Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut

September 4, 2016

Hmm… Too many generic harem animes these days, huh? Okay, why not let us add something to it and make it less generic. How about we add dragons in it? What? What do you mean they already did it in Seikoku No Dragonar?! Okay then. How about we have the characters use exo-skeleton machines as their mechas. Wait. They already did that in Infinite Stratos? Well then. How about the only boy in an academy filled with girls then? Infinite Stratos also covered that? This is going to be tough… In that case, let’s have the protagonist bearing an inferior label or tag that is known to the public. They did this already in Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry? And Kuusen Madoushi Kohousei No Kyoukan? Alright… How about the main character has a different kind of past life? They did something similar in Seiken Tsukai No World Break?! Man, I’m running out of ideas. How about something more general like an academy that teaches its students to fight monsters then? Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan already included this, you say?

Ah, I know. A setting whereby the characters are sword users and there are elite knights and noble rulers too. What did you say? Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance already got this sh*t?! And Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry too? Alright then, what about the main character stumbling into one of his future harem girls while changing and seeing her in her undies or naked right in the first episode? THEY ALREADY DONE THIS IN GAKUSEN TOSHI ASTERISK TOO???!!! And in Juuou Mujin No Fafnir?! Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance too?! And Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry as well???!!! Oh well. What the f*ck! Uh huh. F*ck all that! Why not we just take all of that and mash it up into Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut. I’m sure nobody can tell the difference, right? And while we’re at it, might as well steal borrow the school uniform design from Absolute Duo too. And now for the plot, you’re asking? Hahaha! After going through listing all that harem animes, you tell me you want to know the plot?! Hahaha! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Oh man, that was sure a good laugh.

Episode 1
5 years ago, a lone Drag Knight overthrow the kingdom of Arcadia after hundreds of years of tyrannical rule. His identity is not known and the people only knew him as Black Hero. Lux Arcadia had the unfortunate fate of dropping down a ceiling while chasing a cat stealing a purse into a woman’s bath. Even more unfortunate that he is over Lisesharte Atismata AKA Lisha and thinking he could calm the situation down by complimenting her, I think he sent the wrong idea about how great her boobs are. Wrong choice of words. That seals it. He is a pervert. He is imprisoned and Krulcifer Einfolk is interested in his Sword Device but Shalice Baltshift and Tillfur Lilmit take him to see the academy’s headmaster, Relie Aingram. She seems to brush off this perverted thingy since she called him here for a job. As explained, Lux is the former prince of the former Arcadia kingdom. Now this academy of the new current empire of Atismata is a school meant to train girls with potentials as Drag Knights. The reason Lux is called here because of the lack of boys since only a few males were left after the coup d’etat. Lisha will not accept him not after what he has done. Relie reminds her he is known as the weakest undefeated. Is that an oxymoron? But Lisha challenges him to a Drag Ride duel and if he loses, he will be sent back to prison. Oh, did she mention that she is the princess of the first queen of Atismasta? Former prince versus current princess. Interesting… Lux gets a reminder by his sister, Airi that they have to be careful in what they do since as former members of the Arcadia kingdom, they are treated as criminals. If he gets into such trouble again, her entire life will not be enough to work and clear his debt. His perverted notoriety even spread to her roommate, Noct Leaflet. Or is she just being sarcastic? Better safe than sorry.

The Drag Ride duel is here. Lisha looks down on his generic Wyvern because her super divine Tiamat is just well, divine. Easy win? Since Lux won’t use his Sword Device, Lisha begins his beat down and unleashes her Tiamat’s special Raiment, gravity. While her Drag Ride temporarily loses control from the power, the arena is suddenly attacked by an Abyss. Cue for mass evacuation and Lux to play the hero to fight it. Or is he just fooling about being the bait so that he could signal Lisha to take it down after creating an opening. Yup, that is it. In the aftermath, Lisha ponders about Lux’s actions. It is the first time a guy tried to protect her. That look on her face… Starting to have feelings? She goes to see how he is doing (just fine) and suddenly before you know it, they have a light chatter and laughing. She now believes in him. Like best friends now? She reveals the duel was because she didn’t want to let him get after not after what he had seen. I suppose it is a sign that he shouldn’t say more but he did. Because he apologizes that he saw everything and it was charming! WTF?! Actually Lisha is not worried about that. She shows the crest of the former empire near her pubic area and thought he had seen this. He is surprised and since she can’t tell him the reason yet (like how Lux can’t tell why he won’t use his Sword Device), he agrees to help keep it a secret. Even more surprise for Lux when she tells him tomorrow he is officially a student of this academy as requested by Relie. Oh yeah, they’re going to be classmates too.

Episode 2
Also in his class is his childhood friend, Philuffy. Ah, I see Lisha is starting to get awfully jealous… The only reason the girls are swarming around Lux is because he is tasked as a handyman who will handle their requests. But Lisha usurps them all because she requests him to be her exclusive caretaker and assistant! Before we get any showdown between Lisha and Philuffy, Krulcifer brings him away on pretence Relie wants to see him. Of course she has a request for him and that is to find the Black Hero whom she has business with. Lux dreams about his brother, Fugil telling him the empire’s cruel experiments will soon reach his childhood friend and the only way left is to kill them all. Lux was reluctant as he wanted to minimize casualties. More hijinks for Lux because he wakes up sleeping with Philuffy! This is her room? Get out before somebody sees you. Too late… And so another earful from Airi about racking up such reputation. But it turns out Philuffy is his roommate as approved by Relie. How? They’re sisters and she wants him to take care of her. Lux sees Lisha fixing his Wyvern. On pretence to get to know each other better, they head out to town. Like a date? When Lux praises Lisha to be a worthy queen, this is when things get melodrama. The mark on her belly was a result of her dad who participated in the coup d’etat. It failed and she was taken hostage. The mark is evidence that she was Arcadia’s prisoner. She wanted so much for him to come save her but he never did. She couldn’t commit suicide and decided to become part of Atismata’s royal family. As the only heir after his father’s death, she became the new kingdom’s princess while hiding this mark. More dreams from Lux when he was saddened that everybody was massacred and Fugil was delighted because had they not die, he would have. Fugil called him naive and thus the weakest and not fit to be king.

