Bang! Bang! Bang! Girls with guns. Lots of animes with that theme these days. But we are here to discuss about girls with guns in an airsoft of survival game club. Aha. If you watched them ‘recently’, you would have guessed that the most prominent ones under this category would be Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-Bu and Sabagebu! That is the only main similarity they have. Otherwise they differ from each other like day and night. It is obvious. One is already a hands down winner even before I started typing this blog. But let’s take the journey anyway, shall we?

New girl in town:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura Yamamoto.
Sabagebu: Momoka Sonokawa.

How she joined the airsoft club:
Stella Jogakuin: Feeling lonely and desperate for failing to make new friends, she decided to give this club a try.
Sabagebu: Curiosity killed the cat. The weirdo she bumped in the train happened to go to the same school. She followed, got knocked out, then forced, coerced and tricked into signing up.

Her gun model:
Stella Jogakuin: Skorpion vz 61.
Sabagebu: Beretta M92F.

Her ruthlessness:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura started out as a shy girl but as the series progresses, her obsession of becoming stronger turned her into a ruthless girl who would even sacrifice her friends just to achieve that.
Sabagebu: Momoka is already a ruthless, backstabbing and selfish person right from the start. She doesn’t hesitate to think twice about shooting allies just for her own gain. Conscience does not exist in this girl.

Survival game club president:
Noticed how they both wield Desert Eagles?
Stella Jogakuin: Sonora Kashima.
Sabagebu: Miou Ootori.

Other club members:
Stella Jogakuin: Rento Kirishima, Karila Hatsuse, Honoka Mutsu and Yachiyo Hinata.
Sabagebu: Urara Kasugano, Maya Kyoudou and Kayo Gotoukuji.

Club advisor:
Stella Jogakuin: Nil. Not known.
Sabagebu: Ena Sakura.

Animal mascot:
Stella Jogakuin: A white fox at a shrine that Yura could only see, which turns out to be a masked warrior.
Sabagebu: Kamo – A platypus. Later on, a crab.

Other survival game rivals:
Stella Jogakuin: Rin Haruna from Meisei Girls’ Academy, Aoi Seto of the Seto family and the airsoft club from Sendou Academy that has Karila’s twin brother, Aira.
Sabagebu: Rosalia Haguro, those old folks from Australia, those airsoft crazy cat aliens and those national survival game club members led by Taichou.

The biggest fan:
Stella Jogakuin: Miyagi Mochizuki who is a big fan of Sonora.
Sabagebu: A group of aristocrat airsoft girls who are freaking obsessed over Maya! Of course, not forgetting Urara for Momoka.

Well-endowed girl:
Also cue for providing the fanservice of the series.
Stella Jogakuin: Honoka.
Sabagebu: Maya.

Petite girl:
Stella Jogakuin: Yachiyo.
Sabagebu: Kayo.

Bespectacled character:
Stella Jogakuin: Honoka.
Sabagebu: Fried Chicken With Lemon.

Airhead character:
Stella Jogakuin: Rento.
Sabagebu: Maya.

The blonde:
Stella Jogakuin: Karila.
Sabagebu: Maya – At least in terms of dumb blonde…

Vivid imagination:
Stella Jogakuin: It is believed that Yura has such an active imagination that it may turn real. This often helps her out in giving her confidence in survival games and honing her gun skills.
Sabagebu: You see all the blood, gore and deaths of people being shot in the series? They are all in your imagination!

Hair cut:
Stella Jogakuin: After Yura’s first major airsoft tournament in which she ended up scared and surrendered, she deeply regretted her actions and vowed to change. Cutting her hair short is to show that new resolve she made.
Sabagebu: A mysterious person seems to be targeting the club members and Urara’s bangs got cut. Turns out to be Momoka’s mom who was just ‘looking out and being thoughtful’ for her friends.

Bully victim:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura, when she was in her old school. She was reminded of it when those old friends visited during the cultural festival.
Sabagebu: A couple of girls who are ardent fans of Miou start to pick on Momoka, thinking she is being close to her. From spreading lies and throwing her bag out of the window, the harassments stops when Miou tells those b*tches off. And then Momoka becomes the bully for some payback…

Stella Jogakuin: After Yura’s reckless attempt to catch a sniper sniping at them got Sonora injured (she had to dive and save Yura from an incoming car). She is hospitalized although she only suffered a sprained ankle and mild concussion.
Sabagebu: The student council president, Yayoi Isurugi is so stressed up by one of her backfired attempts to take down the club members, she got hospitalized! And there is another time when she accidentally got caught in a grenade explosion when the club is celebrating their grenade mascot…

Stella Jogakuin: Sonora’s American master was a soldier who was killed in action. It made Sonora stopped playing airsoft for a while and Rin changed into a whole new character, blaming her weakness for his death.
Sabagebu: This is the running joke of the series – Maya is always (at least most of the time) the first one in the team to die!!! Death always come looking for pretty models first, eh?

The allure of snacks:
Stella Jogakuin: The girls try to tempt Yura in joining by giving her snacks and cakes. Prior to joining, Yura on the other hand thought this was a snacks club where you laze around do nothing but eat snacks.
Sabagebu: Momoka turned into a fatso after eating too many bread with high calories. It doesn’t help with mama’s ‘diet’ as she continues to make more snacks and feed it to Momoka to keep her chubby.

Need the money:
Stella Jogakuin: To fund for their participation for the next airsoft tournament, the girls use whatever little funds they have left to buy stuffs for the cultural festival and make a killing there from its proceeds.
Sabagebu: Momoka is feeling tight in the purse this month and searches every inch of her house for every available fund. She remembers a treasure map she did when she was young but seems what she buried was a poem to remind her future self that the smiles of friends are the real treasures. Do you know how much a platypus is worth?

Stella Jogakuin: Sonora suggests a cosplay shooting café for their school’s cultural festival.
Sabagebu: Kayo is a cosplay fanatic, the reason why she joined the club.

Stella Jogakuin: Aira can cosplay perfectly to imitate his twin.
Sabagebu: Momoka cross-dresses as a guy and thought she has found new popularity. But she finds out the hard way the wrath of a woman’s jealousy rage!

Being tsundere:
Stella Jogakuin: Tomboyish Karila turns into one when she realizes her clothes are torn during the school’s airsoft-cum-beauty contest. And that is how she won the votes for this match of hers.
Sabagebu: Yayoi is mistaken to be one by everybody after constant and accidental backfired attempts to take down Miou. Asserting out loud she hates her only made it worse.

Bathing scenes:
Stella Jogakuin: There is only a scene where the club girls soak in the hotspring and another barrel soaking bath scene during their survival game stint on an island.
Sabagebu: It is the staple of the series. A bathing scene always happens somewhere in the episode.

Strayed then returned:
Stella Jogakuin: In her quest to become stronger and be acknowledged, Yura quit her club to join Rin’s team. But her selfishness only caused her to be kicked out of the team. Who else but her old club members could welcome her back?
Sabagebu: Miou disbands her club after she has found Zen enlightenment via some monk after being told she would look smart. However it is back to the usual life of violence once this monk is exposed to be a fake and on a con job.

Pop culture references:
Stella Jogakuin: Not many with only Rambo being the obvious one.
Sabagebu: Tons of it! From Aliens to Predators to Resident Evil and even Michael Jackson!!!

Number of episodes:
Stella Jogakuin: 13 episodes.
Sabagebu: 12 episodes + 6 specials.

Episode format:
Stella Jogakuin: Each episode is played out like a typical chronological story.
Sabagebu: Each episode is episodic and divided further into an average of 3 random skits per episode.

Studio production:
Stella Jogakuin: Gainax.
Sabagebu: Pierrot+.

