A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, heigh-ho the derry-o a hunting we will go… Keen on doing some treasure hunting, that is? Well, if you feel it is too risky and troublesome to go globetrotting like Indiana Jones or like me just plain lazy to get out of the chair and find little treasures in the backyard, maybe it would be suffice to just watch Ryuugajou Nanana No Maizoukin then. What defines a treasure? Is it something platted in gold or some other precious metal? Is it something that is odd and rare? Is it something that contains mysterious and special powers? Is it something that you hold precious and dear in your heart? Whatever it is, everyone has their own definition to what constitute to be their personal treasure (mine is animes!!!). Well, I’m sure it will be worth all the effort if you find it. Finders keepers.

This anime isn’t just about a boy and his team who goes on a treasure hunt on a manmade island. Life is already one big adventure once he got disowned by his father, no money and broke, moved into his own room that is haunted by a ghost (a cutie pie ghost, that is. Thank goodness), promising to help find the ghost’s killer and at the same time trying to find those special powered treasures scattered all across the island. If that is not bad enough, there are other parties out to find the treasure for their own purpose. So it’s a race to see who gets it first. First come, first serve. Finders keepers.

Episode 1
Nanae Island is a manmade island in the Pacific Ocean and is mostly occupied by students in which this island was made for. Think of it as Academy City… Juugo Yama is a happy kid transferred to this island. Because he gets to live his own life. His freedom. Actually he got kicked out by his dad. He meets the dorm master of Happy Dorm, Shiki Maboro and is told about the rules and regulations. She shows him to his room and he is shocked to see a girl, Nanana Ryuugajou there. Wrong room? Shiki insists there is no one there. Then who is she? Nanana is a ghost! Well, he was told that this room came with extras. Besides he paid in advance a year’s rent that is not refundable. Can’t afford to move out… Juugo tries to shake Nanana’s hand and true enough he goes through it. However she can touch him! WTF?! I don’t understand! Seems she was murdered 10 years ago in this room and doesn’t know who the murderer is. She wants to challenge him to a no-holds-barred fight to decide who should be the master of this room as she is a ghost who cannot leave this room. Juugo would prefer a lovey-dovey cohabitation instead of a fight so Nanana agrees to be his in-house girlfriend if he wins. That sure serves as a motivation for him to get going. But how is he going to win if he can’t touch her? She has got him in a submission move and his arm will dislocate at this rate. Juugo gets this thought that he might be able to touch her boobs. I don’t know how, he managed to do so. Hurting his arm is just a small price to pay, right? In class, Yurika Yumeji the class rep is tasked to show him around. Might be his type of girl too because she has glasses and dark hair. And she hints she is attracted to him… Living with a ghost isn’t easy since all Nanana does is eat her pudding and play online games. Ghosts don’t need sleep, right? One day in the toilet, Juugo discovers a note called Nanana Manual by Kasumi Konjou. It warns him to return this note where he found and leave the room if he has no interest in Nanana. Reading on, the note tells about Nanana’s likes and dislikes and also Nanana’s Collection. If he is interested, go find the Adventure Club (or it will find you). Juugo returns and seems nicer and talking to Nanana because the end note mentions to be nice to her as she is the same lonely girl 10 years ago and hopes she can be saved.

Next day, Juugo does his research and finds out 7 young genius students known as Great 7 started this project to create Nanae Island where students can pursue their dreams in which their profits are channelled to develop the island. Nanana was the leader who proposed this island. Shiki’s name is also part of the Great 7. He goes to ask her questions and you know from her looks we can hardly believe she is part of Great 7 as she spends her day downing cans of alcohol and currently finding a boyfriend who will sustain her that way. Serious. She explains when this projected started, they didn’t have enough funds or sponsors. Nanana went out to find treasures and fortunes of unknown origins. There are photos of their adventures around the world. Juugo asks if they have ever thought of having Nanana move on. They tried hiring exorcists but it didn’t work. Even tracking down the killer didn’t yield any results. So why still rent out that room? She doesn’t want to lose money keeping the room because there is a ghost. More importantly, she doesn’t want her to be lonely. Then she should stay with her, no? Nanana doesn’t need her she says. As for Nanana’s Collection, it is rumoured her buried treasures are worth up to trillions of yen and some contain unique powers. After she was murdered, nobody knew its location (why not ask her?). Over the years, people have been trying to find them and a few were found in various places across the island. Many are still hidden throughout the island. Meanwhile the phantom thief group known as Matsuri strikes again.

Episode 2
Juugo found some jewel in a weird box parachuted down when he came back from the convenience store. Nanana says it is some sort of lie detector and you can tell if someone is lying through it. She knows because this is part of her collection. Apparently it is supposed to be in the hands of Matsuri’s Yukihime Fugi. She is scolding Shuu Todomatsu that he failed in his job to retrieve it. How can their perfect plan be ruined? Somebody must have taken it. D’arc Hoshino, the assistant of great loli detective, Tensai Ikkyuu wonders why she is sleeping in the garbage. She has solved the mystery of the missing jewel. She found a parachute and a tracker device that was supposedly to be dropped at this place but since the garbage is thrown all over, it means they were trying to find it but couldn’t. Somebody must have coincidentally passed here. The only reason why that person would do so is to take a shortcut. This leads to them entering Juugo’s norm (she baits Juugo by having D’arc wearing in a maid outfit). Since she stinks, she uses his bathroom to clean up and has no shame in stripping before him. She accuses him as the thief and shows video proof he was at the store. Looking at a magazine with sexy maids. He wants to stop the video but D’arc is ordered to restrain him. Juugo felt something strange… D’ARC IS A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So disappointed… Especially Nanana. Not on talking terms from now on? Tensai continues to deduce about everything else and then takes the jewel into her custody. Next day on the news, it is reported that Tensai is the thief who came to return the stolen jewel. I can imagine the commotion… Uh huh. Nobody believes her nonsensical ranting that she is some master detective… Juugo thought he has seen the last of her but his troubles are only beginning. For Tensai and D’arc have transferred into his class! Everyone laughs at Tensai’s declaration that she is a master detective. Tensai isn’t bothered because although she isn’t a real pro yet, one day when she does and her name is famous, they will be astounded and feel ashamed for looking down. That would be her ultimate victory. Whatever. Yuu Ibara dressed in maid comes looking for Juugo. I guess all you need to get this guy’s attention or approval is to dress up like one. She brings him to see Isshin Yuiga who is the president of the Adventure Club and wants him to join. He isn’t interested and is about to leave but Yuu the vice president beats him up for disrespecting Isshin! Bloodied! Violent girl. Another maid dream shatters… The duo seek his permission to visit his dorm.

