Seiken No Blacksmith

October 20, 2010

Well, armours are supposed to protect one’s body from most impending harm, right? How about a ‘revealing’ armour then? That would be quite the irony, wouldn’t it? I’m not saying that Seiken No Blacksmith is an ecchi anime but rather when I first saw the kind of armour plate that the lead lady wears, I was like going “Urm… Is that meant to be protective or just fashion?”. You know what I’m saying? I know you can’t protect every part of your body with armour as it stiff your movements but having some armour is better than none. But the way the armour design here, I thought they look more like cosplay than anything… Also known as The Sacred Blacksmith in English, this series leans more towards fantasy adventure and if you like your animes with a little hint of medieval-like fantasy and setting, then you may want to check this out.

As seen in episode 1, Luke Ainsworth saves the head of the prestigious Cambell house and Knight Guard of the 3rd Independent Trade City, Cecily Cambell, from a monster. The third time. The main heroine getting her ass saved thrice? But don’t put her down yet as a damsel in distress because she can hold her ground too. Unfortunately this isn’t one of those times. How did this happen? Earlier at the Independent Trade City of Housman, Cecily tries to quell a ragged knight (with battle scars from the last war) misusing his sword to slash property. He is wondering where his salvation is as Cecily takes him on but is overwhelmed by his strength. Not only that, her sword broke. Bummer. Before he could finish her, Luke steps in and slices to break his blade! Wow. Rescue number one. The knight is arrested. Luke isn’t happy with Cecily’s incompetence and leaves with his assistant Lisa. Cecily tries to have her precious family sword reforged but the blacksmiths in town say it’s impossible. How about other swords then? Of course that won’t do. She decides to find Luke and with the address given, she finds him and Lisa at the outskirts of the 7th city near the river and forest of ash. Cecily introduces herself, give thanks and gets friendly with him though he doesn’t seem interested. She requests her sword to be reforged into a sharp one like his that can cut other swords but he says he doesn’t do that anymore since his dad died and even so he only forge swords for himself. Cecily tells her story how her family head has always fought and protected as knights. Her dad died a month ago and she decided to succeed him. Then she says “I want you to look at me!” and has everyone mistaking she’s quite bold and trying to confess. Words can sometimes be as sharp as swords too.

Then the bell ring and that usually means trouble. Seems the Knight Guards’ cargo is being ambushed by a hooded man in black (I’ll refer to him as MIB because it’s easier) and a group of bandits using magic to manipulate monsters. Cecily rushes into battle to prove herself but could’ve died if Luke didn’t quickly cut the beast and swiftly slay the rest. Rescue number two. Number three soon to follow as we have seen earlier on. MIB unleashes a more powerful ice monster so Luke thinks the culprit has made a contract with the devil. He battles the monster but this time his sword broke. Cecily steps in to shield him (with her armour boobs? Is she serious?) and asserts her vow to protect him and the town. With that, Luke and Lisa use a hilt and tamahagane (a special kind of metal/rock) to reforge his katana using magic and chanting spells. I can’t believe Cecily was watching him cast his spell instead of keeping her eyes on the monster and fighting it. But was the monster watching too? I mean it didn’t attack during the process. Unless the process happened in a split second.