It is without a doubt that Sabagebu beats Stella Jogakuin thanks to the nonsensical slapstick humour to that latter’s boring I-don’t-know-where-this-is-going plot. Thanks to the nature of the former, any casual viewer can just jump in and watch and expect to laugh out loud without hurting your head. The only thing you’ll hurt is your stomach from laughing too much. With everything no-holds-barred in Sabagebu, everything comes and goes as crazy as it is so you are guaranteed to have a wild and enjoyable ride. Whereas in Stella Jogakuin, although there are more focus and airsoft matches, they do not feel exciting as it should. Then there is that supernatural crap that Yura has I believe I myself don’t even understand and lots of character drama thanks to Yura getting lost in her direction. Stella Jogakuin just doesn’t cut it if you’re looking for some mindless fun and entertainment. Too much drama that hindered to enjoyment. Therefore if you ask me which survival game club I should join, I am going with Sabagebu anytime despite I am fully aware I will be backstabbed always by Momoka. Besides, at least I know that I am the first not to die if ever some sort of ‘massacre’ is going to happen ;p.


March 29, 2015

Wait a minute. Another survival game anime? So soon? I thought we had Stella JogakuinKoutoukaC3-Bu as recent as back in mid-2013. Because a year later, another studio came out with yet another survival game club series. Are they trying to give another impression about the girls with guns genre? However this is where the similarities end because Sabagebu! is a totally wacky slapstick comedy and has little development and basically no plot at all. All you need to do is leave your brains at the doorstep and laugh out loud whenever the silly moments come by. Or whenever you feel like it. Basically this show chronicles the crazy and absurd daily lives of the female members of this survival game club. Another one of those cute girls doing cute things you say? More like crazy girls doing crazy things. Yeah. Ready to fire away!

Episode 1A
Momoka Sonokawa is on a train on her first day to high school when some old creepy guy starts molesting her. Call it a blessing or curse, Miou Ootori points her gun in his face. Unfazed, he tries his old school karate but I guess age has caught up. Old geezer ultimately loses but the security takes away Miou thinking she is the mad person. I mean, who goes around flinging her gun, right? At school, Momoka sees Miou and her curiosity got the better of her. She tails her to a dilapidated building in the woods. Momoka was careless and got into a trap set by Miou. She knew she was following her. Then this little platypus comes by. Momoka calls it ugly and gets knocked out. When she wakes up, she finds herself tied up on a chair and sees other girls cleaning their guns. They think Momoka is a spy. She is not. To answer Momoka’s question about them waving their guns, they are the Survival Game Club members. Say hi to Maya Kyoudou, Urara Kasugano, Kayo Goutokuji and the club’s mascot, Kamo. Literally it means duck but it’s actually a platypus. They give her try out shooting a gun. How does it feel? She’s not really into this. Miou tricks her into writing her name. She realizes too late she just signed up for the club.

Episode 1B
Momoka bumps into Miou in full fatigues. Seems Miou wants Momoka to hand in her application form to join the club because there is a rule that states it must be done in person. Thinking this weirdo isn’t popular, on the contrary the girls are very fond of Miou. This causes a couple of classmates to be jealous at Momoka for being close to Miou. So they spread lies about her and make everyone else not talk to her. The bullying goes too far when they throw her bag out of the window. Miou sees all this and confront the bullies. She tells them off if they feel stronger. Because Momoka is the stronger one as she had to bear their antics. The bullies apologize but… Now it’s Momoka’s turn to get even with them! She becomes a big bully and pays them back in full! Yikes! Miou treats her to a bun but she chokes on it. While she is passed out, sly Miou uses Momoka’s body to hand in the application. Welcome to the club.

Episode 1C
Momoka meets her club members in the city. She learns Maya is a model while Miou and Urara are childhood friends. Momoka is taken to a survival game shop to get her own gun. Kayo scares Momoka when she turns up in a ghillie suit. She isn’t so much into shooting action but because she loves cosplay, she gets to wear several outfits, the reason she joins this club. After Momoka picks a gun, they test it out in a gun. Miou teams up with Momoka and the rest are on the other side. Momoka might seem like a lucky noob dodging the bullets but once she finds her groove, she aims and shoots with precision! One by one she takes out the rest and even uses Miou as a stepping stone to defeat Urara. At the end of the day, they are treated with a hot bath facility within the shop.

Episode 2A
Momoka wakes up thinking today is going to be a great day. And then she sees mommy treating Miou and Kamo at the table. Momoka scolds mama but she has to give in when Miou and Kamo tease Momoka the nickname mama gives her. During warming up session, Urara seems kind enough to be Momoka’s stretching partner. Turns out she is torturing her! This is warning to not get too close to Miou. During the game, Momoka becomes the target as everybody hunts her. As she lies waiting in the bush, she sees a praying mantis. She has a phobia of it. She starts shooting like mad and it’s a good thing she hits everybody! Miou thinks she made such a great ambush tactic! Urara is upset Miou is more infatuated with Momoka than her and runs away. Well, nobody is going after this sulking girl. Except Momoka. Thing she is here to mend their friendship? Think again! Momoka beats her up as payback! Next morning, what in blazes is Urara doing in her home being nice to her?! Momoka thinks this is some sort of ambush and beats her up. Well, what do you know? She loves it! OMG! Some masochistic has awakened inside her! Punch her more! MORE!

Episode 2B
Maya will be getting a TV debut but since it is a natto advertisement, she needs some help for mental training. However her humongous boobs and nice body starts pissing off the flat chests. Since Miou insists they help, oh, they’re going to help alright. I think there is some grudge when Momoka starts hitting her face with a sushi natto. Momoka the sadist… Then Maya is made to stir a full bowl of natto 10,000 times while saying she loves it! Finally she is dumped into a barrel filled with it as bath. The results prove disastrous. Now she is very traumatic. Momoka feels bad but when she sees all that natto torture increased the size of her boobs and made her skin smoother, she’s back to her devilish nature. It’s like karma because with Maya out, Momoka is forced to take her place in the commercial… And so another new natto hater is born!

Episode 2C
Momoka is alone with Kayo in the club. She notices she doesn’t talk much. Every time she turns back, she cosplays into something else. The only thing left for them is to fight it out in a gun battle. They’re both cool and kickass! The other girls join in so Momoka and Kayo team up to take them out. Miou is impressed by their perfect combo and surrenders but Momoka shoots her! No mercy! Now they turn to each other. Truce? Momoka shoots her!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! Truly NO MERCY!!!! All is fair in war! After all that sweaty action, they take a bath. Momoka thought she could talk to Kayo about her cosplay hobby but she’s not in the mood right now. But Urara may be in the mood for some pain…

Episode 3A
When Momoka enters the clubroom, she sees everyone worried and depressed. They fear something wicked is coming. Chuck Norris? No. Suddenly dogs attack them! Courtesy of being brought here by Ena Sakura, the club’s advisor. To sum it up about her: Bad luck magnet. She relates how her misfortune lead from one thing to another and ended so. Now the biggest problem: She wants them to take care of a hornet’s nest that is bugging the school. The girls won’t want a part of it. Gee, that’s too bad. Sakura already got the club’s approval for a bigger budget. And they’re in! Oh, see how money motivates people? I’m sure everyone in one way or another is an exterminator expert and could have easily complete the job if not for dumb Sakura who keeps thinking they’re harmless bees. Is it what she’s dressed in a bear outfit? Yeah. She even brings back the hornet’s nest! Hornet attack! Good thing or not, the hornets only go after the bad luck teacher. Maybe it’s her bear suit… Momoka has got the ‘best’ idea. Run away and abandon her! An idea struck them. Using a lighter and spray, it makes a flame thrower and burns the hornet. However their clubroom is totally burnt down too… Kids, never try this at home.