The Knight Squadron that Lisha is part of sorties because an Abyss is detected by the ruins. Unfortunately the Abyss hatches more hatchlings and the perpetrator behind it is no other Ragreed Forus, the Knight Squadron chief of Arcadia and his men. His flute enables him to control the Abyss. When Noct returns with her report, Lux feels the need to go help Lisha. Airi is worried he cannot win in his current state. Of course he can. He is the main character! Haha! Ragreed relentlessly attacks Lisha and downs her. Then he rips her lower garb to reveal the mark and humiliate her. He knows because he was the one who stamped it. Before he could finish her off, Lux arrives in time to save her. Just like all heroes do, huh? His words of motivation of wanting to see her as a worthy queen give her hope. He unleashes his Sword Device to summon Bahamut. One look and you can tell this is a super divine Drag Ride. He kicks all the traitors’ ass with super speed and power. So is it safe to say that Lux is the Black Hero? Hardly surprising. Ragreed gets mad over him for being a traitor instead of a hero. Who cares what he thinks because Lux finishes him off. As narrated by Airi, Lux isn’t a hero because he destroyed the kingdom.

Episode 3
A welcome party for Lux? I didn’t know he is that famous and beloved. This is what to expect in a harem genre, right? To make things more interesting, Relie suggests a game. She gives Lux a special form and whoever steals it from him within an hour will have Lux for herself for an entire week! I didn’t know there are so many girls trying to get him to be their slave. I know it is a dream for guys to have girls chase after him but in Lux’s case, he better start hiding. He got tricked by Lisha to hand over it but he tricks her back thanks to her naivety. Lux sure has a penchant to run into such places because he is hiding in the changing room for the Knight Squadron! Not a sound… Krulcifer spots him but doesn’t blow the whistle. Only after her teammates left, she signals him out. Since time is already over, she has him hand over the form. To his dismay, she tricked him because the clock was just slow so Krulcifer wins the game and gets him all for herself. So what will it be? Be her boyfriend! They go to see Relie who shows them the flute she retrieved from Ragreed. She wants them to confirm if it is a key to something before he Knight Squadron starts their investigation. Airi cautions Lux about Krulcifer not because she is a buracon, she feels she is hiding something. Krulcifer explains why she wants him to be her boyfriend. As she is the daughter of the Count of Ymir country, it is only logical that nobles engage and marry each other. A butler from her family will come to check over her status and she would like him to act as her boyfriend till then. Everyone is shock when Krulcifer puts her face close to his and it looks like they are kissing. Actually she is just warning him not to back out of this or she will expose his peeping incident. Got him there by the balls…

I believe Lisha is jealous so she confronts Krulcifer just to brag how close she is to Lux as they have hold hands. Big deal? Wait till she hears about Lux and Philuffy kissed a long time ago… Speaking on the topic of kissing, there Lisha goes flustering… Lux and Krulcifer are out to town on their date with Lisha and Philuffy secretly spying on them. Krulcifer dresses up to purposely stand out from the crowd so as to make everyone believe they are a real item. At the end of the day, they are surrounded by several bandits. You know they are just low level grunts when Lux is able to fend them off and give Krulcifer enough time to summon her Drag Ride, Fafnir whose Raiment is predicting the future so you can bet she owns all of them in no time. When one tries to escape, he is taken down by Altelise Mayclaire. She is Krulcifer’s family butler. At a restaurant (somehow Lisha and Philuffy coming out of their hiding to join them too), Krulcifer tries to introduce Lux as her boyfriend when this arrogant dude, Lord Barzeride Kreutzer interrupts. He claims he is here to see his future wife and guy cannot wait until tomorrow to be introduced. Barzeride tries to play down Lux and that they are both of different class but as far as Krulcifer is concerned, he is still a total stranger to her. So please stop calling her your future wife. Not pleased, Barzeride decides to challenge Lux to a Drag Ride duel. A team battle. Of course if he wins, Krulcifer cannot refuse him even if she is forced into engagement.

Episode 4
Barzeride seems to be making a deal with a shady person who suspiciously looks like Fugil. Can you see Lisha’s relief that Lux isn’t Krulcifer’s real boyfriend and totally understands she is using him just to escape an arranged marriage? Since Lux doesn’t have to go on a fake date with Krulcifer today, instead of having a good rest, that guy is being served by Tillfur, Lisha and Philuffy dressed up as maids. Wow! I don’t mind such service! Switch places with me now! Meanwhile in the royal council of Atismata, they are discussing about a powerful Abyss concealed in the ruins. They want to awaken its powers but isn’t sure if the new empire is strong enough for that. That is when Barzeride’s father suggests tasking his son to investigate the ruins. Relie and her Knight Squadron are in a meeting. She officially hands over the flute to Lux in his care. Lux is baffled Krulcifer is at the meeting as she is a transfer student and doesn’t need to attend. That’s because she will also be joining the squad to investigate the ruins. A little fanservice time when Lux soaks in the bath and to his surprise finds Philuffy there. He notices the absence of a deep scar on her back but of course that dreamy girl is not sure. On the day the Knight Squadron is supposed to go investigate the ruins, they are surprised when Barzeride volunteers to help investigate it. Although none of the ladies are impressed, he assures he will pull no punches and will do his best to defend them. Of course he also makes known that one of them here is his future wife so if she is in danger, naturally he will be there to protect her.

