Saishuu Heiki Kanojo

August 25, 2017

Imagine if your girlfriend is no ordinary girl. I mean, every guy considers their girlfriend as extraordinary but what if she is really not ordinary. As in, she is a weapon. A weapon of mass destruction. A weapon that could destroy the world. Would you still date this ‘monster’? For the leading guy here in Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Saikano), he would. Because the story in focus here is not how many enemies she kills or what ultimate forms of weaponry she could transform into and have. It is the tragic and human factor as the couple try to love each other as a human and staying as human beings while the inevitable war rages on. Will their love blossom and save the day or will she lose her humanity and become a mindless tool for destruction?

Episode 1
Shuuji is at a cold decimated place where he first met his girlfriend, Chise. He spots their exchange diary and thinks back of those good ol’ days. He narrates Chise isn’t particularly an outstanding student. Clumsy, weak, bad grades except history and have this penchant to apologize. Despite walking up the steep slopes is a daunting task for her, she still wants to as she wants to get to know him better. It has only been 5 days since she asked him to go out with her and they have already started exchanging diaries. Of course he finds it embarrassing to put his thoughts into words. Chise is relieved when he handed it back to her but to her disappointment it says he can’t do it and wants to meet up with her after school. Nervous, thinking it would be a real confession, Shuuji drops the bomb that he wants to quit this dating thing. It’s not her fault. He isn’t good at this. Chise is of course heartbroken but then she too spills that she doesn’t want to do this. What? Now she’s blaming it is his fault? Well, she always wanted to know what it is like to be in love. She asked her friend Akemi and even read manga but nothing came close. Since she admired Shuuji for a long time, Akemi thought she would just try to ask him out. Nobody knew Shuuji would accept it. I mean, would a guy normally turn down a cute girl? Noticing how awkward everything this is, they start laughing instead. Shuuji suggests giving this a chance since they have already started dating. So what’s next? A kiss. Seriously? Serious. They kiss for the first time and they could hear each other’s nervous heartbeat. They continue to hang out with each other. One day a school outing at Sapporo, Shuuji and his friends are shopping for stuffs. Suddenly they feel the earth vibrate. Earthquake? Actually in the distance, jet fighters. They’re not from Japan. Before they know it, it starts bombing! The chaos gets worse when local fighters enter the scene and other than buildings falling apart, fighter jets are also crashing down. Shuuji sees a flash that takes down the enemy fighters in no time. His heart resonates with it as he tries to chase it down but gets knocked out by an explosion. When he wakes up amidst the rubble, he is shocked to see Chise with weapons protruding from parts of her body. She apologizes this is what she has become. In shock, he hugs her but couldn’t hear her heartbeat.

Episode 2
A week after the air raid, Shuuji and Chise dating like normal? Like as though nothing of that sort happened? Well, Chise has told Shuuji about the weapon implants in her body. Nothing they can do about it, right? Chise also has to keep a pager in case of emergency calls from the military. Like now. Despite tens of thousands dead and much more missing, Shuuji and his friends make a vow not to speak about it because one of their friends was killed. Shuuji is reading the exchange diary and reads about Chise being apologetic about the events that have happened. Because she needs to keep this secret weapon from everyone else, it was a reason why she was embarrassed to be seen by anyone, especially him. She lists down his kindness and forced smile that sometimes make her sad. He rushes out to get her but catches her in her weapon form. Upon realizing he is watching, her embarrassment causes her to revert back to normal. After noticing the scars on her back, he scolds her for coming home like that. He regrets trying to ignore reality which only makes Chise suffer. Although she can’t tell anyone else, Shuuji says as lovers, it will be their secret. One day Akemi tells Shuuji to look after Chise better because it seems like she is going on a diet. When he finds her, she seems to be eating like a glutton in secret. She apologizes she can’t take it anymore. She thought if she fast, she would become weaker but it didn’t. She is afraid of what her body is turning into. Shuuji hugs her. Perhaps a kiss too but Chise won’t allow it. They’re watching her. Not sure whether it is Japan or some other nation but she can tell. Shuuji suggests running away. How far can his bicycle take her? The enemy detects her on the move and she can detect them coming for her. She tells Shuuji not to look behind but ahead. That’s because her body is starting to turn into a weapon. It then fires missiles to destroy the enemies. As they take a breather, the military now is looking for her via helicopter. Chise has this thought of shooting them down but Shuuji stops her. Chise kisses him and apologizes there is no weapon that doesn’t kill. Maybe it would have been better if she dies. I’m not sure what Shuuji is thinking but is sex the proper thing right now?! But then this huge hideous scar over her body might just be the biggest turn off.

