonder why the whole school is like that, Lilith twists her wish into turning every youkai reveal their true form and nature. Ruby goes to inform Tsukune and Moka about how Lilith Mirror has been stolen and is wrecking havoc. Soon all youkais go berserk and Kyouko finds herself as Ririko’s meal until Moka comes to her rescue. Kyouko is still scared and doesn’t trust monsters like her. Then Lilith uses her mirror which causes Moka top split into her 2 personalities. Wow. They are standing side by side now! Dark Moka tells her other self that she is unable to protect Tsukune. Meanwhile Tsukune’s harem girls seem to be horny in their true form but I guess after hearing Tsukune’s words, they are freed from Lilith’s spell. The girls then decide to blindfold themselves so that they won’t fall for Lilith’s spell but can’t see where they’re hitting. Kyouko by now has learned to trust them and gives them exact directions so that for once the quartet (except Moka) gives Lilith their version of high kick and says that trademark motto in Moka’s place. Though Kokoa is thrilled to find her real sister, she is taken away by Ruby for stealing it. However with Lilith power’s gone means Dark Moka will disappear back into Moka. When everything seems to go back to normal (especially the fight over Tsukune), the barrier starts cracking.
In order to stop the barrier from breaking further, in episode 12, Moka runs to the control room to find a rosary similar to hers broken. She decide to place her own rosary even if it means Dark Moka will take her place. She sacrifices herself and the barrier is restored. A week has passed (Kyouko has been safely returned to the human world) and in class, we see Dark Moka attending and the funny part is that she tries to fit into her new surroundings and because of her ominous and expressionless ways, it just doesn’t fit. Especially the one whereby Tsukune and Dark Moka try to get lovey-dovey and close to each other. Moka-san, Tsukune, Moka-san, Tsukune… So out of place! Because of that, Tsukune starts spacing out and depressed as the other girls notice this. I thought he prefer Dark Moka? So he now prefers the air-head one? Even Dark Moka tells him that this is her true self and that the one that he usually knows isn’t returning. But Kokoa is sure a happy girl now. Another development is that, Tsurara and Ageha appear once more to announce how their respective daughters are to wed Tsukune. Like they’ve got his permission. Yeah, better start finding him. Even Yukari’s dialogue-less mom enters the fray. That night, Ruby informs Tsukune a secret which she shouldn’t reveal, about trying to contact 1 of the 3 founders of the academy to recreate the rosary, seeing that Moka’s one and the one in the control room are the same. Tsukune is determined to travel the distance to the north, even if it kills him. Finally, Kokoa decides to follow Tsukune and stop him with his whatever plans.
Tsukune arrives at the castle in episode 13 but encounters Ko-chan and his clones. Tsukune manages to fend them off with his scary eyes. Then it’s Tsurara and her snow servants who wants him to be wedded with her daughter but Mizore decides to fight back thinking she prefers a fair fight with Moka to be his legal wife. With the aid of Yukari, Tsukune goes further but comes up to a half completed bridge. It’s Ageha’s turn to take him away but Kurumu too had the same idea and after dropping him off at the castle’s door, she continues her fight with mummy. Before Tsukune enters the main room, he is surprised to see Kokoa who tells him the person he is seeking for is her dad, which is also Moka’s, and that he hates humans and will be killed. But Tsukune thanks her for worrying about him, making her fluster. As he enters the chamber, Moka’s dad instantly throws him back with his super force. He is upset a filthy human managed to remove the rosary. We find out the reason he created another Moka was to make her acceptable in the human’s world and thinks Tsukune has taken advantage of that and turned her into his love slave. Even after several blasting, Tsukune disagrees and since he has Moka’s vampire blood, his strong determination emits a strong aura in which a short power battle ensues. But in the end it’s daddy who is still stronger. To Tsukune’s surprise, he sees Dark Moka coming in from the door as she says how daddy’s just acting because he could’ve taken his life at first strike. Daddy is surprised to see Tsukune had snatched the rosary from his hands and Dark Moka says that Tsukune has won. With that, he leaves the rosary in Tsukune’s hands but warns him that he didn’t give his daughter for nothing. As he disappears, the castle starts to crumble because as Ko-chan says, because he’s such a powerful character.
In the aftermath, we see the girls reunited and since Tsukune mention that he still can’t decide on which of them, Dark Moka gets pissed and thinks he wants them all! Uh huh. She gives him a taste of her high kick and "Know your place" motto. Yeah, the harem guy gets it in the end too. She does a Capuchuu before reverting back to the other Moka. Tsukune is happy to see this Moka again as they hug and soon another Capuchuu. The other girls decide to let this go for today but that Capuchuu was awfully long. Yeah, so I guess the harem battle starts now! Nekonome and Ruby then arrive in the bus to pick them up (looks like they have tied up Ageha, Tsurara and her servants. Still feuding, I’d say) as they head back to Youkai Academy. As Kokoa is left behind and mentions about Tsukune’s temporary happiness before she gets her real sister back, her dad appears right behind her and starts spanking her for causing all this ruckus. Haha, her butt is so red. Everyone parties back at the academy and I think Kokoa didn’t learn her lesson because she steals Lilith Mirror again and… Ah well, here we go again.