Episode 3B
Momoka sees a cute loli, Roselia Haguro outside. She’s nasty too. Calling Momoka an aunty, she wants to see Miou to settle a score. So who the heck is Roselia? Nobody knows… Don’t ask Miou too because this girl has an amazing forgetful mind. Yeah, she can’t even remember she herself was pointing a gun at an old geezer on a train who tried to harass Momoka back in the first episode. Eventually Momoka is the one who minded her so much and goes to the meeting place alone where they are supposed to settle their match. Momoka easily takes out her underlings and when she thinks she has won, she is out of bullets. Roselia is the smarter one since she has counted her shots. Her underlings are just amateurs and here for the headcount. Momoka could have lost (and she’s thinking of calling Miou for help) if not for Roselia being distracted by a cute cat. It turns out to be Miou’s gun in disguise. Miou will face Roselia if she beats Momoka. Because a crow has taken Kamo by the tail, the rules have changed. The first one to shoot Kamo down without killing the crow wins. The crow is not cowed because it is used to gunshots. Roselia fails since her precision shot didn’t take into account the wind and environmental factors. Momoka feels unconfident and gets a load of Miou’s motivational lecture. Sure, Momoka gets her confidence and as she is about to shoot, Miou’s sneeze throws her off! But the bullet ricochets and hits all the animals till a corn drops on the crow’s head. Flashback why Roselia holds a grudge against Miou. Two years ago at a festival, Roselia got cheated by an unscrupulous stall owner. She wanted a teddy bear but do you think the puny bullets are going to knock it off? Then Miou came. In only a single shot, she shoots a lose screw and everything on the shelf crumbles. That counts, right? She wins everything. He’s out of business. Roselia is grateful she won it for her. But Miou didn’t say she was doing it for her. Since she used her own money, it is right that all the prizes are hers. Roselia really felt hurt. Since she wanted the bear so much, Miou shoots a bear sleeping in the bushes! There’s your bear. Uhm… I think it’s mad. Now run! In the end, everyone joins in a natural hotspring, including the bear and all those animals. And they all laugh to Momoka’s dumbass nickname. Animals can laugh?

Episode 4A
Momoka sees some fatty otaku, Fried Chicken With Lemon (yup, that’s his name) excelling at an arcade video game, Dead on Terror (DoT). Because he mocks girls shouldn’t be setting foot on a man’s battlefield, Urara stands up for her and praises Momoka the best there is. After all, she already pierced her body and soul, right? That coming from a masochist. Lemon challenges Momoka to a bet. Suddenly everyone realizes who this guy is. He is Japan’s DoT champion! Lemon is swift with his fingers on the trigger but Momoka is impressive too not missing any shots. But deep down inside she is panicking she doesn’t want to take pictures with this Lemon. Better win this sh*t! As Kayo is an anime fan of DoT, she gives Momoka tips to make a comeback. But Lemon regains the lead when he uses 2 guns. Momoka sees a vision of Miou who gives her crappy advice about believing in herself. She then takes out her real gun. How does it connect to the real game? It doesn’t. She knocks Lemon out with it!!!!!!! OMFG!!!! Momoka how could you?! In the end, when Lemon wakes up, he realizes Momoka has outscored him. Both of them maintain their sportsmanship. Graceful in defeat, humble in victory. The crowd loves it. They take a commemorative photo but when Momoka comes to her senses later, she regrets taking lots of those photos with him. Yeah, it’s like he got his wish anyway.

Episode 4B
Momoka loves this bread she is eating and bought the entire store of it. Too bad she didn’t read the calories it comes with. Because of that… She is fat!!! Super size Momoka! Her sumo power might kill Urara… She goes on a banana diet and mama got the wrong idea she loves banana and makes more snacks out of them. Sick of it! Urara is sad her body is falling apart because her sloppy body means less punches! Urara puts her on her diet but whatever she cooks is inedible as Momoka vomits everything. This gives her an idea. Each time she eats Urara’s cooking, she vomits it all out till she regains her normal figure. Mama makes snacks for her to celebrate this and in no time she is back to fatso land again. Actually, mama loves the chubby side of her! Miou suggests doing survival game training to lose weight but each time, mama can’t wait to have Momoka chow her snacks. The endless loop… When will she ever learn?

Episode 4C
Momoka just realized that Kamo has been frequenting her house! It took her this long to notice? Because Kamo is not really Miou’s pet, she starts tailing him. So? Because there is a law saying bringing platypus out of Australia is illegal, she is going to find something that matches so she can report to the overseas authorities. Well, Kamo looks cartoonish enough that she can’t distinguish it as a real one. Thus she observes Kamo’s actions if it is akin to a platypus. Does it swim around? He walks around town. Does he eat insects? Snacks are his favourite. Are they weak on land? He’s doing the Moonwalker! Aaow! Heeheee!!!! Momoka tries to push the broccolis she hates to him but mama won’t allow that. Eat your vegetables. She won’t. Mama is going to teach her a lesson. Holy sh*t! She took out a gun and fired! Mother shooting her daughter?! Momoka won’t be a sitting duck and fights back. The entire house becomes a battlefield as the ladies shoot and run while Kamo happily eats his meal. In the end, mother wins because she knows the house like the back of her hands. As Momoka is about to eat her broccoli, Kamo already ate it. He did this favour for her just this once. Thanks to that and since mother is more mysterious, Momoka stopped caring about Kamo’s identity.

Episode 5A
Miou has found enlightenment! No more life of violence! The club is disbanded! Follow the path of the light! What gives?! This was what happened. Miou thinks some Zen training will be good mental training and brings the girls to a temple whereby the monk is itching to just whack them. As they meditate, the monk takes out Urara who is thinking nothing but Momoka. This is followed by Maya who fell asleep. Kayo and Momoka’s legs are numb and I don’t know why it’s a competition to outdo each other. Momoka plays cheat and pinches her leg to send Kayo out. Then she distracts the monk with a UFO to put shoulder pads. However the monk whacks her butt! Miou is the only one left as Momoka tries to distract her! Even the monk joins her! WTF is wrong with them?! In the end, she is so Zen that the monk is moved and wants her to be the temple’s successor. She didn’t want to but when was told she would look smart, she accepted. And now here she is, the devoted Buddhist. She also paid him 2 million Yen to handle the other work. Then on the news, police has arrested a conman impersonating as a monk. Miou ditches her Buddhist attire for her fatigues. She’s got business to take care of. Life of violence back on track.

Episode 5B
Urara accidentally broke the flush handle and since there are still things floating, she fears her reputation will go down the drain. A couple of girls worry that she might have passed out so Urara climbs out the window and gets stranded. Good news: Momoka passes by. Bad news: She starts laughing. Even worse, she calls the other girls to laugh at her! Urara then uses her mirror to signal Morse code for help. Miou calls her helicopter force! Urara fears this will become a big story on the news and shoots the helicopters! They crash and burn! OMFG! I hope that was just imagination! They hold a cloth for her to jump down but since Urara’s mind sees Momoka as inviting her to jump into her arms, Momoka gets scared and tightens her pull. This causes a trampoline effect and Urara bounces back up to where she was. WTF?! Noticing the window next to her, the girls think it is easier to rescue her from there. Urara would rather jump down and does so. But halfway she uses her strong hands and legs to bore through the wall as she climbs down slowly. Why didn’t she think of this? But the crisis is not over yet. The toilet girls return her bag and although they know her secret but promises not to tell. Unfortunately Momoka has sharp hearing and heard it. For a week, Urara got teased… Hey. I thought Urara should love it.

