Seikoku No Dragonar

December 19, 2014

Dragons. Majestic mythical creatures that strike fear or inspire awe in all of us. Well, we’re just in luck. Recently there is an anime with dragons at its themes. Yes, it is Seikoku No Dragonar. And sadly yes too, I know what you are going to say. Uh huh. Unfortunately the grandiose dragons have been greatly overshadowed and overrun with shameless fanservice, harem factor and lots of seemingly tentacle rape. So much about the dragons. So much more about the fanservice and harem. Isn’t that why we pick and watch this anime in the first place? Okay, maybe that is how I pick and watch this anime… Dragons + fanservice… Good or unusual combo? It gets even odder when our protagonist get his own dragon not in the creature form, but a form of a loli! Oh God… I think I know what is going to happen…

Episode 1
Ash Blake just sacrificed himself so some loli’s wish could come true. Yeah, his left arm is gone. But this dragon lady decides to revive him and bet on his potential. Otherwise that be no series ;p. The next thing we see, a voluptuous dragon babe, Navi is seducing him as part of some trusting ritual before she reborn into him. Yeah, I’d like some of that treatment too. A new term has begun at Ansullivan Dragonar Academy. Ash has this reputation of being a problem child and anybody who badmouths about his Pal (the partner dragon born from within that person) since Ash hasn’t got one to begin with, he gets all hot-headed. Learn some restraint, buddy. If not for his friend, Raymond Kirkland he might have gone berserk and beat the crap out of everyone. So in class, we are given the gist of things and terms like Pal, Breeders and Orphan’s Rite and some ceasefire between the nations, but I don’t really care for all that because it’s too freaking hard to absorb so early. Then there is the arrogant and snobbish princess, Silvia Lautreamont whom is earning the top spot as the number one b*tch in the academy thanks to her no nonsense and cold personality. On the opposite polar is Rebecca Randall, the student council president who is beloved by all. Popular, pretty, busty. Wish you girlfriend was as hot as this? During dragon practice, I don’t know about some dragons that can’t fly or use magic, they butt each other’s head like some Pachycephalosaurs. Is this mating season? Ash who is riding Raymond’s dragon, Brigid accidentally crashes into Silvia’s Lancelot. I don’t know about this warning that you can’t touch any other dragons except yours. The dragons are cool but not Silvia. She had to be a b*tch by slapping Ash and then scold him about fooling around. The last straw came when she says his Pal is dead. Yeah. The taboo word. Want to get a piece of her? She throws down a challenge that she will apologize and take back what she says if he beats her during the Aries Dragonar Festival. That night, Navi visits Ash in his dream once more. Seducing like mad. Face boobs! If this is what it takes to gain each other’s trust, then I don’t want to start trusting! She says this is the last time this will happen since she will reborn soon. Guess what? She wants to ‘measure the size of the most sensitive body part of his with her mouth’! OMFG!!! She said that?! I want Ash to switch place with me right now!!! Freaking lucky bastard!!!! And f*ck!!!! Why does he have to wake up from this dream?!

The day of the festival is here. Rebecca gives her speech and even gives the participants additional motivation to win: The winner will date her! See how motivated the guys and girls are?! She must be a bi. Then the mood is ruined when it’s Silvia’s turn to talk. Nobody wants to hear this arrogant b*tch speak even if speaks 20 words. Ash could hear others badmouth her behind her back. Something about her brother, Julius who was the greatest dragon slayer but was executed for doing something taboo. What’s this? Ash starting to pity her because he feels she had it rough too? And so the race begins. I thought some dragons that can’t fly like Brigid, make it as though they’re running a Pachycephalosaurs race. Some girls team up to block Silvia’s path. It’s okay since it’s not against the rules. Ash pities her and uses his problem child status to bump into them and give Silvia a clear route. Because Brigid doesn’t have much stamina, I guess Ash has to take a rest. Out of the race? Well, he doesn’t feel bad about losing and thinks it’s because he had fun. Oh sure. I thought you wanted some b*tch to take back what she said? Curiosity got the better of him when he sees a crashed Zepharos ship nearby (already dilapidated from the last war). He meets Milgauss who comes from the Zepharos Empire. His curse allows him to see Ash having an immature dragon. His assassin, Anya tries to kill Ash because it’s his unlucky day for meeting them. He thought the nations are in ceasefire. Too naive, boy. The war is still being fought in the background. Can he outrun an assassin? No. However she hesitates to kill him. Because of that, she falls off a cliff. And Ash had to be the hero and switch places with her. Humans don’t fly, right? Of course killing off the hero wouldn’t do justice to the show so suddenly his hand glows and the next thing he knows, he floats down gently with a loli in his arm. She looks like Navi but doesn’t think is her. Where the hell are those voluptuous boobs?! So it can’t be her, right? Yeah. It’s Louise from Zero No Tsukaima! Just kidding.

Episode 2
When Louise (temporary name) wakes up, she punches him for looking at a sleeping lady. Not because she was full blown naked. Ash is excited to get along with his Pal but Louise tells him to hold his horses and sets things straight. She is his master! Holy sh*t! This sounds like some kinky S&M play? And we start off with Louise sleeping on his bed and he has to sleep on the floor. But she had the guts although sleepwalking to climb all over him and start nibbling. He must be liking it till he realizes she’s trying to eat him! She’s going down south!!! Next morning, he is surprised Rebecca pays him a visit. Naked loli and love bites all over him. Hmm… Rebecca isn’t jumping to conclusions and till Dr Cornwell, the person with the foremost authority on dragon research decides what to do with her, she can stay here. Rebecca has also arranged for Ash to claim for Pal raising expenses. Sweet. Ash brings Louise out to town and he might regret it since she’s really acting like his master. After she eats a crepe, she starts to feel hot and horny. Yeah, she doesn’t mind doing it in public. Too bad the free show is over when Silvia and her maid, Cosette Shelly had to break them up. Damn you Silvia! Why do you think the public was just quietly watching?! Silvia reprimands Ash for being a slacker because the crepe contains anthar which is like alcohol to immature dragons. Anyway she was looking for him to apologize for what she said about his Pal being dead. So he didn’t have to win the race for that? What’s this? Silvia acting like a tsundere? Not if jealous Louise would help. Their ‘date’ resumes as Louise drags him around town. Just tiring. They realize Louise hasn’t got a name and he decides to call her Eco. What? Earth to Echo… This was the name the first dragon Breeder, Rosa Maria named her Pal. Personally I thought Louise would fit her better. Eco likes it and his arm starts to glow. This is proof that her Astral Flow has joined with his. The beginning of a trusting friendship? Don’t count on it so soon.