It has been a year since they have seen Nanana. They state their intention to recruit Juugo into the club. It has been a tradition for everyone who lives in this room to be part of it and they’re just paying their respects especially to the club founder, Konjou. Nanana’s mood is better seeing they brought her favourite pudding. Juugo wonders if she is bothered other people trying to take her treasure. As an adventurer she understands and would rather have people looking for it. The true value of happiness comes from sharing it with everyone. Nanana isn’t interested in moving on for the time being but would love to find the person who killed her. The only clue is a dragon mark on his back neck. Juugo wants to help find the killer if possible not because he wants her to leave but rather he finds her interesting. However she won’t tell him her hidden collection because it takes away the fun. As part of tradition, Juugo is required to take an entry test before he can join Adventure Club. Tensai and D’arc joining too? There is a room that houses a Nanana’s Collection. He must conquer it although he can fail many times. The room transforms into a twisted space of desks. Juugo becomes the guinea pig to go first while the rest watches. One wrong step, Juugo is thrown out of the building. He doesn’t give up but the results are the same. Tensai and D’arc notice he has strong stamina, quite well build, knows how to fall and doesn’t have bruises. It’s time for her to solve the puzzle. She notices a shelf of books, a weekly timetable and a note that warns not to leave anything behind. Figuring out today’s day, she packs all the books required on that day and put on other school stuffs. The correct tables to step on are lit up (seems like a pretty straight line to me) and it is an easy path to conquer the treasure. Juugo is amazed she can solve it fast but she says this is just elementary level. Juugo quips just like her outfit, causing her to fluster.

Episode 3
Isshin officially welcomes the new members to the club. Tensai asks who hid the treasures in the first place. Nobody knows. Isshin only knows somebody who goes by the name of Leprechaun hides it and in places called Ruins that are scattered all over Nanae Island. Isshin has a favour of Juugo. He first undergoes some ‘wife abuse’ by Nanana. Once he withstands the allotted time, she hints to him a place where he can find a treasure. As they head to some shopping mall tower, Juugo asks Isshin about Nanana not revealing the location. It’s part of her rules to be neutral to everyone. She will not tell any solutions but hints you enough to get there. As for who Konjou is, Isshin considers her a brave leader and it is her wits that got them out of many predicaments. Tensai has found the room. Based on her deduction of some pass code lock and the mirroring of the shop lots, they are outside the room where the treasure is. Isshin keys in a birthday of one of Nanana’s friends as the password to let them in. Isshin wants Tensai and Juugo to go with him while the rest stays outside in case anything happens. Because from now it they are in unknown territory and can lose their lives. As they trek into the transparent pathways, it seems at certain times a pathway is cut and replaced so they have to be quick on their feet. Juugo uses all his strength to pull Tensai up before she falls to her death. Tensai makes Juugo run around to deduce the pattern of the pathways’ creation and destruction. Once she figures it out, she has Isshin run through a path that leads him to the treasure. The hostility then stops.

Isshin is happy when he sees this cane inside the treasure box. Then he uses it to freeze Juugo and Tensai while teleporting himself to the exit. The pathway collapses as he leaves them behind. Reuniting with Yuu, he puts D’arc to sleep and then has Yuu contact Shunjuu Ikkaku that they have the treasure. He contacts Kagetora Tsurezure about the collapsing of the Ruins. He reports there are no changes outside thus nobody notices anything. As for Juugo and Tensai, he believes they are smarter and more skilful than him to find a way out. The duo are hugging each other. Too close proximity. Not enough space for any movement…  Juugo has called the cops so as they wait for their rescue, Tensai talks to him why she wants to be the greatest detective. When the cops find them, Tensai is not amused her assistant is happily sleeping. Since they are not going to let Isshin get away with this, Tensai wants Juugo to convince the officers to let her go so she could investigate Isshin’s whereabouts. They agree. Juugo goes with them to answer their questions but the cops turn out to be Yukihime and Shuu and they will have him answer everything… Nanana is surprised to see Juugo bruised and only in his boxers. Don’t ask. He asks about the cane as she explains it to have magical powers used by a sorcerer during the Middle Ages. It can grant the user any wish. Tensai then contacts Juugo as she has found out about Isshin’s deal with Shunjuu, the head of the Great 7.

Episode 4
Nanana remembers Konjou leaving her. She saw through some future mirror that the killer would kill her if she finds the culprit. She apologizes for not being able to grant her wish but is sure the next person who moves in here will. Juugo meets up with Tensai who reveals Isshin is going to sell the cane for a whopping hundred million yen. Then she wants him to hug her. She hasn’t fallen for him, mind you. She notices his height is off by 3cm and knows he is an imposter. He is Shuu and once she learns he is a phantom thief, she gets all excited to get him. Playing tag? Juugo has actually made a deal with Yukihime. In exchange to help him retrieve that cane, he will give her that lie detector she seeks. This collaboration is not so much to keep Tensai out of danger but rather he doesn’t want her to know his real identity. So they go meet Isshin and Yuu. Yukihime accompanies Yuu fighting while Juugo is not amused to hear Isshin’s ambition of world domination. He plans to conquer Shunjuu first and then this island. Juugo avoids all the magic Isshin shoots out from his cane. After Isshin gets hit by one, he gets really upset and chides him about his dumb dream, just like a certain detective wannabe. He hates those kinds of people. Isshin tells him back off about people having dreams. The only way to settle this is to kick each other’s butt. Juugo has the last laugh when the cane stops working. He explains the cane no doubt can grant any wish but does not have eternal life span. In short, you can’t use it limitlessly. He mocks Isshin that he was so concerned about its power that he never thought about its shortcomings. He could have asked Nanana how it works but was overridden by his guilt of betrayal. Since he is unable to keep his pride and dream in the end, this basically shows his dream didn’t mean as much as he thought. Juugo stands there in despair, allowing Juugo to punch him but the latter just couldn’t. He felt he was once the same. Instead he asks for the cane but Kagetora knocks him out.