Episode 5C
Momoka finds an antique gun and didn’t think much of it till she heard it could fetch up to a million Yen! Suddenly her angelic conscious tells her not to do it but her devil conscious says otherwise. Since both won’t give way, it descends into an angel and devil gun fight! Holy sh*t! In the end, the angel wins. As she is about to tell Momoka to return the gun, Momoka shoots her in the forehead! OMFFFFFFG!!! MOMOKA! HOW COULD YOU???!!!! Truly transcend good and evil… Then divine retribution when she slips and knocks her head on the rock. She finds herself in the bath. Although the gun is with her, the angel and devil tussle with her. Give the gun! Share it! Then she got knocked down into hell by some ogres. Yeah, whatever. The other girls don’t understand what Momoka is mumbling about. A million Yen? Miou is going to bring this money faced girl to her senses and shoots at her! Right back at her…

Episode 6A
Yayoi Isurugi is the student council president. As she chairs the meeting with the club presidents, all of them have good reports. But when it comes to Miou, it’s all about property damage and police warnings! Don’t worry, she solved it all with money! And no, she is not joking! And all the other girls think her joke is some sort of philosophy. So it is no wonder Panadol can’t cure Yayoi’s headache so she is going to play her game and take her club down by assimilating her club members. With Vice President providing details of their personality, first she approaches Urara and tries to be a sadist but her kick is so weak that it pisses off Urara for being a phony sadist! Urara goes out of control but Miou calms her. Next is Kayo as she puts on a mask thinking this is cosplay. Kayo proceeds to put on more daring outfits on her till she can’t take it anymore. And Miou had seen her in that dominatrix outfit… Next is Maya. She exaggerates about Miou and this causes Maya to go into extreme apology mode! This makes Yayoi feel bad that the stress on her conscious causes her to be hospitalized! She thought Vice President carried her here but to her horror it was Miou! Finally she changes her appearance and poses as a transfer student to be close friends with Momoka. Then one day she throws the ultimatum to choose her or the club. Guess what? Momoka is willing to quit the club! It’s not like she wanted to join it in the first place! Yayoi makes a u-turn she shouldn’t be so hasty. The other girls come by and could recognize Yayoi and take her away to celebrate the club’s new mascot. A giant grenade? Yeah. It rolls over Yayoi. Hospitalized again. This time she is going to do a roundabout way to take Miou out. Spying outside the club, she sees Miou weak and traces that an old cafeteria lady may be responsible for it. When she sees the old lady ignoring Miou and giving her a bunch of vegetables instead of meat, Yayoi impersonates this Buddha woman and for a week enjoys tormenting Miou by giving her more vegetable servings. So much so she becomes an old lady herself! Vice President is worried because there are rumours circulating that Yayoi and Miou are dating! She worked in the cafeteria to give her beloved Miou more servings. There is even photo evidence of them together (all her failed follies with the club members and Miou coming in to save her). Instantly Yayoi becomes a demon and wants those photos deleted! She trips but Miou saves her. All the girls get excited over this as Yayoi becomes embarrassed and asserts she hates her. Everyone approves of her tsundere attitude! Next day for the first time, Yayoi skipped school… Her reputation…

Episode 6B
After watching a backstabbing yakuza movie, Sakura delivers a boss chair to the club. As everyone is still influenced by it, they start acting like a yakuza trying to kill each other so that the seat could be theirs. Momoka and Urara suggest Miou to team up with them to take out the weaklings. Maya wants to team up with Kayo too but the latter betrays and shoots her! Kayo pretends to surrender and when she thought she could jump the gun, Momoka has her doll as hostage. Then she gets shot. After that Momoka takes out Urara and Miou! Ruthless!!! As she claims the chair all by herself, the moment she sits down, it falls apart. She knocks her head on the rock and ‘dies’. Yeah. Blame Sakura for buying a bogus chair on the internet. I guess everybody got what they deserved.

Episode 7A
As the girls are trekking through the jungle, they hear nearby cries of the village as the wild animals are ravaging their farm. They want to scare them off with their guns but they put up those puppy dog eyes that make it just hard to shoot. Finally they are scared off by the shotgun sounds of a hunter. He lets them know that those vermin only fear real guns. There were many hunters before but the numbers are dwindling every year and even so, most of them are above 60 years old. His granddaughter loves tomatoes and he wants to protect that smile, that’s why he will continue to protect the village. The animals return and although the hunter is coughing out blood, he shoos the girls a way. Due to strict hunting laws, they will get arrested even if their guns are toys. No choice, they leave and let the old man be the hero. Our girls continue to feel sad and soon become motivated to be a proper hunter and acquire a proper licence. They go through all the requirements and exams but they fail. Why? Because you are not allowed to use hunting rifles until you are 20 years old! Bummer!

Episode 7B
The girls dress up as men so that they will not be underestimated in survival games. However no matter how much they do it on Momoka, she just cannot have that masculine look. Herald Kayo with her cosplay knowledge to makeup Momoka into a hot handsome guy. So hot she is that Urara wants to marry her! Not a chance! Momoka then sneaks away and finds herself in the company of a lot of girls. They love this hot looking guy. Momoka loves her newfound popularity and Urara is worried because she will be tossed away. Miou assures she will return soon after she finds out how scary it is to be chased by girls. So while Momoka has the girls swooning over her, she touches the cheek of one and that is when trouble starts. The rest become jealous and try to get a piece of her. True fear starts to seep in as Momoka runs for her life. Hiding in a room, she now knows true love is fearsome. But how will she escape as the girls are banging down the door? Miou is going to save her but the window is too small. Too fat? The only way is take off her clothes. Still stuck? Urara throws oil over her. When the girls break in, they only see the clothes and oil. They think this dude is some sort of fairy! And thus a new legend is born. Meanwhile Momoka is naked hiding behind the bush while crazy Urara tries to snap pictures of her.

Episode 7C
Miou tries out a gattling gun when Sakura calls to warn of a suspicious person. Because Momoka is giving Urara the cold shoulder (thanks to that naked bush incident, Urara stripped herself and did something indecent – you don’t want to know), Urara rushes out to find this suspicious person and reclaim her love. Unfortunately the suspicious got her and her bangs got cut. Momoka laughs like mad and gets her revenge taking photos of her when now Maya has braids and put into a jersey. Believing the club is being targeted, Kayo and Kamo are seen eating a huge pot of food. They are smoked out as they face off with the suspicious person. Momoka is being targeted and chased around. Miou uses her gattling gun but the suspicious person dodges each one in elegant fashion. She lost and got twintails. Momoka loses and fears the worse when the suspicious person unveils herself to be her mom! She is here to give Momoka’s lunch. She thought she would be embarrassed to be seen by her friends and came dressed like that. The girls think all the things that were done to her were quite motherly. Urara’s bangs were cut so as not to block the eyes. Maya’s jersey is to cover up and the food was for them to grow up big. Ah, motherly love. Only Momoka feels it is more embarrassing this way. But when she is about to enjoy he lunch, it is a small portion.