Everyone approaches the ruins. Krulcifer seems to be in a hurry and rushes in. With the Abyss attacking, Barzeride shows off the power of his divine Drag Ride and challenges Lux to see who can take down as many Abyss. Don’t be tempted into this silly challenge, Lux. The Abyss goes berserk and it emits some kind of wave that paralyzes the Drag Rides. Then they see the ruins shining. Lux has a dream whereby Fugil reprimanded him for doing something reckless. Its effect was devastating and that is only Lux using it at normal power. Lux wakes up inside the abyss and only Krulcifer is with him. They head to the altar in the centre as Lux asks why finding the Black Hero is important to her. There is a limit to what Drag Rides can do no matter how reckless the operators can be. However this doesn’t apply to the Black Hero and searching for him she hopes that would be true. At the altar as Lux wonders if he should use the key, it suddenly activates. He hasn’t even done anything yet. That is when Krulcifer reveals she is not a human of this world and a survivor of the ruins.

Episode 5
Inside a chamber, there are lots of capsules. Krulcifer reveals she was born in one of these a long time ago. Yes, she is adopted into the Einfolk family. Her ‘father’ was examining the ruins and found her. He kept her in hopes they would discover a clue to the lost past. Other family members ostracized her. She studied etiquette and Drag Knight in hopes of being accepted but the hate grew when she was given Fafnir. She always hoped whatever she heard was a lie but was convinced she is a survivor of the ruins when it reacted to her. She still has no clue about her past or if she has any allies. Leave it to Lux to calm her down and say soothing words. Then she says it was all just a lie because she wanted to test his reaction since he is so soft hearted. Really? All a lie? Now it is Lux’s turn to tell about his grim past. Don’t worry, they’re not lies. How he was thrown out by his own grandfather. At first he hated everyone who never helped him but soon realized he didn’t want to hate anybody. Those who are important to him and those who would become important, he wants to create a kingdom where his loved ones could live without hate. He has Philuffy to thank for saving him. Their conversation is cut short when Lisha drills them out. Airi reprimands Lux not for failing to find if the flute is the key but he messed up Wyvern again. She gives him drink herbal tea that Krulcifer made. Of course it is to make him sleep so he will not participate in tonight’s duel.

Krulcifer meets Barzeride for the duel. Altelise is sincere in helping Barzeride as per agreed but he puts her to sleep too. The fight begins with Barzeride dominating over Krulcifer. She knows everything from those attackers was set up by him. Even if she knows, Barzeride is confident she can’t change a thing because she is just a tool, a key whom he shall obtain. And yes, he will become her master. Before Krulcifer can fall into despair, here comes Lux to the rescue. I guess he didn’t drink it, huh? After a short bout, Lux can tell Barzeride’s Drag Ride’s Raiment is stealing the power of other Drag Rides that it touches. Barzeride attacks Krulcifer. This is just a decoy so when Lux protects her, he touches him to absorb his power. Needless to say he is faster and more powerful. And because Barzeride is getting cockier and Krulcifer sinking into hopeless regretting mode, this gives Lux the power of the main power to confirm that he is her lover and powers up intensely with his main character determination to defeat Barzeride once and for all. You should see the flabbergasted face on Barzeride moments before his defeat. It was like so unbelievable. Next day, Lux is left to rue what comes next. Because he has saved Krulcifer, he has already proven himself to be her fiancé and thus Altelise and the family head have approved him of so. Lux must have a short memory because he doesn’t remember about saying being her lover last night. Even if he did, it was just at the spur of the moment. Oh, how are you going to take responsibility now? Krulcifer makes a surprise move by kissing him! Thank goodness only Tillfur and Lisha are there to witness this shocking development. Maybe not. Here is another shock: Krulcifer gives Lux another kiss! They can continue with more if he marries her… Time for Lisha to bust in and play moral police.

Episode 6
Lux is cross-dressed as a girl and walking around the academy as Luno! So cute that nobody can guess he is a guy in drag? It all began when Shalice talked to him about Barzeride’s defeat. Because other than him, there is another person who can fare against the greatest Abyss, Ragnarok. That person is Celestia “Celis” Ralgris, one of the 4 great nobles and returning to the capital soon. Oh, did we mention she hates men? You’ve been warned. As there is also a pervert recently spotted on the academy grounds, thus Lux is made to dress up as bait. During his patrol, Luno spots Celis talking to a cat in the bushes! But Luno is attacked by a perpetrator and Celis comes to the rescue. Although the perpetrator gets away, Luno get injured when the culprit throws a knife meant for Celis while escaping. Celis treats Luno and thankfully ‘she’ didn’t have to strip to have her arm bandaged. Meanwhile Barzeride is in prison and thinks this hooded guy has come to rescue him. However he is killed off as he blows his flute to summon Abyss. Next day, there is a big ruckus and Lux is called to Relie’s office. It seems Celis has learnt of the only guy in the academy and for the sake of the academy’s existence, she wants him thrown out. She does not acknowledge him. So what do you do when you can’t settle the argument? You have a duel, right? So if Celis loses to him, Relie hopes she will then see his true strength and acknowledges him.

