Before I forget that such an OVA exists, I guess it’s best for me to blog it down straight away as soon as possible after watching it. I mean, although School Days OVA – Magical Heart Kokoro-chan has came out somewhere last year, due to the many anime series that I was watching at that moment (yeah right), I’ve always put this series on hold and at the back of my mind that I will one day watch it. Besides, it’s only 1 episode, right? Well, thankfully I didn’t forget about it and managed to watch it anyway.
Just as the title name suggests, this is from that gruesome shocking TV anime series School Days. But unlike in that TV series, this one is as light-hearted comedy as its other OVA episode called Valentine Days. Furthermore, you would also guess from the title that the main star stealing the limelight would be the cute little Kokoro girl. Loli fans rejoice! (No, I’m not one of them).
This particular OVA is a parody of the mahou shoujo (magical girl) and those sentai shows (think of Power Rangers or those Masked Rider series). Only thing is, they put in the characters from the School Days series. This OVA has no relation of whatsoever to the TV series so you can be rest assured that nothing that gruesome will happen here. Sort of. Just get ready to have some laughs in this no-brainer. Well, at least that’s what I think. Plus, there is a little bit of nudity here so you may want to take note of that while watching this, though not much.
The OVA begins with Makoto narrating how normal his life is while taking a train to school. Yeah, real normal. Since he won’t be the main star of this episode. But I guess it’s better than going around sleeping with many other girls like he did in the TV series. Furthermore, Makoto’s narration seems to make him like as though he’s a philosopher of life like how he is happy with the way things are and that life isn’t a game and since you’ve got only 1 life, there is no reset button. Ironic, huh? But the train comes to a sudden crashing halt and Makoto finds a tiny alien space craft is attacking them! WTF? But do not fear. Makoto spots the mahou shoujo Magical Heart (it’s Kokoro by the way) destroying the space craft. With that, Makoto says how his everyday quiet life has been shattered. Really?
In school, we see that Taisuke is a huge fan of Magical Heart and is trying to tell her heroic deeds which have been published in the magazine to an unenthusiastic and sceptical Makoto. So when Taisuke asks Sekai, she too seems to be on Makoto side. In need for someone to back him up, Taisuke soon asks Setsuna, in which she supports Taisuke’s views. Of course she explains that it is so because good exists because of evil vice versa with her trademark ominous sounding voice.
The scene changes to the cafe where Sekai works as a part time waitress. But it seems that Hikari, Nanami and Kokoro are also working there as waitresses as Kotonoha visits them. While everyone is praising Kokoro’s outstanding job, they heard and emergency sound and excuse themselves from Kotonoha. The quartet head into the locker area and we see that the locker is some sort of secret gateway to an underground base. Yeah, it’s like those you see in such sentai or mecha shows. Couldn’t they have a much normal gateway? That’s what they asked when they came crashing down. We see that the Commander is Sekai’s mom (who’s also the manager of the cafe) and the reason why they had to enter in such a way was because of the emphasis on coolness. Huh? I guess since this genre is of a mahou shoujo and sentai, might as well. In addition, Commander says that in this kind of job, appearance matters most. Yeah, and that is the basics!
Anyway, Commander proceeds to show them the emergency situation downtown. At the shopping district, everyone has been turned into zombies. Something like Resident Evil? But the worse part is that they are perverted zombies! I don’t know how but because the screen is situated beneath the girls’ feet, those zombies had a nice time when they look up viewing what is underneath the girls’ skirt. Commander also tells them that she has prepared an anti-science weapon before mobilizing her squad into action. Go! Radish Mobile Squad.
As the girls do their henshin (transformation) into their sentai-like outfits, the narrator narrates how this cafe is just a facade and its true identity is a civilian defense organization dedicated to fighting villains and monsters where the government is too slow to act upon. These girls are selected by a super computer, interviewed, and then hired with an hourly pay of 750 Yen plus hazard pay! Not a job for anyone. Erm… the sentai costume seems a little revealing like as though they’re going to a cosplay party. Better hurry because those zombies are terrifying the townspeople by unleashing their darkest desires. Being perverted, that is. And you thought a good pervert is a dead pervert. Wait a minute, being a pervert is never good. Anyway the zombies are taking out their perverted acts on Otome and her 3 stooges.
We see the mastermind behind all this is the sinister Doctor S (it’s Setsuna by the way. I’ll refer to Doctor S as the person herself since it’s much easier). She and her headless assistant Tanaka (actually his head is never shown) decides that this shopping district will be her stepping stone to plunge the world into chaos. At the same time, Makoto and Taisuke are trying to escape the hordes of zombies as Setsuna orders Tanaka to spread more gas to turn everyone into zombies. It seems if anyone inhales that erotic gas, they’ll turn into a perverted zombie. As Makoto and Taisuke are cornered, the Radish Mobile Squad arrives and Sekai dub themselves as the Anonymous Defense Service. Then the funny part was how the narrator said it is such a tragic that they don’t know each other’s identities. Yeah, right under their noses, sleeping with the enemy all these while. Not to say their outfits cover their entire face or what. While Makoto and Taisuke are relieved of the arrival of their saviour, Otome and her 3 stooges are semi-naked (probably had their modesty a little outraged by then to) by the time Nanami gets them to safety. A second too late?
Our heroines soon face off with Setsuna and they are bent on defeating her because they will get a pay rise. So it’s all about the money eventually. They put together their anti-science weapon and it resembles a vacuum cleaner. Uh huh. Sekai proceeds to use and suck all those erotic gas. Of course there is only so much a vacuum cleaner can suck and contain but Sekai continues to suck until it exploded. So it partially destroyed our heroines’ outfit, which means a little fanservice for us and pay cut for them! The gas spreads and unfortunately Taisuke inhales them. In an instant he becomes a perverted zombie and goes after the poor girls. Well, Makoto notes how he isn’t different from his usual self. Then I don’t know how, during the chase, Taisuke becomes totally naked. Must be a horrifying sight for the girls. The zombies got the girls cornered as they fear the worse. But some sonic waves disable the zombies. How come only Taisuke turned back to a normal human being? Yeah, that guy has got the cheek to say he’s naked when the girls whack him.
So who is this new saviour? Why it’s Magical Heart! Yeah, we get to see her lengthy henshin too. However Sekai isn’t too pleased because she thinks she is stealing their glory again. Yeah, so tragic that they can’t recognize her. Taisuke then steals Makoto’s handphone because his doesn’t have a camera function. That obsessed Magical Heart fan starts snapping away in his joy. Magical Heart asks Setsuna why is she doing all this and her reply is that she is just playing her role because they’re all actors (ironic, isn’t it?). As the road is laid out for them by destiny, Setsuna says she is the master of evil while Magical Heart is the hero of good. Of course Kokoro doesn’t get all that ranting. She starts her attack to dispose of those side evil characters who just made their 10 second appearance. Then Setsuna uses some inflator to turn Tanaka into a huge mecha Tanaka.
Giant Tanaka is wrecking havoc in the city as he tries to smash little Magical Heart and in true old sentai shows, the buildings get smashed up instead. Then the government’s Defense Force Of Justice arrives. It fired its Murder Beams (really!) but it has no effect on Tanaka as the latter retaliates with another beam to melt the vehicle. They lost. Useless. Magical Heart is doubting herself whether she could defeat Tanaka as she remembers Setsuna’s words (I thought she didn’t understand). The blast from Tanaka causes Magical Heart to fall from the building top. Makoto rushes to save her. He manages to catch her when blocks of the building comes crashing on him. Makoto then says he’ll do anything for a happy ending. Ironic part is that we see those gruesome clips back in the TV series, whereby he got stabbed. The blocks come crashing down on them.
