Sankarea OVA

March 23, 2013

Those who can’t get enough of zombies can of course watch more zombie movies. But those who can’t really get enough of the pretty zombie girl in the name of Rea, be glad that there is not only one but two, yes, you read that right, two OVA episodes. Sankarea OVA like many animes after the TV series are bundled with DVDs to give fans and viewers that extra 2 cents worth of their money with never-seen-before episodes. Despite not having any continuation from the TV series, the OVA episodes are still enjoyable for those who are fans or want to ‘close the chapter’ on this series.

Episode 13
Finally! We have Babu speaking! At least only in narrations or self comments. So we hear this little black cat narrate how there are 2 zombies in this town now thanks to Chihiro and his elixir. He also views how Chihiro has become more reliable ever since taking in Rea. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see her decaying, right? Better put in lots of effort to preserve her. Chihiro walks Rea to school and after that got ‘ambushed’ and beaten up Ranko for an unnecessary comment. Rea is glad to meet all her friends at school and during gym class, due to her mental limiters off, she aces in basketball. Without breaking a sweat! The girls are in awe they have never known she was such a good jumper. Yeah. They never knew… Meanwhile Chihiro is pondering where to take a girl out on a date. I guess that’s pressing the death button because Yasutaka goes crazy taking it out on him if he is going out on a date with Rea or Ranko or even following the sister-incest route of Mero! Elsewhere Babu is walking around and almost got run over by a car. The driver is glad Babu is not hurt and the cat notices a brown kitty feline inside the pet cage. I guess love sparks even for dead cats. Later, Babu meets up with kitty and they go on a date of their own. Babu shows off his zombie skills by jumping from one building to another distant one. Then he lets kitty have a ride on his back. It’s like almost they’re flying… Enjoying it, Babu? Even cats can have their own romance. After school, Chihiro accompanies Rea wherever she wants to go. He can’t help being a worrywart since Rea is getting too bold with her actions that might break her fragile limbs. Whether it is hopping through the rain, touching a snail and standing too close to the edge of the observation cliff for a beautiful night view of the city. He reminds her about her body being fatally wounded once and won’t recover. That is the more reason why she wants to treasure it and fill it with experiences she never had. Babu narrates about the difference between the living and dead on the topic of regenerating new cells. Of course the cycle continues for the living but for the dead, even though they are numb to pain while still conscious, eventually they will still rot away as that cycle has stopped. Babu is sleeping next to kitty when suddenly he enters into a trance and almost bites her neck. He manages to snap out of it and leaves. I guess romance isn’t what it’s quite what it used to when you’re dead, huh? Babu plans to enjoy his time to the fullest till his body decays when an owl almost swoops on him! Be careful… That owl seems to belong to some zombie freak who has just arrived in Japan. From her narration, seems she views zombies who are in a confused period to lose all rationality and devour their loved ones. She is sent by Professor Boyle to find samples in Japan. Doesn’t sound good…

Episode 14
Aria is one bored woman. Also a despicable one. Learning that Rea is entering a debate competition, she isn’t happy that none could find fault in her. But noticing Chihiro always accompanying her at the gates to school, she feels the need to punish her or else she will set a bad example. Her butler reminds her about Danichirou’s orders not to interfere in her life but she points out he never gave orders to let her get special treatment. Reluctantly, the butler will come up with a strict reprimand and as she wishes, with some substantial penalty. Moody Aria continues to take out her frustrations on her maids and then goes to drown her woes while soaking in a bath. Meanwhile Mero finds a young girl unconscious underneath the temple. Fearing she may have been abandoned by her parents, they bring her in and it seems she is not responsive. She doesn’t talk to Doon or the police and even screams when they want to bring her to the hospital. I think her piercing scream can break windows if it’s a decibel higher. No choice, the officer leaves and will bring the doctor here instead. Chihiro, Rea and Mero are advised to talk to her since they are around her age. She isn’t responsive to them either till Chihiro makes funny faces that she starts laughing. However, we can feel that the girl is targeting Rea.

One night when Rea walks down the stairs, she felt as if somebody pushed her down. Luckily she didn’t break anything. Next morning, her hydrangea leaves in the fridge are missing. She thought of getting some in the backyard but they were completely ravaged. On a side note, before grandpa gets hallucinations in seeing Sayo in the girl, somebody please wake him up! Even Chihiro thinks if they beat up grandpa, she’ll open up to them! WTF?! Grandpa doesn’t even mind! WTF???!!! More importantly… Who the hell is Sayo? Wasn’t it Sada or Kiyo?! Man, this old fart might be a player in his younger days. Rea talks to Ranko about the recent events and the latter feels that she isn’t out to get her. Maybe just try to talk a little to her and perhaps she’ll change. Rea then goes to nicely talk to the girl but she doesn’t respond in any way. Later she goes talk to Chihiro but she gets more and more confused if she is being hated or not. That night, she thought she saw the girl trying to kiss Chihiro while he is asleep. Rea confronts her and politely tells her not to do anything to Chihiro and knows she was the one behind pushing her down the stairs and ravaging of hydrangea leaves. Even if she hates her, she will keep quiet and won’t say a word on what she has done. But the girl isn’t going to let this die. In the bathroom, she punches herself. When Rea gets home from school, Doon sees her and though the girl can’t speak, she can still make nods to questions. The girl accuses Rea of beating her up. Of course Doon can’t believe her straightaway nor can he turn suspicious on Rea.

That night, Rea catches the girl trying to kiss Chihiro again and warns her to stop. The girl gives off her shriek scream and seeks solace in Doon. Rea tries to tell what happened but Doon and Mero feel the girl is just frightened. Chihiro backs up Rea and confirms what the girl has done. He was pretending to be asleep. Now cornered, the girl runs off while Chihiro and Rea give chase. They catch up when she trips at the graveyard. Since they haven’t figured it out yet, the girl makes a hint and Rea realizes she is her mother. What the?! She’s Aria?! Well the mole below her left eye maybe but everything about her is so different. Oh, maybe her stinking attitude too. She thought she wants to take everything dear away from Rea but looks like there are too many ‘fools’ around her. She is upset everybody pays attention to Rea and none for her. Especially for a certain zombie freak who has never loved a human. Chihiro gives his piece of mind that she needs to grow up or else people will hate her if she keeps doing nasty things. That’s why she’s always alone. He even teases her if she’s so desperate, she can get intimate with him. Just kidding. This upsets Aria as she starts summoning some super power. What the hell? Is she raining hail storm? Suddenly Aria emerges from her bathtub and realizes it was all a dream. WHAT THE???!!! JUST A FREAKING DREAM???!!! Rea also thought it was some sort of hallucination. Next day, the butler reluctantly tells Aria of the punishment that doesn’t sit well with teachers and friends. Aria decides to drop it since she no longer sees the necessity in punishing Rea against her Danichirou’s intentions. Chihiro accompanies Rea as she tells her about the strange dream whereby her mother was harassing her and such. She thanks him.

