Oh no. Not again. Here we go again. Yet another anime with a little sister in it. Yet again another mouthful to pronounce. Why do they love making animes with little sisters in it as well as making the title so long that it seems more like a statement than anything? If Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga sounds suspicious, fishy and even to a point, sh*tty, please bear in mind that the official English title of this anime is ImoCho – Another Sh*tty Sister Manga Adaptation. Yes, you read that right. I guess that word tells us a lot. The kind of anime this is going to be especially when it involves a little sister. Also, the sh*tty word serves as some sort of expectation lowering mechanism. After all when we have heard that word, automatically we will have this feeling that it is either going to be funny or not that great so it prevents us to be really disappointed when we reach the end. I’m going to make a very general statement on the plot even though it isn’t very accurate because, do you really care at the end of the day after seeing the sh*ttiness of this anime? Well, here goes. It’s about a little sister who needs to get horny with her ‘big brother’ so she can go the Heaven. Feel free to interpret that the way you want. Because for those who are watching this show, we’re only here for the sh*tty fanservice, right? Oh yeah. Our sole motivation to watch such sh*tty adaptation.

Episode 1
Yuuya Kanzaki has just got a sister, Mitsuki. No, not a newborn. A step sister. And she isn’t friendly with him. This is going to be a smooth sister route. Because father is going to leave for India for work, he tells Mitsuki to talk to Yuuya if she has any problems. I don’t think she’s really glad to hear that. Yuuya’s buddy, Shoutarou Torii must be one jealous guy because Yuuya has got a little sister who isn’t blood related unlike his who is starting to be cheeky on him. Life’s just not fair. On the way home, Yuuya tries to talk to her but she ignores him. Suddenly she falls off the steps but luckily he grabs her. Since she is in a daze, she is sent to the hospital. In the hospital bed as Yuuya tries to talk to her, it’s like suddenly some horny switch of hers gets turned on. She starts hugging and caressing her big brother that would send every imouto lovers squealing in delight (or envy). Mitsuki realizes what she is doing and kicks Yuuya away. Yup. Something is definitely weird about her. Later in the evening, mother picks her back and wants her to thank Yuuya. But the instant they return home, she just locks herself in her room, unheeding what else her mom has to say. She continues to lie in bed as mommy goes out to talk to their aunt, Nanami while Yuuya goes to buy dinner. (Mommy will soon go follow daddy to India so the kids will be home alone). Mitsuki remembers seeing a loli angel on the pedestrian bridge. She told her to disappear and flew into her body. When Mitsuki wants to change, she is horrified to see a chastity belt under her skirt! The loli angel (ghost, rather), Hiyori Kotobuki needs to borrow Mitsuki’s body and bumps her soul out. Then she starts masturbating herself. Mitsuki won’t have her body violated and bumps her soul back out.

But Hiyori thinks they can do it together so the next scene is so yuri of Hiyori touching here, licking there, we are only reduced to seeing descriptive texts from a sex novel. Yeah. They’re telling us to use our imagination! Cheaters! I don’t know if Mitsuki is satisfied or tired but as per Hiyori’s instruction, she presses a button on the chastity belt to release it. Then she argues with her about her lost panties because she was sure she was wearing it. Then she needs to go to the toilet. But before she can do her business, the chastity belt comes back on. As explained, once the button is pressed, it will automatically come back in 3 minutes and cannot be removed for 1 hour. That just sucks. How is she going to do her business? Holding it in… Since Mitsuki continues to argue with Hiyori, mommy came back and heard something although Mitsuki brushes it off as her imagination. Big brother comes back and is told to do something. Hiyori is glad he is back but Mitsuki can’t take it anymore. Yuuya believes something is really bothering her but Mitsuki won’t say. I guess she’s really trying hard to hold it in. Hiyori bumps her soul out but realizes the pain Mitsuki is holding in and can’t move an inch. I guess Mitsuki must have really waited for an hour as cheeky Hiyori makes the countdown. You can see the relief on her face when she gets it all out. Was it better than masturbation? Later Yuuya returns the stuffs Mitsuki left in the hospital. A bag containing her panties…

Episode 2
Mitsuki tries to break the chastity belt but it won’t. Hiyori explains there are a few conditions and needs her help. She is brought to another dimension, a place where souls go before they crossover to the next plane. Hiyori doesn’t have any memories prior to this. The only thing she remembers is that she loves her brother Yuuya a lot (although Mitsuki thought Yuuya was an only child). There is a satisfaction gauge on the chastity belt and it has to be filled up with power. What kind of power? Since her regret was never get to do lovey-dovey things with her brother, yeah, that. Kiss, hug and sex. Come to think of it, if that chastity belt only lasts for 3 minutes, you can’t really have proper sex with it, right? Unless… And so this is where Hiyori needs Mitsuki’s body to do all those erotic stuffs. Mitsuki thought everything was a bad dream when she wakes up in bed. Apparently it’s real. Naughty Hiyori is still next to her. At school and during PE class, Hiyori takes over Mitsuki’s body to run a fast lap. This got her unwanted attention because all the girls are now impressed they never knew she was a fast runner. Hiyori explain she was trying to make an impression on Yuuya. Why does she need that? Oh, didn’t she tell? If she doesn’t do anything, the gauge will steadily drop till a point she will die! This makes Mitsuki scared and nervous. Yeah, it makes her want to go to the toilet. But Yuuya meets her at the shoe locker and is worried about her because she looks pale. He asserts if there is something wrong, just say it because they’re living under the same roof.