But those heavy blocks are soon destroyed by magic with the appearance of another heroine. She is Magical Word (it’s Kotonoha by the way). My word, what a name for this witch outfit lady. She faces off with Setsuna who agrees to face her. Tanaka unleashes his beams only to be stopped by Magical Word’s single palm! Power! Magical Word thanks Makoto for saving Magical Heart and then wants her to combine together to power up. Possible? Anything is here. The mecha of Magical Word and Magical Heart seems to be that Potemayo-like mascot that they used during the cultural festival back in the TV series. Yeah, they even named it Magical Maya. The thing which bugged me was why are the 2 girls inside the mecha naked? Why do they have wires plugged to their boobs?! A short but huge battle ensues with Magical Maya finally summoning a Magical Chainsaw as her finale. The Super Special Move: Bloody Conclusion! Really. That’s what the move is called. They split Tanaka into half and fill the town with blood. Blood blood everywhere. Seems familiar?
Setsuna decides to retreat and says that the next time they meet, it will be their last, before vanishing. In the aftermath, Magical Heart reverts back to Kokoro and comes to fetch her pals on a raft. Why? Because the whole damn town is flooded in blood! Real bloody. So once again the day is saved from erotic gasses thanks to Magical Heart and the other mysterious magical warrior (who are we kidding. We all know who she is damn well). The next day at school, Makoto and Sekai are darn tired and the latter uses her tough part time job which zapped her energy. Yeah, she got a pay cut too. Taisuke comes by and in his hype shows them the front page newspaper of Magical Heart’s popularity soaring after yesterday’s event. Then at the cafe, Kokoro takes some orders from Makoto, Taisuke and Setsuna. Then at a certain angle, Makoto notices how similar Kokoro looked like to Magical Heart. Taisuke thinks Makoto has changed his taste to lolis when Kotonoha comes by to join them. Sekai seems to be a little jealous. Soon Otome and her 3 stooges patron the cafe as Kokoro serves her customers.
After watching this show, it made me feel ironic what in the world was all that for. I mean in the sense, friends fighting among each other but can still eat and drink with each other at the end. If you look at it that way. Even with the bloody ending and little fanservice, the good thing is that nobody really died here. Plus, Makoto isn’t a pervert like he used to be. Feels like he’s just a side character. Probably this series is to satisfy fans of Kokoro, who emitted a little moe cuteness of her own. Well, this OVA isn’t supposed to make sense anyway.
The opening theme is called Magical Heart Kokoro-chan Theme by Megu Ashiro (who is also the voice of Kokoro) and sounds like a typical mix between the mahou shoujo and sentai genre. The opening credits animation reminded me of the one in Ultraman because it shows the silhouettes of several monsters (not that they appear in the show anyway). Besides, there is no ending theme for this 25 minute OVA. Is there a need?
Perhaps the producers should make more of such comedy OVA for the School Days series if they have any intention of doing so. It’ll be nice. Yeah, maybe they should do a parody of other genres as well. Fancy a fantasy magical adventure with the characters of School Days? Or an action packed hack-and-slash genre? What about a sports genre, say football? A real life action version? Before I let my imaginations carry myself away, let me just summarize and say this OVA is quite okay and should satisfy hardcore fans of the series. Or else, as a mahou shoujo genre, there are many other series out there which would easily overshadow this one. Go forth! Magical Heart Kokoro-chan!

School Days OVA – Magical Heart Kokoro-chan

OMG! That bastard is still alive! That freaking two-timing idiotic jerk is still alive! Well, after that shocking finale in the anime series School Days, there has been a lot of hatred and cursing about a particular male character from that series. So when the producers came out with a one episode OVA of the series called School Days – Valentine Days, it came as a surprise to me. Even those characters who have died or gone away, are being ‘resurrected’ for this OVA.
After that gruesome ending, I’m not sure of the timeline of this single OVA episode. Heck, maybe it has got nothing to do with the storyline after all. I feel that this OVA episode can serve as a stand-alone episode. Why, it’s only 20 minutes long even after taking into account the opening and ending themes. Less than that actually. About 18 plus minutes.
Now, after watching this episode, this is what a love harem comedy is supposed to be all about. Yeah, that’s right. As you might have guessed it from the title, the theme is Valentine’s Day and the setting and tone of the series is much more different and light hearted than the tv series. Get ready to have some laughs. So those who have watched the original tv series and dread how everything turned out, rest assured, watch this one for the comedy and don’t let your biasness and prejudices spoil the fun of this OVA.
The episode starts off with the girls soaking in an outdoor hotspring inn high up in the snowy mountains. Courtesy of Kotonoha’s dad invitation and offer since this hotspring is associated with one of her dad’s companies so they got free passes to it. I knew that Kotonoha’s family is wealthy but I didn’t know she was this wealthy. Not only that, Kokoro then mentions that they have free passes to Dubai and Hawaii too! Wow. Hikari is really impressed (sarcastically) as Sekai notes that this is the difference between them. Otome then is staring at Kotonoha’s boobs and says she isn’t normal at all. Though Kotonoha is embarrassed, Otome then restrains her and suggests that they see what happens if they fondle them, with Nanami as her partner in crime. Unfortunately, you won’t get to see any yuri scenes furthermore. That’s because Setsuna swims by and says that it’s not the size that matters, but the satisfaction. "SATISFACTION?!". Yeah, enough to send the girls shouting out loud in disbelief. Except innocent little Kokoro of course. She doesn’t understand those adult lines.
Meanwhile Makoto is looking bored, sitting in his room with Taisuke, who is feeling impatient and restless because he thinks they have to go peek at the girls if they have the heart of a true hot-blooded man. Yeah, right. Just then, they heard the girls calling Makoto’s name and are tempting him to come join them in the mixed bath. I guess it’s normal for the duo to turn into perverts and in their surprise opens the door to confirm it. But as soon as they did that, the girls threw a wooden bucket at their head. Yeah, they were just kidding. Can’t be that easy, huh? As the duo are crying in frustration on the floor, Makoto narrates "And thus was the beginning of out happy days. Or so we thought… We were too young to know better". Got that right.
The next scene shows Sekai, Hikari, Otome and Nanami dining together at a cafe. Hikari talks about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and wonders what Sekai is planning on that day. Though Sekai says she doesn’t have anything in mind, Hikari tells her that she’s lying as she reminds her about Makoto. Though Sekai says she’s planning to give Makoto some obligation chocolates, Sekai shoots back at Hikari about Taisuke’s case. Otome seems to be on Sekai’s side like asking questions if Hikari has even confessed to Taisuke. Obviously that girl doesn’t want anybody else sticking their nose into this case. Nanami then says though it’s a waste to give chocolates but it’s an opportunity. This gives Sekai an idea but Otome isn’t pleased with her reaction. Setsuna then comes by and tells Sekai that all the other customers are looking at her. In her embarrassment, Sekai gets up and apologizes. Looks like she’s slacking on her part time job.