Dead… And Loving It!
Well, it left me with mixed feelings. The first OVA felt like a little recap because recycled scenes are being used in certain scenes that make it feel like a fast forward recap of the important events that took place during the TV series. But the ending has left me desiring a little more because they introduced some seemingly crazy chick and then you don’t see her in the next episode. So if they decided to make a sequel out of this, I’m sure this character may play the main part. And then maybe they can add crazier things like obsessed cult zombie hunters. Yeah. Like a zombie movie with roles reversal. But that’s another story. For the second OVA, the mystery of the little girl was enough to keep me on my toes because we would always be wondering who this girl is and what her goals are in picking Rea. Then when it turned out to be a dream sequence, I felt that it somewhat ruined it all. The magic is gone. So it was just a surreal crazy dream… What a let-down. In short, the OVAs were like fillers and nothing more. Despite the disappointment, I still enjoyed the double OVA episodes. Well because, Rea is still pretty when she’s dead ;p. Could’ve been prettier if she was alive XO.

In both episodes, I can sense that Chihiro and Rea are getting closer to each other but I just don’t feel the impact. Am I saying that my senses are as dead as a zombie? Rea seems to be fitting into her new home just fine and getting along pretty well with her life as well as her school life. It’s perfect. She’s almost perfect. Nobody suspects her to be an undead. Chihiro continues to look out for her but I was hoping that the OVAs would at least address the mystery that grandpa said about some resurrection medicine he created. Even if it was a slight hint. Didn’t. Not a word. Or even the mystery surrounding Chihiro and Mero’s mom (my question was whether she was a zombie or not?). Babu at least gets more spotlight in one of the episodes here and sometimes it’s refreshing to see what this undead cat is up to now he has found a new lease of life. Oh wait. Don’t cats have nine lives? I guess even Babu can tell his limitations so it’s a little tad sad that he can’t continue to pursue his love. Ranko has been reduced to a background character so much so I thought she could have been done without. If she didn’t make her appearance (like Danichirou – the photos don’t count, okay), I thought the show would still go on. I suppose the only reason why I want to see her is because if there would be a potential love triangle. Don’t see any hint of romance at all. Except for Chihiro’s love for zombies. He’s still hardcore on that. And grandpa… The senile jokes where he always forgets the food he dislikes and the soonest after Mero explains otherwise, I figure it got too repetitive and stale in the TV series so they left it out here.

That’s the end of the road for me for this series. Unless they make another season, that is. Zombies and horror flicks aren’t my cup of tea. Sankarea wasn’t really a hardcore of that genre since it’s about a dead girl trying to be alive while she was dead when she was alive. Get it? Safe to say that I haven’t been converted into a zombie lover since I will still freak out if I see corpse moving. The more reason why I should run away if the corpse is a pretty young girl. I might consider if she is a dead anime maid girl… However I still don’t think zombies are ‘vegetarians’.


December 23, 2012

Tell me. What kind of girls do you like? Pretty? Fair? Tall? Sexy? Big busts? Mmm… That’s normal… What did you say? You like dead girls? WTF? Dead as in the living dead? As in zombies?! What kind of a sicko are you to like zombie girls anyway?! You want to get your brains chewed out by the undead? It doesn’t matter, you say? You like zombie girls and nothing is going to change your mind about it? Forgive me if the last few sentences seem like questions but I guess to each his own. To many of us guys, the ideal girl we would love to have at least should have one of those traits I mentioned above. So for one who have such a weird taste in zombies, would he be considered a deviant? I don’t know any guys who like zombie girls but for one guy in particular in Sankarea, well, he became the first guy in my life to like them.

People, meet Chihiro Furuya. To describe him in a word, he is a zombie lover. Okay, make that two words. He loves those undead creatures so much that seasoned horror movie goers are like babies in comparison. Anything that has to do with zombies, he loves them. Look at his room filled with zombie memorabilia. And he is the son of a temple priest… He even dreams of having a zombie girlfriend and kissing her! I know. But that’s not really impossible in the first place, right? Good thing he knows how to differentiate between reality and fantasy but it doesn’t hurt to keep on dreaming, right? But one day Chihiro may get his wish come true when the daughter of the wealthy and noble family, Rea Sanka in a twist of events commits suicide and is somewhat resurrected. Now Chihiro has to take responsibility of sheltering her and also find a way to preserve her decaying body without raising the alarm bells. Imagine the chaos if you are found to be harbouring a zombie in your room.

Episode 0
Actually this special episode came out after 3/4 of the series. I started off the series by watching this episode first, which is a flashback episode that entails the events that happened 7 months ago before the fated meeting between Chihiro and Rea. It opens with Rea’s overprotective father, Danichirou taking nude photographs of her daughter. He calls it love. From this very first moment, you’ll know he is the character whom you want to hate so bad. Those three moles on his forehead doesn’t make him Buddha or some North Star thingy but a villain psychopath that everybody wants to shoot down worse than a zombie. Meanwhile, Chihiro reluctantly follows his father Doon, sister Mero and cousin Ranko Saouji (whom Chihiro is always calling Wanko – dog) to Tohoku to sort out some huge library collection belonging to Doon’s brother and donate this vast collection of to the community archive. There is also talk about their late mother Yuzuna whom Doon refrains from speaking about. She was loved and kind. That’s all they need to know. She was gone a very long time ago so the kids don’t quite remember her. Meanwhile Rea gets abused by her drunk mother, Aria. She thinks her daughter is getting all the attention from dad and is acting like the victim whereas she gets none. So what does she want Rea to do? Die. Second character to be noted on the hate list. Chihiro and the rest start cleaning up the archive. Let’s say it’s going to take time because the books are piled up to the ceiling! Book lovers’ paradise if not for some of them to be very old and fragile. Chihiro is a zombie lover as expected doesn’t have the necessary stamina to clean up. The girls even put him to shame but he isn’t bothered. So remember, watching too much zombie movies and not getting the necessary workout could lead to very poor stamina levels.

While resting, Chihiro spots a picture of his mother in one of the books. The wind blows it off his hand and into a hole on the wooden floor. Reaching his hand to retrieve a box, he finds a book on resurrection. Talking to his uncle, he analyzes the book is not of any worth and thinks someone wrote it as a prank. Rea is considering Aria’s words if she would be really happy if she disappeared but her head is in too much pain from last night’s hangover. As reward for helping cleaning out the books, uncle tells them about some beautiful waterfall nearby and they can get there via walking. Chihiro didn’t want to go but since they can’t leave the girls going by themselves, he is forced to be a man. I think he preferred to be a zombie. Besides, I figure Chihiro will be the one who will need the saving. While walking, Chihiro was reading that resurrection book that he didn’t pay attention when the road forks itself into two. Needless to say, he got separated from the girls by the time he realized it. He enters the hotspring area and soaks his legs. Little does he know, Rea is bathing in it. Thanks to the mist, they can’t see each other. Till their hands meet. Rea starts attacking him with a stick but he makes a run for it. In the end when they leave, only Chihiro didn’t get to see the waterfall. Yeah, it must be so worthwhile for the girls. Chihiro is still intrigued with the resurrection book in hand. He notes whenever he thinks of this trip, faint memories of his mother come to mind. Meanwhile Rea approaches a well and lets out her scream of frustration.