Because Eco is taking too long in the toilet, Ash who is in a dilemma of going in to check things out is caught by Silvia who mistakes him for trying to be a pervert. Seems Eco’s hat is found along with fafnirite dust. In short, Eco has been abducted. Before he can run off randomly to look. Silvia becomes his teacher to this slacker again to tell him how to use his Astral Flow as they are both linked. The green butterflies (Rukh?) that he can only see lead him to some mansion. Eco is tied down to a lab table and busty scientist lady wants to dissect her because she finds it interesting and very rare for a dragon to assume human form. Why do biologists love cutting up things? Eco’s scream hasten Ash’s pace. This scientist is Dr Angela Cornwell. The academy did leave it to her discretion of what to do with Eco, right? Even so, she did a major crime of abducting. That’s why she is doing it outside the academy. She is not giving up that easily and puts the trio to sleep. Because Eco won’t have Ash falling asleep and is adamant of him rescuing her (because servants must rescue the master, right?), she transfers some Astral Flow for him to get up. Angela is subdued and Ash takes back Eco. I hope he won’t grow up to be one of those guys who will start thinking about never truly understanding a woman because despite Eco come rushing to hug him in tears, she beats him up for touching her without permission. Some gratitude… And Ash thinks this episode is over. Till Angela becomes his new homeroom teacher. Guess what? All the guys love this busty babe! Too bad for you Ash and Silvia…

Episode 3
What’s this?! Rebecca is flirting and being very suggestive to Ash?! SHE WANTS HIM?! Ash you lucky bastard!!! She wants him to join the student council. Oh… She knows about him running into the sketchy pair in the woods. They are spies from the Imperial. Although the war ended 52 years ago, Zepharos still mistakes the academy as a military school. That’s why she needs his help. The duo see Silvia doing a reckless move by trying to calm down a rampaging dragon by riding it. Hanging out with Eco at the park, she notices a statue so Ash explains it is the statue of Durham Lautreamont, the first generation paladin. Anya is shocked to see Ash alive. She doesn’t know how to report this to Milgauss. Ash and Eco coincidentally meet Rebecca and Silvia and are treated to a fine restaurant. Silvia won the race and earned the right to date her but she’s wasting it because she is being quiet and all when Rebecca would really like to know her. Why do such things always end up in the wrong person? Anya only reports back to Milgauss that the town is peaceful. However Milgauss summons his badass sword to turn the skies into storm and summon Necromancia, an artificially resurrected dead dragon. Yeah. It’s wrecking havoc across town. Eco thought she could be a smarty pants and tell it to stop but she got tentacle raped instead. Thanks for the initiative, Eco. If not for Rebecca’s awesome barrier, I think half the town could have been blown to bits.

Silvia is paralyzed in fear so much so Ash had to return the favour by slapping her to wake her up. He wants her to summon Lancelot. As he has the natural ability to ride any dragons, he wants her to take him up to Necromancia and rescue Eco. While they’re at it, Eco got swallowed. Then she finds herself in some super corridor multimedia highway workshop and before Navi. She tells Eco that Ash cannot defeat Necromancia as he is and needs an Arch (some custom armour). That is what this place is. Navi has all his measurements (from that steamy affair of course) and wants Eco to pick and put the best fitting parts for his custom made Arch. Eco sees Ash not giving up in his bid to save her, so she does the necessary and before Ash falls to his death (again), Eco covers him with his own Arch. Yeah. Just what we need. A super hero sentai. I’m sure it enhances a lot of abilities. He rides and controls Necromancia to fly away. He can even see its memories and understand its desire to die. So he summons his divine sword and puts Necromancia to rest. And now he gets to free fall and rescue naked Eco. Milgauss notes the experiment has failed but has not lose hope yet as they have that boy and girl. During a party to congratulate Ash’s new Pal, Rebecca invites Ash and Silvia to join the student council. They agree and so Rebecca pecks them on their cheek as part of the joining ritual to send them into heavenly bliss. It is hinted the kiss wasn’t really part of the ritual. Anyway jealous Eco beats up Ash for flirting with other women. Then they drink to a toast. The fun is just getting started…

Episode 4
Remember that girl Ash once saved? Want to bet she is Silvia? It is. Because she was so determined to complete her Orphan’s Rite but her legs were injured, Ash decided to help carry her and look for her own Pal. Guess what? She wonders where that boy is now. It’s closer than you think… As for Ash, he still has Silvia’s dragon plushie but doesn’t remember much about it. As expected… Rebecca introduces the 3 new members to the student council. Silvia as public morals officer and Ash in general affairs. With those 2 with notorious reputation as part of the student council, is the academy doomed? Don’t worry, here comes the third member, Eco! She is the school’s mascot! Because of her opening “Roar!” speech, everyone starts laughing at her. Ash had to convince her that it means everyone wants to be her friend. Eco’s interpretation: They want to be her slave! There is a newly formed club called Silver Knights Fan Club (SKFC). After the Necromancia incident, rumours are abound that there is a noble knight in Arch appeared (which is of course Ash). Speaking of SKFC, the club’s president and noble, Jessica Valentine (oh God, not another b*tch), her vice president, Lynette Worth and the rest of the fan club members waltz in right in the middle of class just to seek more information of the identity of this Silver Knight. They are not ashamed to claim their intention to bear the Silver Knight’s children! Silvia and Ash couldn’t do much in telling her off but when Rebecca whispers something, she retreats in panic. Later as Rebecca reveals to Ash and co, Jessica isn’t a noble and her threat was to expose it if she continues making trouble. Jessica has this admiration for nobles and believed herself to be high-born although her family serves the Randalls for generations. Because a person wearing an Arch is considered a noble status, Jessica believes marrying one can lead her to become a noble. Her future guaranteed. Rebecca warns Ash must keep his identity a secret as Jessica is quite tenacious. She won’t let go wants she sets her sights on his ‘essence’. Oh screw it! We know she’s going to be part of his harem, right?