In episode 2, Luke takes his perfectly forged katana as Lisa explains why it is different than other swords. What’s left of Cecily’s broken sword completely shatters as she thanks her late dad. Luke is careful while facing the evolved ice monster and not rushing to use his katana so as not to break it. If he did, it will mean the end of his life. He spots an opening and finally slays the monster like a hot knife through butter. The katana disintegrates and shortly Cecily’s armour boobs too. Back in Luke’s home, Cecily thanks and apologizes for beating up his face then. It’s bloody swollen! I was thinking her armour cracked because of the magic and intense pressure rather from the ones from within :). Because of his swollen face, Luke decides to skip the Valbanill Meeting. The people at the meeting talk about the cargo ambush, how the war ended 44 years ago and this may be a sign if Valbanill is revived, the world will end. There is a way to stop that and that is to obtain the sacred sword first. The Knight Guards captain, Hannibal Quasar, investigates the site that was ambushed. They learn a bandit survivor as he tells them what he knows about the mysterious MIB who told them to attack the cargo. He also says he saw his boss turned into an ice monster before his eyes. Before he could say more, a monster bug bursts through from his mouth (like in Aliens!) and kills him outright. Hannibal reports to the mayor, Hugo Housman. Seems the cargo, a Demon Sword wasn’t really in there as Hugo had to play safe. He mentions the real one walked inside the city with her own legs. Cecily watches in awe as Luke and Lisa do their smithing. She continues to praise and thank him. But down to business, Luke wants her to repay for all that. Since she doesn’t have money, he doesn’t take instalments or deferred payments, Cecily blows her top calling him a cheapskate. Is this how you repay your saviour? Cecily gets a call from Hannibal for a special mission to protect a featured product that’ll be displayed in the market next week. He chose her because of 1 of her abilities: She’s a female. In the room with Hugo, Cecily is introduced to Aria.

Cecily learns she’s supposed to protect Aria, the Demon Sword taking a human form in episode 3. For some reason, Cecily brings Aria back to Luke’s home. Aria teases them if they’re lovers so Cecily tries to kill him before her reputation gets tarnished! WTF?! Aria demonstrates by turning into a sword and Cecily using her to call forth the wind to cut. The girls go out for a hearty meal in the city (apparently Cecily’s getting reimbursed for everything). Lisa’s slip of her tongue reveals that Luke is searching for a sword that can slay God. Aria tells of her sad bloodied past of how she’s 40-50 years old and came to know her own existence during the war. She was exchanged through many hands as men killed each other to possess her once they get to know she’s a Demon Sword. Cecily goes to pick up her sword from colleague Patty Baldwin. They meet another colleague, Reginald Drummond. He seems like the obnoxious and kind of guy who thinks swords are murder tools meant to cut down enemies. Well, you can’t be using them to fry eggs, right? Then the bell rings again. Someone has released and infected the prisoners by implanting special bugs in them. Bugs sticking out from their mouths look horrible! I thought this isn’t a horror show. Hannibal has his men kill the prisoners since the bugs already ate and controlled them so they’re like living corpses. Cecily isn’t happy with her task to stay and protect Aria but Aria gave her words of encouragement to protect the city so off she goes. In an alley, she spots the ragged knight with MIB but soon has to let them go because she has to take care of a possessed prisoner targeting her. Cecily is paralyzed with fear and cannot kill him because he’s human and the fact she never killed anyone before. Reginald appears to finish the job for her. Well at least she wasn’t saved by Luke. But it’s still that bad, okay. Cecily is still cowering in fear but Aria comforts her that she’s a kind knight. MIB tells ragged knight he signed a contract with the devil and lived through the war by sacrificing himself. He can save him but in exchange for his soul.