Kotonoha comes home to find Kokoro going through various recipe books about making chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Kokoro asks her sister if she has anyone in particular to give her Valentine chocolates. Back at Sekai’s home, Sekai finds her mom passionately making chocolates. Still making some at that age? "No matter how old a woman is, she’s always young at heart". Now that’s the positive way to look at things, Sekai’s mom. She then asks if Sekai has a boyfriend. Though Sekai didn’t give an answer, but I guess we can all tell by her body language. Sekai’s mom proceeds to teach her to make some chocolates. Yeah, you have to put one’s feelings into it and then wait for the impact. The impact of a taste that he’ll never forget when he first puts it in his mouth (no hentai thoughts here!) and he will instantly fall in love with you. Furthermore, Sekai’s mom is giving her lecture like as though she’s attacking the enemy. "Zero in and strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!". I know that Valentine’s Day can be a battle zone for some.
But the next disturbing scene is at Kotonoha’s home. I don’t know if it’s for real or not, but Kotonoha is dressed in a cape and making chocolates with unthinkable ingredients. Lizards. Ginseng. Squids. You get the idea. She’s like a witch trying to make some poison! Reminds you of that story in Snow White, huh? Not only that, she’s got Kokoro as her little assistant. I wonder if they’re really making chocolates. What’s this? Kotonoha taking out a chainsaw and starts slashing the air?! I think we’re in the wrong horror thriller show.
Valentine’s Day arrive and at class, Taisuke is reading his and Makoto’s love fortune for that special day. Taisuke must be really expecting something good out of it. "An unexpected girl will forcefully approach you", "And you will progress 1 step further into manhood". Don’t believe everything you read. Taisuke seems passionate about everything but Makoto doesn’t give a damn. Taisuke thinks of going to check his shoe locker again but Makoto tells him to check his desk first. When he does, Taisuke is sad to find nothing and thinks he’s been ignored this year. I think he’s been ignored all the time. Sekai is watching the duo from behind and thinks that they are idiots.
It’s evening and the day is coming to an end. Uh huh. Those 2 guys didn’t get anything and Taisuke is cursing his luck and youthful days of his. Just then, a blushing Otome then comes by and is asks Makoto to come with her for a while. She then takes Makoto’s hand and brings him along somewhere. It then hit Taisuke that Makoto is the one that is going into manhood alone. Feeling frustrated? Bye bye you loser. While Taisuke is branding Makoto a traitor, Hikari is getting ready to give her chocolates to Taisuke.
At the school garden, Otome is finding it hard to tell Makoto but eventually manages to sum up her courage and give him her chocolates. However, she tells him that it’s just obligation chocolates since they have known each other since young. Soon, they heard Sekai calling out Makoto’s name. She too has chocolates in hand. Yeah, the rivalry intensifies. Note the lion and tiger aura of Otome and Sekai respectively! Sekai too hands her obligation chocolates but Otome soon pulls Makoto away and says that he doesn’t have to accept them since they are obligation chocolates. Sekai says the same thing to Otome’s chocolates as they tug and pull Makoto. He’s going to break at this rate. He manages to break free and tells them to calm down. But the girls aren’t satisfied still because it took them quite a long time to make them and wants him to choose. He has no choice, even if they’re both obligation chocolates.
As Makoto steps back, he bumps into Kotonoha. Holy sh*t! So that weird stuff she was making is for real! What in the world is that evil purple aura coming out from that chocolate cake with tentacles! Hideous! Sekai and Otome notes another rival has appeared. Oh great. That’s what Makoto needs. If you think he has to choose between 2 is bad, it gets even worse with 3 now. Triple trouble. The girls are awaiting his choice and we can see their eyes glowing in evil red. Makoto realizes that this is not good at all and whatever choice he picks, his fate is sealed. He’s going to be killed! Haih… If he only realized that back in the tv series. Makoto tries to run away and escape but the girls are hot on his heels. At the same time, Hikari is disappointed that she didn’t manage to give her chocolates to Taisuke because that jerk was gone the moment she turned her eyes away for a moment. Makoto then ran pass by her and the chasing pack slams Hikari to the shoe locker. I don’t know why, but did you notice that Sekai and Kotonoha are carrying a knife in the other hand while chasing down Makoto?
I also don’t know how this happened but soon Sekai’s mom joins in the chase. Yeah, she’s in her bikini and wants Makoto to have some with her. "I’ll give you a taste of an adult’s pleasure". Not only that. Kokoro is in this too! She’s in a ribbon cat outfit and still has that onii-chan fetish. Holy cow! Thank goodness this isn’t the original tv series whereby Makoto went around doing in girls he comes across! No lolis, no other people’s wife! You know, this guy can break the world record in running across the globe in… Heck, I don’t know how long but it seems time didn’t pass at all. That’s because it’s still evening but Makoto has been cornered by the 5 ladies at the top of the school rooftop. Since he is indecisive, Kotonoha then suggests that he eat all their chocolates at once. I think their evil red eyes are more of being sadists rather than force love. Yeah, they’re being yandere, you know… They restrain him and stuff it all together down his throat! At least take off the wrappers lah. Wow. He does really have a big mouth. But I guess the taste must be really out-of-this-world. In a negative aspect, that is.
While barely alive, Makoto tells them that he will give his reply and impression some other time. Sekai thinks it’s White Day, which is only a month away. Relieved, the girls then walked away and look forward to it. Makoto, please note down that another D-Day in your diary. Makoto manages to crawl his way back to class when he sees Setsuna there. She gives him a chocolate which is smaller then her palm. Though Makoto thinks it’s another obligation chocolate, Setsuna tells him that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to accept it. But I suppose he doesn’t want to disappoint her and eats it. Surprisingly, he finds it delicious and feels much better. With that, Setsuna proceeds to give him a giant size chocolate! Wow! Where did she take that out from? Uh huh. That little chocolate was just a small sample, part of the rest of this. Setsuna then tells him that the chocolates are not from her but from a person who is too shy to give it to him personally and that she’s just being told to do so on her behalf.
Makoto then asks who is it from. Now this is the shocking part which I didn’t see coming nor guess. Sestuna’s answer… Taisuke! WTF???!!! THAT IS FROM TAISUKE???!!! Since when did that guy turned gay?! Another disturbing scene as Taisuke appears in make-up! He’s doing his lovey-dovey expression to Makoto! Holy *#&$#@!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it turned out to be something yaoi! Something gay! NOOOO!!!! That’s right Makoto. Scream all you want. In an empty classroom, nobody can hear you scream. Okay, maybe not. Thus, Makoto’s final narration "Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And thus was the beginning of our happy days. Or so we thought, young and foolish as we were. My springtime of youth stumbled into further confusion…". Before Makoto could finish his sentence, it seems that he has been cut off. Like somebody taking him away by his throat. Have fun.
OMG! That ending was totally unexpected! Of all the girls, I was thinking that he may ended up with one of them or none. But Taisuke?! Probably he’s been hanging around with him for so long, so much so that loneliness of not being able to find a suitable girl turned all that hope into gay love. Woah. If it’s true, then Makoto has really got to stay away from this guy. So where did his manhood he yearned so much go? More like turned into gayhood. Yeah, if you note the ending animation sequence, there will be a picture of Taisuke’s girly expression somewhere at the end as the handphone’s screensaver image.
This episode is the best one among the series. I really enjoyed it very much. Ah, if only the series had more episodes like this. But after watching this, it doesn’t feel like ‘dessert’ to wash away the awful ending of the tv series. My feelings and thoughts for the tv series still remains unchanged. Makoto is still a guy that viewers will love to hate even after watching this one. Though I’m glad nothing bad happened in the end, but I feel that this OVA episode is some sort a revenge for the girls. Yeah, Makoto getting a taste of his own medicine. It would’ve been more fun if Setsuna had been in that chase too but I guess the producers reserved her little role for that finale. Shocking but hilarious.