Episode 8A
Momoka as a model? Apparently Maya offered her a job since there was an opening in the agency. At first she didn’t take up the job but after hearing the pay, she’s in. Money face. She thinks she is going to get use to this but to her horror, Lemon is here! He gets beaten up for nothing. Since Momoka’s is getting popular on the internet, Lemon warns of the trio called Cameramen of Death as they always appear in such events. They take questionable shots of models and cause them to lose their lives. Speaking of which, here they are now. But seeing that they are just ugly old guys, Momoka doesn’t pay heed. And she was getting so afraid for nothing. But she may soon regret it because the trio try out tricks to get an opportunity to snap a panty shot. If not for Lemon’s warnings, she could have been a statistic. Yes. They upload panty shots of the models online and since they are too embarrassed, they resigned from their modelling job. Lemon will defend her important parts. Damn he makes it sound so dirty. The trio continue to unleash tricks after tricks. If only she had her gun she could take care of them. Seeing a model tie her hair, she gets an idea. She uses the rubber band as ‘bullets’ and break their equipment. However they have more! This time they move and contort into flexible positions to dodge her shots. Only Lemon got shot. The trio use a fan to blow up her skirt. Full panty shot! Now they have got it, they make a run. However they couldn’t resist taking another panty shot of another girl. Turns out to be Lemon in a skirt. They just exploded and died! Super effective! As Momoka deletes their photos, she notices one of them carrying a picture of a beautiful flower. He explains that girls used to praise him for his photography skills. But when he grows older, girls started to mock his loser hobby. He was often bullied. He decided to get revenge by taking their panty shots and upload them. All hail the internet for opening the door of self expression! That’s when he met the rest and they know they are not alone. Momoka couldn’t care because they still did something wrong. When a staff accidentally switches on the fan and blows away the photo, Momoka dives and saves it before it ends up in a dirty puddle. She can tell it is important to him and hopes he can remember the feeling when he took this and face the world again. They get fired up and motivated not because of her speech but because that rescue act causes her panty to be revealed. Full blown. And more perverted photographers show up. I guess violence is always the only answer left.

Episode 8B
A group of crazy Maya fans drooling over her photos! Miou announces a survival game match with a bunch of aristocrat high school girls in the snowy mountains. Think they’re going to be pushovers? As the match begins, the opponents run away separately. Surprisingly, Momoka is the first one taken out when she fell for their trap. Eventually the same fate befalls on the rest and Maya is the only one left. She can’t believe she didn’t die first, eh? However she has to start running for her life when the enemies all open fire on her. However it seems they are slowly shooting her clothes off one by one till she is in her undies! Woah! Can guns do that precisely?! When Maya finally sees their crazy drooling face, she panics and fires. But she misses! How the f*cks can she miss at such close range?! But it hit something else and the snow avalanche fall on them. She thought she saw a porn book version of herself but the perverts pop up. Now they shoot off her bra and panty as she drops down a cliff naked. But into a drum with warm water? The rest are soaking in it nicely and it seems those girls prepared it for them. But a special one for Maya because it is see-through. Maya tumbles down the slopes and into the icy cold river with her crazy perverted fan girls come chasing. Hmm… Isn’t the water cold? Too in love with her to care. Do you really want this kind of fans even though they chase you down to the freezing cold hell?

Episode 9A
Momoka dresses up Kamo so that she could enter a pet café. Of course they started fighting especially over the food. So the café’s owner, Inugami had to tell them off they should have manners to patron this café. Since Momoka claims her ‘dog’ is perfectly trained, Inugami challenges her to compare their dog’s training. Kamo will be up against the café’s mascot, Peth. No, it is not some dumb pug but a German Sheppard! Of course Peth excels in all while Kamo is forced to do his bit. Yeah, it seems like they’re always fighting. Heck, they are. Kamo’s fake dog ears fall off and the cat is out of the bag. You mean they never realized how fake Kamo looks?! Accidentally some second hand fire ring Inugami bought from the circus catches fire. Peth is unable to jump away since animals are instinctively scared of fire. Momoka insults and mocks Kamo to get his ass over here and so when Kamo jumps, it is so that he could continue fighting with her. Inugami saw the deep bond they had and now believes such bonds can exist in any animal. After apologizing, she vows to open up the shop to other animals. Maybe she spoke to soon because here comes Miou riding a lion! She trained it not to eat humans but did she train it not to eat dogs? Oh sh*t!

Episode 9B
Maya, Urara and Kayo are having fun in the school’s pool. When Kayo talks about this haunting story of a girl who died in the pool and thus her spirit will drag you down, dumb Sakura locks up the place. Trapped. Handphones in the changing room and there are no windows. Furthermore, the heater is switched off. Definitely between a hard place and a rock because if they get out of the water, they’ll freeze to death. They can’t sleep or they’ll drown and staying too long will cause hypothermia. In fact, they already have hypothermia as their rational thinking is being thrown out of the window. Urara needs to go to the toilet. But rather than freezing herself to death, she does it in the water! Then she accuses Maya of not killing her and starts hitting her boobs. This gives Kayo an idea that if they hit each other, they will stay awake instead of falling asleep. But they are all geared up to fight to the death! Miou and Momoka are outside ready to join in when they see a pool of blood and the ‘dead’ girls. Did the ghost get them? At least they’re saved. Except for internal bleeding and broken ribs…

Episode 9C
Our girls now head to Australia because Miou got influenced by something to have their next game here. Their opponents will be the elderly. Heh. Pushovers. The rules are simple. In this death race-like game, the first team to cross the finish line or eliminate all opponents wins this one lap race. Miou will ride a bike but hired a truck driver for the rest of the girls. Lemon is the driver? Does he have a licence? Nope. But he got lots of experience from racing games. They’re screwed. When the game begins, the old farts become bloodthirsty killers! While Miou battles it out with the old cowboy, the rest hound the truck. Maya, Urara and Kayo easily got taken out since the old people use their feebleness to their advantage. Can’t hurt the elderly, can’t they? However this has no effect on Momoka the devil. She takes out one of them. In the tunnel, she detaches the trailer as decoy so as to take out the other pair. Then she has Lemon put her trust in her to drive off the cliff to crash into the helicopter dude. The catch is, Momoka hopes off and the guys ‘kill themselves’. Heartless. His ‘death’ was in vain since Momoka didn’t give a damn. Miou and cowboy took each other out and this means Momoka is the only survivor crossing the finish line. After that, everyone soaks in the hot bath and the old guys are just happy despite losing because for their age they’re glad they get to go out with everyone.

Episode 10A
Momoka is searching every inch of her house for money as she is tight this month. She finds a treasure map that she drew when she was young. She thinks she must have stashed some allowance there and so our girls make the journey to find this treasure. Do they even need to parachute down from a plane? Miou uses dowsing rods to help guide them (in addition with everyone forming a human train to channel its power). Somehow it points to everything ‘rich’. Lady with lots of jewellery is fine but what about that lady with a hideous makeover? Yeah. She spent lots of money on it. Even the yakuza is ‘rich’, right? Don’t even mention Kamo … Finally they arrive at the place and dig it up under the plum tree. What could be the treasure? A letter. It says money is not the true treasure. It is the smiles of your friends. Uh huh. This is a letter for her future self. Momoka is going to kill herself but Kayo stops her. She understands because she too has written such ‘poems’ before. That letter touched her heart. She lets Momoka read hers but she starts laughing like mad. She got taken out. Later they learn platypus is rare and thus worth ten million yen. No wonder the rods were painting at it. Momoka wants to sell it but gets taken out.

Episode 10B
A famous idol, Yammy is missing. Momoka is badmouthing that idols need attention when there is this familiar chubby girl sitting with them. It’s Yammy! And she’s gone fat! She is Maya’s friend at the agency and somehow started gaining weight. Yeah. Noticed how she is always stuffing food in her mouth all the time? She is here because she heard Momoka had the same issue and slimmed down with some boot camp (Maya got shot for that). Unfortunately all that training didn’t slim her down a bit. Maybe if she should just stop eating… However Momoka sympathizes with her. Because she loves to see better people than her suffer! Yammy recounts the day it all began. Some male model tells her she will never be as popular or good as him. He called her a piggy despite she was slim and cute by our standards. She kept worrying and the only way to counter that was to eat. Momoka has harsh but kind words for her like that jerk wasn’t worth her time, don’t let others ruin your happiness, etc. Is she speaking from experience? Yammy is touched and now knows what to do. She slims down in no time and the male model loves her. However she punches him and tells him to f*ck off. Because now she is in love with Momoka and wants to be with her! Oh dear. The competition for her just gone up by one. You jealous, Urara! Oh Momoka. I didn’t know you’re this popular.