Episode 3
Chise is crying how she cannot hear her own heartbeat anymore. She regrets being like this and wants to disappear. Even so, she is in love. She wants to live. Shuuji to gets emotional explaining he wants to live with her and all. He suggests running away. So they go home and pack their bags and leave just like that. Wow. Their parents are sure too busy to even care. However Chise gets a notice from the army to sortie to Osaka now. She doesn’t want to go but they warn her she is the only one who can save lives and if she refuses, this place would be targeted next. Shuuji waits at the station but she never turned up till morning. Her clothes are torn and there are bruises everywhere. All he does is hug her. So I guess plans to run away is put on hold. They head to school the next morning and act as though all of last night never happened. Along the way, Shuuji seems to notice his senior, Fuyumi heading in the opposite direction. Akemi talks to Shuuji because Chise seems to know him acting strange lately. He tells her about Fuyumi so Akemi wants him to talk about this to Chise instead. Flashback shows Shuuji somewhat made out with Fuyumi. When hanging out with Chise, she gets another sortie. This time she really wants to go but Shuuji can’t allow her to change in the middle of the street. She enters an abandon house to do so and blasts off in the sky. However the blast impact made a nearby lady on her bicycle fall off. Shuuji goes to help her and realizes too late she is Fuyumi. She is so happy to see him. He brings her back to her place to treat her minor wounds. It is obvious she is trying to flirt with him so he reminds her he already has a girlfriend. And what’s this? Fuyumi is married?! Well, she is blaming her husband, Tetsu for this. He hasn’t come back in 2 months. She’s lonely. As Chise goes on a rampage, she remembers the night Shuuji wanted to run away with her, something inside her broke. The mechanic told her she will never be the same again. Shuuji thinks himself as a cruel man to be cheating on Chise. When he was with Fuyumi, he forgot about Chise. That made him felt easier with her forgotten.

Episode 4
Shuuji and Chise go on a date. It must be a cheap date at the coastal area since they lost their wallet. It seems Chise didn’t bring her pager as she didn’t want it to interrupt their date. Everything goes fine until the evening when they walk home. Shuuji notices how cold her hand is and wonders how human is she left. Then before them is a roadblock. The army has found her. Time to go. Shuuji wanted to give his piece of mind but Chise holds him back. It’s okay. She goes with them and the last thing Shuuji saw was her smile. Mad Shuuji can only run. What does he do next? He goes to sleep with Fuyumi! As she was starting to make out, he suddenly starts crying. He is saying how much he loves Chise and wants to protect her. Uhm, is it wise to mention another girl’s name when you’re with another girl? Chise returns to the base after another successful mission. Some of the soldiers are awed to see her in the flesh. They are reprimanded by Tetsu who is the squad leader for being disrespectful to their superior officer. As they rest, Chise talks about Shuuji and how his scolding somewhat makes her feel alive. It makes her believe she is still human. Her comrades try to cheer her up that because of her fighting, they are still alive. Chise suddenly detects the enemy stealth weapons targeting her. Thanks to that, her comrades have enough time to take cover as the place explodes. Chise transforms and we see how much it hurts her. As she takes down the enemy, she realizes the need to save and protect people. Maybe then she would get praised by Shuuji. Maybe then things would go back to normal. When the mission is over, Tetsu praises her for another job well done. However she wants him to kill her. She can’t stand this anymore. She was a fool to think she could protect anything. Tetsu prepares to shoot her.

Episode 5
Chise breaks down and changes her mind. She wants to live despite killing so many. Tetsu also changes his stance. He tells her not to worry because nobody can stop her so she can’t die. He tries to cheer her up by telling about his wife. Despite he might die soon, he still wants to go home and hold her because he loves her. So Chise decides to live since she has someone she loves. But in class, she starts acting strange and everyone laughs at her when she says there is going to be an earthquake soon. This forces Shuuji to quickly run out and smash the fire alarm, prompting everyone to assemble outside. He then tries to find out what is happening to Chise but she tells him to run and not watch her transform. At first he takes up her advice. But after the building is blown up, he returns to her side only to be freaked out to see how she transforms. Not really sure if it failed since Chise reverts to herself albeit she is acting callous as though she is sick of everything. All he can do is hug her. She then reverts to the usual Chise. As she tries to explain, he shuts her off about apologizing. It seems the army is here to get her. He doesn’t want her to go but she must. She is now dependent on maintenance and medicine. He wants her to meet him tonight at the observation hill as he has lots to say to her. After that he returns to his friends and tells them Chise is taken to a hospital. Akemi is still mad and slaps him. He slaps her! Obviously a blood curling cry. And then his friend Atsushi punches him. The guys talk it out as Atsushi plans to quit school and get drafted as there is a girl he loves he wants to protect. That night, Chise breaks her pager as it is ringing emergency just to go meet Shuuji. Because of that, Tetsu’s position got attacked and one of his men is left dying. Tetsu is forced to hear his regrets and his wish of being killed by Chise then he doesn’t have to suffer like this. Tetsu shoots him to put him out of his misery. Chise is now confronted by the army who begs her to come. She wants to keep her promise to Shuuji although they say reconnaissance did not find Shuuji there. She still wants to go and when they turn their guns on her, she warns them if they are willing to blow up this town. They try to convince her more people will die if she doesn’t come but to her it is no different. Be it enemies or the people she loves, more will die and she will still feel pain. So she goes off to look for Shuuji but cannot find him. She sees clips that he is at Fuyumi’s place! Why that bastard! She doesn’t want to see it and continues waiting. When she wakes up by dawn, Shuuji is cuddling her but she knows he lied.