So it goes to show you that when you have a harem, it’s really hard to choose which one to give your full attention to. As I’ve said before, this is one aspect where sharing isn’t a good point to emphasize. And even if you fail to give your Valentine’s Day chocolates to your loved one, don’t stuff it down his/her throat forcefully. Of course, it is the thought that counts too. Now, I wonder if there are any girls out there who are willing to give me their chocolates too… NOO!!! Since I haven’t received one before, I’m thinking I’m turning into a loser like Taisuke!!! *Sinking into deep depression*.
School Days

School Days

June 21, 2008

Probably the name may sound just like an ordinary tv series but I assure you that after watching School Days, it’s more than just ordinary and the ending will leave viewers in shock and aghast. Sure, at first the series may start out as an ordinary typical love-comedy harem kind of genre but when it reaches halfway, things get really complicated and will take a much unpleasant turn.
The tv series has 12 episodes and is based on a pc dating simulation game of the same name and is one of those many pc games which has been adapted and given the anime treatment. I’m sure during our high school years or teenage years, we’ve encountered or experienced several love incidents, or at least just watching from afar like yours truly :'(. Love is like a double-edged sword. It can sometimes be that nice and lovely feeling or it can really hurt. Sharper than any cut from a sword.
So this story in particular focuses on a Sakakino High School student, Makoto Itou, who seems to have a crush on this particular girl of the same year, Kotonoha Katsura. As seen in episode 1, the duo rides the same train to school every day. I suppose this is his first time being in love so I guess he’s pretty much admiring from a distance and takes a picture of her with his handphone. There’s a charm rumour saying that if one takes a pic of the person he/she likes and it’s not found out, that love will come true. In class, Makoto’s friend, Sekai Saionji, spots this pic and decides to play matchmaking for him. So much for that charm. Yeah, it lasted for a day only. Sekai is willing to go the distance for Makoto and even made friends with Kotonoha since the latter doesn’t have much friends too. Before you know it, Sekai invites Makoto for lunch at the school rooftop with Kotonoha. Since Sekai is the only member of the astrology club, she has the keys and access to the rooftop. It’s like a personal getaway. Though Makoto’s heart isn’t ready yet and has nervous jibes, but he eventually has to give in after all that ‘persuasion’ from Sekai. Another funny part is that Makoto’s friend, the loudmouth and wanna-have-a-girlfriend-but-is-a-loser, Taisuke Sawanaga, calls Makoto in the middle of a discussion just to find out whether he’s hitting on a girl!
On the rooftop, though Kotonoha’s bento was less appetising, nothing much happens even Sekai made up some excuse to leave them both alone. But the next day, Makoto decides to be a man and finally confesses to Kotonoha at the train station and surprisingly she accepts. Later Kotonoha tells Sekai about Makoto’s confession and reveals that she too has been secretly admiring Makoto from a distance. That evening when Makoto is waiting for a train ride home, he spots Sekai and wonders if she goes home the same way he does. Sekai mentions that her ride is in the opposite direction of his. Makoto is grateful for what Sekai has done but before anything else can happen, Sekai kisses Makoto on his lips, leaving him stunned as she boards her train home. Ah well, the start of the harem and of course, trouble.
Episode 2 sees Makoto and Kotonoha dating as a couple but that guy is so clueless about dating (even after reading a guide on how to date), that you feel like you just want to slap him in the face and tell that poor girl to dump him. I mean, that guy went to play video games on their outing and even tried to get a kiss from her. Ugh. Look at that perverted puckering lips. Any girl would lose interest. Luckily the train door shuts before he can do some kissy kissy moves when they’re parting. When Sekai gets to know about this, she scolds him out loud. Yeah, she has a tendency to stand up and shout back at Makoto during class. And the teacher will have to tell her off. Better to concentrate on the lesson than what’s going on in Makoto’s love life. But I guess this is more interesting. After chiding him about not knowing a girl’s feelings, Sekai hands over 2 cinema tickets to Makoto so that he could kiss Kotonoha when the mood is right. Uh huh, some teasing seducing play from Sekai there. She even tells him that the previous night’s kiss was just a greeting. I’m coming to think that Sekai is some sort of a dating sifu. Plus, Sekai has a petite friend, Setsuna Kiyora, who has that jealous and suspicious kinda look but actually is looking out for Sekai.
So the next day Makoto and Kotonoha are on yet another date. Makoto thinks hard of which type of movie is best for them to watch and decides to go with the romantic one. However it seems Kotonoha prefers the horror one. Ah well. But during the movie, Makoto is watching a more interesting ‘show’. Yeah, he can’t take his eyes of Kotonoha. He let his perverted side get the better of him and decides to smooch Kotonoha but she spots his horrible perverted face and gives him a slap! Back in class, Makoto reports to Sekai what has happened and another ‘aho’ (moron) scolding from the grand master of matchmaking. Also Makoto is feeling down since that incident and his self-confidence a little shaken. Later in the evening at the playground, Sekai went to have a chat with Kotonoha to give her some encouragement and tells her that Makoto is doing his best to suppress his pervertness (yeah right). Even Sekai did a perverted move on her by squeezing her large boobs! When Kotonoha asks about their closeness, Sekai tells her that they just sit next to each other and because of so, they’re close to each other in that sense. More ‘advice’ from Sekai to Makoto the next day and wants him to go apologize. When Makoto does it didn’t go too well (more on Kotonoha’s part) so Sekai has to intervene once again by telling Kotonoha that she should consider his feelings as well. After much thought, Kotonoha meets Makoto at the train station and apologizes for what she had said earlier on and well, kisses him. Is this guy lucky or what.
Yeah, Makoto gets invited to Kotonoha’s home in episode 3. But before that, Sekai again warns Makoto of doing things too fast. I guess Makoto thinks he’s got the flow of this dating thing and starts to question Sekai’s words. But the things is, another one of Sekai’s friends, Hikari Kuroda, spots Makoto and Kotonoha together and SMS Sekai about it that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Yeah, Makoto is once again trying to kiss Kotonoha and is scaring the wits out of her so much so she runs away into the train when it arrives. Saved by the train? Another criticism from Sekai saying that it’s too soon to get physical but Makoto thinks it isn’t wrong since they’re dating. Even Setsuna comes to the cafe where Sekai works part time to tell her about her boyfriend cheating on her but Sekai tells that she and Makoto aren’t dating in particular and he’s not his boyfriend. So looks like her buddies think that Makoto and Sekai are an item. Is Sekai hiding something? Kotonoha takes the bus to avoid seeing Makoto but he apologizes to her during recess at the rooftop.
Sunday comes and Makoto arrives at Kotonoha’s doorstep. He is introduced to her cute little sister, Kokoro, who is so thrilled that her sister has got a boyfriend. She is so over the moon to meet him. Yeah, she really wants to play with him. Nothing hentai lah. Things like playing horseback ride and well, setting up some ‘lover’ games for Kotonoha and Makoto. Makes you wonder why she don’t she get a boyfriend of her own. Too young? Age isn’t a barrier when it comes to love! The day ends when innocent Kokoro wonders why they both call each other using their surnames instead of their first names, since they’re lovers. This question seems to stump the duo. As Kotonoha walks Makoto to the train station, they decide to call each other with their first names. The train arrives and looks like Makoto isn’t giving up on kissing Kotonoha yet. But since his face seems less perverted this time, she pecks him on his cheek. Surprise surprise. But there’s another surprise in store. Once Makoto returns to his apartment, he calls Sekai and tells her that dating Kotonoha is… tiring. WTF???!!! Is this a sign that he’s bored with her?! He got his wish and now he’s got the guts to say this crap?! Real jerk. I hope Kotonoha will be alright.