The Squadron Knights head to an island for training camp. For some reason, Lux also brought his cross-dressing clothes with him. He thinks of giving them back to Shalice but she lets him keep it. Good thing because Celis’ underling, Saniya Lemiste calls Lux as Celis wants to see him. When he enters her chambers, he is shocked to see her naked although Celis is facing away and thought this person is the massager. Good thing he has the clothes. So he slips into it and gives Celis a good massage. To show her gratefulness, Celis wants to take ‘her’ out to town tomorrow. Before Luno could leave, Celis sees the Sword Device and examines it a little although nothing much of it. As Luno exits, Saniya is suspicious of this ‘girl’ and is going to attack her. Thankfully Krulcifer is here to prevent any bloodshed. That ‘girl’ is with her. Krulcifer knows Luno is Lux as she cautions about Saniya as she is trying to create scandals in which Lux will be thrown out of the academy. So before Luno’s big day with Celis tomorrow, we have a little Lux-Philuffy time. If he loses, she will fight Celis for him. Celis and Luno head out to town. I wonder how Luno will deal with the swimsuit shop… Anyway Celis is very happy although she still has her worries about being the leader of the knights. Making Celis happier is Luno’s kind comforting words. As they picnic, Celis reveals something and hopes Luno can keep a secret. Actually… She’s not a man hater!

Episode 7
It seems Ragnarok has hatched from its egg and making its way to a certain island. Celis tells Saniya what she said to Luno about not hating men. She had great teachers who were men but her problem is dealing with younger men and considering her position, she cannot solely rely on them. We take a little detour for a beach fanservice episode. Lux gets branded a perverted for just about anything. When Celis wonders where Luno is, Shalice has already prepared a swimsuit for Lux to wear. Obviously that guy won’t take the bait so while he runs away, accidentally bumps into Celis. Instead of making a fuss, she walks away although you can see her displeasure. Lux remembers additional things Celis told Luno. She needs to apologize to Lux as she learnt her skills from Wade Roadbelt who is no other than Lux’s grandfather, she feels responsible for Wade’s death and wants to make sure his grandson is not exposed to any danger. That is why she can’t afford to lose the duel to him. As Celis and Lux’s battle begin, Shalice and Tillfur confront the perpetrator who is a spy of Heiburg Republic. It is no surprise the person behind that mask is no other than Saniya. And since they’ve exposed her, she is ‘obliged’ to expose more about her goals. It is to destroy the new empire and kill everyone here. She summons her Drag Ride and with the hooded character playing the flute, tentacles start emerging from the ground. So this is Ragnarok? I can see why it is fearsome.

Celis is shocked that Saniya is a traitor. To her dismay, Saniya reveals to Lux that Celis killed Wade. Time to come clean, I guess. Celis explains why she couldn’t tell him about Wade. When she heard about the former empire’s corruption and spoke to Wade, he advised the former empire but they threw him in prison where he died. It resulted in his family being thrown out. Wade’s last words to her were if she was right, that is why she must correct everything in his place. Celis regrets for not telling him. But they are even when Lux takes out his Sword Device and reveals he is Luno. He tells Celis he doesn’t hate her and will respect her in his grandpa’s place. With Bahamut, Lux cuts through Ragnarok till some pearl comes lose. That is when the hooded character grabs it, waiting for this moment. Even revealing herself, she is not Fugil although she looks closely like him, but Hayes. She escapes while hinting about reviving a nightmare that happened here 5 years ago. Lux and Celis reconcile. She accepts him but he makes it more awkward for her telling her to just talk normally to others like how she does to him. Because he is sure other men will find her cute. What are the chances this is the first guy who said this to her? Lux tries to remember hard the evens 5 years ago. He can’t but those unclear snippets looked like something hideous. A giant fish monster pops out from the sea. Relie gathers everyone and will tell them the real purpose of this training camp.

Episode 8
9 years ago when Lux was young, he and other young lads did something wrong. One of them decided to pin the blame on Philuffy. Lux couldn’t let that innocent retard bear their sin so he admitted the guilt instead. In present time, Lux sees Philuffy who is recovering because during Ragnarok’s attack, she collapsed. This giant fish is supposedly a ruin and emerged after they defeated Ragnarok as its gatekeeper. Their job is to investigate it. They split up into teams to investigate different floors. Only Celis is alone because well, she’s the strongest, right? But why doesn’t she look happy? See how she brightens up when Lux offers to team up when they meet halfway. Airi must be a sharp girl to notice all the girls flocking to her brother and even warns him not to do anything funny to her roommate. But Noct is even more sarcastic. She believes Lux won’t because he doesn’t even look at her as a woman! Why doesn’t Lux try to keep his mouth shut because as he tries to dismiss that, he describes some of her body parts that make her beautiful. That line from her collarbone to her chest? WTF?! A more reason for Airi to look at him suspiciously. They find an unconscious body within the ruins. When Krulcifer touches it, it starts up like a computer. Then she goes back to sleep! WTF?! I thought Philuffy was worst. However she doesn’t want to be abandoned and needs her programming fixed. She introduces herself as La Kurushe, the supervisor of these ruins. She is an automaton. She is supposed to have records of the old era. But guess what? Because she slept too much, she forgot about them! Do robots make jokes?! But seriously, due to some accident, her data is temporarily out of service. She will follow their orders in exchange to not be abandoned. She tells them to check to main body and if it is safe, when it connects to the central system, her memories might come back.