The trio escapes to the beach but they are surrounded by the military. Did Tensai call them?! Actually she did some favour for Shunjuu and he is returning it. Isshin wants to hand the cane over for their safety but Tensai has a message from Shunjuu for them. He does business and not theft. She hands him the cheque and takes the cane. The trio goes scot free. Later Isshin calls Juugo just to talk to him. He’ll find some other treasure that will grant his dream. But he can’t guarantee he won’t betray them again. When he returns to the dorm, he is surprised that Tensai knows that he is collaborating with Matsuri. Because she hacked his handphone. Then by some deduction during the time he was at the convenience store, it seems he set some timer and knows when the parachute will drop. It is like he knows in advance about the crime and the only way he could do that is if he is working with Matsuri. Juugo is impressed she saw through him but she won’t arrest him because every detective needs a rival. So she and D’arc will be moving next door in this dorm. Later Juugo’s dad calls him as Yukihime filled him in. Seems Juugo didn’t want to have anything to do with Matsuri and thus his ‘exile’ to this island. He helped Yukihime out of coincidence. Juugo once wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a phantom thief but got disillusioned about stealing from the wicked for those in need. Juugo pretends girls are all over him here and that a certain blonde is in love with him. Father makes him describe how much he likes her but since he only respects her as an amazing person, he notes this is only how far he will go for her an won’t throw anything away for her sake. If she ever needs him, will he be there for her? That is why they are unable to love each other. He has the strength but doesn’t use it for others. Juugo yells back that he’d rather die than become a noble thief and that he and his buddies can have Matsuri for all he cares. Nanana notices Juugo holding the real lie detector. Did he give Yukihime a fake? Too wasteful to give the real one away, eh? Whatever it is, Nanana believes it will be used for something good as long as it is in his hands. Juugo could see she is telling the truth.

Episode 5
The gang are having grilled meat. Because Juugo is worrying so much about that trap, he didn’t realize everyone finished the meat. Isshin announces an overnight trip next weekend at the hotspring since he might have discovered possible Ruins. Since he is paying, skint Juugo wants to go. This time Nanana won’t give him clues since she already gave him the last time. He receives mail from Yukihime to meet. He is probably showing it off to Nanana but she doesn’t really care except to buy her pudding on his way home. At first Juugo is surprised to see Yukihime dressed so sexy and showing her cleavage but he knows it is just Shuu in disguise. Too big her boobs? Insult? Well, we see the real one wiping blood off her hands… Anyway Yukihime wants Juugo to return to Matsuri if he wants his allowance. Since their goals are the same it is better for them to be working together. Juugo stubbornly refuses so she asks what she is to him. Like a helpful big sister. She leaves and doesn’t want to see him ever again. When he goes back, Tensai and D’arc are playing video games with Nanana and Shiki slaps him with utility bills. Costly. What do you expect? You have a ghost playing games for 24 hours! Get the money by the end of the week or out you go. And the rest don’t even give a damn about his predicament… So he goes to some secret place to get some secret job. To his surprise, Tensai is also there and teasing him with her black twintail hair wig.

I don’t know what delivery job he took up but it couldn’t be that bad, right? Not unless you’re in some decimated warzone… Shuu happened to be there and mentions about the fake lie detector he traded them. Their boss claimed it was his doing but Yukihime stood up for him and believed Juugo is still trustworthy. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat? Juugo shows him the contents of the suitcase to make him an accomplice. However Juugo is left to fend for himself when the guards take him in alone. He is brought by this brooding hot guy, Tetsunoshin “Tetsu” Tsujimi to a waiting area. Juugo loves teasing this cute loli, Saki Yoshino AKA Yun, no? So adorable to tease… Be careful not to let Tetsu cut you up… So the real big sister comes. Looks menacing enough to make Juugo sweat in his pants! He lies he never looked inside the contents and she teases him by trying to throw some arrow of truth that hurts liars. Instantly he baulks and hides. She laughs but remains suspicious that he somewhat knows about Nanana’s Collection (he also lied he didn’t know anything about them). She becomes nastier when he accidentally indicates he might have looked inside the suitcase. Suddenly a raid happens so she goes into action and has Tetsu show him the way out. In the end, Juugo never got the money and he really doesn’t want to go back to that scary place again. He has scraped all the cash he could get and is only 3,000 yen short. He apologizes to Nanana.

