Sacred Seven

August 25, 2012

“With great powers come great responsibilities”. Yeah… We’ve heard that superhero movie line used like a million times in just about everywhere. I’m just as guilty using it because I’ve used it several times myself in my blogs over the years. Sacred Seven may fit this motto very well but I wouldn’t say it will be exactly a superhero series. Sci-fi action of good versus evil, yes. But short of being something anyone would call it a superhero series although you have the typical hero powering up and action sequences pack with powerful punches, kicks and aerial attacks.

Aruma Tandouji as the main protagonist, as usual starts out as somebody who lives a low profile life. Doesn’t want to get involved in anything. Prefers to live a boring, plain, standard and normal life. You see, this tall guy had a reputation of putting a bunch of delinquents in hospital because of his latent powers called Sacred Seven. A power that has harmed many when he couldn’t control it and swore never to use it again. Till harm in the form of Darkstones threaten to ruin the peace of his town that he is forced to choose to use his powers for good and save the day. Oh, he couldn’t do it by himself. Perhaps the cutie daughter of a noble billionaire, Ruri Aiba who possesses jewels that would unleash Aruma’s true form whenever she inserts into him, and her loyal butler, Makoto Kagami, aid Aruma whose powers are their only chance against the Darkstones.

Episode 1
A big Darkstone is rampaging throughout the seaside town. Aruma’s inner power is reacting to it as he tries to hold it in. In the aftermath, Ruri and Kagami along with a talkative Darkstone, Onigawara check out the ship that was destroyed by the Darkstone nicknamed Perseus. They note they need Aruma’s power. Aruma himself is a loner in school. Because of his tall stature and violent past, everyone keep their distance away from him. It doesn’t help that he looks like a delinquent. Everyone except Wakana Itou. This girl couldn’t care less about all that and is ‘brave’ enough to approach Aruma to join her Rock Club. No, not the musical kind. The kind where you research on stones. Oh, there’s another word for it: Geology Club. She’s particularly interested in him because she always observed him searching for rocks at the river. However he’s not interested but she’s not listening and hopes to meet him at a museum that is exhibiting a big jewel today with her friends, Nanami Akasaki and Ageha Yamaguchi. Aruma back home gets a visit from the CEO of Aiba Foundation, Ruri and her butler Kagami. She pleads for his help and guess what? He’s not interested. Kagami reads out the detailed research he has done on him when suddenly Aruma’s power starts reacting. He is so pissed that he wants to be left alone, it causes a crater where they’re standing. Ruri has no choice but to leave.

Perseus is attacking the city so Ruri’s battle maids go into action in evacuating the city and prepare to take out the menace. Wakana and her friends are actually at the bus stop and hoping that Aruma to show up. But her friends head off to the museum first while Wakana waits patiently for Aruma. When Aruma sees the rampage from the distance, he couldn’t help think Wakana is in its path and sets off. Ruri learns Perseus’ target is the museum. If it gets this other jewel, it’ll be game over. The maids reach the museum in time to clear everyone out. They even offer to buy the jewel from the owner at a very high price. Kagami engages his personal mech to fight Perseus but it was of no match. Perseus then changes its target to Ruri and dashes at blazing speed towards her position. By the time Aruma arrives in his mini scooter, a large explosion rocks the place. Wakana may be unconscious but at least she’s not dead. Aruma gets mad. Very mad. Good thing he didn’t turn green. Just a horn coming out from his forehead. Ruri is also in the picture as Perseus assaults her. Aruma in his Darkstone form fights Perseus and smashes the latter like a wild beast. He could have taken out Ruri if not for her voice managing to reach him and calm him down. Aruma laments his stupid power that hurt people but she will be unleashing his true form. She gives him a jewel and transforms him into a Lightstone hero. Since the jewel at the museum failed to be secured, it becomes a Darkstone and attacks Aruma. But with his new found powers, he easily defeats this Darkstone by destroying its core. In the aftermath as the pieces of the Darkstone are being taken away, a little tentacle piece escapes and returns to its Darkstone master. Aruma joins the Geology Club but is surprised to see Ruri and Kagami as new members too. Hey, wait. Are they even students of this school? They bought the entire school and she became its chairman while Kagami the student council president just to stay close to him. Wow. Rich people and their money to splurge…

Episode 2
Aruma is called to Ruri’s office in school and he is surprised to see Onigawara talking. Do stones talk? Ruri assures that Onigawara is harmless and his only power is to sense Darkstones like Aruma himself. Kagami lets Aruma in some history about Darkstones. Seventeen years ago, several meteors with 7 types of alien power crystals crashed into this planet. Hence they were called Sacred Seven and have the power to alter human DNA and cause mutation. Aruma may be one of them since there is a chance his late mom may have come into contact with Sacred Seven. The powers depend on those who touched it. Those who can control their powers are called Lightstones and those powers that manifest on its own are called Darkstones. Aruma is their only hope in the battle with Darkstones seeing the police and military don’t have the right power to fight them. She will do anything for him to help them out. Anything? That desperate? Aruma asks about the pendant she had (he saw it in her family photo). Kagami says Ruri used it to unleash his powers then. But Aruma needs time to think whether he should help them. After all, Ruri doesn’t want him to be forced into doing something he doesn’t want to. Meanwhile the Darkstone tentacle slips into an American Hercules plane. In mid-air it combines itself with another Darkstone and the plane explodes. Then it absorbs a battleship and becomes a gigantic sea hurricane. Elsewhere Aruma is at the riverbed doing his usual of searching a particular rock. Not just any rock. It’s a jewel pendant his mom gave him to suppress his powers. But when the bullies confronted him, they threw it into the river. He lost control of his powers and that’s when he earned his infamous reputation. This was also the place Wakana first met him and she is happy to see someone else sharing the same interest of searching for rocks. Though he isn’t really doing this for fun.