He brings her to the infirmary room and tells her to wait while he brings a teacher. Mitsuki can’t move since she will wet herself. Hiyori suggests doing it in that vase. No choice, right? When Yuuya comes back with a teacher, they see Mitsuki with her panties down… Cover your eyes! Unfortunately this horror situation made her wet herself… Although the teacher promised not to say anything, it’s still going to be a traumatic experience for Mitsuki. Especially Yuuya has seen her completely nude ‘down there’. She feels so horrible that she wants to die. Surprisingly Hiyori tells her to do that if she wants. Conveniently they’re at the pedestrian bridge and she can just jump off. She envies Mitsuki who has a brother who loves her. That changed your mind? Mitsuki is picked up by Nanami. Back home, Mitsuki hears strange sounds from the toilet and opens the door. Yuuya bathing. Full frontal nudity. Favour paid back? Later in the bath as Mitsuki laments she is at the mercy of Hiyori, the cheeky ghost starts her yuri masturbation and once again we are left at the mercy of using our imaginations reading those texts. Damn you cheapskate bastards! Mitsuki wants to get out but finds the door jammed. Maybe that’s why those strange sounds. Yuuya apologizes he forgot to tell her about the jammed door and have called to get it fixed tomorrow. Though he can still open it from the outside. Hiyori gets this naughty idea. The instant Yuuya opens the door, she possesses Mitsuki’s body to pull him in! Now they’re both trapped! And poor Yuuya gets blamed for coming in when he was the one being pulled in. The only ecstatic one is Hiyori. Alone together with onii-chan…

Episode 3
Although they’re stuck, they use the time to have a good chat. Yuuya says he was unsure how to approach her as his family never had girls. His mom died when he was young and his father was always busy. So when he heard they were going to be a family, he was happy. Not Mitsuki. She hated it. Her previous dad was a gambler who beat them up. In the end they divorced. She tried to sooth her mom’s heart but concluded what she needed isn’t a child but another man. Yuuya promises he will never do anything to hurt them. When someone rings on their door, Yuuya shouts out to let their situation known. Mitsuki feels embarrassed and in her haste make them slip. Yuuya’s childhood friend, Yukina Kiritani opens the door to see this. Interrupting something? So the thing that is spiting Mitsuki now is what Yuuya said about having no women in his family. How can you qualify a childhood friend as not being part of the family? Yuuya explains that Yukina was very boyish back then and lack the curves she has now (those big tits are monstrous…). He looked up to her more as a big brother. Mitsuki wants to leave as she doesn’t want to be the third wheel but Yukina has cake… Of course this does not sit well with Hiyori as she thinks that big tits woman is going to steal her onii-chan. Mitsuki doesn’t really care till she is reminded about the gauge. Feelings like jealousy and relationship stress can cause it to drop faster. Don’t want to die, don’t you? Hiyori may have been using her body to masturbate but doing sexual things by herself doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy herself. I guess this means sex is needed. Gasp! Mitsuki realizes she is panicky because she is possessed and these are Hiyori’s feelings

As part of the plan, Hiyori possesses Mitsuki and acts like a lovey-dovey little sister in front of Yuuya. Mitsuki feels odd because it’s like as though Yukina is looking at her (while she is in ghost form). Hiyori ups the ante by purposely dropping the cake on Yukina’s breasts. She coolly picks it up and licks it. Sexy… In another blunder, Yuuya is somehow pushed and his face got sunk into Yukina’s boobs. ‘Mitsuki’ then asks the question what kind of boobs he prefer. Probably after staring at both sides, he says both. Neutral stance? But this made Hiyori happy and her gauge goes up a little. Because this means he also prefers small boobs, no? Next morning, drunk Nanami returns home and causes Mitsuki to spill water on her panties. Yuuya sees this. As they head to school, Yukina waits outside and Hiyori gets this strange feeling that she is looking at her but brushes it off. Meanwhile Torii takes out his whining at Torii because he’s got a cute step sister and a busty childhood friend. What is he? A harem protagonist? Today is a windy day and of all days, Mitsuki forgot to wear her panties. In bad timing, Yuuya catches her and wants her to talk if something is bugging her. The wind is picking up and Mitsuki is in a very yabai situation. She is saved by Yukina who chides Yuuya for not reading the atmosphere that he is troubling Mitsuki. Yukina hints to Mitsuki she knows what is going on and Mitsuki feels she has this big sister aura. But then the wind blew up the back of her skirt and Yuuya saw it all… So shocked that he tripped and banged his head on the pillar. He’s in the infirmary and good news he can’t remember what he saw although he feels he might have seen something. Argh, it’s just right at the edge of his fingertips… Hiyori is happy that Yuuya saw it because as a person obsessed with her onii-chan, she wants him to see every part of her! Hiyori sees a package on her desk. Somebody left woolly panties for her.

Episode 4
After those events, Mitsuki just spaces out in her room and can’t face him. Hiyori didn’t like Mitsuki’s way of giving Yuuya the cold shoulder and should be nicer to him. She is going to show her how to act like a real little sister. When Yuuya wakes up, Mitsuki has fixed him breakfast and is acting all goody-goody. Of course, this is Hiyori possessing her and part of the deal is no seduction or horny stuff or she’ll jump straight back in. ‘Mitsuki’ continues to put up very good manners that even has Yuuya wondering if this is the Mitsuki he knows. After going out shopping and hanging out at the big drain, Yuuya remembers there was this girl in the neighbourhood he and Yukina used to hang out. She used to call him onii-chan. ‘Mitsuki’ thinks this girl is her and emotionally hugs him. The real Mitsuki finds her violating the pact and tries to go back in her body but some barrier repels her. That night as it is stormy, Yuuya tries to look up on Mitsuki’s behaviour. His Google search has him think she has split personalities due to traumatic stress. Mitsuki tells Hiyori about the repelling thingy so the latter gets cheeky that this is her chance to seduce Yuuya for good. She even thinks at this rate, Mitsuki may be the one who will crossover and she will get to be with Yuuya. So the lightning and thunder are the perfect chance for Hiyori to go bug Yuuya and sleep with him. She even invites him to share the same bed but the rational guy will sleep on the floor. Midnight and Yuuya can’t sleep because he can’t stop thinking about how sisterly Mitsuki behaved. It is cue for Hiyori to get close to him and pretends she is still scared of the storm. Mitsuki can’t take this anymore but she still can’t get back in. Is she going to be a ghost for real? Thinking that her mom won’t even notice, she is about to resign to her fate when Hiyori tells Yuuya that she is going to stop being the nasty person to him and will be his ideal little sister. Did it activate Yuuya’s horny instincts? He’s over her now… It’s just to flick her forehead and say that he never thought of her as nasty. Getting along with someone isn’t something she should force herself. It’s okay for her to be who she is and take their time to become a family. Yuuya thinks he is seeing things when he sees Mitsuki and Hiyori side by side pleading they can make him happier. Hiyori is done playing little sister and gets out of the body. She shoves Mitsuki back in. In that short span of time, Yuuya thought she collapsed and put his head near her heart to check for a pulse. So when Mitsuki revived and sees what he is doing, she kicks him out. Isn’t this his room? Pouting Hiyori blames Mitsuki’s ‘little lumps’ that Yuuya won’t do anything to her. So what gives her the right to abuse them? The next morning, Mitsuki is back to normal, treating Yuuya the cold way. Well, he did say she should be who she always been, right?