Episode 6
Somehow Juugo managed to pay off the bill and now he is heading to the hotspring. Yukihime is also there with her friend, Shizuka Kisaragi but she ignores them like as though they don’t exist. So after their meal (Kagetora teasing D’arc that he wants to lick his master’s saliva?), they discuss their next step. The Ruins seem to be in a large abandoned house. Next morning, Juugo, Tensai and D’arc realize Isshin already has a head start on them when he left early. Upon entering the house, they see Kagetora and Yuu all drenched and in a defeated position. Isshin is eager to get this Nanana’s Collection. Inside a big room filled with movable pillars, they have to step on the right ones to reach the treasure. The temperature of the water increases the closer you get to the treasure. In this simple puzzle (so simple like as though he knows it like the back of his hand), they reach the treasure and find a stuffed doll cat. Everyone relaxes at the hotspring. Yuu is having wild fantasies eavesdropping Isshin on the other side so much so she can’t stand it anymore and pokes a hole in the wood just to peek. Too bad Juugo blocked her since he had the same idea. When he moves out of the way, Isshin already leaves. Frustrated Yuu calls Juugo to come back just to poke his eye. When they are about to leave, they find the treasure missing. With only them as the guests and a handful of employees, the culprit is among them. Yukihime is the first suspect. Tensai puts her detective mind to use when D’arc returns with the cat. D’arc found it in the laundry. Aside the guys, the employees (who are all females) can enter the men’s section. Tensai pinpoints one of the employees. She turns out to be Shuu in disguise. How did she know? She was only guessing! He lets loose a smokescreen to escape. Later Tensai reveals to Juugo about her deduction. He was in cohorts with Matsuri. She felt something strange when his odd job didn’t work out and somewhat managed to pay the utility bill. So he got the money in exchange for giving them information. He had them both stand-by at the inn to steal the treasure once they had it. Yukihime was the decoy while Shuu slipped in unnoticed to steal it. She didn’t accuse Juugo or Matsuri as she has no material evidence. When they bring back the cat to Nanana, she says this isn’t part of her collection. She doesn’t know what it is. They deduce somebody must have beaten them to the treasure and put a dummy. Isshin looks so disappointed. When everyone leaves, Juugo could feel the room starts haunting. He knows Nanana is very mad.

Episode 7
Juugo buys some rare pudding as apology to Nanana. Hard to say no, eh? Here is actually what happened. Juugo sold her video games to get the money. He then shows the real Nanana’s Collection, a mini sceptre he got from the hotspring. Since Yukihime was there, he worries she might eavesdrop on them so he went out himself to the Ruins and got the treasure and replaced it with a dummy. He never expected it was Isshin who tried to get a head start rather than Yukihime. Tensai heard this and is impressed with him. Juugo isn’t going to let the rest know because he doesn’t want them to find out about his connection to Matsuri. Later as Juugo seems down, Nanana goes to talk to him. He reveals Yukihime is the sole daughter of the family who has supported Matsuri for generations. She is his martial arts instructor and despite being strict she always held his hand. At least he thought this was part of her that won’t change until she broke some unspoken law of trying to steal the prey of others without negotiation. He felt betrayed. Nanana thinks it isn’t like him to sulk like this. If he doesn’t like it, try to change it. If not, he can come cry in her bosoms. Really? But we know he isn’t going to let it happen to that stage. Later he goes to meet Matsuri and offers her a wager. If she can beat him up, he will return Nanana’s Collection but if he wins, she must apologize. And he means really, really apologize and swear never to oppose him again. She has no obligation to accept that till he points out she is running away and would rather make up some excuse. Yukihime easily beats him up but Juugo uses the sceptre to lock her down with chains. He has this perverted look on his face that he is going to do what he wants with her now. Because she said she didn’t want to see him again, it’s like she doesn’t care. So he isn’t going to care for her and violate her. She starts crying about his betrayal instead. She thought they would succeed Matsuri together but he betrayed her trust. She has him do whatever he wants to her so she could hate him. He frees her.

Juugo scolds her about making important decision on her own. She didn’t like how the way he calls her his thing (teasing her about never having a boyfriend but she says she has one?). But he replies that if she ever betrays him, who is he to believe in then? She asks him again what she is to him. First love. Slap! I thought that was a pretty serious answer. How about a comrade then? Not impressed. He tried deceiving her with a fake jewel, right? She wants to know why he is searching for Nanana’s Collection. It’s a secret he hopes she won’t tell anyone. It’s for the sake of a girl. Yukihime is not even impressed because it felt like he is being a hypocrite because he never wanted to do things for others. Does he expect her to stay by his side for this selfish behaviour? He promises he won’t betray her. He thinks. At least he can promise he likes her. She rejects him. Anyway if he doesn’t come back to Matsuri, she cannot be by his side. He gives the sceptre as apology. She also apologizes for lying she had a boyfriend. He felt relieved so she punches him. Later Yukihime meets Yuu who knows she somewhat made up with Juugo. Shuu thinks she should drop that guy because he will slow them down. Although he likes Juugo, seriously he doesn’t want to work with him. Yukihime realizes Juugo has more information sources than the Adventure Club because he knows far too much about this Nanana’s Collection alone. She is going to search for the informer, Fumika Sanada. She remembers Juugo’s promise to her that they will work hard and help people in the world and make them happy.

Episode 8
After Tensai receives some letter from a girl, she is in foul mood. She throws the letter to Juugo and the content is money. What’s her problem? Tetsu becomes a new transfer student in the class and he is not pleased Juugo is in the same class. Since he is here, so must Yun. They see her being harassed by a bully so Tetsu becomes rage and jumps down a few storeys! Juugo follows suit but to stop him from punching the ‘bully’ because he is a teacher reprimanding Yun for her uniform. Kagetora questions Isshin’s motivation because he jumped on the newbies at the hotspring when he thought they were supposed to be helping each other. Isshin is suspicious about them looking for Nanana’s Collection. He narrates some line about winner takes all from a man he hates. In that case Kagetora wants him to make them enemies as well. However he trusts them better than he trusts those newbies. Kagetora thinks he is under pressure. Especially the cane he wanted got confiscated and that hotspring incident. Yuu sees a photo of old Adventure Club members. One of them is Hiiyo Ikusaba whom Kagetora has heard lots of bad things about him. Speaking about his Orochimaru guy, here he is paying a visit to Nanana. She is not pleased to see him. He seeks her opinion in this bell treasure he got. As she explains, he calls this useless treasure garbage. Juugo realizes Nanana is shaking in fear. Time is up and Ikusaba leaves. That’s because Shiki is rushing in to kill this bastard! Because he didn’t pay his rent! She actually chases him down and fights him but because she had too much drink, she couldn’t keep her balance.