Ruri’s maids detect a huge electromagnetic storm building up at the coast and of course it’s a Darkstone. Guess what else the US military plane was carrying? Nitrogen chloride carbide warheads. Guess where the storm is heading to? Kagami goes to pick up Aruma at his scrawny humble home and brings him to Ruri’s luxurious mansion equipped with all the latest technology and gadgets. And maids too. But Kagami brings him to a room to show him a little girl crystallized. Though frozen, she is still alive. She is Aoi and Ruri’s elder sister and only family member. Ruri’s parents were killed by Darkstone and had a pendant too, a gift from her mother. Ruri believes if she destroys every Darkstone even at the cost of her precious memento, she could save Aoi and thus formed this foundation. Ruri found out Kagami had shown Aruma something he didn’t have and slaps him. She didn’t want to impose her problems on him. But well, Aruma is going to help them. However he didn’t expect his first help to be skydiving. What other better way to reach the core of the storm? No time to argue because the Darkstone dragon is attacking them. In the midst of the turbulence, Aruma and Onigawara fall off. Ruri also jumps off but she could have put on the parachute first, couldn’t she? No time says she? She must really trust in him that much that she doesn’t need one. Once she catches up to free falling Aruma, she gives him a jewel for his transformation. Now equipped with cool board to glide through the air, Aruma finds the core since Onigawara is inside the Darkstone itself (he got swallowed soon after falling out of the plane). Aruma crushes the core and sends the Darkstone crashing into the sea and the storm dissipates. Kagami hopes Ruri will not do anymore rash things but she notes Aruma will always protect her like he did. Flashback shows that he did use his powers to protect Ruri from a falling metal beam. But had they forgotten something? Where’s Onigawara? He’s at the bottom of the ocean floor with feeder fish feeding all over him.

Episode 3
Ruri buys a jewel at an auction for 9.9 million Pounds!!! How rich is this kid?! She might need it for her fight against Darkstones but don’t you think that was too pricey? Aruma is searching for stones at the river at night when his power starts reacting. Kagami who is escorting Dr Kenmi Yuuji is suddenly attacked by a Darkstone. Kenmi is unfazed and uses his own Darkstone jewel to fight back with backup support from Kagami and the maids. Aruma crashed his mini scooter in the midst of the fight and though the Darkstone guy escaped, Kenmi expresses interest in Aruma. He wakes up in Ruri’s mansion and she feels guilty for not being there when this happened. Kenmi sees Ruri to warn her that 2 individuals have escaped from his research facility. The one who attacked them, Naito Kijima is one of them and the other being Lao Fei Zui. Kenmi says that Naito has been committing crimes using his Darkstone power and his arrogant attitude to not turn over the new leaf is a big problem. He tried to offer counselling but was accused of taking away his freedom. He needs Ruri and Aruma’s cooperation to take him back and claims Naito will return to kill him since the vaccination that keeps him from turning into a full Darkstone is running out. In addition, Kenmi also wants to take Ruri and Aruma under his protection. Naito returns to his secret hideout and Fei manages to inject a serum in time to avoid Naito from fully awakening. Fei wants to follow him in his fight the next time but Naito doesn’t allow it since it’s too dangerous. Naito also notes there was another guy with powers like him. The highest class of Sacred Seven. Kenmi takes Ruri and Aruma to tour his research facility. He also hires them as his bodyguard since he is 95% sure Naito will attack him tonight. Noting he was the one who set off the Perseus incident, he is on his way to completing his Darkstone transformation and is getting dangerous by the day. Everyone gets into their respective post and true enough Naito infiltrates the base. He lets loose his Darkstone creatures since he has no time to deal with small fries. He heads straight into the room with the serum but Kenmi has already anticipated this and blows up the room. Naito thought he could escape into the water (one of his powers is to go through walls) but was electrocuted. Then he has to deal with Kenmi’s lethargic SP, Arakune. She might seem not interested in her job but she fights equally well if she really puts her mind to it. After giving her the slip, Naito reaches to where Kenmi is. This time he locks horns with Aruma in his Lightstone form. Naito tries to convince people like them with such powers should be free and not belong to anyone. The talk allows Arakune to paralyze Naito but he manages to escape and turning the facility into fiery hell. Though he didn’t get what he came for, he has found a new target.

