I thought there was some sort of sequel or spin-off to Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance thanks to the suspiciously similar title. Ah heck, there are a few similarities in Seiken Tsukai No World Blade with that said series including Infinite Stratos. Are they running out of ideas for harem animes these days? Using magic and multinational characters seem all too familiar. They just add past lives reincarnation to the mix and call it something new. Can’t they come up with something more creative these days? It is because otakus like me continue to keep watching the same ol’ stuffs seasons in and season out, why change the formula when it is working so well? Yeah, people like me are dumb enough to come back and watch the same stuffs every time. So long they have fanservice and cat fights, they could keep simpletons like me happy. Just saying…

Episode 1
It begins with an epic magic fight. Saviours fighting some epic dragon and an epic hero writing a freaking long air spell that vanquishes it. Truly epic (read sarcasm, please). We go back 6 months in time and we see new kids enrol into this special magic school, Akane Academy. Moroha Haimura falls asleep during the entrance ceremony and dreams as himself the knight with his princess. Enemies came, burn down everything. But do you believe how he slashed through the entire formation like a hot knife through butter?! He is awakened by Satsuki Ranjou who heads butt him. Hey, she looks like his princess, Sarasha. She starts crying tears of joy and hugs this brother whom she believes is Flaga. He dismisses he is that person as he has no recollection of his past life. Maybe another head butt to jog his memory? It is cut shot when Shizuno Urushibara kisses him! Heck, she even asks for his feedback on it. Cat fight! Wow. So many things already happening in the first half of the first episode. And now you have Satsuki turning into a typical jealous little sister. In class, Satsuki becomes enthusiastic in introducing herself but the class ticks her off for trying to be an eager beaver. What the f*ck is wrong with these people?! Satsuki is harbouring high hopes in impressing Moroha so that he could praise her. As the teacher teaches them to use Plana (magic), Satsuki impresses everyone on how easily she could use and control them. One delinquent, Gen Isurugi seems to be badmouthing the Saviours so Satsuki goes to tell her off. He challenges her to a fight. She lost. As he lets her go pick up her sword, he slashes the back of her clothes. You fiend! Ooh… Sexy back. He continues mocking her and goes on a laughing streak. Yeah, that wuss teacher couldn’t even do anything.

Moroha tries to cheer her up at the fast food joint. She explains how her town was often attacked by Metaphysicals and had to move and thus she couldn’t make many friends. She had dreams of Sarasha and Flaga and went to take the test. Upon finding out she is a Saviour, she enrolled here and thought she might meet her brother. Saving the world and all that justice crap is just secondary. She starts crying and wants to scold him but I guess all that turns into anger when Shizuno starts eating her fries and smothering Moroha in her boobs. What is this about teasing Satsuki about her un-womanly body? When Satsuki has the chance to plant Moroha’s face into her boobs, I am sure Moroha is suffocating and in pain rather than not anything. Okay, she does have smaller boobs compared to Shizuno, right? Moroha wants Gen to apologize to Satsuki so the latter challenges him to a match and will only do so if he can hit him once. You know what they say about being cocky, right? Well, Moroha is not doing so well. Even raging after Gen mocks Satsuki broke his sword. At least we know this method isn’t working. But still he fights back albeit with his broken sword. Hmm… Not doing too well either. So this is the power of words especially from a little sister that gets you powered up. If telling him he is the powerful guardian of a holy sword isn’t enough, she’ll kiss him if he wins! Wow! That desperate? But it works! Because Moroha suddenly remembers his memories, powers up and moves faster than a speeding bullet for that slow ass jerk to see. Upon contact of their weapons, Gen collapses. This means Moroha wins, right? What did he do? Dunno. He also collapses. As explained by the principal, Mari Shimon, that might be the Ancient Dragon who is supposed to be a war dead spirit from long ago.

Episode 2
Moroha you lucky bastard! You get a wake up kiss from this loli, Maya! So this is a way to replenish his energy as explained by Mari? Yeah, and I’m sure not interested about her explanation about reincarnations, Saviours, Ancient Dragon and the double reincarnation that he is. Because let me see more cat fight between Satsuki and Shizuno! Horny Satsuki wants to kiss but is too shy to go about it so Shizuno shows it how it is done! Two kisses already before 5 minutes into this episode?! Suddenly this hot guy that every girl would love to die for pops up to seek Moroha and Shizuno’s attention. He is Jin Isurugi and the elder brother of that jerk. He apologizes on behalf and since he has observed Moroha’s fighting skills, he is no doubt Rank C and can join his Strikers group that fights Metaphysicals. Of course this means his scholarship is subsidized but on the downside, he has to go on missions that would put his life at risk. The temptation of money is too great for him to resist. Shizuno will be on reserve. Eavesdropping Satsuki wants to join too but Jin is unsure about her. Sorry, girl. It’s too soon to say. Sad… Moroha and Shizuno sit in and are introduced to the rest of Strikers. Apart from that embarrassing line they have to say, “We are the Saviours!”, everything else is okay. After practice, Satsuki is glad to be with Moroha again but Shizuno tells her they’re tired and this will be the routine for the rest of the days. Satsuki the sad girl again. Moroha didn’t like how Shizuno treats her although he knows she too pretty much is looking out for her. He also notes that if she wants to make him happy, try smiling herself. Moroha joins up with Satsuki who is now a happy girl.