Episode 1
The series proper begins with Rea shouting down the well as Chihiro in a nearby abandoned building as the sole witness. We are also introduced to Chihiro’s obsession with zombies, his family members that also include his senile grandpa Jogorou and pet cat Babu. One day Babu died in a truck accident and that was the first time he felt a loss of his family member (remember, his mom died so long ago he barely remembers her). It made him realize how fragile and fleeting life was. He became desperate. Remembering the book of resurrection he took back from Tohoku, despite the contents with loads of rubbish, he decides to give it a shot. What is he going to lose anyway? So he tries mixing several ingredients to concoct a potion but no desired results yielded. Also, the sight of Rea’s nightly visit to the place. On his way to school, he learns from his perverted loser friend, Yasutaka and quiet buddy Mogi about Sanka Girls’ Academy. The newly enrolled girl of the school is Rea and what a beauty she is. Especially when she is the daughter of the director of the school. Forget it Yasutaka. She’s out of your league. Untouchable. Back home, Chihiro gets a rude awakening by Ranko making her usual visit. You can tell this childhood friend has a crush on him. But because of his zombie obsession, you know why lah. I think she coming here to return and borrow his zombie videos is just an excuse to see him.

Back to his resurrection experiment, there is one page which is blurred out. The page that needs him to mix some poisonous herb for the concoction. So it’s trial and error. Then here we go again. Rea walks up to the well. Yells “I want to be free!”. Some drama for Chihiro. Till he heard her say something about her father taking nude photos of her. So surprised that he dropped his ‘film refreshment’ and this alerts Rea. Embarrassed, she wants him not to tell anybody about this. In fact, she feels like dying and want to reborn as a different person. Yeah, rich people have it tough as what Chihiro understands. Rea also learns about his resurrection experiment. He knows he is selfish to wake Babu up from his peaceful slumber but can’t help it. He wants to see him move again. Rea supports his idea as her father a neat freak won’t even allow her to keep pets. Chihiro then says since Rea mentioned she wanted to die, maybe he could test this potion on her and turn her into a zombie. Just kidding! Rea dismisses she has dated in her life before so Chihiro also explains he has no interests in living woman. This prompts Rea to ask if she becomes a zombie, he’ll take responsibility of her. Well, he’s thinking about it. Well, that enthusiasm on her face doesn’t look good.

Episode 2
After 5 days, Babu still remains a corpse. After this, Chihiro might just give up or give Rea eat its corpse! Just joking! Rea thinks she knows what other poisonous herb is missing and goes to get them. Rea narrates her father’s extreme love. She had lots of maids took care of her but the slightest blooper even if it’s not their fault, that maid is never seen again. When Rea was young, she never realized the harm in getting pictures of her nude body taken. It was only when she grew older that she realized something was wrong. Even at school she always felt the presence of her father’s subordinate. Juri Nakadai was the girl she considered her first friend allowed since her family was quite respectable. She thought everything would be alright till she confide in her about the nude photos. Her friend viewed it as wrong and should speak up. After all, Juri often quarrelled with her father so it’s normal. This was something that she would later come to regret. When she tells father about it, he tries to brainwash her it is the kind of love that nobody else will understand. She isn’t convinced. Knowing that somebody had ‘poisoned’ her mind, Danichirou made his move. Soon Juri’s family faces lots of hardship even though they didn’t know what they do wrong and is forced to move. Juri blames Rea for everything, thinking she had offended her or something and parted ways. Her last words were she shouldn’t have become her friend. Danichirou continues his pure love for Rea taking nude photos for her as Rea resigns herself to hold it in if it means preventing someone else suffering from it.

Chihiro wonders Rea is taking too long and sees her trying to climb down a cliff dangerously. He manages to pull her back up before she slips. She’s not worried because he’ll resurrect her, right? If the potion works. The flower she had taken is hydrangea. There are lots of them blooming around her house as this flower is also her family’s crest. Chihiro finishes mixing and pours it down Babu’s throat. Nothing happens. I guess that’s it. End of experiment. Noticing Rea had sprained her ankle from that slip, he decides to offer her a ride home. He should be more tact in carrying a lady like that. Rea thinks to herself how she yearns to be a normal girl and laugh with everyone. That’s why she wants to be reborn again. At the bottom of the hill, Rea wants Chihiro to drop him off here since she will be using a shortcut up back to her mansion. It’ll be bad if her father finds out about this. Yeah, you don’t know how scary he is. Little did Rea know, her father has spotted them via his binoculars from his room. Chihiro goes home and didn’t expect Ranko to be at his place. She gets suspicious over his activities. I mean, why did he buy packs of ice for? Then she opens the box that contains Babu’s corpse and suddenly Babu jumps out and flies into the night sky!!! What just happened?! Rea is in her room and she couldn’t take anymore of this. She’d rather die than live in a cage. She had stolen a small ounce of the potion and even though she knows the resurrection won’t work, at least the poison is enough to kill her. She swallows it.

Episode 3
Morning comes and Rea wakes up. I guess the poison didn’t work either. Well. Back to life. Back to hell. Aria chides Rea for going out so late because it would damage her reputation. Danichirou tells her to stop yelling at Rea so she leaves. Rea continues to be submissive to her father, much to his delight. When the butler comes in, Rea is prompted to leave. But she eavesdrops and hears the butler telling Danichirou about the boy Rea was with last night. The only answer for Chihiro: Castrate him! Oh sh*t! Meanwhile Chihiro is trying to get Babu down from tree. He’s so happy Babu is back from the dead. I’m not sure if Ranko is convinced. Mero is unmoved because she has long accepted her brother is a zombie loving pervert! When Jogorou asks about the commotion, Mero tells him Chihiro adopted a cat that looked like Babu and claimed he resurrected it. Grandpa only heard the resurrected line and got excited. Chihiro and Ranko follow Babu walking throughout the city. I think Ranko’s waist was too big so she got stuck in the middle of a drain! Chihiro left her stuck there just to go after Babu! Elsewhere Yasutaka is lamenting his loser problems to Mogi when never in his wildest dreams Rea appears before him! Unfortunately she is asking about Chihiro. That lucky bastard! Of all people, why him?! She needs to warn him about the castration. Eh? Do such words ever leave such a lady’s mouth? Anyway she leaves but unknown to her the butler is watching her every move and reporting to Danichirou. Chihiro follows Babu to the bottom of the cliff filled with hydrangea and sees the cat chewing on its leaves. Rea is walking precariously on the narrow strip of path on the cliff’s top when to her surprise Danichirou and his butler pop up. He wants her to come home but she slaps his hand away. She summons enough courage to ask father to give her freedom. What freedom? Freedom to leave the house? Freedom to love? Knowing she just wants to go see Chihiro, he forcefully drags her home. Suddenly Babu appears and the sight of this filthy cat shocks him. Rea is delighted to see Babu resurrected but her father tries to whip it away. As Rea protects Babu, she accidentally falls off the cliff. Oh no! Halfway down, he body got pierced by a tree! Oh sh*t! OUCH! Chihiro had seen everything and hopes this is not a bad joke. Come back to life! Come back! Oh. He got his wish. Rea stands back up! No way! The effect was still there although she drank the potion some time ago. So Chihiro. Remember your promise about taking responsibility?