On to serious stuff, Rebecca announces Princess Veronica Lautreamont is going to visit the academy in the wake of the Necromancia attack. She is Silvia’s eldest sister. Why, hearing makes her scream and cower in fear! We can see how brutal she is as she dispatches a bunch of rebels with a swing of her badass sword! No mercy! No wonder they call her the Iron Blood Valkyrie. Meanwhile Anya is in disguise working part time as Milgauss gave her a task to find out more about Ash. Later Cosette explains further to Ash about Silvia’s fear. Because Veronica wasn’t selected as a Breeder, she rebelled against that rejection by strengthening her body and perfecting her sword skills. She imposed this strict personality on Silvia via numerous hellish drills. I guess for a kid it could be very traumatic. Yeah. She’s a symbol of terror. Ash tries to cheer Silvia up but it goes unappreciated. She scoffs him off she doesn’t need this pity and must have fallen so low to think he needs to do that. Yeah. We all know she’s just putting up a brave front. Well, screw you, tsundere. Because now we have some fanservice time with Cosette putting on some stress relieving lotion all over her naked body. She’s glad to hear her laugh like that again because it’s ticklish. We’re glad to see her reaction because it’s sexy. Then she had to remember about that promise to that boy to be a fine knight. The reason for her cold attitude? Everyone lines up to greet Veronica arriving in her grand entourage. Her personal magic ship, Sylvanus runs on a special fafnirite called Millennium, thousand year old dragon fossils turned into mana rich crystals. And here she is now. Why is her armour so revealing? Makes her look like a slut…

Episode 5
Veronica calls out to Silvia but she can tell she’s fake. It’s Cosette in disguise. Here comes the real one running into the scene. Veronica is not impressed with her shaky legs and everything and proceeds to punish her by ripping her clothes in half! WTF?! She continues to talk down on her and that she is better settling down instead of going into the battlefield. Ash won’t stand for this public humiliation but Veronica has her knight arrest him. Even Eco gets scared when Veronica gives this loli a death stare. So while he waits on Sylvanus, busty maid Primrose Shelly AKA Prim (Cosette’s sister) dresses him up as a butler and starts doing chores around. It’s a wonder how this clumsy maid can get things done. Then he has to get undressed and bath with the rest of the girls. What the heck is wrong with this? If you reject this, Ash, it means you’re gay! With Silvia now in the picture, Veronica tells her to get married since Julius was executed for dragon slaying and their future royal line is uncertain. Do it while her body is still young and healthy. Oh? What about you big sis? So she’s only interested in military stuff? But does it give her the right to boss her around? Because Silvia was close to Julius, Veronica thinks she has the perfect fiancé for her. He is one of her best knights and their best friend, Glen McGuire. Silvia mentions her dream to become Archdragonar with Lancelot but Veronica is not convinced based on her last showing. As usual, Ash won’t stand for Veronica to badmouth Silvia. He believes she hasn’t seen what she is capable of. Good timing. Tomorrow there is an honour match for her. Silvia can prove and show how much her ambition is worth. So in this dragon handball match, things are going fine until Silvia gets thrown off her dragon. Not good.

She wakes up in her bedroom. Ash is by her side. Glen comes in to check on her (as ordered by Veronica). He also mentions a message from Veronica that she will be touring the town tomorrow and does not need Silvia’s company. Instead, she wants her to go to St Valeria and pray for repentance. Veronica is upset about her lack of resolve and shallow dream. She must go alone and pray by herself. Silvia asks about the proposal and him being her wife. He is willing to be it as long as Veronica says so. And Ash didn’t like it either. It’s like he can’t do things without Veronica’s words. Well, her words are like the law. This means Glen will die if Veronica says so! So he is just like a puppet? No will of you own? Glen reminds him to remember his place because he might be feeling high after saving the town. Ash couldn’t understand this cold hearted guy so Silvia explains Glen changed into such despondent person after Julius was executed. Next day, Ash is called by Rebecca for a student council meeting. He didn’t expect Eco to start seducing him, revealing her panties (it’s Rebecca’s by the way) and start kissing him! That candy is laced with anthar and Rebecca gave it to her because she was just begging for it. On to serious stuffs, Rebecca, Ash and fellow student council secretary, Maximillian “Max” Russell will accompany Veronica on the tour. However intelligence indicates that an individual believed to be a terrorist may have infiltrated Ansullivan. Avdocha Kiltzkaya was once a mountain guerrilla terrorist who tried to assassinate Veronica 5 years ago. She has gone undercover since. Ash is looking pretty tense during the tour. Yeah. Everyone can be a suspect as a terrorist. While Silvia is praying at St Valeria, she is appalled to hear Jessica praying for impregnation! How could she speak those words in such a holy place?! Suddenly the place is taken over by terrorists led by Avdocha.

Episode 6
Back on Sylvanus, Avdocha contacts Veronica and shows she has the entire church as hostage. Furthermore, Jessica is the main dish, tied up in only her undies. Initially Silvia wanted to herself known to release the hostages but Jessica for once isn’t s sex-minded nympho and doesn’t want her to be so hasty in sacrificing herself. Jessica then offers to herself in exchange for the hostages’ safety so the terrorists ripped her clothes apart and hang her up. Anya seems to be part of the hostage too and she is employing a wait and see approach. There is also a bomb. Each time the bell rings and Veronica doesn’t give her head, she will kill a hostage. Because Sylvania refuses to give in to terrorists, she has a big cannon ready to blow the church with everyone in it!!! Before Ash can get up and say what-are-you-f*cking-thinking-you-b*tch, Rebecca has a plan. It involves sending Ash in as a negotiator to buy them some time where they will launch a surprise attack from underneath the church. Ash goes in and talks to Avdocha directly and the hostages panic when they hear him say Sylvanus is targeting the church. He hopes they will surrender as they won’t to die for nothing. Avdocha mentions that she is here to find her long lost sister and that Veronica has 3 sisters. How would it feel like to lose a precious one? Ash realizes she is not open to negotiations and can only hope Eco would finish making his custom Arch as requested earlier on. Anya happens to have a baby in her hand. Because the mother fainted so she’s temporarily taking care of it. Avdocha is going to make them their first sacrifice when Silvia stands up. Think she is tough? Well, Avdocha cuts her clothes in half! Not again! Actually, she is totally naked now! Ultimate humiliation. Avdocha continues to mock her and since she has become embarrassed as a woman, there isn’t any point in killing her anymore. Then we are spammed all those high and mighty scenes of Silvia. Uh huh. Where did that cold b*tch attitude go? But this is a blessing in disguise as this opens Silvia’s eyes. She no longer cows from humiliation from her nudity and stands up. Bare it all, sister! She proclaims she will become the most royal knight, a paladin. And she’s saying it with confidence. And naked.