Episode 6
We see a short flashback of Shuuji’s unfaithfulness with Fuyumi. More like she seduced him but it’s no excuse, right? So when Chise finds Shuuji by her side, she tried to kiss him but he pushed her away. She started crying and just wished of going back to being just classmates. So as they lie around, Shuuji starts saying how he would like to have sex with Chise but each time he sees that face and scar on her body, he fears it would be painful. Chise doesn’t want to hear any more of this but he continues. He had sex with Fuyumi before and just did. Because he reminded her of her boyfriend, she started crying each time she looked at his face. So he thought he can’t ignore her if she needed his help? WTF. Now it is Chise’s turn to have her say. She is his girlfriend, damnit. She too has lots of things to say but is holding back. Too bad she has this face she is born with and the scar proves she is human. If he wanted sex, why didn’t he just say so. She too would like to have sex with him even more than Fuyumi. After being late for school, they break up. Later Shuuji talks to Atsushi and he too got rejected by Akemi as she loved another guy. But he still wants to quit school and be drafted to protect her. Chise continues to go to school and fight wars as if it was a normal routine. Akemi hopes Chise would reconcile quick with Shuuji but don’t want to hear her lover’s quarrel problems. Because Atsushi continues to talk with Shuuji about fighting the enemy and dying, he tells him off to die. He is going to grow old and die anyway. The question is, you don’t go to the battlefield to die. You go there to kill. Can he kill for Akemi? Shuuji is actually mad about himself for being weak and only thinking of his own helplessness while pretending to be Chise’s boyfriend. When they walk back, they hear the familiar sounds of air raid close by. Atsushi runs to find Akemi. Shuuji can tell it is Chise helping out before things got worse. When he sees her wandering in the streets, he immediately hugs her. She tries to push him away as they are no longer dating but she succumbs to his kiss.

Episode 7
As they try to seek comfort in each other, when Chise looks at the burning patch over the mountains of the enemies she downed, she assures Shuuji that the enemies died instantly and didn’t feel pain. This causes him to give her that worried look. She becomes sad and goes away. Next day in school, Akemi talks to Shuuji about breaking up with Chise but he says that they just went back to being classmates. She remembers Chise telling her about it and that she doesn’t want to fall in love again. However her feelings for Shuuji won’t disappear and she still loves him. Shuuji wants some advice to understand Chise but Akemi tells him off can a man really understand a woman. Later Shuuji meets up with Chise. They talk about Akemi and the war. Chise wonders if he will still love her despite being a killing machine. He does. He suggests skipping school tomorrow to go to the aquarium. But the next day, he finds a letter from Chise that she had to break their promise. On call again. Although she is glad to have fallen in love with him, she wants them to go back being classmates. She hopes he won’t be afraid of her the next time. Atsushi is now drafted. He sees for himself the situation is far worse than he thought he is. The negativity and fear of the new recruits. However he keeps hearing some of them talking about this ultimate weapon called Chise. He asks around but they can’t describe well. Of course Chise is scheduled to give a speech to these new recruits after another mission. Too bad Atsushi got lost and won’t be seeing her speech in person. Chise seems to be eager to go on the next mission. But when a personnel tells her they are now ordered to be on standby, she begs to go fight. She doesn’t want to rest. She wants to get stronger. Meanwhile Atsushi continues his asking about Chise and this leads him to Tetsu who is the lone survivor of Chise’s squad. But demoralized Tetsu isn’t interested in knowing him since he is going to die anyway. He doesn’t want to know more dead people. Meanwhile Shuuji makes his way to the aquarium. This is proof that Chise isn’t useless and has protected them. See those sea lions and dolphins? They’re still alive! So don’t say you’re useless and can’t protect anything. He believes there is something they can still do and protect.