Episode 4
Danichirou thanks God for this miracle. But Rea told him she has been reborn. She is no longer human. Shocking, no? Aria confronts him after hearing the maids talk about Rea. He is in a daze. Her daughter died, stood back up and left him. All Aria care about is if this word gets out, her position as the school’s chairman is in jeopardy. Realizing Rea may have gone with Chihiro, Danichirou labels him as the source of evil and will free Rea with his pure love. Thanks to her stitching classes, Rea is able to stitch back her own wound! A perk of being a zombie is that she feels no pain. So she’s bumming around in his room. He doesn’t know what to make of this. Should he be happy? Should he be worried? Should she act more like a zombie? Basically her idea of him taking care of her is to let her experience a normal girl’s life she never had. Going to the summer festival should be a nice start. Suddenly Ranko’s voice is heard outside his window. She’s going to make him pay for ditching her in the drain this morning. He doesn’t want her up his room. Better let her know it’s porn that Rea. Chihiro talks to Ranko at the river bank and about Babu’s fate. Then he gets another annoyance he could do less off. Yeah, Yasutaka is not happy. Or so it seems. He wants Chihiro the God to introduce him to Rea. Then it hit Chihiro that Rea had become the zombie girl he had always wanted. Rea decides to go take a shower but didn’t count on Jogorou coming in. He thinks Sada has come back to him and starts glomping her! Rea runs away in time before she gets molested. Mero comes back and learns from happy grandpa that Sada is back from the dead. Mero reminds him grandma’s name is Kiyo. Oh hell… Suddenly the old man doesn’t know what he’s doing in the first place. When Chihiro gets back, he sees Rea sprawled all over the floor only clad in a towel. Zombies don’t catch a cold. They don’t get stomach pains either. He is ecstatic with his dream coming true. Actually Rea points out she can’t move. She feels her body has hardened. Chihiro fears something is wrong and touches her body. Though Rea is full of life, he never noticed her body is dead. This means her flesh is naturally rotting away. In a month, she’ll be all bones. He must do something to preserve her body. Or else how can he let her experience a normal girl’s life, right?

Episode 5
Chihiro asks Mero about the book of preservation she had. Unfortunately she lent it to a friend. He turns on the air-cond in his room to full power and since he can’t leave her lying on his bed, he moves her to the closet. Do zombies weight this heavy? Or is it just Rea? Oh wait! Chihiro lacks physical stamina. Ranko meets a friend of hers who is worried about Rea because she hasn’t been attending school for the past few days. She shows her pictures of Rea whom every first year knows and the idol that she is being worshipped to some. Ranko learns that something must have happened to Rea since she heard from her friend that the maids in the house are panicking. Chihiro is helping to clean the temple as Doon asks him about the taking in another cat right after Babu’s death. Chihiro dismisses it and this is the real Babu himself and got grandpa’s support to back him up. Grandpa starts laughing that the resurrection medicine he made had Babu and Sada resurrected. Yeah, who the hell is Sada? Chihiro is suddenly interested in the resurrection medicine but grandpa loses his memory on what he was talking about. It made Chihiro think that if grandpa really made it, then he might know something about preserving corpses too. Mero wants to clean his room so Chihiro had to lie he loves cleaning and will do it himself. Ranko comes by for her usual delivery. Then she relays the news that Rea is missing. It could be a problem because her family is one the temple’s regulars. Ranko then cooks up a story that she may have eloped in a forbidden love and turned into a zombie. Ranko leaves but remembers the need to borrow a zombie movie. She lets herself in to Chihiro’s room to browse. Finding the room very cold, she also finds a long strand of black hair. She opens the closet but doesn’t find anything. Don’t look up because Rea is on the ceiling! CREEPY!!! Too late! Rea attacks and drops on her. In a state of shock, Rea proceeds to molest Ranko’s delicious boobs and rip her shirt apart! Then she licks them! Are zombies perverts? The familiar scream has Chihiro rushing all the way back to his room and sees Ranko being violated by a zombie! Then Rea jumps onto Chihiro and in the process, kisses him. That’s another wish come true for him.

Episode 6
Just as Ranko suspected and feared, Chihiro is keeping Rea in his room and since he refused to let her see a doctor means she must be a zombie. Ranko accuses him for being a murderer and would go this far to make his zombie girlfriend come true! She’s going to call the police! But save that for latter because Rea is acting strange. They see her crawl out on the rooftop to follow Babu. Chihiro wants Ranko to go get Jogorou who is in the bath now. Chihiro follows Rea and is surprised to see the girl and cat eating hydrangea leaves over the fence. He notices life coming back to her eyes and realizes the hydrangea’s poison extends the effects. Ranko manages to get Jogorou (not after a series of molestation) and he explains about the potion that if a zombie is left alone after giving the potion, it will gradually fade away till it becomes a corpse again. Things he needs to do to preserve the body include regular exercise, low temperatures and regular doses of hydrangea leaves (Ranko’s molestation continues). Then he notes that although the decay can be delayed, it cannot be stopped. Just when he is about to get to the important part, Ranko whacks him and turns him back to the senile old man. Bummer. Doon sees Rea and realizes she is that missing girl. Chihiro pleads for him to allow her to live here though he can’t explain the details. Doon agrees because for the first time he has decided to take responsibility for something other than zombies. Plus, this temple used to be a refuge in the past and he has no reasons to stop him. So with that permission, Rea doesn’t need to hide anymore. Does this mean they’ve been living secretly? Oops. This doesn’t sit well with Ranko despite her putting up her usual tomboy moves on Chihiro and calling him a skirt chaser. So Chihiro starts making his observation diary to preserve Rea. He lets her use his room while he camps outside. Seems Rea has no recollection of the kiss. She also has her mental limiters shut off, which means she is stronger than an ordinary human. Chihiro proceeds to record every second of Rea. Like a stalker. I think he’s enjoying it. Knowing Rea can’t eat food, at least he can fake it and make it seem like she is eating by taking the food up to the room. Ranko brings some clothes over for Rea. Chihiro also observes that Rea and Babu might still be the same inside, they’re still no longer living beings. Taking Rea out for a night walk (to exercise), he continues observing how the world doesn’t know that a zombie is walking among them. It’s just like an everyday life. Rea is grateful to Chihiro because if not for him, she wouldn’t have been free. But the problem now is to stop the decay. Since he is thinking too much, he didn’t look before crossing the road. He could’ve been roadkill like Babu had Rea not pull him back. But too strong she pulled him that he was flung into a tree. Seeing his bruised elbow, she licks it. Does it hurt? Of course. But a zombie girl licking it…