Episode 5
Mitsuki has been invited to the pool by her friend Ayaka Tachibana. She wears a paleo to keep her chastity belt from being revealed. Somehow the rest of the gang are here too. Hiyori growls at the sight of Yukina because her boobs are very intimidating. Neko, the mysterious classmate of Yuuya who has been observing the strange events since Hiyori’s arrival, her father owns the place and in exchange for letting use this pool free, the gang are taking part of some focus group analysis in this facility. Hiyori bugs Mitsuki to get in the water and seduce Yuuya because it looks like Yukina is gaining all the edge. Mitsuki doesn’t care and Hiyori is left frustrated as she can’t possess her body. There is Torii’s little sister, Moa who is also invited by Neko. Safe to say, the siblings hate and throw insults at each other. When Yukina accidentally bumps into Yuuya that makes it looks like he is drowning, Mitsuki quickly jumps into the pool and injures herself. Yuuya has no choice but to carry her to the first aid room but in the process, she loses her bottom bikini. How they didn’t even notice this, I don’t know. It is only much later when they notice it and by this time Yuuya sees her chastity belt. Mitsuki is dying with embarrassment. Several ladies are walking by so to hide her chastity belt, Yuuya acts as though she is making out with her. Hiyori could only wish she was in Mitsuki’s place. In the end, Yuuya gave his pants to her. So he is buck naked? Hell, no. He was wearing another swimming trunks below. Next day in class, Yukina passes Mitsuki’s bikini bottom to Yuuya since his sister is out with a cold. This makes Yuuya think the sort of fetish Mitsuki has and her different treatment was just to get his attention. Little does he know that he is using the bikini as a handkerchief and wipe his facial sweat… Now everyone thinks he’s a pervert… Mitsuki blames Hiyori that her life has been a disaster. Ever since, Yuuya saw her wet herself and now the chastity belt. She can’t take this anymore and is going to cut it off with the scissors! Really? Can it? Of course not. Just then, Mitsuki passes out and Hiyori notices something strange with the gauge. It has turned into a gloomy colour. When Yuuya knocks on her room, he heard weird sounds. Then when he hears her pleading for help, he barges in only to see her in an ambiguous position of pleasuring herself. Ill Mitsuki then seduces Yuuya to do it with her (those damn texts again). Yuuya sees Hiyori in Mitsuki’s place and wonders who the heck she is.

Episode 6
Suddenly before his eyes, Hiyori becomes back to Mitsuki. He wonders where Hiyori went but no time to think about it since Mitsuki’s fever is getting worse. Probably her state of mind too since she is talking about her mother. Next morning, Mitsuki is much better and the gauge is in a better shape. Hiyori is bragging how she possessed her body and got close to Yuuya but Mitsuki doesn’t care about all that. She knows her life is over and thinks her brother will see her as a pervert. Hiyori notes at this rate Mitsuki will give out before she can go to Heaven. While Yuuya is out buying cake for Mitsuki with Yukina, he asks her opinion if someone’s personality can change when the living circumstances change too. Yukina puts it generally that everything could have that effect. Yuuya thinks so deep that he thinks he is the cause. But how does this explain about her chastity belt? Perhaps her mother? Or is it that friend of hers who cosplays as an angel? Uh huh. Could it be that Mitsuki and Hiyori are a lesbian cosplay couple???!!! When he gets home, Mitsuki wants to talk to him about something important but wants to go shower first. Gulp. His mind is running wild as he anxiously waits… As seen, it is actually Hiyori possessing Mitsuki’s body while she is fast asleep. Using this chance, she thinks of doing it with Yuuya and get it over with and doesn’t want to burden her anymore. So when ‘Mitsuki’ comes in only wearing a shirt, she gets so nervous up close with him that she could hardly say or do the things she wants. She took too long and her heart is beating like mad that it woke up Mitsuki’s spirit. She’s not too pleased to see her body being taken advantage like this. Panicky Hiyori switches out with her to leave her in a fix. Yuuya tries to put it in a way that he doesn’t mind her fetish and her weird sex preference with that angel girl but please keep it to a minimum since he is also living in this house. Hiyori thought he could see her but apparently he can’t at this moment. He also doesn’t want to force her to change and this makes her feel a little relieved. Till she realizes she was talking without her pants on and kicks him out. Isn’t this his room? Next day, Mitsuki returns to her cold self, ignoring Yuuya’s greeting. But she left a thank you note for the cake. Yuuya doesn’t care as long as she is happy. Lastly, a side nonsensical episode sees Yuuya in some mission impossible (Metal Gear Solid parody) to infiltrate Mitsuki’s room as ordered by his superior to find out more about her chastity belt fetish. They hooray when her cupboard is filled with normal panties but Mitsuki returns and spots him… Game over!