Episode 8
Shuuji continues to ponder his existence as he notices his classmates are slowly thinning out. Atsushi seems to have adjusted to his army life. Till he hears one of the new recruits in his batch just died in a skirmish. Reality hits him hard. That night, Tetsu thought he heard somebody nearby. It could be the enemy. He goes to check it out but only finds crying Chise. He lets her sleep in his hideout and the next day hangs out with her. How does it feel to use their military authority to ‘steal’ a military bike just to go on a date? Shuuji didn’t like the way his friends easily talk about life and death when it could be Atsushi out there dying. Later Akemi talks to Shuuji about her worries that Atsushi got drafted just for her sake. She feels uneasy about it and is bothered by it to the point it scares her. Then Shuuji slaps her! Don’t talk about Atsushi like that! What Akemi meant was she hates herself for feeling like this. How could she live knowing that Atsushi killed somebody for her. Shuuji replies or wrong, Atsushi fought to protect her. While Tetsu waits for Chise in the dressing room, an enemy plane flies close by. This causes Chise to be in pain as she tries to suppress her transformation. Tetsu tries to calm her down and hug her. She only does so when he kisses her lips. On the way back, Tetsu wants her to go home but she refuses to make any more promises. She can tell peace will not last more than 3 days in this town. Negotiations have failed and the enemy will advance here. More people are going to die and their army’s strength is significantly down. That night Chise sleeps at Tetsu’s place. She allows him to kiss her because he is going to die after all. Shocking? Also, an earthquake hit the town deep in the middle of the night.

Episode 9
I guess Tetsu is going to make out with her. I mean, he is going to die, right? Chise kept asking him if this is love but he won’t answer. This prompts her to say Shuuji is the same. He lied to her about loving her despite being terrified. That’s why they go back being classmates so they wouldn’t hurt each other. She thought by being in love she would have a reason to live and makes her human. Tetsu lectures her about men and women and right now he is the only guy in the world who sees her as a girl. He lets her go and when she returns to base, she collapses since it has been 2 days she skipped maintenance and medicine. Her signs don’t look good. Another earthquake rocks the town and the next morning after Shuuji carries his mom to the relief centre, he passes by Akemi’s place. He sees her little sister outside who pleads to him to go see Akemi now. Insider her room, Akemi is very injured and bleeding everywhere. She wants him to come close so she could tell a message from Chise. However it is a prank as she kisses his lips. She confesses she loves him. The guy she likes is him. Atsushi knew about this because she told him when he confessed. Now that she is dying, she sees no reason to hold back. She continues talking about Atsushi. Because of all that, she gave her body to him when she wanted her first time to be with Shuuji. She doesn’t have a body of a woman now. Shuuji wants to take a look. He forces his way. Pervert! Then he lies through his teeth saying how beautiful it is. Is it me or does this guy like scarred bodies? Akemi then tells of her dreams to do things together like going to university and getting a car licence. She fears dying now but after coughing up all that blood, she finally finds her peace. Later Shuuji carries mom back and apologizes for not doing anything. She rubbishes his nonsense and that there is nothing greater for him to be alive and being born. Meanwhile Atsushi’s platoon is attacked. He is the only one who survived. He goes crazy because there is a hole in his Akemi picture? Can’t blame him. When the fighting gets real, Atsushi becomes a coward in hiding. He realizes he wants to live and see Akemi now. Another soldier takes him to run. Tetsu is injured. He decides to go back to Fuyumi’s place to die. To his horror, enemy soldiers camping there! The enemies escape but before them is Chise the weapon. Time to unleash that great light of death.

Episode 10
When Chise enters, she sees Tetsu dying. He is in pain and thinks Chise is Fuyumi. He kept calling out to Fuyumi to kill him to end his misery. She can’t. You don’t think allowing him to touch your boobs will make things better, would it? Okay. Maybe. So after all that screaming and drama, Tetsu finally dies after confessing his love for his wife. Chise’s only regret is that he never called her name. I mean, could you blame him? She is grateful he treated her as a girl all this time. She promises to deliver his letter to her. Then she returns to being a killing machine and obliterates another town. Not sure if Atsushi got caught in that blast. Meanwhile, Shuuji’s school is hosting a little party, supplies from Akemi’s dad. Hey, better than gloom and doom, right? Dad talks to Shuuji and gives him a wine he bought, saving it for the day Akemi would be old enough to talk about her love, future, etc. But she reached the finish line before him. He thanks Shuuji for being by her side during her last moments. Apparently some soldiers want to stop the party. In Shuuji’s head, he really wanted to tell them off they didn’t do anything to help them and that many of their friends also died. Instead, he prostrates himself and begs them to allow it. Chise leaves Tetsu’s letter and ID at wherever Fuyumi is staying. She breaks down upon knowing he is dead. Meanwhile Shuuji is being confronted by Kawahara, a guy from the military who gives him what is left of Chise’s medicine. He laments it is only a matter of time before she succumbs to her fate. Now that Tetsu is dead, Fuyumi finds Shuuji and wants him to make out with her. She’s not giving him a choice. She forces himself on him! Man, this would be great if times were good. But visions of Akemi staring at him freaked him out. So he gets rough with Fuyumi? Might as well. But Fuyumi doesn’t like it?! I thought she asked for it? Now he rants about being unable to protect her, blah, blah, blah. Then she slaps him and laments how she preferred the old simple minded him. That’s it. Sex’s over. Bye. Now Shuuji rues his old school boy fantasies of her. That was the last time he saw Fuyumi. Next morning, Shuuji sees Chise back and waiting for him at the school gates. They act like they’ve been a happy couple for ages and hang out with each other like as though no f*cks were given to the world.