Aria sees Cecily practicing her sword swing early in the morning in episode 4. Cecily says this is to hope Luke will forge her a katana but Aria thinks it’s the power of love. Aria proceeds to talk about Cecily’s nice and soft boobs like a pillow and thinks she should use it as a weapon so Luke will forge her a sword. Haha. Jokes aside, they both promise to be friends. Cecily overhears Hugo and Hannibal talking that they’ll use the Demon Sword as bait at tomorrow’s show. Hannibal assigns a special mission to Cecily to do a performance with Aria tomorrow. She is in a dilemma so she goes to ask Luke for advice and then tells Aria about the baiting but she fully believes her. Meanwhile MIB tells ragged knight to obtain the Demon Sword. Next day at the show, Aria does her sword transformation and Cecily a little demo with her. She spots the ragged knight amidst the crowd. He suddenly turns into a rampaging fire humanoid monster as the crowd are being evacuated. Hannibal anticipated this and has his magic Sacred Platoon hold him down but still it was too great as he breaks free. He goes on a rampage causing Cecily to lose possession of Aria to him. Cecily pleads to Luke to save Aria and will even work for him all her life to repay her debts or even let him do whatever she wants with her body! Desperate? I guess Luke only agreed because Lisa pleaded to him. However he has 1 condition. His katana can only strip him off his flames and that she must finish him off with that only chance or else she’ll perish. Luke forges his katana and then successfully slashes the flame beast 3 times before it broke. Cecily with renewed determination manages to pick up burning hot Aria and stabs the monster in his heart, killing him. MIB on the other hand flees. In the aftermath, as Cecily asks for the dead knight’s name, Aria says the wind mention it as Jack Stmder (pronounced as Strader. Don’t ask me why). She introduces herself and hopes he won’t forget her name as she will not his as his flesh disintegrates into the wind. As everyone prays for the fallen, Cecily tells Aria that she isn’t a sword that kills but protects and wants her to be her comrade. Tearful Aria pledges herself to serve her.

Lisa helps the old ladies of the village in episode 5. Her helpfulness proves useful as she is well liked among them. Lisa continues to do the chores back home and helps Luke smithing equipments for some of the villagers’ request. During lunch break, Luke isn’t happy Cecily and Aria came by to join them. Seems it’s her day off. How did she become a regular here anyway? Of course, he shoots down her suggestion to make her a katana. They discuss about the Demon’s Contract and as explained it relies on the human body whereby it’s a phenomenon that turns one into a demon by feeding their body to the spirits. Once the body is offered, there’s no way of getting it back. This was widely used in the war 44 years ago. To fulfil this contract, a death song which is carved in everyone’s heart is needed. There are many ways to do so and some are inhumane that’s why it’s banned. Later Cecily notices Lisa doing her chores to help out Luke so back home she asks her maid Fio Atkins if working here is a pain but she denies and loves the Cambell house. Though Cecily learns Lisa isn’t his relative and was picked up, she chides Luke for not treating her well enough. The girls decide to try on some clothes since Luke mentioned he was paying. But Lisa feels she doesn’t deserve all this and is satisfied working with him. Cecily tells Lisa that Luke wants to do something for her but doesn’t know how. Cecily and Aria left early so that they could follow and spy on them in hopes their relationship will improve. Luke seems cold towards lively Lisa and since Cecily is too pissed, they lost them. On the way home, Luke’s monotonous boring yeah-couldn’t-care-less-like answer to Lisa would earn him a top spot in the hate list for making a blonde loli cry. But he shows he’s not a heartless bastard as he gives her a little hat he bought that matches her newly bought clothes. Lisa is brought to tears and feels grateful and happy.

Cecily is being chased by 3 loyal guards of Princess Charlotte E. Firobisher who are after her Demon Sword. She is reluctant to use Aria in battle but since she wants to fight alongside her, she agrees. But as Cecily faces with Doris 1 on 1, she learns she too has a Demon Sword of Earth called Claymore. Meanwhile Charlotte and her assistant Evadne visit Luke and Lisa. She wants him to follow her back to the Empire but he refuses. Who would listen to a sudden request even if she’s connected to the Empire? When he learns Cecily is in danger, he tries to go save her but Charlotte stops him as she has Evadne turn into a Demon Sword of Flames. Luke easily disarms her probably she has trouble controlling it too. Cecily and Doris continue to unleash their Demon Swords’ powers as she is soon faced with Margot and her Demon Sword of Scarlet Ray, Rhomphair, and Penelope and her ballock knife which is a Demon Sword that slays Demon Swords (nullify powers, that is). Eventually the trio gang up to beat Cecily to a pulp (partly she isn’t adept in controlling Aria’s powers) though Cecily doesn’t give in as Aria falls into their hands. Luckily Luke arrives in time to forge his katana and blow the trio away. Yeah, he saves Cecily again.