This gives enough time for Rebecca and Glen to launch an underground attack. Avdocha unleashes her dragon to eat Ash but thankfully Eco finished his Arch in time. He pushes back the dragon and materializes some ice bazooka to freeze the terrorists, dragon, bomb and ultimately Avdocha herself. I guess this is worth the triple reward he has to give Eco. But Ash’s woes are only the beginning. For Jessica has already know he is the Silver Knight and quickly wants him to plant his seed in her body! In this holy place?! Wow. She didn’t waste any time getting down and dirty with him. Rebecca knocks her out so Ash could go get Silvia. As he carries her out, Silvia could sense a nostalgia being carried this way. Why don’t you get it already? Think Ash’s problem is over? Jessica sneaks into his room late into the night to continue where they left off. Since they’re being so noisy, Eco couldn’t sleep and throws Jessica out of the room. Ash hit the wall… That’s enough for tonight. Next day, Rebecca mentions that Jessica has joined the student council. Oh God! This is also part of her plan because with Jessica quitting SKFC, this would stop the leaks of Ash’s identity. Even more surprising for Ash is that Avdocha is a friendly. Everything was setup by Veronica to correct her unworthy sister. Avdocha admits she was an assassin who failed to assassinate Veronica 5 years ago. After she surrendered, she works under her now to find her long lost sister, Shamara. Although there is no progress so far, Veronica obtained the best ‘treasure’ ever. The line Silvia said with confidence about wanting to be a paladin. Playing the record over and over again? She’s snickering like hell! Embarrassing! Confused about their sisterly love? Well, as Cosette explains their sisterly love is proven as the name of Sylvanus resembles closely to a certain princess.

Episode 7
Eco’s worst nightmare: Getting tentacle raped! And Ash is nowhere around to save her! But this is not bad as when she wakes up. Because she wet her bed! Meanwhile Anya has infiltrated Ansullivan by working at the cafeteria. Coincidentally all 3 workers quit to get married leaving the single cafeteria owner frustrated (in both senses). Some priest makes an announcement of the names who will be attending elite training camp. When the name of Lucca Saarinen is mentioned, the students start whispering bad things about her. She is the student council secretary (another one?) and has been absent from class for 3 months. Rebecca also announces that she has made a new category for students who weren’t selected to also attend this training camp. Yeah. Conveniently Ash is selected via this manner. Sure, Rebecca views his heroic deeds as something talented. But where would the harem fun be if all the student council ladies attend but their main guy doesn’t? When fire is spotted coming out from a building, they rush there only to see a loli lying in a coffin! Is she dead?! Well, no. She gets up and the smoke is actually just too much incense. As explained by Rebecca, she is Lucca and an Ecbladian fairy whose race is famed for herbal medicine and potions. She holds the record for being the youngest Dragonar in history. When asked about her Pal, Gawain, it seems it is not looking good. Gawain still won’t let Lucca ride him and the last ride was 3 months ago. If this continues, Gawain’s life will be in danger as dragons draw life force from humans via Astral Flow. But first he has got to handle Eco. She still feels uncomfortable and tells him about the nightmare she had. He sleeps with her as this was how he done it when he was young and feeling scared. However Eco got the wrong idea and thinks he is going to do something naughty and beats him up. I take she is back to normal? Yeah. She is. Lucca approaches Gawain but he snarls at her, causing this fairy to run away. Since Ash sees this, he talks to Rebecca on what to do. He just can’t sit back and do nothing, right? Rebecca suggests riding Gawain. It is dangerous but Ash has this special talent of riding any dragons and might sense Gawain’s feelings. Ash goes to get Lucca so she could try communicating with Gawain again. But first we are treated with some fanservice scene whereby sleepwalking Lucca starts nibbling all over Eco. When Lucca goes to see Eco once more, again her dragon starts to snarl back. Run away again? Rebecca won’t let her. Ash dons his Silver Knight Arch and heads in. However Gawain attacks!

Episode 8
If not for his Arch, Ash could have died. He just passes out. Ash won’t give up and needs to find out why Gawain rejects Lucca. He wants to visit Lucca but Rebecca tells him to bring Eco along. But instead of making any headway, Eco starts asserting her master authority over Ash. This makes Lucca decide to go to the training camp. Anya is surprised Milgauss is in her home. She reports her status and will also be attending the training camp as part of the kitchen staff. Milgauss knows where it is. Willingham Mausoleum on the shores of Lake Allones has ashes of dragons who died young and are buried there. They are also materials for experiments. He notes Eco as a descendant of Avalon. Everyone begins their camp having a splash in the water first. It’s more fun that way. While Rebecca and Silvia are in skimpy bikini outfits that every man would die happy, Jessica abducts Ash to get their honeymoon started. Nothing horny starts because Eco will bring him back. That night when Ash can’t sleep (his body must be aching all over from today’s ‘misadventure’), he sees Lucca heading out and follows her. In the woods, she is trying to speak to Gawain again but looks like it’s the same result. Ash’s cue to step in. He is pissed of his attitude and since he is going to play hard to get, he is going to force those feelings out. Ash baits Gawain to attack him so he can ride him. When he did just that, a defensive magic blows him off. He can’t maintain his consciousness for long. Anya who has been watching them tells Lucca to get help. She on the other hand is going to repay her debt by saving him. Now they’re even.

Ash wakes up in the workshop with Navi by his side. She is here to tell him how Gawain feels. This little cute creature is Gawain?! Something about his emotions being immature. Gawain apologizes for attacking him because he believes his back is only reserved for Lucca. 3 months ago, Lucca fell off Gawain while attempting a Dragon Dance ritual. Ever since, Lucca has an unconscious fear of riding her dragon. Because it would be deadly for her to ride in that state, Gawain has been rejecting her even if it is going to cost him his life. However Gawain has only 5 days left to live. So think fast, boy. Navi kisses Ash for good luck. Perhaps for motivation too? I hope there is no sexual innuendo when she says she hopes he can ride her soon. When he wakes up, he is in a room. His wounds being healed by fafnirite. And Lucca sleeping naked next to him! Trying to warm him up with body temperature? Ash tells her his important findings. Meanwhile Angela is in the mausoleum and sees an Old Covenant she thought was banned for ages. She browses through to read about the 2 great bloodlines that broke off from the wise dragon king, Imbolc. The scared empire of Avalon and dark kingdom of Nehalennia has been fighting nonstop. Milgauss and Anya enter the scene. Angela recognizes his voice. He is Julius! Unfortunately Anya knocks her out and Milgauss orders her to be killed. He changes his mind when some migraine interrupts his decision. So Angela gets to live another day but Milgauss is going to unleash another Necromancia. Just when worried Eco is hugging all over Ash, here comes Lucca with another problem on Gawain. He’s missing.