Meanwhile the royal council is discussing about the possibility of the escaped prisoner who will bring his own rebels to attack the kingdom. Because their Drag Rides won’t be enough, it is suggested to use the academy students but of course some like Celis’ dad isn’t fond of the idea seeing her daughter getting injured before his eyes. As the investigation continues, they enter a chamber filled with capsules believe to be breeding Abyss. Philuffy starts acting strange. It is a cue something bad will happen. Hayes plays the flute and all hell breaks loose. An Abyss attacks Lux’s group. According to Kurushe, the ruins release 3 Abyss when it is in state of alert. Lux wants Relie to suspend the investigation but she will not seeing that they have already gone in this deep. Philuffy then runs off herself. Lux gives chase. When they enter the central chamber, they are teleported outside. The Abyss continues to attack Lux and when he slams back on land, his memories of the place becomes clearer. Even more so when a hidden room underneath a structure is revealed. It is a place where the former empire did lots of human experiments. Mmm… Bloody… Lux remembers he was here 5 years ago but Philuffy shouldn’t be. He finds Philuffy cowering in a corner but as he goes get her, she starts strangling him. My, what evil eyes you have…

Episode 9
Time for another flashback. When Lux promised to create a country where Philuffy and her family can live freely, she kissed him as a charm. Had not Philuffy collapsed, Lux would have died. But before him now is Hayes and Lux cannot kill her or else Philuffy will also die. Hayes has planted his seed of Ragnarok inside her and her commands are to kill Lux. Because she has been fighting it, the reason why she is suffering and experiencing pains from time to time. Hayes proposes a deal. Philuffy will be spared as long as Lux can open the gate inside the ruins. And if he doesn’t do anything, Philuffy will die in a few days. In a dilemma on what to do, he sees Relie about the memories of this place. She confirms she was experimented here 5 years ago. However Philuffy died! She is alive because she became an Abyss from the experiment. The reason she wanted to enter the ruins is so that she could find its power and save Philuffy. But they’re running out of time. For the first time in years, Fugil contacts Lux. He hints a way to save Philuffy is to break the flute. Philuffy is acting up again. Lux tries to calm her down. She knows about her own status as an Abyss. Lux gets emotional blaming himself as weak and if not for her help that day, he wouldn’t be here to fight. He is sure to save her this time. Everyone gathers before the central system. Thanks to Krulcifer as the key, the gate easily opens. That is when Kurushe recovers most of her memory. And she remembers her mission is to kill them! Hayes is delighted that the fools especially Lux did what was told. With Philuffy by Hayes’ side, she orders monster girl to kill them all. There are even unmanned Drag Rides to take care of them.

Hayes senses something wrong so he tries to blow his flute again but gets destroyed when he takes it out. Seems Airi used her flute to cancel out and overwrite the commands. No matter. Because Hayes brought a spare! This one summons Ragnarok. Version 2.0. Because branches now replace tentacles. Though, still as deadly as tentacles. Plus, it gets stronger the more it gets injured. Everybody gets owned and with Lux not wanting to lose here, he gets Lisha’s ‘permission’ to use Over Limit. Let’s say it is a taxing move that drains his energy. He still gets owned and with Fugil’s words that he is useless ringing in his head, here comes Philuffy to save the day again. With words. She knows better than anyone that Lux is trying to change things even though he is in pain. Therefore she wants Lux to do it for his own sake and wishes and not others. Bahamut transforms into its ultimate version and kicks Ragnarok’s ass. Hayes is left in shock of this impossibility but Fugil tells her it is time for a tactical retreat. Because of this contradicting statement that despite Lux being the weakest, they cannot beat him with all the power ups. Huh? Basically, Bahamut on Over Limit mode = undefeatable. With the ruins crashing back into the sea, can you believe Kurushe is still being a joker because she notes of going back to sleep. Hopefully forever. Philuffy nurses Lux. She has developed some resistance to the flute. So no more falling into that trick anymore. Some nice touching moment together. Let’s not ruin it for them.

Episode 10
Everyone celebrates Lux’s recovery back at the academy. Although Relie was scolded for that incident, they let it slide after she paid a hefty fine. But now the most important event is the Founders Festival. You know what this means, right? Ah, which of the girls will be bold enough to ask Lux out for a date? Don’t take too long, Lisha… Relie ups the ante to have Lux name 3 girls to date to reward them for their efforts. Tough decision… At first it seemed like he picked the safest choice: Airi. Actually she along with Noct, Shalice and Tillfur are just his date guides. Huh? And here I was waiting to call him a siscon… Airi warns him about Assassin’s Blade, the strongest Drag Knight serving the former empire has escaped her prison and is likely targeting him. So please be careful. Lux’s first date is with Celis. The only memorable thing is how he accidentally ended up having his hands on her boobs. The date guides are watching… Next is Krulcifer. Lux gets duped in pretending to kiss her because she kisses him for real. Third kiss? Last is Philuffy. He gets a lap pillow. This time Relie joins the date guides and supporting in the shadows in hopes they’ll get a kiss. Maybe next time, huh? At the end of the day, you think it is over but I wanted to say save the last for best but it isn’t actually. Because Lux meets up with Lisha and she is bitter that she wasn’t named. But to show her maturity, she doesn’t get mad and blames herself for being egoistical. What? She did that? She has a personal request: Be her knight. After she graduates, she’ll be quite busy and needs an attendant. Besides, he is the only one who knows her secret. Don’t worry. He doesn’t need to give an answer now. But she hopes to get an answer by then.

As Lux and Airi discuss about the All Dragon Battle in which she advises Lux to limit his time on the battlefield, Yoruka Kirihime pops up before them. She is Assassin’s Blade. Don’t worry. She is not here to kill him but to serve under him. She will do anything he says. And I mean anything. All he needs to do is just give the command. Airi must have started to notice her brother is being seduced by this woman so he gives his first order to talk about this later and wait till he has time for this. Unsurprisingly she listens. He let his guard down in the bath because here is Yoruka washing his back. His scream alerted the other girls and this only compounds his misery. Guess who gets blamed? Later Lux talks to Yoruka why she is so willing to serve him. He did his research and found she signed a contract with his father and enrolled in the Imperial army. But his father is dead so the contract should be annulled. She explains the body that gave everything to the empire intends to fight until the very last of the empire is destroyed. She asks back how long he intends to deceive those girls because with his power he can easily re-establish his kingdom. She wants him to promise he will destroy this country and take back Arcadia. Of course he won’t. Lux’s harem arrives to fight Yoruka, deeming her dangerous. But of course. Any additional girl into the harem would be dangerous and tip the balance! Despite outnumbering her, Yoruka’s Drag Ride, God’s Night Sword can manipulate theirs. Yoruka doesn’t see the point in continuing this so she tells Lux if he comes along, she will tell him a secret concerning this country’s fate. Yoruka’s escape is thanks to Hayes as part of his plan to destroy this kingdom. Also with Hayes are Ragreed and Saniya.