Cecily has her wounds healed by Lisa and her Prayer Contract as everyone gathers in Hugo’s office. Charlotte tells of her intention to trade the Demon Sword of Wind and an invitation to the blacksmith, in which Hugo politely refuse both requests. But Cecily is upset because they tried to steal Aria and treated her as an object rather than a human. She continues to chide Charlotte so Hannibal thinks Cecily doesn’t understand the deeper meaning of this and tells her to let this one go. Hugo wants to know if Charlotte will truly inherit the blood of the Empire. As proof, she takes out a dagger and explains how her dad fell in love with her commoner mum and showered her with love including bequeathing that said dagger. But her mom was chased out due to jealousy and believes this dagger is proof of her imperial status that will enable them to be recognized and return to the Empire with her mom. Hugo decides to take the dagger and confirm its authenticity. Her loyal guards aren’t happy but Charlotte is okay with it since her mission is to redeem her mum’s honour. After leaving their Demon Swords behind, Charlotte decides to stay at Cecily’s place, thinking she’s a noble and therefore have luxurious facilities. Cecily is reluctant but Hannibal says all expenses will be covered and Luke gives her that you-deserve-it smirk. Haha. Now how does it feel to have other people coming to your home? As their first order to ‘deepen their friendship’, they head out to the restaurant whereby the newcomers ordered everything on the menu and feast! They didn’t have enough money to pay and even tried to escape by putting it all on Cecily’s tab! Imperial family her foot!

The imperial girls feel disappointed with Cecily’s home not up to their expectations in episode 7. But Fio doesn’t care about them and shows them who’s boss and says if those who don’t work will die! Fio makes them wear maid clothes and has them do labour! Though Charlotte is willing to take up the challenge to pay for her lodging, she also wants Cecily to work as she can’t stand her bossing around. Fio finds it interesting and also forces maid clothes on her master! Too bad Cecily had to bump into Luke in the city while doing errands. She got so embarrassed that she punched his face (again). Unlike clumsy useless Cecily, Charlotte is able to do basic tasks. In the bath, Cecily learns Charlotte’s mom passed away a year ago and her wish is to be accepted back into the imperial family. She never spoke ill of the Emperor till her death and with Charlotte being recognized, she is sure her mum will be remembered. That night Charlotte can’t sleep so she makes acquaintance with the madam of the house, Lucy (also Cecily’s mother). Next day, Aria goes to see Evadne in prison. She wants to know why they both can take human forms unlike the other 3 Demon Swords and what Demon Swords actually are. Evadne’s reply is that she’ll know when the time comes. Back home, Charlotte is torn between fulfilling her mom’s wish and to stay here with all the nice people and not return to the Empire. Lucy comforts her and says that her mom’s wish is also for Charlotte to find her own happiness. Next day as they gather in Hugo’s office, he reads the letter from the Emperor. It says no on under the name of Charlotte exists in the Empire and not only she claimed the Emperor’s name but also stole the Demon Swords. Her dagger is fake and they demand the return of the stolen Demon Swords as the aforementioned will be severely punished under the Empire’s law.

Charlotte is in shock and sinks into depression in episode 8. Cecily is adamant to save her but Hugo and Hannibal know their hands are tied. If they refuse to hand over Charlotte who has been deemed a criminal, the Empire may attack them, something they don’t want to happen. Next day, Hugo and Hannibal say their only option is to defect to the military nation but the girls feel that will put them even more against the wall. Plus, a condition for that nation to accept them is if they spill everything they know about the Empire. Charlotte is in a dilemma as it’s like between the devil and the deep blue sea. But she decides she doesn’t want to defect and leaves with her loyal guards. Cecily and Aria head back to Luke’s place and discuss about this. He says there’s no power in her words if she can’t give them a reason to live. When Lisa mentions she doesn’t care where she is as long as she’s with everyone, Cecily knew what to do.