Next day, Satsuki calls Shizuno to accompany her out. This isn’t a date. Rather, Satsuki wants to get something for Moroha as congratulatory present for joining Strikers but doesn’t know what to get. So as they look around, suddenly some snake Metaphysical attacks. Of all days… Satsuki is scared sh*t but summons her courage to fight it after thinking Moroha wouldn’t want a cowardly sister like her. Shizuno supports her and they go all out once the entire area is evacuated. Shizuno saves Satsuki and in return gets semi-petrified. Getting scared goes up another notch because this Metaphysical is some sort of Hydra with multiple heads! You’re so screwed! Meanwhile Moroha couldn’t believe Jin and his Strikers are sitting around doing nothing. Jin says this is an extraordinary Metaphysical that needs an entire army or else they will die. So? You’re going to let 2 cuties die? What is the point of being Japan’s greatest Saviours if you can’t rescue 2 girls?! Oh, screw it! Moroha is going to do it himself. Better hurry. Because this Metaphysical seems to have tentacle rape fetish and Satsuki is seconds before being tainted. Thankfully, heroes always enter the right time. As he fights, Shizuno reminds him to use his other power. Conveniently he remembers and starts air writing those spells to kill it. So powerful that the entire complex is destroyed and it is raining Metaphysical heads! In the aftermath, Satsuki gets a shocking surprise that Jin invites him to join Strikers because he is impressed with her bravery. They need more people like her. You don’t say… She is so happy that Shizuno’ sarcasm couldn’t get through.

Episode 3
Satsuki is no pleased that the report puts the 3 of them as the heroes of the incident because she believes Moroha should take all the credit. Then, this English guy, Edward Lampard starts waltzing in and ordering his whatever English tea like a boss and this doesn’t sit well with Satsuki too. So what’s her problem? She lets him try some natto flavour tea but he doesn’t really quite like it. A blasphemy! Moroha could suddenly feel time stopped. Or rather Edward is moving too fast. Edward lets loose a punch but stops short of hitting his face. This was just a test. He feels disappointed and then leaves. Shizuno explains he is the head for England’s headquarters. Like the other powerhouse countries, he is probably here to check out Moroha in person. Satsuki may not like that guy but is happy this will increase Moroha’s reputation to S Rank but Shizuno says once he becomes that rank, he will no longer have freedom. Example: You even need permission to take a walk! Later they bump into Maya and the girls are not impressed this loli stole a kiss from their beloved Moroha. Shizuno knows Maya as Mari’s little sister because her brother is the director of this school. In a practice class, Moroha is put to a test to battle this joker, Kamekichi Mannendo. Kamekichi’s fire power has no effect on him and Moroha returns the favour many times fold. Too late to plead for forgiveness! Later, Maya talks to Moroha alone about Shizuno’s brother who is using her sister as a tool. The reason he has been training and pushing her to become an executive is so he can become even greater. But she is glad ever since Shizuno met Moroha, she is happier.

Shizuno doesn’t fancy being in this ‘boring’ meeting between her brother and Edward. She would prefer much to watch Moroha sleeping. Then some flashback of their past lives. She is some witch in the icy castle of her master, Shu Saura (Moroha?). He wakes up groping her boobs by accident and so she dares him to kiss her. It’s like Satsuki has this somebody-is-going-to-kiss-my-onii-san sensor and pops up to tick her off. Later Moroha is being invited by Shizuno’s brother to have dinner. He starts mentioning about the condition to become S Rank (defeating a super Metaphysical on his own) and despite Moroha insists the 3 of them defeated it, big brother believes he can still attain that rank if the other 2 certify to it. He can be the second highest rank in Japan and what better way to repay his uncle and aunt. Shizuno is not pleased he is trying to force this on Shizuno but he tells her this is family’s decision. Isn’t she family? And a little later, we have a little romantic screen time between Moroha and Shizuno as well as snippets of flashbacks that are too early to say anything. After Moroha is dropped off on his way back, he knows somebody is tailing him and calls out. Mysterious biker lady quickly attacks him. I guess what is more upsetting and making him power up and fight back is how she destroyed his bag full of high quality food. Wasted! He figures out the attacker is a woman from those soft boobs. Now you know why big boobs are always in the way in such fights? Moroha’s power was enough to rip certain parts of her suit and thus the end of the match. Can’t fight with her underboobs and tummy exposed? Maybe next time.

Episode 4
Edward calls Shizuno’s brother to inform him that he was the one who sent his maid, Angela Johnson to attack Moroha as a test. He is disappointed of the outcome although there is this huge wound blemish on Angela’s thigh. Damn it is damn right. Shizuno is shocked that big bother says she is have to study abroad in England. She really doesn’t want to but guess what? Family’s decision. Maya becomes Moroha’s roommate and starts living with him as instructed by Mari. Is this even legal?! I wonder what Satsuki has to say about it. Nothing good of course. She even tried to apply to live with him but was turned down. So she is giving him permission to cheat on her for now? WTF. Shizuno has been absent from school today. Maya rushes in to give in the bad news. Shizuno’s family is having dinner with Edward in talks about her transfer to England. Moroha calls Shizuno (under the guise it is a call from Mari) and wants to hear it from herself if she really wants to go. Of course not. He can tell she is reluctant but does not have the power to voice her stand. So this guy breaks into the mansion (poor expensive window got destroyed), says the taboo word that he defeated the Metaphysical himself to claim he is S Rank material and then whisk Shizuno away (she’s literally crying and getting freaking emotional. It’s a sign she wants to be free, right?). Isn’t this kidnapping? Oh hell yeah, Maya is driving the getaway sports car. THIS LOLI CAN DRIVE???!!! Since Big brother is desperate he gives Edward all the necessary permission to bring them back. And so Edward and Angela caught up. Moroha suggests if he defeats him, Shizuno will remain here. A challenge? Challenge accepted.