Episode 7
Ayaka invites Mitsuki to check out some clubs to join as she hints her inactive life is piling up the fats. Hiyori is against it since it takes away her flirting time with Yuuya. So they check out the tennis club first and Mitsuki is a total klutz. She is out of energy and has Hiyori take over. Suddenly she is like the princess of tennis and even bests Ayaka. The club captain is so amazed that she wants her to sign up as a club and aim for Wimbledon! No thanks. Next is the football club. As usual, Mitsuki is pretty useless before Hiyori takes over and zooms past the defenders with her awesome footwork and scores! Now this club captain wants her to join and aim for the World Cup! Hiyori wants to join since she is thinking of impressing Yuuya but the big put off are the numerous forms she has to fill in. Medical forms? Insurance forms? Dorm forms? WTF?! So they try out more clubs and more or less the same thing. In the kendo club, Yukina isn’t a member but since there is a lack of instructors, she volunteered to be one. Hiyori wants to switch and challenge Yukina so she can crush her in front of Yuuya. Yukina gets the idea and agrees. However the helmet is so smelly that Hiyori can’t take it. So when Yukina strikes her head, Mitsuki passes out. Torii laments about Yuuya’s step sister. It’s because it is somebody else’s sister, he can give her a dirty look?! Then Moa comes by and they continue insulting each other. Heck, they don’t mind if they trade places with Yuuya or Mitsuki. Mitsuki and Ayaka are in the theatre club. Due to lack of members, Yuuya and the rest are invited to try out a play on stage. It is about a story of a guy (Yuuya) torn between a step sister (Moa) and his girlfriend (Neko). Sounds familiar? The script was written by Neko. Suspicious… Mitsuki seems jealous watching them act out but I thought Yuuya’s acting was a little wooden. Torii and Moa continue to argue on stage and the crowd thinks it is so realistic. Yuuya in the end chose Neko and on the day he is supposed to marry her, she dumps him at the altar. Wait. This wasn’t in the script? Adlib! Mitsuki is brought on stage dressed in a real wedding gown. What the heck just happened? Because Moa isn’t too happy that her role has been hijacked, she hops onstage and accidentally steps on Mitsuki’s gown. It tears and everyone sees her chastity belt! OMG! Then F*CK! IT WAS JUST A DREAM!!! Did Mitsuki feel relieved? Not until she sees Yuuya in a naked apron! Dream in a dream?! How about now? Hiyori as a macho man lying beside her?! Another f*cking dream?! Okay, no more dreams. So when Mitsuki wakes up from it all, she receives mail from Ayaka assuring her not to worry about it. Because Yuuya said he pretended he didn’t see it so it’ll be fine. Oh no… So that was real? OH SH*T!!!

Episode 8
Neko gives Yuuya tickets to the aquarium, courtesy from her father again. When Mitsuki comes home, she sees a gravure magazine on the table and thinks this belongs to Yuuya. Hiyori thinks onii-chan is into big boobs and uses her magic to transform Mitsuki’s flat chest into tera-boobs! Wait? This ghost is a magical girl? Then it explodes! Oh wait! It was just a dream? Stop this dream sequence please! Mitsuki is relieved that her boobs are still small when Yuuya walked in and heard what she said. She blames him for leaving the magazine around but he explains that belonged to Torii. He gives her tickets to the aquarium and she becomes very happy. Hiyori switches with Mitsuki to go to the aquarium. On the way out, Yukina spots them going out together and the jerk Yuuya thought of inviting her to come along. Yukina notices that sharp piercing stare in the eyes of ‘Mitsuki’ and passes this one. Smart move. ‘Mitsuki’ is reduced to child-like and is enthralled visiting the various attractions at the aquarium. The thought that this is like a date has Mitsuki bumping Hiyori out. Several cheeky kids bump into her and cause her to fall. Yuuya explains this place has lots of unsupervised kids because they can get in here easily by paying a cheap entrance fee. He too came here often with his friends and Yukina. Mitsuki explains she too came here often but was admitted for free since her mom used to work here. She used to play here because it would be lonely at home so that’s why it feels strange for her to come home and have someone waiting. Yuuya wonders if they have met before in that case but she doesn’t remember. When she asks if his bunch of friends, does he have a friend named Hiyori, he doesn’t think so. Later Mitsuki is surprised to learn that Hiyori isn’t her real name and took it from a storybook. She did say she remember nothing but her love for Yuuya. How could she not tell her? Hey, she wasn’t really interested in her circumstances, right? She’s already dead and has nothing to do with her whatsoever. Right back at ‘ya. Yuuya brings Mitsuki to have some fish therapy. She feels weird having the fish nimble at her feet but Yuuya forces her to stay. Strangely, it causes her to climax, much to the disgust of the other visitors. She is mad at him but he pats her head and the warmth brings back nostalgic memories of her mom doing the same thing. On the way back, Yuuya rushes home first just to on all the lights and welcome her back. Hiyori realizes that because their synchronization ratio has gone up, it is easier for Mitsuki to have her heart throb lately. Their hearts are connected. She hints she is falling for Yuuya. Eh? No way! Mitsuki gets a call from mom and happily talks to her about today’s event.