The loyal guards are trying to steal back their Demon Swords that night but are confronted by Cecily. Since they aren’t on listening terms, Cecily allows them to take their Demon Swords to fight not because she wants a fair fight, but she admits she’s STUPID! And stubborn too! On level playing field, Cecily is superior as she injures Margot. Cecily also improvises with Aria to wound Penelope. When Charlotte realizes her loyal guards aren’t back at home, she realizes and rushes over. Now it’s Cecily vs Doris. Cecily tells her returning to the Empire will not save Charlotte but kill her and wants them to find their own happiness instead. It fell on deaf ears so Cecily unleashes a powerful blast to knock them all out. Charlotte has arrived and heard them. Cecily tells her to defect but Charlotte still holds her mum dear to her heart. Cecily tells her to open her eyes that her loyal guards aren’t just servants and wants them to start life anew even if it’s in shame but at least they’re happy. Charlotte still can’t do it so Cecily slaps her till she falls and cries her heart out. Next day as reported, the Empire retrieved the 4 Demon Swords and withdrew. Charlotte and co thank and apologize before leaving. Charlotte tells Cecily that a man named Siegfried who can tame monsters gave them the 4 Demon Swords and planned this whole thing. Finally Charlotte got the resolve to revoke her ‘E’ name and cut ties with the Empire.

Luke dreams of making a promise with a girl named Lisa Oakwood to protect the city together. She wanted him to forge her own katana to become a knight a he a blacksmith. But something terrible happened 3 years ago as Luke wakes up in cold sweat from that nightmare. Lucy isn’t pleased Cecily wants to work out and has Fio and Aria change Cecily into a girly dress to go out on a date with a guy. Well, Cecily’s body reaction to deny it must’ve been a dead giveaway that she has a certain guy in mind. She’s not to come back till she captures his heart. Embarrassed in town, a citizen spots Cecily and wants her to take a girl, Elsa, to see Luke to fix her broken dagger. The usual sarcasm from Luke (first maid outfit, now girly dress…) before looking at the dagger. He notes its core is broken and is irreparable. Lisa decides to do some maintenance work on the dagger.

Luke goes out for business while Cecily tags along. On the way, Cecily asks if Luke and Lisa were fighting. He denies and thinks they can’t go on living like this. He feels Lisa has done lots for him but he realized he never did anything for her till he bought her that hat. So what does he want to do? He wants to protect her. Elsa tells Lisa the dagger used to kill an injured knight who can’t be saved. A knight gave his daughter that dagger before the war and promised to return. When he did, the one who was supposed to die lived and vice versa. Luke brings Cecily to the grave of Lisa Oakwood, a childhood friend he failed to protect from being killed by Valbanill 3 years ago. Flashback when young Luke and Lisa O ventured into the eerie caves up Mt Blair. They saw Valbanill as Lisa O saved Luke and in the process got killed. His dad who came looking for them also got killed. Luke feels Cecily and Lisa O are somewhat similar. She asks if he loves her. He replies that he used too but now she’s gone. Lisa finishes her maintenance job so the latter leaves. On the way, she passes by Aria who is on her way to check on Cecily. Elsa returns to her sick and rageful master (actually Elsa’s dad) asking her if she had sensed Valbanill. He was being told by MIB that the Valbanill’s blood is in this city. Though Elsa wonders if that MIB could be trusted, he scoffs it off and will have revenge on him for killing Elsa. That stormy night, Elsa’s dad approaches Luke’s home and is looking for Valbanill. He starts attacking with his lighting power Demon Sword. One of the shots is heading towards Lisa.