Episode 11
Shuuji and Chise elope for good. It has been 5 days since they left town. Not sure where they are but they are living the ‘happy’ couple life with Shuuji working in a fish market and Chise drawing a long queue at a ramen store. Must be the clumsy girl factor… It seemed like forever their happy days. And of course the awkward sex moment. Shuuji even seemed to skip work just to make out with her! Oh yeah! Might as well since you can’t tell when you’re dead next. Luckily the good part ended before a small war exploded nearby their area in which temporarily awakened Chise. So the next time Shuuji sees her nose bleed, she claims she’s still being horny to cover up. Oh well… One day when Shuuji’s colleagues realize Chise didn’t show up for work, he immediately runs home to see her collapsed on the floor. He sees her medicine has run out and uses his stash from Kawahara. When Kawahara visits the ramen store, Chise uses some telepathy to communicate with him that what he is doing is meaningless as she is trying to spend as much time with Chise. So Kawahara goes to talk to Shuuji next and hopes he can convince Chise. You see, he believes the only way to save her is via war. He is surprised when Shuuji shows him the stash of medicine he gave not used up yet. That won’t last long and Chise will turn into something far more dangerous. Shuuji says Chise is his wife and if there comes a time, he will kill her himself. So Shuuji tries to fix up a bike so he can get away from this place and go picnic with Chise. He has his colleagues help him out. He later gives his medicine stash to Chise. The people find it odd that the same music is playing over the radio like as though someone is broadcasting something. But Chise starts to feel nostalgic with this song. She remembers it is a song Shuuji hums when he is in good mood. Chise then loses control over her senses and unsure if she is still human anymore. The picnic will never materialize since bombs are now dropping over town! Damn the bike got destroyed. Shuuji rushes back to Chise and sees her in the midst of transforming. As she is breaking down and panicking, he tries to hug her but gets zapped. He wonders if this is the kind of pain she faces daily. With Chise spouting regrets, Shuuji reluctantly says he is going to kill her. That calmed her down…

Episode 12
Of course Shuuji can’t kill her. Thankfully Chise returns to being docile. Shuuji takes on the role of nursing Chise. Lots of I love you stuffs here. Although she has lost her voice, he can still understand what she is trying to tell him. After her medicine has finally run out, she collapses. Shuuji carries her out as he calls out to Kawahara. He knows he is around. Yeah. There he is. And the army too. It’s like they’re waiting for this moment to bring back Chise. All Shuuji is concerned is if she will live. Oh, she will survive but he doesn’t know in what form. At this rate she will become an immortal killing machine. He doesn’t blame anybody and it is nobody fault. After that, Kawahara shoots himself. Shuuji returns to the room and reads Chise’s diary. An entry tells him to return to his family. So he returns to his town and at the observation hill, he reads more of Chise’s diaries. The ones she wrote when they started dating. I don’t know how long he took but suddenly Chise returns! However she doesn’t remember him. Oddly she starts crying and feels emotions in her heart. Shuuji explains he is her boyfriend, etc. Because of that, she wants to have his baby?! That escalated quickly. And she wonders if reproduction is a scary thing. And she’s scared of it now that Shuuji really wants to get it going?! OMG! Her arm just came off! She’s not even doing a handjob! Chise wants him to stop since she has this sensation of wanting to kill. So he scolds her that he wants to live. As they cuddle close, she could hear his heartbeat, proof that he loves her. Amidst all the sadness and tears, they continue making out. Yeah, what else is there left to do?

Episode 13
Shuuji once hesitated if he should leave his mom. Dad told him to do what he needs to do as he is a man now. Don’t worry about mom. He’ll take care of her. Mom is sad that all of Shuuji’s friends in his picture are dead. But dad is proud that he has grown up to be a fine man. Speaking of which, Shuuji continues to make out with Chise! Maybe no wonder dad is so proud of him. Just kidding. When all that is done, Chise recites wars of the past that prophesizes the end of the world as well as her desire to stay with him forever. However she reveals the end of the world is really coming. It is already for the other half of the world and soon it will reach here. At first she thought of killing Shuuji and all those she loves to prevent them from suffering but she decides to protect them to the end. Then she flies off to continue the war. Shuuji really starts getting scared when the end of the world is before him. Calling mommy and daddy won’t help. Heck, Akemi is already gone! Shuuji is engulfed by the tsunami. However shortly he finds himself alive in an empty white space. He realizes Chise did all she could to save him. As he hugs whatever is left of this giant part of Chise, he hears Chise’s voice (apparently apologizing for everything). Well, she isn’t in a physical form but inside his heart. This way they can stay together, love each other forever. Suddenly the world is back to normal and Chise back to her human form?! Well, it might all be in Shuuji’s mind and this could be for the best. Because what better way than to live out the rest of your in your own fantasy than some empty gloomy world. Because Chise confirmed that he is the only one left alive in this devastated world! The end of the world he heard was Chise’s heartbeat. So with the duo happily reliving their good times, Shuuji is glad that they will continue to love each other and live on.