Episode 9
Nanami just finished moving in but has to leave for work. She brought a kotatsu and Mitsuki didn’t hesitate to go enjoy its warmth. When Yuuya returns, he sees Mitsuki’s striped pantsu and butt! Her eraser rolled under and was trying to pick it up. It’s funny that it feels like her butt is talking to him… Mitsuki couldn’t resist the temptation of sleeping in the kotatsu and when Yuuya comes in, he sees her nicely tugged in with Hiyori. He also couldn’t resist it and sleeps in. He remembers the last time he did this was when his mom was around and he’s still a toddler. Mitsuki gets this suffocating feeling and to her horror when she realizes this isn’t Hiyori’s doing, she didn’t know Yuuya was the type who’d do something like this. He’s wrapping his hands around her! He is sleep talking and calls out to his mom. That earns him a slap. Ouch. That hurts, mom. One day, Hiyori is suspicious of Mitsuki because she’s been making bento for Yuuya. Hiyori cheekily possesses Mitsuki to explore the bento she made earlier. But there is another bento with it. If it doesn’t make her mad that her bento is unfinished, the other one was licked clean. Grrr… Learning that the other bento was from Yukina, she hints she is welcome to make his bento from now on. Since Torii is over, Yukina suggests making dinner. Mitsuki didn’t want it but Hiyori bumps her away and accepts the challenge. She has Mitsuki pipe down because if she can get lovey-dovey with Yuuya, she can get over with everything fast. To have Yuuya think that she is the better woman, ‘Mitsuki’ dresses in a maid apron outfit. But she is surprised that Yukina is talking lines that a wife would say to a husband. Mitsuki bumps Hiyori out to regain control of her body and tells her brother to just go take a bath. Mitsuki finds Yukina to be quite good in cooking. She explains about her mother recently remarried and thus just started to learn to cook. She also feels sad that Yuuya eats all her bento while hers has leftovers. Yukina hugs her for over thinking. She says Yuuya was probably full after eating hers and saving the rest later for snack. She assures her that he is happy Mitsuki is cooking for him. Soon, Yukina accidentally spills the dish on her and this means she has to go take a bath. Hiyori thinks of using this naked apron tactic but Yuuya just came out of the bathroom and sees this. You can guess what that big red mark on his cheek is. From what Yuuya says, Yukina notes they are very far from being lovers and have a long way to go. Hiyori is happy that just a few more steps, she can reach Heaven. Mitsuki can’t believe that slap filled up the gauge… She likes that? Well, she felt satisfied, no?

Episode 10
Mitsuki finds out it is true that Hiyori actually took her name from a children’s storybook. However she still complains about the chastity belt and perhaps went too far when she accuses her of not putting in enough effort to remember. This makes Hiyori mad as she tells her off it would have been easier if she could remember if she just did that. She throws a tantrum and in a blink of an eye, she vanishes from Mitsuki’s sight. Nowhere to be seen. At least she left a note saying goodbye to that flat chest. At first it was the much needed freedom Mitsuki loved. No more that irritating Hiyori hanging around. But then it sort off feels a little lonely. Yuuya can’t comprehend her ‘upset’ face as Mitsuki thinks back, thanks to Hiyori she is able to eat some of the food she dislikes and able to do physical activities or play sports better. Mitsuki and Yuuya’s hand accidentally touch each other when they go for the soy sauce at the same time. It causes Mitsuki’s heartbeat to go fast. It’s that feeling again. Why is she feeling it and her gauge filling up if Hiyori is not around? Yuuya think she is choking and does a Heimlich on her. She slaps him as gratitude. Thanks for nothing, pervert. Mitsuki goes to the toilet and to her surprise, the chastity belt is gone! It was there a minute ago. She rushes out to look for Hiyori. Seriously, where to start? Has she really cross over to the next world? Yuuya goes after her. I guess after-dinner marathon excuse doesn’t sound convincing. So she tells him about her fight with her friend. He will help Mitsuki find her and knows how she looks like as he thinks she often comes over. Mitsuki is surprised that he can see Hiyori but why is he doing this? This is just a fight between them so he shouldn’t get involved. If so, she shouldn’t have told it to him. Besides, he is her big brother. Mitsuki thinks back all the annoying times Hiyori has been to her. She figures she will be at the pedestrian bridge. She is sad she hadn’t said a proper goodbye or gotten lovey-dovey with Yuuya. Wait a minute. She cares for that? And then Hiyori flies down before her. So what happened? Because she ran away from home, she can’t just waltz back in. What about the chastity belt? Speaking of which, in the toilet cubicle, Hiyori shows her an ancient metal chastity belt she went to specifically request. Mitsuki said she hated the design, right? So it temporarily vanished because it was recalled. Anyhow, Mitsuki is glad she is back and not to scare her again like that. Eventually, Hiyori pulled some strings to get the original chastity belt back on her. Yeah. She prefers this one. So to say she prefers to wear one?

Episode 11
Mitsuki won the grand prize for a trip for 2 to the hotspring. Because she had additional vouchers that entitled her to play more, Hiyori rigged the lottery and she won the remaining grand prize. This explains why the rest of the other characters tag along with them. Yeah and you thought it is going to be brother and sister only episode. Our usual fanservice with the girls dipping in the hotspring and they talk about Yuuya whom of course Yukina knows best as they are childhood friends. She thinks Yuuya will be fine as they grew up in a neighbourhood filled with girls. I guess there’s a big difference in that and a family without girls… Again, Mitsuki is in her upset mood for whatever reasons so Yuuya has to go after her. Her attitude of ‘leave-me-alone’ and ‘I-do-whatever-I-want’ isn’t sitting well with him so he turns around. Fine. If that is what she wants. This sudden change in behaviour may have caused her to be surprised so she accidentally trips and somehow unrobes herself, exposing her chastity belt. Yuuya got slapped for looking. If he gets a penny every time he does that, he’d be a rich guy. Soon drunk Nanami tries to seduce him but vomits all over him. Hiyori switches with Mitsuki because she has had enough of her moping and now it’s her turn to seduce Yuuya. When they enter the bath, they are shocked to see Yukina clinging so close to Yuuya. Actually due to some error and haste (Yuuya wanted to clean up the vomit), they ended up in the mixed bath. They talk how different they are now as compared to when they are kids. Yukina is now very feminine while Yuuya is more responsible. Yukina feels a little dizzy and tries to get out but slips and falls over him. Yuuya knows Mitsuki has gotten the wrong idea after seeing this and goes after her to explain. It seems Yukina looks sad with his choice. He’d rather go with his step sister than his childhood friend? Mitsuki is in an even fouler mood when Yuuya finds her although she dismisses it. Read her like a book. He can guess she is feeling jealous. Spot on. Those feelings are causing her to go weak (the gauge effect thingy) and in the end he pats her head and carries her back. Loving this? Torii who is excited to go into the same bath with Nanami is disheartened to see Moa. The feeling is mutual. Later Yukina talks to Mitsuki that what she saw was a misunderstanding so she need not worry. It’s because with a cute sister like her, Yuuya has become more responsible. However she hints she won’t lose to her. Hiyori is pissed that she has declared war on them but Mitsuki couldn’t be bothered. Neko has been watching them and notes Yukina is getting carried away and needs to shake things up a bit.