Later Juugo finds out from Shiki about this baddie. He was the person living in Nanana’s room before Juugo and he neglected her. He talks to her about refusing to tell such people about her treasure. She can’t because it’s a rule she made. If you ask a treasure in hand, she tells. Otherwise there would be no meaning in being herself. Her decisions are proof of being her. This has Juugo ponder a lot about himself. What is he? Why is he doing this for her? He thinks the notebook might have been written for Ikusaba. When Juugo hangs out with Yun and Tetsu at the arcade, he sees Ikusaba there and they talk. When asked about staying in that strange room, Juugo replies he likes it. Ikusaba talks about these games about player involvement, their actions affecting it and some strategizing to it. Asking Juugo’s opinion about the kind of players who win, seems there are many other factors other than physical. One of them being refusal to compromise. After losing his horse bet, he goes over to meet Tetsu and Yun. Yun cowers in fear behind Tetsu. Then he goes to visit Isshin in the clubroom. This guy is so imposing and cocky that Isshin can do nothing except to answer his question while trying to keep his composure. Learning Isshin still keeps Konjou’s treasure as memory, Ikusaba says he sold his off. Useless garbage should be disposed of. He continues to mock his manner like as though he is imitating someone and has no feelings for a phony like him. Isshin regrets he is once more speechless against him. He wants Kagetora to follow him as he suspects he might be plotting something involving this school. He also wants him to avoid fighting and run if he is spotted. Because Ikusaba is the most proficient than anybody in using Nanana’s Collection.

Episode 9
There was this confrontation between Isshin and Ikusaba. The former wasn’t happy about some ethical method he used but was told off about last one standing wins, the resolve to throw away everything and that he is free quit this game like the rest. Ikusaba felt the club lost its value after Konjou left. Juugo goes on another date. Sort of. This time with Yumeji, Yun and Tetsu. He felt a killing aura and quickly pushes Yumeji down. Looks indecent. Could that killing aura be Yukihime watching him? She doesn’t look so happy… Meanwhile Kagetora tails Ikusaba but is spotted. Wherever he runs, Ikusaba is always there. He uses his ring to paralyze him and then kicks the daylights out of him. Juugo goes back home but realizes he had so much fun he forgot Nanana’s pudding. Here comes the pain! Yun bumps into Ikusaba on her way home. She becomes afraid of him. However Ikusaba talks as if they knew each other although Yun clearly doesn’t. Tetsu comes to her rescue. Ikusaba notes his sword and could have come from the Tsukuyomi district and under the Three Skulls group. He finds it troublesome since Sansa Kurosu might be involved. They fight but Ikusaba is clearly more powerful. Yun pretends to call the cops so they break it up. Tetsu goes to request Juugo’s help to keep Ikusaba away from Yun. He is tasked with protecting her so he can’t slice him. Juugo agrees but wants to know what is going on. He admits this request comes from Sansa although he doesn’t know why.

Juugo goes to see Isshin to ask about Ikusaba (Kagetora is like a mummy!). They are surprised he knows him. As explained, Ikusaba was the original vice president of Adventure Club and also the one who ruined it. After Konjou graduated and left the island, he took over but because he uses force, it caused many to resign. Then a terrible incident whereby he sacrificed a student to get a treasure. Although she survived, she was badly hurt and filled with regret joining this club and has left the island since. Ikusaba claims the treasure for himself and subsequently abandoned the club. Only Isshin was left and he roped in Kagetora and Yuu to revive it recently. They agree to help Juugo but the question is why Ikusaba attacked Yun. This is where Tensai comes in to explain after missing for an episode. She accepted an underground job to look for a missing student but that student turned up and thus she is not happy the mystery solved itself. She felt humiliated. That missing student is Yun. Even when she was found, she continued her investigations of her whereabouts during her absence. Before she went missing, she took up a job to investigate a certain building for Ruins. The employer was Ikusaba. Most probably she doesn’t know about Nanana’s Collection and took the job for the money. They know it is Ikusaba’s style of discarding someone after using them so they think she must have seen something she shouldn’t and thus being targeted. Assuming if she did, where was she when she was missing? Juugo thinks she was under the care of Three Skulls. She might have returned due to that group’s backing. Juugo believes something is off because when Ikusaba and Yun met at the arcade, it is really as though it was her first time meeting him. The only solution is the clear the Ruins themselves and in turn save Ikusaba from targeting Yun. Since the place is at Southred Mall, a pretty damn big place, Juugo is needed to seek Nanana’s help again. She won’t, Juugo begs and begs but cannot say Ikusaba’s name to prevent her from worrying. She agrees but with 2 conditions: Some rare pudding (but of course) and never to use a treasure for himself if he finds it. As Juugo ponders what Nanana meant by that, he realizes that she might not want him to find her killer and pass on to the next world.

Episode 10
The gang finds a series of alpha numeric codes hidden almost everywhere in the mall. With Juugo sneaking in to obtain some key and combining with those codes, they are able to pinpoint the door to the Ruins. However they have to wait till the mall is closed to avoid public suspicions. After walking through a corridor and a door that contains 13 zodiac symbols, the treasure room turns into one with many criss-crossing beams, each with a zodiac logo on it. Juugo being reckless almost gets impaled each time he steps on the beams. Thanks to that, Tensai has figured out some pattern. I am not a genius but based on the panels in the corridor and zodiac, it follows some Fibonacci sequence and you need to step in that sequence to avoid the spikes. They see a bloodied bag while on their way. Kagetora and D’arc keeping watch outside are forced to back off when they see Ikusaba coming. Tensai falls but luck is with her. She didn’t get impaled. Only her hat. So Juugo carries her in his arms and takes the fastest route down. Heck, he is faster than the spikes so he doesn’t need to follow, right? Dangerous. But no same treatment for Yuu who is hoping she would get the same from Isshin. Once they reach the bottom, for the first time they see a picture puzzle as a lock on the treasure chest. Too bad Ikusaba is here. This is the part he was stuck. Juugo asks about him hiring Yun to stake out this dangerous place. He did. That’s why he paid her a large sum of money and also the job is illegal. Juugo is mad that he doesn’t give a damn about how risky this put Yun in but Ikusaba tells him off if he finds her that precious, might as well chain her up and keep her in a box. Juugo is so mad that this is getting personal. He is going to kick his butt.