Luckily it was deflected and hit the roof in episode 10. Seems Elsa, his Demon Sword was responsible for it as Elsa’s dad coughs up blood and before going away. When Cecily and Aria learn about this, Aria tells them Elsa is a Demon Sword that can take human form. Just as in the Valbanill Meeting, Luke explains Valbanill was sealed by a sacred sword but its power is weakening. Then there’s this Valbanill’s Curse whereby every day the people make use of Prayer Contracts, the energy that they call Mana is actually a curse released by that thing. Housman the First was smart to assimilate it into their daily lives. Prayer Contracts are like Demon’s Contract, just that it doesn’t use human flesh and blood. Sealed Valbanill was thinking on how to exact revenge on humans and carved death songs into everyone’s heart in hopes they take each other out. Luckily they realized that and stopped the madness. Luke can’t create the sacred sword because he thinks he is missing something. But Cecily thinks it’s Valbanill he doesn’t hate. She feels upset that she doesn’t know a thing even if Luke remains silent to bear the burden. However Aria thinks if she isn’t prepared to live with fate after knowing, it’s better off she didn’t in the first place.

Aria meets Elsa in town as they discuss about their special existence. Aria thinks they’re drifters but Elsa says they’re born out of grief and hatred of Valbanill. That’s why when they chant and transform, they say “Slay God”. That night, MIB pays ailing Elsa’s dad a visit and will help him out. They go confront Luke but it seems he isn’t their target. Elsa’s dad thinks Lisa is Valbanill! Luke is preoccupied with MIB and his Demon Sword with rotting powers. Cecily and Aria protect Lisa but Elsa’s dad is so crazy and resolved in exacting revenge, he exerts so much power that he starts coughing blood. Elsa uses her body to shield him from Cecily and Aria’s blow. He is weakened and wants Elsa to fulfil her promise. She takes out her dagger and stabs his chest and shortly dies with him in his arms. MIB turns out to be Siegfried as he explains Demon Swords were born to kill Valbanill. One day Aria too would want to kill Lisa because Valbanill’s blood is flowing inside of her. In short, Lisa is a demon created by Luke when he tried to escape Valbanill then by using Lisa O. Siegfried escapes but Cecily doesn’t believe a word he said till Luke admits it all and that he killed Lisa O.

The gang prays at Elsa and her dad’s grave in episode 11. It was odd for Cecily to turn down Lisa’s offer to eat at their home. Heck, it was odd for her to always eat there. Cecily is confused with her newfound knowledge but Aria notes she knew Lisa was a demon the first time they met. Well, it takes one to know one. Aria continues to sooth Cecily with words like they haven’t changed so Cecily is back to her normal self and will go apologize to Lisa. The Empire’s representative, Siegfried, comes to the Valbanill Meeting and Cecily is surprised to see him. She can’t hold back her anger and tries to slash him but was restrained by her colleagues. Though she tries to tell everyone he is the MIB, however there is no proof. Luke is there but he maintains his cool and just mentions he will one day kill the MIB. They allow Cecily to in the Meeting but everyone is disappointed that Luke hasn’t forged the sacred sword yet. They mention Lisa has that power and technique to do so in a flash but Luke says swords forges that way are fragile and can’t be used to seal. They know the demon he is raising and mock him that in addition to sacrificing his childhood friend, wants the world to end. Cecily can’t stand it all and gives them a piece of her mind but Luke restrains her. Cecily learns Luke used his left eye (which is now a fake) and Lisa O as catalysts to form a Demon’s Contract. Because Cecily can’t control her outburst, Luke has her leave the room though her intentions were to defend him.