In episode 4 while Kokoro asks her sis if she has kissed Makoto yet (which she directly answer nor deny), Sekai is spacing out and can only think about the time she kissed Makoto. Then at the rooftop we see that Makoto hasn’t really got tired of Kotonoha yet because he’s kissing and groping her breasts making Kotonoha embarrassed. You can see that disappointed perverted face when Kotonoha tells him that he’s going it all too fast. So Kotonoha calls Sekai that night for some advice and the latter asks what is her ideal place for something romantic. Well, I guess it’s okay for every girl to dream for a handsome prince on a white steed. Another outing between Makoto and Kotonoha the next day and Makoto accidentally got his hands on Kotonoha’s breasts when the train suddenly shakes. Though Kotonoha apologizes, Makoto just mentions that she doesn’t like to be touched. Another ‘meeting’ between Makoto and Sekai and as usual the latter blasts Makoto for being to fast. Makoto is complaining that he isn’t getting much ‘physical’ with Kotonoha. So that’s his problem?
Sekai decides to help him out by suggesting a special training. Sekai takes him to various places like the secluded park area but it seems other passerbys caught glimpse of their unholy act. Nearly caught with their pants down. So the safest place is back on their school rooftop. Make a good guess what this special training is all about. Well, Sekai’s idea of helping Makoto is to ‘practice’ on her. OMG! Now she’s turning into a slut! Can’t blame entirely on Makoto. Which guy would ever refuse such ‘practice’. Even though Makoto feels Sekai’s boobs aren’t as big as Kotonoha’s, but I guess that pervert would just gladly dig in. Sekai tries to resist at first but eventually gives in. A sign that she may like Makoto deep down and perhaps take their relationship to more than just friends. Makoto could’ve get more creative if he hadn’t received an SMS from Kotonoha. I think Makoto is getting the hang of this ‘practice’ and even asks if he could continue more with Sekai. But Sekai tells him that he should use what he had learned on Kotonoha instead. Soon Makoto bumps into Kotonoha and the latter invites him to a water park. Makoto agrees as Sekai looks on from a distance with a sad expression.
Episode 5 is your typical fanservice episode with the girls in their swimsuits. Here, not only Makoto and Kotonoha are at the water park, but Sekai, Setsuna, Hikari and Taisuke tags along too. We find out that Hikari has a crush on Taisuke but is too shy to confess. Funny how love works. But this Taisuke guy is bloody oblivious and has his sights set on Kotonoha instead. Uh huh, Sekai did proclaim how she got Makoto and Kotonoha together and Taisuke excitedly wants Sekai to do some matchmaking for him. Hikari isn’t looking too pleased… Anyway Makoto teaches Kotonoha to swim while the rest have their own fun. As the gang regroups for lunch, Taisuke brings up the matter by saying that he thought Makoto was dating Sekai. However, Kotonoha confidently tells that she’s the 1 who’s dating Makoto. Sekai’s pals aren’t too please to hear that and are slightly confused. Once they’re ready to head home, Sekai again chides Makoto for being too friendly with the other girls and tells him that the ‘practice’ wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously and that she and him are just friends as he belongs to Kotonoha. Yeah, earlier on, Makoto did mention he wants to continue with the ‘practice’ even if Sekai refuses. Later, Makoto wants to meet up with Sekai and though she ignored his SMS but eventually decides to go see him. Upon meeting, Makoto suddenly hugs her and confess that he loves her. Oh so this guy is into two-timing, is he? Even if Sekai try to explain that this is unfair to Kotonoha bla bla bla, I guess Sekai gives in to her own desires to be with Makoto. The 2 locked lips and when they come back to Makoto’s place, the ‘practice’ isn’t just practice and is for real this time.
Seems this practice has turned into a routine in episode 6. Sekai falling into Makoto’s pressure to ‘practice’. Poor Kotonoha. She’s all in the dark. Though Sekai wants Makoto to come clean with Kotonoha, they never did manage to tell her all that has happened behind her back (fearing that she’ll be mad? Oh this is gonna turn out to be 1 fine big mess). Setsuna is suspicious about their relationship and asks Sekai if Makoto has broke up with Kotonoha, in which Sekai lied and said yes. While Kotonoha is on her way home, she spots Makoto and Sekai kissing in a train but dismisses it herself. Then 1 day as Makoto reluctantly walks home with Kotonoha (he had to because Sekai tells him he must since Kotonoha is his girlfriend), you can see Makoto’s cold ignorant attitude towards her. I mean, that poor girl tripped and fell and he stood there not helping her as though he doesn’t care anymore about her. Which is partly true too. The next day in Kotonoha’s class, we see a classmate of hers, Otome Katou, being pressured by her 3 pals, Kumi, Natsumi and Minami (whom I’ll refer to the 3 stooges, but more wicked. You’ll see why), to tell them the guy she likes. And the way things look, she seems to indicate Makoto! Holy cow! So another girl takes a liking for jerk Makoto. Since Kotonoha overheard that conversation, she quickly tells them steadfast that she is Makoto’s girlfriend and his dating him. Otome and the 3 stooges don’t like it very much. Otome even SMS her pal, Nanami Kanroji (looks a bit like Tatsuki of Bleach), to confirm whether this is true or not. Over the series, I find that Otome and her 3 stooges are being cold to Kotonoha, bullying her in every aspect, since Kotonoha is on the committee for the upcoming school festival. Meanwhile Makoto and Sekai are on the rooftop and that guy is having more than just desserts, if you know what I mean. Kotonoha decides to have a break and meet Makoto and goes to the rooftop. Upon reaching the door, to her horror, she overhears them confessing their love to each other and Sekai is already half stripped. Kotonoha watches through the door window as they both make out… Just great. Okay Kotonoha, this is your chance to dump that philandering bastard!
Even so, Kotonoha is still in denial and thinks Makoto is her boyfriend in episode 7. Poor girl. She even wonders if Makoto is drifting away from her since she can’t get physical with him while knitting a sweater for him. At class, Taisuke comes to tell that a representative for the festival is injured so the teacher appoints Makoto as a replacement. Meanwhile Otome and her 3 stooges are harassing Kotonoha by playing guilty mind games with her to get more materials for their festival’s ‘lounge’. Yeah, they got a video camera too. During the committee meeting, Kotonoha is happy that Makoto is on the team and tries to catch glimpse of him but Setsuna, who’s also on the committee, gave her that intimidating stare. After the meeting, Kotonoha tries to talk to Makoto but Setsuna forcefully drags him away and then takes his handphone and blocks all incoming calls or SMS from Kotonoha and says all this is for Sekai. Can she do that? But the thing is, even if Makoto is against it, he didn’t undo that block. Kotonoha tries to SMS and call Makoto but gets an error message instead. What’s more, Otome and her 3 stooges are continuing to flex their muscles over Kotonoha. Makoto once again bumps into Kotonoha but before anything could happen, Setsuna pulls Makoto away. Makoto breaks free this time and decides to go talk to Kotonoha but sees her talking with Taisuke in a room. He eavesdrop to find that Taisuke is asking Kotonoha if she would like to be his dance partner at the festival (a rumour about couples who dance together at the festival will be together forever) since she and Makoto broke up. Kotonoha is shocked to hear that but asserts that she is still Makoto’s boyfriend before rushing out. She bumps into Makoto outside and it seems Nanami too has overheard it. Nanami chides Kotonoha for being unfair because she thinks she’s trying to seduce both Makoto and Taisuke. Since Makoto didn’t say anything to deny or protect her, Kotonoha soon runs away. Damn jerk. Feel like strangling him.