So far it has been a fun ride from start to finish. It’s nice to see Tsukune is happily reunited with his harem. With the usual quartet, I’m sure he has his hands full. An air-head vampire, a seductive succubus, a cool stalker and a loli witch. Then again, perhaps I should’ve included multi-tasking Ruby and Kokoa could’ve been in it too if not for her love for her real sis. There’s potential, you know. Don’t count out Kyouko too because though she is his cousin, there are signs that indicate so even if they were just excuses to protect Tsukune. Hey, that counts too, right? And don’t forget Dark Moka too. They are too different people and she did say not to make her wait long. What about Kurumu and Mizore’s moms? Ah, the list keep growing if you just think about it. With Tsukune’s supernatural harem, are they trying to subtly say that humans are the ultimate love being? But he’s going to lose more blood than just nosebleeds. Maybe if there is going to be a sequel, Tsukune could add more supernatural creatures to his harem. Say, zombie or werewolf?
Speaking of the fanservice here, it is so mind numbing. But thankfully they are in the name of comedy as I find myself laughing most of the time. I kept wondering why the academy’s skirt is so short that a slight wind or change in angle one can actually have a peek what’s underneath. Don’t tell me the academy is trying to emulate the pervy side of humans too? On another matter, I think nearly every main and supporting characters have their butts kicked by Moka. Good thing is most of them learnt their lesson and realized their place. I certainly don’t want to have mine meeting the same fate.
The drawing, art and animation of this series is of high quality and top notch. For instance if you notice the background such as the leafless and withered trees or the sky, you will notice how well the detail it has been given too. The voice acting too is excellent especially versatile Nana Mizuki who exceptionally did different voices for both Mokas. Her squeaky gentle high pitched voice reminds me of Kotoko of Itazura Na Kiss and Hinata of Naruto while her more lower and assertive voice a little like Touma of Minami-ke. But the most surprising seiyuu is Rie Kugimiya who voices Mizore. I couldn’t have guessed it’s her voice because I’m so used to her tsundere loli kind. Reminds me of the time she did Hotaru of Gakuen Alice and Al in Fullmetal Alchemist. I thought Natsuko Kuwatani does Yukari because of her "Desu" lines but it’s Kimiko Koyama (Uzuki in Happy Lesson series) that does this loli. Other stunning casts include Misato Fuken as Kurumu (Yami in To Love-Ru), Saeko Chiba as Ruby (Dokuro in Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan), Daisuke Kishio as Tsukune (Suginami of Da Capo series), Kikuko Inoue as Nekonome (Belldandy of Aa! Megamisama), Tomokazu Seki as Gin (Sagara of Full Metal Panic), Takehito Koyasu as Ko-chan (Kururu in Keroro Gunsou) and Chiwa Saito as Kokoa (Kirie in Girls Bravo).
Nana Mizuki sings all the opening and ending themes for both seasons. The 1st opening theme is Cosmic Love and sounds very lively and upbeat while the 2nd opening theme is Discotheque which sounds so disco-like. The animation here has Tsukune’s 5 harem ladies and Kokoa in sexy disco outfits doing a disco dance. The 1st ending theme is Dancing In The Velvet Moon with Nana Mizuki doing powerful vocals of the piece and the animation here has more fanservice on Dark Moka among all the opening and ending animation (close to naked?). The 2nd ending theme is Trinity Cross and sounds more dramatic. There are various insert songs sung by the female seiyuus too. Some are fast while some are slow. Not to mention that there are a variety of BGMs ranging from dramatic to exciting battle themes to just plain fun. Then there’s one which annoyingly goes "Paya paya, paya paya" but it’s catchy and funny.
On a trivial note, each of the episode title has "~and a vampire" in it. For the 1st season, the next episode preview shows the gradual luminance of a girl’s plaid skirt, dangerously fluttering threatening to reveal what is underneath them. In the 2nd season, we see 2 girls violently shaking their butts before banging them both together. Fanservice till the end? The mid-intermission is mainly on both Mokas, the 2nd season one feels a bit like a video game, the way the animation design, as we see the girls running away from insane Kokoa trying to bludgeon them all.
Well if they ever make a sequel out of this, I’m sure I’ll watch it because I’m curious to see what antics the gang are up to and the ladies will fight over Tsukune’s attention. That is surely a must in harem genres. Plus, there are some developments which may produce another season such as Moka’s other 2 elder sisters, though they are just briefly mentioned. So I’m thinking if vampires were such hot and pretty looking creatures like Moka, heck I don’t mind getting bitten in the neck every night. To take and edit a quote from a superhero movie: "With great harem comes great responsibility!". So true. And a Capuchuu for you!

Rosario To Vampire
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