Episode 12
Neko asks Yuuya if he has any feelings for his sister or even Yukina. If he seems pretty calm that’s because he’s just dense. To him, Yukina is like a big sister while Mitsuki the little one and although she might be his step sister, she is part of his family. Though, he thinks that he did have indecent thoughts about her (the chastity belt). Neko then gets up close to Yuuya and seemingly casts a spell. Next morning, Yuuya does not wake up despite all the callings from Torii. So the other girls thought Torii’s gay fetish has awakened when they see him on top of Yuuya. Uh huh. They think he’s such a loser that he can’t get girls so he resorted to this. Oddly, everyone sits around Yuuya and watches his sleeping face. And then he gets up. What’s the first thing he says? Mitsuki is cute. Gasp! If that isn’t shocking enough, he gropes Yukina’s boobs and doesn’t feel the slightest regret!!! He even wonders how she got them this big!!! Time for a deserving slap. Neko then comes in to explain it was her fault. She read a cheap book on hypnotism and tried it out on Yuuya. Needless to say, he easily fell prey to it. She made him honest so while the effects will last a day or two, this is the perfect chance to ask him anything and you might get an honest answer out of him. Some answers you might not even expect. Hint, hint. So back home, he’s got a little fever and turns into bed quickly. He mentions Yukina has changed into a fine woman and doesn’t think she needs to try so hard to get rid of her past because everything of her makes her who she is. I’m sure Yukina wanted to say more about him but he already fell asleep. When Yukina bumps into Mitsuki, she tells her she can see Hiyori because since young she can sense the supernatural and doesn’t view her as an evil spirit. Hiyori is surprised in this revelation and wants to use this chance to attack Yuuya while big boobs woman is gone but Mitsuki is not in the mood.

Yuuya still drowsy in his sleep thinks back to the weird things he said earlier on. He reflects on Neko’s words about his feelings towards Mitsuki and of course her chastity belt. Hiyori’s horny switch must have turned on so she’s enjoying herself molesting Mitsuki when suddenly Yuuya barges in! Caught with her pants down?! He needs to tell her something! What is it? Wearing that kind of chastity belt isn’t good even if it’s for cosplay. So… That was what he wanted to say? I don’t blame Mitsuki for kicking him out of her room. Meanwhile Neko is laughing like mad seeing the outcome of it. She didn’t expect this kind of ‘fun’ outcome. I don’t know how she viewed it. Through her magic book? I guess this is what we get for expecting Yuuya to be ‘honest’. Hiyori then takes Mitsuki to the gates of Heaven. After Yuuya said those things to her, the gauge is completely filled up. I suppose this is the end. The girls walk up together and they say their final goodbye. Hiyori is thankful she got to have fun since she met her (at whose expense?) and hopes someday she would tell Yuuya there was a girl who loved him. If she had a choice to reincarnate, she would rather be the child of Yuuya and Mitsuki. After Hiyori enters the gate, Mitsuki wakes up and finds her chastity belt gone. Yuuya is better now and doesn’t remember what happened last night. But he knows he said something that upset Yukina. And maybe Mitsuki too. But he gets the shock of his life when Mitsuki calls him her onii-chan. Life seemingly returns to normal for Mitsuki and even more peaceful now that the ghost girl is gone. But one day on the pedestrian bridge, Hiyori pops back up. She’s here to bring her back to crossover with her. Just kidding. Mitsuki is brought back to the gate of Heaven and is made to step inside. Won’t she crossover then? She finds herself on some paradise island. So? This is only the second floor and there is another gate to ascend too. Which means… Oh God… Say it isn’t so! The chastity belt is on with more 30% more improvements (30% more sensitivity, that is) and it’s going to be another round of filling up the gauge. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Moa seems to be summoning her courage to confess to this hot guy, Shimazu. Best timing in the world, her dumb brother Torii had to pass by and interrupt. He thought his dumb sister made him mad and quickly apologizes on her behalf. Moa gets angry and walks away. No, she didn’t do anything wrong either. Flashback reveals Moa was taken in by his gentleman courtesy and politeness. Every time she gets her allowance, she will not hesitate to patron him at the cafe he works. All she wanted was to ask him out to a movie. Torii is adamant that there is no way a college guy will go out with a middle school girl especially his sister. Because she is still a kid and he proves it by flipping up her skirt to reveal her bear panties! He deserves that kick in the crotch. Even back home, Torii continues to complain to Yuuya that this isn’t going to happen. Yeah, he’s judging everything by his looks. Moa then shows off Shimazu has replied and agrees to go out with her on Sunday. You know what this means. Yuuya MUST free his Sunday schedule. Two are better than one? So the duo spy on them and nothing out of the ordinary happens. Everything is proceeding like normal until they start walking into a hotel. Torii jumps the gun that he might rape his sister and rushes in to break them up. So he tells it  straight to Shimazu that Moa is just a middle school kid who even wears bear panties (WTF?!). Shimazu is relieved and assures they weren’t here for what he thought. This hotel serves the best cakes and they were here to buy some. Torii still feels wrong that a couple should enter a hotel alone. Shimazu dispels his misunderstanding. Shimazu is a girl!!!!!!! Torii is full of apology as Yuuya tells Moa that he was worried about her all the time. This has Moa remember they used to fight a lot but he would worry a lot too. Nobody knows that better than her. Even with this case resolved, Moa continues to chide her brother as usual.

