Yume Mite Iyou

August 11, 2006

  Yume Mite Iyou, Kimi no mirai mieru,
  Ookina yume ga, Itsuka mirai hiraku
Here’s another classic and early anime song that I’ve fallen in love with when I first heard it. Yup, it’s the ending theme song for Sakura Taisen, Yume Mite Iyou.
  Wakatte iru yo minna mo,
  Ganbatte ru ne itsumo
  Tokidoki wa megeru koto mo aru keredo
The start of the song will give an impression that this may be a chinese song. That’s because of the seemingly sounding like chinese musical string instruments used (I think so lah). So you might be taken into surprise when they start to sing in Japanese.
  Yume mite iyou, Mirai wa kitto,
  Kibou ni afure, Kimi no soba ni aru,
  Dakara zutto zutto, Yume mite iyou
The song starts off with a slow pace first then gradually introduces strings which then makes it quite a lively piece. But overall, I’d still consider this song to be a ballad. One thing though, if you intend to sing this song, you need to sing it with a group, like 5-6 people (at least the chorus part). Otherwise, a solo performance wouldn’t be really fitting. Believe me, I tried it myself (still haven’t in a group), and I find it better the former way.
  Kokoro ni sakura sakaseyou,
  Sore wa yume miru koto,
  Itsumo yume wa miyou
So you’ve guessed it. I’m having the instrumental version (read: no background vocals) rather than the karaoke version. But I don’t think the latter exists. Plus, the lyrics are short and simple enough to remember. In addition, this is the first song that I’ve actually remembered the entire lyrics! Hehehe, saves the trouble of needing to refer to the lyrics whenever I’m singing this song. Though, I’ve hardly sing this song nowadays, but singing it once in a while sure does bring back memories of that time (and the time when I’m watching that anime too).
  Dakara zutto zutto, Yume mite iyou…

Sakura Taisen

November 3, 2005

I remember one of the early animes that I watched was Sakura Wars. About a group of female fighers-cum-opera performers (Some weird job combination isn’t it). But this isn’t exactly a comedy type anime. It’s more of a good-versus-evil kind of drama/thriller. They use some kind of a mech type robot to fight some strange demons, and when they’re not fighting, they perform theatrical plays to the public. And there’s always that obnoxious Sumire trying to boss around showing her authority whenever possible especially to Sakura, since she’s the newcomer. Well, at the end, they eventually got along just find and manage to defeat the evil forces. But that’s just the first season. Since then it has generated several sequels and even video games. Not only that, there’re several soundtracks too! Just like forming a pop group and releasing their own album. Although overall I find this anime a little draggy, I’m not quite sure whether I’d watch it again or not… since the I even haven’t watch the sequels yet too! But you know me, maybe those ‘pretty kawaii koutetsu no otome’ may do the trick.

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