While Satsuki and Shizuno handle Angela, the guys duke it out in a power battle that literally changes the shape of the environment! Holy sh*t! Did they just destroy a mountain with that move?! At first Moroha is on a losing streak but when Maya puts some field barrier, Moroha has the confidence to go all out. So he wasn’t serious? He starts chanting his spell that even breaks Edward’s sword but he has got a backup. This time he summons some badass sword and armour. Conveniently, Moroha was thinking about Shizuno and then he starts to remember everything about that past life with her. It makes him able to chant some forbidden spell that causes everything to freeze over! Holy sh*t! Plants and wildlife turned into ice! Did he just kill everything?! And Edward is so freaking impressed with this sh*t that he literally takes it all! In the aftermath, Moroha reveals he didn’t win but just merely freeze Edward. Speaking of him, he personally comes to see Moroha to admit his defeat and also cancel arrangements for Shizuno’s overseas study. Yup, she’s staying. He wants to know why Moroha didn’t dodge his punch then. It is because he didn’t feel his killing intent. Can he? You’re supposed to if you’re looking at your opponent’s Plana. Edward finds that unbelievable. Later Moroha talks to Shizuno to confirm her past life was that witch of the Netherworld. She wants him to remember her properly. Flashback shows he freed her from her chains and in return, she followed him and told him he has the responsibility to chain her down. Since he is doing that in the past and present, this is his atonement for her.

Episode 5
Summer vacation is here and Strikers are going to have a small camp on a small island. Suddenly! Strikers’ vice captain, Tokiko Kanzaki starts squeezing Moroha’s balls!!! WTF?????!!!!!!!! She wants him to come along to buy a sexy swimsuit for her! I didn’t know there was another love rival in the harem. This means our girls are also in the action of getting their swimsuit. Shizuno’s brother has hired all the best designers and stylists for her sister to get a swimsuit that will seduce Moroha. Moroha happened to be at the swimsuit shop and even suggests a bikini on fellow Strikers, Haruka “Momo” Momochi. Since when did she ask for his opinion? Might as well. After being transported to the island, Satsuki is already losing her top and shamelessly flaunting her mini boobs. The girls get suspicious when Moroha seems to know what bikini brand Momo bought. Spill the details! Then suddenly! Moroha’s got his balls squeezed again by Kanzaki as frustration for being banned wearing her sexy swimsuit. Satsuki challenges Momo and thinks she is confident in beating her just because her boobs are slightly bigger than hers. Obviously no matter how many times, Satsuki cannot outrun Momo. Edward calls Moroha to update him that he wanted to nominate him as an S Rank candidate but some Russian dude is strongly against it. Maya warns about this guy because he is a scary person.

Satsuki is desperate to beat Momo so she asks for Moroha to personally train her. They talk about their past lives and he wants her to give up her challenge on Momo since speed is her forte. Satsuki had to bring up details that we guys don’t care because Moroha is always partnered with Momo in practice. Well, nobody else could match her speed. Duh. Because she still wants to be with him, blah, blah, blah, he agrees to train her. There, happy? For the rest of the days, Strikers practice hard and have fun hard. I think highlights that are interesting are all about Kanzaki. Like how she tried to sneak into Moroha’s room every night (only Jin can put her in her place) and during BBQ, she stuck a corn and a stick in his ass!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is not ashamed to be lewd with him and even talk dirty about meaty asses and all that. Satsuki continues to train under Moroha’s supervision and let’s say she’s got a lot of catching up to do. A lot. Satsuki thought she felt something ominous over the sea. Maybe it’s just a cold breeze. Everyone plays fireworks. Maya explains how she was confused when she first saw her past life and was unsure which was to real her. Mari assured her she is still the same person then and now because they’re the same soul. And lastly, don’t try this at home kids. Satsuki firing fireworks into Kamekichi’s beautiful (as he claims) ass! Shizuno fans will be pleased that after being sidelined for this episode, here she pops up before Moroha in a gorgeous yukata. Yeah, some romantic moments. Enjoy while it lasts because something nasty is approaching via the sea.