Ayaka proposes a Christmas Eve party for girls only but Torii wants in too. Yuuya notices Mitsuki sulking and not in good mood. And so it suddenly becomes a Christmas Eve party at Yuuya and Mitsuki’s place. Hiyori is not pleased because this interrupts their alone time with Yuuya. Uh huh. Thinking about getting passionate after that, isn’t she? But Mitsuki isn’t in any good mood to hear Hiyori’s rants. So everyone is here at the party with the girls dressing up in sexy Santarina outfits with the exception of Neko as a snowman. It’s not her policy to show too much skin. Of course the sexiest one is Yukina. With her busty figure, it’s like she is going to burst out of it any time. God sent an early angel as present says Torii? As the fun gets underway, Yuuya gets a call from mother who says they’ll come back by the end of the year. She wants to speak to Mitsuki but it seems she doesn’t even want to talk to her! Mommy reveals that Mitsuki might be mad because she couldn’t make it back in time for her birthday on the 21st. Yuuya goes to talk to Mitsuki who is weeping in her room. He tries to cheer her up but obviously knows better she is still sulking about her birthday. He asks if she would like anything as a present. Immediately horny Hiyori bumps out Mitsuki and would love to have him. Yuuya agrees! He admits he isn’t good but here goes… Oh God… Is he really going to… Actually he starts singing! He is a horrible singer!!! Literally he is bringing the house down! Yeah, you could say he effectively ‘killed’ Hiyori. The others below thought it was some death chant or Buddhist recital lines! Before he can do an encore, Torii comes into stop him before he could ‘summon demons’ on this holy night. Nanami later joins them and Mitsuki receives a package delivery from mom. It is a purse as birthday present. She feels a lot better.

Recently, More Animes Are Becoming Unusual… And Sh*ttier!
What the hell sh*t is this? Me no impressed. The entire series like one big crap that has gone nowhere and it feels like almost episode is like a standalone with more or less the same thing. Ghost girl tries to make little sister do horny things to big brother so she gets to be a step closer to Heaven. From the sh*tty ending that we have seen, it looks like Hiyori is a long way from being admitted to Heaven. Heck, if there is a second floor, what are the chances there will be a third, fourth, fifth and so on? Uh huh. I thought it might turn into Sword Art Online in which she will have 100 floors to clear. Just minus fighting the boss level. If there are multiple floors to clear before she can even reach to this so called Heaven, Mitsuki would have been sexually drained and exploited by the time everything ends. I know she is still young but look at how everything is exhausting and embarrassing her at this rate. Just like Hiyori said, she might even die and go to Heaven first before her. But I figure that with each embarrassing moments she has to endure, she builds up ‘experience’ and immunity so when the next round happens, it won’t be as bad. Or is it? Who cares? That will be for another day.

The plot feels so thin and nothing really advanced that it makes you wonder if the producers really cared about putting in some story because everything has been stagnant from the first episode when we are introduced to the premise. For the rest of the episodes, you see Mitsuki and Hiyori trying to fill up the gauge doing seemingly bold stuffs and that is about it. Probably this anime was produced to satisfy a certain demographic that loves seeing that tortuous face of a little sister whenever she is in such embarrassing situation. I’m not one of those guys. There are probably more questions raised than answered after you watch this. For example about Hiyori herself. Why pick Mitsuki? Was she at the wrong place at the wrong time? Something about her past is intriguing since she cannot remember anything and even her name was taken from a storybook. Because we never knew (or even the slightest hint) if Hiyori was really the girl that Yuuya met before, in this sense the plot doesn’t go anywhere and is just left as it is. Even Yukina’s explanation that she can see supernatural feels rushed. Like as though they wanted to get that prickly question out of the way. But Yuuya can see Hiyori too, right? How do they explain that? And since he thinks Hiyori is a human friend to Mitsuki, it is just left as that. What about the time that Hiyori and Mitsuki cannot bump out each other’s soul and locked each other out? Doesn’t it feel convenient just for whatever that was going on in that episode?

The characters also fall flat (no offense to you flat chest girls) and aren’t that all exciting either. We all know Yuuya is going to be the kind big brother who does his best to look after his little sister. We all know Yuuya is going to be that kind of indecisive guy who won’t be falling head over heels over his little sister or even his childhood friend. He is even so dense in his hypnosis mode that you might feel you want to give up on him that he will become a lust monster and attack or violate the girls. Yeah. Dream on for something like that to happen. Mitsuki is having a roller coaster ride of emotions since she is going through a lot especially when horny Hiyori wants to get it going with onii-chan. So much so in the eyes of normal people, she’s like having a split personality and her only way of relieving some sort of stress. If this was the Monogatari Series, no guesses what kind of oddity she’ll become. The mixed behaviour is of course sending confusing signals to Yuuya who is already pretty dense in the first place. He wants to understand her but just couldn’t. Are little sisters this hard to understand? I don’t know. I don’t have one myself. As for Hiyori, sometimes I don’t understand about her being a ghost. There are lots of things that don’t add up. If she flies around hovering over Mitsuki, why can’t she fly up to Heaven? Unless wings are rendered useless in that zone. Mitsuki can also pass through solid objects but sometimes she can pick them up like as though she is still human. Is this another ability? What about the clothes she wears? I noticed that if Mitsuki’s spirit is bumped out, her spirit is wearing the clothes her body is usually wearing. So what happens if the clothes were changed during that moment? Hiyori’s trademark pink negligee is her default clothes but since she can be seen in other clothes, does this mean it is just all in our minds?