Yuu is first to lunge at him for insulting Isshin but Ikusaba is as fast as the shadow thanks to his boots that is a Nanana’s Collection. It allows him to ‘swim’ through shadows. However it is not a total lost for our friends since Isshin’s glasses are also part of Nanana’s Collection and is able to mimic abilities of others. He helps out by fighting back. Ikusaba continues to mock him and then beats him up because since the lens is only able to mimic abilities but it couldn’t do anything about his physical strength. Tensai has finished solving the puzzle. She has memorized it in her head. Ikusaba thinks she is mocking him and punches her. She isn’t that dumb to get punched and it seems she stunned him with a taser. Now that he has difficulties breathing, it will be hard for him to breathe and use the boots effectively. Juugo attacks and wherever Ikusaba pops up, Juugo is waiting to beat him up. To his surprise, Isshin’s lens can also read his mind. He never knew that, didn’t he? Yeah well. Nanana although tells them the basic of the item, I guess the rest is up to you to figure out its other uses. Of course reading minds with this lens has a price. He feels his head is about to split open. Ikusaba thinks of getting Isshin at the back but he is greeted with Yuu’s super payback punch. Juugo is about to finish him when Ikusaba mentions his lungs is about to collapse and will have trouble breathing. Instantly Juugo squirms in pain and couldn’t breathe.

Episode 11
Before Ikusaba can finish him, Tensai points her gun with rubber bullets. She has a proposal. They should stop this and call this a draw. He won’t seeing he has gotten this far and will see it through. Tensai threatens she has deduced his power and if she reveals it, it will give Juugo one chance to wallop his ass. He thinks she is bluffing as she refuses to say what it is and Juugo wants her to cut the crap and say it since he wants to kill this bastard. Tensai still won’t because she doesn’t trust Juugo. Back to her proposal, she drops the gun and pleads he should let them go. She would rather settle things on a grander stage. He agrees. It is not worth dying here. Tensai adds that he is also to stay away from Yun. Agreed. He asks her name and she also does the same despite knowing it because it will be the first time they properly introduce themselves. Isshin also has something to say to Ikusaba. When Konjou was around, he never had any goals till she handed a Nanana’s Collection to him. Now it is to surpass everyone and become number one. He wants a world in which no one stands in front of him. I guess you can call that world domination. Ikusaba has no intention to stop his goal so do as he wishes. A sign he acknowledges him? After he leaves, Tensai reveals she was just bluffing. She doesn’t know about Ikusaba’s ring power. But it was effective. Think about it. If it was such a powerful tool, why didn’t he use it in the first place to beat the crap out of him? There must be some sort of weakness that makes him use it as a last trump card. Therefore in this bluff, he had no choice but to accept her proposal. She also lied about not trusting him. She won’t let him die because every great detective must have a rival. Back in Nanana’s room, Tensai talks to her and laments that recent puzzle on the treasure was fake. This means there was nothing for her to solve. The treasure box wasn’t even locked! When Tensai mentions they went up against Ikusaba, Nanana could understand why Juugo acted. She then suggests a bet.

After Juugo is discharged from the hospital, Tensai hands him the Nanana’s Collection that is able to look into one’s past. She doesn’t need it because she prefers to use her great detective mind to work. Juugo also doesn’t need it as he made a promise to Nanana. Tensai tries to persuade him like using it behind her back since she can’t step out but he stands by his decision. That’s when Tensai admits she lost the bet to Nanana whether Juugo would stick by his promise. She also lied about its power. This treasure contains some magic shard of a lance to ward off evil. But not knowing what Nanana wants still bugs Juugo. He is going to ask her. Asking about if she wants to pass on, she says she’ll leave it to his decision. WTF. He challenges her to a no-holds-barred battle in which she must tell him if he wins. Of course Nanana is at an advantage and in a position that could break his hand. However he dares her. Why is he being stubborn? Because he wants her to tell him what she wants. If she were to pass on, she would be gone and he will feel sad. But if this is what she wants and he hesitates and put off helping you for his own reasons, that would be like feeding his own ego. Even if he loses today, he will come back and challenge her tomorrow and the day after till she tells him. She admits defeat. What she wants now is to find her killer and kill the culprit with her own hands. However there is something else she can’t leave behind now. She wants to see how the island change and how the people coming here are affected. This includes him. She never imagined this island would turn out to be more fun than imagined. I guess this means she is staying. Hypothetically speaking, he asks if that last treasure really could look into her past, would she allow him to use it to find her killer? Nope. It’s a promise between them even if it means never finding her killer. But she believes he won’t need that to find her killer. The way she worded it convinces Juugo that such item exists and is going to find it. He won’t ask her because she won’t tell, right?

Treasure Hunting At Your Own Risk
I suppose this series was okay and had some potential. As usual, leaving us with that cliff-hanger ending that indicates to us that Yun is under some sort of mind control spell in yet another dangerous mission and another treasure box beckons us. Yeah well. The adventure never dies. It feels like it is setting up and building the foundation and groundwork if they ever wanted to make a sequel. Which isn’t actually such a bad thing. Well, if they don’t, then in a way it would be because you know, it’s not nice to leave ‘puzzle’ half baked, right?

I don’t remember watching any puzzle themed animes because right now I can’t recall if I did watch any but as far as this series is concerned, the puzzles may seem impressive but it lacks the oomph that would impress casual viewers like me. Perhaps the main focus of the series is not the puzzles but I just thought that it would have been better if they placed in interesting puzzles with equally interesting but simple clues or solutions. Some of the puzzles here feel like as though it is just thought up for convenience and some were just uninspiring (especially the one in the hotspring). The final puzzle at the mall was just too complicating for me despite the genius trying her best to briefly explain the theory and clues surrounding it but I was already at a lost when she opened her mouth from the first sentence. Because I tried doing my own research online about this Fibonacci sequence and I still couldn’t understand a damn thing (except for the adding the last 2 numbers part). My maths must be that bad, huh?