Episode 11
Lisha reminding Lux about the knight thingy but at the same time she also doesn’t want his answer yet. WTF?! Meanwhile Hayes has successfully activated a ruin and will set her plan in motion. Lux and Airi are called before the royal council. They know a secret group of people containing survivors of the former empire are trying to overthrow their country led by Ragreed will be attacking the capital with 100 Abyss. Therefore they want Lux to be a decoy by destroying the flute that conceals the Abyss’ power before the rebel army comes to attack. Oh, he must also win the All Dragon Battle. Succeed and they will overlook the charges on that island. Much to Airi’s dismay, he accepts it. She is upset not just because he is too considerate but he didn’t tell them about the time limit he can use Bahamut. Well, somebody has got to do the job, right? When Lux sees Yoruka again and asks about her upholding a contract even though the former empire is gone, she tells him it is to keep her promise to her little brother. They are like day and night. While she could kill without hesitation, her brother was kind. He protected his country and even her. Lux resembles a lot like her brother, though he died a very long time ago. It is her loyalty to her brother to carry out the contract. A contract she made with his father that she needs to fulfil by overthrowing the new empire. Since Lux cannot agree to her, she warns him about tomorrow’s tournament. Don’t die before she kills him. So much about loyalty.

The All Dragon Battle begins. I guess it is nothing special that the matches are even summarized. And I’m just going to skip it. Although still in contention, Lux leaves for his decoy mission after his matches. But during that time something terrible happened to Lisha. Her Drag Ride went berserk and almost killed the spectators. We all know it wasn’t her fault but it is her word against the committee. She is thrown in prison until their investigations are concluded. Lux fights off hordes of Abyss as well as Saniya. His success means the Imperial army gets to take down the rebels as expected. Airi tells the other girls what happened to Lux and because of the conditions imposed on him, it makes them harder to aid Lux. They suspect Yoruka having a hand in messing with Lisha’s Drag Ride. Their plan for now is to find Yoruka first and then rescue Lisha. As Lux is resting, he thinks something is amiss from the mission. Before he knows it, the rebel army has demolished the outpost in a surprise ambush. They’re heading for the capital next. No prizes to guess that the All Dragon Battle is suspended. Lux faces off with Ragreed and he knows his rebel army does not consist of former empire survivors but enemy countries targeting Atismata. He is just being used. Ragreed doesn’t believe all that but instead brags about the tyrannical king he will become once he becomes the new emperor. Not on Lux’s watch. Compounding the problem even further is the appearance of a giant ruin called, uhm, Giant. This is the ruin that Hayes is piloting.

Episode 12
Ragreed fights Lux and thought he dismantled his Bahamut. But he senses something is wrong. That isn’t Bahamut. What is it? It is Wyvern dressed up as Bahamut. Gotcha! And with that, the tables are turned on this loser. Lux contacts Airi and finds out what happened to Lisha. Speaking of which, Saniya is going to humiliate her by having he guards strip her to expose that belly mark. Before the pervy guards can do so, Lux crashes in to the rescue. At least the baddies are wise enough to run away instead of fighting him. Lux gives Lisha a great push to help fight alongside him. Philuffy and Krulcifer are holding down Giant while Celis has her fight with Saniya (no prizes to guess who wins here). After bringing down Giant, Hayes is still not out for the count because she has her own divine Drag Ride to deal with them. As she fights, she notices she has only been taking on Lisha. Where the heck is Lux? He is trying to find an entrance into Giant but standing in his way is Yoruka. This time he has a reason to fight her: He wants to save her. I suppose she doesn’t believe it as she still believes in the contract in place of her dead brother. When he asks how her brother died, she reveals it wasn’t at the hands of the empire. When Yoruka was taken away as a subordinate of the empire on condition that his life would be spared, senior officials who abandoned the war due to difference in military power blamed her brother for their own good and decapitated him. It was a humiliating but alas it was their fate. So if he ended his fate as a monarch, then by holding on to the contract with the empire, she will sacrifice herself to this fate. Of course Lux tells her she is totally wrong. He gives an example in Lisha as she continues to fight and resist. In her case, without the conceit of the position of someone being called a princess.

After a few more clashes and Yoruka thinks she has got victory in the bag, Lux makes a comeback with… Words! Uh huh. He is saying something about her ideal which is the same as her brother. That moment of hesitation allows Lux to cut her down. Lux explains his failed attempts to change the country. He wanted to do it himself but for that to happen he had to destroy the Arcadia kingdom. Wait. What? Huh? Anyhow Yoruka realizes she has misunderstood all the while and that Lux has been fighting for Arcadia by himself all along. No kidding, right? Hayes believes she still has the final trump card because she has ordered Giant to fire a devastating blast to destroy the capital when everything has failed. But you know why it won’t happen? At least for once they didn’t let Lux do the honours and save the day as the main character (albeit he is still the main reason why the day is saved). That is because Yoruka betrays Hayes and disables Giant from within. Now it is all down to Lux to finish this b*tch once and for all. Good riddance. On the final night of the festival, Lisha address the crowd as the kingdom’s future queen. She also announces appointing Lux as her personal knight. And a few more words about moving forward for a bright future that don’t matter. During the party, Lux spots Fugil across the hall. Luckily, they just stare at each other. Some kind of psychic warning from both sides? Fugil makes his exit. Time for the series to end in a typical fashion. Because Lisha is once again too slow to ask Lux about deepening their relationship, the other harem girls usurp her. Non-harem girls either tease her or chastise him as the words (Airi, who else?). With Yoruka now joining in too, Lisha gets mad and desperate because he wants Lux to answer right now whom he loves the most. Be careful with your answer. Try not to collapse your harem kingdom, okay?