Episode 10C
The girls are stranded in the jungle after Miou’s helicopter went down. As Maya goes to bath by the river, she is attacked. The girls check why she is taking so long and find her tied up and dressed like a mouse. An infrared light is targeted on Momoka’s forehead but she uses Urara as a shield and then tosses her away! Ruthless! The rest make a run and at night as they take turns guarding, Momoka thought she shot the perpetrator but it turns out to be Kamo! Innocent kill! Next day as they continue to journey, they are to cross a chasm with only a log as its bridge. Kayo thought Momoka was kind to let her have her drink. But after Momoka crosses, she kicks away the log! You double crossing b*tch! She even cooks up a story that Kayo wanted to stay back and sacrifice herself since her tiredness will be a burden to them. Lies! But Miou is tired of running. She is going to fight them. She faces off with an invisible creature. Before she completely loses, she lures it into a trap and the creature gets crushed between the logs. Momoka unmasks it and it turns out to be a cute cat. He pleads for his life but Momoka shoots him! No mercy! Then all the other cat members appear. The leader (Yoda?!), commends her for besting their representative as they are from some intergalactic survival game club. They praise her and give an award certificate as they have never fought such underhanded opponent. Well? Momoka doesn’t give a sh*t and shoots all of them in the forehead!!! Underhanded alright! She accuses them for attacking invisible as underhanded! Suddenly Momoka is shot in the forehead by Kayo. Back from the dead. Revenge achieved and it tastes sweet. As the girls soaks in the mud swamp, some alien face hugger gets Maya! Not again! Time to fight another bunch of aliens?

Episode 11A
Momoka is tasked to take Miou’s gun for maintenance. She stops by a sweets shop to have her handphone decorated. The shopkeeper thinks this girl has no money. While Momoka is looking around, the shopkeeper is told of the item she wants to decorate in her bag. She accidentally picks the wrong bag and pulls out a gun! Panic time. She starts thinking she is from a yakuza family and they are like talking different things. She panics thinking Momoka doesn’t agree with the price and wants to call her mom. Eventually the gun is decorated and Momoka doesn’t know how to break it to Miou. She can’t hide it but when Miou tests it, handling the gun and its accuracy is even better than before! Just when the shopkeeper is done dealing with those punks, here comes Momoka bringing the rest of the club members back. They want their guns decorated. Oh my… Not only their guns but their accessories and right down to their clothes too. People think they’re some sort of sweet shops advertisement… Embarrassing? The price to pay for escaping Miou’s wrath.

Episode 11B
An old man was captivated by some babe in high heels. However she left in a hurry and so he is pleading for that girl to come forth. There’s load of cash as reward! Of course you know what this means to Momoka. She tries walking in high heels but fails badly. Lemon beats her up for not taking it seriously! He tells her some (fake) back story about the origins of high heels (women in Paris trying to void filth on the road?) on proceeds to train Momoka to walk elegantly in it. She must walk through a path laden with dog poop (visualized as strawberries to keep out sanity) while balancing a glass water on her head. Lemon demonstrates and he is freaking agile and elegant for a fat guy! She wants to give up and kicks the high heels away. But Lemon dives to save it at the expense of sliding through the ‘strawberries’. With his passionate and motivation speech, Momoka continues her training (actually her motivation is the money). So the day comes Momoka comes to show off her training. Unfortunately she is taken away since her heels were ‘stabbing’ the ground. Lemon reminds her of their training and elegantly displays all his cool moves. The old guy is fascinated and realizes he is that babe! Yes! Lemon is that high heel woman! In fact, that high heel is part of his collection. He has shoes fetish. He was running away then because the police was on to him. And so our true Cinderella got the money… What sick twisted end…

Episode 11C
Miou is going to cook a high grade crab for the club. For some reason, Kamo spars with the still alive crab before Momoka takes it away to boil. However the crab won’t succumb to fate and becomes an alien face hugger on Maya! Again?! Urara got her eyes poked. Due to the ‘friendship’ from the battle, Kamo rescues the crab and they make a run. The girls pull out their guns and start chasing. This of course attracted other girls and they start chasing after the high quality crab only to be gunned down by Momoka! Holy sh*t!!! The place turned into a warzone when Kamo starts firing back! The body count is rising! Kamo seems to have connections with the townspeople and calls them as they supply him guns. He finishes off the chasing pack with a bazooka! At the river, Kamo says goodbye and releases the crab. Too bad Miou catches it and it is back to the pot. Momoka warns Kamo of doing such a thing again or else the next time he gets cooked. Kamo pleads to spare it so Momoka suggests solving this feud via rock-scissors-paper. If the girls win, the crab will be cooked but if the crab wins, they’ll do what Kamo wants. Crabs only have pinchers as hands, right? Oh no. See where this is going? Surprisingly the girls (except Momoka) lose on purpose since they felt pity. And so the crab becomes the latest member of the club. Don’t even ask. As everyone soaks in the hot bath, suddenly they smell seafood. OMG! Crab in hot water… Boiled and cooked! Crabby!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, time to eat it and not let it go to waste.

Episode 12A
When Momoka comes into the club sick, they see a news report that there is an unknown virus spreading and there is no cure for it. Miou doesn’t want to call the hotline for those who are infected because she believes they’ll be experimented on and turned into some human weapon! She saw some movie again, didn’t she? Too bad Sakura already called. And here they are, the squad raiding the club but they escaped via smoke screen. The entire town is like under martial law with those infected being taken away. Yayoi thought it was Miou’s setup but Vice President admits it was her doing and will take over her presidency. Evil! I hope she didn’t take after Momoka! As Miou and co run away, they come into contact the squad led by Taichou. They are the national survival game club! As game incidents rarely happen, they are always sitting in office awaiting standby. Today is their first despatch. Wasted taxpayers’ money… The girls are adamant to defend sick Momoka but we can hear Momoka’s thoughts that she is even planning to use the girls for her own safety! After all that chasing, they end up taking refuge in a chapel. Taichou and co surround it and give the last warning to hand over Momoka. The girls would rather die defending than hand her over. Even if it means getting infected? Oh sh*t. Didn’t think about that, did they? Suddenly a chopper drops down familiar faces. Momoka’s mom, Lemon, Yammy, Roselia, the Cameramen of Death and that Australian old cowboy geezer are going to help out as their allies. For once Momoka had a conscience. Why are they doing this despite all the bad things she has done to them? Miou explains that certainly she is the baddest of the baddest but there is never a dull moment with her. It is more than enough for them. Momoka is so touched that she joins them in fighting the squad. And so we have our raging action from the girls shooting, Yammy turning into a giant and doing some Hulk smash or something, Lemon shooting his toy gun and the best of them all is how the crab is piloting the chopper while Kamo fires his machine gun. Don’t even ask but it’s damn cool! Eventually everyone can only hold out for so long. Slowly they are taken out with Maya getting the ball rolling as the first (but of course) and finally Urara sacrificing herself and voluntarily be Momoka’s shield. So sad. Even Virgin Mary is crying… The only ones left are Miou and Momoka. This is when Momoka decides to give herself up. She thanks everyone for everything. When she opens the door, she hears Taichou on the phone being told that there is cure and it is being sold at pharmacies right now. Everyone packs up and leaves. Oh, the virus doesn’t spread via air either. Taichou notes it was fun and hopes they’ll come to work for them. Their allies also leave (disappointed?) while our girls are left embarrassed with that emotional scene. Ah, puberty is more terrifying than any unknown disease.