Episode 6
Edward and the rest of the powerhouse country heads are discussing about Moroha’s ascension to S Rank. Some are not in favour. Suddenly a Metaphysical pops out on the coast of a particular island in Japan. Those not in favour of seeing Moroha as S Rank are giving excuse to use this as proof if he can take this one out by himself. As the island’s people are being evacuated, Strikers are also ordered to leave with the people. Guess what? Moroha and his girls want to play hero. In fact, the rest of Strikers also want to play hero. So they’re staying to slay the beast, huh? Jin lays out the plan and of course Moroha as the strongest hero is their trump card. I don’t know if this is part of the plan or not but that joker Kamekichi is using his fireworks to attack it! WTF?! It doesn’t work of course. Nothing how freaking huge and scary this Metaphysical is, some of them get scared, balls shrink and want to escape. Guess what? Kanzaki won’t allow them and squeeze their balls! Yeah, better to die facing that thing than get your nuts squished. This Metaphysical is going to be a handful since it can unleash lots of equally ugly bugs residing in it. Since the big monster is attracted to noise, they start blasting rock music and get into the action (and excuse to hear this generic hard rock music in the background). The monster pops up lots of creepy faces on its back and those faces start howling ultra sonic waves that give our heroes a big headache and thus weakening them. Satsuki goes berserk thinking she can play hero by protecting everyone. I guess all that running stamina training paid off. So far so good… Oh shoot, that’s far as she can go. Ah well, good job then. I’m not sure about Moroha’s plan because this time I don’t know what past he remembers now as he cuts some long line across the Metaphysical’s back and then sticking his sword in it with some whatever power to explode it and save the day. So you think he is qualified to be S Rank now? Russian babe and French dictator not happy… Now that this battle is over and the wounded are being healed, it is time for another battle for Moroha: A harem battle! He is caught in between the boobs of squabbling Satsuki and Shizuno. Kanzaki also butts in. So she’s trying boobs smothering on him instead of balls squeezing this time? The Russian head, Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostvaya sends her subordinate to take out Moroha. Do whatever it takes. Got it?

Episode 7
It’s no joke! Moroha got a love letter from Elena “Lesya” Arshavina to meet and she has fallen in love with him at first sight! For real?! Yes indeed. He rejects her. She falls into depression and wants to die! Oh sh*t! Can’t have cute girls die. So how? How about starting off as friends? Unsurprisingly she gets transferred into Moroha’s class and Shizuno wastes no time to ask her if she is here to abduct or assassinate. Here’s your answer: Lesya’s goal is to be in a relationship with Moroha. Right out from her mouth. Guess who is going to object to this. Satsuki should keep her mouth shut since she is easily flattered by Lesya’s flattery. So our girls are in a tense showdown. It puts Moroha in a pinch. The class is amazed. The teacher can’t start the class… We take a little detour seeing fellow Strikers Uisuke Taketsuru and Sophie Mertesacker in practice. Highlights of the match include how she could deflect his sword with her boobs (WTF?!) and some trap he put that ends up all her clothes being shredded to pieces. Kanzaki… No balls to squeeze? Don’t worry. Grope boobs! Somebody send her to the mental facility! Lesya waits for Moroha outside the school girls. His harem girls go into defensive mode that obviously reads “I-won’t-let-you-have-him”. Lesya doesn’t give a sh*t and boldly requests Moroha to go on a date with her! And so she turns up in a maid cat girl outfit. She got embarrassed when he pointed out the weirdness and felt like dying! Don’t do it! This normal guy with a pretty silver haired babe? Really turning heads… Lesya is surprised that he is not suspicious of her being an assassin. Not the slightest bit. This makes her note he resembles someone she met long ago: Edward! That cringing feeling in his stomach…

Shizuno calls Angela (I didn’t know they were such “good friends”) to get more information about Lesya. Seems she once tried to assassinate Edward and thus is known as a man eater. Moroha has to stave off Lesya’s weird actions. Misinterpretation of the Japanese culture is always the best excuse to do such things, right? Like wanting a kiss while taking photos and sitting on his lap while watching a movie in the cinema. A little bit of serious drama when they start talking about family. Moroha reveals his parents died when he was young but has his uncle and aunt as family. Lesya’s only family is her little brother. They hope they could meet each other’s family. If you have been suspecting Lesya putting up a play all along, then your suspicions are now true because back home, she is reporting to this crow familiar, Condrat that it is part of Lesya’s mission to seduce him to let his guard down. They will take advantage of his weakness which is family. If she is done with her mission, she will get to see her little brother. Lesya then gets a love letter… Not. More like a challenge letter from Shizuno. She knows who she is. From being the trump card of the Lightning Emperor and a Saviour who kills Saviours. Anyhow, she won’t allow her to be near Moroha. Shizuno is more powerful than her so Lesya is forced to use her secret move that seals her victory. Lesya warns not to get in between her and Moroha but what if she refuses? She’ll scar her face so deep that she can’t show herself to him. Shizuno dares her. Because Moroha isn’t one who would hate her just because she has a scar. Shocking? But true if you think about it. Lesya runs away when the teacher arrives to break up the fight.

Episode 8
It is learnt that Shizuno is having a home curfew so Moroha pays her a visit. He didn’t like how she injured herself to find out Lesya is a man eater. That wouldn’t be good for his harem, right? Condrat (now in cat form) warns Lesya about her mission failure. Moroha lives, her brother dies. Shortly, Moroha and Satsuki pay her a visit and that guy is freaking kind enough to say he’ll take responsibility to look after her! Though, Satsuki won’t let him feed her. Heck, this guy even sleeps by her side holding her hand! Is he that desperate to add her to his harem? Because Maya also cheekily hints about it. Uh huh. Maya considers herself his future harem personnel! With everyone so kind to her, Lesya notes her mission is going to fail so she requests Moroha to take her out on a date next time. At the park, she transforms into her assassin version and starts attacking. Shizuno tells Satsuki about Lesya’s true identity and they want to go stop her but Sophie gets in the way. Under orders from her American branch, they want Moroha to defeat the Russian assassin. Satsuki fights Sophie to let Shizuno through. All that training paid off with Satsuki besting her despite Sophie’s overflowing Plana. Her reward? Face boobs! Moroha might be struggling against Lesya’s demon sword at first, but the more he remembers about his past, he gets into the groove and easily turns the tables. He knows about her predicament and even wants to help save her brother so she can be free. He understands what she is going through just like him. So this guy is going to play hero so he can add her to his harem? When Shizuno arrives, she reveals she information she got that Lesya never had a biological brother. She was abandoned all alone. Proof? Can she remember his name, face or age? Can’t right? WTF?! She never thought of it all this while?! Can’t blame her. Condrat introduces himself and admits that is true. Those memories were just fake illusions he planted. This causes Lesya to break down and be easily mind controlled by Condrat to fight Moroha. Can’t kill her, right? Of course as the hero, he powers up and cuts off Condrat’s control to free her. Now I believe he is desperate to add her to his harem because he tells her he will be her reason to live. He will be her family. Even the toughest and coldest of girls would give in to that. Next day, Moroha anticipates she is going to leave so he casts a sleeping spell on her. I swear he wants her part of his harem… Guess what? He purposely calls Edward to inform he is declaring war on Russia and going to fight them alone! WOAH!!!! It’s like saying, you mess with his girl, you pay!!!! Don’t play-play man!!! This guy is a lady killer!