It took him long enough to unblock all calls and messages from Kotonoha then. Sekai is at Makoto’s place and she tells him what Setsuna has done. But the doorbell rings and Makoto to his surprise finds Kotonoha there. She says her handphone has malfunctioned and wanted to go see him but Makoto replies that his handphone is fixed now. Though Kotonoha wants to come in, Makoto gives an excuse that he’s not feeling well. Kotonoha then spots another pair of shoes and fears it’s Sekai’s. Kotonoha then asks Makoto if he would like to be her dance partner at the festival. He gives that neutral non-binding answer, "I’ll think about it". Great answer, buddy. After Kotonoha leaves, Sekai has overheard their conversation and is pissed off because Makoto is acting like her girlfriend. Which is partly true, right? Or did she forget that he hasn’t really officially break up with her? Sekai storms out not heeding Makoto’s word that she may bump into Kotonoha. True enough, the 2 girls met just downstairs outside the apartment. Kotonoha comes up to Sekai and tells her that this isn’t fair and slaps her. She deserves it too.
Episode 8 sees Sekai talking to Setsuna about her relationship with Makoto. Because of that incident, Sekai skips class the next day and thinks back about the things Kotonoha said back to her then how she was the one who introduced her to Makoto but then is secretly dating him. In class, Makoto reprimands Setsuna for being too hard on Kotonoha but when she asks if he’s going out with Sekai or Kotonoha, he tells her to stay out of it since it’s none of her business. Based on his uneasy answers, Setsuna tells him to visit Sekai. After school, he goes visit Sekai and the latter tells that she is sick and that slapping she got. I guess Setsuna decides to confirm it herself when she too visits Sekai that night and asks if Makoto will break up with Kotonoha, in which Sekai answers yes. Next day on the train to school, Kotonoha gets hold of Makoto and tells him that she’ll let him do stuffs with her and asks him to be her partner at the dance. Kotonoha seems desperate and even tells him that it’s okay to touch her breasts. Yeah well, that guy has no qualms about that last bit. The scene changes to Setsuna’s dark empty room and she’s answering a phone call in French.
The day of the festival arrives and it seems Makoto’s class is doing a waitress cafe and having a huge pink Potemayo-like mascot to rake in the customers. But they are being rivalled by another 2 class who are doing little kindergarten sister cafe and zombie cafe (seriously who would want to go dine in a cafe filled with scary zombies. But it works!). Anyway the havoc caused some damage. Setsuna and Makoto are trying to find materials to fix up when Setsuna tells him that she is leaving for France soon due to her parent’s job. Thus she is doing all this for Sekai’s sake. She tells him how in the past, Sekai was a loner until she became her friend. So she wants Makoto to be her replacement and be there for Sekai once she is gone. However, Setsuna hasn’t told Sekai of this yet and will tell her once the time is right. Setsuna then has a flashback of when Makoto saved her from being bullied and teased by a bunch of kids during her first year. Because of Makoto’s words and encouragement, Setsuna decides to follow his suggestion of becoming a class rep. Back in present time, the class have finish their repair and Makoto is so tired that he slept there with his back against the wall. Setsuna then says to herself how she’ll make some memories for herself as she leans over and kisses Makoto on his lips while he’s asleep! Woah! This is really turning out to be a true harem series. I can’t believe this shorty also likes him! After all that she has witnessed, so is that doing all for Sekai just a cover up? Anyway Kotonoha walks into the room looking for Makoto and spots Setsuna’s mischief… It’s gonna get a little messy.
Episode 9 continues off with Setsuna and Kotonoha having a little conflict. Kotonoha wonders if Setsuna too likes Makoto but the latter denies and says she’s doing this all for Sekai and this little kiss is just a memory for herself since she’s going away. Nanami soon arrives and Kotonoha excuses herself. I’m not sure what the next scene means because Setsuna is alone at a play and the acting is playing guilty minds with her for what she has done. Meanwhile Makoto and Sekai are working at their classroom cafe and that guy is fondling her butt. This made Sekai to give him a knee kick in his crotch. We see Kotonoha as an attendant at the ‘lounge’ when Otome and the 3 stooges come up to her with their usual harassment. Kotonoha is doing some SMS to Makoto but due to those bullies, she has to man and be stationed at the lounge the whole day and can’t be with Makoto. Later, I find out that this ‘lounge’ is a place where couples come to have sex! Is this allowed in the first place?! Taisuke then spots Kotonoha and asks her again to be his dance partner, but she refuses. Makoto takes a break to go round the festival and bumps into Otome. Seems that they’re childhood friends and Otome musters up her courage to be his dance partner. Makoto is surprised that Otome, a girl whom he’s never seen as a girl (due to her tomboyish-ness back then) likes him. Then he takes a good look at her and even comes to think that she looks kinda pretty. Just great. Real great. Sekai then shows up to bring Makoto back to work as she thinks he’s slacking. But as they head back, they see Kokoro and a classmate of hers visiting the festival. But their stay is short. Not before Kokoro tells Makoto how her sis is looking forward to the dance with him, making Sekai a little jealous.
Meanwhile the 3 stooges continue to bully Kotonoha by wondering if Makoto is truly her boyfriend, in which Kotonoha repeatedly affirms. She tells them that he hasn’t been around probably he’s busy with the festival’s work. Not really. We see him and Sekai talking and the latter wants to know if he would be his dance partner. Uh huh. He said yes this time. So is that answer just to get her off his back? Outside the school garden, a depressed Taisuke bumps into Otome. He tells her how he likes Kotonoha but is disappointed to find that she’s still going out with Makoto. Otome tells him to be a man and do it or else he’ll never get what he wants. With that Taisuke is all pumped up ready to try again. So is Otome. With Taisuke getting Kotonoha, this means, she’ll get Makoto. Makoto returns to find his handphone with over 20 SMS from Kotonoha! Is that crazy or what?! In his surpise and guilt, he decides to go see her but bumps into Otome, who then takes him to the ‘lounge’. Inside, Otome confesses to him and wants to be more than just friends. Yeah, they soon make out. The dance is near and Makoto leaves telling Otome that it’s best nobody knows of this. Kotonoha has returned and finds Taisuke there. He tells her that Makoto has gone to the dance with Sekai and that he has betrayed her but assures that he himself wouldn’t do such a thing before confessing his love for her. At the dance, Makoto and Sekai are dancing while Setsuna watches them from afar. At the same time, Kotonoha is in a shock over what she has just heard and because of that, she doesn’t fight back or response when Taisuke starts undressing her and takes advantage of her wavering emotions. Can this amount to rape?