Episode 4
It’s the school cultural festival and Ruri is very excited to look forward to her first festival as chairman. Remember that tentacle Darkstone? It’s still around and it is making its way into the school grounds. However it turns everything to stone in the wake of its path. Onigawara senses the Darkstone and not wanting Ruri to cancel the festival she has been looking forward to, Kagami plans to handle this one himself and warns Aruma not to tell Ruri. So I guess to keep Ruri from figuring out, Aruma calls Ruri to meet at the rooftop. Gasp! A confession she thinks? Actually it turns out he wants more practice with his powers to better protect everyone and hopes she could transform him now. She has some spares but each costs millions! Wow. Turning into a hero can be an expensive affair. About others seeing him in this outfit, don’t worry because they’ll think he’s cosplaying. At least that’s what Wakana thought and that it may be a good idea to advertise for the club. Poster boy? Kagami and Aruma track and chase the Darkstone, which has split itself into 2. Kagami is busy tackling one and is successful in putting it out of commission. But the other tentacle crosses the scaffolding of the stage. It becomes vulnerable and starts to give way. There are several guys painting on the top as they fall off. Although Aruma grabs hold of it, he can’t show his powers in public. He can’t hold on much longer. So is the guy hanging precariously on top. He falls off but Kagami in his mecha puts on a flashy hero show to tie down the stage and enough time for Aruma to catch the falling guy. Those were the same guys who mocked Aruma, now they have a different opinion and respect for him. Aruma goes off to find the tentacle but it has merged himself with the fireworks. Looking like a bloated virus or sea urchin? Aruma could’ve finished it off but his power wears off. Now that the Darkstone is going to explode, Kagami throws it up in the sky. Fortunately, it becomes a pretty fireworks display. With everyone else watching in awe at the ‘grand finale’, Kagami and the maids put on a heroic display like they are filming a movie to cover it up. Ruri reprimands Kagami and Aruma for doing this behind her back. She wants them to promise her never to fight a Darkstone without telling her. Nevertheless she thanks them for saving the festival and rewards them with onigiris she made. The festival proceeded smoothly but Wakana’s 24 Hours of Rock presentation bombed. Boring! Nobody finds the rocks cute like she does.

Episode 5
Now it’s Geology Club’s turn to hold their own camp in the mountains. So uh… A camp to look for more rocks? At least Wakana is showing some enthusiasm. There is a mountain shaped like a pyramid believed to be worshiped by the ancients as the Stone God. So while they’re having fun Onigawara senses Darkstone presence. Yup, it’s in that pyramid mountain. Wakana wants to explore it but were given excuses and made to return to the camp (for their own safety of course). Kagami doesn’t trust Aruma yet but has no choice but to leave Ruri in his hands while he goes deeper to explore. Inside, he is attacked by Darkstone spiders. Suddenly an earthquake rocks the place (the Darkstone in the mountain activating). Ruri jumps the gun and starts running towards the mountain with Aruma close behind. Then the ground caves in and they both fall deep into it. Aruma is separated from Ruri but he has to deal with pesky Darkstone spiders. While the maids take Wakana and her friends to safety, Kagami detects the place is boosting the Darkstone’s power and the pyramid shape amplifies its power. Kagami finds Ruri but the chamber they are in locks them in. Seems they are in the core and the Darkstone is going to devour them. Kagami protects Ruri fending off all the Darkstone spiders but his ammo and strength is limited. He can’t use his power blast to get them out because Ruri will get caught in it. Aruma somehow made his way below the core and could hear Ruri’s voice above. Though she has no jewel, Kagami gives his (the one powering his mecha). Ruri slides it down the gap to Aruma and he transforms in time to cut through everything with precision without hurting the duo. His cut is so powerful that not only the core is destroyed but it created a big hole through the top. On the way home, though Kagami appreciates Aruma for being there to save Ruri, that is follow with harsh reprimanding because Aruma said himself that he would protect Ruri. Except that he had gotten her into this mess. When they return, he is going to give Aruma intense high standard training so as not to suffer any more incompetence. God damn it…

Episode 6
Kenmi tracks down a Darkstone named Zero and fights it. Zero’s fire power causes massive damage to Kenmi’s power suit before escaping. His assistant notes that the flaws in the gem impact on the suit as well. Naito is having nightmares of the time he was being experimented on. A very painful experience indeed. The serum that Naito got for Fei isn’t working anymore and at this rate, she’ll die. Naito says he’ll make a better serum. And that is by using Ruri. Ruri sees Aruma at the rooftop and he didn’t like how close she is talking to him. Not that he wants to be alone but I guess a guy needs his space. She thought he called her annoying (because she wants to eat lunch with him) so she got up and leave (perhaps hoping he would come after her? Did not!). Nanami and Ageha feel so dead in polishing rocks. It’s like their youth wasted away. Only Wakana takes enthusiasm. So the duo turn their attention to Kagami whom they are really interested. But Kagami is worried about Ruri who seems depressed. With an emergency meeting from the foundation coming up, Kagami and Ruri excuse themselves. Boring moments again for Nanami and Ageha… Along the way, Kagami slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a kid collapsed on the road. Actually she is Fei in disguise and this is a distraction so that Naito can kidnap Ruri. He even sliced Onigawara in half! At least this keeps his mouth shut. Kagami realizes he has been tricked and contacts the maids to initiate emergency measures. Kenmi learns about Ruri’s kidnapping and sends Arakune out as he fears they will contact Aruma first. Well, Kagami got to him first but leaves him with broken Onigawara. What the hell is he going to do with this? Kagami fears if a Darkstone is involved, it might not do Aruma any good and will call him if he is needed. Aruma must have lots of free time to even glue back Onigawara! Screw that! He tapes all over him and it’s like magic because Onigawara returns to his talkative self. Onigawara senses the same Darkstone presence that kidnapped Ruri and he’s getting closer. Arakune battles Naito in the forest near Aruma’s home and they are even. It ends with Naito stabbing his sword into Arakune’s arm before escaping. Kenmi tells Aruma that they need to find Ruri fast because Naito is using her to brew a serum as it will keep his mind as a Darkstone. He offers Aruma to come to his lab because he has ample supplies of serum but Aruma views that as he has given up on Ruri. Of course not and since Arakune has planted a transmitter on Naito, they must quickly follow him to his hideout.