Even more so the final episode’s puzzle felt like a big troll because there was no real puzzle to it and just a sham to mislead challengers. It is just like a big slap in the face. For example, you see a locked steel door. You search around the compound for a hidden key, if not take out your lock picking tools, if not try out some soldering equipment, if not use some bazooka to blast it open. And when everything else fails, you realize the door wasn’t locked to begin with and all you need to do was just turn the handle and voila! Open sesame! Yeah. That is how I felt for this last puzzle. Big troll.

Also puzzling me is the very large space that the puzzle rooms take up. For every puzzle room that I have seen (including the entry test Juugo and Tensai took), there are huge and complicated machinery and mechanism activating it into an elaborated piece set. Whoever constructed this must be a real genius and world’s greatest architect to have the floors, walls, pillars or whatever is in that room to move around in such perfect synchronicity. I believe the sensors must be in perfectly good working condition for it to sense challengers coming in and then the room starts shifting. Hey, it is not like there is some guardian watching over the place and then when the visitors come, he flips the switch to activate the puzzle. I mean, I figure that the puzzle rooms have been built a very long time ago and with Juugo and co venturing into it and succeeding to take the treasure, it means they are the first ones here after a long time of dormancy. And all obstacles work perfectly like as though they are brand new.

Another point to ponder: Once a puzzle room is cleared, will the room be playable again? Because for some like the one in the tower mall, everything collapses and subsequent players won’t get to play it. But the one at the hotspring, it seems Juugo managed to troll everyone by putting in a dummy. This means if other players come to hunt for the treasure, they will be sorely disappointed to find that the treasure chest is empty or filled with something else. Besides, how big is this Nanae Island? So big that new Ruins are constantly being discovered? And we have seen the technology advances on this island so it boggles me that such puzzle rooms cannot be easily found (say, use some sort of x-ray scanner, damn it) despite their absolutely ridiculous huge space for you to play. Or the ordinary people aren’t smart enough to decipher clues around the island or not into treasure hunting. Therefore the island must be that big, huh? Okay, to be fair, it will be like searching for a needle in a haystack if you don’t have a place to start. Just for argument’s sake, even if there is a treasure hidden in my small town, I don’t think I will be able to find it despite being right under my nose because seriously when you think about it, even though my town is small it looks huge if you are trying to think where the treasure could be hidden.

The characters are rather okay although some of them feel like they don’t really matter because they did not expand them further. At least for this season is concerned. Juugo is a mixed baggage. He is like a character that puts on several expressions instead of just sticking to one. Starting out like your seemingly ordinary plain protagonist, you will notice that there is more than meets the eye to him. Sometimes he is like a pervert because just like other perverted guys, he won’t hesitate to do something pervy (his expression also looks perverted) or go on a date. Sometimes he is full of angst (screaming about his ideals and such) which makes him look like a baddie. You’ll also notice his tough exterior and stamina because ordinary high school kids don’t have that kind of sturdy endurance. Like as though he is some sort of trained mercenary or something. Of course. Thanks to Yukihime as his martial arts instructor and coming from a band of ‘noble thieves’. Despite all that, he is still the usual kid who cares. To a certain extent. Otherwise he couldn’t have been bothered with Nanana in the first place. Now that he has made his promise and resolve with Nanana, I guess there is now a purpose in his life. At least a better one than for whatever reasons he decided to leave Matsuri and come to this island.

Nanana despite as the titular character is one of those characters that feel like a secondary but it is because of her circumstances. Can you name a main character that stays put in one place and rarely moves? Can’t, right? How often do you have a ghost as the main character? It’s like having a ‘ghost member’ as the protagonist which feels like an irony or something. Although mostly her interactions with Juugo can be seen as some sort of friendship bonding thingy, that is just about it for her role other than explaining the treasures shown to her and its uses. I am sure there is some trivia to spot especially in the video games that you see Nanana play. However I can only identify Virtua Fighter. Is it me or does Nanana love to pick that Jeffry McWild character? Other games as I found out are the action-adventure sandbox of Terraria, MMORPG Phantasy Star Online and the side scrolling platformer Spelunker HD, all of which I am not familiar with.

Point to ponder: If the dorm is torn down, will Nanana pass over to the new world? Because you know, she says she is stuck in this room. So what happens if there is no more room? Will she be stuck in that confined but open space? Or even if you don’t break down the dorm but tear down the walls to make it so that the room is one big continuous space. Then extend it to the entire island. How about that? Besides, a lot of things surrounding her are a mystery. She died without knowing her killer and even that only hint she gave feels like a red herring (at least for this season) because whether you remember it or not, it doesn’t matter. Then there is this mysterious way she gulps down her pudding. It really brings a new meaning of now you see, now you don’t. Don’t blink or you’ll… Oh wait, the pudding is already gone. Even odder there is this vacuum thud sound each time her pudding ‘disappears’. What about that mind boggling phenomenon whereby she can touch you but you can’t touch her? If this was a video game and she is the final last boss, I am very sure you’ll be very frustrated trying to defeat her. If you know what I mean.

Tensai is perhaps the most amusing character in the series. I believe she is truly a smart girl and a genius despite a couple of times she trolled us with her bluffs. And she admits it with confidence. You know what they say about those who hide their cleverness, right? I guess that is why she is so aptly named. The reason she trolls and puts on a poker face is because she believes that this is the best method to solve. It is like reverse psychology. However during times of solving real puzzles, she does have a keen sense of observation and can right away figure out the workings. It is as though she is reading from some script. But even a genius detective wannabe like her isn’t perfect and has her own quirks. She is a bad loser and hates to lose (hey, nobody likes to lose). But she can even admit that with a big poker face and find some excuse not to go through it especially how she lost her bet to Nanana. Being positive is one thing… Then there is this other peculiar habit that she does when she asks someone’s name. After that, she will ask your real name. Unless you are under some alias, of course you would assert that is your real name. And then she will agree and remember it. Huh? Is this another sort of trolling? Unless Tensai isn’t actually her real name either…

Yuu is an amusing side character. The only time that she truly ‘shines’ if something concerns her beloved Isshin. Otherwise she’s like a secondary character that perhaps nobody would care to notice. Her behaviour is simple and predictable. Anybody who badmouths Isshin, she will want to beat the crap out of you. Like as though Isshin is her untouchable idol or even God. At times she gets this monkey-see, monkey-do idea when she observes Juugo doing ‘something seemingly of romantic possibility’ just to get close to Isshin. She puts on her fail acting in hopes of convincing Isshin to do the same like Juugo but usually he isn’t swayed a bit and calmly tells her to get serious or that she seriously doesn’t really need such ‘service’. Then she gets disappointed and cries silently. I’m sure with those special powered glasses, Isshin could have read her mind and knows what exactly she wants and couldn’t be bothered to play her game. Isshin just like Juugo, you can’t tell if he is an ally or foe because given the chance he would want to use that advantage and stay ahead of the race.