Another Love Song

Taking place in the early days when Chise is still an incomplete weapon and starting to date Shuuji, it tells of the story behind those scenes as not seen in the TV series.

Lt Colonel Mizuki is another ultimate weapon created by the military. After another successful mission, she returns for repairs. At that time Chise was a new weapon prototype and she could hear Chise’s inner thoughts. Because she sees how clumsy and goofy she is, plus she keeps thinking about Shuuji, Mizuki doesn’t acknowledge her as a proper soldier. She is shocked to see Chise transform and instantly flies off to battle when an enemy attack is detected. Mizuki wanted to volunteer to fight in her stead but they won’t allow her as she is injured. Plus, this is a chance to see if Chise has what it takes to protect the city. Otherwise they will not win this war. Mizuki remembers she was the only survivor as her entire battalion was wiped out. Because she is willing to fight and die to avenge her comrades, she is introduced to Director Minamoto and Dr Wada who then turn her into a human weapon. One day Mizuki confronts Chise and chides her to know her place that she is no longer human since Chise was trying to leave to see Shuuji. However Kawahara allowed her since she has done her job and the superiors have approved it. So when another attack occurs, Mizuki wants to go instead. She saves Tetsu (whom she knows from their days in the battlefield) from death and destroys the enemy although she has taken heavy damage. As Dr Wada puts it, Mizuki has reached her limit and her growth as a weapon has stopped. She will die if she takes the same damage again. Minamoto isn’t fazed. Mizuki is just an experiment and stepping stone as Chise to become an ultimate weapon. On another mission, the enemies (English speaking hippies?) are confused seeing goofy Chise coming down on the battlefield. However when they realize she is a monster, they start firing. Against Chise’s will, she activates into a weapon and kills them all! H-bomb?!

Mizuki confronts the higher ups about using Chise as an ultimate weapon as that girl has no will to fight as a soldier. Minamoto tells her Chise has the power that she does not. Mizuki wants to be stronger then is told she has reached her limit unlike Chise whose potential is unlimited although she still cannot control her will. Mizuki is not pleased that her only use is her intelligence. Will that end the war? Kawahara explains Chise’s body was the only one at that time to adapt to this human weapon technology. One day when Chise is detected to have run away with Shuuji, a search team is called to bring her back as the enemy is attacking soon. Mizuki wants the search to be called off since she is a weapon and will go to find Chise herself. That night when Chise plans to run away with Shuuji for good, she is confronted by Mizuki who wants her to fight for them as there are countless soldiers and civilians dying. Chise tells her off if she wants to save them so badly then do it herself but is told back she wouldn’t have to ask her if she had the power. Chise dares her to kill her and take her power. Mizuki wouldn’t have hesitated for a second if that power transfer was possible. The clincher was how Mizuki paints the war will reach here and her loved ones will die if she doesn’t fight. She is not ordering her but pleading to her. And so Chise has to break her promise to Shuuji and go fight.

Tetsu’s men ask him he is a decorated soldier and should’ve gone home instead of fighting. He remembers someone asking him the same thing (Mizuki). She was somewhat thankful to have met him and he never knew a superior who cared so much about her soldiers. Too bad she died fighting after he shortly left her squad. Apparently she reassigned him so he could be with his wife. He gave his lighter to her. As Chise continues to fight, Mizuki could hear here sad thoughts calling herself a monster for killing so many. She wants it all to stop. When she tells this to the higher ups, Dr Wada says she has been overdeveloped. The weapon cells are taking over Chise and she will be unable to control it and will attack anyone who attacks her including their allies. But with Chise taking further damage, Minamoto orders Mizuki to take care of her. She could hear more of Chise’s cries. As Mizuki tries to stop her from fighting, Chise goes out of control and destroys him, injuring Mizuki in the process. Even in coma, Mizuki could hear her thoughts, especially Chise crying that she just confessed her love and wants to live. When Mizuki wakes up, she has a heart to heart talk with Chise. She says whether she fights or not, the outcome of this war may not change. So if she is sick of fighting, it is okay to run away. Please be with the one she loves in the end and don’t have regrets. Chise also encourages Mizuki to confess to the one she loves. If Chise can, Mizuki could too.