Episode 7
Fei is using Ruri’s blood to produce the serum. Kagami is not in favour of Aruma following them in fear his Darkstone power may go berserk. Though they trace Naito’s presence to the mountains, suddenly Naito heads away from it. Kagami has him search the area without fear of his power reacting to Naito’s and gives him a kit that he wants it to deliver to Ruri. If he loses it, he’ll have to work his ass off forever and still find it not sufficient to pay off his debts! Woah! What’s inside it?! Ruri uses the oldest trick in the book to let Fei loosen her: She needs to go to the toilet. Then she charges straight at her. She can feel Fei is the same as her and wants to know where Naito is. However this place is deep within the mountains and there are no exits. Naito is the only one that can enter and leave. Fei weakens and says that she and Naito do not lie because if they do, they’d be no better than humans. Kagami realizes he has been sent on a wild goose chase since the Naito has loose the transmitter somewhere else. Aruma finds Naito and the latter brings him to Ruri. She wants to bring Fei to a hospital but Naito disagrees because as far as society is concerned, they do not exist. He further adds that Kenmi is using them. His lab is doing experiments on them with Sacred Seven powers and Fei’s brother got killed in one of those experiments. For them, they were captured, stripped of their freedom and tortured in the name of science. So if Kenmi gets them, they’ll be killed. Thus he wants to kill Kenmi and be free. He asks what Aruma is fighting for because he is fighting for his freedom. An explosion rocks the place and to everyone surprise, it’s Zero on a rampage. Kenmi is also in the fray to stop the madness. Zero is like a raging bull out of control. Fei tries to reach Naito to inject the serum but meets Zero. She realizes this is her brother. Naito then takes Fei and escape. Aruma who has been using his back to support a heavy rock squashing them. Finally Ruri uses her jewel to unleash his power. She could’ve done that earlier, you know. It’s not that the jewel in the kit (so that’s why they’re that precious) was out of her reach. Kenmi explains this Darkstone escaped from their lab and must have been attracted to Naito’s Darkstone. Zero isn’t human anymore so destroying it is the only option left. Well, Aruma didn’t kill it. He just whacks it away. Yeah, it got away. Aruma asks Kenmi about what Naito said to him and though he admits they do research on Sacred Seven, they will never hurt humans. He assures that he will protect them both. After Kenmi leaves, Aruma and Ruri have heard both sides of the tale and will have to do their homework first before choosing whom to believe. Obviously we’ll soon know that Kenmi is lying and a despicable villain because Zero is back in his lab as his assistant mentions about releasing Zero was somewhat rash. Kenmi had to lie to keep them apart since Aruma and Ruri have contacted with Naito and Fei. Fei is distraught to know her brother is still alive and Naito couldn’t hurt Zero because Kenmi then whispered Zero’s true identity to him.

Episode 8
Kagami reports his findings on Kenmi’s group for the last 10 years but it wasn’t anything much. As Kagami is going to do things his way, Ruri pays Aruma a visit at his home. She gives him a contract to sign because up till now she has been forcing him to do stuff and ignored his feelings. But he shoots back how much she is going to pay him when he dies. He will hold on to the contract but feels she still doesn’t trust him. Ruri still needs to find a way to keep Aruma by her side so Onigawara comes up with an idea. I guess the glue and tape is coming off so he wants the duo to go find some rock in Enoshima. But they’re not just ordinary rocks. The only way you can tell that these rocks are different is to join hands and they’ll know. So… It’s like a date, huh? Ruri shows that she is so rich that she doesn’t even know how to take a train… Money can buy you everything except experience. Meanwhile Kagami sees an old friend for more information on Kenmi. However he advises him not to go against the man. Aruma feels nostalgic returning to the town he once lived in and realized he lost Ruri. He backtracks his steps and thankfully finds her waiting at a shop. He offers to hold her hand so as not to get lost but she didn’t want to. After getting a piece of rock that resembles Onigawara from a shop, Onigawara teases Ruri that they should kiss! Okay, so the stone is supposed to react to their devotion. This means they must hold hands till it glows. They’ll postpone it after they get something to eat. Aruma couldn’t help put get annoyed at Ruri who isn’t saying anything but her face is like wanting to tell him something. Does he hate her or something? Ruri is concerned about his reaction to the contract and realizing that he made that little girl cry, he assures her that he doesn’t mean it that way. He really wants to protect them. Ruri returns to her happy self so the store owner signals a finger gesture to them. Innocent Ruri doesn’t know what it means so Aruma had to lie it means they’re friends. Placing the rock in their hands, it is not glowing at all. So they take the time to look around town. Ruri learns more about Aruma. He moved here with his move when he was young and made some friends. However fun times didn’t last when he used his power to teach a bully a lesson. His friends view him as a monster so they had to move again. Ever since, he never had friends. Mommy told him if he stands tall, people dear to him will never leave you. I guess this doesn’t mean growing tall, huh? Ruri says they have met before but he doesn’t remember. The duo continue to frolic in the beach and play sparklers. When they return home, Ruri’s maid are excited to know what they have done. Ruri shows them the finger gesture and sends them into total frenzy. They are further surprised that Onigawara is fixed up good by the maids. About the rock? It was obviously a lie just to make them go out on a date together. That devil! On to serious stuff, Kagami apologizes to Ruri that he can’t find any evidence. On the other hand, Kenmi’s informant reports that Ruri and co are trying to gather information on them. But Kenmi is not worried a bit.