Episode 9
Rebecca explains the old story of Willingham Mausoleum about a young girl and her dragon, Nuada. Because she was always ill, Nuada sever all Astral Flow links and vanished. The girl got better but Nuada died alone in the mausoleum. Gawain might be trying to pull this off. Ash suggests that they split into groups. One to look for Gawain and the other to continue the party so that the students won’t feel suspicious. Upon reaching the mausoleum, we’re already treated with Silvia fanservice because the Necromancia are giving her tentacle rape! Thankfully Lancelot breaks that stranglehold. Too bad back at the party, and army of Necromancia dragons attack and all the females got tentacle raped. Freaking pervert dead dragons. WTF. Ash pleads to Eco to make him another Arch. Something lighter this time so that it won’t aggravate his injuries. Before them is Milgauss and when he calls Silvia by her nickname, she starts to remember Julius. Oh, the memories… By the way, he has resurrected Nuada for them to deal with. Eco is in the workshop with Navi trying to make another Arch for Ash. However it’s red alert because Eco’s body now is being snatched and tentacle raped! Clearly those tentacles only want females because they hit Ash away and make him look in despair. Ash can’t take it and screams out Eco’s name. Okay, so what if it brings her back right in the midst of the raping? She gives him the Arch as he cuts her loose and petrify all the Necromancia dragons. Then he faces off with Milgauss. This Arch is the defensive type so he cannot fight too much and has to rely on his magic. He manages to trick Milgauss and petrify his left hand (which is of course fake). With Silvia taming Nuada, Milgauss makes a tactical retreat and jumps down from the cliff. I bet he disappeared. Ash and co feel helpless seeing the battle is still raging on back at the camp. I don’t know what Lucca is thinking but she takes Ash and free falls down the cliff! I know she’s grateful to him and feels comfortable whenever he is around but why the heck this skydiving?! Lucca doesn’t feel afraid anymore and uses her Astral Flow to reconnect with Gawain. Rebecca is at her limit (at least she didn’t get tentacle raped) when reinforcement arrives in the form of Lucca-Ash-Gawain. Lucca performs a Dragon Dance movement to purify all the Necromancia dragons. Milgauss reports back to Klaus Viderhausen that thanks to this, they know their military might and have the technique for calling Necromancia back. Klaus is going to bring down those kingdoms. While the student council is celebrating back at Ansullivan, there is a postal message sent by Silvia’s father. He wants her to attend Elysion, the continental congress and would like to meet Ash and Eco.

Episode 10
Elysion is the most critical conference that determines the future. Held every 5 years and attended by every nation on the continent, this year the Lautreamont Knight Country is chosen as host. In the capital city of Fontaine, the head maid Frieda greets them and has Silvia go greet her father the king, Oswald. In the mean time she brings Ash and Eco to Prim who is in the midst of messing things up clad in only her lingerie. Don’t even ask. She even continues to bring the mess to them so I guess this calls for a change of clothes. And she can even mess up further by accidentally revealing Frieda going commando since all their underwear are being hung out to dry. If it’s any consolation, Prim is also going commando… When Silvia goes to see to Oswald, this idiot king tries to pounce on her but gets beaten up and from the looks of it he loves it! Because it reminds him about his late wife. Masochist… Silvia talks to him about this invitation. Actually Veronica is the one who recommended that she attend. As for Ash and Eco, he just wanted some company. No, seriously. Silvia asks about Julius. Was he really executed? Oswald confirms he was because even though he is a prince, killing your own dragon is taboo and a crime. Silvia can tell he is lying. Prim takes Ash and Eco to town. Eco is so excited about this and that and she’s wearing out Prim. Maybe she doesn’t have that much stamina to begin with. Then there is this moment. Ash and Eco notice everyone around them so close and lovey-dovey. Eco had to ask what it is. Lovers. Like monkey see and monkey do, they try holding hands but could they copy the kiss? Too bad, time to head back to the palace since the airship of Zepharos pops up. Ash couldn’t take his eyes of Silvia in that beautiful dress. It causes Eco so much jealousy because he never said anything about hers… Ash and Eco finally meet Oswald. Eco should learn some manners in her speech talking to the king! Anyway this dude is cool and sporting. He thanks them for handling the Necromancia and mausoleum incident. He also makes Ash a Dragonar. A normal guy like him gets to be a Dragonar? Because he already possess a unique Pal and thus they can’t measure his abilities based on normal standards.

Oswald knights Ash and he accepts his new position. Silvia starts thinking that it won’t be long before Ash becomes Archdragonar and this would put him along the same lines as a noble. This means he can marry into royalty. This means she can… Since when did she start thinking like this? They discuss about the Zepharos’ emperor who won’t come due to this old age and they sent some military noble in his stead. Oswald is more concerned about the talks and doesn’t want to cause another war. That is why tomorrow’s masquerade ball is important. Everyone wears a mask and speak freely with no thought given to their country or delegation. He invites Ash and Eco to attend. As long as there is meat for Eco, she’ll go. Before that, Oswald warns Ash not to lay a single finger on his daughter or else… Anya thought she is pretty happy to see Milgauss till she is surprised to see his fake arm. Klaus explains and hints about Milgauss wandering into his country having lost his name, rank, reputation and left arm after committing a taboo in his homeland. Klaus then shows some magic machinery called Yggdrasil. It is ready for testing tomorrow and all they need is a test subject. Yggdrasil will force the young dragon in Eco to awaken and Anya’s mission is to capture Eco. Soon the dragon power will be theirs and the throne will no longer be just a dream. Silvia makes her way to her kingdom’s dragon mausoleum after thinking the first Necromancia had that similar feel to Julius’ Pal, Mordred. I wonder why she took this long to notice. But Veronica, Avdocha and Glen are also there. They have the same idea and have done some investigations. It seems ashes of dragons from all the dragon mausoleums are missing. Mordred’s is no exception. Silvia speculates that Milgauss may be Julius and this causes Glen to be agitated. It couldn’t be him, right? It’s not possible, right? And when she mentions about Mordred being the Necromancia that attacked Ansullivan, Veronica doesn’t want her to tell anyone else about this.