Mizuki complains to Minamoto about Chise killing and destroying countless of people. Thus Minamoto tells Mizuki to take her place in which she doesn’t hesitate to go to war. Tetsu’s side is trying to hold back the enemy. He gets blown away although it is not fatal. Mizuki enters the scene, gives back his lighter and drops a tear on his face? Can’t bring herself to kiss him? Had they met a long time before, she would have agreed to marry him. Mizuki fights the enemy and although Chise can sense and wants to go help, Mizuki warns her not to. She tells her she is not a weapon but in love. This means she is human. She wants her to live for her love as human. Goodbye. Mizuki blows herself up along with the enemy. After Chise broke up with Shuuji, she became a workaholic and started going into battles without resting. Then one night she just storms into Minamoto’s control room, blames everyone for their nasty tricks that caused many innocent children to die. As she has made a promise to Mizuki, she is going to be with the one she loves in the end. She blows up the place before flying off back home.

A Weapon’s Love Song
Well… It was really a tragic and sad ending no matter how you look at it. Shuuji being the only one left in the world is as good as being dead in the first place. His delusions of living the peaceful lovely life with Chise might seem like a relief but remember, all that is just fantasy and in his head. I know it softens the impact of the harsh reality (does it even exist?) but to me that is as good as dead. From the way everything was going, it was no surprise that I had predicted the end of the world instead of a happy ending. Right from the start I knew that there was never going to be a happy ending. It was like Romeo and Juliet except with the world ending. From the rate they are starting to kill off everyone is also why I had expected this to happen. Yeah, it saves the trouble of me asking what happened to so and so. Now the world can finally find peace. Yup. Rest in peace and pieces! Haha! Oops…

The inevitably tragic and depressing drama between Chise and Shuuji is played out wonderfully although I have to admit that at times I caught myself feeling bored by all the drama. I mean, if you were expecting to see Chise killing enemies and adding to the body count as the main focus, you have to look elsewhere. So if you are not prepared for the unusual high school love romance drama between a guy and his weaponized girlfriend, you’d be bored to death. Uh huh. The irony of dying from boredom even before Chise destroys the world…

Thankfully I have some humanity inside of me. Because watching Chise trying to keep her humanity was just sad and painful. I do feel for her that she is trying so hard to maintain her human side and trying to resist of becoming a mindless killing machine. As much as she tried, it is just sad to know that the inevitable will come. It is just the question of how long. Therefore they’re hammering into us the power of love that keeps us from totally turning into the dark side. The power of love that is the only light that we cling on and gives us hope that Chise desperately clings on as her final salvation to retain her humanity. But I believe that she really fell in love with Shuuji not as a stepping stone to keep her humanity. She genuinely loves Shuuji and her love gives her the strength to carry on. Had she not took this initiative to become his girlfriend, the world would have ended much sooner. Even as a weapon, Chise can be said to be more human than all those fighting this war as she is trying hard to maintain it instead of going all out to kill.

Shuuji may look like he doesn’t do much but if you put yourself in his shoes, what can he do? As a powerless high school kid, he is confused and conflicted by all the current events affecting him. He might look like a sex maniac seeing that at times he just wants to have sex with her but perhaps if sex is the only thing he can do to help reduce her stress, so be it. And sometimes he seem desperate to have sex so as to calm her down (and making that whole scene look like rape), but you’ll never know when you’re going to die so might as well have sex now. To human is sex. Sort of.

Other supporting characters add to the complication and drama between Shuuji and Chise and sometimes feel like a side distraction. Because too much Shuuji-Chise may become boring. So what better than to add in some spice of love triangles. For instance, let’s make Shuuji feel torn with love/sex-attention crazy Fuyumi. And when she’s gone, now let’s throw in Akemi having a secret crush on him before she dies. Her painful death was just sad. Just seeing the desperation of a human trying hard to cling on to her last ounce of life and all the regrets at that final moment. You might call me a sadist at this point because I was expecting Fuyumi to commit suicide from all the depression and emptiness. But end of the world took care of that for me. I guess seeing every character die would just be too depressing.

Remember one of Shuuji’s friends who died in the Sapporo raid? Over the few episodes, they sometimes show his girlfriend going rogue hanging out with another older guy. Then they kill her off when she decided to go on a communist hunt and kill an enemy with her own hands but they killed each other. Just sad. I don’t even know why they need to show us this part because she is really irrelevant to the whole story. It’s not like Shuuji ever talked to her because he just kinda observed and saw her around (she quit school ever since) and got him thinking about stuffs. Lastly I want to note that this Kawahara guy he is always seen worrying and wiping his sweat with his handkerchief. Like as though he has done the biggest crime and feeling the guilt of it. Yeah well, everyone is guilty directly or indirectly in this war.