Episode 9
Aruma must be tired after all the harsh training he gets from Kagami and the maids. Looks like he has a long way to go. Ruri thought of helping Aruma with his homework and lets him copy hers but the other classmates think they are such a lovely couple. Even rumours are going around that he bullied her into doing his homework. Kagami hands him a study guide easy enough for a guy like him to understand because they still need him to fight Darkstones. Surprisingly he tremendously improves that the teacher himself couldn’t believe it. Actually he couldn’t believe he had friends to study with. Even Wakana notes how everyone has met the real Aruma. He always thought of wanting to be a rock but since that day, he stopped becoming one and moved. Trouble in the form of Darkstones appears. Two of them this time. Ruri and her maids have already prepared several line of defence. Aruma engages Darkstone A but its speed and strength overwhelms him. And it is only using its feet to stomp and kick him. Kagami and the rest fight Darkstone B and no amount of firepower could stop it because it is absorbing everything and turning bigger. Their final trump card, Ruri firing a cannon missed its core. Meanwhile Aruma continues to get stomped. And stomped and stomped and stomped… Of course being the hero, he can’t easily give up. He powers up with all the determination in his heart to protect his friends and destroys Darkstone A. Then he runs as fast as he could to wear Ruri is. She and the other maids are a few seconds away from being squished when super Aruma drops in to save the day and destroy Darkstone B. But it’s not over yet. Both the Darkstones then start to combine and fly straight for town. They realize it was a decoy to wear them out. Aruma chases after it and shoots it down from the sky. It’s raining Lightstones? Aruma puts a stone that he always had in the club’s exhibit. He feels he owes it for saving him many times but Wakana thinks it is with all its other rock friends now so it won’t be lonely.

Episode 10
Suddenly the crystallization covering Aoi disappears. Though she is still in frozen shock. Onigawara guesses it could be due to a Sacred Seven resonance with Aruma. In the previous battle, he used all his powers and that might have caused a change in Aoi’s condition. Ruri is desperate to hear anything from Aruma if he knows anything but sadly he doesn’t feel anything different. To further help her and understand better, Aruma requests to hear what happened. Five years ago as Ruri’s family were preparing for Christmas, Kagami was an apprentice butler and had his reservations on Ruri and Aoi. Kenmi pays an early visit so the kids are ushered into their room in which Ruri had a hard time making a clay angel. Ruri’s dad couldn’t support Kenmi’s research anymore despite him assuring they would understand greater his daughters’ power once it is completed. Still, he is reluctant to sponsor him anymore. On Christmas Eve as everyone prepares to move out to their villa, Aoi accidentally rips the wreath that the sisters had been making as a present to their parents. Ruri is distraught and wants to complete the wreath herself despite Aoi wanting to help out. The wreath may be easy to fix but it’s the clay angel that Ruri worked so hard and it’s broken. With no time left, the rest head to the villa first as Kagami’s dad, the head butler tasked him to wait with Ruri till she calms down. Ruri feels guilty for telling Aoi she hates her and should’ve apologized. On the other hand, Aoi also feels stupid for not apologizing to her. So as the family wait for Ruri’s arrival, Zero attacks the villa. Kagami’s father deals with the menace but he too is human and has his limits. Once Ruri is done with the wreath, they rush all the way to the villa. Ruri’s father realizes Kenmi sent this. Father got burnt, mother got stabbed and before Zero could kill Aoi, she became so petrified that a crystal formed around her body. Kagami’s dad lures Zero into an explosive trap to take it out. Kagami and Ruri are shocked to see the villa in flames. Kagami’s father’s last words to him were to protect Ruri with his life. Though Ruri never knew what exactly happened, she was told by Kenmi that she turned into a rock by her own will as an emergency self defence measure. This means they can’t release her from the outside but she still hopes that they can save her. Concluding that Aoi became a crystal because she was too afraid of Darkstones, that’s why she formed this foundation to destroy all Darkstones that threaten her. Then she’ll have to come out. Aruma meets Naito on his way home. Naito warns him again they are being used by Kenmi and wants them to be free. Aruma is just happy to be protecting others seeing the power he once hated for destroying people can now be put to good use. He wants Naito to join them since they have the same powers. But Naito notes that even if they do, their ideals are not the same and is off to go kill Kenmi.