Cecily goes back to Lisa and apologizes to her. They talk about Luke but tearful Lisa feels guilty that she’s just a replica of young Lisa O and probably Luke regretted calling her so though he treasures her very much. She thinks it’s his atonement for failing to protect Lisa O. Cecily finally understands and heads back to the Meeting. She tells everyone the truth of what happened. It was Lisa O who turned into a demon herself. Though Demon’s Contract can only be activated by oneself, Luke didn’t force her to do so because they said they’d protect each other. Plus, the Demon’s Contract was to protect Luke. The demon born Lisa is proof of it. Why an appearance of a cute little girl? So she could protect Luke for eternity even if she’s gone. Thus Lisa O gave Lisa the duty to protect Luke and no one else was born from that contract. Luke is upset and won’t accept what she says so she tells him off to open his eyes that though he understood her feelings, he couldn’t face it and that’s why he bore those sins. He didn’t create a sword to seal Valbanill but to defeat anyone and protect those he loves. And that is his sacred sword, a sword born from Lisa O towards Lisa. Siegfried laughs it off how would love kill Valbanill so Cecily challenges him to try cutting his katana. Confident Siegfried takes her challenge up and the sword he borrowed broke upon contact. Not laughing now, isn’t he? Luke and Cecily leave as she tells him not to overlook the precious people in front of him. Lisa is there to greet him. Pissed Siegfried isn’t happy with Cecily and Luke’s ‘joke’, seems to take his frustrations out by unleashing monsters upon the city.

In episode 12, Luke talks to Lisa and the latter cries as she still feels guilty for being that fake Lisa thingy and making him regret. Luke apologizes and regrets making her bear Lisa O’s burdens. Lisa is Lisa and wants her to walk her own path instead of being Lisa O’s shadow. They reconcile as Lisa tells of her wish to continue living with him. Suddenly humanoid monsters start attacking the city and surround them. Luke knows it’s Siegfried’s doing. They along with the Knight Guards slay the menace that rampage throughout the city. Siegfried is enjoying the scenery of the city being burnt like hell as Luke arrives. Cut the chatter and let the fight begin. Lisa goes to find Cecily and tells her that Luke is missing and is probably fighting Siegfried. Hannibal lets Cecily go to his side while he handles things here. Cecily and Lisa are faced with Siegfried’s knight, Francisca, and though she puts up a formidable fight, Cecily ultimately beats her. However Aria has taken some damage so she wishes them to go ahead while she rests.

By the time they arrive, Luke has taken some damage from Siegfried’s Demon Sword. Cecily vows to protect him but Luke tells her to run away with Lisa because he doesn’t want to see another sacrifice. Cecily tells him off Lisa O’s sacrifice wasn’t meaningless and not to insult her death. She wants him to draw his sword and fight. That is his gift to her. Luke and Lisa do their special katana forging technique and although successful, Luke is weakened. He gives the katana to Cecily and says it is hers. With renewed determination, Cecily clashes swords with Siegfried. She manages to break his Demon Sword and stab his chest though her katana broke soon after. Defeated Siegfried isn’t happy as he vanishes once more (he always escapes this way, eh?) and won’t forget this humiliation. As Lisa heals Luke, Cecily thanks him that she was able to persevere because of his katana. She calls him the Sacred Blacksmith but he just says he’s a Shoddy Blacksmith for now. They go continue protect the people of the city. In the aftermath as the city is being repaired and life returning to normal, we see everyone resuming their daily lives. Charlotte and her loyal guards seem to have been accepted by the military nation and Aria pays a visit to Elsa’s grave. Cecily and Aria join Luke and Lisa for lunch.

That’s it?! What kind of crappy ending is that? Sure everything ends on a happy note but the way it ended not only felt so rushed but it gave an indication that there are more things to come and this ‘peace’ was just temporary. Second season? Dunno. Maybe. It was nice that this short series had short little story arcs in them and with the various bunch of characters, I felt that this series was mainly about Luke bearing the burden of Lisa O’s death and Cecily helping him getting over it. I mean, the much mentioned evil Valbanill was never a threat in many ways as I was hoping to see him revived at the end but nothing of that sort came close. I mean, the city is so close to a mountain always covered with dark clouds at the top (or is it volcanic ashes?) that I have always got a feeling that something evil will be unleashed from there and cause havoc. Do I feel the imminent threat that the world is coming to an end here? Siegfried was easily identifiable as the villain right from the start. You know that evil-looking grin and features. You don’t need much effort to tell he was the MIB even if you don’t recognize his voice. So with him playing as the antagonist was really expected but you know, he wasn’t finished off at the final part so a big yes that he’ll definitely be back though his identity is already known. And yeah, I happen to notice that the other antagonists seem to resemble old bearded men… The bandit leader, the ragged knight and Elsa’s dad… Is there a trend here?