Episode 9
Moroha faces off with Bernard, the head of the Vladivostok’s branch and defeats him. As he interrogates, he knows he won’t let him know Vasilisa’s location and lets him live so he can inform others. This will have Vasilisa make her move, right? Moroha says he doesn’t want to kill on this war but he didn’t say about hurting others because he stabs his sword into Bernard’s guts! He’s serious. Moroha is not alone in this journey but Angela is travelling with him as well. Her fake passport and visa allowed him to enter Russia and she was ordered by Edward to accompany him, something she isn’t very happy about. Bernard reports her lost to Vasilisa and she wants him dead for failure. But after saying Moroha can’t kill him with his sword, she gives him an honourable death by striking him with her lightning. Yeah. Look at his happy face. But does she need to burn down his entire mansion too? Oh heck, nobody cares. Despite knowing Moroha is on a fighting spree, Vasilisa wants her closest aides to reinforce defences around her base in Krasnoyarsk as she knows the other heads won’t be enough to defeat him. Meanwhile we take a side distraction back to Akane Academy where Moroha’s left-behind-harem-girls are arguing over something. I think we all know who by know. Yeah. Lesya wants to be Moroha’s little sister but Satsuki won’t allow that. She doesn’t even want to be his elder sister! Shizuno tells them to cut this crap since Moroha is fighting the war alone and imagine his foul mood if he comes back to see them like this. But they just won’t listen. And so we see snippets of Moroha going from branch to branch defeating their heads. It feels like a video game mode. Arrive at a place, defeat everybody plus boss, go to next down via train, rinse and repeat. So finally he is at Krasnoyarsk and he doesn’t waste time into fighting the 8 pursuers. One of them, Kirsan Romanovich Pavlyuchenko wants him to go back to Japan peacefully because all those who fight him will end up dead (Moroha being framed?). He doesn’t want to fight him but her empress’ words are absolute. Unfortunately he needs to slay him as long as he is here. Bring it on. We see Moroha such a gentleman even fighting his foes. Uh huh. He saves a couple of twins even from friendly fire and one by one knocks the rest out. He notices Katya Eskevna Honda not giving her all and knows she doesn’t want to fight him. Let me guess. Want to add her to the harem list too? Yeah, a light flick on the head just to pretend she got defeated. WTF. After defeating the magnificent seven, Moroha finds Angela losing her battle with the eighth warrior. Can’t stand being his bellboy? He saves her from a Vasilisa’s trap (chanting via mirror on his back) and gets struck by her lightning. Painful…

Episode 10
Suddenly! Moroha naked in bed with equally naked Angela???!!! What happened?! Apparently she saved him after that strike and the only way to heal his badly burnt body was through sexual healing. I know it’s not but there’s no other better way to put it. But doesn’t Angela hate this guy? Don’t tell me she is so Edward starved that she’s using him as substitute. But then again, I would like to think that she’s being tsundere. They are in Katya’s home and she has a request of him: Save her best friend Yuli Olegovich Jilkov from Vasilisa. Because he doesn’t kill his enemies, she figured he is the best person to grant her wish. She explains Saviours of Vasilisa have no family as no one will complain if they are poorly treated. She makes kids fight each other and the winner becomes her bodyguard. After Vasilisa disposes another henchman for failure, she senses Moroha quite a distance before her palace. She sets off lightning lions and Pterodactyls to fight him. When he is able to fight them all, this is her bodyguard’s logic: This isn’t sorcery but military art. Oh yeah. Somebody moving faster than lightning. That is really science alright. Vasilisa summons her Saviours to fight him and since they too are being taken down by the lightning beasts, Moroha has double job in saving them. She is taking advantage of his principle not to kill.