Episode 11
Suddenly Aiba Foundation is under investigation for tax fraud. Ruri is charged for embezzling the foundation’s fund for personal use. The reporters are hounding the school but Wakana and her friends don’t believe that Ruri is such a bad person. They sneak out and meet Kagami. Aruma wants an explanation but there isn’t time. Kagami says that the mansion is sealed and they can’t get close to it. The maids were laid off to minimize damage. Suddenly they are surrounded by Kenmi’s men. Before they can take any action, the maids drop in and round them up. They kick ass! True they were laid off. But they’re doing this because they want to and don’t have to follow Kagami’s anymore. Where the heck did they get all the arsenal? It was tough sneaking them out under the police noses? Well, the police are idiots then. Haha! Then Fei appears. She tells them Naito is going to kill Kenmi and wants to follow them in their rescue mission. Meanwhile Ruri is strapped to the operation table. Kenmi is preparing to conduct surgery on her. He explains the Aztecs used hearts of their warriors as sacrifice to stay as a powerful nation because they got blessed by the heavens. So what does this mean? Kenmi wants to take Ruri’s heart and by gaining such power, he will take his place among the gods. Great. Another crazy guy who wants to play God. Ruri got so scared that she crystallized. So like her sister… Fei further reveals Kenmi’s scheme to take down the foundation and be the sole controller of Sacred Seven from the start. With Naito starting the fight, Kagami thinks of using this chance to confuse the enemy. Splitting into 2 teams, Aruma and Fei are to rescue Ruri. Aruma gets a rude jolt when Kenmi releases Zero to fight him. He’s crazier than ever. Inside a room, Aruma is shocked to see his mother’s pendant. What’s it doing in this place? Naito comes into the picture and is going to put Honyu (Zero’s real name) to rest but Fei is confident she can save him with the serum she made.

Aruma goes off to find Ruri. He sees her in her crystallized state. He can’t get close to her and as Kenmi puts it, that resistance will keep growing stronger till she fades away. Aruma ignores him and keeps calling to Ruri to come back and uses his mother’s pendant. So great the flash of light that it has Aruma remembering his forgotten memories. Aruma and Ruri’s mom did meet and the latter gave the former a pendant to keep Aruma’s power from going berserk. Aruma saw Ruri playing nearby when metal beams start falling. He uses his power to protect her. Ruri is freed from her crystallization as the pendant disintegrates. He thinks they’re even now since all these years he has been keeping Ruri’s mom’s keepsake and now he’s paid her back. He doesn’t need any pendant anymore. He has her. Is that a confession? Save it for later because Kenmi is amazed by his tremendous show of power and was right to pick him. When he first became a Darkstone 3 years ago, Kenmi saw how powerful he was without his limiter (the pendant). However he never tried to use his power and kept it at bay with his will power. That’s why he had to try all sorts of things just to make him go berserk and unleash the purest Sacred Seven powers. So everything that has happened so far is because of Kenmi. Everything was his doing. All the Darkstones that rampaged. Meanwhile Naito manages to hold Zero down and Fei injects the serum into him. It enables Zero to regain his human memories. However he still goes berserk and starts killing all the assistants involved in the experiment that hurt Fei. Kenmi kills Zero and takes out his heart. He inserts that Darkstone core which he has been cultivating and feels the power flowing through him. Feeling invincible, eh? Wait till you see our angry heroes kick your butt.

Episode 12
Kenmi is going to eat Aruma’s as his main dish because his powers are on a different level from other Darkstones. He absorbed Ruri’s pendant which has the Sacred Seven energy inside. And after that, he’ll have Ruri as dessert. Naito is not going to let him feast away and become God because he’s going to send him to hell first. But Kenmi takes Fei and flees so Naito chases him. Aruma urges Ruri to transform him. She says his power has been with him all along since he accepted her and fought alongside her. The only jewel for that is the Sacred Seven itself. Aruma transforms into a cooler Lightstone form. So cool that Aoi finally wakes up from her slumber! Naito’s movements are restricted because Kenmi is using Fei as a shield. Fei feels guilty for causing all this and wants Kenmi to kill her so that Naito won’t hold back. He gladly obliges but Aruma snatches Fei away. When Naito charges at him, Kenmi absorbs his powers and renders him unable to use his Darkstone powers anymore. Fei is so devastated that her Darkstone power activates. Erm… Her Darkstone form looks like a cross between an Ewok and Mickey Mouse… Anyway, she wants everybody to die! Kagami is having his hands full with Arakune when he receives message from the maid squad that they have rendezvous with Ruri. Kagami then goes searching for Aoi and is surprised to see her moving. But Aoi knows Kenmi’s evil is growing and needs a favour from Kagami to take her somewhere. Aruma continues to take on Kenmi and furious Fei joins in. However Kenmi absorbs everything they throw at him and grows stronger. Kenmi got so cocky that he speaks so loud that the entire world could hear his ambitions and his role in killing Ruri’s parents. So now he thinks he is so close to God, he can say anything without getting away with it? Aruma couldn’t give a sh*t about all that and summons a powerful drill to slash pass that guy. Well, Kenmi isn’t God yet so it’s natural he isn’t that powerful. He laments things aren’t going as planned.