Episode 10 sees Makoto and Sekai dancing and even kissing. Kotonoha is semi-naked after being raped and is shocked to see the duo dancing. But the next day, Makoto lies to Kotonoha saying that he was waiting at the ‘lounge’ for her. This seems to comfort her a little. When Taisuke tries to ask Kotonoha out again, she once again rejects him saying Makoto is her boyfriend. Taisuke is in shock and runs over to Makoto to confirm it. That idiot denies he is dating Kotonoha and that it’s over between them. At the school’s dumpsite, Makoto gets a surprise visit from Setsuna who is wondering if he has really broke up with Kotonoha. Makoto is pissed off that everyone seems to be wanting to know the status of the duo. She tells him to properly break up and have eyes only for Sekai. Kotonoha then shows up and wants to invite Makoto over to her family yacht but Setsuna butts in saying on his behalf that he can’t because of an important meeting with her. Just then, Makoto is trying to break up with Kotonoha but she thinks he’s joking and that Setsuna is behind all this, forcing him to say it. Kotonoha then threatens to tell Setsuna kissed Makoto when Setsuna pulls off a fast one by kissing Makoto first. Kotonoha’s desperate attempt to win back Makoto seems futile as finally Makoto tells her that he’s breaking up with her and that she should’ve know understood that when he turn up for her. Yup, he doesn’t love her anymore. This is the most crushing devastating blow to Kotonoha. After all that she has witnessed, she stood by this jerk thick and thin and this is what she gets in return?
Yeah, that stupid Makoto is seen doing it with Otome in the storeroom. This guy can do it anywhere. Unknown to them, Setsuna is outside, saddened from what she’s hearing. From now on, Kotonoha is going crazy. Back at her home, Kokoro notices her sister acting strange. What is she planning to do with that knife?! Anyway Setsuna decides to visit Makoto’s place to have a talk with him. Setsuna mentions about that storeroom incident but he says that it’s none of her business. She tells him to break up with Otome as this will cause problems with Sekai. Makoto realizes that Setsuna likes him as he hasn’t told any of these to Sekai yet. He takes advantage of the situation by pushing her onto his bed. But Setsuna didn’t fight back. She even tells him that she’s willing to give her body as long as he breaks up with Otome and let Sekai be the only girl in his life. I don’t think that guy’s listening. He’s just in for the sex. So how many girls has his done with already? I feel like I don’t want to keep the score.
The next day, Nanami invites Sekai to some school basketball club party and Nanami jokes that Makoto may be dating Setsuna. However Sekai brushes it off because she can’t really see that happening. Oh it’s right under your nose as we speak. Along the way, they meet up with Otome and Nanami introduces her to Sekai. Then a senior girl student calls for everyone’s attention and starts rolling the film. It seems that there was a video camera during hidden in the ‘lounge’ and every sex activity that has occurred has been recorded! Nanami then saw herself doing it with her boyfriend. She screams in horror and breaks down. Except for the perpetrators, who’re having a good time teasing those horrified ‘victim’ girls about it must’ve been a happy festival memory. Sekai decides to leave with Nanami when she caught glimpse a footage of Makoto doing it with Otome. Sekai tries to contact Makoto and rushes over to his place. Along the way, she bumps into Kotonoha, whose eyes are now ‘lifeless’. She tells her that Setsuna may be with Makoto. Instigating? Can’t blame her. At the airport, Setsuna is seen leaving as Makoto is looking for her. I wonder why he wants to do so. Can’t get enough of that fling yet? Setsuna remembers the time when Sekai begs her to switch sits with her so that she can be next to Makoto. Upon realizing that Sekai likes Makoto, she agrees. After this, we won’t see Setsuna anymore.
In episode 11, Sekai is shocked of the sudden departure of Setsuna so much so she skips school. Partly she is also depressed over Makoto’s betrayal. Speaking of which, it seems Hikari is now doing it with Makoto! Woah! Wow! I can’t believe this guy! Hikari’s initial reason to do it with Makoto is so that she could get him to persuade Sekai out of her gloominess. What is this girl thinking? So far, he’s just giving that I’ll-do-it-soon answer. Things indicate that Makoto may no longer be interested in Sekai. Now Hikari’s really into 1 big mess as well. Hikari goes to visit Sekai to cheer her up. She says a cheeky remark like if she leaves Makoto alone too lone, she (Hikari) might use this chance to cheat her. This causes Hikari to slam the door on her. Not good, even if it’s meant to be a joke. Meanwhile, Otome is having a hard time contacting Makoto and wants her 3 stooges to help look for him. But they say it isn’t their problem. Otome storms off to find Makoto. Then 1 of the 3 stooges notes how Otome is acting weird after that party video and wonders how good is this Makoto guy and wants to try it out to see for themselves. You know what I’m thinking? Right on. But before that, we see Makoto doing it with Hikari once more, this time in the science lab. Of all places… Once over, he bumps into the 3 stooges. Later at Makoto’s place, we see the 3 stooges there and your guess is at good as mine. So this guy has done it to nearly every main girl in this series. So now he’s into orgy? Could it get worse? I’m speculating that he’ll get one with Nanami to rid her depression and in an extreme case, if he ever develops loli-fetish, will go for Kokoro. Hey, nothing’s impossible for him, right?
Kotonoha on the other hand is sinking further into her own craziness and is mentally unstable, talking to herself and as though Makoto is on the end of the phone. Sekai is going through all her SMS messages when she feels something not right in her tummy… Oh oh. The next day, Sekai comes to class but Makoto isn’t excited to see her. Sekai wants to talk to him that she missed her period. Then it hit Makoto. Just like the useless bum he is, he doesn’t want to take the responsibility and even accuses her of lying! Sekai mentions that she has did it with nobody else except him and he is the father. I don’t know where Makoto gets his thinking but he’s wondering why Sekai could ‘make this happen’. WTF?! Having enough of his ignorance, Sekai screams out loud that he needs to take some responsibility of this child of his. Now this has got to be more than just embarrassing. Sekai feels sickly and is rushed to the infirmary. That news spreads throughout the school and since the 3 stooges did it ‘properly’, they don’t have to worry and decides to ditch him. Later as Makoto confide his problems to Hikari, she also tells him off and that even though she did it ‘properly’ too, she don’t want to same fate to befall on her. Read: You’ve been dumped.
Makoto is pissed off about everyone’s attitude (should look at himself first) when Otome calls if she could come over. Makoto excitedly agrees. When Otome arrives at his doorstep, she wants to ask him about the rumours about Sekai’s pregnancy. Makoto then shrugs it off and says it’s not his fault. Otome is shocked by his answer and now knows the kind of jerk he is and leaves. She tells him that he was a much nicer person back then and now he has completely changed. Yes! She dumps him! Break it off with him girl. Everyone is starting to leave this bastard. Good thing Otome’s a smart girl and even if it’s love, there has to be a limit to all this. Makoto is then wandering around through town and tries to call his ‘recently acquired’ harem girls but no one is answering. While running through his phone pics, he sees the 1 he first took of Kotonoha. Then the real Kotonoha appears in front of him. Initially she’s out in the cold, doing pretending stuff that she and Makoto will be a real couple. She’s still talking nonsense though. Makoto realizes what he has done to her. Kotonoha’s still talking that she loves him, which makes Makoto to emotionally hug her and wonders why Kotonoha still loves him after all that he’s put her through. You’ll never realize the value of something when it’s gone. Kotonoha’s eyes seem to show some sign of life.