Episode 11
Prim helps Eco pick out a dress for the ball. It feels like she’s being cosplayed… Seems Eco is jealous that Ash is getting too close to that cow tits woman and is going to beat her by looking better. But Prim had to rant away about this. Eco is a dragon. Ash is human. He’ll fall in love with a human girl. He’ll get married. He’ll start a family. He’ll have babies. Great job, Prim. Eco is now traumatized from your facts of life. Where are you running to?! Ash gets a surprise visit from Silvia. Why is she here? She is confused. She tells him about Milgauss who might be Julius and all the incidents may just hint it is him. Ash tells her about his dad. He walked out on his mom when his sister was born. They were forbidden to talk about him but since he pestered, mom agreed to tell him once he is older. The point is, no use worrying about such stuffs and it is best to directly ask that person. Then the lightning is cue for Silvia to get frightened and cling all over Ash. They end up in an ambiguous and inviting position. Can’t hear what Silvia said. What the heck. It’s the mood to kiss. Who the f*cking hell is knocking at the door?! Thanks Cosette for ruining it. As it is time for the ball, Ash mentions about Eco missing so Cosette and the maids will help find her as they know this place like the back of their hands. Be rest assured and attend the ball. Eco continues running to some ruins. She sees Anya and her men sneaking in. Because Prim is noisily looking for her, to save her, Eco attacks the terrorists but as she is before Anya, she got shot.

Ash and Silvia are at the ball and aren’t too pleased that Klaus and Milgauss are here. Milgauss always wears a mask so it’s no different. Silvia doesn’t want Ash to get worked up. Although he may be from the empire, she is confident he won’t dare start anything. She thanks him for listening to her and it made her feel better. When Klaus offers to dance with her, she wants to dance with Milgauss. She tries to ask him questions but his mouth is tightly shut. At the end of the dance, Cosette seeks them. She has found Prim lying in the ruins. Prim is very sorry for her life rant to Eco. She never realized it would hurt her. Too late for that. Silvia scolds her that although Eco is a dragon on the outside, she still has a human heart. They believe Eco has been abducted because if they wanted her dead, they could have killed her. Now, where will they safely hide her during this conference? In Klaus’ airship of course. Eco is inside Yggdrasil as the experiment begins. Some explanation how the Millennium infused in it will forcefully wake her up. Since nothing happens (although Eco is in so much pain), the output is set to maximum. Why do they always like to do this? Just like in that dream, Eco gets tentacle raped. She felt stupid for not realizing her feelings for Ash. Isn’t that what being a tsundere is about? She couldn’t feel her link with Ash anymore when suddenly Yggdrasil goes out of control. Yeah. Pandora’s Box just opened. Nothing can stop it now. Silvia and Ash are on their way when they see the explosion from the airship and Ash’s left arm starts to burn like hell. Then there is this giant golden egg before them and Eco is in it.

Episode 12
The egg turns into a hideous dragon. Other dragons fear it and won’t get close. Klaus tries to blame Oswald for this disaster but apparently everyone has to evacuate the ball if they want to keep their lives intact. Only Milgauss remains. Veronica and Glen order him to take off his mask. So it is Julius. Not. At least not on the inside. He is actually Mordred and dwells within Julius. Mordred is the king of the Nehalennia kingdom who fought Avalon for many centuries. When Julius realized of Mordred’s existence and plotted his demise, he took a spectral form and possessed Julius. Mordred adds the reason why humans and dragons need to share a bond. The Astral Flow connection will allow humans to be their livestock and they can prey on them. That is why Julius committed the taboo of dragon slaying. Glen knew Julius had not gone mad but I don’t think it would do him any good to rush into battle. He’s no match for Mordred who is now going to possess his new body. Veronica tries to stop him. Wait a minute. Stop that gas of darkness? How? She gets engulfed in the darkness and gets… Tentacle rape! Not even she is spared! I don’t know if this is just her state of mind because when she wakes up, old Julius is back. There are so many things they want to say but for now, stupid idiot summarizes it. There are more important things to take care of first. When Mordred possesses the dragon, it turns into an even hideous being. Mordred then visits Navi and wants all the wisdom she has for that will complete his true rebirth. However she admits she is not a fan of Nehalennia and supports Avalon. Heck, she even tells him Ash is a better guy than him. He is going to take it by force then. How? TENTACLE RAPE!!! Is this the only thing that can be done?! Veronica meets Ash and Silvia and tells them about Julius case. Silvia is so happy… Anyway Julius believes Ash is the only one who can save Eco and he needs to kick Mordred out of her mind. First he hijacks Sylvanus and kicks everyone except Ash out. Or else he will reveal Veronica’s deepest secret. An entire room filled with portraits of Silvia! OMFG! Not only that! Life size dolls, journals and poems dedicated to her little sister and even used bikinis framed up more preciously than some archaeology find! Suddenly my perception of Veronica has changed dramatically…

Sylvanus gets close enough to Mordred before it is sent crashing down in flames. Before that, Ash rides his mini hang glider onto Mordred. Eco is locked in a cage in her own mind. Navi visits her (those torn clothes indicate how furious the tentacle rape was) and imparts some of the details to let her know what is happening. More importantly, Eco sees Ash risking his life to save her. So why isn’t she pleased? Navi tells her to make a dedicated Arch for him. His strength is determined by the strength of her feelings and as long as she has those, her Arch will materialize. When Ash falls off Mordred, he is rescued by Lucca. Seems his Ansullivan pals heard everything and rushed to the scene. They’ll be helping him to bring him closer to Mordred. Honestly, I don’t see them doing that. Especially Jessica who is just screaming for Ash. Ash leaps down and before he gets blown to bits by Mordred’s blast, Eco gives him his Arch just in time. It is an original Arch compared to all the rip-offs she previously made. As it is still unfinished, the shape isn’t quite established yet. Ash is grateful for this and pulls out Excalibur to defeat Mordred. Big bad dragon warns Eco will die if he harms the body but apparently Ash knows every bad habit and inch of Eco. Is he saying he inspected her good? He cuts off a horn and sends Mordred disappearing. All that is left is Eco. Reunited and it feels so good. Injured Anya barely escaped from the explosion and is taken into custody. Avdocha sees her scarf and believes she is her long lost sister. Why am I not surprised? As Ash recuperates, he is told that Julius sensed Mordred’s essence fleeing so it’s not over by a long shot yet. The conference is cancelled and everyone left in panic. But from now on is the political domain so Ash doesn’t have to be hero and leave it to them to deal with this. Everyone returns and will wait for Ash till he is healed. No sexual advances from Jessica? Not this time. Lucca won’t let her. Ash has Eco for company. Part of her horn is damaged but it will heal in no time. Ash assures he will always be her knight but Eco don’t want that. She wants their relationship to be different. She wants something more. She doesn’t know how to say it. But they have a feeling they know what it is. So do we. What does the kiss tell us?