Then there is Kagetora who feels like aside from his ability to stay hidden (visually), ever since we get to know D’arc is a trap, he doesn’t hesitate to troll around with him like trying to be imposing and dare his fetish of tasting his master’s saliva. Like as though he is turning into some sort of bully. Or maybe, he has taken some sort of liking for D’arc?! Say it isn’t so! Because in the final episode montage, it hints to us that he is somewhat ‘stalking’ him! Say it isn’t so! Speaking of D’arc, he feels like excess baggage and does nothing particularly useful except playing the fool for comic relief purposes. Although a trap, it is like as if the producers know about my maid fetish, the only reason why I am tolerating this trap thingy…

Some characters do not feel sufficient especially about the Matsuri duo. As though they exist just to show us that there is some sort of connection with Juugo. And once Juugo somewhat settles his stuff with Yukihime, that will be the last you’ll ever see of them in action. There must be something big about Matsuri especially Juugo’s dad. Then there is this Sansa lady and Three Skulls which I believe is also more than meets the eye. Same case with Yun because I don’t think she is just some innocent looking loli and something deeper lurks. As for Tetsu, it is also a shame that he his role feels unimportant. Hot brooding guy with a sword… Too bad not much screen time. Of course it is not fair to label such characters so since as said everything in this season felt like building things up. You don’t want to suddenly see a new character that pops up out of nowhere in the sequel, won’t you? Lastly there is Yumeji. That last scene where she stalks Juugo from afar greatly hinted to us that she does harbour something for him. Or maybe something more… Thanks to the nature of watching this anime, I started to doubt and suspect everyone is more than meets the eye… Even Shiki could be more than just a bimbo who spends her time drunk and chasing after default rents…

The romance is greatly hinting between Juugo and Tensai. There are a handful of moments of them together like when they were hugging so close for such a long period in that tower mall, Juugo carrying Tensai like a princess, etc. Probably Tensai’s way of considering him her rival is actually some sort of disguise to hide her true feelings for him? Other girls may suggest they have feelings for Juugo too. Yukihime might be tsundere. Yumeji might be a possible secret admirer. Yun may be the little loli sister type. Nanana is the playful kind. Shiki? Maybe she just wants his money. Haha! D’arc? Remember that’s a trap!!! The only other girl who doesn’t have a shred of feelings for Juugo is Yuu. Her love is one-sided as we all know. But the biggest romance has got to be the treasure hunting, right? Well, with Juugo, Yukihime and Ikusaba having good martial arts background, the action bits seeing them trade blows or move around with their athletic agility, the action parts do not disappoint.

A-1 Pictures produces this series and they have done several popular series including Fairy Tail, The Idolmaster, Sword Art Online, Ao No Exorcist, Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, Kuroshitsuji and Ookiku Furikabutte. The art and drawing overall look pretty decent. Pretty basic and conventional Japanese anime stuffs with the character designs looking. I give them points because they put in a maid despite being a trap :). The animation is also smooth especially during the puzzle action despite heavily relying on CGI effect (though it can be a little jarring side by side with the 2D drawing). The design of Nanana’s Collection items seems okay too and it does seem to give off that ancient and mysterious feel to it and doesn’t look like your everyday item that could be found in some souvenir shop. There are a few fanservice scenes (Shiki sleeping in her undies, the hotspring, Nanana’s thighs…) which eventually don’t amount to anything alarming.

Kana Asumi does her best as Tensai and probably this is how I like her to sound. More of the joker type like the titular character in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san instead of serious or no expression characters like Lily in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative or Frey in Unbreakable Machine Doll. Also recognizable are Kana Hanazawa as D’arc (sounds more dreamy than anything), Ayako Kawasumi as Konjou, Tomokazu Sugita as Ikusaba (bad ass mode), Kanae Itou as Yumeji and of course Mamiko Noto as Yukihime (feels like I am hearing lesser and lesser of her these days). Other casts include Yuuki Ono as Juugo (Zenkichi in Medaka Box), Rui Tanabe as Nanana (Cecil in Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Isshin (Shion in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Eri Suzuki as Yuu (Sanae in Rokujyouma No Shinryakusha), Yuuki Hayashi as Kagetora (Kowaku in Shikabane Hime), Misaki Kuno as Yun (Serara in Log Horizon), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Tetsu (Arata in Chihayafuru), Yumi Uchiyama as Shiki (Momiji in Binbougami Ga) and Kousuke Toriumi as Shuu (Kiba in Naruto).

The opening theme is Butterfly Effect by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (this is the name of the all-girl pop idol group despite the band’s name sounding like a private middle school nor do they make up of middle school students). Sounds like a pretty generic pop piece. The anime pop ending theme is Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai by Sphere.

Despite its shortcomings, this show is still enjoyable to watch if you love the combination of treasure hunting, puzzle solving, bits of action and little comedic and awkward moments between the characters. Nothing too deep, too complicating or too confusing. Just that it is just a tad too short a season to cover the necessary stuffs needed to leave viewers with that satisfied feeling once the series is over. In spite all the interesting treasures found and those waiting to be found, I don’t think the same can be said for this series. Maybe wait for a thousand years for it to be in limited print. Then you’ll see how much this actually fetches at the auction house. Oh what the heck. Animes are timeless treasures no matter how you look at it :).

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