Cecily may be that unlady-like but her honest and sincere heart definitely makes her worthy of being a knight. I have this feeling that Cecily may have the largest boobs in the city. That’s because almost everyone sure admires her racks, tease about it or yearn to grow theirs as big as hers. Yeah, they should have also nicknamed this series, The Boobsmith. Oh wait, I think unofficially that’s what most viewers would call it. Haha. So is her armour over her boobs serves as an iron bra? Even I can’t resist making a joke out of it. In view of all of this boob talk, there isn’t any fanservice. At least not that I can see. Chemistry wise, there is none between Cecily and Luke. There may be circumstances that seem like it but I assure you that there is NONE. Though mommy wants to play cupid. Luke was just preoccupied with his burdens while Cecily probably made those frequent visits in hopes of getting her own forged katana. Well she did, although for a short period of time. Maybe she’ll just have to do with Aria seeing that she does make some improvements while handling her. Hope she doesn’t break her.

Since I have mentioned of the little story arcs, I was expecting to see at least many of the characters coming back and playing a part in the final episode. I mean after watching the opening credits animation, I was anticipating the Luke-Siegfried and Cecily-Francisca showdown. Unfortunately for Francisca’s case, it’s like she made so few appearances throughout the series and when it comes her time for her to shine in the last episode, she hardly has 2 minutes of fame. And I thought Evadne will become Siegfried’s Demon Sword in the final episode too. But I don’t think the sword he was wielding is Evadne because her powers are of flame unless she possesses rotting ones too. What about Reginald or even Patty? Did they forget about them? Uh huh. I thought that arrogant guy too would have at least a minor role like maybe a scene to prove he’s more talk than action when Cecily comes to his rescue… Just wishful thinking, I guess. Something about the fights that last too short. I don’t mean for them to drag on for hours but I don’t thinks most of them last a minute and there isn’t something spectacular. And something about the blood and gore here. It’s a little bit more graphic than your usual slashing flick. Let’s just say that when one coughs up blood or gets a limb stabbed and wounded, I find the blood oozing out a little more than usual. Well unlike in most animes whereby death rate is particularly zero, there are actually a number of people dying (minor ones though) be it Knight Guards or normal citizens. At least our heroes don’t die.

The opening theme by Mayumi Gojou is called Justice Of Light and sounds like a typical upbeat but powerful piece for such genres. Whereas the ending theme by Aki Toyosaki (who is also the voice for Lisa) entitled Miracle Happy Day, sounds more like anime pop. I guess if Lisa doesn’t have enough screen time for lolicons, the ending credits is the place. Why? For instance, I find it real funny and amusing that a stretch of the animation shows cute Lisa tripping over a pebble and each time she does that, the background voice goes “Hoo!”. Don’t worry Lisa, everyone is here for you. As for the terminologies in this series, I may not understand them on the first go and need to rewind several times to listen to understand but it is nothing major.

So it’s not the size or the powers of your sword that determines an outcome. It is how one use it and of course the heart as well. Come to think of it I have don’t remember ever seeing a female knight. I can imagine the discrimination if there was one. “Are you cosplaying or what?”. As for blacksmithing, I guess it’s a dying trade and probably extinct in some parts of the world. You don’t need to forge a sacred sword if the world ever came close to apocalypse. Probably just a busty female knight with lots of determination. And kick ass too.

Seiken No Blacksmith

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