Episode 7
We take a breather from the living boy and zombie girl as this episode is about Ranko and her relationship with Chihiro. Her family runs an inn and she helps out. Sometimes Chihiro comes to help in the kitchen and her mother would tease them like the perfect couple they look. She even encourages them to go for it if there’s a chance! Further flashback reveals she first met Chihiro when she was young and lost at a grave while her family was holidaying here. It was love at first sight. Her prince charming. Soon Doon introduced Chihiro and she promised to befriend him. She found out his love for zombies and would prefer to stick indoors watching them rather than going out. The only way is to turn off the video and force him out. Along the way, a couple of boys start picking on Chihiro and made him cry! It dawned to Ranko that the prince she envisioned turned out to be a zombie lover-cum-cry-baby. By the time she was to go home, she was over with him. Back in reality as Chihiro is forced to help Ranko with her delivery, Yasutaka the eternal loser once more blows his top to see them ‘dating’. He laments all the girls always flock to him despite himself declaring so proud of being a pervert. Maybe that’s why the girls stay away from him. The flashback continues with Ranko narrating it was not only 2 years later she saw Chihiro again. Her family moved to this town to open an inn. Though she had gotten over her crush, she wanted to be a good playmate. He still hadn’t given up his zombie obsession and her mom had a soft spot for him. This only made her depressed. One day accompanying Chihiro to get a movie (guess what genre he got?), they end up arguing what kind of movies they like. She takes the video and wants to exchange it for another one. Along the way, a giant black dog growls fiercely at her. Chihiro was scared but he picked up a metal pipe and started swinging to scare the dog away. It was when her love for him rekindled. Asking him the kind of girls he wants to kiss, guess his answer? He wants to smooch a zombie girl! Back in reality as the duo finish up their delivery, Chihiro is going to part when Ranko pins him to the wall! What is she going to do?! Seems like she is going to kiss him but backs out. She runs away and couldn’t get the scene of Rea kissing him out of her head. At the hilltop, she yells at the top of her lungs she won’t lose out. Living girl versus zombie girl. The odds are heavily stacked on her.

Episode 8
Though Rea joins the family at the dinner table, but can Chihiro stop filming her? It’s rude and invasion of privacy! Even zombies have a right to privacy! We hear more of his observations that she doesn’t need to use the toilet (good news for men, eh?) and how he is expecting to cough up hydrangea leave balls like Babu did after every munch. No such hope. In exchange to film her, she wants him to take her out shopping. I guess he is fine since she’s a zombie. Meanwhile Ranko’s heart is unsettled. She can’t help think she’ll lose Chihiro to that zombie girl. But no over fretting over it now as she joins Mero and her friends in another bath. Unknown to Chihiro and Rea, Danichirou has sent 3 guys to observe them. When the time is right, they will kidnap Rea once she is alone. Danichirou comments that Rea thinks she may have attained freedom but that freedom is fake. She will have her come back to him and teach her the true meaning of freedom. In the haunted house, it is ironic to see Chihiro scared of ghosts! WTF?! Even Rea is faring better and commenting and the stitching. WTF?! While taking a break, Rea is so happy Chihiro is taking care of her that she is close to tears. If only she had tears. He thought he knew everything there is about a zombie, eh? You learn something new every day. When Chihiro leaves to get something to eat, suddenly the perpetrators make their move. Oh wait. It’s Yasutaka. His annoying loser personality is kicking up as he tries to make Rea go out with him. Danichirou’s men decide to wait and see what follows. Rea can’t go out into the direct sunlight so the underlings think this is now or never. In a slick cooperative move, two of them grab Rea while the other one knocks out Yasutaka. He didn’t know what hit him. But Rea fights back and her supernatural strength means the perpetrators are unable to keep a hold on to her. She is swinging the bench chair around in panic! Chihiro rushes to the commotion only to see things have died down and she thanking him for coming to her rescue. What did he do? But the baddies aren’t out yet. Change of plans. They bundle Chihiro into their car instead. They report about the blunder to Danichirou and thought of dropping him somewhere to try and retrieve Rea again. But he wants the boy brought to him. He is going to settle this once and for all.

Episode 9
We take a break from that kidnap to bring to you an episode on Mero now! The events happen right after her brother takes in Rea. In class, Mero is part of a 3-member Occult Club with Ichie Shinoda and Miko Yasaka as the other members. Ichie is excited to go find more zombies after reading reports on its sightings. Miko points out they already have one: Mero. Haha! That’s a good one. I mean, she wants to uncover a real zombie. They think their art teacher Mizuki Yamanouchi is suspicious. Ichie saw her feeding something that moved in her bag and there’s blood dripping from her mouth too. They’re going to find evidence she’s a zombie. So as they hide in the art room and wait for her arrival, I guess the ‘horrifying’ sight gave them away. It is revealed that she was feeding her pet crocodile with liver. Worried it might escape while home alone, that’s why she brought it to school and feed it after school hours. Since the liver she cooked looked delicious, she can’t help try some and got food poisoning (this describes her weight loss). With her case a ‘solved’, Miko tells something interesting. One day on her way home, she smelled something like boiled corpse. She followed the smell which leads her to a couple’s house and saw them boiling body parts! But it turns out the couple were experimenting to make a new recipe for his ramen menu using pig bones. The corpse smell was the garbage from the ingredients they used. Despite the ramen reeking with corpse smell, it tastes very good! Surprise, surprise. Hey, wait. There’s no zombie in this story! Yeah, Miko thought the ramen tasted better than zombies. Now it’s Mero’s turn. She points out a real zombie is living in her house. Ichie is excited but after describing non-zombie-like traits (zombies are vegetarians because they eat hydrangea leaves?), Ichie realizes she might have been fooled because the ‘zombie’ may be her brother’s delusions. So much for that. Oh, you don’t know it’s just right under your nose. Ichie accidentally brings up the topic of her mother so this has Mero remember the only thing about her. Her bandaged hands were very cold. Mero is praying at her mother’s grave when Rea comes by. She praises Mero for doing a good job taking care of things. Well, if the men in her household were more responsible, she’d had it easy. Rea offers to help and this scene reminds Mero of her mother. She looks so much like her. Mero flusters and her face all red. Rea wonders what is wrong and touches her forehead. The cold feeling of her hands felt like her mother’s! In that moment, Mero blurted out “Mama”. She realized what she’s doing and got embarrassed. While running away, she tripped and bruised herself. She lets Rea treat her. Next day when she shows a picture of beautiful Rea as the zombie to her friends, Ichie really feels she has been bamboozled. How can zombies be this beautiful?! But for Mero, she felt something of her mother in Rea.

Episode 10
Chihiro is tied up in a room in Danichirou’s mansion. The maid was polite to tell him she had orders not to free him. Aria comes in and talks bad about her daughter. Now she’s a zombie, she reeks more, eh? How can a mother talk like this about her daughter? On the contrary, Rea is not her daughter and she has not given birth her life. This means Aria is Danichirou’s second wife and Rea is the child from his first. Now it’s time for some back story. All the maids were once hired to be Danichirou’s potential wife. Each of them had their pedigree and education so not every woman who wants to work here can simply become one. Aria was one of these maids too. Aria became a maid when Danichirou was a graduate student. All the maids tried to appeal to him but were never successful. Thoughts that he wasn’t interested in women even surfaced but Aria didn’t give up because no men have resisted her charms. So she worked hard and paid detail to his needs and slowly he began calling her more often. But in the end, he was not swayed by her too. One day they had a fencing event in the mansion for a community service where all the disabled in the area were invited. Danichirou was a participant and naturally won. However he was not happy with the easy win it’s like as though they purposely lost. Well, the Sanka family contributed lots to the fencing association so it was a foregone conclusion he would win the competition every year. Till he met this wheelchair girl who mentions it is a sin to show disrespect. Even if the match was fixed, as long as he practiced, the efforts he put in were real. He was struck with her words and soon proposed to that 15 year old. Of course this was met with lots of objection from his family because she’s a commoner. However Danichirou will forgo his inheritance to marry her. They continue to protest but he threatens them that anymore of this, they will incur his wrath. After leaving them speechless, he married her.