Episode 12B
Miou plans a surprise party for Urara. As her birthday is on Christmas Day, she has never celebrated it properly. They think of what to get her. Momoka’s hideous drawing of Urara is considered the ‘best’ already. Because… Kayo folded a thousand paper cranes, Sakura tried to autograph Urara’s name with her blood and Miou tried baking a cake after decorating it (whose horror face is that?!). Momoka really feels the need to repay Urara for that self sacrificing favour. She remembers she was looking through a window of a stuffed teddy bear and that could probably be what she wants. Miou uses her connections and money to get it. Unfortunately (or not), the hunter who is supposed to kill and get a real bear failed. As Urara is coming in, they still don’t have a present. What is it that they can use? Once Urara enters, the girls surprise her and present her gift: Momoka all wrapped up!!! OMG! The best birthday present ever!!! Holy sh*t!!! So while everybody else spends Christmas day alone (Miou in a gun fight with Santa?! WTF?!), Urara is going to enter the bath with Momoka still tied up. Nightmare on Christmas. Momoka is so screwed… And as revealed, Urara wasn’t looking at the stuffed teddy bear in the window but Momoka’s reflection. Her dream has finally come true!

Special Missions

10 more minutes of extra fun and wackiness (don’t forget the fanservice) if you can spend a few extra bucks to buy your Blu-ray discs and help support our girls for another season! Whoops!

The girls are heading to Miou’s summer villa for a special training camp. After 20 seconds of girls changing fanservice, Miou brings them to a specially created water obstacle course, Sarutobi. Think of it as a rip-off from that Japanese endurance game show, Sasuke. As they traverse through it, the highlight of it is of course the part filled with eels. Yeah. Only Maya gets tentacle raped by the eels because Momoka, Urara and Kayo have no boobs for the eels to wrap themselves around. Insulted? Again, Maya becomes the object of fanservice when the final stretch before the goal is infested with sharks. Pervy sharks love ripping her swimsuit, eh? Don’t worry. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. After reaching the goal, Momoka notices her butt area ripped. Urara is about to kiss it but gets kicked back into the water. Shark feast! Miou congratulates everyone for making this far and without losing a member. Did she forget or miscount? But how do they get back now seeing they are surrounded by hungry sharks. Miou is confident they can always get by with their guns. What guns? She told them to leave it back at the villa, right? Oh sh*t… And did Urara turn into a bag of bones?

More random shorts in this special. We start off with everybody facing off with each other (of course Maya being the only one ‘dead’). Nobody trusts nobody. And Momoka got the cheek to even say Urara betrayed her! We move on to the next scene whereby Miou always easily fall for April Fool’s prank by the rest of the girls. When Sakura comes in to show that Kamo’s beak is detachable, she didn’t count on everyone fainting because this side of his is just his back portion. April Fool’s! Miou doesn’t want to be tricked anymore and bluffs to Maya about the cheese cake party they are having. She actually believes it so Miou is forced to use her connections to arrange for it. Momoka finally confesses Urara as the cutest girl?! April Fool’s! Gotcha! Anyhow I think Urara still loves it. Miou needs to go home early to protect some kingdom from some demon king. They think she is pulling a fast one however there is a fairy here pleading for her help! What the heck is Tinkerbell doing here?! Because Momoka is feeling lethargic after last night’s coffee for her studies (really?), the girls try out several (leftover) energy drinks. Some are already expired and some have this weird effect (example, make you grow hair). When Momoka decides to really try out a real energy drink, she doesn’t have the strength to open its cap. She gets angry and flings it out. There you go. She’s all feeling energetic right now, isn’t she? And when she finally gets a taste of the energy drink which is also good for dieting, Miou points out that it might be her diet that is causing her lack of energy.

For once we start off with a shower scene! But the narrator wants Momoka to switch with Maya now! Just as Momoka tugs into bed, she thought Kamo is sneaking up in her blanket. Turns out to be Urara!!! Bang! Thank God for the gun she hid underneath her pillow. But wait. Not only Urara is here but the rest of the survival club girls. They’re going to have a camp in Momoka’s house? Shouldn’t Miou’s house be a better pick? It’s because Momoka’s house is the only one the animators drew! Save cost, eh? Momoka isn’t thrilled for her friends to sleepover but since mom is getting emotional that this is the first time Momoka has friends over, I guess it really tugs your heart. Or rather Momoka has no choice but to go with the flow. So what are they going to do now that they have gotten the green light? The night is still young, you know. Ah, every sleepover can’t be complete without a pillow fight. Not just any ordinary pillow fight. Urara is tied up and everyone violently smacks her! Since they predict Momoka’s mom will come and check on them when they get too noisy, each time she does, they quickly drop asleep like nothing has happened. I guess mom is too blur to see bloodied Urara hanging on the ceiling… Because Momoka will not waste the rest of her night watching Kayo’s full season of Dead of Terror anime, they do a host of other things like playing board games, toy car racing, cards and more pillow fights (poor Urara). And of course you can’t have sleepovers without the obligatory love story. Miou starts off with hers but it is just a pun on carps (love and carp are pronounced the same, ‘koi’). Morning comes, mom sees all of them sleeping sprawled all over the floor. Must be one very busy night, huh? And for once, no big joke to end it. There goes the narrator’s hope of seeing Maya in her morning bath. Let sleeping girls lie.

Yayoi believes this time she will beat Miou! Dream on… Our girls aren’t even paying attention. As we can see it starts off fine. Yayoi the beautiful student council president who is admired by all. Then it goes downhill. She slips on a banana peel, dropped all the books in her bag on her head and trips on a bucket of water. Such terrible luck. And she blames it on her horoscope. Well, it’s going to get worse since Miou is on scene! But why is she wet too? She had a pretty rough day too. She accidentally tripped and discovered hotspring, picked up 10,000 Yen and a legendary butterfly landed on her. Gee, isn’t that good luck? Yayoi decides to bring her down by spreading her bad luck to her. That means being with her all day. What signals is she sending when she is holding Miou’s hand? However it is Yayoi who got hit by a baseball, got bird poo on her head and the teacher throw a chalk at her (intended for sleeping Miou). During cooking class, Yayoi laments her bad luck isn’t working on others. She spots Miou’s dropped student ID and to her shock, she has the same birthday and blood type as her! How can their luck differ so much! Miou laments today is not her today because she usually strikes oil and picks up 10 million. So shock that Yayoi accidentally spilled oil over the fire. It’s spreading. She can’t run away thanks to the slippery stuffs. It is pitiful to see her resigning to her fate when Miou rescues her. Yeah, they jump through the window! Yayoi is taken by Miou’s words not to be let her life be ruled by fate because life is something you decide yourself! She her eyes are opened and as she is about to thank Miou for this enlightenment, she falls flat on the ground, face first. Oh, Miou landed on her perfectly on her 2 feet. Yayoi takes it back. She’s going to make Miou pay… Well, if she is still alive. Holy cow! Don’t die!

Fire At Will!
Did you laugh till your tummy hurts? Well, not one of the craziest (as in the funniest) slapstick comedies around but enough to entertain you with all the silly antics. There will be many moments where I can’t help compare this series to Stella Jogakuin although they are very different but it can’t be avoided since the survival game club theme is hanging obviously over both series. Thanks to the slapstick comedy, I have to say that Sabagebu fares better because the development in Stella Jogakuin felt somewhat disappointing at the end. So if there was a series that would renew my faith in the survival game club or even airsoft sport, it would be this one.

Comedy here is really nonsensical and wild. Literally, anything goes. I mean when you have our survival club girls going up against alien counterparts or even a Cinderella parody, that is already breaking it. Heck, even the narration sometimes breaks the fourth wall. Thus comedy and action go hand in hand because when the girls set their guns ablaze, all hell breaks loose. Therefore the ‘bloody deaths’ of the characters has been pointed out right at the beginning of the series that it is all in their imagination. Yeah. Very vivid and violent imagination. I guess delusions help to bring realism because if it wasn’t, the action wasn’t going to be that good anyway. So keep all the bloody head shots and body count rising! So besides the narrator giving punch lines and rebuttal jokes, sometimes he also tells us brief informative material like the hunting laws in Japan and workings of a gun. Also, there is this running joke that each episode ends (or at least somewhere in the final scenes) with the girls (or any other girl) taking a bath or shower. Yeah. Here is your fanservice if you’re b*tching about it.