Noting that his time is up and slowly turning into stone, he isn’t going down alone. Before he crumbles, he takes Fei along with him and inserts his Darkstone into dejected Fei. By granting her his evil (which include Zero’s), Kenmi tells Fei to go destroy the world. The Darkstone amplifies Fei’s grief and soon she turns into a giant upside down pyramid and starts slamming rocks big enough to cause huge craters wherever it falls. Yeah, everyone is going to die. Not even Naito’s voice could reach her. But Aoi knows he can do something about it (Ruri surprised in seeing her sister back alive). She wants him to go save Fei with Aruma’s help and uses her pendant to transform Naito into a Lightstone. Naito flies up to Aruma and they cooperate so that Naito can get close enough to Fei. Fei couldn’t understand why Aruma is trying to stop her from destroying everything so it’s time for his hero-like speech. From his personal experience, he tells her about the powers that they’re bequeathed with, there people who came and help him, there may be use for his power after all, to protect others and that there is a reason to live. Get all of that? At that moment, Naito embraces Fei from behind and takes out the Darkstone. Crushing it returns Fei and the sky back to normal. Couldn’t say anything about the craters, though. Aoi tells Ruri that while she was frozen, she was conscious and could hear everything she said and knows how hard she has been fighting for her. Ruri becomes emotional and hugs her. In the aftermath, Ruri holds a press conference to clear the air, Kagami and the maid squad are reinstated and return to the mansion, Naito and Fei continue to wander around together while Arakune visits Kenmi’s grave. She doesn’t seem too sad about it. I guess it’s time she quit her job, huh? Finally, Ruri invites Aruma, Wakana and her friends on her cruise ship to go rock hunting in the ocean. However Nanami and Ageha don’t like Aoi because she’s hogging Kagami! And little Aoi knows it too! So he chose a loli over high school girls? Well, he is her butler, right? Ah, I wish I could see this ‘fight’…

“I’ve Got The Power!”
Uhn… Rock power? So well… I guess everything ends nicely, huh? Till the next megalomaniac decides to show himself up and either take over the world or destroy it. I don’t think each and every Darkstone has been destroyed because if it was, Onigawara would have been done in too. That was something Ruri did once mention in her quest to rid of all the Darkstones in the world. Now that Aoi is alive again, I don’t see there is a need to extensively go all out and destroy them. Reinstating her maids is probably just to monitor and keep an eye on the situation. After all, after defeating a Darkstone that got close enough to be God, is there any other kinds of Darkstone or Sacred Seven power that Aruma can’t handle?

For the characters, I’m not sure if I should say they are the cliche types but take Aruma for instance. Like some heroes, he starts out as a loner that nobody wants to talk to because of his size and past. A rough diamond, you can say. Then comes along a cute girl, she helps guide him to use his powers for good and in the end, he becomes a hero and made a few friends of his own. Hey, it may still be just Wakana and her friends but that’s a start. All I can say for Aruma is that he is the kind of person that needs to be given a chance. A chance to show that he is not as bad as you think he is. Because of that, he somewhat lost his way and direction, apathetic from what goes on in his surroundings. He always had the power within him. He just needs someone to guide him how to unleash it and use it to its full potential. Of course such powers are like double-edged swords and if you don’t nurture it the right way, you’ll go the opposite direction instead.

Ruri, she’s a very concerned girl. Concerns for Aoi. Concerns for Aruma. Concerns about Kagami and the maids. Concerns about Darkstones that will turn the world upside down. That’s good, right? That makes her cute too. She may seem vulnerable and weak but she has strong determination in her heart. For areas that she has shortcomings of, she leaves it to her butler and maids. And more recently, Aruma. That’s why they respect and love her. I really wonder what she does in real life to get this rich. Don’t tell me her funds are from her late parents’ will. Kagami is the ever good loyal butler who will do anything for Ruri but he could’ve been better if he smiles often instead of putting a serious face. Okay, maybe if he does that, it’s hard to take him serious nor will things get done if he is too friendly. He doesn’t like Aruma too much not because he is in love with his oujo-sama or anything. At first he can’t trust him to leave it in his hands his master’s safety since you hardly know the guy in person despite having all the data on him. Even if Aruma did prove his worth, I’m sure Kagami will still hold some reservations about him. Onigawara felt like a comic relief because of his smart ass and witty lines (he always ends his sentences with “~oni” which is loosely translated as “what the hell?”). One thing that bugs me about Onigawara is this ability to materialize punctuation marks and emoticons. At first I thought this was just the animation bit to portray his emotions (if that Darkstone has got one anyway), but realized those marks do come up in ‘real time’. After a while, they disintegrate into thin air. So besides his wise cracks and sensing other Darkstones, is this his other ability? Heck, he can’t even move ~oni.

Wakana and her pals also feel like side distraction. If we’re not hunting or fighting rampaging Darkstones, it’s their cue to fill in. So have you known any other person who loves rocks more than her? Hardcore geologist maybe. If you go ask me to search for rocks in rivers or by the roadside, I’d prefer catching spiders because looking for rocks may seem like an extreme polar version of finding a needle in the haystack. Rocks, rocks everywhere. How much can you collect anyway? But it’s good that Wakana likes these natural, ‘cheap’ rocks that you can find anywhere (hey, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours too) instead of those precious stones that sell at ridiculous high price at auction houses. Her friends are an amusing bunch to watch whenever they want to get Kagami’s attention. Too bad I would love to see more of such light-hearted scenes. I guess if you’re in such a boring club with nothing but rocks (technically you could be staring at the brick walls. Which are also processed type of rocks…) so with a hot guy in the club, I suppose they’re more interested in him. Yeah, probably the only rock they’ll ever be so happy to have is a statue of Kagami. But now with loli Aoi in the picture, tensions are rising up. Now that Aoi is back, she seems livelier than ever. What do you expect when you are frozen in suspended animation 5 years ago? Looks like she has got a lot to catch up in terms of growth too.