Before he is minced meat, Angela pops up. She also brought reinforcements in the form of his harem girls. Praise the convenient portal transportation. I guess after sitting out in the last episode, it’s time to give his harem some action. Katya is sad Yuli doesn’t recognize her. But after Lesya explains how she is no longer a man eater due to her loss to Moroha, she cuts a pendant controlling Katya and her mind is now free. She remembers Katya. Big joke. I suppose the rest aren’t wearing any pendants, they agree to fight with our heroes against Vasilisa. Biggest joke. So what is that big bad queen going to do? Call the government! Even bigger joke! WTF?! However she starts singing and summons some big badass demon. So big you can only see his legs. So powerful that it could destroy the mountain range! Even during this dangerous scenario, Katya and Yuli can be so happily yuri to reunite. WTF. As usual, the demon is unbeatable till Moroha remembers something. God damn it. Stop conveniently remember things to power up! And guess what? He activates some super high level forbidden curse spell to flood the entire place! Don’t you get it?! WATER AND ELECTRICITY???!!!! HOW IS EVERYONE STILL FREAKING ALIVE???!!! Even funnier how Moroha summons water dicks sprouts to seemingly tentacle rape the demon to destroy the giant golden Pikachu! If you’re not laughing by now, you should after this scene. Because as Vasilisa couldn’t believe her defeat, her bodyguards run away! So much about loyalty. They even say they are more afraid of Moroha than her!!! USELESS!!! After her final trump card surprise attack fails on him, she becomes a coward begging her life. Please don’t kill me. Don’t want to die. Don’t want to lose her empire. Freaking b*tch. You killed people mercilessly for failure and now you have got the balls guts to ask him to spare his life and will even serve under him???!!! NO FACE! He doesn’t want b*tches like you in his harem. I know Moroha is mad but I can’t stop laughing myself. He tells her off if she doesn’t want to lose important things, STOP TAKING THEM!!! With her totally defeated, everybody gets to go home happy. And Moroha won big because he added a couple of girls into his harem. See, the good guys always get the girls in the end!

Episode 11
It’s time for some fanservice flirting with Moroha and the girls in Finnish style sauna. I don’t know why Angela is blaming Moroha for changing Russia’s landscape but the girls are interested to hear how Moroha ended up in bed with Angela but it soon descends into a fight between Satsuki and Lesya to be Moroha’s little sister. So this isn’t settled yet? Looks like after all that mini challenges, Satsuki beats her in arm wrestling. So she has the right? Shizuno cools them down with her ice magic and now they’re just freezing. Later Moroha talks to Shizuno and something about their past life he can’t remember some unfamiliar enemy he is fighting. Don’t worry, he’ll do when the time calls for it. As everyone returns home via Mari’s portal, Maya is so happy and ready to hug Moroha but only the girls came through. Why? A Metaphysical was spotted so he stayed back with the Russian girls to fight it. NOOO!!! Maya anxiously waited for him to come back and now she couldn’t even get to hug him and must wait longer?! YOU JUST MADE A SAD LOLI! MAYA IS CRYING!!! Oh well, the best Satsuki can do is console her. Edward is by the side of Japan’s head, Ando Suruga and his condition is worsening. Normally when a Metaphysical shows up, he has chest pains but now he is in coma. He has a bad feeling something ominous could turn up this time. True enough, when Ando wakes up, he warns not an ordinary Metaphysical is coming but an Ancient Dragon! To help cheer Maya up, all the girls visit her room. Pyjamas party? It wouldn’t be complete without snacks and of course, PILLOW FIGHT! When the cat is away, the mouse is out to play. Seems the Ancient Dragon picked a nice time to attack the academy and its surrounding when Moroha is not around. So our Strikers go into action to protect the place but you can guess that without Moroha as the hero, they’re just not winning this fight. It has got to be him, huh? Even worse how he is able to dispel all their spells in high speed and can even use them! You’re so screwed. Where’s Moroha when you need him?! He is still in Russia and after seeing clips of it on video, he becomes frustrated. Yeah, he now remembers. That Ancient Dragon has always been the one appearing in his past lives and destroying and taking things he holds dear away. Now it’s back again. Yeah, it’s about high time to screw up his life when he is settling to his harem life.

Episode 12
Lots of people got injured in the chaos. This includes Mari. Because she took damn long to finish her chanting. And because of that, she has to pass this duty on too Maya. WTF?! You’re making a loli finish what you couldn’t?! Maya does her best and thanks to Edward protecting her, she can chant in peace. Everyone notices the dragon toying with them because it has so much powers, it can actually finish them off at one go but it’s like stalling and waiting for somebody. Ah, Moroha. The dragon wants to screw with him. Ultimate despair comes when it turns Satsuki and Shizuno into stone. Moroha goes berserk and starts slashing the dragon. Edward says this Pandora Box is dangerous because at this rate he’ll also destroy the world. Oh yeah. To hell with the world if his harem is no more. This is how dangerous being in rage is. While he is at it, Satsuki and Shizuno are being confronted by the voices of their former lives. They’re telling them how pathetic they are and why they need to stand back up. For Moroha of course. Uh huh. Now they remember. So when they reappear back in the real world again, this calms Moroha down. Yeah, it’s his turn to remember. But this time he becomes a hybrid of both his past lives. Wow. What kind of fusion is this?! I suppose it gives him more kickass power. This gives the rest of Strikers and whoever is attacking confidence to provide attacking support. We know their attacks won’t do much damage to the dragon but it’s just like appetizer before the main course and dessert. Because after Moroha has chant his super lines, with Satsuki and Shizuno’s support, he strikes his freaking big sword to destroy the dragon once and for all. Oh sh*t! I thought the atomic style explosion would have killed everybody! In the aftermath as they see Edward off at the airport, he warns Moroha about that French dude. Next antagonist? Satsuki thought she could steal a kiss from Moroha but apparently Shizuno’s insults were enough to annoy her. And then later Shizuno tries to do one on him too but Satsuki came running back and they both kiss him simultaneously on his cheek. Guess what? The shock made him tumble a few feet back!!!!!!! WTF????!!!! Is this Jack tumbling down the hill???!!! Despite the school destroyed, as long as the students are safe, they can hold an outdoor party. Oh f*ck, Kanzaki wants a drunken orgy!!! With Lesya as a maid trying to greet Moroha, the battle to hug him intensifies but Maya beats them all and hugs him first. There’s your loli reward.