Character development is basically nil as you can pretty much figure out everyone by the second or third episode and they don’t really change. Especially Momoka. Yeah. That girl. Somebody that you will love to hate. Because Momoka is a very different person as the main character many would expect. She is selfish, greedy, merciless and vengeful. Characteristics that you would easily describe a villain. Oh heck. Is she the villain of this series? I guess we don’t care because this is a comedy series so anything goes. Unlike many other protagonists (or even anti-heroes), this girl has no shame or humanity. She plays dirty, like gunning down those who have surrendered (call it taking no chances but…), using others as a shield (cowardly tactic but hey, it lets her live longer) and is motivated by the material things in life (like money). Heck, I think she will even shoot her own mother! Oh wait! She did have a gun battle with her! It is no surprise that sometimes she reaps what she sows and thus no love lost whenever she gets divine retribution. She deserves it, that is what we’ll all tend to say to her at the end. Ironically she is getting popular with a few characters especially those who are masochistic. I predict that at this rate, she may have a little kingdom of masochists of her own. Really. So when she somewhat had a little conscience in the end, it felt just weird because we are so used to the devilish Momoka (she even shot her own devil, remember?). And then when she becomes the ultimate present for Urara, it was the best divine retribution ever. No love lost. A little reflection back then isn’t going to clear up your sins, you know. God is always fair. Heheh…

The other weird members of the club are also colourful but as I said, you can guess their personalities after a while. For example, Maya feels like the dumb blonde of the group because no doubt she is the prettiest and the most well-endowed, she is usually the first to be killed off whenever there is a sneak attack or ambush. It is as though it is her destiny to be shot first and thus serve as a warning to the rest to get into hiding or prepare to engage the enemy. Then there is the masochistic Urara who get her kicks (pun intended) from Momoka’s beatings. Sometimes it feels like a dilemma that she is used and tossed away like a ragged doll but at the end of the day, she loves the torture pleasure it brings her. Then there is the taciturn Kayo who only turns into a lively ‘monster’ whenever the topic is about cosplay. Finally Miou. I don’t know if there is a correlation between rich people and them having lack of common sense and forgetfulness because these are what perfectly describe Miou. At least she is better than Momoka since she has her own pride and principles that she sticks to. Well, most of the time. Uh huh. Money solves everything. Can’t say it’s untrue, can you? And she has this tendency to be influenced of what she watched, the reason why her survival game club gets to experienced lots of wacky (mis)adventures. I suppose real life is not the same as reel life. Not forgetting Kamo, the mascot of the club and series whom I feel is the smartest character of all. Because you normally don’t see platypus engage in human activities, don’t you? Is he even a platypus? And of course the crab seems like it is a new mascot addition to the group as I thought it was boiled in the hotspring but apparently not. It is here to stay.

Other characters outside the club are also fun, lovable… Irritating… Above all, funny. Like how Sakura is a trouble magnet. She is the opposite of the Midas touch. I suppose it is no wonder that she becomes the advisor over a club of weird girls. It is like the school’s policy to put all weird people into one place and not care about them. Then there is the geeky Lemon who has turned from Momoka’s rival to a fan. At times he is useful (being used, that is) but sometimes he feels more like a pest to Momoka more than anything else. After all, why have an otaku geek by your side if you are not going to take advantage of him? Some of the other lesser characters like Roselia and Yayoi feel lacking because they only make a single episode appearance and that’s it. I thought they would at least become ‘regulars’ like Lemon but turns out they don’t. Except for the final episode of course. But that itself isn’t to any impact or anything. Just a reminder that they are still ‘relevant’. Yeah. It feels like they are masochists and love being around Momoka. If this is true, see what did I tell you about Momoka having her own little kingdom?

Obviously the art and drawing make the characters and the setting so cartoonish and cute. It is something like the anime series Acchi Kocchi, Lucky Star, GJ-Bu and A Channel but with guns to add to the moe. Animated by Pierrot Plus, although their only other work is Beelzebub, they are the subsidiary of the parent company, Pierrot who has animated lots of great classic animes like Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Great Teacher Onizuka, Saiyuki Reload and Urusei Yatsura. And even as said that the blood spilled is only in their imagination, it seems to be in pink colour. I suppose we want such scene to be fun and funny instead of being scary and realistic. That’s why we don’t mind and hope for more blood to spill, right?

There are also a handful of trivia for you to spot. If you know your pop culture well. For example, if you have played the video game of Resident Evil (which I haven’t but I can still recognize because it is iconic), you would have recognized one of Kayo’s cosplay as the character of Jill Valentine. What about a scene of Kamo paying tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, doing a cool Moonwalk? Then there’s that Mad Max reference in that Australia setting and of course Aliens and Predator parody in that jungle scene. Don’t forget that Arnold tribute each time the narrator ends the next episode preview with “I’ll be back” albeit it is a direct translation in Japanese.

Voice acting feels okay. Only surprise is that after hearing Nao Touyama voicing lively characters like the tsundere Chitoge from Nisekoi and the popular idol of Kanon from The World God Only Knows, she is somewhat unrecognizable as Kayo. Yui Horie is recognizable as Sakura and it was really funny for her to voice a bimbo. On second thought, her voice may be just perfect for that character. Other casts include Ayaka Ohashi as Momoka (Rei in Hamatora), Yumi Uchiyama as Miou (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Rumi Ookubo as Urara (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Lynn as Maya (Morita in Gingitsune), Sota Arai as Lemon (Corvus/Dark Crow in Majin Bone), Eriko Matsui as Yayoi (Benio in Mikakunin De Shinkoukei), Mika Kanai as Roselia (Kaguya in Code Geass), Aoi Yuuki as Yammy (Madoka in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), Kikuko Inoue as Momoka’s mom (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama) and Juutarou Kosugi as Taichou (Luis in Toaru Hikuushi E No Koiuta).

I thought there was going to be somebody’s voice behind Kamo and perhaps one of the easiest ever voice acting because there are no lines but just quacking. Apparently I think nobody could make such a muffled quack sound so I am guessing that they use a real animal sound. Besides, how does a platypus sound like? The opening theme is Yes by Ayaka Ohashi while the ending theme is Piti Pati SurviBird by Gesukawa Girls which are actually the quintet members of the survival game club. If the craziness of the show is not enough, the ending credits animation show the girls doing silly stuffs and an equally silly dance to top it off. I doubt this is their war dance or victory dance.

Overall, for those who love wacky action comedies with nothing deep or complicated, this series suits you very much. Even for a casual viewer, this show is not too bad if you do not take it seriously. Heck, Sabagebu isn’t an anime to be taken seriously in the first place. In fact, it might be the right tonic for those having hard times. Bad day at work? Watch Sabagebu. Need to vent out some frustration or anger? Watch Sabagebu? Broke up with your girlfriend? Watch Sabagebu? Have no money for dinner? Watch Sabagebu. Yeah. The show that caters to your needs. Watch this and you’ll laugh away all your troubles. Okay, maybe not. Survival games may not be catching on in popularity these days because everyone is more into the sedentary life of looking at their iPads and iPhones or idiot box. Watching this series doesn’t stimulate any interest to go play this outdoor game. Because in fact you’d wish for the producers to produce another season of silliness. And contribute further to your obesity and sedentary life by watching girls with guns doing silly things. Thanks Sabagebu for ruining our life. And they said laughter is the best medicine… Now can I have my second season of Sabagebu, please?

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