I had this feeling that Kenmi was going to be the true villain instead of Naito. Probably it’s the way he says things and not what he says. Sure, his words have lots of assurance and support in them but they sound somewhat ‘hollow’ as if he has an ulterior motive. So I guess when a guy like him decides to play God, he perishes like a fool. You know what they say when you play with fire, right? Naito and Fei were like Aruma: Lost. They had lots of trauma during their stint under Kenmi’s brutal and heartless experiments so in a way you feel pity and can’t blame them for wanting to kill that bastard outright. Even if Naito and Aruma’s ideals clash, in the end what they truly want is to protect the people they loved. It’s good that they didn’t get consumed by the dark side and the world would have ended if Fei had gone on with her killing spree. It’s just sad that when she had finally found a cure for her brother, Kenmi kills him. Man, that’s very short-lived. There is a special episode called Shirogane No Tsubasa focuses on Naito’s past. However I did not watch it because I further read that the episode is a recap of the series and just putting a few new animation on Naito’s past, that’s all. I feel that Arakune is just some extra character. There is no depth to her character. She is just Kenmi’s SP and even with her top-notched skills, she is still a laidback person. Someone who feels bored with life. She just fights because Kenmi orders her to. Then when he’s gone, she moves on. To where, who knows. Thus I feel if they substituted her character with unimportant and nameless guards, it still won’t have a major impact on the flow of the storyline.

The fight scenes are pretty okay but that is what you would expect when you have power gems that give you extraordinary powers. If you can’t pull off such exaggerated power moves, then you might as well not use the stones. Till the end I still don’t know how this Sacred Seven power works. At least for Aruma’s case. I’m not sure if he even really understands how to actually use the options that his Lightstone power gives him. What I notice is that whenever he is in a pinch or in need of a solution, he just says aloud that he needs something to cut open or blast through or speed up. And then some mini menu will pop up and choose the option he is seeking. With the Darkstones wrecking so much havoc, it makes me wonder how the city will get repaired at this rate. Reparation bills will cost a bomb! As much as a single gem, perhaps. Since Kagami has his own mech to do battles, most of the time his mech will get destroyed or some parts hacked off. I know the opponents he faced aren’t your ordinary villains but it makes me feel that each time he goes into battle, there is this risk that the machine will get damaged. It gives an impression that he isn’t so skilled after all. Even when fighting Arakune, no doubt her body suit makes her agile as compared to the heavy and clumsy mech, at least you thought with Kagami’s skill level he could handle her on equal footing and not get toyed around. I like some of the maid squads (not because they are dressed in pink frilly maid outfits, mind you) because some of them especially the sniping squad, they carry cool artillery firepower. You definitely don’t want to mess with these girls. As for the designs of the Darkstones and Lightstones, well, let me say they aren’t that impressive. Aruma’s Lightstone form feels like a cosplay hero while Naito’s Darkstone form seems like a generic bad robot. Then in his new Lightstone form, I thought he would become a new member of the G-Force… And I mean the anime with heroes in bird-like outfits not the Hollywood hamsters lah!

There were some indications but not concrete enough. About what? About the love chemistry between Aruma and Ruri of course! I wasn’t placing too much expectation on this but having a guy and girl like them in this series, there has got to be some inevitable moments from the feelings of the heart, right? Well okay, maybe the seemingly romance part feels like a distraction altogether. As observed, Aruma and Ruri had a few close moments with each other and each time you can’t help wonder if this is a sign that their relationship be taken to the next level instead of employer-employee status. That ‘date’ episode at Enoshima I thought it was the nailer but they were just sorting out and making it clear that they are just friends. So during the battle with Kenmi and in the aftermath, seems that there was no sign on the chemistry after all between Aruma and Ruri. Like as though the romance part (okay, more like get-closer-to-each-other part) never happened. They are just like friends like how they are with Wakana and co. I suppose it won’t be right if you get love in the way of an action series and in this case whereby Darkstones threaten to destroy the world, love can wait. The opening theme is Stone Cold by Fictionjunction and is your generic rock piece that suits the pace of this action series. The ending theme is Kiseki by Yuuka Nanri. Oddly, halfway through the series, both opening and ending songs swap places and with new animation all together. I guess this is one way of having another different theme if you don’t have budget to come up with new ones. Of course the special song for the final episode, Tsunagaru Made by Megumi Nakajima (voice of Ruri) is a slow piece to fit the good end to the series.

So what does this series teach us? With great powers come… Oh, you can fill in the blanks yourself and with your eyes closed by now. It’s a good thing that in the real world, such gems that give us power does not exist or else you can tell how much havoc it will wreck especially if it falls into the wrong hands. For now, such beautiful gems are only possible to be owned by wealthy rich people. Heck, one tiny little gemstone may cost you millions and that is even a small and light one. What more, are you going to spend $4 million bucks on a 6-carat little diamond and blow it on somebody to be used as Lightstone? Or Darkstone if you’re heart is nor pure. So are diamonds forever? And if diamonds are girls’ best friend, then for guys, be sure to always protect your family jewels :). No amount of money could buy that back if they are broken!

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