Aria Of Curse For A Holy Harem And Balls Grab!
Okay, so the laughing has ended. Even if the series wasn’t intended to be one, but the way it was executed felt like it was heading in that direction. I don’t know where to begin but I guess I have to start somewhere. It was a good thing I never placed high hopes for this anime otherwise I would have become disappointed and fall into despair that I may actually destroy the world with my anguish. Really.

A lot of things (in fact it could be everything) about this series feels mediocre and sometimes it goes as far as being a big joke. The plot, the characters, the fights and just about everything else feels mediocre (and in a way funny). The Russian adventure was the last straw that made me view this show as a joke. Because we see Moroha pulling off some kind of Die Hard or Taken quest in systematically taking out the sector heads, inching closer to the bad guy’s base. Even if Vasilisa is expecting this, it feels like the rest are just sitting there waiting for their turn to get owned. The final big fight with Vasilisa became biggest joke ever even if it wasn’t meant to be. It was so unbelievable the fighting and the ‘ending’ that I actually caught myself laughing out so loud. And this merciless Russian head got owned by a high school kid. Just WTF.

Bringing in past reincarnations to the storyline might seem interesting at first. But all that wanes when you don’t actually see a point to it all. I mean, so what? Sure, they can pull off super magical chant lines and the likes. But this becomes more like a convenient tool for Moroha to do some finishing move to save the day. Yeah, doesn’t it feel funny that Moroha powers up each time he remembers? Uh huh. Whenever he goes “I remember!”, you get that dreaded feeling that oh God, not again, what the heck does he remember this time to make him power up. I mean, it feels like he is some sort of computer trying to read files of his past and then he retrieves the file in his deep latent memory and executes it. I wish I had a past life that was this convenient too.

Perhaps the certain flashbacks of their past is to add some drama but I don’t think it is working either. Because I don’t really see how it will impact the present except for Moroha to unleash his super move or a reason for his harem to flirt and stay with him. Here is something to think about. If Moroha and his girls reincarnate a few million times in the future and the same Ancient Dragon thing keeps threatening them in every era (because history repeats itself), wouldn’t it be awesome to see the million hybrids fused into him when he starts to remember them all? Maybe his brains would overload and body explode. Haha!

Then there is these lines narrated by Maya at the end of each episode that sounds poetic-cum-dramatic but I thought it sounded too complicated for a loli to narrate them so I don’t really quite understand. So what about the wind blowing westward and taking their wishes with it? What about it? And the more we remember, the stronger we get. So? And you pray in your heart that you wearied warriors may sleep and rest well for today? Okay, you go do that. And what prayer was it that sparked Moroha to fight? Uh huh. Good for him. Okay, okay. We get it (not really). Stop trying to sound so sophisticated even if you don’t get as much screen time as the other girls. Please be a loli and make others happy by acting like one even we know you’re a genius (because she must be so as she is in the same class with Moroha and the girls, right?).

So the action parts also feel mediocre. Because it already feels funny seeing those who can air write their spells so fast and chant long ass spells that probably you’d be wondering if they should have shortened the damn lines to be more effective. Okay, maybe for such a high level magic to activate, long lines are necessary but it feels those lines are taken out from some fantasy adventure novel. Nothing special about the words chosen of what they say. As long as you can make it sound long, it may sound cool. Not that you would want to remember them, right? Even funnier is how they chant and wave their index finger so fast that it feels like they’re doing some sort of mini orchestra conductor thingy. Other than that, the melee fights only involves them swinging their swords or whatever handheld weapons they are using. It just feels unexciting.

Character wise, they feel generic, clichéd and borrowed from other genres but really, when you have a harem series, how far can you deviate with the various girls in the line-up? But for Moroha, he feels like your typical normal guy who isn’t actually that normal at all, a hidden super power, a hero of justice with his own ideals that makes others look like the villains and of course that mysterious factor that keeps attracting girls to his side. He calls it family. I call it harem. That’s the difference. I have a feeling if he doesn’t need to try so hard and he’ll still end up winning. Because you know, he is the hero. Strikers also feel redundant as a group because they can’t mobilize without orders from higher ups and when the going gets tough, they nearly get going. And these are A Rank people but don’t have the justice instilled in them to move by themselves to get things done instead of waiting for orders? No wonder they feel irrelevant. Like Jin is just because he is the head and Kamekichi the joker, comic relief and monkey of the pack (so that Moroha looks good, what else?). Oh, I just want to note that Angela’s favourite catchphrase is “Damn it”. Just like this show ;p.

There is nothing else left to talk about except the harem part. Easily, this was expected when you see the poster and even read the synopsis (of course looking at the cast of characters too). I don’t know if I should start worrying because Moroha seems to be accumulating his harem at a steady rate. Almost every girl you see here is part of his harem. ‘Proof’ of this is in the end credits animation. Unless he is gay, don’t mind the guys in it. Each time a new girl is part of his ‘harem’, her face appears there. That is why, in addition to your annoying tsundere little sister wannabe Satsuki, seductive emotionless Shizuno, depression prone Lesya and the obligatory loli Maya, the rest should not also be discounted like how Angela could possibly be the series’ other tsundere, the extremely lewd Kanzaki who is lusting after him (and his balls!), the shy senior Momo (her body actions are freaking obvious), nice girl Katya (and her yuri Yuli friend), the voluptuous Sophie and even witch coplasying headmaster Mari. No girls are never not good enough for him! Heh, Moroha even made that Vasilisa b*tch submit to him! Though, I am pretty sure it is safe she isn’t the kind who will end up in his harem.