The thing that kept bugging me throughout the series is the kind of enemy that they are fighting. Throughout the entire series I was wondering who the enemy were. I know this is not important in the series as because as said, it is to focus on the relationship and drama between Shuuji and Chise, the humanity and love song between them. Therefore whoever the enemy was, it wasn’t really that important. But I can’t help still speculate about them. At first it was unclear if they were fighting aliens because when you need to create a super human weapon, aliens invading must be it, right? Then slowly it turns out they are fighting their own fellow men. Not too sure if Japan is facing a civil war or foreigners but it is most likely the latter because of that horrendous accented English heard in the OVA. So why are they fighting in the first place? I guess we will never know. It is just a setting so that we could have this tragic love story. In the end, men must be so dumb to fight until what it looked like their own manmade Apocalypse and destroyed everything. Good riddance, right? I also wonder how many enemies there are because no matter how much Chise kills, they seem to be keep coming and coming. It’s like the entire world versus Japan? The last bastion of safe space?

The other thing is how much weapons that the military has stored inside Chise because it feels like her body has some sort of black hole or alternate dimension thingy as she is able to store tons of missiles! It feels like sci-fi crap but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. You know how much mystery is shrouded around military technology especially weapons, right? I also wonder if Chise has her innards all taken out because all I can see are wire/tentacles that look like they have a mind of its own and are going to kill anybody who messes with her. So assuming if she has no more innards to fit all that, does she still have a brain and heart? Screw logic. As long as it kills… I know it is bad of me think of a pun for Chise but I can’t help it to ‘distract’ me from the gloominess. Because I was thinking each time if Shuuji asks Chise if she is alright (heiki), Chise should answer yes she is a weapon (also pronounced as heiki!). See the pun there? Haha! Whoops. Jokes over. Back to more crying.

One thing that really irks me is the very horrible and horrendous drawing and art. In know this came out way back in 2002 and the art style resembles closely to other anime series at that time, namely Chobits. I know they want to put some quality into the storytelling and the drama but visually speaking it looks horrible that it makes me wonder if they really put in effort at all. Everything from the characters to the background looks so plain, simple and dull. I know it is to paint a gloomy picture about the war but if you take a closer look at just the characters, they don’t really feel and look like human. I mean, sure they are human (perhaps with Chise as an exception) but for example, take a look at Shuuji. When I first looked at this guy, I thought he was some sort of cat human! He’s got that strange and odd look on his face that makes it look so weird. Usually I would forgive retro animes for their old school art but this one came out at the turn of the millennium and it was below average. It just sucks. Good thing Chise did us a favour and helped ended the world. Because a dark empty and blank space is what this series truly deserves in this category. This means the horrendous scar on Chise’s body doesn’t look that all scary… Also, there are many scenes especially in the latter half where the war gets more brutal and grimmer, the scenes are too dark to see anything. It could be my hardware or my eyesight but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

Voice acting sounds pretty okay but nothing that spectacular. Chise and Shuuji sound a bit like a robot at times but I think it is because they are nervous and confused. But it is really pitiful to hear her in sad mode. It’s like the series’ ploy to pull some heartstrings. Or maybe Chise is just too convincing as an inevitably tragic girl. I only recognized Shinichiro Miki as Tetsu here. The casts are Fumiko Orikasa as Chise (Rukia in Bleach), Shirou Ishimoda as Shuuji (Shiyuu Kusanagi in Tsubasa Chronicle), Yuu Sugimoto as Akemi (Catherine in Gintama), Miki Itou as Fuyumi (Fujimura in Fate series), Tetsu Shiratori as Atsushi (Zancrow in Fairy Tail) and Ai Orikasa as Mizuki (K.K. in Kekkai Sensen). Both the TV opening and ending themes are sung by Yuria Yato. Koisuru Kimochi as the opener sounds okay as a generic pop but the breathy slow ending theme, Sayonara has this sad pitch to it despite it sounds lovely in its own right. Even its title feels like some sort of spoiler to the entire series. For the OVA, Mayonaka No Niji by Akira Asakura as the ending theme also follows this pattern. However this has more a lovely romantic feel to its slow beat than sadness.

Even if you are not into this kind of anime, this old classic is still powerful and has a handful of lessons we could learn from. For some, get ready a few box of tissues. This isn’t about the atrocities of war and how dumb humans can get in killing each other. It isn’t about creating the most sophisticated and ultimate human weapon. It is seeing who can keep their humanity during these dark times and at such times it is a test to see how human we are. That is why we have the power of love inside of us to use at such times but the choice is always in our hands to make. Remember, somebody once said that in war, it is not who is right, but who is left. I guess this anime really answered that question… And also, somebody once said the goal of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. Looks like this anime has answered that too for everyone. What a fine mess, no? Looks like the love song became a dirge.

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