Saiyaku Mottanai No Harem
Phew. Thank goodness is over. Yup. From the way I sarcastically said that means I am downright casting this series as mediocre. I wasn’t putting up very high or even moderate expectations for it but seeing this doesn’t even get pass the hurdle, I guess it is that bad. I think there are many moments that made me want to raise a question but seeing where everything was going, I have forgotten most of them. Which is pretty a good thing because I don’t want to confuse myself with questions that will not be answered and even if they were, it is because of my own silly theories.

Plot wise, it wasn’t interesting to say the least. I am not sure if they have some sort of pacing problem but let’s start off with that Black Hero thingy which is fast forgotten once you get to know it is Lux behind that armour. And I actually guessed it was him! I wonder if because it was so predictable, they got it out of the way in the early episodes. Then you won’t really hear about it ever again. Over the next few episodes, we are introduced to Lux’s harem and their seemingly problems like Lisha an ex-POW, Krulcifer with her engagement problems (why do they always prefer the main character than some snobbish arrogant rich dude? Oh, right…), Celis with her pride as a noble especially her false reputation as a man hater (which was clearly set straight soon after because it would be awkward for a harem to have a man hater, wouldn’t it?), Philuffy being dead (so she is technically a zombie, right?) and of course with the final arc fighting off against villains who want to overthrow the new kingdom.

If it wasn’t cheesy enough, the lack of romance and harem cat fight made it worse. I know it would be cheesy to put in those but seeing how mediocre everything is, I have to admit I did enjoy no matter how cheesy the tussle over Lux was. It made me wish the series had more scenes like this even if it doesn’t make sense and even if it doesn’t contribute to the overall plot whatsoever. I know, you’re going to say that I would accuse this show of being cheesy had they spam more of this. True. But might as well be something of this sort that I like if this genre is going to be mediocre. Yeah, blame me for being the worst… So having a few seconds of Lux alone with Philuffy’s boobs proximity, Krulcifer stealing quick kisses and even that ‘speed dating’ affair didn’t quite cut it.

As generic the characters of this generic harem anime might be, it is sad to say that the characters are pretty forgettable. Nothing about them really stands out. I expected all the cliché stuffs that are expected with this series but this one just didn’t even live up to that threshold. Lux is so typical like a hero kid from a fairytale that toddlers can write better stories for him. Really. I mean, take a look at this guy. Son of a former disposed kingdom. Good kid. Will go as far as to protect the ones he loves. Has latent power. Defeats main antagonist to save the day. And most important of all, he must have beautiful and popular girls flocking to his side. Because he is the main character. Even though he is pretty dense when it comes to flirting and romance. And the only reason why he became Lisha’s personal knight at the end is to compensate for the lack of screen time with her throughout the series. Everyone else did. So why the f*ck was she left out the most? Despite being a knight, that doesn’t mean he is dating her so every other girl still has a darn chance to steal his heart. And I believe Lux has got a few flashbacks pertaining to his life during the former empire which isn’t really pieced together all that well. So I guess we’ll never know about the human experiments and Lux’s overkill/over-9000 power.

Now let us look at his harem. Typical. We’ve got the tsundere, the dreamy and ditzy childhood friend, the socially awkward and proud elite and finally the other elite who is elegant and mature and the boldest of the lot when it comes to flirting with Lux. And now that Yoruka under the guise of being loyal to her new master is part of Lux’s harem, she will be the yandere type. Haha! How do I know if Yoruka is going to be part of Lux’s harem even before the final scene? Just look at the ending credits animation. You would notice his harem girls will be added to that final montage. And if Yoruka is in it, it just proves that she is a possible candidate. Yeah, just like how Date A Live’s Kurumi is, no? And everybody is so nicely dressed up like as though they’re preparing to marry Lux who is also equally well dressed like a gentleman. At least it is safe to say Airi and Noct will not be part of his harem trope as little sister and sister’s best friend. Haha!

What about the rest of the other girls in the academy then? It feels like they are there just to make up for the numbers. Some sort of proof that Lux isn’t a perfect lady killer. Imagine the screen time that needs to be divided if everyone from supporting characters to extra background characters start hounding this guy. Therefore characters like Shalice and Tillfur are there just because they are there and sometimes play cupid and revel in watching the love hopefuls in their pathetic and funny shenanigans. Yeah, I think it is more fun that way. It is the same for Relie except that because this is a school setting, you need to have an adult as the headmaster. Airi isn’t your typical buracon little sister since there is this weariness you can hear in her voice each time she has to gently chastise or remind her brother over the ‘trouble’ he has caused. I know she cares for him but sometimes it just sounds like nagging… And Noct is her sarcastic best friend whenever the time calls for it.

The antagonists are as uninspiring and one dimensional as they are. Nothing much about their background revealed although I think it is to give some sort of mysterious feel. But seeing we know nothing about Hayes on why she decided to destroy the current kingdom and establish a new one for whatever reasons, coupled with the fact that Fugil could be the mastermind and puppet master behind everything and yet we don’t know a f*cking reason why, we just wish they are rid of as fast as possible. From the looks at the end, Fugil still roams free but I am assuming Hayes, Saniya and Ragreed have been captured. Or even better, assume they just died in the onslaught. That’ll be easier. Some like Barzeride feels like he is a much needed low level pawn so that he could be disposed of. I am wondering for certain characters like Kurushe. She often feels like a joke character especially an automaton who has a penchant for going back to sleep. Her appearance sure makes you think why she is around in the first place. Seriously, that double episodes in which she only appeared can actually be done without her. It is like they need to stretch it out a little by putting in an unimportant character.