Therefore seeing the catfight and so called romantic spats are much more amusing and funny. You can get some laughs here. Especially with eager beaver Satsuki who always ends up getting frustrated trying to outdo and brag everything but just fails. As long as she is like that, Shizuno will always have the upper hand and enjoy making fun out of her. When is it she is going to learn that as long as you are yourself, Moroha will still accept and love you? Going the extra length for extra points? Forced romantic clichés like near kissing scenes are always the greatest troll to make us get a little ‘excited’. And with Lesya in the fray fighting as the position of the little sister, things are heating up, aren’t they? And don’t forget Kanzaki’s ball grabbing move! So funny yet so painful. Did you watch these scenes with your legs clutched tightly? I doubt this is dis-service to the abundant fanservice we have got in terms of big bouncy boobs, sexy lingerie, and near naked shots that are the norm of this series. Oh yeah. Are we starting to like it?

Art and drawing feels pretty standard and generic. If you have seen Seiken Tsukai No World Blade, you can see how pretty similar the type of art and the character designs are. However there are many parts were I feel the quality is poor like as though they are making a rush job. Especially during the fight scenes when the drop in quality becomes obvious to the point you could feel it is just lame. Sometimes they used recycled scenes too especially that turtle-crab Metaphysical unleashing its bug minions. I wonder how many times they reused that. This minor thing seems to be bugging me. I noticed that the characters have pink colour pupils! I know this may be nothing but it feels really odd once you stare at it and realize that they are this colour. Like as though they have some sort of little pink seed stuck in their eye or something.

Also the other thing that bugged me was how Plana is shown. You can see an outline covering the character like as though they are in some sort of colour bubble or something. Or they could even be covered by some giant amoeba. I don’t know, I thought this looks pretty lame. Even lamer is the fact that sometimes when you see the magic aura they are emitting, it feels like bad pixels. At first I thought it was my computer with bad video resolution or the video itself was corrupted. Then I start to realize it wasn’t so and it is part of their aura! But some of the Metaphysical’s design are rather creepy and scary. It did give me goosebumps, though.

Ayana Taketatsu has been pretty identifiable from the start as her Satsuki role. Just like her other similar roles, Kirino in OreImo and Mio in MM, she turns up the annoyance of her character to the max. Surprisingly for me, I didn’t realize Aoi Yuuki was behind the voice of Shizuno until much later. Even so, I still couldn’t believe it is her despite hearing her lines over and over again. It is like she sounded like a totally different person. Like an old lady ;p. She’s making that very low and emotionless voice as opposed to her high pitched cheerful one that I am used to. However this isn’t the first time she is voicing such a different low voice character. She did it to as Tooru in A Channel and Jin Varrel in Blade & Soul. Other recognizable casts include Yui Ogura as Maya, Yu Kobayashi as Kanzaki, Chiaki Omigawa as Angela, Yuichi Nakamura as Jin, Akira Ishida as Ando and a pleasant surprise from Rie Kugimiya making a cameo as Arlene Highbury (the American head who only makes her appearance via some cute pixel animal in a laptop). Other casts include Kaito Ishikawa as Moroha (Harutora in Tokyo Ravens), Reina Ueda as Lesya (Naru in Hanayamata), Wataru Hatano as Edward (Murasaki in Hamatora), Maaya Uchida as Momo (Hiyori in Noragami), Ayane Sakura as Katya (Levi in Trinity Seven), Fumi Morisawa as Vasilisa (Umi in Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo) and Yuko Minaguchi as Mari (Akiko in Clannad).

When you have Ayana Taketatsu and Aoi Yuuki combo in any anime, it is very likely this means the duo of Petit Milady is ever present (duh!). Because it would be a waste not to show off their singing prowess as they sing the opening theme, Hi No Ito Rinne No Gemini. What is interesting about this song is the naughty gothic style and although it is tamer compared to Ali Project, I supposed this piece is quite entertaining to hear. Though, this couldn’t save the anime overall. Fortuna sings the ending theme, Magna Idea. It sounds bland, unexciting and generic. My theory is that perhaps to take your attention away from the song, the credits start rolling on the screen as the episode continues to play while the song is being played in the background. When the song nears its end, you only get to see the supposedly ending credits animation which is just a still group picture of our heroes. And perhaps everything else was mediocre in this anime, I also start to notice how the background music doesn’t fit into the scenes especially the action scenes. Maybe this is just me and my stereotypes but I don’t find them appealing either.

Overall, despite its mediocrity, if you really want some laughs (but keep your mind open about it), this show can tickle a few bones even if it makes no sense and the plot and direction seems more like for convenience more than anything else. You won’t lose much by watching the dozen episodes except a few brain cells but that will be replaced by newer and ‘smarter’ ones. I hope. Don’t worry. That is what reincarnation is for, right? That is why I am always doomed to fail and repeat watching the same mediocre ecchi harem animes throughout the rest of my life. Everyone would be just so disappointed with me. I just hope they won’t catch me by my balls!

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