Soon after Rea was born, she died. He sank into depression. So bad that he looked like a living zombie. Aria continued to take care of him till he recovered. Then at last, she thought he won over him when he married her. But after years of marriage, Danichirou never looked at her as a woman. The marriage was because he thought Rea needed a mother figure. But even that was unnecessary as he was the one attending to Rea’s every need. She could only watch from a distance. One day the butler tells Aria it is time to give up pursuing for Danichirou’s attention. Through a secret hole in the wall, he lets her peep the hideous act of Danichirou taking photos of naked Rea. I guess that’s when she lost it. In the end Danichirou kept doting on that girl while longing for her mother so how can Rea be Aria’s mother? Aria tries to seduce Chihiro with her body, trying to convince him that this is way better than a zombie. Too bad madam, he’s only interested in zombie girls. And that’s a fact. Aria breaks down that nobody gives her any attention. Somehow Babu manages to get in the room and she thought this cat loves her. Till Chihiro points out it’s a zombie. Get away! The maid wheels Chihiro away to Danichirou while Aria is left to envy him. He’s actually paying attention to him while she received none. I guess the need-to-go-to-the-toilet trick won’t work because the maid will gladly clean up where he does his business. In the room filled with pictures of Rea, Chihiro comes face to face with the mad man himself. Danichirou thanks him for everything because of that, his desire to protect Rea burns stronger now. But yet, he won’t forgive him. This is a fine mess he’s gotten into, eh? Rea hails a taxi to rush back to her mansion while Yasutaka is still out cold.

Episode 11
When Rea enters her home, the maids tell her under Danichirou’s orders, they can’t let her see him. Then they capture her and tie her up. Much to Rea’s dismay, the maids are having fun putting on cosplay costumes on her! So cute! She has had enough of it and breaks out from her chains. Chihiro is wheeled into the fencing dojo where they will settle to see who gets custody over Rea. Since Chihiro doesn’t know how to fence, Danichirou gives him the freedom to use any sword or any martial arts stance. He doesn’t even know a single one. So why does Rea want to be with a man who lacks any talent and skill? Suddenly Chihiro takes off his helmet and starts laughing. He’s pretty bold to start mocking Danichirou! At least he’s got the balls to do it! He tells him this custody battle is futile and for him to take nude pictures of his daughter, he is just a creep. No wonder she wants to run away. Instead of seeing who can protect her, they should worry what Rea wants. Rea has the right to decide on her own life (despite she’s undead now). He points out he is more interested in restraining than protecting her. The last straw came when Chihiro mentions it must be hard on Rea to be treated as his wife’s replacement. Danichirou is so mad that he trusts his epee through Chihiro’s chest! Danichirou reminds him he has the power to erase his existence and has underestimated him. Rea is horrified to see this scene. But even horrifying is Chihiro head butts Danichirou! Hey wait a minute. Shouldn’t Chihiro be dead after getting stabbed? Maybe his excitement in seeing Rea in a bunny outfit lessens the pain? After all, a zombie in a bunny outfit is a combo he had never imagined before! But seriously why is he still alive. Thinking back, he realized Rea’s hydrangea poison is still inside him. Remember the incident she licked his wound? Yeah, he proclaims himself as a half zombie!

Danichirou is about to slice off his head but is stopped by Rea. If he insists on fighting, she will be his opponent. Danichirou is shell shocked since he is only doing this to protect her. He only wished for her condition to be cured. He suggests moving to America as he has made the necessary preparations and have hired the best doctors and researches that will cure her. Plus, how can a foolish boy with no knowledge or wealth save her? But Rea is fine with her condition. If they need to leave town to be cured, she’d rather stay. Even if it’s just a short time, as long she can stay with Chihiro she’ll be satisfied. Danichirou still can’t believe this so Chihiro tells him straight that all Rea wants is not to be special but to be normal. How many of Rea’s wishes has he granted? Thinking back, none actually. Danichirou realizes he is at fault, the reason she died to achieve this. Chihiro admits his shortcomings and also wants his help to make Rea stay a little longer. Danichirou asks Rea if she won’t regret this and she answers with confidence she won’t. With this, he entrusts Rea to Chihiro’s care. Say what? But only for the time he is overseas to find a cure for her condition. He warns him about stripping Rea of her innocence and Chihiro assures he won’t do something like that. Then Chihiro collapses as the effects of the poison wear out. Now he’s bleeding like mad. After Danichirou leaves for overseas, Chihiro wakes up in his room. Alive. Alive as in the living. He’s not a zombie. Thanks to the maids, Chihiro’s life is saved. They also made Rea wear a nurse outfit because they believe it will make Chihiro happy. He is, right? Ranko comes in worried and notices Rea. She makes her first introduction to her. And she is Chihiro’s fiancee. What?! Chihiro doesn’t remember making such a childhood promise. Apparently during elementary school she asked him to be his fiancee. Because he doesn’t know what that is, he agreed. Really? Just joking! That really made your heart jumped out through your throat, eh? With Ranko getting her usual physical on Chihiro, Rea realizes that she is in love with him.

Episode 12
Feels like a drama filler to tone things down in this episode finale. Chihiro must be feeling the burden of responsibility, eh? How do you exactly take care of a zombie? The only person he can rely on his grandpa but that guy is always out of his mind most of the time. Heck, make that all the time. During meals, Mero tried making her dish with nothing but hydrangea. Hey, she’s ‘vegetarian’. Then Mero starts hitting the hard questions for Chihiro. Is Rea going to school? Is she going to stay here indefinitely? I’m sure Chihiro is finding a tough time trying to answer that without giving too much away. Health problems? Yeah. She’s dead. The fireworks festival that Rea wanted to go so much got cancelled due to the rain. So Chihiro got this idea that they should hold their own fireworks festival. Ranko has a spare yukata that she can lend her. Oh. Just the word of Ranko (and that girl is coming too), sends uneasy vibes to Rea. Even dead people have heart feelings. Do they? So Ranko comes and helps Rea put on the yukata. They have a little girl to girl chat. Ranko knows Chihiro is doing this to make Rea happy because that kid was never interested to go on any festivals she invited him. Then they talk about Rea’s uncertain fate. How long will she last like this? Where will she go?