How To Train Your Loli Dragon
Are you disappointed? I don’t know myself. Come to think about it, this series actually had a decent plot and direction. However the ecchi elements somewhat overshadow everything and perhaps spoil it. But then again, if you think again if this anime is void without that important ingredient, would it have been interesting to retain our interest? For things to end like that always indicate that there is a possibility there might be a sequel. If it is popular, that is. If they get enough sales and funds to initiate the second season. Can you see that happening? Unless suddenly everyone turn into some ecchi lover and start rushing to buy the DVDs, I don’t think it will. Even so, if you really love ecchi stuffs, there are other animes out there doing better in this genre.

The characters especially the supporting ones feel undeveloped and not fleshed out properly. Can’t blame them since there are only a dozen episodes but most of them are introduced just for the sake of that and then not properly developed by the time this anime ends. Like Jessica, we know she will turn out to be some joker and sex maniac of the group but after she joined the student council, she didn’t really matter. Because the final arc dedicates the story to Ash saving Eco, it is a reason why the other characters seem less important. Just like Lucca, after she and Gawain got back on friendly terms, this arc literally threw her back into the shadows. Rebecca is also an interesting character as she is intelligent and strong willed but she doesn’t get as much attention compared to Eco or Silvia. Guys like Raymond and Max, I don’t even know why they are here besides to tell us that they are Ash’s close buddies but it’s not like they can change anything. Besides, the only reason why everyone showed up in the final scene to help Ash was so we don’t forget about them.

Too bad we already have forgotten about one: Angela! Where the heck is she? Ever since that mausoleum incident, she has been seriously missing in action. And I thought she would at least play some sort of role after that initial mad scientist debut or homeroom teacher thingy. Eventually it never mattered. Including the tanned side characters of Avdocha and Anya, it feels like they are a side distraction. Even with Anya as the spy, her presence felt fleeting. She’s just around here and there to watch Ash from the shadows and nothing more. So with Milgauss gone, what will happen to Anya? Will she join under Veronica as her spy? Everybody’s beloved and handsome Julius can’t be the real villain, right? Despite he is playing the antagonist but that is because is possessed by an evil half. And that revelation feels forced. Like as though they were running out of time so Mordred had to tell us everything so as not for us to paint Julius the bad guy. So we’re glad that he is back because we don’t care if the nation will be reeling from shock to see their dead prince in the flesh again. And I can’t believe that after a few encounters with Milgauss, Silvia couldn’t really guess it was her brother until she really put some thought into it. I thought she was quite fond of him that she would at least recognize his voice (because he sounded the same when he was the Julius they knew). Even more so, Veronica knew Milgauss and Anya are Imperial spies but had she not suspected Milgauss to be a little too familiar? Unless they’re pretty convinced that he was dead and there was no shred of chance he would be alive and thus closed their minds to that possibility he could still be breathing.

Then there’s Navi as some super dragon of wisdom seemingly perpetually stuck in this workshop. It makes that steamy seduction on Ash in the first episode like a distant memory. What was that all about? I don’t even remember whatever ritual she was to reborn into him. So is the workshop inside Ash? Because it won’t make sense as it seems Eco and Mordred could access it (like all dragons should). It’s like trespassing and violating his inside… Now that we know Veronica is a Silvia-obsessed big sister, now I understand why she did that public humiliation of ripping her clothes in half. Because she loves it! She wants to see her sister naked! Even mean generals have their odd fetishes. Could have been the perfect and greatest leader if not for this. But then again, it might run in the family since Oswald feels like an idiot king. And because of this, I seem to understand why Silvia is putting up that cold no nonsense b*tch outlook in the early episodes. Not to mention that everyone believes Julius was executed for committing the taboo so it won’t look good for the royal family if such rumours begin to spread. On an additional note, although they didn’t appear in the anime, there are 2 more princesses under the Lautreamont name as I found out from Wikipedia. One is currently missing and the other is the principal of Ansullivan and doesn’t respect the other sisters much. So you can see why the royal family ties are really in a precarious situation.

As usual, Ash is your typical male lead. Normal. Not really normal. Have some hidden ability that he will bring out at time of need. Nice guy. Got a potential harem. Oh yeah. Somehow I feel this is being wasted here. More on that later. As typical as it gets, Ash and Eco’s relationship improves in time and it takes a big disaster or commotion to bring their bonds to greater heights. I’m sure that last kiss seals it. But don’t expect things between them to change drastically because I am guessing Eco will continue to be the dominating tsundere. Will we have it any other way? It’s going to be tough training this loli dragon… I don’t think Ash will tame her in the foreseeable future. Since Ash shares the same name like that eternally youthful protagonist of the Pokemon series, I can’t help take a jab by modifying that series’ motto into “Gotta ride ‘em all” since Ash has the unique ability to ride any dragons and sense their feelings. You can also use this for his harem if it ever turns into a hentai version…

Every time I look at Eco, I can’t help think about Louise. There are so many visible similarities and mainly the physical appearance. Pink hair, flat chest, a loli and a tsundere. Oh yeah. Sometimes I think the character was ripped off or something. Instead of Louise’s favourite cookberry pie, Eco loves crepes. Instead of summoning a familiar, she has a master whom she treats like a slave. And they both hold some dangerous latent power inside them. So do you not think that Eco is a dragon version of Louise? Oh yeah, there are dragons too in Zero No Tsukaima…

So the harem part seems a little disappointing too (partly because I thought I was going to obviously see one). Because we have got a bevy of potential beauties and though some of them share a little more screen time with him, from the way I look at it, it isn’t going to be a proper harem because it’s going to be Ash x Eco the way things are heading. I was guessing those 6 ladies in the ending credits to be part of his harem but it didn’t even come close. Especially with Anya who is always lurking and hardly coming into contact with Ash, it makes me wonder if she was really one in the first place. Also you have Silvia as a tsundere hinting to us that she is warming up to Ash although she still has that noble pride in her. Rebecca for now feels like a big sister, Lucca just a grateful Ecbladian fairy while Jessica is just sex crazy (which doesn’t necessarily means she truly loves him because all she wants is his seed, right?). I don’t want to rule out Veronica, Avdocha, Cosette and Prim but just thinking about the mediocrity of the harem is already complicating enough ;p. Uh huh. Taming a harem is always more difficult in taming a dragon, no? That’s why Ash’s real battle is here and not in dragon riding! Haha! Just too bad we don’t get to see it here.