Because of how mediocre the series already is, not even the fights could sustain my interest. Because we have evil dragon creatures and the heroes have mecha suits, it feels like a waste not to put any sort of action into it. After all, everybody seems to have only a single if not two special attacks from their Drag Ride. Hardly any variety because why spam different moves when you know you’re just going to defeat the enemy shortly. I guess it is better than lasting the entire episode. That is why I suppose they sometimes let us know there is a time limit for Bahamut so Lux won’t spend the entire episode striking down his enemy. If that ever happens, it just makes him feel like an amateur Drag Knight, right? So don’t be surprised if you see fights finishing quickly or not shown at all (All Dragon Battle, anybody interested in seeing that? No? Same here). Besides, do you see any difference between a generic and divine Drag Ride? Looks all the same to me even in performance.

Making it even worse is the paltry fanservice. Sometimes it feels they aren’t interested in putting it up but had to because the genre calls for it. For example, Philuffy’s monster tits make her feel like she just came out from some sort of hentai flick. Sometimes it makes you think if her character is being a retard and lacking the intelligence the other girls have is because if her brains went into her boobs from the human experiment. Really. Another fanservice borderline with hentai is the fact that Lisha’s mark dangerously near her crotch so that we can have some sort of pubic fanservice. You’ll be asking of all places, right? A beach episode, a girls’ changing scene, main character’s hand on boobs scene, a few bath scenes and voila! Your series’ fanservice. But no tentacle rape scenes?

Art and drawing also feel generic. That means to say it is passable as in today’s standards. But nothing that really stands out. Not even the Drag Rides. CGI are used to animate them. No problems with it because in this era of technology, such smoothness in animation is a given and anything lesser than that would earn the ire of anybody who is watching it. As for character designs, it is that time again when I have watched so many animes and the characters start to look pretty similar. I’m too lazy to list them down here because of my fading sentiments of the series but just to let you know what I mean, don’t you think Philuffy looks very much like Karuta from Inu x Boku SS? Only with monster boobs. And Celis like Infinite Stratos’ Cecilia? Did Hayate No Gotoku’s Nagi make a cameo here? As Lisha? Oh, since when did To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator become less insane and looking tamer as Lux? Wait a minute. I think Lux is Hunter x Hunter’s Killua in disguise!

Surprisingly, the only seiyuu that I recognized was Risa Taneda as Celis. The moment her character opened her mouth, I instantly knew it was her. Because she sounded so familiar like Yukina from Strike The Blood and recently Tamaki from Luck & Logic. The other seiyuu I know but didn’t recognize is Youko Hikasa as Relie. Perhaps one of the few trivial things that set this harem anime apart from its other counterparts is the use of a female seiyuu to voice the main male character. I have noticed that harem genres will usually employ male seiyuus for the role and while it might not be the first, it certainly is rare to cast a female in such a leading role. Therefore hearing Mutsumi Tamura as Lux (Sonya in Kill Me Baby) felt a little different at first in this aspect.

The rest of the casts comprise of Lynn as Lisha (Maya Sabagebu), Yukiyo Fujii as Krulcifer (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park), Yurika Kubo as Philuffy (Hanayo in Love Live), Ari Ozawa as Airi (titular character in Wakaba Girl), Rie Takahashi as Noct (Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Yumi Uchiyama as Shalice (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Shiori Izawa as Tillfur (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works), Shizuka Ishigami as Yoruka (Syr in DanMachi), Saori Oonishi as Altelise (Eriri in Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata), Hisako Kanemoto as Hayes (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume – believe me, she sounds nowhere near as cute but different and menacing to the point of unrecognizable), Ryota Ohsaka as Fugil (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator) and Mao as Saniya (Madoka in Denpa Kyoushi).

The opening is Hiryou No Kishi by True. Sounds like a typical generic rock music. Nothing that attracts my attention anyway. Every time Nano.Ripe sings an anime theme, you bet that I am going to say something about it. It is with mixed feelings when I listened to Lime Tree as the ending theme. Although her unique voice is not as bad when I first heard her many years before (at least her voice still stands out and is immediately identifiable compared to many other artists that ‘sound the same’), I am not sure whether it is that voice of hers that ruined the catchy rock beat of this song or actually enhanced it. If I hear its instrumental version or imagine the song without her voice, it is good (and perhaps better?) but it feels something lacking. That’s why I’m not sure and in a dilemma if her singing adds to the appeal of the tune.

Well, what more can I say. After watching this harem series and with the only fact that I can add it to the expanding list of harem shows I have watched. From Infinite Stratos , Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry, Kuusen Madoushi Kohousei No Kyoukan, Seiken Tsukai No World Break, Seikoku No Dragonar, Juuou Mujin No Fafnir, Absolute Duo, Date A Live and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (which I have not watched at this point yet), oh yeah, let me name them all again. Everything feels too familiar. More or less the same thing but with a different packaging. It is hard to make something that is of exceptional standards like High School DxD (the first 2 seasons, that is). And yet idiots like me continue to watch such shows seasons in, seasons out. That is why I think there is no need for producers to improve seeing we would fall for it every season. Just like how Apple comes out with a new but generally the same product every year and everybody would still go make a beeline and buy it, no? We harem lovers attracted to harem series are like what the girls in a harem are mysteriously attracted to for that main douchebag. Strangely ironic, isn’t it?

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