Of course, these girls can’t have a conversation if they don’t put in Chihiro as the topic. Romance wise, that is. Rea seems conservative and don’t mind Ranko hogging Chihiro all to herself just to be considerate. She’s comparing herself she’s not as close as her and he’s only paying attention because she’s a zombie. So Ranko tells her that they’re rivals and since she’s a girl, she needs to live every day to the fullest. No holding back. Live life to the fullest. There’s only 1 problem. She’s dead. Oh, the irony! Though Ranko won’t lose, she also doesn’t want Rea to give up and do her best. The mini fireworks went by without a hitch. Rea soon returns to her own home to get her belongings since she has decided to return to school. Aria is informed of her return and confronts Rea. So what’s her problem now? Danichirou told her not to do anything. So don’t worry, Rea won’t get expelled or anything. This means Aria won’t even look after, care or give a damn what happens to her. Rea is okay. She is prepared for the worst. And so just like that, they part. Rea walks with Chihiro to the abandoned building. Must be her new place to live. Perhaps fitting for a zombie girl? He gets frank with her that he wants her to stay this way as long as possible. She too gets frank and wants to make the most of her life. I think she borrowed most of the lines from Ranko. As Chihiro start ranting away, Rea somewhat falls into a zombie trance and jumps onto him! And bites his lips! Are zombies vampires too? At that moment he felt like he shared all his happiness and sorrow with her.

It’s… Alive!!!
Not one of the best endings but I guess it can’t be helped. What else more is there to the story once the main ‘antagonist’ is ‘defeated’. For now. The only real challenge left is to preserve Rea for who knows when the decaying will intensify. But we’ll leave that horror thought for another day. So basically what I figured is that this story is just about a girl who wants to be ordinary and a guy who really gets his dream to come true. What we mostly see here is their daily lives, drama and the interaction with each other. Nothing more. We get a slight peek into their past and some of the other supporting characters but that’s about it. At least this series breaks the typical conventional of what zombies should look and behave. Yeah, they aren’t mindless hideous dead people with rotting flesh out for your brains. Too much Hollywood could make one stereotype against zombies. They have feelings too, you know. Do they? I’m sure we could play a host of dead idioms like drop dead or wouldn’t be caught dead with or half dead but it won’t be so nice speaking ill of the dead. Dead on.

Chihiro as the main protagonist isn’t your typical knight in shining armour. Saying that he is too ordinary wouldn’t be accurate because of his obsession with zombies. He just doesn’t mingle with the rest of society and could easily been labelled an outcast. Would he care about that? Plus, Chihiro isn’t really that nice of a kid. I mean, as we see it the only reason why he is housing Rea and taking responsibility of her is because she is a zombie. That’s her only merit to him. If she was a living being, I don’t think he would have really cared about her. Sure, initially when they first met at the abandoned building, he was ‘kind’ enough to listen to her, talk to her but I think that’s about it. He’s just there and it’s not like he is a cold-hearted bastard with no reason to chase her away so just let her be. But I would also like to believe that Chihiro really does care for her as a human, a living being. When he talked back against Danichirou about Rea, I am pretty sure he was standing up for her as Rea a person, a girl, and not a zombie. Of course being a zombie is what made him go the extra length for her. Otherwise if you observed, he really doesn’t pay too much heed to Mero or Ranko. One thing strange about Chihiro is during comical or surprised scenes, though this is intentional, the drawing and art of his face reminds me like Bakemonogatari’s Koyomi Araragi. I thought they had a striking similarity there. Even some of the visual styles and close-ups resemble close to SHAFT’s trademark but I guess it’s okay for Studio Deen to have a variety of them. At least they didn’t clutter the screen with unnecessary texts.

Ironically for Rea, she was ‘dead’ while alive and when she died she become more alive. While she was still breathing like a human being, she was like a caged bird with no liberty and only experienced true freedom when she was reborn a second time. She has Chihiro to thank for. But sometimes I wondered even if she is experiencing the normal life now, is she truly living one? Because normal high school girls aren’t dead. And as pointed out, she lost some sensations since her nerves under her skin are dead. So how can she really feel them? I don’t know but at least it’s the closest thing she’ll ever get to go through since she never had a chance whenever her father was around. Danichirou is a character that everyone will definitely would like to pick a bone with. Just like how he deems others cannot understand his pure love for Rea, we too cannot comprehend his twisted version of love. It might feel that he is making Rea as a substitute for his first wife but going so far to the extent of taking nude photos? At least he doesn’t post them on Facebook or YouTube. Thank God. Still, that act of his makes him no greater than a paedophile. What more, his own daughter. I know (decent) parents are always concerned about their children but I’m not sure about his over-protectiveness over Rea. What was he trying to protect her from? As Chihiro pointed out, it felt more like he is restraining her. From what? The outside world? Should’ve gone to live on an uninhabited island. It’s good that he finally realized but I get a feeling he won’t come back soon or anytime because there is no cure for zombies! Good luck travelling the world for the rest of his life and thus giving Rea the freedom she always wanted. Now Chihiro has got a problem of taking care of her to his grave. Just who will outlast who? Aria is also another despicable character. Despite the flashback to understand how she turned out to be such a heartless woman, even though you pity her for what she went through, I feel it is still very wrong for her to take it out on Rea who has nothing to do with it. She tried to woo Danichirou and ended up getting ignored. It’s like she’s like a ghost in the mansion. After all, what is there to do when you’re the wife of a filthy rich husband. Drink and get drunk the whole day. That’s the path she chose. She could’ve been someone who guided Rea and maybe both the girls will end up opening Danichirou’s eyes. Instead I guess she was just selfish from the start, from the time she joined as part of the maids.

The other minor characters seem to be rather okay but they don’t really impact much in the storyline. For instance Mero is so monotonous and lack of any emotion that she just might be a living zombie in the family. I don’t know if she was born like this or something traumatic happened that caused her to become like that (I doubt it’s her mom’s death because she died when the kids were too young to remember and understand) but there was one point Mero did show a gust of emotions. So she’s not that all ‘dead’ either. She too has a weird habit. Like for instance, I notice her sleeping pyjamas are like those of dead spirits. Maybe she’s into this sort of thing. Doon is a tolerating father and my guess why Chihiro is able to keep Rea’s zombie as a secret well isn’t because his father and sister don’t really care about him but because they’re family, they have this bond and trust within each other. After all, Chihiro isn’t harbouring an evil spirit, right? Is Rea one? Ranko adds spice and liveliness to the otherwise mundane temple family and some love rivalry. Unless some drastic change happens to Chihiro, we know Rea has the upper-hand in stealing Chihiro’s heart. Yasutaka… He’s an idiot. Now we know that living and dead girls don’t want to be his girlfriend. Haha!

The most amusing character in this series has got to be Jogorou. Agree? This little old man is really senile. You got to love him partly because of his forgetfulness. Each time during dinner, he would shriek in horror some kind of weird food he dislikes in his bowl. Each time Mero would coolly retort it is not what he thinks and it’s so and so. He realizes his mistake and calms down. It won’t be long (not even 5 seconds) before his forgetfulness takes place and repeats what he says. The cycle goes on… Just funny, don’t you think? He is like a cue for comical relief and his face and skin tone makes him look like a zombie too… And who the hell is Sada? Must be some other woman he was in love with other than grandma, eh? Whether Jogorou really made the resurrection medicine or just part of his senile mind is another matter. As for Chihiro and Mero’s mother, though it is not clearly explained, I have a hunch that she may have been a zombie temporarily before she died. Firstly, Mero’s reference that her hands are cold. Whose kid will ever think their mother’s hands are cold? Even if you live in North Pole, to a kid, his/her mother’s hands will always be warm. Secondly, she had bandages all around. Doon’s refusal to speak about the issue clearly makes it more suspicious. In the early episodes, Chihiro had strange and horror-like flashbacks but can’t seem to remember or put them together. So what are they actually because we don’t see them anymore but I’m sure that it has something horrifying to do with her.