The art and drawing seems fine and decent. The characters suitably look like those of harem and fanservice animes. I have mixed reception about the dragon designs here. Although those who can fly and have wings look majestic like any person would expect a dragon to look like, those that are of land and sea look lame. I mean, land dragons look like some dinosaur and the students riding it feel like they are riding some sort of mini T-Rex. And those water dragons like Jessica’s, I thought they could be related to Nessie… Another funny thing I want to note is that the continent of where the kingdoms are set, it looks like a dragon! It feels funny. I guess you don’t call this the land of the dragons for nothing. Oh, if I look at it from a different light, doesn’t the continent look like the kingdom of Great Britain too?

It is without any doubt that the biggest draw of the series is the fanservice factor. There are of course the censored and uncensored versions of it. Guess which version I saw? The panty shots are just teasing and like desserts (Eco’s black panties, Jessica’s pink lingerie anybody?). In addition to the bare tits scattered throughout the series (I guess that is why girls’ clothes get ripped – for this particular purpose), there are a few scenes especially of Eco and Lucca having some sort of ‘frontal nudity’. I think this is becoming a trend lately for latest ecchi animes. As long as you don’t show the nipples and private parts, then it is not deemed as porn. So when you see Eco baring it all, don’t squint your eyes too hard trying to check whether or not those nipples exist. It’s like she is wearing a skin colour suit.

Of course the ‘icing on the cake’ will be the tentacle rape scenes. Not to say they spam it every second but they show it often enough to have you think that this anime = tentacle rape show. So it’s like every girl in this anime gets done in by this method. Not even the Iron Blood Valkyrie was spared. Not even Navi was left out. Oh, I forgot. Only Rebecca didn’t get this treatment. Good or bad thing? I don’t know why dead dragons have tentacles but it seems they need it so they can do tentacle rape on the girls. I guess when you are dead, you can’t do away your perverted nature. Besides, they’re dragons for heaven’s sake! Lastly, you can’t have a complete ecchi fanservice series without girls with boobs so huge (Veronica, Silvia, Rebecca, Prim, Frieda…) that it defies gravity. Because like in Veronica’s case I thought the reason why she wears her scanty armour is because her boobs are so heavy that if she adds on a small piece of cloth to cover it, it will add more kilograms to it. Her armour makes her look more like a slut than a knight. If all that fanservice is not enough, the next episode preview conversation between the characters feels pervy and steamy (in a funny way) although it didn’t resort to sexual subtexts or innuendoes.

At first, I thought Ayane Sakura was the voice behind Eco. Because that shrieky bratty voice could only belong to that one and only person. Unfortunately she wasn’t. Instead, Ayane Sakura surprises me playing the role of Silvia and I definitely couldn’t recognize her as Silvia’s voice is predominantly lower. It wasn’t the Cocoa from Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka or Suzuka from Tokyo Ravens that I was familiar with. It is Mariya Ise who is the voice of Eco. Come to think of it, they sound quite close. In addition, now that I think about it, Eco does sound a bit like Levi from Fairy Tail whom Mariya Ise voices. Though, I think it wouldn’t be bad either if Rie Kugimiya voiced Eco. I remember my early impressions of Kana Hanazawa used to portray retard anime characters. Not to say Jessica is a retard but it certainly brings back the memories. Freezing’s Rana, Coppelion’s Aoi, The S&M version of Pururut from Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation… The list goes on… Yu Kobayashi is recognizable as Avdocha. She’s putting on that goofy voice like Ayame from Gintama. Also familiar to me are the voices of Marina Inoue as Rebecca (Touka in Date A Live) and Takehito Koyasu as Milgauss/Julius (Takasugi in Gintama).

For the rest of the cast that aren’t so recognizable :(, they include Kouji Takahashi as Ash (Ieyasu in Akame Ga Kill), Asuka Oogame as Lucca (Rina in Photokano), Aya Endou as Veronica (Miyuki in Lucky Star), Asami Shimoda as Anya (Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Eiji Miyashita as Klaus (Kenji Itou in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Yoshiko Ikuta as Cosette (Yukina in Senkou No Night Raid), Ai Kakuma as Prim (Hikari in Campione), Kazumi Horie as Glen (Ryuu in Special A), Haruhi Terada as Angela (Emi in Tenjou Tenge) and Yui Sakakibara as Navi (Hamaji in H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~). Hearing the opening theme, Seiken Nante Iranai by Yui Sakakibara somewhat felt familiar. Then I realize she is the same person who sang the ending theme for Happiness as well as the opening theme for H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~. But personally I thought it is just odd the way she sings the song (as in singing the lyrics) a little too fast. The ending theme Most Ijou No Mostest sounds like a typical all-girl group having fun singing this song. Some parts of it feel like scatting. Yeah. “Dabadaba papii papu sukiyatoo shichatte touhikou~”. Everything kawaii about the girls in this anime are put here (colourful rainbow dresses?). Even the lyrics sound kawaii. So there is an Eco-Silvia-Rebecca version, a Lucca-Anya-Jessica version and a combination of all of them. Not that I can tell the difference anyway.

Overall, if you have high hopes for this anime to be something different, you are surely to be disappointed. It has lots of missed opportunities and it seemed like they took the easy way out of spamming us with fanservice. Not that it is a bad thing but after seeing so many ecchi themed animes seasons in and season out, it really starts to feel weary (oh sh*t! Did I really say that myself?!). So watch this purely if you like ecchi fanservice and nothing else. Because it doesn’t matter if there is no story line or the characters feel thin and under developed. As long as there are tits and panties, they’ll sure to satisfy for the time being till the next set of boobs and panty shots come in. Thanks to this anime, now I am starting to have suspicions about dragons. Because there is a chance that you might get tentacle raped by one. Even though I’m a guy… Oh yeah. Dragons. Truly fearsome…

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