There is potential for romance but seeing how it all played out and ended, I guess I could say the potential was wasted. And as usual, nothing happens in the end. Yuuya dude, you blew it at the end. We get lots of hints that Yukina likes this dude and probably were wishing too much that some sort of love triangle mess would form. The most we got was just a ‘war declaration’ from Yukina to Mitsuki. We are shown Mitsuki isn’t too fond about Yuuya but who knows? She may be a typical tsundere and deep down she might be his biggest lover. Even bigger than the perverted ghost. If Hiyori had her own body, she wouldn’t have being hanging around as a ghost and would have gone in straight for the challenge. It would have got the love polygon rolling whatsoever. Other characters feel side-lined. Like Moa whom I thought would also take a liking for Yuuya but maybe that is just because she ‘hates’ her own brother so much that she’s just making a statement Yuuya is the better brother. Besides, isn’t she the tsundere kind too? I mean, obviously if she’s always mocking her brother a baldy among other insults, it shows that she’s just being a tsundere, right? That’s how the siblings communicate, no? Neko has this mysterious feel to her character like as though she knows what is going on. There is more to her than meets the eye. I can’t help think of her as some sort of angel of God and probably just watching over everything. Who knows? I won’t discount this fact but since nothing much about her is revealed, we can speculate anything we want on this enigmatic chick. Otherwise like the rest of the other characters, she feels like a disappointment and her potential wasted. Ayaka and Nanami are so minor that I believe without them, the show could still go on. Torii is your typical loser buddy only to make the leading male look like the ‘winner’.

It goes without saying that the main factor of watching this anime is the fanservice. Especially if you are into the chastity belt kind of fanservice. Unfortunately the version that I watched is heavily censored. If this is their idea of making a new mainstream fetish for chastity belt, I don’t see how the censors will make people fall into further debauchery. Unless you buy and watch the DVDs (or some other stations that I am unaware of that aired those scenes without censors), you are going to see those heart shaped designs as your main censors and will never fully know the design of Mitsuki’s chastity belt. Heck, I don’t think they even censor the panty shots. I am not sure if those sex texts will be gone and be replaced with the real juicy scene of Hiyori’s yuri violation-cum-sexual assault over Mitsuki. Then there are scenes of Mitsuki’s facial expression whenever she climaxes, being embarrassed or just feels it. It’s like almost anything can make this girl climax. She’s so in sync with Hiyori that she also starts feeling these sort of perverted stuffs? Hiyori’s perversion and Mitsuki’s reluctance and objection makes it all fun to watch in this ‘game’ of bumping out each other’s soul and seducing or reprimanding Yuuya . Yeah, blame us for being dirty minded sadistic perverts for watching a girl doing that. Shameful. Just sh*tty.

The art and drawing also seem okay but nothing to shout about. The character art feels plain simple like as though it lacks some details, sometimes making me believe that they didn’t want to put enough attention to it. I don’t know. This anime was produced Project No.9 and their only other notable anime series that I have watched under their belt was Ro-Kyu-Bu (both seasons). Furthermore, some of the characters look pretty familiar like as though they have been taken from other animes and given a little makeover. Maybe that is just me since I have watched too many animes so lots of characters have this similar feel to it. Like for Hiyori, I thought she was the ghost version of Yui from K-ON! That or some other KyoAni style girls. At first glance, I thought what on earth OreImo’s Kuroneko was doing here masquerading as Mitsuki. Just without the gothic lolita outfit. Yup. That’s what I thought when I saw her the first time and it had me guessing for a while that she awfully looked familiar to somebody.

Voice acting feels pretty normal too. Nothing extraordinary. Yui Ogura as Hiyori once again takes up cute more loli roles (think Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu, Tsukiko in Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko and Komurasaki in Unbreakable Machine Doll). If you want your lolis to really sound cute, this is the person you should look for. Chinami Hashimoto as Mitsuki, this is her debut role and so far has no other roles to her name. The rest of the casts include Junji Majima as Yuuya (Ayumu in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), Hisako Kanemoto as Yukina (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Manami Tanaka as Ayaka (Alice in Kin-iro Mosaic), Aimi Terakawa as Moa (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Yasuaki Takumi as Torii (Matsuda in High School DxD), Kumi Sakuma as Nanami (Candice in MAR) and Mikoi Sasaki as Neko (Hercule in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).

The opening theme is Binkan Attention by the trio of Mitsuki, Hiyori and Yukina. Sounds pretty generic for this kind of anime and doesn’t really get my attention. Charming Do is the ending theme and sung by Yui Ogura. Remember how I said about her absolute cute voice? You can imagine how she sings it here. That cuteness reminds me of her stint she sang in Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko’s ending theme. The odd thing about the ending credits animation is this over-sized mascot girl which is the ‘star’ of this segment. You see her in what a normal high school girl’s life would be. Attending classes, getting confessed to and then rejecting that poor chap. In the end, she gets slammed by a truck but nothing happens to her and it is the truck that gets damaged! I don’t know if this has anything to do with Hiyori because I think the mascot looks a bit like her. Otherwise, I don’t see the relevance of this character in this anime except for the fact it was on a poster in Nanami’s workplace. It could be her company’s whatever mascot but even that doesn’t prove its relevance.

The anime might not have many rave reviews among the viewers but that didn’t stop the series from getting a live action movie. Looking from the trailer and the pictures floating around Google, safe to say that there are nudity and more explicit fanservice but stop shorts of making it a hentai or hard core porn stuff. Because Mitsuki is being such a wuss in giving us fans the much needed fanservice (she basically sucks in this sense), the reason why anyone would watch this show in the first place, I don’t think the live action movie will make any difference even though it will show some ‘real skin’ as opposed to 2D animated ones. But you know, people like us prefer 2D, right? Ironically, a chastity belt is supposed to prevent horny people from engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s an anti-rape device. Then came along this sh*tty anime trying to shake our religious beliefs and turning chastity belts into some sort of trendy sex toy/accessory. Isn’t it ironic that the character is supposed to get horny with a guy to get to Heaven faster but this lock item gets in the way? I don’t know what they will ‘creatively’ come up next but I hope it won’t be so sh*tty that it will further screw up our already sh*tty minds.

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