I’m sure that with Rea breaking all the standard norm on zombies, you might have a few questions that might boggle your mind. At least mine did. As a zombie, her inner organs don’t work anymore, right? Like her stomach. So, when she eats those hydrangea leaves, how do they get processed anyway? Flow directly into the bloodstream? Zombies have flowing bloodstream? She may cough it out like Babu but surely the medicinal values of the leaves must be absorbed and processed in her body somehow, right? Being a zombie means you can’t die, right? So what happens if you dismember her? Will she still be alive? Assuming her lungs aren’t working, she’s not breathing too, right? That means she can’t drown either, right? What about times when Rea starts going into a trance? She likes to jump and hug onto others and bite them. So far she’s only done that twice and both on Chihiro so it’s not quite right to jump to a conclusion. But really, what causes her to go into that state? Lack of hydrangea poison? Seems like it. Yeah, best ‘joke’ ever. Zombies are ‘vegetarian’. So be sure to grow lots of hydrangea leaves for them to chew. But I guess even if she’s a zombie, some of her body organs are still functioning. Like her eyes. She still can see. Her mouth. She still talks instead of moaning “Uuuuunnnnnnggggg~”. Her brains. She still can think and move her limbs. Now the mother of all questions… How do you make love to a zombie! Now that Chihiro has kissed her, considering taking it to the next level? Too bad she can’t really feel. No men can satisfy her with her dead senses so it’s a shame you’ll always be labelled bad in bed by a zombie. Haha! Oops.

This series also highlights several issues. Most prominent as mentioned is Rea’s abuse. Danichirou may call it his pure love but in our eyes, chaining up a girl in the house and not letting her do anything that isn’t even close to being dangerous is just cruel. There is the issue of neglect too for Aria’s case. I feel Danichirou not only never looked at her as a woman but a human being either. She’s being treated like some sort of object that was never needed in the first place. I guess you could say that as each passing day, Aria has been rotting away drinking. There’s another zombie in the making. For Chihiro, it would be responsibility because for a guy who never cared about anything unrelated to zombies, he has got this perfect chance to show that he isn’t just a zombie geek and matures enough to see to it that he tends to Rea’s needs. Of course as said, Rea as a zombie is the main motivation that kept his interests in her going. For Rea it would be freedom. It’s the case of the grass is always greener on the other side. Rich girl wants to be a normal girl and other ordinary girls yearn to have her rich and luxurious lifestyle. When you don’t have it, you want it. When you got it, you don’t appreciate it. Then there is acceptance. For Chihiro it would be okay, but what about the rest of the world if they ever find out? It’ll be more than just skin colour and skin ‘freshness’.

For the voice acting, the most amusing one has got to be Yuka Iguchi as Mero. As opposed to her annoying high pitch squealing voice for genki girls, here she really does a good job in portraying Mero as a deadpan monotonous girl. Like as though she’s a zombie. She sounds more dead than her other role that doesn’t involve high pitch squealing, Miku in Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Unshou Ishizuka as Danichirou was perfect in making him sound like a twisted and overprotective father. His low voice gives out that creepy yet assertive feel of this mad man. He was the voice of Sakaki in Shijou Saikyou No Deshi Kenichi and Bunta in Initial D. Other casts include Ryohei Kimura as Chihiro (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Maaya Uchida as Rea (Mari in YuruYuri), Sayuri Yahagi as Ranko (Haruna in To Love-Ru), Mayumi Asano as Aria (Hilda in Eureka Seven), Shiro Saito as Jogorou (Colonel Mokkoi in Toriko), Seirou Ogino as Doon (Himekawa in Beelzebub) and Shuuhei Iwase as Yasutaka. Misato Fukuen (Eve in Black Cat) must have the easiest script as Babu because after all, cats don’t talk right? Heck, this one doesn’t even meow but go “Ba~Bu~”. Isn’t that how it got its name? Nano.ripe sings the opening theme, Esoragoto and that drowsy voice once more reminds me of how they sing many of the songs in Hanasaku Iroha. Let’s say it is not to my liking. Surprisingly the ending theme by Annabel, Above Your Hand is a very slow and calming piece. So slow and calm that it might put you in sync with the dead! No, I’m not saying that this song is for the dead but it is slow enough to give that impression. And what is the deal of Rea bumming around in the bowling alley in this ending credits animation? Sure, it’s that abandoned building but it just feels out of place. Just like zombies walking amidst us, eh?

The funniest and amusing part of the series has got to be the next episode preview right at the end. It seems like a section whereby Mero (or is it Yuka Iguchi herself?) is complaining and reluctantly doing her job to narrate the next episode preview. Man, she even breaks the fourth wall by wanting to take her complaints to the producers! Who the hell wrote this kind of stuff? But eventually she does her cute high pitch squealing voice just to appeal to everyone before going back to her monotonous voice to complain again. Eventually she calls it quits so much so Chihiro, Ranko or Rea had to do the preview on her behalf! But at times she’ll be back to interrupt halfway or whatsoever! And she doesn’t even sound happy about it! Just quit if you don’t want to do it anymore! Another amusing part is the second title of each episode. Though appearing at the end of the episode and just before the end credits, some of them are pretty witty and are related to the events in that particular episode. For example, episode 4’s “She’ll Sleep When She’s Dead”, episode 5’s “Upstairs Grave”, episode 8’s “Taken Away”, episode 9’s “Is The Truth Out There?” and episode 12’s “The Meaning Of Bite”.

It’s hard to classify this show as a horror because if you have a cutie like Rea a zombie, you won’t go screaming but fawning over her. I can see why not only Chihiro but other guys would be falling head over heels over this girl. She’d be a girl to die for. Haha. It’s hard to classify this show with fanservice because you do get your rare fanservice shots but I would hardly call them one since I’m not the kind that gets stimulated at near naked bodies of zombie girls. I prefer ‘fresh’ ones. Oops. If you want zombie and fanservice combo, go watch Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. This show is definitely not action like its zombie themed counterparts like Highschool Of The Dead or Zombie Loan because no other zombies’ head were smashed in the making of this series. Overall this series starts off fine with a quirky idea but somewhat loses steam in the middle when it sidetracked a little. Nevertheless it’s still a good watch if you want to watch something light with zombies. Come to think of it, I think I’m already a zombie due to my midnight tryst with animes. Stayed right up till the wee hours of the morning to watch my anime turned me into one. I might not be infatuated with zombies but sometimes I do feel like getting up and do that zombie dance in Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Oh, better not leave my brain at the doorstep watching mindless animes for who knows the zombies might not be as vegetarian as you think.

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