Episode 12 begins with Makoto taking out Kotonoha to a fancy restaurant but he gets shock when Sekai calls him over his handphone. Sekai is at his place cooking dinner and wants him to come home. Makoto is trying to cover up but his nervousness causes Sekai to suspect that he is with Kotonoha. He tries to blame Sekai for that outburst in class and tells her to stop pretending to be his boyfriend and go home. In Sekai’s rage, she SMS back to him that she’ll go home, not before she makes a mess out of the kitchen by spilling all the food. On her way back, she spots Makoto and Kotonoha and decides to go back there. At Makoto’s place, he decides to make tea for her but finds the place rather messy. The doorbell rings and Kotonoha opens the door to find Sekai there. Sekai slaps her this time and demands to know why she’s here. She continues to yell that Makoto has broken up with her and such but Kotonoha replies that it’s only what she wants to believe and that Makoto has loved her all along. Kotonoha mentions that it’s part of Sekai and Setsuna’s plan to break them apart. Just then, Sekai remembers the time when things indicated that Setsuna may like Makoto but dismisses it because she’s her best friend. After that, Kotonoha assures her love for Makoto as the duo passionately kissed right in front of Sekai. I think Makoto just obliged because he wants to get out of this tangled mess. Can he?
As Sekai leaves, she’s having flashbacks of the time when Setsuna mentions that Makoto is a nice guy. Then that weird play again in which Setsuna experiences a few episodes back. This time, they’re implying that it’s Sekai’s fault. If she had never introduced Makoto to Kotonoha or switched seats, all this would never have happened. Sekai then gets an SMS from Makoto saying that Kotonoha has recommended a good hospital and that she gets an abortion as soon as possible. The next day, Makoto gets an SMS from Sekai saying that she wants to meet him alone at his place. Sekai goes off to make tea but creates an SMS to send to Makoto. His handphone rings and he is puzzled to see that the SMS message "I’m sorry", is from Sekai as he keeps scrolling down. At the bottom, it reads "Goodbye". Makoto then realized but as he turned around, Sekai charges at him and stabs him with a knife! OMG! Not only that, she stabbed him multiple times! I know at times I want to see this guy dead, but this… I didn’t really see this coming. It’s really bloody. Sekai then realizes what she has done and runs away. Later Kotonoha comes by to see Makoto’s lifeless body.
Sekai is hiding in her room when she receives an SMS from Makoto to meet her at the school rooftop. Puzzled, she goes anyway but remains cautious. Sekai finds a bag on the bench and Kotonoha soon appears and asks her if she had went to the hospital. Sekai says no. Kotonoha then accuses Sekai of faking her pregnancy but the latter denies and says everything she and Makoto did was out of passion. Kotonoha counters that statement by saying that if she was pregnant, she could’ve got a confirmation from the hospital but since she didn’t means that she’s hiding something and that her pregnancy was made up. Since Sekai mentions she too wants to be Makoto’s boyfriend, Kotonoha tells her to look in that bag. I think it’s supposed to be Makoto’s head. Sekai is shocked and gets that sickly feeling when Kotonoha unravels a knife to see for herself whether Sekai’s lying or not. Sekai tries to defend herself with the knife she stabbed Makoto with but got slashed. Then Kotonoha rips open Sekai’s stomach and says that it’s fake after all. Gruesome. I’m not an expert on this area but can you really see anything developing like that? But Kotonoha had that happy mad killer’s look on her face. The next day, Kotonoha is seen hugging Makoto’s head on her yacht as she says how that they’re both alone now. As Makoto narrates the lines of how he admires Kotonoha back in the 1st episode, we see the other students in Sakakino resuming with their normal lives.
Ah well, this is sure a bloody fine mess it turned out to be. Though I’d prefer most harem animes to end on a happy feel good note, based on the turn of events in this series, I must say that the ending was quite a shocker to me at first. But because so, I find it quite appropriate. It’s a good thing that I’ve watched this anime. So that I can learn by watching from the mistakes of others and not repeat it myself. We also see how a little problem has been transformed into a big one and I could say that this is more than just a love triangle. Yeah, love hurts literally.
With such ending, it left me wondering a few things such as, now that everything has turned back to normal for the rest, won’t they feel awkward when Makoto, Sekai or Kotonoha are missing? I mean, the way I see it is as though the trio has been erased from their memories. And what will happen to Kotonoha? Her life is now ruined seeing that she has murdered somebody, no matter what the reason. I wonder how this will affect little Kokoro then. I also wonder how Setsuna will feel knowing that her buddy is dead. But that’s another story.
We can see here that this Makoto guy isn’t the kind of person we all should become. As far as I’m concerned, he is never in love with the girls whom he had sex with. He got himself into a relationship just because of the sex. Yeah, how typical of a harem guy not to choose a girl he wants to be at the end. Kinda feels that way. Remember, having multiple sex partners will lead to a higher chance in contracting HIV and AIDS. He’s worse than his buddy Taisuke (okay, maybe that rape part on Kotonoha isn’t good but it’s better than Makoto). He’s worse than a sex fiend, worse than a monster. Every viewer hates him and probably got their wish when he died at the end. Ironically, his name means ‘sincerity’ in Japanese. Funny, huh? Didn’t really lived up to his name.
As for Sekai, she too is as bad as Makoto himself. At first it seems like even though she likes him very much so much that she would suppress her feelings for him (in denial) and go to great lengths just for him, including getting the girl he initially likes and especially that ‘practice’. Where is her dignity? I’m not sure if you can call this friendship. Ultimately Sekai’s bottled up feelings are just like a ticking time bomb or volcano. It eventually explodes. Too late to be true to her feelings. Kotonoha on the other hand is the character which I find most pitiful. You can see her fragile state of character as she too undergoes some sort of denial state at first. Why do nice girls like her have to end up like this? Because of this, I learned a new word, yandere. It is a term referring to a character who is lovely and gentle in the beginning but towards the end, he/she becomes psychotic, violent, brutal and probably fatal. Scary. A total opposite from being tsundere. Kotonoha is a classic example.
Prior to the release of this tv series, there has been a 6 episode ONA release of the series. I have not watched the ONA version before, but from what I read, it’s just a compilation of the multiple endings of the pc game. Plus, the tv series is said to be an alternate retelling of the ONA version. From first looks, the art, drawing and animation of both the tv series and ONA looks consistent and the same. Your typical wide-eyed school going characters.
Speaking of the pc game, later I found out that the pc game itself is quite infamous because of its gruesome and violent endings. Yeah, the game has 20 over different endings (probably for replaying value) with some of them being labelled as ‘bad endings’. I guess if they’re gonna adapt this game into a tv series, might as well give a shocking end instead of a run-of-the-mill live-happily-forever kinda conclusion in this rather saturated genre.
Other trivial things I kinda noticed over the series include the mid-intermission which somehow reminds me of Keitai Shoujo because we see the characters in chibi form next to a handphone. Even the ending animation shows pictures of the characters through a handphone screen. I didn’t really noticed it, but there are 8 different ending themes to the series. That’s because I always skip watching the end credits since the music didn’t really stand out nor grab my attention. Also, the title of each episode is at the end just before the end credits while the next episode preview is like typing an SMS over the handphone to an eerily silent background. Are handphones the theme of the series as well?
I would definitely recommend every teenagers to watch this series which also has some psychological and slice of life bits in addition to the drama and initial comedy-romance. Though it may not be appropriate for younger audiences due to the many sex parts and bloody gore at the end. But it serves as a good reminder and lesson to everyone. Which reminds me, since Makoto and Sekai did danced together at the festival, the legend of being together did came true, right? Yeah, they’re probably together for eternity in the after world. Burn in hell you two! Ahem, I shouldn’t be so mean even if they both deserved what they got. And remember, one piece of advice: Don’t f*ck around!
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